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Tarasha (chapter 21-30)

‘What’s that?’ The Governor, Kelechi Edwin
panicked as he looked at the other two guests
seated with him on the the seater sofa.
‘Are you sure it’s not from the TV?’ the aviation
minister joined in, he looked alarmed also but
he was calmer as he thought the noise came
from the film they were watching on the flat
screened TV.
John Obiano stood up partially and remained
quiet as if to listen if he would hear something
of the same manner. He sat back after a
minute of waiting, ‘I think it’s from the Tv’ he
said with a note of finality
Tarasha removed the wig on her head and flung
it away, exposing her unplaited long natural
hair, a part of it fell on her face and covered
one of her eyes slightly making her look more
An ID card dropped from her body as she tore
the left part of her uniform’s top, she picked it
up and broke out the part of the ID card that
displayed the passport. She flung it to the side
and opened the curtains that divided the
section of the cabin where John Obiano and
the guests were, they were taken aback as they
saw the slender monster approaching, blood
was dripping from her fingers on the left hand
and a bag was on the right.
John quickly surged forward with aim of taking
the monster by surprise but she dodged his
blow and grabbed him on the neck with her
right hand, she dropped the bag. She drew out
something from his suit pocket and stuck it in
her hair. She lifted him up with both hand and
threw his body on the minister of aviation who
was already on his feet and was trying to shoot
a gun. John crashed into the minister and they
both collapsed into the sofa, the gun fell off the
minister’s hand.
Kelechi Edwin was up and ready to defend
himself as she ran towards him but Tarasha
bent to escape his punch and took him off his
feet with a kick. She took the pin hung in her
hair, removed the lid and pierced into the
governor’s neck, he fell to the floor
unconsciously. She stood up to face John
Obiano who to her surprise quickly recovered
and was up again, charging towards her with
the glass table. But she was always ready to
deal with surprises, she picked up the fallen
Governor quickly and the table was shattered
on the man’s head.
Tarasha dragged John towards herself by his tie
and gave him a uppercut, she dragged him
violently alongside as she rushed towards the
minister who was crawling to pick the gun. She
stepped on the man’s hand and kicked the gun
farther, she pushed John forcefully making him
hit his head against the flat screen TV. A heavy
kick on the face took out the minister.
Tarasha picked up the gun and pointed at John,
he was still sprawling on the floor weakly, she
walked towards him and knocked him out with
the butt of the gun. She stepped backwards
and picked the bag from where she dropped it.
She brought out the parachute and put it on
hurriedly. She walked towards the unconscious
and bleeding body of the Governor, she pulled
the Governor by his shirt’s collar and dragged
him with her towards the exit. On another
thought she turned back and entered the
section where the fallen attendants were, she
started taking off the clothes of the most
slender one.
The plane had gone far when the door was
finally opened, Lovina was already soaked in her
tears, her friends tried to console her. The
professors, school authority and the airdrome
officials were thrown into a state of confusion
and panic. They found the android device
Tarasha dropped and the police immediately
sent a special team to diffuse the bomb and
save Jude’s sister.
Officer Dakolo was confused and at the same
time irritated, he stood in the room with two
members of his team questioning the airdrome
security officials and Lovina.
‘How did a stranger pass through you guys?’ he
barked angrily at the officials, bombarding them
with questions. ‘Where were you? Was there no
one who saw her?’
A uniformed security man answered him
confidently, ‘We were outside here, so no one
could have entered without passing through us.
Jude greeted us when he was about to enter
but we didn’t see any girl’
‘So you mean she appeared into the room from
His question was answered with silence, no
sound could be heard except for the sobs of
‘Nobody can gain entrance into these rooms,
only Jude’s and Lovina’s ID cards was
configured to pass through the door’ A
professor spoke, pointing towards the damaged
metal door
‘I don’t get you, how did the imposter pass
through if only Jude’s and Lovina’s ID cards
could allow them entrance?’ Dakolo raised his
eyebrow as he asked.
‘I don’t know’ the professor in charge looked
puzzled, he turned to Lovina and asked multiple
questions. ‘Where’s your ID card?’
Lovina answered in low tones, wiping her face,
‘my ID card is with me but I didn’t enter with it,
the door was left open’
Dakolo walked closer to the entrance and bent
down to inspect the destroyed door, he stood
up after some seconds. ‘That means she
probably gained access through Jude, by
threatening him with his sister’
‘Yes, but..’ The professor argued thoughtfully,
‘she could have gained access into this room
through Jude but she wouldn’t have been
allowed to enter into the plane without Lovina’s
ID card’
‘My ID card is with me’ Lovina repeated, still
A familiar noise distracted them, they all looked
back to see the plane returning. Officer Dakolo
hurried towards the other exit which had the
transparent wall with his team. He stopped
when the door refused to open, ‘is this door still
locked?’ he spoke angrily, directing his question
to the professor.
‘Yes, I don’t know how and why it got locked’
the man replied, ‘we have to destroy it like the
other one’
Dakolo glanced back at the plane which was
already on the runway, ‘how do we get there
now?’ he asked impatiently.
‘Come with me’ the professor said, leading
Dakolo through a longer route to the runway,
where the press were and where the
passengers in the plane had passed through.
Dakolo signaled for several other armed officers
to follow as they hurried to attack the imposter
on the plane. They got to the runway in two
minutes and waited for the plane to stop
About twenty officers surrounded the plane,
waiting patiently for the passengers to come
out. The governor’s security guards and officers
were also on guard as they joined the officers
to surround the plane.
‘Don’t try anything stupid’ Dakolo said into the
megaphone after waiting for two minutes and
there was no signs of anyone in the plane. ‘The
police are surrounding you already and it will be
best for you to surrender’
**Lagos Nigeria, 12pm**
Chief Gab stood up from his office seat to take
off his suit, he hung it behind the seat and
loose his tie as he sat back into the swivel. He
heaved a sigh of relief as he rested his back
and hands on the support, the rotating chair,
turning him from side to side. He had gotten so
much good news that day. At first it was
Tarasha who called him very early in the
morning to inform him that the job would be
finally executed that day, then just some
minutes after Chief Nonso also called to tell
him that one of their illegal business deals had
yielded millions of naira.
His phone rang for the third time that day,
disrupting his thoughts, the caller was his friend
Nonso. Gab wondered what the reason was for
the call, they had just discussed some few
minutes ago and he didn’t expect Chief Nonso
to call him again so soon.
‘Hello’ came Chief Nonso’s impatiently, with a
hoarse voice
‘Hello Chief’ Gab replied.
‘Where are you now?’ Chief Nonso asked a silly
‘We spoke some minutes ago’ Gab reminded
him, ‘I’m in my office’
‘Switch on your TV now’ Nonso said with a note
of urgency. ‘There’s something you need to see
on AIT’
‘Ehen’ Gab got up from the seat immediately.
He headed for the section of his office where
he received visitors, still placing the phone on
his ear. ‘What’s there?’ He asked Nonso.
‘Have you switched on the TV?’
‘Yes’ Gab sat on the sofa, dropping the remote
control beside him.
‘See for yourself, I’ll call you later’ Nonso said
and the line went off.
“… the identity of the imposter is unknown yet
but the police are after her and would surely
get her soon” A reporter was saying. An
airplane was shown and some bodies were
being carried out from it into special
ambulances. A young pilot was also shown
being escorted away by some police officers.
“The Governor and the suspect is yet to be
found, it is greatly feared that this is a case of
kidnap but the police and other security officials
are working hard and they promise to find the
Governor and bring him back safely before the
end of the day. I’m Nwanko Vivian reporting
from Rivers State, AIT news” the reporter
concluded. A newscaster heaved a sigh and
continued with the other news headlines.
Chief Gab gave an evil simile as he picked up
his phone and swiped in the pattern. He opened
his notification bar and saw several messages
from different news apps. They all carried the
same breaking news of the governor’s kidnap.
He opened the Punch newspaper app and read
the article in details.
* Aviation School, Port Harcourt. 12.30pm *
Inspector Dakolo sat on a stool facing the
distressed Jude who was made to sit on a more
comfortable chair with a back and armrest.
They were in the schools security room with
two other officers and some of the school’s
security men clad in their yellow and black
uniform. Jude was still in his pilot’s uniform but
he was unrecognizable in it, he looked like
someone who was the only survivor in a
nationwide war.
Dakolo was already looking stressed out
himself, his neatly tucked in shirt had flown out
and the waistcoat was unbuttoned too. Apart
from the disfigured ID card he had found in the
plane, he found no other useful lead.
‘You have to tell us everything you know about
this’ Dakolo warned, ‘you could be in serious
trouble and charged to court for being an
accomplice in the crime’
‘Where’s my sister?’ Jude asked, ignoring
Dakolo’s threat.
‘I told you before’ Dakolo slammed, ‘your sister
is fine, she’s safe with the police’
‘Where’s she?’ Jude pushed further,
unintimidated by Dakolo. He said amidst tears,
‘If she’s dead, then I’ve lost everything already’
Dakolo got up from the stool, making a phone
call, he realized that Jude wasn’t going to say
anything until he was sure his sister was safe.
‘Hello officer, where’s she?’ Dakolo spoke into
the phone. He took a look at Jude after some
seconds of silence ‘please give her the phone,
her brother wants to speak with her’
Jude collected the phone hurriedly, his hand
shaking as he placed it on his ears. Tears
flowed down his eyes as he heard his sister’s
voice, ‘are you okay?’ He asked and waited for
a reply and heard a soft voice reply ‘yes’ before
he continued. ‘I promise I’m never going to
allow anything bad happen to you again’
Jude spoke with his sister for few more
seconds before he handed back the phone.
‘Would you speak now?’ Dakolo said, taking
back his position on the stool.
‘I never knew her until few days ago’ Jude
began, ‘we meet very early in the morning
during the exercise hours and she introduced
herself as a fresher’
Dakolo listened with rapt attention as Jude
relayed to him how he met with Gloria. ‘Did you
ever try to confirm if she really was one of the
hundred Level students?’
‘No, I had no reason to doubt her. She was
always putting on an ID card’ Jude answered.
‘Did you ever see her with any other student?’
‘Yes’ Jude replied, stressing the word as he
tried to remember. ‘I saw her with a girl on the
day we met and when we discussed in the
‘Do you know this girl you’re talking about? Do
you know her name?’
‘No, but I can recognize her if we see. Gloria
never mentioned her name ‘
‘Okay’ Dakolo paused for a while and then
continued, ‘did you ever suspect anything when
you were around her?’
‘Just on two occasions’ Jude said after thinking
for a minute. ‘On the first day we met in her
class, she was supposed to be on the practical
ground with other year one students’
‘And which day was the second?’ Dakolo asked
‘Two days ago’ he said thoughtfully. ‘She asked
me to explain a particular topic to her’
‘What happened?’
‘I really don’t know’ Jude looked puzzled, ‘I
don’t know how I got to my hostel that day, I
woke up feeling an headache the next morning’
‘What else did you notice that was strange?’
‘The other thing I noticed was my …’ His
volume reduced, his eyes widened. ‘My ID card’
‘What happened to your ID card?’ Dakolo pushed
on with great interest.
‘I hung it on my neck that day but later found it
in my bag’ Jude said.
‘Maybe you kept it there yourself, you said you
don’t remember how you got home that day’
‘I could have kept it in my bag without knowing,
but…’ He gave another long pause. ‘It was in a
position I never keep things; that means
someone took it off my neck and kept it in the
bag for me’
‘Why…’ Officer Dakolo’s phone rang, interrupting
their conversation. ‘Yes… What?’
Dakolo ended the call after receiving what
seemed to be a urgent message, he looked at
Jude to ask a final question. He brought out a
broken card from his pocket and showed it to
Jude, ‘ who owns this ID card’ he asked.
‘Samatha Osman’ Jude muttered under his
breath, he squinted as he tried to read the
other details. ‘I don’t know, I never came
across anyone with that name’
‘Okay’ Dakolo turned in a hurry, he signaled to
an officer to take care of Jude and for another
to follow him out.
*Lagos Nigeria, 1pm*
Officers James and Segun stood behind a
computer operator, looking into something the
man was showing them on the screen. James
had one of his hands placed on the table as he
bent to have a clear view of the screen. The
screen displayed several thin lines of different
colours which all met at the same point.
‘The person who installed the bug is a
professional, it keeps directing me to a proxy
and port in Russia’ the computer operator said.
‘Can you find out who operates from the port?’
James questioned
The operator gave a short smile. ‘The position
here has been located already’ he said, referring
to the point where all the lines met.
‘Yes, where exactly in Russia is it?’ James
interest rose
‘Grand kremlin Palace, Moscow’ the operator
said bluntly.
‘Huh?’ James eyes widened in shock, he stood
up straight and glanced at Segun who also
looked surprised. ‘Are you sure of what you’re
‘Is that not where the Russian president stays?’
Segun interjected.
‘Yes, that’s the official house for the president’
the operator replied, he turned back to stare at
his superiors’ faces. ‘I was surprised when I
saw it first, but then I realized that someone is
just fooling with us’
James looked defeated as he stepped back and
sank into a plastic chair. He heaved a sigh of
frustration, ‘Is there no hope of finding the real
‘I don’t know yet, the criminal must have used a
powerful software to adjust the server location’
‘So what do we do now?’ Segun joined in.
‘Good afternoon officers’ Sandra interrupted
their discourse, walking into the room with a
serious look. ‘Have you listened to the news
this afternoon?’
Her question got a reply of awkward stares
from the trio. ‘The Rivers State Governor has
been kidnapped’ she announced after looking at
each of their faces one after the other.
‘Yes, he was kidnapped this morning by an
unidentified girl’ she continued, feeling fulfilled
as she was the first to break the news to them.
‘A girl?’
‘But he was supposed to launch an airplane
today’ Segun countered.
‘He was kidnapped in the plane’ she added
quickly, ‘the kidnapper disguised as one of the
Interesting, I never thought such a thing could
happen in Rivers State with the level of security
that it has now attained with new IG and
Inspector Dakolo’ James commented, ‘well, we
have also a serious task before us, lets pray for
the governor and hope he’s safe’
**Onne, Rivers State**
Cole drove through the pathway surrounded by
bushes, following the direction given to them by
the map. He had stopped several times to ask
for directions from people but had been
misdirected twice due to his wrong
pronunciation of the address. A community
came into view as he got to a junction, he
could see several houses and people walking
by. He saw a group of people rushing towards a
specific direction, most of them were in haste
as if they got a glimpse of something very
He took a look at his tracking map again and
confirmed he was very close to Tarasha’s
location. The compass pointed him to the same
direction he saw people heading for, he turned
and drove slowly towards the place. Not too
long after, he got a clear view of where the
people were headed for, he parked the car at a
far distance to where people were gathered and
came out of the car with Aisha.
They followed the direction of the compass
until they got close to a river bank. A crowd of
villagers were seen gossiping around the river
with about five police vans surrounding the
place, the villagers kept a reasonable distance
from the officers.
Cole halted and warned Aisha not to move
further, they stood under a tree where some
other people were seen standing and discussing
about the matter but took care not to go close
to them to avoid raising suspicion. The villagers
were discussing in a native language so nothing
could be made out of their discussion.
After waiting for some minutes, Cole and
Aisha’s confidence grew as they saw several
other people dressed in a civilized manner like
them moving close to the scene. As they
proceeded further, not less than fifteen police
officers were seen questioning individuals or
discussing with each other and taking notes.
Cole took a look at the compass again and it
pointed to a direction where about five police
officers were gathered.
His heart skipped a beat as he realized that the
compass was leading them right in front of the
officers, the target was in an ambulance and
the officers were just at the front of the
vehicle. Aisha nudged him to give an
explanation on seeing panic all over him, she
held on to one of his arms and looked into his
‘I’m afraid something terrible has happened’ He
said shakily. ‘We have to get out of here
‘What?’ Aisha asked him as they took a
backward turn.
The compass is leading us into the ambulance’
Cole said, he drew her back as she was walking
too fast. ‘We have to walk back slowly like we
came so that we don’t attract anyone’s
attention’ he scolded.
‘Okay, you’ve not told me what it is’ Aisha
decreased her pace hesitatingly.
‘If the tracker is still on Tarasha, then she must
have been caught by the police’ Cole
expatiated. ‘The tracker is leading us into the
ambulance, that means the person that it was
attached to is also in the ambulance’
The news frightened Aisha and she increased
her pace rapidly again only to be cautioned
seriously by Cole. ‘If someone notices us here,
you’ll have yourself to blame’ Cole warned in a
low but strict voice as he pulled her back again.
A heavily built man in a native attire was seen
approaching with an entourage of guards
surrounding him, the crown on his head hinted
Cole and Aisha that the King of the town was
the one approaching. There were other men
who were dressed like him, in their native
attires too; they looked like the Chiefs. They all
seemed embattled as they hurried to the river
Cole and Aisha halted and stepped aside as the
other villagers did for their king and his
entourage to pass before going further. Cole
decided to talk to someone before they leave
the place, he looked around for someone who
looked a little civilized and would be able to
communicate well in English Language.
‘Hello sir’ he greeted a teenager politely.
‘Chai! Hello’ the shirtless young man replied ,
folding his arms.
‘Have you been here since?’ Cole asked.
‘Yes oooo’ he answered, looking very ready to
grant them an interview if they needed one.
‘What really happened?’
The boy carefully directed Cole and Aisha to a
corner devoid of passers and began to relay
what he had heard, his accent made him less
audible. ‘I wasn’t there o, but my friend said
they saw something coming from heaven with
an Umbrella. They said the strange thing
became a person before it dropped in the river’
‘Ehen?’ Aisha was getting impatient with his
long narration.
‘All the ladies that was fetching water in the
river at that time became scared and ran away
before it dropped in the river, they said that it
changed into three or four people after it fell
into the river. Some of them even say they saw
six or seven’ the boy continued enthusiastically.
‘The only man that was at the river that time
went closer and he said he noticed movement
in the river. They later brought out two bodies
from the River; one was a woman’s body and
the other was a man’s body’
So what happened?’ Cole urged him to continue.
‘They brought out the two bodies; Professor
says the woman is a pilot while the man looks
like our governor. Oga police was the one who
called the other policemen and they came into
the village some minutes later with their big big
cars’ the boy continued, describing ‘big big’ with
his hands.
‘Oh! Thank you very much’ Cole said, patting
the boy on the shoulder as he ran to join his
His heart was heavy as he turned to Aisha, ‘we
have to get out of here immediately’ she said
and began to hurry towards the car
Cole stood dumbfounded, he couldn’t accept
the fact that Tarasha had gone down so easily,
he brought out his phone again and the
compass was still referring to the same
direction. He felt a sharp pain in his heart as he
trudged after Aisha to the car.
Episode 22
‘Good afternoon your highness’ Dakolo curtsied,
after leaving the group of officers studying the
dead bodies to approach the King.
‘Officer!’ the king barked like an angry dog.
‘What is this I’m hearing? The Governor was
found dead in this river?’
‘Calm down your highness’ Dakolo eyes was full
of grief as he talked. ‘It is a very sad
occurrence your Majesty, very sad’
‘Oh!’ the King wailed, ‘how can this happen to
Dakolo led the King to the ambulance where
the Governor’s body was kept. At this time
more security officials were already arriving to
escort the body back to town.
‘Eh Oh!’ the King broke down again, he closed
his eyes in horror as he saw the Governor’s
body laying lifeless.
Dakolo closed back the door to the vehicle,
‘We’ll be leaving now, we have to report to the
headquarters as soon as possible’
‘Yes, I know o’ the King replied, him and his
entourage looked bereaved. ‘May God be with
you officer’
‘Amen, thank you your highness’ Dakolo
answered as he took a turn to the right side of
the vehicle to take a seat in front.
The Police vehicles and ambulances drove
away from the scene not too long after, leaving
the villager’s behind in a pile of dust. Several
thoughts ran through Dakolo’s mind as they
drove back to Port Harcourt, he didn’t like the
way the criminal was found dead, he wished to
have caught her alive. He felt greatly
Cole and Aisha hid under another tree with the
villagers and watched as the police vehicles
and ambulances sped past hurriedly. They
waited till the cars were out of sight before
they came of their hiding place and hurried to
the point that their car was parked, several of
the villagers followed them heading for their
various places of abode while some stayed
back and still continued to gossip about the
Cole looked like he had just lost something very
important as he walked tiredly to the car, the
information they had gotten suggests that
Tarasha was dead but he still hoped and
believed that she could be alive. Aisha was
more concerned about leaving there safely, she
knew from when Tarasha had announced their
mission that it was only a suicide attempt, she
secretly thank God that only Tarasha was gone.
The two with their worries did not notice a
woman dressed in a village attire following them
until they got to the car, they thought the lady
would walk past after they stopped at the car
so they didn’t pay any heed to her when they
finally noticed. Aisha opened the door to the
right front seat and entered in a hurry. Cole was
about to open the door and enter when he
noticed that the village lady was also trying to
open the back door.
Fear surged through his body as his eyes met
with hers, shrills were sent down his spine. He
was too shocked and couldn’t open the door
‘Stop staring at me and open the door’ Tarasha
‘Sorry Boss’ Cole said and quickly opened his
door first. He released the lock to the
Aisha was startled on hearing that voice; she
quickly jumped out of the car and stared at her
Boss in awe. Tarasha entered into the backseat
without giving both of them another look, Cole
and Aisha stared at each other in shock for
some seconds before they could recover and
enter back into the car.
Cole drove off immediately without saying a
word, he and Aisha occasionally glanced at
Tarasha fearfully through the front mirror. He
was full of mixed feelings, he felt happy and at
the same time also scared and shocked. Aisha
on the other hand was feeling greatly terrified,
she already thought that the end had come for
their pompous Boss.
‘Take another route’ Tarasha said calmly,
breaking the awkward silence. ‘The police just
went that way and it’s not safe for us to pass
there at the same time’
Dakolo drove home quietly in his CRV jeep,
meditating on all that happened that day. In just
one day, he dealt with three linked cases. The
first was a case of attempted murder, the
suspect had escaped after being pursued into
an hotel. His investigation had led him to the
airport only for him to meet a case of
impersonation; someone had disguised as
Lovina and boarded the plane in Lovina’s
stead. The third case was one is kidnap which
later turned into assassination.
He had thought that the Assassin had died with
the Governor when the two bodies were found
in the river, only for him to get back to town
and find out that the dead lady was one of the
flight attendants. That means the imposter who
carried out the assassination escaped, only God
knew how she did it.
Since he came into the state in the year 2029,
the rate of crime had drastically reduced, even
petty robbery and pickpocketing had been
curbed, so the murder of the Governor came as
a big blow to him and to the other top security
officers in the state.
He blared the car horn impatiently as he got to
the gate, the gate man responded accordingly
and he was allowed entrance in few seconds.
‘Daddy!’ his three kids called happily as they
scampered out of the house to welcome their
Dad. He carried the youngest one into his arms,
trying his best to smile as he hugged the two
‘Daddy, what did you buy for us?’ The youngest
kid whom he carried asked him. He smiled as
he stared back into her face, she was a girl of
about two to three years of age and was in her
first year in Nursery School.
‘Daddy was very busy today dear, the shops had
closed when I was coming home’ He replied in
a pleading tone. He gave a smile at their mum
who was just coming out of the house.
‘Daddy, hope you bought my gift?’ The eldest
son asked hopefully. He was a boy of seven
years old but looked too big for his age. His big
stature and heavy weight instilled fear in his
mates and even seniors who tried to bully him.
‘Oh!’ Dakolo suddenly remembered that it was
the boy’s seventh birthday and he had promise
to get him a good gift when returning from
work. He had no excuse to give the boy, or
rather, the boy was too young to understand
his plight. ‘I ordered for it already, I don’t know
why they’ve not delivered it yet’ He lied,
feigning a very serious voice.
‘Oh!’ the boy hummed as he folded his arms
and wagged his head back into the house in
‘Don’t worry, I promise that it would be here by
tomorrow’ Dakolo shouted, trying to console the
sulking boy.
‘How are you dear?’ The wife gave him a peck
on the cheek as she took his suitcase from
‘Fine’ he replied, and dropped the little girl to
run into the house with her older ones.
‘A lot has happened today and I know you must
be so tired’ she said as they walked into the
large and well-furnished sitting room.
‘Come on, it’s not time for TV, got to your beds
now’ she scolded the kids who walked away
Dakolo sank into the sofa, loosening his shirt
buttons. His shoe released a stinking stench as
he took out his legs, he quickly took the shoes
away from the sitting room. His wife had
already returned with a glass of cold water
before he came back into the sitting room.
‘Take this’ she said as he sat down.
‘Thank you’ he gulped down the water hurriedly.
‘You really need to have a good bath’ his wife
said as she collected the cup from him, her
eyes searched all over him body. ‘You should go
take your bath while I serve the food’ she said
and helped him up.
‘What about Lydia?’ Dakolo asked about the
‘She’s feeling sick, so I allowed her sleep
early’she replied.
Dakolo smiled as he held her hands, his wife
was the loveliest and kindest person he had
ever met. He recalled when he first met Angela.
He had been chosen to lead a security team for
an event for which she was the head caterer.
Her natural beauty and simplicity had attracted
him and he didn’t waste time in approaching her
to get her contact although he told her at first
that he only needed the contact for business.
Dakolo and his wife paused as his phone rang,
he took it out from his pocket and checked the
screen. He mumbled inaudible words before he
picked the call. ‘Hello Officer’ he said
‘Hello sir, John Obiano just came out of his
unconscious state’ the officer announced. ‘It
seems he knows the person who is Samantha
‘Yes’ He responded excitedly, motioning his wife
to go on with his bag into the room, he sat back
into another sofa. ‘What did you find out from
‘He couldn’t really talk to us and the Doctors
advised against it, so we couldn’t really find out
much ’
‘Okay then, we should be able to get vital
information from him by tomorrow’
‘Yes sir’
‘Alright, just make sure that he is safe’ he said
before cutting the call. He was happy with the
recent development and his mood became
livelier. He was about o get up from the seat
when he remembered something, ‘James’ he
mumbled under his breath.
James was one of the most competent officers
that Dakolo had trained and worked with. He
recalled that James had called him to tell him
about a certain case in Lagos which involved
the same name ‘Samantha Osman’. He dialed
James number to confirm.
‘Hello, Good evening sir’ James voice came
‘Good evening Officer James, how are you
doing?’ Dakolo replied his greeting.
‘Fine sir, how is your family?’
‘Thank God, they’re all doing fine’
‘Thank God’ James said cheerfully before
changing into a more serious tone. ‘We saw in
the news all that happened in Rivers today’
‘Hmm, Well’ Dakolo continued after letting out a
deep breath. ‘That’s why I’m calling you,
concerning the Governor’s death’
‘I’m all ears sir’
‘Okay. Erm… You called me last week and
mentioned a particular name “Samantha
Osman”, am I correct?’
‘Yes sir, Samantha Osman’
‘Well, that name just came up here also’ Dakolo
continued, ‘we found her ID card in the plane’
‘Her ID card? What type of ID card?’
‘Her office ID card, we were able to decipher
that she was a journalist but the name of the
news media and her passport had been
scrapped off’
‘Hmm… I think that is still traceable’
‘Yes it is, I only want to find out if you have
similar information concerning her’
‘No sir’ James gave a negative reply. ‘The
Samantha here was a fake, she used a student
ID card to get information from the pharmacy’
‘And what else have you gotten about her?’
‘Nothing yet’ the reply came slow, James
envisaged that Dakolo would be disappointed.
‘There’s no matching records in the school’s
‘Okay, thank you. I’ll update you when
necessary’ Dakolo concluded and cut the call,
his wife was already standing before him.
‘I think you should allow me keep your phone
for now’ she said, giving him a serious look. ‘At
least they should let you rest’
Benny stood out on the corridor, patiently
awaiting the arrival of the rest of his
colleagues. The news that day had been
confusing. It started with a report of the
Governor’s kidnap, then changed to rumors of
his death. Later that night, the news media had
reported that the body of the Governor had
been found dead with the perpetrator. Benny
didn’t believe that Tarasha could be caught, he
was very sure she wouldn’t be caught. If she
could give him clever ideas to escape the
police then she couldn’t have been caught by
the police herself, so he thought.
His face lit up as he saw signs of a car coming
towards the house. In less than two minutes,
Cole had driven in and parked with Tarasha and
Aisha. Tarasha was the first to come out of the
car, she walked into the house after greeting
Benny with a pat on the shoulder and a smile.
Benny smiled back hut his smile was short
lived; after he remembered that he failed at his
mission. He was expecting her to scold him.
Cole and Asiha walked wearily to Benny and
paused. They stared at each others faces in
silence for a minute before walking into the
Episode 23
The name Samantha Osman was spread all over
the country as the name of a criminal. The
police had no choice than to declare an unknown
person wanted. It was not even known if
Samantha Osman was the culprit’s real name, all
that they knew was that it was the name she
used in carrying out her atrocities.
Ordinarily it sounds funny that a name without a
face should be declared wanted and the Nigerian
Government were furious when the news first
broke out to the world. But to their surprise,
other countries like USA, Russia, Korea and
England began to come forth with their own
confessions of the same cases. The only
difference was that theirs did not involve really
high profile citizens.
The Nigerian police had also linked up the Health
minister’s and the Rivers State governor’s murder
cases. Evidences available proved that it was
the same person who carried out the job; the
reason for the killings nor the person behind
them was yet unknown.
The evidences which linked up the cases
included the name ‘Samantha Osman’ and traces
of an unknown substance found in the survivors’
bodies used to induce sleep and
unconsciousness in them.
‘You guys did the River State Job?’ Don looked
into Aisha’s face as he asked. Both of them laid
on the bed stark naked except for the blanket
which covered their bodies.
Don caressed Aisha’s face, wiping her hair off
her eyes as he waited for an answer. ‘You’ve
asked that before’ she answered him bluntly.
‘You didn’t answer me’ Don said again.
‘I did’ she retorted
‘You didn’t tell me the truth honey’ he said
‘What other truth do you want me to tell you?’
she questioned
‘Okay, if you didn’t do that job. Where were you
throughout the whole period of the incident?’
‘I told you before that the Boss does not allow
us go out at will’ she spoke angrily and got up
from the bed, she walked to the wardrobe and
brought out a towel which she wrapped around
her body and headed for the bathroom.
‘Did she also tell you to switch off your phones?’
Don continued adamantly as he sat up.
Aisha paused and turned back, giving him a cold
stare. ‘What exactly is the matter? Why are you
questioning me like a police officer?’
He stood up from the bed and walked towards
her. He stopped in front of her and stared right
into her eyes as he spoke, ‘when did you start
lying to me? I thought we were lovers’
‘What do you want me to tell you? Frame up
stories to please you?’ The argument was
already turning to a heated one.
‘You’re already framing up stories, have you
forgotten that I have your phone connected to
my computer? Your location as at last week was
Rivers State, so stop lying’ he gave her a cold
That got her easily, she gave up her angry look
and changed her look into one of someone that
had been caught red-handed. ‘What exactly do
you need all these information for?’ her voice
was calmer now
‘I don’t need them for anything’ he said as he
walked away angrily from her. ‘I just need you to
be honest with me’
‘I’m sorry’ she pleaded and followed after him.
‘Its just that I don’t want any troubles with the
‘Troubles? For telling me the truth? Did you do
the job or not?’ he asked again, his back still
turned against her.
‘Yes we did’ she confessed. ‘We were in Rivers
State all through last week’
‘Then why were you lying to me?’ His tone was
‘I’m sorry’ she said and wrapped her hands round
his neck. He turned and pulled of the towel from
her body, he pushed her to the bed and they
went another round of sex.
‘Good morning Cole’ Tarasha’s voice came
through as Cole picked the call.
‘Good morning Boss’ Cole replied. It was his first
time of hearing her voice since they returned to
Lagos. She sounded rejuvenated to him.
‘How are you doing Cole?’ She asked.
‘Fine Boss, you?’
‘Good, how about your colleagues?’
‘They’re fine also’
‘Hope you guys have been enjoying your short
break, we may have to do another job very
‘Of course yes, we are well rested’
‘Alright Cole, don’t you think that you need better
security in the office?’
‘Huh’ Cole didn’t understand the question.
‘You might soon start to get unwanted visitors
there, you might need to secure the office more’
Tarasha expatiated
‘Unwanted visitors?’ Cole argued, ‘I don’t think
anyone would try us here’
‘But you guys are already inviting them’ Tarasha
‘How?’ Cole seemed confused
‘Haven’t you been going out?’
Yes, we have but…’
Tarasha cuts in, ‘Yes, none of you has brought
anyone there but you’ve drawn attention to the
office unknowingly. Tell the others that you need
more security and get them prepared for
‘Okay’ Cole’s voice sounded a little bit scared, he
was confused as to why Tarasha was advising
them to get ready for any attack. Maybe she had
seen something dangerous.
‘Benny’ Cole called as he dropped the phone call,
he headed for Benny’s room. Aisha was on the
way bringing a tray with plates of spaghetti and
chicken. ‘We need to talk,wait for us in the
sitting room’ Cole said to Aisha before going
ahead to get Benny.
‘What’s it about?’ Aisha asked impatiently as
Benny and Cole walked back into the siting room.
Cole made sure everyone was seated before he
began to talk, ‘which of us here has brought
anyone into this house?’ he asked question that
got a reply of surprise stares.
‘The Boss called today, that’s why I’m asking’ he
added when they remained mute.
Benny and Aisha looked at each other’s face, ‘No
one knows this place through me’ Benny said
‘Neither through me also’ Aisha added
‘Are you sure that nobody has ever traced you
here without you knowing?’ Cole asked again
‘Yes , no one’ was the reply he got
‘The boss says we need more security here’ Cole
squinted as he talked. ‘We need to be careful
from henceforth, she hinted that we may be
attacked soon’
‘How? No one knows here’ Benny put in.
Cole raised his brow and gave him a suspicious
look, ‘are you sure that you never brought any of
your girls in here while we were away?’
The question didn’t meet Benny well, he got up
angrily. ‘Are you crazy? How can you say that?’
‘Why shouldn’t I say so?’ Cole replied him in the
same tone. ‘Everybody here knows that you’re so
fond of girls and they can make you do anything
‘You’re a dog’ Benny cursed and brought out his
gun angrily, he pointed it at Cole.
‘Hey guys!’ Aisha stepped in. ‘Don’t do this
please’ she said, motioning Benny to drop his
gun. ‘We don’t need to fight over this, let’s just
take the Boss’s advice and be more careful’
Benny returned the gun into his pocket and
stormed out of the house, leaving Cole and Aisha
to stare at themselves silently.
Episode 24
**Port Harcourt, Rivers State**
The next day after the Governor’s death, a
curfew that lasted for three days was declared
by the acting government. John Obiano
recuperated quickly and was able to speak with
Officer Dakolo the next morning. He told the
police of how Desert Reporters’ representative,
Samantha Osman had interviewed him about two
weeks before the assassination and also
promised to be at the airdrome on the event day.
Other questions were also thrown to John which
he gave clear and precise answers to, not
withholding any important point from the police.
‘What did the attacker look like?’ Was one of the
questions Dakolo asked
‘I can’t really picture her face anymore but she
was nothing less of a monster’ John didn’t
hesitate to give answers. ‘I think she painted her
face with some substances to make her
The answer of the Assassin’s look he gave was
no different from what the other surviving
victims gave; the surviving air attendant had also
described the assailant as a monster with
different skin colours, the minister of aviation
also gave a similar description. Only Jude had a
different description; but it was an obvious fact
that the description given by Jude was only a
detail of the disguised form of the criminal.
Dakolo was also able to fathom how she
escaped; the criminal must have switched her
uniform with the second air attendant’s own.
Then she tied the dead body of the Governor and
the attendant together after which she released
their bodies from the plane and allowed them to
freely fall.
Another visit to Onne revealed more details; one
of the village’s young girls was found by some
policemen after the Dakolo left on the fateful day
of the assassination. She was tied half Unclad to
a tree in the bush, an air attendant’s uniform
was also found on the floor beside her. The
victim was confused as to how she got there
when asked, that was after she had been given
medical attention. The medical personnel that
treated her confirmed this; he said that there
was a sign of a tiny piercing on the lady’s neck,
meaning that she was injected with an unknown
substance, most likely a sedative.
Dakolo proceeded at once to visit the Desert
Reporters’ Rivers head office with some of his
men, in a bid to arrest Samantha Osman but the
management of the news media vehemently
denied having any journalist in Rivers state who
bore the name Samantha Osman. They also
denied having any interview with John, they said
he didn’t honour their invitation and even showed
the police their twitter messages as a proof.
‘You mean you invite people for interview using
twitter?’ Dakolo had asked.
‘No,we requested for his number but he refused
to share it’ The manager replied him.
‘But how then do you explain this ID card that
was found in the plane?’ Dakolo demanded,
bringing out the card from his pocket.
The manager seemed speechless for a while as
he stared at the ID card, he looked at his own
card and all the features present on his were
present on the strange ID card also. There was
also no difference in the materials that were
used to make it, the ink used on each line were
of the same colour, the dimensions of the fonts
of each word and the card as a whole were the
‘We don’t have any one here who bears this
name?’ The manager mumbled to himself, giving
Dakolo difficulty in hearing. ‘Where’s the
passport photograph on it?’ He asked the
‘We found it like this, the picture had been
broken’ Dakolo replied.
‘I believe this is fake’ the man said bluntly.
‘Fake? But there’s no difference between it and
the one you’re putting on’ Dakolo retorted.
‘The culprit must have produced it’ the man
bounced back. ‘I told you that John did not
accept our invitation, so how could we have sent
someone to interview him?’
Dakolo got up from the seat, he bent over as he
looked at the man sternly. ‘If we ever find out
that you’re helping a criminal, your organization
would be brought down’ he threatened before
walking out with his assistant.
They returned to John Obiano to get more
answers from him but the answers they got only
spurred more questions. John had also presented
a proof of the twitter messages. He showed
them how he sent them his mobile number but
they decided to continue communicating with
him on Twitter. He also showed them how they
fixed the interview for a specific and at a
particular cafeteria.
This situation made the police invite the both
parties for questioning at the same time and that
is how they found out that they had been both
played by an internet trickster; their messages
had been interjected and changed before it got
to the receiver.
All efforts made to get help from the twitter
administration proved abortive as they insisted
that nothing of such happened on their platform.
They stood on the ground that the users of the
accounts must have sent it themselves or
revealed the passwords to the culprit
Dakolo’s loud ringtone interrupted his thoughts,
he took a quick glance at the vibrating phone,
the caller was the Chief superintendent of
‘Good morning sir’ Dakolo saluted
‘Good morning Inspector Dakolo’ the man replied,
‘how far have you gone with this Governor’s
murder case?’
‘Nothing new sir’ Dakolo replied, he wondered
what the man was expecting him to say since
they met the day before and spoke extensively
on the matter.
‘Okay, I just received information that Robin
Kahn is coming to assist in Nigeria before these
cases become rampant’
‘Robin Kahn?’ Dakolo was surprised, ‘is that really
‘The United Nations think it is’ the
superintendent continued, ‘they believe it’s better
to attack these murderers quick and with full
force before it grows out of hand’
‘It’s just something tha…’
‘Cases of the same nature has been reported in
seventeen other countries’ the superintendent
put in. ‘We need to attack it fast’
‘Well, its okay sir’
‘Yea, that means you have to prepare a report on
how far you’ve gone with the case; your
successes and the challenges. The man would
be here before the end of the year. That’ll be all
for now’ the superintendent concluded and cut
the call.
Agent Robin Kahn was a special antiterror agent
who had helped his country in solving several top
rated assassinations and also in preventing these
attacks. He also led a delegation to a help a
certain African country solve the murder case of
their President and they nabbed the criminals in
just two weeks.
Dakolo wondered if it was really necessary for
Robin Kahn to come help in Nigeria, the Nigerian
officers were on the top of their games already.
He believed that the US did not send the man for
their love for Nigeria but they sent the man
because they also had the same cases in their
country. Or why wouldn’t you remove the dirt in
your eyes first before you help another person do
it? Dakolo was sure that the man was only
coming to study the correlation between the
cases in his country and Nigeria so that it could
help his own country overcome.
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‘Come open the gate’ Tarasha’s voice sounded
as he picked the call. He got up from his bed
immediately, he took a yellow shirt and hurried
out at once.
The gate was opened by Cole and Tarasha drove
in with a mini van, she stepped out of the car
after parking and waited for Cole to join her
before proceeding into the house, or office as
she called it.
‘Where’s Benny and Aisha?’ She asked, but
needed no answer as the duo appeared from the
partition before she sat down on one of the
‘Good morning Boss’ Benny and Aisha greeted in
unison. They stood some distance before her
anticipating her answer and order for them to
‘Good morning’ she gave a smile. ‘You can have
you seats’
Benny and Aisha took the seats opposite hers
while Cole sat on the sofa perpendicular to
Tarasha’s seat.
‘We are having a visitor soon and we need to
make preparations to welcome him’ Tarasha
began, ‘in fact, we’ll be having two set of
visitors; one from this country and one from the
There was an awkward silence in the house as
they listened to her. It was he first time of
coming there after their last operation. When
they saw her enter unannounced, they knew she
had come for some serious business.
‘I don’t know if the visitors would come at the
same time but time would reveal more to us’ she
continued, turning her gaze to Cole. ‘I told you
about the Nigerian visitors already’
Episode 25
Benny sauntered into the kitchen after waiting
patiently for over thirty minutes Tarasha left. He
wondered what Aisha was cooking that was
taking so long to be ready. He was amazed
when he entered the kitchen and found her
doing nothing, he looked over to the cookers to
see if anything was being prepared but there
was nothing on the cookers and electric stove.
He wanted to slam on Aisha but was repelled
by the worried look on her face. He needed not
to ask what was wrong with her, Cole had been
in the same sober mood since Tarasha left. He
had worries too but his desire for food was
stronger that moment. He pitied Aisha more;
she was definitely going to get killed by the
men outside, Tarasha had warned that she
shouldn’t be assisted in any way.
‘I’ll prepare something now, it should be done in
the next twenty minutes’ Aisha finally said
something to calm his nerves. She walked
towards the refrigerator and brought out some
containers of frozen food.
‘How are you going to do it?’ He asked with a
tone of concern.
She shrugged, ‘I’ll call Don and plead with him
to withdraw his boys’
‘But the boss wants you to drop them’ Benny
said. He wondered in his heart why she hadn’t
break up the relationship with Don. He had
known since the day Don had released her; one
of his favorite sex machines to work with
Tarasha, Don had other plans.
‘How can I drop those guys?’ She looked Benny
in the face in a confused manner. ‘They are
trained guys, I’m just an ordinary cook who
knows how to use guns’
‘You’re not an ordinary cook, we’ve received a
lot of tutoring in few days that we worked with
Tarasha’ Benny tried to encourage, ‘if you could
handle the pilot’s sister very well, I think you
can do this also’
‘Maybe she doesn’t have to worry about it
anymore’ Cole’s voice cut in, he walked into the
kitchen to meet their stares. ‘The guys left
‘Yea’ Cole continued, ‘I’m suspecting that they
followed after the Boss’
‘Does the Boss know about that?’ Benny looked
‘I believe she does’ Cole replied indifferently, ‘I
tried to call her but she didn’t answer the call’
‘That might be dangerous, what if she doesn’t
know’ Benny continued frightfully.
‘I’m sure she knows and she won’t let them go
scot free’ Cole said with a note of confidence.
‘Aisha is lucky’
After driving for almost an hour without being
able to get rid of her trailers, Tarasha began to
think of an alternative way. She could have
finished them off if not for the broad daylight.
The option left was to escape their trail or
make them lose sight of her.
She knew that they were aware that she had
also seen them, so she drove on carefully,
always trying to take note if any other person or
group had joined them.
At last she got the chance required, they got to
a busy roundabout and the traffic light ordered
for them to halt but Tarasha defiled the order.
She crazily sped off, swerving to escape being
hit by a coming trailer. The blue car driver
followed after foolishly but couldn’t avoid
colliding with the trailer and causing a
The trailer’s driver who had already gotten
confused by the way Tarasha drive recklessly
tried to bring it to a quick halt to avoid an
accident but the blue car that followed the mini
van tan impatiently under the trailer. The car
and its occupants were crushed under the big
Tarasha got to her residence five hours later. It
took her so long because she couldn’t drive
back straight; she was sure that the police
were tracing her van with the security cameras,
so she had to go and pass through an
undeveloped community where the cameras
were not functioning and change the van.
Even the new van could not be traced to her
residence because all cameras several
kilometres to her place had been deactivated
by her.
Her gate opened automatically when the van
got in front. A thought struck her mind as she
parked the van, she needed another place for
Cole, Benny and Aisha to stay.
Maybe it wasn’t Aisha’s fault after all, she
thought. She recalled that she didn’t kill the
first two guys that were brought by Chief Gab
to work with her. They obviously still knew the
place, so the place was never hidden before.
Trailing her also proved the fact that the spies
came for her and were not really interested in
what was happening in the house.
‘They have to move from there’ she said to
herself as she got out of the car
Several police Hyundai sonata vehicles drove
out of the Muritala Mohammed airport escorting
the newly arrived Robin Kahn and his two team
members. Robin Khan sat in the black jeep with
the Inspector General while his two men were
seated with the commissioner of police in the
other car following behind the jeep.
Inspector James and his team were also in one
of the Hyundai Sonatas. Inspector James had
shook hands with the man, welcoming him to
Nigeria. The man looked strict and disciplined
to James, he hoped in his mind that the man
would be an easy person to work with.
Benny was also at airport, he came to book a
flight. Of course, he was traveling to no where;
he had only come to checkout his target but he
was only able to catch a glimpse of the man.
That was enough though, the view he got sent
shivers down his spine. The man was a tall man
of about 6ft, heavily built and muscular.
Benny quietly made his way to return to the
office, thinking of two options in his heart;
either to run away from Lagos to a far village
where Tarasha and no one else would be able
to locate him or come up with a game plan that
help him fulfill his task. If he wanted to go by
the latter, then he had to come up with
something very intelligent.
He thought of Aisha’s luck as he drove in the
old model Mercedes Benz. Tarasha had helped
her settle the problem she caused with her
hands and said she no longer had a task to
worry about except if another set of spies
His phone rang out loud at he drove back to the
house, he checked the screen and found out
that it was his boss calling. He quickly looked
for a space and parked to call her back.
‘Boss’ he said as his call was answered.
‘Where are you Benny?’Tarasha’s voice came
”Okay, drive straight to Relix Guesthouse , Plot
343 Adefile Street Lagos’ she said in a rush.
‘Eh?’ He couldn’t make out what she said.
‘Relix guesthouse, Plot 343 Adefile street, Lekki’
Cole’s voice sounded, correcting Tarasha’s
wrong pronunciation of the Nigerian words. ‘Call
my number when you’re almost there’
‘Okay’ the call ended. Benny started the car
engine at once and drove off.
Robin Kahn was a man who wasted no time, he
settled immediately into the office provided for
him in the Police headquarters and already
began to ask for reports on the cases. His team
members were also given different offices at
his left and right sides, they could see and
easily get in touch with each other very well as
only transparent glass walls demarcated their
office rooms.
James secretly gave the man a searching look
as his report was been scrutinized. He wasn’t
expecting that the progress report would be
called for so soon as the IG had told him earlier
that nothing much would be done that week
since what was left was a day to the end of the
Robin had declined the IG’s offer to take him to
a place of relaxation for the day, so that he
could be well rested before the new year when
the investigations would start properly.
‘The new year celebration may hinder our work,
let’s begin properly immediately every
celebration is over’ the IG had hinted.
Robin was a focused man and would have none
of that, he refused the advice and decided to
start work immediately. The IG did not push
further, not wanting to be seen as a lazy bone,
he agreed that the work should begin
‘Where’s the Doctor that met with the
Samantha ?’ Robin raised his hardened face as
he looked at James for answers.
‘He’s in his residence under close watch by the
EFCC, he has a case with them’ James
‘The EFCC, that is Economic Financial…’
‘Economic financial crimes commission’ James
completed it for him.
‘Okay’ the man said as he returned his focus
back to the computer. There was silence for
another one minute. ‘Where’s the video
recording device you found in the pharmacy?’
‘It’s with the computer team’ James replied, he
wondered if the Man would ever stop asking
questions which answers have been provided
already in the report.
‘I need see it now’ He demanded
‘I can get it now’ James replied him, getting up
from his seat.
‘Wait!’ Robin stopped him, raising his hand. He
punched some buttons on his wristwatch and
spoke into it, staring through the transparent
goes wall at his junior in the office by his left.
James could not make out what the man said
but he looked towards the direction the man
was looking and saw the junior agent get up
from his seat, looking at their direction as he
walked out of the office.
The junior agent, a black american, Greg by
name joined them in the office in few seconds.
He greeted James with a nod and focused his
gaze at his boss, waiting for order.
‘Follow this inspector’ the order came, ‘get r
bug from him and find out where it directs to’
‘Over here’ Cole waved his hand at Benny who
was approaching in the Benz. He stood at the
front of a black gate of a big duplex. Cole
entered the compound and opened the gate for
Benny to drive in.
Benny came out of the car immediately after
parking and approached Cole, he had lot of
questions in his heart.
‘We’re staying here for a while’ Cole said before
Benny could speak.
‘What happened to…’
‘Don’t worry man, it’s not time for questions’
Cole cut in, tapping Benny on the shoulder. ‘We
have lot of work to do together now’
‘Like?’ Benny followed slowly behind Cole into
the duplex.
‘I spotted you at the airport today’ Cole said.
‘I was monitoring the officer in charge of the
health minister’s case’
‘How does that concern the airport?’
‘The same officer is going to work with Robin’
Cole answered, he paused and turned to face
Benny. ‘Our targets are working together, we
can also work together to fight them’
Benny stared at Cole for a little while,
considering his suggestion. He used an
handkerchief to clean his face. Cole was still
waiting for his response.
‘What’s the plan?’ Benny asked.
Jubril Lawal, well known man in the country for
his great fight against terrorism and crime
during 2016 – 2020 when he served as the
inspector general of the nation under the
government of Retired General Mubarak Baruwa
was njow a retired man enjoying his rest in the
country’s capital, Abuja.
He did lots of charity works in the country
which made him earn the respect of everyone
in the country and even country leaders in and
outside of Africa. His fight against corruption
during his tenure also helped in giving him a
good image, he was on the good book of
everyone in the country except for Chief Gab.
‘How long will it take you to take him down for
me?’ Chief Gab asked Tarasha who was having
a live video chat with him.
‘I don’t know who the man is yet, I can’t say for
now’ Tarasha replied him, she was print on a
black mask to hide her face from the Chief.
‘Well, I hope to meet you in person before you
commence this job’ Chief Gab requested.
‘Why do you want to meet me?’ Tarasha
‘Is there anything wrong with meeting you?’ The
man asked with a frustrated tone. ‘How can I
not know who is working for me, are you
planning to kill me one day?’
Tarasha have a hysterical laugh, ‘so you’re
scared of death?’ She asked mockingly. He
remained quiet. ‘I don’t just kill people Chief, I
kill people only when I’m sent or its necessary
that I do’
‘Then let’s meet, or are you scared?’
Tarasha laughed out again, ‘you’re the one that
should be scared Chief, seeing my face would
only expose you to more danger’
‘What danger?’
‘Okay Chief, time up!’ Tarasha said, reaching for
the mouse with her hand. ‘I don’t do chit
‘I…’ The video chat was ended before the Chief
could say another word. She removed the mask
from her face and placed in on the table.
‘Jubril Lawal’ she typed into her search engine.
… to be continued
Episode 26
‘Happy new year!’ The president said on top of
voice as he ended his new year speech on
national TV. Benny switched off the TV at once.
‘Why?’ Cole asked him, referring to his sharp
flinging away of remote control.
‘Why not?’ Benny said as he got up from his
seat. He walked to Cole who was laying down
on the sofa and stretched his hand for a
Cole sat up and took the surprising handshake,
looking to Benny for explanation.
‘Happy new year’ Benny finally said, ‘we’ve
been to busy monitoring and plotting how to
drop Robin and James that we’ve forgotten to
congratulate ourselves on the new year’
Cole laughed out loud, ‘happy new year man’ he
stood up and engaged Benny in a brief hug.’You
know Robin is working tirelessly too’ he said as
he sat back smiling, it felt good to get
emotional once in a while.
‘Yea, I know but I think we have the advantage’
Benny sat close to him. ‘He thinks that his
presence in Nigeria is only known to the police
‘That’s true’ Cole commented. He put up a
serious face as something went through his
mind. ‘But how did boss get the information?
Am not aware we have any informant in the
police force’
‘Hmm’ Benny hummed almost silently.
‘Happy new year guys’ Aisha announced loudly,
interrupting their discourse as she walked in
with a tray of wine and glass cups.
She wore a sleeveless black top and a white
mini skirt. She dropped the tray on a short stool
in front of Benny, sorting out the cups and
pouring the drink into them.
Benny felt blood rush through his body faster as
he watched Aisha’s mini skirt lift up at the
back, revealing her pant view. This was the only
year he hadn’t celebrated the new year with a
girl on his bed, so he felt like grabbing her from
the back to have a quick one. His eyes met
Cole’s who gave a short laughter, he quickly
took his gaze away.
‘Is someone planning to get us high very early
in this new year?’ Cole joked as Aisha turned
back handing the glasses to them.
‘This won’t get you high, I’m not aware that one
cup of alcohol gets men drunk’ she replied and
dropped into the sofa they sat on, sitting in
their middle.
‘D–n!’ Benny cursed under his breath as a
bulge formed in his trousers on seeing Aisha’s
exposed laps. He quickly repositioned himself
to avoid embarrassment, Cole who knew his
plight gave out a slight smile. Benny wondered
why Aisha was having an effect on him, he had
seen her expose her body more than she did
now without feeling a thing, maybe it was
because of his recent longtime suppression of
his urge for sex.
Something beeped loudly interrupting the jolly
mood of the three, Cole knew at once where
the sound came from. He dropped his glass and
headed towards the new computer room, Benny
and Aisha followed him with their glasses still in
their hands.
The new computer room was a big one but
almost empty as it was only set up temporarily,
all two computers were in it. Cole wished that
they could continue to use that house as their
office but the boss has said that it was only for
a short while.
‘What’s that?’ Benny impatiently asked Cole
who was in control of the computer.
‘Someone is trying to trap us’ Cole smiled as he
‘What do you mean?’
‘They’re trying to locate us’ Cole specified. He
turned and faced Benny, ‘we need to go out
today and find somewhere we can receive our
‘The command has been sent’ Greg announced.
‘Are you sure they would accept it?’ Robin who
was sitting beside him asked.
James stood up from the chair he was seated
and moved closer to the computer. He took
care as he walked not to collide with anything
on the way. The room was poorly lit; the bulbs
were switched off and only the reflection from
the computer desktops screens provided the
faint lightning.
‘The command I sent would look harmless to
them, I used the same proxy as they used so
they would not suspect anything’ Greg
explained. ‘They’ll only think that their system
is malfunctioning’
‘How soon are we expecting their reply?’ Tony,
the third man on Robin’s team asked. He was
the tallest in the team, he had a baby face
which made people take him for granted not
knowing that he was a specialist in nabbing
‘It has delivered already, I believe they would
reply whenever they get the message’ Greg
James had doubts in his mind as he thought
about their new discoveries. It wasn’t that they
didn’t have a good computer team in the
Nigerian police, in fact their team had been
ranked among the top five in the world. So he
wondered how Greg could have hopes of
locating where the bug directed signals to in
just two days, something that the Nigerian
police had worked on for weeks. He secretly
prayed and hoped that it was not a trap set by
the assassins.
Robin Kahn on his own was confident, his team
had never failed in handing assassination cases,
he trusted Greg to do the right thing. He also
couldn’t but praise the Nigerian team secretly in
his heart, the progress his team had made so
far was based on the work the Nigerian officers
led by James had started. The US officers had
not even made much progress like the
Nigerians had done in the investigation. The
only thing he believed Nigeria needed was a
better Information technology and networking
‘It’s time to prepare our guys, we would need
to attack very soon’ Robin said getting up from
his seat. He turned to James, ‘prepare ten of
your besst men’ Robin said, stressing the word
‘best’ to lay emphasis.
Tarasha loved this game, it was her favorite.
She was going to see some policemen killed
very soon by Cole and Benny. She loved the
way guys were handling the situation.
Cole had called her earlier on to report their
progress, how that they were planning to lure
the police team by redirecting them to
somewhere else where an attack would be
launched on them.
She also been busy searching for information
about the new target too. She discovered that
the man being a former IG had a lot of officers
guarding him. They had two options; either to
deceive the man and bring him out of his
protection or go through his heavy security and
kill him. Anyway it was, what she knew was
that she and her team would be moving to
Abuja once the Robin’s matter is taken care of.
Now she had someone to pay a surprise visit to.
She looked into the mirror to see if her makeup
was properly done, she released the band
holding her plaited hair together and allowed it
fall freely and cover her face. She stood up
from the bed to get a full view of herself; she
was dressed in a tomboy collared shirt and Jean
trousers, she added a black face cap to match
with her black boots. She paused for a while
after which she took out a small mask which
only covered her mouth and jaw region and also
added a dark eyeglasses.
She didn’t forget to take ‘her baby’ – the
Walther PPK – before driving out of the house
five minutes later. She headed for Gravl
‘Tell your guards to open the gate once they
spot a black Range Rover coming, I don’t like
waiting outside’ she said into the phone.
Episode 27
Chief Gab got up from his seat at once, he
didn’t know what to expect, she didn’t even
allow him talk before she ended the call. He
waved off his bodyguard who was moving close
to him thinking he needed something.
He picked his smaller phone from the centre
table and proceeded out of the living room to
speak with the security men outside.
He returned five minutes later after giving them
orders and headed to the computer room. Edet
was surprised on seeing the man walk into the
‘Good morning sir’ Edet stood up to greet.
‘Good morning Edet’ Chief Gab replied, taking
his seat beside the young man’s chair. ‘Let’s
see the entrance, I’m expecting a visitor’
Edet quickly responded to the instruction and
the computer displayed the happenings outside.
Nothing was going on except for the usual
passage of vehicles in the estate.
It was after twelve minutes that Chief Gab
spotted a black range Rover driving from the
left towards the gate.
‘Tell them to open the gate’ he said to Edet
who picked up a landline and quickly dialed the
men at the gate.
The car was driven in in few seconds. The
driver, a lady whose face was not visible due to
her mode of dressing came out of the car, she
had a bag strapped to her back. She was led
into the house by two men as Chief had
ordered them earlier.
They led her to the large sitting room and took
their leave. Chief watched her as she stood in
the middle of the living room and brought out a
tablet device from her bag, she begin to put in
some commands. Chief decided it was time to
meet her, he cleared his throat and adjusted his
Agbada before walking out of the computer
room with his personal guard.
Tarasha already brought out a gun by the time
he entered the living room with his guard. His
guard who was proactive brought out his own
gun and pointed at Tarasha. Her facial
expression was not clearly seen but the Chief
could hear a chuckle, he motioned his
bodyguard to drop the gun.
Tarasha released four quick shots to the four
edges of the rectangular room, destroying the
planted cameras. She returned the gun into her
pocket and faced the Chief.
‘Good morning Chief’ she greeted in a cheerful
voice, ‘Happy new year’
‘Good morning Tarasha, same to you’ he
answered, both of them still standing. He
signaled to the bodyguard to leave the place
and the guy quickly obliged. ‘Please have your
seat’ he motioned Tarasha to one of the thick
leather sofas. She removed and dark glasses on
her face as she sat down but still left the mask
which covered the lower part of her face and
the face cap which covered her forehead.
Nevertheless, Chief Gab could still see her eyes,
she wasn’t what he was expecting, she looked
too young to be a professional assassin. He
could place her between the ages of twenty to
twenty five, she was in the same age range
with his first daughter. He felt a pinch of guilt
as he sat on the sofa facing her. He needed
not to ask her what led her to becoming an
assassin, he knew how it happened.
‘What can I offer you?’ He asked.
‘The truth’ she answered sharply.
‘The truth’ she repeated.
‘I mean something to drink or eat’ he said with
a smile.
‘I want you to tell me the truth only’ she
‘Well…’ He became speechless, he wondered
what kind of conversation she came for.
‘Why are you killing all these people?’
He was taken aback by the question and he
stammered, trying to find his voice. He thought
Vladislav had told him that she killed without
asking questions, she was bred to be like that.
‘I mean you don’t tell me what you have against
these people you send me to’ She added, ‘most
of them are loved by the people of your
‘I don’t think I am obliged to answer you’ he
answered, getting up from his seat.
That was true, he wasn’t mandated to answer
her. She herself was to ask questions, she
came to Nigeria to kill and wasn’t supposed to
have pity for anyone that she was sent to or
anyone that tried to stop her.
She thought she had lost all emotion until
recently when she killed the Rivers State
Governor. She remembered the look on his
face, it was the look on the face of her first
loved one that she killed. Her fifth assignment
during her training, when she was just fourteen
years old.
– April 9, 2020 –
The innocent looking fourteen year old girl
stood only clothed with a black bra and very
short black skirt in the extremely cold weather.
That’s how they were being brought up; to be
able withstand any kind of weather, sometimes
they were fully clothed in very hot weather. Her
body shook as a mean looking man placed
something into her hands.
She looked around her and found gazes of
young girls of the same age as hers, some a
little bit older. They were up to four hundred in
number, young but had all lost their virginities
to men who were old enough to be their
fathers. All dressed in the same way, most
were shivering in the cold while the others who
were adapting quickly to the treatment stood
still as they watched.
They all looked pale waiting for their colleague
to go through her test, some of them had
already gone and passed through the test while
a lot were still waiting in line but one thing was
sure they could not escape it.
She stared at the dagger for a couple of
seconds before making her way into the
fighting cage. She could see her reflection on
the shining metal, it was so sharp that it could
cut through the body of any animal just by
falling on it. That was the same dagger that she
had been asked to use on a man who she had
grown to love over the years.
Loving was a crime in the clan; that’s what she
had just been taught in her last lecture. The
hardened Roy had spoken to the girls in her
class that loving or having affection for
someone was wrong. Affection and love were
only for the weak minded people. He also
informed them that the topic he taught that day
had practicals. The day was Tarasha’s practical
day, she had to kill Stanley who had been like a
father to her and other girls who stayed in their
Stanley Bob was a citizen of America, aged fifty
eight. He was brought to the Nefary Clan ten
years ago. He was kidnapped during one of his
political campaigns when he vied for the post
of the Senate President n his nation. Being
known for good in the country, he was sure to
win the election. His enemies had then
contacted the Nefary clan to get rid of him. He
was lucky not to have being killed but brought
to their headquarters in Russia to work as one
of the cooks for the assassins trainee and
He didn’t know where in the world he was but
he still nurtured the hope of getting out some
day and returning to help his country but it
seemed he has team out of luck already as the
inevitable death stared at him in the face.
The cage was locked from outside immediately
Tarasha got in. She looked at him from afar, he
bent his neck and stared at her like the zombie
that he had made, gnashing his teeth as saliva
dripped down his lips. The man had already
been injected with substances that made him
lost his will; all he could see Tarasha whom he
used to love as was an animal to devour.
Tears flowed out in drops from Tarasha’s eyes,
she remembered how the man had cared for
her at a time she was sick, ignoring the death
punishment he would get if caught. He had
taken her to his room secretly and made a
mixture that healed her and saved her room the
child hands of death.
The zombie approached her violently with a rod
in his hands. He struck the rod against her but
she dodged, swerving to the right as the rod
landed on the floor. She moved farther away
from him but he surged forward against her
with the rod, she kept moving backwards until
her back touched the wall of the cage. He
struck the rod once again, this time she bent
down and it missed her head. She escaped by
passing below his arm and ran to the other side
of the cage.
The monster was relentless in his quest to
devour the girl, he picked up his rod and
charged towards her again.
‘Kill him Tarasha, what the hell is wrong with
you?’ She heard Vlasdismir shout. She looked
backwards to look at the angry man, she looked
at the faces of her colleagues too as if to
receive permission to kill Stanley. She couldn’t
make out what they wanted from the look in
their faces, they all stared at her like mourners.
The rod hit her face as she turned neck back to
focus on her attacker, she fell down on the floor
heavily, blood gushed out of her nose as the
dagger fell off her hands. The zombie raised up
the rod again to land it on her head the second
time but she had quickly recovered. She opened
her eyes just in time and rolled away quickly.
She touched her bleeding nose as she got up,
her head was banging already. It was then she
gave up and decided to end the man’s life, he
was going to kill her if she didn’t kill him first.
The man charged towards her again, she bent
and gave him a kick behind his knee to take
him down. The man only staggered as the kick
from her tiny leg could not have much effect on
him. He turned back and watched as she picked
up her dagger.
He widened his eyes and let out a loud growl as
he ran towards her again. She slid and passed
beside his legs, he almost fell as he missed his
hit, before he could turn back to her, she had
pierced the dagger into his side.
‘Don’t just kill him, I want his neck’ somebody
shouted from outside the cage.
Blood rushed down the left side of the zombie’s
stomach as he fell on one knee, his rod fell off
his hands. He turned back to attempt a last
attack on Tarasha but she ran the dagger into
his neck, his blood spilled on her face and into
her mouth as she removed the dagger and the
man fell down lifeless, his blood gushing out
Her eyes was full of pity and remorse as
Stanley fell, his head sidewards with his tongue
out. But it wasn’t over yet, she still had to cut
off his neck and take it out to the boss. She
trembled as she knelt down to disjoin the head
from the neck.
Tears had stopped dropping from her eyes by
the time she was carrying the head out of the
cage, she had lost every pity for the man
already. She couldn’t have pity anymore, she
wasn’t created to be with emotions.
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‘It’s okay Chief, I don’t really need to know ‘
Tarasha said, getting up from the seat.
Chief Gab turned to face her, he began with so
much aggression. ‘All of them are cheats and
betrayals, they turned against me and stabbed
me at the back’
Tarasha shook her head in a way as if to signify
that she was unconcerned anymore but the
man continued.
‘Several years ago, I and Jubril used to do
business together with some other top citizens
of the country. The truth is that most of our
businesses were illegal’
The man paused and coughed, he fixed his
gaze on Tarasha before he continued.
‘Everything changed when Retired Gen Mubarak
Baruwa was about to come into government
fifteen years ago, everybody was scared of him
because of his relentless fight against
corruption. Luckily for Jubril and some other of
my associates, they got close to their new
President and became his close workers. We
held a crucial meeting immediately after the
President was sworn in and we concluded that
we needed to stop our illegal deals, but there
was still one hanging; we had a fake drugs
consignment that we needed to clear’
Chief Gab’s loud ringtone disrupted the
conversation, he quickly ended the call and
switched off the phone.
‘I was told to handle the last deal’ Chief went
on, ‘but unknown to me and Onwuli my friend
who was also not close to the new President
like me. The others had planned to implicate us
in order to gain favour from the President. All
the deal’s document were released by them to
the police force, I was caught and sentenced to
ten years imprisonment. Onwuli was murdered
with the whole of his family when he tried to
fight for me’
‘I came out of prison ten years later and found
out that these people are now well celebrated
in the country, I tried to fight back legally but I
discovered that all documents that could
implicate them had been hidden. I threatened to
speak with the press but I had to shut up as
they caused me more pain, my wife and first
son were murdered the next day’ Tears began
to drop off the man’s eyes, he returned to
where he was previously seated and cleaned
his face with an handkerchief. He waited for
Tarasha to also sit before he went on.
‘Only Chief Nonso came to my rescue, he was
one of the beneficiaries of Onwuli’s wealth, so
he helped me when I was in prison and even
more when I came out. He made me to
understand that Onwuli had made him promise
before his death that he would help him fight if
anything happens to him’
‘I can’t rest until I see these evil men reap the
harvest of their deeds. Since the law can’t do
it, then I have to do it my way’ he concluded
and stared at Tarasha as he cleaned off his
She didn’t say a word, she only picked her
glasses and put them on before walking out of
his presence. If the man was hoping to evoke
pity in her, then he had failed. She wasn’t
moved by his tears, she only had to do her job;
the only thing she was bred for, killing.
Cole and Benny came out of the car after
parking it in front of a shop just before getting
to the T-junction. They both stared at the
abandoned warehouse some metres before
them. That was the warehouse Don had sent
them to after Tarasha had attacked and
collected a particular package from two of the
Nanl Gang members that had been sent on an
assignment. The warehouse was abandoned
after the sudden attack which involved them
killing all the workers.
‘Let’s get closer and look for a way to get in’
Cole said, looking around to see if anyone was
watching them.
‘We have to come back or wait till it’s midnight’
Benny replied, stopping Cole by placing a hand
on his shoulder. ‘it’s not advisable we go in
‘We’ll wait’ Cole said, ‘I’m sure that it will be a
very good place. It’s very big’
‘We need to find out what they do in the
neighbouring compounds too’ Benny said, ‘and I
think we’ll need use of that hotel by the side’
he pointed to a multiple storeyed building that
was only separated from the warehouse by a
building in the middle.
‘If we can get a room at this side’ Cole
explained with his hands, referring to the rooms
by the right side of the hotel whose windows
would give them a good view of the ware
‘No wasting of time anymore, let’s go back
home and get our tools ready’
‘They accepted it few minutes ago’ Greg said
as Robin joined him in the computer room.
‘So have you gotten their location?’ He asked.
‘Yes, they’re in a ware house’ Greg answered,
looking into his computer. ‘We have to get
James to lead is there’
Robin brought out his phone and dialed James,
he ordered him to come and meet him in the
room immediately.
‘Did you get any view of the warehouse?’ Robin
asked as they waited for James.
‘No, but I’m sure that’s where they are’ Greg
insisted, showing Robin a thick spot on the
screen which indicates the location where the
bug directs its signal
‘Okay’ Robin took a seat beside Greg, ‘we are
all going together, call Tony to come here now’
James came in when Greg was making the call.
He looked smart and ready for action in his
uniform which he only wears occasionally.
‘Are you ready?’ Robin asked him.
‘Ready sir, my men are also prepared’ James
‘Good, we just got their location and you’ll be
leading us there’ Tony came in as Robin was
‘Where sir?’ James inquired.
‘Here’ Robin motioned him forward, to view at
the location on the computer screen, the
address of the place was underneath the point.
‘Tan beverage warehouse’ James muttered with
a frown. ‘This warehouse has been abandoned,
nobody has been using it for more than a month
‘Huh?’ Robin raised a brow.
Inspector Segun dressed in his uniform came
into the room at that moment, he was in a
rushing mood. ‘Sorry for disturbing’ he
apologized when he noticed that he interrupted
their conversation.
‘Segun, when last did anyone use the Tan
Beverage warehouse?’ James asked him.
Segun was surprised at the question, he cleared
his throat before talking. ‘We went to that area
about three weeks ago and I’m sure that it
hasn’t been used since the incident in
November last year’
‘Did you guys check inside thoroughly?’ Robin
‘No, we didn’t’ Segun gave a short reply.
‘Well, it seems that the Assassins have been
hiding there and using it as their quarters for
operation’ Robin added.
James was silent as he thought of the
possibility of the assassins being in the
warehouse truly. It was really possible that it
was the same people that had carried out the
killings that took place in the warehouse before
it was abandoned, they could now be using the
place as a point of operation. Where James still
had mixed feelings was the fact that Greg had
discovered the place easily, he hoped that they
were not in for a surprise.
‘What incident happened there in November?’
Robin asked, directing the question to James.
‘The workers in the warehouse were attacked
and killed by unknown gunmen, there was only
one survivor’ James explained, ‘we later
discovered that the manager had a kind of deal
with the unknown gunmen but something went
wrong between them ‘
‘So nobody has been found associated with that
‘No one sir’
‘Well, we have to plan our attack now’ Robin
paused and looked at Segun. ‘What did you
come in for?’
‘I…I came to enquire about the arms we need’
Segun answered.
Robin returned his gaze to James who took out
a piece of paper from his pocket and stretched
it out to Segun.
‘We surround the place and then announce to
them from outside to peacefully surrender’
Robin continued after Segun had left. ‘If they
refuse to come out, we may need to launch in
tear gas to take the out first. Remember, it’s
our target to capture them alive so we should
try our possible best to do that’
Episode 28
Knock! Knock! A male attendant with a cap
covering his face knocked on the door of room
108. A man opened the door slightly, bringing
out only his head.
‘What?’ He barked angrily at the attendant for
disturbing him.
‘Sorry, I need to check your bathroom. We got
an alarm, it seems the plumbing system is
faulty’ the attendant replied.
‘Everything is okay here’ the man said and tried
to close the door. The attendant stopped the
door from closing with his legs.
‘I still need to check it to be sure’ the hotel
staff said to the furious man.
‘What the hell is wrong with you? I said nothing
is wro…’ Benny did not allow him continue, he
looked around the corridor to check if anyone
was coming as he pushed the man inside with
the door, he closed back the door with his feet.
The man who was only clad in his boxers fell
down inside the room. Benny brought out a gun
and pointed it at the man after closing the door.
He placed a finger on his lips to order the man
to keep shut after which he brought out an
handkerchief and covered the man’s nose with
Benny proceeded straight to the window with
his bag strapped to his bag, he took off the bag
after confirming that the window gave him a
perfect view and offloaded his tools. He rolled
down the curtains and quickly set up the sniper
and the grenade launcher. He wasn’t sure of
the one that would be needed.
‘I’m set Cole, are they anywhere close?’ Benny
spoke into his Bluetooth device.
‘You’re just in time, they arrived a minute ago’
the reply came immediately.
Benny opened the curtains but couldn’t see
anyone inside the warehouse compound. He
couldn’t see outside the gate from the window
until he climbed the bed, he could see police
buses and some people’s heads outside the
He got down the bed and used the telescope
attached to his sniper to continue the viewing.
All he needed was for the officers to enter into
the warehouse compound or the building, they
had set up automatic guns in several points in
the building that would be triggered when a
bullet hit a point in the main control of the set
up. Benny only hoped that his main targets,
Robin Kahn and inspector James would lead the
entourage in so that they wouldn’t be able to
escape their deaths.
Well, one thing was sure; they would not
escape that scene without any injury and even
if they escaped their deaths there, they would
not escape death in the second stage of the
He reset his sniper and focused it on the red
spot of the automatic guns control point on the
roof of the warehouse.
Robin decided that it was time to go in after
several minutes of shouting in orders without
getting any response. They had launched in
several volleys of tear gases and still couldn’t
find anyone coming forth.
He organised the men with inspector Segun and
Tony by his side, twelve police officers set in to
enter the building at once. James who was
double minded had to agree hesitatingly with
Robin’s plan as he didn’t want to be labeled as
rebellious, he was lucky as he was ordered to
stay with Greg with the other officers outside
the compound.
‘1, 2, 3 go’ Robin shouted and the lineup officers
released several gunshots at the gate, bringing
it down. The twelve entered into the building
the compound at once, spreading out as they
had planned.
Tony led the way to the entrance of the
warehouse, he broke the lock of the wide metal
door with two bullets from his gun, inside of the
warehouse was very dark.
‘What can you see?’ Robin shouted, moving
closer to join Tony.
‘Nothing, its dark’ Tony replied, ‘I believe no one
is here, the tear gas would have sent them out’
‘We have to go in and check, where are the
torchli…’ A gunshot sound startled them. It
came from the left from they couldn’t figure
out where it was from or where it hit.
A sound like that of a whirlwind dominated the
surrounding, the police officers began to shout
and tried to scamper for safety as metallic guns
implanted in walls began to spring out.
A rain of bullets filled the compound and
several police officers dropped immediately.
Others who had been hit at one place or the
other dragged themselves behind walls and
sections where the automatic guns couldn’t
spread their reach to.
Benny laughed loudly as he watched the police
men round around helplessly in confusion. It
looked like Inspector Robin had also been hit,
he was seen holding his belly as he hid behind
the opened metallic door of warehouse. He
brought another gun from his pocket as the one
he held before had fallen off his hands during
the struggle, he began to aim at the several
locations where the automatic guns were.
Benny left the window with a crooked smile on
his lips and returned the snipper and other
arms into their bags. He arranged his ruffled
uniform properly and cleaned off sweat from his
face, ready to walk out of the hotel as he had
fulfilled the first part of the plan.
He heard a noise coming from the angle of the
room where the toilet was as he opened the
door to go out, he turned back to check but
stopped again when he heard another voice
approaching, some of the hotel officers were
coming that way. He walked out and closed the
door gently, taking the opposite direction, he
made sure not to look back until he was out of
sight. Cole must have been waiting for him in
the ambulance, it was time to execute the
second and final part of the plan.
**30 minutes later**
‘Hmm…’ Don laughed somehow bitterly, tapping
his feet on the ground as he faced the TV
screen reporting a breaking news. The
overrated Robin Kahn had just led his men into
disaster. Seven police officers including Segun
and the foreigner Tony had been confirmed
dead already. Segun was unlucky to have one
of the first set of bullet spray right into his
stomach, another one hit his forehead as he
dropped on one kneel from the impact of the
one that entered his stomach, he died instantly.
Tony who was at the opened entrance could
not escape death also, not less than four
bullets pierced his body in three seconds.
The others were hit by bullets in several parts
of the body. Robin Kahn had also been lucky,
he was hit by two bullets. The first one went
into his laps while the second only scratched
the left side of his belly. He escaped death but
was badly injured.
Reporters claimed that the officers had run into
a bait of Samantha Osman. They thought they
had found her location, only to be deceived by
her and lured to a place where guns had been
set up from them.
That was the first time those kind of guns
would be used in Nigeria, no one including the
government was even aware that the machine
gun was in the country. The only places the
brand had been used were in Russia where it
was made, China and USA. No wonder Robin
did not plan for something like that.
‘She almost killed Robin Kahn’ Don muttered
under his breath angrily. He used the remote
control to switch off the TV after which he
smashed it on the ground. He got up from his
bed and put on his shirt.
Tarasha was already taking away his business,
he had to stop her, she had already taken Chief
Nonso who was his major client. Some of his
other clients had also began to ask him if he
knew the Samantha Osman, she would take all
his clients soon if he does not take any drastic
step. So he thought.
He turned back to the TV on a second thought,
he had already smashed the remote so he
proceeded to the place it was hung to switch it
on. The news was still on, medical practitioners
were seen carrying bodies on stretchers into
emergency ambulances. He hissed and was
about to switch off the TV again when he saw
something unusual.
There was Cole and Benny, lifting a body in a
stretcher into an ambulance. His mouth was
left agape. These guys had become something
else in just few weeks that they started working
with Tarasha, how on earth were they able to
disguise as medical officials without the police
taking note.
He hated them more, they had betrayed him.
They changed their lines and cut off all
communication with him after they started
working for Tarasha, they even avoided him
when they coincidentally visited the same
An idea struck his mind, he quickly walked to
the bed and brought out a laptop from a black
bag. He sat on the bed and started typing into
it hurriedly. The stubble device locator was
connecting fast, collecting data from Aisha’s
James was feeling greatly agitated as he
reflected on all that had happened, his spirit
had told him that it was a trap all along. ‘Who
on earth was behind this?’ He asked himself. If
the criminal could entrap Robin, then his life
was not safe anymore. He thought of resigning
as fear beclouded his heart but he discarded
the thought with great grief in his heart. He
remembered when he was a boy and used to
dream of being a superhero, protecting people’s
life and getting the bad guys. His father who
was also a police officer before he died told
him that joining the police force was the only
way he could protect and save people if he did
not want to be a medical doctor. He being an
action loving person decided that the life of a
medical doctor was not for him, he choose to
enroll in the police academy.
A tear dropped off his eyes on looking up again
to see the ambulance that was in front of their
car. The ambulances were moving at a faster
pace and ignoring traffic signs because they
had to get the victims to the hospital quickly.
He remembered Segun, a young man with a
bright future in the police force, his life has just
been truncated due to carelessness of a so
called international special agent.
He wiped off his face with an handkerchief and
tried to stay calm, the junior officer seated by
his side at the back seat was already looking at
him pitifully, he was a man and wasn’t
supposed to be caught crying.
From almost giving up, his mind changed. He
was more determined now to nail the culprit as
he remembered the sight of Segun’s dead body
before it was carried into the ambulance. He
decided in his heart that even if it would take
his last breath, he would kill the assassin first.
A phone call delivered him from his disturbing
thoughts. He checked the screen, officer
Dakolo was the caller.
‘Hello …’ He answered at the car shook, trying
to obey the traffic warder’s sign.
‘Hello James, are you okay?’ Dakolo voice
carried a note of deep concern.
‘I’m fine’ James gave a short reply, inhaling
‘I heard all that happened’ Dakolo continued, ‘I
was supposed to join you guys next week for
the operation, why didn’t you wait’
‘The Oyinbo man was impatient o’ James
replied, referring to Robin as “Oyinbo”, a
Nigerian pidgin word for foreign or white.
‘I would have loved us to do this together, I
know we can but the authorities have decided
to leave everything to the foreigner’ Dakolo
continued sadly. ‘I’ve been transferred to Abuja
already, I’m only coming drop my report in
Lagos next week’
‘No problem sir, I will do it’ James said in a
determined tone. ‘I will get the culprit’
‘I’m with you, you can reach me if you need any
assistance. Just be careful and stay safe’
Dakolo said before ending the call.
James stared at the phone’s screen for several
seconds after the call before deciding to return
it into his pocket. He was about to when it
vibrated, he had a message from an unknown
“The criminals are still with you, in ambulance 2
with Robin Kahn” the message read.
James eyes widened on seeing the message
but he decided to act carefully not to fall into
any trap again. He quickly dialed another
‘Where is ambulance 2? Can you see it?’ James
said into the phone.
‘Ermm… It’s out of sight sir’ the reply came.
‘Are you not the one supposed to be monitoring
them?’ James barked.
‘Sir… I believe they had to hurry up to save
Inspector Robin’s life’
‘Idiot’ James cursed. ‘You’re not even sure,
locate the ambulance and get back to me in
one minute’
Another message had entered before James
ended the call. It read “The bomb in your car
explodes in 90 secs”
‘Hey! Stop’ he commanded the driver. ‘Everyone
get out of the car
‘I can’t stop here, it could cause an accident’
the confused driver replied panicking James.
‘We can stop when we get under the bridge’
‘Park here’ James said pointing at a space of
some metres distance from a mall where
signboards of no parking were placed. ‘We can’t
go that far’
‘There’s…’ The driver tried to argue again.
‘The bomb in this car would explode in 50 secs’
James said glancing at his wristwatch.
The driver quickly obeyed on hearing the last
statement. The three officers in the car jumped
out immediately and tried to stop other cars
and passersby from coming close.
They stared at the car in awe for the next two
minutes, nothing happened. Other cars coming
behind had passed already, some turned back
to run while some waited at far distance from
the car. The security officials of the mall had
also come outside to see but they maintained a
reasonable distance.
‘Sir, nothing is here’ the office driving the car
said as he walked closer to the car, angry that
James had raised a false alarm. ‘Let me che…’
He was saying when the explosion came, his
body was flung away violently, the car went up
in flames. People around the area scampered
for safety as several body parts of the car flew
in different directions.
James heart was beating faster under the
bridge where he stood, this was the second
time he escaped death that day. His phone
vibrated again and in came another SMS. He
ignored the SMS first and dialed the number, he
got a response from the network service that
the number does not exist.
The text message read this time, “I’m sending
you an HTML file of a device locator now, it
would give you the Assassin’s location”
James quickly dialed the head office to make a
report of the happenings. After that he dialed
another person in the ICT team to inform him
of the expected information.
A call came in immediately he ended his.
‘Ambulance 2 is nowhere to be found, it’s not
at the Force hospital’ the voice said and the
call ended immediately.
“Hey!” He shouted as he tapped a bike man
who was under the bridge also watching the
incident beside him.
‘Sir’ the man replied the officer with respect.
‘I need your bike’ James pushed the man off
the bike and climbed it, he threw a paper at him
before driving off’
‘Cole hurriedly drove in the ambulance into the
former office which they had abandoned. The
program he used to deactivate the street
surveillance cameras would crash soon, so they
had just twenty minutes to finish off the
Benny who was the one that opened the gate
came back to the ambulance to join them as
Cole parked the vehicle. Aisha also came out of
ambulance interior leaving the door ajar
The trio discussed something between
themselves in low tones, placing glances on the
sleeping Robin in the vehicle. The came to a
conclusion for Aisha to do the job.
She brought out a syringe from her doctor’s
coat pocket and removed the nylon seal. She
brought out a tube and drew in the liquid
content from it into the syringe. She took a
glance at Robin once again before climbing into
the vehicle.
She rolled up his sleeve to find a good point to
inject the man. She was about to place in the
needle when a blow landed on her face. Robin
was awake and conscious of his environment.
…to be continued
Episode 29
‘Aisha Temitope Bello’ The computer operator
read out the name from the computer. ‘ She’s a
student of Lagos state Polytechnic’
‘A student?’ James echoed.
‘A student…’ The computer operator paused
and read some words under his breath. ‘ the
data here does not show her graduating date,
she’s been a student since 2023’
‘That’s over seven years already’
‘Yes it is’
‘ Find her location, that’s what we need now.
Inspector Robin might be in great danger’ the
embattled Greg put in. ‘The location is more
important than who she is ‘
‘The search for the location is on already, we
should get it before the next five minutes’ the
operator replied, taking a quick glance at Greg.
An awkward silence took over as the three
stared into the computer. The software
revealed the location in lesser time than the
operator speculated. James quickly scribbled it
on a sheet of paper.
‘Can we access the security cameras there?
Let’s see what’s happening around’ James
‘Sir…’ The operator began as he rolled the
swivel to another computer set. ‘The cameras
have not been transmitting for about two hours
now, I think somebody is playing with our
systems again’
‘Wasn’t that the same thing that happened
during the health minister’s assassination?’
James asked, raising a brow.
‘Yes, it…’
‘We gotta go now’ James said to Greg. He
tightened his fist as he turned once more to
the operator. ‘Please inform us immediately
there’s any change in location’ he said to the
operator before hurrying out of the room with
After watching them do the task on their own
for more than an hour, Tarasha decided that it
was time to step in. Things were already
getting out of their control, they had used a
wrong dose of the sedative on Robin and that
couldn’t keep Robin as long as they needed.
That wasn’t even her main concern, there was
very little that Robin could do. Her main
concern was their location that had been gotten
by the police server, she had a monitor over the
operating devices of Cole, Benny and Aisha’s
phones, so she knew when something was up
with their devices.
She started the car engine and wind up the
windows. She began loading her guns, sticking
them one after the other into her kevlar made
costume. She stuck two revolvers at the side of
her boots, two in the square pockets of her
tight trousers and one in her top.
Aisha let out a scream as she staggered
backwards in pain and hit her head against the
left wall side of the ambulance. Robin had
rolled off the stretcher to escape a quick shot
from Cole. He pushed out a small first aid box
with his right leg which hit Benny on the knee.
Luckily for Robin, he still had a revolver in the
inner pocket of his jacket. He released two
shots out towards Cole and Benny who quickly
dodged and hid from his eyesight.
Robin could not do much with his injured leg, he
only had the other leg to stand on and he
wasn’t sure he would be able to take out the
two guys. But even if he had to die, he wouldn’t
give up without a fight.
He dragged himself up on the right leg and
pointed a gun at Aisha who was just recovering
from the impact of the blow. He hopped closer
and placed the gun on her head motioning her
to lift up her hands.
Benny appeared at the entrance again, pointing
a gun at Robin. The man gave a smirk and spat
out through the entrance not minding that
Benny was there. The look on his eyes was that
of a dying man who was ready to take several
others with him.
‘Do I look like someone who cares if you shoor
her?’ Aisha’s body trembled in disappointment
as Benny spoke.
‘Oh well! I don’t want to know if you care but
I’m killing all of you and not just her alone’
Robin replied as he cocked the gun.
Benny felt afraid as he heard the gun c–k, he
was alone trying to sound confident to Robin
not that he didn’t care if Aisha was shot. He
braced up and still continued, ‘you won’t kill
anyone here’
Robin smiled, he knew he had got Benny, he
was a professional so he recognized the look in
Benny’s eyes, ‘I’ll…’ Aisha tried to move as
Robin began but he pulled her back to himself,
sending in a bullet to her left foot.
Benny tried to use the opportunity to send a
bullet into Robin’s body but Robin was fast, he
swerved quickly to the other side before the
gun was shot and released a quick bullet which
pierced through Benny’s arm. Benny winced in
pain as he hid away from the entrance.
‘D–n’ James cursed as the driver of his car
blared the car horn. A red Range Rover was
blocking the road just a few metres before their
The car had made a careless u-turn and almost
caused an accident, they expected that it would
drive off as soon as it turns but the driver
halted in the middle of the road, obstructing
cars from passing on the lanes. What had
saved her from the wrath of the police was a
“L” tag behind the car.
‘How can someone park a car on the road like
that?’ Greg barked angrily. ‘Are there no road
safety officials in this estate?’
‘There are’ James answered him, ‘but they stay
at specific points and moreover the driver is a
‘A learner should not hit a busy road’ Greg
barked on.
‘This place is not a busy road, we are in an
estate, there’s only one car beside us’ James
said staring at the Lexus Jeep beside them.
The driver was a middle aged man dressed in
Yoruba native attire, Agbada.
Two uniformed officers jumped down from the
police van which followed the car and hurried
forward to clear the road.
The officers hit their guns on the car to get the
attention of the driver, the windows were all
winded up, two road safety officials in their
yellow and black uniforms also came to join
The driver was bowed down, her head was on
her laps. One of the police officers tried to
force open the door to the driver’s seat but it
was hard and not opening. The driver made no
movement still.
‘Get out of the way’ Greg surged towards them
angrily. He tried to force open the door but
couldn’t so shifted backwards and stood in a
parallel line to the door. He aimed at the door
lock carefully and shot at it, the door gave way
finally. He rushed towards the driver with an
intention of pulling her out and driving the car
out of the way.
The sole of the shoe on the lady’s right leg hit
his face as he moved to touch her, Greg fell to
the floor with his face bleeding. She removed
two guns from the both sides as she came out
of the car, her face was covered with a mask.
The bullet which had missed Robin’s body got
into Aisha’s stomach, she was bleeding and
losing strength rapidly. Robin only noticed it
when she began to slowly drop from his hands.
He tried to pick her up but her legs couldn’t
stand anymore, he began to lose hope
gradually, his plan of escape to use her as an
hostage was failing already. His legs were also
becoming weaker, he had to place his right
knee on the ground.
He ran out of luck when Cole finally appeared
at the entrance, pointing a gun at him. Cole did
not waste time in releasing two bullets, one
which entered into his chest and the other into
his head. He fell flat and rolled out of the
ambulance with a thud.
Cole quickly rushed towards Aisha and picked
her up, he carried her and dropped her on the
ground, close to the car. He brought out a shirt
from the car and tore it into pieces , trying to
use the pieces to hold Aisha’s wound from
‘She’s going to die if we don’t get out of here
quickly’ Cole shouted at Benny who was
dragging himself towards them.
Benny rushed to open the gate quickly and Cole
drove the car out of the compound.
‘Where are we going to get treatment now? We
can’t go to the hospital’ Benny commented as
he joined Aisha at the back seat of the car.
‘If we can’t go to the hospital, a doctor can
come to us’ Cole answered him, he took a
glance at the clock in the car. ‘The street
cameras would be alive in one minute’
Sounds of several gunshots from the back
startled them. Cole and Benny stared
backwards to see a lady in gun battle with the
A bullet entered into Greg’s head, keeping him
on the floor permanently. Bullets were also sent
into the bodies of other officers who were at
that side of the car.
Tarasha bent to escape the bullets coming from
the back. She entered back into the car and
pulled it back, she didn’t need to start the
engine again because it was never switched
She took a quick turn and rushed in direction of
the police cars, sending out bullets to them
from the front mirror.
Inspector James was out of the car already, he
was hiding behind and sending bullets to the
attacker. He watched as bullets were sprayed
out from the range Rover as it approached
them, eighty percent of his men, most of those
who came out of the police van were down
He jumped and landed on the car’s boot before
the range Rover hit the car, he had a clear view
of the lady and quickly sent two bullets her
She rolled out of the car before the bullet was
delivered. James moved forward, climbing the
top of the car as he released more bullets from
the gun. The lady was out of sight already.
Tarasha rolled carefully but with speed under
the Hyundai sonata police vehicle and came out
from behind, she first dealt with the remnant of
the officers that came out of the police van
before turning to the officer who was on the
car. A bullet hit her back as she turned.
‘More backup is needed at Gravl estate’ Sandra
relayed James’ request to the superintendent.
‘Handle that’ the man replied her in a gruff
voice without bothering to take a look at her.
He had too many problems of his own and
wasn’t ready to be troubled this afternoon by
any state problem. Moreover, he had decided to
wash his hands off this “Samantha’s case”,
since the country did not trust him enough to
handle it and had to allow a foreigner do the
‘Thank you sir’ she said as she walked out of
his office. She almost bumped into the
computer operator who was about to enter the
superintendent’s office.
‘Sorry’ the operator apologized with a brief
‘It’s okay’ she said and made her way to leave.
‘Are you going to join inspector James?’ He
‘Yes’ she answered and turned back impatiently,
wanting to hear if he had any information that
may be useful.
‘The cameras are up already, I think you need
to see something before leaving’ He said and
pushed her arm gently, trying to motion her
towards the computer room.
‘No’ she refused, ‘Inspector James wants the
backup immediately and I’m going there now’
‘I’ve given commands for more backup already
and they are on their way’ the operator
continued. ‘I need someone working on this
case with the inspector to monitor with me
because the cameras are not working fine yet’
‘You can communicate with me if there’s
anything I need to know’ she said as she
walked away hurriedly. ‘I’m going there now’
‘Okay, good luck’ he said as he watched her
leave. The cameras were not working properly
yet and he wasn’t sure that the videos would
be stored in their database, that was why he
wanted her to monitor with him.
‘Sir, the location has changed’ his Junior’s voice
startled him.
‘Huh? For how long?’ He questioned.
‘About ten minutes ago’
‘Ten minutes ago?’
‘Yes sir’
‘Are you crazy? Why are you just reporting
now?’ He blasted as he followed behind the
Another bullet hit Tarasha’s back as she made
her way to enter the police van. She threw a
grenade in James’ direction to distract him
before starting the engine.
The van was driven off as James jumped down
from the sonata and it blazed off in flames.
He felt as if his legs were broken as he landed
in pains, he still managed to turn back to see
the direction that Tarasha was taking. He laid
flat on the floor as sounds of police sirens drew
closer. His phone rang.
‘The direction has changed, they’re on the way
to Lekki’ a voice came through.
James was to weak to respond, he closed his
eyes and turned his head to the left to spit out
first. He opened his eyes a minute later to find
Sandra standing by his side.
‘Are you okay sir?’ She asked with concern in
her voice.
‘Yes’ he said, only audible to himself. Other
officers came down from their vehicles to
check the injured ones. A call ordering for
ambulances was made to the headquarters.
‘That way, she went that way’ James managed
to say, pointing in the direction Tarasha took.
‘Call the fire service’ Sandra ordered a junior
officer, as she stared at two cars in flames.
The driver of the car that was beside the police
vehicles had fled when he heard the first
gunshot and he couldn’t reverse the car
because of other cars who were coming to join
them. His Lexus was also affected by the
explosion from the grenade.
Sandra walked back into the car and led the
police vans in pursuit of Tarasha after making
sure that James was being taken care of. She
maintained contact with the computer operators
and they gave her directions to where Aisha
Bello was.
Cole’s phone rang just when they were few
centimetres away from the gate of the house.
He glanced at the screen and saw the caller ID.
He quickly parked at one side and answered
the call.
‘Where are you?’ Tarasha’s voice came through
‘At home, we’re about driving in’ Cole replied.
‘Don’t drive in, meet me at Obalende. I’ll give
you more directions later’
‘Boss’ Cole said in a pleading manner. ‘I’m not
sure we can get there, Benny has a bullet in his
arm and Aisha is also badly injured. We’ll get
into trouble with the police’
‘Okay’ Tarasha said after letting out an audible
sigh, ‘Just keep driving, drive to anywhere you
think is safe. I’ll meet you there, don’t just stay
at the house’
‘Okay Boss’
‘And one more thing’ Tarasha said in a sudden
manner, ‘throw away Aisha’s phone. Now.’
‘Okay’ Cole responded, his eyes widened as he
nodded his head in agreement.
‘Take out Aisha’s phone’ He said to Benny who
was already waiting for him to relay the details
of the call.
Benny obeyed without any argument, he
searched through Aisha’s bleeding body and
brought out the phone. ‘Throw it outside the
car’ Cole said to him.
Benny flung it out at once without asking the
questions in his mind. Cole drove off from that
point and continued in a forward direction,
Benny was forced to speak up now.
‘Where are we going to?’ Benny asked in a loud
‘Boss says we should not stop here’ Cole
‘I don’t know, but I think she sees danger
‘Does she know I’m injured and that Aisha
needs treatment immediately?’ Benny
questioned furiously, he was feeling great pains
in his arms. He took a glance at Aisha who was
unconscious already and spoke again. ‘I don’t
think Aisha is going to make it’
Cole looked back to check Aisha too, ‘there’s
still hope’ he says.
‘I don’t just understand all these’ Benny
complained bitterly.
‘You don’t understand what? Don’t you know
that Boss might be saving us from great
‘What great danger? Ain’t we done with the task
already? What we need now is treatment’ benny
‘Benny’ Cole mentioned softly.
‘Yes’ He replied in a harsh tone.
‘Did you see the gun battle with the police
immediately we drove out of the compound in
Gravl estate?’
‘Yeeess?’ he stressed the word in a questioning
‘Who do you think that lady was?’ Cole asked
and paused, he glanced back at Benny who
couldn’t give a reply. ‘That was Boss saving our
asses from the police’
‘How are you sure it was her?’ Benny
questioned, his voice was softer now.
‘Don’t you recognize her structure? Didn’t you
see the lady?’
‘I’m injured, I didn’t take a good look’
‘I think Robin had a tracker on him and the
police was already on our trail before the Boss
distracted them on the way’ Cole continued.
‘We need to follow her instructions, I think we’ll
be safer that way’
***Twenty Minutes later ***
‘Yes, you are at the right place’ the voice
answered Sandra’s question.
Sandra looked around the place, there was
nothing suspicious there. She came out of the
car and ordered the officers in the other two
vans to come out.
‘Check around here, the criminal is around here’
she spoke aloud.
There were three houses close to where their
vehicles were parked. The officers splited into
three groups and invaded the houses.
‘Yeah?’ Sandra said as she answered her call.
‘We just some videos of that place now, they
left already. They’re not there anymore’
‘Yes, they left but dropped the phone we were
using to track them. I think they realized that
we were on their trail, we must have one of
their informant in the force’
‘Who the hell could the informant be?’
‘I don’t know but I’m sure someone must have
informed them that we were tracking them with
the phone. They paused a little at that point
before throwing the phone outside’
‘Where are they now?’
‘We are still trying to track them’
‘You have to be careful with your men
henceforth, don’t let any more information
spread to anybody except the both of us’
‘When would I get a response on their location?’
‘In few minutes ma’
‘Please hurry up before they get away’
‘Okay ma. I…’ the caller stammered for some
‘You …?’
‘I think they’re a group’ he finally said. ‘Part of
the group disguised as doctors and abducted
Agent Robin while another one who I think is
the Boss stopped Inspector James and his men
from passing through’
‘Yes, of course they’re working together’ Sandra
‘I don’t know how many of them were in the car
because the windows were winded up but it’s a
blue corex 2027. I believe that they still have
Inspector Robin with them in the car’
‘Then hurry up and give us the information we
need’ Sandra spoke in a rather harsh manner.
‘Once you get their locations, do make sure you
also get in touch with the station in the district’
‘Okay, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible’
the call was ended
Sandra’s phone rang again before she could
keep it.
‘Have you caught her?’ James asked
immediately she answered.
‘No, she’s out of sight totally’
‘D–n! She couldn’t have gone that far’ James
started in an angry tone, he paused and
continued when he got no response. ‘I shot her
twice at the back so she would still be lurking
somewhere around. I wonder how she was able
to even drive the car’
‘We’ll wor…’ Sandra stuttered
‘I’m going after her myself’ James said and cut
the call.
… to be continued
Episode 30
Cole could not hide his astonishment at the
excellency of Tarasha’s edifice . Things in the
house were either controlled by Tarasha’s voice
or just a simple touch from her. From the gate
of the house to the car park and the doors,
they all responded to a simple whistle or a
Her medical lab was also well equipped with
equipments, someone who did not know her
would mistake her for a real medical doctor but
a closer look at the equipments and drugs
nearly arranged on the shelves suggested that
the lab was only meant for treating injuries,
both simple and deadly ones.
‘Help me get that cylinder’ Tarasha’s voice
jolted him. He turned back to see her pointing
to a cylinder on the retort stand. ‘There’s a
napkin there for you to hold it’
Cole picked up the hot cylinder with the napkin
on his hand and proceeded towards Tarasha to
hand it over. Aisha laid on the bed unclad
except for her pant and bra as Tarasha cleaned
the bullets wounds and applied antibiotics to
prevent possible infections. An intravenous fluid
bag was hung at the other side and the fluid
passed through the IV lines slowly into her
‘Is she going to make it?’ Benny said as he
came closer to them. His wound had been
treated and his arm was already bandaged.
‘We can make her live again but not without
complications’ Tarasha replied in a tone that
sounded like a professional Doctor’s. ‘The bullet
touched some organs in the body and some
liquids have been spilled’
Cole heaved a sigh.He felt a pang of guilt.
Aisha was not supposed to be involved in the
operation, she had only come to assist him and
Benny after he pleaded with her. Now she had a
bullet stuck in her stomach which would result
into complications that won’t allow her enjoy
life anymore.
‘Has the bullets been removed?’ Benny asked
another question.
‘No, removing the bullet might cause more harm
for now’ she replied. She took time to dress the
wound on Aisha’s body after which she covered
her with a piece of white cloth.
She led them out of the medical lab to a large
room afterwards. The place looked empty until
Tarasha brought out a remote control device
and tapped in some commands. The opposite
wall to them split open and furnitures making
up a living room slid out of it towards them with
a plane rug underneath.
Benny and Cole could not hide their surprise, it
was well written on their face as they stood
and watched it like a miracle, they had only
seen such happen in Hollywood films. They
stood fixed to a point and didn’t notice when
Tarasha went to the wall behind them and
touched a switch on it which brought out a flat
screen TV and other sitting room ornaments
from the wall.
‘Are you going to remain standing?’ She startled
the two guys.
They sank into the seats in a weary manner and
Tarasha took a seat opposite them. There was
an awkward silence for about five minutes.
‘Are you hungry?’ She said to the both of them.
‘No, not yet’ Cole spoke up after looking at
Benny’s face for a go ahead. ‘The snacks we
took earlier is enough for now’
‘Okay, I got some food when I went out. Just
tell me when you are ready to eat’ she said and
relaxed back into her seat.
‘Thanks’ Benny and Cole said in unison.
Tarasha gave a brief smile, she brushed her hair
with her hand and stared at the two for a while.
Both of them hid their eyes from hers,
wondering why she fixed her gaze on them.
A lot of things were on Benny’s mind. One was
the hope within his heart that there was no
more task Tarasha had for them, this first one
almost took their lives. It had never been this
tough when he worked with Don. Well, they
never had taken operations as hard as the ones
they did now.
A confrontation with someone like Robin Kahn
would have been termed as impossible when he
worked with Don. Not that Don’s group – the
Nanl gang – was not good enough. In fact, they
were arguably the best assassin group in the
nation before Tarasha came in, but what had
incapacitated them was the belief that the
Nigerian security system was much stronger
than the old times and some crimes could not
be perpetuated without being caught.
Maybe it wasn’t just a belief of theirs, it was
reality. Although the level of technology in the
gang was high, no one had the knowledge of
how to deactivate the security cameras or how
to hack into the Nigerian security backup files,
they all had come to accept that the security
was unbreakable.
‘We only took one of our targets’ Tarasha’s
voice came up again. Benny and Cole fixed their
eyes on her at once, they had been expecting
her to talk about it. ‘The Nigerian inspector is
still well and sound’
‘No, he couldn’t have escaped’ Cole argued. ‘We
attached a bomb to the car that was supposed
to take him back to their station’
‘He survived, someone told him about the bomb’
‘Huh?’ Benny’s eyes widened, ‘No one could
have noticed with the way we did it’
‘Who planted it ?’ Tarasha questioned.
‘I … and Aisha’ Benny answered.
‘You spoke to her about it on phone?’ She
asked another question
‘Yes, we were not together all through. I had to
communicate with her and Cole through phone
‘I think the call was intercepted or maybe
recorded’ Tarasha stated, she paused for a
while and bit her lips. ‘Someone else has
access to Aisha’s phone files and location,
that’s how the police got to know where you
Benny and Cole exchanged glances, they
couldn’t really figure out what Tarasha was
trying to explain.
‘I had to come in and stop the police, they were
on their way to meet you where you took Robin’
Tarasha continued. ‘Someone was tracking
Aisha through the phone and providing them
with information’
‘How could that be?’ Benny muttered. It was
clear to him now that Tarasha was the one
they saw in a gun duel with the police after
driving out of the gate.
‘We still need to handle that Nigerian Inspector,
he seems a little bit competent’ Tarasha stood
up from her seat and slowly walked to the
nearest window. ‘He could give you problems
later’ she said, placing a stress on the “you”
Benny grumbled under his breath, afraid that
Tarasha would ask them to complete the task
with their injuries. Still backing them and
looking out through the window, Tarasha sensed
the fright mood of the two.
‘Don’t worry, you don’t need to go back to him
now. You can kill him anytime you want to’ she
said as she turned to face them. ‘He’s not that
hard, he couldn’t pick a good place to fire at
me, his two bullets hit my back’
‘Huh?’ Cole did not know when he stood up in
surprise . ‘Two bullets hit you?’
Tarasha smiled, ‘the bullets got stuck in the
‘Oh!’ Cole exclaimed softly and sat back.
Tarasha’s smiling face turned serious as she
begun an impromptu lecture. ‘As a good
gunman, two of your bullets should not get
wasted. Even if the first one does not
penetrate, you should know where to fix in the
second. He should have noticed that the first
bullet did not get into my body, he shouldn’t
have shot the same place twice. He should
have left an impact even if he didn’t kill me’ she
paused and glanced at her wristwatch like
someone rushing somewhere.
‘He didn’t try to shoot my head, although that
wouldn’t have killed me because I had a Kevlar
wig on too but it would have been a better shot’
she paused again to see get impact on them.
‘You should be able to use your eyes like a
machine, it should scan through the body of
your target like the eyes of a robot’ she said
before walking back to her seat. She moved her
gaze in a slow manner from Benny to Cole and
back to Benny.
‘You two would handle the surviving Inspector
when we return, we are traveling next week for
our new operation’
James saw several officers gathered outside as
he drove into the station. He spotted Sandra
talking to a group of officers on the left field
beside the main building.
After parking the car, he relaxed back into the
seat to rest , contrary to his plan of entering
the office to take his bag and return straight
home, he spent sometime to mediate in the
Though the day had been a fruitless one, he still
had good reasons to thank God for saving his
life. Two of the foreigners were dead already
and their main Boss, Robin, who was supposed
to be the superhero was nowhere to be found.
He wondered how the news headlines would be
next day. “Robin Kahn fails to lead his men and
the Nigerian force to victory” or “Robin Kahn
leads men into Samantha’s Osman’s trap”. It
may even be ” Special Agent Robin is kidnapped
– after leading several policemen in an operation
that wasted their lives”. It would surely shock
the outside world.
How Samantha Osman or whoever the Lady on
the mask was escaped still baffled him. He was
sure that two bullets hit her at the back, he
wondered how she managed to drive away so
fast that Sandra couldn’t catch up with her and
even himself couldn’t find her in the places he
searched. Or was she wearing a proof? No, it
didn’t look like she was.
‘Sir’ Someone called, knocking on the car
window. It was the computer operator, Sandra
was standing at his back. They had seen his
car when he drove in.
James hesitated before winding down the
window. He had been through so much and
didn’t want to continue until the next day. He
even defiled medical advice still went after
Samantha, now his body was really aching him
and all he needed was rest.
‘Yinka’ he managed to call the computer
operator’s name.
‘Sir, did you find anything useful?’ Sandra
quickly put in.
‘No, you?’ James directed the question back to
‘No’ Sandra answered in a low tone.
‘I think we should just leave everything till
tomorrow’ James said as he came out of the
‘No we won’t leave anything till tomorrow’
someone objected loudly, approaching them
from behind. ‘We’ll do everything we can do
James looked back to see the superintendent,
he felt like someone hit a hammer on his head.
The who seemed less concerned before had
just received orders from his superior,
threatening him to look into the case urgently
or loose his job.
‘Do you know the magnitude of what happened
today?’ The man continued, staring into James’
face. ‘Three special agents from the US have
been brought down in one day’
‘Two’ James corrected boldly, leaving Sandra
and Yinka to wonder where he got such
confidence to correct his superior in that
manner. Of course, it was from his fatigue the
desperation to have a good rest. ‘Two, Agent
Robin may still be alive’
The man bit his lips in anger but refrained from
taking it out on James because he wasn’t sure
he had a better officer to handle the case if he
argued with James.
‘Two’ the man stuttered. ‘But agent Robin is
nowhere to be found. That wouldn’t be good
news if it hit the headlines tomorrow. We have
to do something to prove that we’re working
and not in cooperation with the criminals’
‘That’s true’ James said calmly, finally
reasoning with the man. There was silence for a
‘I think we have a better picture of who
Samantha Osman is now’ James spoke to the
waiting ears of the officers. ‘Aisha Bello might
just be the real criminal’
‘Yes!’ Yinka exclaimed excitedly. ‘I was about to
say that too. I believe Aisha Temitope Bello is
real name of the assassin who is the leader of
the group and not Samantha Osman’
There was silence for some seconds again
before Sandra spoke. ‘So does it means if we
find that Aisha, we may have nabbed the whole
‘Yes’ James agreed, nodding his head slowly.
‘We just have to be careful this time, not to run
into another trap’ James concluded.
Aisha Bello was declared wanted by the
superintendent himself on national TV very early
in the morning. Before seven thirty a.m ,
postals and handbills carrying her picture and
details had been spread around the nation, a
price tag for anyone with useful information
was also placed on the bills.
News of Robin’s defeat and abduction had also
been dispersed within and outside the nation.
Everyone was on the look for Aisha Bello, who
was possibly the same person as Samantha
The US authority did not believe when rumours
of Robin’s defeat first got to them the day
before. Various news medium in the US had
carried it but there was no reliable source yet.
They immediately made contact the Nigerian
force but the news was denied until that
morning when the superintendent confirmed it
in an interview with the press.
‘I don’t think the Boss has heard this’ Cole said
to Benny as they listened to the morning news,
sipping the warm tea slowly.
‘You never can tell, she’s unpredictable’ Benny
replied calmly.
‘I feel sorry for Aisha’ Cole said sadly.
‘She’ll survive’ Benny says nonchalantly.
‘Yes, she will but she wouldn’t have gotten
injured at all if I didn’t ask her to come. It was
our task.’ Cole continued, ‘she was still in pains
when I spoke with her this morning, Boss has
gone to get more medicines for her’
‘Well, that’s true. She’s in pain because she
helped us’ Benny replied thoughtfully as he got
up from the sofa. ‘I need to see her too’
‘She’s asleep now’ Cole returned him with a
wave of the hand.
Benny returned to his seat and they watched
the rest of the thirty minutes news in silence.
Cole began again after the news ended. ‘You
know I’ve been trying to figure out how the
police could have gotten access to Aisha’s
phone. Do you think Aisha could have been
careless enough not to know when she ran into
an undercover?’
‘That baffles me also, I tell you’ Benny replied.
‘She was sold out by her boyfriend’ Tarasha’s
voice came up. She had walked into the house
without them taking note. ‘The same boyfriend
who followed her to the former office’
‘Don?’ Benny and Cole exclaimed in shock.
‘I don’t know what his name is’ Tarasha replied,
dropping a white nylon bag which contained the
medicine she went to buy on the glass centre
table. ‘Is she awake?’
‘No, I checked her few minutes ago’ Cole
‘I heard she’s wanted now by the police’
Tarasha said with a wicked smile, taking out a
pistol from her jeans jacket.
‘Yes, her pictures are everywhere’ Benny replied
Tarasha fixed in a bullet into the gun, making
them wonder what she wanted to do. She
walked up to Benny and handed the gun to him
‘Aisha would cause problems for us if she lives,
plant that bullet into her skull’ she ordered
Benny. ‘Right now!’

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