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Tarasha 71-80

Episode 71
‘Where do you bosses stay in this place?’ Ken asked the
culprit as all the vehicles halted in front of a dark
tanned coloured gate.
‘There are two buildings in the compound, the two are
former ware houses. The one at the left is empty while
the one at the right is not, we stay most times at the
warehouse on the left.’
Ken took an Ak 47 and jumped out of the van. ‘Spread
out boys, take positions.’ He shouted his orders. The
remaining officers in the same van as Ken pushed out
the handcuffed culprit and he led them to the gate.
The officers from the two other vans also spread out
like they were asked to, only one officer was left in
each van. By this time all motorists and pedestrians
were already out of sight and the shops and stores
around were closing up at the sight of the multitude of
Soon, the officers broke into the compound and
raided the whole place but to their disappointment,
they were only able to come out with a few weapons as
members of the gang had fled the place before their
‘I told you that you were only wasting your time,’ the
culprit said in a mocking tone to Ken as they
proceeded to the station in their vehicles.
Ken gave him a searching look, restraining himself
from landing him a slap. ‘We’ll get all of you,’ Ken
replied back.
‘Most of our men aren’t even in town and you can
never get the boss, Stainless. I’m sure he’s gone far
already.’ The culprit continued in the same tone.
‘Stainless?’ The name sounded familiar to Ken. He
nodded and remained quiet for sometime, trying to
remember where he had heard the name before.
‘Yes, Stainless.’ The culprit replied confidently after
thirty seconds.
‘Stainless is your boss?’
The culprit paused and chuckled, a smile appeared on
his swollen face on seeing the change in Ken’s face and
Ken now remembered who Stainless was, in fact,
perfectly well. Stainless was a culprit who had once
been nabbed by him but was set free on order from
the Inspector General and replaced with another
criminal. Stainless was also an assassin and a drug
dealer, one whose name was mostly noised about for
criminal activities during the election period.
‘But what were you people doing in that house? What
was your mission there?’ Ken barked.
‘I told you I don’t know anything about it, I was only
asked to stay where you met me.’ The culprit replied.
He had already given up his hopes of not being
imprisoned, he knew that there was no escaping for
him in the case.
‘Don’t worry, you’ll confess when we treat you the
right way.’ Ken threatened and got up from the seat,
walking towards the entrance of the van as he held the
handrails. He wondered what connection the Stainless
team had with Samantha Osman, or could it be that
Samantha Osman was part of Stainless’ gang? Several
questions like this continued to pop up in his mind
until his phone rang.
He took out his phone and answered immediately,
‘Agent sir’.
‘Officer, where are you guys now?’
‘We’re heading back to the office.’
‘What did you find?’
‘Nothing, all the men were gone before we got there.’
Ken answered.
‘Okay, I’ll meet you at the office then.’ Dakolo said and
the call ended.
Ken turned back and stared at the culprit who was
staring into the air absent-mindedly. He had to find a
way to hide his part played in the previous case of
stainless else he would be asked questions as to how
Stainless was out in the streets still carrying out his
criminal activities when he had already been sentenced
to death by the court of law.
‘But Don, you didn’t tell me that we were going to meet
with Samantha Osman.’ Stainless queried Don who was
sitting on the couch comfortably and sipping from the
wine glass.
Don took a glance at Stainless and then returned his
focus to the television screen. He saw how furious
Stainless was, pacing round the living room as he
gulped down contents from the wine bottle
‘…two of the men were seen to have escaped while two
others were caught and one shot dead by the police
officers.’ The reporter continued. ‘We’re yet to confirm
what the culprits were searching for in Henry E.G’s
apartment, who happens to be on admission in the
hospital for an undisclosed condition. This is the first
time suspected assassins from the deadly Samantha
Osman group has been caught and we hope that by
this, the police would be able to find quality
information and lead to the head of the Assassin gang
herself. The police officers have also raided the
operation house of the gang and found nothing there
except for some few weapons. It’s Jamiu Sado and I’m
reporting for TVC.’ The reporter concluded. Videos of
the raided operation house of the stainless gang was
shown after the reporter stopped talking. Videos of
Henry’s house, his neighbours and the paper company
were also shown, then the breaking news transmission
‘They even think my boys are from Samantha Osman,’
Stainless complained bitterly, placing his hand on his
‘Isn’t that better than tracing it to you?’ Don said in a
less concerned voice and stood up.
‘But they already traced it to me already, they were at
my caban.’
‘But they didn’t find you or anything implicating,’ Don
said harshly and sat down again.
‘My problem is you didn’t tell me that we were coming
to meet Samantha Osman, you only told me that you
wanted to ransack someone’s house.’
‘I didn’t know that she was going to be there, weren’t
you there when I came to ask if you were hearing the
strange sound.’
Stainless looked at Don for a moment and shook his
head, Don wasn’t apologetic at all. He was still speaking
to him with the same bossy attitude he always used
when they were under the same masters. Although
Don was far better than Stainless in his pattern of
execution since their younger days, Stainless always
wanted Don to treat him as an equal now that they
both had their separate gangs and were doing quite
For Don, it was different. Stainless was the next after
him when they were in the same gang, so he still saw
Stainless as his junior every time. Even their works had
quite differentiated them. Don had executed some
high profile jobs and had never been behind the police
bar for any while Stainless had been caught by the
police on his first attempt on an high profile job.
‘Let me even tell you now, the reason why the Vice
President got my number from you was to bring me
down to tackle Samantha Osman.’ Don revealed and
paused to stare at Stainless’s face.
The shock on Stainless’ face was obvious, he now
understood the reason why the vice president kept on
referring to Samantha Osman during his call and why
he refused to reveal the reason he wanted to contact
‘Or are you scared of her?’ Don asked with a crooked
‘Scared?’ Stainless thought for a while before replying.
‘Why should I be scared of someone I have no
business with.’
‘But you have a business with her now, she has seen
your face.’ Don said with a tormenting smile.
Stainless body trembled at the thought of Samantha
Osman coming for him. He had developed a fear for
her since the day he got the news of her first
operation. He first thought she worked with or for Don
but later dismissed the thought when he heard about
the connection of her operations with other
assassinations outside the country and when he also
got news that Don had left the country. The fear grew
to the peak after he heard how she defeated Robin
Hood without making mistakes.
‘That girl does not look like the Samantha,’ Stainless
argued, remembering the face of harmless looking girl
he saw at the entrance when he went to warn Don
about the police.
‘Hehe,’ Don chuckled, ‘you’re judging by her
appearance? Did you see the way she went off the
fence, can you be as swift as that? That’s a well trained
personnel.’ Don said, making a mocking face at him.
Stainless took in a breath and turned away from Don,
he took another gulp from the bottle.
‘Now that she’s also after you,’ Don got up and walked
to Stainless’ front. ‘You can join me to find her or stay
back till she comes for you.’
Stainless continued to stare at Don, biting his lips with
utter disgust written on his face. He wondered why he
had allowed money becloud his sense of reasoning. He
had at one time vowed not to join Don for any
operation again when Don had cheated him and his
boys with their pay but because he knew that the vice
president was the one Don was running errands for in
Abuja, he decided to go because he knew it would
involve huge payments.
He opened his eyes widely as something came into his
remembrance. He fixed his gaze on Don with an
accusing look. ‘How did you know she is Samantha
Osman? Are you friend with her? You were discussing
with her before I came.’
‘Why shouldn’t I know?’ Don asked back, surprised at
the question. ‘But I wasn’t discussing anything with
‘Why didn’t you think it was someone else? Maybe
another lady who’s an assassin.’ Stainless’ look turned
into a suspicious one.
Don stared at him in disgust, trying to find a suitable
answer for the question. ‘Of course, I’ve been on her
case for sometime now, so you don’t expect me not to
know how she looks.’
‘You’re a liar Don,’ Stainless accused, he took out his
gun and pointed it at Don’s face.
‘Hey homey, what’s the matter with you?’ Don’s eyes
widened in surprise, but he was still confident that
Stainless could not shoot the gun. ‘We’re supposed to
be planning together not quarreling.’
‘F**k you Don,’ you never make a good partnership.’
Stainless barked. ‘You are a deceptive dog.’
‘Be careful man, don’t insult me.’ Don warned.
‘Fool, you deceived me and you’re deceiving the Vice
President. I’m gonna submit your d–n a*s to him
after I finish you off.’ Stainless threatened and cocked
the gun.
‘Come on,’ Don shouted in a pleading manner on
seeing the Stainless’ seriousness. ‘I’m not deceiving
‘Then tell me how your girlfriend works with her, she’s
on the wanted list of the police. When I saw her
pictures on the news, I thought it was the Nanl Gang
who carried out the attack but on a closer look, I
concluded that the Samantha must be working with
the Nanl Gang. It was after the assassination of Robin
Hood that I started to doubt your involvement because
I knew you ran away to Cameroon.’
‘Which girlfriend are you talking about?’ Don was lost
for a moment.
‘Aisha! I think you still feel I’m joking with you.’
Stainless said and began to fasten his grip on the
‘No, don’t. I’ll tell you everything, just put down that
gun homey.’ Don said in panic but still managed to
keep a bold face on.
‘I’m not your homey dummy, I don’t roll with b——s
like you anymore. Stop calling me that and start talking
‘Okay, the truth is that I gave her some of my men
including Aisha to cook for her.’ Don began. ‘Samantha
is working for one of my clients and they paid heavily
for them.’
‘So you and Samantha works for the same client?’
‘Well, I don’t believe you, you gave your girlfriend to
another assassin?’
‘No, Aisha was supposed to be my spy there.’
‘And then what happened?’
‘Tarasha threatened her…’
‘Sorry, Samantha threatened her and she got afraid.
She’s working faithfully for her now.’
‘Interesting, that means you were not able to manage
your followers. You had traitors like you in your gang.’
Don was speechless, in his mind he had totally
surrendered but he didn’t allow it show on his face. He
knew Stainless had enough reasons to kill him, he had
deceived and cheated him on numerous occasions but
he always thought stainless would not have the
boldness or will to do it but with the rage now showing
on Stainless’ face, he knew anything was possible.
‘Let’s resolve this amicably, put down your gun.’ Don
finally found his voice, he still continued to speak
‘Fool, go rot in hell.’ Stainless finally pulled the trigger.
Cole, Benny and Aisha, already dressed in their disguise
form, listened to the news on TV silently, taking glances
occasionally at their boss who was sitting behind and
still making up. She was also paying attention to the
‘…this is the first time suspected assassins from the
deadly Samantha Osman group has been caught and
we hope that by this, the police would be able to find
quality information and lead to the head of the
Assassin gang. The police officers have raided the
operation house of the gang and found nothing there
except for some few weapons…’ Tarasha got up as this
part of the news got her attention.
‘Hey, record that.’ She said to Cole who was holding
the remote control as videos of the ransacked Gang
house was shown. Cole followed the instruction and
began to take a record of the rest of the news. ‘It’s
okay,’ Tarasha said after the reporting ended.
Cole stopped and saved the video. He, Aisha and Benny
stared at her waiting for the next instruction she would
give concerning it but she just went back to her seat
quietly and continued with her makeup.
‘After killing the Senate President, we still have a lot of
work to do tomorrow morning.’ She began after five
minutes of sitting quietly. She got up and began to walk
towards them, brushing her hair backwards. ‘Cole
would need to find out something in an hospital for
me while Benny would locate the area that was shown
in the news; the one I asked you to record and Aisha
would…’ Tarasha paused for a while, staring at Aisha’s
face, she smiled. ‘Aisha would stay and wait for
instructions from me.’
‘Are we returning back to the house after tomorrow?’
Cole asked.
‘No,’ Tarasha replied sharply. They couldn’t return to
the house yet, it wouldn’t be right for them to find out
about her brother Jeffery. ‘You’ll remain here, I have
some things to clear in the house.’
‘Okay,’Cole replied and got up from his seat. ‘Is it time
for us to go now?’
‘Yes, we’ll leave in ten minutes time. Remember
everything you see can be an instrument, don’t neglect
any. And make sure that we maintain eye contact
always, we’ll be doing most of our communication
through the eyes especially when our hosts are there.
Once we find the escape route and the best escape
plan, we’ll take the man out and leave.’ Tarasha began
to explain their plan. ‘Remember we’ll leave first in
four different cars and park them at the four sides of
the house. Then we’ll converge into the car where the
weapons are and go into the house with that,I believe
there’ll be no search on us but even if there is, we have
our weaponry protected.’Episode 72
Tarasha sat quietly in the backseat of the Carera Cabriolet
Porsche streaming the video from the monitor cameras
in the house. She was well disguised with makeups as a
dark girl and a black wig on her head, she still looked
quite beautiful though.
Soon, the door to the front seat was opened and
someone stepped into the passenger’s side, Tarasha
didn’t bother to look up but only glanced at her
wristwatch and continued to look into the device.
Five minutes later, the door to the driver’s side and the
other side of the back seat opened. Cole and Aisha
stepped into the car quietly. Tarasha minimized the
collection of footages she was watching and opened
another collection with four options. She selected the
options one after the other and each showed the area
where the four different cars were.
‘We’re good to go, ” she finally announced and looked
up. Cole started the engine at once and drove off.
They were allowed to enter into the compound of the
Senate President’s mansion without going through any
security protocols. No search was conducted on their
vehicle neither was any individual searched.
The compound was a very large one with several gardens
in it. The atmosphere there was different as the
ornamental shrubs and trees helped to purify the tensed
air. The wide parking space also had several exotic cars
whose colours added to the beauty of the whole place.
Their arrival was announced to the Senate President
immediately they entered and he was out in front of the
house to welcome them even before they parked their
‘Good evening sir,’ the team led by Mr Alfred greeted
simultaneously. The men had only their handsets in their
hands while the two ladies had small handbags with
‘Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,’ Nasiru greeted
back with a smile. He extended his hand for a handshake
to Mr Alfred first and then the rest of the team. ‘You were
in Lagos when I met with your colleagues,’ Nasiru stated
with a smile when he got to the new lady.
‘Yes sir.’
‘What’s your name?’
‘I’m Evelyn sir,’ Tarasha replied.
‘Oh! Nice to meet you Miss Evelyn, how was your
research job and trip from Lagos?’
‘The research was fine sir and the journey was also
‘Nice,’ Nasiru gave a broad smile.
‘Thanks,’ Tarasha bent her knees slightly in curtsy as he
shook her hands again.
‘You’re welcome,’ Nasiru said and turned to the whole
team. ‘I welcome you all to my home. I hope you’ll have
a nice time with me.’ He said as he ushered them into the
house. ‘Do you have any bag inside your car that you’ll
like to get?’
‘Not for now sir,’ Mr Alfred replied.
Several guards were standing in different positions in the
house but only one was following Nasiru from a distance,
he was Nasiru’s personal bodyguard, huge and muscular.
The guards and security officers were all dressed in the
same uniforms except for the personal bodyguard who
was dressed in casuals. The assassins continued to take
note of their environment.
‘Meet my darling wife,’ Nasiru introduced them to his
wife as they got into the main living room. The guard
disappeared into the inner rooms when the guests were
about to begin to exchange pleasantries with the wife, he
would be called if he was needed.
‘Welcome ladies, welcome gentlemen.’ Mrs Nasiru got up
from the leather sofa to greet the guests.
The living room was neatly furnished with comfortable
sofas with colours and shapes of water bodies. Each chair
and stool had its distinct shape which made the visitors
wonder at the creativity of the designers.
‘Good evening ma,’ the visitors replied to her greeting in
‘You’re welcome,’ she said once again with a broad smile.
‘We’re glad to host you to a special dinner tonight, my
husband has told me a lot about you and your good
works. I must commend you guys for the excellent job
done in Katsina state with the Ata’s foundation and your
innovative proposal also…’
‘Dearest,’ Nasiru cut in. ‘Why don’t you let them have
their seats first?’
‘Oh! Pardon my manners,’ the woman apologized.
‘Please take your seats,’ she pointed them to the seats.
Benny and Cole sat in the long sofa while Tarasha and
Aisha took two different one seaters. ‘So we prepared
both Nigerian and foreign dishes, I believe you guys
would prefer the Nigerian?’ She asked with a smile.
‘Anyone you offer us ma, we’ll be pleased to take it.’ Mr
Alfred replied.
‘Alright, let me prepare the table in five minutes, I’ll be
back.’ Mrs Nasiru said and got up from the seat.
‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ Nasiru began after his wife
walked away. ‘I’ll like to show you some other things
after the meal, I want to show you to my study…’
A young lady about Aisha’s age joined them in the living
room as he was talking, she walked up to Nasiru and gave
him a peck on his cheeks.
‘Dad, good evening sir.’ She curtsied.
‘Good evening Fatima,’ Nasiru greeted, looking playful
into her face. He then turned to the visitors, ‘here’s my
first daughter, she schools in the UK and would be
graduating in two months time. She only came for a
short break.’ He introduced proudly.
‘Good evening,’ Fatima sang in a playful tone.
‘Good evening Fatima,’ they replied back, the ladies
singing back in the same tone.
‘These are representatives of our partners from Canada
who work with the Ata’s foundation, they’ve come to join
us for dinner tonight and would be spending the night
with us.’ Nasiru said to Fatima.
‘That’s nice,’ she replied with another kind smile at the
‘You have to go change now and join us for dinner,’
Nasiru said to his daughter.
‘Yea, sure Dad.’ She said and scurried away.
‘You have a nice daughter,’ Evelyn was the first to
comment after the girl was out of sight.
‘Thank you,’ the man replied with his face beaming with
‘What course is she studying in school?’ Evelyn
‘She’s reading cinematography,’ Nasiru stated.
‘Cinematography?’ Evelyn asked, widening her eyes in
‘That’s what I studied too,’ Evelyn said.
‘You studied cinematography?’ It was Nasiru’s turn to be
‘Yes, I did that in Canada.’ She stated.
‘Oh! Then why are you not in the movie industry?’
‘Well…’ She shrugged. ‘Let’s say I got attracted to the
pattern and passion of the charity organization.’
‘I see,’ Nasiru nodded his head slowly. He was beginning
to like her, she sounded more jovial and easy to relate
with than the others. ‘So you plan to work with the
foundation all your life?’
‘Ermm… Yes but not as a full time staff though. At some
point, I’ll have to leave them and work as a partner with
‘Food is served,’ Mrs Nasiru finally returned singing and
cleaning her hands with a hand towel.
‘Well, gentlemen and ladies. I guess we can continue our
discussion after the meal.’ He took a look at each one of
the visitor’s face before standing up.
**Fast Forward ~~ After the meal**
‘Thank you so much for the sumptuous meal,’ Mr Alfred
said as they proceeded out of the dining room.
‘Come on, you’ve said that enough already.’ Mrs Nasiru
‘I want to show you to my study now,’ Nasiru said and
began to lead the guests through the house while the wife
went there opposite direction. They continued to walk
until they got to the door. He took out his keys and
opened the room, then he ushered them in first before
entering after and closing the door. He hurried up to
their front and began to lead them round the place.
The study was a medium sized one, it had neatly
arranged books in shelves and a large table with a long
stool and a short chair in the middle. The shelves were
broken into three sections, one opposite the door wall,
one on each of the sides while the door wall had no
Most of the books arranged on the shelves in the first
section were books which contained business tips and
ideas, also there were business magazines and leaflets.
‘At first,’ vice President Nasiru stopped walking and
turned to them. ‘At first, I thought you guys were
fraudsters when my mum first told me about you. Then I
sent someone to make a research and I found out that
your company was real, but I still had to find out if they
sent you people. That I confirmed before allowing my
mother deal with you.’
Apart from Tarasha and Cole who joined Tarasha to do
all the planning processes, how they got confirmed by
he organization in Canada was something confusing to
the other two. Only trust in the boss’ plan had made
them go for the operation and carry out all her
instructions without questions.
Tarasha had a link in the foundation at Canada who on
Tarasha’s orders had diverted all calls from Africa to the
company’s lines to another line that Tarasha would
answer herself in Nigeria. It was a pity that Nasiru
Attahiru could not know that the same person who he
had been discussing with on telephone was in the same
room with him.
‘I want to tell you the story of the Ata’s foundation and
how it began,’ Nasiru began to move to the next section.
‘I always keep the keys to the study myself because of
this section, I don’t like anyone using the books in my
absence. It contains some personal information, even my
wife doesn’t know some of the deep secrets stored in
these books, especially those ones.’ He pointed to three
leather cover books stacked on each other.
‘Onwuli,’ Tarasha read something to herself from the
cover of the book on top as she stretched her neck to
look. She knew she had heard something like that from
somewhere else.
‘But we don’t have any business with those books, this is
the one I want you to see…’ Nasiru continued but
Tarasha’s mind was far from what he was saying. She had
her mind on the three books he pointed at on which she
saw the familiar word. Then she remembered where she
heard something pronounced like that, it was from Chief
Gab when he was trying to explain to her the reason he
wanted to kill Chief Jubril and the rest of his targets.
She stylishly moved closer to the books to have a closer
view, then she saw some other names which she
recognized, Jubril, Gabriel, Elvis, Nasiru were on the back
cover too. Then the name of the minister of health who
was her first assassination target was also there and two
other names she had not heard about. She developed
interest in the book and began to look for a way to take it
with her. She knew that Chief Gab was the one whose
name was Gabriel and that the book would reveal more
about Chief Gab’s deal with his targets which may also
help her in taking out the last target.
‘Evelyn,’ Nasiru called her name suddenly, he had seen
that her mind was far away from his discourse with the
others. ‘What are you thinking about?’ He asked, focusing
all interest on her.
‘Nothing sir,’ she lied and tried to cover up with a smile.
‘What’s nothing?’ Nasiru did not accept her reply as it
was very obvious that she was listening to him.
‘Emm…I was just thinking as a cinematographer,’ she
said with a forced smile. ‘I was thinking of what it would
be like making films centered on the lives of people like
you, it’ll really be inspiring to a lot of young people.’
‘Hmm,’ Nasiru swallowed the lie. ‘There might really be
some horror part, you know.’ He said with a shrug, ‘some
of us have gone through and done some funny things
too. Well, I was saying…’
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‘Emm…I was just thinking as a cinematographer,’ she
said with a forced smile. ‘I was thinking of what it would
be like making films centered on the lives of people like
you, it’ll really be inspiring to a lot of young people.’
‘Hmm,’ Nasiru swallowed the lie. ‘There might really be
some horror part, you know.’ He said with a shrug, ‘some
of us have gone through and done some funny things
too. Well, I was saying that for Nigeria to be the country
we all want it to be, then every Nigerian has to think and
act in a positive way. The Ata’s foundation was a
brainchild of my late father, blessed be his memory.
He was so passionate about the children on the streets
and under the bridges that every of his weekends were
always spent visiting orphanages and motherless babies
homes, some he used to visit kids in the slums and give
foodstuffs to their families. But he didn’t have enough
wealth or influence to come up with something like the
Ata’s foundation then. I didn’t have the same passion like
he had, the truth is…’ Nasiru stopped and turned to look
at the faces of his listeners.
‘I never thought I would do something like this if not for
my mother who insisted that I fulfill my father’s last wish.
Now I have no regrets doing it, all my life. I’ve never been
happier than I am now, seeing children and families
given hope and life.’ He took a handkerchief and wiped
his teary eyes. The visitors were surprised as they
couldn’t figure out the reason for the tears.
‘I lived my younger days as a selfish person, I wasn’t
really concerned with anybody else except gathering
enough money and getting comfort for myself and my
family.’ He began to confess. ‘I’ve hurt a lot of people in
the past, a lot of families, a lot of children and even the
whole nation. I wish I could erase everything but no
matter how hard I try, I still…’ The remaining words were
unheard as the tears covered them. The man wiped his
face with the handkerchief again and cleaned his mouth.
The visitors stared at his face in awe except for Tarasha
who was indifferent about his emotional state. All she
had in mind was how the man’s death was going to be
executed and how the book was going to leave the shelf.
‘That’s why I am happy to see people like you,’ the man
continued what seemed to Tarasha an epistle, ‘especially
the younger ones.’ Nasiru paused and looked away from
Mr Alfred to the three younger representatives. ‘I want to
encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing, that’s
the way to go.’ He said and handed a handshake to
everyone except Mr Alfred who he gave a pat on the
back. ‘I’ll edit and release this book for public readership
soon, I believe it’ll inspire a lot of young folks like you.’
He said tapping the book which contained the Ata’s
foundation history.
He moved away from that section and his visitors moved
with him, only Tarasha still had her mind on the section
as they moved to the next.
A knock on the door distracted all of them. ‘Who’s it?’
Nasiru spoke aloud.
‘May I come in sir? You do have a phone call.’ A gruff
voice sounded.
‘Okay, come in’ Nasiru replied the gruff voice which he
knew to be his personal guard’s.
‘Here,’ the muscular man hurried forward and handed
over the phone to Nasiru.
Nasiru stared at the phone’s screen for a while, looking
undecided as to whether or not to return the call
immediately. He was still trying to decide when it began
to ring again.
‘Sir,’ he answered the call and excused himself from his
guests with an hand gesture. He began to walk with the
bodyguard towards the door.
‘Was that Don Dan I saw on the news today?’ Nasiru
asked in a shocked voice while still walking out of the
The Don Dan mentioned caught the attention of the rest
of the team except for Tarasha. They looked at each
other’s faces and made eye gestures, then Tarasha
understood that the man must have said something with
which they can relate. She took a quick glance around
the top corners of the study to see if there was a camera
in it, she found none.
‘Go and listen to him,’ she said to Benny who was
disguised as Mr Alfred. ‘Carefully,’ she added with a
warning look at him. Benny walked gently closer to the
entrance where he could hear the man’s voice faintly. He
folded his arm and began to stare at the pictures on the
Tarasha took the opportunity to return to the previous
section, she picked up the hardcover book which caught
her attention. She noticed it was a very old book and it
wasn’t complete, more than half of the pages had been
detached from it. She flipped it open and the first thing
she saw was ‘Arms Deal with Elvis Richards’. Before she
could continue, she already saw Benny returning to the
former position gently, she returned the book and also
joined the rest at the new section.
‘I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, I just had to attend to
that. It was from the vice president.’ Nasiru explained as
he walked back into the study. ‘Now this section, like I
believe you’ve noticed already, is where I can find
everything thing concerning the house of Reps and law in
Nigeria. It’s my work and that’s why it’s the largest
section. From the beginning to the end of the rack, you’ll
find books that’ll educate you more about the
Constitution of the nation. You may not understand
some since you’re aren’t a…’ The man continued to rattle
Tarasha was getting uncomfortable with the man’s
unnecessary talks, she took out her phone secretly and
began to set up some commands. After some few
seconds, she dialed Nasiru’s number to distract him.
Soon enough the guard came back with the phone and
Nasiru excused himself again.
‘It’s time to split guys,’ Tarasha said to the team
immediately the man went out of earshot. ”We have to
locate an escape route now. Do you have your
communication devices with you?’
They all nodded in positive to her question. ‘Then remain
connected alw…’ She stopped as Nasiru returned back
into the place hurriedly.
‘I’m sorry guys, I thought the vice President was trying to
get back to me but it was a wrong dial.’ Nasiru apologized
again. ‘My phone is here now,’ he showed them his
phone and then dipped it into his pocket.
‘Sir,’ Evelyn called in a faint voice.
‘Yes, Evelyn.’ The man answered.
‘Ermm… I’ll like to use the restroom sir’ she announced,
receiving planned awkward stares from the rest of the
‘Okay,’ Nasiru replied and took out his phone again. He
dialed a first number but the call wasn’t answered, he
dialed another. ‘Hello Joe, get to Fatima for me and tell
her I need her in the study right now. Get back to me
immediately you relay my message.’ He said into the
phone and nodded in response to the call receiver’s
reply. He cut the call and glanced at Evelyn. ‘Fatima
would be here to attend to you in the next one minute,’
he said to her.
‘Thank you sir,’ she curtsied. They all waited patiently for
the arrival of Fatima and true to the man’s word, Fatima
arrived in a minute time.
Evelyn was excused to go with Fatima while the rest
remained in the study.
‘Let’s go this way,’ Fatima said on seeing Tarasha facing
the opposite direction as they got outside the study.
‘Please, I need to get something in my bag first.’ Tarasha
‘What do you want to take there? I may have it in the
house.’ Fatima said to her.
‘It’s a medicine I need.’
‘Ehen… Are you sure you can go there yourself or do I
send a maid to get it for you?’ Fatima suggested,
sounding concerned.
‘Let me get it myself please,’ Tarasha replied and kept
moving in the same direction. Fatima followed her.
‘Like I was saying before the interruption, everything
concerning the laws, Constitution and work in the Senate
are contained here.’ Nasiru continued his talk. Not long
after, Cole clutched his hands to his stomach and began
to let out air from his mouth through silent burps.
‘What’s wrong?’ Nasiru asked in a very serious tone and
with a serious look on his face.
‘I’m feeling a little bit uneasy,’ Cole managed to say. ‘I
think I too have to use the restroom.’
‘Restroom?’ Mr Alfred turned to the Senate President and
stared at him in a kind of accusing manner.
‘Ermm… It’s just a little issue, maybe you took something
earlier today that’s your system is reacting to.’ Nasiru
said, looking visibly disturbed. ‘Come with me,’ he said
with a hand gesture to Cole and began to proceed out of
the place.
**5 minutes later**
Immediately Tarasha entered into the toilet, she turned
on the communication device whose receiver was at her
back and fixed the earpiece in her left ear. Then she
rolled up her flowing gown and removed some metal
devices from some attached pockets to her thighs. She
dropped them in the sink and climbed on the water
closet to see through the window. After taking some
minutes to observe, she stepped down and walked back
to the sink. Her device beeped.
‘Boss,’ Cole’s voice came through.
‘Cole, have you separated yourself from the rest?’
‘Yes, I’m in the restroom now.’
‘Any clear route seen from there?’ She asked as she took
out a bug and a sharp blade-like metal from the devices
placed in the sink.
‘There’s only a small farmyard at this place, it’s the
boundary between this house and Cole’s car.’
‘Are you in the upper floor?’
‘What side of the house are you in?’
‘I don’t know where.’
‘Don’t you have a compass with you?’ Tarasha asked.
‘I have.’
‘Then use it to determine the position in relation to
where our car was parked outside.’
‘Okay, I’ll get back to you boss.’ Cole said and the
connection was cut.
Tarasha climbed back on the water closet and tore off
the net with the blade like metal. She clipped the bug to
the wall behind the window.
Her device beeped again. ‘Cole’
‘I’m at the left side of the upper floor.’
‘Okay, who showed you to the toilet?’
‘Mr Nasiru asked his personal guard to bring me here.’
‘Okay, there’s a pin among your tools there, it’ll induce
temporary tranquilization when stuck into the man’s
neck. Use it to…’
‘Hey! Hope all is well,’ Cole could hear the bodyguard
shout from outside.
‘Hummp!’ Cole owled like someone struggling to let out
faeces. He was sure the man heard him and was going to
think he was having a hard time defecating.
‘What’s that?’ He could hear the Boss ask from the other
‘Nothing Boss, I’ll do as you instructed.’ He said in the
usual low voice he had been using and cut the
He got up from the water closet and dipped his hand into
the inner pocket of his jacket. He was able to take out the
pin Tarasha talked about in a nylon. He unsealed it and
placed it between his fingers. Then he pressed the flush
button on the Water closet.
He waited for another minute before he opened the door
and stepped out.
‘Hope you’re feeling better now?’ The muscular guy
‘Yes,’ Cole answered with a slight groan, still adjusting his
‘Okay, Alhaji Nasiru and the rest of your colleagues are
waiting for you in the living room.’
‘Okay…’ Cole moved closer to the guy, half limping and
half walking. He thought he could stick the pin into the
man’s throat easily as he was sure the man wasn’t ready
to defend any attack but he was wrong. The bodyguard
grabbed him by the fist before the pin could get to his
The fury on the guards eyes was bloody as if he had been
waiting for a prey to pounce on.
‘Where are you now?’ Tarasha typed into the chat box.
‘We are in the living room, waiting for your orders.’
Benny replied in less than twenty seconds.
‘Have your heard from Cole?’
‘Not yet.’
‘Okay, the next order would be from him. Now, where is
the target? Is he close to you?’
‘Not too far, he’s some centimetres away, talking silently
with his wife and some of his maids.’
‘Cole would call you soon, we won’t use a gun on the
man but would silence him quietly with the poison. We’ll
likely escape through the main gate also with his
daughter as an hostage. Just wait for the next orders
from Cole.’
‘Okay Boss,’ Benny typed in.
‘And, what did you hear the man discuss with the vice
president on the phone?’
‘I think he and the vice president are involved in some
shady deals, it’s like one of their boys sent on an errand
had been caught earlier today.’
‘And who is Don Dan? You, Cole and Aisha seemed to
have heard the name before.’
The reply this time took more than the usual time but
Benny finally typed it. ‘He’s our former boss, I think it’s
one of his other men that was caught in the errand they
sent him.’
‘Okay, then.’
Tarasha turned off the phone’s screen and dipped into
her inner pocket. She got up from the water closet,
thinking. It was surely Don that she met ealier that day.
That was why he could mention her name. But why and
what does the Vice and Senate President have to do in
Henry’s apartment? She asked herself.
She began to return the tools she put in the sink. A knock
sounded on the door.
‘Evelyn,’ she heard Fatima call outside.
‘I’m coming,’ she answered in a singing tone.
‘Please, take your time. I just wanted to find out if you’re
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She began to return the tools she put in the sink. A knock
sounded on the door.
‘Evelyn,’ she heard Fatima call outside.
‘I’m coming,’ she answered in a singing tone.
‘Please, take your time. I just wanted to find out if you’re
‘Thanks,’ Tarasha answered. She waited for sometime
until she noticed a stop in the sounds of moving
footsteps outside. She picked the two remaining metals
in the sink and hid them back under her gown.
She wanted to start proceeding out into the room when
she remembered that she still had an instruction to give
She searched the back of her gown for the receiver and
speed dialed Cole. It took sometime for the connection
to be accepted.
‘What are you trying to do?’ The muscular guard asked in
a terrifying voice. He continued to squeeze Cole’s fist in
his big hands and pushing him backwards. Cole struggled
to resist and open his palms so he could get the pin out
else he’ll be the receiver of the contents. Tarasha had
emphasized that he stuck it into the man’s neck but that
doesn’t mean it would have any effect when it enters
through another part of the body. The only difference
was that the former would cause the tranquilization to
happen immediately.
Cole managed to hit the man’s the man’s arm with the
other fist but that made no effect on the man. The guy
pushed him backwards swiftly and dished him a heavy
blow on his face. Cole’s body spun thrice in a fast motion
before he fell to the ground. The pin had fallen already,
where it dropped was not known to the both of them.
Cole began to see stars as his left cheek hit the floor. The
device attached to his belt beeped twice. He managed to
turn and accept the connection. The attacker also heard
the beeping and bent to search Cole’s body.
Tarasha could hear Cole heavily panting at the other side,
she knew at once that something had gone wrong.
‘Cole,’ she called and got no reply, except for his
continued panting and then a gruff voice. She knew Cole
was listening , so she gave him another instruction. ‘Cole,
if you’re in trouble with the man, try to stay conscious
and keep him busy and with the lowest possible noise. I’ll
come for you if I can.’
She sat back on the water closet and brought out her
phone hurriedly. She opened the tracking application
and Cole’s tracker. In less than ten seconds it displayed
his direction and point in the house. Tarasha stood up
and pushed the flush button, it was time to get out of the
toilet and act fast. The only problem she would have now
navigating through the house especially as she was a total
stranger in the house, she’ll be easily stopped by any of
the guards or workers. She raised up her gown and
brought out a small flat purse of the same colour with
her gown, from the inner pocket, she had plenty of the
tranquilizing pins in the purse. She clipped it to her cloth
at the belly side and proceeded outside into the room.
Waiting for her outside was what and who she needed,
Fatima was still seated on a stool, engrossed with her
phone. Another young girl in a maid’s uniform had just
entered into the room.
Fatima gaze was placed on Evelyn as she stepped out
from the toilet. She slowly got up from the stool and
began to walk towards Evelyn. ‘Hello, are you okay now?’
Fatima asked Evelyn.
‘Ermm… A little better,’ Tarasha answered, squeezing her
face like someone in pains.
The maid got to where Fatima was previously seated and
paused. Tarasha gave her a searching look, more
interested in her uniform than anything else.
‘Do you need anything? That’s why I called the maid,’
Fatima said, seeing Evelyn’s interest in the maid.
‘Ermm… Maybe I need some water, but first…’ Tarasha
continued talking and walked past Fatima who was
coming to her. In a tired manner she walked, like a
pregnant woman who was going in for labour.
She got close to the maid and paused. Then she turned
back and made a smile at Fatima which got Fatima
staring at her in confusion. Then she placed her hand on
the maids shoulder and then moved her hand to the
maid’s neck. The maid fell down.
Fatima eyes widened in shock as she saw the maid fall
but she couldn’t tell what really happened. Too shocked
to speak or make any sound, she stared at Evelyn in
Tarasha turned and placed her eyes on Fatima’s face
making funny looks at her to confuse her more. She
knew better than to walk close to her, Fatima could
scream and alert others in the house. She carefully
opened the purse attached to her belly side and took out
one of the pins. Then she tightened it in between the tip
of her thumb and his the nail of the index finger. She
raised it up and launched it straight to Fatima.
Cole still felt a little bit relieved after Tarasha spoke to
him. There was still hope of Tarasha coming to help and
join hands with him to defeat the man even though she
emphasized during their preparation that one of the
reasons for the separate cars they had all came in was to
give room for everyone to escape if there was any
mistake by a party. She also stated strongly that anyone
who made an error in carrying out their tasks would be
made to face the consequences alone.
At the same time he was still not was sure how possible
or quick it would be for Tarasha to locate him by the
tracker because the house was not a familiar place to
them. It would take someone who was familiar with all
the rooms in the house to locate him fast and easily.
The guard had underrated Cole in someway, he was
searching Cole’s body without protecting himself from
attack. Cole could see the man’s chest and face
unprotected from attack. He mustered up strength and
stamped his feet on the man’s face. The man staggered
back and held on to his eyes with a soft groan. Cole
managed to get up and tried to follow up with a kick on
the side of the man’s belly but it had very little effect as
Cole’s kick weighed very little.
Soon, his opponent had recovered and they were both
facing each other, the man had an evil smirk on his face
while Cole had a serious and disturbing face. The man
rolled his neck in the right and left direction, making a
cracking sound, then he raised his head up and his fists in
readiness to take out Cole.
Cole though was feeling pains in his body joints and
bones summoned courage and decided not to give up
without a good fight. He raised up his fists too and began
to bounce. The man’s evil smile deepen at his gesture but
that didn’t disturb Cole, even if the man was going to
break his bones, he wouldn’t make it an easy task for
An idea crept into his mind, he remembered some of
Tarasha’s words to them during one of their preparation.
‘No matter how big and tough an opponent looks, even if
his body seems too hard to be weakened, there would
always be a soft spot. It only takes the right value of the
right strike at the right place on his body to take him
down.’ She had said. Although she was speaking to Benny
that day, he knew could apply it in this situation. The only
problem now was to find that right place and the right
value of the right strike to apply, that was even if he had
enough strength in his arms and legs for the intensity of
the strike required.
Fatima collapsed within seconds and became
unconscious of her environment. Tarasha quickly took
out her phone again and switched on the screen, the
tracking application was still running. Cole was being
located to be at the left side of the house. Of course there
was no door at the left where she was, she had to start
looking for the way to the place.
She ran her hands into her hair in utter disgust about the
situation, it was the reason she hated working with half
baked assassins who made mistakes at simple tasks.
She quickly bent down and began to remove the clothes
from the body of the maid.
While Cole was still looking for the perfect place to attack
on the man’s body, a jab landed on his face. He yelled as
he staggered back and his head hit the door of the toilet.
The door opened and he fell down inside the toilet.
The guard stood still with his legs wide apart and fixed an
evil stare at Cole. He dipped his hand into his pocket and
took out a phone, he began to dial a number.
Cole’s eyes widened as he saw the man take the phone to
his ear, he couldn’t imagine what would be the result of
the man’s call if it was successful. If the other guards and
occupants of the whole house were alerted, that would
mean failure for the whole operation. He tried to get up
but his strength would not let him be as fast as he wanted
to. He held on to the door as a support and then quickly
removed his shoe.
‘Jamiu…’ The guard was talking into the phone when the
shoe hit his face. He squeezed his face and gritted his
teeth angrily adding a threatening look and growl at Cole.
Cole ignored his look and projected himself forward with
his head to the belly of the man, both of them crash to
the floor, Cole being the one more affected by the crash.
The phone fell off from the man’s hand and scattered on
the floor.
The man angrily with a feet on Cole’s chest pushed Cole
away. Cole found himself far inside the toilet again. The
guard got up immediately and charged towards Cole.
Cole turned his head up and jn a trancelike way could see
the man coming towards him, he could hear the heavy
thuds made by the man’s feet on the floor. Cole closed
his eyes in anticipation of another kick or blow that
would take him out finally, he began to say his last
prayers silently.
The kick did not come but he felt a cold hand on his
neck. The man dragged him up and raised him up with
his neck, his legs sprawling far above the ground. Cole
managed to open his eyes and stared at the man’s face.
There was so much fury in the guard’s eyes.
Cole’s leg continued to dangle, he felt something hit his
stomach gently and heard a soft sound of a metal hitting
another. It was then he remembered that he still had
some small knives and tools in the inner pocket of his
The man began to tighten his grip on Cole’s neck,
squeezing out life gradually. Cole tried to dip his hand
into his inner pocket but was too weak to move the hand.
He closed his eyes again in anticipation of death.
Tarasha was still walking around the house in the maid’s
uniform helplessly. The tight skirt of the uniform was not
helping matters, the curves of the pockets attached to
her thighs were clearly revealed underneath and she
could not walk very fast also.
She couldn’t find a good way to the location the tracker
was identifying and had been brought back to the same
place she left the two unconscious bodies. The only place
that she could have linked her to the location was the
sitting room where Nasiru and others were in. But even if
she decides to take the risk, she would be noticed before
she gets to the sitting room because she wouldn’t be able
to cover her face and walk quickly and she still needed to
walk past guards and maids before getting there.
She closed the door to the room and rested her back to
the wall, then she tried to connect with Cole again but the
connection wasn’t accepted this time. That could mean
Cole was engaged in a fight or had already been totally
She took out her phone and opened the chat box with
Benny. ‘Cole just messed up, if you don’t get any
instruction from me in the next five minutes, take an
excuse to go outside the house and into the car with
Aisha. There’s a bomb detonator where I sat, set it up to
detonate in ten minutes time while you and Aisha make
your way out of the compound following the direction of
your escape cars. There’s a farmyard before your own
car , so it’s better you both opt for Aisha’s.’ She typed in
and closed the app immediately the message was marked
Failing the mission wasn’t an option to Tarasha, Nasiru
had to die that day. She even had an extra explosive she
could couple together in case Benny failed in his task or
had already been implicated by Cole already.
Cole had failed already, so he would have to bear the
consequences of his failure even if it was death. For her,
all she needed to get outside the house and get to the
extra car on her body.

Episode 73
The roads were clear on this perfect sunny afternoon.
The traffic jam and rush on the street was at the lowest
minimum. Henry was driving while Omotara was seated
with him at the front seat. They seemed to be involved in
a deep heart talk with each other as both of them smiled
occasionally. After driving for some few minutes, they
halted the car in front of a drinks store and Henry
pushed the horn twice. In one minute time, Jefa came
out of the store and proceeded towards the car. He
entered into the backseat and the couple greeted him
warmly. Then they continued the ride.
‘I’ve got something for you two,’ Jefa spoke from the
back seat and handed a small white polythene bag to
‘Oh, ice cream!’ Omotara flashed her teeth as she opened
the polythene bag to see the contents. Henry also peeped
and smiled.
‘Thank you, Uncle Jefa.’ Henry said in appreciation.
‘It’s nothing,’ Jefa replied.
Omotara took her own ice cream cup and took off the
seal. She took a spoonful and widened her eyes in
excitement as she fell in love with the taste. She turned to
look at Jefa who was smiling at the back. ‘I never knew
you had such a good taste too,’ she joked.
‘Come on, I’ve got a better taste than you two.’
‘You think so?’
‘I know so.’
‘Hehe, no problem if it makes you feel better anyway.’
She said and added a short laugh. Jefa gave her a playful
punch on the shoulder.
‘Better leave Uncle Jeffery,’ Henry joined playfully. ‘He’s a
gentleman and gentlemen always make a good choice of
things like this.’
‘You can say that again if it will make both of you sleep
better tonight,’ Omotara said with another round of
laughter. ‘I feel like taking beef roll too.’ She added, to
‘Beef roll and ice cream?’ Henry questioned.
‘Well, it’s none of your business what I
combine.’Omotara answered playfully.
‘Okay Boss,’ Henry saluted in the same playful manner,
‘just mention when you see any store where it is sold, so
we can stop by and you’ll drop to get it yourself.’
‘Huh?’ Omotara queried, pouting her lips and staring
straight into his eyes.
Henry sighed, trying his best to focus on the road. ‘So I
should be the one to get it for you?’ He asked with a raise
‘Yes, or you want me to lecture you on what it means to
be a gentleman again?’ She spread out her hands to
emphasize her point.
‘Gentlemanliness is not defined that way,’ Jefa cut in
from the back, ‘he’s been a gentleman enough to agree
that we stop by a store to get one for you when you’re
only a few metres to the house.’
‘Hahaha, Uncle Jeffery is an ancient Gentleman. Well,
enough of the talks.’ Omotara raised up her two hands
girlishly to halt the conversation. ‘Stop, there’s a store
over there.’ She said, pointing to a small neat kiosk at the
other side of the road.
Henry took his time to pull over and then glanced at the
direction she was pointing at, he took a glance back at
‘You know my favorite,’ she winked at him.
He sighed and pulled off his seatbelt. He opened the door
and stepped out.
‘You just want to trouble this guy,’ Jefa said to her as they
watched him look out for vehicles before crossing the
‘No, I’m just helping his destiny come quicker.’ Omotara
replied in a stern voice. She turned back to look at Jefa,
her happy face had changed into something different,
she now had a smirk on.
‘What do you mean by that?’ Jefa questioned with a
raised eyebrow.
‘Just watch and see,’ Omotara answered and then looked
towards Henry’s direction. He had already gotten the
beef roll and was waiting to cross the road with a nylon
bag. He was seen dipping his hand into his pocket, his
phone was taken out, he answered a call and placed it on
his ear. Just then, he stepped into the road and started
walking back. Suddenly, a sand carrying tipper truck
appeared from nowhere and was rushing towards him.
Jefa finally jerked off from his dream, sweating profusely
in the cold air conditioned room. He rolled out of the
blanket and turned on the blue light. He wiped off the
sweat from his forehead after sitting up.
What manner of dream was this? He asked himself. This
was the third nightmare he had had within a very brief
period of days and there seemed to be a connection
between the three. In the first dream, Omotara was the
one who was attacked. In the second dream, he, Jefa was
pointed a gun and in this third dream, a vehicle was
rushing towards Henry. In the first and the third dream,
it wasn’t clear if Omotara or Henry was killed but it was
obvious that their lives were in great danger but in the
second dream, the bullet of the gun clearly pierced into
Jefa’s head.
Jefa buried in face in his palms in frustration, his wounds
suddenly began to ache him again. He had never been a
clairvoyant person but with the way the nightmares are
coming, he believed that God was giving him
premonitions of something about to happen very soon.
Jefa rolled out of the bed and turned on the white bulb.
He took a glance at the wall clock, it was already close to
eleven pm. Then he stared around the room to see where
his clothes were kept for him by Omotara, he had to start
packing immediately. He would leave by the next day
since it was obvious that the reuniting with each other
would cause tragedy, the nightmares alone already spells
doom for them, he didn’t want to wait until the physical
manifestations begin.
He proceeded to the wardrobe when he couldn’t see any
of his clothes or bags around, he tried to open it but it
didn’t open. He looked around to see if there was any
keyhole hidden somewhere but he found none, it
seemed that the wardrobe lock was electrical.
He struggled to bent down and search under the bed but
there was no pin under the bed, under the bed looked
recently swept and mopped. He gave up searching for his
clothes and returned to sleep in the bed. He would make
sure he leaves the house the next day after Omotara
returns in the morning. He will try his best to explain his
decision to her before parting finally.
Don and Stainless were now in one of the underground
rooms of Stainless’ caban. The room which was a long
abandoned old arsenal looked like a mud house that was
about to collapse, sands dropped on their heads
occasionally. The arms and ammunitions were all cover
in sand and dust. A fully charged lamp by the top left
corner of the room served as the source of light in the
room. Stainless had inherited the whole place from their
former Master and Boss, Scot whom Don murdered after
a disagreement.
Don kept staring at Stainless from time to time, partially
in anger and then in thankfulness. He was angry that
Stainless could theaten him so much with a gun which
had no bullets in it when he himself had a gun which was
fully loaded in his pocket. And he was thankful because
he wasn’t dead, until now he never believed that he could
be so scared of death.
‘Here,’ Stainless passed an old hard cover book to him
from his bag.
‘What’s this?’ Don asked, taking a close look at the book.
‘Some of my old deals with Elvis Richards are in there,’
Stainless answered.
‘I don’t think we should be searching about Elvis’ old
deals now, I think we should be more focused on who
sent Tara… Samantha.’
‘Tara…?’ Stainless raised an eyebrow with a questioning
look. ‘You’ve been mentioning that since, are you still
hiding something from me?’
‘I told you I was going to tell you more after the meal,’
Don answered.
‘And now we’ve finished the meal and we’ve even left the
‘Yes, I’ll tell you. Let’s take it one after the other.’
‘I still think we need to find out Chief Elvis’s connection
with Samantha Osman also, it may help us in getting her.’
Stainless suggested.
‘I don’t really think there’s a connection between them
until now, Elvis Richards is scared that she’ll be coming
for his life soon, that’s why he’s hunting her. She doesn’t
even know that he’s after her. And who knows, he may
not be part of her targets.’
‘But what’s the purpose for his fear?’
‘He mentioned to me once that all the people that Tara…
Samantha has brought down were once involved in a
deal with him, except for the Rivers State Governor.’
Stainless closed the bag he was searching in and got up,
he folded his arms and stared at Don. ‘Now you’ve got to
tell me the connection between Tara and Samantha
Osman, you’ve made the mistake of calling Tara almost
more than half of the times you wanted to refer to
‘Tarasha is her real name,’ Don finally said, ‘she was
exported down to Nigeria, I don’t know which country
she was exported from but report says that she looks like
an African.’
‘Tarasha,’ Stainless mumbled under his breath,
wondering what African country and language the name
could be from. ‘Have you met with her before?’
‘No, except for today when we both met her for the first
time.’Don answered reluctantly, wondering if Stainless
was deaf and didn’t hear the answer when he had told
him earlier that day.
‘How do you know so much about her?’
‘She works for Chief Gab,’ Don stated.
‘Chief Gab!’ Stainless exclaimed, ‘where the hell is that
‘He’s kicking, he’s in Nigeria.’
‘Wow! I never knew he’s done with his jail term.’
‘He was released some years ago.’
‘Okay, I think I remember when the media reported it
but since then we’ve not heard anything else about him.’
Stainless said before bending down to bring out a long
gun. It was covered with dust.
‘He’s not been making public comments, so the media
may be quiet about him.’
‘Interesting! But where’s he getting the money he’s using
to send Samantha…I mean Tarasha these errands?’
‘That’s best known to him,’ Don remarked with less
‘So it’s Chief Gab who is behind all these killings?’
Don gave no reply but kept gathering the bullets he was
picking. There was silence for a while before Don spoke
again. ‘If we can get Chief Gab’s list of targets, we can
know all her moves.’
‘That’s true but how do we do that?’
‘We have to travel to Lagos, I can easily break into Chief
Gab’s apartments.’
‘Then let’s travel tomorrow, or can you send your people
from your Nanl Gang to do it?’
‘We can’t travel tomorrow when we already know her
immediate next move. Let’s tackle that first.’
‘Huh? How do you know her next move?’ Stainless turned
to stare at him in surprise.
Don shook his head as he saw Stainless’ surprise. He had
thought by Stainless’ action that day, Stainless had
become wiser but he was just proved wrong. ‘Don’t you
know her next move?’ He stared back at Stainless in
‘Ermm…I don’t know.’ Stainless scratched his head.
Don gave a chuckle, he felt like taking out a gun to blow
off Stainless’ dumb brain immediately but he restrained
himself, he still needed to keep Stainless to finish off
Tarasha’s execution. Don was sure that Stainless was also
keeping him alive because he was interested in
conquering Samantha Osman. After that goal was
achieved, he knew that only one of them would be left
alive as the fastest between the both of them would kill
the other immediately.
‘Her next move would be to look for us,’ Don stated and
returned to what he was doing.
‘Look for us? Why?’ Stainless Asked another set of
Don was obviously irritated by the question. He was now
sure that Stainless’ dumbness was the reason Elvis
Richards did not entrust the job to him.
‘She saw both of us in Henry’s house, I’m sure she came
there to get something. She’ll want to find out what we
were doing there and who are, especially I that called her
by her name.’
‘Hmmm… True,’ Stainless could not but nod in
agreement. He wondered why he had not thought about
it that way, the only people he was expecting to be after
him was the police. Now, he could understand the
reason why Don excelled better than him at the job.
‘Then we’ve got to prepare in case she comes here for us
but I don’t think she’ll be coming soon now that they
police are keeping an eye on the place.’
‘Don’t talk like that, she’s super intelligent, she always has
her way of getting past the police.’ Don cautioned.
‘Does that mean that she’ll come immediately?’
‘Most likely, I believe she was looking for something in
Henry E.G’s house. Maybe something she forgot the last
time. If she doesn’t find it there, she may think that we
have whatever it is. That gives her more reasons to look
for us.’
‘Great! Then we don’t need to struggle since we are
expecting her. We’ll just wait for her here. I would call
back some of my men.’ Stainless said, with a note of
confidence in his voice.
‘We’ll get many boys to join us but what we need more
importantly is the brain to match hers. If we act stupidly,
we’ll end up putting ourselves in trouble.’ Don cautioned
again. ‘Remember Robin Kahn,’ he quickly added to
emphasize his point.
‘That’s true, so what do you suggest we do?’
‘We’ll use a method I learnt from her,’ Don paused and
turned to Stainless with a crooked smile. ‘The same
method she used for Robin Kahn. She knew that Robin
was coming, so she set him up to come to a place which
she knew better than him, then she set traps there for
him. We have a better situation.’ Don paused to clear his
throat. ‘We know she’s coming here and we also know
she’ll be coming during the night time cos she can’t enter
during the day when she’ll not be able to hide herself
from the police monitoring. We’ll set enough traps for
her and I’m sure she’ll walk into it.’
Tarasha made her way out of the room again carefully,
this time she went in direction of the study. After walking
for one minute, she was able to locate the study, it was
locked and there was need for an access card to unlock
it. She quickly rolled up the tight skirts and took out two
screwdriver- like metals, she began to unscrew the access
Three minutes had passed and Benny had not gotten any
message from Tarasha. His heart began to fear at the
thought of leaving Cole in the explosion that was about to
rock the house. He began to think of anyway possible to
reach Cole and help him out. He took out his connection
device and punched in Cole’s code. He fixed the earpiece
in his left ear, just as it was about connecting, the Senate
President returned to the living room.
‘Your friends have not still returned?’ Mr Nasiru asked
with a worried look on his face.
‘Sir, I’m not very happy with what is happening.’ Mr
Alfred replied in a sad tone.
‘I’m really sorry sir,’ Nasiru tried to calm him, ‘but do
you know of any substance that the both of them may
have an allergy for?’
‘I’m not aware of anything,’ Mr Alfred said angrily, he
took a glance at his wristwatch, four minutes was gone
already. ‘They’ve been eating well since we got to Nigeria
and they’ve not been selective of anything.’
‘Ermm… Maybe I need to check out on them.’ Nasiru said
and was turning back.
‘No sir,’ Mr Alfred stopped him. ‘I think I have to call the
office first.’
‘No please, don’t do that.’ Nasiru pleaded, ‘it’s just a little
thing that we can sort out.’
‘No, I’m not calling to report you, I’m calling the medical
unit to find out if they had any previous case or records
like this.’
‘But are you sure that’s the right thing to do?’ Nasiru
asked in fear, not wanting for his relationship with their
foundation to be destroyed.
‘Yes, don’t worry. They’ll be no problems.’ Mr Alfred said
and got up. ‘I need to get to the car and take my second
phone. Please can you show me the way?’
The guard flung Cole out of the toilet to the floor outside
mercilessly, he stepped out of the toilet and closed the
Cole felt his body weaken more as he landed on the floor,
his head almost hitting the wall. For some seconds he left
his eyes closed and opened it again when he didn’t hear
sounds of the man’s movement. He saw the guard
standing in front of the toilet’s door, staring at him. Cole
took his gaze away and turned his neck to another side
and there he saw the tranquilizing pin he had wanted to
use earlier. It was not out of his hand reach but he felt
too weak at the moment to stretch forth his hand and he
wouldn’t even want to do it while the man was staring at
The guard started taking slow steps closer to him, Cole
tried to turn but couldn’t, he felt the metals in his
pockets again. Then he saw something, something which
he could use. He remembered his boss’ saying that
anything could be a weapon. Some hope returned to him
and he managed to dipped his hand into his inner
pocket, acting as if he was grabbing his stomach in pains
so that the man wouldn’t suspect anything. He gave a
very faint smile on seeing the man’s shoe lace carelessly
loose and dragging on the floor.
The guard kept marching to him with slow steps. He
stopped right in front of Cole face, close to the wall and
squatted, staring straight at Cole’s face. ‘Who sent you?’
He barked.
Cole turned his face away but the man turned it back to
himself and added a slap. ‘I said who sent you?’ He
barked again.
Cole’s fingers by this time already touched the metals he
needed, a tiny rope clip and a short knife. He stretched
his free hand and placed it on the guard’s left shoe. The
guard glanced at the movement but took it for granted as
he believed that Cole was too weak to do anything
dangerous to him.
‘You won’t talk?’ He shouted once again.
‘She sent us,’ Cole finally answered, still doing his work
on the man’s shoe. He had gotten a hold of the lace and
held it softly. Then he noticed something else on the
man’s left shoulder, there was kind of swelling which
wasn’t on the other side. To Cole, it looked like the man
had a dressed wound there.
‘Who is she?’ The man asked in low tones, mentioning the
words one after the other.
Cole stared at his face and gave a smile, bringing
confusion to the man. ‘Even if you kill me, you can’t
cause our mission to be aborted. She never fails and
won’t fail this either,’ Cole said, with the hope of buying
more time.
‘Who the hell is she?’ The man slammed and stood to his
feet to take out something from his pocket. With that
Cole removed his hand from the inner pocket and
clipped the man’s shoe with the metal clip, he mustered
enough strength to get up and drag the clip, making the
man fall to the ground with a thud.
Immediately, Cole followed up by driving the knife into
the man’s shoulder where he noticed the swelling. The
man responded with a loud groan that echoed round the
room. Then Cole turned to search for the pin where it
was, he located it and carefully picked it up. He drove it
into the man’s neck at once.
Tarasha had just picked the book and was about
proceeding out of the place when she heard some voices
approaching. With what they were discussing, they had
seen the door left ajar.
‘The study is not locked?’ A coarse voice expressed the
owner’s surprise.
‘How come? The man never leaves it open.’ The
accompanying voice said. Tarasha quickly hid herself
beside the door.
Someone pushed the door open a little and closed it
back. ‘What may have happened to the access panel?’
‘Maybe the man is trying to change it,’ the accompanying
voice replied.
‘Whatever,’ the hand drew the door close again but it still
went ajar. Tarasha waited until she heard their voices and
footsteps no more. She quickly opened the door and
peeped, there was no one else in the corridor. She
stepped out and looked left and right, it was time to set
up the other bomb and leave the place. She started
following the route where she had come from. Her
connection device beeped.
‘Cole,’ she called.
‘Boss,’ Cole spoke in a low voice.
‘Speak up Cole, have you gotten away from the man?’
‘Yes, he’s down. Cole tried to raise his voice.
‘Ermm…’ Tarasha delayed the reply as she thought of the
best step to take now that Cole was free.
‘Boss…’ Cole called when he heard nothing again from
the other end.
‘Cole, find another security guard whose clothes you can
use and take the clothes.’
‘Huh?’ Cole sounded surprised, he wasn’t expecting such
an order now that he just had a hard time defeating one
‘Cole,’ Tarasha chuckled, noticing his surprise. ‘If you
could defeat the the man’s personal security official, you
can take out anyone else.’ She added to encourage him.
‘Sh*t! One is here already.’ Tarasha heard Cole mention
before the connection was cut.
She took out her phone and dialed Benny. ‘Where are
you now?’
‘I just finished timing the bomb and I’m about to leave
with Aisha. The Senate President is walking at the front of
his house. I’m waiting for Aisha so that we could both
take the escape route.’ Benny replied Tarasha, watching
the Senate President and his wife standing in front of the
house while Aisha was coming towards the car from the
‘How many minutes has it run for already?’
‘Just one,’ Benny answered after glancing at where the
bomb was placed in the car.
‘So that means it took you nine minutes to go out of the
house?’ Tarasha questioned, in something more like a
scolding manner. Benny was quiet. ‘Set the time to thirty
minutes now and return into the house, I’ll send
something into your phone for you to show the man.’
She ordered and the call ended.
Benny stepped back into the car and picked up the
detonator, he entered in the password and stopped the
reading, then he set it afresh for thirty minutes.
‘What’s happening?’ Aisha asked as she got near the car.
She had been in darkness all the while since it was only
Benny the boss was communicating with, the only thing
she knew was that Benny gave her the signal to follow
him when he was going out to the car.
‘Nothing,’ Benny smiled and stepped out, then he closed
the door. ‘I’m just following the boss’ instruction.’
‘But you’re not telling me anything.’
‘Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.’
Benny said and grabbed her by the arm and they both
returned into the house.
Cole rose up to face the new guard who just entered. The
slim guard was staring around the room with great awe
of the disarray in the place. He took a glance at the
Chief’s personal bodyguard laying lifeless, his face clearly
showed his shock on seeing the man down. He raised up
his head and stared at Cole with a frowned face.
Cole rushed to the guard as the man’s hand made way
into his pocket. He landed a kick on the man’s belly and
the man staggered backwards, his body closing back the
Nasiru and his wife began to walk back slowly into the
house with their guests, there was an unvoiced tension
and unusual silenced amongst them. Benny took out his
phone and unlocked it, he clicked on the chat application
and opened the conversation box with Tarasha. She was
already typing in a message.
‘Show the pictures I send you to the man,’ the message
entered as they stepped into the living room.
‘Okay Boss,’ Benny replied and proceeded with Aisha to
the three seater sofa to sit.
Another message came in shortly, ‘is his wife still with
‘Make sure that she and her husband does not leave
there but show only the husband the message.’
‘Okay Boss,’ Benny answered and the messages paused
for a minute.
‘I think I need to go check your colleagues now,’ The
Senate President said after he saw that the guests were
seated for a while. His wife was seated at the opposite
sofa to them.
‘No need sir, I have a message for you.’ Mr Alfred said
and got up.
‘What message is that?’ Nasiru answered reluctantly and
walked back to Mr Alfred who was also walking towards
‘Here,’ Mr Alfred clicked on the loading picture. An blurry
image first appeared and it became clearer in few
‘What?’ Nasiru screamed out loud on seeing the photo.
There was his daughter Fatima tied to the bed, with an
explosive device around her body. Aisha and Mrs Nasiru
got up immediately in shock as they heard the man’s
scream. Two of the guards also came into the living room
from different directions.
‘Calm down mister,’ Mr Alfred said to the man in a low
voice, ‘we don’t want to harm her if you’ll cooperate with
‘Yes, I would cooperate.’ The man said nodded his head
in agreement, almost in tears already.
‘Now tell your guards to return, assure them that there’s
no problem.’ Benny said to his ears.
‘Go back everyone, everything is fine.’ Nasiru ordered
‘Correct,’ Benny smiled. He checked his phone again,
there was another text message and more pictures. ‘Tell
the man to sit with you as if nothing happened and wait
till I come.’
‘What’s the matter?’ Mrs Nasiru stood at her husband’s
front and asked.
‘Nothing o, nothing.’ Mr Nasiru sang back like a terrified
child, his body trembling all over.
Tarasha climbed down the bed after attaching the bomb
to Fatima’s body, then she started to pull off the maid’s
uniform. After a minute, she had stripped to her
underwear and was proceeding to pick her previous
clothes, her connection device beeped.
‘Cole,’ she called as she answered.
‘Boss, I’m in the security guards uniform now.’
‘Do you have a cap with you?’
‘Ermm… I will take the cap now.’
‘Better, meet us in the living room. Connect me if any
one confronts you. And if you get there before me,
ensure that the target and his wife does not leave there.’
‘Okay boss,’ Benny said and the connection was closed.
Tarasha began to put on the clothes hurriedly, she turned
back to Fatima who was staring at her, tied to the bed
with the bomb attached to her body. She was too
terrified to scream or move as Tarasha had threatened
that the bomb would go off it unnecessary movements
were made or if there was any attempt made to detach it.
‘Sorry baby,’ Tarasha said with a smirk, ‘sometimes, the
children partakes from the Father’s sins.’
‘What do you want from me?’ Nasiru asked from Mr
Alfred, now seated but still trembling.
‘Calm down mister, you’ll find out soon.’
‘I said what is the matter?’ Mrs Nasiru shouted at her
husband in an angry manner.
Benny gave the man a threatening look to warn his wife.
‘Will you sit down woman,’ Nasiru shouted back at her.
‘Something is clearly wrong, I’ll alert the security’ She
said and began to hurry away. Aisha followed after
immediately to stop her.
‘No madam, you can’t do that.’ A man dressed in the
security’s uniform walked in from the corridor of the
inner rooms and stopped at her front.
‘Cole!’ Aisha exclaimed as she saw the security man’s
‘Yea baby, I’m with you.’ Cole winked at Aisha and took
out something from his pocket.
‘Who the hell are you and what authority do you think
you have to stop me?’ Mrs Nasiru tried to push Cole away
and proceed on but Cole pushed in a pin into the side of
her neck. She felt dizzy immediately and collapsed into
Cole’s hands, he carefully placed her on the floor.
‘Please don’t hurt her,’ Mr Nasiru screamed and stood
‘Get seated man,’ Cole took out a gun and pointed at the
man, ‘she’s not dead, she’s only taking a nap.’
Up to five security officials rushed into the scene at once,
two from the same place Cole came from and pointed
the guns at Cole.
Then Benny got up and held the man neck, he pointed his
gun to the man’s head. ‘Tell them to drop their arms or
you and your daughter would be killed.’
All the men directed their gun focus to Benny now.
‘Drop your guns,’ Nasiru said to the men. They slowly
began to comply.
‘Hello Senate President,’ Tarasha came in from behind
the guards. She walked to the man’s front and stood.
Then she took a quick glance at her men, Cole, Benny and
Aisha before returning her gaze to the man. ‘Come on
Benny, treat the Senate President with respect.’ She said
in a tone of mockery. Benny slowly took off the gun from
the man’s head.
Cole bent down and began to pack the guns of the
security men. Tarasha took out her phone from the bag
she had carried with her upstairs. She turned on the
screen to check the time. ‘We only have fifteen minutes
to get out of this house,’ she announced loudly. She took
out a timer from her bag and showed it to the man, it
was at thirty minutes and twenty three seconds, counting
down. ‘The bomb on your daughter’s body would be
going off when this time counts down to the end. The
place where the control point of the bomb will require
fifteen minutes drive from here.’ She said, staring at the
man’s face squarely. ‘Well, fifteen minutes if there’s no
‘Who are you?’ The man managed to mutter, squeezing
his face bitterly.
‘Hahaha, you’re asking questions?’ Tarasha laughed out
loud. ‘I will do you the honour of replying.’ She cleared
her throat and folded her arms. ‘Your people call me
Samantha Osman.’
The man’s face fell, a tear dropped from his eyes. ‘I’ve
been expecting you, but please spare my daughter and
my wife.’
‘Only you can do that now, just follow us quietly and tell
your security officials to remain calm until you return.’
She ordered.
Cole, Benny and Aisha kept staring at their boss in
surprise. This was not their initial plan, what she was
doing was far from their plan but they had complete
trust in her.
…to be continuedEpisode 74
Tarasha tried her best to avoid the stares she was getting
from the rest of the team as Cole drove them out of the
house in one of the Senate President’s cars. Except for
the Senate President’s eyes which were staring in fear,
the others were expecting an explanation for their new
change in plan. But Tarasha wasn’t ready to talk much,
they would understand the new plan as time goes on.
‘Park there,’ Tarasha pointed to a small empty space as
she ordered Cole who took a glance back and then pulled
over immediately. ‘Everyone should step out.’ She added.
She started by stepping out first and then the others
followed her. Cole who was still in the guards uniform
was the last to step out. ‘Our car is parked six metres
away from here, we’ll leave this here and get into that.’
She explained and then held the Senate President’s hand
in hers, she began to lead the way.
‘Come on smile, we ain’t flogging you.’ Tarasha said to
Nasiru who gave a forced smile immediately.
Before leaving the Senate President’s house, Tarasha had
promised the guards that the man would be returned to
them before twelve noon the next day. She also made
Nasiru force his guards not to report to the authorities or
alert the guards outside. It was also easy for them to
drive out of the house because Cole was putting on a
guard’s uniform and the cap to cover his face, the guards
outside all thought that the Senate President was going
somewhere not too far with his guests as the man was
made to smile at them and promise to return soon as
they drove out through the gate.
They got to the car in less than one minute, Tarasha took
out the keys and handed it over to Cole. She and Aisha
entered into the backseat with the Senate President in the
‘Drive to where Benny’s car was parked,’ Tarasha said
after Cole started the car engine. ‘When we get there,
Benny and Aisha would get into the car and follow us. We
may need to go different ways later on but you can
always locate this car with the tracker.’
In five minutes time, they got to where Benny’s car was
parked, Benny and Aisha did as they had been instructed.
They cars followed closely behind each other, they kept
driving straight forward without making any turn for
twenty minutes. Tarasha was quiet, so was the rest of the
team where they were. Only Nasiru had begun to shiver
uncomfortably and Tarasha noticed.
‘What’s the matter?’ She asked, even though she was sure
why the man was trembling.
Nasiru’s lips vibrated for sometime without making any
word, then after forty seconds he was able to find his
voice. ‘It’s past thirty minutes already and the bomb
hasn’t still been deactivated,’ he said half stammering.
Tarasha smiled and stretched her hand to pick a device
behind them, on the screen were two timers not reading
and regulators beside them. She typed in a password and
turned on the first one which had six minutes left and
used the regulator to increase the time to twenty
‘I turned off the bombs before, thank you for reminding
to switch them on.’ She said with a smile before
returning the device.
Nasiru’s trembling increased and he started mumbling
words to himself, Tarasha listened carefully and found
out that he was reciting words from the Quran. She
laughed in her heart and sat properly, she stretched out
her hands and began quote some prayers from the
Hisnul Hasin loudly. Nasiru paused and stared at her in
‘You’re a Muslim my daughter,’ he said in a shaky voice.
‘Who the hell is your daughter? Don’t you get that no
God is going to come save you here?’ Tarasha slammed.
‘The gods you serve are murderers themselves, more
brutal than the ruthless assassins ever.’
The man was shocked at her words and decided to
remain silent, even Cole glanced back at Tarasha after she
spoke. Nasiru dipped his two palms in between his knees,
he shut his eyes and kept making prayers in his heart.
After sometime he stopped and summoned more
courage to talk. ‘Please you can kill me or do anything
you want with me but don’t harm my family. My wife
and daughter are still in the house.’
Tarasha chuckled, ‘who told you I was going to kill you? I
know your life doesn’t mean anything to you, that’s why I
want to take the lives of those that mean much to you.’
Tears rolled down the man’s cheeks and he rubbed his
palms together in a pleading manner, ‘please don’t do
that. Punish me for whatever offence I must have
committed against you. I know I’m a man with multitude
of sins and blood in his hands, please punish the offender
and leave the innocent ones to live.’
Tarasha pulled her bag from the back and opened it. She
began to search in it for the book she had taken away
from the study in the man’s house. ‘Wipe off your face
now and keep quiet until I ask you to talk. If we’re
stopped by the police or anyone else on the road,
consider your wife and your daughter gone.’ She said to
the man.
Nasiru quickly wiped off the tears and cleaned his nose,
he sat properly and relaxed his back.
‘Good,’ Tarasha continued after he was settled, she had
found the book but she hid it under her bag on her lap.
‘Now answer my questions quickly,’ she paused and
checked the bomb timing device at the back, six minutes
was gone already. ‘You have twenty three more minutes
to answer my questions and save your wife and
daughter, hope you would cooperate.’
‘Yes, I will.’ The man nodded in agreement.
‘Good boy!’ Tarasha smiled and smack her lips. ‘The Vice
President called you on phone while we were in your
study, what was your discussion about?’
Nasiru took in a deep breath and sniffed, ‘he called to
inform me that Don, one of our boys was almost caught
by the police today.’
‘Your boy, how is he your boy?’ Tarasha asked, sounding
more interested in the conversation.
‘He used to work for us several years ago but we stopped
calling him for…I mean I stopped calling him for jobs, I
had no need of his services again since I stopped the bad
activities we were once involved in.’
‘Hmm… ‘Tarasha chuckled, ‘we’ll come back to those
your bad activities. But why did you call him back?’
‘I didn’t call him back, Vice President Elvis did. He called
him when he…’ Nasiru paused and drew in another deep
breath, staring at Tarasha’s face in fear. ‘He called him
back when we got scared of your presence in Nigeria, he
saw that you have taken out all the remaining people that
we used to be work together and we were expecting that
we will be your next targets.’ Nasiru continued with his
face and voice full of regrets. ‘Elvis has always been the
one who has the boys under direct control, so I don’t
know much about their activities apart from what he tells
me. I just know that he called back Don to find you
before you get to us.’
‘Interesting!’ Tarasha licked her lips like she was enjoying
his story. ‘So you brought Don for Samantha Osman?’
She asked, staring at his face, he nodded in agreement.
‘Then what was he doing in Henry E.G’s house earlier
‘We got to find out that Henry worked closely with you,
so he tried to get to Henry, so that he could get to you
through him.’
‘How did you find out that Henry worked closely with
Samantha?’ Tarasha asked, putting on a serious look.
‘We get our information directly from the police, Chief
Elvis is working with them on your case.’
‘On Samantha Osman’s case you mean?’ Tarasha
corrected him.
‘Yes, Samantha Osman. Are you not her?’ Nasiru asked.
‘I am, but I’m so many people also.’ Tarasha paused and
faced the road. ‘Take the left turn,’ she said to Cole and
then picked out her phone.
‘That’s out of town boss,’ Cole stated in a bass voice.
‘Yes, I know. We’re going back to the first house we
landed in Abuja.’ She replied. Cole spoke back no more
and he turned as he was ordered to, he took a look at the
side mirror to see Benny who was driving behind them,
he made some signals to him with his fingers.
‘Aisha,’ Tarasha spoke into her phone. ‘You and Benny
should go back to the hotel where we came from, gather
all your loads and tell me when you’re through gathering
them.’ She ended the call and began to search for
something in his bag. He would need to blindfold the
man so that he would have idea of where they were
going to.’
Agent Dakolo hissed severally as he stretched and turned
round the bed to look for his phone which was ringing
for the second time, he finally found it, the call was from
the office. He shook his head partly in annoyance as he
sat up. He had been busy all day and worked overtime.
Now, it was time to rest and someone was still disturbing
him from the office. He was very sure in his heart that it
was a matter that could wait till the next day.
‘Hello,’ he said as he answered the call reluctantly.
‘Agent Dakolo, there’s an emergency right now.’ A female
voice came through, Dakolo readjusted himself as he
heard the word ’emergency’ and noticed the urgency in
her voice. ‘We just got a call from the Senate President’s
mansion that the man has been abducted over an hour
ago by a group whose leader claimed to be Samantha
‘D–n!’ Dakolo cursed as he flew up from the bed, not
waiting to hear what the caller still had to say. He
proceeded at once to the wardrobe to select the clothes
he would put on.
‘Are you still there sir?’ He heard a shout from the phone
he dropped on the bed as he tried to button his shirt.
He picked up the phone again, ‘sorry, I didn’t hear the
last thing you said.’
‘They implanted a bomb around the Senate President’s
daughter’s body. She’s still tied to her bed as at now and
can’t move until the bomb us deactivated and removed.’
The female voice repeated aggressively.
‘Shi*t! Thank you, how many men do we still have left in
the office?’
‘Less than ten sir.’
‘Okay, mobilize them into two vans. Let them take all the
highly sophisticated weapons with them. But first,
mobilize the head of the anti-bomb squad.’ Dakolo
ordered before ending the call.
He dialed Ken’s phone number immediately, it took
sometime for the call to be answered.
‘Agent sir,’ Ken’s sleepy voice spoke.
‘Ken, the Senate President has been abducted by
Samantha Osman. They’ve also installed a bomb around
his daughter’s body, meet me there as quick as possible.’
‘Yes sir,’ every note of sleepiness had been eliminated
from Ken’s voice by the news.
‘Make sure you carefully take note of anything you see on
your way.’ Dakolo added before ending the call.
Tarasha and Cole and Nasiru had arrived at their first
Lodge in Abuja, the same place they had to leave when
Henry found out about it. The Senate President was
sitting in the three seater old rickety sofa while Tarasha
sat on the sofa opposite his. The place had become so
dusty again within the brief period it had not been
occupied by anyone.
‘Mr Nasiru, what would you like to take?’ Tarasha finally
broke the silence.
Nasiru shook his head in negative, folding his arms like
someone who was freezing in the cold.
‘Tell me, so that I would tell the rest of the team to get it
from you on the way.’
Nasiru still gave no reply. Tarasha got up, taking her bag
along with her, she was still dressed in the same gown
she wore the the man’s house. She sat close to him on
the arm of the sofa the man was seating.
‘Since, you don’t want anything. I guess you’ll like to
speak up before I blow up you daughter and the whole
house.’ She threatened, bringing out the timing device.
She had prolonged the time to two hours.
‘I’ll tell you anything you want,’ Nasiru finally spoke,
realizing that his daughter still had the bomb tied around
her body.
‘Good,’ Tarasha smiled and took out a book. She wiped
off the sweat forming on her forehead, cleaning the
makeup with it. That part of her face began to show its
real colour. She took out the book from her bag, ‘these
books documents some of your secret deals, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, it does.’
‘And all these people whose names are written here,’ she
pointed to the part of the front cover where the names
were inscribed. ‘They were in your group?’
‘Yes, we all did illegal businesses together peacefully until
some of us change political parties.’
‘How many of them are still alive?’
‘Two of us… Ermm maybe three. I’m one of the persons
alive, the vice President is also alive, you killed thre…’ He
cut short his statement as his eyes met with hers, he
noticed that the colour on her forehead had changed.
‘Who is the third person alive?’
‘Gabriel, I’m not sure if he’s really alive. The last I heard
of him was when he was released from prison, it was said
that he suffered from stroke and had run to hide himself
in Benin Republic.’
‘Hmm… Why didn’t you help him? Wasn’t he your
former business partner?’
Nasiru paused and sniffed in mucus, he took a deep
breath and stared at Tarasha’s face, trying to find the best
way to answer. ‘Gabriel is our enemy.’
‘Our? What do you mean by our?’
‘He betrayed us; I, the Vice President, Chief Jubril, Chief
Nnamdi and Kelechi Edwin. He betrayed us.’
‘How did he betray you?’
‘Ermm…’Nasiru began to stammer as he couldn’t find
words to support his accusation.
‘Hehe,’ Tarasha got up and stood at his front, then she
squatted and looked into his eyeballs. ‘You’re still lying to
me Mister, I guess you don’t know what I can do.’
‘We actually betrayed him,’ Nasiru finally confessed.
‘Elvis Richards brought the idea of sending him to prison
and wiping out his family.’
‘So you wiped off someone’s family and sent him to
prison?’ Tarasha got up slowly, ‘and now you’re trying to
do charity up and down to cover your sins right?’
Nasiru gave no reply, tears began to drop down his
cheeks. ‘Just kill me now, I know I have to pay for my
sins. I’m ready.’
Tarasha took her gaze away from his face as Cole walked
into the living room at that moment. She walked away to
meet Cole, she said something in his ears before
returning. Cole returned back to carry out her orders.
‘We won’t kill you,’ Tarasha said to the man. ‘We’ll keep
you alive until you stop cooperating. If you cooperate till
the end, we’ll let you go but drop you on another
It sounded like a miracle to Nasiru as his eyes lit up with
‘We’ll need you for a video tomorrow.’ Tarasha added.
‘A video, would my face show?’
‘Of course it would,’ Tarasha replied with a short laugh.
‘Or do you prefer dying?’
‘No, I prefer the video.’
‘Good,’ Tarasha clapped her hands. ‘Now, get up. Let me
show you the room you’ll pass your night.’
The man got up and Tarasha led him to a room, she
made him sit on the bed and the handcuffed his left hand
to the wooden part. Tarasha’s phone rang.
‘Hello… Okay, just come.’ She spoke briefly and ended
the call. Then she dropped the phone just beside Nasiru.
She bent to pull off his shoes.
‘We’ll record the video tomorrow, don’t try anything
silly.’ Tarasha said before turning back. She walked out of
the place leaving her phone behind.
As soon as Nasiru could no longer hear her footsteps, he
picked up the phone and dialed a number in a hurry.
‘Hello… I don’t know where I am now but I’m still with
the assassins, you can get this location by tracking this
phone call… Yes, I’m safe for now. They promised not to
kill me if I cooperate with them.’
‘Have you blocked all access to this location?’ Tarasha asked as she stepped into Cole’s room.
‘Yes Boss,’ Cole replied, taking a quick glance as she journeyed towards him. She sat beside him in the bed and then laid back flat.
‘Hope you used the right IMEI?’ She asked, rubbing her palm on her forehead.
‘Yes, I did.’ Cole replied and the room went silent for few minutes. Cole was acting as if he was busy with his laptop but he wasn’t concentrating. His mind was in Tarasha’s body which laid beside him. He glanced down her thighs once again and took in a deep breath. After a hard day’s work like this, a girl with Tarasha’s kind of body would have been the best thing to refresh his body. He wished he could have her right away.
He turned his face back to the laptop and cautioned himself in his heart. What he needed was rest, he thought to himself. How on earth was he even thinking about sex when his whole body was still aching? He had only managed to escape death from Nasiru’s personal guard, he should be thanking God for his life.
‘He should have finished with his phone call,’ Tarasha said and stood up swiftly.
‘Yes, he’s done.’ Cole said after minimizing a window to check the call monitoring app.
‘How many minutes is the recording?’
‘Forty nine seconds,’ Cole answered.
‘He made only one call?’
‘Yes, only one.’
‘Inspector,’ Agent Dakolo called from his car after pressing the horn twice when he saw Ken at the gate entrance.
‘Sir,’ Ken turned around to answer. The agent drove away to park somewhere suitable but very close.
‘How long have you arrived?’ Dakolo asked as he stepped out of the car and locked the doors hurriedly.
‘Just now sir, not up to a minute.’ Ken replied, walking towards the man.
‘Has the anti-bomb squad arrived?’
‘Not yet,’ Ken answered, shaking his head to emphasize his point.
‘Are they not supposed to be on standby?’ Dakolo asked no one in particular, taking out his phone as he hurried towards the gate. Just then, they could see the headlights of two vehicles coming towards them. They recognized the vehicles as the police vans.
‘I think a lot of them are not used to being called up by this time of the night,’ Ken replied.
‘That’s… Hello,’ Dakolo turned away from Ken as his call had been answered. ‘Where is the anti-bomb squad? They’re nowhere to be found yet… Okay, they have to hurry up and get here as soon as possible.’ He ended the call and turned back to Ken. ‘She said they had to come to the office first from their house to pick some tools, they’ll be here soon since there’s no holdup in traffic.’
Ken and Dakolo walked up to the security men standing in front of the gate and began to ask questions.
‘How did it happen?’ Dakolo was first to talk.
A man with a stout figure was the person who replied him, he had a thick Hausa accent. ‘About two hours ago, we saw the Senate President drive out of the house in one of his favorite cars. The first thing that got us suspicious was that neither his personal security officer nor the assistant were with him but we saw a man in our uniform driving the car, so we thought it was one of us. We thought it was only three of the guests that were with him since we didn’t know the driver of the car was disguised, we believed that there was still one of the guests in the house. What made my suspicion rise more was…’
‘Inspector Ken,’ Dakolo cut the man’s talk. ‘Please excuse me,’ he said politely to the guard and turned back to Ken. ‘Go in with some guys to check the situation in there.’
‘Okay,’ Ken said and moved back to select the boys that were going in with him.
‘Please go on,’ Dakolo said to the guard after they had given way for Ken and four police officers to enter.
The stout figure guard cleared his throat and continued, ‘as I was saying, I began to suspect something fishy when the man did not return in thirty minutes time. I knew he could not go out for that long if he wasn’t with his security officer. Then I tried to call his personal security officer but the call wasn’t answered, I had to go in to ask of him. That was when I noticed the unusual quietness in the house, I saw Mrs Nasiru laying on a chair in the parlour while the nurse was attending to her. The other guards explained that the Senate President’s guests which he had been preparing for all day turned out to be assassins, they were led in here by Samantha Osman. We later found Mr Nasiru’s personal security officer and one other guard in a room upstairs unconscious.’
‘But why didn’t they call immediately that the noticed that the guests were strange people? How on earth were they able to penetrate into this kind of tightly secured house without the an alarm being raised? How did they get into a room with the man’s daughter and still had the boldness to fix an explosive on her body? That means they must have spent much time here’
‘They came in some minutes after eight o’clock and we didn’t conduct any search on them, that was the instruction we got.’
‘Interesting, I need to…’ Dakolo was interrupted by a loud horn. The anti-bomb squad had arrived.
“Madam, hope they didn’t hurt you’ Ken asked Mrs Nasiru with so much concern shown in his voice.
‘She’s okay,’ the nurse attending to her replied.
Mrs Nasiru was seated on the settee with a worried look on her face as she was been administered drugs by the nurse.
‘They only injected her some substances to make her so weak and she’s fast recuperating from the weakness.’ The nurse explained.
‘Please can she talk to us now?’
‘Yes, but I won’t like you to bother her with so many questions or anything that’ll bring anxiety.’
‘Okay, thanks.’ Ken dragged a footstool and placed it close to the woman, he sat on it and waited for the nurse to finish attending to her before he started.
‘I’m sorry about the unfortunate incident madam, but the police are ready to bring back your husband to you hale and hearty. That’s why you need to provide us all informations you have to help our work.’ He explained and then paused for a few seconds as if to get the woman’s approval before starting the questions. ‘Ma, did you also meet with those guests?’
Mrs Nasiru didn’t reply immediately but continued staring at Ken’s face with a pitiable expression on her face. Then she sniffed in and exhaled. ‘I met them, I served them, they ate on my dining table.’ She replied in a low voice with so much grief.
‘Who did they say they were?’
‘My husband told me that they were Nigerian delegates from a charity organization in Canada. They had come to work with the Ata’s foundation in their vision of eradicating poverty. He said that they had a plan to organise a conference to educate the elites in the country on the relevance of helping the less privileged.’
‘Is that all you know about them?’
‘They organized a food campaign for people in the slums of Katsina sometime last week where they distributed several bags of rice, cooking utensils and other food stuffs.’
‘That means they’ve been like partners with the Ata’s foundation?’
‘Yes, but just recently.’
‘Okay,’ Ken paused and quickly typed in some things into his Android device. ‘Did you notice anything strange about them when they arrived?’
‘No, they looked like normal people. We thought they had only come to pay us a visit and return to their lodge tomorrow morning.’
‘Then how did it all change?’
‘It all started after the meal, I was preparing their rooms with the maids while my husband was showing them around the house. It was surprising for me when he called that I should come downstairs immediately. He told me that it was like their systems were reacting to the meal they just took, asking if we had put something unusual to spice up the food as two of the guest had already been rushed to the toilet.’
‘Oh! I see…’ Ken’s phone rang, he checked his screen and then excused himself from the woman. ‘Sir.’
‘Inspector Ken,’ Dakolo’s voice came through, ‘please take care of the situation while I go in search of the assassins or any clue they must have dropped closeby. The anti-bomb squad has arrived already and will be with you shortly.’
‘Okay,’ Ken replied and the call ended. Just as he was about to return the phone into his pocket, three men dressed in anti-bomb squad uniform walked into the living room.
‘Inspector Ken,’ one of them called.
‘Inspector,’ Ken walked back a little and received a brief handshake from the leader of the squad.
‘Where’s the girl and have you seen the bomb, how it was attached?’
‘No, I’ve not seen her.’ Ken replied.
One of the guards walked towards them quietly, ‘she’s still in the room’ he said pointing in direction of the way to take.
‘Okay,’ the leader of the anti-bomb squad said and they followed the guard.
‘What’s this thing I’m hearing about bomb?’ Mrs Nasiru asked, looking seriously worried and tensed. She had not been allowed to see the same picture her husband had seen that made him scream then, so she wasn’t aware of the danger their daughter was in. She had also been sedated for a long time and the guards didn’t tell her anything about the bomb or had daughter when she woke, they only told her that her daughter was fine and outside the house. ‘Where’s Fatima?’ She asked, fidgeting all over.
‘Don’t worry ma, Fatima would be fine.’ Ken replied, oblivious of the fact that she wasn’t aware about her daughter’s plight. ‘The police are in charge of the situation.’ Ken returned back to the stool and sat in front of her.
‘What happened to her?’ She asked stretching her two hands forward, her face clearly showed her ignorance about the matter.
‘Nothing madam,’ this was when Ken realized that she didn’t know a bomb was tied round Fatima.
‘I was told she was outside,’ the woman said, struggling to get up.
‘Yes, I met her outside.’ Ken said, trying to stop her. The nurse also ran forward to them and tried to put the woman back to her seat.
‘No, I want to see her now, I want to see my daughter now.’ The woman was adamant and she pushed the nurse away. Ken followed, trying to convince her to wait and relax but he tried his best not to touch her. She didn’t take more than six steps forward before she collapsed.
Dakolo sat in the front seat of the van with the driver as they rode recklessly. The roads were very free at that time of the night, so there was a very little possibility of an accident.
Dakolo’s eyes were wandering all around the place, searching for the car with the description that he got from the guards. Although he knew it was a fruitless search as the assassins would have gone a long way with it already, that was if they did not change the car like he expected them to. He had it in mind that it was possible that the assassins could have killed the man and left his body in the car somewhere.
His phone rang and he checked the screen, it was from Ken. ‘Inspector Ken.’
‘Agent sir, where are you?’
‘Just a few distance from the house. We’ll be coming back now to the house. Have you gotten any information from the woman?’
‘I got only a little and she’s even unconscious now but the security staffs here said that they received a call from the Senate President some few minutes ago but the number which he used to call was not displayed. Also all their trials to track the number has been futile.’
‘Okay, I’m coming back now. Get every information about the call from them. Then call the office and relay it to them, let them track it and tell us the location the call came from.’
‘Okay sir,’ Ken said and the call ended.
‘Please take the next turn back,’ Dakolo said and returned to the phone to his pocket. ‘Wait!’ He shouted suddenly again. ‘Isn’t that the Bentley Jeep they described to us?’
‘Boss, the police are everywhere in Asokoro, a lot of patrol cars are going around.’ Benny said as he stepped out out of the car and Aisha from the other side.
‘Hope you didn’t have troubles getting here,’ Tarasha replied, walking back to the entrance of the house. She had been the one who opened the gate for them to enter.
‘No, we were seen as late night travelers, there were no weapons in my car.’
‘Good,’ Tarasha chuckled. ‘Hope you got the bulbs I asked you to get?’ She asked as she opened the door for them to walk in. She walked in after them and closed the door.
‘No boss, all the stores were already closed.’ Benny replied, keeping a sorry look on his face.
‘Dumb reason, I wasn’t expecting you to buy it, I know you couldn’t get by this time of the night. I was expecting you to uninstall them from any house or place you see them. Now we’ll have to wait till late morning to record the video.’ Tarasha said and walked away into the room where she left Cole.
Benny stood motionless for a while, Aisha was smiling at him. He couldn’t imagine that she was expecting him to steal bulbs at that time of the night when the police were raiding all over.
‘Has he made another call yet?’ Tarasha asked as she entered into the room.
‘No boss, I think he’s being careful not to raise suspicion.’
‘Who did he call?’
‘He called his home, he told them that he was safe for now and wasn’t going to be killed. He asked them to track the call and find his location.’
‘I need him to make more calls, I want him to call the police officer who gives them information.’
‘Hmm…’ Cole hummed, wondering how that was going to help them.
‘Most importantly, I want him to call the Vice President. I need to confirm if all the stories he told me were true.’ Tarasha added.
Benny walked into the room, taking off his shirt, unaware of Tarasha’s presence. He flung the shirt away, only for it to land on his Boss’s shoulder.
Benny quickly dropped to his knees on realizing what he had just done. She took the shirt away and threw it on the floor. She gave him a crooked smile. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll return the man’s dead body to his house tomorrow.’ She said it with a serious tone, although she didn’t mean it.
‘Huh?’ Benny opened his mouth in shock, he felt the punishment was too severe for him. Any other punishment would have been better but this would definitely get him caught by the police.
‘Boss, what about the assignment you said we were going to handle immediately after this?’ Cole asked, trying to help Benny out of the situation.
‘I’ll handle that, but I won’t attack, he will be expecting me now. I’ll either wait for him to find me or send you guys to him later. It’ll be easier for you to handle since he was your boss.’ Tarasha said and walked out of the room.
Benny who did not understand her words turned to Cole who looked like he understood better.
‘She’s talking about Don, he was hired to find and kill her.’ Cole explained to Benny.
…to be continuedEpisode 76
7. 45am
Omotara pushed open the room door with her left leg as she carried in the tray which contained the sliced bread, plate of fried eggs, a cup and a jug of tea. Jefa smiled on seeing her, he sat up and dragged the short stool closer to the bed for her to place the tray.
‘But why do you bother? I thought you were going to call me to the dining table when the food was ready.’ Jefa said, smiling as she dropped the tray on the stool.
‘I just thought not to bother you, you don’t need to come there when you can enjoy your breakfast here.’
‘Hmm…’ Jefa took in a deep breath as he watched the hot vapour rise while Omotara poured the tea into the mug from the jug. He didn’t remember ever being served like this in his life. He wished he could listen to Tara’s pleas to allow her get an accommodation for him close to herself.
‘You have to eat now, the nurse said you have some medicines to take by eight o’clock,’ Omotara said to Jefa, taking a glance at the wall clock.
‘Thank you,’ Jefa moved closer and placed his hand on the tray, wondering whether it was the bread he should take first or tea. He finally had to take the bread first and quickly when he noticed that Tara had her eyes on him and was smiling.
‘I have to go out soon,’ Omotara said, few seconds after Jefa began to eat.
Jefa took a quick questioning look at her, ‘I thought you were just coming from work, won’t you take a rest at least?’ He asked with bread still in his mouth.
‘I’ll rest when I return,’ she replied, smiling. ‘It’s important that I go out now.’
‘Okay, if you say so. But please, do come early so you can rest well.’
‘Yeah I will, please call me on phone if you need me to get anything for you.’ She said before walking out of the room.
‘Good morning Ken,’ Dakolo greeted as he walked into the station. Ken was gathered with some other officers at the reception.
‘Good morning sir,’ Ken and the officers turned to salute the Agent.
‘How far Ken?’ Dakolo said, extending his hand to Ken for an handshake. ‘Has there been any success report on the anti-bomb squad’s trial to remove the bomb in the car?’
‘No sir, what they are talking about now is moving the car away from the compound.’ Ken replied, walking alongside with Dakolo.
‘That’s interesting! Those mechanisms are weird you know. Until now I’ve never come across such in all my years of experience.’ Dakolo said. They began to climb up the stairs together.
‘I’ve never come across them too.’
‘Well…I think the best option now is to move the whole car like they’ve said. When are they moving it?’
‘They’ve written to authorities for the urgent provision of the heavy duty vehicle needed.’
‘Okay,’ Dakolo opened his office and walked into the office with Ken.
‘I’ve sent the sample from the bottle to the hospital already, ‘ Ken said as they took their seats.
‘And have you gotten a reply from the Doctor confirming that he has received it?’
‘Not yet, it’s just eight o’clock and the Doctor would just be resuming, I’ll wait till eight thirty and call if I don’t get a reply by then.’
‘Good morning nurse,’ a young man with brown coul coloured hair greeted as he approached the reception.
‘Good morning sir, what may I do for you?’ A slim dark nurse answered him.
‘I need to see the head laboratory scientist’ the young man said.
‘What’s your card number?’ The nurse asked.
‘No card number,’ he replied, shaking his head. ‘I only want to see the officials in charge of the laboratory, I’m not a patient.’
‘Why sir? Do you need a lab test or something?’
‘Yes nurse, kind of.’ He brought out an ID card and displayed to the nurse. ‘I’m also a lab scientist, a Clinical Pathologist. I work in Government City Hospital, Capetown South Africa.’
‘Okay, so do you have an official letter referring you to this place?’
‘No, actually I’m here on a personal visit. I actually came to Nigeria for a short visit with some of my friends and we discovered some liquids, that’s why I need to see the lab scientist.’
‘Okay,’ the nurse said and took some steps away. She dialed a number on the landline and said some few things before returning to the visitor. ‘You may be seated, a nurse would come and pick you up now.’
‘Oh! Thanks,’ he replied with a smile and joined some others at the reception seats.
In a short while he saw the nurse pointing him to a younger nurse dressed in a different colour of uniform with an ID card around her neck. He got up and approached the new nurse.
‘Please come with me sir,’ the new nurse said to him and led the way. From her stature and her voice, he could tell that she was less than twenty years old.
‘Are you also a full time nurse here?’ His curiosity led him to ask.
‘No sir, ‘ she replied him smiling as they climbed up the stairs. ‘I’m an IT student from the university of Abuja.’
‘Oh! I can see, that explains the ID card you have on your neck.’
‘Yes sir.’
‘So for how long have you been here? I mean how long have you started your IT here?’
‘It’s two months now.’
‘Okay, that means you should know your way around the place well.’
‘Hmm… Yes, I do.’
‘Ermm…’ The young man wanted to continue his questions but they already got to their destination. The student nurse knocked on the door and opened after listening for a response.
She ushered him in and closed the door behind.
‘From Government City Hospital, Capetown?’ The aged clinical pathologist behind the desk asked, raising his thick lens glasses.
‘Yes sir,’ the young man replied.
‘Do have your seat,’ the pathologist pointed him to one of the visitors seat. ‘You may leave now,’ he said to the young nurse who curtsied and turned away.
‘Thank you sir,’ the visitor said and settled into one of the chairs, he also thanked the young nurse before she stepped out.
‘Yes, Good morning. What can I do for you?’
‘Morning sir, like I told the nurse downstairs, I came to spend my holiday in Nigeria with my friends and we discovered some fluids which I’ve been conducting some tests on but I’ve not been able to access enough facilities to do so, that’s why I need to make use of your laboratory to finalize my research.’
‘Where’s the fluid and where did you get it from?’ The older man asked, relaxing back into his chair. He dragged his eyeglasses down a little and gave the young man a searching look, more interested in the hairstyle.
‘Here’s it,’ he took out a bottle from his bag and handed it to the man. ‘We found the liquid in bottle at a garden.’
‘What have you concluded on it so far?’
The young man replied by handing him a paper which contained the answer to the man’s question.
‘Hmm,’ the old man let out a deep breath after going through it. ‘Please may I see your ID card?’
The young man took out the ID card and displayed to the man.
‘So where are your friends whom you discovered the fluid together?’
‘We were supposed to come here together but one of them had an emergency to attend to.’
‘Okay,’ the man said and rose to his feet. He picked his lab coat from where it was hung and put it on. He then picked the fluid bottle from the table. ‘Let’s go to the lab.’
The young man got up and followed him immediately. The pathologist led him out of the office and walk in direction of the lab.
The young man’s phone rang and be quickly halted to answer the call.
‘Hello… What?’ He shouted as if something bad had happened. ‘Alright, I’m coming now.’
‘Hope there’s no problem?’
‘Ermm… Sir, there is one. I was just informed that one of my colleagues was just involved in a fatal accident. I’m sorry, I have to go now.’
‘It’s okay, but can we get your phone number?’
‘Let me get yours sir, I’ll call you once I get home.’ The young man said and quickly typed in the number as called by the pathologist. ‘Okay sir.’ He turned to the opposite direction.
‘No, take here. This place is faster.’ The pathologist said. The young man turned back and took the direction he was asked to take. The lab scientist saw the man off to the stairs before returning to his office, still with the bottle in his hands, staring at it from time to time.
‘Thanks officer, I’ve gotten your message and I’m starting work on it now.’ Doctor Tobi was speaking into the phone in a very formal tone. ‘Well, Henry should be better now. I’m just resuming duty and I’ve not checked him yet…. Okay, thanks.’ He finally ended the call and dropped into his swivel, he picked up the document and began to read the report that accompanied the sample. As he progressed in reading, a serious look began to form on his face. He picked up the bottle containing the sample from time to time and stared at it as if to ask the content if it was really it that had such a report written for.
After sometime, he got impatient and got up from his chair. He picked the bottle and document, he dipped them back into the box they had come with and proceeded out of his office, planning to go straight to the lab. He did not take more than five steps when he realized that he had not performed the compulsory morning ward round. He reluctantly returned to his office and sat back on his seat, he picked up a file which contained the list of all patients he was responsible for, he picked the file and quickly hurried out to check the patients.
Henry’s ward was the last one he visited, he met only one police officer watching over Henry instead of three. He didn’t bother to ask about the others but just proceeded to check the patient.
Henry was seated with his back rested. His face looked dull, he had drastically reduced in weight and his bones were appearing under his neck, he was pale shadow of his former self.
The Doctor opened the file and began to write in something as he got to Henry’s front. The patient made no visible body movement, neither did his face or eyes move in response to the person who just stepped in front of him.
Doctor Tobi moved closer to Henry and stared into his face, he used his fingers to widen Henry’s eyes and carefully observed the colour. He jotted down some things before leaving the ward and proceeding back to his office. He picked up the box he was supposed to take with him to the lab and with the file still in his hands, he walked back out of the office, then to the nurses station and dropped the file with them before proceeding to the lab.
‘How did it go?’ Tarasha asked Benny as he opened the door to the passengers side of the car.
‘Fine,’ he replied, taking his seat.
‘Everything went as planned?’
‘Yes, there were no errors made.’ He answered, taking off the attached beard to his chin. He ruffled his coloured hair with his palms.
‘Don’t worry, you only need to rinse well with water and it’ll be gone.’ Tarasha said to him. He stopped ruffling the hair and took off the waist bag and moved it to the back seat.
Tarasha started the car engine and drove off in silence. Benny kept stealing glances at Tarasha all the time, she looked relaxed and refreshed of some sort, he wondered what or who she went to meet in the house. They got to their destination after forty five minutes drive.
The living room was already set as instructed by Tarasha. A backdrop had been improvised to one side of the parlour and a one seater sofa decorated and placed in front of it, the other sofas were moved away to create space in the middle.
Tarasha and Benny took into the house the bulbs Tarasha had gotten from town. Tarasha climbed on Benny’s shoulder and inserted the new bulb to the lamp holder while Cole set up the camera.
‘Go get the man,’ Tarasha ordered Benny after everything was set for the recording.
One minute later, Benny returned with the handcuffed man and led him to the seat prepared for him.
‘Well, did he make any other call?’ Tarasha speaking only to Cole’s hearing.
‘Yes, to the same number,’Cole replied in the same low tone. ‘He told them that we were planning to record a video of him but he didn’t know what we were expecting him to say yet.’
‘Hehe,’ Tarasha chuckled, ‘that means he’s not ready yet, he still needs some special preparations for this video.’ Her phone rang and distracted her attention. She took it out and looked t the screen, then she took some steps away before answering.
‘Hello sir,’ she spoke into the phone.
‘Hello Evelyn, I’ve been waiting for your reply.’ Mr Sylvester’s voice came through.
‘Yes sir, I’ve been trying but getting the same results on my laptop. I need to come make use of the app facilities in the office, I’ll be coming this afternoon.’
‘Okay please, I’ll expect you. Greet your mother for me.’
‘Okay sir,’ she said and ended the call. She switched off her phone before putting it into the pocket of her trousers.
‘Boss, what do you say we do now?’ Cole asked in low tones.
‘You know, I think the man trusts me a lot,’ Tarasha said to Cole’s hearing alone, glancing at the Senate President who was also looking towards her. ‘I think he trusts me because he heard me recite the Quran in the car, he still believes that I’m a Muslim like him. That’s why he’s feeling comfortable that I promised that we won’t kill him, he trusts my word and he’s not panicking, else he would have communicated with more aggression in his phone calls. He needs more preparation,’ she paused and turned to take another look at Nasiru again. ‘Bring him here,’ she said loudly, to Benny. She signaled for Cole to leave the front of the three seater sofa where he stood.
Benny led the man gently to Tarasha and made him sit before her on the sofa.
Tarasha placed a foot beside the man’s knee on the chair and bent to stare into his face.
‘Did you really believe me when I said we weren’t going to kill you?’ She asked gently but in a strict voice.
Nasiru was quite surprised at the question but he made no visible expression and no response.
‘Did you really think I wasn’t going to kill you?’ Tarasha asked again.
Nasiru stared into her face for a while before finally replying. ‘You,’ he said and paused, he took quick glances at Cole, Aisha and Benny and then returned his gaze to Tarasha. ‘You don’t look like a killer.’ He finally said with a serious look, moving his head slowly.
Tarasha smiled at his words and then took her legs off the sofa. She paced around for some seconds and then turned back to him.
‘You don’t look like a killer,’ Nasiru continued when Tarasha kept looking at him without saying anything. ‘For some years of my life now, I’ve been working with people who are passionate about helping people and you look like one, I can tell you have a good heart.’
Tarasha paused and stepped back to think for a while. Did the man really mean what he said or was he just trying to gain pity from her? She asked herself. She took another glance at his face and concluded from his facial expression that he wasn’t saying it to gain pity. But did her face really look like somebody who was passionate about helping people? Like someone with a good heart? No, it couldn’t be. That was a description for weak people and she couldn’t take it. She couldn’t be weak.
She closed her eyes tightly for a while and then realized what must have caused the hogwash the man was seeing in her. It must have been her recent heart talk with her brother, that had spark off emotions in her again. She remembered the warm feeling she felt while talking to him, that could be the reason why she suddenly looked like a person with a good heart.
And that was it, that was the reason they had always been warned during her training times not to give room for emotions at all. It could make one weak and render one useless at the end of the day.
She was angry with herself, for allowing herself to relate with her brother so passionately. Now, she had to allow him leave her life like he wanted, forever or she would be forced to render him useless like Henry or better still, kill him.
She opened her eyes again and this time it was bloodshot. She was breathing heavily but slowly. She moved back slowly to Nasiru and placed her foot back on the sofa, staring back into his face.
This time, a sudden fear beclouded Nasiru’s heart immediately. He began to tremble visibly. Tarasha didn’t look the same to him anymore, she had been transformed into the devil just by closing her eyes.
‘Sorry man, I’m not that person with a good heart.’ She said as she dished out a deadly blow to his face.
‘This report looks quite similar to this,’ the clinical pathologist, Mr Albert said to doctor Tobi.
‘Sir, who was the person who brought this other sample?’ Doctor Tobi asked in reply.
Both of them were standing behind the long lab table, they were tripod stands, pipettes and several other laboratory apparatuses on the table in front of them. There were also some other people in the large laboratory, mostly young Doctors, standing at the left end of the lab.
‘It was brought by a Doctor from Capetown South Africa. He said he discovered the liquid here in Nigeria with his friends,’ Mr Albert replied him.
‘When is he coming back?’ Doctor Tobi asked.
‘I don’t know but he said he’ll call me later. He had to leave because he had an emergency,’ Mr Albert said.
‘Okay, I need to find out from him what else he has found out about the liquid. I want to run some more tests on it, it seems that it’s going to be the antidote to the situation of one of my patients.’
‘But since when have you gotten this sample?’
‘Just this morning, it was sent to me from the forensics team of the police headquarters.’
‘Ever discovered anything like this before?
‘Not really, but traces of the liquid were found in the blood samples of the patient. I think it’ll be a cure for his situation.’
‘But there’s a notable difference between the two samples, the one you brought seems to boil faster than this other one.’
‘Yes, that just shows that there’s something in this one which is absent in yours.’
‘Of course, that’s what it shows.’ Mr Albert said. Both of them stared in silence for a short while. ‘You said the sample was brought by the police? Mr Albert broke the silence.
‘That means you’ll have to get back to them before you take any step, especially before altering the chemical composition of the liquid.’
‘Hmm… Okay sir,’ Doctor Tobi replied, pondering in his heart whether to follow the man’s suggestion or not.
Alright then,’ Mr Albert began to take off his hand gloves. ‘I’ll wait for the young man’s call and get back to you immediately I get it.’ He said and patted Tobi at the back before walking away.
Doctor Tobi remained still staring at all the instruments an liquids which were before him. The sample brought to him could partially cure Henry’s situation if used properly but he also needed to be careful in administering it, so as not to waste or use it wrongly or inefficiently. That’s why he had to wait for the stranger whom the clinical pathologist said had a similar sample of liquid.
‘Congratulations Chief,’ Chief Nonso smiled broadly as he walked into Chief Gab’s sitting room.
‘Chief Nonso,’ Chief Gab looked up and dropped his legs from the footstool. ‘Yes, congratulations to us.’ He got up and walked to his friend to have an handshake and also briefly hug each other.
‘Wow! It’s easier than I thought.’ Chief Nonso said, all smiles as he took the seat next to Chief Gab.
‘Yeah… All we are waiting for is the news of the Nasiru’s death which is going to happen soon.’
‘Ah!’ Chief Nonso stressed in a relaxed manner. ‘That’s inevitable, the news of his death would soon fill everywhere.’
‘Yeah… So what would you like to drink?’
‘Nothing really, I’m in a hurry.’ Chief Nonso said and sat up. ‘I have to go back to the office as soon as possible, so I’ll appreciate if we could go straight to the reason you called.’
‘Okay,’ Chief Gab cleared his throat and readjusted his seating posture to a more serious one. ‘I may need to leave this country soon, I need to go and hide somewhere.’
‘Huh? Why?’ Chief Nonso questioned with a serious look.
‘Tarasha called me yesterday and she actually warned me to be careful, she said that Elvis is already aware that she’s coming for him.’ Chief Gab explained.
‘Yeah, and you know that they all believe that I’m out of the country and sick somewhere in Benin Republic.’ Chief Gab said in a kind of questioning manner.
‘Yes,’ Chief Nonso replied.
‘And you also know that Elvis has volunteered himself to work with the police on Tarasha’s case?’
‘Good. My fear now is that Chief Elvis may reveal to the police some of our connections and they may name me as one of theirsuspects. That would make them start to trace me and they would find out with time that I’m here in Nigeria, hale and hearty.’
‘Hmm… I get you.’ Chief Nonso took in deep breath and squinted as he pondered on the situation. ‘We really need to do something drastic about it, ‘ he said after some few seconds of silence.
‘Yeah, thank you. That’s why I’m thinking that I leave the country silently to another African country apart from Benin Republic that I can easily get to without the use of an airplane.’ Chief Gab suggested.
‘Okay, so which country are you thinking about?’
‘Any country would be good, we just need to make sure that they are not able to trace us or our movements at all.’
‘Hmm…’ Chief Nonso paused to think for a while, he placed an elbow on his knee and his chin on his palm. ‘But what about Tarasha now?’
‘I’ve not spoken to her about my plans yet but I have an appointment online with her later tonight and I’ll reveal it to her.’
‘Okay… But how do you deal with her from there?’
‘That’s simple, we’ll continue using technology since she doesn’t even like coming face to face with me.’
‘Alright then, let the arrangement begin.’ Chief Nonso said and relaxed his back on the backrest of the sofa, staring deeply frontwards.
‘What other businesses did you do with your group, the heavy seven?’ Tarasha asked, accompanying the question with another huge blow to the Nasiru’s face. The man fell off the chair with a loud scream. His face had already been battered, his mouth was swollen and blood was dripping from his lips. Tarasha pulled him up to the seat again and straightened his face.
‘I swear, I can’t start mentioning all. We did a lot and I’ve forgotten most of them.’ The man struggled to say with tears dropping from his eyes and his body vibrating in pain. ‘I’ve recounted the major ones I remember already.’
‘But where’s the rest of this book that has all your deals?’ Tarasha asked him, dragging him by the collar as she placed her right foot on the sofa again.
‘We used to have several copies of the book until the group split into different parties. We decided to burn it off so that we don’t keep evidence of the our corrupt deals for the police to find and use against us later in the future but every one burnt their except for Chief Elvis. I, late Chief Onwuli and Chief Gab discovered it in Chief Elvis’ study. When we asked him why he kept it against our agreement, he said for us to remember some details of our deals, in case we had any situation we needed to recall. Then we told it to the whole group and all concluded that we divide the book into four parts, two were given to the part of the group in the opposition party while the remaining parts were taken by me and Chief Elvis.’
‘Well… I hope you live to tell the story on another day, ‘ Tarasha said and stepped away from the sofa. She turned to Benny and made a signal for him to get the man. ‘He’s ready for the video now.’
Benny dragged the man up and led him to the sofa placed in front of the backdrop. He made him sit well before returning to where he was previously standing.
‘I want you to give a tell a summary of all you wicked acts in five minutes,’ Tarasha began. ‘A summary,’ she stressed again to emphasize. ‘Then in one minute, you’ll encourage Chief Gab to cooperate with us and give us the money we need.’
Tarasha paused for a while and moved closer to the man, she stared at his face for some few seconds and then pulled him by the little hair on his head and his and bent his face backwards. ‘Do you understand all I’ve said?’
‘Yes, but…’ Nasiru struggled to say, Tarasha released his head. ‘But I can pay you all you need if you had asked me.’
‘No,’ Tarasha made an evil chuckle. ‘You don’t have enough money anymore,’ she turned to Cole and made a signal to him. Cole understood and quickly walked away from the living room.
‘We’ve been using your money all this while, the bags of rice and other materials we made available were funded by you. We got all the money from your bank accounts.’ Tarasha continued talking. ‘And we still need you to do something for us,’ she paused and turned to Cole who just returned. Cole handed to her a tablet device. She swiped open the screen and began to punch in some commands. After two minutes, she handed over the device to Nasiru, placing it on the man’s handcuffed hand. ‘We want you to confirm all the transactions we’ve made on all your bank accounts through the mobile apps, so that the banks don’t come looking for us. ‘ she said to him with an evil smile.
Nasiru raised his hands closer to his eye and read through the several bank account statements that had been opened to him in awe, so much money had been transferred from his bank accounts without him being alerted. He began to sob silently, his hands began to shake and the device almost fell from his hand.
‘Shi*t!’ Tarasha cursed as she stopped the tablet from falling. She stared at him with a smirk and bit her lips, she placed it back on his hands, supporting it with her own hand. ‘You have to log in to your mobile apps and make your thumb print to confirm that you really carried out the transaction.’
‘And are you sure that he’ll return to his normal state of mind if you’re able to manufacture the cure with this sample?’ Dakolo asked Doctor Tobi.
‘No, I’m not assuring you yet but I believe that his condition would be improved by whatever we are able to manufacture from the sample,’ Doctor Tobi replied him.
Dakolo turned to look at Henry who was still in the same sitting position he had been since he woke, staring blankly without responding to our recognizing any sound or his environment.
‘And what if your assumption turns it l out to be wrong?’ Dakolo turned back to the Doctor. ‘Would he have to live like this for the rest of his life?’
‘Ermm… Yes,’ Doctor Tobi stated blankly. ‘But what we have are not just assumptions, with the several tests we’ve made on the samples, I can say that they’ll be a reasonable improvement in his state.’
‘Hmm… But Doc, I made a little study about his condition after the other Doctor told us the name and I got to find out that nobody who had ever suffered from the same condition survived or came out from it.’
‘Yes, but none of those conditions were induced. In Henry’s case, the poison was introduced into his blood. It could have be possible that if we had gotten the sample earlier, his condition wouldn’t have gotten this far. The poison has eaten deep and it’s still eating deep. By next week when you come here, you’ll surely meet him worse than this.’ Doctor Tobi explained.
‘Huh?’ Dakolo widened his eyes in fear.
‘That’s the truth officer.’
‘But why don’t you start working on the sample, so that you can administer the product to him on time.’
‘I’ll start working on it as soon as possible, I’m only waiting for the other Doctor who has the similar sample.’
Dakolo took in a deep breath and placed his hands on his waist as he stared thoughtfully. ‘You know Doc, part of the reason I’m here is because you mentioned that someone else came with the same sample.’ Dakolo began in a warning tone. ‘I came with four more policemen, they’re outside and they’re going to join the other three in watching over Henry.’
Doctor Tobi stared at him and opened his mouth in surprise. ‘Yes,’ Dakolo continued, ‘the only person that could have that sample would be the same person that dropped it.’
‘But this person was from Capetown, South Africa.’
‘You believed that?’ Dakolo questioned, squeezing his face. ‘Please notify the officers here once the person comes back.’
‘Okay, I’ve not met yet but I believe I will when he returns. I’ll tell the officers and call you on phone too.’
…to be continuedEPISODE 77
‘Good afternoon sir,’ Evelyn greeted Mr Sylvester as she entered into his office with a laptop in her hands.
‘Finally Evelyn, we have you here.’ He said smiling, he got up to his feet to turn on the air conditioner. He motioned for her to sit down on the visitor’s seat before he returned to his own seat and settled into it. ‘All the other guys have been working on this project too but you’re the only one sounding with much hope about the matter. But first, how about your mother?’ Mr Sylvester asked, sounding really concerned.
‘She’s better and would be going back home this week,’ Evelyn answered him without paying much attention, her focus was on the laptop which she was working on.
‘Thank God,’ Sylvester said and heaved a sigh of relief.
‘Thank you so much sir for your care, I also got the money you sent for the hospital bill.’
‘It’s nothing,’ Sylvester replied, smiling sheepishly.
Evelyn worked on the laptop for a few more seconds before turning the screen to Sylvester.
‘Inaccessible!’ He exclaimed after staring at the screen for some minutes.
‘Yes inaccessible,’ Evelyn replied him and turned back the screen to herself. She paused to stare at his confused looking face for some seconds. ‘We could push further to break through their security,’ she began again, Sylvester’s anxiously waiting eyes and ears widened at the news.
‘Then let’s push further immediately, so that we can provide their location to police as soon as possible. You know that the success of this project could cause a great lift in your career, in our careers.’ Sylvester replied back excitedly.
‘But there’s a problem,’ Evelyn positive tone suddenly changed to negative.
‘Problem?’ He let out a deep frustration at the change in her tone.
‘Yes, it could lead us to a trap. Like what happened to Robin Kahn.’
Sylvester swallowed hard as if something was really in his throat. ‘Then what can we do to avoid this trap?’ He asked slowly, but there was a bit of impatience in his voice.
‘We can only be very sure of the location if we track during the phone call, that means we should keep tabs on the receiving number and hope that we get another call from the same location soon.’
‘Then I have to speak with the Agent immediately,’ Sylvester rolled back his swivel a little and opened the drawer to take out his phone.
Cole was sitting in the bed with his laptop placed on his laps and earphone stuck into his ears. He had two Android phones placed by his both sides.
He just finished editing the video of the Senate President that was recorded and it was perfect for all that they would require to do with it.
Now he understood the reason for the Boss’ change in plan. Killing their next target, the Vice President would not be too difficult for them if all if the new plans worked well.
One of his phones rang, he saw ‘Benny’ displayed as the caller ID at a quick glance.
‘Hello Benny, you may go in now. All is settled. Remember the position of your trackers and all recording equipments.’ He said into the phone without waiting for the caller to talk first.
‘Okay,’ Benny replied and cut the call. Cole returned to his job on the laptop. Few minutes later, he noticed his door opening slowly, Aisha walked in from behind.
‘What’s up babe?’ He said as she walked closer to the left side of his bed, looking bored and lonely.
‘How long do we have to keep that man alive?’ She asked and sank into the bed, sitting close to him.
Cole chuckled and stared at her for a little while before returning his gaze to the laptop’s screen. ‘Why do you ask me? Don’t you think the boss should know better?’
‘But you should know too, we all know you’re closer to her and she seems to always reveal most of her plans to you before letting us know.’ Aisha answered.
‘No Aisha, your insinuation is wrong.’ He said, staring back at her. ‘She doesn’t reveal her plans to me before you people. I only get to know more because she works closer with me on technical issues.’
‘That’s not the issue now jor,’ Aisha seemed not to agree. ‘Just tell me where we are on this job, are we dropping the man or not?’
‘Definitely, we are dropping him but when it would be is what I don’t know, I can only make a guess.’
‘And what’s the guess?’
‘We’ll kill him after Henry EG’s death is announced and maybe after we upload the video we recorded today or send it to the Vice President to threaten him.’
‘I thought they said on the news that Henry EG was slowly recuperating from his sickness, so how come we’re expecting the news of his death?’
‘Yes he’s slowly recuperating, that’s the lie the police and Doctors told the media but Doctor Benny is going there to end his life, today or tomorrow.’ Cole said with a mischievous smile.
‘Huh?’ Aisha was surprised.
‘Yeah,’ Cole said and turned back to his laptop, ‘I guess you were in the kitchen while we devised that plan.’
‘Benny? How is he planning to do that when Henry EG is heavily secured by police officers in the hospital?’
‘Benny is disguising as a Doctor from Capetown and we’ve just edited the hospital’s contacts on their directory.’
‘Well, I wish him the best.’ Aisha shrugged. She seemed not to understand most of Cole’s explanation but decided to refrain from asking more questions.
‘Sir, I was told you came looking for me,’ Doctor Tobi said to the Pathologist.
‘Yes, I came looking for you because he called about twenty minutes ago and he’ll be here very soon.’ Mr Albert said in reply.
‘Wow! How soon would that be?’ Doctor Tobi asked, searching the pockets of his coat for his phone.
‘I don’t…’ Mr Albert paused as a call entered his phone. ‘In fact, he’s the one calling right now, that means he’s here already.’
‘Ehen, I’m coming back now. I have to get my phone from my office,’ Doctor Tobi said and walked away hurriedly.
The visitor was already in Mr Albert’s office before Doctor Tobi returned. He was sitting comfortably in the visitor’s seat while the Pathologist was on his feet discussing something with him.
‘Oh! Here comes the Doctor who has the similar sample.’ Mr Albert introduced.
The young lab scientist turned to greet. ‘Good morning Doc,’ he got up and said with a smile, offering an handshake.
‘Good morning sir,’ Dr Tobi replied back with a smile, taking the handshake.
‘I’m Dr David,’ the lab scientist said.
‘I’m Dr Tobi,’ the Doctor replied, glad that the person he was going to be working with was also a young man.
‘Nice to meet you sir.’
‘Oh! My pleasure.’ Dr Tobi’s phone rang and he quickly took it out from his pocket. ‘Please excuse me,’ he said politely and stepped back to answer the call.
David returned to his seat and faced the Pathologist who was now seated too. ‘Sir, you said they got the other sample from the premises of a poisoned patient.’
‘Yes, a poisoned patient. Henry E.G actually.’
‘Henry EG?’ David sounded as if the name was familiar.
‘Yes, Henry EG. He’s popular for his computer science and camera operation works.’
‘Oh! I think I’ve heard the name before.’
‘Surely, you must have heard of him.’ The Pathologist smiled.
‘Yeah… But I thought that it was announced that he was only sick.’
‘Ermm… Yes but that was based on the Police’s instruction. They didn’t want the public aggression as they were sure the real truth would stir up public sympathy.’
‘Dr David,’ Dr Tobi called, he had just finished with his phone call. David turned to answer. ‘I think you need to come with me now,’ he said courteously.
‘Okay then,’ David replied, then turned back to the Pathologist and smiled.
‘It’s okay Dr David, nice to meet you.’ Mr Albert said and offered him an handshake.
‘Thank you sir,’ David got up and took the handshake. He walked out from the seat and followed the young Doctor.
Doctor Tobi led Dr David all the way from the Mr Albert’s office to the hospital laboratory. Benny walked in and took in a deep breath, he first paused at the doorstep. Everything looked strange to him, the lab was a more complex one than the mini lab his boss had used to teach him what to do. He silently prayed in his heart that he made no mistakes.
‘Dr David,’ Dr Tobi who was already walking to a section of the lab turned back to David who still at the door.
For some seconds, Benny totally forgot that he was now Dr David, he even forgot where he was and was asking himself what he was doing there.
‘Dr David,’ Dr Tobi began to walk to the lab scientist who seemed lost in the environment.
Benny regained his memory before Dr Tobi got to him, he rubbed his face and proceeded forward.
‘What happened?’ Dr Tobi asked.
‘I was just remembering my friend who had an accident, he is my senior lab scientist, I was making a silent prayer for him.’
‘Oh! Hope his condition is not that bad.’
‘Bad but everything is under control.’
Dr Tobi’s phone rang. He hurriedly dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out the phone, he was not supposed to be with a phone as they were restricted from bringing phones into the lab but the police matter he was involved in necessitated his bringing it in.
It was too late before he could take out the phone and silence it. All eyes were on him already.
He stylishly stopped Dr David and turned back, avoiding the gazes of all others in the lab. ‘This person calling needs to see both of us, please we’ll come back here.’ Dr Tobi said and began to lead the way back out.
‘Who is that?’
‘The person responsible for the patient whom I got the sample from.’ Dr Tobi replied, trying to hide the fact that it was a police officer they were going to meet.
He turned to another direction after they got out of the lab and they climbed up a stairs before getting to their new destination.
Dr David looked at the faces of the mean police officers outside the ward, they all stared at him with the same scrutinizing look on their faces. He stared back at them like a less concerned person.
Dr Tobi opened the ward and ushered Dr David in before entering and closing the door behind. Officer Dakolo was waiting inside for them, sitting on a stool, another officer of the same rank with Ken was with him. Both officers were not putting on uniforms.
‘I didn’t know you were so close to this place already, ‘ Dr Tobi said as he walked towards the Agent.
‘I was close already and there was no traffic jam on the way, so the journey was smooth.’ Dakolo replied. The officer who was standing beside him moved away immediately Dakolo began to talk; like a preplanned action, he walked close to the door and stood there.
Benny took a glance back and smiled at the movement, he knew they were were suspicious of him and were blocking the way in case their suspicion was true.
Benny recognized Agent Dakolo, who would not recognize the man whose face had been shown severally on TV for solving top notch cases and nabbing the most dangerous criminals in the country. On a normal day, he would have been afraid to be in the officer’s presence but he wasn’t today. He had not come by himself or in his own name, he had come in the name of Tarasha after she had prepared and trained him well and also informed him of the importance of displaying confidence at all times.
‘Meet Dr David, the lab scientist from Capetown who has a similar sample to ours.’ Dr Tobi did the introduction.
‘Dr David,’ Agent Dakolo smiled, extending an handshake to David. ‘I’m Dakolo,’ he introduced himself, consciously omitting the Agent or officer title.
‘Nice to meet you sir,’ Dr David replied back with smiles.
‘I’m the patient’s brother,’ Dakolo continued, we found the sample beside him after he had been poisoned through the drip, the culprit must have forgotten it.’
‘Oh!’ Dr David exclaimed, he laughed in his heart about Dakolo’s lie of being Henry’s brother. ‘The case must really be a serious one considering the number of policemen outside there,’ Dr David commented loudly.
‘It’s serious,’ Dakolo shrugged and formed a pity face.
‘I’ve been briefed about his case and I believe that with God on our side, something can still be done about the matter.’ Dr David said.
‘Amen,’ Dakolo answered and readjusted his sitting position. ‘So what hospital are you from?’
‘Government City Hospital, Capetown.’ Dr David answered.
‘Hmm,’ Dakolo took in a deep breath and made an eye signal to the officer standing by the door. ‘So you work as a lab scientist there?’
‘Yes, I work as one of the lab scientists.’
‘And what are you doing in Nigeria?’
‘I’m…’ Dr David paused as his eyes met with someone else’s. All these while, Benny didn’t look at the face of the patient laying on the bed. Although he knew that he was in the ward where Henry was, he was a little bit tensed as the Henry he saw was different.
To make matters worse, Henry had just opened his eyes at that time and was staring at him as if he was recognized but Benny remembered that the Boss already said that Henry had been turned into a dummy and couldn’t recognized anybody or even himself.
‘I’m on holiday,’ Benny finally said, turning his face back to the Agent. Benny could see from the agent’s expression that he was being suspected, so he decided to act a little more drama. He moved closer to the patient and placed his hand on the patient’s forehead with pity in his eyes. ‘So this is Henry EG, the African computer guru?’ He asked in a rhetorical manner and stared at the faces of the Agent and Doctor Tobi. ‘I’ve read so much about him,’ he said and then used his fingers to widen Henry’s eyes, he looked into it as if he was observing something.
‘Pale right?’ Dr David asked and moved closer, already deceived by Benny’s good acting skills.
‘Yes,’ Dr David replied and stepped back. He turned to Dakolo. Dakolo too was almost convinced by Benny’s act but his detective side still needed more to convince him further.
‘I think we’ve got to go now Mr Dakolo, I don’t have much time here.’ David took a glance at his wristwatch. ‘Do watch over your brother while we try to come up with a solution to this situation.’ He said and turned to Dr Tobi. Dr Tobi turned to Dakolo and moved his shoulders in a questioning manner, as if to ask whether they could leave or not.
‘Thank you Dr David,’ Dakolo finally spoke with a smile. ‘Dr Tobi, we’ll see later.’ With that Dr Tobi led Dr David out of the ward and they made their way back to the laboratory.
‘Quick!’ Dakolo said to the officer in the ward with him as he got up from his stool. ‘Call the office and tell them to contact Government City Hospital in Capetown to confirm if Dr David is really a lab scientist there and also if it’s the right one we have here.’
Benny smiled to himself as Dr Tobi led him back to the laboratory. He had passed a stage of the police trouble, he knew now that they would try to confirm if he was really from where he claimed to be from but he was confident that Cole had settled that already. There would be no problem for him, he would succeed in contaminating all the samples and would personally inject it into Henry’s body. He was already proud of himself, he had never done a job like this that’ll require him to kill the victim even with the police heavily guarding. It would turn out to be the best one man task he had ever embarked on.
‘Tara, you’ve not still stopped to rest since. What’s the matter?’ Jefa asked his sister, staring into her face with that same look that a father who is deeply worried about his daughter keeps. Both of them were in the living room, Jefa was sitting in the armchair while Tarasha was moving around the house and working. She was just passing through the living room then when Jefa decided to question her.
She stopped and took a quick glance at his face and then folded her arms. She couldn’t keep her eyes on his face because she didn’t want the feeling it was giving her. It was a strange kind of feeling, one which she wasn’t supposed to have.
‘I’ll rest when I’m done with what I’m doing,’ she said, staring at somewhere else with her arms folded like a sulking wife.
‘What are you doing?’ Jefa questioned with a note of authority.
The authority in Jefa’s tone sounded funny to Tara, she took another quick glance at him and faced somewhere else again.
‘I’m only asking to know if I could do some things for you while you go and rest,’ Jefa continued, offering to help this time.
‘Don’t worry, I’ll be done in few minutes time.’
‘Please hurry up,’ Jefa said in a pleading tone.
‘Thank you,’ she said and started to walk away.
‘Ermm… Sorry,’ Jefa began to talk again, just remembering something. ‘Did you come home with someone around 12 noon?’
‘No, I didn’t,’ she replied. ‘Why?’
‘Nothing, I thought I heard your voice and a guy’s own.’ Jefa said.
‘No, I didn’t come home at all.’ She said.
‘Okay, I was hoping you had come home with Henry.’ Jefa said.
Tara heaved a sigh at the mention of Henry’s name, she wished that her brother would stop mentioning him in every discussion. All she could hope for was that Benny should quickly execute his mission and end Henry’s life finally, then the only thing that would be talked about was his funeral.
‘No,’ she refuted. ‘I didn’t come home at all,’ she reiterated.
Tara took a glance at his face before walking away. He didn’t look like he was convinced that she spoke the truth but she wasn’t bothered, the most important thing she needed was that he stopped disturbing her with questions.
Jefa was partly correct, she had come home with a man but certainly not Henry. She had come with Benny to use the laboratory in the house.
Tarasha walked into the room and straight to the bed. She fell tiredly into it with her face buried in the pillow. She wasn’t tired physically, she had physical strength but what she didn’t understand was her weakness in dealing with herself when she faced her brother.
With the same determination and mindset which she changed to and spoke to the Senate President, she had come home to speak to her brother, so that they could plan his departure sooner than they earlier agreed. Though she had been the one who forced him to stay in her house, pleading with him to only go after he is declared fit enough by the nurse, she didn’t want him to wait any further because she realized and had begun to see the signs of the effects which his presence could have around her. The problem now was to face him and speak to him, there was an overwhelming influence he always had whenever she saw his face. Sometimes, it brings pictures of their father back to her, sometimes the whole family and sometimes, pictures of her loving brother. But she needed none of that now, all she required was a mind free of unnecessary emotions or attachment to fulfill her mission.
She turned to face the ceiling and then raised her knee, she took in another long deep breath and closed her eyes briefly. She needed to get Jefa out of her life quickly, else she would become a weakling.
Questions began to rise in her hearts and she began to wonder why she was even sent to her country of descent. Why wasn’t she sent to somewhere else in the world? Why didn’t they send her to another country knowing quite well that she could meet something in Nigeria which could make her get distracted?
Oh! Possibly it was purposefully. Vlasdislav had done it purposefully, she thought. To punish her, that would be the reason. She remembered that she had offended her masters on several occasions and previous projects. She had even gone against the Nefary Clan’s rules once and when she was accosted by her bosses for it, she gave them a stubborn and nonchalant attitude and did not apologize (a skill which they impacted into her).
Twice did Vlasdislav and Ristoslav tried to kill her by sending her to kill two of the most senior assassins who became *** but she surprised m amazed them on the two occasions when she returned with the heads of the two senior assassins. Since then, she became a threat to themselves and they began to class her as a senior assassin too even though she hadn’t used up to the number of years required to be classified as that.
Ristoslav and Vlasdislav were also ‘veteran’ assassins but their old ages and too much use of drugs had weakened their bodies. That’s why they reduced the use of drugs for their own trained assassins. Both of them were the second and third persons in command in the Nefary Clan.
Vlasdislav was the assassin who had betrayed the Villary Gang and joined Nefary. He was one of the major men in the Villary Gang and was the most sent Agent to Africa during the nineties. That was when he got connected to a Nigerian politician who was a godfather to Chief Elvis. He gradually rose in rank in the gang and began to control some of their international activities especially their relations with the African continent. In the early 2000s, Matvei took over from him in controlling their relations with Africa as Vlasdislav had risen in rank and also aged more.
The year 2011 was when the Villary Gang’s deal with the Nigerian young politicians was strengthened, they began to receive supply of “goods” from Nigeria, their major dealers were the Heavy Seven Group of which young Elvis was the major leader and Gabriel his assistant. The Villary Gang’s operation with the Heavy Seven began to decline in 2015 when the coming elections procedure in Nigeria toughened, then it came to an abrupt end when the new Government came into power in May 2016.
Vlasdislav who was a major assassin and trainer in the Villary Gang began to have disagreements with some other major men in the gang that same year. Early 2017, he finally broke away, taking a hundred of young trainees with him to a rival organization called the Nefary Clan, Omotara was one of the trainees which was taken away by Vlasdislav. That was how she became a citizen and part of the Nefary Clan family. She learnt so fast, excelling in all her tests and her promotion to the next level was always rapid. Her fast learning ability made Vlasdislav take more interest in her out of all her age mates and those trainees he brought along with him. On a certain day after some thing happened, just in few years of her training, he changed her name from Omotara to Tarasha, a story to be told later.
Tarasha turned and faced the ceiling, raising one of her knees up as she took in a long deep breath. She just needed to do all that she could to move Jefa far away from herself. She got up swiftly and walked towards the table near the wall, she dragged the chair closer and took the laptop bag from under the table. She took out the laptop from her bag and turned it on, then she sat and relaxed her back, waiting for the computer to boot.
Dr Tobi and Dr David busied themselves with experimenting the samples for several hours in the laboratory. Dr David seemed to be the one leading the tests, he took care of the mixing and heating while Dr Tobi joined only in most of the observations.
‘Seems like you’ve been working on this sample for a long time,’ Dr Tobi said.
‘Not really, but I’ve made quite some progress on it.’ Dr David replied.
‘Yeah…’ Dr David lifted up a test tube and squinted as he stared at the blue coloured liquid. ‘I think we’re done with the drug now.’
Dr Tobi stopped to stare at the test tube too, ‘but I don’t think we can administer it to the patient, mixing it has made it contaminated.’
‘Why not? We can administer it,’ Dr David said defensively. ‘The foreign matter isn’t harmful to the body.’
‘Are you sure? We’ve not verified what substance it is.’
‘Yeah… But we’ve verified that it isn’t harmful.’
‘It’s not harmful to the normal body but it could be harmful to the patient in his condition.’
‘Hmm…’ Dr David stopped to think. ‘Well, you may be right there. Since you’ve been the one treating the patient all these while.’
‘Yes… I think it’ll be dangerous to him.’
‘So what do we do now? Do you have some quantity of the samples left?’
‘I don’t know, I’ll have to find out from the officer… Ermm…his brother I mean.’ Dr David said and took off his hand gloves, preparing to go out of the lab.
‘Okay,’ Dr David smiled, ‘but make sure you get all the remaining quantity.’
‘I will,’ Dr Tobi said and excused himself.
Dr David watched him leave, another stage of his mission has been done, he had contaminated the first sample of the cure. Now his next plan was to contaminate the remaining quantity of the liquid, that’s why he urged Dr Tobi to get all that was left. He had succeeded in wasting the sample of the liquid and wasting time also. To fulfill the mission, he had two options; contaminate the remaining liquid and encourage Dr Tobi to administer it that way or find a way to be left alone with Henry and he’ll infuse a poison into his blood cells.Benny took off his hand gloves and washed his sweaty palms in the basin. He cleaned his hands dry with the hand towel, then he took out a phone from his pocket. He opened the screen and clicked on the chat application icon.
‘I’m starting the recorder I placed on the Doctor now, please do help me monitor his conversation and make sure it is transcribed and sent to me, according to our plan.’ He quickly typed into the chat box and sent to Cole. He made sure it was marked delivered before he returned the phone into his pocket and walked out of the restroom, heading to Dr Tobi’s office to wait there.
‘Hello Mat,’ Chief Elvis spoke into the phone.
‘Hello, who’s this?’ Matvei replied in his gruff voice.
‘Matvei, it’s Elvis. Don’t you remember you asked me to call back?’
‘Oh D–n! This ain’t the time yet man.’
‘Ermm… But the time is close already.’
‘Elvis, are you really sure you want a top grade assassin?’
‘Oh! Why not? I’m sure,’ Chief Elvis stated boldly, surprised that Matvei was asking him such a question. ‘Are you not the one who confirmed that the Nefary Clan sent one of their bests down here?’
‘Yes, I was the one. I was just wondering if you’re really certain that she’s coming after you.’
‘Yes, she is. I told you before that she has already taken out the rest of my business partners.’
‘Well… I thought you won’t call back,’ Matvei paused and sniffed loudly, Elvis could tell that he was taking in a hard drug of some sort. ‘That’s why I didn’t reply you immediately nor did I send you any billing information.’
‘Please, I’m serious about the matter.’ Chief Elvis said in a pleading tone.
‘We can’t just tell if you’re serious yet, it’s too early.’
‘What are you talking about man?’
‘Humm… What of you coming to Russia to come strike the deal with us, these kinds of deals don’t just happen via phone calls.’
‘Oh D–n Matvei! You know I can’t just leave my country like that, I’m the Vice President. I can’t just move anyhow, everything about me us documented and I’ll have to answer serious questions.’
‘Then you are not be serious then, just face your work as the Vice President in you country.’
‘Come on Mat, i’m serious.’ Chief Elvis was getting angry already.
‘Then find your way here,’ Matvei said slowly and then sniffed in like he did previously.
‘Matvei, I may have to consider hiring from your rival gang.’ Chief Elvis threatened.
Matvei made a chuckle, then it turned into a brief laughter and then a sardonic and long one. He stopped suddenly and he could be heard sniffing again for about two minutes. ‘Assassins in the same gangs don’t go against each other, except on order from their Lord and that only happens when one of them becomes a rebel. You should know better man.’
Chief Elvis heaved a sigh, Matvei was putting him in a tight position of choice. ‘What do you want Matvei? You know I can’t come there.’ He spoke in a calmer tone.
‘Hmm… You’re really sounding serious, I don’t want you to disappoint me like you’ve done before.’ Matvei said and then cleared his throat.
‘I won’t Mat.’
‘Well, we don’t just want things to go out of order, we don’t release our top grade assassins anyhow. But I’ll help you ensure we release one of the best machines,’ Matvei promised.
‘Oh thanks Matvei,’ Chief Elvis sounded more relaxed.
‘But what?’
‘You have to make sure it is well provided for always, keep the assassin in the right condition and always make sure that there are tools available for it to use.’
‘I’m ready to do all that.’
‘And one very important thing is that you have to always think properly before you send the assassin, especially on a killing mission. You might find it hard in making it abort a mission.’
‘Yes, I have only one mission for now. And I’m already decided about it.’
‘Okay then, you have to give us some days to prepare you a machine. We’ll have to prepare a new identity for it to get into your country.’
‘He asked you to get the rest of the samples?’ Dakolo asked Dr Tobi with a note of suspicion in his voice.
‘No,’ Dr Tobi responded strongly. ‘We need the remaining quantity, we need all we can get. We may not be able to produce the cure if we don’t have enough of it.’
‘Is that what he told you?’
‘No! Agent, what are you insinuating?’ Dr Tobi frowned, offended by Dakolo’s way of questioning him. ‘I’m a trained Doc and I know what’s happening in the lab.’
‘Calm down Doc,’ Dakolo got up from the stool and moved closer to Tobi. ‘I’m just trying to be extra careful.’ He placed a hand on the doctor’s shoulder.
‘But haven’t you called his hospital yet to confirm if he’s really one of their lab scientists?’ Tobi retorted.
‘Yes, we have called the Government City Hospital in Capetown,’ Dakolo took off his hand from the doctor’s shoulder and turned back, taking three steps before he turned again. ‘They’ve confirmed that they have an official named Dr David, they even sent us some of his passports and it’s really this man you brought.’
‘Then why are you still doubting his authenticity or sincerity,’ Dr Tobi raised a brow.
‘Exactly! That’s it, at doubt his sincerity, anyone could be used. Any silly mistakes could totally take out Henry and that will be all, that will be the end of an intelligent young man.’ Dakolo replied.
‘But why would anyone attempt to murder him? He’s been a help and a source of joy to the whole nation,’ Dr Tobi asked, looking confused.
‘He’s been a help to the whole nation but has been the nightmare to so many bad people whom he helped stopped their evil agendas, these people could be the ones after his life. They may want to kill him so as to be able to continue perpetrating their evil deeds and they’ll be no one to stop them and even if there’s anyone else who tries to come up like Henry, the person would be scared not to end up in the same way.’ Dakolo stopped and moved closer, he placed his hand on the doctor’s shoulder again. ‘Have you heard of Samantha Osman?’ Dakolo asked in a soft voice, looking straight into the doctor’s eyes.
The doctor nodded in affirmation.
‘She kidnapped the Senate President last night, are you aware?’ Dakolo asked, even though he was sure the Doctor must have read it in the news. The doctor nodded again. ‘Henry knows a lot of secrets about her, some secrets that can destroy her and put an end to her evil works. That’s why she’s after him, she tried to render him totally paralyzed and brainless but thank God the police showed up. In a hurry, she left and forgot that bottle with the cure and I believe that she’ll be coming after it. That’s why we’ve got to be extra careful.’ Dakolo stopped again and turned back, he ran his fingers through his hair before he continued talking in a determined tone. ‘We have to keep Henry alive and return him to his normal state to help us defeat Samantha, else she’ll wreck more havoc in our nation.’
Dr Tobi shoulders dropped as he took in a deep breath, Dakolo had succeeded in pulling him to his side but he still trusted the lab scientist.
‘But Agent, we have to make this clear.’ Dr Tobi said in a soft tone.
‘What’s that?’ Dakolo turned back and asked.
‘Even if we are able to mix up the cure, it may not return the patient back to his normal state. He may have lost his memory and his vision may be impaired, there are some other things which we’re not able to see now.’ Dr Tobi explained.
‘Hmm…’ Dakolo heaved a deep sigh, he placed his palm on his lips as he pondered deeply on the doctor’s words. ‘Well, just do your best and allow God do the rest. That’s the most important reason we should protect the rest of the liquid.’
Dakolo proceeded back to the stool where he was previously seated, he picked up a nylon bag and took out a small bottle, less than half filled with the liquid. ‘This is it, it’s not much anymore, you have to preserve more than you’ll use now.’
** Six minutes later **
‘Which officer could that be?’ Tarasha said into her phone, still busy with the laptop in the room.
‘It’s the popular Agent Dakolo,’ Cole replied her from the other end.
‘That one?’ Tarasha asked in a rhetoric manner. ‘We’ll have to get him out of the way soon. Now, send the transcribed conversation to Benny, he should change to plan B; you and Aisha has to come in then.’
‘Okay Boss, I’ll do as you say.’ Cole said and the call ended.
Cole got up from the bed immediately the call ended and walked out of the room.
‘Aisha,’ he called out as he moved towards the kitchen.
‘Yes,’ the response came from behind. Cole turned back and saw Aisha coming out from the room where the Senate President was kept.
‘Feeding him?’ Cole asked.
‘Yes, I went to drop his food.’
‘Okay, the boss just called now and gave some instructions. You have to go into town to get some things, I’ll join you there.’ Cole said. He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out a piece of paper and a MasterCard. ‘Here,’ he handed it over to her. ‘That’s the list of what to get.’
Aisha took the card and paper, she unfolded the paper and quickly read through the list.
‘What do we need all these for?’ Aisha asked with a confused look.
‘We have to become journalists tonight, we’ve got some questions for the Doctors and officers.’ Cole replied.
‘Officers?’ Aisha’s face widened in shock.
‘Hahaha,’ Cole laughed loudly. ‘I know what you’re scared of,’ he said, pointing his index finger to her frightened face.
Aisha hissed and turned away, she folded the paper and began to walk away. She stopped halfway and turned back. Cole was still standing, staring at her with his arms folded.
‘Are you serious about it?’ Aisha asked in a frightened tone.
‘I’m not joking baby, we’ll have to interview some Doctors although only one of them is our target, we may not interview him but we are to distract him by saying nasty things about him to his superiors. We’ll get a lot of journalists to join us.’ Cole moved closer to her. ‘And we’re going to interview officers too, Agent Dakolo may also be one of them.’
Aisha eyes widened and her body trembled in shock again.
‘Calm down girl,’ Cole chuckled and used his palm to rub her nose. ‘No one would recognize you once you’re properly disguised and you remain confident like the boss has taught us.’ Cole encouraged.
‘I hope so,’ Aisha said, her face brightened up a little, remembering that they had more disguise materials to use now.
‘Maybe you need to take in some…’ Cole completed his statement with a sniff and a wink. ‘You know, to boost your confidence.’
‘Sure, I will.’ She understood him to be prescribing hard drugs for her. ‘But what about this man?’ She asked, pointing backwards to the room where Nasiru was.
‘I’ll take care of him before coming to join you, he’s gonna take a long nap.’
**Thirty minutes later**
Benny read through Cole’s message frowning, his happiness and gladness of being the one that was to execute the job alone had diminished. Agent Dakolo was still suspecting him even after confirming that he was really Dr David. Well, maybe that was why he was widely respected and known, his ability not to be fooled easily by criminals’ tactics.
The door flung open and Dr Tobi entered with Agent Dakolo.
‘Sorry, Dr David. I had to wait for him to come.’ Dr Tobi apologized.
‘No problem sir,’ Dr David said with a smile, greeting Dakolo with a nod gesture.
‘Hope you’re not in a hurry to leave now?’ Dr Tobi asked, turning to his own seat. He motioned Dakolo to sit beside Dr David on the second visitor’s seat.
‘Ermm… I still have some hours more to use here before I join my friends.’
‘Okay, that means you’ll join me to work on the remaining part of the liquid.’
‘Yes, I will. This time, I think we should make sure it’s not mixed at all, let’s just purify it and then you administer it to the patient. It would start working immediately and help to stop every effect of the poison on him. If we have much quantity of the liquid, then we’ll have enough to completely wash out the poison from his system. ‘ Dr David said with much concern in his voice.
‘Here’s the quantity we have left,’ Dr Tobi said, showing David the small ampoule in which he had poured in some of the liquid Dakolo gave him.
Dakolo took a quick glance at Dr Tobi to see if he was doing the right thing, he confirmed that the Doctor was following the plan, then he returned his gaze back to Dr David whom he was examining before.
‘I think this should go a long way,’ Dr David commented.
‘Then let’s get to work,’ Dr Tobi said and got up immediately. Dr David rose and Dakolo rose too after him, holding Dr David from walking as he gripped the lab scientist’s left hand which was on the table.
Dr David stared at him in surprise, looking embarrassed.
‘Sorry, ‘ Dakolo quickly apologized, he released the hand and grabbed it back almost immediately. ‘Are you married?’ He asked with a forced smile on his lips, pointing to the ring on David’s finger. Dakolo was embarrassed too. He was only trying to find anything implicating on the lab scientist’s body and had seen none, only to embarrass the young man by asking about a normal looking ring.
‘No,’ Dr David took his hand away and proceeded to the door.
The three of them walked out of the office and waited outside as Dr Tobi locked his door.
‘I’ll be going now,’ Dakolo said to Dr Tobi after the door was locked.
‘Okay sir, bye.’ Dr Tobi said and began to walk away with Dr David while Dakolo took the opposite direction.
Dakolo stopped before the stairs after he had walked out of sight. He still had ill feelings about the lab scientist, even though nothing physical about him looked suspicious. He had to return now to Ken for them to continue their investigation but he had already warned Dr Tobi and the officers in the hospital not to ever allow Henry to be left alone with the lab scientist. He was sure they would keep to his instructions as they had a senior officer of the same rank with Ken leading the team.
The phone’s loud alarm tone rang out, jerking off Tarasha from the nap. She rose up immediately, went straight to the table and opened up the laptop. She tapped the boot button and walked out to get a glass of water while the computer was booting.
Jefa had slept off in the living room, without switching off the TV. Tarasha thought of switching it off but decided to leave it on and let her brother keep enjoying his ‘noisy’ nap.
She returned to the room three minutes later with a plastic bottle and a glass cup, the laptop had finished booting. She dragged the chair closer and sat on it, after which she inserted a modem into one of the USB ports. The network connected automatically and youngicee.com opened as the homepage of the browser, after scrolling down to skim through and bookmark the links of some exclusive stories, she opened another tab and typed in the link to Linda Ikeji’s blog. She smiled on seeing her expected news on the homepage, Cole had done the job.
‘Real Details Of Henry E.G’s illness revealed,’ she muttered to herself the topic of the headline as she clicked on the link. She opened another tab and typed in nairaland.com into the address bar, where she would be able to read a lot of people’s reaction to the breaking news. She returned back to Linda Ikeji’s blog and read through the post.
‘Reports reaching us today from a trusted source has revealed the real cause of Henry E.G illness and his present condition. Henry EG was poisoned in his house by unknown person(s), the suspect of the poisoning is the assassin Samantha Osman. That same afternoon he was poisoned was the same day he was arrested and interrogated by the police after he was alleged to have a close relationship and a suspicious love affair with the assassin. The doctors had previously lied to the press to hide the details on order from the police. More details on the news to come later.’ Tarasha scrolled down to read some of the comments the post had, after reading a few, she navigated to the second tab where the Nairaland forum site was opened and scrolled down to read mostly comments.
She smiled, loving the comments and heat the news was generating. She was glad that the police and the hospital would be under a lot of pressure now from the press. All she was waiting for was the second alarm from Benny and then she’ll join them at the hospital to play her part in the task.
‘Almost done now,’ Dr Tobi announced to Dr David who was just returning to the lab.
‘Hmm…’ Dr David smiled, ‘all the impurities gone right?’
‘Yes,’ Dr Tobi replied.
Dr David adjusted his belt and trousers, he touched a button on the belt head and a red light flashed.
‘So we’re going to be working with a new assassin?’ Stainless asked Don as they rode down the street.
‘I’m not sure yet, but I believe the man is bringing in someone else’ Don replied.
‘You believe? He didn’t mention it to you?’
‘Yes, I believe. From the way he was speaking, it was obvious he was expecting another assassin.’
‘So the assassin would be from where?’
‘I don’t know,’ Don said and angrily pushed the horn as a faulty car was causing a holdup on the road. ‘All I know is that we’ve got to stop Tarasha before the assassin comes, I want to be the one to stop her.’ Don continued after finding a way to drive past the car.
‘Did the Chief still ask us to continue with the job?’
‘He never asked us to stop,’ Don replied and pushed the horn again as he sped past some slow cars and trucks. ‘But I’m desperate to get that money from Chief and I also want to kill Tarasha with my hands.’
‘This is not nice sir,’ Ken said as he entered into Dakolo’s office, looking worried, he headed towards Dakolo’s seat with the tablet in his hands.
‘What’s that?’ Dakolo looked up to ask. He was already rounding up for the day, closing up the files which he had summarized the day’s report.
‘Henry case is all over the news,’ he said as he handed up the device to Dakolo.
Dakolo stared at it for a short while and an expression of shock appeared on his face. ‘How in the world did they find out about this?’ He asked in a shocked tone.
‘I don’t know,’ Ken said as he pulled the visitor’s chair to sit on it, he folded his arms. ‘I was just replying to some messages on WhatsApp when I got the news, I thought it was just one of those chain messages but I was shocked when I saw the vanguard news link.’
‘Oops!’ Dakolo dropped the device and stared thoughtfully. ‘Does that mean one of the boys has been giving the press information?’
‘No, I don’t think it’s one of our boys, they dare not try to be so stupid because they know we’ll surely find out.’
‘Then how did the information get to the press? We warned the doctors not to mention it anywhere, and it’s even against the ethics of their job to let out the condition of their patients to the public or to somebody else.’
But we really can’t tell, you know. Some of those stubborn journalists could have pressed so far and forced out the information from a nurse or doctor and besides…’ Ken paused for some few seconds. ‘You said there was a new doctor today, a lab scientist precisely.’
‘Ermm… Yes,’ Dakolo let out a deep breath from his mouth. ‘There was a lab scientist who had that same sample, I’m only waiting for him to finish manufacturing the cure with Dr Tobi. I’ve instructed the boys to grab him immediately they finish from the laboratory.’
‘I don’t think they should grab him sir,’ Ken suggested in a strong tone.
‘It would be better if we keep tabs on him and monitor his movements, he could lead us somewhere helpful.’ Ken said.
‘No Ken, I’ve thought of that before, it won’t work. If he is from Samantha Osman like we suspect, I think it’ll be dangerous to let him leave the hospital. You of all people should know how they always escape without leaving any trace.’
‘But sir, we’ve confirmed that he is from Government City Hospital in Capetown, we could always trace him there.’
‘How are you sure that he would return to South Africa when he leaves? If he is being used by Samantha, I don’t think he would like to return.’
‘Sir, you sound so sure that he’s working for Samantha.’
‘Well, I’m not sure but there is just something about the young man that looks so evil.’
‘Hmm… Let’s just see how it goes,’ Ken shrugged, ‘thank God that the journalists won’t be allowed to enter into the hospital, they would have been causing problems by now.’
‘Thank God we’ve warned the security officials not to allow even one of them step his feet into the premises of the hospital and anyone that even comes in by mistake should be bundled out immediately. Well, it’s time to call the doc,’ Dakolo said and got up from his seat. He picked up his phone and walked slowly to the window side, dialing on the phone. He peeped out through the curtain and placed the phone on his ear.
‘He’s not answering his calls, I think they’re still in the lab.’ Dakolo turned and said to Ken, he then dialed another number and rested his bum against the burglary proof metal.
‘You should all hide your microphones and your devices well, we will enter at different times, at five minutes interval to be precise.’ Cole disguised as a journalist was addressing a group of journalists from different news media outlets, four vehicles were parked behind them. ‘Also make sure you hide your ID cards until we get in, if we don’t act like this, we would not be allowed to enter.’
Benny raised up the ampoule containing the cure prepared and observed it under the white light, he smiled to himself and muttered some words. He glanced back to see if Dr Tobi was watching him and quickly turned back, he exchanged the ampoule with another one in his inner jacket.
‘I think it’s time now,’ Dr Tobi said after hanging his lab coat. ‘Let’s administer the drug to the man and save his life.’
Two nurses entered into Dr Tobi’s office that moment with a tray which had in it the syringes, tubes, ampoules and the other thing that would be needed in administering the cure to the patient.
‘We’re good to go, ‘ Dr Tobi said with a smile.
Dr David dropped the ampoule in his hand into one of the trays held by the nurses and proceeded outside first, he adjusted his trousers as he got out of the door and waited for the rest to come out. Dr Tobi led the way to the theatre with Dr David behind him and the nurses following too.
**23 minutes later**
There was an usual noise at the reception of the hospital. The number of journalists and reporters in the compound were too much for the security officials to control.
‘Sir, can you tell us what happens if Henry EG never comes out this condition?’ A journalist threw a question to the officer.
‘We can’t tell now, but we hope he’ll come out soon. What you guys need to do now is to leave this vicinity, it’s an hospital and there’s need for quietness here.’ The officer managed to say, about six microphones were stretched to his mouth while several cameramen were taking his pictures from behind.
Cole stepped back away from the rest of the pushing journalists as he felt a vibration in his pocket. It was the second vibration and be knew what it meant. He quickly took out his phone and checked the screen, he returned it in the same manner.
He looked around for a while, searching for someone, then he saw her with the group of journalists interviewing the senior Doctor. He smiled and journeyed towards them.
‘…we don’t have the authority to let out that information to you now, ‘ the senior Doctor was saying. ‘All of our Doctors are trained specialists and none can give you this information.’
‘But what about Dr Tobi who told us how the police smuggled in Henry? Is he not supposed to keep in the information too.’ Cole who just joined asked, pushing forward to the front, Aisha left her space for him.
‘Which Dr Tobi?’ The senior Doctor seemed shocked.
‘The Dr Tobi in charge of the patient,’ Cole replied.
‘Please excuse me,’ the senior Doctor said and hurried into the hospital. Some journalists include Cole followed after him. Cole turned back from the group with something in his hand, he had taken it from the doctor’s pocket.
‘Here, ‘ he handed over the access card to Aisha. ‘It’s time for your second role, have you read the instructions Benny sent you?’
‘Yes,’ Aisha replied, taking the card from Cole.
‘The boss should be here very soon, keep your tracker on.’ He said and patted her on the shoulder.
‘Hello officer, what’s up?’ Dakolo spoke into the phone.
‘Hello sir, we’ve got some troubles here. I was just about to call the office,’ a tiny voice came through.
‘What’s the matter?’
‘There’s a huge crowd of media house representatives and journalists here and they are pressing too much,’ the officer replied.
‘What do they want?’
‘A lot of them are asking for your whereabouts, they are asking about Henry EG and want to know his present condition.’
‘How did they get in?’
‘I don’t know sir, even the security men are confused.’
‘Okay, are you at the ward now or with the journalists downstairs?’
‘I’m downstairs.’
‘Please go back to the ward now, immediately.’ Dakolo ordered.
‘Okay, right away sir.’
Dakolo ended the call and returned to his table immediately, ‘we have to go to the hospital now.’
Dressed corporately in a white shirt and black trousers, Omotara stepped out of the room into the parlour. Jefa was still there, he had woken up and resumed watching TV. Omotara walked over to his front, she dropped something on the centre table and turned to him to tell him she was going to her workplace. The look on his face stopped her from talking, his sorrowful eyes were glued to something on the screen. Omotara turned to look at the screen, it was the network news at 6.
She turned back to Jefa wondering why he had such a look when the news being reported wasn’t even a disastrous one.
‘Bro…’ She stopped again as the sorrow on his face deepened. She turned again to the TV, excerpts from a press conference with the police was being shown.
‘What’s the matter?’ She finally turned and asked.
‘That… That man…’ Jefa lips trembled as he spoke, pointing to the person in which the cameras were fixed.
‘…no one is above the law. No matter what you do today, even if you think it was hidden, it’ll only be a matter of time, the truth would be revealed and you’ll be seriously punished for it. So I urge all Nigerians, especially those residing in places that have experienced these assassin attacks to report any suspicious thing they see immediately to the police, don’t hide anyone, even if the person is your friend, remember an enemy of the nation is equally your enemy.’ The IG said and received a thunderous round of applause. He waited for the place to be calm again before he continued speaking. ‘I also encourage those who are behind these attacks and those who are sponsoring to surrender to the government now, you may be considered and pardoned but it you don’t surrender…’ He paused and made a threatening chuckle, ‘if you don’t surrender, you’ll still be caught and you’ll be made to face the penalty.’ The excerpt display ended and the newscaster reading the news was returned to the screen.
Omotara turned back to her brother, still not able to understand the reason for her brother’s mood.
‘It’s seems you’ve forgotten already,’ Jefa said in a painful tone and got up from his seat. ‘I won’t remind you and please don’t ask about it, do have a nice time at work.’ he said before trudging back towards the direction of his room.
Tarasha stood motionless for a while, she closed her eyes and brought back the picture of the inspector general to her mind, something seemed striking about it. She brought out her phone from her bag and open the mobile browser. She typed in ‘Nigeria Inspector General of Police’ into the search engine, it finished loading in three seconds and she quickly scrolled down the search results. She didn’t see anyone that interested her so she clicked on the icon for more image results.
She clicked on the first picture that appeared and stared at it for close to one minute. At first, it seemed to have no effect on her but then a strange kind fear started to fill her heart, slowly, his face was more looking more familiar. She returned back to the search results and clicked on the Wikipedia option. It opened and she scrolled down to read about his early life and that was where she saw the picture of his early days which she recognized well. Her eyes became red instantly, she clenched her left fist and her teeth as her lips trembled. The phone fell from her hands to the ground. She suddenly developed a thirst for his blood. Inspector General Rikau Saliu. The same man who led the terrorist group to her house, killed her parents and molested her severely.
Dr Tobi and Dr David had changed into their theatre coats already, with the nurses. They just put on the masks and Dr Tobi was making a silent prayer.
After his prayer, Dr Tobi injected a sedative into Henry’s veins to start with and waited for a while for the effect to show.
An unexpected knock sounded on the door while they waited. Everyone in the ward stared silently at each other as if to ask if there was anyone expecting a visitor. Then one of nurses went to the door and returned to the whisper something to Dr Tobi.
Dr Tobi stared blankly for a while, then he stepped back and walked to the door. He walked back a minute later and went straight to Dr David.
‘Did you tell anyone about Henry EG’s condition?’ Dr Tobi whispered to David’s ears.
‘Humm…’ Dr David seemed hesitant for a while. ‘I only told one of my friends, during the break, he’s also a lab scientist, I wanted to ask him for some tips.’
‘Oh shi*t! The news is everywhere already, ‘ Dr Tobi placed a palm on his forehead regretfully.
‘But how?’
‘I can’t say,’ Dr Tobi replied thoughtfully. ‘But is it possible that the person you told also told someone else?’
‘Ermm…’ guilt appeared on Dr David’s face. ‘He actually has a sister who is a journalist,’ he stammered.
‘D–n!’ Dr Tobi exclaimed with a loud hiss, the nurses were staring at them.
‘I’m sorry,’ Dr David was saying when another knock sounded on the door again.
Dr Tobi stepped back first and proceeded to the door, he conversed with the knocker for a few seconds and then turned back inside. ‘I’ll be back in few minutes time,’ Dr Tobi said and then walked out leaving Dr David alone with the two nurses.
What do you think would happen with the memory of Rikau Saliu back to Tarasha’s mind? And do you think Benny would succeed, now that’s he has been left alone with two nurses and even changed the ampoule?Episode 80
Not too long after, Dr Tobi started hearing noises of
someone coming up the stairs again. This time, he
decided not to waste the opportunity, he went to the
door and started calling for help immediately. The
footsteps got closer and someone stopped at the door.
‘Dr Williams,’ the person called.
‘No, it’s Dr Tobi who’s inside,’ Dr Tobi shouted back.
There was silence for some seconds, then the door
opened. The head of security staffs entered into the
office, giving Dr Tobi a questioning look.
‘How did you get locked in here,’ the security man asked.
‘That’s not important now sir, I have to be on my way to
the theatre.’ Dr Tobi replied and tried to walk past the
The security man blocked his way, ‘you have to explain
how you got here.’
‘I was locked in by a nurse,’ Dr Tobi replied with a loud
frustrated tone. ‘Can I pass now? I was in the middle of
an operation before being deceived here.’
The security man stepped away for Dr Tobi to pass. He
moved out too and locked back the door before
following after Dr Tobi.
‘Where is Dr Williams?’ The security man asked as he
trotted down the stairs with Dr Tobi.
‘I don’t know, no one has come up there since I was
locked in.’
‘Dr Williams have been searching everywhere for his
access card, a cleaner found it in a female ward toilet.’
Dr Tobi kept walking with speed, he wasn’t listening to
the security man anymore. As they got down the stairs,
he ran into inspector Ken.
‘Doctor!’ Inspector Ken exclaimed in surprise.
‘Officer,’ Dr Tobi called back but kept on walking.
Inspector Ken followed at the same pace.
‘That lab scientist has poisoned the patient,’ Inspector
Ken announced in a kind of accusing manner, making the
doctor stop abruptly.
Dr Tobi turned and gave the inspector an awful look,
then he continued to walk with speed.
In five minutes they got to the theatre, all the Doctors
there had already left and some cleaners were already
cleaning the theatre, the patient had also been moved
‘What happened here?’ Dr Tobi asked the people cleaning
in an aggressive manner.
‘I don’t know,’ one of the cleaners replied him. ‘They’ve
moved the patient away already.’
Dr Tobi placed his hands on his waist and stopped to
think for a while, then he began to walk again, increasing
his speed this time.
Ken followed with the motive of watching where the
doctor was going and ensure that the doctor does not
escape, Dr Tobi was now a suspect also.
In another three minutes, they got to the previous ward
from were Henry was moved to the theatre. The older
doctor who was in charge of treating Henry before the
case was transferred to Dr Tobi was found in the ward
with two officers.
‘Doctor sir, where’s my patient?’ Dr Tobi asked as he
barged in.
The older doctor turned slowly to confirm who’s voice
he heard and he paused on seeing three people walk in,
he adjusted his lenses and placed a stern look on Dr Tobi.
‘Tobi, where have you been? How could you leave a
patient in the theatre and walk away?’ The Doctor said in
a reprimanding tone.
‘I didn’t leave him like that sir, I was told that Dr Williams
was calling for me.’
‘Dr Williams never called for you,’ the older doctor
shouted. ‘For God’s sake, how would he call you when
you are in the theatre?’
‘I didn’t believe at first; but the nurse…ermm, I mean the
lady told me that he was calling for me in respect of the
operation and that the officers were waiting for me too.’
‘A lady?’.
‘Yes, she was dressed in a nurse’ uniform, so I thought
she was a nurse.’ Dr Tobi replied. While they conversed,
inspector Ken moved closer and stood by the side
listening to them.
‘That lab scientist has injected the patient with an
unknown substance, the patient’s blood and liquid
injected are being tested in the lab now,’ the doctor said,
taking a step forward towards Dr Tobi at the mention of
each word.
Dr Tobi’s face turned remorseful, his heart was broken
and his mind dejected. He wondered why he hadn’t been
suspicious of the lab scientist like agent Dakolo was.
‘And what in the world went wrong with you? Why did
you talk to the media about the patient’s case?’ the older
doctor questioned as he stood at his front.
‘I didn’t… I didn’t talk to anyone,’ Dr Tobi replied in low
‘The Journalists mentioned your name.’
‘I didn’t talk to anyone about the patient, not even my
colleague here at work.’ Dr Tobi replied, surprised at the
‘Where were you all through? Why didn’t you return to
the theatre when you didn’t find Dr Williams?’
‘I was locked in, I was locked in Dr Williams’ office,’ Dr
Tobi replied, looking back at the security man for
‘Locked in? That’s impossible,’ the older doctor
disbelieved Tobi. ‘Dr Williams’ entrance card is nowhere
to be found.’
‘She locked me…’
‘Here’s the card sir,’ the security man joined in, raising
up the card to display.
‘Where did you find it?’
‘In a female ward Toilet, a cleaner brought it to me.’
The older Doctor moved closer to the security man and
collected the card, he confirmed that it was real and
returned it. He turned to Dr Tobi, ‘how did she lock you
in without the card?’
‘She was with the card, she opened the door to Dr
Williams’ office and I walked in with her thinking that the
doctor was inside. It was later that she brought out a gun
and disconnected the landline so I wouldn’t be able to
call anyone outside.’
‘Can you recognize that nurse?’ Inspector Ken cut in
from behind. He walked from where he was and stood in
between the doctors, turning to face Dr Tobi.
‘She wasn’t a nurse but I can recognize her, she had a low
hair cut and was putting on a wig to cover her hair,’ Dr
Tobi replied.
‘Please, I have to get to the lab now.’ Dr Tobi said and
began to walk away.
‘Evelyn, I’ve been waiting all day for you.’ Mr Sylvester
said as she walked into his office.
‘I know sir, I’m sorry for taking so long. It’s just that I had
to do some per time job to help raise some money for
my family.’ She replied as she proceeded to his table.
Mr Sylvester stared at her face in disbelief, ‘but why
didn’t you tell me you needed some money? How much
were you paid for the job?’
‘I’m used to it sir,’ Evelyn replied with a pleasant smile.
‘Things have not been rosy for my family since I finished
schooling in Canada and my father’s illness has also
caused us a lot. So as the first child, I have to man up and
make things work.’
‘Hmm, that’s sad. What’s the nature of your father’s
‘Stroke, he’s down with Stroke,’ she replied after placing
the laptop on the table and sitting down. ‘And now that
my mother is ill also, I have to spend more time with
both of them.’
Mr Sylvester heaved a sigh, he stretched out his hand and
held her palm in his, squeezing it as a sign of friendship.
Evelyn looked up at his face and smiled at the gesture.
‘You can always count on me when you have any
problem, I’m ready to assist you in anyway I can.’ he said
with an assuring look.
‘Thank you sir,’ she smiled broadly. He released her hand
and she was about to open up the laptop when he
stopped her.
‘Oh no, Evelyn. You don’t need to do that,’ he said with a
wave of his hand. ‘It’s late already, who else did you meet
while coming up here?’
‘Ermm… Only the security men and your secretary,’ she
‘That should tell you that everyone has closed for the day
already, so you don’t need the laptop, we are not about
to work now, besides there has been no information
from the police, neither did the number call again,’ he
said. She closed back the laptop before he continued,
‘the Vice President was here today.’ he stated and
paused to see if he had her full attention or if she would
be excited at the news, she was listening but not with so
much interest.
‘He asked of you and wanted to meet and speak with
you.’ he continued, now he got her full attention. ‘I
explained to him that you’ve not yet resumed fully but he
asked that I should make you resume as soon as possible;
this Monday preferably.’
Evelyn gave a light smile, which showed her indecision.
She took her gaze away from Mr Sylvester who was
staring at her face, waiting for a response.
‘I’ll resume on Monday,’ she replied, after thinking for
less than a minute.
‘Good,’ Mr Sylvester smiled, ‘we’ll be paying you one
hundred thousand naira for a start, is that okay?’
‘Yeah, nice.’
‘Cool,’ Mr Sylvester pulled out his drawer and picked out
an envelope. ‘Here’s your appointment letter,’ he said
and handed it over to her.
‘Thank you sir,’ she replied as she received the envelope.
‘I hope to have a great time working with you,’ Mr
Sylvester said and adjusted his seating position.
‘This doesn’t look so poisoned, contrary to the report’
one of the doctors in the lab said. All of them were
behind a desk, observing some cells under the
‘But it wasn’t the ampoule containing the cure that the
doctor administered,’ another doctor said.
‘We’ve not confirmed that yet,’ Dr Williams countered.
‘We need to confirm by testing the contents of the two
‘I have some documents describing the constituents of
the liquid which was used to manufacture the cure,’ the
Senior lab scientist said.
‘Do you also have the details of what they extracted from
the liquid to make the cure?’ Dr Williams asked.
‘No sir, only Dr Tobi should have that.’ The lab scientist
‘And who knows where in the world Doctor Tobi is right
‘I’m right here sir,’ a younger voice said from behind,
they all turned to look. Dr Tobi was approaching them
with Inspector Ken.
The Doctors staring at Dr Tobi like people who had just
seen a ghost made way for him to access the desk and
observe the cell under the microscope.
‘Sir, is this the patient’s blood?’ Dr Tobi asked after a
minute of careful observation.
‘Yes of course,’ the lab scientist was the one who replied.
‘Who administered the cure to him?’ Dr Tobi asked
another question. The senior doctors kept staring at him
awkwardly as they considered the question to be a stupid
‘No one administered the cure to him, that lab scientist
was the one who injected him from an unknown
ampoule and left after attacking the nurses.’
Dr Tobi stared blankly for a while, he bent to observe the
cell again. He rose up after another minute, ‘the cure was
what was administered,’ he stated.
‘Here,’ the lab scientist handed him an ampoule, ‘he was
injected with this mixture.’
Dr Tobi stared at the ampoule, he tightened the cap and
then turned it upside down to check the bottom. ‘This is
the cure we made, I marked the ampoule under.’
‘And this is the other mixture, the one that was on the
tray. The nurse said you were supposed to use this,’
another doctor said, handing to Tobi the ampoule full of
a different mixture.
‘Where did they get this from? This is unnamed, I don’t
know what is there. The cure was what was used, but it
was administered the wrong way.’
There was complete silence for a moment, Dr Tobi went
back to observing the cells under the microscope.
‘I have to go back to my patients now,’ the Doctor who
had handed over the other ampoule to Dr Tobi broke the
‘It’s okay doc, thank you.’ Dr Williams said. ‘I have to find
a solution to my office door also.’
‘Your door has been opened,’ the Inspector cut in, ‘Dr
Tobi was caught in there,’ Ken said in an accusing
manner, giving Dr Tobi a cold stare, as if challenging him
to deny.
‘I was locked inside your office,’ Dr Tobi said to Dr
Williams. ‘A lady dressed in the renal department nurses’
uniform came to tell me you were calling me, she lied
that it was urgent and about the operation.’
‘She wasn’t a nurse but was dressed in the renal nurses’
uniform?’ Dr Williams questioned.
‘How did you know that she wasn’t one of the nurses?’
‘She was with a gun, disguised with a wig on her hair too.’
Dr Tobi explained, ‘I don’t know how she got your access
card but I believe she was sent to deceive me out of the
theatre and she succeeded.’
‘Deceive you, but what for?’
‘To kill the patient of course, that lab scientist, the
disguised nurse all must be from Samantha Osman’s
group.’ Ken cut in again.
‘But I don’t really get it,’ Dr Tobi said with confusion
written all over his face, ‘why would they plot all that just
to administer the cure to the patient?’
‘That you would help us in answering, that’s why I’ve
been following you around. The police would need to ask
you some questions. Let’s just pray and hope that it was
really the cure that was administered and that nothing
else was done to him.’
‘So you never knew them right? Why didn’t you ask for
the name of their organization?’ Dakolo questioned. Two
of the journalists were seated in front of him under a
tree in the hospital compound but far away from the
main building.
‘We were more interested in the news and strategy that
he and his colleague were sharing with us, that was of
more import to us.’ the same journalist who tackled
Dakolo earlier answered.
‘So did he tell you how he got the information?’
‘He said it was from a Doctor friend in this hospital.’
‘Dr Tobi right?’
‘He didn’t mention anything to us until he called that
name here when we were questioning the senior doctor.’
‘And how did you guys get the information that there
were officers here guarding Henry E.G?’
‘He told us all of that, part of the strategy was that we
should request to see the police officer in charge when
we get here and also request to see the most senior
doctor and he knew that you were going to come, he told
us that immediately you show up, we should all rush you
like we did.’
‘Hmm… Did you ask him why he had this strategy?’
‘No, it sounded intelligent to us, so there was no need for
‘So they gave you the strategy of gaining entrance,
strategy of who to ask questions and also to come and
meet me but they absconded during the process?’
Dakolo asked without expecting why reply, nodding his
head gently and thoughtfully. He knew now how it was all
planned. The lab scientist was the one behind it all.
He took out his phone, planning to place a call to the
office and ask them to reach Government City Hospital in
Capetown and collect more information about the lab
scientist, now that he was a major suspect in a crime.
Inspector Clem’s call entered before he could dial the
office number. ‘Inspector Clem,’ Dakolo said into the
‘Sir, Henry E.G is safe. It was the cure that was
administered to him and Dr Tobi has also been found.’
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‘He’s going to recover soon,’ Dr Tobi said to the elderly
Doctor who was handling Henry’s case before it was
transferred to him. They were in the new ward where
Henry had been placed and were running check up on
him. An x-ray on his body had just been done and the
doctors had found nothing dangerous in his system.
‘Thank God he’s okay, I can’t imagine the kind of troubles
we would have faced from the police and the questions
we would have had to answer them.’ the elderly doctor
‘Thank God,’ Dr Tobi murmured under his breath and
stepped back a little, staring at the patient in silence.
‘I just wonder why that lab scientist should attack our
nurses and flee,’ the elderly doctor put in.
‘I wonder too, no one knows the content of the ampoule
he left behind.’
‘That’ll only be for a short while, Dr Albert is working on
it and I trust him, we’ll get the results soon.’
The door flung open immediately the elderly doctor
finished talking. Both doctors turned to see the agent and
two other officers approaching them.
‘I was told he was administered the cure and he’s safe,’
Agent Dakolo said to the doctors, fixing his eyes on Henry
who was laying peacefully on the bed.
‘Yes sir, he’s alright.’ Dr Tobi replied him.
‘That’s good news,’ Dakolo gave a brief smile and glanced
at the doctor’s face after feeling Henry’s skin with the
back of his palm.
Dakolo took some steps back, still fixing his eyes on
Henry. He placed his hands behind his waist and stood at
ease and then took his gaze to Dr Tobi. ‘We’ve searched
all around and have not been able to find that lab
scientist or even discover how he left this vicinity.’
Dakolo said to Dr Tobi who replied him with silence.
‘In the absence of Dr David the lab scientist, we’ll have to
take you in for questioning.’ Dakolo continued speaking,
staring straight at Dr Tobi’s face to see his response. ‘You
worked closely with him, so you may be able to tell us
some things about him.’
‘I don’t know anything about him more than you do,’ Dr
Tobi replied in a defensive manner. ‘Our relationship was
strictly professional.’
‘So he didn’t mention anything about himself to you?’
‘Nothing,’ Dr Tobi answered.
‘Okay, but we still need to question you. He may have
revealed some things to you without you being able to
decipher them.’
‘All the questions would be done here,’ Dr Tobi asserted,
‘it’ll be done in this hospital.’
‘No, in the police office, that’s the excellent place for that
kind of session.’ Dakolo retorted. ‘Because of the respect
we have for you, we’ll let you come for the session
tomorrow morning.’
‘I won’t have that kind of session with you,’ Dr Tobi
‘You don’t have a choice doctor, you worked with him,
don’t make us do it the hard way.’
‘I won’t,’ Dr Tobi insisted strongly.
‘Then, we’ll have no choice than to go hard on you,’
Dakolo said and turned to Inspector Clem to make a
signal. Inspector Clem began to detach the handcuff
attached to one of his belt holes.
‘Agent,’ Dr Tobi called in a strict and determined tone.
‘We worked with him. You permitted it after confirming
that he was from South Africa, so if I’m going to leave
here handcuffed, you’ll have to be handcuffed too and
we’ll have to be questioned together.’
Dakolo paused and took in a deep breath, staring at Dr
Tobi narrowly, impressed by the Doctor’s intelligence. He
signaled for inspector Clem to return the handcuff,
remembering that he truly permitted Dr Tobi to continue
work with the lab scientist. He felt a bit embarrassed and
defeated. ‘We do not mean to harass you doc,’ he said in
an apologetic manner. ‘We only need you to answer our
few questions. We’ll carry out the questioning here as
you said.’
‘You do not want to harass me but you just tried to take
me out of here handcuffed?’ Dr Tobi said angrily, shaking
his head at the Agent in disbelief.
Dakolo was quiet for a while, he felt he had goofed big
time, he should have used a different approach.
‘Excuse me sirs, it’s past closing hours already and I need
to tidy up my office before leaving.’ Dr Tobi said and
began to walk towards the exit. The officers allowed him
pass and watched in silence, the older doctor followed
‘We’re moving him out of here tonight,’ Dakolo
announced to the doctors before the exit door was
opened. ‘I already requested for that officially and I’m
sure that directives on what you need to do would be on
your table already.’ he said particularly to Dr Tobi.
Dr Tobi stopped at Dakolo’s announcement, he waited
for Dakolo to finish talking before he turned back slowly.
‘You can’t take him away now, it will disrupt all that we’ve
‘We will, we have to. It’s dangerous for him to continue
staying here. We’re already making arrangements on
how to fly him out of the country as soon as possible;
most likely in two days time.’
‘Fly him out?’ Dr Tobi eyes widened in surprise, he took
some steps back closer to the officers. ‘That would mean
paralyzing him totally; it would totally eliminate all his
chances of recovery. It’s not safe for him to fly yet.’
‘Ermm… Our minds are made up already,’ Dakolo said,
unconvinced about the Doctor’s claim. ‘It’ll be safer
there for him.’
‘Your minds are made up to kill him?’ Dr Tobi asked
rhetorically. ‘Maybe you need to bring one of your
Doctors from the office to read his case file, so that he’ll
explain to you the danger of what you’re about to do.’ Dr
Tobi said after which he turned back and walked out
immediately. The officers were left with the elderly
Doctor and unconscious Henry in the ward.
Dakolo pondered on what Dr Tobi said before leaving,
maybe bringing one of their doctors to read the case file
would tell if Dr Tobi was being truthful, he thought.
Another thought struck his mind again, ‘what if Dr Tobi
alters the reports in the file case to support his motion?’
He looked up at the staring face of the older doctor, he
decided that he could trust him more. ‘Doctor,’ Dakolo
called, proceeding towards the doctor where the doctor
was standing close to the exit. ‘Please tell me, is it true
that it’s not safe for him to fly now?’
‘That’s the truth you heard already, if you really want to
render him completely useless, then you can go ahead
with your plans.’ the doctor replied him in a stern voice.
‘Far from it Doc, his life is very important to us and that’s
why we want to take this step. We want to fly him to the
US where he’ll be safer.’
‘You think he’ll be safer there?’ the doctor questioned.
‘You’re aware that the US also has this same assassin
problem and you’re still talking about taking him there?
As far as reports and news have it, we here; I mean you
security officers are doing better than other counties’
‘Ermm… I agree with you doc, but it’ll be harder for the
assassin following him here to reach him when we fly
him to the US.’
‘I thought your IG has said that the assassin group here in
Nigeria is in same organization with the ones that are
functioning in other countries too. Don’t you think you’ll
be exposing the patient to great danger instead of putting
him here where you can watch over him by yourself.’
Dakolo began to ponder on the Doctor’s words, he began
to question himself if it was possible for him to
personally safeguard Henry and still go about with the
investigations. It would be hard but it could be made
possible in a way.
‘Nevertheless, we’ll take him out of this place today.’
Dakolo spoke after coming to a conclusion in his mind.
‘We’ll move him to a secluded place, Dr Tobi would
continue to treat him; that means Dr Tobi would have to
be excused for some days, probably a month. Do you
think we can trust Dr Tobi.’
‘Of course yes, I can personally vouch for him. He’s one
of our bests here and he’s also honest. But taking him
away for one month? You have to sort that out with the
authorities of the hospital.’ The elderly doctor said.
‘That wouldn’t be a problem,’ Dakolo said and began to
walk towards the door.
Benny stepped out of car immediately the engine was
killed. He began to walk towards the door of the house,
forgetting that he wasn’t with the key. He was forced to
stand at the entrance of the house.
Cole and Aisha were watching him mystified, wondering
what the reason was for his behavior. They walked
towards the entrance where he was slowly and Cole took
out the key to the door. Benny kept on avoiding their
gazes until the door was opened. He rushed in at once
and walked to the room he shared with Cole.
Cole and Aisha remained baffled, they stared at each
other with questions in their eyes, they knew that neither
of them had answers to the questions, so they bothered
not to ask each other.
‘I’ll go prepare our meal right away, I think Benny needs
some rest.’ Aisha said with a shrug to Cole before walking
Cole shrugged too and walked to the same room Benny
entered, he opened the door slowly. He saw Benny where
their clothes and bags were placed, searching furiously in
the bags for something. Cole closed back the door and
began to make his way to the room were the Senate
President was kept.
Tarasha kept thinking about her next line of action as she
sat at the back seat of the cab. Now she was supposed to
resume as soon as possible in the NSCC and she’ll be
working in a post close to that of Henry, performing
most of his responsibilities and duties now that he wasn’t
fit and won’t be available; in fact, what she was expecting
was the public announcement of his death. And the most
exciting part about her new job was that she was going to
be working closely with the Vice President and the
Inspector General.
For the the two of them, she was going to attack them
from a distance and also closely too, making use of the
opportunity of her work with them.
She took out her phone and opened her browser, she
typed in the address to a news website and waited for it
to load. In less than thirty seconds, it had finished loading
and she saw the news she was expecting to see.
‘Henry E.G attacked again in the hospital,’ she read the
headline to herself. She clicked on the link to read the
details of the news.
‘What details have you been able to gather?’ Agent
Dakolo asked as he entered into the computer room. The
two officers sitting in front of the master computer got
up immediately in recognition of his presence.
‘Sir, we’ve not gotten anything yet ‘ the lady was the one
who replied.
‘What do you mean by that?’ Dakolo asked, walking
towards them with Ken behind. He stopped beside them
and looked into the system to see what they were doing.
‘Have you not been able to reach the hospital again?’
‘I’ve reached them already but they denied having any
previous conversation with us yesterday.’
‘What?? Were you not the one who spoke with them
yesterday?’ Dakolo asked with seriousness in his voice.
‘He was the one,’ the lady replied, looking to the man.
‘Yes sir, I was the one who spoke with them. They
confirmed him to be one of their lab scientists and even
sent his profile to us, which I forwarded the summary to
you,’ the man defended himself.
‘Can I see the profile that was sent?’ Dakolo asked, folding
his arms.
The man sat back and minimized the application opened,
he clicked on a folder icon on the desktop and began to
search for the profile sent . ‘Here’s it,’ he announced as
he clicked on it.
A saved webpage opened on the Google chrome browser
and the profile of the lab scientist opened. Dakolo and
Ken looked into it, they saw the same passport and
details that had been seen on the lab scientist’s identity
‘Then why are they denying having any conversation with
‘I don’t understand sir, in fact, we’ve sent this profile
back to the mail they used in sending and we’re
expecting their reply. They can’t deny this.’
‘Since when did you send it?’ Dakolo asked.
‘Thirty minutes ago sir,’ the lady replied. She also took
her seat and took the mouse from her partner. She
opened the email application to show the message sent.
‘Call back now and ask them to confirm receipt and also
send their reply,’ Dakolo ordered.
The lady took her phone which was on the table and
dialled the number immediately, she placed it on
‘Hello, officer Kemi from the Nigeria Police
Headquarters… I called an hour ago to ask about Dr
David who is a…’
‘We do not have any lab scientist named Dr David,’ the
receiver cut in. ‘I told you that before and you said you’ll
send a mail to us which I’ve been expecting since and I’ve
not seen.’
‘You’ve not seen it?’ the lady asked in a surprised tone.
‘No, it’s better you send it now. I’m about to close for the
day and you’ll have to start from the scratch in
explaining your request to another representative.’
‘But have you also been able to confirm the person who
spoke to us yesterday?’
‘No, I already told you that we don’t have any care
representative named Kelvin.’
‘Okay, please can you send your email address in a text
message to this number, so that I can be sure that we’re
sending to the correct email address.’
‘Okay,’ the call ended.
‘But the man that I spoke with yesterday introduced
himself as Kelvin.’ the male computer operator argued.
‘Call the Network provider now and report to them,
request for the recording of your call yesterday to serve
as proof to us,’ Dakolo said to the man who immediately
took the suggestion and brought out his phone.
‘Sir,’ the female computer operator called to Dakolo. ‘The
text message is here already,’ she said squinting into the
Dakolo bent down to also look. ‘These emails are
different,’ Dakolo said, comparing the email in the text
message to the one on the computer screen. ‘This one is
contact@govcityh.com while the fake one of
contact@gvcityh.com . You guys have been deceived.’
Dakolo turned to the male operator, ‘are you sure it was
this same phone number you called yesterday?’
‘Yes,’ he answered in an aggrieved tone. ‘I was surprised
when it was denied today. I was in a serious argument
with the lady who answered until my colleague decided
to help me.’ he said, pointing to his female partner.
‘Then, call your Network provider immediately. Also tell
them to provide you the exact location where the call
came from.’ Dakolo said to the man and turned back to
the lady. ‘You send the profile to the new email address
for confirmation.’
The computer operators began work immediately.
Dakolo stepped back and glanced at his wrist watch, it
was some minutes past eight pm already, he was
supposed to have closed for the day, same for computer
operators and Ken but the urgency of the case wouldn’t
allow them to. He heaved a sigh as his eyes met with
Ken’s. He felt guilty for being careless and keeping all of
them till that time, he shouldn’t have allowed that Lab
Scientist at all, knowing that the assassins have high
technology measures and hacking skills which they used
in deceiving their victims.
‘Sir,’ Inspector Ken interrupted his thoughts. ‘I think it’s
time to go back to the hospital now, they asked us to be
there by eight thirty.’
‘It’s the boss,’ Cole announced to Aisha who was seated
on one of the sofas in the living room. He was peeping
through the front window and he could see Tarasha
opening the gate to drive in her car.
Aisha got up from her seat and they both walked out to
meet the boss. Tarasha drove the car in while Aisha
helped her to close back the gate. She took sometime
before stepping out of the car. She looked quite simple
and relaxed under the bright moonlight that night, she
had stopped at the house in the city to change her
clothes and pick the car.
‘Where’s Benny?’ she asked Cole, taking in a deep breath
as the cool breeze blew her jacket and hair sideways.
”Ermm… Benny, I don’t really know. He said he wanted
to get something outside and hasn’t returned since then.’
Cole replied.
‘Boss, Benny has been acting strange since he finished the
task.’ Aisha added.
‘Why? But he was successful, it’s all over the news that
Henry was attacked.’
‘Yes, I don’t just seem to understand. He was looking very
disturbed.’ Cole said thoughtfully.

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