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Tarasha Season 2 (75-80)

Chapter 13 part 6
‘It’s all over the news now,’ Dan said to Dave with a sigh. His right hand was on the mouse and the left elbow placed beside the keyboard at the other side. His eyes were focused on his desktop.
‘Yea, it’s been appearing on my browser’s notifications too.’
‘We really need to act fast,’ Dan said.
‘Yes, we do.’
Both of them remained in silence for a while. Dave began to ponder on the message Lizzy had sent him. If Victor had said he had a meeting by 10pm EST, could it mean that he really had something to do at that time? If he truly did, then Dave was sure that it wasn’t a meeting. The assasin team could probably be preparing for an operation that night. But as things were, he knew Victor was in Abuja and Samantha was in Anambra; there was no way they could go on an operation together. And maybe Victor truly had a meeting, it could be an online meeting with Samantha.
‘Dave, the Chairman just approved our trip.’ Dan said to Dave enthusiastically viewing a text message on his phone.
‘So, can we leave right away?’ Dave asked, unimpressed.
‘The next flight is for tomorrow morning.’
‘Can’t we just leave by road today?’
‘No, why should we rush when there’s a flight tomorrow? We won’t still be able to do anything until tomorrow.’
Dave sighed. He totally agreed with Dan. His impatience was getting a better hold of him and he needed to get himself together before running into an error.
Eze Okafor opened his eyes as he felt something touch his hands, he turned his head and looked around from his sleeping position, he couldn’t see anything. The height of the bed he was laying in made him realize he was still in the hospital and he remembered that he had asked the nurses to turn off the lights in the ward that night before they left him. He had hated the idea of having to wait till the next morning but the Doctor had advised that he stayed for closer observation and as a medical personnel himself he decided to respect the doctor’s advice.
Even though he couldn’t remember how he landed himself at the hospital nor what transpired between him and Samantha Osman, the testimony of others he had heard about it made the experience so real to him. The only thing he wondered was what Samantha Osman took from him and why she didn’t kill him. The police had claimed that it was due to their quick intervention that his life was saved but he did not believe them. He thought it was because there was no reason for Samantha Osman or her sponsors to want his life. He rather would believe that they were his friends as the popular saying goes ‘an enemy of your enemy is your friend’. Samantha Osman was an enemy of his arch enemy, Elvis Richards,
He felt the touch on his fingers again and then a noticeable movement. He tried to sit up immediately but a strong hand held him down. He could now see the figure of a man above him. He was confused for a moment and before he could take any other action, he could feel something round like the mouth of a gun on his neck.
A tiny and dim light originated from the person’s mask to his face. He closed his eyes for some seconds until they were able to accommodate the light. He couldn’t see the face of his attacker because of the mask but he knew it was a man and that the man was putting on black clothes.
‘I have very little time here,’ the attacker spoke in a voice he had never heard. ‘Tell me where Samantha Osman has gone to and what you gave to her?’
Eze tried to talk but he found it difficult as his attacker was still pushing his chest down. It seemed his difficulty was noticed because the hand was taken off his chest at that moment and a small knife pulled out from nowhere.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ Eze finally replied, breathing heavily.
‘Come on, don’t play naughty.’ Rex replied in a strong warning tone. ‘You were with Samantha Osman yesterday morning, she couldn’t have left you without taking anything from you.’
‘I don’t remember anything, I don’t remember her face. I was only told she attacked me yesterday,’ Eze replied.
‘How is that possible?’ Rex asked, threatening him as he moved the hand with the gun towards the man’s forehead.
‘I swear, I don’t remember anything, she used benryl.’ Eze Okafor said as he felt the cold weapon on his forehead. He tried to raise his legs and move away but to his surprise he discovered that his legs were already tied to the bed.
The attacker bent down swiftly to pick something, making sure his other hand still held the gun to Eze’s head for the moment. He took off the gun from the after rising up and quickly located the man’s two hands. He pulled them together and began to fasten a rope around it.
‘Who are…’ Eze tried to shout but a heavy blow that sent his eyes spinning round landed on his face.
His hands were tied to the headboard in no second and he realized that his attacker had really come for business. It occurred to him that the attacker must have been in the room for quite some time but wasn’t noticed because of the lights which he had insisted must be put off. He didn’t known when his legs were tied and he realized that his hands would have been tied too if he wasn’t awake at that time he felt the touch on his hands.
‘Now, talk to me. What did Samantha Osman go with?’ the man held him by the chin and stared into his face.
‘I don’t know, I can’t remember anything.’ Eze insisted. He could feel the saliva in his mouth already mixed with blood but couldn’t turn his neck to spit it out as the man held his chin firmly.
‘Who do you think sent her to you?’
‘I don’t know of anyone, I found it hard to believe when I was told that she came for me.’ Eze replied.
There was silence for about ten seconds. The attacker released his chin and then brought his gun to Eze’s neck again.
‘In 2011 and 2014,’ you signed a document for NOTD pharmaceutical company and placed on it the seal of the Ministry of Health. Where are those documents now?’
Eze stared blankly at the ceiling for some seconds, then his eyes turned to his attacker’s face. ‘The documents are not with me, they’ve never been with me,’ he said, still keeping the spittle in his mouth.
‘Where are they? Speak out you a***ole,’ Rex cursed.
‘I submitted all of them to the Inspector in charge of their case in the year they were tried,’ Eze answered with a trembling voice.
‘Who is this Inspector and where can I find him?’
‘His name is Garuba Ahmed and he’s serving as a senator of Kwara South now.’
‘Does he live in Kwara state?’
‘Yes, he does.’
‘Where I’m Kwara state?’
‘I don’t know exactly where but I’m sure he stays in the capital,’ Eze answered.
‘Are you sure of all these things you just told me?’
‘Yes, I’ve not told you any lie.’
Rex took away the gun from the man’s neck and took out something from his pocket. He turned the man’s face towards himself and covered his mouth with a tape. Then he took out his phone and walked towards the window, dialing a number.
He opened the window and inhaled the fresh air as he put the phone close to his ears.
‘Hello Rex,’ the Inspector General’s voice sounded from the other end.
‘IG, do you know who the serving senator of Kwara South is?’
There was silence for some seconds.
‘Garuba Ahmed?’ the Inspector General sounded somehow surprised. ‘What’s up with him?’
‘Eze Okafor just told me that the sealed documents are with him,’ Rex replied.
‘Yesss… That’s very possible. Garuba Ahmed was the police officer who investigated the case in 2014.’
‘So you are affirming that he told me the truth?’
‘Yes, it should be the truth.’
Rex turned back into the ward and stared at the man on the bed for a while. ‘Do get every information you think I’d need about Garuba Ahmed and send it to me as soon as possible,’ he said into the phone as he began to walk back towards the bed.
‘Okay Rex,’ the IG replied.
The call ended and Rex dipped the phone back into his pocket. He took out a neatly folded handkerchief in a transparent nylon and tore off the nylon. Then he covered the man’s nose with the handkerchief.
Kwara State
Klubbspartakuz, Tanke, Ilorin.
Latest Nigerian afro pop songs were being blasted through the speakers as the scantily dressed women and sweating men rubbed their bodies against each other. Most of them were drunk and their dance steps didn’t match with the beat but they danced anyway and enjoyed themselves.
Klubbspartakuz, a section of the Princewill Luxury Guesthouse was located at Plot 131, Pipeline Road in Tanke, Ilorin. The nightclub was a place of attraction for most young men and women who liked to club and party and it was also an avenue to find ‘heavy loaded’ girls who were always capable of making a man’s night ‘wonderful’.
The night was Segun’s birthday celebration and like most spoilt rich kids, the guy had spent so much money in organizing the party. There was so much to drink and assorted meats to go with them. In attendance of the party was Segun’s friend, Toheeb Ahmed, the last son and last born of senator Garuba Ahmed. As usual, Toheeb who was a party freak and a womanizer had his hands wrapped around a girl’s waist and was screaming for joy as she rubbed her behind against him like her whole life depended on it. You couldn’t blame the girl, she knew he was a ‘big fish’ and knew how much she could get off him if she succeeded in making him take her to his hotel room that night.
The girl suddenly stopped the action on Toheeb and took away his hands from her waist. She turned to him and put a palm on her forehead with her eyes closed, it seemed as if she had developed a headache.
‘I’ll be back,’ she said with a squeezed face before walking away from his front. Toheeb continued dancing and looking around for another girl who was free for him to rock. That’s how he lived in real life, he had no girlfriend he was committed to. He believed in jumping from one girl to another and enjoying what every of them had to offer. He had what they needed -money- and he lavished it on them as far as they were able to satisfy him in bed.
Soon, he began to see two girls coming towards him from different directions. One was dancing towards him with signs of sweat all over her body, meaning she had been dancing for a long time. The other who was on low cut was holding a glass of drink and looked like she had just joined the party. He wondered if the new girls would be as efficient as the one who had just left him. He had loved that one and wouldn’t have allowed her go if she wasn’t looking sick. He had noticed her dancing energy gradually reducing about two minutes before she eventually stopped, that was after another clubber had mistakenly collided with her while rushing through the dancing crowd. The person did not wait after the collision but moved faster and disappeared out of sight, but the two dancers were too lost in fun and didn’t pay much attention to it before they continued with their dance.
The sweating girl got to Toheeb first and was about to wrap her hands around his neck when the other one pushed her away gently with her palm, still holding the glass of beer in the other hand. The push seemed gentle but the affected girl had reacted by squeezing her face tightly and then holding her belly for some seconds. Then she turned and walked away weakly.
Toheeb was less concerned about what happened. It wasn’t the first time girls fought and injured themselves over him and he actually liked watching them do it. Besides, the girl on low cut seemed a lot more attractive than the other. The scent from her perfume alone which filled his nostrils made his knees quiver and sent some currents down his body, especially to his male organ. He fastened his eyes on her thighs which were revealed under the mini gown. He could swear he had never seen one as beautiful as that. His hands located her waist as she began to do a dance on his body. She paused a bit and placed the glass cup to her mouth. She let out a sigh of satisfaction and then placed it to his mouth and made him gulp down the remaining contents of the cup. Then she bent briefly and rolled the cup away somewhere close to the chairs. They continued the dance as she rolled her backside on his already awoken organ, he felt a feeling he had never felt before.
He opened his eyes widely and stared at her, the currents still racing through his body as his hormones rushed in excitement. His fingers found it’s way down he waist and was heading for her thighs. He located the tip of the gown and dipped his fingers in, moving them up slowly to locate her underpant. He couldn’t control himself again, all he wanted was to undress her and get to work.
She pushed his hands away quickly and faced him, she pressed her chest against his and placed a light kiss on his lips.
‘Let’s locate a room,’ she whispered in a sexy voice to his ears.
‘Alright baby,’ he said with a chuckle and squeezed her backside with his fingers. She giggled at the gesture and then pulled him by the wrist. She led him away from the dance floor.
She led him to the garage where his car was parked despite his protest for them to go into the hotel instead. He was drunk and had very little control over himself, he couldn’t resist much.
‘I booked a room in the hotel,’ he said in a drunken voice as she pushed his back against his car at the driver’s side.
She leaned against him and dipped her hand into his trouser. His eyes widened and his whole body vibrated in excitement as she gripped his organ.
‘Let’s go to your house?’ she whispered into his ear again.
‘But…’ he was about to protest but his body shook in excitement again when she fondled it with her fingers. ‘I..I can’t drive..like…this,’ he stammered.
‘I’ll drive, where are the keys?’ she asked. He pointed to his pocket and she dipped her other hand into it and took out the keys. Then she assisted him to the other side of the car and made him sit in the passenger’s side. She stared at him for a second. The drug she put in the drink was already working and he didn’t know what he was doing again. She had to get to the house quickly before he sleeps off totally.
She closed the door to where he was seated and quickly rushed to the other side of the car park. She opened another vehicle and took a bag from the passenger’s side before returning to Toheeb’s car. She threw the bag to the backseat and opened the car engine with the key, then she pushed the start button and the car came to life.
Unknown to Toheeb, he had been followed right from his father’s house at the GRA. Tarasha had followed him when he left the house that night by 10.30pm. She had seen his car been driven out of the compound while surveying the house that night. She didn’t know who it was in the car but she saw the person as an opportunity for her to get into the house. She had thought he was only going out briefly and was returning home that night but he drove all the way to the club. She followed him in and kept a reasonable distance for the first few minutes. She saw his face properly when he stepped out of the car and recognized him from the picture of Garuba Ahmed’s family which she had seen while making a research on the senator. She took a few minutes to map out the strategy to use in getting into the house with him and then had to rush back to the hotel room she had put her bags at the GRA to change her clothes and also get the necessary drugs and tools that would aid her work. Part of the drugs she brought with her were some poisonous pins which she kept glued to her wrist through the magnetic skin wristwatch. One of the pins had been used to pierce the body of the first girl who was dancing with Toheeb. Her weakness was slow and gradual because the pin didn’t penetrate into a place where the content could contact with her blood easily. The second girl had gotten weak instantly as the pin did not just pierce her arm but got stuck in the right place for some few seconds.
Abdulkaldir Road, GRA Ilorin.
Tarasha pushed the horn for the fifth time and all she could still hear were the dogs barking in response. Only after the seventh time did a man appear behind the gate. He peeped briefly and quickly recognized Toheeb’s car. He walked back in and opened the gate only after two minutes, Tarasha knew he must have taken time to cage the dogs having seen a stranger in the car with Toheeb. She drove into the compound and stopped halfway, trying to locate where the garage was. She finally did and parked behind a Lexus Jeep carrying the senator’s name as the plate number.
‘Bros Toheeb, shey Daddy don say make you no dey come house by this time of the night again?’ the gateman spoke to Toheeb in Nigerian pidgin English as he approached them. He was asking why Toheeb returned at that time of the day when the senator had instructed for it not to happen.
‘Shut up!’ Toheeb slammed at him drunkenly. He had already opened the door and had stepped out before Tarasha could come to him from the driver’s side.
‘He’s tired, can I take him inside?’ Tarasha asked, now supporting Toheeb by the arm.
The gateman faced her for a second and then shook his head in disregard. He felt irritated with the way she was dressed sluttishly but he tried his best to hide his it.
‘Just dey go your own Aunty, I wan open the dogs back now.’ the Security man replied. He had asked in pidgin for Tarasha to leave immediately so that he could uncage the dogs.
‘She’s following me into my room, I’m going to **** her tonight.’ Toheeb said and roared with laughter.
‘I’m spending the night with him,’ Tarasha said to the gateman in support of Toheeb.
The gateman stared at her for a second, wondering how she didn’t feel embarrassed the way Toheeb talked about sleeping with her. She was a s–t! He concluded in his mind.
‘Okay, make una pass back o. Oga go hear if una pass front.’ he advised and stood to watch as Toheeb directed the way and she helped him walk without falling.
He wondered how the senator would feel seeing the girl in his house the next morning. It wasn’t Toheeb’s first time of bringing a random girl home but the ungodly hour at which this happened was what the senator would likely get mad about.
…to be continued
The answer for last week is “3am”.
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chapter 13 part 7
Garuba Ahmed peeped through the window from the top floor and he saw the security man opening the cage for the dogs. He had heard noises at the gate from his room and left his wife in the bed to check what was happening. He opened the window curtains wide and was about to call the security guard’s name and asked what happened when he saw his son’s car parked improperly behind his. Then he knew the reason for the noise at the gate. Toheeb had returned home late. It had been a long time it happened last and Garuba wondered what gave Toheeb the audacity to try it again. He felt like going to confront Toheeb that night but discarded the thought. He concluded that something important must have kept the boy late considering the fact that he had stopped coming home late for several months after being warned to stop. Rather he was grateful that the boy got home safely.
He heard some noise coming from the lower floor and knew it was Toheeb trying to open the backdoor. He decided to ignore and go back to sleep. He closed the window curtains and walked back to the room to meet his wife.
Garuba was already sleeping off again when he heard the sound of the room door closing. His eyes popped open and he turned to his left side, he saw his wife still asleep by his side. He quickly sat up and turned on the light using the switch above the headboard of the bed.
A lady on a very short gown stood right behind the door. She had on her face a mask which covered her forehead and her nose down to the jaw, leaving only the two eyes visible. She had a small bag hanging from her left shoulder to her waist at the right side. She raised her gun and pointed it straight at him as their eyes locked.
He shook in fear and his hands went up simultaneously. She placed a finger on her lips, a sign for him to remain in silence. She moved closer to him and stood directly opposite, she placed a feet on the bed in a way that the gown rolled up and short tight pant was visible.
She glanced briefly at the wife who was still asleep and uncocked her gun. ‘Good morning Mr Garuba Lawal,’ she began in low tones. ‘I don’t plan to spend much time here and I don’t want to hurt you, so I’ll ask that you cooperate with me, so that I can leave you and your family quickly.’
The man kept a blank stare on her face with his hands still raised up. He looked at his sleeping wife briefly again and then his eyes hovered around the room for a moment.
‘Your son’s live is at stake,’ Tarasha said as she took out a phone. She unlocked it and handed it to him. ‘Toheeb is drunk and fast asleep, he didn’t know when I placed that explosive around his body.’
The man’s eyes widened in shock as he confirmed her words from the picture on the phone staring him in the face. His whole body began to tremble so hard that the mattress began to vibrate with it.
‘Shhh… Calm down,’ Tarasha said, placing a finger on her lips again. She then stretched her hand to take back the phone. The man returned the phone and tightened his lips together in a bid to control his panic.
‘I don’t want to kill him or you,’ Tarasha continued with a smile. ‘I just want you to give me something I need urgently, you’d be free if I do so.’
The man nodded slowly in agreement with his lips still sealed and his cheeks swollen with the air trapped in his mouth.
‘Ya Allah!’ Garuba’s wife exclaimed as she opened her eyes and saw what was happening.
‘Shhh,’ Tarasha gestured to her to keep quiet. She quickly sat in the same position with her husband and covered her mouth with her palms. Tarasha turned back to Garuba, ‘I want the NOTD sealed deal documents with you, all of them.’
The man’s eyes widened for a moment and he stared blankly like he didn’t know what she was talking about.
‘Don’t waste my time Dude, don’t try to lie. You should have heard that I visited Eze Okafor this morning, he already told me that the documents are with you, so tell me where they are right away.’
‘Ermm… They’re in my cupboard,’ the man said, pointing to the wardrobe with his hands still trembling. He had heard the news on the attack on Eze Okafor and he now realized that the person standing before him was Samantha Osman.
‘Get them for me, all of them,’ Tarasha ordered and put her leg down. She motioned the man with his gun. He stood up with his hands raised as he walked to the wardrobe.
It took the man almost twenty minutes to fetch out the documents as they were kept in a secure bag at the lowest end of the wardrobe. He handed the documents to Tarasha and returned to his previous position at her order. She took some few minutes to scan through the documents and confirmed that it was what she wanted, it matched the description that Eze Okafor had given her perfectly.
She kept them neatly in her bag and took out a device from her bag. She wore the device around her wrist like bangles.
‘Are you going to take the explosive away from Toheeb’s now?’ Garuba Ahmed summoned courage to ask.
‘No, I won’t.’ she replied, staring at him with the corner of her eyes. ‘You have your security men around and you would alert them once it is taken off. I don’t want to kill, not you or any of them.’
They stared at each other silently for a while.
‘I’ve got some other questions for you,’ Tarasha said. She placed her feet on the edge of the bed again. ‘Why were you keeping these documents?’
The man remained silent for a while, thinking of whether to respond with the truth or tell her something else.
‘Speak up, I don’t want to waste time here.’ Tarasha said impatiently.
‘I was the Inspector in charge of the case, so I decided to keep it then so that it won’t get missing from my office.’ He replied.
‘And all these years, why are they still with you?’
Garuba Ahmed closed his eyes for a moment. It was difficult to decide whether to say the truth or not, he didn’t know who she was sent by and he didn’t want to say something that would make her change her mind and hurt him or any of his family members.
‘Don’t lie to me,’ Tarasha warned again, already sensing what was going through his mind.
He opened his eyes and stared at her, wondering how she knew he was already thinking of lying. He swallowed in saliva before he began to speak. ‘My main aim was to reopen the case if I become the President next year.’
Tarasha chuckled. ‘You think you would become the President? With Elvis Richards in government presently?’
The fear in the man’s heart increased. He began to think that she was sent by Elvis Richards.
‘Do you think you stand a chance of winning against him?’ she went further.
‘I don’t know. We never knew he was going to contest until he declared recently. He isn’t the President, so I believe he cannot influence the nation like he would like to. Our recent electoral process is becoming more free and fair, and I believe I stand a chance against him.’
‘Well, you have to forget about probing him when you get to office… If you get to office,’ she said, stressing the ‘if’ in the sentence. ‘I’m going to take care of Elvis Richards myself. Now tell me the other things you have that could work against him.’
The man stared at her eyes for a moment. He was a trained investigator and he could read intentions from the eyes of a culprit sometimes. Her request seemed more like a trap for him. She could be working for the Vice President and pretend to be working against him just to get what she needed at the moment. But the look in her eyes was different, it revealed a strange sincerity he had never seen in criminals. However he still had nothing additional to tell or give to her.
He shook his head and waved his fingers to say no. He glanced briefly again at his wife who was staring at them in fear and at sea as to what was going on.
Tarasha put her feet down and put the gun into her bag. She pulled a gown down a bit and straightened the other parts of the cloth.
‘What of my son?’ Garuba asked again.
She turned her wrist to him, showing him a timer on the device on her wrist. ‘You can take off the explosive in forty six minutes,’ she said to him. The timer on the device was also reading down from forty six minutes and twelve seconds. ‘Any attempts to take it off before then would cause something fatal,’ she continued with a crooked smile. ‘And this button,’ she turned her wrist for him to see the switch on the device. ‘I’ll push it once I notice the police or any security officer following after me. I’ll advice that you don’t involve the police at all, you should be wise since you know that the Inspector General is a friend to Elvis Richards. So,’ she paused for some seconds. ‘Are we in agreement?’
‘Yes,’ the man nodded. He let out a breath as he was still scared that the explosive may still go off.
‘Okay, you have to see me off, I’ll be borrowing your son’s car.’ Tarasha said to the man and motioned him to get down from the bed. ‘You stay here till he returns,’ she said to the wife.
She took out the keys from the keyhole at the door and locked it from behind after she got out. With Garuba following her, she was able to drive out with the car without interference from the dogs and also leaving the gate security man surprised as to how the s–t who entered with the son came out with the father.
Toheeb’s Room.
Toheeb was still fast asleep in the bed with the explosive bag worn on his chest. He stirred and stretched when the door to his room was opened but still didn’t open his eyes, he continued his sleep and even began to make funny sounds.
‘Sir, why didn’t you call on us immediately?’ one of the men who entered the room with Garuba Ahmed asked. Another one walked past them to the bed to check what was on Toheeb’s body.
‘She warned us not to make any move until after forty five minutes and I didn’t want to take chances,’ Garuba replied.
‘Oh mehn! This is a real explosive,’ the man who was checking the bag in Toheeb’s chest announced to the others. The other man left Garuba and quickly joined his colleague. He climbed up the bed and knelt close to Toheeb.
‘Wow! We have to be careful.’
‘It’s switched off already,’ the other man who was already assessing the bag said. ‘But we have to take it off now, it could be switched on anytime again if the girl is not far away from here.’
It took them about 2 minutes to take the explosive off carefully without cutting the wrong wires, Toheeb continued to sleep all through. One of the men carefully disconnected the wires on the explosive and took it outside. They returned to meet Garuba Ahmed who had gone to sit in the living room sheet after they removed the bag.
‘Sir, we have to inform the police once it’s daybreak.’ one of the men suggested as he walked to the Garuba’s side.
Garuba remained silent and calm. He was still thinking on what to do, whether to follow the lady’s advice not to involve the police or do things his own way.
‘Sir…’ the man standing by his side called to get the man’s attention.
‘We won’t inform the police directly and none of you should talk to anyone about it, not even my wife. I’ll call Inspector Kehinde or probably go to his office this morning.’ the man replied. Inspector Kehinde was a police officer who he knew and could trust.
‘Sir, but don’t you think we should do something immediately before she goes too far?’ the second person suggested.
‘I do not have any problem with her since she did not hurt anyone but I will still have to get the Inspector informed in case anything else happens.’
Challenge Road, Ilorin .
Garuba Ahmed sat at the backseat alone. The two men who had helped him to take off the bomb were seated at the front, one of then driving and the other working on a mini laptop. Their Jeep stopped behind a public transport bus as the traffic warder at the front ordered vehicles coming from their direction to stop.
‘Are you outside already?’ Garuba said into his phone.
‘Yes, I just got outside the station.’ the receiver replied.
‘Okay, we’re close to the roundabout and driving towards A Division already. We’ll pick you in a minute.’
The vehicles began to move and they crossed the roundabout in few seconds. They located Inspector Kehinde standing with the other pedestrians waiting to get vehicles and they stopped for him to join them. He walked to the car quickly and joined Garuba at the backseat. They drove off.
‘Good morning Inspector Kehinde,’ Garuba Ahmed greeted first, offering the officer a handshake.
‘Good morning sir,’ Inspector Kehinde replied with a bow and took the handshake with two hands respectfully.
‘We have something very important to discuss, and we have to find somewhere perfect we can discuss it well.’ Garuba said.
‘Sir, you should have asked for me to come to your place. From the way your voice sounded when you called, I believe what you want to discuss with me is very urgent.’
‘Yes, it actually is. But I couldn’t call you to come to my place, my wife is around and she would want to listen to our conversation.’
‘Okay, why don’t we just start right away?’
Garuba chuckled and then stared for a second at the men sitting at the front. The Inspector understood with the gesture; the man wasn’t comfortable discussing the matter in the presence of his men.
Garuba suddenly glanced at his wristwatch and looked up. ‘It’s 12pm, can we listen to the news now?’ he said to his men.
The man at the passenger’s side in front turned on the car radio and tuned it to the station airing the news. The newscaster began to read out the headlines just as the guy increased the volume. The first headline read: ‘Eze Okafor confirmed dead this morning’.
The news threw Garuba off guard and he placed his palm on his chest as his eyes widened in shock. He closed his eyes and inhaled and exhaled deeply to suppress the shock as he waited for the details of the news to be read. The reading of the headlines ended and the details of the news began immediately after. The newscaster read in details how Eze Okafor was found lifeless in the hospital bed by seven thirty am while the doctor was going on the morning round. His death was however not announced immediately because it had to be confirmed first and the cause had not been ascertained. Signs of ropes were said to have been seen on the man’s legs and hands and a window of ward he was kept in was found damaged. The State commissioner of Police had reviews the incident himself and concluded that Samantha Osman came back at midnight to finish off the man.
‘But this isn’t true?’ Garuba Ahmed argued aloud with no one in particular.
‘I think it is sir,’ Inspector Kehinde opposed in a calm voice. ‘She tried to kill him yesterday but was intercepted by the police, I’m sure she really returned to the hospital to finish her mission.’
‘No, she didn’t kill him.’ Garuba insisted in a strong tone which made him sound suspicious. Everybody else in the car remained silent and stiff, waiting for him to say something else to back his argument but the man was quiet and moody. Written all over his face was confusion, he had his lips squeezed in like he had swallowed something bitter.
‘Sir, why do you say so?’ Inspector Kehinde asked.
‘I know,’ Garuba turned to the Inspector still carrying the confused look on his face. ‘Let’s get to Friendz, I’ll book one of their inner rooms where we can sit and talk.’
Fifteen minutes later
Friendz Eatery, Ajase Ipo Road, Ilorin.
Garuba and Inspector Kehinde sat opposite each other at a table, inside the management office. They discussed in the room with no one else present while the normal activities went on at the eating areas of the restaurant.
‘Kehinde… Samantha Osman was in my home last night, I mean around two am this morning.’ Garuba began. The Inspector drew back with a shocked expression on his face, he narrowed his gaze at Garuba’s face doubting if the man knew what he was talking about.
‘She entered into the house at midnight with my drunk son and came to talk to me in my room. My wife was there with me but didn’t who she was,’ Garuba explained.
‘She came to talk to you? I don’t understand,’ the Inspector questioned.
‘Yes, she came for a document and left after I gave it to her.’
‘Ah!’ the Inspector exclaimed with his mouth agape for a moment. ‘But why didn’t you inform the police about this sir?’
‘She advised me not to involve the police but that’s why I’m informing you because I’m sure it won’t go beyond you and I.’
‘Sir, I don’t still understand this whole thing. Can you make me understand better?’
‘She came peacefully without hurting anyone and she said she wasn’t willing to hurt anyone, all she wanted were the documents.’
‘What documents did she take with her?’
‘The documents are the main thing,’ Garuba said and paused to look around for a moment, to ensure that no one was listening or watching them. ‘These documents were signed more than ten years ago, they’re documents incriminating the Vice President. They’re proofs of the illegal deals his pharmaceutical company carried out when he was the deputy governor of Lagos State.’
‘But how come these documents are with you?’
‘I got them while I was in service, I was the Inspector in charge of the case. I had to keep them with me to avoid having them taken and destroyed. Our judiciary system was in a mess then, you only needed to have money and power then and you’d be free from any charges leveled against you, there’ll always be a way to render the proofs against you useless.’
‘But what did she need these documents for and how did she know they were with you?’
‘She needs them against Vice President Elvis Richards, it’s no secret that she’s been trying to take his life, but now, I’m beginning to believe she’s fighting him for a good cause.’
‘She’s killed several people, you don’t fight a good cause illegally.’ Inspector Kehinde retorted, with so much hatred for Samantha Osman in his voice.
‘Sadly sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. Some people lives have to go for a revolution to occur, some times a lot more have to die, that’s the sad truth.’
‘I don’t get the connection of those she killed with any good revolution, if any revolution is coming out of this, it’s a bad one.’ Inspector Kehinde argued.
‘Kenny, we have to be patient and watch but I believe something good may come out this at the end. I’m an investigator, I lived my life committed to the service, I had to resign when the criminal Rikau was made the Assistant Inspector General, I knew I would have to compromise if I stayed in the force. This morning, I saw those eyes; Samantha’s eyes.’ Garuba paused for a moment and the picture of Tarasha played in his memory again. He could see the colour of her eyes which wasn’t covered by the mask again. ‘I’m sure I would never suspect to be a killer if I met her on the street. I saw her expression when she went through the documents after I gave her. The person she’s really after is Elvis Richards and that is one man that we have to bring down if the country has to move forward, I believe that there are still more people hiding under him but starting with him will be a good one.’
‘In summary, you support Samantha Osman’s actions sir?’
‘No, I do not support her actions. I support what I perceive as the motive behind the action.’
‘Then can you explain her motive for killing Eze Okafor?’
‘She didn’t kill him. Eze Okafor was killed at midnight, Samantha Osman was with me at midnight. She got the information about the documents with me from Eze Okafor that morning when she attacked him, that was all she needed from him, there was no reason to kill him anymore. And besides, she couldn’t have been in Anambra and be in Kwara State at the same time.’
‘Hmm…’ Inspector Kehinde took in a deep breath and stared thoughtfully. He tried to draw out a meaning from all the man had told him but many more questions arose in his hearts. ‘Sir, you talked about the Vice President’s illegal deals…’
A loud crash sound interrupted their discussion and sounds of gunshots followed. The men quickly bent their heads below the table and the Inspector took out his gun. Something hit the entrance door of the room where they sat in, they could see it was a man’s back. And then a gunshot followed, the man’s blood splattered on the transparent glass at the upper part of the door. Another bullet hit the door and pierced through it. Someone moved close to the door and they could hear sounds of the dead body being dragged away. The door was kicked open.
Chapter 13 part 8&9
Forensics Department, State Security Service Office.
In a large lab-like room, the different forensic officers went about their duties noiselessly. Agent Godwin of the SSS could be seen at a corner of the room discussing something with a man putting on a white lab coat. Dave and Dan sat quietly at the seating area where the office tables and chairs were. They had arrived into the State to meet the dead body of Eze Okafor instead of a living person to interrogate. The information that got to them earlier was that the man would be allowed to leave the hospital that morning and they had planned to visit him at his residence for the necessary interrogation. But it came as a big shock to them when the officer sent to get them from the airport hinted them about the man’s death.
‘There are still a lot of things we need to uncover,’ Dave began. He leaned forward in his seat and placed his elbows on his knees. ‘I’m still wondering why Samantha didn’t kill the man yesterday morning, why she had to return at midnight.’
‘But that shouldn’t be a question now,’ Dan flashed a look at him. ‘The Police officers said she ran away when they went after her.’
‘That’s a lie,’ Dave opposed in a confident tone. ‘Samantha Osman is more coordinated than that, she couldn’t have just taken the man without already making adequate plans to do everything she wanted to do with him. She wouldn’t have kidnapped and carried him to an uncompleted building where she would be easily located.’
‘I don’t understand you bro,’ Dan said with a frown.
‘You see; I’ve had closer experiences with Samantha Osman. She’s d–n good and well coordinated, so I know she couldn’t have done a hurried job like the police suggests that she had to dump the man and flee. And even that number of police men that went after her couldn’t have stopped her from killing the man if she wanted to at that moment. The time she used in injecting him the benryl substance was enough to strangle him to death or even inject him a death poison.’
‘Hmm… That’s true, you’re making sense.’
‘Someone else killed the man. The real killer only used the opportunity.’
Both of them looked up as Agent Godwin approached them. They stared at the paper held in his right hand as he moved closer.
‘I think we’re good to go now,’ he said to them.
‘Is that the report?’ Dave asked, pointing to the paper in the agent’s hand.
‘Yes, the photocopy.’ Agent Godwin replied and handed it to Dave.
Dan joined Dave and they both looked into the report together.
‘So Eze Okafor wasn’t suffocated?’ Dave looked up at Agent Godwin’s face after a minute of scanning through the report.
‘Yea, as the report says. A different gas was forced through his nose.’ Agent Godwin replied.
‘Totally different,’ Dave mentioned in whispers.
‘Huh? What did you say?’ Dan questioned.
‘Nothing, I’m just surprised.’ Dave said and rose up to his feet. To him the way Eze Okafor was killed was totally different to the past methods being employed by Samantha Osman. ‘Let’s go now, to the hospital first and then to Eze Okafor’s family.’
The flight back to Abuja was for two pm. Tarasha sat quietly in the bed in the hotel room with her legs folded like a monk who was meditating. She was pondering on the report she just gotten from the news blog update, she was being accused of Eze Okafor’s death. That was not even her problem, but who the real killer and why he was killed was what bothered her. She wondered if the killing was connected to her, that would mean the Vice President was on her trail through Rex or someone else. She considered Agent Dave too but quickly removed him from the options, the Agent wouldn’t have killed an innocent soul if he was the one.
Her phone which laid beside her knee in the bed made a beep sound and vibrated at the same time. She stared at the screen but didn’t pick it immediately. She waited until the screen went off before picking the phone. She unlocked it and scanned through the browser page of the news article she read last which was still opened. She scrolled up and stopped at the picture used, it was the one of the pictures taken of her during the Crescent Moon Hotel gun battle. She closed the browser and then swiped down the notification bar. She was surprised as she saw another message from 47tarasha@nefary.org , it had the title ‘Treat This Urgently’. She clicked on it and waited few seconds for the message to load completely.
It was a short message with only two short paragraph. The first paragraph of the message was written in a Russian language and it contained the usual salutation and updates on the country’s activities. She scrolled to the remaining parts.
‘Killer Queen, I got this as a secret information while carrying out your assignment and I thought I should let you know. The Lords and zonal leaders have met thrice in two months to talk about your mission in Africa. I didn’t really get the full details of their discussion but I think they’re on your case because you’ve not been remitting the weekly dues to the clan like you should do. I think you should try and correct that as soon as possible before they take a further step.’
Tarasha paused for a while after reading the message. The mission had turned so personal to her that she didn’t bother to check if her weekly dues were being paid. She had thought Chief Gab would continue paying it like he did faithfully for weeks after her arrival. Chief Gab had the responsibility of paying the dues until her contract with him expired or was terminated. But the clan never holds the client responsible for not paying, the assasin involved receives the penalty or punishment instead.
She thought of calling Chief Gab immediately but decided to leave it until later. She closed the email application and navigated to the menu, she clicked on the “All Banks” application to check her account balance.
A call came in before the application could finish loading. Cole was the caller.
‘Any information yet?’ Tarasha said into the phone as she answered the call.
‘None yet boss, the killer is a pro. I’m thinking it would be none other than Rex.’
‘I think so too, but let’s watch what happens next, it will make it clearer.’
Asokoro, Abuja.
Cole’s room.
‘Boss, Vivian Elvis is scheduled to leave the country tomorrow.’
‘Is that Elvis Richards daughter?’
‘Yes, she is.’
‘How did you find out?’
‘I placed a transmitter in her car on Monday which I had forgotten about but the battery of the device went low earlier today and the low battery notification I got on the receiver here reminded me about the transmitter. I decided to play what was recorded and incidentally moved it to the point where she received a call in her car and was arguing with her father about traveling back. I found out she was supposed to travel yesterday but missed the flight because her Dad had not fully convinced her then. But she’s taking today’s flight.’
‘Do you know the time for her flight?’
‘No, but I can check the flight schedules on the airlines portal and get back to you.’
‘Do a quick check. If she’s gone with the flight already, you don’t have to bother, but if the flight time is still later, I want you to stop her from leaving and also make sure she knows who’s stopping her.’
‘Okay boss. Ermm, hope there’s no restriction to how I go about it?’
‘Don’t hurt her physically and only kill anybody else if you really have to.’
‘Okay boss, I would work on it right away.’
Cole got up from the chair and walked to the work table immediately. He opened up his laptop before sitting. The laptop had been on hibernation and so didn’t waste time to boot, he only had to put in the password and was granted access immediately. He opened his browser and the youngicee website loaded as the homepage as usual. He cleared the navigation bar and began to type a URL into the box.
The phone he left on the pillow made a beep sound and he glanced back. A message had entered and it was either from Patricia or from the network operators. The thoughts of Patricia filled his heart again as he navigated through the newly opened website with the laptop mouse. He was hopeful that they would be able to spend the night together that day as Tarasha would return by noon and there would be no need for any monitoring or keeping tabs on the NSCC footages that night.
He had missed her so much already. She had made an impact in his life just with the few days they’ve been together. For the first time in his life, he was wishing he wasn’t an assassin but an ordinary guy so that he could live a perfect love life with her.
Ajase Ipo Road, Ilorin
Friendz Restaurant
Flashback ~~ An Hour ago
Garuba’s men were seated at a table in the eating area of the restaurant with other guests around. The atmosphere was cool and calm and the sound from the music video playing on the television was low as usual. It was the usual break hour for workers and the place was busy. Almost all the tables were occupied by people in groups, fifty percent male and female pairs and trios. Garuba’s men were one of the only two pairs who were male, most of the rest pairs were females and there was only one person seated at a table alone. His table was behind that of Garuba’s men, there was a bottle of soft drink on his table; he had arrived at almost the same time Garuba men arrived and ordered the same drink with them. His eyes could not be seen as he had dark goggles on, a black face cap was on his table. His demeanor was like that of someone waiting for another person.
‘Toheeb has always been a d*ckhead, very careless and useless boy, I knew he would one day bring trouble to his father.’ one of Garuba’s men said before gulping down the contents of the cup. He dropped it noisily and rested back in the chair. He was used to visiting beer parlours and taking alcohol instead and he didn’t like the way the atmosphere of the place they were in was calm. His eyes hovered around the place for a second and then settled on his partner who was also taking the same drink.
‘I was actually expecting him to cause something more than this, I was expecting him to bring disaster to the whole family.’ the other man joined in.
‘I think Mr Garuba accommodates his excesses too much,’ the first man added. ‘He’s the only child of the family who is not yet on his own.’
‘And he’s arrogant and careless with words, I don’t even think he observes the daily prayers like the rest of his family does.’
‘Observe what daily prayer? How can someone who is always partying and clubbing have time to pray?’
‘True, the boy is too lazy and annoying. I wish I had the opportunity of having a rich father like he does, I would be someone bigger than this today.’
‘It’s easier said than done bro, I think being the last born is one of the things that has affected Toheeb.’
‘Yea, true. But his recklessness is just incomprehensible.’
The men continued their women-like gossip without being aware that someone beside was listening to them. It was one of the days that they weren’t in public or somewhere with their boss and they had the opportunity to share a drink and discuss random things. Even at Garuba’s house, the men stayed at different quarters because of the strategic security positioning and only get to see each other when the man needs them.
Rex took a sip of his drink again and looked around for the imaginary person he was waiting for. He rested his back and crossed his legs. He took out his phone and began to scroll through to make himself appear busy. He had been listening to the men’s conversation since they got to the place, they had discussed several things which wasn’t of importance to him. He was getting more impatient. He had seen Garuba Ahmed enter into the eatery with his two men and a third one which they had picked at the A Division stop. But on entering the eatery, he only saw the two men that were seated at the front of the car. Garuba Ahmed and the third man was nowhere around.
He had been at the GRA in Ilorin since eight o’clock that morning. He stayed in his car parked beside the residence of the man. He patiently waited for more than three hours for the opportunity to get into the house. He was relieved when he saw Garuba Ahmed at the backseat of the car driving out of the house with the two men in front. He followed them from the GRA unable to act immediately because of the heavy presence of security officials in the area. The challenge road which led to the A Division was also a busy and tightly secured area and he didn’t bother to make an attempt to attack or capture the man there as it would be a very foolish move.
Something caught Rex’s attention as the men continued to discuss. He dropped his phone and placed his elbows on the table to pay closer attention.
‘Why do you think the senator is protecting the girl that attacked him at midnight?’ one of the men asked the other.
‘Well, I don’t think the senator’s hand is hundred percent clean too, I never trust politicians. I believe the documents she took from him is what he’s trying to protect. If he tells the police about the document, it’s possible he incriminates himself and that’s why he decided to single out this Inspector Kehinde for the information.’
‘The most baffling thing is that he didn’t call us. How can an ex security officer and a very trained one at that, give in to the threats of a girl?’
‘Hehe… I just know that there’s something fishy with that document she took away.’
Rex knew at once that Samantha was once again a step ahead of him. He tightened his fists and clenched his fists in anger as he thought about the whole situation. Wrong timing of the information given to him by his employers was making him walk like a fool and making her appear smarter.
He got up from his table and took three steps to theirs, he pulled out the third chair and sat on it surprising the two men with his intrusion.
‘What did your boss go to? I need to see him now,’ Rex said in a command tone.
The two men exchanged quick looks, wondering who the intruder was and surprised at his audacity.
‘Are you okay?’ one of the men asked. But he wasn’t lucky enough to get a vocal response. Rex landed him a blow on the face sending him to the ground heavily. The other man tried to attack but Rex grabbed his hand and sent him a blow in the chest.
Now, the attention of the other guests were all turned to them and the two security men at the door were alerted.
Rex stood up and took out his gun from his pocket at the right side, still holding the second man’s hand. He shot a bullet into the chest of the other man who was already trying to get up. The place was thrown into disorder at the sound of the gunshot, the other guests got up from their seats and scampered for safety.
‘Where did your boss go to?’ Rex asked again, still holding the man at the wrist and pointing a gun at his chest with the right hand.
The man tried to wriggle his hand free from Rex but to his surprise, Rex’s hand was far stronger than his.
‘He’s in one of the inner rooms, I can’t tell where exactly,’ he finally said in a shaky voice.
‘Who knows where they are?’ Rex barked.
The guy looked around for a while and then pointed towards the counter where the attendants were hiding.
Rex pushed him to the floor and began to walk towards the counter. He stopped halfway and turned back. The man had taken out his gun and was about to c–k, Rex sent two quick shots to the man’s body and proceeded forward.
There was no reason to ask questions at the counter again as Rex saw for himself the entrance that led to the inner rooms. He dragged one of the men behind the counter and pushed him forward. ‘Take me to where Garuba Ahmed is.’
The short man led him shakily into passage leading to the inner rooms and the offices. ‘Its here,’ the man pointed at a door closeby.
A security man entered into the passage at that moment and tried to hit Rex with a rod from behind. Rex was quick to dodge the rod but the security man was also swift. He made more swipes at Rex, making him unable to use the gun.
He tried to strike Rex two more times before Rex was able to get a grip of him by the arm. Rex quickly pulled the other arm from behind and squeezed both of them at his back. He faced the man to the door of the room the attendant had pointed him to and slammed the man’s face against the door, then he stepped back and shot the man on the head. The security man fell lifelessly on the floor. Rex dragged his body away from the entrance and kicked the door open.
Inspector Kehinde raised his gun and fired a quick shot at the man who entered. Unluckily the shot went wide and the man quick pulled back and hid behind the wall outside.
The Inspector looked around to find a better hiding place for Senator Garuba but could not find any. Apart from the table at which they were seated, the other furniture in the room was a long sofa backing the wall which was opposite the television, and a small glass table at the center.
‘Just stay here sir,’ The Inspector rose and began to move towards the opened door, with his gun raised in readiness.
Rex could hear the sounds of slow footsteps approaching. He went down slowly and remained in a squatting position as he waited patiently. The footsteps sounded closer and Rex could estimate the distance of the person coming to the entrance. He took in a deep breath before turning into the room, still in his squatting position. He fired a quick shot at the man.
‘Arrggh…’ Inspector Kehinde screamed as the bullet hit his shoulder unexpectedly. The gun fell away from his hand.
Rex refocused his gun to the man’s chest and tried to shoot again but nothing came out of the gun, the bullets had finished in it. His eyes met with that of the Inspector. The Inspector could see that his bullets had been exhausted and used the opportunity to rush to the place his own fell. Rex had an extra gun but didn’t try to take it out yet, he knew the Inspector was likely to get his first, he went after the Inspector’s gun instead.
The Inspector got to the gun before Rex and bent to pick it up, but before he could rise up, Rex had sent him a kick in the face with his knee. The Inspector crashed to the floor and the gun flung away from his hand again. Rex drew closer to him and landed him two more blows on the face he hit his head with the butt of his empty gun and the Inspector became unconscious.
Rex rose up to see Garuba Ahmed rushing to take the gun which had fallen from the Inspector’s hand. He took out his extra gun and pointed it at the man.
‘I’ll shoot if you try to take it,’ he threatened as Garuba was about to bend and pick the gun.
Garuba rose back slowly with his hands in the air, looking at Rex with the side eye.
‘What do you want?’ Garuba Ahmed managed to ask.
‘I want the duplicates of the documents you gave to Samantha Osman this morning,’ Rex replied.
‘Duplicates? There are no duplicates anywhere,’ Garuba replied. He knew Rex was sure about what he was saying and didn’t bother to deny that he gave Samantha any document.
Rex knew there was no duplicate, the Vice President had told him that there was only one original copy of the sealed documents. In the days when it was signed and with the facilities they used, it couldn’t be duplicated and still retain his full qualities. And even if it had duplicates, the main aim of getting the documents was to stop Samantha Osman from getting it first but which had already happened.
‘Who is she taking the documents to?’ Rex asked again, he began to move closer to the man slowly.
‘I don’t know,’ Garuba replied again, looking at Rex with the side eye again.
Rex stopped close to the man and pulled the gun on the floor to his front with his feet, he carefully bent to pick it and rose quickly again.
‘Where did she go after she left you?’
‘I don’t know, she didn’t tell me anything’ Garuba Ahmed replied again, without fear in his voice. He didn’t need anyone to tell him before he knew that this man was Eze Okafor’s killer or connected to the killer. Even if he knew Samantha’s movement and he told this man, he was sure he wasn’t going to be spared still. Death was here for him, he had said few minutes ago and it was coming to play in his life already.
Rex suddenly stepped closer to the man and landed him a blow on the nose, sending the man falling back to the long sofa. He moved closer again and hit him more.
He needed the man as an hostage to ensure he leaves the place undisturbed, that was if the police met him there. But he needed to make the man weak first to reduce the resistance he might try to put on
part 9
Nnewi, Anambra State.
Late Eze Okafor’s Residence
Dave and Dan sat quietly in the car waiting patiently for the return of Agent Godwin. The car was parked at the garage in the compound of the late man’s residence where his bereaved family were and sympathisers had come to pay condolences. Agent Godwin had walked into the place with two junior SSS officers and investigators to sympathize with the family and also use the opportunity to ask some key questions to help their investigation. Dave and Dan couldn’t go with them for the interrogation, their jobs as secret agents did not permit them to make direct interrogations, they always had to get the report from a non secret agent.
Pretending as journalists, they had visited the hospital where Eze Okafor died in with Agent Godwin and took their time to properly scrutinize the crime scene. The ward had been locked by the police after the discovery of the murder and they tried their best to ensure there was no change in the position of things there. The ropes which had been tied to the late man’s hands and legs still had their pieces attached to the bed in the ward. The windows and curtains were also left open as they were when the murder was discovered. All these were what the agents scrutinized. Agent Godwin had also requested for the footages from the security cameras installed in and around the building of the hospital. They had watched the footages over and over again and couldn’t deduce anything from it. Agent Godwin had to copy some of the files into a device for more observation at another time.
They spotted Agent Godwin returning to the car after forty minutes of going into the house with the two other SSS officers who had come in another car. Dan who was seated at the driver’s side opened the backdoor ready for the Agent to enter the car but the Agent stopped at the front instead. He knocked beside the tinted glass softly for Dan to wind down, looking around to see if anyone was looking towards their direction. The tinted glasses had helped to hide Dan and Dave inside the car, even the other SSS men had thought agent Godwin was in the car with his driver only.
Dan rolled the glass down a bit and stared at the agent.
‘I’m done with those two security guys that went out with the man but I’m still thinking of interrogating the woman now.’ Agent Godwin said to them.
‘The deceased’s wife?’ Dan asked.
‘Yes, what do you think?’
Dan shook his head. ‘Please come into the car and let’s talk.’
Agent Godwin sighed, reluctant to enter. Dan rolled the window glass up and he had no choice than to enter.
‘Sir, do you think the woman would be emotional ready to answer your questions?’ Dave asked after the man had gotten in.
‘With the way I see her, I think she’d be able to answer one or two questions that’ll be useful to us.’ Agent Godwin replied.
‘Are you the one directly in charge of the interrogation or your men?’ Dave questioned.
‘I’m in charge of this for now, but my men would take it up from tomorrow. I don’t do interrogations except it’s totally necessary and I’m only here because of the peculiarity of the case and your status as secret Agents.’
Dave nodded. He understood the man perfectly well. The man was the head of the Security team in Anambra state and had more of a managerial and overseeing responsibility except if the case had to do with the Governor of the State directly.
‘What did you get from those men sir?’ Dan questioned after a brief moment of silence.
‘They don’t know anything, the only thing they remember is the man calling on them that morning to get ready for the conference. I think benryl has washed it from their memories but with the way it is now, the police would still have to invite those men for more questioning.’
‘I think he has to question the deceased’s wife,’ Dan turned to speak to Dave. ‘I believe we would get something important from her.’
‘Okay, if you say so.’ Dave answered with a shrug like he wasn’t too sure about the decision but he was, the thought of having Dan get the full information as himself was what bothered him. ‘But sir,’ Dave turned to the man at the backseat. ‘You have to get me those footages before you go, so I can go through them again.’
‘Oh! Sure.’
Agent Godwin brought out a tablet device and handed it to Dave before stepping out of the car again. Dave plugged his earphone into the device and began to go through the footages again while Dan rested his head and closed his eyes.
Dave went through each clips in the collection thoroughly, playing some repeatedly. He had seen something suspicious while watching with Dan and Godwin earlier but decided not to mention it to the other two. He located the suspicious part after twenty five minutes of viewing and replayed the clip again. In all the video clips, the killer had tried his best to stay in shadows and hide from the camera views but in the current clip which Dave had located, there was a visible shadow moving beside the walls. He paused the video and zoomed in , he noticed it was a man’s shadow which confirmed his notion that Samantha Osman wasn’t the one who carried out the murder. He took out his own device and quickly transferred the video clip to it, after which he deleted it from Agent Godwin’s device.
Agent Godwin returned after an hour. Dan had already fallen asleep and Dave was through with going through the footages. Dan opened his eyes when Dave tapped him to release the back door for Agent Godwin to enter.
‘Sorry for taking so much time guys,’ Agent Godwin apologized after slamming the door shut.
‘No problem sir, but do you have anything for us?’ Dan replied with a sleepy voice and yawned afterwards.
‘Nothing really from the interrogation, but something else is up already,’ Agent Godwin replied. The two in front turned their faces to him. ‘Mrs Okafor could not point to anyone she thinks can be responsible for her husband’s murder, she said he had no clash or argument with anyone recently.’
‘Okay, what else did you say has happened again?’
Agent Godwin stared at them quietly for a while, causing them to be more eager to hear him.
‘Samantha killed another person in Kwara State this afternoon, the police Agent in charge called to confirm some information minutes ago,’ he said.
Airport Road, Kuje-Amuwo, Abuja
‘Is there any radio station reporting the news at three pm?’ Tarasha asked Cole as they drove down the road. Tarasha was seated at the back using her laptop while Cole drove.
‘Several stations would report only the headlines, details are usually done by six in the evening and nine pm. But I can tune it to the twenty four hours news station if you want to get current happenings.’ Cole offered.
‘No, we would miss some past headlines that way, just tune it to a channel airing by three pm.’
Cole tuned the car radio to a station and put the volume to a medium level. Tarasha checked her time again, it was just two minute to three. All she needed to hear in the news was an update on the death of Eze Okafor and if any of the top police officials had said anything about it. She refreshed the news blog page on her browser again while she waited for the news to begin. The page reloaded and she realized the blog had just been updated. The news on radio also began as she began to scroll down the page, the headlines of news at the top of the updates were of no interest to her. She finally got to the middle of the page and found a newly updated post with her work name in the title. Just then, the name was also mentioned by the newscaster on radio too. The headlines were the same.
Anambra State.
‘Senator Garuba Ahmed, that’s sad.’ Dave heaved a sigh as they drove down the road. Agent Godwin was still seated at the back and he was folding his arms and staring in a thoughtful manner, the same manner as Dave.
Dave’s heart was greatly grieved. Not because he had a personal relationship with the senator or because he had met the man before but he was tired of the killings happening and his seeming inability to stop them. But one thing he was sure again in this newly reported murder was that the real story had been thoroughly distorted before being let out by the media.
‘You said it was a man who kidnapped Garuba Ahmed. Why then is it Samantha Osman being named as the killer?’
‘According to the report I got, the man’s dead body was found in a car. He was also tied on his hands and feet and had no signs of injury on his body just like Dr Eze Okafor was murdered, the only difference is the location of the murder.’
‘We are yet to confirm that Samantha Osman killed Dr Eze Okafor,’ Dave said in his mind. He didn’t want to voice out his doubt of Samantha being Dr Eze’s murderer, so that Dan could at least believe that they were on the same page; that way, he would be able to keep more secrets from Dan.
‘Only the security men at the gate claimed that they saw Samantha Osman entering into the hospital yesterday and they never saw her coming out. The footages do not even prove their claims yet,’ Dave spoke out.
‘Well, do ou think they could be telling us something else?’ Agent Godwin asked.
‘No, why would they? Besides, it’s not the first time of Samantha Osman being invisible to the cameras.’ Dave answered.
‘That’s true, I suspect that she entered into the security room to delete the footages.’ Godwin hinted.
‘No, she has other ways, I don’t think she went into the security room.’ Dave disagreed. ‘But are you sure the Security men you spoke to were the ones on duty that night?’
‘Yes, of course. How could I have spoken to other ones?’
‘Don’t be offended sir, I only wanted to find out how the security guys there work. If they have three shifts, it’s possible that Samantha got in earlier before the guys on night shift arrived, so it could have been another lady they saw.’
‘No, they have only two shifts. Some work from morning to evening and the other sets evening to morning. The ones on the evening duty were the one who confirmed her entrance and they said she entered at night.’
The ringing sound of Godwin’s phone interrupted and he excused himself before answering the call. He spoke to his caller for almost two minutes, uttering no other words except ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.
‘That’s the SSS director in Kwara State,’ Godwin said after the call ended. ‘Apart from passersby witnesses that a woman parked the car which carried the senator’s dead body, he just told me of something else which proves that it was Samantha that killed him the new victim.’
Dave still had doubts in his mind even though Agent Godwin was sounding very sure. He knew there would always be something amiss in the Police’s report.
‘There are several other proofs already,’ Dan inputted. ‘If it’s the same pattern Dr Eze Okafor and the senator was killed, then it means it’s the same killer.’
‘But we have a more sure proof now,’ Agent Godwin said confidently, getting the full attention of the other two. ‘They found multiple identity cards and debit cards of Samantha Osman in the car, the ID cards with the same face that we all know.’
Dave chuckled after taking a moment to ponder on what the Agent said. ‘I think she’s been under so much pressure lately and that’s why her murders have been traceable.’
‘We can’t tell. In my opinion, I’ll say it’s because these recent murders happened in other states. She may kill without leaving traces in Abuja or Lagos, I believe she has most of her men there and would get the necessary support.’ Godwin said.
‘That’s another valid point we need to look into,’ Dan supported.
‘Where’s the nearest Catholic Church around?’ Dave suddenly changed the topic, the other points they were making were of no importance to him.
‘Catholic Church? You didn’t ask at the right time, we passed one of their big cathedrals already but there are other smaller ones we can find on the way.’
‘No, I’ll like the big one.’ Dave said.
‘Then you have to stop here, and take a cab to St Cletus Catholic Church.’
‘Okay, thank you. I have to do that immediately.’
‘What are you going to do in a Catholic Church?’ Dan questioned with a raised eyebrow, staring at Dave through the rearview mirror.
‘I need to see a priest,’ Dave replied.
‘Are you sure you are not gay, sleeping with em priests?’
‘You’re crazy bro, who told you the priests are gays?’ Dave replied with a brief laugh.
‘Boys say nonsense at times and I’m wondering if it’s true because you always visit Catholic churches most times to see the priest.’
‘Yea, I just want to see the priest and pour out my heart.’
‘You wanna confess your sins?’
‘Well, you can say that’s part of it.’
‘Don’t tell me you’ve been shagging girls without inviting me recently,’ Dan shot a look at him with mocking eyes.
‘You need to take your pills bro,’ Dave laughed. ‘Just find somewhere good to stop for me’
Dan and Agent Godwin drove away after dropping Dave by the roadside. Dave took out his phone from his pocket and confirmed the address of the hospital. He exited and then turned on his GPS and opened the map application. He crossed to the other side of the road and waited to get a cab.
Henry sat in front of the control room, scrolling and explaining some things to Cole and Tarasha who sat at either sides.
‘The Inspector General would be going for routine check up at the hospital on 3rd of May, that’s next tomorrow. He doesn’t go heavily guarded and no one gets to know he’s in the car because of the time. He only goes with two supporting officers at the front. Here’s the hospital, and he takes this route,’ Henry paused to show illustrate with the map on the system and made sure they understood before he proceeded. ‘We have two options now, it’s either we take kidnap the man and break him till he confesses or go with the other plan, submit his own file to him and take him to court like we’re doing to the Vice President.’
Henry stopped and turned to face Tarasha, waiting for her to talk.
She stared blankly at the wall for a while, pondering on which of the options would be the best. Henry had done a great job with his research and monitoring of the Inspector General, more than she had expected.
She liked the first option ; kidnapping the man, although she preferred to kill him immediately instead. The second option which was their first and only option would take a longer time.
‘What’s the exact time he goes to the hospital?’ she asked Henry.
‘5am, that’s why he doesn’t go heavily guarded.’ Henry replied.
‘Cole,’ she called and looked at him in the eye. ‘Which option do we take?’
‘The first is quicker,’ Cole replied. ‘But we have to set up structures to make sure the man doesn’t get away or isn’t rescued.’
‘We have enough structures to keep him already, what we only need to do is execute a good job in taking him. No one would trace him to us unless we are careless.’
‘Then we should go for the first option, it would produce faster results.’ Cole said.
Tarasha faced Henry to hear what he had to say too.
‘The first is cool for me too.’ Henry said.
‘Then we’d prepare everything necessary from tomorrow morning, I need to take a good rest now.’ She got up from her seat and shook her head in an exercising manner.
‘Boss, I have to go out now. Vivian Elvis’ flight is by 6pm,’ Cole reminded Tarasha.
Tarasha checked the time on her phone, it was past 4 o’clock. She felt tempted to ask Cole what his plan was but decided not to intrude. She believed he could handle the job and she wanted him to feel her confidence in him. ‘Do all you need to do but be back and ready by morning tomorrow.’
‘Okay, thank you.’ Cole replied. He understood perfectly well that she was giving permission for him to spend the night out too, he had hinted while driving her home from the airport that he would love to club that night.
Tarasha was the first to leave the control room, followed by Cole. He whistled under his breath with happiness in his heart as he walked towards his room, he was excited at the thought of having Patricia with him all night. It was the opportunity he had been waiting for.
He almost collided with Tomi as he got into the passage leading to his room. She shifted back and their eyes met. Her face was filled with anger like one who had just been hurt by someone else, her lips were trembling and hands vibrating.
‘Is anything the matter?’ Cole asked out of concern. He had never seen her that way and didn’t like to, even though they’ve not been on talking terms.
She stared at him coldly and eyed him, she then hissed and pushed him aside as she walked past. Cole stayed on the same spot and watched until she sank into one of the chairs in the living room. She looked like something was really bothering her. He turned to go and ask what the problem was but then stopped on remembering that he had a task at hand, he glanced at his wristwatch before hurrying off to his room.
Tomi took in a deep breath as she sank into the sofa, she closed her eyes and tears rolled down from the corner. She was coming from Cole’s room where she had been for the past fifty minutes, going through his phone. Cole who was busy with Tarasha and Henry in the control room had left one of his phones in his room, the phone which he reserved for communication with Patricia. It wasn’t secured with a lock anymore, so she had access to the contents. She had gone through his messages both on WhatsApp and the local messaging app and read through his conversation with Patricia. It was the cause for her brokenheartedness.
Cole unbuttoned his shirt as he walked into the room. His eyes hovered to and fro for a moment until he located his phone on the table. He flung his shirt to the bed and walked to the wardrobe to select another set of clothes. He noticed the position had changed but felt that he had left it there himself and forgotten.
He finished dressing up and walked out of the room in less than ten minutes with his two phones and his backpack which contained the necessary tools for his task. He stopped in the living room to check for Tomi but she was nowhere to be found. He proceeded out of the house and got into his car.
Tomi watched from the left side of the building as he drove out of the house. She released a breath and took out her phone from the pocket of her mini jean skirt. She opened the contacts app and clicked on the contact she stored as “B*TCH”, that was Patricia’s number.
Chapter 13 part 10&11
Dave scrolled back up hurriedly with the mouse after going through the list twice without finding anything tangible. He was on the Umueri International Airport portal and had gone through the lists of passengers that had left for Kwara State through the two airline options available. He checked the passport photographs and names of all the passengers and none seemed to be like Samantha Osman. The most striking thing in his discovery was that no lady was on the list of travellers from Anambra to Ilorin that morning and only three female names were on the flights that took place in the airport that morning. He had also checked the profiles of the three ladies on the citizen’s directory found out that none of them was impersonated, he confirmed each of them’s arrival at their destination states.
All his findings pointed only to one thing- Samantha Osman did not fly to Kwara State that morning, and without going through flight, there was no way she would have gotten there considering the time of her alleged murder of Eze Okafor and the time of Garuba Ahmed’s kidnap and death.
Dave believed that someone other than Samantha Osman was behind Eze Okafor’s death but what he couldn’t connect was Samantha’s involvement in it and the possible reason for the murder of the two victims.
‘Sir, we usually close for the day by 7pm. It’s already five minutes to,’ one of the cyber cafe attendants said to him.
‘Ermm… Just a minute to check one more thing,’ Dave replied without looking at the attendant.
He got out of the place five minutes later, now with doubts in his heart about Samantha Osman’s hand in the death of the recent late friends. He had checked the flight records and everything he saw proved that there was no one on the flight who was Samantha, even the possibility that she flew in a disguised form was ruled out after he confirmed the existence of all other females on the flight. But after having a rethink, especially after considering the fact that her identity cards were found in the car the latest victim’s body was found, he concluded it was possible for Samantha to have followed the flight and cleared her name from the records. Another thing that kept him uncertain was why Samantha Osman would do a neat job in covering traces of her flight to Kwara state and be careless to leave traces in form of the identity cards after killing her victim.
Ilorin, Kwara State.
Rex sat meditatively on the chair in the hotel room, his elbow resting on the table and his fingers supporting his chin. A half empty cup of beer and a bottle was on the table. The drink had been left there for close to an hour without being touched.
He was still in ilorin because he needed a clear direction before moving, he didn’t want to leave the state without knowing where Samantha’s next destination was. He had tried to speak with the Vice President and Inspector General on phone but they weren’t answering their calls. He knew it was possibly because they were extremely busy.
Just about the time he thought of trying to reach them again, the Inspector General returned his call. He picked the phone which was on the same table he was resting on and answered the call.
‘Hi Mr Rikau,’ he said into the phone.
‘Rex, Good evening. Where are you and what’s happening?’
‘I’m in a city in Kwara State, still on your job. I need to get my next step from you.’
‘Next step from me?’ Chief Rikau sounded surprised. ‘Did Samantha Osman leave that state immediately after killing Garuba Ahmed?’
‘I killed Garuba Ahmed, you asked me to.’
‘Ermm… Does that mean you got there before her?’
‘I got there several hours after she left, she must have gotten to the place since last night.’
‘That means you met the man dead?’
‘Didn’t you hear me say I killed him?’
‘Ermm… I don’t understand. The police has reports proving that Samantha killed him and not you.’ Rex replied.
‘I did the killing, I only made it look like she did. You told me you were going to have the world believe she killed the men and I decided to help you by planting my own made Identity cards of her known face in the car I dumped the dead body.’
‘Wow! That’s brilliant! You almost got me believing that she killed him too.’
‘There’s no need for a celebration yet, she has the document I came here for already.’ Rex said in an unimpressed tone.
‘I already started thinking about that when I was told about Garuba’s death earlier, I sent a message to the Vice President just before I called you and I’m still waiting for his reply to know the next step.’
‘She’s already ahead of us, we shouldn’t create more gap for her against ourselves. I need information from you guys as soon as possible.’
‘I understand you Rex, but what do you think we should do now that she’s ahead?’
‘We ought to know where she is now or where she’s going next, the Vice President should be able to deduce from the connection between the guy in Anambra and Garuba Ahmed who next she might want to get something else from.’
‘Okay Rex, I’ll get back to you on that. Just make sure you update me on every step you decide to take, so that I can talk to the police commissioners in any of the states you go.’
Inspector General Rikau’s Residence.
Rikau took in a deep breath after the call ended. He took some minutes to think about the phone conversation. Samantha Osman had gotten the documents but he and Chief Elvis Richards were also making other plans against her. The Vice President was also working on making a lot of money available by demanding returns from several of the states Governors he had helped to put in power.
Chief Rikau unlocked his phone and opened his messaging app to see if his message to the Vice President had been delivered, it had, but wasn’t marked seen yet. He decided to call the man. He dialed the number and put the phone close to his ear.
‘Good eve…’ he tried to greet but his voice was drowned by Chief Elvis’ voice from the other end.
‘IG, I want you to call Inspector Dakolo right away and instruct him not to question my daughter.’ the Vice President said.
‘Sir? I don’t understand. Why is he questioning your daughter in the first place?’
‘My daughter is in the Police’s custody right now and I was told that Inspector Dakolo is the Inspector responsible.’
‘I don’t still understand sir, I thought she was supposed to be on her flight to the United States.’
‘Yes but I don’t understand what happened yet, I think there was a minor accident.’
‘Oh! But what is Dakolo’s concern with this?’
‘She is in the Police’s hospital, I understand that they helped her get out of trouble. What I don’t want is Dakolo or any officer asking her questions. They may get to ask why she was traveling to the United States when she had several music shows this weekend in Nigeria, I don’t want her to state Samantha Osman’s threat as the reason she’s leaving.’
‘Okay, I will get someone to handle it right away.’
‘No, call right now and stop Dakolo or anyone else from questioning her. My personal assistant already called but Dakolo insisted that the Inspector General remains the only one who can give the orders.’
‘Okay sir, I’ll call him right away.’
‘Please do ‘
The Vice President ended the call without asking for the reason the Inspector General called initially. The Inspector General searched for a number on his phone and called. He started by instructing that the girl should not be asked questions before he asked about what she was doing in the police hospital. He learnt that she and the driver had been attacked on her way to the airport. The driver was injured and left unconscious while Vivian was tranquilized but left without no physical sign of injury.
Clinic, Police Headquarters, Abuja.
Dakolo sat quietly at the reception, waiting for the doctor to come out of the ward. The man had asked for some minutes alone with the patient and had only spent five minutes, but Dakolo was impatient. Dakolo knew he had little time before he would be asked to drop the case.
He was on a routine check with some members of his team in town when they drove through a street and noticed some people at the front of a gate gathered around a car and trying to force the doors open. The manner at which the people went about it suggested that something was wrong. Dakolo ordered for their vehicle to halt and he came out with another officer to see what was going on. They discovered on getting closer that two people were locked in the car, appearing totally unconscious. Only after they were successful in breaking the door did Dakolo notice that Vivian was the one in the car, and since then he took more interest. Dakolo waited to get reports from eye witnesses while the other officers took the victims to the hospital. The eyewitnesses only said that they saw a man dressed in a pull over and a hiphop cap coming out from the car.
Dakolo couldn’t wait to question the girl, his interest had increased when he got a call from a man claiming to be the Vice President’s personal assistant not to go ahead to question the girl, then he knew that the attack must be something serious and that it involved the father.
The doctor finally came into the reception with his white coat hung on his arm. Dakolo got up from his seat on seeing him and waited for the man to talk.
‘Inspector, the drugs have washed away the effect of the tranquilizer already, you can see her anytime you want and she’s also free to leave.’ the doctor said.
‘Thank you Doctor,’ Dakolo said she offered the doctor a handshake. ‘I’ll just go in right away.’
‘Inspector, you’re going no where!’ a familiar voice said from behind.
Dakolo halted and sighed, he turned back slowly to see Agent Tim.
‘You’ve become so rebellious lately, I don’t know what you think about yourself.’ Agent Tim continued as he approached them. The doctor stood watching the drama without understanding any part of it. ‘Why did you refuse the Vice President’s order?’
Dakolo sighed again. He wasn’t in the mood for questions and answers. He knew he had lost the opportunity to find out what really happened to Vivian but being forced to answer silly questions would make the day worse for him.
‘Sir, I only told him to go through the right order. I told him I couldn’t do what he wanted me to do if the order did not come from one of my superiors.’ Dakolo explained.
‘You lie Inspector, you lie!’ Agent Tim barked while Dakolo remained silent. ‘You told him you won’t obey except the Inspector General speaks with you directly.’
Dakolo remained quiet.
Agent Tim stopped right in front of Dakolo and stared at his face meanly for a moment. Dakolo looked blankly.
‘Just get away from here,’ agent Tim said and turned to the doctor. ‘Sir, lead us to the girl.’
Dakolo stood there for some more seconds after they walked away, he turned and stared towards the path they took before proceeding out of the hospital.
Chez Victor, Maitama Abuja
Victor walked into the restaurant majestically with Patricia’s hands in his. He was dressed in a simple cream coloured shirt tucked into a plain black trouser, he looked good and a bit official in the dress but he felt it wonderful to look different for the night. Patricia was dressed in a long gown extending to her feet and split from down to her knee at the left side.
They got to the table and he pulled out a chair for her to seat before taking his own seat.
‘This place is beautiful!’ Patricia exclaimed as she took a look around.
‘Yea, I know you would like it.’ Cole replied with a smile.
‘Yea, I like it but I would have still preferred us having dinner at your place.’ she said.
‘Don’t let’s go over that again, I know how good you can cook already and I can’t wait to be having your meals daily but I just didn’t want today’s own to be stressful.’
‘Hmm… Really?’ Patricia shone her eyes widely.
‘Yea, I’m serious.’
A waiter arrived with a tray of food and courtesied before she began to serve the food gently on the table. Patricia stared in surprise, wondering why they were being served when they had not made an order yet. Victor did not appear surprised but instead he helped the waiter to make the serving faster.
‘Do you remember I asked you two days ago what your favourite French food was?’ he asked with a smile as the waiter left the table to get something else.
‘Yes… I do,’ she replied, still looking surprised and wondering what he was driving at.
‘So, this is just a part of it, I actually asked them to reserve this table for us and make that special dish for us.’
Patricia’s mouth opened widely and her eyes shone in pleasant surprise. ‘Oh My God!’ she exclaimed, covering her mouth with her palm. ‘It must cost a fortune to make that kind of order here.’
‘Doesn’t cost much,’ Victor chuckled. The waiter returned and served the remaining dishes on the table. Patricia stared unbelievably as the dishes were being served, to her surprise it was exactly what she told him she killed.
‘Oh! Thank you so much for this.’
The waiter left and they began to eat in silence, exchanging pleasant chuckles and gazes at each other.
Aguda House, Aso Rock.
Chief Elvis Richards rushed to the window immediately he saw an incoming call from Agent Tim, he knew it meant that they had arrived with his daughter. He pulled the curtains and stared out, a car was driving into the garage just like he expected. He closed the curtains and returned to his seat but was unable to sit for long, he picked up his walking stick and began to pace around as he waited for their entrance.
Soon, their entrance was announced by the sound of Vivian’s sobbing. Chief Elvis whose back was turned to the door before turned to see Vivian crying as she approached him.
‘My dear, hope you aren’t hurt?’ he said as he spread his hands widely to embrace her.
She rushed into his arms and continued to sob on his chest.
‘Good evening sir,’ Agent Tim greeted from behind.
‘Agent, thank you so much.’ the Vice President replied him.
‘You’re welcome sir, ‘ Agent Tim replied. ‘The doctor has confirmed that she’s perfectly fine, she only needs to take a lot of rest.’
‘Alright Agent, thank you.’ Chief Elvis replied, still patting his girl at the back.
‘You’re welcome sir, I’d like to take my leave immediately.’
‘Oh sure, you’re free. I’ll see you later.’ the Vice President stretched out his hand to the man.
‘Goodnight sir,’ Agent Tim bowed as he took the man’s handshake.
‘Come, Vivian, let’s sit.’ Chief Elvis said to his daughter as he pulled her to a sofa. ‘Tell me how it happened.’
She wiped her tears after sitting on the sofa, her Dad sat on the arm of the chair.
‘Talk to me, what happened?’ Chief Elvis asked again, placing his hands by her shoulders encouragingly.
‘It was the same man that brought the file,’ she said as she sniffed in.
‘The same man from Samantha Osman?’ he asked, shocked as he withdrew his hands from her body.
‘Yes, he was the one. He told me that I can’t leave the country until I make you do the right thing.’ she said and looked at her father’s face.
He picked his walking stick as he rose up slowly from the seat. His face was expressionless. He had booked her flight secretly, so he wondered how Samantha got to know about it.
‘Did you tell anyone else about your flight?’ he turned to her and asked.
‘No, I didn’t. Only the driver knew I was going to the airport and I only told him that evening.’
‘But what else did he say to you?’
‘He told me to tell you to act fast in reporting yourself or things would go in a way that you do not like.’
Chief Elvis took in a deep breath and turned away. He was already making other plans to tackle Samantha but he wasn’t expecting that she would keep tabs on his daughter. He needed to act fast like her messenger told his daughter, but not fast in reporting himself, fast in reporting her.
‘Vivian, you have to stay here henceforth. It’s dangerous for you to stay elsewhere for now, do you understand?’
‘It’s almost time for the network news, ‘ Tarasha announced as she walked into the living room.
Tomi was sitting in one of the sofas with her earphone plugged into her ears while Henry was sitting in front of the television playing video games. He stopped the game and disconnected the gadget after hearing Tarasha’s announcement.
All of them had television sets in their rooms and could watch the news from there but Tarasha had made it mandatory for everyone to watch the news at nine together in the living room.
Henry switched to the news station with the remote control and changed his seat. They all waited for the news to begin and listened attentively immediately it started.
The newscaster ran through the news headlines and Samantha Osman’s name was in one of the headlines as usual. They listened attentively until it got to the details of the news about Samantha Osman. The newscaster read;
‘Female assasin Samantha Osman and her gang appears to be getting bolder as the day goes by. Earlier today at midnight, she killed former Health Minister Eze Okafor and by noon, she murdered serving senator in Kwara State, Garuba Ahmed. Garuba Ahmed was abducted forcefully by one of Samantha Osman’s men from Friendz restaurant at Ajase Ipo Road, Ilorin, leaving not less than five people dead and six injured. The man’s body was later found in a car abandoned along unity road. Passers-by and sellers at the area confirmed that a lady drove the car there and abandoned it. Several national indentity cards with different names but the same picture of Samantha Osman were also found in the car. It is believe that she must have forgotten the pack of identity cards while rushing to leave the place. Investigations are still on by the police and more details are to be revealed later.’
The part of the news about her ended with that and another news item was being casted in details. Thoughts filled Tarasha’s mind and the minds of all that she listened to the news with. Tomi didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t tell if it was true or not and she was even still in the moody state that the discovery of Patricia had put her in. Henry who had been following her activities closely knew that the news was false. He wondered why she was being framed up by the police and the media.
‘I know what to do,’ Tarasha suddenly said and got up to her feet. ‘I’m sure Rex has been following us, we need to get him off our back.’
Part 11
Flashback ~~ An Hour Ago
‘Have you called Agent Dave?’ Agent Godwin asked Dan as he walked into a living room where Dan was seated and resting comfortably and watching TV.
‘No, why?’ Dan asked the man.
‘I was told he was at the office some minutes ago, he told my secretary that he forgot something there.’ Godwin replied.
‘What could he have forgotten?’ Dan questioned with a frown.
‘I don’t know, I’m just wondering why he didn’t call to let me know.’
‘Well, I’m sure he would be back soon. No need to worry, he would explain himself.’
Dave looked towards the hospital gate again from where he was seated, in the car he rented. He glanced at his wristwatch one more time, it was sixteen minutes to eight. It was either the men he was expecting had gone into the hospital before he arrived or they were going to resume late that night.
While he was still thinking, one of the men he recognized appeared at the other side of the road looking out for cars before he would cross the road. Dave started the car engine immediately and drove forward, he stopped beside the fence of the hospital just before the gate. The man was now standing at the median. The road was soon free for him and he crossed to the other side and headed towards the gate. Dave pushed the horn to call his attention.
The security man stopped and observed the car for a second, it was an expensive one. The owner must be a very wealthy person, he thought. He changed direction and walked to the car.
‘Good evening sir,’ Dave greeted with a kind smile.
‘Good evening,’ the security man greeted. The person in the car looked younger than he expected. He had thought he would find a man above fifty year old at the backseat of the car with a driver in front. Immediately in his mind, he concluded that the young man was an internet fraudster if he was the real owner of the car.
‘Sir, I need some help from you. I’d like to ask you some questions about your hospital, I hope you don’t mind joining me in the car so that we can talk.’
‘I’m on my way to work as you can see,’ the security man replied and stood up straight, now looking towards the gate.
‘Sir, this is for you if you’ll answer my questions.’ Dave said as he reached for a briefcase behind. He opened it to show the man but the man was still staring at the gate, a woman with a bandage on the head was coming out with a man.
‘What did you say?’ the security man turned back to him. He took a step backward and bent towards the car. His mouth opened wide in shock as he saw the content of the briefcase – one thousand naira notes well stacked and arranged.
Dave took out two bundles and closed the briefcase. ‘This will be for you after you answer my question.’
The security man whistled in low volume as he calculated the bundles in his mind, it would be nothing less than a hundred thousand naira. That was huge to him. Without thinking much, he turned to the other side and entered the car after making sure that no one was watching him from the hospital gate.
‘Can I start right away?’ Dave asked.
‘No,’ the man answered, still looking around to see if anyone was watching. ‘Let’s move away from here,’ he said. All he had in mind was to get to a place he could collect the money without anyone seeing him.
Dave could read his mind. He felt pity for him because the notes weren’t going to touch the man’s hand even though they were fake naira notes. He had taken the briefcase from Agent Godwin’s office. He learnt from their visit there in the morning that Agent Godwin was dealing with a case of fake money printed and the man talked about the briefcase while discussing with them. He had to return it to the SSS Office after use.
Dave drove the car a little bit forward and halted again.
‘I think this is a very good place to stay,’ the security man said, looking out through the back window. He turned back and faced Dave with an anxious look. ‘Please ask any questions you want.’
‘Please sir, I want you to be truthful with me. I could add more to the money if you provide me with the right information.’
‘Okay, ask,’ the man hurried him up, nodding affirmatively. He took a glance at the bundle of money between Dave’s lap again.
‘I learnt that Samantha Osman was in your hospital last night, is that true?’
‘Uhm…’ the man frowned a bit, it wasn’t the kind of question he was expecting. ‘Yes…ss.’
‘I heard the security men saw her,’ Dave continued. ‘Were you one of them and do you know how long she stayed in the hospital?’
‘Ermm… No, and I can’t tell how long she stayed.’
‘Oh!’ Dave closed his eyes, he inhaled deeply and exhaled. ‘That means I have to find someone else who knows how long she was there, that’s the most important information I need, so that I can determine where she went after that.’
‘Ermm…’ the man cleared his throat as his blinked severally. ‘Do you promise to still release the money if I tell you the truth?’ the man asked, his gaze lingering on the bundles of money again.
‘Yes,’ Dave handed him one of the bundles. ‘I’ll add two more bundles if you tell me the whole truth.’
‘Ahem!’ he cleared his throat again and looked through the back window as if to confirm once more if anybody was watching. With his face full of smiles, he tried to force the first bundle into his pocket.
‘I have a bag for you,’ Dave offered. He stretched his hand to the backseat and picked a small leather bag, he gave it to the man and the man inserted the first bundle.
‘The truth is that Samantha Osman did not come to our hospital yesterday,’ the man said boldly. He knew that Dave may not like the truth he was about to say but he was confident because one of the bundles was already with him and if he was lucky, Dave would appreciate the truth by giving him more. ‘In fact, we saw nobody at all. We didn’t know how the killer of Eze Okafor got in or how the person got out, even our security cameras didn’t capture the movement.’
Dave faked a look of surprise, ‘But the police officers think that Samantha Osman was the one.’
‘That was the instruction given to us, I think our head security officer was bribed to accuse Samantha Osman and he also commanded the rest of us to also give the same information to police officers and
‘So Samantha Osman did not come to your hospital?’
‘I don’t know, non of my colleagues know but our head security officer claims she did but we don’t trust him, we believe he was asked to say that. We were the ones on duty and we didn’t see anyone.’
‘Who do you think bribed your head security officer?’
‘I can’t tell, I don’t have an idea.’
‘Okay,’ Dave bit his lips and stared in silence for a while. Then he turned to the backseat and moved the briefcase, he picked up a pistol the bag was covering. ‘Let me have the money back,’ he said, pointing the gun at the man.
The man stared silently at him, shocked beyond words. He tried to open the door stylishly but he couldn’t, Dave had placed all the doors on lock.
‘Dave, where the hell have you been?’ Dan stared at Dave with a bossy look as the latter walked into the living room.
Dave got to the sofa and sank in tiredly. He loosened his belt and laid his head on the headrest for some seconds before giving Dan attention.
‘I was everywhere bro, the cathedral, the SSS office and a bar.’ Dave said to Dan.
‘What did you forget at the SSS office?’
‘Our travel permit,’ Dave said. He managed to sit up and pulled out a folded piece of paper from his pocket, something flew out from his pocket to the floor in the process.
‘What’s that?’ Dan asked, with his eyes widened in surprise.
Dave shifted and stared at the floor. ‘S–t!’ he cursed under his breath. A nylon of condom had dropped. He got up quickly and picked it. ‘It was distributed freely to me on my way back,’ he said as he began to make his way towards the room.
‘Hmm, free distribution indeed.’ Dan laughed as he watched Dave leave.
Dave dropped the condom into the waste bin as he entered the room. His purpose with it had been achieved. It was to make Dan ask him less questions and assumed that he had spent the evening in a brothel.
He sank into the bed tiredly. The traffic back to the SSS Office was terrible, but he had to go through it to return the briefcase there.
Victor and Patricia were on the long sofa, Victor seated at the rear end and Patricia laying straight with her head on his laps. They seemed to be engrossed in their discussion.
‘So, do you really mean I’ll have to pay millions for your bride price?’ Victor said in a light mode, staring straight into her eyes. His left hand was close to her head with his fingers caressing her face and ear occasionally. The right hand was placed across her chest.
‘No, I meant that was our tradition back then. Parents insist that their daughter must come home with a very rich man.’
Dave chuckled, ‘Anyway, I wouldn’t mind if I pay so much for you, you deserve more.’
Patricia smiled and located his hand with hers, she curled her fingers around his and tightened it. ‘I love you so much.’
‘I love you more.’
A phone began to ring. Cole gave a sigh as he flashed a look at the centre table where the phone was. He recognized the caller’s ringtone and wondered what Henry was calling him for at that time.
‘Excuse me please,’ he said to Patricia and gently moved her. He reached for the phone and answered the call.
‘What’s up man?’ Victor said and began to walk towards the dinning area.
Patricia watched him go, she got up from the seat and reached for her bag on the center table. She opened the outer pocket and brought a little transparent nylon with a white powdery substance in it. She took a brief glance at her wristwatch to confirm the time. She would put the substance in a drink for him in thirty minutes time and would be able to extract enough data from his devices before morning.
‘So, John Bisong is the best option?’ Tarasha asked to confirm as she typed the name into Google search box.
‘Yes, he’s the only man who worked with Garuba Ahmed but was on the Chief Elvis’ side.’ Dr Ekwueme replied.
Tarasha took her time to go through the search results. At the top of the page was John Bisong’s picture and summary of his profile on Wikipedia, he was the current commissioner of Police in Cross River state.
‘Do you know anything personal about him?’ she asked.
‘No, I only know he worked with Garuba Ahmed.’ Dr Ekwueme replied.
‘I’ll go through the profile and get back to you. By the way, I’ll like to go through the details of Chief Elvis Richards’ Child Trafficking again, tomorrow morning.’
‘I’m ready for it, you call me when you’re ready,’ Dr Ekwueme replied.
Tarasha nodded gently, ‘Thank you, you may return to your room now.’
‘Thank you,’ Dr Ekwueme said and got up from the seat.
Henry entered into the control room just as the man was about leaving. He bowed slightly to greet and allowed the man to walk out before closing the door.
‘I called Cole on phone some minutes ago, I heard he wouldn’t be coming back here tonight.’ Henry said to Tara as he walked closer.
‘Yes, I’m aware.’ Tarasha replied after taking a brief glance at him.
‘I think something needs to be done about him and Tomi,’ Henry said as he settled in the chair beside her.
‘What’s wrong with the both of them?’ she asked, turning her face to him.
‘Things are not going fine between them and I think it’s the reason for Tomi’s sullen mood,’ Henry answered.
‘I noticed the look on her face too but I don’t want to get involved, it’s unnecessary,’ she replied and faced the desktop again.
‘You have to be involved, we all have to be in good terms with each other if we want to work well.’
‘No, we don’t have to.’ Tara disagreed in a strong tone. She stared at him with her eyes widely shone, ‘This is an organization, it doesn’t matter who your colleague is, you don’t bring personal matters into work.’
‘No buts,’ she stopped him, shaking her head to show her reluctance in discussing the matter further. ‘From the start, I warned both of them not to let whatever they do with each other affects their jobs, anyone who doesn’t carry out his activities properly would be penalized.’
Henry sighed and closed his eyes, he knew there was no way he was going to convince Tarasha to interfere. He opened his eyes and met her still staring at him, she still had the bossy look on. Her conversation with him in recent times was that of a boss to her subordinate except for times when they were alone. It showed her professionality and further strengthened her reason for not wanting to get involved between Cole and Tomi.
30 minutes later.
Tarasha was alone in the control room again. The whole house was dead silent. Henry had left her to go to sleep as she was still very busy. Now, she just finished with a part of her work and was about to begin another.
She clicked on the Nefary email application icon on the desktop, it opened immediately and she typed in her login details. It took about fifteen seconds for it to finish loading the messages. She scrolled down her inbox and located the conversation with
47tarasha@nefary.org . She clicked on it and read through her latest reply. She had paid off Chief Gab’s debt without letting him know about it yet. It was against their laws and it came with a strict penalty as punishment. She located her phone and dialed Chief Gab’s number. It took some time for the man to answer.
‘Hello Tarasha,’ the man’s voice sounded sleepy.
‘Why are you owing the weekly dues Chief?’ Tarasha asked straightaway without wasting time on pleasantries.
Chief Gab was silent. He didn’t know Tarasha would find out. He had reasons he had not been able to pay yet but wasn’t bold enough to state them as excuses.
‘Talk to me Chief!’
‘Tarasha,’ Chief Gab called calmly and followed with a sigh. ‘I will pay as soon as I can.’
‘I’m not asking you to tell me when you would pay?’
‘I’m asking why you haven’t paid when you know it’s a requisite for me to remain here.’
‘I know that Tarasha, but I’ve been very low on cash recently, I promise to pay up once I have enough money.’
‘Try your best to do that but make sure you call me before before you pay anything,’ she said in conclusion and ended the call.
She dropped the phone on the table and continued with the email. She scrolled down to the previous message in reply to the assignment she gave the junior queen. She had scanned through it days ago when she received it but had no time to go through it thoroughly. It was a brief message but it contained all the important details she needed, with images and word documents attached.
47tarasha@nefary.org :
‘From the descriptions you gave, it is clear that the man is an assasin from a neighboring clan. Apart from the Nefary clan, four other assasin clans exist in Northern Asia and Eastern Europe, their various signs are known but we aren’t so sure of their names except for the Villary our arch enemy clan whose attributes and signs we don’t know. There are eight images and four two-paged word documents attached in this message, two images peculiar to each clan and one document for each clan. If you can identify any two of the signs as the one on his mask, going through each document will help you identify the document the sign is peculiar to, and with the attributes detected, you can pick the best strategy to defeat this assasin.
I hope this helps you. Kill well, Queen.’
She took a quick scan of the images to see if she would easily pick out the sign but she couldn’t. She began to go through each one carefully, taking about two minutes on each. She got to the last image still without finding the sign she wanted. She repeated the process for a second time and still couldn’t identify any that would make her remember the sign on Rex’s mask that day.
She rested her back and closed her eyes for a brief moment, replaying the fight with Rex in her mind. Like a scary nightmare it was as the torture and pain seemed real and present to her again. She opened her eyes with a gasp and her heartbeat increased. She still couldn’t remember what the sign looked like.
She sat up and scanned through the images again. She still didn’t recognize any one. She then rotated each of them 180° and began to go through each one for a minute each. The fifth picture looked strangely similar in its rotated view. Suddenly, with a sharp ache in her head she recalled the sign on Rex’s mask. It was the face of a tiger. The fifth picture was half of it. She saved the file on the desktop and continued with the remaining pictures, using more than a minute on each. She started again from the first picture to the last, omitting the fifth this time, she found nothing else. The email stated that there were two images for each clan and she still needed to locate a second image. She began to go through the pictures again after rotating them 90°. She found another picture, it was the second half of the tiger’s face. She saved the file also and proceeded to the word documents.
It took her about five minutes on each document. She got to the fourth one before locating the one she wanted. The second paragraph in the fourth document described the qualities of a tiger and the strengths. Then she remembered something, it wasn’t her first time of facing an assasin from the ‘tiger clan’. She had faced one once with her guide Queen.
Chapter 14 part 1&2
‘Put this on,’ a piece of cloth thrown from outside the car landed on Tara’s face.
The queen had gone into the cloth’s store to get a change of dress for her. She stood outside the car, watching as Tara struggled to put on the cloth. She glanced at her wristwatch again and looked around, it was close to evening already. She waited until Tara had finished putting on the new gown before joining her at the backseat.
‘Let’s move,’ she said to the driver of car who in response kicked on the car engine and drove into the road.
For a moment, Tara felt secured with the queen. She still didn’t understand what took place at the building with the Russian inscription. She thought she was taken there to be molested to death and she expected no escape but was still baffled by the Queen’s intervention to help her.
Several thoughts began to run through her mind, she wondered what would be her fate now that she had escaped death from the hands of those men. She wondered what the most senior Queen who had given her the death judgement would say. She hoped for a pardon but could only envisage another trial to murder her, one which she wouldn’t be able to escape again. The Nefary Clan never forgave one’s sin.
The Queen’s phone beeped and she took it out to answer the call. ‘Aaron, what’s up?’ she said into the phone in low tones.
‘Marie Wayne, why did you kill Tom’s men?’
‘They attacked first. So you tell me, where is Tom now?’
‘I don’t know where he is, he hasn’t come to play for a while. He’ll be mad at you,’ Aaron replied.
‘No one cares if he’s mad or not, I need to see him.’
‘Don’t see him now, I advise you.’
‘Where is he?’ Tarasha asked.
‘I don’t know.’
She paused to think for a moment, she could sense the concern in his reply. ‘What about you Aaron, where are you?’
‘At the game house,’
‘May we see right now?’
‘Ermm…’ A deep sigh from Aaron’s side could be heard from the speaker.
‘I’ll be there in ten minutes.’
‘Hey, don’t…’
She hung up the call before he could finish talking.
‘Take us to Evion Game House,’ she said to the driver who nodded in reply.
Tarasha flashed a look at Omotara, the teenager was already dozing off. She closed her eyes briefly and took in a deep breath. She had gone against the Clan’s will by giving the girl a knife to use against the men. If not for the knife, the girl would probably have died or would have been already weakened by the assault of the men before she(the Queen) showed up. Although there was room for her to remain alive but she would have had to defeat the three men with her bare hands and no weapon. The queen wondered what would happen if the clan discovered she had given the girl a weapon. But it wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t resist the helpless look on the little girl’s face who looked to her like a saviour. It meant that the Nefary Clan really never succeeded in killing their emotions and memories totally with the trainings.
10 minutes later
Evion Game House.
The queen walks into a large room where several games ranging from cards, chess, snooker and many others were being played. The gamers include mostly rich middle aged men and very few young men. There was a stage at the front of the hall where scantily dressed girls were dancing to Russian music.
‘Marie,’ Aaron was the first to locate the Queen as she stood at the entrance, with the girl’s hand in hers.
He walked briskly from everywhere he was to her and pulled her into a quiet room.
‘Marie, what are you doing here?’ he asked in a stressed tone. His intonation was American, his land of descent. He had migrated into Russia with his parents when he was eighteen and took over the job of managing the game house from his father in-law.
The Queen stared silently for a moment, then she flashed a look at Omotara. ‘Go wait for me in the car,’ she released the girl’s hand and watched her go. ‘Aaron, I need a favour from you.’
‘What’s that?’ Aaron asked with a frown. ‘Please speak up, you’re not supposed to be here now.’ he hurried her up when she wasted time in replying.
‘That girl, do you like her?’ the queen asked, talking about Omotara.
‘What do you mean?’ his frown deepened.
‘I mean would you like for her to stay here?’
‘What the ****! We don’t do child games here. That girl is little and underdeveloped, what do you want her to do here?’
‘Join your girls to dance, maybe,’ the queen suggested.
‘No, never! She doesn’t have the required body yet. Our men like girls with big busts and butts, not the tiny figure of a minor.’
The queen was speechless for a while. Just few hours ago, some other group of men were craving to have the teenager and this was another refusing the same thing others were lusting for.
‘Can’t you get her to do something for you here?’
‘No, she would be useless here. I don’t want any liabilities.’
‘What about your petty jobs?’ the queen persisted
‘Oh D–n it! She can’t do anything here, don’t to get it?’
‘You’d have to find something for her to do,’ the Queen said in a strong tone, sounding more like a command. ‘Remember, you still owe me some bucks.’
‘I will pay you your *****ng money Marie, just give me sometime.’
‘You take care of the girl until you get the money,’ the queen replied.
‘No, I can’t keep her here. She’s not safe, she’d get molested everyday by different men.’
The Queen stopped to think for a moment. It wouldn’t be wise taking the girl out of trouble to put her in danger again.
‘Aaron,’ she called with a smirk. He stared at her face. ‘I will kill you and your old *****ng mother if anything happens to her.’
Aaron’s face turned sad and helpless. His bones grew weak and his knees trembled.
‘Wait here for her, I’ll send her to you right away.’
Aaron sighed and shook his head, staring the queen at the face. ‘Wait!’ he said to the queen as she turned towards the door, he had an idea. She turned back and raised her brow. ‘I know somewhere you can take her to,’ he said.
‘To my friend, Ristoe. His wife sells and employs girls to market her goods.’
The queen took some seconds to consider the option, it seemed like a good one. She bit her lips slightly and looked at his face. ‘I’m going out now, I’ll be back to take her later tonight, make sure you get her some food.’
Aaron closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. The Queen was already at the door of the room when he opened his eyes. He wasn’t comfortable with the girl having to stay at all but he was consoled by the fact that Marie promised she was coming to take him back. It was past the eighteenth hour already and it meant the girl would be staying for less than six hours.
Omotara eyes followed the queen as stepped out of the building until she got into the car.
‘Go and meet Aaron in the room I met with him, you’ll be safe there until I come back to get you.’ the Queen said to Omotara without looking at her. She was staring blankly like someone lost in thoughts.
Omotara’s heartbeat rose immediately. She thought she was out of trouble already but it seemed she was never going to be free. The Queen which she thought would protect her was sending into a strange place to stay. She wondered what would happened to her with all the men she had seen in the hall. She remained in her seat, wishing that the knife she got from the Queen earlier was still with her. She would have killed herself immediately instead of going into the place to face torture from another set of cruel men.
‘Go!’ the Queen commanded in a strong tone which depicted urgency and seriousness. Omotara opened the door quickly and stepped out. She began to walk towards the building without looking back. Just before she got to the stairs to the balcony, she heard the sound of their car zooming off and turned back to look, the Queen had gone. Her heartbeat increased, she thought about running away. She looked left and right, there were ways at both sides but she didn’t know which one to take. She noticed a switch at the wall, it was a large one four times the size of the switch Tara was used to. She looked forward again, the entrance of the building was widely opened. She considered disobeying the Queen’s instructions but remembered what happened when she tried to escape at the ‘mad house’. She didn’t know what the Queen had in store for her now, or what had been put in the cloth she was putting on, maybe it was instant death if she tried to run away this time. She took in a deep breath and stared at the entrance one more time. She had only climbed the first staircase when the man the Queen called Aaron appeared at the entrance.
‘You little brat! I’ve been waiting for you, get inside right now,’ Aaron shouted at her.
She climbed up immediately and followed his lead until they got into a room which was set like a lounge.
‘Get yourself seated somewhere,’ Aaron said and walked out through another door.
Omotara walked slowly to the first available sofa and sat on it. Her eyes wandered around the room for a moment. It was an ancient facility, the furniture were old but clean, so as the walls; the paint on the walls were almost totally faded.
The sound of music from the game hall could still be heard faintly in the place.
Soon after, a Russian young girl, a little bit older than Tara entered into the place from the exit Aaron took, bringing with a tray of food. Omotara’s stomach rumbled as she perceived the aroma, she suddenly remembered she had not eaten for a long while.
2 hours later.
Omotara sat quietly all through after the meal, the same girl had come to take the plates fifteen minutes after. No one talked to her or came close to her, not even Aaron her host. He had come into the place several times, most times with other men and once with a woman. No one seemed to give her more attention than just a glance.
However, for about fifteen minutes there had no activity in the place at all. Omotara was more relaxed, she was less afraid of someone hurting her anymore but she wondered if the Queen was coming back for her.
Soon after, the sound of the noisy music from the game hall which was being faintly heard ceased. Omotara was about to conclude that the hall was about to be closed that day when she began to hear some strange sounds. She could detect that they were sounds of people fighting with fists, that was one of the sounds she was very familiar with. Another thing that aided her quick recognition of the sound was that she had also began the course on mastering and differentiating sounds in the Nefary Clan even though she had been doing the course only for a month. The sounds heard became more than sounds of fists but sounds of gunshot now but mixed with screams and shouts of men and women.
She sat there, still unsure of what to do when Aaron rushed into the place from the entrance. He rushed towards the exit without looking at her.
Few seconds later, the sound of the gunshots began to come closer. Omotara got up from her seat and ran to the entrance to see what was going on outside. She walked through the passage and rooms that led to the lounge which were empty. She stopped behind the wall of the passage entrance and peeped. She could see some men furiously attacking the gamers in the hall, using guns on some and fists on others. A huge man who seemed to be the leader of the attack looked towards the passage and his eyes met with Tara’s. She froze immediately on the spot, scared to death as the man’s mean face twitched wickedly.
‘Hey guys, follow that little girl there and fetch out Aaron for me.’ the guy beckoned on his partners with a shout, pointing to where Omotara was peeping from.
She moved away immediately and ran as fast as she could. The door to the exit which Aaron took had been locked before she returned. There was nowhere to run to. She panicked as she looked around for somewhere to hide, she could hear sounds of the men’s footsteps getting closer. She quickly walked to the corner of the lounge where two long sofas placed perpendicularly touched each other at the arm. She entered into the corner and hid herself under the covering and shadow of the two arms.
The men soon got to the lounge and looked around without seeing anything. Omotara remained in the low position without making any attempt to look at the men, she could only hear their voices as they spoke to each other. Most of the men spoke English but with Russian accents, only the leader who Tara later discovered to be Tom spoke with English accent.
‘Break the *****ng door!’ Tom said on top of his voice to other four men with him.
The sound of gunshots made Tara look up, they were shooting the lock of the door. Luckily for her, all the men had their backs turned to her, so none saw her looking at them.
They broke the door and the four men rushed into the place, leaving Tom in the lounge.
Six minutes later, they dragged out Aaron to the lounge. He was already wounded and weak, bleeding from the nose.
Tom laughed wickedly on sighting Aaron. The men dragged Aaron to his front and dumped him.
‘Where’s she?’ Tom said, bending to stare into his face.
Aaron bit his lips tightly with teeth stained with blood. He stared back at Tom with mean eyes. He already resigned to his fate. He knew he couldn’t escape the death that Marie Wayne had brought him. Right from the day they had first met, his instincts had told him she would bring him trouble but his weak mind and the organ between his legs could not let him resist her offer to sleep with him. His life had not been the same since then as Marie Wayne had threatened to release pictures of them having sex to his wife and that was something he couldn’t risk, the game house which his life depended on would be taken away if his wife divorced him. Marie’s blackmail was however not for money, rather, she used him to get close to Tom who was a regular gamer in the place. However, he never knew what business existed between her and Tom, he only knew they had frequent arguments.
‘Would you answer me? Where is Marie?’ Tom barked.
‘I don’t know where Marie is,’ Aaron answered. He tilted his head to the left and spat out blood.
‘That’s a lie! People spotted Marie Wayne with you three hours ago after she killed my men at the mad house, where the hell did she go after that?’ Tom shouted at him.
‘I don’t know!’ Aaron shouted back. ‘I don’t know what is happening between you and Marie, I’m not the one you should be asking these questions.’
Tom rose up slowly with his eyes squinted, he took a quick glance at one of his men and then fixed his gaze back on Aaron’s face.
‘Where’s the girl she left with you?’ Tom asked. Omotara quivered in fear where she was.
Aaron turned his head slowly to the spot Omotara was previously occupying, he squeezed his eyelids together as he turned his face back to Tom. ‘She was seated there.’
‘Is she that black girl I saw some minutes ago?’
‘Yes, she’s an African girl.’
‘Who is the girl and what is she doing here?’
‘I don’t know who the girl is, and she’s only waiting here, Marie is coming back for her tonight.’
‘She’s coming back?’
‘Are you sure?’
Tom looked around the place for sometime as if he was searching for something, then he turned to his men. ‘I want you all to leave this place now.’
‘Boss, are you sure we should leave?’ one of the men asked.
‘Yes, leave.’
‘But how do you handle her alone, she’s dangerous you know? She took out all the men at the store gate an hour ago.’
‘Yes, leave right away. I have plans for her.’
The men seemed a bit reluctant but finally left one after the other.
‘Where’s your phone?’ Tom asked Aaron after the men left.
‘Here,’ Aaron squeezed the phone out of his pocket.
‘Call Marie and tell her I was here, tell her I left already and I threatened to return. Then let her know you’re planning to leave here and you’d be leaving the African girl alone here.’
Aaron stared silently for a while. Then he looked at Tom’s face and the pistol being pointed at him. He dialed Marie’s number and told her as he was instructed.
‘Wait there, I’ll meet in the next thirty minutes,’ was Marie’s response before he cut the call.
Tom took out his own phone and dialed a number, ‘Darya, come around the game house, she’d be coming in the next thirty minutes.’
After that, Tom motioned Aaron out of the place with his gun, leaving Omotara in the lounge undiscovered.
She came out of her hiding place and traced them to the hall. She stopped behind the wall where Tom had caught her earlier. The place was dark now as the bulb had been tampered with and there was little risk of her being discovered again.
There were several dead bodies and blood splattered on the floor in the gaming hall. Tom was now seated comfortably on a chair with his gun still pointed at Aaron who was kneeling some distance in front of him. Tara watched them remain in the same position for close to ten minutes until Tom received a phone call. A lady entered one minute later and Tom rose to speak with her. She was a tall lady just like the Queen but older in age, it was evident from her looks. Tara couldn’t hear what they were saying but he knew they spoke in a Russian language. After two minutes of speaking, the lady walked out of Tara’s eye view but was still in the building. Tom spoke some words to Aaron who got up to his feet, they both went out of the gaming Hall for some seconds. The lights went off totally. The whole place became dark. It was only through sounds Tara was able to detect that they returned into the hall, she peeped from the wall and saw a tiny source of light being held in Tom’s hand as both men returned to their previous positions.
The Queen arrived fifteen minutes later. Omotara recognized her voice when she started to call out Aaron from the entrance. Aaron replied but Omotara could no longer hear their voices, Tom also began to talk to Tarasha in a furious voice. Omotara quietly walked away from behind the wall into the hall, she hid behind one of the tables. Tom’s little source of light was now on and Tara could see the Queen’s face turned to her. She knew the Queen would have heard her footsteps even though the men didn’t hear. One couldn’t become a Queen in Nefary Clan without the ability to hear the slightest sound.
Tara could now hear their conversation well. Tom was accusing the Queen of backstabbing him. He said the Queen had killed some politicians and took the key which was in his custody to take all the monies they had embezzled in cash and kept in a store with him. The Queen replied and told him she was only carrying out a job and there were sentiments attached.
The talk got more heated which resulted to the Queen grabbing Tom at the neck and trying to squeeze out life from him. Tom was bigger in size but the Queen was stronger. All of sudden a loud sound was heard and a scream followed. The little source of light in Tom’s hand fell and the light went off, nothing could be seen again. Omotara was scared, she recognized the Queen’s voice, it was the Queen who screamed. And that was when Omotara remembered the lady that had entered some minutes before the Queen. She regretted not warning the Queen of her presence.
She had more sounds of fists fight and the groans that followed after was that of the Queen’s. Omotara knew the other lady was winning the Queen. She listened carefully and was able to detect the area at which the fighters were, she tiptoed as silently as possible and passed by the wall until she got out of the gaming Hall. She struggled in the dark to locate the switch outside and turned it on.
The lights came on and it happened as a surprise to Tom, Aaron, and the lady fighting with the Queen. The noise from the fight did not allow them know when Omotara slipped out. Only the Queen who was an expert in differentiating sounds was aware and heard the sound of every step she took.
The Queen was already badly injured, she was bleeding terribly and she already sustained an injury on the left leg. But she was able to give a fight after the lights came on. Tom tried to command Aaron to go out to turn back off the lights but the other lady stopped them. She saw that the Queen was already badly injured and was confident that the Queen would die in her hands.
The fight continued. This time, the Queen was able to deliver some hits to her opponent. The fight continued as a tie until the other lady discovered that there was an injury on the Queen’s leg. That turned it all around. The lady took control of the fight and injured the Queen so badly that one of the arms became terribly injured. Omotara watched with tears in her eyes as the Queen was being defeated while Tom cheered and Aaron just watched with a sad face.
The Queen began to speak out some incoherent words as the torture continued. It looked like she had gone crazy to the others but Omotara knew she was saying something meaningful. She was speaking an esoteric language which the Lords and Queens at the Nefary Clan used. Obviously, Omotara was the one she was speaking to but the teenager could do nothing as she understood no part of the language. She struggled to listen until a phrase rang in her memory. She remembered that one of the Queens had said it when she (Omotara) was taken to the prison the day before. And what happened after was the lights going off. Omotara decided to turn off the lights, thinking it may be what the Queen was trying to communicate to her. She turned off the lights and there was total darkness again.
The groans and grunts continued for about ten minutes and then it suddenly ceased. Heavy breathing of someone could be heard, the spectators couldn’t tell whose own it was. Omotara ceased her breath, not knowing what to expect next, same as Aaron and Tom. The next thing they heard was Tom’s sudden loud growl. Aaron rushed out of the hall and collided with Omotara outside the hall.
Omotara couldn’t understand what was happening, she got up from the fall and ignored as Aaron ran away. Then there was silence for another five minutes. Omotara had to turn on the lights when she couldn’t tell what was happening again. She turned in the light and looked into the hall. Behold, the Queen was seated on the floor, trying to tie the wound on her arm with her cloth; she had torn off her shirt, leaving only her bra on. Tom and the lady’s lifeless bodies could be seen on the floor.
The Queen rose up and limped to the entrance. ‘Let’s get out of here,’ she said to Omotara.
Omotara followed her quietly. Confused. She couldn’t tell how the Queen had been able to win the war in the same darkness that was making her loose at the beginning of the fight.
The Queen promised to reveal the secret of the fights victory to her later.
Part 2
‘Rex,’ Tarasha muttered to herself with her eyes closed as she pictured his figure again. She compared him with Darya whose well built figure was still clear in her memory. She and Rex were certainly citizens of the same clan, the tiger clan. But she still couldn’t relate the secret the Queen told her to the victory against Darya and how it was going to help her against Rex. It was a mystery that still needed to be unveiled.
The whole house was silent. Patricia sat at the dining table working quietly with her laptop. Two of Cole’s phone were on the table. The one which was reserved for communicating with her was behind the top cover of the laptop and the main one he uses was connected to the laptop through a USB cable.
Cole had slept about an hour ago after a sex romp with her. She had put the sleep inducer in a drink for him like she planned. She was certain he was going to sleep until she woke him up by morning, so she did her job confidently. She had gone through the first phone – the one which Cole reserved for her- it was without a security lock, so she was able to go through the phone easily. She found nothing useful in the phone. The only contact on the phone was hers and the messages and online conversations on it were the ones he had with her. The second phone had a security lock and she had connected it to the computer, trying to unlock it without losing or tampering with any of the files. She had been on it for close to ten minutes and was almost done with the task.
She took a glance at the phone’s screen one more time before clicking OK on the pop up dialog box. The screen of the phone turned on and it unlocked automatically. She picked the phone and disconnected from the laptop. She clicked on the menu icon and the first thing she navigated to was the phone contacts list. She pulled the notepad at the center of the table closer and picked the pen beside. She started from the first contact on the list and began to study every one; she paid attention to the contacts’ name, checked the social media accounts associated with the number and go through the conversation between Cole and the contacts on WhatsApp and other messaging apps.
It was almost three o’clock by the time she got to the thirtieth number. It occurred to her that she couldn’t cover all the numbers if she were to continue at that pace. She began to skip some numbers whose names seemed unimportant. She got to a contact stored as ‘boss’ and clicked on it. She checked the call records first and discovered that there had been only three calls between the number and Cole’s. Two outgoing calls and one incoming. She exited and moved to the messages, there were no records of SMSes exchanged between the numbers. Then she navigated to the Whatsapp messenger. Only two messages were found there and they were from Cole to the Boss. The both read; ‘Benny has dropped the package’ and ‘The Police officers are close by’, they were dated January 2031. She closed the chat and decided to go through other messages on WhatsApp. Like she expected, she couldn’t find any conversation useful to her. She knew most of the important details must have been deleted or the serious chats would have been done done on a more secure chat application.
She closed the app and returned to the contact list. She scribbled down the first number with the name boss, there were two contacts there named ‘Boss’ but with numbers attached. She opened each of them and repeated the process she went through for the first one. Then she scrolled up the list to the contact named ‘Benny’.
After spending another thirty minutes on working on the contact list, she returned to the main menu and began to check for other chat applications that did not reflect in the contact list application. It didn’t take her time to find one which seemed like what she was looking for. She opened it and at the top of the chats found a conversation with a contact named ‘My Boss’ , there were over a thousand messages in the conversation.
‘Wake up sweetheart, I thought you planned to leave here early.’ Patricia said as she planted a kiss on Victor’s lips.
‘Uhnn…’ Victor snorted as he stretched lazily in the bed. He yawned noisily as he managed to seat up. ‘Good morning Pat,’ he said, looking at her body as she slipped off her clothes in front of the wardrobe.
‘Good morning honey,’ she replied without looking at him. She had just taken off he panty and her backside was bare before him.
He felt his male organ rise and felt the urge to grab her from behind but she picked out a towel at that moment and wrapped her body with it as she turned to him.
‘I’m going to take my bath now, I prepared breakfast already.’ she said as she brushed her hair backwards with her hand. Then she proceeded into the bathroom.
Victor took in a deep breath as he rose up. He had no clothes on except his boxers. He proceeded to the table where his phones were kept since the last night. He tapped one of them on to check the time. He widened his eyes in surprise as he saw the time, it was 6:38am. He had slept so peacefully and sound, after having a nice time with his girlfriend. He unlocked the second phone to check if he had any new messages, there was none yet. He yawned again and dropped the two phones, then he returned to the bed to wait for Patricia to finish having her bath.
Cole turned off the car engine and took off his seatbelt. He picked his phones from the passenger’s side and stepped out of the car. He straightened his shirt and began to walk towards the entrance of his house, whistling under his breath. He tried to take off memories of the last night with Patricia from his mind and focus on the day’s job but the adventure kept replaying in his mind and he wished he still had her in his arms.
His thoughts were cut off as he came closer to the entrance. Tomi was standing down beside the two-step stairs leading to the verandah, he had not noticed her until then but she had stepped out while he drove the car into the compound. She had on her apron which was a sign that she was already preparing breakfast. The look on her face wasn’t too different from that of the day before. Cole wondered if she was going to talk to him or remain mute like she had been since the day before.
‘Good morning Tomi,’ he greeted as he got to the stairs leading to the verandah. She just stared at him without answering, her hands were folded across her chest and her lips tightened slightly.
He kept staring at her as he walked up. He sighed and turned to the door on seeing she wasn’t going to answer him.
‘So, you’re coming from her right?’ Tomi said as he placed his fingers on the knob.
Cole closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He wasn’t ready for her tantrums that morning, there was enough work to do and he couldn’t imagine starting his day having to listen to her blabbing first.
‘Coming from who?’ he asked, with a raised eyebrow, hoping she’d ignore his question and he’d walk away with the opportunity.
‘From that s–t called Patricia,’ she slammed.
Tomi’s mention of Patricia’s name hit Cole as a shock. He wondered how she got the name. His mind searched fast to see if there was any possibility of her to have been stalking him around town without him noticing. There was no possibility, especially because they had different jobs and tasks always assigned by the boss. Then he suddenly remembered that he had once mentioned ‘Pat’ while talking on phone on a certain day. He believed that was how she must have gotten the name.
‘She’s not a s–t!’ he replied her. ‘And be careful how you talk about her,’ he warned and entered into the house without listening for her reply. He would have replied back by calling her a s–t too but he decided to take it lightly because of the sad mood she seemed to have been since the day before.
Tomi took in a deep breath after he slammed the door shut at her. She stared blankly with her arms still folded across her chest, thinking of what to do next.
She took out her phone from the pocket behind the apron and searched out for the number she stored on the phone the day before. She dialed it and waited for the call to be answered.
‘Hello,’ a tiny voice answered from the other end. There seemed to be an element of surprise in her voice.
‘You shameless s–t!’ Tomi cursed. ‘I’m gonna ask you to leave Cole alone in a friendly way right now, but if I ever have to ask you again, you would not like what would happen to you afterwards.’ she said and ended the call.
SSS Headquarters
‘Who is Cole?’ Lizzy asked the caller. ‘Hello…’ she stared at the phone’s screen and noticed that the call had been cut. She stared at the number for a while, wondering who the caller was. She knew that Cole was Victor. She had been surprised when she got a call from an unknown number, being that Victor was the only person she had given the telephone number to. She thought the caller had dialed the wrong number until she heard her mentioned Cole’s name.
She clicked on the Truecaller application to check the caller’s real name and location but the app was unable to reveal the details.
She was still seated in her car in the parking space of the security organization, waiting for eight o’clock before heading to her office. She took out her second phone from the bag and the notepad in which she had jotted down some few details, she had sent most of the important details in text format straight from Cole’s phone into her laptop and from the laptop to her own phone.
She opened her chat application and opened a new conversation with Dave.
‘Good morning Dave, I’ve got so much of details this morning.’ she typed and sent. The message was marked sent but wasn’t marked delivered yet. She continued by typing in more of the details and then concluded by informing him of the call from the unknown girl, she asked him to call her immediately he read the messages.
The sound of Rex’s ringtone woke him from sleep. He opened his eyes and turned around to pick his phone which was by the pillow side. The Inspector General was the one calling.
‘Rex, we booked a flight for you to Cross River already. It’s leaving by 9am, you have to get ready immediately.’
‘What am I going to do in Cross River?’ Rex asked in a confident tone as he sat up.
‘Samantha Osman called John Bisong this morning and she has asked him to prepare some documents for her which she would be going to get from him by night time today.’
‘How sure are you of this?’ Rex asked, getting up from the bed.
‘Very sure. John Bisong called the Vice President some few minutes ago to tell him about the message she sent regarding it.’
‘Which airline did you book for me?’ Rex asked as he pulled out a towel from the wardrobe.
International Airport, Ilorin.
Dan and Dave rolled their boxes along with them as they followed a junior NIS officer leading them to the car waiting for them in the garage. The junior officer was also carrying a bag in his hands.
They got to the garage and put their bags into the boot of the car. The junior officer joined the driver at the front seat while the Dan and Dave entered into the car. The driver turned on the car engine and was about to drive off when Dan spoke up.
‘Hold on for a second,’ he said, reading something on his phone. He then turned back and looked out through the back glass, watching the couple of cars which drove past at that moment. Every other person in the car had their attention turned towards him. ‘We can move now,’ Dan said after the last of the cars passed.
‘What was that for?’ Dave asked with a raised eyebrow.
‘I wanted to see those cars pass us,’ Dan replied without paying much attention. He continued with his activity on the phone.
Dave refrained from asking more questions as it was obvious Dan wasn’t ready to keep answering. He took out his own phone and unlocked it. He swiped down the notification bar. He already had so many messages, the highest number and most recent of them from Lizzy.
He went through Lizzy’s messages carefully. The look on his face brightened as he read each one. Cole’s chat history which Lizzy had gained access to had revealed a lot of his conversations with his boss, Samantha. Dave couldn’t fully comprehend the messages but he was sure it was something positive. He read to the end where she asked him to call her immediately he reads the messages but he couldn’t at that time. He typed back a reply instead, ‘I’ll call you when I’m alone, Good work.’
Cole was working in the control room when Tarasha walked in. He glanced towards the door and paused what he was doing to greet.
‘Good morning Boss,’ he greeted before turning back to the computer.
‘Hey Cole, good morning.’ she greeted as she proceeded towards the main computer. ‘How many cars are we using tomorrow?’
‘One should be enough, going with the directions we were given by Henry.’ Cole replied.
‘What’s our escape route?’ she took her seat and turned on the system.
‘We’d return through the same way we double cross them.’
‘Have you checked what the traffic is like on a Saturday?’
‘Yes, it’s always less busy, especially at that time of the morning.’
‘Then we should have it smooth tomorrow.’
‘Yes, we should.’
Aguda House, Aso Rock
James glanced at his wristwatch as he hurried towards the house. He was sure his father would be out already. He took out his phone and dialed Vivian’s number as he walked the verandah to the entrance.
‘Good morning Vivian, I’m coming into Dad’s house now. Can we see briefly?’ he said into the phone immediately the call was answered.
‘Yes, I’m inside.’
‘Okay, just come into the living room to meet me,’ he said and ended the call.
He got into the house and waited in the living room for some few seconds until Vivian came to join him. He saw her walking down from the stairs, still in her night robe. She didn’t look hurt just like Inspector Dakolo had told him but she wasn’t looking lively either.
Dakolo had called James late the night before, telling him how Vivian was rescued from the car and how their father prevented them from asking her questions. James offered to do the questioning since he had direct access to his sister and he was also involved in the case.
‘Good morning brother,’ she said as she entered into the living room.
‘Vivian, good morning. Can we sit and talk?’
‘Yes, ‘ she replied, folding her arms.
They both settled on the three seater sofa, facing each other.
‘So, what happened to you yesterday?’ I’m aware you were on your way to the airport.’ James began.
‘Nothing, I only had a minor accident due to the carelessness of my driver. The doors of the car were shut,’ she lied.
‘Minor accident?’ James widened his eyes questioningly. ‘Come on, stop hiding the truth from me. I’m your blood.’
‘Brother,’ Vivian called and sighed. ‘Dad does not want me to tell this to anybody.’
‘I know, but am I anybody?’ he asked, looking straight into her eyes. ‘And even if Daddy wants you to hide it from me too, should you?’
James paused to see her reaction. She was expressionless, so he continued.
‘I think our Dad is facing something dangerous that could harm him and us, and it’ll be crazy to hide it from ourselves. You should talk to me so that we can both make plans on what to do, to help our Father and ourselves. It won’t do us any good if your hide it from me.’
Vivian sighed and closed her eyes briefly. She stared into his eyes and took in another breath. ‘But do you promise you won’t let Dad know if I tell you?’ she questioned James.
‘Vivian, it’s not about letting Dad know or not here. It’s first about our safety and his.’
‘Are you sure we’d actually find a solution if I tell you?’
‘Come on, you’ve not even told me yet. How do I know there’ll be a solution if I don’t know the problem yet?’
Vivian closed her eyes and shook her head gently, it seemed she was making a tough decision not to keep what happened to herself like she promised her father.
‘Tell me Vivian, what really happened yesterday?’
‘I was supposed to travel but Samantha Osman sent someone to stop me from traveling.’
‘Samantha Osman?’
‘Yes, she sent a guy and he said I’m not allowed to travel until my father is punished for all the wrong things he has done.’
‘All the wrong things?’ James frowned. ‘Did he tell you what these wrong things are?’
‘No, but…’ Vivian sighed again. ‘I’ve seen him before, he actually came with the wrong things the first time.’
‘I don’t understand.’
‘Samantha Osman has sent him to me before, he came to meet me at a studio. It’s part of the reasons Dad arranged for me to leave the country quickly.’
‘Huh? What did he tell you when he came the first time?’
‘He gave me a file to give Dad.’
‘A file? What file?’
‘A file containing documentations of a deal by a certain NOTD firm, the Ministry of Health and some foreign health companies.’
‘Wow!’ James inhaled and let out air from his mouth. He got up from the seat and began to pace in front of the three seater slowly.
‘What’s wrong?’ Vivian asked.
‘Nothing,’ he suddenly stopped and sat down again. ‘Did you give the file to Dad? And what did he say after receiving it?’
‘Actually the file carries his signatures and passport photographs showing that he signed the illegal deals for the NOTD firm,’ she paused to look at James’ face. He was paying full attention to her. ‘Dad denied knowing anything about the deals, he said they were the works of his enemies who wants to Tanisha his.’
‘Hmm…’ James got up from the seat again and paced the floor for a while. ‘I received a file too,’ James said, after sitting down again. She seemed confused by his statement. ‘Samantha came to me in person and asked me to deliver the file to Dad.’
‘Wow!’ Vivian exclaimed with her eyes widened.
‘What do you think about the allegations they made against Dad?’ James asked.
A confused look appeared on Vivian’s face, she seemed to have a hard time giving the answer to the question.
‘I don’t know, but Dad says he knows nothing and I think we should believe him.’
‘I don’t think he knows nothing, I think he was really involved in those terrible deals.’
‘You think so?’
‘Yes, I do. Let’s look at the facts together…’
To be continued
Chapter 14 part 3&4
Ilorin, Kwara State.
Dan, Dave and the junior NIS officer sat at different angles of the large office room, each studying different files and documents.
‘I don’t still understand why the deceased’s wife hasn’t been questioned by the police officers yet,’ Dave said as he walked slowly to the center of the office with an opened file in his hands, reading as he walked.
‘I learnt it’s an instruction from the Inspector General not to trouble her yet until she’s fit enough,’ the junior NIS officer replied.
‘But that’s delaying investigation, isn’t it until the investigation has been tried that we can determine whether she’s fit or not? But right now, there has been no trial whatsoever.’ Dave complained.
‘The Police and the rules they make sometimes have no sense in them,’ the junior officer shrugged.
Dave flashed a look at Dan who seemed not to be interested in their conversation.
‘Dan, what’s up? Have you found anything? Dave asked.
‘Not yet bro,’ Dan replied without looking up.
Dave walked to Dan’s seat and took a minute to look at what Dan was doing. Dan was reading something totally different from the case at hand. He had abandoned the case file on the table after not being able to come out with anything significant.
‘Dan, we need to ask the man’s wife some questions.’ Dave said in a tired tone. He drew a chair closer and sat down.
Dan finally looked up, ‘Let’s reach the Chairman, he can give us a directive that will override the one given to the police not to question her.’
‘How soon do we expect a result after we do that?’
‘In one hour time, that’s if the Chairman believes that we should be allowed to see her.’
‘Do you think it makes sense to conclude that the same Samantha Osman who killed Eze Okafor also killed Garuba Ahmed?’ Dan asked as they walked back into the NIS office. He dropped his key on the table and sank into the chair.
‘Of course it doesn’t make sense,’ Dave replied him. ‘The woman claimed that Samantha Osman came into their house at midnight with their son and she left after taking a document from the man without hurting anyone.’
‘I really doubt if the person who visited them was Samantha Osman,’ Dan said.
‘You doubt? Why?’
‘Don’t you see that the timing does not make sense? Samantha Osman was seen at the hospital in Nnewi as at the same time the woman claimed he was at their home.’
‘So who do you think we should believe? The security officers who claimed they saw her without providing any proof or this lady, her son and gateman who all confessed that she got into their house at midnight?’
‘The both parties have no proof, we can’t judge with what they tell us.’ Dan replied.
‘Yea, you’re right.’ Dave replied, even though he already took sides with a party. ‘But… I don’t see any reason Mrs Garuba would come up with a lie.’
‘I don’t think she wanted to lie too, I think she was deceived. She most likely was visited by someone else who claimed to be Samantha Osman.’
‘What if the security officers at the hospital also saw someone else?’
‘They saw her face and identified her to be the same woman in the pictures we released. But Mrs Garuba said the person who came to them was putting on a mask and that makes her unable to identify the face and the son does not remember her face. He claims he was drunk then.’
‘I don’t think that guy was just drunk, I think he was drugged.’
‘Humn… That’s another thing we need to look into,’ Dan interjected. ‘If their son Toheeb could still remember that he brought a girl home that night and the only thing he doesn’t remember is her face, there’s a higher possibility that Samantha Osman wasn’t the girl. This I say because; normally, Samantha Osman would drug everyone that saw her with benryl for them to forget their encounter with her.’
‘Hmm… And what if she was rushing and forgot to do that? Just like she did forget the numerous identity cards in the car.’
‘I don’t think those Identity cards can implicate her, that’s why she’s didn’t bother to take them. Now that she knows they must have gotten into our hands, she would dissociate herself totally from all the companies whose cards she framed. But forgetting to give benryl to them is something unlikely to happen with her, she never wants them to remember what she did with them.’
‘Anyhow we see it, we still need physical proofs like you rightly said.’
Dan sat upright and took a quick glance at his wristwatch. ‘We’ve got to see that officer that was with the senator when he was attacked,’ he said.
‘We were told he’s conscious already, let’s wait till we’re called that he’s fit enough to talk to us.’
‘So, he didn’t tell you about anyone visiting his house midnight that day?’ Dan asked Inspector Kehinde. Dave watched in silence while Dan conducted the interrogation.
All three were seated in Inspector Kehinde’s residence. The Inspector had been discharged from the hospital few hours ago and had gone straight to his house to take a rest. The Secret Agents had gone to meet him at home without prior notice, cutting short his rest.
‘I believe he was planning to but he didn’t get there before the man who attacked us came in,’ Inspector Kehinde replied.
‘What are the things he told you before the man came?’ Dan questioned further.
‘He was only talking about how he needed to tighten his security as the election approaches and that he’d like if I lead his security team or recommend someone to do it,’ Kehinde answered.
‘And that was all you guys discussed?’
‘Yes, that was what we discussed until the interruption.’
‘So, do you think the attacker was sent by Samantha Osman?’ Dan asked.
”Ermm…’ the man’s face twitched a little bit uncomfortably. ‘The officers who got his remains already confirmed that they got it in Samantha Osman’s car.’
‘But do you think that is accurate?’
‘Of course, it is. I believe they made such declaration with necessary proofs and I don’t even have a say in it because I was in the hospital while all that happened.’
‘Alright,’ Dan said and took in a breath. ‘What else do you have to help us with?’
‘I’m afraid I have nothing else, I have no other information apart from the one I’ve given you.’
‘Okay,’ Dan replied. He adjusted himself on the seat and flashed a look at Dave. Dave shrugged as a signal to him. ‘Thank you so much Inspector Kehinde, we would like to take our leave now,’ Dan said and got up to his feet. Dave followed suit.
‘It’s my pleasure sirs,’ Kehinde said and got up to shake the men’s hands. He followed them to the door and opened it for them. ‘Rest well sirs,’ he said and bowed slightly as Dan stepped out first. Dave stopped briefly at the entrance and turned to look at the Kehinde again. Kehinde frowned as their eyes met, feeling uncomfortable with the stare. ‘Till we see again Inspector,’ Dave said with a smile before stepping out to join Dan.
‘I still believe the lady that visited them at midnight wasn’t Samantha,’ Dan said as they stepped into the car.
‘That’s the most logical thing to believe right now,’ Dave said in reply, even though he didn’t believe. He stepped into the passenger’s side and closed the door. He knew the Inspector was hiding something and he needed to find out what that thing was.
Victor parked his car in the compound and stepped out hurriedly. He found himself inside the house without wasting time and was welcomed with Patricia’s embrace and a kiss on his lips.
‘Pat,’ he said, looking at her smiling face with so much seriousness. Her hands were still wrapped around his neck and his on her waist. ‘What happened to you?’
‘Nothing,’ Patricia replied, still smiling.
‘But… But you called me to meet you here immediately and you said it was urgent.’
‘Yes, I did call you to meet me here right away and I said it was urgent.’ she replied. They were still locked in the embrace.
‘So what happened?’
Patricia broke away from his hold and walked to the three seater sofa, she picked a neatly folded A4 paper on it and brought it to Victor. She stretched it forth to him at first but quickly withdrew her hand as he tried to collect it.
‘Guess what’s in it first?’ she said, still smiling.
Victor sighed, staring at her face tiredly. He had thought something bad had happened to her when she called him on phone and asked him to meet her at the house immediately. With the urgency that sounded in her voice, he had left what he was doing to rush down to her. She had gotten into the house before him as he already gave her own keys to the doors in the house.
‘Guess…’ she urged when she saw him still looking at her speechlessly.
‘Ermm…’ he began to rack his brain. ‘Are you pregnant for me?’ he blurted out. That was the only thing coming to his mind.
‘Oh no! I’m not pregnant, how could I be?’
‘Hmm… Okay,’ he replied and began to think again. He wondered why she asked him ‘How could I be?’, then he remembered that she had always used protection anytime they had sex and even brought out an extra for him always when he forgot his own. ‘I don’t know what it is Pat, just spill it out.’
‘Okay,’ she blinked her eyes playfully for a moment and then gave him the paper. ‘I just got a new job with Bevi International.’
‘Wow! That’s great,’ he forced on a smile as he read through the employment letter which she had printed from her email inbox. ‘Congratulations,’ he said and spread his hands out to hug her again.
She stayed wrapped her hands around his body and located his lips with hers. She stopped after a brief kiss but still remained locked in his embrace. ‘I want you to congratulate me better, that’s why I called you here,’ she said and began to take off the buttons of his shirt slowly.
He tried to speak up and resist but she covered his mouth with hers again. Soon, they were on the sofa, half unclad and kissing each other desperately. Patricia reached out for her phone which had been placed on the sofa earlier, she unlocked it while kissing him and navigated to her call register, she dialed the last number on the list. She then dropped the phone back and continued fully with him.
The remaining clothes on their bodies were taken off soon and the real action began, both forgetting caution this time.
‘Just tell me loudly how you love me,’ Patricia said amidst her loud moans as he moved to and fro on top of her.
‘I love you Pat, I love you with my life.’ Victor repeated aloud as she requested.
Inspector Kehinde’s Residence.
‘Who is it?’ Kehinde asked in response to the sound of the bell.
His wife who was seated by his side and resting her head on his chest reduced the television volume with the remote control.
They could hear a response from the person at the door but couldn’t hear the words clearly.
‘Please honey, let me check the person.’ Kehinde said to his wife as he got up and proceeded towards the door. He wondered who could be at the door at that time of the night. He had checked the time on the wall clock before getting up. It was only fourteen minutes before the gate guarding the whole house would be locked. He concluded in his mind that it must be one of his neighbors in the building. It was one of those days he wished he already lived in his own house where he could lock the main gate at anytime he wants and create a limit to the time unwanted visitors had access to his door.
He peeped through the door hole and saw the visitor. He became instantly worried as he wondered what the reason for his coming could be.
‘Agent, what do I owe this visit tonight?’ he asked as he opened the door halfway.
‘Good evening Inspector Kehinde,’ Dave greeted.
‘Good evening Agent, what can I do for you?’ Kehinde replied in a tone that made it obvious to the agent that his presence wasn’t welcomed.
‘We need to talk Inspector,’ Dave replied unperturbed.
‘What do we need to talk about?’
‘You have to let me in or come out.’
‘Look Agent, my family is already asleep. We have to discuss anything we want to do right here,’ Inspector Kehinde said in low tones.
‘Honey! Who’s there?’ the Inspector’s wife called from inside.
‘It’s one of our neighbors,’ Kehinde replied back. ‘I’m coming in a minute time,’ he said before turning back to Dave. ‘One minute Agent, can we proceed?’
Dave stared at him for some seconds, he didn’t want to go about his mission brutally, he would have dealt with the Inspector for not regarding him well enough.
‘Inspector, I want to know what Senator Garuba Ahmed said to you before his death.’
‘I think I already told you and your partner earlier today when you visited, what else do you want me to tell you?’
‘You and I know that you didn’t say the truth,’ Dave replied. He paused for three seconds to stare at the man’s face. ‘I know for sure that Senator Garuba Ahmed confided in you and you’re scared to tell just anybody what he said to you and that’s why I’m here, you need to tell me, because I’m one person who is committed to unveiling the truth.’
The Inspector stared at him in silence for a while, then bit his lower lip slightly. ‘No one would say he isn’t working for the truth, every Agent and officers claims to be committed to the truth.’
‘You need to trust me Inspector, I’ve been on this case for a long time. I believe that Samantha Osman did not kill the Senator and I know you believe that too. I also believe that she didn’t kill Eze Okafor.’
Inspector Kehinde pondered deeply on the Agent’s last sentence. That was the first person after Senator Garuba Ahmed who he heard saying confidently that Samantha Osman wasn’t the killer of Eze Okafor. Maybe the Agent was the right person to tell the truth after all, seeing the possibility that the Agent knew the same thing the senator knew that made him defend Samantha Osman before his death.
He stepped out of his house and closed the door. ‘Yes, senator Garuba Ahmed confided in me. He told me about Samantha Osman’s visit to his house at midnight.’
‘Did he tell you details?’
‘Yes, he did.’ the Inspector replied, leading Dave away from the entrance to a quiet place. ‘The Senator also believes that she didn’t kill Eze Okafor, he was confident about it just like you are.’
‘What do you think made him confident that way?’
‘I think it was the meeting with her that changed his perception about her, he thought she was fighting for a good cause.’
‘And what do you think about it? Is she really fighting for a good cause?’
‘I don’t believe she was fighting for a good cause but I believe she didn’t kill Eze Okafor if it was really her that visited the senator that night. I heard the details of the news this night and comparing the time of Eze Okafor’s death to her visit to the Senator’s house, it couldn’t have been possible for her to be in two places at a time.’
‘Did the senator tell you what document she came for?’
‘Yes, some documents which were signed long ago. They are documents incriminating the Vice President, about some illegal businesses he carried out as the deputy governor of Lagos State.’
‘He didn’t mention the illegal businesses?’
‘He called them deals, I think they were done with the Vice President’s pharmaceutical company.’
‘Does the Vice President own a pharmaceutical company?’
‘I don’t know of any but if senator Garuba Ahmed said so, then it must be true.’
‘Did he have any idea what Samantha Osman planned to use the documents for?’
‘He mentioned a buried case against the Vice President and said the documents are the proof of the Vice President’s guiltiness. He believed that Samantha Osman is trying to make the Vice President pay.’
‘Hmm… That’s interesting,’ Dave drew in a breath deeply. He remained silent for a moment as he tried to connect the new information with the data already stored in his brain. ‘Do you still have something else to tell me?’
‘No, I think I just told you all I know.’
‘Thank you very much Inspector, Thank you for trusting me. I’d advise that you keep this information you have carefully for now, it could bring you into danger.’
‘I know Agent, thank you.’
‘Goodnight Inspector,’ Dave said and offered him a handshake.
‘Goodnight Agent,’ Inspector Kehinde replied and turned back to his apartment. His wife was already waiting for him at the door.
James pondered on the day’s event as he walked to his apartment. All through his stay in the office that day, his mind had been on his father’s case and the file Samantha Osman brought. It was obvious from Samantha Osman’s relentlessness that his father was guilty. And even if his father wasn’t guilty, he had expected that the man report the file to the police himself.
He couldn’t think of where to start in investigating the file’s veracity and he was afraid to even start. He was so sure of his father’s guilt.
He got into his house in a few minutes and turned on the light. Just like it happened a few days ago, Samantha Osman was seated in the same position and dressed in the same way, the only difference was that it didn’t come too much as a shock to James and he didn’t try to bring out his gun.
‘Welcome, James Elvis.’ Tarasha said without looking up, she was playing with the gun in her hands and staring at the floor. ‘I came to make a report against the Vice President to you and I see you’ve not done anything about it yet,’ she said and looked up briefly. She faced down again. ‘I know I may not succeed if I take him to court myself, and so I’ve decided to wait till Monday night to see your actions on it. But if you don’t act, I’d release the evidences I have to the media which includes the original copies of the documents in the files I gave to you and a lot more. So the course case would be your father and the public. ‘
She picked a file from the floor and rose up to her feet. She stared at the file for a moment before she began to proceed towards the door. ‘I’ll give you till Monday night, don’t forget.’
She left him on the spot like she did the first time and drove away in her car. The new file she brought along contained more documents against the Vice President. She had planned on giving them to James like she did with the first file but she changed her mind just to protect Dr Ekwueme. The file and documents were prepared by the doctor himself, so she wondered why he gave it to her when he knew it would put him in trouble as he himself was involved in the child trafficking crime.
part 4
The Inspector General sat quietly in his living room, waiting for the network news by 10pm to begin. He had missed the one by 8pm. As the hour hand moved close to twelve, the phone by his side rang. He picked up his phone to check the caller and then reduced the TV volume with the remote control.
‘Rex,’ he said into the phone, clearing his throat. ‘I’ve been busy all day but consciously expecting a report from you.’
‘The man just got into his house with his entourage, I’ve been following them for more than five hours and nothing is happening.’
‘Ermm… John Bisong says she asked to meet him between five to six pm in the evening.’
‘I’ve been following before then, there are no signs of her or anyone else around. But I can see from the man’s body language that he is also alert and ready for her,’ Rex replied.
‘Okay, give me some minutes to reach the Vice President. I’ll get back to you.’
He picked his remote control to increase the TV volume a bit before dialing the Vice President’s number.
‘Good evening your excellency,’ Chief Rikau greeted.
‘Good evening IG, have you heard anything from Rex yet?’ Chief Elvis replied from the other end.
‘I spoke to him just now and…’
‘Has he come in contact with Samantha Osman there?’ Chief Elvis cut in.
‘No, he hasn’t even seen any trace or sign of her. But has John Bisong called you?’
‘He called me first about two hours ago and then thirty minutes ago, he hasn’t seen signs of her too,’ the Vice President replied.
‘Does that mean she isn’t going to show up anymore?’
‘I don’t think that’s what it means, she might just have changed her schedule. John Bisong is the police commissioner of his State, it will never be easy for her to get to him.’
‘I know, but I’m wondering why she decided to tell him she was coming. Did she tell the Garuba Ahmed and Eze Okafor too?’
‘I’m not the one to answer that question, you’re the Inspector General of Police, you should know if she did send them messages before visiting them.’
‘There are no records suggesting that, but it is very possible she did it in the case of Garuba Ahmed.’
‘And he didn’t report to the police in his state?’
‘The officers in Ilorin have no record of any such report. And the content of the message she might have sent him might be totally different from this pattern.’
‘I understand you, Rex should still stick around and watch. She might show up unexpectedly.’
‘Yes, I’ll call him back now. He should stay and be more vigilant.’
May 3, 2031.
The atmosphere was moisty that morning. Droplets of water from the sky touched the ground occasionally. The Inspector General sat alone at the backseat of his car, his driver and one other escort at the front seats. The light from his tablet device which he held in his hand reflected on his face, his fingers worked gently on the device and his eyes were focused on the screen.
He was already tired of the weekly routine but had no choice as the doctor had threatened that it was important to follow the routine until his injured leg was perfectly healed except he doesn’t want to walk with his legs anymore.
Five minutes left for them to get to the hospital, they noticed a car driving speedily from behind with the headlights shining brightly. Chief Rikau’s driver moved to the slow lane to allow passage of the coming car. It wasn’t unusual to them, a lot of cars using the road at that time of the day moves on high speeds as there’ll be only very few cars on the road.
It came as a surprise when the vehicle overtook them and swerved to their front. The driver and other escort of the Inspector General were proactive. The driver took off his seatbelt and they both took out their guns. But before they could do anything, a man was already out of the attacking vehicle and bullets from his gun pierced through the front glass.
‘Sir!’ the guard at the passengers’ front seat shouted in concern for his boss as he bent his head to dodge the bullets. He opened the door carefully and rolled out of the car to the ground. The driver had also rolled out of the car in the same manner, trying to engage the shooter while his colleague took care of their boss.
‘Please, step out sir,’ the guard said to the Inspector General as he opened the backdoor.
With his head bowed, the Inspector General dragged himself to the door and rolled out.
‘Just stay…’
‘Shh…’ the shooter already appeared at their front before he could complete his statement. The driver had been killed already. The guard tried to lift his gun but a bullet ran into his head at that moment and he fell to the ground lifelessly.
‘Inspector General,’ the shooter hailed in a mocking voice, flashing his teeth at the man.
The street lights were bright enough to make Chief Rikau recognized his face immediately, it was the same guy that came to rescue Samantha Osman about two months before. He placed his knees on the ground and put his hands in the air to surrender.
‘Get up,’ Cole said, motioning him to rise with the gun in his hand.
The Inspector General rose slowly, still with his hands raised in the air.
‘This way,’ Cole directed him towards the car parked in front.
The Inspector General remained still for a while wondering how he would make the movement to the car with his bad leg.
‘Come on, start moving,’ Cole was getting impatient.
‘My leg is bad, If I have to move, I have to support myself with the car.’ the Inspector General replied, lowering his hands slowly.
‘Be fast about it then,’ Cole ordered.
Chief Rikau placed his elbows on the top of the car to support himself and walked forward. Cole followed him with the gun, watching him closely to ensure he doesn’t make any tricky move. The Inspector General managed until he passed the bonnet of the car where he could no longer support himself by leaning against the car. He dragged his injured leg slowly until he got to the car in front. Cole opened the back door and allowed him to get in.
Chief Rikau noticed a lady at the driver’s side of the car as he struggled to settle at the backseat in pains. She turned her face to him when he had finally settled and Cole had closed the door. His heart was gripped with fear. He recognized her face at once, and his lips trembled as he tried to speak but found no word to utter.
Cole got into the car through the other side. He took out something from his pocket and moved closer to the man. The man’s eyes closed slowly and he fell sideways unconsciously.
‘Let’s go boss,’ Cole said to Tarasha.
Tarasha remained still for a while, looking thoughtful. Then she turned to Cole at the back. ‘Let’s get those dead bodies into the car and move the car away from here.’
Cole stared at her thinly for a while, wondering what the reason was for the new instruction. He took in a deep breath and reluctantly opened the door to carry out the instruction.
She stepped out of the vehicle to join him. Together, they moved the body of the first man and the second one into the boot. Tarasha stopped for some seconds to stare at the blood stains at the place they carried the second body from. She then turned back to Cole. ‘I think we neglected some aspects of planning…’ she paused for a moment. ‘We never considered this aspect actually.’
‘What are you talking about Boss?’ Cole asked with a raised eyebrow. ‘Are you talking about doing it with no trace?’
‘No, they can’t trace us right now.’ She sighed and checked her phone for the time. ‘We’re wasting a lot of time already, just drive to somewhere the car won’t be discovered easily and abandon it there.’
‘Boss…’ Cole frowned. ‘That may get me into trouble, the day is getting brighter.’
‘It doesn’t have to be somewhere far, just anywhere to keep their bodies undiscovered for few hours.’
‘Okay,’ Cole drew in a breath. He closed the boot of the car and proceeded to the driver’s side. He entered into the car and took a few seconds to look around, he picked out some of the devices in the vehicle and handed them over to Tarasha. ‘I’ll see you at the base in one hour time,’ he said after closing the door.
‘Good,’ Tarasha smiled at him and returned to their vehicle.
‘Here,’ Tara handed a phone ringing with a loud tone to Henry. They both sat on wooden chairs directly facing each other
Henry collected the phone and glanced at the screen to see the caller’s ID. He glanced at Tara’s face one more time before he answered the call. He placed it on loud speakers.
‘Good morning Doc,’ he said in reply to the caller’s greeting.
‘Good morning, ermm… What about the Inspector General? We haven’t seen him yet and we’d like to remind him of the check up at the hospital this morning.’
‘Yea, the IG is pretty occupied with state matters this morning. He’d be coming to the hospital as soon as he can.’
‘Okay, please encourage him not to miss today’s treatment. He needs to be consistent to ensure perfect healing for his legs,’ the doctor said.
‘Yea, he’d surely be there later today.’ Henry said before ending the call. ‘Hope I did it well,’ he said as he handed back the phone to Tara.
‘Excellent, now we’ve got to proceed to other things immediately.’ She got up from the seat and proceeded towards the door. Henry got up and followed her.
Cole almost collided with Tara at the door. He apologized and stepped back for her to come out of the room, Henry followed after.
‘Did you find a good place to dump the car?’ she asked Cole and began to walk down the corridor after taking only a glance at him.
‘Yes, I did. No one should be able to discover the car until evening time.’
‘Great work,’ she said and continued walking until they got to the door of a room. She stopped after placing her hand on the knob, ‘Can someone get us a bucket of water.’
‘Okay, I’ll do that right away.’ Henry said and walked off immediately.
Tara opened the door and stepped into another room. The room was large and dark. There were only two chairs in it, both at different opposite corners.
‘Please bring the chairs closer for an interrogation,’ Tara said to Cole.
She walked to the centre of the room where Chief Rikau was laid flat on the tiled floor. She placed two fingers on his neck and observed for some seconds. The man was putting on a yellow track suit. The shirt under the polo had been rolled up while he was laid and his belly was visible.
Henry returned with the bucket of water while Cole was still arranging the chairs. He placed the bucket close to the spot where the Inspector General was laid. Tarasha dipped her hand into the water and sprinkled some of it on the man’s face. There was no visible response. After one minute, she repeated the process again but the man still did not respond. Then she got up and carried the bucket by the handle, she then poured the whole of the water from his face to his legs. The man opened his eyes and began to stretch.
Everything was blurry to him at first. He felt so strange and awkward, with his whole body drenched with water. A heavy wind blew in at that moment from the windows signifying the coming of rain.
Someone pointed a torch light to his face and he quickly shielded his eyes with his hand. The light was taken away and he looked up. He could see the reflection of three people standing around him, he noticed that two of them were males and one female. His brain worked fast and his memory came alive, he remembered how he was taken some hours ago. A headache set in at that moment.
Someone pulled him up and helped him to sit on a nearby chair. He breathed heavily as he was balanced on the seat, his extremely wet clothes on his body making him feel so dirty. He could now see properly, he recognized those in the room with him. He expected to see Cole and Samantha Osman but he was extremely surprised to see Henry E.G in their midst. He never thought the well respected hacker and seasoned developer could get so involved with the assassins.
‘Inspector General,’ Tara called in mockery before sitting in front of him. They stared at each other’s faces in silence for a while. The man closed his eyes and bowed his head. One couldn’t tell whether he did in shame or if he was simply making up his mind not to be broken easily. ‘Look up man,’ Tara said to him.
It took him sometime before he looked up and stared at her face. He had never thought that this day would ever come, at least not this soon. And the fact that she was even supposed to be at Cross River’s state baffled him more. He didn’t know what to expect, questions or torture. But the only thing he was sure of was that the end result of all would be his death except there was a divine intervention.
He closed his eyes briefly mumbled some words of prayer in Arabic, asking God to forgive his sins and accept him into heaven whenever Samantha finally decides to kill him.
‘Inspector General, do you have a family?’ Tara asked.
The expression on the man’s face changed at that moment. He didn’t expect that kind of question. He stared at her face without replying, wondering what her reason for asking the question was. He didn’t want to answer. He decided not to. He didn’t want to corrupt the prayer be had just made by his words. He went further to decide in his mind to keep shut without answering any of the questions she or any other person would ask him. He would keep mute until death.
‘Speak up, Inspector General, I don’t want to make you go through any torture.’ she urged. She knew the answer to the question already but wanted to hear from him, she had a different aim.
He remained mute and unwavering. He knew that there was no way he was going to escape torture but his mind was made up, never to give in to her. He hoped he could keep up his decision.
Tara got up from the seat and stood behind it. She stared at the man’s face for some more seconds. She could sense his determination not to make things easy for them and she determined in her mind to make him suffer too.
A phone began to ring in Tara’s pocket and it got the man’s attention. It was his phone. She took it out and glanced at the screen. The caller ID was displayed bodily ‘REX’.
‘Rex is calling,’ she said with a chuckle as she turned the screen to him. The man groaned uncomfortably on his seat. Tara turned to Henry as she dipped a hand into her pocket. ‘Check his text messaging pattern,’ she said to Henry before turning back to the Inspector General. She walked closer to him and stopped right in front. They stared at each other for a moment. She then took her hand out of her pocket and placed it on his shoulders. The man fell sideways as he went unconscious. She stopped him from falling to the ground and laid him gently on the floor.
‘Tie him to the burglary proof, he would be tortured when he is awake.’ she said to Cole and began to walk to the door. Henry followed her and they got into the corridor.
‘These things you use frequently, don’t they have adverse effects on the victims later?’ Henry asked as they walked down the corridor together.
‘What are you talking about?’
‘I mean the drugs you use, for example, the tranquilizer you used on the man just now?’
‘The effects are minimal and can be washed away easily if he goes on a medical checkup, they only become dangerous when there’s a continued use.’ she explained. Henry nodded, he seemed comfortable with the answer. ‘So, have you checked his messaging pattern?’
‘Yes, they’re brief and straight to the point, no short forms of words used.’
‘Okay, check if he has any previous message with Rex before we send one.’
‘Yes, he does. I read through all of them. You want us to send Rex a message?’
‘Yea, let’s make him think the Inspector General is busy.’
‘Okay,’ Henry replied. They both walked into the room they were seated before and got settled on the chairs.
Henry composed the message immediately. ‘I’m in a meeting, can you send a text message?’ he clicked send and the message got delivered immediately. ‘Message sent,’ he said and looked up at Tara’s face. ‘So, what plan do you have for the Inspector General? Are we sticking to the previous plan?’
‘He’s not speaking up and I don’t think he’s gonna get broken with torture, he looks determined to keep mute.’
‘Is there anyone who doesn’t break with torture?’ Henry asked.
Tara chuckled. ‘Yes, not everybody breaks with torture, some have learnt to keep their body under subjection and it doesn’t matter what you do to their bodies, they will never do your will.’
‘So you mean we can’t get any information from him if he decides to remain mute?’
‘We can still get a lot of information but we can’t get all we need. We can infuse some drugs into his body which would make him answer our questions but it would weaken him, and may destroy his mental faculties, he would be unfit to make the videos we planned to make.’
Henry let out a deep breath. ‘I thought we already had a perfect plan.’
‘It is still a perfect plan. I may be wrong about him not breaking with torture. We’d torture him first and see the results before considering the options of using drugs. Any way we do it, it’s a win win situation for us.’
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Chapter 14 Part 5
Dan and Dave walked side by side along the corridor in the facility. They greeted some agents in opened offices and some others on the way as they proceeded. Their drive from the airport had taken longer than expected. A trailer had fallen on the road and caused heavy traffic through the road networks.
They got into the office where the Chairman was waiting for them. The man was seated in a swivel and using his computer. The computer desktop had a large screen which covered his face totally from being seen from the door and from behind the computer.
‘Good morning sir,’ Dave and Dan chorused as they moved closer. They stopped behind the table and waited for his response.
‘Good morning, you may be seated.’ the Chairman replied.
They both settled on the seats behind the man’s table and remained mute until the man finished what he was doing on the computer. He moved the desktop to the side of the table and rested his back in his swivel.
‘So you guys came back with nothing?’ the Chairman began, folding his arm across his chest and moving playfully side to side in the swivel. Dan and Dave remained silent. ‘I’m not about to start asking how it went, I read all the reports you sent already and I am highly disappointed. I expected that the both of you should have gotten a headway after being away for two days.’
There was a pause. The man stared at their faces for a while and then shook his head in disappointment. He pulled a paper file on the table to his front and opened it. He pulled a paper and placed it on top after closing the file.
‘I’m going to give to you, you’ll make photocopies for both of you and bring my copy back to me. But before I give them to you, Dave, I want to see your personal case file. I’ll be glad if you can get it for me right away.’
Dave stared at the document in the man’s hand for a second, he wondered what it was and if it was important. He felt the urge to ask the man but decided to be patient until it was given to him.
‘I’ll get it from my office right away sir,’ he said as he got up to his feet. He bowed slightly before proceeding out of the office.
‘Dan,’ the Chairman began as soon as Dave closed the door. ‘Are you sure you’ve been following this boy closely?’
‘Yes sir, he’s not been able to do anything without me.’ Dan replied.
‘And you don’t think he is hiding anything?’
‘I don’t think so,’ Dan replied.
‘Does that mean you guys were always together?’
‘The only few times we weren’t together were the times he spent at the brothel and the time he spent at Catholic Church confessing of his deeds at the brothel.’
The Chairman gave a faint smile. ‘Are you sure he wasn’t doing something else at the brothels?’
‘I’m sure, it’s even obvious to anyone else that works closely with the way he carries his pack of condoms everywhere.’
‘Okay, good work then.’ the chairman rested his back. ‘I hope he also did not suspect anything.’
‘No suspicion at all, my physical communication with the officers are less often.’
‘And have you been keeping in touch with the Chief?’
‘Yes, he even asked me to call him when we return to Abuja.’
‘Good, I want you to keep in mind the reason why you are working so close with Dave. He appears to be stubborn, so we want you to make sure he doesn’t have full control in the investigation. We’re keeping him in the case just because we think he’s still the best man, and he’s been doing good. The other agents who are fit for these kind of jobs aren’t young men anymore and their age would make some things difficult for them to do. So keep an eye on Dave and monitor his every move.’
Dave finally pulled out the file from his locker. He took a brief look at it before he closed back the locker. He picked his phone which he had dropped on the table and began to proceed towards the door. His phone rang just as he placed his hand on the knob. He stared at the caller’s ID for a moment, it was the man who had been giving him updates on Jumoke’s health.
‘Good morning sir,’ he answered the call.
‘Good morning Mr Dave, I hope you are doing good.’
‘Yes, I am. Hope you’re fine too.’
‘Yes, we give God the glory.’
Dave chuckled at the man’s response, he hadn’t heard such a cliche from anyone recently. ‘So what about Jumoke?’
‘She’s the reason I’m calling. We paid all the bills already and she’s doing very fine,’ the man replied.
‘Wow! That’s good,’ Dave heaved a sigh of relief. He felt good that his money was not wasted.
‘But there’s a problem…’
Dave frowned. ‘What problem?’
‘She lost her memory, every bit of it. She can’t remember anything or anyone at all,’ the man replied.
‘Oops!’ Dave let out a deep breath.
He felt somehow relieved and happy because her memory loss would make her forget totally about him and all they had together, and it would save him the stress of having to put her away himself but his happiness was not complete knowing that she would have to start her life all over again and it may be difficult for her to get help to stand.
‘That’s not too nice,’ Dave said into the phone. ‘What did the doctors say? Is there any possibility of her regaining her memory?’
‘I’m not sure there is. The doctor in charge explained that her memory loss appears to be self induced, he says it might not be caused by the fall like we think.’
‘Self induced? How?’
‘He says it’s likely she took something that caused it.’
‘But that’s not possible, how could she have taken something to wipe off her own memory?’
‘We don’t really understand yet, but the doctor may go further to make some tests. He’s sure it isn’t the fall that caused the memory loss, he says the impact of fall on her head and other parts of the body wasn’t enough to cause her to lose her memory.’
‘But… Why would she have taken something to hurt herself?’
‘We can’t tell.’
Dave sighed again. ‘Well, I’ll call you back. You have to give me sometime to digest this information.’
‘Alright, have a nice day.’
‘You too.’
Dave ended the call and took some seconds to think. He realized it was the perfect time to cut off contact with Jumoke totally since he would not be needing her around him anymore. It was time to take out the sim card from his phone and destroy it. He considered it for a while and decided to leave it for few more days.
He opened the office door and stepped out. Just as he looked up, he saw Lizzy smiling and walking towards him.
‘Lizzy,’ he smiled back at her.
‘Agent Dave,’ she flashed her teeth as she stood in front of him.
He stretched out his hand to her for a handshake and she received it warmly, both looking into each other’s eyes. Dave would have preferred an embrace but couldn’t offer her anything more affectionate than a hug. Even though they joked and played a lot, their relationship was still official and they were nothing more than colleagues to each other who were now becoming friends as a result of their closeness and working together.
‘We have a lot of things to talk about,’ Lizzy said, still looking into his eyes.
‘Yes, we do.’ Dave nodded. ‘But… Ermm… Are you leaving the office very soon?’
‘No, why?’
‘Nothing, just that we can’t see now.’ Dave said with a smile. ‘I’m having a meeting with the chairman, he actually sent me to come get this.’ he added, showing her the file in his hand.
‘No problem, you can call me on phone when you’re done and I’ll meet you at the usual place if I’m free.’
‘Okay, thanks.’ Dave patted her on the shoulder before walking away.
Lizzy watched him go. She hated to admit it but he was handsome. Sometimes she wished she could have him as her boyfriend but she saw it as impossible. Most male NIS agents believed that the ladies especially those whose job had to do with secret investigation sleeps with a lot of other men to do their jobs. So any NIS female official planning to get married someday had to hope that someone who did not know the kind of job she did will fall in love with her.
She remembered all she did with Victor again and was terribly disgusted at the thought of it. She had had to endure the criminal’s body on hers just to extract details from him. She rarely ever gets to the extent of sleeping with a man. Most times, she stops at the point of early bed romance before getting the information she needed.
She wished her body was being subjected to Dave’s body instead, it would have been a memorable experience instead of an annoying one. She couldn’t wait to see Victor rot in prison, and she was confident that the day was not too far.
‘Why did it take you so long?’ the chairman asked as Dave walked back into the office.
‘It took my sometime to search for the file,’ Dave replied, apologizing with a bow and a light smile.
The Chairman waited for Dave to sit before stretching forth his hand to collect the file. He took about a minute to go through the file before returning it. Then he handed over the document he promised to give them.
Dan collected the document and looked into it with Dave. It contained a summary of the past criminal cases the two last victims of Samantha Osman had been associated with. The late Senator who was an ex police official had more than two-third of the whole document about him.
‘I think it should help you greatly. I expect you to work on it and bring results as soon as possible.’ the chairman urged.
1. Sixteen minutes later.
‘I found over five hundred messages in the conversation,’ Lizzy said to Dave, showing him the saved chats on her Apple device. Dave was seated on a high stool while she sat on a low plastic chair.
‘This should be close to a thousand or even more than,’ he collected the device and began to scroll through alone. ‘You extracted this from his messages while he was asleep?’
‘Wow! I knew you could do it, I…’ Dave voice faded away as he saw something in the messages. He read through silently for a while and began to make screenshots. ‘I’m beginning to understand now what that drugs list was for.’
‘What was it for?’ Lizzy asked, rising slowly to look into the part of the messages that caught his attention.
‘If you listened to the news this morning, you must have heard them say briefly how a thief visited the late Senator’s house the midnight before he was killed.’
‘Well… Desert Reporters actually said it was Samantha Osman who sent a spy ahead,’ Lizzy said.
‘Oh! I didn’t listen, so I don’t have the accurate report.’ Dave said and sniffed in gently. ‘My point is that none other than Samantha Osman herself visited the man that midnight. Now, I want you to think about this properly. She was reported to have abducted Eze Okafor earlier before returning to kill him at midnight and now she also visited the Senator at midnight first before returning to kill him in the afternoon. Does it make sense?’
Lizzy’s brows gathered together, ‘But they didn’t report that she went to the senator’s house herself, they reported that she sent a spy to his house.’
‘And I’m telling you that’s a lie, she visited the man’s house that midnight.’
‘But that doesn’t make sense, she couldn’t have been in Kwara State and Anambra at the same time.’
‘Yes, but that’s not the only thing. It doesn’t make sense that she visited them and left them alive, only to return later to kill them. I think if she really intended to kill them, she would have done that at the first visit.’
‘Hmm… Okay,’ Lizzy said with a confused look on her face. ‘So what do you really think happened?’
‘Samantha Osman did not kill those men, she visited them and left them alive. Someone else who is tailing her killed them.’
Lizzy squinted, ‘And who is tailing her?’
‘I’m not sure but I believe it’s the assasin group that clashed with her in Lagos.’
‘Nanl Gang?’
‘Its more than just Nanl Gang, I’ve gone through the past case files of the Nanl Gang with some of our agents and the ones with the police, the Nanl Gang doesn’t have the capacity to follow after Samantha.’
‘But do you remember that Don Dan died in the clash some months ago?’
‘Yes, I do. I believe he was working for someone higher than himself who was employed by the Vice President.’
‘Why the Vice President?’ Lizzy asked with a squint
‘Oh! The man’s hands are not clean. Have I told you what I discovered about that list of drugs?’
‘No, you were about to tell me.’
‘I learnt from our trip that the Vice President was involved in importation of fake drugs some years ago, all those low quality drugs you saw in the list, the man brought them into the country.’ Dave said.
‘Huh? That’s a serious allegation.’
‘Yes, it is. But I’m sure of it’s authenticity. I got it from the only man Senator Garuba confided in before his death.’
‘But what happened then, wasn’t the case investigated?’
‘Yes, it was but the man had enough backup to rescue himself. The document proving his involvement is what Samantha Osman went to get from Senator Garuba Ahmed that midnight.’
‘But what does she need the document for?’
‘I can’t say, my best guess is that she wants it to dig up the case again or probably release the documents to the public to shame or destabilize the man.’
‘That’s serious,’ Lizzy gasped. She took sometime to ponder on the information before she spoke again. ‘But I don’t still get it, how is all these connected? What about Eze Okafor, what was his input?’
Dave chuckled. ‘They’re all connected,’ he said and turned his face towards Lizzy who had just returned to her seating position. ‘Eze Okafor was the minister of health who signed the importation of drugs then while senator Garuba Ahmed was the Police Inspector in charge of investigating the case. I believe it was from her visit to Eze Okafor that she learnt about the location of the document she needed which led her to Senator Garuba Ahmed. Then the assasin tailing her got to Eze Okafor late and killed him in the hospital after getting her direction, he followed her to ilorin where he killed senator Garuba Ahmed. Unfortunately for him, she had already gotten the document before he got there.’
‘Strange! I could have never imagined this kind of situation.’
‘I never imagined it too but that’s the way it is right now.’
‘Did the person also tell you where Samantha Osman went after she left the senator?’
‘No, he had no idea.’
‘So that leaves us without clues again?’
‘No, with so much clues. I know for sure that Samantha is planning to do something with the information she has. I think it’s better to do something of such before her, it will slow her down and make her try to trace us.’
‘Hmm, are you sure?’
The Inspector General opened his eyes in the dark room to see his hands and legs fastened with strong ropes to the burglary proof of the back exit. He winced in pain as he tried to move his injured leg but couldn’t. He felts pains all over his body.
The door at the other side flung open just in time. Tarasha entered into the place with Cole following behind. They proceeded towards the man and stopped in front of him. Cole opened some of the window curtains for more light.
‘Good Afternoon Inspector General, nobody seems to have noticed your absence in the world yet. Does that mean you’re not as important as you think?’ Tarasha said mockingly.
Chief Rikau closed his eyes briefly and drew in a breath. He felt tempted to talk but remained shut to conserve his energy.
‘And so will you talk to me now? I need to ask you some questions about your country,’ Tarasha said again.
She waited for about two minutes and he was still silent and staring at her.
‘He doesn’t want to speak Cole, take off the ropes and give him the first dose.’ she said as she glanced at Cole. He nodded in response and moved closer to the Inspector General, he pulled took off the ropes from the hands first and then the legs. The man fell weakly and sprawled on the floor. Cole turned him over, making him lay on his belly with his back facing up. Then Cole took out a whip from the bag which he carried with him.
Tarasha turned back and proceeded out of the room as soon as Cole began to administer the whip on the man’s back. She met Henry outside the room as she stepped out, she closed the door. The man’s cry and the sound of the whip could be heard from outside the room.
Henry’s face was full of pity. He could feel every landing of the whip he heard.
‘Tara, that man is an old man.’
Tara stared at his face for a while and shook her head. ‘He is not old, he’s less than sixty and that’s not too old for torture,’ Tara replied.
‘But what if he dies while he’s been beaten?’
‘He would not die but live to take as much beatings as he can take,’ she replied with a smile.
‘Why don’t you just use the drug on him and let him speak at once since you already believe he’s not going to get broken by torture?’
‘He still needs to be beaten before the drug works,’ Tara replied. Henry remained silent for a moment. ‘Lets move away from here, leave Cole alone to do his job,’ she said and placed a hand on his shoulder to make him turn.
His shoulders dropped and he stopped her from moving by holding her hand. ‘I can’t move from here, I feel weak hearing him cry.’
Tara two some steps back to stare at his face. She looked angry as she raised her brows at him.
‘Don’t you feel bad too? I can’t really stand it,’ Henry asked, wondering why she was staring at his face like that.
Her anger was kindled and it showed in her facial expression. ‘I’m trying to be professional because I still need him to answer some questions but do you want to know how I really feel?’ she squinted at his face.
Henry was silent. He didn’t understand her mood and why the hand on his shoulder was now vibrating, he still had his left hand there holding her by the wrist.
She took her hand off her shoulder and turned back. She entered into the room and slammed the door shut. She charged towards Cole.
Henry opened the door and peeped in, wondering what was going on. Tara got to where Cole was and stopped him. She collected the whip from Cole and spoke some few words to him. Cole picked up his bag and proceeded towards the door. Tara continued the beating in a more ferocious manner. The man’s cry became louder.
Henry felt afraid and confused. He couldn’t understand how what he said that made her so angry.
‘What happened? Why did she stop you from beating him?’ Henry asked in a shaky voice as Cole got to the door.
Cole took a quick glance back and shrugged, ‘I don’t know, maybe she felt I wasn’t doing it well enough.’
‘And she asked you to leave?’
‘No, she asked me to get Tomi.’
Henry gave way for him to pass and continued watching with his mouth left agape.
The beating ended less than one minute later, after the man’s voice could no longer be heard. Henry was afraid that the man was dead but he didn’t dare to step further inside the room. Tara dropped the whip and began to proceed back to the door. Cole returned to the place with Tomi at that same moment. Henry stepped out into the corridor giving room for them to see Tara.
‘Tomi, he’s unconscious, make sure he doesn’t die.’
‘Okay,’ Tomi replied. She waited for Tara to step out first before she rushed back into the room to check the man.
Tara stepped out of the room and walked away without taking a look at Henry who stood behind. Henry stood still and watched her leave, still wondering what the cause of her sudden rage was.
Tomi soon rushed out too and hurried off to get her first aid equipments. Cole showed up after, walking slowly. He stopped at the entrance and rested his back against the door frame with his arms folded across his chest.
‘Is he dead?’ Henry asked.
‘No, he’s only unconscious.’ Cole replied.
Henry felt a bit relieved but the tension in his heart was still much. He heaved a sigh and began to walk away with the purpose of finding Tara. Cole followed behind and both walked slowly.
Tomi returned with her first aid bag and met them in the passage. She only took a cursory glance at both of them and stopped after passing Cole slightly.
‘I’ll need someone’s help to move the man from here,’ she said.
Cole stopped and waited a few seconds before turning back.
Henry searched around the house for Tara. He finally found her where he least expected her to be at that moment – in the study. The door was left ajar, so he could see her from outside. Her back was turned against him. Her previously neatly packed hair was now scattered, several books were scattered all over the floor and a wooden chair was broken on the floor. He stopped behind the wall beside the door and continued to watch her. After sometime, she turned sideway and sat on the floor, with her knee raised. She placed her elbows on the knees and bowed her head, running her fingers in through her hair.
Henry could now see the side of her face, only that the hand placed on her knee was covering his view. He desperately wanted to see her facial expression. He bent down and watched for a while, he then noticed a drop of tears falling from her face to the floor.
It made him remember the first time he saw her cry. It was then he realized what he had caused. She was right when she said she had been acting professional until he talked about how she was feeling.
He regretted ever going to the room to see the torture. Now he had kindled something that he may not be able to control – her anger for the man who raped her at the age of eight and killed her parents.
Tears filled his eyes too and he found his bum on the floor. He remained there for close to an hour watching Tara who also remained in the same position.
He raised his head and looked sideway as he heard the sound of someone footsteps, he found Tomi approaching.
‘Can I see the boss?’ Tomi asked in low tones.
‘What do you want?’
‘The intravenous fluid is finished and the man still needs more, I also need to get some more medicines for him.’
‘I thought you had a credit card with you.’
‘Yes, I do.’
‘You can go, you’ll sort it out with her later.’
‘Thank you,’ Tomi bowed slightly and turned back. She quickly rushed back to get the credit card from her room.
She stopped in the corridor on hearing Cole talking to someone on phone. His room door was slightly opened.
‘I really would love to spend time with you but it’s a busy weekend for me and there’s no way I can make out space.’
Tomi hid behind the wall to listen, anger against Cole boiling in her heart.
‘Patricia, I love you and there’s nothing that can change that. You just have to understand my schedule. Okay.’
Tomi heaved a sigh of frustration after sensing that the call had ended. She wondered in her heart how she would get to that Patricia that was stopping Cole from paying attention to her. She heaved another sigh before walking away.
She picked the credit card and her phone and hurried out of the room. Her phone began to ring before she got out of the place, the caller ID displayed was ‘Bi**tch’.

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