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Sin City (chapter ten)

Chapter Ten

Amina welcome we the new students, she talk for like five minutes before she gave another person the microphone, our teachers introduced themselves one by one, they all welcome us to school of nursing Abuja, they advised us of course on what to do, they told us to focus on our book and try to come out with flying colours, thats our aim anyway.

after the lecturers finished with us, the senior students came back to tell us the activities and how we are expected to participate, they called me out as the course rep and welcome me too, they told to represent my class very well, the orientation took the whole day and after we close by 4pm I went straight to my house.

About my house, is not far from school, when you come out from the school gate, you will see one small street on your left and after crossing the main express road, on the street there are two upstairs facing each other, and my house is the one on the left, the downfloor, I have bought the necessary things to beautify my room, I bought food stuffs too and a big bed that can contain four people.

I keep on trying to communicate with my three friends, their number is not connecting or maybe they blocked me already, I cannot even see them online too, well let me move on too, I just wanted to thank and appreciate them for giving me admission and also apologize for my action the other day even though it was nice.

Well school continued as usual while me I have more problems because as course rep there are many things I have to do, and also new students resuming late come to me to put them through, one of them is Sandra.

I was sitting in our relaxation joint when my phone started ringing, I pick it up.

Me: hello

Caller: hi, good afternoon

Me: good afternoon, who am I speaking with?

Caller: my name is Sandra, and I resume today, somebody gave me your number saying you are the course rep.

Me: yes

Caller: okay, I was thinking if you can help me with your note and other assignments too.

Am still collecting some assignments from the new students, our lecturer told me to collect and gather them, I will summit all of them together when we want to start test, after then nobody can summit again.

Me: yes I can help you with the note to copy and as for the assignment, you can copy the questions and when you are donebyou can summit it anytime.

Sandra: thank you very much, how can I meet you?

Me: am going to class, cause we have lecture by 12 pm come to room 13A.

Sandra: okay I will be there.

I heard rumours that they will merge we junior students with senior students, and they will give us chance to be carrying out reading in the maternity ward on sick people, we will be reading their temperature and all, it’s nice though.

I got to the lecture hall, it was empty, what’s going on is it that our mates don’t know that we have class already, I guess am gonna take all their number so that I will be reminding them on WhatsApp group.

I sat in the front row going through the previous lesson she taught us last time, and then I heard  “hey” from my back..

I look back and saw a Chinese girl with average height (oh am sorry all Chinese have average height)

“Hi” I replied back

“Am Sandra, I called you on phone” she said.

“Oh yeah, but I was expecting someo……” 

“Different?” She said without letting me finish my word.

Me: yeah, you accent is that of a Nigerian

Sandra: yeah but I was raised here

Me: waoh, please sit down.

She sat in the same row with me, she look different, she doesn’t have Chinese accent but her colour and height is Chinese, I keep wondering why a Chinese citizen will be schooling here in Nigeria when they have good and better schools.

I took my notes and showed her where we started, she took them and started writing immediately, I have so many questions to ask her but I don’t want her to think am getting interested in her, let me just maintain my lane am still in trouble for my previous sexcapade.

My class mates started coming one by one, before fifteen minutes past twelve the whole class have started settled down, the lecturer walk in ten minutes later, she greeted us and then begin the lecture for the day.

After her class I told everybody to wait for a piece of information, I told them to always be punctual in class, some of them complained that they don’t have the timetable while others said that they were looking for the class since they are new, it will take time for them to get use to the classes.

I told all of them write their names and numbers on a piece of paper that I will add them to WhatsApp group so that it will be easy to pass information to them, they wrote their name one by one till the last person wrote her name and hand over the paper to me, everybody have gone home apart from Sandra who is still busy writing with so much focus and determination, I didn’t want to disturb her so I decided to wait for her a little more, fifteen minutes later she’s still writing, and it’s getting late already, so I walk to her and said “Sandra can’t you finish up tomorrow, I want to home now”

Sand: oh am sorry, you can go home when am through I will come give you if you are okay with it.

Me: okay, but you don’t know my place.

Sand: just write it on this piece of paper (she tore a piece of paper and hand over to me, I wrote my name and give it her)

Me: okay then, see you later.

Sand: thanks.

I left her there alone, I walk home and since am so tired, I decided to take a nap before going through my assignment, I relaxed on the bed and ten minutes later my phone started ringing, I should have silence the phone.

I look at the number, it’s a foreign number and I was scared to pick it at first, I later summon courage and pick the call.

Me: hello

The person didn’t say anything I keep saying “hello, hello, hello” without any reply, the call ended.

I tried the number but it wasn’t reachable, I wonder who it is.

I silent the phone and decided to sleep, there are so many things on my head, and been the course rep is making things worst maybe I should give it to another person, and the assistant course rep is not helping me at all.

I was sleeping when I started hearing “punnnn” in front of our compound, the horn stopped and minutes later someone started bagging on my door, I check through the window and saw Sandra the Chinese girl, I open up.

“Hey, thanks for your note see you in school next week” she said, handing over the note to me.

Me: are you not going to come and have some drinks?

Sand: no maybe next time, thanks for the offer though.

She said and walk away, I came out to see the nice range rover she parked outside, and she’s the one riding it, oh boy my interest in her increase by x10.

Different calls continue coming to my phone asking questions about our class, assignments and the time we will be paired with the senior to be observing patients and also carry out minor treatments, I opened a WhatsApp group for our class and add everyone, they can start directing their questions there instead of disturbing my phone every minute.

I heard that it’s the seniors that will choose who they will be paired with, and we juniors don’t have any choice than to obey them.

One day I was sitting under one tree relaxing and reading my book for the upcoming test, someone walk majestically in front of me and said.

“Hello handsome can I join you?”.

I look and was shocked to see her.

“Amina?” I said standing up.

“Don’t behave as if you have seen a ghost, write your number for me a piece of paper I will give you a call later we can’t be seen talking” she said.

I quickly tear out a piece of paper and gave it to her, she took it and catwalk away like Genevieve Nnaji.

I was flabbergasted, the way she came like a ghost and walk away like ghost, I hope she’s not adanna.

In the afternoon same Monday i return to my class waiting for the test, the lady said that anybody that miss the test won’t be coming to her class again, so the class was filled up.

Sandra walk and started looking for where to sit, she saw at the back and came to me, I shift for her.

“Hope.yoi read well” she ask.

“I didn’t, I don’t like calculations” I said.

“Oh, you don’t know calculation is very essential in nursing?” She said.

“I know but didn’t expect it to be this broad” I said.

The lady walk in and started sharing the small pieces of paper, there are only three questions and they are all calculation, I didn’t have any choice than to copy from Sandra, I finished copying the first answer but before I can copy the second the lecturer remove me from the sit and took me front, Na there my engine finish.

I didn’t write again since I don’t know any of the questions, I summit the paper like that, I have to pay more attention, that’s our first test and I failed woefully, someone need to teach me calculations,.

After the test I saw Sandra walking home so I ran to her,.

Me: hi Sandra.

Sand: I guess you didn’t write anything again after she change you.

Me: I didnt.

Sand: you have to sit up.

Me: that’s the only course am lacking behind, and since you are good with calculations I was wondering if you can help and teach me please.

Sand: no am sorry, I can’t, meet another person to teach me I don’t have the time for it, am sorry once again.

Me: come on, what are you doing that you don’t have time?

Sand: am sorry

She said and open her car, she started the car and drove off, leaving me baffled.

I walk home in silence thinking what I will do with this my calculations, I cook indomie and eat and then later in the night around 10pm, my phone started ringing, unknown caller.

Me: hello

Caller: you said your house is close to the school right?

Me: yes (I recognised the voice).

Caller: okay come to school gate, am in front of the gate where they sell suya waiting for you.

Me: alright am on my way

I came out from my house and walk to the school gate where she said she was standing, I check the front and back of the gate there was no sign of her, I cross the road and I wanted to call her phone I saw a dark figure sitting in one mama put store opposite out school gate, I don’t know if it’s her but I walk to her anyway, she was putting on a dark gown with a hijab covering her face, she saw me coming and stood up from where she was sitting, she took the small bag on the bench and started walking to my street without even letting me get close to her, I think she’s trying to avoid familiar faces.

I catch up with and greeted her

“Good evening Oz” she replied without looking at me.

Me: let me help you with the bag

Amina: don’t worry, am okay.

Me: why this night?

Amina: can we talk when we get to your house please?

Me: okay, no problem.

I followed her in silence, she walk to my house and wait for me to open the door, if she know that I live here why did she asked me to come out again? Some girls self.

I opened my self contain apartment for her, she enter inside and drop the bag on my desk, she enter bathroom to shower.

“Are you going to say anything?” I ask.

“What do you want me to say Ozila, that you didn’t asked of me all this while?” She said from the bathroom.

Me: really, is that how you gonna put it?

Amina: how do you want me to put it?

Me: I tried calling all of you, you guys were unreachable, and I look for you in school then I didn’t see you.

Amina: you didn’t try enough, you saw me in your orientation.

She finished bathing and came out from the shower with her night wear, a white short gown, no bra and no pant, she took the bag from the table and sit on my bed, I was sitting on the chair looking at her, she opened the bag and brought out her food, she took spoon and started eating the rice, she ate for minutes and then pause and ask me

Amina: are you gonna join me or not?

Me: am okay, Amina you are married, what are you doing here?

Amina: do you really have to say that?

Me: am sorry, it just came out, you never told me you were married.

Amina: do you want me to leave.

Me: am not saying that, am just saying why did you leave your husband and come here?

Amina: because I wanted to see you, i told him am going to visit my girlfriend and sleep over,I missed you that’s why am here.

I stood up from the chair and started walking around the room like a man waiting for his wife in the Labor room.

Me: you missed me but you never called, I tried contacting you many times, how can you say you missed me?

I was getting emotional and she noticed it, she covered her cooler, she took her bag and wear her jacket, she move to the door and I blocked the way.

Amina: let me go since its bad for me to come here even risking my marriage.

Me: please call down, all I need is an explanation

Amina: explanation for what? That I love you? That I can’t stop thinking about you? Even though am married I cannot imagine you with someone else? What do you want to hear Ozila?

She continued shouting at me, I hold her shoulder and calm her down, I embrace her and she hug me on the door as she continued crying, she look so beautiful with her charming and beautiful face, her succulent boobs and her wet lips, I remove her jacket slowly, I remove her head from my shoulder and look her face, I hold her head and kiss her wet lips

“Am sorry, I missed you too” I said.

That was all she needed as she pounce on me, we started kissing and kissing, we move away from the door and fall on the bed, I stay ontop her and press her boobs, I move down there and bury my mouth on her puss, she already removed her pant so it was free entry, I suck her puss as she romance my head and moan softly, am hard now and I can’t wait any longer, I move up and kiss her boobs and then her lips, I stopped kissing as I used my right hand to guide my dikk inside her wet puss, she moan loudly, she was so tight is her husband fvcking her at all?

I fvck her slowly as we both kiss and moan in silent, I thrust in and out of her slowly for some minutes before she made me lay down, she stood up and continued the fvcking, I sit up and suck her boobs as she continued fvcking me, I fall her over again and fvck her using missionary style, for some minutes I turn her over and made her face the floor, I came from behind and enter her, she moan, I started fvcking, first slowly and then later harder, 

“Yes, Oz harder, harderrrrr, harderrrrr” she continued shouting louder until I came inside her, we sleep on the bed and rest.

“I love you ozi” that’s what I heard before I slept

am sorry it took this long, I was looking for a place of assignment.

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Sin City (chapter ten)
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