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Tarasha 2 (chapter 10-20)

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Chapter 2 part 5
‘Parents of the infamous suspect, Aisha Bello of the Samantha Osman group have been missing from their home for more than five days. Mr and Mrs Bello had left home on Saturday evening after telling the neighbors that they were going for their usual evening Bible study meeting at the church in the next street, since then they had not been seen to have returned home. Efforts to reach them by telephone proved abortive as their lines have been switched off since then. The daughter from Ibadan had since returned to join in the search for her parents after being alerted by the neighbours, the only son of the family has also been alerted and has arrived from his base in Kano state as at the time of this report.
It should be recalled that the family has been confirmed to lost all contacts with Aisha and have been unaware of her whereabouts and occupation for more than ten years.
We encourage any citizen who has information about the parent’s whereabouts to report to the closest police station to them.’
Aisha heartbeat increased speedily as she read the news. Though she had been away from her family and had not heard from any of them for years, she always wanted to hear of their well being only. She picked up the phone and rushed out panicking.
‘Cole, I’ve got a problem.’ She announced as she approached the dining room.
Cole paused for a second to look at her face, he still had unchewed food particles in his mouth. ‘What’s the matter?’ He asked and rushed up the rest of the food in his mouth.
‘Here, my parents have been kidnapped.’ She said trying to turn on the phone’s screen.
‘How? How did fine out and where did you see it?’ Cole patiently swallowed the food and took a cup of water, wondering if she had really heard of her parent’s kidnap or she was just hallucinating, it seemed more like the latter to him.
‘This is my dad and mum, they went missing since Saturday,’ she said shakily as she showed him the page on the browser.
He sniffed in and scrolled down to read the news, it took him less than a minute to finish reading. He stared at the pictures for some seconds before looking up. Aisha was staring intently at his face like he had the solution to her problem.
‘Ermm… What do we do now?’ He blurted out as he had nothing else coming into head.
‘I don’t know, that’s why I’m showing you.’ She replied.
‘Ehen…’ He stammered as he thought of what to do. ‘Ermm… I think we should try reach some of your siblings, let’s check the thread again and see if we can find any useful information.’ He added and picked up the phone again. He turned on the screen and scrolled down to see comments below the post.
‘Na who dey kidnap Assassin Papa and Mama? You dey sure say no she kidnap them?’ the first comment read. He scrolled down again. ‘Good job by the police, I’m sure that they police have the parents in custody just to make Aisha Bello come out of the hiding.’ the second reply read. ‘I think I saw these people around my area this week,’ the third reply. ‘The police are unserious people, I went with the little information I have and non was ready to listen to me, I think they kidnapped the assassin’s parents themselves and they’re expecting the assassin to show up,’ the fourth reply read. Aisha had gotten up when she saw that Cole was engrossed in it and was reading the comments with him.
‘Is there anyway we can contact this guy that says he has little information about them?’ Cole asked, looking up Aisha who was now standing by his side.
‘Yes, we can send the person a personal message.’ Aisha replied and collected the phone. She clicked on the monicker and waited for it to load. The profile of the person loaded, she scrolled down the person’s topics and paused a little to check the profile picture, a young simple looking man flashed his teeth pleasantly in it. She scrolled down, searching for the ‘send pm’ link, that was when she remembered that she had to be logged in first to access that feature. She quickly scrolled up and clicked on the login button.
‘We have two personal messages and ten mentions, ‘ Stainless spoke aloud, navigating the browser with the mouse of the desktop in his hand.
‘Any useful one?’ Don asked, proceeding towards him. He was bare chested and had a towel hung around his neck, he had just finished taking care of his beards, not forgetting that he needs to always remain unrecognizable as the wanted Daniel Ogbighe.
‘I’ve replied the first personal message we got to open the conversation and I’m just about to reply the second,’ Stainless replied him.
‘Okay, what about the mentions?’ Don asked.
‘No useful mentions except some people hurling insults at the poster for not reporting to the appropriate quarters,’ Stainless said.
‘Let’s hope we succeed with this,’ Don said, wiping the back of his neck with the towel.
‘If we don’t get it now, we’ll keep making posts that’ll hit the front page until we get the desired result.’
‘I hope that happens soon,’ Don said and took a seat beside Stainless. Stainless scrolled down the thread checking for more replies to the post, after reading for few minutes. He navigated to the next tab where he had his mailbox opened.
‘Oh!’ he exclaimed as a new message popped. ‘We’ve got a new message from the moniker IshyBabe,’ he announced.
‘IshyBabe?’ Don mentioned and held his breath briefly, the moniker sounded a bell to him. He turned to look into the screen, ‘I think we’ve found the target, track the sender’s location.’
‘Okay, let me…’
‘Please just let me handle it, I’m hundred percent sure that IshyBabe is Aisha’s moniker.’ Don said, signaling for Stainless to allow him continue with the laptop.
‘Alright,’ Stainless quickly typed in somethings and tapped the enter button before rising up.
James sat in his office pondering on the meeting he had the day before with his father, Agent Tim and the Inspector General. He wondered why so much secrets about the case were hidden with them. His father and the Inspector General had spoken like people who had so much knowledge about Samantha Osman but they were unwilling to release the information to the police as an organization.
‘Thank you sir,’ Chief Rikau thanked the Vice President as he adjusted himself properly on the seat and cleared his throat. ‘We now know who Samantha Osman is, we don’t know her real identity yet but we’ve seen her work closely with us. It’s just that we didn’t find out at the right time, but it’s not too late yet.’ he paused and adjusted himself again. ‘She worked at the ‘NSCC but has left now. Like you also know, no one at the NSCC seems to have information about her whereabouts…’
‘But why hasn’t she been declared wanted already?’ James cut in, taking glances at the other discussants’ faces. ‘Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I don’t just understand where you’re coming from.’
‘You don’t need to understand where we’re coming from, as far as you understand where we are going to,’ the Vice President replied him and signaled for Chief Rikau to continue.
‘We’ve not declared her wanted because we’ve not been able to link her to any crime yet, that’s why the police even hasn’t received any information,’ Chief Rikau decided to explain to James.
James still looked as confused as before, he stared at Agent Tim’s face to see if Agent Tim could comprehend the Inspector General words but Agent Tim just had an expressionless look on. ‘If she hasn’t been linked to any crime, how are we sure she’s the one?’
‘She actually has been linked to a crime,’ Inspector General Rikau replied. ‘She was with the Vice President the day he was shot.’
‘Oh! I think that’s good enough for the police to work with,’ James said in a confident tone. ‘You can allow us to work with that information from your personal investigation team.’
‘No, the police can’t work with it now.’ Inspector General Rikau said. ‘Let’s just pretend that the fact doesn’t exist.’
‘I don’t understand…’ James tried to argue.
‘Look here James, you don’t have to understand. After being attacked by Samantha Osman, I launched a personal investigation team and they’ve done so much already.’ the Vice President cut in harshly. ‘I think I’ll just go straight to the point of the whole story,’ he said before picking up his walking stick. ‘Since the case has been transferred to you and Agent Tim, I and the Inspector General thought it would be wise for you to know about our personal Investigation team, this team is non governmental and even in plain words, illegal. That’s why we can’t involved them with the police. But as you know, you’ve got to use desperate measures for desperate times. We don’t want you to come into the way of our personal investigators, so that you won’t be a victim, that’s why we called this meeting.’ chief Elvis said in a dismissive tone and got up with the aid of his walking stick. He walked out of the living room, leaving a confused Agent Tim and James with the Inspector General.
Chief Elvis sat relaxing on a rocking chair, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the fresh air in the garden. All through his medical stay in the united States, he kept having nightmares of a masked young girl coming after him. Sometimes she would appear to him and only threaten him about the nemesis coming, other times she would warn him to stop his wicked ways so that his death would be less gruesome. He didn’t understand the nightmares until the Inspector General called one afternoon to inform him about them locating the assassin’s house. The Inspector General also told him that her backbone was Jeffery Danjuma, the first son of late Dr Danjuma. Jeffery was one of their lucky victims who was granted pardon from prison after being wrongly convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in terrorism.
Chief Rikau explained to him how they had met Jeffery in Samantha’s house in her absence and how Jeffrey had spoken to Don and Stainless about Kimberly who worked at the NSCC to be his sister
Jefa’s Death
Jefa was laying flat on the three seater sofa in the living room, reading from his mother’s diary when the doorbell sounded. He paused to listen if he was hearing correctly and it sounded again. He rose up slowly, wondering who could be at the door as he wasn’t expecting anyone except for Omotara who would never use the doorbell as she had her keys with her always.
He proceeded to the door, still with the diary in his hand, one finger placed where he was reading. He checked through the peephole, he saw two unknown men standing outside. ‘Who’s it?’ he asked.
‘PHCN,’ one of the men replied.
‘PHCN, at this time of the day?’ Jefa asked himself. He looked through the peephole again to check the men, there was nothing suspicious about them. He touched the key and wanted to turn it but another thought came into his mind. They could be the police, he wondered, peeping through the hole again. He finally decided to open the door, knowing that if they were officers, they could get angry he left them waiting.
He opened the door and popped out his head, ‘What can I do for you sirs?’
‘Please, we want to see the owner of the apartment.’ one of the guys replied.
‘Oh! She’s not back from work yet,’ Jefa replied.
‘Okay, do you stay here with her?’
‘Yes, I’m her elder brother.’
‘Oh! You’re Kimberly’s elder brother?’
‘Kimberly?’ Jefa stared in surprise.
‘Or is Kimberly not her name?’ the man began to trace somethings on a paper in his hand, putting it close to his eyes as if he was searching for the real name.
‘Her name is Tara,’ Jefa unsuspecting said.
‘No Omotara,’ Jefa replied.
‘She works at the NSCC?’
‘Wow Wow Wow!’ Someone exclaimed in a loud voice, clapping with his hands as he approached.
Jefa stepped out a little bit to see who it was. His eyes met with Chief Rikau as the man appeared from the left side of building.
‘You? What are you doing here?’ Rikau asked in an angry tone.
‘Get inside man,’ Don said, pushing him inside the house with force. They kicked the door open and the first two men entered. The Inspector General walked in thirty seconds later. Jefa had fallen and was sitting on the floor, wondering what was happening.
‘Bring him to the middle,’ Chief Rikau said to Don as he walked into the living room and proceeded to sit on a sofa. Don and Stainless dragged Jefa violently and placed him in front of the IG after dragging the center table away.
‘So what do you think you’re doing? Having a family revenge right?’ the IG began after Jefa was placed at his front.
‘You fool, what have you come to do here?’ Jefa cursed got up, trying to attack the Inspector General. He was stopped by Don and Stainless who dealt him huge blows that sent him sprawling on the floor.
‘I’ve come to take your life and that of your sister’s whom you send always…’
‘We don’t have much time,’ Rex’s voice interrupted, he was just coming in through the door. ‘Do what you want to do quickly.’
Jefa took a glance at the new person with the voice, the person had his face partly masked. He picked up the diary again as he tried to rise in pain. The IG was already pointing a gun at him.
Jefa froze and stared at the IG with an expressionless look, ‘You can kill me if you want to but I know that the blood of my parents and mine would cry out loud until the day you die disgracefully.’
‘Shut up, Idiot!’ Chief Rikau cursed and released two shots into Jefa’s head. Jefa fell back to the floor lifelessly.
‘I thought we were going to take him,’ Rex said in an alarmed tone, rushing to towards the IG.
‘No need for that,’ the IG replied, he took out a pen and a paper and squatted beside the dead body.
chapter 2 part 6
‘Is there any way you could also reach your siblings?’ Cole asked, staring at Aisha’s face after they had sent the personal message.
‘No, I don’t have their contacts anywhere.’ she replied.
‘I just think we need to confirm from them before we take any step,’ Cole said thoughtfully. ‘It may just be as one of the replies have suggested; it may be a ploy to bring you out of hiding.’
‘But whatever it is, I have to come in to ensure that my parents suffer.’ Aisha said defensively.
‘No Aisha, you may not have to come in,’ Cole said, trying as much as possible not to hurt her with his words. ‘You may not come in if it is something that can be handled by the police and your siblings.’
‘So are you saying I should leave it to the police and my siblings to handle?’ A notification beep sounded on Aisha’s phone, she ignored it and locked back the screen.
‘Yes, or…’ Cole paused and stared straight into her eyes. ‘What do you want to do?’
Aisha was weakened by the question, she hadn’t thought of it yet and really did not know what to do.
‘The mission we’re about to start is very crucial and important to Tarasha and I wonder what would happen if you make mistakes in the tasks she gives you,’ Cole added.
Aisha heaved a sigh, Cole was right, maybe she was getting unnecessarily worked up. Imagine that she had abandoned her family for years without caring enough to call or ask about anyone but now she wants to become the superhero who would rescue her parents from kidnappers.
‘Did I hear my name here?’ Tarasha’s voice sounded, startling the both of them.
‘Ermm… Boss,’ Cole feigned an unnecessary smile as he rose to his feet. Aisha also tried to put on a smile too. ‘Nothing really boss, we were just talking.’
Tarasha stared at both of them suspiciously, sensing their tensed mood. ‘Are you sure there’s no problem?’ she asked.
‘Yes, there’s none.’ Cole replied while Aisha remained quiet.
‘Okay then,’ she flashed a look at the duo’s faces before turning back.
‘Sir, I’ve been expecting your call since I resumed this morning,’ James began, barely settling into the visitor’s seat. ‘I didn’t understand everything that was said at the meeting with the Vice President, I believe you would explain better to me since you still spoke with the Inspector General after the meeting.’
Agent Tim pretended not to hear anything James said, he kept his eyes fixed to the file he was skimming through. It took him another minute before he finally looked up. ‘James, the only thing required of us is our cooperation. The Vice President and IG has a special investigation crew working for them. The NIS and CIB are also cooperating with them,’ he said.
‘Yes sir, I understand that but…’ he paused, trying to find suitable words to express himself. ‘I’m wondering why their efforts can’t be merge with the force’s effort. I mean even if they don’t want the team to work with the police, they should allow the team work with the NIS.’
‘That has been explained already, their investigation team is not one backed by the law, so their works can be merged with the force’s work.’
‘That is what I don’t really understand,’ James adjusted himself and took another seating position to show his seriousness. ‘Why should the Inspector General and the Vice President be using an illegal team?’
‘Shut up James! You ask too many questions. Can’t you consider the fact that your father is involved in this?’ Agent Tim blasted.
‘Sir, whether it’s my father or not, we have to do things the right way.’ James insisted.
‘Just keep quiet now,’ Agent Tim commanded. ‘It’s better you keep your ideas to yourself and work with us or you get into trouble if you don’t. Even your Dad has promised not to interfere in what would be the consequences you may face if you choose to be uncooperative.’
‘Sir, I don’t intend to oppose you or anybody…’
‘Get out of my office,’ Agent Tim said dismissively and turned to his computer.
James quietly rose up and walked out of the office, having so many unanswered questions in mind. He wondered what kind of team his father and the Inspector General had gathered, why it was secret and termed legal. Could it be that his father had something to hide?
In a fairly lit room, the Vice President sat quietly in a leather chair with a long backrest, he had two heavy men standing at both sides of his chair. The Inspector General not too far from him, on a high stool with his feet far above the ground. Rex was standing at the window side, resting his back against the burglary proof and gripping one of the horizontal rods of the burglary with his palm. He had his left foot placed against the wall and the right on the ground. His face could not be clearly seen as he had his back to the room’s source of light, the slightly opened curtain.
‘Rex, I think it’s better to work with him.’ the Vice President said to Rex, ‘him’ referring to the Inspector General. ‘He knows this people well and can help you with a lot of knowledge that you may need.’
The Inspector General’s face could been seen brightened up with a look of confidence even in the dark; here was the Vice President vouching for him in the presence of arrogant Rex.
‘I don’t work alongside with anybody, I only get people to work for me. He can only work for me under the same conditions as Dan and Stain.’ Rex replied.
‘Oh no! That’s ridiculous, you mean I should become your boy?’ Chief Rikau blurted out, flashing a quick look at Rex and the Vice President.
‘See Rex, that won’t be possible. He’s the Inspector General of the nation,’ the Vice President said in a calm tone.
‘Then I don’t need him for anything, you’ve employed me to kill Samantha Osman and that I can do without anyone. All you need to do is to provide me with every information needed,’ Rex answered.
The Vice President paused to think for some minutes before giving his verdict, ‘Rikau,’ he called in a gruff tone. Chief Rikau flashed a look at him and stepped down slowly from the stool. ‘Just tell him all he needs to know. He’s a professional, I think that’s all he needs to give us a good job.’ the Vice President supported himself with the walking stick and rose up.
‘Cole, my personal message has been replied.’ Aisha said, after few minutes when the boss left. She just took out her phone and unlocked it after remembering the notification sound she heard earlier.
‘Huh? So soon?’ Cole asked in surprise. ‘How did you get it?’
‘In my mailb…’ Aisha’s word slowly faded away as her eyes met with something. She focused on the phone for twenty seconds, her hands suddenly turned weak and the phone dropped from her hands to the table.
Cole quickly picked the phone and stared into it, a video was playing, probably what she had downloaded from the message gotten. He rewound the clip. There was no sound but the visuals were clear enough, an elderly couple who Cole believed to Aisha’s parents were being tortured brutally in the video. The video ended with a banner displaying the logo of the Nanl Gang.
‘Shi*t!’ Cole cursed as he put down the phone. ‘But Don really thinks he can defeat Tarasha?’ he asked rhetorically. Aisha’s head was laid on the table and she was already sobbing.
Cole could do nothing but pity her, he couldn’t even find words to console her. He wondered how Aisha would be feeling; after several years of being away from her family and being the reason for the family’s bad name, her parents were being tortured because of her again.
He wished he could speak to Tarasha about the situation but she had already warned severally that nothing, no matter what it was should disturb the mission they were about to start. But was it going to be possible for Aisha to work well, knowing that her parents were being tortured because of her?
Cole was still deep in thoughts when Aisha’s phone beeped again, she raised up her head to take the phone but he reached it before her. He swiped it open and closed the video window, another mail from the same sender had been delivered. The body of the mail was just, ‘AND THIS IS FOR YOUR FRIEND’ but it had another video attached to it.
He clicked on the video icon and it downloaded within five seconds and played automatically. Aisha rose up anxiously to see what it was. There was another aged couple being tortured again, in the same manner as they did to the Bello’s. Aisha didn’t understand the video at first until she looked at Cole’s face. Cole did not need to say anything before she realized that the other couple were his parents.
‘Is anything the matter?’ Tarasha voice startled them again as she appeared back to the dining with a tray of food in her hand.
‘Nothing,’ Cole tried to pretend but she was unconvinced.
Tarasha dropped the tray on the table and turned to Cole’s side, ‘Can I take a look at the phone?’ she said, more in a commanding tone. Cole handed over the phone to her reluctantly.
She clicked the play button and watched in silence for fifteen minutes, ‘Who are these people? And why are they being tortured?’
‘Those are my parents,’ Cole replied sadly. ‘They also have Aisha’s parents there too.’ he said and rose up to play the first clip for her.’
Tarasha’s face remained expressionless, ‘So who is torturing them?’ she asked in a cold tone.
‘Don Dan, he heads the Nanl Gang,’ Cole replied with a sigh as he stared at her face hopelessly. He knew she had her mind on her mission and wasn’t going to let anything disturb her, even the cold manner she had answered with after revealing whose parents the couples were clearly showed that she wasn’t ready to waste time on the issue.
‘So Don Dan has gone for your parents?’ she said with a chuckle that sounded devilish. ‘What are you planning to do about it?’
‘Ermm…’ Cole stammered as he tried to put words together. He needed to be careful so as not to annoy her.
‘Are you planning to rescue them?’ Tarasha cut while he was still stammering.
‘Huh?’ Cole’s eyes widened at her. His answer should have been ‘Yes’ on a normal day but he had to keep in the think deeply on it now.
‘Are you planning to help them?’ Tarasha reiterated.
‘Ermm… Boss, we’re starting our mission on Monday, we can’t…’
‘Don’t be a fool!’ Tarasha scolded. ‘You’re going to abandon your family for the mission? Come on, we can do that later, you go deal with Don Dan first.’
Cole’s and Aisha’s faces brightened up, they almost didn’t believe what they were hearing. They exchanged glances amongst each other, wondering if the boss really meant what she said.
Tarasha dropped the phone and walked back slowly to her food, wondering if she had just said the right thing. She knew a lot had changed for her, few months to this, she wouldn’t have said the same thing but now she had a fresh feeling of what it meant to lose someone dear and wouldn’t like for them to experience the same.
Chapter 2 part 7
‘Boss, we’ve gotten her message now and we’ve sent the videos. What we’re waiting for is her reply to the videos.’ Don said into the phone.
‘Okay, I just rounded up a meeting with the Inspector General and he gave me some details I’ll be working on. So I’ll leave you to work on getting Tarasha’s two workers.’ Rex said.
‘Alright Rex,’ Don replied.
‘Make sure you feed me with details,’ Rex concluded and the call ended.
‘So what’s the plan?’ Stainless asked as he approached Don with two Mr Biggs polythene bags in his hands containing food packs. Don was still sitting at the table with the laptop.
‘No change in plan yet,’ Don answered.
‘Don’t you think Tarasha may want to interfere?’
‘You mean with Aisha and Cole’s parents?’
‘Yes,’ Stainless replied and sat close to Don. He handed over one of the bags to Don and placed his on the table
‘The boss says she won’t interfere,’ Don replied.
‘The boss says,’ Stainless repeated and chuckled again. ‘She might just show up surprisingly.’
‘No, I think the boss is right. She would know that she is the main target and wouldn’t want to show up but Cole and Aisha would be desperate to save their parents. It’s their desperation we want to take advantage of in this plot and we should not expect to deal with Tarasha.’
‘Well… Anyhow you say it,’ Stainless said, giving up on arguing. He opened the plastic rubber containing the food and wiped the spoon with the neatly folded tissue paper. ‘What about Stone, when is he coming?’ Stainless asked before taking his first spoon of the fried rice.
‘Oh! That boy? Let me even call him to find out where he is now,’ Don said and picked his phone on the table, trying to move the laptop with the other hand. ‘Stone, where the F are you?’
‘Homey relax,’ Stone replied in a gruff voice. ‘I’m on my way to Nigeria, I won’t miss the downfall of that girl for anything in the world.’
‘Where are you exactly?’ Don asked.
‘I’m in Nigeria already, I entered by bus and I was planning to call you when I get into an hotel.’
‘Are you in Lagos already?’
‘Yes, we passed the borders of contonou about thirty minutes ago. I think I’m in Badagry now,’ Stone replied.
‘Okay, holla me when you get to Mile 2, I’m in Lagos too.’ Don said and hung up. ‘He’s on his way,’ he said to Stainless who was already eating. He dragged his own pack of food closer and was about to open when his phone’s screened turned on and it sounded. He swiped it open to see the notification. He smiled as his eyes met with the message and pushed the food aside. ‘We’ve gotten a reply from Aisha,’ he said with a crooked smile and pulled the laptop closer. He input the security password to unlock the system and clicked open his mail application. He stopped for ten seconds to read her reply.
‘Daniel, what do you want?’ he smiled as he read to himself. ‘She’s asking me what I want,’ he said aloud to Stainless.
The Boss’ word had lifted their spirits and given them more confidence. Aisha had quickly typed her message to Don immediately while the boss was still seated at the dining and eating. Cole had also resumed his food, he and Aisha were hundred percent sure of defeating Don, especially when they had Tarasha’s support.
Henry walked into the living room with his laptop noisily, attracting the attention of those at the dining. Tarasha flashed a look at him and their eyes met, she felt a pinch of guilt and quickly hid her eyes while Henry continued to one of the sofas.
‘Has he been served?’ Tarasha asked Aisha in a low voice.
‘Yes, he wanted it in his room.’ Aisha replied.
‘Okay,’ Tarasha flashed another look at him, he wasn’t looking towards them anymore, already seated and trying to balance his laptop.
‘Boss, don’t you think it’s dangerous having him around especially when you say he’s not going to work with us?’ Cole began in low tones, he paused briefly to see if Tarasha was listening. She was, she had even paused chewing to listen. ‘He poses great danger to us now that he’s allowed to use the computer, we all know what he can do with it.’ Cole added.
She let out a breath after Cole finished talking and chewed the remaining food substance in her mouth. ‘I don’t think Henry can do anything to harm me or to harm any of you.’ she said, staring towards where Henry was seating.
Cole stared towards Henry for more than a minute after she had spoken, he could only hope she was right with her confidence in Henry, he decided to focus his mind on rescuing his parents.
‘They want either of us to meet with them secretly in Lagos,’ Aisha announced aloud, distracting Tarasha and Cole who were still eating. She then focused her gaze on Cole’s face to hear his reply, both of them stared at each other’s faces for more than twenty seconds until Cole turned to look at Tarasha’s face, Aisha turned to her too.
‘If they want you to meet with them, then go.’ Tarasha said as she lifted the spoon to her mouth. ‘Go prepared,’ she added before taking the content of the spoon into her mouth.
Aisha and Cole returned their gazes to each other’s faces. The question in their hearts was which of them would go and meet Don.
‘Both of you can go, but make sure they are only aware of one person’s coming.’ Tarasha said, as if she read through their thoughts.
There was a brief silence, Cole had totally lost interest in the food leaving Tarasha to be the only one eating. ‘Boss, but how are we going to handle this?’ Cole asked in soft tones.
Tarasha ignored his question and continued to eat, Cole and Aisha just fixed their eyes on her patiently until she was done with the food in two minutes. ‘You’ve learnt enough already to be able to handle Don and his gang,’ she said, gently cleaning her lips with tissue paper. ‘Just go and get your parents back,’ she said as she rose up from the table. She walked away from the dining, leaving her plates behind. She paused when she got to the middle of the living room and paused to stare at Henry, Henry also stared back without saying a word. She bit her lips and let out a short deep breath before walking away.
Cole and Aisha were left alone to make plans and strategies on how they would save their parents.
‘Let’s play along with them, tell them you’re coming’ Cole finally spoke after five minutes of silence and deep thinking.
‘I think he’s good enough, let him be employed.’ Frank said to Mr Sylvester.
‘He seems inexperienced to me,’ Sylvester replied.
‘But he has passed the tests given to him, his sample works also gives him a good record.’ Frank argued. ‘I think he should be given a chance.’
‘You think?’ Frank’s colleague stared at him in surprise. ‘I believe he deserves the job.’
‘You guys are vouching for him already.’
‘Yes sir, I think his credentials and samples are really very impressive. The only person that has been that impressive is Miss Kimberly.’
‘Okay then, he has a chance to prove himself.’
**20 minutes later**
Frank and Dotun had left the office of NSCC chairman, he now had his eyes fixed to his laptop, he typed occasionally and used the mouse more often. His office line rang, distracting him from his work.
‘Yes…’ he answered the call.
‘Sir, Agent James from the police headquarters is here to see you.’ his secretary voice sounded.
‘Send him in, I’ve been expecting his arrival.’ Mr Sylvester replied, using one hand on the laptop and the other to hold the phone to his ear. The call ended, he quickly concluded his work on the laptop and relaxed back into his seat to wait for his guest. A knock sounded at his door, few seconds after the call. ‘Do come in,’ he said into the transmitter.
The door opened and James stepped in, he closed the door and proceeded to the table at once. Mr Sylvester rose to welcome him. ‘Good afternoon Agent James,’ he greeted, extending a handshake to him.
‘Good afternoon Chairman sir,’ James said, bending a little in curtsy as he took the handshake.
‘You may be seated please,’ Mr Sylvester motioned him to the visitor’s seat politely.
‘Thank you sir,’ James replied and sat comfortably.
‘Yea, so what brings you here?’
‘Sir… I need to get some details about Kimberly E. Alex.’
5. 30pm
Chief Elvis stood patiently beside his car in the Vice President’s garage and stared towards the gate as the Vice President and his entourage drove in. Two of his security officers were standing behind him by the car. It took the cars about two minutes to drive from the gate of the large compound to the garage. Chief Rikau carefully observed and waited for the cars to halt completely before proceeding towards the car which carried the Vice President.
‘Good evening sir,’ Chief Elvis greeted as he got to the owner’s side of the car where Chief Elvis was seated.
‘Good evening Rikau,’ Chief Elvis replied, the door to his side had been opened and he already had one leg outside and his walking stick to help him step out of the car but he was attending to something on his tablet. He finished with the device a minute later and handed it over to the security officer standing beside the door before stepping out from the car.
He was simply dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, the top two buttons of the shirt was off exposing the white singlet under. The toe cap of his shiny shoes carried dust on them.
Chief Rikau stared at the Vice President patiently, waiting for the man to give a go ahead.
‘Rikau, you called that you wanted to see me.’ Chief Elvis said as he began to walk towards the house entrance along with Rikau.
‘Yes sir, I wanted to talk to you about James. He’s not cooperating,’ the Inspector General began in a bitter tone. ‘I got information that he went to the NSCC headquarters today.’
‘What did he go there for?’ Chief Elvis asked in a surprise tone.
‘I’m not so sure sir, but I think it’ll be to find out more about Kimberly.’ Chief Rikau replied.
‘I thought that boy would consider the fact that his father is involved in this,’ the Vice President stopped and heaved a sigh. ‘I even have worst news.’
‘What news is that sir?’ a thick frown appeared on Rikau’s face.
‘I’m just returning from the Presidential quarters, I had a meeting with President Emeka. His CSO and the CSA were also present.’ Chief Elvis spoke slowly while Chief Rikau kept staring at him impatiently. ‘I was asked to hands off Samantha’s case and allow the NIS and police continue their job without my interference.’
chapter 2 part 8
‘The b*tch has agreed to come,’ Don said in soft tones to Stainless. They had finished eating but still sat at the table with their empty food packs on the table.
‘She’s agreed to come alone?’ Stainless asked.
‘Yes, I warned her strictly not to inform her boss or tell anybody else about her movements.’ Don said.
‘And is she adhering to that?’
‘Yes, read the message here,’ Don said and turned the laptop to Stainless.
…Send me the location, I’ll meet you in Lagos tomorrow but we have to be brief about it. My Boss must not know I’m leaving Abuja,’ the reply read. Stainless heaved a sigh and returned to the inbox, another message from the same email address entered at that moment.
‘She just sent another,’ Stainless said to Don as he clicked on it.
‘What’s she saying?’ Don asked in reply.
There was a one minute delay of the reply as Stainless tried to read the message to his understanding. ‘She says we should start discussing the terms here and now,’ Stainless said as he looked up.
‘She wants to start discussing?’ Don asked, widening his eyes in surprise. He turned the laptop to himself.
‘Yes, see for yourself.’ Stainless said as he relaxed his back.
‘Hmm… This is the sign Rex asked us to take note of, I think Aisha’s informed Tarasha and she’s coming with her.’
***Rael University, Lagos***
‘It’s time for us to stand against every act of violence, students bullying, rape and lecturers assassination in this school,’ a young girl on the podium was speaking. She paused for a moment to allow the chants of ‘Yes’ that accompanied her speech fade away. ‘We can’t sit and keep watching and complaining. We complain too much!’ she shouted and a loud noise of agreement followed her speech. ‘It’s time to lead the fight ourselves,’ she continued. ‘We must protect the freshers, we must protect the helpless alumni. Let’s continue to evangelise our good values to the freshers and stop allowing the bad group get them first before us. And most importantly, we must protect ourselves from them. We must stay away from every bad activity and social vices. Remember, you must first change yourself if you want to change your surroundings. The good life we want begins with us. Thank you and God bless you.’ she rounded off her speech with a thunderous applause following and left the podium, two guys who had been standing behind her followed immediately .
While the other students were still clapping their hands, another speaker climbed the podium and shouted, ‘Great Nigerian Student!’
‘Great!!!’ the students shouted back in a loud prolonged tone.
‘Great Nigerian Student!’ the speaker shouted again and got this same reply, this time louder than the first.
Faint noises from the auditorium could still be heard as Stephanie and the two guys who accompanied her proceeded to the car, other guys from their group had joined them The student journalists were all around, trying to move closer to Stephanie and interview her but the guys accompanying her stopped them and dismissed them with the excuse that she was very tired and couldn’t stop to address them.
Stephanie George was a three hundred level Computer Engineering Student of Rael University, leader of the group named ‘Students With A Difference’ popularly known as SWAD. Though only twenty one years old, she commanded so much respect in and outside the university, it’s campuses and environment. The SWAD group was an initiative started by a group of eight students who were now graduates of the school. The group’s major focus was to produce students who were coming out not just to join the workforce but to take charge of the affairs of the nation. Simply put, the aim was to produce Future Nigerian Leaders. Another aim of the group was to promote a culture of creative students who thinks out of the box and were never limited by their courses of study. The group promoted selflessness amongst their members and dedication to make the world a better place.
Stephanie George who previously nurtured some of the ideas which were the group objectives, joined the group in the first semester of her first year. Her dedication and selfless commitment to the work of the group had made the leaders take quick notice of her and begin to hand over little responsibilities to her. She proved faithful in the responsibilities assigned to her and grew in rank at a fast pace. Before the end of her second year, she was already the assisting the Leader of the group. The then Leader and his executives had before the end of the tenure decided to hand over the baton of leadership to her even though she wasn’t yet in 400 level as she proved to be the best option. The other group members who had been taught to be selfless welcomed her appointment with glad hearts and rejoicing since they knew she was really capable of leading them. Since Stephanie George began to lead, she began a massive crusade for reaching out to more students and getting them to catch the vision of the SWAD. She also began a campaign tagged ‘Catch them young’ for freshers in the school especially those who showed signs of becoming troublesome and problems for the school later on. They made sure that these freshers were quickly reached out to before being reached by the bad gangs of the school and put through a mind renewing process. This way, fifty percent of those they reached out to caught the vision while some others never did and some fell off the way. In less than one year of Stephanie George’s leadership, the group membership strength grew from below two hundred to over five hundred students. Their influence became stronger within and outside the school.
This particular meeting they just concluded in the auditorium was one to inspire the students to shun violence and cultic activities. This was an offspring of the recent cult clashes and bullying of non cult members that became rampant in the school.
Stephanie entered into the backseat with one of the two guys who followed her from the podium while the second guy joined the driver at the front.
‘To the SWAD quarters ma?’ the driver of the car asked after they had settled in, staring at Stephanie through the rearview mirror as he buckled his seatbelt.
‘Yeah, I’ll be leaving there to my place tomorrow morning,’ she replied with a smile.
‘You did a nice job today ma,’ the driver said before driving off.
‘Thanks,’ she said, staring back at him through the rearview mirror with a smile.
About six young men were sitting quietly in a room, three on the short plastic chairs, one on a very comfortable sofa and the two others on rugs. They had gun barrels in front of them which some of them were fondling playfully. The room was stuffy and thick with the smell of Indian hemp.
The door flung open suddenly and in came another young man, he had a green shoe to compliment his green trouser and green shirt, the face cap he had on was also green. His face, though young, had scars which seemed to have been there for over thirty years even though he wasn’t up to thirty himself. The rest of the guys in the room rose up immediately to recognize his presence. An evil smirk lurked around his lips as he scanned the other guy’s faces one after the other with his eyes.
‘I hope we all know that Don Dan is paying us handsomely for this job and that he does not condole nonsense in any form,’ he said in a loud serious tone.
‘Yes boss,’ all the guys replied in unison.
‘Good, we’re going to organize all the other boys for this and brief them on the importance of following instructions accurately.’ he concluded and walked away from the room into another room inside the same building.
**Maitama, Abuja**
In the workroom, Cole was seated on the table busy with his laptop while Aisha was at the left corner of the room. The seat part of the sofa she was squatting before was opened, just like a toolbox with neatly arranged tools inside; Aisha was carefully selecting pistols of different sizes and arranging them on the floor. She had an small opened black box bag on the floor. After taking out up to ten pistols and arranging them on the floor, she began to scrutinize each one with her eyes. The first one she picked was Berretta M9, Tarasha’s favorite pistol. Then she selected two others which she put in the open box beside her and arranged back the remaining under the seat.
‘How far have you gone with your preparations?’ Tarasha said as she came walking into the workroom.
Aisha and Cole were distracted from their work and they turned to face her, she proceeded towards Cole and stood behind the chair he was sitting, staring into his laptop.
‘Boss, I’ve not been able to track their location yet, it keeps submitting back errors.’ Cole said with a sad tone and sad look on his face.
Tarasha quietly pulled a chair closer and sat on it, she turned the laptop to herself and began to work on it. Aisha also rose from where she was gathering the arms and joined them at the table.
‘What’s up Aisha? What’s the game plan?’ Tarasha asked without looking at Aisha, her eyes were still fixed to the laptop screen and her fingers working on the keyboard.
‘I’m going there tomorrow, they’ve refused to brief me on what they want to discuss.’ she replied.
‘So…’ Tarasha said in a questioning manner, flashing a quick glance at her.
‘So Cole is coming with me, the chip would be on my body everytime so he can always track me.’ Aisha said.
There was a one minute silence, Tarasha seemed to be considering some options before speaking. ‘And where are they planning to meet with you? Is it in a secluded place or an open one?’
‘I don’t know yet,’ Aisha answered.
‘Don’t meet with them in a secret place,’ Tarasha said and suddenly stopped her finger work on the laptop. ‘Ermm… That may not be optional though.’ she added after thinking for few seconds. ‘I think you should just do what they say first, meet with them wherever they want. But make sure you add recording devices to the chip on your body so that Cole can listen to whatever will be said.’
‘Okay boss,’ Aisha replied with a light smile, happy that the boss was finally giving them tips.
‘So have you selected the best weapons for yourself?’ Tarasha asked.
‘Ermm… I’m still trying to,’ Aisha replied.
‘I think Cole can help you with that, he seems to have learned more about guns recently.’ Tarasha said.
Cole and Aisha exchanged quick glances and Cole gave her a naughty wink. They kept making funny faces to themselves until their boss spoke again.
‘I think they’re working on an encrypted network,’ Tarasha said with a serious look on. She paused and stared into the air thoughtfully. The playful look on Cole’s face also disappeared, he turned the laptop slightly to himself to see what Tarasha came to her conclusion with.
‘But Don doesn’t encrypt,’ Cole said, looking surprised. ‘How could he have done that?’
‘People learn new things,’ Tarasha said, mentioning the words one after the other. She flashed a quick look at Cole’s face as she remembered something, ‘Did Benny learn how to encrypt from you?’ she asked him.
‘No,’ Cole answered, shaking his head to emphasize.
‘Then someone new must be teaching Don these things.’
‘Could it be the third unknown guy? Maybe it’s not Benny afterall,’ Cole suggested.
‘Maybe,’ Tarasha said thoughtfully in a low voice, closing her eyes partly as she stared at Cole with a serious look.
chapter 2 part 9
** Omonile Street, Off Rael University Road **
‘Rex, I’ve tried all that you taught us, we can’t seem to track their location.’ Don said into the phone. He was seating at the passenger’s side of a car with Stainless at the driver’s side, Stainless had his hands on the wheel and the car’s engine was on but it wasn’t in motion. They were in front of a three storey building house, the colour of the painted walls shone in the night with the aid of the bright lights hung around it and the bright lightening of the environment.
‘Are you sure you did it the way I asked you to?’ Rex replied from the other end.
‘Yes, I did it exactly the same way you did.’ Don answered.
‘Then it means they’ve got it encrypted just like us,’ Rex said.
‘And I also think Tarasha has been informed.’
‘You think?’
‘Yes, the girl whose parents we have tried to question us.’ Don replied.
‘Okay then, keep me updated.’ Rex concluded the call.
‘Alright boss,’ Don replied and took the phone off his ear. He locked the screen and kept it into his pocket, after which he released his seatbelt immediately and opened the door at his side. Stainless turned off the engine and also released his seatbelt, he opened the door but only placed a foot on the ground outside when his phone which was inside the car began to ring.
He turned and picked the phone, ‘Stone,’ he muttered under his breath before answering the call. ‘Bad man, whatta guan?’ Stainless said.
‘Man, when are you guys coming to the hotel?’
‘We’ll hit you this night man, or are you scared of Lagos already?’ Stainless replied as he stepped out of the car and jammed the door.
‘Hahaha,’ Stone burst into laughter from the other end. ‘I’m not a Jew man, why should I be scared of anything talk less of Lagos?’
‘Then relax man, we’ll meet you tonight.’ Stainless said, staring at Don who had turned to his side and was staring at him.
‘What about Don? He’s number has been busy,’ Stone asked.
‘He’s here with me, he was discussing with our boss.’
‘Okay then, I’ll just wait for you guys.’
‘You have no choice man,’ Stainless replied tauntingly before ending the call.
‘What’s he saying?’ Don asked as he led the way into the building.
‘He’s asking where we are,’ Stainless replied.
Both of them walked to the left side of the house and opened a door which led to a staircase. The staircase was extremely dark. Don took out his phone and decided to make a phone call before stepping in.
‘Ojo, we’re coming up now. Open the door,’ he said in a commanding tone and ended the call. He then switched on his phone’s torchlight and entered into the place, Stainless entered behind him and locked the door. Then they began to climb up the stairs using the torchlight as source of light.
Soon they got to the second floor and entered in large, almost empty but well lit room. The floor was barely screeded and very dusty, the walls were also not plastered. The interior of the building was a complete opposite of the exterior.
A younger man walked out from one of the inner rooms, proceeding towards Don and Stainless. He was dressed in all green.
‘Boss,’ he said, staring at Don’s face, a evil smile formed on his face.
‘Ojo,’ Don called back.
Ojo was the guy who addressed the six other young men earlier that day, telling them of how Don was going to pay them handsomely for a job.
‘Where are the old cargos?’ Don asked as they stopped at each other’s front.
Ojo greeted Stainless with a nod. ‘They’re in,’ he said, tightening the rest of his fingers while pointing the thumb finger backwards, towards the place he had come out from.
‘Okay, I hope you’re feeding them well. You’re aware they need to feed well to regain strength after all the torture they passed through,’ Don said.
‘Yes, they’re feeding very well. I’m even hoping we’ve not been overfeeding them,’ Ojo replied.
A smile appeared on Don’s face and vanished almost immediately, ‘Are your boys ready now?’
‘Yes, they are all prepared.’
‘Did you get up to thirty of them?’
‘Yes, even more than. We have thirty five,’ Ojo replied, twitching his lips as a crooked smile appeared on his face.
‘You really have thirty five?’ Don asked, widening his eyes. He took a quick glance at Stainless’s face and returned his gaze back to Ojo.
‘Yes, I have thirty five.’ Ojo replied back, full of confidence.
‘Now, that’s nice. But I think we should just work with thirty first, we have some of my guys at the Nanl Territory already.’ Don said.
‘Okay, there’s no problem. I even have an assignment for the remaining five boys,’ Ojo said.
‘All good,’ Don took in a breath of confidence. ‘We’ll move the couples to the Nanl Territory very early tomorrow morning. Five of your boys would accompany them with you but then…’ Don took a brief pause. ‘Stainless needs to talk to the remaining twenty five.’
‘Of course, there’s no problem with that. They’re inside and I can call them out for you anytime you want.’
**Inspector Dakolo’s Residence, Asokoro, Abuja**
Dakolo and James were seated in the living room, both in a solemn manner. James had a pack of untouched juice and a glass cup on a stool in front of him.
‘I think my Dad’s hiding something but I’m not certain what that thing could be. My best guess is that Samantha Osman is not just an hired assassin, she’s killing for a cause.’ James was saying to Dakolo.
‘You’re right, I already began to make some discoveries in that direction. I’ve been able to link together all Samantha Osman’s major victims except one, the late River’s State Governor who was the second victim to be killed. The first, Chief Nnamdi Okafor, the third Chief Jubril Lawal and your Dad have so much in common. In fact they were all good friends. The fact is that they’ve not been seen moving together recently, but in their younger days, they were always together. I believe there must be something they did together several years ago. There must something wicked your father did.’
James shot a quick angry look at Dakolo at the sound of his words but Dakolo wasn’t looking at him. James wasn’t comfortable with the way the man addressed his father. Even though he nurtured the same thoughts, he still believed he had to protect his father by keeping somethings to himself.
‘Sorry about how plain I sound this night,’ Dakolo apologized, now staring at James. He knew that James must have been offended by his words.
He stared at the wall behind Dakolo thoughtfully. Thoughts of Kimberly Alexandra drifted back into his mind. He closed his eyes briefly as he remembered his meeting with the NSCC chairman concerning her.
‘Sir… I need to get some details about Kimberly E. Alex.’
Mr Sylvester stared blankly at him for almost thirty seconds without replying, he couldn’t tell what was going through Mr Sylvester’s mind but he knew the man was surprised by the question.
‘Miss Kimberly E. Alex worked here for barely one month and she doesn’t work here anymore,’ Mr Sylvester finally replied.
‘I am aware she doesn’t work here anymore, I would have gone directly to her. So I’m asking you now so you can provide information about her.’ James replied.
‘Ermm… I barely know much about her too,’ Mr Sylvester said as he began to work on his computer. ‘Let me see what I can help you with.’
Four minutes later, Mr Sylvester turned the laptop to James. James looked into it for up to five minutes.
‘And why did she have to leave the way she did?’
‘The reasons are written there,’ the chairman replied.
‘But do you believe the reason she gave?’ James asked, staring at him eyeball to eyeball.
‘Of course I believe, her mother has been always sick before then and her father was down with stroke.’
James took another one minute to read the document on the laptop again. ‘I want to see her pictures,’ James said.
‘Yes sure,’ James answered with a nod.
Mr Sylvester turned back the laptop to himself and began a search for Kimberly’s scanned passport.
‘Ermm… I can’t find her passport here but it would be in our master system,’ Mr Sylvester said after ten minutes of fruitless search.
‘Okay please, how do I get it? I also need to print this document which has in it her house address and her guarantor.’
‘Oh! I’ll get someone to do that for you,’ Mr Sylvester said. He picked the phone from the table and dialed a number. ‘I’m sending you a document to print right away,’ he said briefly and cut the call after the secretary’s reply. He dialed another number, ‘Do meet me at the control room right away.’ he said.
After two minutes of more work on the laptop, he closed it and rose up from his seat.
‘Would you like to come with me to the control room?’ he asked James as he stepped out from behind the table.
‘No, I’ll just take my leave. I want to get somewhere else,’ James said and also rose up. ‘I’ll be here tomorrow morning, I’ll appreciate if the hard copy report is available before I arrive.’
‘Okay Agent, I’ll ensure that happens.’ Mr Sylvester replied and led the way to the door. He opened the door and ushered James out first.
Someone almost collided into James as he stepped out, it was a young man, he had a laptop in his hands and wasn’t looking forward while walking.
‘I’m sorry sir,’ the young man apologized with a smile.
‘It’s okay,’ James returned the smile.
‘What’s happening here?’ Mr Sylvester asked as he stepped out, trying to lock the door. ‘Oh you!’ he exclaimed as he saw the face of the young man.
‘Yes sir, I was going to the control room already. I wasn’t concentrating and almost collided with your guest.’
‘Oh! Sorry about that,’ Mr Sylvester apologized with a sincere look.
‘It’s nothing,’ James said.
‘You should be careful next time,’ Sylvester cautioned him.
‘Yes sir, I will be.’ the young man replied, bowing his head.
‘Okay, I’ll join you in the control room soon.’ Mr Sylvester said and gave way for the young man to pass.
‘Okay sir,’ he said and hurried off.
James and Sylvester watched him walk away before they began they continued in the opposite direction.
‘Agent James, what are you thinking about?’ Dakolo cut through his thoughts.
‘Ermm… Nothing sir,’ James replied. He felt like telling Dakolo about Kimberly but he decided not to talk yet, he wanted to make more investigations by himself and make sure he wasn’t going to put his Dad into trouble. ‘I think I’ve got to leave now,’ he added and picked up his car keys.
‘Why James? You didn’t even take the drink I served you,’ Dakolo said staring at him with a surprise look on his face.
‘I’m sorry sir, but that’ll be next time.’ James replied with a smile and rose to his feet.
‘Okay then,’ Dakolo rose up to see him off.
Soon, James drove out of Dakolo’s compound in his car. Several thoughts filled his mind as he drove down. He put on the music player in the car to help him relax his mind. He saw his phone ringing as he was about to change the song playing. He took a quick glance at the phone’s screen, a smile appeared on his face as he saw the caller’s ID. He reduced the music player volume and quickly searched for a place to pull over. He answered the call after carefully parking.
‘Hello dear!’
‘Here’s the picture of the girl, your devices would be connected always, make sure you raise an alarm and notify us her location immediately you see her.’ Stainless stood before a group of over twenty guys, giving them instructions. ‘Does anyone have a question?’ he asked, planning to dismiss them already.
‘Ermm… Yes,’ someone raised a hand from behind.
‘What’s your question?’ Stainless asked, a frown formed on his face.
‘It’s not really a question but suggestion,’ the guy replied.
‘Okay, go on.’ Stainless said and folded his arms.
‘Ermm… I was just thinking that we could also make use of technology. Instead of just standing at the bus points and the airport. We have some computer scientists amongst us who has previously gone through his Industrial attachment at the NSCC and still has access to the place, I’m thinking he could help us track the girl using the cameras.’
‘Okay, does anyone else have anything to say, or ask?’ Stainless asked, using his eyes to search for anyone else with a raised hand. He continued after he saw that no one was, ‘That would have been the best option, I can even do that myself but the girl you’re about to track is who you all know; Aisha Bello, a member of Samantha Osman’s gang, Samantha could disable the cameras to hide her movements. So we already have plans for that but we need to focus on this other plan too. You get me?’
‘Yes,’ the questioner nodded in response.
‘Her noise has been too much recently, I want us to silence her already.’ Ojo was speaking to five boys sitting before him. ‘I want us to capture her first and then bl**p the hell out of her before killing her,’ he said and paused to stare at his men’s faces. They all had a contented look on their faces, which meant they were okay with his idea and had no questions.
chapter 2 part 10
** Next day, 9am**
~Abuja, at the NSCC office~~
‘Sir, how many times have you visited that house after she left?’
‘About three times Agent; twice with two of my colleagues and once on my own,’ Mr Sylvester replied him in a stressed tone, resting his back in the chair and folding his arms tiredly.
James took another long look at the paper in his hand, he heaved a sigh. ‘And who’s her guarantor?’
‘Guarantor?’ Mr Sylvester asked in a surprised tone.
‘Yes, guarantor.’ James replied.
‘Ermm…’ Mr Sylvester scratched his head as he tried to put together words to express himself.
‘Isn’t she supposed to even have more than one guarantor?’ James added.
‘Yes, she had a guarantor but the circumstances that surrounded her employment did not allow us take it very serious.’
James stared at his face in disbelief, he didn’t believe the Chairman of an organization like the NSCC could be talking like an inexperienced person.
‘It was the Vice President that hurried up the process,’ Mr Sylvester quickly added, trying to shift the blame away from himself. ‘He wanted someone else to represent Henry E.G immediately, so he asked to to rush up her employment.’
James heaved another sigh, he placed a finger on his lip and continued to stare at Mr Sylvester in silence.
**Rael University premises, Lagos**
Two guys sat under the tree impatiently, Ojo was standing. He was holding one of the lower branches of the tree. He checked his wristwatch from time to time and would change his standing position to the other direction to check if the one they were waiting for was in sight.
‘Capon, don’t you think we should call him again?’ one of the sitting boys suggested.
‘Okay, use your phone.’ Ojo replied, still staring around, he changed the hand used in holding the branch to the right hand.
Other students were around the place but kept a reasonable distance from them. Students who unknowingly moved closer to them would quickly withdraw once they saw their faces. Ojo was a well known cultist in the school, even the lecturers and school board recognised and respected him. His association with top criminals like Don and Stainless made him function in a way that he was invisible to the law enforcement agencies.
‘Where are you?’ one of the sitting guy stood up with the phone on his ear. ‘Come on, we’ve been…’ he stopped abruptly as he noticed someone coming towards them. The guy had his phone on his ear too and was putting on a face cap. The caller cut the call to wait for the approaching guy. Ojo and the other sitting guy also looked in direction of the approaching guy.
The guy with the face cap joined them in less than a minute, ‘I’m sorry for keeping you guys waiting,’ he quickly apologized on seeing the angry look on their faces.
‘Okay, what’s the information you have for us?’ Ojo asked him impatiently.
The guy looked around to check if anyone was watching them, then he took out a paper from his back pocket and handed it to Ojo. ‘I’m going to lure her to the place, make sure you make use of the chance well,’ he said and paused to look around again. ‘You know she’s getting more dangerous and she could cause you a lot of…’ he stopped and a look of fright appeared on his face as he saw the evil face Ojo was making at him.
‘Disappear!’ Ojo barked at him in a loud gruff voice.
He stumbled and almost fell as he took to his heels.
*Maitama, Abuja**
Aisha and Benny left Abuja very early in the morning but at different times, Aisha left by 5am while Benny left by 6.30am and they took different routes to different transport vehicle’s garage to avoid being tracked. Tarasha was left home alone with Henry.
Henry had been up before Aisha’s departure, he had heard noises and carefully listened from his room. He knew that Aisha must be the one leaving as he heard been suspecting they were planning a journey but didn’t know where they were planning to go to. He was also out of his room and at the backyard doing exercises when Cole was leaving by 6.30am, Tarasha had driven out with Cole in a car, they had kept two big bags in the boot which Cole suspected to contain weapons. Tarasha returned thirty minutes later without Cole and an empty boot. Henry who was in the living room when she drove back into the compound walked into his room before she entered the house. Tarasha of course noticed that he had been in the living room but decided to ignore it like she had been ignoring all his other activities.
Henry kept turning around the bed, he felt tired already without even doing anything yet that morning. He heard a noise from his belly as he ran his hand through his hair, that reminded him about breakfast. He didn’t know if he was going to have breakfast that morning since Aisha was out of the house. Usually, she would have come knocking at his door, asking for where he would like to have his breakfast. He thought of going out to check if the food had been served at the dining but he discarded the idea at the thought of meeting Tarasha in the living room, he wasn’t sure what the feeling would be like between them both, especially now that they were alone in the house. He turned to his left side of the bed and closed his eyes in a bid to force sleep and suppress his hunger but his belly made another sound, this time louder and longer, that was when he remembered that he didn’t take dinner the night before. He had been so engrossed with a new app he was developing that he worked until it was very late and he went to bed tired, without remembering to eat. He rolled out of bed reluctantly and put on his sandals, he proceeded out of the room hurriedly.
He met at the dining what he had been trying to avoid, Tarasha. She was sitting and also taking her breakfast, she was dressed up neatly, like she wanted to leave the house. She noticed his presence as he approached the dining and heard his footsteps, she turned back and their eyes met. Henry felt a little discomfort as their eyes met but the feeling of hunger had overwhelmed him, so he joined her at the dining without minding how awkward the feeling would be for them having breakfast together.
‘Good morning Tara,’ Henry greeted as he walked past her to the seat where he saw his breakfast served.
‘Good morning Henry,’ she replied, her eyes followed him to his seat.
He sat and opened the plate cover almost immediately, he picked the fork and knife and began to eat.
Tarasha watched him silently while eating her meal slowly, he was fully concentrating on his meal though he still ate moderately. She had lost concentration on her own meal, she fixed her eyes on his face as he ate.
He had changed and gained more flesh since he had been taken out of prison, his sores and wounds had also healed but he looked very unhappy, there was an absence of the joyful beam of light that his eyes usually carried. Tarasha felt guilty.
‘Why are you staring like that? Hope you won’t chew your tongue?’ Henry’s words drifted Tarasha back to reality. Then she noticed she had finished chewing the food particles in her mouth and had been chewing nothing for more than one minute. Henry had almost finished his food while she was still halfway.
‘Are you traveling too?’ Henry added, using his eyes to scrutinize her dressing and new ‘gallas like’ hairdo. The food had given him more strength and energy to talk. Tarasha’s thoughtful mood and uneasiness had also added to his confidence to speak.
‘Traveling where?’ she replied with a question.
‘To where your guys went to,’ Henry replied, cutting another slice of yarn in his plate.
Tarasha heaved a sigh and tried to dodge his question, ‘So why were you hiding when you saw them leave?’
‘I wasn’t hiding, I know you saw me watching.’ Henry replied as he chewed the food particles in his mouth.
‘I didn’t see you watching but I knew you were watching,’ Tarasha corrected. ‘So why have you been locked up since?’ Tarasha asked, trying to bring up a lively conversation. All she wanted to see was that beam of happiness on his face again and she thought conversing with him freely could help.
‘Why shouldn’t I stay in? It’s not like we’ve been having any smooth discussion recently, it’s like you just want to keep me here like a dummy.’ Henry replied accusingly, staring into her eyes directly and wondering why she sounded accommodating that morning.
‘It’s not like that Henry but…’ she stopped abruptly and heaved a sigh. She thought it would be unwise stating again how she didn’t want him to be involved in the revenge anymore because of his weakness of wanting to submit to the authorities.
‘When are you going to join them?’ Henry asked, after waiting for few seconds without her continuing her speech. ‘Soon, I’ll be locked in here for days without being allowed to go out or being visited.’
‘No Henry, that won’t happen.’ Tarasha said in a convincing tone. ‘I think we can make a solution to your limitations of going out.’
‘A solution? What solution is there to it? I’ll be caught by the authorities once I’m seen.’ Henry said. He felt like adding that the only solution would be taking himself to the authorities himself but he choose not to, knowing how much she hated the idea. He didn’t want to ruin the conversation they had just begun which was not even going smoothly yet.
‘I can help you with a good disguise idea, something like that of Aisha’s,’ she replied him.
‘Huh?’ he squeezed his face as he tried to figure out what she meant. ‘Which Aisha are you talking about?’
‘Same Aisha, the wanted Aisha Bello.’
‘Humn…’ Henry stared thoughtfully, he was still trying to figure out where she was driving to. ‘Do you mean the Aisha that works with you is the wanted Aisha Bello?’
‘Yes,’ Tarasha replied with a brief smile. ‘You should have noticed that if you paid more attention to her face anytime she’s here. Her disguise plan is working well for her and she goes out very often without ever being recognized.’
Henry paused for a while to think, he never imagined that he had been living with someone who had been declared wanted like him and she even served him food every morning. He stared at her face blankly for some seconds before letting out a short hiss. ‘Just forget about that, tell me how long you’ll be gone.’
She paused and stared into his eyes for close to thirty seconds, Henry’s eyes looked like that of a terrified child whose mother was going on a long journey. She tried to conceal a smile that was gradually forming on her lips, ‘You don’t want me to go?’ she implied.
‘Huh? Why would I stop you, it’s not as if you’ll listen to me anyway. You should go anywhere you want to, I don’t really care.’ Henry tried to feign carelessness but the look on his face betrayed him, it was obvious he cared about where she was going to.
Tarasha let out a smile accompanied with a short release of breath, she rose up from her seat and moved closer to him, abandoning her food. She turned the seat next to him and sat facing him directly, a very close distance that both of them had to hold their breath for some seconds.
‘You’ve changed a lot, you now smile more this days,’ Henry tried to change the discussion as he knew he had been defeated.
‘You taught me how to, ‘ she said and rested her weight on the table with her arms. She shifted the plate of food away from his front and held one of his palms in hers. Their knees were also touching each others and their face came closer. There was a deafening silence for close to one minute.
‘Tell me what love is,’ Tarasha found herself asking. Even she was surprised as to who and where the question came from.
‘Love?’ Henry mumbled. He took his eyes off her face for some seconds, staring at the table. He looked up again, ‘I can’t explain it but you’ll understand when you feel it.’
Tarasha drew in a short breath, she reached out for his second palm. ‘I don’t know if it is what I’m feeling,’ she said, looking down shyly.
Henry drew closer to her, ‘I’m sure of one thing, love makes you ready to make sacrifices for the one you love.’
There was another thirty seconds silence, ‘Is that why you were willing to sacrifice yourself for me?’
There was another silence, this time longer than the previous ones put together. Henry stared at her lips as their faces moved nearer to each others. Tarasha closed her eyes and held her breath, she could feel Henry hold his breath too. Their lips moved closer, only a centimetre far from each other.
Chapter 3 part 1
There was another silence, this time longer than the previous ones put together. Henry stared at her lips as their faces moved nearer to each others. Tarasha closed her eyes and held her breath, she could feel Henry hold his breath too. Their lips moved closer, only a centimetre far from each other.
And then it met, there was a knock sound as their foreheads hit.
‘Ouch!’ Tarasha rubbed her forehead as she withdrew. Henry also rested back on his seat, rubbing his forehead with a frown. ‘You do really need to learn how to kiss, you are very bad in it.’ Tarasha accused playfully.
‘No, you are the bad one.’ he accused back.
‘No you are,’ Tarasha insisted. She got up from the seat and shifted the plates farther from his front, she then sat on the table at the space in front of him and then slowly stepped down sat on his laps, she wrapped her hands around his neck and her b—–s pressed tightly against his chest. She touched his forehead with hers.
Henry wrapped his hands around her waists and they both stared into each other’s eyes briefly. He had not bargained for something like this when he decided to come for his breakfast. Now his heart was pumping faster than usual, he could feel the blood rushing faster through his veins. His whole body became warmer as his hands rubbed her exposed thighs as the mini gown she was putting on had pulled up with the way she was sitting. His lips were expectant but just as it was about to happen, a phone rang and it’s vibrating on the table could be felt on Tarasha’s back.
Still sitting on his laps, Tarasha turned back and stretched to reach for the phone. She checked the caller’s ID before answering the call.
‘Where are you now?’ she said into the phone, holding it to her ear with one hand while the other was still on Henry’s neck. ‘You need the cameras down now?’ she asked as she withdrew the other hand from his neck. She placed her opened palm against his chest and opened the top button, then she ran her fingers into the shirt tickling him softly and slowly proceeding towards his n—-e.
‘You’re already entering into town?’ she asked in a surprised tone, taking her hands off from Henry’s chest.
‘Yes,’ Henry could hear a female’s voice which he recognized to be Aisha’s.
‘Why didn’t you inform me earlier?’ Tarasha asked as she got up slowly from Henry’s lap. She straightened her gown beside him and then turned to where was previously seated to put on her shoe.
‘I already informed you through the messenger but I had to call when it was still marking unread,’ the voice replied.
‘Oh!’ Tarasha exclaimed on remembering that her conversation with Henry had made her forget about the phone totally. ‘I’ll get it done immediately,’ she said and cut the call.
She flashed a look at Henry as she picked up a key on the table. Henry had a defeated look on. ‘I have to use the workroom now,’ she excused herself and hurriedly left the dining.
Henry heaved a heavy sigh as he watched her leave. His temperature slowly returned back to normal and his heart beat returned to the usual speed. He buttoned his shirt and took a glance at his plates of food which were now far away, he had completely lost his appetite for food. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to imagine what could have happened if the call did not come in. Maybe she would have taken off his shirt completely after first engaging him in a long kiss and then more taking off of clothes would have happened. But then he opened his eyes and shook his head in disagreement with himself, he shouldn’t be thinking of having sex with her yet. There were several challenges ahead.
He sat for some few more seconds, thinking of what to do next and finally decided to join her in the workroom in case she needed company before she finally left the house.
He got up from the seat swiftly, another glance at the dining table made him pause. He remembered that Aisha wasn’t around to clear the table and he wasn’t sure Tarasha would be chanced to do it. He arranged the plates together and proceeded with them to the kitchen. Few minutes later, he joined her in the workroom.
Tarasha noticed the door opened while she worked on a laptop, she was sitting at the exact spot Cole used to sit and work. She had been hoping he would come and was glad at his entrance but she consciously chose not to look towards the door.
‘Are you very busy?’ Henry asked after closing the door and taking two steps forward.
‘No,’ she turned briefly to him and gave him an encouraging look to join her.
Henry proceeded forward and took the seat beside her, there was another laptop at his front but he gently moved it away and placed his elbow on the table, staring at what Tarasha was doing.
‘She’s at Owo now?’ Henry asked after ten seconds of reading, taking a quick glance at her face.
‘Yes,’ Tarasha replied without looking at him.
Henry kept watching silently for the next ten minutes. He had no questions to ask as he understood all she was trying to do.
‘For how long are you shutting it?’ Henry asked. He was talking about the security cameras.
Tarasha took in a short breath, she was expecting the question but was at the same time hoping he would not start telling her how dangerous it is to shut it down for long. ‘As long as it takes her to pass trackable areas,’ she finally replied.
Henry gave no reply and kept watching silently until she was about rounding up. ‘I believe you guys must have something very important to do in Lagos?’ he said.
‘Yes, Aisha and Cole has something very important to do.’ she replied.
‘Are you also going to join them now?’ he asked the question that had been bothering his mind.
‘No,’ she replied with a smile, staring at his face. His question had revealed his desperate desire of not wanting her to leave. ‘I’m not joining Aisha and Cole, I have something else to do here.’
Henry heaved a sigh of relief at her confirmation, he closed his eyes briefly and opened them again. ‘May I know what they went to do there?’ he summoned courage to probe further.
‘Hmm…’ she stopped and turned to stare at his face, the laptop was shutting down already. She folded her arms, ‘They went to save their parents.’
‘What happened to their parents?’ he asked in a concerned tone.
‘If you’ve been following the news, you should have heard that Aisha’s Bello’s parent have been abducted.’
‘Oh! I read about it,’ Henry replied thoughtfully. ‘I wasn’t just conscious of the fact that she’s the same Aisha.’
‘Cole’s parents were kidnapped too but it wasn’t well noised as Aisha’s and that’s because Aisha has been previously declared wanted by the police.’
‘That’s serious!’ Henry exclaimed with a serious look on his face. ‘But who abducted them and why were they abducted?’
‘Same guys who killed my brother, I believe.’ a strong frown formed on Tarasha’s face as she replied. ‘They want to use it as a bait for me.’
‘But do you think they can handle it themselves, I mean your guys, how about the authorities?’
‘The anti-kidnapping squad have been on it for days without much progress,’ she replied.
‘And don’t you think they need help? Would they be able to defeat the kidnappers?’
‘They would have to defeat them anyway,’ Tarasha replied.
‘You don’t think you should have gone with them?’ he implied.
‘Go with them? Hell no!’ she exclaimed, staring at him as she folded her arms again and relaxed back. ‘That would be walking into something unnecessary.’
There was a short silence which was interrupted by Tarasha’s ringtone, she reached for the phone and answered the call.
‘What’s up Cole?’
‘I thought I should inform you that Aisha has gotten to Owo already and I need to get details of her location and where she’s waiting for me. My tracker 03 is on already and I need you to initiate the process for me,’ Cole said.
‘I think you should just call her, ‘ Tarasha replied. ‘So far, I’ve detected no one or device following you. It’s safe to use your phone.’
‘Okay Boss, thanks.’ the call ended.
Henry was staring intently at her all through the duration of the call but he took off his eyes immediately after the call. There was another long silence between them.
‘Where are you going out to?’ Henry asked, after noticing that she checked her wristwatch twice.
‘I have something to do at Asokoro,’ she replied him.
‘What’s that? Can I follow you?’ Henry asked.
‘Humn… I’m not sure,’ Tarasha said in a sharp tone.
‘Not sure? Is it because I’ve not done anything to disguise yet?’
‘No, not that.’ Tarasha folded her lips in and let out a short breath. ‘You may not like what I’m going to do there.’
‘What’s that? What are you going?’ Henry asked with an unclear mind. Her silence made him more anxious but with the change in the look on her face, he could tell that it wasn’t something pleasant.
‘Do you have all your boys stationed at the right place already?’ Rex said into the phone. He was in a car, driving with a hand on the wheels and the other holding his phone.
‘Yes boss, they’re all waiting for their arrival.’ Don’s voice replied him.
‘Capture the both of them as quietly as possible, make sure you avoid being in a gun battle with them.’ Rex cautioned.
‘Okay Boss, but is it possible to capture Tarasha without involving a gun battle?’ Don asked in a doubtful tone.
‘Don’t worry about Tarasha, she’s not coming to you.’ Rex said.
‘But we saw the sign you asked us to look out for,’ Don argued.
‘Yes, you saw a sign showing that she’s aware of their trip. She’s not going to come with them, I’m hundred percent sure. ‘ Rex said confidently.
‘Okay, anything you say Boss.’ Don replied and the call ended.
Rex increase his speed and joined the fast lane. He stared at the picture of Kimberly E. Alex again, he knew she was coming, right into his trap.
James carefully parked his car at the space opposite the gate, he stepped out of the car and crossed to the other side. He stood in front of the gate and began to scrutinize the lock to the smaller entrance.
He waved at someone who came out of the neighbouring compound. The man approached him slowly with a suspicious look.
‘Good morning,’ he greeted before looking at the man’s face. ‘Sorry for disturbing you but I’ll like to ask some questions about this house from you.’
‘It’s okay but please be fast about it,’ the man answered.
‘Okay, do you know for how long those staying in this house have been away?’
‘Ermm…I think it’s more than three weeks now, they just left as quietly as they came. But no one can really tell if they really left because I believe the apartment was rented for a year or two.’
‘Okay, but have you by chance seen anyone of them around again?’
‘No, I’ve not.’
‘And nobody else comes to look for them?’
‘Several people comes. I think one of them used to work at the NSCC, so officials from the NSCC are part of those who used to ask of them.’
‘Okay, that’ll be all. Thanks,’ James dismissed the man with a smile.
‘You’re welcome,’ the man replied as he walked away.
James stared around for a little while before turning back to his car. In the next minute, he started the engine and sped away.
The glass of the driver’s side of a small black car was wound down slowly, a young man who had been watching James from the car took off his dark eyeglasses. He peered towards the place for some seconds before winding up the glass and driving away.
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Chapter 3 part 2
Tarasha could feel Henry’s eyes peering at her as she dropped the bag into the backseat of the car and closed the door. She took a glance back to the house and saw him peeping behind the window, he quickly withdrew himself as she looked in his direction. She smiled to herself as she turned to the driver’s side and entered into the car. She started the car engine and then put on her seatbelt. She turned on the air-conditioner in the car as she wind up the window glasses and began to drive towards the gate. She took a small sized remote from the passenger’s side of the vehicle and tapped a button on it towards the gate. The gate split open and the car drove out before the gate closed back.
‘Sir, are you ready to go see the doctor now?’ A corporately dressed man asked the Vice President, bending a little to show curtsy as the man rose up from the three seater sofa.
Flanked by two huge bodyguards, Chief Elvis replied the man with a sigh of tiredness as he proceeded towards the door supporting his leg with the walking stick.
‘You guys should get the cars ready, I don’t think I can wait for any appointment anymore or even attend Rikau’s daughter naming ceremony. I think I should just go and rest at home.’ Chief Elvis said tiredly. He had a quite tight schedule that day. After an early morning closed door meeting with the President in the Aso Rock Villa, he was sent to supervise an ongoing construction work in a two town outside. There he didn’t spend more than an hour and half but he had been so tired as if he spent the whole day there. He still had two appointments to catch, so he decided to take a rest in his office but His attempt to rest had only proved futile as he only felt weaker. His assistants had earlier advised him to see the doctor but he discarded the advice saying it was just a sign that he needed to rest a little.
‘You have a call sir?’ his assistant came from behind with a ringing phone in his hand.
‘Who’s it?’ Chief Elvis asked with a raised eyebrow.
‘It’s an unsaved number,’ the man replied as he handed the phone to the Vice President.
The number was unsaved truly but Chief Elvis recognized it, it was Rex calling. He took a quick glance at the men behind him and his assistant. They understood what the look meant and quietly excused him to answer the call. By the time the men were gone, the phone had stopped ringing. Chief Elvis dialed back and put the phone to his ear. The call was answered after a ring.
‘I thought you were done with the President’s meeting a long time ago,’ Rex snapped with his arrogant voice.
‘Huh? Who told you I had a meeting with the President?’
‘That’s not necessary now, you should just learn to always answer immediately you see my call.’
The Vice President sighed loudly, he hated Rex’s arrogance.
‘Are you at your office now?’ Rex voice came again.
‘Yes, I’m in my office, I want to attend to a couple of appointments before I leave.’ Chief Elvis replied.
‘Oh Good! I’ll be coming to your office right away,’ Rex said.
‘Are you crazy?’ chief Elvis asked and quickly stared around to see if anyone is watching. ‘How can you come here?’
‘You don’t want me to come?’ Rex asked in a taunting manner.
‘Why should I want you to come?’ Chief Elvis said, angry at Rex’s unreasonable request.
‘It’s better you allow me come because she’s not going to get permission from you before she comes.’
‘Huh?’ a look of confusion appeared on the Vice President’s face. ‘Who are you talking about?’ He stared around again to see if anyone was watching.
‘Don’t worry, you’ll see her when she comes.’ Rex said and the call was cut.
‘Who? Who…’ the Vice President tried to ask but the beeping sound was the reply. He took the phone off his ear and stared at it for some seconds before dialing back.
‘Am I coming to your office?’ he heard Rex say without waiting for him to speak first.
‘Rex, what are you talking about?’
‘Bad manners! Don’t answer questions with questions. I’ll ask again, and maybe I better rephrase; should I start coming to your office?’
‘Rex, you know that’s a tough decision to make. There are several eyes keeping watch over this place…’
‘And you don’t want them to see us together?’ Rex cut in.
‘No, that’s not…’
‘Never mind, they won’t be able to see you with her when she comes, you’ll be helpless.’
‘What are you talking abo…’ he tried to ask but the line went dead again.
This time he paused and took in a deep breath before dialing back. ‘Okay Rex, what actually do you want? If you want to come, I’ll wait for you and allow you in but you must promise me to make it the first and the last time.’
‘What the f***! Who the hell wants to come to your office? But you need to stop arguing with me if you want to save your life. When I tell you what to do, it’s for your safety and not mine,’ Rex said in a serious tone. ‘She’s coming for you soon. Very soon, I mean. Could be today or tomorrow. I’ll be right outside your office, tell me if you notice any strange thing or get an unusual phone call.’
‘She’s coming? Should I wait here or…’ the line went dead again. ‘D–n!’ he cursed and dialed Rex’s number again. The network assigned voice answered him, saying the number he was calling was not reachable. He tried again but this time it was switched off.
‘D–n!’ he cursed again, pressing his phone against his lips as he thought of what to do. He finally turned back and proceeded back to his office, his assistants who had been lurking around came back with him.
Rex turned off the car engine after parking by a side of the road, he wound down the window to allow fresh air in. He took a look at his wristwatch again and then took off his seatbelt. He then stretched backward to take his tablet device, he turned on the screen and swiped it unlock. He clicked on the menu box and then began to scrolled down to the apps with names starting with ‘S’, he clicked open the security cameras monitoring app.
He was in the dark as there were lots of things he didn’t know yet and this disturbed his ability to make plans. He hadn’t been able find out Tarasha’s location as that would have given him an edge over her but one thing he was sure of was Tarasha’s next plan. He knew she wasn’t going to leave with Cole and Aisha, rather she would want to seize the opportunity to attack the Vice President or the Inspector General. He knew this was bound to happen as it was the same steps he would have taken if he was in the same shoes as hers and wasn’t aware that an assassin at the same level with him was monitoring.
He looked into the tablet device after the app loaded, several options of playing clips were being showed and on the top was ‘Abuba Street’ written.
She slowly pulled up to the curb in front of the abandoned building, she stared out at her environment through the glasses for some seconds before taking off the seatbelt. She was no longer on the same cloth she was putting on when she left the house, she was now donned in a flashy Hausa attire made of the lace material, she had a scarf neatly tied to her head and her makeups had also changed her looks entirely. She now looked like the lady who had joined the other pilot in flying John Obiano’s plane. She turned off the car engine and picked up her medium sized party bag from the backseat – medium sized- meaning it was big enough to be used as a hiding place for up to three takeaway plates filled with party jollof rice. She put her dark sunglasses and stepped out of the car, she was putting on a high shoe which could make men and even other ladies intimidated by her presence when talking to her while she stood. She hung the bag on her arm properly and began to take careful but fast steps away from the car, she moved some distance away from the car and stood by the side of the road, waiting for a cab.
‘Abuba Street,’ she said as a cab came by. The cab driver replied with a nod and gestured for her to come in.
The blue Toyota Sienna drove carefully into the noisy garage and parked. The place was rowdy as usual as several arriving travelers and yet to board travelers moved around, some with their luggages and only few without luggages.
Aisha who was seated at the front seat of the vehicle had put on her dark shades and carried her small handbag before the car halted. She was the first to step out of the car, she took two steps away from the door of the vehicle and paused to look around briefly, then she proceeded briskly out of the garage.
She was used to Lagos city very well, so she had no difficulties knowing the road and where to go. Soon, she joined a bus going to Ikeja sat with three other people at the first seat behind the driver’s. She had an earpiece fixed into her ears but she remained observant, knowing that someone could be monitoring her. She carefully took note of every other person that entered into the bus after her but she found none looking suspicious.
After twenty minutes drive, she dropped at a junction to wait for a cab, two other people stopped at the same junction with her. Soon a tricycle came by and she flagged it down. ‘I want to stop at Bevo Hotels,’ she said as she entered to sit at the backseat of the tricycle. Two other people were already in so she sat at the right edge, she took out a little mirror from her bag and stretched it forward, she couldn’t get a good view, so she stretched forth her hand slightly outside the tricycle, she then used an handkerchief to clean the sweat that was forming on her forehead.
‘Hey, she’s headed for Bevo Hotels.’ a guy on a green top said into his communication device.
…to be continued
Chapter 3 part 3
He sighted James’ car as it was driven into the compound of a big restaurant in Abuba Street but he drove on. He needed to park somewhere totally different and far away from the venue of the naming ceremony. He soon left his car at a popular car wash and proceeded back on his legs to the venue the naming ceremony was taking place, he had gotten his invite through ways best known to him and he couldn’t be stopped by the guards at the gate but he decided to wait and watch first.
He crossed to the other side of the road and located a Sports betting shop on the second floor of a big building which had several shops and stores in it. He proceeded to the sports betting shop hurriedly but instead of entering, he stood at he balcony, resting his arm on the handrail. There he was able to get a very clear view of the Vice President’s house entrance. He put on his field glasses and adjusted the size of image formed with the aid of the tiny roller attached to the left hinge.
‘Hello man, you wanna play?’ Someone asked from behind, tapping him softly on the shoulder.
‘Yea, I’m waiting for a friend to join me.’ He replied without looking at the person.
‘Okay,’ he could hear the person respond and walk away.
He kept on monitoring the entrance to the house, he pulled the glass down to his nose to check his wristwatch with his bare eyes. It was just a minute past the stated time for the commencement of the naming ceremony, invitees were still walking in, their cars had been parked at a fenced and secured space just besides the venue.
People, both male and female, dressed in different ways but mostly in native wears, were allowed to enter into the house after being confirmed at the gate. Most of them were in groups of two; male and female, and they wore almost the same design and color of cloth.
Soon, he saw James go in. He kept on watching as more guests continued to enter until they drastically reduced and finally stopped. He stood straight as he took off his eyeglasses and rubbed his eyes briefly with his palm, he took in a short breath and began to proceed downstairs. He didn’t see any sign that Samantha had entered into the place, neither did he see any suspicious thing but he was very aware that she was capable of entering as usual as every other guest would, without raising any suspicion.
‘Here’s Bevo Hotels,’ the tricyclist announced to Aisha.
She continued taking selfies with her phone’s front camera while the the tricyclist pulled over for her to drop. Waiting hurrying, she took out her mirror to check her face, repeating exactly the same process she followed when she entered the tricycle.
‘Here,’ she said, handing a five hundred naira note to the tricyclist as he and the other passengers stared at her impatiently to get out of the vehicle.
‘Madam, do you have twenty naira, so I can give you four hundred and fifty naira?’ the tricyclist asked.
‘The fare is seventy naira?’ Aisha asked as she finally stepped out of the tricycle.
‘Yes,’ the cycler replied.
‘Just give me four hundred naira and keep the rest,’ Aisha said. The man gave her four hundred naira and drove off immediately. She turned back to face the hotel and stood still, staring at the sign board for a couple of seconds. She covered her mouth slightly with the back of her palm as she yawned, she looked to the left and right direction to check if she’ll see anyone or the man on green she had seen making a call through the mirror which she pretended to be checking her face with. She used her hand to brush back her hair and proceeded into the hotel.
Cole’s call came in as she stepped into the reception. ‘Hey boy,’ she said as she answered.
‘What’s up? I just got into Lagos few minutes ago,’ Cole replied.
‘I got to Lagos more than an hour ago and I’m now at Bevo Hotels in Ikeja,’ Aisha replied.
‘Hope no one is trailing you?’
‘Someone is, I saw a guy on green speaking to someone on phone and watching the tricycle I boarded move,’ Aisha replied.
‘Is he aware you saw him?’
‘No, I didn’t look at him directly, I use the magnifying glass I got from boss.’
‘Okay, I believe you know what next to do right?’
‘Yes, I do.’
‘Cool, I’ll come closer to you soon, make sure you raise an alarm whenever you need me.’
‘Okay, thanks.’ she said she ended the call.
‘Good evening miss,’ she turned to the receptionist.
‘Good evening ma, you’re welcome to Bevo Hotels.’
‘Thank you, I’ll like to book a room for twenty four hours,’ Aisha said.
‘Okay, what kind of room would you like?’ the receptionist asked, turning a card on the desk to Aisha.
‘Hmm… This,’ Aisha replied after going through the list for some seconds. She placed a finger on it as she turned the card back to the receptionist.
‘Okay, please wait while I fix one for you.’
Tarasha located the table where the newly born baby’s parent at the front before settling with some other guests at a table at the far end of the canopy. She took off her sunshades and crossed her legs, fixing her gaze towards the Islamic clerics who moderated the ceremony.
She felt her phone vibrate in her bag and she took it out. She took a quick glance around the place before swiping down the notification bar. She clicked reply and a box popped up.
‘Boss, I’m being followed.’ the message from Aisha displayed.
‘Where are you now?’ she typed in and sent. She took another glance around as the box still showed ‘Aisha is typing’.
‘I’ve settled in the hotel room,’ the reply came in.
‘You know what to do, carry on and keep me updated about any new development.’ she replied.
‘Okay Boss,’ Aisha’s reply entered and went offline immediately.
With the cameras hung around his neck, he walked up the aisle, taking shots of different sections of the place. He would pause at times to occasionally stare at the guests’ faces, especially the younger ladies. None was like the face in the picture nor was there any with a semblance to her.
Maybe she didn’t come, he thought to himself. Maybe she had decided to attack Chief Elvis at his office or maybe she wasn’t planning to attack anyone that day. He smiled as he turned to the front of the high table and took two shots of smiling Rikau, he was hundred percent sure Rikau’s smile would have turned to a frown if he knew he was the disguised photographer. He began to walk back again, being more careful and taking less pictures, he was sure that Tarasha could suspect him if he refused to apply care. He finally stood at the back behind all the seated guests and folded his arms with his camera hung around his neck.
**Lagos, Nigeria**
By this time, I know you should have arrived safely and I believe it would be nice to be the first to welcome you.
I would like to remind you of some of the things we agreed on, especially the ones you’ve broken already. We agreed that no one, including Tarasha should know about your movement here but I’m aware that you already told her your plans before coming. Well, whether she’s aware or not, it won’t save your parents from our hands; it’s your obedience to the rules we give you that’ll matter.
We also agreed on meeting each other without weapons or plans to attack each other. So make sure that you come with any weapon anytime we’re supposed to meet.
Today by 8pm, meet me at Bolevian Garden unfailingly.
Attached below is another video of your parents. I’m sure you’ll like it.’
Aisha read through the email quickly. Her finger hovered around the attached video as she contemplated whether or not to download. She closed her eyes and forced out a breath before closing the window, she refused to download it as she would not want to see a video of her parents being tortured again.
She dropped the phone and continued with the makeup. She was seated at the edge of the bed, facing the mirror. She wore an apron-like material to protect the clothes she was putting on from being stained.
In four minutes time, her face had changed form, she now carried somebody else’s face on hers.
‘Cole, are you closer now?’ She said into her device as she rose up.
‘Yes, I’m in Ikeja now. I’m tracking you to locate the hotel.’ Cole replied.
‘Notify me immediately you pick my location,’ she replied back.
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Chapter 3 part 4
Tarasha kept on checking her wristwatch from time to time, she looked around again carefully to see if the Vice President was seated somewhere and she had missed him while surveying the place when she entered. It had been almost one hour of waiting for his arrival and there was no sign of him showing up. She had been very positive of his attendance of the event as his close friendship with the Inspector General was an open secret to her.
She took out a smaller phone from her bag, she searched out the Vice President’s phone number from the device in her hands and typed into the dial pad of the smaller phone. She navigated to the menu of the android device and opened the call tracking application. She scrolled down the app’s dashboard and clicked on ‘Survey & Track Contacts’, it displayed a list of stored contacts on her phone. She scrolled down and selected the Vice President’s number. After some seconds of initializing, it showed a blank page and loaded for another five seconds before displaying the map of Abuja, then it automatically zoomed in and displayed only the Asokoro area. She then clicked on a link at the top of the map, ‘Specify Location’ , a list of more options dropped down from the link; ‘Call from this device’, ‘Call from another device’, ‘Spoof’… She clicked on ‘call from another device’, two more options dropped down; ‘Already connected device’ and ‘Connect a new device’. She selected ‘Already connected device’ and choose from another list that appeared. Then she dialed the Vice President’s phone number with the second phone and put it to her ear, the Asokoro map reappeared on the android screen and a large faded blue dot appeared, the size of the blue dot began to reduce and the thickness of the colour increased.
‘Hi,’ she said into the phone as her call was answered.
‘Hello, who am I speaking with?’ the Vice President replied with a baffled tone.
Tarasha replied him with silence and fixed her eyes on the android device screen. She got the exact location the Vice President was answering the call from, she memorized the street address and building number before putting off the call.
Rex had turned to the left side of the canopy and was taking photos when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He took a quick shot and carefully released the camera which hung around his neck. He took out the phone and unlocked the screen, then he swiped down the notification car.
‘Incoming Call for +2346071245778,’ the notification read. He clicked on the notification and quietly walked away to the back of the canopy.
The app displayed fully and outlined several options, Rex selected the first one, ‘Track Caller’s Location’. A map displayed, then a loading icon appeared. It began from five percent and continued to increase at a geometric progression, then it stopped at eighty percent and stopped, the map closed after a popup message which read ‘Call ended’.
Rex fixed his gaze to his device, patiently waiting for the call to come again. He would have gotten the location of the caller immediately if the call had lasted two more seconds. After waiting for one more minute without the call coming again, he tapped the back button and selected one of the various options which read ‘Locate missed caller’. That was the other option he could use to find the location of the device used in calling the Vice President, the only disadvantage was that it’ll take a longer time to get the result.
He took a second to stare around the party place, he saw a young lady standing up from her table, she carried her bag as she rose and it looked like she was leaving the place. He had seen her earlier when she walked into the venue but noticed nothing special, she didn’t look like the Tarasha he was expecting. But he was also aware Tarasha could play tricks with her outlook, so he watched her as she walked away.
Tarasha headed straight out of the venue and waited some few metres away from the gate for a taxi. Soon, one came driving by and she hopped in after communicating her destination to the taxi man.
Five minutes into their journey, she began a conversation with the driver. ‘Good afternoon,’ she said with a smile.
‘Good afternoon ma’am,’ the cab man replied, he adjusted his rearview mirror to enable him see her face. He smiled back as his eyes met with her smiling eyes in the mirror.
‘My name is Samantha,’ she said.
‘Nice to meet you ma’am,’ the cab man replied with another pleasant smile. He was already thinking his passenger had developed a crush on him. He was used to believing himself to be an handsome and irresistible man even though several of his friends and even ladies have told him how his oblong head and pimples stricken face made him far from being handsome. ‘My name is Jonah,’ he added, trying to put on a sexy smile.
‘Oh! Did the big fish swallow you in Israel and vomit you in Nigeria?’ Tarasha joked.
‘Hehe,’ he laughed loud, staring at her face through the mirror. ‘My Jonah was never swallowed by a fish, I swallowed the fish.’ he replied.
‘Haha!’ Tarasha joined in the laughter. They both laughed together for few more seconds before Tarasha’s laughter seized and her smiling face gradually turned serious. The cab man stopped laughing too and stared at her image in the mirror wondering what went wrong.
‘Is anything the matter?’ he finally asked.
‘Nothing,’ she replied coldly. ‘It’s just that I want no other passenger to join us.’
‘Oh! Is that the issue?’ a smile appeared back on the man’s face. ‘I’m comfortable with only you as my passenger.’
‘And I want you to cooperate too,’ she quickly added.
‘Cooperate? How?’ he questioned her.
‘I told you my name is Samantha and I believe you know me already,’ she replied.
‘Yes, I just met you here. You introduced yourself.’
‘Okay, I didn’t tell you my full name. I’m Samantha Osman,’ she said, she opened her bag and brought out a pistol. She could see him shake visibly at the sight of gun. ‘Don’t be scared man, Samantha is not evil like the Nigerian government wants you all to believe.’ she continued. ‘I want you to continue driving now, after which you’ll have to rent out your car to me. I’ll pay you very well for it.’ she paused to hear his response. He was still in shock, so she continued. ‘I’ll drop your car and your money at the spot you picked me from today. Just cooperate with me and you’ll be free, others like you who don’t cooperate end up dead or disabled.’ she threatened. She stared at his eyes through the rearview mirror, ‘Would you cooperate?’ she asked in a strict tone. The cab man nodded and mumbled a yes shakily.
‘Good boy!’ Tarasha smiled as she returned the gun into the bag. ‘Now keep on driving with a smile, the same way you started.’ she ordered. The cabman forced a smile on and continued driving shakily.
She took out her Android device and adjusted comfortably on the seat like nothing had happened. She also took out the smaller phone and dialed the Vice President’s number again, this time it rang only once before it was answered.
‘Hello,’ the Vice President answered in a frustrated tone.
‘Hi Vice President,’ she replied in mocking tone.
‘Ermm… Who…who’s this please?’ Chief Elvis finally replied after few seconds of stuttering.
‘It’s your friend Samantha, Samantha Osman.’ she replied in a cold tone. She could hear the sound of his breathing increase as she paused. ‘I want to have a discussion with you, a peaceful one, I don’t want you to involve the authorities.’ she paused to listen to his response.
There was a brief silence, Tarasha knew the Vice President was trying to make a decision or was taking his time to summon courage and reject her request.
‘Who the hell do you think you are and what makes you think I will want to meet and have any kind of discussion with you?’ the Vice President replied.
Tarasha chuckled at his response, she could hear the fear in his voice even though he tried to sound bold. ‘You should be more careful man, you’re the Vice President of the nation and you shouldn’t talk the way you just did…’
‘Don’t tell me how to talk,’ Chief Elvis cut in angrily. ‘Be rest assured that the Law Enforcement Agencies are on your trail and would make sure you end up behind bars after which you’ll be executed like you deserve.’
There was another brief silence, Tarasha took in a short breath before speaking again. ‘Are you done ranting already?’ she asked and waited for his response. She continued when she got none, ‘Whether you like it or not, we’ll have to meet soon. I’m only giving you the opportunity for us to meet and do it peacefully before the final day of your death.’
‘I’m never going to have a discussion with you, you can’t kill me.’ the Vice President replied. ‘Your end is coming soon.’
‘We shall see, your excellency,” she said and ended the call. She turned on the android device screen, the app which she had used at the party was still on. The map still indicated the same location like it did the first time, that meant the Vice President had not moved from where he was. Now Tarasha was making progress with her plans, or so she thought. She had succeeded in creating panic for the Vice President and she was sure he was going to inform the security operatives immediately and the security around him would be beefed up. This would ultimately distract the Inspector General from his ceremony, distract other security officials and make them focus their energies on protecting the Vice President, thereby leaving the Inspector General himself exposed. Then she would go for the Inspector General first.
‘Pull over there,’ Tarasha said to the driver, pointing to an empty space off the road. The driver obeyed and stared at her face through the mirror, waiting for another instruction. ‘Now come down and hand me the keys,’ she ordered.
He obeyed at once, as if he had been expecting her to ask him get down. She also stepped out from the seat behind, she took the keys from him. ‘Are you sure I can drive your car without problems?’ she asked with a threatening tone.
‘Yes…ma,’ he replied, the rest of his body frozen as she stood right before him.
‘Good,’ she said and entered into the car. ‘Your car and the money would be at the place your picked me,’ she reminded him before driving off with the car.
He watched the car as she drove away, he felt a sudden cool breeze blow over him. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Then he moved his hand and turned after a minute of being frozen. A thought flashed through his mind, ‘What if she wasn’t Samantha Osman like she claimed?’ he asked himself. He shrugged as he waved off the thought, even if she wasn’t Samantha Osman, he was sure that the pistol she had shown him was loaded, that was enough reason for him to let her have the car.
The process was still loading on Rex’s device when the call came in again, he quickly stopped the ongoing process and began to track the caller. This time, it processed up to hundred percent but instead of displaying the caller’s location, it displayed the word ‘ENCRYPTED’ in large fronts and red colour, signifying danger. At once, Rex knew who the caller was. He quickly minimized the result and returned to the previous options, he selected ‘Listen to call’. There was no result displayed, so he clicked on it three more times. After twenty seconds of seemingly inactivity, a popup message displayed four times at the same frequency at which he clicked. ‘Call cannot be listened to; high security encryption.’
He minimized the app at once and threw the phone into his pocket, he took the camera off his neck as he hurried his way out of the venue.
chapter 3 part 5
‘She just called me now,’ Rex could hear Chief Elvis rush his words. He was holding the phone to his right ear as he walked to the place where his car was parked
‘What did she say?’ Rex asked as he changed the position of the phone to his left side. He opened the door to the driver’s side with his car key.
‘She said she wanted to have a meeting with me, she wants to have a peace talk.’ Chief Elvis replied.
‘And what did you say?’ he asked as he slipped into the car.
‘I told her I’m never going to meet with her.’
‘Hmm,’ Rex paused to think for more than a minute. ‘You may have to meet her later but let’s play along with her for now. Can you find her number on your phone?’
‘No, she called with a strange unrecognized number, it can’t be tracked.’
‘What? How do you know it can’t be tracked?’
‘I gave it to my security officer immediately to start a search on it before I called you.’
‘D–n! You should have called me first, do you think your security officer can save you?’
There was silence.
‘Who else have you told about her call?’
‘I’ve not told anyone but I was about calling the Police headquarters and also the NIS to inform them, so that they can provide more security for me.’
‘No, don’t do that now. Don’t call the headquarters; that would be walking into her trap.’ Rex said and there was another short pause. ‘Call your friend, the Inspector General or his assistant and ask for supply of only few number of police officers; five or six officers should be enough.’
‘Five or six? Are you sure?’
‘Yes, that’s what you should do. You already have several officers watching you already, you shouldn’t need much more.’
‘But she knows I’m heavily guarded before threatening, that means she is not scared about the numbers of officers I have already.’
‘She knows your security status and the officers presently guarding you but she does not know that I’m with you,’ Rex replied, doing his best to stress the part that mentioned his presence. ‘The reason she’s not scared is because she knows she can handle the guards around you but she doesn’t know of me and that’s her disadvantage.’
‘Okay, I got it. I’ll do as you say.’
‘Better for you,’ Rex said as he started the car engine. ‘I’ll be around you shortly, I should be the first you alert when you receive her call again. Don’t take any decision without informing me,’ he concluded and dropped the phone on the passenger’s seat. He fastened his seat belt and adjusted the rearview mirror to view his face, he took off the attached moustache and kept it in a small polythene bag he picked from the backseat. Then he also cleaned his painted face with a soft and slightly wet towel until the makeup faded away completely. He then readjusted the rearview mirror and drove away immediately.
**55 minutes later**
Tarasha flashed a look at the large gate as she drove past. She was now differently disguised and in a police woman’s uniform. A look of disappointment appeared on her face as she didn’t see the kind of panic and wild activity of the police like she was expecting to see at the Vice President’s office. The gate by now was supposed to be flooded with the police, soldiers and several other security officers but contrary to her expectation, there was only a police mini van parked outside the gate with about five officers discussing lazily in it, with the doors opened carelessly.
Did the man not take her threat seriously? She thought. Or was it that there was a larger number of security officers behind the fence? She shook her head as she discarded the possibility of more officers than the visible ones and the already known numbers of those watching after the Vice president. Even the lackadaisical attitude of the officers outside showed that there was no anticipation for her. From the look of things, she could discern that the Vice President must have kept quiet about her threats. She decided to call him once again and repeat the threat, this time more seriously.
The Vice President reached for his phone on the table immediately and checked the screen. He took a look around the place and breathed in shortly before answering the call.
‘You called back?’
Tarasha paused and took the phone off her ears to check if she had dialed the correct number, she placed it back after confirming it was right. The Vice President sounded bolder than she expected him to, it was clear he was depending on something or someone who he was sure could save him from her threat.
‘Yes,’ she finally replied. ‘I’m calling to give you another opportunity to accept my proposal of meeting with you and discussing peacefully but just for you to know, this peace discuss does not mean I’m not going to kill you later.’
‘And I told you I’m never going to have that kind of meeting with you,’ Chief Elvis replied boldly.
‘Then make the announcements now and let the mourning begin, your country is about to lose someone big.’
‘You b***tard,’ the Vice President cursed. Tarasha could now hear fear in his voice.
Chief Elvis’ hands trembled as he cursed aloud, he could see one of his security officers peep through the slightly opened door to see what was happening on hearing the curse.
He thought about saying yes to her proposal as he remembered that Rex said earlier that he may need to accept her proposal of meeting with her but then he also remembered that Rex had asked him to call before making any decision or taking any step.
‘We’ll see Vice President Elvis, I think it’s cool the way you want it…’ her voice cut through his thoughts.
He could sense that she was about to hang up and quickly spoke as he remembered that she was using a number that he could not track or reached back through a phone call. ‘Can you call back in five minutes?’ he asked with a shaky voice.
‘Five minutes?’ she was slow in responding.
‘Yes please,’ he had not finished speaking yet when the line beeped off.
He quickly dialed Rex’s number, the call was answered after the first ring. ‘Hello Rex…’
‘What did she say?’ Rex who had already received the signal of her call asked.
‘She gave me a final chance to accept her proposal of meeting me,’ Chief Elvis replied. ‘She threatened that the nation was going to lose me if I don’t agree.’
‘Did she really say that?’
‘Ermm… What she said was that the nation would lose someone big,’ he rephrased.
‘Okay, accept it…’
‘Huh?’ Chief Elvis cut in impatiently.
‘Listen to me carefully,’ Rex said in a serious tone. He took a pause of about ten seconds before speaking again, ‘Accept her proposal to meet you and let her tell you where the meeting would take place, if she asks you to decide the venue, tell her to come to your office by 8pm today…’
‘Today?’ Chief Elvis cuts in again.
‘Stop interrupting me please,’ Rex scolded him like a child.
Chief Elvis felt insulted but decided to remain quiet, the only person he was used to listening to without talking was the President of the country. ‘Sorry, please continue.’ he finally apologized reluctantly.
‘Tell her to come by 8pm today but if she says today is not a perfect day, chose tomorrow . After that, make a call to your friend, Chief Rikau and tell him to disengage himself from every trial of the police to protect you and meet me at the round about leading to Metro highway, insist that he follows the instruction. Do you have any question?’
‘Ermm… No,’ the reply was slow but it finally came.
‘Good, you can call the police headquarters now and tell them about Samantha’s threat to meet with you. But make sure you call the Inspector General first, tell him not to involve himself and ask him to meet me at the roundabout.
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Chapter 3 part 6
She dialed the number for the second time but the line was still busy. She tried to draw up a conclusion, the most possible situation was that the Vice President was trying to inform the police or the National intelligence squad, a unit of the State Security Service about her threat. She waited for over one minute before she tried again, this time it connected.
‘Have you made up your mind now?’ she asked immediately the call was answered.
‘Let’s meet, when and where do you want it to be?’ the Vice President replied in a decided tone.
Tarasha paused to think carefully, the man was sounding so confident and his tone suggested to her that the man had something or someone he had confidence in and was depending on. ‘Let’s make it today,’ she said but still considering the if there were other options available. She was only aware of the police and the NIS guarding him, so she believed the Vice President must be depending on one of the agents.
‘Where?’ the Vice President’s voice from the phone snapped her out of her thoughts.
‘Ermm…’ Tarasha seemed undecided for a moment. ‘I’m on my way to your office already and I’ll be there at exactly 8pm,’ she said, taking a quick look at her wristwatch.
‘I’ll be waiting for you,’ the Vice President replied confidently.
He quickly scrolled down his dialed numbers list to check for the Inspector General’s number. He found it and dialed immediately, it rang for some few seconds and ended without being answered. He dialed again, this time it was answered after the second ring but all he could hear was noise and loud music playing at the background. The Inspector General was saying something he couldn’t make out, then the call ended again. After some few seconds of waiting, the Inspector General called back.
‘Your Excellency sir, good evening.’ The Inspector General’s voice sounded cool and somewhat relaxed, the background was silent now.
‘Good evening Rikau, I can see you’re digging it at the party.’
The Inspector General chuckled in reply, ‘I was actually expecting you sir.’
‘Yeah, sorry I couldn’t make it.’ Chief Elvis replied cheerfully. There was a brief pause which made him remember that he was almost forgetting the reason for his call. ‘Inspector Rikau, there’s a bit of trouble now.’ he said.
‘Huh?’ Chief Rikau’s tone changed to a serious one.
‘Yea, Samantha Osman called me and we have a meeting by 8pm tonight.’
‘Yea, but just listen to me.’ he paused and cleared throat. ‘I want you to leave the NIS in charge, what you need to do is excuse yourself from the party right now and meet with Rex at the roundabout before Metro street.’
‘But sir, I’m still going to be called by the NIS…’
‘Don’t argue! Don’t answer any call except mine, let your assistant handle anything you need to,’ Chief Elvis interrupted. ‘Just follow what I tell you or you may have to pay with your life.’ He paused. There was a silence of few seconds. ‘Excuse yourself from the party now and meet with Rex at the roundabout that leads to Metro street.’ Chief Elvis repeated.
10 minutes later
Tarasha could see the several vehicles of the NIS driving down the road, she knew their destination and was a bit relieved that her plans were now working well. She checked her wristwatch, it was 6:59pm. In thirty minutes time, she was sure the officers would have perfectly arranged themselves into strategic hiding places to trap her when she enters into the Vice President’s firm to see him in his office. But that was never going to happen, she had other plans.
She started the car engine and put on her dark eyeglasses, then she reversed the car out of the parking space into the road.
She took out her Android device and placed it on her laps, at the same time looking into the side mirror for cars coming from the back. Then she picked out the smaller phone and opened the contact list, she scrolled until she found Chief Rikau’s phone number. She took another look at the side mirror then she took the opportunity to make a perfect turn into the road and zoomed off.
**Ikeja, Lagos**
‘Coming out already,’ she said into the phone. Searching around the roof of the elevator with her eyes. She was dressed in a short blue party gown and had a black handbag in her left hand.
‘Okay, I’ve got my eyes on three people outside already. I don’t know if they are the ones,’ the call receiver replied.
‘What position were the guys?’ she asked.
‘At the left hand side of the gate,’ he answered.
‘I’ll check them when I get outside, fix your gaze at the gate and expect me in two to three minutes.’
She ended the call and returned the phone into her pocket. Soon, the elevator got to the last floor and stopped. The door opened automatically and she stepped out. She took quick glances at the guests at the mini bar and the reception as she walked out of the building.
In two minutes like she had speculated, she stepped out from the gate of the hotel, she looked right and left before proceeding to stand by the side of the road to wait for a taxi. Instead of stopping the passing taxis, she took some more time to look left and right but she couldn’t still find Cole or the three guys Cole talked about. She was tempted to call him on phone but she advised herself against it, it could raise suspicions if there were really three guys waiting for her. She knew they couldn’t recognize her facially as she was perfectly disguised but she was also aware that it was possible that they were expecting her to be disguised and may get suspicious of her if she stared around any longer. She finally stopped a cab, she whispered the destination to the cab driver and he signaled for her to hop in. She opened the door to the backseat and sat in, looking around once more and hoping Cole had seen her when she walked out of the gate.
Cole kept on watching them closely from where he sat beside the hotel fence, putting on a street watchman uniform. He had an unopened packet of cigarette on his lap and a newly bought bottle of dry gin. Those he was viewing remained seated in their car, making no movement which suggested they recognized Aisha when she stepped out of the gate. They had only glanced at the place briefly and paid less attention when they saw a lady dressed in the blue party gown.
Cole rose up from his sitting position and began to walk down the street briskly, he wanted to take a cab but he needed to move farther away from them first. He walked past the hotel gate and walked several metres farther before stopping to wait for a cab.
His phone began to ring while he waited, he took out his phone and answered the call. ‘What’s up, I saw you walk out of the place at the right time.’ he said.
‘Yes, that’s true. But I didn’t see you or the three guys,’ Aisha replied.
‘I was there, our eyes met.’
‘Huh? But I didn’t see you,’ she argued.
‘Hmm… If you didn’t see me, it means you’ve not been practicing the tactics the boss taught us.’ Cole said.
‘Which tactic?’Aisha seemed lost.
‘Never mind,’ Cole said in a bid to change the topic and he succeeded. The guys did not recognize you, I wouldn’t have recognized you either if you didn’t tell me what time you would appear at the gate.’
‘Hehe…’ she chuckled loudly and then with a serious tone she continued. ‘I’m on my way to Bolevian Garden to meet Don.’
‘I’m tracking you already, would be following closely.’ Cole replied. ‘Make sure you don’t forget to hide the mouthpiece under your collar.’
‘Sure, I’ve got the mouthpiece around the neck of my gown already. I’ll turn it on before entering into the garden.’
Aisha opened the dial pad immediately after Cole’s call ended, she selected the boss’ number and clicked the green button.
‘Boss, I’m on my way to meet him,’ she said, taking in a deep breath.
‘Aisha, be careful and watchful.’ Tarasha replied in an unusual voice, full of concern.
‘Yes Boss,’ Aisha replied back firmly.
‘Did you inject yourself with the correct mixture?’ Tarasha asked.
Aisha was surprised with the question, Tarasha had warned them against forgetfulness and threatened not to remind them to do anything she already instructed but here she was reminding them again, just like a mother who cannot just but keep warning her kids against impending danger.’
‘Yes, I took the mixture thirty five minutes before I left the house.’
‘Good, be strong.’ Tarasha said.
‘Thanks Boss,’ Aisha replied and the call ended. She smiled briefly to herself as she returned the phone into her bag, pondering on how Tarasha had changed from the totally cruel assassin to one with a motherly heart.
She took a quick glance up and met with the taxi driver’s eyes in the rear mirror. It looked somehow familiar. She kept staring at his face through the mirror and then the sideview of his face which she could see from the back.
The taxi stopped at the wave of a man standing by the roadside, the man joined Aisha at the backseat without any negotiation with the driver.
He flashed his smoke stained teeth as he entered, Aisha stared at him in horror.
‘We had correct info man, she came with someone else.’ the driver of the cab said, flashing a look backwards. Aisha could recognize him now. The driver was Don’s longtime friend, Stone, while the man who joined her at the back was Stainless.
‘She has a mouthpiece around the neck of her cloth, take it off.’ Stone said to Stainless.
Chapter 3 part 7
Tarasha maximized the call tracking application after the call with Aisha ended, she picked the smaller phone with her left hand and dialed the Inspector General’s phone number again. The call was not answered until the second trial.
‘Hello,’ Chief Rikau’s gruff voice sounded through the loud speaker.
Tarasha did not reply his call but busied herself with the Android device, trying to determine the man’s location.
‘Hello,’ the man’s voice sounded again. Tarasha remained quiet, the processing of the location was almost done.
It finished processing in three seconds and the location appeared, she read it to herself and finally ended the call on the smaller phone. She paused for a few seconds to read the location again, the man was close to the Vice President’s office. He was supposed to be with the police at the Vice President’s office, so she wondered what he was doing at metro street, few kilometres away from the expected location. But that didn’t matter to her, she wasn’t disturbed about where to meet him, all that mattered was capturing him that night.
She started the car engine and pulled her seatbelt, then she drove out of the dark place where she had hidden the car and entered into the road.
‘Are you sure she’s the one?’ Stainless asked Stone from the backseat where he was seated with Aisha, staring at her amusingly.
‘Yea, I heard her phone conversations, the first one with the person she intends to communicate with through the mouthpiece and the second conversation with someone else who seemed to be advising her.’ Stone replied. He bent slightly sideway to pick something on the passenger’s seat and stretched it backwards to Stainless. ‘She looks so different right?’
‘Yea,’ Stainless replied as he collected the picture from Stone. For the next ten seconds, he kept staring at the photo and at Aisha’s face. He used one of his finger tips to touch the tip of his tongue, then he touched Aisha’s cheek with the finger tip, trying to clean off the makeup covering. ‘Aisha, is this you?’ he asked in a mocking tone and added an annoying giggle.
She hit his hand away and gave him a look of disgust, ‘What are you guys doing?’ I was coming to your boss already.’
Stainless stared at her silently with a crooked smile for the first ten seconds, then he stretched his hand and reached out to her neck. She hit his hand away again.
‘Hey! Calm down, you need to take off that mouthpiece else we won’t make progress today,’ Stainless said pointing to her neck, but still using his eyes to search for the spot where the mouthpiece was attached.
Aisha gave him a defensive look and clenched her fists. Stainless smiled mockingly on seeing her changed demeanour. He moved closer to her and placed his left leg on her laps, he grabbed her arms with his strong arms and tightened them together with his left hand before he reached for neck with his other hand. He paused and landed her a heavy slap as she tried to struggled to stop him, her struggling seized and he was able to find and detach the blue coloured tiny and wireless mouthpiece which had camouflaged with her gown. He released her and crushed the device with his fingers as he returned back to his position. Aisha was staring at him angrily and panting heavily but there was nothing she could do against Stainless at the moment. He was stronger than her physically and also had a partner in the same car. She took a glance at her bag which had fallen to the floor by her side but it would also be an unwise attempt if she tried to take out anything from it. She also considered her parents, doing anything radical could put them into more danger.
Stainless stared back at her face with a wicked smile lurking around his lips. He released the crushed material from his palm outside, through the opened window and rested back properly. ‘Your disguise is a very nice one,’ he said as he buttoned back his shirt which had loosened due to the struggle properly. ‘How in the world did you recognize her?’ he asked Stone.
‘I didn’t recognize her, I only decided to give it a try since I was aware of her possible tricks. I saw her looking to and fro when she stepped out from the gate, she refused to beckon on other taxi drivers. I didn’t know she would call me, all I wanted to do was to go nearer and have a closer view. But she stopped the cab and even requested to be taken to Bolevian Garden, that was how I confirmed that she is our target.’
Stainless flashed his teeth again at Aisha, she didn’t return his look. He decided to taunt her by touching her face, she wriggled his hand away and tried to slap him with the back of her palm but her hand could not touch him well.
‘Come on babe, why are you taking it all hard on yourself?’
‘What exactly do you want? I was coming to meet Don at the garden already,’ she snapped in a loud voice.
‘You should not complain, you went against the rules. You didn’t come to Lagos without telling your boss and you also brought someone else along, I guess he is that Don’s former boy that went with you to your new master.’ Stainless snapped back.
‘Oga, can you lend me your car for today? I’ll pay for it,’ Cole said to the cab man after some minutes of indecisiveness. He would have loved to use force and hijack the car without pleading with the man to borrow him but he decided not to since he had seen his boss always use a gentle approach first.
‘I should lend you?’ the cab man asked as if he didn’t hear properly. He took a quick glance at the backseat.
‘Yes, ‘ Cole replied.
‘I don’t really lend people my car, but I can only drive you anywhere you want me to.’ he replied.
‘Humn… I don’t think you can drive me everywhere I’ll like to go and at the speed at which I want it.’
‘I can, as far as it is somewhere within Lagos and you’re ready to pay me well.’
Cole decided to maintain silence for the moment until he really needed to use the car. He moved his focus to his device, he turned on the screen and inputted the password. The phone unlocked and he clicked on the menu icon, he selected the tracking app and waited for it to load. It finished loading in ten seconds and a list of devices showed on the dashboard. Two of the devices with long system autogenerated names moved from the positions below to the top, a green bar showed by the side of the two names that moved upwards. Cole made a long click on the first device name, a list of four options displayed, he selected ‘rename’ and typed in ‘AISHA’ into the dialog box that popped up. The device was renamed. He clicked on the name again twice and a blank page appeared, then in few seconds, a map covered the blank page. It zoomed in and the Ikeja area was shown. He placed his eyes focus on a tiny moving dot on the map. The distance from the moving dot to his was not up to a kilometre.
‘Can you speed up a bit?’ he raised his head briefly and said to the cab driver. The man responded and began to drive faster than he was doing before. ‘I’ll tell you when to reduce your speed,’ Cole added.
‘Hmm, Oga, but you’ve not told me exactly where we are going, you just said I should keep driving straight.’
‘Humn… Okay, we’re going to Bolevian garden right now.’ Cole replied. The driver nodded in response and added to the speed of the vehicle again. ‘Hey! I didn’t ask you to speed up,’ Cole cautioned.
‘Oh! Sorry,’ the driver apologized and slowed down.
‘Just maintain this until I give the next instruction,’ Cole said.
‘Hmm Oga, your money is increasing o.’
‘I’ll pay you, I told you to lend me the car already.’ Cole said, returning his gaze to his device. His facial expression changed and he looked stunned for a second, ‘Why is the direction changing?’ he muttered to himself.
‘What did you say?’ the driver asked.
‘I wasn’t talking to you,’ Cole replied, with his eyes still fixed to the screen. Aisha’s direction which was towards the Bolevian Garden had now changed to somewhere else completely. He took out the phone he used to receive the previous call and quickly dialed back her number.
‘The call is coming again,’ Chief Rikau said to Rex in an alarmed tone, stretching out his neck through the window from the backseat of the car. He couldn’t see what Rex was doing outside at the front of the car as it was dark already. Rex had instructed him not to step out of the car.
‘Maybe she’s closer now,’ Rex said, standing from where he was squatting and doing something on the ground. ‘Answer the call,’ he said on getting to the door side where Chief Rikau was seated.
‘Hello,’ Chief Rikau spoke after answering, he placed it on loud speaker.
‘Hi Inspector General, ‘ a lady’s voice sounded. ‘Where are you when your friend, the Vice President is in trouble?’
Chief Rikau stared up at Rex’s face, expecting Rex to supply him the right reply. Rex gave him a nod and signified with his eyes that he should answer the question by himself.
‘Who the hell are you?’ Chief Rikau blasted after Rex’s go ahead signal.
‘Come on, don’t be silly. Of course you know who you’re speaking with,’ Tarasha replied calmly with a brief chuckle. ‘How many people are listening to this conversation?’ she asked with a changed tone.
‘Huh?’ Chief Rikau stared at Rex again. Rex replied with a crooked smile this time.
‘D–n it!’ the Inspector General cursed, annoyed at Rex’s behaviour.
‘What did you say?’ she seemed to have heard him curse.
‘Whoever you are, I promise you your end is near.’he framed up a thick voice again.
‘Oh! Shut up, just get ready, I’m attacking him tonight.’ she said and the connection ended immediately.
‘Nice,’ Rex’s smile broadened while Chief Rikau stared at him confused.
‘I thought you were supposed to be giving me answers but you kept quiet all through,’ Chief Rikau complained.
‘That would make her suspect something unusual, she would know you’re not the one giving the answers.’
‘Well, but how did she know someone else was listening?’
‘Come on, the Inspector General shouldn’t ask such a dumb question. The call was placed on loudspeaker, she would detect that. But the good thing is that she would think you’re with some of your colleagues.’
Chief Rikau felt insulted by his remarks, but he knew demanding for respect now wouldn’t help matters with Rex. But she has no business with me, she’s going to kill the Vice President.’
Rex stared at him for a few seconds, then a crooked smile appeared on his face again. ‘She’ll be here in few minutes time, make sure you stay in the car’ he said boldly and turned to return to the where he was squatting.
Chapter 3 part 9
Just as she reached twenty five metres to the car, a red sharp light shone to her face penetrating the shield and entering into her eyes. It made her eyes hot and she could not move further. Before she knew it, she was on her knees, trying to evade the light but couldn’t.
She struggled and turned her back to the light, she got up and tried to find her way back but her eyes were still hot and she staggered with slow steps. She tried to hurry up as she felt someone coming behind her, she also heard the sound of the cocking of a gun.
It was the first time in her life since she had joined Nefary Clan that she was greatly scared. She couldn’t find her way back and she knew someone, most likely a police officer was coming for her. Now, she wasn’t scared for her life as she believed she had nothing to lose if she was shot dead at that moment, that was her assassin mentality. What really made her scared and desperate was the possibility of dying without first murdering the killers of her brother.
She managed to c–k her gun as she felt the person coming was closer to her. Then suddenly, another vehicle shone it’s headlight towards her direction, she glanced back and saw dimly, a truck driving towards her direction, she could also see her pursuer, a man with a pistol in his right hand and then the torch reflecting the red harmful light in his left.
The man turned towards the truck and tried to aim at the bus as it sped towards him, he shot sporadically at the front glass of the truck but the bullets did not penetrate.
Even though he knew the glass was bullet proof, Henry still made attempt to dodge the bullet as he drove. He felt the truck hit the man but didn’t stop at that until the front of the truck hit the fence. He then reversed the vehicle and turned, he drove after Omotara.
‘Get in here,’ he shouted as he got beside closer. She was still staggering forward, trying to run away from her pursuer and the unknown vehicle.
‘Get in,’ he shouted again as he leveled up by her side, already swerving the car back into the road. He felt she heard him this time but couldn’t see her as she was by the side of the truck now. He quickly left the driver’s seat to the other one, he saw her struggling to open the door.
‘Move back, I’ll open for you’ he shouted and she complied. He opened the door and pulled her into the vehicle then he closed the door and moved back quickly to the driver’s side. He could feel the vibration as a car hit the truck’s back He drove on as fast as he could, watching the place behind through the side mirror. The place was left in disarray, there was a bus that had collided with the truck’s behind, the bonnet side of the bus had been crushed. So many people had gathered into the street, by the side of the road. He tried to check the spot where the body of the man who was walking towards Omotara with a gun , who he had hit with the vehicle was but he could not see anything.
He drove out of the street and into the main road towards the roundabout, he took a glance at Omotara. She had her head buried in her laps and her hair scattered all over.
‘Are you okay?’ Henry asked in a calm tone.
She raised up her head slowly and arranged her hair, there were tears on her cheeks, an effect of the light. She wiped her face with her palm and sat, staring out straight through the front glass. She consciously avoided looking towards Henry’s direction.
Henry kept stealing glances at her face as he drove on, he knew she deliberately wanted it silent and he played along. He took a different route instead of passing the road leading to the Vice President’s office. After about forty five minutes total of driving, he brought the truck to a halt and turned off the engine.
‘I brought a different vehicle,’ he said, taking a quick glance at Omotara before opening the door. He jumped down and slammed the door, he crossed to the other side to help her but she was out already before he got there. He pointed her to a car just in front and led the way, he stopped to look back after turning to the driver’s side, she was still standing in front of the truck and staring at it.
She quickly turned and proceeded to the car as she felt his eyes on her. She opened the door and entered first before he did.
‘Do you have a shirt under that?’ Henry asked, referring to the top of the police uniform.
The question brought back Tarasha to reality, she was previously lost in the world of her thoughts and serious wondering. She was still highly baffled by her slim escape from death. She could have died or probably be been captured if Henry had not showed up at the right time.
‘Do you have something under?’ Henry asked again.
She stared at her body and realized then that she was supposed to wear something else other than the police shirt. She took off the shirt slowly and tossed it to the back seat. She straightened the black singlet she still had on and rested her back.
‘Where did you get that truck from?’ she asked after several minutes of silent driving.
Henry flashed a look at her before answering, ‘I went to get it where it was kept.’
‘How did you know where it was kept?’ she asked, staring at him with surprise on face.
Henry flashed another look at her, a dim smile appeared on his face. He face the road back without replying her.
She stared at him curiously but was soon able to decipher the answer without waiting for his reply. ‘You have been tampering with the files on our systems,’ she accused.
‘Not really,’ he took a quick glance at her, trying to suppress another smile. ‘I was bored at home and decided to only go through to help my boredom.’
‘How did you know where I was?’ she asked again.
‘I tracked you when I called,’ Henry answered. ‘I got that number from the system after trying the other one you gave me several times without success.’
Tarasha stared at him expressionlessly, she wanted to ask more questions but decided to keep quiet and fish out the remaining answers she needed in other ways other than asking.
‘I heard on news flash about your threat to the Vice President, that was when I started searching for another number I could reach you with,’ Henry said after a brief moment of silence. He took a longer stare at her. She did not return his stare but he could read from her body language the desire to hear him speak more about how he found her. ‘I couldn’t connect to your original number but I found a list of several other telephone numbers you’ve used or you’re planning to use. After trying a couple of phone numbers without reaching you, I decided to copy the numbers and get out of the house, I kept on trying the numbers as I drove in this car to the Vice President’s office.’
‘But then you were so desperate to stop me from killing the Vice President that you went ahead to get the truck?’ She cut in.
‘No, I wasn’t desperate to stop you.’ Henry replied calmly. ‘I didnt come out of the house to save the Vice President, I came because I had a feeling you may get into trouble.’
She stared at his face deeply for a while as if to verify if he had spoken the truth. She turned her face back in silence and heaved a deep sigh.
‘What were you going to do there?’ Henry broke the silence.
She turned her face to stare at him again, this time she was trying to see if she could confide in him. ‘I was going to meet the Inspector General,’ she finally said. He flashed a look at her, his eyebrows squeezed inquisitively. ‘I wasn’t going to kill him, I was going to abduct him first.’ she added.
‘Abduct him for what?’ Henry probed.
‘I need him to reveal the names of the other people who were with him that day he molested me,’ she said in a low voice.
Henry could feel the pain in her voice, he glanced at her and saw her rubbing her left eye with a finger but there was no tear, the only time he had ever seen her cry was the day she told him the story of her parent’s murder.
Henry was speechless, no meaningful word seemed to form in his mind.
‘Did you see the Vice President when you were driving towards me?’ Tarasha asked.
‘No, I didn’t see him. I only saw the man pointing the torch and walking closer to you.’
She heaved another sigh, ‘That light worked like the gas I used for the office at the maximum security prison, I don’t know that they have those kind of mechanism in the Nigerian Police too or do you know if they had a foreign officer working with them?’
‘No, there’s no way I’ll have that kind of information.’ Henry replied her with a frown.
‘Then where could they have gotten that torch from, or who was the man who attacked me with the torch?’ she asked thoughtfully, not expecting any answer from Henry.
‘What matters now is that you’re okay,’ Henry said.
‘That’s what matters to you,’ she replied in a sharp tone. ‘My life does not matter to me now, what matters is killing all the basta*ds that deserves to die.’ Her wristwatch vibrated again and the screen showed the danger colour.

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