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Straight and Retound (chapter four)

Something was off, what did she mean if I liked it? I had been in bed for close to an hour. Sleep was far from me. I couldn’t wrap my head round what she said. I woke up few minutes past 6. Unlike yesterday, Tiana was in bed, sitting up and staring at me.
Has Beverley told Tiana anything?
She must have from the way Tiana is staring at me.
She seemed like someone whose meat was stolen. Her eyes burned and prompted me to say.
“I’m sorry Tiana, it is not what you think.”
I tried to snuggle closer and touch her, but she abruptly stood up and made her way out. When she got to the door she turned and said
“Have your bath and get to work,”
Something I know to fear is the scorn of a woman, because you thought her to be weak, she would go to extra miles to deal with you especially when you have been found cheating.
Tiana wouldn’t wait for you to commit the act; paying attention to anybody else apart from her is cheating and that she spelt out to me several times. Sluggishly, I got ready my head was filled with chains and chains of pessimistic thoughts.
“Have a nice day Honey.” She said and handed me packed meal when I was about exiting the house, and that has never happened in forever. I can’t remember ever being called Honey. Whenever Tiana was angry it takes at least two days to calm down. She would make me promise not to do that which got her upset again, and make me get her gifts. This time, she’s different and it is strange.
I got to the office rather late not because of traffic but because my mind was occupied with something else other than work. I could not bring myself to tell Kofi who insisted on eating my homemade meal why I would not share. A few hours later, I was at the wash basin when Kofi accosted me in the cafeteria.
“Why would you empty your food in the trash can? You know I don’t like this Chinese sauce and what not” he wrinkled his nose and pouted his mouth at the sight of the sauce.
“See that food, Kofi, leave it, there is nothing wrong with our delicious Chinese Tuesday” I didn’t like the Chinese sauce either but it was safer than Tiana’s.
”Was not Tiana who prepared it?” He probed.
”Trust me brother, you’re better off not eating it.” I said. His shoulders fell in astonishment, he made to say something else but I ignored him, dried my hands and climbed back upstairs.
He was a great guy and one of the most jovial kind. Everyone liked Kofi. He could come up with perfect explanations for anything, that is why he is our best copywriter, but I couldn’t just tell him my predicament even though he was my friend.
if I had known that going home was gonna be difficult; I would have packed few changes of clothes and stayed over at my cousin’s. But, that would have made it obvious to everybody that there was trouble in Paradise. I wasn’t from a wealthy background neither were my extended families. The possibility of me marrying Tiana, a girl who’s father was a commissioner was unforeseen. And when it finally happened, it felt like their son was the Bride.
What could be the worst that Tiana would do or her family. I was probably over-reacting. It’s time I manned the hell up what did I do? I mean what if I had slept with that her HOT cousin? I mean her cousin.
Why would thinking about her even get me aroused. Yes, she is hot. And she knowingly pathed her thighs and asked if I liked it. If anyone is to blame is Beverly. I can’t allow her spoil my name or break my home. I needed to come up with a plan that would make a twaddle of all she’s told Tiana.
I got home 28 minutes past 6, rang the doorbell severally, no one answered. Why would they not open? I tried to look through the gap between the curtains, nothing.
“Uma, where’s madam?” I asked the security guy.
Albeit his northern accent heavily colored his answer, I managed to deduce that Tiana and Beverly had left the house early in the morning and that they would come back by 7.
It was 23 minutes to 7 now.
There was no mention of that to me. What is going on? I took a look around the compound; Tiana’s car hadn’t moved an inch; maybe they used a taxi. And I don’t have the new key since the old lock was changed.
“Did madam drop any thing with you” I asked.
“No, Oga” he answered
I listened to the stereo while I waited in my car. I was restless partly from not having a shower yet and from the unknown predicament I might be in.
When the time on the dashboard read 08:27. I couldn’t stay famished any longer….
“Oga, sorry I just remember, madam geefe me something make I geefe you.” I felt like breaking his small head when he thrusted the bunch of keys to me.
I stomped into the house. There I was thinking of the worst that might happen or that has happened and this stupid gateman had the keys with him. The anger or hunger guided my steps.
I opened the door, threw my shirt and vest on a sofa and stomped into the kitchen, I couldn’t wait to have my bathe already but I was too famished. In the freezer was a pot of vegetable soup. I scooped a little into a smaller pot and warmed.If this meal was poisoned I will rather be poisoned daily. I ate without caution, had just finished eating the deliciously prepared vegetable soup and fufu.
My torso was still bare, I listened to my stomach for any unusual movements, after a while I was convinced that I was not. Why would Tiana poison in a full pot of soup that anyone could eat? The door bell rang.
“Good evening, Tay”
“Good evening… Beverly” I swallowed heavily while I returned her greeting. Beverly is the real definition of bomb shell. And tonight she looked extra hot from the front and chilli spicy from the back. She walked in clutching her designer handbag and a shirt. She wore a gown which could be mistaken for her skin especially when you landed your eyes on her twin toppings; nipples, big and erect pierced through her grey gown and stared right into my face. She grazed my hairy chest with her breasts as she entered. Her hips swayed arousingly, and my eyes threw away every form of caution and followed without missing a beat.
She turned and faced me.
“She is at the church.” My mouth shut rather too late. She put her hand on her hips. “and I d rather have a handsome man stare than their pastor.” She thrusted her hips towards me, and looked outside.
“Close the door Uma is staring.”
Uma? I turned and saw Uma looking bewildered.
“What are you doing here?” I asked brusquely. The anger from making me wait for almost an hour maybe for watching Beverly Tease laced my question.
“Sorry, Madam, Oga, Oga, one man dey por outside, him wan see am por Oga”
I followed him what’s Stanley doing here this late.
Uma let him in.
Stan is the cousin whose place I contemplated going to earlier. He works security in an Oil company. Unlike me who discovered the pleasures of the flesh late due to my parents restrictions, Stan didn’t, he explored and got rewarded with two kids before nineteen. He was always the one everybody, his parents warned us against.
“Ol boy this one when you come my house by this time, what’s up?”
“Abeg comoot for road,” he brushed passed me. “Na your welcome be that?” he chuckled. And climbed up the front porch, and pushed through the door.
“I dey famished gan.” He announced as soon as he stepped into the house. I cleared the dishes that I had left on the dinning and made to go have a shower.
‘Guy, I dey come make I baff.”
“Wetin Una cook? Where is Tiana?” Without waiting for an answer, he stood and made to enter the kitchen.
“Hello, Beverley.” I muttered inaudibly before realizing she was addressing Stanley.
“Hello! He made a U-turn”
“Wow! I am Stan, Taye’s cousin.” He walked towards Beverly who had walked up and was standing next to me in the corridor, they shook hands.
“Taye, what is an angel doing in the house of a sinner?”
Beverly baited her eyes at me.
“What! I asked and failed to hide my disgust at what he asked.”
“I meant a saint.” He scoffed”
“I am Tiana’s cousin, Beverly”
“Wow, you’re stunning girl.” He ogled her and kept his eyes on her extruding nipples.
“Excuse me” she freed his hand and walked into the kitchen.
Stan and I watched her gyrating derriere disappear towards the kitchen.
“Bros! that girl no wear anything inside that gown.”
I hissed and entered my room.
I had a cold bathe and rejoined them in sitting room. Stan was having a plate of rice while Beverly had a glass of wine and sat next to him at the dinning table. I watched them trade jokes, stories and I was getting pretty pissed.
The last time Stan was here was about two or three months ago, he had borrowed some money to offset some debts and promised to pay back the next month but here he was again, obviously carrying no cash. He is probably going to ask for more money.
Beverly would turn to me at intervals and laugh harder, seemed Stanley’s jokes don’t get funny till she sees me. My face burned, but I ignored them and kept my eyes on the TV. I had the gate open, and shortly afterwards the door bell chimed.
Tiana was home. Beverly went to the door and opened for Tiana.
‘Hello Stan, fancy seeing you.”
“Well, you look good. Obviously my cousin is been doing a great job.”
“Thanks Stan.” She chuckled.
“You are welcome”
“Honey, I have missed you so much.” She walked up to me and kissed me fully on the lips for at least twenty seconds and I didn’t like that. She dragged me up and made me follow her into the room.
It’s sinister the way she is behaving. When did we start kissing in public? I don’t get comfortable with onlookers around and that, she is always known. Maybe, it’s time I confronted her. I sat on the bed and watched her UnCloth and step into the bathroom. Tiana is the exact image of the kind of woman I had pictured marrying; beautiful, tall, slim with not too big derriere. Someone I could wrap my arm fully around. She is more beautiful than the envisioned one though; she has long black hairs, diamond shaped face, eye brows that reminds you of a rice field when the wind blows, brown eyes, lips; full and luscious. Her legs as straight as her shoulders. I doubt if any models have as much elegance as Tiana has.
“Taye, why have you been staring at me?”
“What?” She was busy with the towel.
“I have been talking to you like for forever.”
“I’m sorry love.” I didn’t know when she came out, and stood in front of me.
“It’s just that I am grateful to have someone so beautiful in my life.”
She grimaced at what I had said, and reached for a bottle of cream.
“Cut that crap, I don’t want to hear it.” I was bewildered what is she going to say next?
“Have you eaten?”
“Yes I have.” I answered rather impatiently. She is obviously going somewhere. Hold on,have I eaten? Why had Beverley not eaten the soup or even Stanley. Where did Stanley see the rice he ate? When I checked the pots in the kitchen, I did not see any rice.
“What’s Stanley doing here?”
“I don’t honestly know I would find out later.” My mind was racing, was that why the soup was that tasty?
“I wanted to tell you that I will be traveling to see Mummy on Friday.” She applied the cream to her face.
“Why? What’s going on?” She rubbed the cream on her long neck.
“Nothing, I just have somethings to discuss with them.” Discuss with them? Don’t they have a phone call their phone. She screwed the cap of the cream closed and kept in on the dressing table. She reached into the wardrobe and took out her maroon nightie.
My heart had started palpitating. It’s either now or never. I have to fall on my knees and apologize. She wore her nightie and, adjusted it till it was perfect on her.
“Tiana,” I muttered.
“Tiana! come quickly.” Beverly screamed from the sitting room.
“Tiana,” I fell on my knees but she had turned away from me and had headed to the door.
I was on my knees for a while; I finally mustered the strength to move to the bed.
“That fat boy na”
“Yeah? but he was not like this.”
“That’s what I am saying”
“He used play harmonica right?”
I watched Tiana and Beverly dialogue back and forth about the newscaster.
It’s obvious this Beverly wants to ruin me. It’s better I best her at whatever she’s got up her sleeves, what do I do? I felt taps on my shoulder.
“Bros, make we see”
Of course, Stan is still here some how he seemed to have faded in the background.
We stepped out to the balcony. He had a mischievous smile plastered on his face.
“That your wife cousin na die”
I shook my head and looked away. I wasn’t having this conversation with Stan.
“I know you be married man but with that kind hot ass their is no how you…” He paused.
“What’s that?”
He had caught on. Someone was moaning. Stanley was down the front porch in no time, and traced the sound to the outpost. He waved me over,
“Wayo,wayo Umaru,”
“jima’i ne mai dadi! Zan mutu”
“za ku sami ni ciki”
Uma was digging the hell out of her, her legs wrapped around his waist. Why would a woman into my house at this time? This is how people got robbed.
We moved few metres away from his window, I want him to see me catch him red-handed.
“And that girl fine..”
“Bros, as you see me so na sleep they catch me” I said.
“Ta comoot, I swear na konji, can’t you see that everywhere is sexually charged. He continued. “Na on Friday I go get my salary. But, my landlord no want exercise patience. So I wonder if you will allow me stay till Friday, as soon as I get my salary I am off.”
“No problem”
“I know you got my back, and I no forget I still dey owe u.” I was about asking him where his clothes were when Umaru’s door opened noisily. We watched the fair lady he had just finished digging come out, she walked with a slight limp, and behind her was Uma. He overtook her, unlocked the gate, and let her out. When he turned to go back to his room. He bashed into me.
“Kai Oga, I’m sorry, I know know say you go come out” he knelt down and began apologizing.
“Since when have you been bringing women into this house?”
“Walahi, Oga today na my purst time, abeg Oga, Oga Stand-leen abeg help me beg Oga” I struggled to maintain a straight face, Stand and lean.
“You never carry woman come here before?” Stan asked.
“So why you come do am? Na Shaidan ba?”
“Why you come do am?” The poor guy was scared he might loose his job.
“Oga, abeg no sack me na Madam sister cause am.”
What De?
There is no doubt that Beverly has been teasing me but Uma? That’s something I can’t understand.
“How do you mean?” He simply stared. Obviously regreting his confession now.
“Ha!” Stanley exclamated, crossed his arms over his chest and listened with keen interest.
“What did Beverly do to you?” I was definitely irritated but how I felt, I couldn’t place.
“Where are your things? I didn’t see you come in with any” I asked Stan.
“Bros, leave that one you no hear wetin your maygaurd talk?”
“Stan, shey we don talk finish?”
“Hmm, yea.”
*Cool, me I am off to bed, you fi manage the other room now?” I asked as we walked towards the porch.
“Yes, no whahala, and if I can’t I’ll drag the mattress out and sleep on the corridor.”
“”Tomorrow, and guy don’t try anything funny o that girl na my in-law.”
He smirked.
I walked passed him, and opened the door. I did not see Stan behind. I turned in time to see him head towards the outpost. Stanley!
“Where is Beverly?” Tiana was alone in the sitting room and focused on the TV.
“She has gone to bed.” She said and continued watching the news.
I joined her on the couch. “You and Beverly know this guy?”
“Yes, where have you been?”
“I was with Stanley outside.” I replied.
I moved closer to her, put my arms around her, she was receptive; she angled and rested her head on my chest.
“it’s awful and unimaginable what some people do. A husband tried to rape his wife’s cousin. My throat dried up all of a sudden and I began coughing.
“No, that’s not what happened, it’s a lie…”
“What do you mean? Did you watch the news?” She cut in.
“It has been on air since — I heard it last night on newsline.” I responded. I almost incriminated myself. It became awkward afterwards, I didn’t know what she heard on the news, neither did I watch the news last night. It’s best I brought up another thing before she asked me the version I heard on newsline.
“Stanley’s landlord is disturbing him.”
“He has promised the man—-Friday, but the man keeps disturbing him, he asked to put up with us until Friday.” I concluded.
“Okay, no problem.”
I was heading into the bedroom when Beverly appeared in a navy blue top, this one a little longer and bigger than the first. But, that didn’t stop me from ogling discreetly at her rotund behind. This girl would put me in trouble if I don’t stop looking at her derriere.
I splashed water on my face, took off my top and dropped it on the chair. I had just laid down, when the door pushed open and revealed Beverley standing at the entrance.
“Tay, I want to ask you for a favour.” I was more startled at how she sounded than at seeing her. I sat up and watched her walk in, her boobs leading the way and bouncing in slow motion.
” Yea, what’s it.” I found my vocals and answered. She removed the top I had dropped on the chair, kept it on the bed and made herself comfortable on the seat.
“Tiana and I didn’t see any favourable location for the store I want to open.” I digested what she was telling me while cautioning my eyes so they don’t stare at her protruding nipples and make it obvious to her, she rubbed her nipple and continued.
“I am wondering if you could help me?” How can someone have these kind of big and wide nipples that never stop being hard? She smirked, and I refocused.
“Oh Kay, was that where you and Tiana went?” She smirked. She chested out and opened her legs slowly while slipping her thumb in her mouth.
“Yes, I thought you knew.” She moaned, and I felt a stiring in my organ. She flashed me her thighs again, and I saw something black inside.
Cautiously, I shoved my hardening black member down and wrapped it with my legs.
“No, I didn’t. Infact, I waited outside for an hour before getting inside.”
“Don’t tell me you and Tiana are still keeping distances from yourselves? Pardon me for asking.” Why is she talking like that? I could pin this girl on this wall, right here and right now and teach her a lesson.
“Where and where would you have in mind to open the store?”
“Tiana suggested Opebi-Ikeja or Yaba.” She flashed me again,this girl dey mad I go fvck am o
“But, I am leaning on anywhere on the Island.” She rubbed her nipple again. I lost all prudence, stood up with my bulging dixk and walked towards her. Before I got closer she ran out of the room.
I watched her retreating figure disappear. I couldn’t sleep; no thanks to my hardened member, then I saw Tiana enter and walk towards me, instead of getting in on her side of the bed, she walked round it and came to stand few inches away from me at my side.
“Sweetie, are you okay?” I asked. She obviously was up with one of mischievous dramas but when she did not answer, and fixed her reddened eyes on me, the atmosphere became sinister, within a split second, she produced and wielded a large knife, raised the knife high above her head, and aimed at my head. I sat up immediately and started pleading with her. She adjusted the angle of her aim, and she brought down the knife.
“Hhaaaaaaaa!” I awoke to a pitch black room, my ear ringing like I had the meniere disease.
“Taye, what is it?”
I could now barely hear over a fading piercing scream. My eyes began to adjust to our dimly lit bedroom, then I felt a hand steadily tapping me. I turned to look at my right.
“Why are you screaming?” Tiana queried.
“Nothing, I was having a nightmare.” I responded after my racing heartbeat slowed.
“What was it about?” She asked and sat up.
“I can’t really remember but I was on a tree and someone was chopping it down”
“Hmm? that’s not good, think we should tell the pastor.”
“But, first let’s pray.” She held my hands and we prayed for a while.
Although, I prayed like I never did but I knew the dream could have been because of my suspicions and last night. After the prayer, I felt sweat gather over my eye brows.
“The heat is too much.”
I stood up and opened the window, other houses twinkled with with light bulbs.
“it seems the power outage was only here, let me go and change it.”
The moonlight filtering in through the now widely opened window guided my steps through the room but, no further, I almost fell on the bed which was on the floor of the corridor when I hit it. I managed to meander my way without hitting anything else until I got the kitchen where the lamp burned dimly. I raised its light, and carried it to the balcony where I moved the cut-out to the other and the power came on.
I didn’t see Stan in the sitting room nor on the bed that laid at the corridor. I almost headed into my room but curiosity. Curiosity had a hold on me. I looked towards Beverly’s room, it was ajar. I walked closer but could not muster enough courage to push open the door. What would I say I was doing here? If Tiana catches me?
I swear I heard a voice cry out from within the room.
In that moment, I promised myself that I would only but take one look and afterwards head back to my room. I squeezed my head through to see no one else but Beverly covered with a wrapper. I made to go but heard a squashy sound, I turned back, and observed her better. Something moved around her crotch region underneath the wrapper. I traced the movement to her arm, what the hell is she doing? I swallowed hard, edged closer, my heartbeat and the squashy sound drained all other sounds.
“Tay, what are you doing here?” My heart raced and then did a backfleet, I turned to see Stan standing and peeping at me through the door. I almost fainted with fright, I thought it was Tiana. I think I managed to leave the room without alerting Beverly.
“You be bad guy”
“Ssh! my wife dey sleep, stop talking”
“This is what you have been doing since? Bad man”
“Stop na.” I had started walking towards my room.
“I go stop if you promise say you go gist me”
“There is nothing to gist”
“No whahala, me I don already know wetin they happen”
“What?” I retraced my steps.
“You think Uma no tell…”
“Taye, I thought you just wanted to change the light. Tiana called.

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