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Tarasha (chapter 14-20)

Episode 14
‘I don’t remember her name’ Dr. Hammed stated
for the umpteenth time
He was sweating in the air conditioned room
though he was putting on very light clothes, the
endless sessions of interrogation which started
on Saturday had begun to wear him out.
At first, it was the EFCC who started questioning
him on Saturday, their lists of questions never
seemed to end. Several of the officials would
come asking questions, most which he didn’t
have answers to, they would leave after they had
threatened him and didn’t get results, only for a
superior to to show up in a space of two to three
hours with another set of questions when he
thought the session had ended.
He had already sworn to return all the monies he
had stolen and kept in both foreign and Nigerian
banks after the officials at the EFCC cracked
him, so that his judgment in the court would be
tendered with mercy. He now wondered why the
police were after him again, he returned to his
house from the EFCC’s headquarters only to be
welcomed by a letter from the police criminal
investigation department inviting him for another
session of interrogation.
‘We heard that you had an unusual experience on
Friday after the Unilag girl visited’ An Inspector
whose name he found out to be James asked,
another dark skinned inspector was standing
close to him.
‘I didn’t have any unusual experience’ the man
‘But you slept off during working hours’ James
focused his eyes on him and smiled mockingly.
‘Or is that how you sleep off lazily at work?’
James pushed a button with his statement and it
was visible on Dr. Hammed’s face, he wished he
could land a heavy punch on James’ face but his
situation would only worsen if he acted stupidly.
‘Sorry sir’ James apologized calmly, ‘but we only
want to help you, if you just tell us the truth , it
would make our investigations easier and we
would stop disturbing you’
‘I slept off truly’ Dr Hammed finally gave in. ‘I
think I took something poisonous that day’
‘Did you found out what it was you took?’
‘No, I didn’t have the time. I’ve been very busy’
‘But was sleep the only effect it had on you?’
‘No’ the doctor stuttered for a while. ‘It came
with loss of memory, I didn’t remember some of
the things I did before I slept off’
‘Like two hours before you slept?’
‘Yes’ the doctor glanced at his face suddenly.
‘How did you know the duration of time?’
‘Calm down sir’ James said and stood from the
table he was sitting on. ‘Some of our men had a
similar experience like that recently. For how
long did you sleep that day?’
‘I don’t really remember, but I slept until
someone woke me when it was almost closing
hours’ He paused, licked his lips and continued.
‘But my eyes were still very heavy when I got
home that day, I slept off without even taking
dinner till morning the next day’
‘Hmm, maybe you were poisoned with the same
substance as our men’ James stated, he
returned to his former position on the table.
‘They slept from evening till early the next
morning when they were found’
‘Incredible! Someone must have played far on
me’ the doctor exclaimed, covering his lips with
his two hands.
‘You said you slept off after she visited?’ James
pushed further immediately, taking advantage of
the man’s new mood.
‘I don’t know when she visited, but everyone said
I didn’t come out of the office for several hours
after I went in with her’
‘You see, you need to remember her name so
that we can trace her, she might just be a very
dangerous criminal’ James emphasized.
Dr Hammed remained silent for some minutes, he
cracked his brain furiously for answers. ‘I saw
her name on a notepad she left in my office on
Thursday, I don’t really remember but I know her
first name was not a Nigerian native name’
‘Try harder sir, you can remember’
‘ I’m trying, I don’t just know what happened to
me. Since then I’ve been forgetting things very
‘Well, our only hope for now is her name’
The doctor scratched his head, looking at James’
face, a feeling of regret suddenly took over him.
He regretted the day he submitted his application
to Derl Pharmacy, the day he was promoted and
started to work closely with Dr Daniel Umaru and
the day he succumbed to doing dubious deals
with Dr Umaru.
Now, he was going to loose all he had gathered
all his life, both the ones gotten legally and
illegally. The case had prompted EFCC to
investigate deeper and they dug out several
other dubious deals that Dr Umaru had done,
including his name in the ones he didn’t even
know about. There was no way out for him, the
only thing he could get was a very short prison
sentence and that was why he decided to give
up all his assets.
‘Her name is Samantha Osman, she’s a 300Level
pharmacy student of the University of Lagos’ Dr.
Hammed recited suddenly, his face glowed as he
‘Samantha Osman, 300Level pharmacy student of
Unilag’ James repeated, scribbling it into his
‘Yes, that’s it’ Dr Hammed affirmed.
‘Good’ James smiled as he glanced at the details
written down once again. ‘Do you also remember
now if you saw her do anything suspicious when
she went into the conference room with you?’
‘No, I didn’t see her do anything there. She only
helped me move something from my office into
the room’
‘Alright, I think it’s okay for now’ James got up
from the table again. ‘Thank you for your
cooperation, we’ll get back to you if we need any
other help from you’
Cole’s mouth was left agape as he watched
Tarasha silently from the window exercising her
body, he was counting the number of pushups
she was doing and she just got to two hundred
without struggling or showing any sign of
He couldn’t hold it anymore, he closed the
curtains and rushed outside to join her. She was
already dusting off herself when he got outside.
He was so disappointed as he hoping to see
more action from her when he got outside.
‘Good morning Cole’ she greeted first, ‘how are
‘Good morning Boss, I’m fine’ he replied, with a
note of disappointment still hidden in his voice.
‘Why did you stay there peeping for so long
instead of coming to join me?’ Cole was taken
aback by the questioned.
‘How did you know I was peeping?’ He asked.
‘I saw you’ she replied smiling, ‘even if I didn’t
see you, I feel it when a pair of eyes watches
‘Wow! But you didn’t towards the window side at
all?’ He was confused.
‘I didn’t have to look there with my physical
eyes, every part of me including the physical and
non physical pays attention to the environment’
Cole shook his head, he tried to assimilate what
she said but ended up greatly mystified. He
wondered what it would be like if Tarasha comes
against him, he’ll definitely be hopeless and
helpless. Tarasha’s fear increased in his heart
‘I noticed you’re the one who wakes up very
early amongst the three of you’ she disrupted his
‘Yes, I wake up most times before Benny and
Aisha does’ he responded.
‘That’s good’ she said and began walking
towards the well, Cole walked with her. She
suddenly turned and faced him. ‘You have to
learn very well from this operation henceforth’
He stared at her face, the look on her face
sought more explanation to what she started.
‘I have an assignment for you’ she continued,
‘You have to complete the first operation we did’
‘The first operation? Didn’t we finish off the
minister already?’ He asked, puzzled.
‘Yes, we finished off the minister but did not
eliminate every trace’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Listen carefully’ she said sternly, ‘we left some
traces that would be used to find us in the
minister’s operation and it is possible that we
are discovered sooner or later’
‘What? Why? How?’ His heartbeat increased
‘Calm down Cole’ she said and took three steps
further before going on with the discussion. ‘If
anyone is going to trace that murder
successfully, it must be a very competent officer’
‘Shh…’ She hushed, a smile gradually appeared
on her face. ‘Don’t be scared Cole, it’s only a
game, my favorite game and I’m sure you’ll enjoy
it too’
‘How? I don’t understand’
‘Its a game between myself and the police’ she
said and then gave a wicked smile. ‘You, Cole
will be my avatar for this first round’
‘Boss, you’re only confusing further’ Cole was
beginning to get frustrated.
‘I want to weaken the security system in the
state’ She walked further to the well and picked
up the fetching bucket. ‘The trace is only going
to lead a competent officer and his team to our
trap and you will single handedly handle them
when they come. Ot would be done in a way that
would pount directly to you’
‘I’m still confused’ he said.
‘Don’t worry, you’ll understand later’ she said,
drawing out water from the well. ‘Go in and wake
the others, it’s time to reveal or mission here to
you guys’
Cole’s mind was greatly troubled as he walked
away slowly into the house, he tried to figure out
what she meant. She mentioned that he was her
avatar in the game, that might possibly mean
that she was playing games with him and his life
was in danger.
She also said that she didn’t eliminate all traces
in the last operation so that the police could
trace them and she’d set him up to face the
police. That was something he had never done
before, he never singlehandedly handled a police
team before, he was only good at escaping when
the police pursued a group of them and not when
he was the only one being pursued.
How on earth was he even going to escape if a
team of ten to twenty officers were sent to him?
He wasn’t even supposed to escape, the purpose
of the game was to weaken the police force,
that means he had to defeat the team.
The thought alone sent shivers down his spine
and he quickly uttered a prayer that moment.
‘Lord, if it is your will, let this cup pass over me’.
But he wasn’t Christ neither did he follow Christ,
so God would not answer his prayer. He resolved
in his mind to run away if she insisted on setting
him up with the police.
Tarasha walked in after ten minutes to meet
Cole, Benny and Aisha already waiting for her in
the sitting room.
‘Good morning Boss’ Benny and Aisha greeted.
‘Good morning’ she answered and took suitable
seat which faced three of them. ‘I hope you guys
are ready for today’s job’
‘Today’s job?’ Aisha spoke lazily, yawning. ‘I
thought we did everything already. We cleaned
the house, cleared the bushes and …’
‘Shut up’ Tarasha scowled angrily, making the
jovial girl shocked. ‘Are you crazy? Do you think
that’s all we came here to do?’
‘I’m sorry ma’ Aisha replied in low tones, greatly
terrified. She wondered what went wrong and
why Tarasha who was friendly with them the day
before had suddenly become cold.
Tarasha got up swiftly, her frown changed into a
smile surprising her audience more.
‘Are you scared?’ She asked laughin loudly,
mocking Aisha who was shaky already. ‘I’m not
angry, I was only teaching you something, learn
to switch your mood as it pleases you, don’t let
your feelings control you. So it’s time to switch
to the work mode’
Aisha heaved a sigh of relief, her rapidly
increased heartbeat speed returned to normal.
The two guys just watched in awe, wishing they
could switch modes like that too.
‘We’ll start real work today’ Tarasha interrupted
their thoughts. ‘We must drop our target, Kelechi
Edwin before the end of the month’
Realization hit them as she walked away,
Tarasha had brought them on a suicide mission.
Killing the governor of Rivers State in office, with
the quality of security surrounding him was an
impossible mission.
Episode 15
Cole quivered as he got up from the bed, blood
pumped in his heart abnormal at a speed faster
than that of Usain Bolt. The first time he ever
had a nightmare was in his University days,
when a dreaded cult group was after his life
because of a girl that was in love with him.
This time around, he dreamt that he was being
given a hot chase by the Rivers State
Governor’s body guards. He outsmarted them
and hid in an uncompleted building where he
slept off for hours, only for him to open his eyes
and find several guns pointed at him by a group
of policemen.
He glanced at Benny who was sleeping
peacefully on the left side of the bed despite
the hot condition of the room. He took off his
wet shirt and proceeded out of the room bare
chested, using the shirt to fan himself. He first
headed into the kitchen to quench his thirst
after which he proceeded out of the house with
an extra cup of water to seek fresh air in the
He got a little surprised when he met the door
unlocked but he shook off his fears, his mind
suggesting to him that Tarasha must be the one
He was right! There in the middle of the
compound was a female figure lying flat on the
long bench that used to be at the verandah, she
seemed to be busy with something and didn’t
notice his presence. He tiptoed carefully
towards her, trying his possible best not to
announce his presence.
He stopped halfway when he saw her insert a
magazine into the revolver she was playing with,
she seemed to also halt with his movement. He
was contemplating whether to turn back or not
when his name was called.
‘Cole’ he quivered at the sound of his name, still
on the same spot, he watched her unload the
gun before he proceeded further.
She rose from her sleeping position and sat up,
smiling at Cole who stared at her funnily.
‘Why were you scared?’ She asked mockingly.
‘You loaded your gun like you wanted to aim at
something, I was scared that you didn’t know I
was the one coming’ he answered, feeling
slightly embarrassed.
‘I knew it was you and I wasn’t planning to
shoot’ she collected the cup of water from him
and drank slowly.
Cole watched her taking in the water, like a kid
who was already dying of thirst. He had the
opportunity to notice her very young face, she
looked like an innocent girl in her early twenties.
Her face was the youngest he had ever seen
involved in the assassination business, several
of her mates he has seen involving themselves
in crime only participated in petty robbery and
as informants.
‘Cole’ she startled him, his eyes was still
hovering round her body in awe.
‘Boss’ he called back, scratching his head as he
looked away.
‘Why are you staring at me like that?’ She
‘No, nothing. I was just wondering what you
were doing outside here’
‘What else should I be doing? I was sleeping’
she answered.
‘Sleeping? How? I saw you awake when I came
out of the house’
‘You woke me up, I was asleep before you came
out’ she insisted.
‘Asleep? How?’ He looked bewildered. ‘No one
can sleep here with all the mosquitoes around,’
‘Forget about me Cole, you should tell me why
you are awake’ she looked sternly at his face.
‘I couldn’t sleep, my mind has been occupied
with all we did yesterday’ Cole explained his
woe. ‘I can’t seem to figure out how we’ll be
able to accomplish our task here’
‘That’s for me to worry about. I give the plan,
all you need to do is to follow’
He looked at her face in an awkward manner as
if to ask why she way arrogant, or why she
thought she knew everything.
‘Young girl like you, who made you a devil? I
could kill you now if I want to’ He said in his
‘The greatest mistake you’ll ever make is
dealing with me like the ordinary person my
face projects’ she cautioned immediately add if
she heard his thoughts. ‘You may lose your life
the next time you think that way’
‘Hu..uh’ he stammered and got up shakily from
the bench.
‘Come on, go inside now’ she said in a
command tone. Flinging the cup away, she
returned to her former position on the bench.
Cole hurriedly returned into the house, scared to
look back until he entered and closed the door.
He paused to think for a while leaning his back
on the door, the sound of his heartbeat echoed
in his ears.
Maybe she was more than who he thought she
was. She is probably an adult hiding under a
younger body or a young girl endowed with
diabolical powers.
He tried to calm himself and waved off his
thoughts as ridiculous, she wasn’t a super
human, she was only good at playing smart with
their emotions. He decided to put up a bold
response if there was a next time, why should
he be scared of her anyway? He had worked
with several make assassins and none made his
heart filled with fear like this.
‘Go and sleep Cole, we have a lot to do
tomorrow’ her voice jerked him into action
again, he proceeded to his room with no further
Tarasha was already thinking of different
possible plans for their new task. Earlier that
day when she and Cole worked to gather
information about the Governor on the internet,
they also visited his twitter profile and studied
several tweets mentioning his handle and those
including his name in the text. Out of the
several hundreds of tweets that had his handle
mentioned, three got Tarasha’s attention.
One was from the Rivers State Commissioner of
works and transport, reporting the progress of a
bridge project. The other was from a popular
artiste who displayed his invitation to a dinner
night with the governor.
The last one was from a news reporting media,
Desert Reporters. They tweeted one of their
headlines which talked about an Engineering
student of the Port Harcourt University who had
just successfully manufactured a small airplane
singlehandedly. The tweet read “Governor of
Rivers State, Kelechi Edwin commends
engineering student John @Johnnonexistent
who manufactured an air plane, plans to visit
With the tweet as a lead, Tarasha visited the
student’s twitter profile and gathered more
information about the record breaking feat
achieved. She got to know what kind of airplane
it was and specifications of the size, she also
found out that the plane had been tested by
several professors of the University and experts
from outside the country already. The video of
the several test run was recorded and uploaded
on YouTube and had since attracted so many
views from in and outside the country.
Governor Kelechi Edwin and the country’s
minister of aviation were to visit and have a
special flight in the plane on the eighteenth day
of the month.
‘Wait! Scroll up a little, I think I saw Samantha
now’ James said to secretary who scrolled
down the list hurriedly. He had been standing
beside her for minutes, watching while she
logged in to the School Administrative portal to
get a list of all the pharmacy students in thee
Officer Segun and Dr. Hammed also came to
the school with him. They had gone to see the
Vice chancellor of the school who then
redirected them to the pharmacy department
and instructed the department’s secretary to
show them a list of the pharmacy students in
their database.
‘That’s 200 level not 300’ she replied him
without bothering to obey his order
‘Let’s see it’ he insisted stubbornly
She scrolled up and halted where she saw the
name, ‘this is Samantha David, isn’t it Osman
you’re looking for?’
‘Can we see her profile?’ he requested
She clicked on the name and the student’s
profile appeared. Samantha David was in 200
level, eighteen years of age and had the matric
number 745666.
‘Is this the girl?’ James asked, turning to face
the doctor.
Doctor Hammed stood up from the sofa where
he and Segun was seated and walked to the
table to get a clearer view of the passport
photograph displayed on the profile, ‘No, not this
one. Samantha Osman is not as dark as this’
‘Please, let’s continue’ James pleaded with the
The other Samantha that was found after
scrolling the whole list was a 400 level student
which Dr. Hammed responded negative to.
James was forced to ask the secretary to
profile of all the 300 level female students but
none was identified as the doctor to be
Samantha Osman.
‘We don’t have any Samantha Osman in our
department’ the secretary stated for the second
‘But she was wearing the school ID card’ James
talked back.
‘Maybe she was a student of another
department’ she replied. ‘You should check
medicine or nursing’
‘No, she said she was a pharmacy student’ Dr.
Hammed mentioned each word one after the
‘I think it’s clear now’ James continued after
taking a deep breath, ‘that girl was on a mission
and that mission was to get some information
for the killers’
‘She could be a student studying another
course’ Segun who had been silent began, ‘I
believe that if we get a database of all the
students, we can fish out every Samantha
Osman we find or better still every girl named
Samantha in the school’
‘No!’ the secretary exclaimed. ‘Who’s gonna go
through that herculean task? Do you know how
many students the school has?’
‘It doesn’t matter how herculean the task is’
James countered. ‘She was with the school’s ID
card and that confirms that the suspect is your
‘How are you sure it was our ID card?’ she
queried. ‘Did any of you check it? How did you
know it wasn’t fake?’
Her question was answered with silence; the
officers stared at each other and at the doctor,
each expecting one to come up with a counter
James gave in, ‘you’re right, it may be fake but
you still have to help us confirm it is’
‘Or better still, let us have access to the
database, we’ll check it ourselves’ Segun
‘Better!’ The secretary got up from her seat ,
adjusting her skirt. ‘I can’t help you with that,
you have to return to the VC’
‘I got it Boss’ Cole announced, looking into his
laptop. ‘I got access to the account’
‘Good!’ She exclaimed, approaching him with a
plate of potato chips. ‘Any useful
communication between them?’
‘There is a conversation here, but I don’t think it
is useful for us’ He gave more space for her to
sit closely beside him. ‘They’ve got an interview
with him this Wednesday’
‘Where’s the venue of the interview’ she asked
expecting no reply as she saw the details in the
message for herself. ‘I think we can make use
of this’
‘How? How do we go about it?’
‘We’ll be the ones to interview him’ she
answered, offering him chips which he refused
politely. ‘Now, you have to monitor the two
accounts closely. Send the student a message
from the desert reporters’ account’
‘What message?’ he asked, frowning.
‘Must you ask about everything? Come on use
your head’ she slammed, getting up from his
side, she faced him. ‘Send him a message,
change the time and venue of the interview’
‘I thought you said you were the Boss ’ he
mumbled like a kid. ‘You said the thinking and
planning was yours and we should only obey
She laughed loudly, ‘come on, send him a
message now’
He gave her puzzled look, ‘but they’re gonna
know that their account was hacked when they
see the message’
She returned his look with an awkward one,
‘delete the message once it is delivered, then
monitor until he replies’
‘Delete his reply once it gets into their inbox so
that they won’t see it’
‘Wow! I grab’
‘You have to keep tabs on it, they must not get
any message, you should get them first and
‘Okay Boss’
‘Then you send a message from his account
which you’ll delete afterwards, inform them that
he won’t be able to make the interview
anymore. That way, we’ll keep the Desert
Reporters away while we carry out the interview
and get more information from the student’
Episode 16
‘Gloria’ someone called, trying to catch up with
her as she was about to enter the Year 1
lecture room. She turned back to find the same
guy she met that morning during the morning
exercise. He had spotted her walking towards
the lecture room as he came out of his, with his
‘Hi’ she greeted as she turned back.
‘Hi Gloria, I see you’re a year one student’
Yes, I am’ she squinted flipping her hair
backwards, she switched her hard cover note to
the left hand. ‘Where did we…’
‘You don’t remember me?’ he cut in, falling for
her trick. ‘The guy who stays Hostel Block C,
we jogged together this morning’
‘Oh!’ She exclaimed cheerfully. ‘Pardon me, you
just look very different from the person I saw in
the morning’
‘I’m the same person’ he chuckled, following as
she walked into the empty lecture room. They
took their seats beside each other and
continued with the conversation.
‘When did the lectures end for today?’ he asked.
‘Two pm’ she answered. She placed her book on
the table and brought out a pen and the
school’s customized tablet from her bag.
‘Oh! You want to study?’ he asked a question
with an already obvious answer
‘Yes’ she answered.
‘Maybe we’ll talk some other time then’ he said,
getting up from the seat. ‘Would you give me
your phone number?’
She stared at him awkwardly for a moment
before she spoke, ‘I don’t even know you yet,
and you didn’t introduce yourself’
‘Oh! Sorry’ he sat back hurriedly. ‘Forgive my
manners please; I’m Jude, a final year student
in this same institution’
She looked unimpressed as she received his
offer for a handshake. ‘You’re final year?’ She
asked again.
‘Yes, final year’ he repeated. ‘I’m particularly
one of the best students in my level’
‘Hmm’ she sounded indifferent. ‘Can you help
me with my courses then?’
‘Yes’ he replied happily, ‘I will help you, just tell
me the course or topic you want me to help you
‘This’ she opened her hard cover note and
showed him a topic.
‘How far have you gone with this?’ he asked,
moving his body closer to hers. He could
perceive the fragrance of her perfume.
‘I’ve not started at all’ she answered with a note
of sadness. ‘I resumed school late, the lecturer
had gone far beyond before I was admitted in
the third batch list’
Ermmm… It’s kind of long o’ he gave a slight
frown, ‘I can finish teaching you if I start now’
‘I have a meeting by four pm with some of our
professors’ he answered. ‘I’m one of the
students that’ll be flying the Governor in John
Obiano’s plane’
‘Oh! You’re really going to pilot the plane?’
‘Yes, I did with my partner during the several
test runs’ he stated excitedly. ‘I can’t miss this
opportunity to fly the governor’
‘Wow! That’s awesome. I really like the fact that
students are in control of everything’
‘Yes, we are’ he smiled happily. ‘Some years
back they wouldn’t have allowed us fly a Local
government chairman talk more of the Rivers
State Governor’
‘How come they are now allowing students do it
‘They believe in us now, the professors are sure
of what they thought us and can brag with their
lives that we’ll deliver properly’
‘Wow!’ She continued excitedly, ‘I believe this
will give you employment immediately you
‘Yes, I just need to finish my youth service and
I’ll be employed immediately’
‘Congrats’ she offered him a handshake.
‘Thank you’
She stared at him in silence for some seconds,
‘I wish I could watch you fly that airplane’
‘Oh dear, I wish that was possible too’ he
replied sympathetically
‘Can’t I be allowed to be one of the flight
attendants?’ she pushed further.
‘No’ he answered sadly. ‘It’s only two of the
best final year female students would be picked
to do that job’
She looked depressed immediately, her
countenance fell. She turned and faced the
wall, backing Jude.
‘The only thing I can do is to take you along so
you can watch the plane fly’ he tried to give
another option. ‘But you might not be allowed to
come close because of the security officials
that would be with the Governor and Minister;
you have to stay with other spectators and the
Don’t bother, I just met you and I’m giving you
too much troubles already’ she said turning
back, she tried to fake a smile.
‘No, I’m not troubled. You have to be there that
day to experience it’ he insisted.
‘Well, I’ll think it’ she answered. ‘I’ll come if I’m
‘Please clear your schedule’
‘Okay’ she replied and placed her hand on her
book. Suddenly remembering something, she
turned to face him again, ‘Who is copiloting the
plane with you?’
‘A final year student also, her name is Lovina’
‘Hmm, Lovina’ she whispered, nodding her head
‘I have to leave right n..’ he was saying as he
got up from the seat, a Lady interrupted walking
in noisily into the lecture room
‘Gloria, you’re not reading?’ she exclaimed, using
her two hands to cover her mouth. Gloria got up
suddenly and rushed to her friend, she covered
the girl’s mouth again as the girl dropped her
‘Don’t mind her’ she smiled at surprised Jude,
still covering the girl’s mouth with her hands. ‘
She talks too much, you can go now Jude’
‘Okay, but not without taking your phone
number’ he said, bringing out his phone from his
‘23480….. ‘Gloria called the digits, still covering
her friend’s mouth.
‘Okay, I’ll give you a call’ Jude walked past the
two friends, giving them a surprised look.
Gloria ensured that Jude was gone before she
took her hand off the girl’s, her hand left ugly
dark marks on the girl’s face.
‘Dummy’ she slammed at Aisha. ‘You didn’t use
enough quantity of the powder and you didn’t
allow it dry properly before walking under the
‘I’m sorry Boss’ Aisha apologized, realizing that
she almost blew their cover. She had used her
hand to clean off thee powder meant to
disguise her face when she used her hand to
cover her mouth.
….to be continued
Episode 17
– 8am-
Cole quietly compiled and arranged his tools and
devices into the small bag. He looked around
the floor to check if there was anything left,
there was a microphone with the desert
reporters’ badge on it. He picked it up, standing
from his squatting position; he dropped it
carefully into the opened bag.
Tarasha walked briskly into the room in her
‘Gloria disguised form’, she took a glance at
Cole. ‘Hope you’ve got everything ready?’
‘Yes Boss, I’m ready’ Cole answered, pinning the
Desert Reporters’ chest tag to his front pocket.
‘You take Aisha along when you’re leaving the
‘Okay, is Benny coming to meet us?’ he
fastened the bag to his back.
‘No, Benny is taking care of the other pilot, he’ll
return on his own ’ she answered. She hung the
ID card tag on her neck and adjusted her short
skirt. ‘Don’t forget the instructions, your job as a
journalist ends once you stick the needle to
John Obiano’s collar’
‘Yes’ he affirmed, ‘and I’ll go to wait for you at
Onne’ he said shaking his head funnily.
‘What?’ Tarasha asked, responding to his funny
‘It’s just that I don’t know these places, what if
you don’t drop at the place we speculated?’ he
Tarasha frowned, ‘isn’t that why I have a tracker
on me? It’s your business to find me if I get
She shook her head degradingly and walked out
of the room, Cole followed after her feeling
embarrassed, blaming himself for talking like an
Benny sat in a red Benz quietly, waiting for his
target to come out of the house. He was
properly disguised with a beard and his face
was lighter than his normal skin, there was also
a dark scar on his forehead to make himself
look uglier.
He had lodged into a hotel close to the target’s
house the day before, he booked two rooms on
two different floors , at different times and as
different persons. First as the young light
skinned man with the dark scar, he took a room
at the third floor and the second time as an old
man with his normal chocolate skin, he took
another room on the third floor.
His target, Lovina was the second final year
student that was selected to copilot the plane
with Jude. She had rich and influential parents,
their connection plus her intelligence earned her
the privilege of flying the plane though she was
not the most qualified student. She lived off
campus with her parents in their house located
in the Port Harcourt GRA.
Benny glanced at his wristwatch from time to
time, getting impatient already. The police might
get attracted to him very soon if he wasted too
much time parking his car illegally. His plan was
to send in a bullet into the girl’s arm or leg if
possible and flee back immediately to his hotel
to escape the ever working policemen in the
The gate was opened at exactly fifteen minutes
past eight; Benny started his car engine and got
prepared to move. A black jeep was seen driving
slowly outside, a guy who he presumed to be
the driver was at the wheels and two girls at
the back seat. He recognized the girl on the
side visible to him to be Lovina.
He drove slowly after them in order not to raise
suspicion; it was after they had gone far enough
from the house he began to level up with them.
He smiled at the driver who replied him with a
casual look. Still flashing his teeth, he brought
out his revolver. He let their car move forward a
little so he could be on the same line with the
girls seated at the back.
Ignoring the cars horning behind him, he raised
up the revolver and pointed it at the girls . They
let out a scream in horror but he missed his
shot, he was taken aback by what he saw at
the back seat.
‘Hey Gloria’ Jude called, approaching her with
two of his friends.
‘Hi’ she smiled happily at him.
‘I’m so glad you came’ he smiled back, his
friends left him with her after waving in greeting
to Gloria.
‘I wouldn’t dear miss it!’ she exclaimed.
‘Thanks, how are you doing this morning?’ He
asked, extending his hand to her.
‘I’m fine, what about you?’ she replied,
accepting his handshake.
‘I’m great’ he answered. He took a look at his
wristwatch and touched his forehead with a
handkerchief. ‘Hope you’ll be here for long?’
‘Yes, why?’
‘The Governor and Minister would be here
anytime from now, the plane would fly by thirty
minutes past ten’
‘Oh! I’ll still be here’
‘Good’ he chuckled. They both turned and faced
the transparent glass wall which showed the
plane on the runway.
‘Don’t you think this is marvelous?’ Jude
‘Yes, it is’ she answered, full of smiles once
Their attention was drawn to somewhere else,
journalists were gathering round someone
walking by.
John Obiano had arrived the airdrome, several
new medias rallied round him, pressing further
even though they were resisted by guards.
Gloria smiled as she spotted two Desert
reporters’ journalist, she signalled to Cole to
carry out the Job quickly before he would get
‘John Obiano the genius’ Jude hailed loudly,
John Obiano noticed him and stopped to greet.
‘Hey Jude, hope you’re ready?’ He asked
‘Yes Boss’ Jude replied in a friendly tone.
‘Good one’ John replied, taking a long stare at
the girl beside him.
‘This is my friend Gloria’ Jude quickly
Gloria smiled, she stared at his collar in search
for the pin but it wasn’t there. She later found a
thin line in his suit pocket, Cole had done a
better job.
‘Okay, she’s the other pilot?’ John
misinterpreted, unable to hear properly due to
the noise around.
‘No, she’s just a friend’ Jude tried to clarify, but
John had moved on already after being
pressured by the guards to continue walking
before the journalists number increased.
‘Do I really look like a pilot already?’ Gloria
asked excitedly, both watching John as he
moved on.
‘Yes, you do’ He answered with laughter, he
glanced at his wristwatch again. ‘I have to go
now, I need to meet Lovina’
‘Okay then’ Gloria waved reluctantly as she
watched him go.
Episode 18
The driver of the girl’s car was quick to react
and he increased the car’s speed immediately,
but unfortunately for them another jeep was
driving slowly before them, navigating in
preparation to take the u-turn centimetres away
from them. Benny leveled up and had the chance
to shoot again. He sent a bullet into the first
girl’s arm and was about to deliver a bullet to
the second girl when the car behind hit his car
violently, that made the bullet fly in a different
direction as his car swerved, narrowly missing a
speeding motorcycle.
His target car had used the opportunity to speed
off immediately. He thought of pursuing after
them but changed his mind on hearing the sound
of the police siren. He increased his speed
drastically, taking the U-turn to the return lane,
he headed for the hotel, causing commotion on
the road as he drove crazily, the police were on
his trail but far behind.
He reduced his crazy speed to the barest
minimum before he drove in through hotel gate,
he parked quickly at the garage and proceeded
into the building with his bag. He paused at the
entrance to make himself calm, he didn’t want to
attract attention to himself by rushing inside. He
smiled sheepishly in response to the
receptionist’s greeting as he entered and headed
for the elevator afterwards.
Luckily for him, he was the only one using the
elevator then so he wouldn’t have to silence
anybody. He punched in the commands for the
elevator to take him to the third floor. He
searched round the elevator and found a camera
which he destroyed with a bullet immediately. He
didn’t get out at the third floor but punched in
another command to take him to the tenth floor.
He pulled off his bag, brought out a white beard
and stuck it to his chin after removing the black
one there before, he rubbed a white liquid on his
hair that turned it grey immediately. Using a
hand towel from the bag to clean off the powder
on his face that made him lighter than he was,
he sprinkled a liquid on his face that made it
rougher. He then brought out a folded walking
stick and a rumpled long jacket from the bag
which he wore immediately; he finished just at
the same time the elevator stopped.
A couple and two young girls stepped into it,
greeting the bent old man with the walking stick
as the man smiled at them and walked to his
room slowly, supporting himself with the stick.
A group of ten policemen rushed into the hotel
building, holding their guns in readiness for any
attack. About other ten officers were also
outside in the compound, watching for signs of
the criminal. The policemen had already
ransacked the red Benz drove into the
compound by Benny, leaving the doors widely
Officer Dakolo walked to the receptionists’ stand
and displayed his ID card. ‘A criminal just walked
into your hotel, lock all your exits immediately’
He said in a command tone.
One of the receptionists in response dialed a
number on the landline and conveyed the
message to the control room. Every movement in
the hotel was stopped; those who were heading
outside had to wait at the reception.
‘We heard a gunshot some minutes ago and we
don’t know where it came from, what’s the
matter?’ a man who was the manager of the
hotel asked, looking alarmed as he approached
them from the stairs.
‘They are looking for a man who just walked in
now, he parked a red Benz outside and he was
wearing a green shirt on blue jean, he had a
black bag strapped to his back’ a security man
‘I saw him, he went up now’ the receptionist who
greeted Benny spoke, she moved back and
pressed some buttons on the computer
keyboard. ‘Room 49, floor 3’ she announced to
the waiting ears of the officers.
‘Hey! Come with me’ he commanded, pointing to
four other officers, he turned to his assistant and
gave an order. ‘No one should go out from here’
He surged up through the stairs with the four
other officers to the third floor, they headed for
room 49 hurriedly, positioning themselves
strategically as they got to the door.
Dakolo landed a heavy kick on the door and it
gave way, he poured in rains of bullets into the
room but there was no response. He moved in
tactically with two guys carefully following him
searching everywhere in the room. Dakolo was
the first to notice behind the curtains that the
window was widely opened with the glass
shattered carelessly on the floor, there was a
rope tied to the bed and it passed through the
window to the backyard of the hotel.
‘The criminal is outside the hotel building,
everybody must be on guard’ Dakolo spoke into
the walkie talkie as he rushed out of the room
with his men
Old man Benny heard the several gunshots but
he didn’t panic, the plan of the operation already
provided for their intrusion. Tarasha already
taught him several tactics to use incase they did
show up and he was carry out one successfully.
He smiled at the old man facing him in the mirror
as he added other things to his face to complete
his disguise. He commended himself for a very
good job, feeling proud as he heard the shouts
and screams from the policemen looking for him
in and outside the hotel building. Greatly
surprised at the development of his new skills,
he praised Tarasha in his heart for teaching them
some very dangerous new techniques.
His smile changed into a frown when he
remembered something, he picked out his phone
and dialed Tarasha’s number to inform her of
something very important. He gave up after the
call was unanswered so many times.
His happiness gradually turned to fear, not fear
of the police but a fear of failure at his
operation. He wasn’t sure if he had shot the
right girl in the car. His research before the
operation didn’t reveal to him that the girl had a
twin and a very identical one at that.
….to be continued
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Episode 19
‘How’s she?’ A middleaged man asked no one in
particular as he rushed into the hospital
reception, he had a pot belly which clearly
showed it round signs from the neatly ironed
He turned to Lovina who was sitting in the
reception sofa with the driver, three uniformed
policemen were seen standing beside them.
‘How’s your sister?’ The man asked again.
‘Loveth is fine’ Lovina answered, folding her
arms as she stood up with tears formed in her
eyes. ‘The doctor said she didn’t lose much
blood because we brought her in early, they just
have to take out the bullet’
‘Thank God!’ He exclaimed, rubbing his palms in
the air in appreciation. He turned to the three
policemen that stood beside Lovina, ‘but how
did it happen? Who was the criminal that tried
to kill my Loveth?’
‘We don’t know sir, but our men are after him
and would surely get him’ one of the officers
He turned back to Lovina, ‘I think you should go
back to school now since Loveth is already on
treatment. I’ll see the doctors’
‘Huh?’ Her eyes widened in disbelief. ‘Dad! That
guy tried to shoot me also’she exclaimed.
‘The criminal is already being pursued by the
police, he can’t come after you again’ he
reassured. ‘These officers would also follow you
‘Dad, I’m scared’ she said as she ran into his
warm embrace. ‘I don’t think I’m stable enough
to fly the plane anymore’
‘Don’t be scared dear, my enemies have failed’
he said, patting her on the back. ‘I’m sure they
only want to stop you from flying the plane
‘Would you go with me Dad?’ She looked into
his eyes and asked.
‘No’ he replied, he could read the
disappointment in her eyes. ‘I have to stay with
your sister’
‘Ok’ she agreed hesitatingly, ‘ I’ll go’
She picked up her bag and looked at her father
again for reassurance before she walked out of
the hospital, two officers and the driver
The man sat into the sofa where Lovina where
Lovina got up from, he ignore the gazes of
other waiters in the reception and buried his
face in his palm. He wondered who it could be
that attacked his daughters, he wondered who
wanted them dead. Loveth, Lovina’s twin sister
was a student of the university of Enugu and
had come on a short break to grace the special
event with her sister. The assailant’s target
was surely Lovina but the great resemblance of
the twins must have confused him and he
decided to shoot both but failed.
Jude paced the floor, already getting impatient
waiting for Lovina. He was already dressed in
his pilot’s uniform, the flight was to take off in
the next twenty minutes and he was to walk
out with his partner and pass through the
security protocols before going to settle in the
His mind became at rest when he noticed a
figure behind him, he heaved a sigh of relief.
‘Lovina, why did …’ He was saying at he turned
to look at the figure. His sorrow returned when
he turned back to see Gloria dressed in a pilot
‘Jude’ she called and smiled at him.
‘What?’ He barked at her turning his back to
her, ‘I’m in a serious dilemma here and you’re
playing games with me’
‘I’m here to help you Jude’ she said calmly.
‘What stupid help?’ He growled, he narrowed his
gaze at her and examined her appearance. He
asked with a threatening tone ‘where did you
find this uniform?’
‘I’ve come to help you Jude’ she ignored his
question and continued. ‘Lovina is not here and
I don’t want you to lose this opportunity, I can
represent her’
‘You know that’s not possible’
‘It is’ Gloria insisted
‘It’s not, all the students and lecturers present
already know who is supposed to fly with me’
Jude argued.
‘But they would not notice, they’ll only be
watching us from far’ She put in. ‘I won’t stay
out of the plane so long for them to see me’
‘You can’t even get into the plane’ he said
sternly, ‘Only Lovina’s ID card and mine would
be allowed by the security to enter the plane or
even access the runway
‘I have one here’ she displayed an ID card to
‘What? How did you get that?’ He asked, his
look turned into a suspicious one.
‘Shhh…’ Gloria hushed him, placing a finger on
her lips. ‘Stop raising your voice, I only want to
help you’
He narrowed his gaze first and then raised his
brow, ‘I don’t need that kind of help, it could
get me into more trouble’
She moved closer to him, removing an android
device from her pocket. She opened her chat
with Aisha on the instant messenger, revealing
some pictures and videos.
‘Here’ she pointed something to him on the
screen. He refused to look into it first, but he
saw something familiar that caught his
attention. The picture she was showing him
looked like one taken in his sister’s hostel
room. He moved closer to have a clearer view.
He was greatly shocked by what he saw. His
younger sister, the only sibling he had and the
only surviving member of his family who was a
law student in the port Harcourt university
couldn’t come to the event because she had an
exam that day. He was terrified seeing her tied
to a chair in the room, blindfolded wearing a
bomb jacket.
‘Who are you and what do you want with my
sister?’ Jude asked shakily.
‘I want nothing with you or your sister and I
won’t harm any of you if you cooperate with
me’ she spoke, tapping in some commands into
the android device, she switched it off and flung
it into a locker. She returned to face him, ‘all I
want is to get on the plane with you’
‘But that’s not possible’ his eyes was full of
‘Then you have to sacrifice your sister ‘ she
said bluntly. She rolled up her sleeve and
showed him a device placed around her wrist
close to the watch, she placed her hand on the
red button. ‘All I need to do is touch this and
your sister would join your parents’
‘No no, please’ he pleaded with tears forming in
his eyes, he knelt on the floor.
‘That won’t work Jude, what I want is to fly
plane with you, I’ve have a message for one of
our passengers’ she continued without no pity in
her voice. She glanced at her wristwatch and
turned her back on him, ‘we have only eight
minutes to board the plane, your sister or I pilot
the plane with you?’
‘Okay’ he finally agreed, wiping off his face as
he got up from his kneels. ‘But you have to
promise me that nothing will happen to her’
‘Nothing would happen to her’ she said with a
‘Let’s go’ Jude said as he matched forward to
the exit.
‘Wait!’ She ordered, ‘clean off your face
properly, no one must suspect anything’
‘Okay’ he used an handkerchief to mop his face
and tried to put on a smile.
‘Good’ she smiled again. ‘We’re going straight
into the plane after we pass the governor’s
security officials, no wasting of time’
She walked back to the second exit which she
entered from and opened the door slightly. She
inserted a metal into the lock and fastened it
like a bolt, she left the site slightly opened and
turned back to join Jude.
Jude led the way out and they proceeded
where the plane was parked. Gloria took care
not to look back at all as she could hear
several voices chanting the names ‘Lovina’ and
‘Jude’, they thought she was Lovina since she
was wearing a wig of the same hairstyle Lovina
had on. They passed the governor’s security
officials easily after they displayed their ID
cards and were searched.
She avoided looking towards John Obiano who
was outside, looking fly in his black shiny suit
complimented with a red tie as he chatted with
the minister and the Rivers state governor,
Kelechi Edwin.
The Aviation minister was also dressed in a
black suit and shirt but he had no tie on. The
only odd one was the Governor, he was adorned
in a native attire and a black hat to match it, he
always loved to represent his culture especially
when he was in a program that was being
televised internationally.
Gloria greeted the dignitaries briefly and walked
into the airplane immediately with Jude to
settle in the cockpit. Jude took the Captain’s
position at the left while Gloria took the first
officer’s seat, a drop of sweat rolled down her
head from underneath the wig she wore.
‘Hey!’ A lady dressed in an air hostess’ uniform
carrying a black bag approached Cole in the
midst of several students and guests walking in
and out of the field.
‘Hey’ Cole replied with laughter in seeing Aisha,
‘you looked great in this uniform’
She poked him by the side playfully and joined
in the laughter, ‘are you done with your job?’
‘Yes, I’ve been waiting here for you all day’ he
‘Well’ she continued and they began to walk
slowly, ‘my task was a little bit cumbersome’
‘What were you asked to do?’
‘To handle the pilot’s sister and also exchange
one of the flight attendant’s bag’
‘And how did it go?’ He asked.
‘Fine, how was yours?’
‘Good, it was easier than I thought it would be’
he replied, ‘I only dropped a needle into John
Obiano’s pocket’
‘Needle?’ She asked, facing him.
‘I think there was a pack of needle in my bag
too, but the main thing was a parachute’
He chuckled as they continued walking, ‘I was
almost wondering how she intended to drop off
the plane before’
‘Your task was simple ‘ Aisha teased. ‘No one
could have failed that’
‘Huh?’ He gave her a sharp look. ‘Do you know
how many bodyguards I had to go past?’
She hissed playfully, ‘stop magnifying it’
‘See you’ he gave a playful hiss and peeped into
the bag she was carrying. ‘What do we have
‘Nothing edible, stop sniffing’ she pushed his
nose with a finger. ‘Except you want to eat first
aid materials and other hostesses’ kits’
He replied with a prolonged hiss showing his
Cole stopped suddenly, he looked shocked as he
stared at someone approaching them. Aisha
paused to see what he was staring at, the same
look appeared on her face.
‘Gosh!’ Cole whispered. They stared at Lovina
and the two officers approaching hurriedly.

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