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Tarasha Season 2 Chapter 126-132

Chapter 21 Part 11&12
Steph smiled on hearing the scream of her course mate. She was finally retuning to school, four weeks after resumption. That was against her usual manner. She always resumed at least, a week after resumption and joined the executives of the SWAD to preach the gospel of the group especially to the fresh students. This time around, she was the leader and was supposed to lead the team in recruiting more members but she wasn’t available. They believed in carrying out the recruitment so early before the students get themselves exposed to other things and probably even involved in vices.
‘You heard I was kidnapped right?’ she replied the friend.
‘Yes, but I never heard that you’ve been found.’ the girl at the other end replied.
‘You are the first person I’m calling,’ Stephanie said.
‘I see, where exactly are you calling from and what happened to you?’
‘Don’t worry, I would explain everything to you when we see. I would present myself to the police tomorrow and explain what happened to me. For now, I want you to start organizing the team. We have to begin our normal activities for the semester, or have you guys met at all since we resumed?’
‘Yes, we met twice already but we really had no strong direction since you were not around and we knew the circumstances surrounding your disappearance. I’ve just been able to convince the rest of the team that we have to continue our activities without you.’
‘Please, you really have to start. I would resume back to school as soon as possible.’
‘Wow! Steph, I’m so glad to hear from you tonight. I’m happy you’re alive and coming back to school soon.’
‘I’m also glad to hear from you again.’
‘But Steph, won’t you tell me where you are?’
‘Not now Sinach, and please do not tell anyone yet that I called, please don’t.’ Stephanie pleaded, even though she knew it was impossible for her friend to remain quiet about the call. She was already hearing background voices of females, asking if it was really Stephanie George on the line.
‘So when are you coming to school?’
‘After I settle everything with the police.’
‘Please come back soon, I can’t wait to see you.’
‘Alright babe, see you soon.’
She took in a deep breath after putting down the phone. She wished she could just tell Sinach that she wasn’t far away from school and it would take less than twenty minutes to drive to her location, but that was against the instructions Cole had given her, and it wasn’t even safe for her to do.
Location: Abuja
Two men at the backseat of the vehicle and only the driver at the front. The older of the men had his laptop resting partially on his knees and his lap, he was sitting in a relaxed position. The other man who was younger was sitting up, checking an item on the laptop screen.
‘I do think I should take the lead in this, that guy doesn’t know we’ve been tracking him and it’ll spoil everything if he sees you at the front.’ the younger man said.
‘Yeah, I’ve thought about that before and I was thinking of you being at the forefront but then I remembered that the third party could see you and that may cause greater problems, especially for you.’
‘Yes, she could identify you immediately.’
‘Is there any way she would have found out about this?’ the younger man asked.
‘It’s possible she has already, I’ve been following the patterns closely while you were away and I can boldly tell you that she has her strange ways of always getting inside information.’
‘So, that means two of us aren’t the right ones to lead this?’
‘I guess so.’
‘But there’s a simple solution,’ the younger man said. The older one turned his gaze to him, ‘We can be at the front if we use a proper disguise and also thread carefully. We already have a strong weapon against them.’
‘I get you,’ the older man replied thoughtfully. He looked away for some seconds, thinking about his partner’s last statement. ‘What strong weapon are you talking about?’
‘The element of surprise,’ the younger one replied. ‘None of them would be aware that we’d be there and they won’t plan for us.’
The older man stared at his partner’s face for a while, a light smile appeared on his face. ‘You must be a real big criminal,’ he said jestingly. ‘You always sound like a very experienced detective who knows the patterns of criminals.’
The younger man smiled back. He was about to reply when the moving vehicle entered into a pothole and unbalanced them for a while. By the time the vehicle returned to the plain road, his phone was already ringing. He took out his phone and stared at the screen briefly, it took three seconds for the truecaller app to identify the name of the unknown caller. He smiled to himself on seeing the name, he had sent his phone number to the person by email and had waited so long to get this call.
The vehicles were moving already, a Camry sport series in front and a jeep behind. Both vehicles tried to drive as much as possible as if they had no relation with each other and took different short alternative routes, so that they would not be seen as connected together if anyone was watching.
The Vice President in his disguised costume was sitting with Rex at the backseat of the Camry sport series. Ayo, his PA was also disguised and was sitting in front with a driver. The jeep behind was occupied by some security officers who were loyal to the Vice President and at one time or the other carried out or were involved in illegal activities for the man. Four of them in the vehicle, none dressed in uniform but all armed to the teeth, extra weapons were hidden in a safe place in the car. The immigrations officer was also in the vehicle with them.
Elvis Richards had his eyes closed and head tilted backward but he wasn’t asleep. He was meditating on what his new life would look like and how it would feel living like an ordinary person after several years of being in leadership positions and in the government.
Rex on the other hand was busy with the device in his hand. He had gotten a message from Nicholas telling him that Samantha Osman’s team had learnt from a source that the Vice President was on his way to Lagos and they had plans to attack him even though he claimed she had not disclosed the plans. He had also gotten a voice recording but had not been able to deduce what the voice recording meant.
Rex had known it was possible for Samantha Osman to get an idea of their planned trip but he didn’t know how she was going to get it. On meeting Agent James that morning, he had advised Agent James that full information about the plan should not be given out yet to the people working with them. He now had in his mind the next step to take. The escorting security officials in the jeep would have to be led by Stainless while he, the Vice President, the immigrations officer and the Vice President’s PA would only have knowledge of the next step.
He pondered for a while and changed his mind about involving Ayo in the plan, he had only counted Ayo because the young man was trusted by the Vice President and the Vice President at several times had contacted him(Rex) through Ayo. But now, he knew he had to take Ayo out of the plans since Samantha Osman was getting information from a source which could be part of the team.
The Vice President’s phone rang and distracted him from his thoughts. He took it out and checked the caller, it was Agent Tim. He answered the call.
‘Hello Tim,’ he said into the phone.
‘Good evening sir,’ Agent Tim greeted. ‘Please where are you right now?’
‘Where am I? Where else am I supposed to be by this time of the night? I’m in my home of course.’
‘I’m sorry for not asking my question directly, but I just got a memo from the Acting Inspector General and we’ve been asked to confirm if you are still in your residence.’
‘What kind of thing is that? You people want to come into my house this night? That’s total disrespect and invasion of privacy,’ the Vice President sounded somewhat angry.
‘No, we can’t come into your residence this night but I just got a memo from the AIGP and I’ve been asked to follow a team of officers to join the secret officials that have been monitoring your movement. It’s as if the Inspector General got an information that you are planning to escape this night.’
‘But that’s preposterous, what kind of accusation is that? I think I’d have to sue the force for defamation of character once all this is over.’
‘I just said I should give you this information from the memo I got sir, I have to go now.’
‘Thank you Tim, have a goodnight rest.’
The Vice President ended the call and exhaled deeply. He glanced at Rex who was already looking at him.
‘You’re tensed man, you need to be stay calm.’
‘How can I be calm when nothing seems to be working. Someone has already hinted the Acting Inspector General of my plans to leave the house in Abuja,’ Elvis Richards replied, his eyes widely shone as he took his breaths heavily.
‘You need to relax and forget what happens elsewhere, I’ve got it in control.’ Rex replied.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yes,’ Rex replied with a reassuring stern look. ‘You got out of your house unnoticed already, they would have to wait till morning before they can confirm that you’ve left the house.’
‘Are you sure no one really noticed when I left?’
Rex replied with a nod and looked away. He was sure none of the security officials secretly watching could have noticed the man was out of the house already. They left the house with a good plan. They had found a man of close size to the Vice President and disguised him in the same form and clothes worn by the Vice President. They drove into the Vice President’s house around four o’clock with the man at the backseat of the Camry sports car and the glasses open so that the secret stalkers would see him clearly. They drove out of the house by 5:30pm with the Vice President now disguised as the man and in the same clothes and sitting in the same position in the car. With that, they were sure that the DSS men would think the same man who was in the car driven in was the same one that came out with the same car.
‘Find a good space and pull over,’ Rex ordered the driver after some minutes.
The driver took a glance back at Rex and then glanced at the disguised Vice President to confirm if he should obey Rex’s order.
‘Pull over,’ the Vice President supported and then turned to Rex. ‘What do you want to do?’
‘Something we need to do,’ Rex replied him.
Elvis Richards trusted him and kept mute until the driver pulled over. Every one of them turned to Rex to see what he wanted to do.
Rex wound down the glass by his side and looked around briefly to see how safe the place was. He then turned and looked at Ayo, ‘Call the people in the Jeep to pull over behind us.’
Ayo looked at Chief Elvis who nodded in consent immediately. He took out his phone and made the call, he described the position where they parked and gave the instruction. They waited five minutes for the Jeep to get there.
Rex took a look back at Jeep for a moment, then he turned back to Ayo. ‘Get up and join them in that vehicle, tell the Immigrations officer to come here and the Jeep would continue to maintain the same distance from this car like it has.’
Ayo raised his brows and took a quick glance at Elvis Richards. The Chief nodded in consent still. Ayo took in a deep breath and stepped out of the vehicle hesitatingly. A minute later, the immigrations officer joined them.
Immediately after they continued the journey, Rex requested for the phone of the driver, he took out the sim cards in it and broke them before returning. He also changed the IMEI and some other details.
*Hours later*
Dakolo was sleeping off already when he got a call. He quickly picked the phone and looked at the caller, it was the IGP.
‘Good evening sir,’ he said into the phone in a surprised tone, wondering why the man was calling him at such a time of the day.
‘Good evening Officer Dakolo, we just got a mail from Samantha Osman some minutes ago and she claims the Vice President is planning to leave Abuja tonight. I already increased the number of officers monitoring him but I also want you to do some investigations by asking Agent James questions.’
‘Oh! I would start that right away,’ Dakolo replied. He sat up and picked the laptop which was by his side and placed it on his laps.
‘Finally we get his attention,’ Carl announced in a loud voice which made Eric looked towards his direction.
‘Is he calling?’ Eric turned to him and asked.
‘No, he sent a text message,’ Carl replied.
‘Hello guys,’ someone distracted them. They both looked towards the entrance as Victoria entered in unannounced.
‘Victoria, you’re late!’ Eric exclaimed.
‘Yes, I know. I had to wait and gather enough information,’ she replied as she walked elegantly to meet Carl. ‘I think I have an idea of where Samantha Osman will be tomorrow morning,’ she added as she picked a piece of carrot on Carl’s table and broke part into her mouth.
‘Where is that?’ Eric turned to her, she had been able to get his attention.
‘Attacking the Vice President at his location,’ she replied as she turned towards Eric while she leaned her bum against Carl’s table.
They both stared at her and demanded for more explanation.
‘She sent an email to the IGP and SSS Chairman today, she claims Chief Elvis Richards would escape his residence for Lagos tonight.’ Victoria replied.
Eric reasoned her words for a moment and then turned back to his laptop. ‘That’s vague, you haven’t mentioned where she would be yet.’
‘I’m sure she would try to attack the Vice President in Lagos.’
Eric glanced at her briefly and sighed uninterestingly. ‘If she sent a message to the SSS, isn’t it logical that she wants them to stop him? That means she wouldn’t be doing any attack.’
Victoria was blank for a moment. ‘She stated clearly in her message that the Vice President was going to be in Lagos tomorrow.’
‘I thought there were SSS men watching for the man not to escape?’ Carl put in.
‘Yes, the man is under close watch.’
‘Well, if you say her message made it certain that the Vice President would be in Lagos tomorrow, then we can make arrangements to follow them or choose to follow this new lead we have.’
‘We’re in Lagos already,’ the driver announced to Rex who was the only one awake with him in the car. The others had slept off totally. Rex had also spent some time to sleep but not deeply, he stirred awake at almost every change of speed by the vehicle.
‘I can see it on my map,’ Rex replied. He was already viewing the map before the driver spoke.
‘So, what direction are we taking?’ the driver asked.
‘Drive to Ojota, we’d change the vehicle there and you’d take us to the next point.’ Rex replied him.
‘Where’s the next point?’ the driver asked him.
‘You’d know only when we get into the other car,’ Rex answered.
‘They’re now in Ojota,’ Henry announced. The team of four were all sitting in a Chevrolet. Cole at the driver’s seat and Henry with him at the front while Nicholas was sitting with Tarasha at the backseat. The back doors of the vehicles were still opened as they were yet to move. Another vehicle was in the compound with theirs, ready to move, a Lexus Jeep. Tomi was the driver of the car and she had Mr Matthew sitting beside her.
Tarasha had explained everyone’s role to them individually but she had also emphasized that they keep their communication devices on at all times as there could be a change in instructions or plan.
Nicholas was uncomfortable in his seat. He knew Rex would be expecting more messages from him but he had not had the chance to be alone since four o’clock that morning and that was the time Tarasha had begun to give detailed instructions. To make matters worse, he was now sitting with Tarasha, there was no way he could send any message to Rex. He thought about his mother and child. Rex had really done extensive research on them and knew their daily routine and activities, he knew where to find and kill them at any point in time. Another thought suddenly popped up in his mind as he glanced at Tarasha’s face. What if Tarasha succeeded in killing Rex? He asked himself. That would mean freedom for him. He made up his mind to work with Tarasha towards getting Rex killed that day.
‘Have they stopped moving?’ Tarasha asked Henry.
‘Yeah, they’re in a compound.’ Henry replied her.
‘Let’s move now,’ Tarasha ordered and closed the door at her side. Nicholas also closed his.
Cole turned on the car engine and soon they drove out through the gate.
‘Any new calls yet?’ Tarasha asked Henry while she tried to fetch the NSCC live stream on her own device.
‘None,’ Henry replied.
‘Rex has hacked the NSCC system, I can’t fetch any stream right now. We’re depending on your tracking.’
‘You have to restore the system back soon, remember we’re tracking the location of just one person and he could part ways at any time.’
‘Yea, sure.’
‘Where are we going now?’ the Vice President asked Rex as he stepped into the backseat of the new vehicle. Rex entered after him and closed the door. The immigration’s officer and the driver were already seated in front.
‘Mr Paul, call your friend and ensure our train tickets are reserved.’ Rex said to the immigration’s officer.
‘You’re choosing train?’ Mr Paul stared at him in surprise.
‘Make the call quickly,’ Rex reiterated.
‘Why Train Rex?’ Elvis Richards asked.
‘Samantha Osman already told everyone you’re not in Abuja, Train transportation will be the least expected medium for you to use.’
The Vice President shrugged and remained quiet.
‘Hey! Good morning, hope you made the reservations I told you last night?’ Mr Paul’s voice sounded out loud. He was making the call Rex instructed him to make. ‘Yeah, I know it leaves by 8:30AM, the passengers would be there by then. Thank you.’
He ended the phone call and turned to Rex.
‘Good,’ Rex let out a light smile. ‘Can I have your phone?’
The man hesitated for some seconds but ended up giving Rex the phone.
Rex removed the battery and took out the sim card. He broke it just like he did to the driver earlier.
Mr Paul stared at him in surprise.
‘Sorry, you may retrieve your sim later.’ Rex said as he returned the phone. ‘Make sure it remains off,’ he added and looked away from the man’s face, his face not showing any sign of remorse. ‘Let’s move.’
‘Move? To where?’ the man asked, his anger sounding in his voice. ‘The train leaves by 8:30AM, how can we go there now?’
‘We’re not going there now,’ Rex replied him calmly. ‘Have you forgotten why you joined us? We still have to get to your office here and take the documents before going there.’
‘And we’d change this car two more times at two different locations,’ Rex added before he could make another excuse.
‘D–n, I just lost them!’ Henry exclaimed loudly.
‘You lost them,’ Tarasha asked. ‘Have they left the location?’
‘No, I don’t know if they’re about to leave. The man just took his sim out of his phone.’
‘Haven’t you extracted the details of the phone before?’
‘The phone is also off,’ Henry replied.
Tarasha let out a sigh. She refreshed the process she was running on the NSCC system. ‘This system would be up in five minutes,’ she announced. It was their alternative for tracking their targets.
part 12 A
Madam Henrietta eyes popped up finally after a time of troubled sleep. All through the night she had struggled to sleep but couldn’t as she couldn’t get her mind off Samantha’s words. It had come as a big shock to her and Samantha had not even given her time to assimilate her words before leaving her alone in the room.
She rolled out of the bed and looked towards the window. The brightness and reflection of sun rays which she could see through the window made her realize that she had slept for not less than an hour and half. She reached for her phone on the table and checked the time, it was some minutes to eight. She slid her legs into the slippers and quickly rushed out of the room with the phone.
She rushed into the living room and met no one there. She looked back into the hallway wondering which of the rooms she would find Tarasha. She walked back into the hallway slowly considering each of the rooms one after the other. She remembered the first room as the medical room where she was treated. We wasn’t sure of what was being done in the second room but she had seen not just a person go into the room. She was still standing confused when the doctor appeared at the other end of the hallway.
‘Good morning Madam Henrietta,’ the doctor greeted with smiles as he walked towards her. He stopped at her front and raised his brows at her on seeing the confused look on her face. ‘What’s wrong Madam?’
‘Good morning, please where is Samantha?’ she asked, holding the man by his shoulder.
‘She went out already,’ the man replied. ‘Is there any problem?”
‘Do you know when she would be back?’
‘No, I don’t have an idea,’ the doctor replied and held the woman’s hand which was on his shoulder. He took it off gently and wrapped his fingers around hers. He stared at the woman’s face for a moment. She was looking down but the expression on her face made it obvious that she was carrying a load in heart which seemed to heavy for her to bare alone. ‘Can you share your challenge with me? I may be of help,’ he offered.
‘No, thanks. I will wait for her,’ she said and tried to walk past the doctor to her room but the man held on to her.‘She dropped a message for you,’ the Doctor said, making Madam Henrietta turn to her instantly.
‘What did she say?’
The doctor blinked and swallowed in gently, he knew he wasn’t about to say what she expected.
‘She said she could be out for a long time and asked that she could help in the kitchen,’ the doctor said.
The woman looked down for a while, she was quiet.
‘It’s okay if you can’t do it, she arranged for an alternative,’ the Doctor quickly added on seeing her response.
‘I will,’ she said softly, raising up her head. ‘Where’s the way to the kitchen?’
‘Over here,’ Dr Ekwueme pointed the way.Madam Henrietta turned and took two steps in the direction before stopping. She turned to look at the man’s face again, ‘Is Chief Gabriel still here?’
The doctor stared at her face for a while, wondering if he was supposed to answer her truthfully. After some seconds of deep thinking, he nodded in response.
‘I would like to see him,’ the woman said.
‘Now?’ the doctor asked.
She thought for a moment. ‘No,’ she shook her head and turned back. ‘After I leave the kitchen.’
The man waited for some seconds and then followed her.
Location: Unspecified.
‘You should be able to find your way from here pal, I think it’s time to get down.’ Rex said to the Immigrations officer, twenty minutes after they took the documents from the immigrations office.
‘What? The agreement was that I’ll go with you until he leaves succesfully through the border,’ Mr Paul protested, he took a quick look at the Vice President for support.
‘The agreement changed,’ Rex replied in harsh tones.
‘How can the agreement change without my knowledge?’ Mr Paul argued.
‘Sorry man, that’s just the way it has to be,’ Rex said with a concluding tone, not looking at the man who was staring fixedly at him.
Mr Paul waited some seconds for Elvis Richards to say something in his defence but the man did not. He realized the man agreed to whatever Rex was doing.
‘But will I still get my payment in full?’
‘You would get it in full,’ Rex replied.
Mr Paul heaved a sigh of relief and slowly turned his face to the front. Rex began to speak again before he could rest his back.
‘You would also get your penalty in full the day you decide to talk about this deal to anyone, including the police,’ he heard Rex say to him. He turned back slowly and saw Rex showing him something on the screen of his andriod phone. He squinted and stretched out his hand to take the phone but Rex brought the screen closer to his face instead. He saw the picture of his wife and two kids. Then Rex swiped to the left and he saw a picture showing his full profile. Rex swiped again and his mother’s picture was seen. ‘You’d lose all this people first and then you’d die after, that is your penalty.’
Paul turned back to the front silently and solemnly as Rex withdrew the phone from his face. He thought of Rex’s threats and considered if it was possible for Rex to do all the things he mentioned. The driver soon pulled over and he opened the door and stepped out.
Elvis Richards began to feel awakward at the absence of the immigrations officer. He was now all alone with Rex and the driver. Several thoughts ran through his mind. What if Rex had met with Tarasha at any point in time and they had both agreed to kill him or bring him to them? He asked himself. He began to be suspicious of Rex’s intentions towards him. Rex had stylishly dropped Ayo his PA first and then the immigrations officer, those are the people who could have helped him if Rex tried to hurt him. Could it be that purposely eliminated them so as to give him the free space to do anything he wanted. To make matter worse, Rex had not said any other thing concerning the plans to him and was not answering James call.
The awkward thoughts were still running through his mind when Rex interrupted with words.
‘We are not using the tickets he got for us, I booked other tickets already.’ Rex said, looking at Elvis Richard’s face.
‘Oh!’ Elvis Richards raised his brows in surprise, Rex was beginning to confirm his suspicions.
‘See this,’ Rex added, handing his phone to the man.
‘What’s that?’ the Chief mumbled under his breath as he took the phone. Rex was on the Youngicee Online News Portal.
Elvis Richards’ heartbeat increased immediately after he read the headline. He closed his eyes and took in a long breath, hoping that the headline would have changed when he opened them but it was still the same. He released his breath and shook his head in pity – more of self pity than pity for the Inspector General. Samantha Osman had succeeded in terminating the life of the Inspector General, was it possible for him to escape her judgement?
He glanced at Rex. Yes, it is possible, he answered the question in his mind. If Rex was truly with him, it would be possible to escape Samantha Osman. He knew that Rex may find it difficult to kill Samantha but he was sure Rex was able to stop her from coming to him.
He handed the phone back to Rex without reading the content of the article.
Rex collected the phone knowing the man did not read the content, he decided not to talk about it. He tapped on the screen of the phone and then scrolled to the bottom of the news article to check the related news. He clicked on the arrow leading to the next news article. The new article loaded in less than five seconds. The headline was ‘SSS confirms the absence of the Vice President at his residence’.
He didn’t bother to read further. He picked up his phone and dialled Agent James number. Agent James answered the call immediately.
‘Hey, why have you not been answering your calls? I’ve been so worried and my Dad’s number has not been connecting too,’ James said in a distressed tone from the other end.
‘I was busy man and your father’s phone was switched off,’ Rex replied.
‘What of my Dad, is he okay?’
‘Yes, he is well. He’s with me here.’
‘Okay, I wanted to find out how far you’ve gone. The SSS has searched the Vice President’s Quarters for him this morning and confirmed that he is no longer there,’ James said.
‘Yeah, I know. We’d soon be on our way out of Lagos,’ Rex replied.
‘Are you sure there would be no problems?’ James sounded doubtful.
‘No problems man, your Dad is in safe hands.’ Rex reassured. The Vice President had told him the day before that his job was to make sure he gets out of the country safe without being caught on the way by the police or any other agency. James had already made plans to get him out of the country and lacked how to ensure he wasn’t stopped on the way.
‘I’ll call again, please keep in touch.’
Rex ended the call without replying James. He wasn’t going to keep in touch like James wanted because he was carrying the job all out in his own way and not according to James’ plans. He could not trust James plans to be safe enough.
He brought out an earpiece and his second mobile phone after keeping the first one. He plugged the earpiece into the phone and then switched to his meesaging application. He opened the conversation between him and Nicholas and read through again. He paused when he got to the audio file sent. He read the message above the audio file again. Nicholas had mentioned in the previous messages that Tarasha had brought in Chief Gabriel and was interrogating him. In the message above the audio file, Nicholas explained how he was sent by Tarasha to tie up the man and how he had fixed a recorder under the chair of the man. Rex had listened to the audio before, he played it again. This time to listen carefully and pick out the details.
He forwarded the audio to the point he began to hear Tarasha’s voice, he had taken note of the minutes before. He could hear Tarasha speaking to the man. There was silence for about three minutes and then she continued again, asking him about someone he raped in the past. He heard the man’s voice trying to explain and deny. There was silence for some minutes again until a loud sound of a creaking door. Tarasha asked if the man recognized a woman but the man denied until she spoke some more words, the man admitted knowing her and then began to apologize and then mentioned that he regretted all that he did.
Rex did not need anyone to tell him that the woman was Madam Henrietta, even though Nicholas still mentioned it in the chat after the audio. Nicholas had already told him that Stephanie George and Madam Atinuke were out of the house. The audio made Rex realized that Madam Henrietta was truly important and that was why Tarasha had taken the troubles to come rescue her. He had been wondering about it for a long time. Now, he could deduce from the audio that Madam Henrietta was the person raped by Chief Gabriel. What he did not know was how the issue was a source of concern to Tarasha.
‘You were friends with Chief Gabriel several years ago,’ he turned to Elvis Richards and asked.
‘Yes,’ Elvis Richards replied in soft tones and nodded.
‘Do you know when he once slept with a woman forcefully?’ Rex asked.
Elvis Richards squnited. ‘Gabriel was a lecturer, he slept with several women and girls. I can’t number them.’
‘A particular one he slept with and refused to take her child when accused,’ Rex specified.
Elvis Richards eyebrows gathered together. He turned his face forward and thought for a while. ‘Yes, I knew when he was accused. I was one of those who insisted that he should never accept the baby.’
‘And what relevance does that incident have today?’ Rex asked.
0lElvis Richards was surprised at his line of questions. ‘What relevance? it has no relevance today.’
‘Do you know who the girl he slept with was?’
‘Yes, I do. Her name was Adunni Olasunkanmi.’
Rex squinted. He was expecting the man to mention Henrietta. He stared at the man’s face for a while as the man also stared at him. He decided it was best he carried out a detailed research on Madam Henrietta’s profile before asking further questions from Elvis Richards.
Location: Unspecified
‘Good morning sir,’ Dakolo said into the phone mouthpiece.
‘Inspector Dakolo, have you made any progress?’ the IGP’s voice sounded from the other end.
‘Yes Sir, I’ve been making some progress but right now it seems there’s been a full stop.’
‘Full stop? How?’
‘I tracked them to their first stop point, and it appears they only swapped their vehicles at the first stop. The NSCC footage cannot be fetched and no useful data is coming from my source,’ Dakolo replied.
‘You have to find a way to work it out inspector, I believe you can do this. We searched everywhere around and can’t find Elvis Richards, I think he may be trying to escape from the country.’
‘I think so too, that’s the only explanation for him to leave his residence disguised as someone else.’ Dakolo put in.
‘I’ve given instructions already for security to be tightened at all airports, so he can’t escape by flight. And I’ve also asked all officers at checkpoints especially on federal roads to watch out for him.’
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Chief Elvis Reckoning is here
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Nick… How many times I call you
If Tara catch you na your death be that ooh
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Agent James…
You bad pass your father ghan ooh…
And dakolo no suspect anything sef
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Chapter 21 part 12 b
For more than twenty minutes, the doctor stood quietly at the entrance of the kitchen, leaning his right side against the door frame. Madam Henrietta was at first conscious of his presence but she soon forgot about him as she got deeply involved with the kitchen work.
From the way the woman worked and the look she kept on her face, the Doctor was more certain that she was nursing something big in her heart. He finally got tired of standing at the door and stepped in closer to her.
‘Madam Henrietta, would you change your mind and share with me what is bothering you?’ he asked.
She turned her head slowly and glanced at him. ‘I just need to see her,’ she replied briefly and turned back.
The Doctor sniffed in, he knew there was no need bothering her any longer as he could see she wasn’t going to open up to him no matter how hard he tried.
‘Okay, I’ll be in the lab if you need me,’ the Doctor said and turned around.
He walked out of the kitchen and proceeded straight to the laboratory. He walked straight to the table where he had a centrifuge and some liquid analyzers on. He fondled some of the tools in his hands for a while and then suddenly realized his working tools were not complete. He looked towards the incubator and then walked slowly there. He stopped and checked the timer by the side, there was still two hours and five minutes left for his cell culturing to be completed. He turned and looked towards the shelf, there was a mixture he needed to use for his work that morning which he hadn’t taken from there yet. He walked there and began to check the bottles and ampoules one after the other until he found the mixture he was looking for. He turned and was about to walk back to the table when something struck his mind. He hurriedly searched through the bottle of mixtures again and brought out an ampoule. He dropped the previous mixture he was holding and raised up the ampoule to see it clearly under the light. He opened his mouth in shock as he noticed that the liquid in the ampoule was only full to half of the container.
His heart began to beat faster and his hand began to tremble as he lowered the ampoule.
‘Looks like we’re going to keep driving without direction all day,’ Cole let out his frustration through his voice after driving twice in a cycle on the same road, the third journey had just begun. Tarasha and Henry were supposed to provide him information on the direction to take but nothing was coming from them.
Tarasha was unable to trace the vehicle of their targets since it was changed and Henry had also not been able to locate the immigration officer since the man’s sim had been destroyed and his phone made unreachable. Tarasha began to check different cars in the NSCC footages but was yet to locate which one was used by their targets. Henry on the other hand had resorted to using his newly designed app to fetch data which could possibly provide their urgently needed information.
Three minutes after Cole spoke up, Tarasha’s face seemed to brighten up a bit as she made an observation.
‘I think I’ve located the new vehicle,’ she said aloud.
Cole took a quick glance at Tarasha and consciously swerved to the slow lane on the road. Henry made no response to Tarasha’s words instead, he pushed in gently the earpiece in his left ear to reduce the sound of voices he was hearing, it seemed like he was listening to something very important and wanted no distraction.
‘They went to the immigrations office after changing the car,’ Tarasha said aloud. She then placed her gaze on Cole’s face and directed her words to him. ‘Do you know the place?’
‘The immigrations office here?’ Cole replied with a question, wanting to be sure of what he was asked about.
‘Yes,’ she replied him.
‘I’ve not been there before but I know where it is located,’ Cole answered. ‘Is that our new direction?’
Tarasha let out a sigh. ‘I’m not sure there’s a need to go there, they would have changed their car again and also changed location.’
‘They should be on their way to the train station already,’ Henry announced in a loud voice as he took the earpiece off his ears. Both Tarasha and Cole stared at him but he kept his eyes fixed on his device without even taking a glance at them.
‘Did you get that from their recorded calls?’ Tarasha asked Henry.
‘Yes, I did.’ Henry replied and picked up the earpiece to put in his ear. ‘I’m fetching the records of the man who helped them with the train tickets now, the train leaves by eight thirty, you should find out from the booking records what train and the station.’
‘There’s only one station they could have gone to,’ Cole said aloud thoughtfully as he pulled the gear and increased the speed drastically. ‘It is about forty five minutes drive from here when driving on a normal speed,’ Cole added.
Tarasha checked the time on her phone, it was two minutes to eight o’clock. They had very little time to meet up.
Unspecified Location
Lagos State.
‘How much is your money?’ Mr Paul asked the Cab man after stepping out of the vehicle.
‘A thousand naira,’ the taxi driver replied him.
Mr Paul pulled out a thousand naira note from the wallet which he took out of his back pocket and handed it to the driver. The driver drove off immediately. It took sometime for him to return the wallet to his back pocket. Before he could make any movement, another car stopped exactly where the taxi had driven off from.
‘Mr Paul.’
The immigrations officer was surprised to hear his name being called there. He moved closer to the vehicle and bent to peep in. Two people were seated at the front – the driver and another man whose face he didn’t recognize.
‘Mr Paul,’ he heard his name again and realized the person calling him was at the backseat.
He stepped back and peeped in. The man at the backseat had a crooked smile on, he looked familiar even though Mr Paul couldn’t tell where he knew him from.
‘Get into the car,’ officer Dakolo said in a command tone.
Mr Paul was taken aback. The tone with which the man called his name twice was a friendly one, only for it to change to an opposite tone suddenly. He pulled back and tried to take a step back but the man seated at the passenger’s seat in front had already gotten out of the car and was pointing a gun close to his belly.
‘Get in,’ the man with the gun said with a nod and a serious look.
Location: Lagos Terminus
Time: 08:18am
The disguised Vice President now known as Patrick Oluwafemi was balanced on the reclining seat in the first class lounge of the train. He had his head rested back and his eyes closed. He seemed to be enjoying some peace as his face carried a smile while he listened to some music through his earpiece. He had checked his time five minutes ago and felt some joy knowing the train would soon leave and that he was getting closer to his freedom from Samantha Osman and his opportunity to get a new life.
Rex was seated at the other side. His seat wasn’t reclined and he was seated up. His tablet device was on the stand meant for the television by his left side and he had footages from the NSCC system streaming live on it. From time to time he would switch to the dashboard and select another footage to check another different route to the railway station. He had been monitoring for over thirty minutes and there was no sign of police vehicles or any other group coming after them but he still did not want to rule out the possibility of Samantha Osman having found out about the planned train journey.
The time rolled slowly and soon it was five minutes left for the train to move. Rex looked out through the glass and saw some people still buying tickets for the remaining spaces on the train. He sat back on his seat and switched to the dashboard again, he selected a new footage. He saw something like a disarray on one of the roads he had previously checked. The positioning of the vehicles on the road made it seem like an accident but there was no crash yet. He rewound the footage to see what had happened. It was exactly what he anticipated, a Chevrolet Camaro had just sped pass that route hastily not minding the traffic laws and what could happen on the road.
He returned to the dashboard quickly and selected another footage, he rewound till it got to the scene of the Chevrolet’s movement. He carefully watched the direction of the Chevrolet as it was driven recklessly through the road. He paused the video at a point and zoomed in to have a closer look at the vehicle. The zoomed image was not clear and the glasses of the vehicle were tinted, so he was unable to see anything inside the vehicle.
He got up from his seat quickly and looked out through the window. The hastiness of his movement caught the Vice President’s attention.
‘Is there a problem?’ Elvis Richards asked.
Rex did not answer immediately until after thirty seconds. He stepped out from the seat area and pulled out a bag from behind the seat. He opened it and looked at the Vice President as he dipped in his hand.
‘I think we have some visitors on the train,’ Rex finally replied. Elvis Richards squinted as fear returned to his heart. ‘There’s no problem, all you need to do is wait here.’
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Chapter 22 part 1&2
‘Hey, Conductor!’ Henry shouted on top of his voice as they ran towards the conductor who was about entering into the train.
The man stopped and turned. He raised his brows in wonder as he saw two people running towards the train.
‘We need four seats on board,’ Henry said to him when he was sure they got his attention. They finally got to his front and stopped. Henry was breathing heavily as they had to run from where the car was parked to the train. Tarasha stood beside him, she had her backpack strapped to her back. She looked quite calmer than he was.
‘I don’t think we have any seat left,’ the conductor replied unpleasantly, staring at Henry’s face. He almost turned back but changed his mind and decided to check the booking record in his hand. He found two remaining tickets as he opened the book. ‘I have only two here,’ the conductor took them out with his fingers and looked up. ‘I can see you’re four,’ he added as he looked forward and saw Cole and Nicolas coming towards them.
Henry took a glance back, he turned back and saw the man already returning the tickets into the book.
‘Please, let’s have those two.’ he quickly said and took out some money to make the payment.
‘I thought you needed four,’ the conductor said as he took out the tickets again and stretched them forth to Henry.
Henry collected them and handed one to Tarasha. ‘Two people can go first, the other two would join later,’ he said and looked back again, waiting for Nicholas and Cole to catch up with them.
‘Please, you have to go in now. The train is about to move,’ the conductor urged them.
Henry looked at Tarasha’s face, wanting to know if she would choose to go with her or any of the other guys. Tarasha signaled for him with her head to proceed into the train. He took another quick glance at Cole and Nicholas before walking in.
Tarasha turned briefly and made a signal to Cole before following Henry. Cole stopped walking towards them and also stopped Nicholas from proceeding.
They’re going without us?’ Nicholas asked.
‘Yes, I think the available spaces are limited.’ Cole replied and then turned back. ‘We need to get our Talkon communicators, she’d be talking to us through that medium.’
Nicholas stared for a while at the train and then turned with Cole, they both returned to where the car was parked.
‘There’s a seat here,’ an assistant conductor in the train beckoned to Henry.
Henry took another glance at Tarasha as he walked towards the conductor. He was ushered to a seat close to the front. He looked back and saw Tarasha being ushered to a seat some metres away from him.
He heaved a sigh of relief as he settled in his seat beside a middle aged man. He greeted the man and then rested his back properly. He closed his eyes and consciously began to take inhale and exhale slowly but deeply.
The speed at which Cole had gotten them to the station was really crazy. Henry had doubted at some point if they would get to the train station alive and it was a miracle that they got there without crashing into any object and without being stopped by the law enforcement agencies. He wasn’t sure he had the confidence to drive a car so fast and without fears but he was sure he could go to any length when he was on his power bike. He however was sure that Cole and Nicholas would have some problems with the police if they did not change the car.
‘Is everything alright?’ a voice cut through his thoughts. At first, it seemed like a distant voice but he opened his eyes and found his new neighbour staring at him with concern.
‘Oh! Thanks, I’m alright.’ Henry replied with a smile. ‘I had to run to catch this train, so I’m just trying to recover and catch my breath.’
‘I see,’ the man let out a faint smile and rested back.
Tarasha was ushered to a seat close to the back beside a young girl and her mother. She greeted the duo and made some pleasant remarks about the girl before sitting quietly. She was sure they were on the right train as she already spotted two disguised thugs in the coach which she suspected to be security officials for Elvis Richards.
Madam Henrietta knocked for the umpteenth time on the door but got no reply. She would have turned back and concluded that the doctor had left the lab if she wasn’t hearing sounds inside the lab. She decided to open and check to ensure there was nothing wrong with the Doctor.
She turned the knob and pushed in the door gently. She took a step in and looked around, she couldn’t still find the doctor but could tell what direction the sound was coming from. She stepped in closer and found the Doctor behind the table, bent down as he searched for some things at the lower part of the shelf.
‘Doctor,’ she called out in a loud voice.
The old man looked back and saw her. He got up slowly and weakly, he made a slight groan as he touched his back where he could feel some pain.
‘I’ve been knocking at the door for a while,’ the woman said.
‘Sorry, I didn’t hear you.’
‘I wanted to tell you that breakfast is ready,’ the woman said.
‘Okay, thanks. I’ll be coming for it soon, I need to tidy up this place first.’
‘Is it just two of us?’
The doctor raised his brow. ‘How many people did you cook for? I don’t think they’ll be back soon or would bother to eat, Tomi prepares the food when it’s for everyone.’
‘The food items available were not so much but the food prepared is for more than just two people.’
‘It’s okay, we’re not the only ones at home. I would call Samantha and ask for further instructions.’
‘Okay,’ the woman replied in a low voice. She stood on the spot for a while without saying anything, she was arguing in mind whether to ask the doctor how soon Tarasha would be back or not. She finally let out a breath and turned without asking any question.
The doctor watched her leave absentmindedly. Her thoughts had drifted back to the ampoule which liquid had been used up to half. The thought alone was getting him scared, he hoped he wasn’t going to get into trouble with Samantha.
Madam Henrietta stopped in the hallway and leaned against the wall for a while, wondering what to do next. She looked in both directions of the hallway and located the way to the room where she had seen Chief Gab in.
She closed her eyes for a moment and argued in her mind whether to follow her thoughts or just return to her room and wait for Samantha. She shook her head as she opened her eyes again. She summoned courage and walked straight in direction of the room.
She stopped at the door and looked left and right as if she was suspecting that someone was watching her. She stretched her hand towards the knob but quickly retrieved it as she heard a sound. She looked around, the bulb light had fluctuated which showed that one of the systems set up to protect the house was rebooting and the sound had come from it. She had heard that sound before but didn’t know what it meant. She waited for almost one minute without making any move. When she was sure the silence had returned she turned the knob and the door gave way easily to her surprise, she had thought it would be locked.
8 minutes into the journey
‘Henry,’ Henry’s eyes popped open as he heard Tarasha’s voice sound through has earpiece. He had closed his eyes in order to take a rest, almost forgetting that they were not on the train for a trip. He didn’t however know what Tarasha’s plan was.
‘Tara, I can hear you,’ he whispered in reply, using his palm to shield his mouth to prevent his neighbour from hearing his voice.
‘Take off your jacket and face cap, put on the eyeglasses and go to the toilet.’ Tarasha said to him.
‘Okay,’ he replied and began to do as she instructed. He neatly folded the jacket and placed it on his knee, he put the face cap on it.
He flashed a look at his neighbour as he sat up. ‘I’m going to use the restroom, I’ll be back.’ The neighbour nodded and watched him stand and walk away.
Henry looked right and left, he was sure Tarasha would be talking about the restroom which was closer to her seat. He saw the direction sign to the toilet towards the back. He put on the eyeglasses as he proceeded towards the sign. He noticed after taking few stepstwo men walking towards him from the other end. One of the men was the conductor who issued the tickets to them, he didn’t know who the other man was.
He took his eyes off the men and continued towards them. They stopped where Tarasha was previously sitting and began to ask questions from the woman there with her little daughter.
‘Where’s that lady I brought to sit here?’ Henry could hear the train guard ask the woman as he walked past them.
‘She said she wanted to use the loo,’ the woman answered.
Henry could not wait to hear the other things they said, he could not reduce his walking pace for the fear of being suspected or identified.
‘What direction did she take?’ the conductor asked the woman.
She pointed backwards.
The two men glanced at each other’s faces briefly.
‘Let’s check the guy she came in with, he was seated at the front.’ the conductor said.
The second man followed him quietly and they got to the place Henry was previously seated. The conductor looked at the neighbouring seats briefly to confirm if he had come to the right place. Then he noticed the jacket and face cap on the seat Henry had gotten up from.
‘Hello sir, where did the guy go to?’ the conductor asked.
‘To ease himself,’ the man replied.
‘What way did he go?’
‘He went this way,’ the man pointed backwards.
‘D–n it! I’m sure they’re the one,’ Stainless said and then clenched his teeth. He took out his phone and quickly dialed Rex.
‘Hello boss, they’re on this train but have left their seats and they’re not in this coach I’m in.’ he said hurriedly into the phone.
Henry was observant as he walked to the restroom, he took not of every sign and signals left on the ground by Tarasha for him. He got into the toilet and located a small box and a nylon kept for him on the small window there.
‘Hey Tara, I’m in the toilet now.’
‘Take the box and nylon, move through the next coach into the other toilet, change quickly.’
‘Okay Tara, what’s in the box?’ Henry asked as he quickly took the box and dropped it into the nylon bag.
‘There’s a Beretta Nano in it, and there’s enough lead containers in the bag for you. In the nylon bag, there different set of costumes there including two skin masks.’ Tarasha answered Henry as she walked through the coach towards the back. She had also taken off her jacket and eyeglasses and was now left with a sleeveless top complemented with a face cap of the same colour. She had also taken off her hair wig and now looked more like a tomboy.
‘Don’t spend more than ninety seconds in any of the toilets, let me know when you’ve completely changed into the first set of clothes and face mask.’
She was about exiting the coach when a man stood in front of her.
‘Young woman, who are you talking with?’ the hefty tall man asked intimidatingly.
‘And how’s that supposed to be your business?’ Tarasha gave him a nonchalant look and shook her shoulders. ‘Please, let me pass.’
The man stared at her for some seconds and then gave way. He had no justification to hold her if he did. He turned slowly and watched her go until she exited the coach.
‘I just found a girl here, she looks suspicious but does not have the description you gave,’ he said into his phone.
‘Go after her immediately,’ Stainless replied. The hefty man turned and hurriedly followed after Tarasha. ‘In what way does she look different?’ Stainless asked.
‘She…’ the hefty man tried to answer as he moves into another coach but a hand grabbed his neck and pulled him…
into the aisle and pushed him into the toilet.
Amazed at the strength in the hands of the lady pulling him, he tooks too long to make a counter move and before he could act, she had slammed his back to the wall behind the water closet. He tried to respond quickly with a blow but she dodged it easily, he couldn’t throw another one immediately as he was yet to balance his feet on the ground.
He tried to spread his feet around the water closet but she pulled him by the neck forward and slammed his head to the wall again, then she followed it quickly by a prod into his belly. He felt something more than just her fist touching his belly, something sharp pricked him. He felt his bones going weak and soon couldn’t manage to stay on his feet anymore. As he dropped slowly, he looked at her hand and saw the small knife she had used on him. He was bleeding but not so much to make him feel so weak immediately, he was sure the knife blade had been poisoned by something else.
She helped him set his buttocks on the water closet and rest his back. She raised his head up with her two fingers under his jaw and placed the knife on his neck so close that he could feel the blade already cutting through his skin.
‘You have one last chance to live, just tell me where your boss is.’ Tarasha said to him.
He stared at her face deeply. He was sure she wasn’t going to let him leave even if he lets her know what she wanted.
‘You can go to hell,’ he answered and she replied by sending the knife blade into his throat.
‘Hey Tara, I’ve completely changed the clothes now,’ Tarasha heard Henry’s voice as she walked in through the other coach.
She scratched her nose gently with her palm to cover her mouth as she replied. ‘Locate the conductor who showed you the seat, you need to trick him and get his uniform.’
‘Okay… Boss,’ she could feel some uncertainty in his voice but she was sure that he had the ability to get the job done.
She saw some people staring at her as she walked through the aisle. She knew some of them must have seen a little of how she pulled the man into the toilet. She hurried on notwithstanding, ignoring their looks but still being careful.
Chief Gab raised her head slowly and his eyes met with Madam Henrietta’s. He tried to speak but his mouth was left agape in surprise, she was the last person he expected to see. He couldn’t imagine what she had come to do in there. He slowly rolled out of the small bed which had been set up for him in the room, his movement being restricted by the handcuff used to chain him to the bed. He sat at the only place he could sit, beside the metal headboard where his hand was cuffed to. He looked down and tried to find the other leg of his sandal which had gone under the student sized bed.
By the time he raised his head again, she was standing at the middle with her hands in front and her fingers intertwined. He felt uneasy with the way she stared at him. The overwhelming feeling of guilt returned and he could not look straight into her eyes. He had some explanation to make but he knew there was no way it would cleanse him of the guilt he felt. Her face reminded him of her as the intelligent young adult who had come to seek for help in his office, after her mother and some village elders had spoken to him about her in the village when he visited the place. She was the brightest amongst the young school leavers in the village at that time and he was sure she would have come out successfully through the University if given the chance. But his lust for women at that time controlled his actions and took away his ability to think, he got more interested in getting under her pants instead of helping her secure a future.
Madam Henrietta could see the guilt on his face but she wasn’t interested in making him feel guilty or getting his apology, what she wanted to do was to find out if Samantha was really what she claimed to be.
‘How did you find her? She finally spoke after minutes of silence.
He raised his head and glanced at her, he knew the only person she could be asking about was Tarasha but he expected her to ask or talk instead about what he did to her years ago or what happened to their daughter.
‘Atinuke, I’m sorry for all that happened. I know I’m a disappointment to God and man but I truly regret all I did those years…’
‘I’m not interested in knowing how sorry you feel, I just want to know if you’ve confirmed that she truly is the girl I had for you.’ Madam Henrietta replied in disgust.
‘What are you talking about?’ Chief Gab stared at her with his eyes widened.
She realized that he had no idea about what she wanted to know. Maybe Samantha hadn’t told him the way she was told, she concluded. She closed her eyes and stepped back. Her only option was to wait until Samantha returned.
Elvis Richards fastened his eyes on Rex as he walked back into the coach. His mind had been at unrest since Rex left and for the few minutes which he didn’t heard anything, he kept looking around the coach to see if there was any entrance through which anyone could come in through.
‘Hey man! You’re not supposed to panic,’ Rex said to him with a scolding look.
‘But I don’t know what’s happening, how do I stay calm?’ Elvis Richards asked.
‘Your panic would actually kill you faster if you don’t stop,’ Rex warned in serious tone.
‘Just tell me what’s happening?’
Rex ignored. He got back to his seat and dropped his backpack. He took out two pistols and unloaded them. He brought out another set of pistols and inserted the removed cartridges into them.
‘Looks like we’re going to cause a lot of damage on this train,’ Elvis Richards commented loudly. His heart was full of fear, from the way things were looking, he thought it would have been better to remain in his residence and be treated by the police rather than to be caught on the train trying to run away.
‘I may not use these guns, but that’s if you don’t give me reasons to use them.’ Rex replied him. He got up to his feet and inserted the guns into his pocket.
‘Yes, you.’ Rex replied, he got up and pushed the backpack under the seat. He turned to the man, ‘Samantha is here with just a partner, we have about six men on board to tackle them. You are also disguised and she wouldn’t recognize you if you don’t reveal yourself to her.’
‘Why would I do that? I can’t reveal myself to her.’
‘She doesn’t need you to tell her who you are, she only needs to see you panicking this way and she would know.’
He sighed. ‘But… But how in the world did she know that we’re on this train?’
‘The same way she got to know that you were leaving your residence in Abuja,’ Rex replied and moved closer to the man. ‘She has her way of extracting information from the men you work with and that is why I had to change the plans and even hide some things from James. She could have also found out about the train tickets booked by the immigration officer and she would conduct her search based on that but I’ve changed all that by booking differently. She does not know where you are on this train and if she appears here, she only did by chance. So stay calm, even if she comes here, she wouldn’t recognize you if you don’t reveal yourself. The truth remains that she would not get out of this train alive.’
Part 2
Dave James stood akimbo with his back resting against the wall of the entrance. He watched in displeasure as Inspector Dakolo carried out his interrogation on the immigrations officer the police way. He would have gone about it his way as an agent of the NIS, and he believed his mode would have been more effective than the Inspector’s pattern but the Inspector wouldn’t allow him have his way. The Inspector who still saw him as only a journalist still restricted him from carrying out some activities. The man had also questioned some other things about him, like how he secured a well sophisticated gun. Dave had to lie that he got the licensed gun from a journalism company which he worked as an agent as a tool for self protection because of the danger involved in his work. He felt the urge to make the Inspector know who he was and how passionate he was to crack ths case but he bottled up his feeling and decided to keep it professionally even as he works with the man.
‘I swear you’re going to pay for this dearly, you’re going to pay Inspector.’ Mr Paul threatened Dakolo. He was sitting on a wooden chair while Dakolo was standing in front of him with a gun and asking questions. ‘This is illegal,’ the man continued. ‘This is definitely not a police arrest, you picked me up from the road and brought me here to harass me and ask questions about things I know nothing about.’
Dakolo knew the man was right and that he had violated the man’s basic right to freedom with his action but he was also sure that the man was a criminal involved with the Vice President and that he knew the Vice President’s whereabouts, that only was the justification for his action.
‘You need to stop saying thrash and start talking Paul, tell us where the Vice President is headed for and through what route he went and you’ll be free to go your way.’ Dakolo replied adamantly.
Dave sighed and shook his head. He was irritated by the way Mr Paul was answering the Inspector and he knew it was only happening because it was done the police way. He began to take some steps closer to them before his phone rang. He stopped and took it out to check the caller, it was Stephanie. He turned back immediately and walked outside the room to answer the call.
‘Hey Steph! Good morning,’ he greeted with a gentle release of breath.
‘Good morning Dave, I’m on my way to the police office. You asked me to call you before I go,’ Stephanie replied from the other end.
‘Yes, I just want to make sure you’re fine. It’s a good thing you want to show yourself at the police’s at a time like this, it’s no longer dangerous. The Inspector General who was a friend to Elvis Richard is no longer in charge and the Vice President himself is on the run. They would ensure safety for you when you go, just tell them as we discussed.’
‘Okay Dave, I’ll call to tell you how it goes.’ she replied.
‘Alright, stay safe.’
‘You too.’
Dave ended the call and walked back into the room. He closed the door and stopped at the entrance for a while, he felt irritated on seeing the Inspector still going back and forth in his interrogation with the immigrations officer. With determination to pull out the necessary information from the immigrations officer in the shortest time possible, he charged towards them.
Dakolo noticed the manner at which Dave was coming and took a second to stare at him. He stepped aside on seeing that Dave’s eyes was fixed on his interrogatee and he was coming straight to meet him. He watched as Dave pulled the man up from the chair by the neck and pushed him to the wall.
‘Now, enough of your tantrums. Just to let you know, we saw you with the Vice President today and we’ve also monitored your calls in the past few days, so tell us where Elvis Richards has gone.’
‘You are… you’re hur… hurting me,’ Mr Paul managed to say. Dave’s hand was fastened on his neck and the grip was so strong that he was finding it difficult to breathe.
Dave released the man’s neck and turned him around for a second. Then he sent a blow to the man’s face which made him stagger and crash into the wooden chair he was previously sitting on. Dave bent and dragged him up again. He dealt him three quick blows in the belly and one on the face making the man fall helplessly to the ground again. He moved closer to pick him up again but Dakolo stepped closer and prevented him.
‘You’re hurting him already, we’re not supposed to carry this out this way.’ Dakolo said in whispers. He was considering the warning that had been issued to him by the Acting Inspector General who told him to mind his actions during his suspension and even as he continues to carry out underground investigation must not do anything that is illegal or which does not conform with the police processes.
‘We don’t have much time sir, this man is not going to speak up if I allow you continue with your romance with him.’ Dave replied him and put down the hand which the Inspector had raised up to stop him.
Dakolo stepped backward. He didn’t know whether to take Dave’s words as an insult or as an ordinary comment spoken out of his impatience. He watched as Dave picked up the man again and slammed his back to the wall at the right side.
‘I don’t mind puncturing your belly all around with this knife,’ Dave threatened, his right hand used to hold the man against the wall and his left hand holding a small knife which he held close to the man’s belly. ‘Now, tell me where Elvis Richards has left for.’
Inspector Dakolo stood watching in awe. He had been suspecting all along that there was something more about Dave and the Samantha Osman’s case than just him being a journalist, now he was quite sure that Dave was more than a journalist but who Dave was he was yet to know.
The VIP coach of the train had been well protected on the orders of Rex, leaving the other people at the other sections of the coach wondering what was happening.
The VIP section was a unique first class section of the train and a coach was usually divided into two big or four medium sized parts (rooms) depending on the size of the coach, with each room having reclining chairs, spaces for television, sleeping spaces and small refrigerators. The disguised Elvis Richards who was now Patrick Oluwafemi was in one of the rooms of the VIP section.
‘We’ve not seen anyone here, are you sure the criminal really came to this part of the train?’ a fat pot bellied man in one of the rooms of the VIP coach questioned Stainless and the train guard who had come into his lounge. He was having a nice time when his girlfriend and they had decided to spoil his fun by coming in and saying that a thief was on the train and they suspected he had come to that section.
‘I don’t think any one of them is here, can we leave please?’ the train guard who was bothered by the man’s complaint urged Stainless.
‘I’m sure she’s on her way here if not here already,’ Stainless replied him. ‘She’s targeting someone on the coach.’
Rex had called and asked that Stainless and all the other men come to the VIP section since they had searched around for Tarasha and could not find her. Rex was of the notion that since Elvis Richards was her target on the train, she would definitely come for him.
He wasn’t far from the truth. Tarasha was on her way to the VIP section. While Stainless and the guard were still arguing silently about staying or leaving, they heard some disturbing sounds coming from the other side of the coach.
7 minutes ago
‘Our instincts tells us strongly that the thieves would target this coach and that’s why we are here to protect you,’ one of the men in Rex’s team explained to the occupants of the VIP room he and his partner was.
The occupants this time was a family of four, a young man and his wife and their two kids. The young man was sitting on one of the reclining chairs and holding one of his daughters by his right while the younger one was sitting on his lap. He seemed unperturbed unlike his wife who was at the sleeping space and kept staring at the faces of the men. She didn’t trust them even though one had showed to them his police identity card.
It all seemed peaceful at first and there were no signs of any intruder. One of the men was standing close to the entrance while the one who showed his identity card was pacing around slowly and looking through the windows as he got to them.
He peeped through one of the windows and was about to turn back when he observed something and stopped to check again.
His face was met by the sole of a shoe as he tried to peep. He staggered back in and before he knew it, he was sent sprawling on the floor as a heavy kick landed on his chest.
Tarasha had peeped into the room and already seen the locations of all she needed to see before coming in through the window.
The man standing at the entrance charged toward Tarasha with a blow but she dodged it easily and grabbed his arm with her right palm close to his armpit and her left hand on his shoulder, she pulled him forward and then switched her right hand to the back of his neck, with that she dragged him and slammed his head into the window glass.
Tarasha turned to see the man on the floor already up and coming towards her. He threw a blow and she met it with her hand, he tried to kick her with his knee but she returned it with her foot. He launched another blow and she held him by the fist, she twisted his hand, raised it and moved under to the other side. She held him on the shoulder with the other hand to prevent him from turning with his hand which she dragged to the back, inflicting severe pains through his hand and across his chest.
The man whose head was slammed to the window had fallen to the ground after taking his head out of the broken glass with his neck and face badly injured. He struggled to get up on his feet and saw that his partner was also being battered. Before he could make any move, he got hit by his partner who was pushed by Tarasha to him.
Tarasha took a quick turn to the back and glanced quickly in the directions of the man and the kids and the wife.
‘You all, get out of here quickly,’ she said with a hand gesture pointing to the door.
The man who was already trying to get out quickly picked his kids, he placed the younger one on his chest and held the other with his right hand, the wife picked up a small bag and they headed for the door immediately.
Tarasha turned back quickly to the men, one of them had turned towards her already but was yet to look up.
He raised his head up only for Tarasha feet to hit his face hard. The man at the back swerved to prevent his partner from falling on his body. He walked over his body and rushed to Tarasha in anger but she somehow swerved and wrapped her hands tight around his neck.
The couple had just left with their kids and closed the door, but within the few seconds of the door being opened, Tarasha’s ears picked some sounds and could tell that other men were coming to meet her in that room.
The man whose neck was tightened under Tarasha’s arm tried to free himself by using her elbow on her belly but she held his hand and twisted his elbow joint. Then she twisted his neck and turned his body back, making him yell out loud. She dragged him and with some speed walked towards the door. Before she got there, it flung open and the a tall man rushed in.
With her two hands on the shoulder of the man by her side, she took a leap and sent the tall man a double kick on his chest and that made fall back to the wall side of the train beside the door.
‘Hey, hands up!’ Stainless shouted, pointing his gun as he followed the tall man in but he was caught aware as Tarasha was already beside him and her hand had already gripped his wrist, he tried to turn the gun to her but she raised his hand up and a bullet was released towards the roof.
‘D–n it!’ Stainless exclaimed as his hands released the gun. He had only a bullet in the gun and Rex had warned him not to shoot except the bullet was going to hit and kill Samantha Osman. Rex had warned all of them about the usage of guns, and had specifically explained to him (Stainless) that the use of guns would draw much more attention from the train than they required.
Before Stainless could understand what was going on, a kick had been sent to his belly and he was dragged and pushed into the room. Tarasha closed the door quickly and bolted it from behind, locking herself with the four men inside.
Police Headquarters, Lagos.
‘So you are saying you can’t remember what location they took you to that village from?’ the Inspector sitting in front of Stephanie George asked.
‘Errr… Yes, I wish I could but Samantha has a way of making anybody remember only the things she wants us to remember,’ Stephanie replied the man.
‘So, what did she do to you to make you forget?’ The Inspector questioned further, taking notes with his tablet device.
‘Benryl, that’s what we used. We take it every time we get to the location and or after going out, so that we can forget the route.’ Stephanie replied.
‘Benryl?’ the interrogator asked,he seemed to be finding it difficult to recall what it was. He looked at his colleague for help.
‘Benryl is that liquid that wipes off some of the victim’s brief memory,’ the colleague explained.
‘Oh, yeah!’ he finally remembered. He turned back to Stephanie, ‘So she injects you Benryl forcefully everytime you get to know the location?’
‘No, she doesn’t do it forcefully. We allow her do it, I always submit myself to be injected and she doesn’t do the injection herself.’
The policemen looked at each other’s faces, confused by her words.
‘She explained how dangerous it will be for us if we remember the location and since I’m also not willing to face that danger, I prefer to have it erased from my mind.’
There was silence for a minute. The Inspector kept checking his notes and wondering what question to ask next. Her answers had totally confused him and changed his plan.
‘Have you gone to the hospital for check up?’
‘No, why do I need that. There’s nothing wrong with me or my mother, Samantha Osman has good medical facilities which caters for everyone she hosts.’
‘I think you should go for a check up from here, you don’t know what could have happened to your body system with the harmful things she must have forced you to do.’
‘Samantha Osman never did any harmful thing against me or my mother, she doesn’t harm people for no reason.’ Stephanie replied the man. ‘She’s actually a good woman but unfortunately still has the heart of an assassin.’
The police men looked at each other again. At that point, another officer entered into the office, holding a phone.
‘Inspector sir, the AIG is on and he wants to speak with you right away.’
The Inspector jumped up from his seat and took the phone from the officer. He moved away to the window side.
‘Sir,’ he said in a respectful voice into the phone.
‘Inspector, is she still there with you?’
‘Yes sir, she’s here with us.’
‘You must not let her get out of your sight at any moment, she must be fully protected. Samantha Osman or anyone else could come anytime for her.’
‘Okay sir, I would ensure she gets the full protection required.’
‘I don’t want to hear any stories.’
The Inspector returned to his seat after the call. ‘Miss Stephanie, we’d go with you to the hospital for a check up and also help you get home safely…’
‘What? Who says I’m going to a hospital? And why must you come with me?’ Stephanie asked, already getting pissed off.
‘Look miss, you have to be fully protected henceforth. No one knows what Samantha Osman may try to do to you from here.’
‘What? She asked me to come here, you think she wouldn’t have done the worst to me before letting me go?’
‘Ma’am, I’m sorry, we’re following instructions. We have to watch your every move from now on, your life matters to us.’
Stephanie heaved a heavy sigh. She regretted agreeing to report to the police.
‘i can’t still reach him, he’s still on another call.’ Dakolo said and shook his head tiredly. They were back in the car without the immigration officer, with the same driver driving and with Dave at the front with him.
This time, their anxiety was a lot higher but the traffic on the Lagos road kept them from driving as fast as they wanted. Dave had been able to pull out the truth from the immigrations officer. Mr Paul, after receiving merciless beatings revealed that the Vice President had been taken on the train trip by an unknown man. He went as far as revealing the number of the train tickets and the location they planned to drop from the train.
‘It’s finally going through,’ Dakolo said with a note of happiness after trying the Acting Inspector General’s phone number a number of times without being able to reach the man.
‘Inspector Dakolo,’ the AIG’s voice sounded through the phone’s speaker.
‘Sir, we need quick help sir. We just found out that Elvis Richards is on a train heading for Jebba.’
‘On a train? And headed for Jebba?’ the AIG asked, his voice showing that he was full of surprise.
‘Yes, he’s headed for Jebba. We have to stop him or wait for him at Jebba, but I’ll prefer we stop him, a lot of things might happen on the road to Jebba. Theherain left about forty five minutes ago. We need you to help contact the train station and request for a halt in the train movement.’
‘Are you really sure of this?’
‘Yes sir, I am very sure.’
‘I’ll take you for your word and I hope you don’t fail me. I’ll also call for reinforcement from the Lagos Headquarters. I’m also on my way to Lagos,’ the AIG replied.
‘Thank you for trusting me sir,’ Dakolo replied. He ended the call and looked at James who was staring at him.
‘So, they’re stopping the train right?’
‘Yes, the IG would call and order for the stop.’
‘We have to find the present location of the train and where it would stop. I know it could take some time for a train to halt even after the brakes are applied.’
Location: On the Train.
Tarasha held what was remaining of his right hand, she had already broken the bones and twisted the joints of the left hand but he was stubborn and unwilling to let her go without fighting more. She had twisted his right wrist already and what was left was to twist his finger joints and elbow.
Stainless had his knee on the ground and his right hand held up by Tarasha behind him. He was already weak but was ready to breathe his last for the fight. The other three men were down already, two had breathed their last and one was unconscious. Tarasha had brought them all down, with no guns but just her hands. The VIP room was now scattered, the television, the chairs refrigerator and other things were broken as they had all been used in the fight.
Stainless was left but wasn’t ready to give up. Tarasha hoped to render him totally paralyzed before his final death.
Stainless let out a scream as Tarasha tried to break his hand into two with his elbow supported on her knee and her hands bending either side of the arm in the downward direction.
Tarasha stopped for a moment as she noticed something. She dropped him on the floor and moved close to the window. She noticed the train was coming to an halt. She tried to imagine what was happening.
‘Hey Henry! You there?’ she said into her Talkon receiver.
‘Yes, why is the train coming to an halt?’
‘I can’t really say but I think some people requested for it to be stopped because of the gunshot sound heard.’
‘Okay, I hope you’re on the watch out for Rex?’
‘Yes, I am alert.’
Tarasha turned back to Stainless. He was in severe pains but was still struggling to get up. She wasn’t convinced about Henry’s thoughts on why the train was coming to an halt, the reason being that Rex had not been found anywhere on the train yet and she couldn’t tell if he was up to something.
Stainless finally managed to get up and charged in her direction, even though he was unable to use his hands. She pulled out a knife from her body as she dodged his kick, she grabbed him by the neck and drove the knife straight into his belly. Her desire to see him suffer slowly to death had been overcome by the decelerating motion of the train.
The train came to a halt after Stainless fell down lifelessly.
Tarasha walked quickly to the window where she entered from and picked a bag she had hung before hurrying towards the door. She stepped into another section of the VIP coach and found no one there. She knew they must have left when they heard sounds of the fight.
She walked through the first VIP coach and into the second. She met the occupants in the first section of the second coach. She looked well but didn’t find what she was searching for. She continued but not until she got to the last room on the VIP coach did she find who she was expecting, Rex. He stood at the exit with his hands behind him and back turned to her.
He turned around slowly and confidently with a mean look on his face.
‘Samantha Osman, our meeting this time is inevitable, I hope we can settle this once and for all.’
She walked through the first VIP coach and into the second. She met the occupants in the first section of the second coach. She looked well but didn’t find what she was searching for. She continued but not until she got to the last room on the VIP coach did she find who she was expecting, Rex. He stood at the exit with his hands behind him and back turned to her.
He turned around slowly and confidently with a mean look on his face.
‘Samantha Osman, our meeting this time is inevitable, I hope we can settle this once and for all.’
‘I do hope we do, we’ve made mistakes of capturing each other and letting the victim go, but only one should leave here alive today.’ Tarasha replied.
‘That’s my girl,’ Rex replied with a crooked smile and tightened his fist slowly.
Tarasha tightened her fist too and she kept her gaze on his face, she noticed it was a bit oily. It showed that Rex had not just been waiting for her, he had been busy with something.
‘Why did you make the train stop moving?’ Rex asked as they began to move closer to each other slowly, ready for the fight.
Tarasha raised her brows. She wondered if the question was a sincere one or if he was just playing mind games with her. As they got closer to each other, she remembered that Henry would be waiting for her order to take his next step. She pressed a button on the wristwatch on her wrist to give Henry the signal.
Rex saw her gesture and she also knew he saw her and knew what it meant. Rex wasn’t however not bothered about whatever signal she had sent, he had everything covered and was sure of victory.
Henry sat in the seat impatiently. It was the seat for one of the Vice President team men who had gotten up. He was disguised now and unrecognizable. He had his device in his hand and looked at it from time to time as if he was expecting a notification. At the same time, he looked around and took note of everyone moving from one part of the train to another.
The train had stopped now and a lot of people were up on their feet, peeping out through the window, wondering and discussing why the train could have stopped. Henry remained sitting even though still alert.
A beep on his device caught his attention. He swiped down the notification bar and saw the message.
‘IG Rikau asks for opportunity to talk to young ones as he prepares for his death.’
He cleared off the notification at once and looked up again. He felt a vibration on his wrist, he glanced at the wristwatch, he could see the red blinking light. That signal was from Tarasha and it meant that she was now with Rex, he had the responsibility of locating Chief Elvis Richards on the train.
Cole kept on stealing glances at Nicholas as they drove back to the base. Nicholas demeanor had changed when he started looking at his phone before they changed into a new vehicle to return to the base with. He had asked twice if there was a problem and Nicholas had replied that there was none.
Nicholas had his device held firmly in his hands. He didn’t believe he was going to make such a quick turn around about a decision he made less than three hours ago. He had decided to support Tarasha against Rex secretly just before they dropped off Tarasha and Henry at the train station but his decision had changed quickly when he entered back into the car and picked his device. A new message from Rex had entered and it carried a strong warning for him.
‘I see you’ve changed your mind about providing me information, this is just to remind you that your mother and your son are in no way safe,’ the message read and a video was attached to it. He downloaded the clip and played it only to see his mother and son tied in a room with their eyes blindfolded, a man with a shining machete was sitting on a seat in the same room and looking straight to the camera. He had exited the messaging app and called his mother’s phone number for it to be answered by a strange male’s voice who claimed to be the man with the machete and promised to bring down the heads of his family once given the orders.
‘Why are you doing this, there’s no information I have that I haven’t given you.’ Nicholas quickly returned to the messaging app and sent a reply to Rex.
‘Is she on the train now?’
‘Yes she is,’ Nicholas had no other choice than to admit.
‘What’s her plan?’
‘She did not disclose it to any of us.’
‘I need you to send me the address to your operation base where the rest members of your team are presently,’ another message came in from Rex.
It took Nicholas some time to reply. He at first closed the chat until he got another message from Rex.
‘You’re wasting time an endangering the lives of your mother and son.’
Nicholas typed in the address slowly and sent. He kept a sad face from that moment until Cole received a call from Tarasha and he told him that she had instructed that they go back to the base and move out everyone else from the place.
‘Hey Nicholas,’ Cole called to him, his phone was ringing and he needed help to answer the call as his hands were busy on the steering wheel. ‘Help me answer the call.’
Nicholas picked the phone and answered the call, Tomi was on line. He placed it on loud speaker.
‘Hey Cole,’ Mr Matthew sounded instead of Tomi’s.
‘Matthew, speak up, I’m all ears.’
‘We’ve got the new apartment ready, you all can come now.’
‘Alright, I’m still twenty minutes away from the base. We should get to the new place in another sixty minutes,’ Cole replied.
Nicholas felt some relief knowing that they were about to move to a new place but his tension soon returned when he realized that Rex would think he had backstabbed him by letting them know he (Rex) now knew their location.
Five minutes after the call, Cole pulled over to a curb beside the road. Nicholas stared at him wondering what the reason for the halt was.
Cole picked his phone and unlocked it, he switched to the notepad application and copied out an address. He pasted it into the map application and clicked on get direction.
‘Here,’ he handed the phone over to Nicholas. ‘Copy this location to your phone,’ he said as Nicholas took the phone.
Nicholas turned on the screen of the device and transferred the location.
‘I’ll drop you off here, you’d find your way to the base from here. You take the Doctor, Madam Henrietta and our hostage to the location sent to your device.’
‘But…why are you not coming with me?’ Nicholas asked.
‘I’ve got a different assignment from the boss and I’ve got to go now,’ Cole replied him.
‘Okay,’. Nicholas replied. He took off his seatbelt and opened the door. He placed a foot outside and was about to stand up when he felt a grip on his elbow. He turned around to see Cole holding him back with a warning stare on his face.
‘Don’t mess things up,’ Cole said in a serious tone and released his hand.
Without replying, Nicholas stepped out of the car and closed the door. He straightened his clothes and dipped his phone into his pocket before he walked away.
Madam Henrietta was sitting quietly in her room, unable to sleep or even take her breakfast. She had been waiting for more than two hours and strange thoughts had been coming to her mind. It felt as Tara was no longer going to return home, she had left for good and they no longer would be seeing each other.
The fear was so strong in her heart that she began to pray and intercede for get daughter after so many years of never praying up to thirty seconds.
Her food was on the stool beside her bed but she couldn’t eat it. The strange feeling that she was about to lose something she just found kept her feeling so uncomfortable.
After taking his breakfast, the doctor had placed his forehead on the dining table and slept off. His mind was greatly troubled but he knew there was no solution to the deed that had been done. The only thing that could help the situation was for Samantha to achieve her aims before Dave regains enough speed and intelligence to stop her. He was sure Dave was very conscious of his real identity wherever he was. The antidote to the liquid which was supposed to wipe off his memory had been used to half and he was sure none other person that Stephanie would have used it on him.
He suddenly rose up from his sleep and looked around. He was sweating severely all over his body and his heart was pumping so fast. His nightmare had returned, the nightmare he used to have before Tarasha kidnapped him from his home. He saw the masked man again, with a gun and this time the bullet went straight to his chest.
His phone began to ring and he picked it up quickly. He looked at the screen, Cole was calling again.
‘Hello Doc,’ Cole’s voice came through.
‘He…llo Cole,’ the doctor answered with a shaky voice.
‘Is everything alright?’
‘Yes, there’s no problem.’ the doctor replied.
‘Nicholas would be there to take you all out in the next fifteen minutes, tell Madam Henrietta, you both have ten minutes to get ready and wait outside for him.’
‘Yeah, you get dressed, pick all you need to pick and wait at the balcony.’
‘But what about the lab equipment and tools?’
‘We’d move them later,’ Cole replied.
‘How do we get to the balcony?’ the doctor asked as he got up from the dining seat. He stepped out of the dining area and glanced at the wall clock.
‘Get into the control from and unlock the doors, you’d find the door lock device at the left wall side and the laser activator at the right wall side. Now listen carefully Doc, those devices are invisible to the physical eyes until you do the right thing. You go straight to the center of the walls and tap twice with a finger, the device’s screen will pop up and request for pass codes. The code for the door lock is 9879554 and the laser deactivation code is 789755. Just go on there right away, I’ll send you the same instructions in text.’
Madam Henrietta was startled by the knock on the door. Her heart skipped a beat and she stared at the for a while. Whenever the door was knocked, it either meant Samantha was there or she had sent someone to get her.
‘You may come in,’ she answered with stammering lips.
The door opened and the doctor took step in. Madam, you have to get dressed up and take what you need to take from here, we’re leaving this place in the next five minutes.’ he said briefly and turned to leave.
‘Wait! Where are we going to?’ she jumped up.
‘I got a call from Samantha, one of boys is coming to pick us.’ the doctor replied. He decided to use Samantha’s name to make her respond quickly.
Rex’s fist smashed the window glass as Tarasha dodged his blow swiftly. She turned to his back but he quickly turned to meet her sending a blow. He stopped her fists with his, but she had also sent a kick with her knee to his belly almost at the same time. It hit him and made him jerk up and his bum touch the window slightly. She tried to follow up with a blow to smash his face into the already broken glass but he was quick to recover from the impact of her kick and grabbed her wrist. He tried to twist it as he moved to the other side but she was able to wriggle it free from him and sent him a jab in the belly as she turned immediately.
There was a brief pause and it gave both parties some time to readjust themselves. The fight was still fresh and both parties still looked neat and unruffled. Even the room still looked so arranged.
Rex ended the break as he rushed to her with a kick from his left leg but she saw it coming and bent her head to dodge it. She then attempted to hit his leg which was still in the air but didn’t know he placed a double kick. As she launched her right leg, he turned swiftly and wiped her off her feet with his right leg.
Unluckily for Tarasha, she fell and her head hit the side of the reclining chair. She held her head for a second and then rolled away quickly to the middle of the room. Rex followed quickly and tried to stamp his feet on her face but she held him by the ankle before he could get close to her face and pulled his leg wide, making him lose balance. He tried to stable himself by putting his second leg at the side she pulled the other but she rolled quickly to his back and kicked him behind the waist with the soles of her foot. He fell forward and almost hit his head on the wall but his palms landed on the wall first and he used it to t—-t himself back to his feet.
She had already gotten up before he turned back. He could see from the expression on her face that the pain from head strike was still being felt. He moved towards her slowly and she also moved slowly towards him. He tried using the same tactic he used with the kick but this time with blows.
He launched a blow to her face and she quickly stopped it and at the same time sent her feet into his belly before his other fist could reach her. She followed him immediately and sent another kick to his belly and to his chest after each other, making him hit his back against the wall. She leaped and directed a kick to smash his face against the wall but he was quick to dodge by swerving to the right. However she used her toes to hit the wall instead and lift where she made a sharp turn to his direction and sent him a kick with the sole of her foot on his head and another kick in his chest. He staggered back and this time landed his bum on the small refrigerator working at the corner in a sitting position. He raised his head and saw Tarasha coming to him, he rolled away and Tarasha’s feet hit the wall and the top edge of the refrigerator instead of his belly which she was targeting.
She turned quickly and rushed to him with a kick but he managed to dodge and grab her leg. He pushed her back and she landed on the refrigerator just like he did. He rushed to her and tried to push his onto her belly but she was quick to sit up and held his foot. He pushed further until her back hit the wall but she continued to resist him. He sent a quick blow to smash her face to the wall but she dodged and his fist hit the wall. He lost balance and she pushed him away quickly. He staggered backwards but managed to stay on his feet.
She got up from the refrigerator quickly and adjusted her trouser comfortably. She looked at Rex straight in the face, he was also staring at her. He stepped back to the window and pulled out the empty curtain hanger at the top of the window. He held the 1.5 metres long steel stick in his right hand and rubbed it with his left hand.
She stepped away from the corner of the room where she was and quickly pulled out her belt, she held the buckle in her palm and flipped it. straightened immediately but was not as long as the one in Rex’s hand.
He let out an evil smile before rushing towards her to make the first strike towards the side of her neck. She blocked it with hers straightened in her left hand. The strikes and blocks without touching the body continued for about a minute with them circling the room until Rex tried to hit her on the forehead and she blocked with her weapon. She pushed a kick into his belly and as he staggered back, she followed up and wiped him with the metal strongly at the side of his head. He staggered back weakly and she got the opportunity to whip him another on his shoulder.
She tried to whip him a third time but he lifted his head quickly and hit her weapon with his. He stepped back hurriedly to the door and rested his back on it, trying to buy himself some seconds enough to ease of the pain he was feeling.
She hurried towards him but stopped before getting to him as she heard a voice sound in her. ‘Huh?’ she responded.
‘Elvis Richards is no longer on the train,’ Henry repeated again.
Her eyes shone wide open at Rex and he was also staring at her, wondering why she stopped. At that same moment, she noticed that the train had begun to move again.
‘D–n it! What stupid game are you playing with me?’ she asked in an angry tone as she stepped closer to him.
She struck her weapon but he blocked it with his and made a strike which she blocked. They continued to strike and block for a minute but none touched the opponent.
They separated for some seconds to give each other some space. Rex could see from her changed demeanour that she was angry and it got him angrier too, he had been fighting when her with the mindset of fighting a woman and that was why she got the opportunity to get some hits on him. He needed to make her know that he was a Tiger and a senior one at that.
‘I don’t play small games you f***** wh*re, this is real life and you’ve just been fooled big time cause Elvis Richards is no longer on this train.’ he said to increase her anger.
His words really got her mad and she charged towards him immediately. She struck once, he blocked it, struck again, got blocked and targeted his rod the third time with a speed he didn’t expect. With hers held with her two hands, she hit the rod just above his grip and it flung away from his hand.
He stared at her blankly after watching the rod hang on the broken glass of the window. She didn’t give him time to make any move as she strike the rod towards his forehead which he blocked with his hand, she struck the second time and he gripped it in his palm. It got stuck between the both of them.
Their eyes met and locked even as they pulled the metal between each other. Rex was unwilling to let her have it and she was not ready to let it go. She twisted the rod, making Rex bend over but he still not release it. She kicked him in the belly with her knee but he still did not release instead and he rose up swiftly and twisted the rod making her turn with it. He pushed his feet into her belly and she fell back leaving the weapon in his hands.
He stared for a moment at the weapon in his hand before flinging it away, then go marched quickly towards her.
The Doctor brisk walk behind madam Henrietta looked funny because of his old age. Nicholas had just come into the building and had asked them to go quickly into the white Mercedes bus parked in the compound while he went inside to get the hostage.
The doctor had a small bag in his hand while the woman had a bigger one, they got to the bus and put their bags into the already opened boot. The Doctor proceeded straight into the bus and made himself comfortable on the soft leather seat behind the front seat while Madam Henrietta waited at the entrance of the bus.
They were will waiting for Nicholas to come out with Chief Gab when a sound at the gate caught their attention. It opened and some men dressed in all black entered, three at first together and then more following after each other slowly.
Nicholas hurried the man out after cuffing his hands behind. He stopped as he got to the balcony of the building. He saw men in black, he knew at once that they were from Rex. The man in the picture with his mother was also dressed like the men.
He didn’t know what they were there for since Rex knew that Tarasha was somewhere else but he knew there was nothing he could do about them. The security inputs and lasers in place around the house had been put off to enable him take the people out successfully.
He took out his phone carefully and held it in his right hand, he dialed Cole’s number secretly.
Part 4
‘Nicholas, speak up, what’s happening?’ Cole said into the phone. He was sitting in the stationary car, waiting for Tarasha’s command when he got the call.
He still couldn’t hear anything in reply. He took the phone off his ear and stared at the screen for a second. ‘Hey Nicholas,’ he spoke and still didn’t get a reply. He cut the call and then redialed Nicholas’ number. It was not answered. He began to wonder if Nicholas had dialled his number by mistake or if there was something wrong which Nicholas was trying to get his attention to.
He picked his tablet device from the backseat and placed it on his lap. He unlocked and quickly opened the NSCC application. He typed in the address of the base into the dialog box and clicked on search camera points. It completed the search in a minute and showed more than ten points of cameras present in the street and the ones capturing routes leading into the street.
He began to select the points one after the other. He realized that there was indeed trouble when all the points couldn’t fetch the steam in real time, only the past hour footages were available.
He checked the time. He was yet to get any instruction from Tarasha yet and had not been able to reach her. He needed to make a decision between waiting for Tarasha’s instruction and going to the base to see what was wrong.
He remembered that Henry was with Tarasha, he decided to reach Henry to get the update he needed and also update Henry on what was happening.
Henry kept going back and forth, not knowing what to do. The train had continued moving again and a lot of people had gone back to their seats while very few were still arguing that the sound they heard in the train was a gunshot. One of the men argued that he heard a man from the VIP section saying the gun was shot in his room.
He found an empty seat and settled on it. He opened his Google map to show the current location of the train, then he checked the previous location (where it had stopped for several minutes before moving again). He zoomed the map and checked the routes connected to it’s previous stationary location. He located all the routes possible for Elvis Richards to have escaped through when the train stopped.
He was about dialing Cole’s number when the call from Cole came in. He answered immediately.
‘Henry, I tried to use my Talkon to connect to the boss but it’s not working,’ Cole’s voice came through.
‘I think she’s very busy in a scuffle with Rex, I’m about going to locate where they are but the Vice President has escaped from the train and I need you to check through the possible routes he might have taken.’
‘Escape? How did he?’
‘The train stopped for some minutes and began to move again, he must have dropped them.’
‘Have you searched everywhere for him, he must have been hidden somewhere by Rex and it might be difficult for you to recognize him because he would be disguised.’
‘I didn’t search everywhere but I confirmed through the cameras and scanners at the entrance of the train that he left already and he was disguised truly.’
‘That’s crazy, but I won’t be able to go after him. I think Nicholas has some trouble moving Madam Henrietta and the Doctor from the base, the NSCC cameras have also been strangely disconnected, I can’t get the live streams.’
‘What? You have to go check them right away,’ Henry said.
‘Yeah, please tell the boss in case.’
After the call with Cole ended, Henry got more interested in finding out how Elvis Richards could have gone out of the train. He didn’t know whether to accept that it was pre planned or if it was planned on the train. He opened his NSCC application on his tablet but as it loaded, another thought came to his mind and he switched to his newly designed application.
He opened the archives of the Vice President’s contact and saw that the man had made a couple of new phone calls, he believed he could get information about the man’s movement from it.
He played the recorded audio of the man’s last call first, it was a received call done five minutes ago.
‘Sir, we’ve just located the place and we’re getting them all out.’
‘Good work boy, I’ll get the message to Rex as soon as he contacts me.’ Elvis Richards voice sounded in reply. ‘Make sure you keep me updated and don’t make any mistakes.’
‘Sure sir.’
Henry took a pause after listening to the last phone call. He pondered on every word spoken by both ends. His assumption was that the place located had to be their operation base and his support for the assumption was the call he had just received from Cole. Elvis Richards’ promise of getting the information to Rex also proved that Elvis Richards was not in the same place with Rex.
He exited the folder containing the recorded audios and switched to check the details of the call. He traced the calls to the location they were made him from and that helped him confirm that the man had gone off the train and was in a vehicle driving him to a different location.
He returned to the folder of recorded audios again and played the call before the last one.
‘Good afternoon sir,’ a voice sounded from the other side.
‘Agent Tim, what can I do for you please?’
‘The police has gotten information about your train movement and the inspector general has ordered for your train to be stopped.’
‘What train? I’m not on a train.’
‘Uhn, well, I thought I should tell you in case because the police has been told where the train would halt and we’re coming there’
‘Thank you, Agent Tim.’
Henry took a moment to think again. He wondered if it was the stop that had already taken place that the Agent was telling the Vice President about or another. He didn’t see any police officer come on board when the train stopped, so it got him more confused. He went ahead to play previous recorded audio.
‘James, how are you?’
‘Father, I’m alright. I’ve been worried about you,’ the call receiver replied.
‘Son, I’m glad we brought in Rex to this plan. He’s got amazing foreknowledge of almost everything. We got attacked by Samantha Osman on the train.’
‘What the heck! So where are you now?’ James sounded worried.
‘I’m no longer in the train, he made plans though Stainless with the train driver, they stopped at a pre planned location for me to get down and I’m in a vehicle with one of his men.’
‘And where are they taking you to?’
‘I don’t know but I trust his judgement.’
‘I’ve tried to reach him severally but he never answers,’ James said.
‘I think he’s being careful of giving out his plans. Our information is leaking from someone and somewhere, that’s how Samantha got to now we planned to leave the house and use a train. So he keeps most to himself.’
‘I understand, please keep me updated.’
‘You also try as much as you can not to trust anybody with this information.’
Everybody in the coach had their attention turned to the back as the door was crashed open by a lady. She landed with her backside on the ground in the aisle and amidst the broken parts of the.
Rex kicked the leftover of the door which had flipped back as he entered. He charged towards Tarasha immediately and bent to drag up forcefully. She grabbed his wrist as he tried to hold her neck and sent a kick to his chest but he grabbed her foot. He rolled his hand which she had caught and grabbed her wrist, changing the position. In a twinkle of an eye, he pulled her up and flung her roughly to the seat by the side.
One of the men sitting there was able to get up before she landed but she crashed into the other’s body as he stood to leave. He fell back into the seat and hit his head against the window, saving her from doing the same.
Rex charged towards her immediately and tried to push her kick into her belly but she stopped him with her two hands and grabbed his feet firmly as she struggled to get up immediately. She held on to his leg firmly even as he tried to take his leg from get, she took two steps forward giving the man she fell upon space to step up and jump over the seat to a safe place. Other people sitting close to their fighting area had also gotten up and moved away.
Rex was finally able to release his leg from her from her grip and quickly threw another kick with the other leg but she punched away his feet making him hit his body against the seats in front.
He got up almost immediately as she jumped onto the seat to move away, he launched a quick blow and she dodged it easily. She sent him a kick on his chest and he started staggered back and almost fell but for the chairs behind which held his waist back. Before he could recover, she leaped and landed her feet on his chest, making him topple over to the front top of the seat. He rolled to the ground and quickly tried to get up on his feet amidst the intense pain he was feeling. He felt so foolish for allowing her get him with that move.
She had already gotten to his front before he could stand fully, and as he tried to raise his head, a heavy kick hit his chest slamming his back to the wall. He was yet to raise his head still when the rains of blow to his face and belly continued. He fell to his knees weakly. She stamped her feet on his back, close to his neck and he fell face forward. He tried to hold on to her but she wriggled off her feet and kicked him on the shoulder. She dragged him by the hand and pulled him out to the aisle.
At that point, Tarasha began to hear some sounds being made by the train and sensed that it was about to stop again, she got a bit distracted.
He allowed her pulled him but immediately she took her hands off to make another move, he rolled away and tried to get on his feet. She was however fast to see his move and quickly followed after him. He had just placed a feet on the ground when she kicked him on his shoulder sending him landing on the ground with his buttocks. He tried to get up immediately, ignoring the pains he felt but she sent another kick to his other shoulder. He fell back and made another trial to get up immediately, she launched another kick which hit his chest and he held onto her leg even as he fell back, dragging her with him and making her unbalanced.
Immediately he saw her stagger, he took the opportunity and swept her other feet off the ground with his leg.
She lost control and fell backwards but quickly turned and landed with her palms facing the floor. They managed to get up at the same time. Tarasha seeing that get wasn’t standing so strongly decided to take the opportunity and rushed to him with a kick, but he was expecting she would take the move and endured the pain he was feeling. He swerved and dodged her kick, in twinkling of an eye, leaped up and rolled in the air, he sent a kick to the side of her lips making her fall to the ground and almost hit the side of her head against the chair. He rose up quickly again and pulled her up by the neck, he turned her face to himself and punched her hard , she staggered back and he followed immediately with another punch.
‘Hey Stop!’ they suddenly heard a voice that distracted them and Rex stopped to look at the man who had come out of the crowd with a gun. He took two steps back and slowly raised his hand, Tarasha also took some steps back before turning to see what Rex was stepping back from.
‘Henry, stay out of this. Just go look for Elvis Richards on this train,’ Tarasha said to him. By this time, the train had totally stopped.
‘Get off the way Tara and let me shoot dead the idiot at once,’ Henry said in reply. He had entered into the coach at the time Rex had the upper hand and he had felt so mad watching him deal blows on Tarasha’s face.
‘Leave that for me, go look for Elvis Richards,’ Tarasha replied, changing her stand to a position she could clearly see Rex and Henry easily. Rex still had his hand raised up in the air and was moving back very slowly.
‘Elvis Richards is not on this train, he’s gotten out.’ Henry argued.
‘He’s on the train, he has been disguised remember.’ Tarasha retorted.
‘No Tara, he got off the train when it stopped the other time. He’s made some calls in a different location from the train, I monitored it with my app.’
The look on Tarasha’s eyes changed, she flashed a quick glance at Rex and met a smirk on his face. She looked at Henry again.
‘You’ve got to get out now also…’ Henry stopped to fire a quick shot as he saw Rex trying to escape but missed largely. Rex had gotten out through the back door already.
‘Hey Tara, there’s an attack at the base,’ Henry shouted aloud, seeing as Tarasha pulled out a gun and wanted to follow after Rex.
She halted as she got to the door and turned sharply. She gave Henry a sharp look, demanding an explanation.
‘I got a call from Cole some minutes ago, there are no streams from the NSCC cameras in the base area and it seems the location has been gotten by Elvis Richard’s men.’ Henry replied, walking towards Tarasha in quick steps.
‘But I asked Nicholas to move them to a new place already,’ Tarasha replied.
‘I don’t think they moved before they were attacked,’ Henry replied.
Tarasha’s heartbeat increased drastically as she remembered that she left her mother and Chief Gab in the base.
‘And you think something could have happened to them?’ she spoke up again after a moment of looking lost in her standing position.
‘I don’t know, it’s why we’ve got to leave this train right away, before it gets late.’ Henry replied.
Tarasha sniffed in and shook her head, she decided to believe that nothing had happened back at the base. The only way something could have happened was if someone (either Cole or Victor) had given out the team. But it wasn’t time to ask any more questions.
‘Let’s get out of here,’ she said to Henry and raised up her gun as she walked in the same direction taken by Rex. She stopped at the entrance and looked left and right to ensure that Rex wasn’t lurking around somewhere.
‘How do we get out of this location?’ Henry asked as he looked out of the train. They were in a village where they saw no car or bikes to snatch.
‘This village has got to have a link to the main road, we’d get there first and get a car to leave.’ Tarasha replied him.
Henry’s eyes widened. ‘We need to get off quickly, the police would try to come here through the main route.’
Elvis Richards still sitting in his disguised form at the backseat of the vehicle, did not know where the vehicle was headed for but remained mute and untroubled. The only thing he knew about the menAll that kept him going in the vehicle without complaining was his trust that Rex had a good plan.
He was dozing off when his phone rang and disturbed his sleep, he picked it up and was surprised to see who the caller was. It was Rex. He felt some joy inside him. Rex had told him that he was not going to call or speak to him until after he made sure Tarasha was dead.
‘Hey Rex, I’m sure you’ve finally killed her.’
‘No man, d–n it. Your calls are being monitored, they’re tracking us and getting all of our moves through your phone call. It’s dragging us back.’
‘But how is that possible?’ Elvis Richards asked.
‘I’m sure they built an app that has the capacity to grab your voice and that of your callers and store them. They can’t grab mine because of the security locks on my network.’
‘That’s strange,’ Elvis Richards heaved a sigh. ‘But is Samantha Osman dead?’
‘She isn’t dead,’ he replied, mentioning his words slowly. ‘She’s got some company and she’s tough. It’ll take me a lot more time to kill her without the right weapons and you’d be caught if I take all that time here, you’re already being tracked by someone else in her team.’
‘So what do I do?’ Elvis Richards sounded somewhat disappointed.
‘Right after this call, turn off your phone and throw it out through the window.’
‘Yeah, do as I say, else you’d get located and killed before I get there.’ he emphasized strongly.
Elvis Richards heaved a sigh of frustration.
‘Get it done immediately man, I’ve got to apply some first aid to my injuries and I’ll join you there as soon as I can.’
Specialist Hospital, Lagos.
‘My last wish is to see that man dead, once and for all.’ the Chief said in a shaky voice in the hospital bed.
Three other men were in the hospital ward with him, one sitting on a chair and the two others standing at different positions. The man had been transferred that morning to the specialist Hospital from Abuja. Known to be an healthy old man before, his health status had suddenly changed weeks ago and had continued to deteriorate after he heard the death of his kids.
‘I think I can give your men all the details they need to bring her down in two days, it now depends on them,’ the man sitting said.
The old Chief turned his head towards Eric, as if to ask if he could trust them to deliver this time around.
‘What details do you have for us?’ Eric asked the NIS chairman.
‘Elvis Richards doesn’t know I work for Chief, he contacted me early yesterday and asked me to provide him men who could keep top secrets information, I provided him twelve of them and I believe he wants them to work with the Assassin he hired.’
‘So how does that help us?’
‘It can help you if you have knowledge about XXS Security numbers, Victoria can assist you on it, you’d be able to track my men and get their locations.’
Carl and Eric stared at each other for a second, trying to get the logic behind the man’s offer.
‘The XXS Security System is what you use to track your men?’ Eric asked.
‘Yes,’ the chairman replied.
‘So you think it’ll lead us to Samantha Osman since she’s tracking them closely?’ Carl put in.
‘Yeah, since Samantha Osman is tracking and following their moves, you would run into her if you also follow their moves and you’ll also get Elvis Richards killed that way.’
‘I’m not concerned about having Samantha Osman dead anymore, I’m an old dying man and my life can’t get any worse, there’s nothing she can do to me. I only want Elvis Richards dead now and I beg you,’ Chief Afeez paused and looked at the NIS Chairman directly. ‘I beg you to work with them directly.’
Carl and Eric glanced at each other again. What their employer now wanted was the life of Elvis Richards only, but they saw it as a good record to make to be the assassins that brought down the notorious Samantha Osman. Right in their minds, they decided to take it as their personal challenge which they would accomplish together with the one they were being paid for.
The train having been stopped for over thirty minutes, had most of the passengers already weary of waiting and being forced to stay indoor. All the doors had been locked five minutes after the train stopped and it was announced that nobody was allowed to get off the train. The passengers wondered why they were stuck in the unknown village and what was really happening. A few of them had found out from the train driver that it was an order sent from the train station. He had also told them that the cause for the first stop was to check some parts of the train which seemed not to be working well.
Dakolo and Dave were able to get to the train before the arrival of the police. The track was inaccessible by vehicles, so they had to park their vehicle some distance away from the place and run to the train.
‘Police Inspector Dakolo here, please open up.’ Dakolo shouted as he banged the door of the train. He raised up his Identity card and soon train guard opened and allowed him in. Dave followed afterwards.
‘Are you sure nobody has gone off this train according to the instructions?’ Dakolo asked the train guard.
‘I’m not sure, I haven’t seen any but some of the passengers claimed that there were three people, a lady and a man in a fist battle and another gunman who was with the lady. We can’t find them anywhere on the train, some claimed to see them leave.’
‘Is there any other thing that has happened here?’ Dave asked the man.
‘Yes, it started in one of the toilets and then spread to the VIP section, there are some dead bodies there.’
‘Can you take me to that toilet first?’ Dave asked.
Dakolo looked up, wondering why Dave was taking the lead while he was there but Dave didn’t look concerned, he followed immediately as the train guard led them. They soon got to the toilet and found the dead body of the first man laying by the side of the water closet.
‘This was the first dead body we discovered before calling the police, some eyewitnesses said a lady killed him.’ the train guard explained.
‘Can I see one of the eyewitnesses?’ Dave asked.
The train guard stepped out to call on an eyewitness. Dave took a moment to look at the dead body properly, he took out his protection gloves and put them on before bending to check some things on the body of the dead man.
He picked out a card from the chest pocket of the man and raised it up. He recognized the card, it was the property of the SSS and particularly owned by a NIS agent.
‘This is an identity card for the SSS agency, I’m not sure which of their subsection this is,’ Dakolo said as he observed the identity card with Dave.
‘This man is a secret agent,’ Dave said. ‘He works in the NIS.’
Dakolo flashed a quick look at him, wondering how he knew the details about the man’s job in the SSS, he came up with the assumption that it was due to his job as an investigative journalist.
So many thoughts ran through Dave’s mind but he decided to believe that the man on the floor was an agent of the NIS who was in the team in charge of the Samantha Osman’s case or Elvis Richards case.
The train guard returned with an eyewitness but Dave was no longer interested in talking to the eyewitness, he was more interested in the NIS Identity card. He turned to Inspector Dakolo, ‘Please Inspector, find out what he knows.’
He stepped out into the coach and took out his phone. He opened the contact and searched out Lizzy’s number. He had not called her for a long time, but he really needed her help at that moment. He dialed the number and placed it on speaker phone as it began to ring.
‘Hello, who’s on the line?’
Dave had a strange feeling on hearing her voice again. He drew in a deep breath before taking it off loud speaker and placing it close to his ear.
‘Lizzy, it’s Dave. Where are you?’
‘Dave? Dave James?’ she asked in a surprise tone.
‘Yes, Dave James.’ he replied.
There was silence for close to one minute and Dave was the next to speak again.
‘Lizzy, where are you? I need your help right now,’ Dave said.
‘I’m in Abuja at the office, what can I do for you?’ her voice sounded calm, Dave could sense the feeling of guilt in the voice.
‘I have the identity card of a NIS agent here, he was found dead. I want you to check what assignment he was on,’ Dave replied.
‘Please send me his tag number,’ she replied.
‘It’s 5684TGY, his name is Balogun Enoch,’ Dave answered.
‘Okay, I’ll check and get back to you as soon as possible, please call out his tag number again.’
Dave called out the tag number a second time before ending the call. He turned to join Dakolo and the train guard but they were already coming towards him.
‘The same woman who killed the man in the toilet is responsible for killing the other people on the VIP coach and was the same caught fighting with another man,’ Dakolo said to James as he proceeded forward with the train guard leading him. They walked past James and continued walking.
‘Where are we headed for?’ Dave asked, following them slowly.
‘We’re going to the VIP section,’ Dakolo answered him.
Dave increased his steps and joined them, he could see the eyes of the seated passengers looking at them.
10 minutes later
They were in the room where the fight between Tarasha and the four men took place. Dave was checking the bodies of the dead men, he had found two other men with NIS Identity cards. He was now checking another dead body which wasn’t of a NIS agent. Immediately, he turned over the body, he recognized him as Stainless.
‘I thought this guy should be behind bars, he’s been wanted for a long time and caught some weeks ago.’ Dave said aloud.
Dakolo moved closer to see the face of the person he was talking about. ‘Who’s he?’
‘One of the thugs that were caught few weeks ago after the raid of the police at Samantha Osman’s residence.’ Dave replied. ‘He has previously been accused of many other crimes.’
‘He must have been released by special order,’ Dakolo put in.
Dave got up and was about to move to the next dead body when his phone rang. He took it out and answered it.
‘Lizzy,’ he said into the mouthpiece.
‘Dave, the task and case for that guy is not specified in the records, but the records shows that he and fourteen other men were mobilized for an unspecific task by the Chairman.
‘So how do we know what they were mobilized for?’
‘We can only know if we ask the Chairman himself, I’m very sure it’s not an official assignment.’ Lizzy replied.
‘Thank you Lizzy, I’ll call you later to talk more.’
‘Wait Dave, where have you been?’ Lizzy asked.
Dave had a strange feeling at the sound of her voice. He shook his head gently before clicking the red button.
‘Is there a problem?’ Dakolo asked, after noticing he was absent minded.
‘There’s no problem,’ Dave answered. He dipped his phone into his pocket and took out another device to take pictures.
‘Dave, we have to get out of here now. The police are almost here,’ Dakolo whispered to Dave.
‘The police?’ Dave stared at him, wondering what kind of stupid talk he just made, then he remembered that Dakolo wasn’t the officer in charge of the case and was even on suspension.
‘Dave, we’ve gotta step away, they’re approaching already.’ Dakolo said and then held Dave gently by the arm.
‘We’re not done yet,’ Dave protested. He walked away from the man and went to the next lifeless body.
‘What else do you want to do? You’re doing more than your job already, checking the bodies of the victims is a job for the police.’ Dakolo complained in a strict tone.
Dave looked up, he could sense from the police man’s tone that the man was already getting angry. Dave got up and pulled out a rectangular nylon packet from his back pocket. He opened the packet and pulled out the content.
‘Have this Inspector, you can hide your face with it.’ Dave said as he handed one of the three materials in the pack. He took out one for himself and wrapped the other one into the packet.
Dakolo unwrapped the material quickly and discovered that it was a NIS face mask. He flashed a quick look at Dave and found Dave already putting on the face mask.
He felt a sudden cold rush through his whole body and wondered why he had never thought that Dave could be a secret Agent. He was speechless and couldn’t make any move until he heard the voices of police officers outside the train.
‘Boss, it’s not safe for us to stay here. They might be watching us or might have implanted some things here for us,’ Cole said to Tarasha. He was standing by the driver’s side of the vehicle. Tarasha was standing at the back of the vehicle with her tablet device in her hands while Henry was sitting on a chair at the security stand beside the gate.
‘We need to get some weapons in the store,’ Tarasha said to Cole. She stepped forward and opened the front door of the car, she dropped her device on the seat.
Henry had his earpiece plugged in his ears, his device on his hands and his new application running on it. He had not been able to track Elvis Richards neither was he still getting any of the calls recorded, he knew Rex must have done something to stop his app from fetching the necessary details.
He took off his earpiece from his ears and was about to get up from his seat when a text message entered his phone.
‘Your mother is still alive, you have the opportunity to take her with you today.’ the message read.
He clicked on the reply button. ‘How do I take her home?’
‘I’ll send you the address and you meet us there by two o’clock, okay?’
‘Yes, send the address, I’ll get there as soon as possible but you would have to send me a proof that she’s with you.’
‘What kind of proof do you want?’ the reply came in.
‘Take some pictures with her, first with your two hands held together behind you, the second with you carrying a chair and the third with you holding a shoe.’
‘Cool, will be done in a minute.’
10 minutes later.
‘It’s time to go, Henry,’ Tarasha called out to him as she and Cole returned from the building to the vehicle holding some sets of weapons. Tarasha turned to Cole, ‘We’d need to an extra car, call Matthew and Tomi to meet us now.’
‘Where are we going to?’ Henry asked, now walking towards them.
‘We need to get back Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab,’ Tarasha replied him.
Henry stopped some distance away from them and shook his head. ‘I have some other important matters to handle.’
His words met Tarasha as a shock and she looked up quickly. She saw him already turned back and walking away.
‘Henry,’ she called his name. He gave no response but continued walking on.
Tarasha stared thinly at him, hoping he didn’t mean his response to her. Since the base had been discovered that morning, she knew she could no longer trust even her team members. The only person she thought she could trust was Henry, and now Henry was sounding like one no longer interested to work with her.
Chapter 22 part 5&6
‘Henry, what the hell is wrong with you? This is no time for jokes you know,’ Henry heard Tara talking to him as he arranged his devices and his gun into the backpack he left at the security stand. He flashed a look back and saw her walking towards him. She stopped before the pavement and placed her hands on her waist.
He finished in some seconds and hung the bag. He turned to look at Tarasha’s face, ‘Sorry I can’t come with you, I have to go get my mother now.’
‘Your mother? I thought we’ve talked about that before,’ Tarasha replied. ‘We need to get everything settled first before the environment can be safe for your mother.’
‘D–n you Tara, stop acting like you care and you’re going to help me when we’re done with your mission, all you know how to do is use people, ‘ Henry replied, sounding angry.
Tarasha stared at him speechless, wondering what had come over Henry and where he had gotten his idea from. She could see the fury on his face and sense the anger in the voice. She watched as he stepped down from the security stand and proceeded to the gate.
‘Henry,’ she called as he touched the handle. He stopped but did not look back. ‘What’s this about?’
He turned his face sideway and caught a glimpse of her. His anger grew as he wondered how she could be asking him what it was about when she knew it all. It made him now convinced in his heart that the man who contacted him was right about his claim that Tara knew all about his mother’s plights and was only hiding it from him to make sure he remains in the right condition for her to keep using him as part of her team.
He had felt something more hurtful than disappointment when he found out that Tarasha and Cole had deceived and continually lied to him. The hurtful part was that he had asked Tarasha more than once but she kept on with her deceit. He discovered all about the lies and deceits on the same day he introduced his newly designed app to her
Flashback ~~ Few days ago
Henry closed the running process on the application and returned to the dashboard. He saw a new notification, the app had been able to fetch some of the NSCC footages he requested for. He downloaded the footages into a folder.
He heaved a sigh of relief and rested his back while he waited for the footages he requested for to be completely downloaded. He had an inner feeling of joy knowing that he had created an app which will go a long way in helping the team succeed. He never knew that the same app will make him regret being a part of the team.
The footages downloaded completely after a minute and he opened a random one. The look on his face slowly changed into a confused look as he saw himself on a road in Abuja which he recognized well, with two other unknown men. He blinked his eyes and released a breath. Then he picked his phone and quickly opened his inbox. He paused the video as he began to check through the past messages. He located the text conversation with one of the several numbers he had blocked. He scrolled to the middle of the conversation and located the message he was looking for. In the message, the sender claimed that he and a partner had once met with Henry in a particular location in Abuja but Henry remembered nothing as at the time of first reading the message.
He scrolled down to read his reply to the message.
‘Nothing of such ever happened, I never met someone like you and I wasn’t in Abuja at that time,’ he had replied.
He scrolled again to see the sender’s reply.
‘Would you just answer my call and allow me remind you properly, I’m sure Samantha Osman has done something to make you forget totally. I can help you remember if you want.’
Henry gave no more reply. Two other messages followed after that in the conversation until he blocked the number and the sender began to contact him with another number. The cycle continued with the numbers until Henry finally made up his mind to find out what happened during the few days he was in coma.
Now, Henry was standing fully aware of Tarasha’s deception. Even though he planned not to take a drastic step that’ll make her fight against him, he also wasn’t ready to miss the opportunity to get his mother back to safety. He had confirmed with the information sent to him from the unknown person that she was no longer in the hands of the security officials but some individuals who had taken her after her release.
He still saw her standing behind him and he knew she could become dangerous to him from that moment, his mind was however made up to d–n whatever consequence could result from his action.
‘I wish you success Tara,’ Henry said before he opened the gate and stepped out.
Tarasha was perplexed. She didn’t know whether to go after him or just return to the car and continue the mission without him.
‘Boss, what’s wrong with him?’ she could hear Cole’s voice behind.
She turned and proceeded back to the car. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with him but we have to go anyway.’
‘Go without him?’ Cole questioned. ‘Leaving him roaming about by himself could cause troubles for us.’
Tarasha stopped as she got to the passenger’s side entrance and turned her head slowly to Cole. Cole was right, apart from reducing the strength of the team, Henry going in a different way from them also posed serious risks to them.
‘I think he found out something we don’t know or he’s been deceived by some of those men who reached him secretly, I told him to cut them off totally,’ she said, staring blankly into thin air. She gave him a quick look as she opened the door, ‘Let’s get out of here.’
Cole turned to the driver’s side and entered into the vehicle.
They got out of the compound and soon located Henry by the side of the road still trying to get a cab. He stopped a cab and bent over to talk to the driver but the driver zoomed off, it appeared he wasn’t interested in going towards Henry’s destination.
Cole drove towards him and stopped by his side. ‘Henry, get into the car and let’s talk about this.’ Tarasha said to him.
Henry stepped back from the road pavement, increasing the distance between his body and the car. ‘It’s no longer time to talk Tara, you lied to me when we had the time to talk.’
Tarasha was quiet for a moment. She felt anger building inside her but she tried as much as she could to resist it. She could have done something else if it was someone else giving her such problems and not Henry.
She opened the door and stepped out of the car. ‘Henry, we already agreed to go for your mother after we get things settled, why are you impatient?’
‘D–n you Tara, why should we leave my mother’s safety until the end of your mission?’ Henry replied. ‘It shows who you really are, selfish, only concerned about your mission.’
Tarasha looked around briefly to check if they weren’t already attracting the attention of other road users.
She tried to step closer to him but stopped as he pulled out a gun and pointed at her.
‘Hey! Relax, it has not gotten up to this, we’re on the road you know.’
‘To hell with you, I won’t let you come so close to me anymore. You’re not going to have the opportunity to drug me like you did the other time.’
Tarasha was confused by his words but she couldn’t ask any questions yet as she didn’t want to cause more attention from passersby. She got back into the car and ordered Cole to drive on.
Henry stepped back to the road pavement, hiding his gun behind him. He waved down the next cab and got into the front seat without first negotiating with the driver.
‘Where are you going to?’ the cab driver asked.
‘Get out of the car,’ Henry replied with his gun pointed at the man.
The terrified man quickly took off his seatbelt and stepped out of the car.
‘I think he’s gone crazy again,’ Cole who didn’t hear the conversation between Henry and Tarasha commented as he drove on. He had only seen Henry point the gun at her and made his conclusion.
‘I’ve never seen him like that,’ Tarasha said as she pulled out a device from the bag at the backseat. Henry’s words troubled her greatly and she wasn’t sure that she could leave him to continue with her mission. The rage she saw in his eyes was one that would lead him into trouble and probably his death if left alone.
She opened the NSCC application on the device.
‘I have seen him gone mad like that once, when we went to Abuja together.’ Cole spoke again.
Tarasha flashed a quick look at Cole, she now perfectly understood why Henry was acting the way he was. She pulled out another phone and dialed Tomi’s number. ‘Hey Tomi! You’ve got to hold on for a while, wait till I give further instructions before you come.’
‘Boss?’ Cole glanced quickly at her. ‘You said we have to execute this immediately, are we holding on because of Henry?’
Tarasha did not reply him immediately. The NSCC application had completed the command issued. She could see Henry ok the footage as he got into the cab and sent the driver out. She glanced out at the side mirror to see if she could locate the cab behind but there were other taxis and she couldn’t spot his.
‘It’s dangerous to leave Henry to himself, I think he found out already what happened in Abuja and how he was drugged to lose his memory. He feels betrayed that I lied to him,’ Tarasha said to Cole. She remembered how Henry had asked her several times what really lead to his coma and she kept on repeating the same lie to stop him from probing further. She had however made the mistake of thinking he’d not discover the truth and not planning for when he would, not considering the fact that Henry had a brain for technology and that it was possible for him pull out the already deleted footages.
‘Boss, don’t you think we should just do something to make him silent like we did the last time?’ Cole suggested.
‘We can’t do that now because we don’t know how long he’s known the truth for and what data he has given to the enemy. He’s lost his trust in us and we would only make things worst if we go the forceful way.’
‘So what do we do?’ Cole asked, he had reduced the speed of his driving and was moving to the slow lane.
‘Maybe we have to split, you’d keep tracking and following them,’ Tarasha replied.
‘How do I track them?’ Cole asked.
She picked up the backpack from the backseat of the car and took out another device. She placed her former device on top and navigated to the tracking app.
‘There’s a chip attached to Chief Gab’s handcuff, I’m tracking with this app and it shows they’re still on motion.’ she explained.
‘I think I got to pull over to get the instructions perfectly,’ Cole said as he put on the traffic indicator. ‘But I really don’t think you should allow Henry disturb this.’
Tarasha took in breath. Cole was right and was talking like an assassin. Henry’s stubbornness should have got him dead instead of sympathy.
‘Henry E.G is coming to us,’ Carl said as he walked into the dark room.
‘Great move,’ Eric replied him as he sipped from his glass of wine. He was standing behind the NIS Chairman who was sitting behind a large screen desktop, running a NIS secret software and seeing the locations of his men. ‘We just got the locations of the NIS men, they’re still in motion but we have a clue of where they’re headed for.’
‘When is Henry E.G coming here?’ the NIS chairman spoke.
‘He should be here in a matter of minutes, he agreed to come here by two o’clock.’ Carl replied. He picked a pen from a pocket hung on the wall and proceeded further in, Victoria walked in after him through the entrance.
‘I would not like him to see me here,’ the NIS chairman added.
‘You have nothing to worry about sir, he’s not getting out here alive, so he wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk about whatever he sees here.’ Eric said to him.
‘Is he coming alone?’ the NIS chairman asked.
‘We don’t know yet, but we have enough men in this facility to take care of him,’ Carl replied.
‘How many men do you have here?’
‘About fifteen of them, Victoria would be here to lead them while we go after Samantha and Elvis Richards.’
‘And what if he comes here with Samantha Osman?’ the NIS chairman looked doubtful.
‘She wouldn’t come here, she has Elvis Richards to attend to. No assassin leaves a serious work to attend to a team mate’s personal matter,’ Carl replied him and then turned to Eric. ‘Henry has his location open now, we can track him.’
Eric flashed a look at Carl, then pulled a chair close to the Chairman. He minimized the software running on the screen and opened a tracking app.
‘Where did you get such number of men from?’ the NIS chairman asked as he shifted away to give Eric enough space to use the computer.
‘We have a supply of about thirty men in total, we made contact with severals gangs in the country and they supplied us with men.’ Carl replied.
‘So if we have fifteen men staying back, where would the others be?’
‘The rest of them are coming with us to get Samantha Osman and Rex,’ Carl replied. ‘We want to use them as distractions for the two assassins.’
‘I think you guys got a good plan, just make sure you keep secret things secret. And keep your communicators on, so that you keep getting my data from me.’
There was silence for over five minutes.
‘I got Henry E.G’s location, he’s still stuck in traffic somewhere but he should make it here by two o’clock.’ Eric broke the silence.
‘And we should be out of here in five minutes time, the boys would arrive in two minutes.’ Carl said to Eric.
Eric got up and turned to Carl. ‘Can Victoria handle Henry E.G?’ he said before flashing a glance at her. She was sitting at the corner of the room and working with her device.
‘I explained all that she needs to know already, we’ve planned for this before today, so she would have no problem handling him.’ Carl replied with boldness, staring at her face. Eric also stared at her face and she stared back at him confidently.
There was a beep on Carl’s phone, he turned the screen up to check and then flashed a look at Eric. ‘We gotta go.’
Henry picked up his phone again and checked the address in the message sent to him. The map confirmed that he was in the right street and the number at the gate of the building also confirmed he had seen the right building.
He picked his backpack from the passenger’s seat and poured out some of the content to the chair. He had a couple of instruments he had brought with him. On the seat was a wristwatch, two electronic wristbands, two collar chips; a metal detector and the other a camera. He also had two pistols and five cartridges, a tablet device and a waist pouch.
He took off his seatbelt and turned off the car engine. He unzipped his jacket and put the two guns into the inner pockets. He put the cartridges into the waist pouch and fastened it across his shoulder. He then put on the wristbands on his right hand and the wristwatch on the left. He also arranged the chips at the appropriate places.
He returned the remaining tools into the backpack and placed it orderly on the passenger’s seat before he stepped out of the car.
The gate opened just as he raised his fist to knock.
‘Henry E.G?’ a dark tall man with dreadlocks asked him with a crooked smile.
‘Yes, Henry E.G.’ he replied.
‘Please come in,’ the man replied and gave him space to walk in.
Henry stepped in gently, he heard the gate being locked behind him. He looked around the building quickly. Then he took out his phone and dialed the number which had been giving him directions.
‘Please come in Henry E.G,’ the voice said from the other end before he could say anything.
‘Where’s my mother?’ he asked softly, scrutinizing the front view of the building with his eyes. He tried locating all the doors and windows and tried to observe the materials they were made of. He took notice of about five men apart from the one who opened the gate, hanging at different spots around the compound.
‘She’s in here, I have a deal for you. I told you I can’t let her go until you agree to my terms.’ the voice at the other end of the call replied.
‘What are your terms?’
‘We can’t discuss on phone, you should come in for a proper discussion.’
‘I can’t trust you,’ Henry replied.
‘You can trust me if you’re in my premises already without being hurt, what more will it take you to come in for a deal discussion?’
Henry was quiet.
‘We could have hurt you a long time ago if we wanted to, you were powerless with us in Abuja, remember now?’
Henry did not remember anything but he had seen in the fetched videos that he truly met them. ‘I’m coming in, what way do I take?’
‘Come in straight, the main entrance.’
The room was a dark and cool one. The bulb at the center of the ceiling produced several lights of different colours which only produced aesthetics in the room without brightness. Henry could spot the form of two people in the room at the both sides, a man seated on the left while a lady sitting at the right. He stood at a spot after walking three steps from the entrance.
‘Welcome, Henry E.G.’ the lady began as she got up from her seat. She touched a switch on the wall beside her and a white bulb turned on, brightening up the whole place. Henry looked around the place and noticed immediately that it was designed with sophisticated technology. Fear gripped his heart immediately as he doubted the ability of his devices to work in such an environment, their inbuilt system could be one which makes every other electrical device useless in the building.
He was still wondering when she tapped another switch. The white covering over the left wall split open slowly, revealing a transparent glass wall.
He opened his eyes in shock as the walls opened up completely and revealed another room at the other side. He saw his mother sitting on a chair alone in the room, her wrists at both sides fastened to the chair arms by a strap and her feet fastened the same way. She didn’t look asleep, neither did she look conscious of her environment.
‘Don’t worry, she’s safe and she can’t see anything happening with us here.’ Victoria began to speak, trying to take his attention from his mother back to her. She took a pause and a deep breath, ‘But if it happens that you do not cooperate with us,’ she stopped and cleared her throat, then she turned her face slowly to the left side. Henry also looked in the same direction and this time, he saw a man in the same room with his mother, he had two knives in his hands, both with very sharp blades.
His heart skipped a beat but he maintained his composure, trying not to give the enemy the notion that he was weak.
‘What’s your deal?’
‘Well, before we go to that, I’ll like to show you how foolish you are.’ Victoria said.
Henry stared at her thinly, unmoved by her insult. He watched as she took out a small remote control device and turned back. She clicked a button on it and a screen appeared on the wall behind. Henry saw the man sitting at the left side also turn to watch the screen. Soon, a portrait view of messages appeared on the screen and she began to scroll with the control in her hand.
‘Before we met you, we started a conversation with Samantha Osman about the safety of your mother. We had a deal for her but she never cared to listen to us and made it clear that she doesn’t give a d–n about you and your mother.’
‘Can you get the hell straight to your deal?’ Henry slammed. He was tired of them showing him how Tara cares for no one else.
‘Hey! Stay cool man, I’m just trying to show you how foolish you have been to stay loyal to Samantha Osman,’ Victoria answered him in a harsh tone. She clicked a button and the screen turned off. The man sitting down behind got up from his seat.
‘Just go straight to your d–n deal,’ Henry replied angrily.
Victoria bit her lower lip gently and then narrowed her gaze at him, she seemed not to be in a hurry and was purposely trying to get him angry with her sluggishness. ‘We’ve got our men already following Samantha Osman and we know she’s going after Elvis Richards, but even though our men are after her, we’re quite sure she is not easy to kill.’ She paused and let out an evil smile. ‘We need you to help us kill Samantha Osman.’
There was a long silence. Henry heart was beating so fast. He knew he was impossible for him to help them kill Tarasha even though he was angry with her for knowing about the danger surrounding his mother without making a move.
‘I can’t do that,’ he said.
Victoria cleared her throat and looked leftwards. Henry also looked leftwards and saw the man with the knives approaching his mother. At that moment his mother looked up and he could see the terror and fear of death on her face as she shivered all over.
He took out his gun immediately and fired two quick shots towards the man with the knives but the bullets only hit the glass walls and bounced back. The man with the knives seemed to have felt the impact of the bullets and he looked back, but it was only brief, he turned back towards Henry’s mother.
Henry turned to see Victoria and the man already holding their guns up and pointing at him. He looked left again and saw the man with the knife holding his mother’s head and tilting it backwards to allow him access her neck well.
‘I would help you,’ Henry finally voiced out with a deep release of breath. He closed his eyes as tears formed in them. He had to make a choice now, a choice between Tara who never cared and his mother who cared for him from babyhood.
‘Stop,’ Victoria said and the man with the knife stopped immediately. It was then Henry noticed the mouthpiece attached to one of the buttons on her shirt.
‘You would not just help us, you would help us kill her.’ Victoria said, stressing the word ‘kill’.
‘Yes, I would help you kill her but I have to make sure that my mother is safe and would be safe after.’
Part 6
Location: International Airport, Lagos.
Time: 3:43pm
‘Over here,’ Dave waved to Lizzy who was pulling a box along with her. She had just arrived from Abuja after Dave pleaded for her help in Lagos.
Dave stepped out of the car to help her with her box. He opened the door to the backseat for her to enter and then put the box in the boot before getting back into the car.
‘Lizzy, thanks so much for coming.’ he appreciated as he got back into the driver’s side.
‘Okay Dave, you’ve still not told me where you’ve been all this while.’ Lizzy replied.
‘I’ll tell you Lizzy,’ Dave replied as he pulled on his seatbelt, he took a glance back at her with a smiling face.
‘I’ve asked you that question several times also, you never answered me.’ Dakolo who was sitting beside him at the front put in.
‘Oh! Pardon my manners, I’m yet to introduce you two to each other. Lizzy, this is Inspector Dakolo, popular police agent. Inspector, please meet Lizzy my favorite partner. We’d all be working together for this assignment.’
Dakolo turned to look at Lizzy, he forced on a smile. ‘Nice to meet you Agent Lizzy,’ he said and stretched out his palm for a handshake.
‘My pleasure sir, ‘ she took his hand without smiling.
There was silence for half a minute.
‘You’re yet to answer my question Dave,’ Lizzy spoke up.
‘I would,’ Dave replied, still having a broad smile on. He looked into the rearview mirror and his eyes met with Lizzy’s. ‘First, I got to apologise to you for disappearing for so long without any word and not contacting you immediately I got back. Inspector Dakolo, you were the first person I contacted after getting back myself after I was changed to another person.’
Lizzy was quiet. Dave stopped talking as they got close to the gate. He got cleared by the airport gate officials and then drove out.
‘I was captured by Samantha Osman,’ Dave continued. He paused to see the expression on their faces. ‘But she did not kill me, I don’t know if she was just nice or if I was lucky to have someone working in her team which I knew.’
‘She let you go just like that?’ Inspector Dakolo cut in.
‘Yeah,’ he replied and giggled as he saw the shocked look on Dakolo’s face.
‘That’s doesn’t make sense, it’s unbelievable. I don’t believe she can leave you alive after having the chance to kill you talk more of releasing without hurting you.’
‘Yeah, she’s not that stupid. She tried to wipe off my memory but somebody else helped me.’
Dakolo released a deep breath with an exclamation, he seemed thoroughly confused. ‘So she knew you were an agent after her life and she still kept you alive? Sounds unlike Samantha Osman, she doesn’t leave any trace.’
‘Yeah, true. She doesn’t leave any trace but she’s not that cruel as we all think she is, she doesn’t kill when she has an option to show mercy.’
Dakolo looked more confused. Dave’s words seemed to be making it more difficult to comprehend.
‘So who’s that person who helped you?’ Lizzy asked.
Dave glanced at her with a smile. ‘Well, I don’t need to answer that, she’d join us soon. She has some work to do with us.’
There was a minute silence.
‘Have you checked again if their location have changed?’ Lizzy asked.
‘The NIS men? No, I haven’t checked again but I believe they would still remain in Solace Hotel.’
‘Then what’s your plan?’
‘We are going there but I don’t think we have to be patient because we don’t have the manpower to handle her,’ Dave said.
‘We can get the police to do it, we don’t have to spearhead it ourselves.’ Dakolo put in.
‘The police would fail woefully like they’ve always done,’ Dave replied him blankly. ‘Samantha Osman is a crazy assassin with a crazy team but there’s just more than Samantha Osman there, we have about ten trained SSS men working against Samantha Osman, so any other team either us or the police will be going against the two teams.’
Dakolo heaved a sigh of frustration. The case was more complicated that he was seeing it. He understood why it was really a job for the SSS.
‘What’s your plan Dave? Just being patient?’ Lizzy questioned.
‘Yes, we’d be patient and watch them to against each other. Let Samantha Osman’s team go against Elvis Richards team while we watch, ‘ he explained. He stopped and glanced as he heard sounds of disagreement grunts from Dakolo, the Inspector seemed not to agree with him. ‘We don’t have a choice, we can’t stop them even if we try to.’ he said in a strong tone.’
He remained silent for about thirty seconds before he spoke again.
‘We have to watch them fight, we’d come in when their strengths have reduced, but if Samantha Osman team dominates the fight, we’d watch for a possible escape of the Elvis Richards team members. If any of their key members tries to escape after defeat and escapes successfully, that key member will lead us straight to Elvis Richards, that would make things easier for us. However, any team who wins gives us an advantage.’
Dakolo heaved another sigh. ‘I really do hope you’re right.’
‘I believe it will,’ Dave replied with smiles. He seemed to be confident that his plan was going to work. He took a glance at Lizzy. ‘Thanks again Lizzy for coming, I really can’t trust anyone else in the agency.’
Lizzy let out a forced smile. She felt guilty knowing that she had betrayed his trust. She wondered how he would feel when he finds out that she had once worked with the enemy because she was mad at him.
Dave moved to the slow lane on the road as he continued to drive slowly. He took out his phone and dialed a number.
‘Move to the restroom for ladies, stay at the first toilet, I’m sending someone to meet you there now.’ he said into the phone and thereafter glanced at Lizzy. He put the phone down. ‘Lizzy, please we’d stop at a shopping mall. Stephanie George would be waiting for you in the first toilet at the ladies restroom. There are policemen monitoring her, we need to get her disguised to take her with us without being followed.’
‘Okay,’ she responded calmly. A little bit of anger rose in her heart but she resisted it. Dave was asking her to go pick the same person who was the reason for which she worked with the enemy. Before she knew it, he had picked a makeup kit bag from Dakolo and handed it to her. She stared at the kit bag and let out a breath.of fresh The only reason she was going to honour that request was the weight of the mission and the knowledge of Dave having fall into the hands of Samantha before.
Soon Dave stopped the car in front of the restaurant and Lizzy went into the place.
For the first two minutes, the men sat in the motionless car silently until Dakolo voiced out question in his heart.
‘Agent Dave, apart from being a top undercover agent, what other things do I need to know about you?’
Dave squinted at him. ‘Other things like?’
‘Your real name? Real mission? Whatever. I believe I’m yet to meet the real you but since you’ve revealed your identity to me and made me your friend, I can ask for more about you.’
Dave smiled. ‘You’d know me well enough,’ he said and then licked his lips gently. His smile slowly diminished and a sad look dominated his face, he rested his back slowly and closed his eyes. ‘I’m yet to know the real me.’
‘Is there any problem?’ Dakolo asked.
Dave didn’t respond, he was lost in thoughts already.
‘Agent Dave,’ Dakolo called again.
‘Yeah, sorry,’ he jerked up. ‘I was thinking already.’
‘What are you thinking about?’
‘Elvis Richards, I’m wondering how and why he chose to use the Solace Hotel. It’s a well secured hotel and the management would willingly give him out to the police if contacted.’
Dakolo’s eyes shone widely, he had never thought about that. ‘Then we should do that right away, I mean contact the police and the management of the hotel.’
‘We’d mess things up that way,’ Dave warned. ‘Remember that Elvis Richards gets information from the police and then, there must be something which makes him think Solace Hotel is a safe Haven for him which we don’t know, we have to stick to our plan.’
Location: Solace Hotel, Lagos.
Time: 5:33pm
‘Are you sure you ain’t playing any stupid games with us, it’s past an hour you got here and you still haven’t been able to reach Samantha,’ Eric let out his impatience finally. He had his eyes looking straight at Carl even though he was talking to Henry.
Taking directions from the NIS chairman, they had tracked the Elvis Richards team up to the Solace Hotel but were unable to get to the exact point in the hotel where they were. The NIS chairman through the same medium with which he sent directions had told them he was unable to locate the men inside the walls of the hotel. The hotel had forty floors and it would cause some confusion if Carl and Eric’s team decided to check each floor. So they booked an apartment with three bedrooms and a big living room. Sixteen of them in total had gotten into the apartment before Victoria joined them with Henry and two other men while the rest of the team were around the area.
Henry was sitting on a couch in the living room, directly facing Carl on the opposite seat while Victoria was sitting on the sofa beside his. Eric was sitting at the dining area working on his laptop while the other men were around, in the different rooms waiting for further instructions. Instead of searching through every floor, rooms and apartments, Eric and Carl had decided it’ll be a better option to wait until Henry got in touch with Samantha Osman who would possibly know the specific part of the hotel where the embattled Vice President was.
‘She’s not answering her calls,’ Henry replied Eric after dialing Tarasha’s number again. He had placed it on loud speaker to make it the call response clear to all of them. ‘She might be busy and when she is, she only communicates with Talkon devices which I don’t have with me here.’
‘F*** you! Is there no other way you can reach her?’ Eric asked angrily as he got up from his seat and approached the sitting area.
‘You told me not to call anyone else,’ Henry replied her. He seemed confident and unruffled by Eric’s harsh manner of talking.
‘I think you should call someone else now,’ Carl spoke up. He adjusted himself on his seat and placed his pistol on his knee.
Henry dialed Cole’s phone number. He placed it on loud speaker and the call was answered after the first ring. He removed from loud speaker before placing it close to his ear.
‘Hello Cole,’ Henry spoke first.
‘Henry, where are you? Have you come back to your senses?’
‘Where’s the boss? I need to speak with her, I need her help to get my mother back,’ Henry replied, ignoring his remarks.
‘She isn’t here, I believe she’s quite busy.’ Cole replied.
‘Where are you?’
‘Why do you ask?’
‘I need to join you guys,’ Henry replied. ‘I can’t help my mother on my own, I’ll wait until we finish our work together.’
‘Oh! What brought you back to your senses?’
‘Just answer my question Cole,’ Henry slammed.
‘We’re at Sam Hub.’
‘Sam Hub? Doing what?’
‘Trying to locate the others through Chief Gab, Tarasha’s finding it difficult as they’re in a secure environment.’
‘Okay, is the boss there with you?.’ Henry replied.
‘Yes, she is around here.’
‘Okay, I’m coming to meet you there.’
‘Where exactly are you now?’ Cole asked.
‘You don’t need to know,’ Henry replied.
‘Well, don’t try anything stupid and make sure no one follows you.’ Cole warned.
‘Send me the exact address of where you are or turn on your location so that I can find you.’
‘I’ll send you the address.’
‘Do it quick.’
Henry ended the call and took the phone off his ear. He was looking straight at Carl’s eyes while being sure that every other person’s eyes were on him.
‘Henry wants to join us back,’ Cole announced to Tomi and Mr Matthew who were in the car with him. Tomi was sitting beside him at the front while Mr Matthew was sitting at the back.
‘Where did he go before? I thought he was with the boss,’ Tomi asked.
‘No, he left us when we left the base, he went for his own task without her permission.’
‘And he’s coming back now?’
‘Why did you tell him the location? You don’t know if the boss wants him back or if he’s gotten into trouble,’ Tomi protested.
‘The boss wants him back, she would have told him the address herself if she was able to answer his calls.’
‘I just hope you did the right thing,’ Tomi said, sounding doubtful.
‘Rest your mind Tomi, I know what Tarasha wants.’
Five minutes later, someone tapped the right side backseat glass gently. They all looked and saw the shape of a lady but didn’t see her face. Cole knew instantly that it was Tarasha, he unlocked the door from his place and she opened and entered after dropping in her backpack first.
‘Welcome boss,’ Tomi greeted on seeing her enter. Mr Matthew also followed her example and mumbled some words of greeting.
Tarasha’s mind was too busy that she did not pay attention to their greeting. She went straight to business, ‘I hope you briefed them both on their duties.’
‘Yes boss,’ Cole answered.
Tarasha took out a small chip and attached to the collar of Mr Matthew. ‘We would leave you in this car, don’t open up for anyone else but Henry.’
The man nodded in reply.
‘I’m increasing the receiving signal for your chip, so I’ll get to hear whatever conversation you have with Henry, but you don’t try to tell me anything while he’s listening.’ she continued. She took out an earpiece and gave it to him, ‘You’ve learnt how to use this as part of your training in the last few days, I’ll give you instructions with it.’
The man nodded again. He already knew what to do.
‘We have available three different cars,’ she said, now talking to Tomi and Cole. She passed a bag to Tomi, ‘The device ID is there and the apps are running, you’d feed Cole and I with necessary data as we proceed.’
Tomi nodded in approval.
Tarasha handed car key to her. ‘Check your text message, you’d find the exact location where your car is. It’s five minutes walk from here. We’d start the task by seven o’clock.’
‘Okay boss,’ Tomi took the key and then stepped out of the car with the bag.
Tarasha watched as she walked away. Cole had already briefed her on what she needed to do and was sure she would be able to accomplish it. Tarasha had gone into the solace hotel control room and hacked into their system, getting the API codes for all their security cameras. Tomi’s job was to act as their eyes and direct their movement in the building, especially for the purpose of locating entrances and escape exits. Tarasha had during the days they stayed in the base all day trained all her employees to have basic knowledge in every area of her job, both in the use of guns, technology and maneuvering of roads and routes for escape and that was why it was possible for Tomi to carry out the task.
‘Are we going in different cars too?’ Cole asked.
‘No, the both of us goes together in the third car, that’s where our weapons are.’
‘Okay boss.’
‘I have the codes to their control room already, so your primary mission with me is to work and fight the control room. You’d watch me from there and also make sure Tomi keep getting feeds. You’ll also serve as a backup for her. But majorly, you’d unlock and open doors for me, open escapes for me and close against the enemies. Tomi’s job is to find these access centres while you give me access.’
‘Sounds great boss, but…’Cole voice faded off as he stared at her with some concern.
‘But what?’
‘I think you may need me to be with you instead, boss you’ve worked so much today. You’ve engaged in a fight on the train and another few hours and I know you might have sustained some little injuries. Rex and his men on the other hand are well prepared for today, they must have had some time to rest well and are expecting you. I should be with you to help physically.’
Tarasha knew he was saying the truth but she believed she needed more technological help than physical. Cole was meant to assist her physically from the onset while Henry was supposed to take on the task in the control room but Henry’s absence had caused a big space in the team.
‘I need you more in the control room,’ Tarasha replied him. ‘I discovered that Solace Hotels is owned by Elvis Richards himself and that’s why he’s comfortable there, he would have planned a way of escape in case I come but with you in the control room, you’d be able to lock him in totally and prevent him from leaving.’
Cole heaved a sigh. Her explanation made him understood the importance of his task at the control room and he decided to give it his best.
‘You’d have to be careful boss.’
Tarasha let out a brief smile, ‘I was born and trained for this!’
Rex released the content of the third syringe into his arm finally and flung the syringe away. He walked close to table where there was a mirror behind. He picked up the pistol on the table and held it to as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. He could see the reflection of the other men behind him, they were alert and ready for his instructions. Through the mirror reflection, he also noticed a red light blinking from the camera at the left corner of the room. It was a sign that the source of power was either low or something was wrong with the camera.’
‘She’s here,’ he announced aloud.
Location: Solace Hotel, Lagos.
Time: 7:16PM
‘Hello Madam, where are you going to?’ a security man blocked the lady at the landing of the stairs.
She raised her head slowly, she looked drunk. Some part of the hair on her head covered her eyes and she shook her head to take it off.
‘I’m going up there,’ she replied him in a nonchalant tone and tried to go further up.
The man stretched his hand to stop her, he was now very sure that she was drunk.
‘Go to your room, this place is out of bound to non security staffs.’ he said in a warning tone.
She raised her head up and looked above the man’s shoulders. There still remained five step of stairs and a floor area of about one and a half metre to the door. She saw the warning notice on the door which clearly stated that the place was out of bounds to non security staffs.
‘That is my room,’ she said tipsily, pointing a finger at the door.
‘You’re heavily drunk at this time of the night,’ the security man chuckled. He stared at her from head to toe and admired her body even though she was well covered. He wished he could take advantage of her but he was on duty and there was no way he could leave his post.
‘Where is your room?’ He asked. ‘Where’s the tag?’
She took out a card pack and showed it to him.
‘Room 34B, let me show you the way.’ he offered.
She turned back drunkenly and fell back on the man’s body. He held her by the arms to help her from falling.
Easy,’ he took the opportunity to wrap his hands around her waist as he took the flight of stairs down.
She stopped moving when she got to the last stair step on the flight.
‘What’s the matter?’ he asked.
‘Nothing,’ she smiled and wriggled her body in a way to suggest that she was enjoying his touch.
Her gesture got him encouraged and he moved his hands close to her b—–s.
He started moving his fingers close to her n—–s when she spoke. ‘Take me to my room please,’ she said in a soft seducing voice.
‘Okay babe,’ he said and moved her down the stairs. He felt she was a slu*t of some kind and his mind was already running wild, he was thinking of a way he could take her to a corner and have a quick one.
He was caught by surprise as he turned behind the wall. A heavy blow landed on his face and he staggered back, almost falling. Tarasha turned and pulled him closer to prevent him from falling in the open space. Cole landed another blow on his face and then dragged him by the collar to the wall. He inserted a pin into the man’s neck and the man went unconscious immediately.
Cole returned five minutes later after completely changing into the man’s uniform. He met Tarasha waiting for him down the staircase.
He stopped in front of Tarasha for her to assess his dressing and the makeup on his face. She cleaned a stain on his forehead and then tapped him on the shoulder to signal that he was good to go.
‘Here is his access card,’ he took out a card and showed to Tarasha.
‘You lead the way,’ Tarasha gestured for him to proceed.
Cole lead the way up the stairs and she followed after him. They got to the door and he opened with the use of the access card. He entered and she followed, hiding behind his figure.
‘You go straight, that door leads into the control room.’ Tarasha whispered to him.
Henry nodded in reply. The place was a large one with full technology tools for security, access control and ease of movement in the facility. There were large screens at both sides. Each screen had a man sitting behind a large flat setup device which had different controls and touch screens in between. The men at both sides had on the same uniform put on by Cole.
They looked up on seeing Cole enter but they would have not noticed that he was an stranger but for the lady following behind without her uniform. Before they could get up to make any attempt to stop them, Tarasha already fired two shots at them, the silencer attached to the gun reducing the sound of the shot.
They continued straight into the control room, Cole swiped his card into the car reader and waited for the door to open. He took out his gun as he walked in.
There was a very large screen right in front which covered almost the whole surface area of the wall. Just like the devices in the previous, a longer one (length of the screen) stood in front of the large screen in the control room. There were four seats with equal spaces between them arranged behind the device. The two seats at both edges were empty while the two at the middle were occupied by people, the one on the left by a woman and the right by a man, both of them were dressed in the same uniform as Cole.
They didn’t bother to turn back to check who entered the control room as they both did not expect that a stranger could get in. The bullets hit them and they fell down from their seats without troubles. Tarasha walked straight to the right side of the room and tapped a button on the device. She typed in a code on the device and a prompt showed on the screen in front requesting for a fingerprint, it displayed the message ‘Requires Fingerprint Authentication’. She walked to the dead man beside her and pulled up the body, she dragged him to the device and placed his index finger on the sensor. The device made a short beep and the screen displayed a message, ‘Access granted’.
‘We’ve got access to all the facilities right now, ‘ she said to Cole who just finished the same thing she did at his end. ‘Make sure you use the codes well and lock all the doors to block entry to this place, they shouldn’t be able to reach you until we’re done.’
‘Okay boss, stay safe.’ Cole replied as he moved to the center. He watched her leave and then began the process to lock the doors fully, which would mean denying access to everyone including those who possess the access cards.
The four hostages were locked in a room, their faces covered with masks. Their feet were tied to the legs of the chairs they were seated on and their hands tied at the back with the exception of Chief Gab whose hands were already cuffed, his body was fastened to the seat with the rope across his chest.
More than thirty minutes they had been locked up in that place, they heard no sound whatsoever and no signs of life around until suddenly they began to hear sounds of approaching footsteps. Few seconds later, the door opened.
Nicholas counted in his mind as he heard the men walk in. He couldn’t say for sure how many they were but he could tell that nothing less than three men entered. There was no other sound apart from that of footsteps for about a minute, then a voice spoke.
‘Take off their masks,’ the voice said.
The hostages needed no prophet to tell them who spoke, they recognized the sound as that of the Vice President.
Nicholas’ mask was the first to be taken off, followed by the doctor, and then Madam Henrietta and Chief Gabriel.
Elvis Richards was standing at the center where they could all see him well. He had changed into a corporate wear – a tucked in white shirt on a black trouser. He no longer had the disguise on his face.
‘Wow wow wow! I love this,’ he said and let out an evil smile. ‘See the faces of those who ganged up against me, Henrietta and Gabriel.’
The hostages were quiet.
‘I think this is the best day of the year,’ he said with a smile. ‘I’m going to see the death of my enemies before I finally leave this country.’
He moved slowly towards the side of Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab. He stared at them for a while and then looked away suddenly like he just remembered something. He looked at his men and then glanced at Nicholas’ face. ‘I think this is the guy Rex asked you to bring to him.’
‘Oh Yes,’ one of the men replied and then walked towards Nicholas instantly to get him off the seat.
‘Also take this doctor with him, he doesn’t need to be a part of this.’ Elvis Richards said. He waited for the two hostages to be taken away before he continued with Chief Gab and Henrietta.
He stared at Madam Henrietta’s face for a while, ‘You, I never knew you would hurt me even after I helped you. I thought it was that stupid little Stephanie that was trying to bite more than she can chew but I never knew you were the one supporting her. What did Gabriel give you to make you think of hurting me?’ he paused for a while and stepped closer to Henrietta and stared deeply into his eyes. ‘You’re a big ingrate and a fool, if you had a brain to think, you should know that Gabriel was the one you’re supposed to harm. He hurt you in the past and almost took away your future but I gave you a better future and you decided to pay me with evil.’
‘Shut up Elvis, you’re not fit to judge anyone of us,’ Chief Gab spoke out in anger.
Elvis Richards made a swift turn and walked closer to him, he slapped him hard twice on the face. ‘You fool, ain’t you supposed to be dead? You were supposed to rot in prison but you were lucky to have escaped and find stupid Nonso to help you. But, that your luck is ill luck. It has brought ill luck to Nonso and is about to send you to the grave today.’
He turned to Henrietta again, ‘You also will die with your stupidity and thereafter, Rex will make your Hero Samantha Osman join you…’
Someone barged into the room and distracted him. They all turned to see James Elvis.
He stayed at the entrance for a while looking around the place with his hand still on the door handle. He had arrived to Lagos at the same time and with the same airplane as NIS Agent Lizzy.
‘Dad, we gotta go now.’
Elvis Richards checked the time. ‘But we still have about two hours left to the trip,’ he retorted, wondering why the boy was in a hurry. They had planned a journey by sea and the boat was scheduled to move in two hours time.
‘Yes Dad but Rex just informed me that Samantha Osman has gotten into this building, we have to leave now, so that they can lock the doors and close and the exits to trap her in. You’d get disguised as soon as we get under.’
Elvis Richards gritted his teeth in dissatisfaction. He knew he had to respond to James quickly so as to leave through the secret underground escape quickly to give room for the locking of all the exits.
He made a sharp turn to the men behind and requested for a gun. The men responded with gestures but refused to give him the gun.
‘Sir, we can’t shoot a gun in this room. A explosive is set up already and would be triggered by a gunshot. Rex came to set it up to ensure that Samantha Osman kills the two of them herself.’
Elvis made a sound of displeasure. He flashed another look at Chief Gabriel and Henrietta before he proceeded towards James. James held the door for him to walk out first and then followed after, the two other men followed too leaving Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta alone in the room.
Silence took over totally for the next five minutes.
‘Adunni, I have something I need to tell you before I lose this opportunity,’ Chief Gab broke the silence.
Henrietta raised her head and stared at his face, wondering what he had to say and hoping he wasn’t about to start apologizing again.
‘Any clue on Samantha’s movement yet?’ Carl said into the phone. He was still sitting in the same place he was an hour ago. Eric had followed Henry with some other men to the location Cole had sent.
‘No, the d–n guy is sitting in the car with the f***** man who acted as Patricia’s Father and he claims that Samantha left more than an hour ago with rest of the team.’
‘If that’s the case, then we don’t have to waste any time, we’d begin the search here right away,’ Carl said.
‘I think you should find a way to check their records and locate the exact place where the Vice President could be,’ Eric suggested. ‘Yeah, I’m getting it started right away.’
‘Oga Henry, I don’t know where she is. She asked me to wait here till they get back,’ Mr Matthew replied Henry for the umpteenth time.
‘Okay, I’m sorry for troubling you but why didn’t she drop a message for me? Cole should have told her I was coming.’
‘Yes, Cole told her and she said she’d call when you get here, you should be patient.’
‘No, I got to go. I’ll track and join them where they are.’ Henry said and thereafter he opened the door.
Mr Matthew watched him walk away until he went out of sight.
‘Has he left already?’ he was taken aback as he heard Tarasha’s voice in his earpiece. He had almost forgotten that he had the earpiece plugged in his ear and that he was supposed to expect a message from her.
‘Yes boss, he said he’s going to track and join you there ‘ he answered with stammering lips.
‘Okay, did he touch you?’
‘Okay, get out of that car and come over to Solace hotel, when you get to the street, you wait for instructions from Cole.’
‘Boss, can’t I drive the car there?’
‘No, don’t.’ she replied. ‘A tracker could have been placed on it.’
‘Oh! Okay,’ he replied and began to take off his seatbelt immediately.
‘I’m cutting off connection with you and you wouldn’t be hearing from me for now, wait for further instructions from Cole.’
‘Hey boss, you there?’ Tarasha heard Cole say as she switched the connection to the left ear piece to him. It was previously connected to Mr Matthew while the one at the right ear was and remained connected to Tomi.
‘Yeah Cole, I’m with you.’ she replied.
‘I just located Elvis Richards with his son James, they are at the VIP section on thirty first floor and seem to be rushing somewhere. I think they know we’re around.’
‘Tomi, are you with us?’ Tarasha asked. She was expecting Tomi to give her direction on the quickest way to get to the VIP section.
‘Yes boss, searching already.’ Tomi replied. The three of them were all connected and could hear and talk to each other’s be
‘Have they answered the call yet?’ Elvis Richards asked James who just walked into the room as he handed his bag to Ayo
‘No, but I’ve sent someone to the control room.’ James replied. ‘Are you ready to go now?’
‘Yes, I have all my documents here.’ Elvis Richards replied, pointing his finger at the bag with Ayo.
‘Okay, let’s go right away.’
James ushered his father out and he followed immediately. Ayo followed behind them.
Immediately they stepped out of the room, James got a call on his phone.
‘Hey, what’s up?’
‘Sir, I couldn’t gain access into the control room. My access card is not working, I don’t know if it’s the card or the card reader.’ the voice at the other end said.
‘What the hell is that?’ James cursed. ‘Do everything you can to get in touch with someone in their right now, tell them to open access to the secret underground escape, we’re on our way there already.’
‘But sir…’
‘Get it fine, f*** you!’
James hurried on. ‘Dad please put on your face cap,’ he said as he walked past the man.
The man responded and stopped to collect his face cap from the bag he gave to Ayo, he put his on and then hurried to join his son who was in front of the elevator.
‘What’s happening?’ Elvis Richards asked, wondering why James way only standing there.
‘The Elevator isn’t working,’ James replied.
Elvis Richards looked up around, ‘Why? B there’s power supply.’
‘It’s not power issues, I think someone turned off the elevators from the control room.’ James replied.
‘What the hell is that?’ Elvis Richards widened his eyes.
‘Let’s go take the stairs,’ James said and led the way as he brought out his phone. He dialed Rex’s number and the call was answered almost immediately. ‘Hey Rex, I think Samantha has gained access into the control room. We can’t use the elevators and the access to the control room is locked from outside.’
‘F*** it!’ Rex cursed with the phone still close to his ear. He had underrated Samantha once again. She must have entered hours before he discovered her, he thought. Or how else would she have been able to locate where the control room, gain access into it and block everyone else within the short period he thought?
‘Where are you now?’
‘Still on the thirty first floor,’ James replied.
Rex had discovered she was in the building around six pm, but for her to have gained so much access to facilities meant she had been there by around three o’clock and he did not know. He was baffled and it was a mysterg to him. Even though he expected her to discover the location later, he didn’t expect her to discover it as quick as that. There was nothing he could point to as the reason, nobody had known of his plan to use Solace Hotel which was Elvis Richards property, even Elvis Richards himself was only told at the last minute. How the information leaked so quick to her was unexpected.
Then he suddenly remembered the hostages, he remembered having told the NIS man to take the hostages straight to Solace Hotel, only that they were kept in sacs in the bus for some hours until he ordered that they be taken in to the room where they were presently. Could she have tracked them there quickly because of the hostages? He asked himself. But he remembered commanding the NIS men to make sure that they were checked and all electronic devices were taken off from their bodies before been taken out if Samantha Osman’s base. He himself when he had gone to set up the explosive device in the room where they were confirmed by searching their bodies that there were no electronic devices or chips on them.
He suddenly remembered something again, he had seen a handcuff on one of the hostages hands. Due to his rush to set up the explosive, get out of the room, treat himself and prepare for Samantha, he had been too careless not to check what kind of handcuff it was or bother to ask if the hostage was cuffed by his men or from Samantha’s base.
He tightened his fists in anger, he was sure now that the handcuff was what led Samantha to Solace Hotel so quick.
He picked up his backpack and fastened it to his body. Samantha now had the advantage of her access to the control room, but he was certain that she wouldn’t use it fully because she had no knowledge of the facilities in the building. He also was certain of one advantage, darkness. It was night time and darkness was one of the greatest tools of every Vilary clan assassin.
‘Hey Rex, are you still there?’ James voice sounded, reminding Rex the call was still on.
‘Yeah, James. Wait there for me, I’ll join you in a minute.’ Rex replied. He was on the floor above and was sure he was closer to Elvis Richards than Samantha.
His plan was to get Elvis Richards out of the place first successfully. Then Samantha would come look for him and thereby receive her death. He had his thoughts well arranged, he knew she would be interested in saving Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab and she would go there first. She would make the mistake of shooting a gun or one of his men would make that mistake and that would be the end of Chief Gab and madam Henrietta and possibly Samantha Osman if she was close to the two hostages when the bomb goes off. The other option if she was there at the explosion was for her to get badly injured and physically weak. Rex was however sure that when she left there, she would have grown weak either emotionally or physically, or both ways.
‘Hold on boss,’ Tarasha heard Tomi say to her as she got close to the stairs. ‘Hide under the staircase, there are four men coming towards your direction from the stairs.’
Tarasha quickly moved under the staircase like she was instructed and watched as the men walked past. The lock of all exits and entrances in the facility had caused panic in the hotel and had resulted to the hotel management making an announcement for all users who are in their rooms to remain there and that walking around should be miminzed until the situation was resolved.
‘Can I step out now?’ she asked.
‘Yes boss.’
She stepped out and hurried up the stairs.
‘Some other three men are coming from in your direction,’ Tomi said as Tarasha got to the landing before the continuation of the stairs.
‘How close are they to the stairs?’ Tarasha paused on the landing.
‘Very close,’ Tomi replied.
Tarasha continued on her way up. The men appeared at the beginning of the stairs and waited there instead of moving down. They held their guns tight in readiness to shoot,it had been like that with every lady they met on their way. The Samantha Osman they knew was a lady so it made them suspicious of every woman, especially those that were caught roaming about when the order to minimize movements had been given.
Tarasha looked up, she could see the men observing her already. The man at the back of the other two was seen talking into a device, she knew he was probably giving her description to someone else.
‘Young lady, where are you going to?’ one of the three men asked her as she got close to them.
‘Where else? To my room,’ she replied them. She placed her hand on the handrail as she stared into the eyes of the questioner.
‘Where’s your access card?’ the man asked, wanting to check her room number on it.
My husband is in the room, it’s not locked.’ Tarasha replied.
Her response got them more doubtful, they looked at her and wondered if she could really be married.
‘Is your room on this floor?’
‘No, the next floor.’
‘Take out your phone and call your husband, tell him to come meet you here.’ the man replied intelligently.
Tarasha tried to conceal a smile. She dipped her hand into her pocket and took out her phone. The man directly in front of her watched carefully and stared at the screen of her phone as she began to type in a number.
‘You don’t…’ the man tried to question why she didn’t have her husband’s number saved on the phone when he got a headbutt straight to his face. His head flung backwards and he hit the back of his head against the nose of the man behind. Before the man beside could shoot with his gun, Tarasha already sent him a kick in his belly and his shot went wild as he crashed into the ground with his bum hitting the floor.
As she dipped her hand into her jacket inner pocket to pick out her gun, she placed a hand on the handrail and leaped, stamping her foot in the chests of the standing two men. She landed quickly and fired a quick shot at the man who fell to the ground first before firing the others.
‘Tara, I just located where Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab is, in one of the unused rooms on the thirtieth floor.’ Cole’s voice sounded in her earpiece.
‘What floor is this?’ Tarasha asked as she hurried on.
‘Twenty fourth floor,’ Tomi answered her.
She climbed onto the stairs which led to the next floor. She got to the midway landing when she heard Tomi’s voice again.
Following Tomi’s tip, he took out another gun with the other hand and pointed both straightwards. Some men rushed into the stairway and she fired quick shots at them as she hurried up the remaining steps.
‘Madam, can we get a room at least while you fix your security breach?’ Dave walked to the reception desk to complain again. He had already gotten into the hotel with Lizzy and Inspector Dakolo and was trying to pay for two rooms when the announcement was made for movements to be restricted.
‘Sir, our men are still trying to fix the breach in security, please be patient with us, just a few minutes and they’ll get it done.’ the woman behind the desk replied him. She had gotten up from her seat some minutes ago to find out what was wrong from her colleagues.
‘You’ve said that twice now, and I understand you perfectly well. What we just want is that you allocate our rooms to us, so that we can go in and get settled, we traveled a long distance and what we need now is rest.’ Dave said. He took a glance back at Dakolo and Lizzy sitting some distance behind and saw them also staring in his direction.
‘Sir,’ a man who seemed to be a top official of the hotel joined the receptionist to explain the issue to Dave. ‘This is more than what you think, what we’re having is like a total disruption in our system. Something is wrong with our control system and we can not allocate any room right now, new access cards to open the doors can not be issued because the system would not allow for it to be activated.’
‘And what could be the cause of that?’ Dave questioned the man, he turned back briefly and signalled for Inspector Dakolo and Lizzy to join him.
‘I can’t tell, all I know is that our personnels are trying to fix the problem already.’ the man replied. He was quiet for a moment, expecting a reply from Dave but he saw Dave staring back at the people approaching. ‘Sir, you cannot also go out of the facility right now. The security issue is as serious as that,’ the man explained to Dave, thinking he was calling on his partners for them to leave. ‘All our doors, the exits and entrances are also affected. None are working.’
Dave waited for Dakolo and Lizzy to get closer to him before turning back to the man. ‘I can tell that a specialist is tampering with your system, that’s why we are here.’
The man stared at his face, wondering what he was talking about.
Dave took out his ID card and displayed to the man, he also signalled for Dakolo and Lizzy to show him their ID cards. ‘We need somewhere enclosed to work from,home you need give us access to an already opened room.’
‘Sir… I don’t know what you are talking about but I can’t do that on my own. I have to take you to the manager first,’ the man replied.
‘Where is your manager?’
‘The assistant to the manager should be close to the twentieth floor now, he’s on his way down here. The elevators are not working and that’s why it’s taking him time to get here and address everybody waiting.’ the man replied.
‘We can’t wait for him, it’s going to take a whole lot of time.’ Dakolo said and proceeded towards the staircase immediately.
‘Sir… Our men are already trying to…’ the man followed, trying to prevent him.
Dave and Lizzy also followed Dakolo. Dave pulled the man back while Lizzy and Dakolo continued.
‘If you should stop us, Samantha Osman could bring down this whole building in five minutes,’ Dave said to him in a low but threatening tone. His words seemed to have some effect on the man. ‘You need to show us a room now, where we can set up our system and help you fight them. Then you explain to the manager when he gets here.’
‘Where’s that from?’ Carl stopped and asked the man walking behind him as they heard sounds of the gunshots.
‘I think it’s from upper floors,’ the man confirmed Carl’s thoughts.
‘Put a call through to the other men and tell them the direction to go,’ Carl said as he proceeded towards the stairs. He stopped when the phone in his pocket began to ring. He took it out and answered, ‘Eric, are you back in?’
‘No man, nobody is allowed into the hotel. They say they’re having a security breach,’ Eric answered him.
‘There’s truly a security breach, an announcement was made to all users inside, Rex or Samantha Osman must be doing something in the control room.’
‘Boss, Rex just joined the company of Elvis Richards and his son.’ Tarasha heard Cole say to her. She was now on the twenty sixth floor.
‘And where are they now?’ Tarasha asked.
‘Still on the thirty first floor, they waited there until Rex joined them and it looks like he is having a discussion with them.’ Cole replied.
‘How many of them are with the Chief?’
‘Inspector James, Rex and…’ Cole voice faded away.
‘And who?’
‘And his PA,’ Cole replied slowly. ‘ But they just got more company, four other men just joined them.’
Tarasha heaved a sigh. She would have loved to go straight to where Elvis Richards was and execute him right there but she knew it would be stupid for her to go face Rex alone when he was with five other men. She had to wait for a time that Elvis Richards would be far away from Rex or find a way to make it happen.
‘Boss, what do you want to do? They’re close to the right side stairs and I think they would want to take that way.’ Cole spoke again after a moment of silence.
‘I can’t meet them the way they are, we need to cause a distraction to make them go separate ways.’ Tarasha replied.
‘Uhmn….Boss… I think we have a distraction already,’ Cole said. ‘A distraction for us.’
‘What’s that?’
‘I just found where they kept Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta,’ Cole said. ‘In one of the empty rooms on the thirtieth floor, the doctor and Nicholas was kept in a room at the floor above but Nicholas has just been brought out by one of the four men with Rex.’
There was silence for a moment.
‘Boss, the rooms where they are are on the left side, your side.’
Tarasha remained silent, with her back leaning tightly against the wall and her head tilted upwards as she stared at the ceiling. She really wanted to go straight to where Madam Henrietta was but she thought it could be a trap and also thought it would be dangerous, being that she had no where to keep them safe even if she got them away from the room they were kept in.
‘Where’s Henry?’ Tarasha asked.
‘I watched the bug recording a minute ago, he was with Matthew and left for here. He’s stuck outside the building now, due to the access denial set up here and he’s got someone with him.’
‘Who’s with him?’
‘One of those men that we clashed with at Ayobo,’ Cole replied.
Tarasha remembered instantly and she also concluded immediately that it was those men who have been disturbing Henry and also sending spam messages to her but she still did not understand fully who the men were.
‘The other one that fought I and Nicholas is in this building already, but it’s surprising that he and his men are fighting against Rex’s men.’ Cole added while Tarasha was still thinking.
‘Okay, let Henry come in.’ Tarasha said.
‘Huh? Boss, I should open access?’
‘But what if Elvis Richards gets out?’
‘You don’t have to open it for a long time,’ Tarasha answered. ‘Make a call to Henry, tell him you would let him gain access into the building, open the access and close it immediately he gets in.’
‘The other guy is going to come in with him,’ Cole said.
‘I know,’ Tarasha replied. ‘I need Henry to get Madam Henrietta, Chief Gab and the probably the Doctor out. So you give information to Henry on where they are, also give him information on where I am.’
‘Yeah, that would make the guy with him leave him. Henry would come for Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta while the guy comes for me.’
‘Boss, are you sure this would work? Would Henry get them out like you think? Remember he was mad at us,’ Cole said.
‘Henry has a feeble mind, he was mad at us and not with Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta, he’s going to get them out safely, he wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.’
‘Rex and Chief Elvis is now moving, they are coming down the stairs right way.’
‘I think that gives me some time to get to the thirtieth floor.’
‘Uhmn…’ Cole was about saying something else but Tomi cut in.
‘Another group is moving in the direction of Rex and his men, I don’t recognize them.’ Tomi said.
‘That should be the group of the men who’s got Henry,’ Cole put in. ‘I’m dialing Henry now, I’ll be offline for some seconds to talk to him,’ Cole notified them before his connection to them went off.
Tarasha was about walking up the stairs again when Tomi’s voice sounded. She leaned back against the wall.
‘Boss, I’m getting confused, I just located another group of people there in the building.’
‘Which other group?’
‘I can see Inspector Dakolo, he’s on the fourth floor now, but he has that Bi*tch Patricia with him,’ Tomi said. ‘He also has one other man with him.’
‘Patricia, are you talking about Cole’s girlfriend?’ Tarasha asked, wondering if Cole had been stupid to allow Patricia track him again.
‘Yes Boss, she’s got a SSS tag and she’s about putting on a face mask.’
‘Huh!’ Tarasha let out a breath. She now understood that Patricia was a NIS secret agent trying to get to her through Cole.
‘But Boss, I’m seeing Agent Dave James also with them.’
‘Dave James? That’s not possible,’ Tarasha shone her eyes.
‘He is the one and he just put on the NIS mask.’
Tarasha wondered for a moment but for lack of time, she decided not to waste time on the legal officers. If Dave was there, then it meant the Doctor did not wipe off his memory like he should. It meant the Doctor had decueved her and given Dave another liquid. She proceeded onto the stairs, deciding to solve Dave’s matter later.
‘Three men coming towards you boss,’ Tomi notified her quickly.
Six Minutes Later
‘Wow wow wow! See who we’ve got here,’ Rex said with an evil tone as he saw Carl down the stairs. He had just climbed the first step from the midway landing when he saw Carl leading a team of men approaching the stairs. Elvis Richards was right behind him and James Elvis was behind his father.
Carl stepped back slowly, making his men also step back. They had their guns raised and pointed at Rex and his men. The four men behind Rex also had their guns raised and pointed at Carl and his men.
‘Young Tiger, you really do have a lot more to learn.’ Rex said as he approached the last step. ‘So would you let us go or die while trying to kill us?’
Carl remained silent. He wasn’t going to allow Rex weaken his mind with words. He realized that he and Eric had made a mistake of not killing Rex when they had the opportunity. They had thought it was mere solidarity to a clan member but they never knew that they would be against the same clan member months after. As at then their only assignment was to kill Samantha Osman but now, they also had to kill Elvis Richards who Rex was protecting.
‘I’m not here against you.’ Carl said
‘Who sent you?’ Rex asked him.
‘It’s not your business,’ Carl replied.
Rex nodded in agreement, it wasn’t his business.
‘Yeah, it’s not my business. It’s only sad that you can’t operate here at the same time I am and you can’t have what I protect.’
‘I won’t step out for you until I get that man behind you,’ Carl asked.
Elvis Richards stepped back on seeing Carl refer to him. James stepped forward, taking out his gun and shielding his father with his body.
Elvis Richards chuckled. The men behind him were holding up their guns and the men behind Carl were also doing the same.
‘I’ll beat you up in three minutes, if I don’t I’ll let you take him. If I do, I’ll kill you.’ Rex offered.
Elvis Richards widened his eyes, wondering if Rex was doing the right thing. James also tapped Rex on the shoulder but Rex shook his hand off and gave them a reassuring glance.
The offer seemed tempting to Carl, he knew it was possible for Rex to beat him in a hand battle but it could never happen in three minutes.
‘Deal,’ Carl agreed. What he didn’t realize was that he might never get the opportunity to stop the fight when it was up to three minutes and he wasn’t defeated yet.
‘Boss, they’re in.’ Cole resumed. ‘Henry came in with the guy and two police officers also entered before I could lock the access. The gunshot sounds have attracted police officers to this area.’
He had just switched on his connection but was yet to locate Tarasha on the screen. He didn’t get a reply from her but could only hear sounds like groans and yells, he could tell that Tarasha was busy at that moment, kicking the butts of some people.
‘Cole, I’m on the twenty eighth floor now, check if I’m still on the right direction.’ Tarasha’s voice sounded to him.
Cole quickly tapped the buttons on the device and located her on the floor she was in. She was close to the staircase and he could see lifeless bodies of men around.
‘Yes, boss, one more floor to pass through.’ Cole replied her.
‘Okay, check the number of men surrounding where they are.’ Tarasha said to him. He could see her in the live footage, loading her guns. ‘And then, send this location to Henry, tell him I’m on the twenty eighth floor waiting for him.’
‘Okay boss,’ Cole replied and began to act on the instructions immediately.
‘Boss, they’re in a room on the seventh floor,’ He heard Tomi say. ‘I can’t see what they’re doing there.’
‘We need to find out somehow or stop whatever they’re doing,’ Tarasha replied him. ‘Find the room number and send to Cole.’
‘Tarasha,’ Cole called. ‘Six men are around that area and they are without guns, only knives and machetes.’
‘Is Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta still in the same room?’ Tarasha asked as she began to climb up the stairs again.
‘Yes, they are.’ Cole replied. He had the footage on the screen and he could see Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta having a discussion even as they were tied to the seat. It seemed to be a serious one as Madam Henrietta had tears in her eyes.
He clicked a button on the flat screened device and swiped a red icon. A message displayed on the screen before him, ‘searching for item’. Cole left that position while the system was searching and walked away from the middle to the left side, he had sent the footage of Tarasha loading her gun to that side. He extracted it into a device and then sent through a messaging app to Henry. ‘Tarasha is here on the twenty eighth floor but she wants you to help Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta who are on the thirtieth floor,’ he added a few texts to the message.
He returned back to the middle and the search command he gave was completed. There was a red warning signal blinking and it showed that a dangerous device had been detected. Cole zoomed the video to check what it was. He recognized it as an explosive device, he turned the angle of the camera to make it show other sides of the device. There was a small one squared centimetre screen at the other side but Cole could not find where the button or trigger for the explosive was. He zoomed it again and checked the label on the device, he memorized the name and quickly walked to the next seat to check what kind of device it was. He typed the name into a search box and clicked enter. It took less than four seconds for the search to be completed and it displayed ‘Explosive JGA, lead activation required’.
He wondered for a while what it could mean and suddenly realized that a gunshot beside the explosive could trigger the explosion. He returned to his previous seat to check where Tarasha was now.
‘Boss, do not use your guns anymore,’ he said in a serious warning tone as he located her. She was already on the thirtieth floor and was walking in the direction he described to her.
He saw her stop to listen to him, she looked around and then leaned her back against the wall.
‘What do you mean?’
‘There’s a bomb in the room and it’ll go off at the smell of the bullets, it’s lead triggered.’ Cole explained.
‘Thank you Cole,’ Tarasha replied. She released a deep breath wondering how it would have been if she had caused the deaths of her parents by herself. She now understood why the men there had no guns with them but only knives and machetes.
She uncocked her guns and kept them before proceeding. Just as she turned into the area, she saw two men standing in front of doors at either sides and they also saw her too.
They proceeded towards her immediately with the knives in their hands. The first man tried to stab her in the chest but she swerved to the side sharply and grabbed him by the wrist, she dragged his hand up above his head and then sent a kick with her knee to his chest. The other one also tried to stab her but she bent her head and punched him with both fists in the belly. The first one still had his knife in the hand and tried to stab again. This time she dodged and moved to the other side and then grabbed him by his wrist and elbow, she twisted his hand to the back and then moved him close to the wall, she stamped her feet on his back slamming his face to the wall.
She dodged another stab attempt and pushed the second man against one at the wall. She stepped back and waited for some minutes before she leaped and kicked the two men on their chests.
Two other men rushed out from the rooms behind as she landed on the ground. She pulled out her belt and straightened it, it stretched out rigidly. She pressed a button on the handle of the weapon and items like spikes prod out of the weapon across the whole area.
She turned and saw one of the new men already rushing towards her. She stepped on the back of the man on the floor and then lifted herself with the wall and wiped the man on his neck, before the second man could reach him, the rod hit him at the side of his head close to his eyes.
The men all watched as Rex slammed Carl’s back for the last time on the ground, he then pulled a knife and inserted it into the assassin’s neck. Rex got up after cleaning his blood stained hands on Carl’s clothes. He stared at the men who came with Carl, they were still holding their guns up. It had taken him more than three minutes to kill Carl, but he had dominated the fight from the beginning.
He made a gesture at Carl’s men with his head. ‘Is there anyone of you who still wants to try?’ he asked, challenging them to a fight.
None of them responded. Instead they moved to one side of the hallway, showing that they had given them a chance to pass.
Rex turned back however and went in direction of the stairs which led to the lower floor.
Elvis Richards followed him immediately and his men also followed slowly, not turning back immediately as they still kept an eye on the gun holding men.
James was the last to follow and just as he disappeared into the staircase. Carl’s men rushed to Carl to check if he was still alive, letting off their defence. They were caught by surprise as Rex returned to the scene and fired four quick shots, one at each of them.
Chapter 22 Part 9
‘Cole, are you sure of what you’re saying?’ Henry asked in doubts. He wondered why Cole was letting out so much information to him when they should know it was not safe to do so.
‘Yea sure Henry,’ Cole replied him.
‘Why can’t she call me?’
‘She’s got only the Talkon device and you are not connected,’ Cole replied from the other side.
‘Okay, I’ll meet her there.’ Henry replied without much enthusiasm, mentioning his words slowly one after the other.
‘So?’ Eric stared at his face eagerly. He had his phone in his hand and was staring at the screen from time to time, he had dialed Carl’s number thrice with none of the calls being answered.
‘She’s on the twenty eighth floor, you go meet her there.’ Henry replied him.
‘We go together,’ Eric said in a strong tone. He dialed Carl’s number again.
‘I have something else to do,’ Henry replied him.
‘Which isn’t a part of the agreement,’ Eric fired at him.
‘But I just told you where she is,’ Henry argued.
‘Carl, where the hell have you been?’ Eric turned away from Henry as his call was answered.
‘Carl is dead,’ a female voice replied.
‘What the f***! How did he die?’
‘I met him here stabbed in the neck, the four men with him are also dead.:
‘And where are you?’
‘The twentieth floor.’
‘How many other men do you have with you?’
‘Seven men.’
‘Are you close to the left side stairs or right side?’
‘The left.’
‘Hold on and remain alert. I’ll join you there as soon as I can,’ Eric said and then ended the call. He looked sharply at Henry and pointed a gun. ‘Let’s move.’
8 minutes later
‘That’s the right room Tarasha,’ Tarasha heard Cole say to her as she peeped in.
She leaned her back against the wall outside as she cocked her gun. ‘The lights are off in there.’
‘O… Okay, I just turned the bulb on,’ Cole replied.
Tarasha could see the reflection of the light through the door even without peeping, she moved swiftly into the room with her gun raised. She only saw two people in the room, Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta. She looked around the room for a while, she noticed it was probably one of the extra rooms previously used for security.
‘Omotara,’ Madam Henrietta called with teary eyes as she saw her daughter.
Tarasha walked past Chief Gab and his piercing look and knelt before her mother. She could see the woman’s face full of tears. She felt strangely emotional and guilty for causing the tears of the woman. She placed her right palm on the woman’s cheek and used a finger to wipe the formed line of tears.
‘Mother, I’m here to get you.’ she rose and placed a kiss on her mother’s forehead. She glanced at Chief Gab and then quickly moved to the back of Madam Henrietta’s chair.
‘Boss, boss… Are you there?’ Tomi’s voice sounded in her ear.
‘Yes, speak on.’
‘Henry and the other man are running up now, I think they’re acting on Cole’s instructions. They might get to you very soon.’
‘Okay. Cole, what part of the room is the explosive?’ she asked as she began to cut the ropes tying her mother’s hands behind. Cole did not answer her immediately, so she began to talk to the woman and Chief Gab. ‘I’m taking off your ropes now but please do not get up until Henry gets here and he’s alone with you.’
‘I don’t understand,’ madam Henrietta replied and tried to glance back at her daughter.
‘Use a torch, it’s at the left corner of the room.’ Tarasha heard Cole’s reply.
She finished cutting the fastened parts of the rope and then turned forward. She looked at both of them, Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta.
‘I’m going to unfasten your ropes but you should not stand up yet,’ she began to explain. ‘Henry is coming up here and he might come with some people, don’t get up if he comes here with anyone but if he comes alone or when he’s left alone, he would ask you to stand up.
‘Okay, but where are you going to?’ Madam Henrietta asked.
Tarasha around the room, she saw two other doors apart from the main entrance. She looked back at her mother. ‘I’m going upstairs first, to help the Doctor and then I have to hide.’ she explained. ‘Those men coming with Henry are coming to kill me, and I can’t take you through the other side of the building, the men who brought you here are at that side. Henry only can get you out safely.’
After her explanation, she turned to Chief Gab and stared at his face for some seconds. He couldn’t look at her face, he kept staring at her shoes instead. She got to his back and made loose the fastened parts of the ropes.
After that she got up and went straight to where the bomb was. She squatted in front of the device and took a good look. ‘Is it safe to touch?’ she asked.
There was no response.
‘Cole, is it safe to touch?’
‘Oh! The explosive? Yes,’ Cole replied. He sounded as if his mind was somewhere afar. ‘You have to disconnect carefully from under, the cables cannot touch each other, it’ll explode.’
‘Okay,’ Tarasha replied. She wondered what took his attention away but did not bother to talk about it. She stared at the explosive device again, she knew it would take her nothing less than three minutes to disconnect it safely.
‘Tomi, I need five minutes to disconnect an explosive, do I have that much time before anyone gets here?’
‘I think you should work with not more than four minutes, I’ll tell you if anyone is coming faster.’ Tomi replied.
‘Boss, I got a real big problem here…’ Cole’s voice came through almost cutting into Tomi’s words.
‘What’s the problem?’
‘Someone’s trying to break the mobile network connections here,’ Cole replied.
Tarasha widened her eyes. ‘That’s quite dangerous, do you think they’d want to make the environment unsuitable for hotspots too?’
‘I do think that’s the real target boss,’ Cole replied.
‘D–n it!’ Tarasha cursed. This was another reason why Henry would have performed better being in the control room. His skillfulness could help him continue with the main task and also block the hacker from tampering with the networks.
‘There’s only one person who could do this boss, Henry.’ Cole said.
‘But Henry is on his way here.’
‘Yes, but he could have told the men about our use of the Talkon communicator and that’s why they’re trying to weaken connection in the building.’
‘Try what you can to stop them, our hotspot version and connection is very strong, it’ll take them more than thirty minutes to weaken.’ Tarasha replied and quickly glanced at her wristwatch. She had used more than one minute without doing anything.
She suddenly remembered something as she began to deactivate the explosive device. ‘Cole, Dave James must be the one trying to break in. Locate where he is now.’
4 minutes later.
Henry got another call from Cole after he got to the twenty ninth floor with Eric and his men. They had checked for Tarasha on the floor below without seeing her.
He stopped to answer the call and Eric stopped behind him, still pointing the gun at his back.
‘Henry, there’s a lead activating bomb in the room, I will send you instructions on how to deactivate it.’ Cole’s voice sounded.
‘Ermm… Whats…’ Henry tried to talk but Henry gave no opportunity.
‘I’m sending you the picture and the instructions right away,’ Cole said.
‘Hey, but..’ Henry wanted to protest but the call ended immediately.
‘What’s that?’ Eric asked immediately.
Henry’s phone beeped, the message had entered.
‘He wants me to deactivate a bomb in the room,’ Henry replied him. Eric stepped forward to see what Henry was looking at on his phone.
‘D–n! Is that a kind of trap for us? Guns can’t be used in that room.’ Eric cursed.
‘Trap for you?’ Henry gave him a questioning look. ‘Who knows you? The bomb must have been set there to kill Tara.’
‘It’s a low impact explosive,’ Eric commented as he looked very well at the picture. ‘We’re going there anyway.’
‘I don’t know how to deactivate this thing,’ Henry complained.
‘That’s your problem, start moving.’
‘Don’t shoot,’ Eric warned his men as they got closer to the room. Henry led the men towards the room.
Eric raised up his hand to the men behind them to stop them from moving closer. ‘Get in,’ he whispered to Henry and then hid his body behind the wall as he peeped in. He raised his gun above his shoulders slightly and followed Henry, he gestured with his hand for the other men to follow him.
Henry walked in slowly, conscious of the fact that Eric was behind him. He met Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab staring at him glaringly.
‘Where is Samantha?’ he asked as he walked slowly to Madam Henrietta’s front.
‘She left some few seconds and she says you’re coming to deactivate the bomb before we can be untied,’ Madam Henrietta replied him.
‘Where’s she now?’ Eric asked in soft tones, lowering his gun.
Henry took a glance at Eric and then looked back to Madam Henrietta. She was also staring at his face and since he didn’t say anything in response to Eric’s question , she took it as approval for her to answer him.
‘She went up, the next floor, to help Dr Ekwueme where he is.’
There was silence for a while. ‘We got to go there,’ Eric said to Henry in soft tones.
‘I ain’t going anywhere with you anymore, I have something to do here.’
‘That’s not what we came here for!’ Eric fired.
‘I have fulfilled my own part of the deal, Samantha is up there, why don’t you go get her yourself?’ Henry fired back.
Eric pointed his gun at his forehead in anger. He felt like blowing off Henry’s brain at that moment but he remembered the bomb there and controlled himself.
‘I’ll see you again,’ he said and then turned. He led the men out of the room.
Henry took out his phone quickly as he walked to the position of the bomb. He minimized the messaging app and opened the call dialer, he dialed Cole’s number.
‘Hey Cole, tell Tara that some men are coming against her.’ he said quickly into the phone after looking back to ensure that Eric or none of his men were watching him. He stopped in front of the explosive device.
‘You got to start working on that device already,’ Cole replied him without responding to his warning.
‘I’m talking about Tara here, she’s in danger, some men are going after her and she needs to be aware.’
‘Henry, look at that device, the timer reads two minutes and five seconds left, those people in there would be dead if you do nothing.’ Cole replied instead.
Fear gripped Henry’s heart as he looked at the timer on the device on the floor and confirmed as true the remaining minutes left for it to explode. He squatted quickly and opened his messaging app.
‘You don’t need to touch anything, it’s deactivated already.’ a voice startled him from behind.
He turned sideway and saw Tarasha stepping in through a door. He stared at her with his mouth left agape, he slowly got to his feet.
She stopped in front of him and held him on the shoulder. ‘Take this,’ she brought out a small pack containing a Talkon Device and handed it to him. ‘You have to get them out of here, Cole would give you directions.’
She turned quickly to Madam Henrietta’s front. ‘Take care mother, I’ll see you soon.’ she said with a reassuring look. She glanced at Chief Gab and then turned towards the door.
‘Wait Omotara, there’s something I need to tell you.’ Madam Henrietta quickly shook off her ropes and managed to get up.
‘Mother, you’d tell me when I come back to meet you.’ Tarasha replied just with a glance at the woman.
Madam Henrietta stopped reluctantly and turned back. Chief Gab was already trying to get up from the chair too.
Henry stared at Madam Henrietta’s face as she looked at him. ‘Why is Tara calling you mother?’
Madam Henrietta stared back at him without replying. ‘Because she is Omotara’s mother,’ Chief Gab replied. ‘Please take us out of here,’ he quickly added.
‘Tara’s mother?’ Henry stood motionless. He couldn’t move as he remembered his mother again. His phone rang, Cole was the caller.
‘Hey Cole,’ he said in a restless tone.
‘Bro, get the communicator working and lets get done with your assignment. We still have a lot of things to do today.’ Cole said.
‘What other things do we have to do today? Does it include going for my mother?’
‘You’re wasting time Henry, you mother is safe and sound in the hands of the police. Tara knows that she isn’t safe.’
‘Yes, and that’s why she left your mother in safe hands this afternoon,’ Cole replied in harsh tones.
‘What do you mean?’ Henry asked softly.
‘Your mother is safe, Tarasha followed you this afternoon and got your mother out for you.’ Cole replied.
Henry held her breath for a long time and then released it.
‘Get your device on immediately and let’s get this done quickly, your mother is wating for you.’
Henry let out a breath again, he then opened the pack and began to fix the device.
He opened his eyes to find himself in a dark room. He couldn’t see anything and he was stuck to the chair. He managed to keep on breathing until the atmosphere suddenly changed, there seemed to be a strange heavy pour of cold on his skin. Suddenly the lights came on in the room and he saw the figure of a man standing some distance in front of him. He saw the black shoe first and then raised his head slowly. The man standing at the distance was holding a pistol and looked very angry. His lips moved but he heard none of the words of the gunman. The look on the gunman’s face turned angrier and scarier. The gun was pointed straight at his forehead and he was sure the bullet would not miss his forehead if the trigger was pulled. He closed his eyes in anticipation for his death, but when he opened them he found himself back in real life.
Dr Ekwueme was sweating profusely even though the room was cool enough. It wasn’t a dream this time, it was more like a vision because he had not closed his eyes talk more of sleeping or dozing off. It looked so real and felt so real, the only thing that made him sure that it was a vision was that the room wasn’t as dark as what he saw, there was a bulb at the back corner of the room which provided some faint light to the area at which he was tied to his seat. The entrance was darker, while the center where he was was bright.
He raised his shoulder to wipe off the sweat around his lips. He still felt so strange. It was the first time of him seeing such when he wasn’t sleeping and this time was different because it was the first time he saw the face of the person holding the gun and also the first time of seeing the person talk to him.
He still found himself shivering on the chair and he strangely began to recall memories of the good times with his family, especially with his ex wife. He wished he could have that life again but he was very sure that it could never return. He also got back memories of his deal with Elvis Richards years ago and his other illegal deals, he knew he deserved a punishment which was more than death.
He soon began to hear some footsteps and voices coming closer. At first, he thought it was their abductors coming but as they got closer he realized it was a different set of people.
‘Move into the inner rooms and spare no one,’ Dr Ekwueme could hear someone say. Soon he heard footsteps marching past the entrance to the room where he was. After some seconds, he saw the image of man walking into the room he was. The man was holding a gun and as he moved closer, his body became clearer and soon Doctor Ekwueme saw his face. It was the same face he had seen in the vision few minutes ago.
He closed his eyes for some seconds, hoping that the vision would have disappeared again by the time he opened them but he was disappointed to find the gun still pointed at his head. He blinked his eyes again, again and again. This time, the vision wasn’t going away neither was he waking up from the dream. Alas! It was real life.
‘Where’s Samantha?’ the young gunman with the furious look asked.
He shook his head, unable to muster words to speak.
‘Where the hell is she?’ he asked again.
The doctor could not open his mouth to speak.
Out of anger, Eric fired a bullet at the man, straight into the middle of his forehead.
Life moved out of the doctor’s body in a second and he remained stuck to his chair, his eyes opened and his mouth still opened with his tongue slightly out. His body was now as lifeless as a dry log of wood.
Eric still full of anger fired another shot at the body of the dead man. He was already frustrated, the picture of Carl’s dead body kept appearing on his mind and all he wanted to do was squeeze out life from Samantha. His uncontrolled zeal had disturbed his sense of reasoning that he didn’t think that coming to that thirty first floor could be walking into Samantha’s trap.
He took in a breath and shook his head, he lowered his gun and turned back to move sharply but he met something dreadful behind him. Samantha Osman was standing right there, her eyes full of fury and her readiness to devour him just like a lion. For the first time in life as an assassin, he felt so afraid.
‘Hello sir, please what’s happening here?’ Stephanie pulled over beside a man and asked.
There was a demonstration on the street. So many people shouting, insulting the government, some were singing songs of protests and a few were carrying placards while some others were taking video records of the demonstration.
Stephanie had remained in the area following Dave’s instructions. Dave had promised her one thing before he got in, that no matter what he did, he would not try to kill Samantha Osman but work towards getting the Vice President only but if the need arose, would work towards getting Samantha submitted to the police.
‘Madam, don’t you know what’s going on on social media?’ the man Stephanie asked replied.
‘What’s going on please?’ She asked.
‘Inspector General Rikau promised to say some things before his death and he did this afternoon. This is the people’s reaction to it.’
‘Okay, thanks.’ Stephanie replied. She quickly brought out her phone to check the news.
She logged on the youngicee website to check for the latest news. She saw the updates concerning the Inspector General’s confession. The first she saw read ‘The Nation Reacts To IG Rikau’s Confession With A Sudden Protest’, followed by ‘Celebrities call for immediate shut down and repair of the system’, ‘The United Nations Reacts To Inspector General’s Deathbed Confession, encourages government to fish out all accomplices and major partakers in the crime’, ‘Protest Rocks Government Hospital In Lagos As People Demand to Punish Chief AbdulKadir Afeez’ and so many others.
She opened several pages in different tabs and began to scan through. At the end of fifteen minutes, she was able to understand what had really happened. The Inspector General had made another shocking confession that day, in a video where his swollen body and decaying skin was shown, he listed several other crimes that had been done by him and through him, including the murder of the Danjuma’s family. He mentioned a lot of names of people who were involved like him, most of which still held reputable positions in the government. He then mentioned Chief Abdulkadir Afeez as one of the major sponsors of terrorism and other evil works. He ended the video with an advice to his listeners, telling them that even if a lie exists for several years, the truth would never be hidden forever. He encouraged everyone never to do evil, that the consequences can never be escaped.
His confession video had sparked an outrage online which developed into a physical outrage after several celebrities and prominent people in the society voiced out their anger and shock that so many people in leadership positions were the same people who ruined the future of others, and also declared that they would step out immediately to lead a protest clamouring for immediate removal of all the people whose names were mentioned and overhaul of the government before the nation could continue existing as one.
‘Sir, I think we need to find a way to get this man out of here immediately.’ the doctor complained to the Director Of Police Operation as he led him towards the ward where the Chief was. ‘So many people have been teargassed but they are not relenting, I don’t think we’d be able to stop them from getting into this hospital to get this man.’
‘There’s no way we can get him out without getting through the crowd,’ the director replied.
‘But you can have plenty police vehicles to help,’ the doctor argued. They got into the hallway and met several officers standing around to protect the man.
‘You said his case was critical and that he could die if he experiences such outrage,’ the director replied.
‘Yes, but the people want him dead already.’
The director stopped and looked at the doctor’s face. He knows the man wasn’t just afraid for the hospital but also wanted the man dead just like every other citizen protesting at the gate of the hospital wanted.
The doctor proceeded when the director was quiet. He entered into the ward and the director followed. The three officers in the ward saluted the director.
The doctor walked straight to the old man on the hospital bed. He examined him visually for a moment and then touched his neck to feel his pulse. He took out his stethoscope to check the man. He had a different expression on his face when he looked at the director again. He did some more checks before he finally declared the man dead.
The director stared at the doctor’s face for a moment, suspecting that the doctor could have done something to hasten the man’s death but what did he care anyway? Even himself as a security official wanted the man dead as much as the masses wanted him.
The director chuckled as some thoughts ran through his mind, ‘Even his dead body is not safe, the people would still vent their anger on it if given the opportunity.’ He said staring at the dead man lying in the hospital bed.
The director had an angry and disgusted look on his face as he stared at the body. He wondered how a man could be so cruel and wicked to his mankind. He prayed silently that the man would rot in hell.
Part 10
Flashback : Few hours ago
Tarasha got out of the car and proceeded towards the gate two minutes after she saw him walk inside. She touched the button for the door bell and waited patiently. She soon noticed someone behind the gate, peeping through the gate hole secretly.
‘I need to talk to you, please step out.’ she called onto him.
The man behind the gate opened it partially and stayed at the entrance.
‘Yes? How can I…’ he couldn’t complete his statement as he got kicked in the g—n and began to writhe in pain. Tarasha kicked him again on his chest and he staggered back into the compound. She walked in immediately, pulling out her guns. She fired him a shot first and then fired at all the men in the compound. The suppressors attached to the guns helped to silence the sound of the shots. She closed back the gate and then walked straight to the entrance of the building. She turned the knob gently and pushed open the door, she waited to see any reaction from inside before she stepped in. There was a man at the left corner of the room, he was seated in a plastic chair while his gun was on a table which was about two metres away from him. He got up quickly on seeing Tarasha but she sent a bullet to his right knee before he could leave his seat. He fell to the ground on both knees and let out a scream. She rushed to him and punched him hard on the face to make him quiet, he fell with his back to the ground and struggled for a while before he could stretch his knees.
She pointed her gun on his forehead. ‘What part of this building gives an entrance to the ceiling? Or where did Henry E.G pass through?’ she asked in whispers.
‘I don’t know,’ he replied back and she hit his head with the butt of her gun first before strangling life out of him.
She walked straight to the exit of the first room, and as she got there, she met a man who was coming to check what was happening. She dragged him by the neck and pulled him into the room where she was. He tried to punch her but she held him by the wrists and then slammed his back to the wall beside the exit. She touched his forehead with the mouth of her gun.
‘Which part of the building did Henry E.G go into to meet with your boss?’ she asked.
He pointed his thumb to the wall shakily,’The one after this one you’re about to enter. Just go straight.’
She pulled him by the neck and pushed him to the ground and then shot him on the head. She proceeded according to his direction, there was no one in the intermediate room. She got to the entrance to the next room and stopped to listen. She could hear some low humming sounds of machines in the next room but she couldn’t hear voices. She turned back and looked around, she located an entrance to the ceiling just at the corner. She got into the ceiling through the hole and found her way directly on top in the ceiling above the room where she could hear Henry’s conversation with the lady. After a lot of back and forths, Henry finally agreed to help them get her if they made sure that his mother was safe.
‘So, this is the documents which contains our deal and our agreement with our chairman, you can release it to the public if your mother isn’t handed to you after you help us kill Samantha.’ Victoria said to Henry.
Henry collected the document file and opened it. He began to scan through and found out that they were truly original.
‘Chief Abdulkadir Azeez?’ he widened his eyes in surprise, staring at Victoria’s face.
‘Yes, why are you surprised?’ Victoria questioned back with a evil grin.
Henry stared at her face, confused. He couldn’t believe that the Chief could be behind them and could not think of any reason why it should be the Chief.
‘Time is reading,’ Victoria reminded him after thirty seconds.
Henry stared at the documents in his hands again. The document was to be exchanged for his mother after he completed his own part by helping them kill Omotara. He didn’t think it was something he could do, but his mother’s life was at stake and they had given him the document with which he could hold them down if they tried not to fulfill their own part of the deal.
‘Let’s go,’ he finally said and turned back in the direction he came in from.
‘No, we’re leaving through the back opening. Someone might have followed you here without your knowledge.’ Victoria said to him and pointed to the door behind her, showing him they were going in that direction. Henry turned back reluctantly and followed her direction.
Tarasha waited until she couldn’t hear Henry and the lady’s voice anymore. She knew getting Henry’s mother out would be easier since Henry and the lady had gone through another direction instead of where the dead bodies were.
Even though she wasn’t sure whether Henry’s mother was in the same room where they had the conversation, she knew the woman was somewhere so close to the place that Henry could see her from. She decided that she would do all it takes to leave with the woman that day and would do it in less than thirty minutes to enable her return to her mission quickly.
Henry was still baffled and wondering how Tarasha had followed him to the place without him suspecting. After putting on the Talkon communicator, he had asked Cole to give him proof that Tarasha had gotten his mother out and Cole sent a picture to his phone where he saw his mother sitting with Tarasha at the backseat of a car, still dressed in the same clothes she wore the last time he saw her. That had made him believe Cole totally and now he was following Cole’s instructions and about to lead Madam Henrietta and Chief Gabriel out.
Eric tried to shoot at Tarasha but she was faster, she grabbed his hand and turned it up before he could pull the trigger. His bullet went straight into the roof. She followed with a punch straight into his belly, he staggered back but didn’t fall as she still held his hand up. She pulled him forward and sent him another blow in the belly. She then dragged him closer and slammed his back to the edge of the door. His hand touched the trigger and the bullet entered into lintel of the wall.
He tried to kick her but she dodged and punched him twice with her right fist on his chest. She twisted his hand which she held and made the gun fall from his hand. At that moment, she began to hear the footsteps of men coming in their direction. She quickly released his hand and then butt in the nose.
Eric was more frustrated now, he tried to punch her but she dodged easily and dragged him to the other side where she sent two blows into his belly. He hit his head and his back on the wall adjacent to the door. He let out a groan and gritted his teeth. He was baffled by Tarasha’s strength that night, it didn’t seem she was a strong as she was now at the first time they fought.
The first man rushed in through the door and Tarasha welcomed him with a kick in the chest sending him back outside. Eric at the back tried to attack also, but she sent back his raised kick with her foot and then stamped her foot heavily on his chest after which she landed a kick on the face of another man rushing into the room. She returned hurriedly to the back of the door and pushed it forward to hit the face of the third man. Eric was coming for her again. This time she grabbed him by the arm with her left hand and with her right palm on his chest, she slammed his back against the wall again.
She pulled him closer to her and turned him towards the door as she saw one of the other men coming with his gun already pointed. She took two steps backwards and pulled out her pistols. The man had already placed his finger on the trigger and could not stop himself from firing multiple shots into Eric’s body. Eric’s body had taken most of the bullets before the man could stop the shooting but before he could look up and take another move, bullets from Tarasha’s gun had already entered into his body.
She continued to shoot as proceeded forward, firing the shots into the bodies of all the men.
‘In less than fifteen minutes, we’d be able to break their communication chain which it’ll weaken their strength and end the battle quickly.’ Dave explained to Lizzy and Dakolo.
‘So we’re going to stay in this room till that time?’ Dakolo asked.
‘No,’ Dave answered. ‘There should a secret exit from this building through which Elvis Richards must have gotten out through or is planning to get out through.’ he stopped stopped and turned to Lizzy. ‘Lizzy is going to to stay in here and help us track the NIS with the chips on their bodies, it’ll give us an idea of where they are in the building or where they passed to get out of the building.’
‘Okay,’ Lizzy nodded in agreement.
‘The three of us would be on a conference call and have our earpieces, you’d give us directions as we both move.’ Dave explained the process.
‘But I thought you just paralyzed the mobile network in the building,’ Dakolo put in.
‘Yes, I did but I powered it back on when we noticed that only few mobile phones within the building were connected but we had two hotspots initially which has now turned to three within the building and connected to one outside the building. I think the assassin’s team would be communicating with the hotspots because the location of one of the hotspots is in the control room of the building.’
‘There’s a woman coming in your direction,’ Henry heard Cole warn him. He stopped and asked for Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to wait behind him.
‘Is she armed?’ Henry asked in low tones.
‘She isn’t holding a gun but she has one with her,’ Cole replied.
Henry cocked his gun. He asked Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to move back up the stairs while he stayed at the last step. Soon he heard footsteps of someone coming up the stairs.
Victoria was surprised to see Henry step down from the stairs with his gun pointed at her.
‘Hey! What are you doing?’ she asked with a frown.
‘I’m done with your guys and I’m leaving here now.’
‘Where’s Eric? I need to tell him that I couldn’t reach the source at the base,’ Victoria said to him.
‘Of course you can’t reach to the source,’ Henry said.
‘What do you mean?’ Victoria asked, she flashed a quick look around but did not look at the spot where Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab were hiding. She looked again at Henry and he was still pointing his gun at her. ‘Please put down that gun before you make a mistake with it,’ she warned Henry.
‘I know what I’m doing girl, I’m no longer on your team.’ Henry replied.
‘Stop talking trash and tell me where Eric is,’ she replied, taking some slow steps around him.
‘Eric should be dead by now, he went to confront Samantha. He can’t still be alive,’ Henry replied.
Victoria raised a brow. She shook her head and decided to ignore his words. ‘And where are you going to?’
‘I should be asking you that question,’ Henry returned.
Victoria sighed. The way he was holding the gun gave her more concerns than the conversation. It was obvious he wasn’t an expert and he could misfire if care was not taken.
‘I told you already, Eric has not been answering my calls and I need to reach him quick.’ Victoria replied him angrily.
‘Don’t you get it? Eric should be dead now, just the way your boss we left behind is dead.’
Victoria raised a brow, she wondered if he knew what he was talking about.
‘Henry, stop talking nonsense and let me go.
‘You guys are dumb, especially you. You should have noticed a foul play when your boss sent a message that he could not track the men in the building any longer.’
Victoria was getting more confused now. She remembered what he was talking about it really felt strange at that time hearing that the boss claimed not to be able to track the men when the chips on their bodies were specially created for such scenarios.
Henry saw that she was thinking deeply. ‘You see, I’m sure your boss was dead then and Samantha was the one sending…’
‘D–n it Henry!!! What god-damned conversation are you having with her, kill the b****** and move on.’ Henry heard Cole sound angry through the earpiece.
He stared at Victoria’s face, she was also staring at him. Even though he knew she was a part of the enemy’s team, he still found it difficult to pull the trigger on her. She wasn’t posing a serious risk to him at that moment and the main enemies Carl and Eric had already been taken care of.
Victoria saw Henry’s reluctance to shoot. She could see his earpiece and knew someone had spoken to her when her shut his mouth without finishing his sentence. She decided to use the opportunity to take the gun from him, she took a step forward slowly. Henry still remained in the same position, it didn’t seem like he noticed her step.
All of a sudden she leaped and tried to take the gun but he saw her coming and stepped back, she grabbed the gun at the tip instead of at the handle where she planned to. Henry’s finger pressed the trigger and a bullet went straight into her belly.
‘Hey boss, you there?’ Cole said after he turned on his connection to Tarasha. He had watched Henry fire the shot at Victoria before he made the call.
‘Yeah Cole,’ Tarasha replied.
‘Where exactly are you?’ he asked. He had stopped following her movements since he was now directing Henry’s movements.
‘The Doctor is dead, I’m going back down.’ Tarasha replied him. By her reply, he knew she was still at the thirty first floor.
‘I located the room Dave James and Agent Dakolo are, it’s a lodging room so the cameras are restricted and I can’t see what they’re doing there.’
‘Just the two of them.’
‘No, Patricia went in with them.’ he replied as he minimized the footage showing Henry’s position from the main screen. After going through a list quickly, he selected the footage showing the hallway to the room where Dave and Dakolo had entered. He didn’t know he had missed the walking out of Dakolo and Dave during the short while he paid more attention to Henry and was trying to get back to Tarasha.
‘Can you get to the room within the short while?’ Tarasha asked as she rushed down the stairs, following Tomi’s command.
‘It would have been easy boss but I’ve got not less than ten security men outside, trying to break into the control room.’ Cole replied.
‘Ermm… What if you disconnect power from that room? It would turn off their systems and buy us a little more time,’ Tarasha suggested.
‘That’s a good idea boss, I’ll do so right away.’ Cole replied.
‘Boss, Elvis Richards and his group are on the second floor and on their way to the ground floor now.’ Tarasha heard Tomi say to her.
‘D–n it!’ Tarasha cursed. She had just gotten back to the twenty eighth floor and had a long way to go to catch up with them. She knew Cole had locked all the exits but she couldn’t write off the possibility of Rex having another plan to get Elvis Richards out.
She held her two guns in her hands ready to fire at anyone who tried to delay her as she rushed down the stairs.
A sudden darkness covered the room leaving Lizzy totally confused. It was just two minutes left to totally weaken the hotspots connections and power had suddenly gone off in the room. The laptop being used was still on but the socket to which the server used to begin the whole process was connected to had gone off. It would mean they would have to start the process all over again. She dialed Dave’s number on her phone immediately. While she waited for Dave to answer, she got up and looked out through the window from where she was. She could see reflection of light outside.
She turned to the door and opened it. There were also lights in the hallway.
‘Hey Dave! I think we’ve been discovered, there’s no longer electricity supply in this room alone.’
‘That means the server went off?’ Dave asked, he sounded disappointed.
‘Yes,’ Lizzy replied.
‘Uhm… You need to get out of that room immediately, leave everything except for your personal stuffs there and move far away from there. I’m sure they’re on the way there.’ Dave warned.
The Elvis Richards team which got to the ground floor had been reduced to five, Rex had sent two of the other men an errand. Elvis Richards led d team into a store of the Hotel’s unused materials and equipments.
‘We have to take off those paint containers, that’s where the entrance to the underground is.’ Elvis Richards said, looking at Rex’s face.
Rex glanced at his two men and they immediately began to move the paint buckets. They finished moving everything in a minute and the Chief proceeded to the now empty space. He used the sole of his shoe to wipe off a space on the ground.
‘Here’s the place,’ he squatted and then used an handkerchief to clean off the place. Rex stood beside him. ‘It’s not on,’ Chief Elvis Richards looked up at Rex’s face. He was greatly afraid, their hope of getting out through the underground was completely lost if the lock wasn’t working.
Rex squatted beside the man. He checked the dead screen lying in front, it was have been powered off by Samantha or any of her team mate who was in the control room of the hotel.
Rex got up, he took out his phone and a number.
‘Talk to the head of security outside, tell them to turn off the power generator outside and put it back on after a thirty seconds.’ Rex said, handing the phone to the Chief.
Elvis Richards collected the phone and did exactly as he was told without asking questions. Soon, the whole place was thrown in darkness. Thirty seconds later, the lights came on again.
Elvis Richards stared at Rex’s face, wondering what the essence of what just happened was. Rex was staring at the screen on the floor, Elvis Richards also placed his gaze there, thinking that Rex was hoping it would come on after the lights came back on.
First forty seconds passed and it didn’t seem like anything was going to happen. Elvis Richards was now shaking visibly, the not-too-confident look on Rex’s face scared him. He knew that if Rex didn’t know what to do, then it meant the end for him.
Suddenly, the lights on the screen on the floor came on and the buttons with the numbers 0-9 appeared. Elvis Richards quickly bent and typed in the code. He rose up and smiled as the door to the underground gave way slowly.
Tarasha was on the twentieth floor when the lights went off. At first she thought Cole had made a mistake but stopped as she realized that it could have been from the power room outside the building.
‘Cole, what’s happening?’ she asked.
‘I don’t know boss,’ Cole replied. ‘Everything went off.’
‘I think it’s from the powerhouse outside, what are they trying to do?’ Tarasha complained in a pained voice.
Cole was yet to answer when the lights came back on.
‘Boss, it’s back on. ‘ Cole said.
Tarasha remained quiet, it took her about twenty seconds to realize what had just happened. Rex on getting to the underground must have commanded for the lights out. The light out will shut down the whole system and when it comes back on, Cole would have to reboot the control before locking it again which will open access to all the exits and entrances during the process. Tarasha would have told Cole not to reboot but it would be a disadvantage to her also. She would not get directions from Tomi or Cole neither would Cole be able to direct Henry anymore and it will also keep Cole locked in the control room without being useful.
Rex watched with a feeling of success as the underground entrance closed back after Elvis Richards left with James and Ayo. He turned back with the other two men, ready to face Samantha Osman.
2 minutes later
Tarasha just got to the eighteenth floor when she heard Tomi’s voice. ‘Boss, Rex is returning but he’s no longer with Elvis Richards and inspector James.’
Tarasha let out a deep breath. She knew Elvis Richards was out of the building and there was no need running to catch up with them, Rex was now coming back up for her.
‘Cole, release access to every entry and exit. Elvis Richards is out already, now find out where the underground leads to and send the details to Tomi. Tomi would start tracking Elvis Richards.,’ Tarasha said with the consciousness that Tomi was also listening. ‘After you release access, you’d locate where Henry is and follow through the ceiling exit from the control room to help Henry get Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab out.’

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