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Tarasha (chapter 31-40)

Episode 31
Robin Kahn’s dead body was finally recovered
from the house where he was killed the next
day. It took seeing Greg’s dead body for James
to remember that they were on a mission to a
particular address before the wanted lady
attacked them.
James led a group back to the location on Gravl
estate that day and they entered into the
compound, finding Robin’s body laying lifeless
on the floor behind the ambulance. They
searched round the compound and even broke
into the house but found nothing else
implicating, except for some bullets and the
blood stained doctor’s coat found in the
The bullets and coat were sent to the forensics
team immediately for scrutinization while
Robin’s body was driven back to the
Still that morning, James and Sandra visited Dr
Hammed who had met in 2030 with Samantha
Osman in Derl Pharmacy to ask for a
confirmation if Aisha Bello was the same as
Samantha Osman.
‘They are not the same person’ Dr Hammed
replied their question in an angry manner. He
was tired of replying questions already, he had
had enough from the EFCC and his lawyer. His
plan was to rest and prepare for his court
hearing the next week.
‘Just take a proper look at it first’ James
‘Am I a baby who doesn’t know his left from the
right? I said they are not the same’ the man
replied back stubbornly.
‘Sir’ James tried to calm the situation. ‘I don’t
mean to infuriate you. Well, maybe I should
show you one of her recent pictures, that one is
old and dated back to 2023’
James moved closer to the man with his tablet
and displayed some pictures for the man to
see. ‘These are her recent pictures on
Instagram and Facebook’ he said as he swiped
through different photos.
‘There’s no iota of resemblance between this
girl and Samantha Osman’ Dr Hammed stood on
his point. ‘Samantha looks more like a black
American and has a kind of mixed accent, she’s
certainly not the same as this’
Aisha’s eyes opened to see Benny pointing a
gun at her, her body which was previously stiff
immediately began to vibrate in fright.
‘Benny, what are you doing?’ she struggled to
mutter under her breath. She looked over his
shoulder and saw Tarasha and Cole standing at
the back, close to the entrance of the lab. Cole
hid his face immediately, after her eyes met
Benny cocked the gun.
**Maitaima, Abuja**
‘Nice to have you here, Mr Henry’ Sylvester
shook hands with Henry as he welcomed him to
their head office in Abuja.
‘Thank you sir’ Henry smiled, receiving the
handshake. ‘I’m happy to be here to work with
you sir’
‘Come in please’ the stout man adjusted his suit
trousers belt as he ushered Henry into an
Mr Sylvester, the official in charge of the
security cameras system of whole nation had
been recently embattled with series of breaks
and attacks on their operations which always
resulted in assassinations.
The first time it happened was in November
2030. The security cameras all stopped
transmitting at the same time and for the same
duration of a minister’s assassination. Others
had happened after that, the latest was just one
week ago and it involved the death of United
States special officer, Robin Kahn and his team.
After fruitless struggles by all the software
engineers and officers to fix the loophole, Mr
Sylvester was forced to invite Henry George, a
young Internet technician, software and
computer engineer and transmission expert to
come to their aid.
Henry George, aged 26, was a renowned ethical
hacker who had saved the nation on a previous
attack by enemies on their security official
websites. Henry saved his country four years
ago when he was serving as a youth corper in
Maiduguri. His breaking of the limit brought him
fame and money as he was well sought for by
several organizations after his service. He
decided to settle in Lagos with his parents,
occupying a good position in a well respected
computer security firm.
‘Please have your seat, sir’ Sylvester motioned
him to the visitor’s seat.
‘Thank you sir’ Henry replied as he sat
comfortably into the seat.
‘I believe you’ve heard about the recent security
breaches we’ve had in our systems’ Sylvester
began before sitting down.
‘Yes. As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to
work on it already’ Henry leaned forward,
placing his hands on the table. ‘But you know
there’s a limit to what I can do without having
permission from you to use your data’
‘Yes’ Sylvester smiled. ‘We’ll give you everything
you need to work with. We need to fix the
problem as soon as possible to avoid more
blames from the police’
‘I’ll work with the best of my abilities as long as
you provide every necessary data for me’ Henry
licked his lips as he replied, he felt uneasy.
He wasn’t being honest. In fact, he wasn’t so
sure if there was any more data to get from
them as he had already hacked into their
systems to derive information for his personal
When the news of the security failure first hit
the news the last year, Henry had launched his
personal investigation immediately, being
curious to know the expert that was good and
bold enough to hold the nation’s security in
captive for hours.
Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t make much
progress like he thought he would. Every link to
trace the person behind the work was
completely blocked. He even tried to locate the
server from where the Health Minister’s
compromise video was uploaded from but the
result he got was an incorrect proxy and IP
address. Since then, he had concluded that his
failure to locate the source was due to lack of
complete data. But the data he needed was
sure not from this organization he had been
invited to work for, he accepted the invitation
with the hope that their influence would get him
the data from other organizations. He was
ready to break record.
‘Here sir’ Sylvester courteously handed a file to
Henry. ‘In it is all our codes and data that you
need, please we’ll like you to start work on it as
soon as possible’
Henry stood to take the file from the man,
smiling as he marveled at the man’s great show
of respect for him. The man was a married man
who was far older than him in age and
authority, so Henry felt greatly honored by his
‘I’ll begin my work immediately’ Henry said as
they exchange a parting handshake.
Their Bus got to Kubwa, Abuja at exactly five
minutes past nine in the evening and they drove
into their lodge by fifteen minutes past nine.
Their arrival attracted a lot of attention from
people around the house. The house had been
abandoned for over two years.
‘Hey! Wetin I dey find for hia?’ A Mallam walked
in after them as they drove in through the old
rusted gate.
Tarasha was the first to come out of the Bus
and walk back to the gate to attend to the man,
but she was helpless as she couldn’t
understand the man’s pidgin language until
Benny came around
‘Wetin I dey find for hia?’ The man asked again.
‘We came on a short business trip’ Benny
answered him. ‘This property has been sold to
‘Who sell am for me?’
‘Where are the house and land documents?’
Benny turned to Tarasha to ask.
‘Is that all he’s saying?’ Tarasha commented as
she walked back to the car to get the
She returned a minute later and handed it over
to Benny who displayed it to the man and
spoke in low tones to the man. The man
walked away silently after nodding his head in
agreement several times to Benny.
‘He’s one of the security guards in the town’
Benny informed Tarasha as they walked back to
the bus to join the others offload the loads in
the bus.
‘This bug is not a common one’ Henry said to
Sylvester as he examined a small black device
held up in his hands. ‘It is customized, I believe
the user manufactured it by him or herself’
‘So can nothing be done with this?’ Sylvester
asked in a pessimistic manner.
‘Of course, something can be done with it’
Henry answered with a mischievous smile.
‘What do you mean?’ Sylvester asked, confused
by the look on Henry’s face.
‘Is it not this device the police headquarters
sent from Lagos this morning?’ Henry dropped
the device on the table and sat in front of a
computer set.
‘It might take us a little time before we come
up with anything useful to us about this bug. I
don’t want us to rush’ Henry said, typing in the
label on the bug into the Google search engine.
‘Ha! I don’t want us to spend too much time on
this issue, we’ve gone about six days already
without making a headway’
Henry paused and turned to Sylvester, he stared
into his face for a moment before speaking out.
‘Mr Sylvester’ he called. ‘Do you know the
history surrounding this bug?’ He raised a brow
as he asked.
‘Ermm… I know. You know, it’s just that the
government is putting a lot of pressure on us’
Sylvester stammered as he tried to convince
‘Well, if they really want a quick job’ Henry
turned back to the desktop as he spoke, ‘let
them come and do the job themselves. I won’t
get myself killed stupidly’
‘I’m not saying we should work stupidly, I just
think we should work a little more faster’
‘I won’t work faster than this, I assure you’
Henry said boldly without turning to the man,
he was beginning to get pissed with the man
but tried to remain calm. ‘I won’t work like
Robin Kahn who was impatient and ran into the
waiting hands of the assassins, I’m wiser’
Sylvester did not reply anymore as he began to
reason with Henry, he remained quiet and
allowed Henry to continue his searching.
Henry silently read each of the search results
before clicking on the best option. He read for
few minutes and jotted some codes into his
notepad before getting up.
‘I have to get to a computer accessories shop
now’ He said as he picked up his bag and hung
it on his shoulder.
‘Ehen, Okay’ Sylvester got up too and set out to
leave the computer room.
** Twenty minutes later **
‘Seginet Computers’ Henry read aloud to
himself as he parked his car in the parking lot
of the company. He took a deep breath before
proceeding to the main building.
The company’s main building had four doors,
two for entry and the other two for exit. Henry
smiled as his Android device beeped. He took it
out from his bag, a red light pointed out from
the screen, slanting in an upward direction. He
took care not to look in the direction of the
light as he understood the message. His
properly designed app was just locating the
positions of the neatly hidden surveillance
camera at the door.
The door opened, allowing him to enter after
been scanned by the security system. He
switched off the device to avoid attracting
attention to himself as it would in no time begin
to make numerous beeps on locating the
cameras inside the building.
Computer accessories and softwares of
different kinds and uses were neatly arranged in
shelves at the different sections. Henry quickly
located the camera section and proceeded
towards the stand.
‘Henry’ he heard someone call. He turned back
to see the caller but found out that he wasn’t
the Henry being called. He hissed and turned
again carelessly to collide into someone.
‘Oh! Sorry’ he apologized as he bent to pick the
fallen contents of the fallen nylon bag. The lady
watched him in disgust as he picked up the
gadgets and returned them into the nylon bag.
‘I’m so sorry’ he apologized again as he handed
over the bag back to the lady. She gave him a
searching look before collecting it from him.
There was something familiar about the lady,
Henry thought as they both stood for thirty
seconds without moving. It wasn’t her face that
looked familiar, rather it was an atmosphere
around her, the scent of her perfume. He had
felt that atmosphere sometime before but he
couldn’t tell where and when it was.
He was also held spellbound by her beauty, her
charm was irresistible. Her face was neat with
no acne or pimple, her eyes were attractive and
too radiant to look at for long without falling in
worship. He had only one description for her, a
perfect African goddess.
He felt his body shiver as he ran his eyes
through her clean sexy legs. Her figure eight
was clearly displayed in the tight mini gown
which revealed her thigh down to her foot. His
heartbeat suddenly increased without him
‘Be careful next time’ she said and walked away
from his presence, leaving him to stand
overwhelmed in the midst of other moving
He stood transfixed for some more seconds, but
his brain was working perfectly well and quick
also. He had heard that voice somewhere
before but couldn’t remember where it was.
He turned back to see her just going out
through the exit and quickly followed after her,
abandoning his primary assignment.
She was already entering into her car when he
got out, he quickly ran towards her but she
started the car engine and began to drive
towards the gate before he got to her. He tried
to call out to her but there was no response.
Without thinking twice, he jumped into his car
and drove out of the gate, pursuing after her.
After minutes of trying to get her attention
through the side mirror, she finally stopped near
an army checkpoint and came out of the car.
The soldiers approached her immediately as it
was wrong to park at that place.
He drove closer to them and was still arguing
with himself whether to park also or just drive
forward when he realized what was going on,
but it was late already.
The lady had just finished explaining something
to the soldiers and two were signaling for him
to park with whips in their hands.
Episode 32
**LASPOTECH, Lagos **
‘Aisha Temitope Bello was a student of this
school truly’ the secretary began her well
prepared explanation to the officers. ‘She was
admitted in 2023 and she finished her national
diploma program in 2025, since then she has
not returned to collect her ND result nor take
the Higher national diploma form’
‘Is that all you have for us?’ James stared at
her awkwardly as he asked.
‘That’s all I think you may need’ the secretary
James tried his best not to let out a hiss, but
he was obviously pissed off by the lady as she
could only dig out such little information after
delaying their investigation for more than a
week. ‘Tell or show us all you’ve got, let us be
the ones to pick what we need’
‘Okay, no problem’ the secretary said and
looked into a paper. She cleared her throat
before she began to mention out points.
‘She was a student of the business
administration department, her matriculation
number was ND/23/FT/BA/35. She finished the
ND program with a distinction grade. She was
also involved in school politics and sports. She
contested for the post of the “Sports Director
2” and won, she ruled for one year with the
other sport director and they won several
trophies for the school during their tenure.
Aisha herself participated in the Ladies football
team and captained the team, they came out
second place in the Nigeria Polytechnics Cup
2024. She…’
‘It’s okay’ James stopped her after
communicating something with his eyes to
Sandra who was seated opposite him. ‘Did any
of her friends come back for HND?’
‘I don’t know any of her friends’ the secretary
replied bluntly.
‘Can’t you help us find out?’ James inquired.
‘I can but you have to come back some other
‘What?? Come back again?’ James couldn’t
believe his ears, maybe it would take the lady a
month now to help them find who Aisha’s likely
friends were and if they returned for the HND
program .
‘Yes, there’s nothing I can do now’ the
secretary replied lazily.
‘Well, I think I know what’s happening here’
James spoke angrily. ‘You know this Aisha and
you’re only trying to cover up for her’
‘No o’ the naive secretary seemed terrified by
James’ prank.
‘Then why are you hiding her and taking so long
to give us information about her?’ James asked,
wondering how she quickly fell for his threat.
He had expected her to respond boldly back to
him, he decided to take advantage of the
‘Okay, I will find out and tell you when you
come back by tomorrow’
‘No, now!’ James barked. ‘Do something now’
‘Excuse me’ an elderly man who was the Head
of the business administration department
came out of his office. ‘You can’t be shouting
at here like that, what’s the matter?’
‘Tell your secretary to stop aiding criminals and
give us the information we need’ James
answered him.
‘Yes, what’s the matter?’ The Head of
department turned to his secretary.
‘Sir, they’ve come to gather information about
Aishat Bello, the assassination suspect who
was a student of this school seven years ago’
‘They want me to find out about her friends’
she added.
‘And she told us to come back again’ James
quickly put in. ‘We need to conclude our
investigation this week for God sake. We are
giving the suspect enough time to escape by
delaying the matter’
The man turned back to his secretary, he let
out a deep breath and shook his head sideways
before talking. ‘How are you planning to know
who her friends were?’
‘I don’t know yet’
‘You were not monitoring her, were you? What
you can do is to fish out all available
information about those with close matriculation
numbers to hers, they should know more about
**Kubwa, Abuja**
‘Welcome Boss’ Cole greeted as Tarasha
walked in.
‘Weldone’ she responded without taking a look
at him. She dragged the centre table with her
and sank into a sofa adjacent to Cole’s. She
emptied the contents of the bag on the table.
‘Any useful information now?’ She asked Cole
before getting up.
‘No, no other information’ he replied as he
picked up the laptop from the sofa and placed
it on his lap. ‘But I’ve gathered enough
information about his son’
‘I’ll be right back’ Tarasha excused herself and
walked away from the common room. She
returned three minutes later in a blue sleeveless
top and pair of comfortable Jean trousers with
a black leather bag in her hands. She returned
where she was previously seated and removed
some of the tools from the bag.
‘So what option do we have?’ She asked as she
hit a small hammer on a computer gadget.
‘Huh?’ Cole couldn’t hear as a result of the
noise from Tarasha’s work.
‘What’s our option?’ Tarasha repeated. She
began to pick out some chips from the
destroyed gadget.
‘His first son is the only way we can get close
to him’ Cole answered. ‘The man has been kind
of surreptitious of recent’
Tarasha was quiet for a moment, the man’s
recent secrecy was a known fact to her. Jubril
Lawal, as if anticipating something evil had not
been seen in public places recently. His visits
to government officials and public figures had
always been in secrets.
‘Dare Lawal is a terrible womanizer and he
frequents nightclubs in the city’ Cole began,
looking straight into Tarasha eyes. ‘He visits
Oriental Club every third Friday of the month’
‘Friday is too far, we can’t wait till then’
‘Maybe we should trace him from work then’
Cole said, he got up from the seat and adjusted
his belt properly. ‘He is the CEO of his Dad’s
retailing firm here in Abuja but he doesn’t really
do anything. He closes by 4pm everyday and
most of the times chill out with friends before
heading home’
‘Going somewhere’ Tarasha responded to his
movement. ‘Does he live with his father?’
‘No, he does not but he visits his father’s house
almost every week’ Cole moved away the table
blocking his way. ‘Please excuse me, I need to
ease myself’
‘It’s okay’ Tarasha permitted. An alert note
sounded in her brain as she watched him walk
away, she was allowing him handle too much
already. She needed to confirm the information
he had given her before working with it, so as
not to run into error.
‘I brought this for you’ Aisha’s voice sounded
softly as she served Tarasha wine in a
Champagne glass. She made a little groan as
she bent to hand over the cup to Tarasha, her
belly wound had not healed completely yet.
Tarasha took the cup from her silently, she
properly scrutinized the drink first, she took
another look at Aisha’s face as if to ask if she
could trust her.
Aisha quickly looked away from those eyes
staring at her. Tarasha had the same look on
her face that day she was given a death scare.
She remember vividly how she vibrated when
Benny cocked the gun, hot urine escaped down
the bed immediately.
**Flashback **
Benny closed his eyes as he pulled the trigger.
Aisha heard the gunshot sound. Then her body
was being carried away by unknown forces, to
heaven, she thought. Not until the bed she was
laying on hit the wall, then she realized that her
bed had been rolled away before the bullet was
released and the bullet had penetrated into
somewhere else.
Cole and Benny who were surprised turned to
look at Tarasha’s face immediately, they met a
smile which made them more confused . They
could not tell the reason Tarasha acted that
One of the legs of Aisha’s bed which had tyres
for easy movement had been tied with a long
rope to stop its movement. Tarasha cut the
rope when she was sure that the trigger was
going to be pulled.
Benny was about to barg out of the lab when
Tarasha spoke, he paused. ‘You would have
died if you didn’t obey, I wouldn’t have let you
live one more second’
He looked at her face for some seconds before
proceeding out of the lab, Cole followed suit.
‘You’ll remain as a cook with us but you’ll not
be able to go out as you used to do’ Tarasha
said to Aisha before leaving the lab.
Unknown to them, Tarasha had other plans. To
her, if Benny could attempt to kill Aisha on her
order, then he would do the job when she asks
him for the head of Don, his former boss.
Tarasha walked back to the living room to get
the medicines she got for Aisha. She wondered
how Benny and Cole really thought she wanted
Aisha to be killed. She wouldn’t have gotten the
drugs if she wanted the girl dead, she already
knew Aisha was wanted by the police before
she set out to get the drugs. Well, if Aisha was
killed or not, her lifespan had been cut short by
the bullets already.
** Present **
‘Thank you’ she said with a smile and took a sip
of the wine. Aisha walked away.
Benny came in few minutes later, he was
sweating and looked dusty, the harmattan
breeze had not been nice on him.
‘Good day Boss’ he greeted as he dropped a
bag carefully in front of Tarasha, beside the
table where she had her gadgets.
‘What do we have here?’ Tarasha bent to open
the bag.
‘I got all you requested for except the “Walther
PPK” revolver’ Benny answered.
Tarasha hissed. ‘I still have one with me I can
use though’ she closed the bag. ‘You can take it
Cole walked back into the common room and
met Benny, he tapped him on the shoulder.
‘How far?’
‘I’m cool’ Benny replied as he dragged the bag
‘What’s this Boss?’ Cole expressed surprise on a
look at the table where Tarasha was working
on. He was amazed at the speed she used to
convert the bought devices to her own
manufactured ones.
‘This, is a tracking device that can be implanted
under the skin’ she displayed a very tiny pill-like
material to him. She raised up another one that
looked like a gun, ‘we use this to implant it’
‘I’ll make sure they pay for it’ Sylvester cursed
loudly. He sat on a stool beside the hospital
bed where Henry was sitting, a bandage was
wrapped round Henry’s arm.
Henry hissed. ‘It’s okay, thank God you came at
the right time, it would have been worse’
‘What did you do to them?’ Sylvester asked
again, a question Henry was not willing to
Henry had made up his mind for a thanksgiving
service in church the next Sunday. He who had
heard several stories about the brutality of
soldiers on civilians on several occasions had
only partly believed the story. He had a friend
with a gentle nature who was also in the force,
his friend didn’t look like a brutal person. Henry
concluded that only the wicked ones amongst
them were brutal to ordinary people.
The ones he had met that day were more than
wicked, they gave him only a little room for
explanation before they began to use the whips
on him. What had aggravated the matter was
Henry’s identity card that was nowhere to be
found, he could have gotten away by proving
that he was working for a security agency.
The two soldiers that addressed him wasted no
time in landing the whips six times on his body
as he delayed obeying their order to kneel
‘You wan go rape am?’ One of the mean looking
huge soldiers had accused him of attempted
‘No , I saw something suspicious with her and
was only trying to investigate’ Henry had lied to
save himself, but there was no ID card to
support his claim.
He received a total of six whips, three slaps
and had done frog jump for about fifteen
minutes when Sylvester came to his rescue.
Sylvester had coincidentally seen the event
through the surveillance camera’s transmission.
‘Take this two tablets, twice a day. This, one
tablet thrice a day. And this, three tablets every
six hours’ a Doctor explained how to use the
drugs to Henry.
‘Don’t bother, I’ll read the instructions myself’
Henry snatched the drugs jacket from the
Doctor impatiently, he wondered why so much
drugs should be administered to him for just
something little. ‘Is that all? Can I leave now?’
‘Yes that’s all, you can leave’
‘Thank you’ Henry got up and left with Sylvester
‘You still haven’t told me what happened with
you and the soldiers’ Sylvester troubled him
again as they settled into the car. ‘I want to
know what action to take’
‘Thank you for saving me sir, I don’t think it’s
necessary to take any action. I’ll tell you what
happened later’ Henry hesitatingly answered.
‘We need to go back to the office now to check
for my ID card. I have my MasterCard too in the
‘I’m not sure you forgot it in the office, I saw
you put it in the front pocket of your shirt’
‘Then where could it be?’ Henry searched his
pockets again. His phone rang out, interrupting
him, he didn’t know where it was.
‘Here’ Sylvester handed over the phone to him
from the back seat. He started the car engine.
‘Hello, are you Henry George Ekene’ A voice
‘Who’s this please?’ Henry replied with a
‘We found a pack containing some cards in our
company, Seginet Computer International, your
phone number was on it’
‘Huh?’ Realization hit Henry, it must have
dropped when he almost collided into the
strange lady. He frantically searched through
his pocket for the bug, it wasn’t there.
Episode 33
**4.15pm **
‘That girl is d–n wild!’ Dare laughed loudly as
he got into the driver’s side of the car. ‘I had to
beg her to stop because she wouldn’t get tired,
she just kept on riding without pity’
He cleaned his face with a white handkerchief
as he paused to listen. He loosened his tie and
took it off his neck, opening the two top
buttons of his collared shirt. His eyes met with
the scar on his forehead through the front
mirror as he relaxed back in the seat.
He had gotten the scar two months ago when
he got himself drunk to stupor on his birthday.
He had attempted to pull the shirt of one of his
friend’s invitees to the party and she responded
by pushing him violently away, not minding that
he was the celebrant of the day. He hit his
head on a table beside them. Since then, his
face had been disfigured with the black scar.
‘OK, I agree I’m not strong’ he began with
another round of laughter. ‘Just get me
someone better this Friday night’
He rounded up the call in few seconds and
started the car engine, he wasted some more
seconds to fasten his seat belt before
proceeding to drive out of the company’s gate.
He received salutations from other employees
as he drove out and face the main road. He had
driven for only one minute when his eyes met
something attractive. He smacked his lips and
took a deep breath as he fixed his eyes on the
sexy legs walking up the road.
‘Hello Pretty, where are you going to?’ He pulled
up close to her.
‘Sir?’ She pretended not to hear as she bent
down to look into the car.
‘What way are you going to?’ He took another
deep breath as he viewed her b—-t neatly
packaged in the cleavage showing dress.
‘Bello road’ she answered and stared at him in
‘I’m going to Bello road too’ he lied with a big
smile on his face. ‘Let me help you’
‘Thanks’ Tarasha replied and opened the door
‘You’re welcome’ he responded.
Tarasha heaved a sigh of relief as she sat in.
She was already tired of waiting for him outside
the gate. She has tried to trap him also the day
before and waited at that same point for him,
only for him to drive happily by without taking
any look at her side, it seemed his mind was
disturbed the other day.
This was the only trick that Tarasha could play
this time as going to his office could revealed
her identity after the operation. The company
had been studied and it was found to have
several security measures that could keep
records of her visit. Trying to break and corrupt
their security devices would only waste more
time, so Tarasha opted for the option of getting
him to notice her on the road.
‘Can we go sir?’ She said to the stunned Dare
who waa still feeding his eyes on her thighs
‘Oh sure’ he replied like he was caught
unawares and started the driving.
‘Thank you’ Tarasha said again.
‘No thanks. God would have gotten angry with
me if I had refused to help an Angel. I did it for
myself’ he replied, putting a smile on her face.
‘So where were you heading to in Bello road?’
‘Lorita restaurant’ she answered.
‘For lunch, I guess?’ He took a quick glance at
his wristwatch.
‘Yea, kind of’
‘Wow!’ He exclaimed. ‘So who’s this lucky guy
who’s opportuned to take you out for lunch?’
‘No one, I’m going alone’
‘Alone?’ His eyes widened in disbelief.
‘Yes, alone’ she replied firmly.
‘Okay, your boyfriend is coming to meet you
there ‘ he voiced out his assumption.
‘No, I’m going alone’ she repeated. ‘I’m new in
Abuja and I’ve got no friends yet, I came to do
‘Are you kidding me?’ He talked with so much
excitement. ‘I hope you won’t mind if I join you’
‘Of course, you’re welcome’
‘Wow! ‘ he smiled happily.
‘Why didn’t I even check here?’ Henry laughed
at himself as he tossed the bug on the table.
He remembered arguing about itbwith the
attendants at the computer company when he
had gone for his ID card. He insisted that they
would have found it the same way they found
the card and that one of the workers had taken
it for himself because it was seen as a special
type of bug. He totally forgot that he went to
the company with a bag.
He picked up the bug and brought it close to
his eyes to scrutinize again. He sighed and
shook his head in a negative manner. He had to
dismantle the device and check the
components before making any reasonable
What he planned to do was to learn the working
techniques of the device, that would help him
avoid getting into a trap like Robin Kahn did.
Then he would be able to trace the real
address from whatever trap was set.
‘The last time I saw Daniel was last year’s
December, here in Oshodi, in this street’ the
plumpy girl explained to the two officers seated
in front of her. ‘He was with a girl I know to be
called Franca’
‘Okay, did you guys talk when you saw?’ James
‘ No, he acted like he didn’t see me’ Bose
replied. ‘We didn’t use to really greet in school,
our matriculation numbers were just close
because we registered at almost the same
‘And Aisha registered at the same time with you
‘Yes, she registered after Daniel’
‘Okay, are you sure he saw you?’ James
‘Yes, he did’ she gave a quick reply.
James paused for a moment, he scanned
through all he noted down in his tablet device.
‘You said they were dating in school’
‘I didn’t say they were dating’ Bose refuted. ‘I
said they were so close that people assumed
that they were, Aisha said they weren’t’
‘I thought you said you were not close to Aisha,
how did she tell you they weren’t dating?’
James asked with suspicion in his voice.
‘You see’ she began her explanation. ‘Aisha was
a sportswoman, she was loved by everyone.
The only reason some people stayed far from
her was get association with Daniel. Daniel was
a rough guy, believed to be a deadly cultist but
that assertion wasn’t proven. So everyone
except teammates maintained a distance from
Aisha, they could only speak with her briefly
when she wasn’t around Daniel or his friends’
‘So he was already dreaded in year two?’ James
raised a brow.
‘Yes, as a matter of fact, there were rumors
that he was already a committed member of
the cult before he gained admission’
‘Hmm, serious’ James nodded his head slowly
and took a glance at Sandra. ‘Do you know
where we can find this Daniel?’
‘No, I don’t have any idea’ she replied.
‘What about the girl you saw him with?’
‘She lives down the street, I can show you to
her house’
‘So Evelyn, what part of Nigeria are you from?’
Dare asked as he took a bite of the chicken.
They were seated opposite each other in the
restaurant on a table for two.
‘Rivers State’ she answered, ‘my parents are
from Orogbum’
‘Orogbum’ Dare corrected her pronunciation, he
gave her a suspicious look. ‘You don’t even
know how to pronounce the name of your
Evelyn quickly put up a bright smile, ‘I wasn’t
born or brought up here so you can’t blame me’
‘I see. I’ve been to Orogbum before for a
friend’s mother burial’ he paused and stared at
her face. ‘What part of Canada did you stay?’
‘Ontario’ she took a sip of the fruit juice and
rested back in the chair.
‘Hmm, cool. So what brought you back to
Nigeria? ‘
‘I told you earlier that I came to do business’
‘Business?’ He started stared at her in disbelief.
‘Yes, business. To invest in the many
opportunities here’
He gave a broad smile, ‘I like that, it’s very rare
to see young girls talking business in this part
of the world’
She replied with a chuckle. She took another
sip from the glass cup.
‘Ain’t you eating again?’ He stared at the
remnant of the food in front of her.
‘I’m full’ she smiled.
‘Come on’ he cleaned his oily lips with a tissue
paper. ‘You’ve not even taken up to five bites’
‘I’m full’ she insisted
‘Or you want something else?’
‘No, thanks’ she took a glance at the wristwatch
and exclaimed. ‘Oh! I have to leave now’ she
said and hurriedly grabbed her bag.
‘Why?’ He asked
‘I have an appointment with my Dad online in
forty minutes time’
‘I see…’
‘Let me drive you home’ he offered, getting up
from his seat.
‘No, thanks. Don’t bother, I’ve troubled you a lot
‘You don’t have a choice’ he said mockingly. ‘Do
you know how to get back home?’
‘Of course’ she laughed heartily. ‘How do you
think I know this restaurant? I’ve been briefed
about this city and I also have the map’ she
displayed something on her phone’s screen to
He smiled. ‘Well, I insist on taking you home’
‘Alright, I agree’ she eyed him playfully and took
the lead.
He licked his lips and rubbed his palms together
as he had a view of her behind once again. He
caught up with her and they walked silently to
the car. He opened the door for her to sit first
before entering into the driver’s side.
‘So where are you staying exactly? Where’s
your house?’ He asked before starting the car
She smiled. ‘I don’t have a house yet, I’m
planning to pay for a property next week, I’m in
a hotel for now’
‘What?? That means you don’t have somewhere
to stay?’ He glanced at her as he began to
‘I just told you I stay in a hotel’
‘And you’re comfortable there?’
‘What? Why not?’ She wiped her hair
backwards. ‘I’m not staying there for too long’
‘I can help you get your own property this week,
a very good one’ he said
‘No thanks. My Dad specified what he wants me
to get’
‘We can get something of the same kind’ he
‘OK, let’s see what you can offer’ she gave in.
‘Tell me about this weather’ she changed the
topic of discussion.
‘It’s harmattan. It was harsher than this two
days ago, it’s gradually subsiding’ he grinned.
‘Hope it has not been bad on you’
‘Not at all. I’m putting on a sleeveless short
gown, it doesn’t seem cold to me. I only hate
the dust’
He smiled. ‘You hate the dust?’
‘Yeah’. She looked at him funnily.
‘You’re lucky that everywhere is tarred in this
city. If you get to the rough side of the country,
your whole body would be covered by dust
‘Wow! Is it that bad?’
‘We don’t see it as bad anymore, it’s just one of
our seasons’
‘What season does cotton grow here?’ She
suddenly changed the topic again.
‘Hmm…’ He scratched his beards. ‘I don’t really
know but I can find out for you. Why do you
‘I’m into the cotton business and I hear the
industry here is big. I’m looking for a good
company to partner with’ Evelyn explained.
‘You’re into the cotton business?’ His eyes
widened as he asked.
‘Yes, do you anybody who is also involved in it?
Or any company?’
‘Yes, I know’ he started joyfully. ‘My father has
the largest cotton firm in the whole nation.
Julal Limited’
‘Your father is Jubril Lawal?’ Her eyes widened
in surprise as she exclaimed.
‘Yes, he’s my father’ he stated proudly.
‘Who do you say you were looking for?’ A middle
aged woman walked into the living room with
her teenage son who went to call her.
‘Is Franca your daughter?’ James asked.
‘Yes, she is’ the woman put on a serious look
as she placed a hand on her chest.
‘We need to see her concerning one of her
friends’ James continued. ‘We are from the
police headquarters’
‘Eh! ‘ the woman began an unforeseen wailing,
adjusting her head tie as she sniffed.
‘Calm down madam, let’s hear you well’ James
urged, as he couldn’t hear what she was saying
amidst tears.
‘My daughter has left this house since the thirty
first day of December and has not returned
since then’ she repeated.
‘Where did she say she was going to?’ James
‘She only said she was going to see her friend’
‘Which of her friends?’
‘She did not specify, she said she wasn’t going
to stay long’
‘Has this been reported to the police?’
‘Yes, it has. They’ve questioned all her friends
that we know but no one seems to know where
she is’
‘Have they questioned her friend Daniel?’
‘Who is Daniel ?’ She asked ignorantly.
‘You don’t know Daniel?’
‘None of her friends bear that name’
James turned to look at Sandra to come in with
an explanation. ‘Daniel is very tall, he’s dark and
not too slim’
The woman looked more confused at the
explanation. ‘He came here with her on the
thirtieth of this December’ Sandra put in.
The Woman looked at her son standing beside
her for affirmation or denial. ‘I don’t know if he
came to the house with her but I saw them
walking on the street’ Sandra quickly added.
‘Yes, I saw her with a stranger that day’ the
light skinned teenage boy joined in. ‘But they
did not stay together for long’
‘The person was a total stranger?’ James
turned to the boy.
He affirmed by nodding his head. ‘Was he a
stranger to Franca too?’
‘I think he was her Facebook friend. I overheard
them saying something like that’
‘What’s Franca’s Facebook ID’ James brought
out his phone and began to type into it.
Henry looked sober in his room. His head rested
on his two palms that were clasped together as
he mumbled some words under his breath. He
had just finished listening to a salvation
message by popular Nigerian televangelist ,
Chris Oyakhilome and had been fired up from
inside. Though he was a Christian, he wasn’t a
committed one. Now, his mind had just been
awoken again to the love of God and how why
he should be passionate about God.
His phone rang, disturbing his prayers. He
switched it off immediately and hid it under his
pillow. He picked up the bible on the stool in
front of him and began to flip through the
pages, he was unsure of where to stop. He
turned back to the concordance and located
the word “love”, he began a more intensive
study on it.
‘Make sure it is organized before this afternoon’
Tarasha said, looking into the laptop screen.
‘Sure, I’ll get it done’ the reply came in a thick
Russian accent.
Tarasha closed the video calls application and
shut down the laptop. The landline in the room
rang aloud.
‘Good evening Miss Evelyn, A man by the name
Dare Lawal is waiting for you’ a voice came
‘Thank you, I’ll be down shortly’ she said and
dropped the call.
She catwalked to the mirror and viewed herself
one more time. She was looking perfectly okay
in her blue trouser suit, more importantly she
looked business minded.
She picked her handbag and proceeded out of
the room. She got to the reception in two
‘Hi’ Dare smiled and got up as he spotted her.
‘Good morning’
‘Good morning.’ She smiled back.
‘How was your night?’ He extended his hand to
‘Perfect, how about you?’
‘Awesome’ he said and placed a gently kiss on
the back of her palm. ‘I was thinking about you
all night’
‘Yeah. It’s like I never met someone as
beautiful as you are before’
‘Oh! That’s sweet’ she blushed, getting her
acting skills perfectly.
‘Anything for an angel’ he grinned. He arranged
the tip of his suit properly before taking her
hands in his. ‘Shall we?’ He smiled and ushered
her forward with his other hand.
‘So what part of the city are you taking me to?’
Evelyn asked as they walked out of the hotel.
‘Asokoro. There are lots of apartment you’ll like
‘Alright, let’s see’ she gave a bright smile as she
stepped into the car.
‘You will like it, my Dad stays there. You’ll be
able to see him often and partner well with him’
he said before closing the door. He smiled as
he turned to the driver’s seat. His concern
wasn’t her partnership with his father. He was
so focused on getting in between her thighs
that he wouldn’t have raised any doubt if all she
had told me about herself the last night didn’t
sound authentic.
Episode 34
‘BN 10354’ Henry read aloud to himself as he
studied the makeup of a particular chip on his
laptop. He took a deep breath he cleared his
throat. This code number was a strange one.
‘ Encrypt XL
<< — t.a.r– n.e.f — >>
Run script = enter ‘
His laptop screen displayed the above in a pop
up window. He quickly wrote them in a jotter.
What the codes meant was a mystery to him
but he was sure that the key words, ‘TAR’ and
‘NEF’ referred to something very important that
would be of use in his research.
He took a sip of wine from his glass cup and
relaxed back into his seat to think deeply. This
method of encrypting used by the manufacturer
of the blog was more tedious to read than the
computer machine language. He wondered
where a criminal could have gotten such level
of technological knowledge from. He was sure
that the person was highly educated and not
just a petty app developer, he was also certain
that the person did not get his or her education
in Nigeria. What baffled him was the fact that
someone with so much intelligence and
knowledge had decided to use it negatively.
Such great knowledge could have been used to
improve the country and the information
technology world at large, instead of it being
used to carry out assassinations.
He got up and stretched himself, he walked to
the window and opened the curtains, it was
evening and the sun was gradually setting. He
had worked all day without even remembering
to take his lunch. It was time to take a little
break, he decided to take a stroll round the
street but then remembered that he also
needed to get something from the office.
He hurriedly put on his football jersey and
pocketed his car key, setting out to kill two
birds with a stone.
‘D–n it!’ Don cursed scattering the books on
his table angrily. He took another look at the
newspaper lying on the floor again, his picture
was printed boldly on it with the word
“WANTED” written boldly below it. A
compensation of three million naira was also
promised to anyone who had information about
He was not really angry or scared about t the
police’s search for him. His domain was enough
for him to hide for several years without them
getting any clue of his location. His anger was
based on the fact that their search for him
would dissuade his clients from associating and
bringing jobs to him.
He picked up the newspaper again. “Wanted:
Daniel Ogbighe. Criminal: suspected to be in
Samantha Osman and Aisha Bello’s gang” he
slammed it on the floor. He paced about
When he released the information on Aisha’s
location to the police, he didn’t think that it
could backfire like this. He had forgotten of his
escapades with Aisha right from the polytechnic
and when they had both dropped out. He never
imagined that she could ever be traced to him.
He was also confused about how the police
connected Aisha Bello’s case to Franca who he
had recently murdered. Franca had been one of
his secret informant and sex partner for years
after they met with each other in a night club.
Things had gone bad between them when
Sandra began to demand for more money from
him. The rest is history.
‘Stone’ he spoke into his phone. ‘I’m coming
over to Cameroon tomorrow’
‘You sound tensed. What’s wrong Don?’ A faint
voice asked from the other end.
‘I’ll explain to you later’ Don replied. ‘I have to
leave this country for a while.
‘You can’t get me to start arranging for you
without giving me a valid reason’ the voice
replied more confidently.
‘What the hell is wrong with you Stone?’ Don
replied in an angry tone.
‘Tell me what the matter is’ Stone replied,
‘Okay, I’m wanted in this country now. My
pictures and names are all over the media. Do
you get it?’ Don said in a firm voice.
Stone laughed. ‘Is that’s what’s sending you out
of the country?’ He said in a mocking manner.
‘What do you mean?’
‘See, if you don’t have anything to say other
than this joke, allow me go and do something
‘D–n! I’m serious man’
‘You can’t be serious man, you mean you’re
running away from your domain just because
the police declared you wanted? Haven’t your
influence grown at all?’
‘You don’t get it’ Don scratched his head. ‘I
want to see you for some other things too, I
need you to help me against an enemy ‘
‘Okay’ Stone voice sounded more considerate.
‘Who is this enemy that’s getting you on your
‘Tarasha’ Don let out a deep breath as he
mentioned the name. ‘She’s really a pain in my
‘Tarasha?? A she? I never heard that name
before’ Stone said half laughing. ‘Is she one of
these new amateur assassins?’
‘No, she’s different…’ Don gave a quick reply
but was cut short by Stone.
‘Or one of your numerous side chicks that has
learnt your dirty secret?’ Stone added.
‘No not that’ Don refuted quickly. ‘Have you
heard about Samantha Osman?’
‘Samantha Osman?’ Stone raised his voice.
‘That name is all over the world news’
‘Yeah, it is’
‘Isn’t it the same Samantha Osman associated
with top profile assassinations?’ Stone asked
again to be sure.
‘Yes, her real name is Tarasha’ Don answered.
‘Wow! How did you get involved with her?’
Stone sounded somehow excited. ‘That chick
would be a hell of a machine to work with’
‘Stop that’ Don slammed, getting angry by
Stone’s excited tone. ‘She’s my enemy, she’s
after me’
‘I see’ Stone sighed. ‘We’ll talk more when you
come over, I’ll prepare for your arrival’
** 6pm **
Cole mimed along with the songs playing from
his IPod as he waited patiently in the car. He
glanced at his wristwatch again, he had waited
for exactly one hour thirty minutes. His eyes
finally caught a glimpse of Tarasha through the
side mirror walking briskly towards the car. She
was still dressed in the blue suit which she
went out in with Dare.
She entered the backseat twenty seconds later.
Her eyes met with Cole’s through the front
mirror. He quietly passed a brief case from the
front seat to her at the back.
‘How was today Boss?’ Cole finally broke tge
‘Pleasant’ Tarasha replied in a tiny feminine
voice that surprised Cole, he had never heard
her talk like that. He remained silent , amazed
at her acting skills as he watched her open the
case check its content.
The person he knew was a Bossy Tarasha who
gave orders, now she was acting as Evelyn, a
young carefree and normal chick.
‘How did it go with Dare?’ He asked.
‘Fine, he’s cooperating’ she gave a short reply
as she continued searching the brief case.
‘Alright boss’
‘Dare is still coming to pick me for dinner
tonight, so we’re rolling fine’ she said. ‘You
guys should get set to work’
‘Hmm’ Cole was speechless.
‘Thanks for this’ Tarasha said after closing the
briefcase. ‘It’s accurate’
Cole smiled.
‘We’ll talk on phone’ Tarasha spoke and got out
of the car. She walked straight back in the
direction she came from. Cole also zoomed off
in the opposite direction.
Tarasha had just walked for about six minutes
when she noticed a car pulling up beside her.
The driver pushed the horn, she looked back.
‘Someone needs a ride?’ Henry called to her
with a mischievous smile.
She continued walking, he drove slowly behind
her. ‘I’ve forgiven you for all your wrongs, let’s
be friends ‘
Tarasha kept on walking without looking at him
again. He increased his speed and parked in
front of her, she stopped behind the car and
waited defensively for him as he proceeded out
of the car.
‘Hey! Trying to run away?’ he twisted his face
as he taunted her, walking slowly towards her.
She remain silent. ‘It’s my day, what do you
think? Are you scared? He added.
She stared at him and bit her lips. She took a
deep breath and tried to walk away, he blocked
her. She paused again and stared into his face,
she tried to feign a frustration remark on her
‘I work on this street and I’ve got lotsnof friends
and supporters here, I could take revenge on
you now for all you’ve done to mw’ he
continued. She remained quiet and looked
around to see who was watching. She waited
for seconds before attempting to walk away
again. The brief case hit Henry’s leg.
‘Ouch! That hurts’ he rubbed his knee. ‘What do
we have in there?’ He pointed at the case, still
standing in her way.
‘Will you let me go please?’ Tarasha said in a
pleading voice and hid the case behind her.
‘I won’t let you go until I get soldiers to trash
you like you did to me’ he threatened.
She made no reply. Henry picked his phone and
feigned a phone call.
‘I repent. No revenge but you must grant me a
date’ he finally said.
‘I’m not, just let me go’ she replied stubbornly.
‘Then, let’s settle the case with the police’ he
threatened, pointing to a nearby station.
‘Yes, that’s better’ she replied confidently.
‘Let’s see what case you have to present’
‘Oh! I see you’re bold’ he exclaimed, surprised
by her confidence. He picked up his phone and
dialed a number. ‘Mr. Sylvester, I just found the
lady that made me go through torment in the
hands of the soldiers and we’re on our way to
the A-Division to report ourselves’
He pushed the phone back into his trousers’
pocket. ‘Let’s see how you’ll escape’ Henry
said boldly. He narrowed his gaze to the brief
case as she hid it behind her again. ‘I know you
have some exhibits there’
‘Henry!’ She called his name to his surprise. ‘Do
you know it would cost me nothing to get you
into trouble again?’
Henry stood dumbfounded at the sound of his
name. Where in the world did she learn his
name from? Had they really met somewhere
before? He recalled that he had that feeling
when he collided into her at the gadgets store.
‘How do you know my name?’ Henry asked,
squinting at her.
‘Huh?’ Tarasha seemed surprised too. She had
made a mistake of thinking he remembered her
from their encounter at the Lagos Ibadan
‘How did you know my name?’ He repeated
‘Huh? I saw it there’ she pointed at a book
placed by the window at the backside of the
car. He turned back.
‘You saw my name on that book from here?’ He
questioned in disbelief.
‘Yes, isn’t it bold enough?’ She asked. Luckily
enough for her, Henry’s name was written
behind the jersey he wore, so she changed her
strategy. ‘It’s all over you, how do you expect
me not to know?’
‘You are lying’
‘D–n! Of course I am lying. Can’t you think?’
She said in a provocative manner. ‘Henry is
written boldly behind your shirt and even on the
collar and you’re asking me where I got your
name from’
Henry took a deep breath. He felt foolish as he
recalled that his name was on his jersey but he
still had some doubts in his heart.
‘Can I go now?’ Tarasha made to leave.
‘No, let me know your name at least’ he
stopped. ‘I’m Henry, I work here at the cameras
security operation’ he said in a more pleasant
‘Oh!’ Tarasha sighed and smiled as he exposed
himself. She might need him to get some things
done in regards of camera security.
‘You?’ He demanded for her name.
‘I’m Evelyn’ she replied at last. ‘I’m a business
‘Sounds nice’ he smiled for the first time. She
smiled back. ‘So can I give you a lift to your
‘No please, don’t bother’ she pleaded. ‘My car is
parked just nearby’
‘I could drive you where the car is parked’ he
‘That wouldn’t be necessary’ she smiled. ‘We
could meet some other time’ she said and
brought out her phone.
He brought out his too, expecting that she was
going to call out her number. She didn’t
disappoint this time. He stored the number with
the name Evelyn and walked her to where her
car was parked.
**7.30pm **
‘When is your Dad coming to Nigeria?’ Dare
asked Tarasha who sat opposite him, playing
with the spoon around the plate.
‘He might come visiting when I have established
something big’ Tarasha answered after
munching the food particles in her mouth.
‘I see. Your family is a business minded one’ he
said playfully.
‘Just like yours’ Tarasha remarked playfully.
‘Not everyone loves business in my family’ he
frowned. ‘I personally don’t like business’
‘What do you mean?’ She asked with a chuckle.
‘I would have loved to be a lawyer’ he replied
sadly. ‘But I had to tow this path because my
father needed someone to take over his
Tarasha remained silent and listened to him
with keen interest.
‘He gathered a lot when he was in government
and he invested so much’ Dare continued with a
note of sadness. ‘At a time he was in charge of
securing the whole nation. He says he got
fought by a lot of lawyers and wouldn’t want
me to become one of his enemies’
‘If you want to be a top profile lawyer, you
would have lots of enemies that’ll want to bring
you down, so he says. He doesn’t want any of
his children to fight like he did’
Tarasha extended her hand on the table and
held his hands in a compassionate manner. He
stared into her face, he could see she felt his
sadness. She gave a him a look of reassurance,
like she had been his friend for ages.
He had been with so many girls but always, his
only aim was to sleep with them. This one was
different, he felt like he could pour his heart to
‘Tell me about your father?’ Tarasha pushed
further, with the main aim of gathering more
information about her target. ‘How did he gather
so much money to invest with?’
He stared at her face once again without saying
a word. She quickly added more soothing words
to reassure him. She squeezed his palm in hers.
‘I mean he’s a success, that means he had a
mind of an entrepreneur unlike so many other
retired public officers who are living off their
pensions and gains during service’
He smiled. ‘My Father had some businesses he
was involved in before serving the country. He
used his gains at that time to invest more for
the future’
‘Hmm…’Tarasha nodded silently and relaxed
back into her seat, unsatisfied by the response.
Dare smiled and continued.
‘When would you love to meet my father?’
‘I already left that for you to fix’ she answered.
‘Since you said you were going to help me talk
with him’
‘Sure, I will’ he reassured. ‘You’ll most likely
meet with him next week’
‘Thanks’ she smiled.
‘So what about your boyfriend?’ He changed the
‘Boyfriend?’ She seemed surprised.
‘Well, I’ve got no time for a boyfriend right now.
I want to establish my business first’
‘Huh?’ His eyes widened as he laugh. ‘You
seem to just love business more than
everything else’
She joined in the laughter. ‘Not really. I love my
parents more, they mean the world to me’
‘Huh ho! Nice’ he smiled sheepishly.
He placed his hand on his stomach as he
suddenly began to feel uneasy. He covered his
mouth with the other palm as he gave a silent
‘Can you excuse me for a minute’ he said and
got up from the seat.
‘Oh yea sure’ she permitted with a smile.
She frowned and picked up her phone as he
left. Her instinct told her something was
happening as her network bar kept fluctuating,
but she wasn’t sure of what it was.
‘What? Data inaccessible?’ Henry exclaimed at
the pop up message on the laptop screen. How
can that be? Does that mean that Evelyn was
using an unregistered sim?
No, but it wasn’t possible to use a sim card
without registering it first. So why couldn’t he
access Evelyn’s registration details on the
network bearer’s database? Or was it that the
network bearer has made their database
He dropped the laptop on the bed and stood up
to yawn and stretch himself. His eyes met the
wall clock, to his surprise it was twenty minutes
to five. He was planning to call Evelyn by nine
pm. but he didn’t know when the time passed
as he was carried away by the desire to find
her full name and details.
He picked up the phone and dialed the number
as he sat on the bed. The call was answered
after it rang the third time.
‘Hello Evelyn’ he said pleasantly.
‘Hello’ a tiny voice replied.
‘How are you doing?’
‘You remember me?’ He asked.
‘No, I’m actually expecting an introduction’
Henry smiled. ‘It’s Henry, we met earlier today’
‘I remember’ she replied calmly, with less
‘Yeah, so how’s your night going?’
‘Great, yours?’ She managed to reply.
‘So when would we see again?’
‘I don’t have an answer to that question now’
she answered softly.
‘Can we meet for lunch tomorrow?’ He offered.
‘I’m not sure I’ll be free’ she replied
‘Not sure? Tomorrow’s Saturday’ he said.
‘Yes, I know. I also have things to do on
‘Would you be busy all through the day? Maybe
we can meet by evening time’
‘You know what? I’ll call you if I’m less busy’
she said and ended the call immediately.
Henry dropped the phone slowly. He wondered
why she was acting so hard. His mind suddenly
returned to the mystery surrounding her phone
number registration details. He quickly checked
the true caller application on his phone if it had
recognized the number but the app did not
show records of the call. That got him more
He bit his lips as he remembered that he could
have traced the call and gotten more
information, including her location. He thought
of calling back and tracing it but suspended it
for another day.
He cleared his throat as he got up from the bed
to pull his shirt. Why was he even getting
unnecessarily suspicious about an innocent
looking girl anyway, he thought. Maybe the sim
registration just had some errors from the
network bearer’s database. He had earlier
decided and even included in his new year
resolutions to stop intruding into people’s
personal life through his knowledge of hacking.
He didn’t know how he found himself doing it
again when he was aware that it was a crime
and was wrong morally.
He was about to hang his shirt in the wardrobe
when his mind changed again. He saw the
jersey he wore earlier that evening. His name
on the collar was printed in very small
characters and that made another question
arise in his mind. How was Evelyn able to read
it from the distance she was standing? He also
did not remember turning his back to her, so
she couldn’t have seen the name there.
She must have known him from somewhere
else, he thought, remembering the feeling he
had when he met her at the gadgeta store. She
also could have lied about her name. He must
find her real name. He was going to hack
illegally once more and get her real details and
location. Just once more!
‘Good morning Dad’ Dare voice sounded lively
as Chief Jubril answered the call.
‘Good morning son’ the man replied. ‘How is
‘Fine Dad’ Dare replied and then went straight
to his reason for calling. ‘I have one of my
friends who would like to do business with you’
‘Your friend?’ The man seemed surprised.
‘Yes, my friend’ Dare answered. He seemed
surprised too that he called her his friend. It
was not up to one week that they had met and
he already developed trust and friendship for
her. What endeared him to her more was the
listening ears that she gave to him. She was
not like the other girls that he met who were
only interested in developing a relationship with
him because of his money. He too had always
played along with them and used them only for
sex and dump them after a while without
releasing so much money like they expect him
to. That has made several girls label him a
tightfisted person.
‘Your friend? Are you sure?’ The man asked
‘Come on dad’ he urged. ‘Why are you talking to
me like I’m a kid?’
‘No Dare, don’t get it wrong’ the man pleaded.
‘You hardly keep friends who are into business
or investments, so I’m just surprised’
‘I just met this wonderful Lady Dad’ he
continued with excitement. ‘She seems
industrious and business minded’
‘You just met her?’ He replied with a note of
‘Yes Dad’ Dare answered. ‘She’s a Nigerian but
grew up in Canada with her parents. Her
parents own large companies in Ontario
‘Hmm… Dare’ the father sighed. ‘You can’t just
trust someone you just met’
Dare was silent for a moment. His father’s
words left an impact on him, the loudness of his
voice reduced. ‘I think she’s sincere’
‘You think? You should not make conclusions
based on assumption, she might likely be a
fraudster’ he fired.
Dare remained silent.
‘What’s her full name?’ The Chief asked.
‘Evelyn Alex’ Dare answered.
‘Her Dad’s name?’
‘Alexander Amaechi’
‘Okay’ the man jotted down the names. ‘Tell her
to come see me on Monday’
‘Okay Dad, have a pleasant day’
‘You too’ Chief Jubril replied and hung up. He
shook his head as he placed the phone on the
seat. His son just disappointed him, he didn’t
expect that Dare would not be reasonable
enough to be careful with a recent
He picked up the jotter where he wrote down
the names. He was sure going to deal with the
Lady if he finds out that she is a fraudster, he
Hello guys, I’ve got a free recharge card
vouchers to give to the first person that answer this question correctly
You get it if you can answer these questions
1. What were the two keywords Henry got in his
study of the bug?
2. What’s the meaning of the keywords?
Episode 25
Dare and Evelyn drove into Julal Ltd by exactly
7.30am on Monday morning. Dare was
unusually silent throughout the journey, he kept
stealing glances at Evelyn who seemed
surprised by his behaviour. He kept avoiding
discussions anytime she tried to start one.
Several had been floating through his mind
since he had the conversation with his Dad on
phone. The man had suggested that Evelyn
could be a fraudster, but he didn’t think so. She
appeared so calm and sincere to him, lovable
too. She has been the only person who had
been able to break the chain of clubbing every
Friday night for him, since the three years it
Could she really be a fraudster? He stole
another quick glance at her face as he turned
off the car engine. ‘Here we are’ he said to her.
She made a sign of the cross and smiled to
herself, wondering where she learnt it from, she
had never been religious. Well, she was taught
how to act very well.
‘You seem nervous’ he said with a smile.
‘I am nervous’ she said and turned to look at
his face. ‘I’m meeting with the chairman of one
of the biggest cotton companies in Africa’
‘Well’ he gave a chuckle. ‘He’s my father and I
can assure you that he’s not hard to deal with’
She stared at his face. He gave a nod and smile
to reassure her.
‘What are we waiting ? You should get going’.
He opened the door at his side. ‘I have some
other things to do here too’
‘Okay’she smiled and arranged her suit jacket
properly, waiting as he turned to open the door
for her. ‘Thank you.’ She stepped out.
‘Hey! Dare’ someone called, making Dare turn
‘You should go now. Beep me when you’re
done’ he said and gave her a pat on the cheek
before turning to face his caller.
‘You’ll have a nice time with my Dad. That’s if
you’re not a fraudster.’ He frowned and bit his
lips as she left his present.
‘Dare , what did you say?’ His friend asked.
‘Not you’ he smiled and shook his hands with
the friend. The walked away.
‘Welcome Miss Evelyn Alex.’ Jubril Lawal stared
at her intently.
‘Thank you sir’ she said and adjusted her sitting
He sat into the swivel and turned his desktop
screen to himself. ‘Just a minute’ he pleaded
as he focused on the computer.
The dark complexioned man was dressed in a
black suit and blue shirt with a white tie to
complement it. He looked too active and strong
for his age. Except for his face and his belly
which slightly protruded out, one could mistake
him him for a few young businessman.
‘Alexander Amaechi’ he murmured to himself as
he read through something on the screen.
Tarasha seized the moment to study the
physical appearance of her target very well.
She also studied the office and figured out the
position of the camera. The window was also
large enough to escape through after killing the
man but the barrier was the burglary proof
‘I heard you only arrived in Nigeria few days
ago, hope you didn’t have issues locating this
‘Dare helped me, he brought me here’ she
‘Your Dad is a very good businessman. I wonder
why I’ve never heard of him before.’
Evelyn smiled back. ‘He’s kind of based in
Canada and doesn’t really do business outside
of North America’
‘I see… So what attracted him to us here?’
Jubril asked.
‘I’ she replied. ‘I had a business idea and shared
it with him and he liked it. I told him I’ll like to
travel to Nigeria and he agreed’
‘He agreed? You look too young to handle a big
business idea ‘
Evelyn smiled. ‘I might be young but when it
comes to business and investments. I’m a very
mature lady’
‘Hmm…I see’ Jubril paused for a while and
tapped his pen on the table before he
continued. ‘So does that mean we’re dealing
with you directly?’
‘Something like that, but I’m still working under
the cover of my Dad’s company so he’s gonna
be involved too’
‘I want to get it right’ the man said as he
adjusted on the seat. ‘Are working with you as
another firm or with AA Ltd, your father’s firm?’
Evelyn smiled, she was impressed by the man’s
quick action in gathering information about her
supposed father, Alexander Amaechi and the
company. Vladislav, the Russian had done the
great job of organizing the trick after the last
video chat she had with him.
‘My father’s firm’. She blinked. ‘Let’s just say
I’m their representative’
‘Why don’t you just do it with your own name?’
The man relaxed in the swivel as he asked. ‘I
believe you are planning to develop your own
brand, don’t you think it will be nice if your
brand is first to market our kind of cotton in
‘Hmm…’ Evelyn stared thoughtfully.
‘I think it will give the new brand a quick image
boost’ Jubril quickly added.
‘I already thought about something like this sir’.
Evelyn began, mentioning each word slowly.
‘But the challenge I may have now is getting a
license to import into Canada. The laws there
are kind if strict on new firms’
‘That’s where your Dad comes in’ Jubril leaned
forward. ‘You can register under his umbrella
for now and pull out when you’re strong enough’
Evelyn heaved a sigh and rested back into her
seat, considering the man’s suggestion. After
some seconds she sat up again.
‘I’ll discuss it with my father’ she said with a
smile, in a concluding manner. ‘Let’s discuss
the real deal now’
‘Oh yea, sure’ Jubril obliged
‘Mr Henry’ Sylvester called as he walked into
his office. Henry was already seated on the
visitors seat, waiting for him.
‘Good morning Mr Sylvester.’ Henry stood up
and extended his hand to the man.
‘Good morning Mr Henry, how are you doing
today?’ Sylvester replied, taking Henry’s hand in
‘Fine, thanks’ Henry answered as Sylvester
walked to his seat.
‘So, whats new?’ Sylvester questioned as he sat
‘Nothing is new’. Henry said bluntly.
Sylvester looked up and stared at his face. ‘We
can’t locate the bug manufacturer’ Henry
continued. ‘But the manufacturer can locate us’
‘What do you mean?’ Sylvester placed his hands
on the table.
‘Every connection has been caught off by the
manufacturers already, we can only trace it to
them if the manufacturer decides to reconnect’
Henry explained.
Sylvester shook his head in frustration, unable
to let out any word as his mouth opened and
closed again.
‘I’m afraid they would not connect again. I
mean why should they? They no longer need
the bug for anything, I’m sure they have several
of it’
‘So are you saying there’s nothing we can do?’
Sylvester asked, vibrating.
‘Yes, except the manufacturer decides to
connect back to it’ Henry continued boldly. ‘And
when we sense any connection… ‘ Henry
paused and stared at the man’s face.
‘When we sense any connection?’ Sylvester
asked eagerly.
‘It would be a trap, the Assassins would trap us
the same way Robin was trapped’ Henry stated.
Sylvester breathed heavily. He placed his hand
on his head in a sorrowful manner, murmuring
words to himself.
‘Is anything the problem?’ Henry asked with a
note of concern in his voice.
‘Everything is.’ Sylvester answered. ‘My job is at
stake here’
Henry laughed. ‘Come on sir, stop being a
“sisi” ,don’t let the government push you around
like a toy’
Sylvester looked up to his face as if to ask for
more explanation. ‘Yeah’ Henry continued. ‘I
thought you work was to make sure the
surveillance cameras security are not hacked
‘Yes, but how do we do it if we can’t locate the
‘Sir?? Henry stared into his face. ‘Do you know
that other countries, including America have
related cases too? No other country has made
so much progress like we’ve done in the
investigation of this case, so the government
cannot do anything to you, they should be
thanking you for your efforts’
Sylvester remained silent and kept his eyes on
‘See what I’ve got here.’ Henry dipped his hand
into his pocket and brought out a tiny metal
chip. ‘This is the material used to send audio
and video signals to the manufacturer’s server’
Sylvester watched keenly and listened with rapt
attention. He stretched his hand to receive the
chip and it was placed in the middle of his
palms. ‘This looks strange’ he said.
‘It’s not Nigerian, I’m sure it was made outside
Nigeria’ Henry added.
‘Or could it have been made in Nigeria here by
a foreigner’ Sylvester suggested.
‘Yes, that’s another likely possibility’
‘I think the perpetrator of these crimes are not
Nigerians. For the fact that it’s even happening
in other countries’ Sylvester said.
‘True.’ Henry nodded as he reasoned Sylvester’s
suggestion. ‘There has to be a connection’
‘Well, that’s the police’s job’ Sylvester quickly
added. ‘Let’s find a way to stop the breaks in
the camera transmission that has been
Henry heaved a relief sigh as he got into the
driver’s seat. His meeting with Mr Sylvester
finally ended on a good note. He picked up his
phone to check the time, it was one o’clock
noon. His mind drifted slowly to Evelyn. He
stretched to pick his laptop from the back seat
and placed it on his lap as he pressed the boot
button. After about three minutes, he dialed
Evelyn’s phone number.
‘Hello’ Evelyn’s voice came up.
‘Hi Evelyn, how are you?’ Henry began excitedly,
punching some keys on the laptop keyboard.
‘Fine’ she answered dryly.
‘Where are you now?’ Henry asked.
‘I’m in my house’
‘Are… you… sure?’ He pronounced one after
the other as he got her location on the laptop.
“Ely Max Hotel” was the location spotted, it was
just fifteen minutes drive from where Henry
‘Yes… Why are you asking?’
‘Nothing really’
‘Yea… I’ll be waiting for you outside the hotel in
twenty minutes time, would you let us meet?’
‘What hotel?’
‘The one you’re in, ElyMax, I know you’re not at
‘Oh… How did you know where I was?’ She
asked with a chuckle.
‘Never mind for now. I may tell you if you agree
to meet with me’
‘Okay, but let’s meet in the hotel, I don’t want
to go out, we can stay in the restaurant and
talk’ Evelyn suggested.
‘Hmm… Nigeria girls, she wants to eat so she
asks for a date in the restaurant’ Henry smiled
as he murmured to himself. ‘No problem’ he
said aloud.
Episode 36
**20 minutes later * *
Tarasha carefully observed her image formed
in the mirror as she posed in front of it in her
pink mini gown. Her makeup was well done to
match her the attachment used to plait her
hair and her dressing as a whole.
Her phone rang as she picked her bag to walk
out of the room. Dare was calling.
‘Hello’ she said in a low tone, she wasn’t
expecting his call.
‘Hello Evelyn, I’m on my way. Let’s have
lunch’ Dare spoke hastily.
‘Huh? Dare, we can’t…’ She was still talking
when the call ended.
She paused for a while to think of her next
step. Henry just called that he was already
waiting for her and now, Dare was also coming
for her.
‘Well, it’ll work together’ she said to herself
and headed to the restaurant.
*5 mins later *
Henry and Evelyn sat opposite each other on
the table as they awaited the return of the
‘So are you really shy or you’re just
pretending?’ Henry broke the silence.
Evelyn chuckled as she turned to face him. ‘Do
I look like a shy person to you?’ She asked in a
melodious manner.
‘No, not at all.’ Henry gave a short laugh. ‘I
never knew you could sing too’
‘I don’t sing.’ She said and relaxed back into
her seat, giving enough space for the waiter to
serve them.
Henry gave a look at Evelyn as he watched the
attendant serve, he was surprised that she
only ordered for drinks. He continued after the
waiter left. ‘Are you new in this city? Or what
are you doing in a hotel?’ He suddenly changed
the subject.
‘I’m new’ she answered with a smile. ‘I’ve
spent almost a week here, I’m came to do
‘Ok… Where are you based?’ Henry rolled his
‘Canada, with my parents’
‘Oh! I see. I was thinking you were just one of
our linguist here, your English doesn’t sound
Tarasha chuckled. ‘For how long were you in
Canada?’ Henry continued.
‘Over ten years of my life’ she replied. ‘My
parents relocated there when I was at a very
young age’
Henry paused and shook his head from side to
side in a doubtful manner as he murmured
‘Canada, Canada, Canada. Your English
doesn’t really sound North American either’
Tarasha’s phone rang, interrupting their
conversion. ‘Please, excuse me’ she said
before answering the call.
‘I’m in the restaurant’ she answered the
caller’s question. ‘With a friend… Yes, come
She ended the call and stared into Henry’s face
in a pleading manner. ‘I’m sorry, a friend of
mine wants to see me’
‘It’s okay’ Henry sounded indifferent. ‘Let’s
make an order since you already asked the
person to come here’
‘Don’t bother, maybe when he comes’ Tarasha
said. ‘He doesn’t really take soft drinks or
‘Ok.’ Henry felt strange as she revealed her
visitor was a male.
‘So you can have friends?’ Henry continued in
an attempt to make the atmosphere lively until
the visitor comes.
‘What do you mean?’ She laughed. ‘Everybody
has friends’
‘Is that so?’ He laughed too. ‘You sometimes
look too serious to have friends’
‘How? Except for today, you don’t look as m
friendly as this on the other days I met you’
‘Or you’re not always friendly to strangers?’
‘No… I’m friendly to anyone I can be friendly
‘But the day we first met. The day I bumped
into you in the gadgets shop, you were…’ He
paused. ‘You responded in a very harsh
manner and …’
‘And even reported you to soldiers’ Evelyn
completed his statement. Her face turned dull.
‘I wasn’t really in a good mood that day, I’m
sorry and you were…’ She stopped.
‘I was what?’ He demanded anxiously.
‘You were scary that day. The way you
followed after me got me really scared’
‘I thought I knew you from somewhere before.
Sorry about that’
‘It’s okay. I should be the one apologizing’ She
held his hand which was placed on the table.
Henry laughed suddenly, shaking his head side
to side. ‘What?’ Evelyn asked with a surprise
‘It’s just funny remembering what happened
that day’ Henry raised up his head to face her.
‘What did you tell those guys that day? They
were not even ready to listen to me’
Tarasha joined in the laughter. ‘Did they hurt
you so much?’
‘Not too much, a friend came to my rescue’
‘I’m sorry’ she said holding his two hands on
the table in a manner.
‘Its okay.’ He smiled.
‘I have a question to ask you.’ She said after
taking a sip and relaxing back into the seat.
‘Yes, what question is that?’
‘How did you know my location? Have you
been following be around?’ She gave him a
serious look.
The question met him unprepared. The juice
spilled from the glass cup he took a sip from as
he coughed. He cleaned his mouth with an
handkerchief and apologized.
Evelyn stared at him indifferently. She handed
him tissue paper to clean the table and
continued to stare at him with waiting eyes.
‘I… I have not been stalking you’ he managed
to say. ‘In fact, I’ll never try that after what
happened before’
‘Okay, how then did you know my location?’
She cut in impatiently.
‘I…’ Henry was looking for words to say when
he got distracted by Evelyn’s eye movement.
He turned back to see a guy staring at them
from few metres away, a look of
discontentment was on his face. The guy slowly
approached them.
‘Your friend?’ Henry whispered as Dare came
‘Good evening’ Dare greeted as he added a
third seat to the table.
‘Welcome Dare, meet Henry. Henry, Dare ‘
Evelyn introduced both guys to each other.
Dare struggled to turn and look at Henry’s
face, Henry already extended his hand to him.
Dare was about to take his hand hesitatingly
when they recognised each other. Two longtime
enemies had just met again.
**flashback **
8 years ago
Dare stormed into the house in a furious
manner. He stopped at the living room and to
stare at his two friends playing a video game,
they both stated back at him in surprise, the
look in their eyes demanded an explanation for
his attitude. He ignored the duo and proceeded
to his room.
He returned in few seconds, holding a pistol.
He was about to dash out of the house when
he was blocked by one of his friends.
‘Where do you think you’re going to with that
thing in broad daylight?’ Julius questioned,
pointing to the gun in Dare’s hand.
‘Julius, leave the way’ Dare replied in an angry
‘Leave which way? Give me the gun first’ Julius
‘Julius, leave the way now. I have to drop the
two of them’
‘Abeg, give me something jare’ Julius dragged
the gun from him unexpectedly and pushed
him to the floor.
‘You want to implicate the rest of us? You
don’t even know how to use a gun well yet’
Julius fired as he returned back to his gaming
‘Julius’ Dare grumbled as he got up from the
floor. He clenched his first and teeth as he
stood in between the gamers and the
‘What is wrong with you?’ Julius barked. He
shook his head furiously and gave a calm down
signal to the other friend who was about to
flare up.
Julius and Justice were three hundred level
students of the university while Dare was an
hundred level student. Dare’s wealth, father’s
influence and frequent clubbing were what
attracted Julius to lure him into the fraternity
just after the first semester.
Dare did not go through the rigorous initiation
process as he was seen as an “Ajebutter” and
his money was really needed in the fraternity
at that time, so the leaders of the group did
not bother.
Just three weeks after his “gentle initiation” ,
Dare began to behave in an unrestrained
‘Jennifer dared to lie to me, she said she
doesn’t want to have a boyfriend now and I’m
found her passionately hugging another guy’
Dare lamented.
Julius stared at him awkwardly. ‘Is that all?’
Justice picked his bag, hissed and shook his
head before leaving the sitting room.
2 days later
The scar faced guy zipped his button and put
on back his trouser. He spat on Jennifer who
was panting heavily on the floor, he never
knew he wouldn’t enjoy having sex with a
virgin. Her clothes were torn off her body, her
legs were widely spread and tied apart with
different ropes, her hands were also tied in the
same manner.
Dare bent to have a last quickie but was
slapped on the back by the third guy. ‘Is it not
okay?’ he whispered angrily. ‘Let’s get out of
Henry’s vision was still blur as he was still
suffering from the impact of the butt of the
gun on the back of his head, but he could
clearly recognise Dare who he had met before.
His sister, Jennifer had also told him that Dare
was asking her out.
As soon as the rapists left, he turned his face
to the direction where his only sister was tied
and was panting heavily. He managed to get
up after a few staggers , his vision was still
very blur as he proceeded towards her. She
was already having an asthmatic attack.
He frantically searched through her torn clothes
for the inhaler but it was nowhere to be found.
Tears flowed down his eyes as he watched his
sister struggling for her life helplessly.
Shakily, he got up and struggled to untie the
ropes. It was after four minutes he was able to
cut off the ropes. His sister had stopped
‘My sister died that day and till date, I’ve not
been really able to stop missing her. We were
so close, always found moving together when it
wasn’t school or work time’ Henry fought back
tears as he narrated the story to Evelyn in his
Evelyn placed a palm on his shoulder, she
stared into his eyes as she thought of what to
say to him. What bothered her mind most was
that her plan hadn’t worked out, she wouldn’t
have allowed them meet each other if she had
any idea that they were enemies.
Still, she wasn’t feeling any pity about Henry’s
sister’s loss, but she had to make herself feel
something so that the acting could go on
‘I understand how you feel but didn’t you take
any step to report the matter?’ She managed
to say.
‘I did, but there was no proof. My parents
even had to pay for damages as ordered by
the court. His father was a very influential man
then, so it was easy for him to go scot free’
‘What about the two other guys?’ Evelyn asked.
‘I couldn’t recognise them, I’m sure I would
have seen them with Dare after then but I
couldn’t point accusing fingers when I wasn’t
sure’ Henry explained. ‘Dare was later
withdrawn from the school by his father before
the next semester and was sent to restart his
university education overseas’
‘Hmm’ Evelyn sighed.
‘My sister’s death doesn’t really hurt me as
much as the manner at which she died’ Henry
continued. ‘She died in a most horrible
manner, they stole her dignity which she held
in high esteem and after then took her life’
Evelyn helped Henry cleaned his face as drop
of tears rolled down his face. She really
wondered how he felt. And what dignity was
he talking about? She frowned.
Well… She and numerous other girls were
molested sexually for several years by
uncountable ruthless men in the Nefary Clan in
the most brutal way. Rape meant nothing
significant to her anymore.
‘Sorry I had to make you meet an enemy, I
never knew Dare was that kind of person’
Evelyn apologized.
‘It’s okay, I forgave him a long time ago’ Henry
‘You’ve forgiven him?’ Evelyn seemed
surprised. To her and the Nefary Clan,
forgiveness was a sin. Those who forgive are
weak and deserving of death
‘You don’t want to get back at him?’ She
stared into his eyes, a strange kind of emotion
began to overwhelm her. ‘You don’t feel like
making him pay? Or making sure he dies too?’
‘No, I’ll rather act like God. God doesn’t kill
even when you wrong him, he still loves you’
‘Naaaah…’ Evelyn suddenly screamed and
flung the door open. ‘god is a killer and love
doesn’t exist’
‘What? ‘ Henry got out of the car, shocked by
Evelyn’s new display. ‘What do you mean?’
Tarasha was dumbfounded. Even she was
shocked at her outburst. A button had been
pushed, her emotions weren’t dead, some
elements of feelings still remained in her.
‘Are you okay, Evelyn?’ Henry moved closer to
her. She was the one who needed consoling
‘Please, can you get in?’ He motioned her back
into the car and winded up the windows,
cutting away the stares of several onlookers in
the garden.
Dare threw his phone angrily on the sofa as he
stormed into the living room. The maid that
opened the door for him had quickly hid
herself to avoid receiving his anger.
He never knew he was going to ever meet
Henry again. He had stopped involving himself
in cultic activities since he started the new
university in the united kingdom. He had also
dropped his other vices, of course except for
partying, alcoholism and womanising, those
ones were inbuilt “talents”.
Henry had suddenly showed up now that he
had decided to drop womanising and partying
as he already started developing feelings for
Evelyn. He wished they had gunned down
Henry that day. He suggested it to his friends
but Julius refused, advising him that the way to
really punish people was to leave them to feel
their pains after the torment.
He bit his lips in anger as he sat briefly on the
sofa, loosening his shirt buttons. He had to act
quick and act wisely. Killing Henry now would
make Evelyn dread him more or even testify
against him, he was sure that Henry would
have told her about his bad deeds after he
stormed out of the restaurant immediately.
Maybe he wouldn’t have stormed out in that
manner, he could have waited and tried to pick
up a conversation with Henry in pretence that
they did not know each other and deny the
accusation vehemently of Henry tried to raise
any. Or he could have been the one to stay
and would have allowed Henry to leave and
then feed Evelyn lies about him. But it was too
late, he had already acted like a criminal
caught red handed.
He scratched his head. Henry had to die, and
Evelyn too. He thanked God his feelings for
Evelyn had not developed into something big,
he could still do without her.
Moreover, she was a friend to his enemy and a
friend to his enemy was also his enemy.
‘Hello Afo’ he said into the phone. ‘Meet me at
my house in the next twenty minutes. I have a
job for you’
Chief Jubril sat comfortably into the leather
sofa, skimming through the Weekly Sun
newspaper. The newspaper was just a
distraction, his mind was on something else.
He was thinking about the event of the whole
AA Ltd according to his research would be a
very good partner to do business with. It
would further improve the image of his own
companies in the international sight. The only
thing that troubled his mind now was his
doubts about Evelyn. She could just be an
impostor claiming to be Alexander Amaechi’s
daughter. He needed to find a way to confirm
her story.
He smiled as his thoughts drifted to his son.
The boy must really be ‘jobless’ for him to
leave his own company matters and
accompany someone else to do business. He
wished his son could just have investment
ideas like this Evelyn seemed to have, he
would just make his own billions in few years.
But his son wanted to become a lawyer, he
was even studying law before he withdrew him
from the Nigerian university after suspecting
that he had begun to move with bad guys.
He picked his phone and dialed a number as
another thought flashed across his mind. He bit
his lips, waiting for the call to be answered.
‘Hey Afo’ he hailed and smiled at the response.
‘Were you at the office today? … okay, there
was a lady who came to the office with Dare, I
want you to keep an eye on her from
tomorrow. I want to be know her movement’
He heaved a sigh of satisfaction as he dropped
the call. No one could play pranks with him in
Nigeria, the country is his domain.
‘Who’s that?’ Dare asked the haggard looking
Afo who just ended a call.
‘It’s one of my clients’ Afo hid the truth from
‘Ok…’ Dare continued. ‘There’s this girl I’ve
been going around with recently, have you
seen her with me?’
‘The one you came to Chief Jubril’s office
with?’ Afo asked.
‘Exactly’ Dare nodded in affirmation. ‘I want
her dead… and there’s this guy following her
around now’
Afo exhaled deeply as he thought about
compiling the father and son’s job together.
The father wanted the girl monitored while the
son wanted her killed. Whatever beef was
between the girl and the family was not his
business, he only needed their monies.
Dare racked his brain trying to put together
what best description would tge second target.
He remembered that he saw Henry’s ID card
hung on his neck. ‘His name is Henry, he
works with the cameras security corps’ he
‘You don’t have his picture?’
‘No, you have to do that job. When you find
out someone who you suspect to be him, send
me his picture for confirmation.’ Dare said and
got up to leave.
‘How do you want the job done? Should we
hide away their bodies or leave it in public?’
‘Let the bodies never be found’ Dare stated. ‘I
want them killed on the same day and it must
happen before Friday’
Episode 37
Henry ushered Evelyn into the living room after
turning on the light. She walked in briskly and
sank into the sofa before he joined her.
He walked past her and proceeded into the
kitchen. He returned thirty seconds later with a
chilled bottled water and a glass cup. Kneeling
beside her, he poured the water into the cup
and handed it to her.
He stared at her exposed thighs in the mini
gown and licked his lips as she gulped the
water. He immediately rebuked himself as he
tried to return his mind back to the matter at
hand after it had drifted to sex.
Evelyn returned an empty cup to him and
relaxed back into the sofa. Henry got up and
dropped the cup and bottle on the centre table
before taking his seat beside.
‘Are you okay Evelyn? You seem to be
destabilized since I mentioned “God” in the
car.” Henry begun, with great concern heard
in his voice.
Tarasha swallowed hard as she tried to frame
up something. Except for the first outburst she
made which even took her own self by
surprise, the rest of the emotional trauma she
had been performing were all acting to cover
up the outburst.
She gave a scream when Henry talked about
God’s love, does that mean she still had some
emotions in her. No, she thought. Her
emotions had been killed, she was supposed to
have no feelings.
Her scream at Henry’s mention of God had
been prompted by a bad memory that flashed
back through her mind.
‘Is there any problem? Talk to me, I can help
you’ Henry asked again when he got no reply.
***Flashback – 17 years ago ***
May 27, 2014.
‘Happy birthday you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you Taraaa… Happy
birthday to you’ little Omotara blushed as her
family sang and danced around her joyfully. It
was her eight birthday and the family was
celebrating her in their usual manner of
celebrating each other.
Omotara was blessed to have a very joyous
and family. She was the only girl amongst the
four boys, so she was somehow treated
‘How old are you now? How old are you now?
How old are you now Taraa… How old are you
now?’ She beamed with smiles as they waited
for her reply.
‘I’m eight years old now, I’m eight years old
now…’ She sang back in response and as
cheered by everyone.
‘Now, you’ll cut the cake at the mention
of the name JESUS’
‘J..E…S…U…S. Jesus!’ Everyone called as Tara
slid the knife through the small cake. The
family moved close to her and hugged her one
after the other. After which they proceeded to
the dining room.
After few minutes of enjoying the fried rice and
chicken specially prepared by the mother of
the house, Lydia, the family moved to the
sitting room and settled down with their bottles
of soft drinks. As their custom was, the
celebrant, Omotara sat on the rug in the
middle of the sitting room. She would be
answering questions from every member of the
family that had one for her after which they
would answer her own questions and then she
would wrap it off with a wish , which would be
provided if possible immediately and prayed
for together by the family if it was for the
‘Aunty Tara’ Joe, the youngest boy began. They
usually begin in ascending order of their ages.
Everybody stared at the four year old boy
wondering what he had to say. The boy
became shy as he noticed that everybody’s
gaze was on him.
‘I don’t have any question’ the four year old
boy said in his babyish voice and quickly
buried his face in his mother’s lap.
Everybody’s moved their gaze to Jerry who was
sitting with his legs crossed, a small pillow was
on his laps and his arms were resting on it.
‘Ask your question’ Tara sneered at Jerry who
was delaying.
She and Jerry had always been like rivals. The
young man who was just six always tried his
best to bully his sister with his manpower, but
Tara who was a girl with unusual strength
refused to allow him ride her anytime he tried
to, she always confronted him boldly.
The recent duel between them had been three
days ago when their Dad had gotten “Puff puff”
for them from work. Their parents had left
them to share it amongst themselves while
they proceeded to the room.
Tara did only rebuke Jerry for picking his
portion before her, his elder sister and Jerry
had aggravated the matter by rubbing his oily
hand on her nose. She didn’t take it lightly
with him as she pushed him hard and he fell
on the sofa. He dashed with speed towards her
and before their older brothers could say
anything, they were already rolling over each
other on the floor, kicking and hitting
themselves hard.
‘Do you love me, Tara?’ Jerry broke the silence
with a question that surprised everyone.
‘Yes, I love you Jerry. You’re my brother’
Omotara replied.
‘When would you stop fighting me and respect
me like a boy?’ Jerry continued, with a serious
look on his face.
‘The day you start respecting me and treating
me like your elder sister’ Omotara answered
again. Everybody turned their eyes to Jerry
again, expecting the next question.
Their father spoke when he was sure there no
other question was coming from Jerry. ‘ Jerry,
you see… Tara is your elder sister and you
have to start treating her with respect, if not
even I , may have to start forcing you with my
Jerry squeezed his mouth, he stared at his
father’s face for a while before getting up and
walking towards Tara. He pecked her on the
left cheek and apologised. ‘I’m sorry’
‘Good’ everyone clapped and cheered as the
two hugged each other.
On and on went questions and answers until it
was the father’s turn. He asked Tara what she
would like to be in future and why?
Tara cleared her throat before she began. ‘I
would like to be a medical doctor. I don’t like
seeing people sick or dying. I like to save lives
and save people from pain. I want to discover
the cures for so many diseases which has kept
people in bondage’
Danjuma listened to his daughter in silence, he
knew she would do all she said. She was
intelligent and had a strong will also, he had
seen her display it several times. It wasn’t long
after that he became distracted by some
strange sounds.
He stood up and walked to the window, he
slightly opened the blinds to check what the
sound was, the rest of the family were still
listening to Omotara with keen interest.
‘Get into the room, all of you’ Danjuma
suddenly ordered in a panicking manner.
All eyes turned to him for an explanation for
he continued to stare outsidpe the window.
‘U zobu zobu, U zobu zobu!’ Strange distant
chants were heard approaching.
Danjuma looked horrified as he saw several
people who tried to run fall down as bullets
pierced into their bodies.
‘Get inside!!!’ He shouted louder this time.
Lydia picked her children and led them as they
scampered in fright to find an hiding place in
the house.
Danjuma began to fasten all the locks and
close every light entry into the house. He never
imagined that a day like this would come..
Episode 38
Danjuma began to fasten all the locks and close
every light entry into the house. He never
imagined that a day like this would come. When
he was transferred from Lagos state to Maiduguri
in Borno state seven years ago, the country was
not experiencing any visible terrorist attack
then. All of a sudden the group sprang up from
nowhere, it was rumoured that they’ve been
underground since the regime of the former
president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.
The area he and his family stayed in Maiduguri
was one they that was believed to be safe from
these attacks but recently their environs had
began to feel the heat.
The Boko Haram group became more noised
around the world when on the night of 14 – 15 of
April 2014, they kidnapped over 270 girls at the
Government Girls Secondary School in the town
of Chibok in Borno State.
Since then a strange kind of fear had beclouded
Danjuma’s heart but he refused to voice it out as
the Man of house. He resorted to praying and
hoping that the terrorism would end soon.
He ran around the house piling up heavy loads
at the door of the main entrance to the house. In
case the attackers break through the door, the
obstructions would give him more time to
escape with his family.
Before he knew it, several voices had already
assembled at their doorstep, banging on the
door. Danjuma ran around the house, trying to
find where the rest of his family were hiding.
Gbam! There was an explosion. A metal plank hit
Danjuma on the back as the loads he placed at
the door scattered about from the effect of the
grenade. He fell to the floor bleeding profusely.
Seven men with hoods covering their faces
barged in through the exploded entrance. One
of them sighted Danjuma immediately and
charged towards him.
The terrorist dragged him up. ‘Where your
family?’ He asked in pidgin English, demanding
where the rest of Danjuma’s family were hiding.
Danjuma stared at him helplessly without saying
any word. The man dragged him on the floor
and proceeded with the rest of the crew to
search the rooms.
After five minutes, two of the terrorists returned
with the mother and five kids to the destroyed
living room. Rikau who seemed to be the leader
of the team dropped Danjuma on the floor and
licked his lips as he sighted Lydia open thigh in
her gown. He motioned towards her with a evil
‘Drop am for floor’ he ordered the terrorist
holding her by the collar.
He smiled wickedly again before he knelt down
beside her and stretched his hand underneath
her gown. She tried to resist but he slapped her
face hard and blood rushed down her nose.
He smacked his lips and pulled out her tight
underwear, dipping his finger into her privates.
She screamed.
Danjuma stood up with the remaining strength
left in him and charged towards the molester
but was stopped halfway when someone hit his
back with a metal rod. He fell down flat.
Rikau left Lydia temporarily while two of his men
held her down for him. He removed a dagger
from his pocket and motioned towards Danjuma.
Another two of his men lifted Danjuma upright
for their Boss’ attack.
The dagger was pierced into Danjuma’s left eye
and the ball was plugged out. The children
screamed in horror as they saw this. The second
boy couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to
Rikau and dealt him punches at the back. His
attack was short lived as machete was ran
through his neck and his head fell off
The rest of the children sobbed uncontrollably as
two other men pointed a gun at them to keep
them down. The eldest son, who was sixteen at
that time began to offer emergency prayers to
God amidst tears.
Rikau continued his evil and pierced the dagger
into the second eye. He plucked it out too.
‘These heads and blood is for god’ Rikau laughed
scornfully. ‘Dear god in heaven, accept our
sacrifice. We know you are pleased when we kill
unbelievers and spill their blood to you. Please
prepare a nice place in heaven for us as you
have promised’
He screamed and thrusted the dagger into
Danjuma’s belly before he returned to complete
his unfinished business with Lydia.
She screamed uncontrollably as he molested her
viciously. He got up after satisfying himself, he
spat on her and watched she panted heavily.
But he was still not satisfied yet. He turned his
gaze to the children and gave another wicked
smile, motioning one of his boys to bring
Omotara forward. He licked his lips wickedly
‘Comot her cloth’ he ordered.
The boy wasted no time in carrying out the
order. His strength was too much for Omotara to
resist as he undressed her in less than two
minutes. Rikau stared at the underdeveloped
body with an evil eye. His eyes were fixed on her
b—–s which were just shooting out. Someone
held on to his legs tightly as he motioned
forward. He turned back to see Lydia pleading
for him to leave his daughter. His anger was
kindled the more.
He signalled to two of his men and they dragged
Lydia up. He used his dagger to tear off her cloth
which was already soaked in blood. He pulled
away her bra and squeezed her b—-t wickedly
with his hands. He took his dagger close and
sliced the left side. Her screams echoed through
the whole building as the men laughed
‘My god, this is for you. We thank you for your
provision’ he shouted as he drank out of the
blood oozing out from her body.
‘Our god is great! Our god is great!’ The rest of
his men chanted happily.
Rikau ordered his men to drop Lydia’s body on
the floor and he turned back to face the horrified
girl as he dropped the dismembered part. ‘Lay
her on the floor for me’ he commanded.
Joe, the youngest boy escaped from where he
was kept and raced to Rikau who was already
bouncing on the body of his sister.
Two quick bullets were sent into the boy’s
forehead and he fell down immediately. The
shooter did not stop at that, he matched
towards the lifeless body and detached the head
with his machete. His evil act was followed by
another round of chants ‘god is great! god is
Omotara’s screams filled the atmosphere as
Rikau handled her with no pity. Her two
brothers, the eldest and Jerry the immediate
younger one , remnant of her family watched in
tears helplessly as their sister was abused by the
wicked hood wearing man.
Episode 39
Tarasha wiped her face with her handkerchief as
she relayed her story to him. Henry moved closer
and drew her body nearer to his. He engaged
her in a tight hug as tears dropped off his eyes
‘You had such a bad past, I’m sorry for bringing
back those memories’ he said as placed a hand
on her back. ‘But God can help you forgot those
memories and focus on the future’
Evelyn moved her head from his chest and
stared into his eyes angrily. She gradually
removed herself from his grip and got up in a
‘I’m sorry, but I was just saying the truth.’ He
stood up, watching as she put on her shoes
hurriedly. ‘Look, you can’t blame God for what
some evil men did’
She proceeded towards the door without paying
attention to him anymore. He followed after her
and held her bag to stop her. She turned to look
into his face.
‘I don’t know how you feel Evelyn, but I know
you must feel very bad’ Henry said in a calm
tone. ‘But God didn’t send those men to your
‘Then why didn’t he save my family from them?’
Evelyn screamed as she dragged her bag from
him. ‘Why didn’t he save us from them?’
Henry stood speechless for a moment and
watched as she barged out of the house and
hurried away.
‘Let me drive you home’ he shouted and followed
after her again when he regained himself. She
has walked away into the darkness already.
8am, next morning
Jubril Lawal had just walked into his office with
his personal assistant when his phone began to
ring. His P.A handed the phone to him. The call
was from an international number.
Jubril settled into the swivel before answering
the call. ‘Hello’
‘Hello Mr. Jubril’ a mixed kind of accent was used
to answer him. ‘How are you doing today sir?’
‘I’m fine. May I know who’s on the line ….’
‘Oh! Pardon me. I thought you were expecting
my call. I’m Alexander Amaechi, director, AA Ltd
Canada’ the voice came bolder.
‘Oh! Good morning Mr Alex’ Jubril spoke
cheerfully. ‘I wasn’t expecting the call so early’
‘Oh! I prefer to do it early if it’s business’ the
caller said a chuckle. ‘My daughter told me
about your discussion with her and I showed
interest in speaking with you directly, she gave
me your mobile number’
‘Yes, she told me that I should expect a call from
‘Good. I started a little research about you from
the day she told me about your company’ the
man continued in his baritone voice. ‘I’m a
Nigerian myself’ there was a pause.
‘But I was a little bit disturbed when she told me
about coming to Nigeria for the cotton business.
It’s not easy to do business with Nigerians
nowadays especially when it’s a Young person. I
didn’t want her to fall into wrong hands’
‘I understand’ Jubril replied with a smile. ‘I had a
little research about you too, I wanted to be sure
of what I’m getting into’
‘Well… I believe you’re the right man. I’ll be
speaking to her from time to time. The monies
needed for any transaction would be transferred
from the AA account at any time’
‘Okay, you agreed to fund her deal’
‘No, the monies we’re dealing with is for her, she
saved it up’
‘Oh! I see’
‘I must commend you. You really did a great job
in bringing her up, she’s a very focused young
‘Hmm, Thank you. I’m always very proud of her’
‘Well, I’ll talk to you later ‘
‘It’s okay’ Jubril said and dropped his phone. He
made a signal to his P.A who motioned forward.
‘Trace that number for me, find out who owns it.’
He handed the phone to the P.A.
The P.A gave him a puzzled look. ‘Find an expert
who can do that, I didn’t mean you should do it
yourself’ Chief Jubril fired at him.
‘Okay’ the P.A replied timidly after which Jubril
dismissed him with a wave of the hand.
‘How far?’ Benny asked as Cole ended the call.
‘Good, went as planned’ Cole answered standing
to his feet. ‘No true caller application can detect
where and who the call was from’ he boasted as
he walked towards the TV to switch it on.
‘I trust you but I don’t trust that voice disguiser,
I almost recognised your voice when we tested
it’ Benny said.
‘We tested it at a close range, it could
misbehave. But you still said my voice sounded
more like an older man’
‘That’s enough for us, the man doesn’t know me
before so he can’t even detect any resemblance
to anyone’s voice.’ Cole returned to the sofa.
‘I believe so’ Benny gave a light smile. ‘Has the
boss called you still?’
‘No, she hasn’t’ Cole answered with a frown. He
picked his phone from the stool. ‘It’s strange of
her not to pick her calls, since yesterday
‘Hope everything is fine with her’
‘Sure, nothing can be wrong’ Cole sniffed as he
dialed her number again. He stared at Benny.
‘It’s switched off now’
‘Switched off? I hope nothing has gone wrong’
Benny frowned.
‘I’m sure she’ll call us soon, don’t bother your
mind.’ Cole concluded. He smacked his lips and
rubbed his palms together as Aisha walked into
the living room, he was expecting an
announcement about breakfast
Aisha stared at both of them curiously,
wondering why they stopped talking when she
appeared. ‘What are you guys hiding?’
Cole and Benny laughed in unison. ‘Hiding
what?’ Benny asked. ‘Please is breakfast ready?’
9.15 am
Henry dialed Evelyn’s phone number for the
thirtieth time that morning, it was still switched
off. He rested his back into the office seat and
loosened his tie.
His mind had been unsettled since the last night
when she left his apartment. He had driven after
her in a bid to catch up with her on the street
and drive her home but she wasn’t found, she
just disappeared into thin air. He began to feel
guilty and wasn’t going to forgive himself if
anything happened to her.
He stared at his phone, confused about what to
do. He thought of going back to the hotel to ask
about her but he had only little information
about her. The only thing he knew was her first
He got up and took off his suit jacket and hung it
on the rack by the wall after which he began to
pace around the office. The landline on his table
‘Hello.’ He answered the call.
‘Hello Mr Henry’ Sylvester’s voice came through.
‘I’m sending someone to you office right now, he
has a job for us and I think only you can handle
it well’
‘Okay… Send him in’ Henry replied after a brief
moment of hesitation.
‘Right away’ the went off.
Henry put another call through to his secretary
after putting back on his jacket and knotting his
tie. ‘Hello, someone is coming from Mr Sylvester
now, please send him as soon as he gets there’
Someone pressed the bell two minutes later.
‘You may come in’ Henry answered.
A tall dark man in a black suit walked in smiling.
He looked like someone in his early forties. Henry
rose to greet him.
‘Good morning sir’ Henry stretched his hand to
shake him.
‘Good morning Mr Henry, I’m Debo Ola’ the Man
introduced himself as he took the handshake.
‘I’m pleased to meet you sir, please have your
seat’ Henry motioned him.
‘Thank you’ the man settled down.
‘Yeah, Mr Sylvester said you have a job for us’
‘Yes’ the man replied, pushing a paper forward
on the table. ‘Here is it’
Henry picked it up to look at it. ‘This is a mobile
number. Canadian right?’
‘Yes, Canadian. It has the Canadian code but
we’re doubting the authenticity. That’s why I’ve
come to you’ Debo replied.
‘What’s the reason for the doubt?’ Henry asked
and began to scribble the number into a
notepad. ‘I mean it looks authentic to me’
‘It’s the number of one of our invisible business
partners’ Debo explained. ‘We need to verify if
we’re discussing with the right person or
someone is just playing tricks with us’
Henry gave him a stern look. ‘But do you know
that this is illegal? You’re asking for confidential
details of someone which shouldn’t be released’
The man dipped his hand into his suit inner
pocket and brought out his ID card. ‘I’m a
private investigator approved by the
government’ he displayed the card to Henry.
‘Okay then, just a minute.’ Henry turned to his
computer after confirming the man’s identity.
After seven minutes, he turned back to the man.
‘The number is really Canadian but I’ve not been
able to verify the owner’
‘Okay. But is it possible?’
‘Yes, it is. I only need to get data from the
network bearer in Canada. It may take us
sometime and cost us some money’
‘How long will it take?’ The man enquired.
‘Three days should be okay’ Henry replied with
so much positivity. ‘As far as the authorities
cooperate and provide us what we request for’
‘Okay, how much will it cost?’
‘Five hundred thousand naira should do’
‘Five hundred thousand?’ Debo looked surprised.
‘Yes’ Henry replied unperturbed. ‘We would be
charged by any of their authorities we pass
‘But it’s kind of much’
‘It’s okay’ The man said, dipping his hand into
his bag. He brought out his cheque book and
began to write in it.
‘I should write it payable to who?’ The man asked
after signing.
‘Ermm… I think Mr Sylvester would handle that’
‘Alright.’ Debo returned the cheque book and
pen into his bag.
‘Is there any other thing left?’ Henry asked.
‘Nothing, I only want to be assured that we’ll get
the report in three days’
‘You will, I assure you’
‘Okay.’ Debo rose to his feet. ‘I have to go now’
‘Alright’ Henry rose too and shook hands with
the man again.
‘Thank you Mr Henry’
‘You’re welcome.’ With that Debo walked out of
the office.
Henry sat back into his chair and stared at the
number on his notepad for a while. He wanted to
begin work on it but he felt restless. His
thoughts immediately drifted back to Evelyn.
Without much thinking again, he grabbed his
car key and proceeded out of the office.
A police Hyundai sonata parked right beside the
cameras security office. A young officer came
out of the car thirty seconds later and proceeded
to the gate. He met the security man in charge.
‘Good morning sir’ the young officer greeted.
‘Good morning officer’ the security man
‘I’m Officer Paul from Division A’ he said,
displaying his ID card. ‘I want to know if there’s
any Henry working in this organization’
‘I’m sorry Inspector, I don’t have the right to
release such information’
The young officer laughed. He dipped his hand
into his pocket and brought out a card. ‘Why are
you hiding a criminal? We found his national ID
card in a crime scene yesterday’ he displayed
the card to him.
The security man opened his mind in shock.
‘Yes, we have one and that’s him. He’s inside’
‘No, we don’t want to arrest him now. We want
to trace him to his accomplices’ the young
officer tucked in the card into his pocket. ‘What
kind of car does he use?’
‘He has different cars but he brought a blue
Honda accord today’
‘When does he close from work?’
‘Four O’clock’
‘Okay, here’s our number’ the officer handed a
card to the security man. ‘Please call us anytime
he’s leaving this premises’
‘No problem, I will’
‘We’re watching you, don’t try to aid his escape.’
The young officer warned with a crooked smile
before he turned and returned to the car. He
was satisfied that he could put fear in the older
man’s heart. He got into the back seat where Afo
was also sitting down, dressed in the police
uniform also.
‘How did it go?’ Afo asked.
‘Fine, the man’s gonna call us. He says Henry
uses a blue Honda’
‘Did he notice anything about the fake national
identity card and was the picture correct?’
‘He couldn’t have noticed anything and the
picture is the right one. I sent it to Dare for
confirmation after I downloaded it from
‘Good’ Afo applauded after which he picked up
his phone and dialed a number.
‘Hello… Has the girl come out of the hotel at all?’
Evelyn finally got up from the bed after what
seemed like the longest night she had had in
several years. She stood up and stretched, she
felt a little at peace than she did the last night.
The only thing that still kept the event still fresh
in her brain was a sharp headache she felt. She
clenched her teeth as she walked to the window
and opened the blind.
A strange anger against herself was welling up
as her head continued to bang. It was wrong for
her to feel headaches. It had been ten years ago
she had one, at least not one that made her feel
as terrible as this. She was sure that it was a
result of the emotional stress she went through
the last night. But how did the emotions return,
she thought they had died long ago?
She couldn’t describe what she felt when Henry
spoke with her. Her mind raced back to the
feeling she had when she stared into his eyes as
he narrated his story. She had tried to deny the
feeling before but she felt it again now as she
remembered the faint glow in his eyes.
She rebuked herself and turned away from the
window, she was not supposed to be thinking of
him, a total who was only going to be used in
the course of her operation. The only right thing
for her to think about was the operation.
She suddenly remembered her phone as she sat
back on the bed. She quickly looked for the bag
she went out with the last night and picked it
out. It was switched off.
‘D–n!’ She cursed. It was supposed to be
always on as she was expecting a call from Jubril
The first three messages that entered when the
phone came on were from MTN, her network
bearer. The fourth message was from Henry. She
closed her eyes and dropped the phone as she
saw his name. His face popped up in her mind
Wait! Did she tell him the story of her family’s
massacre? How did he get her to do so?
She clenched her fists and opened her eyes, it
was bloodshot. Her phone call distracted her
Episode 40
She clenched her fists and opened her eyes, it
was bloodshot. A phone call distracted her.
‘Good morning Miss Evelyn’ came Jubril Lawal’s
cheerful voice.
‘Good morning sir’ Tarasha managed to sound
‘How are you?’ Jubril asked.
‘I’m fine sir, how about you?’
‘I’m doing great Miss. I spoke with your father
this morning and we had a pleasant
conversation. I’ll like for us to meet and conclude
the deal terms’
‘Oh! Okay. When can I come to meet with you?’
‘Let’s make it tomorrow morning, 9am prompt’
‘That’s okay sir’
‘Good, we’ll see tomorrow. Take care’
‘You too.’ With that the line went off.
Tarasha got up and wiped off the sweat forming
on her forehead. She began to take off her
ruffled gown slowly. Henry’s calm voice sounded
in her head again.
** Flashback**
~~ December 20, 2020 ~~
‘Tarasha, Tarasha’ A voice sounded in whispers
through the window. Tarasha’s eyes popped
open, it was Marvin calling her.
She rolled down from the hardwood quietly and
buckled her bra well. She sniffed and began to
tiptoe carefully in a bid not to wake the other
occupants of the room.
She shivered as the door creaked while she tried
to open it. She turned to see if anyone was
woken by the noise but no was awake, only a
few itchings and turns, she proceeded outside
slowly, careful not to make any other sound.
Marvin had turned from the window side to the
‘Come’ she grabbed Marvin’s hand and they ran
behind the lodge to a hidden place.
‘Tara’ Marvin who was bare chested and was
covered with a torn towel-like material called her
name softly.
‘Yes?’ Tarasha urged him, already getting
impatient, staring around from time to time to
see if anyone was coming.
‘Tarasha’ he called again.
Tarasha stopped to stare into his eyes. He never
called her full name except that was something
really very serious. ‘What happened?’
‘I’ve come to say goodbye to you’ Marvin began.
‘I may not have the opportunity to say it
‘What? Goodbye? Where are you going to?’
Tarasha bombarded him with questions.
‘I’m not going anywhere. I may die tomorrow’ He
said in a sad tone. ‘I overheard our Tent Lord
saying that there would be a zonal bloodbath
tomorrow and they plan to eliminate fifteen weak
Tara stretched out her hand and touched his
face. ‘Fifteen weak ones? But that has nothing to
do with you, with us’
‘Tarasha’ he removed her hand from his face.
‘Let us be real, don’t let us pretend as if I’m
‘You’re strong Marvin, you can scale through’
‘No, I’m not strong’ Marvin argued. ‘We all know
that I only managed to escape death the last
time. Now it’s here’ Marvin said as he turned his
back on Tarasha.
‘No, you won the battle, you didn’t manage’
Tarasha turned back his body to face her. ‘And
you are stronger now’
Marvin stared into the darkness for a moment,
tears formed in his eyes. ‘Tara, I’m not scared to
die. I’m scared of leaving you. Ain’t we even
dead already. I think it’s better we die before
these people finally turn us to animals who kill
without thinking’
‘Don’t we kill without thinking already?’ Tarasha
asked him.
‘I kill on orders and I feel remorse for every time I
had to do it’ a tear dropped off his eyes as he
spoke. ‘But the Nefary clan is not comfortable
with that, they are taking us to the level of killing
without feeling any remorse. Imagine, they
made you kill your friend, the cook.’
Tarasha sighed and turned away. ‘I had no
choice, I had to do that. He was already changed
into a beast too’
‘I know but they’re going to make us do more. I
heard that they do send some inmates to
murder their families’
‘Do we have families?’ Tarasha turned suddenly
to ask him.
Marvin was about to answer her when they
heard a noise coming towards their direction.
‘We have to go now’ Marvin’s eyes shone in panic
as he peeped to see who was coming. He quickly
grabbed Tarasha’s hand and they hurriedly
tiptoed away.
* Next day
Tarasha could hear the loud chants of male as
thirty of them girls were led into the “Hardness
hall”. The boys were already been lectured in the
The hall was a very large one, it was made of
thick brick high walls. It had no widows in it but
was unroofed. The floor was made of natural
rock, hard, cold during evening and early
mornings but hot in the afternoon.
‘Love is a sin committed by weak people and it
makes them weaker. Any object of love that is
found beside you has to be eliminated’ the voice
in the thick Russian accent continued to shout.
‘The day you start to love someone is the day
you start to die’
Tarasha could spot Marvin where he stood,
blindfolded. He was number two on the line in
his group. That meant that he was the second
person to battle. Tarasha looked around trying to
locate Marvin’s likely contender but before she
could, the tent lord had already returned to
blindfold her and the other girls. The girls were
later arranged on two line but none of them
knew their position on the line.
The battle was to take place in a cage and the
enemy was not known until they got into the
The first battle began and the first two fighters
were sent in. Shouts and groans were what
notified the other young assassins that the battle
had begun.
After about ten minutes, the first battle ended
and a winner with a bruised face emerged. Then
the first set of girl fighters were sent into the
cage. After another ten minutes, another winner
Then it was Marvin’s turn. Tarasha knew it, she
had seen him stand in the second position on
the line. But she didn’t know his contender until
she felt a hand on her shoulder. She was then
dragged and pushed into another section. Her
blindfold was taken off and she found herself in
the cage with Marvin. Several fighting weapons
laid on the floor for their use. The bell rang for
the battle to begin.
The lovers stared at each other for a while
without making any move. The whole hall
became as silent as a graveyard.
‘Come on, attack’ Vladimir, the zone lord
shouted angrily.
Tarasha just couldn’t move. Just few months
ago, she had been made to slaughter a dear
friend of hers, Stanley Bob. Now she was being
asked to fight Marvin whom she loved.
She sniffed and rubbed her nose with the back
of her hand. ‘Love is for the weak ones, the
stupid ones without a strong heart. Kill him
before he kills you’ she could hear a voice say
to her.
‘No, don’t kill him. If you do, you’ll be totally
losing your good heart’ another voice argued.
‘Who needs a good heart?’ The first voice
laughed. ‘It would only make one become a
fool who can be manipulated by feelings’
‘There’s nothing wrong in letting good feelings
take control over you’ the good voice began but
was interrupted.
‘Shut up! Remember who you are, nothing
should take control over you. You were made
to kill and nothing should stop you from killing.
Nothing including love or any feeling you have’
Tarasha was awoken to reality when she heard
a clang sound, Marvin had picked up a sword.
It seemed he had finally made up his mind on
what to do.
Tarasha picked up a sword too and positioned
herself for the fight. The duo began to move in
a circle, each one trying to set a trap for the
Marvin was the first to strike, his sword went
in direction of Tarasha’s forehead but was
stopped by her sword. The battle continued
and the murmurings among the other trainees
increased as the sound of continued clanging of
swords filled the air.
After about four minutes of the sword battle.
The two warriors spaced themselves. Both of
them already had sweat dripping from their
body. Marvin threw his sword away and
clenched his fists. Tarasha understood the
message and dropped her sword too. It was
time for a battle without weapons. They moved
close to each other.
Marvin sent a blow to her but she ducked
down and he missed her face. She stepped
aside without returning his attack. They stared
into each other’s eyes as they vibrated their
bodies from side to side, moving in a circle.
Marvin launched the same attack again and
Tarasha ducked again but this time sent a
heavy blow into his belly. He winced as he
grabbed his belly and staggered forward.
He recovered quickly and stood straight again.
He stared again into Tarasha’s eyes, she
seemed to be less interested in the battle. He
remembered saying to her that he wasn’t
afraid of death, but he really was. Now, he
was desperate to live even if it meant taking
her life.
Marvin was an handsome boy, two year older
than Tarasha. He stayed with his parents in
Ghana until the day he was kidnapped
alongside with four other boys and brought to
the clan. The reason for his kidnap was not
known to him until he spent two months in the
Marvin was a soft person in nature but the
four other boys which he walked and played
with were bullies. Due to their big stature and
strength, they maltreated everyone they could.
Marvin was close to them because of one the
leader of the boys happened to be his next-
door neighbor. The kidnappers had observed
the boys’ cruelty for sometime and concluded
that they had the tendency to become great
assassins. Marvin was only unlucky to be with
the bullies on the fateful day.
Back to the battle. Marvin carefully observed
where Tarasha was standing, the weapons
were out of her reach. He seized the
opportunity and he picked up his sword again.
He smiled at her wickedly as she looked at him
in surprise. Maybe she thought her love was
still in his head, he thought. But this was a
matter of death or life, he still wanted to live
for some more years and probably get out of
the Nefary City alive. He shouted on top of his
voice as he raced towards her, targeting her
Tarasha was scared and undecided for a
second but the adrenalin rush in her body
made her react. She turned back immediately
and made a short run to the wall where she
took three steps on and projected herself over
the attackers head, she landed at his back and
he almost fell as a result.
A blow hit Marvin’s face before he turned to
her with the sword. Another hit his jaw when
he tried to raise up the sword, it fell from his
hand. Tarasha continued to deal him more
blows on his face until he was bleeding
profusely. He was too weak to defend himself.
She held his neck and tightened her grip on it
until he was he was out of breath. She was
breathing heavily as she let his body fall to the
ground. She stared at him on the floor for
some seconds, murmuring inaudible words to
‘Bring his head’ someone shouted as she
turned, reminding her that her job wasn’t
completed until she presented his head as her
trophy. She motioned towards where the sword
was and picked it up. Then she went back to
Marvin and detached his head in few seconds.

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