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Sin City (chapter seven)

Chapter seven

I haven’t gone far when I heard “Ozila its us”.

When I heard Mina voice I stop and walk back.

“What are you girls doing here by this time?” I ask as I catch up with them.

“Is it not you we are looking for?  Follow us we don’t have much time before someone see us here” the gang leader said, the girl that always answer my question, I later find out that her name is Amina.

We walk together pass the gate, Amina said something to the gate man in Hausa as we pass the gate, I think she was telling him thank you.

“You have mind oh, so you decided to sleep in ouside” Amina said.

“There’s no other place to sleep” I said.

“Well you are lucky we find you, and thanks to Allah that Mina came to tell us too” she said.

I followed them quietly to their block, GIRLS hostel,

We enter the hall, everywhere was quiet, that means they are all sleeping, we climb stairs and then enter the third floor, we stop at room 305, she opened the door and then walk inside,.

“This is our room, me and zainab, Mina room is downstairs” Amina said.

“Is it allowed to bring in male friends?” I ask.

“It is but you will leave by 4 am so that nobody will see you” she said.

“You are risking alot for me and yet you don’t even know me, how can i pay back?” I ask.

“Don’t worry about that just make sure you get admitted and then you can start thinking on how to pay us back” zainab said.

“Waoh, thank you so much, I sat on the only chair in the room, they sat together on the bed, they we’re speaking their language and then suddenly zainab stand up with Mina.

“I will sleep with Mina while you and Amina will manage here” she said and leave me and Amina.

“so how prepared are you for the exam? “ Amina ask.

“I don’t really know, I just read some keypoints”

“So you don’t have any past question to read?” She ask.

“I look for I didn’t see any” I said.

“You are not ready oh, well I have some here” she said and stand up, she started going through her shelves where she keep her books.

“Why not take your bath, let me prepare something for you to eat” she said.

“Don’t worry about that” I said.

“Come on, I can smell you from here you have swelt alot, you need to wash yourself, take this towel go over that door and shower yourself, after showering wear this buba” she said in a commanding voice.

“Okay, thank you” I stood up like an obedient child and walk to the bathroom, I remove my clothes and on the shower, as the water flow through my body I felt like am in heaven, I have been longing to take my bath since morning.

I relax in the shower allowing the cold water to calm my hot head,

“Are you okay in there?” I heard from the room.

“Yes am fine” I replied.

I clean myself up and then wear the big buba she gave me, I look like an alhaji, I came out from the room and saw bread and hot tea on the table.

“Eat and get your strenght back” she said.

I sat on the chair and started eating, she don’t even know me and yet she’s doing all this for me God will bless her for me, I have heard countless times that Hausa people are very kind, am seeing it now first hand.

“So who are you Mr Ozila” she ask.

Chapter Eight

I paused for a while before answering her

“My name is Gift but people call me Ozila, am from Edo state, and am the last out of seven.”

“Waoh, how many wives does your dad married?” She ask.

“Just one”

“Just one with seven children?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Waoh, your mum is a bad shooter” she said and laugh.

“Your don’t really know me but yet you took me out from the street and open your doors for me, am really grateful” I said.

“You are welcome, eat and read your book so that our effort won’t be in vain,”

“Okay then”

We continued gisting, after I finish eating I took my books and the ones she gave me, I started reading, she left for sometime saying

She wanna see her friends, I read some of her past questions for one hour plus before she return, she tidy things up and wear her night gown, she wasn’t putting on any bra or pant and I can see the point of her nipples, very nice standing nipples, I didn’t look there I just glance, she enter bed and started pressing her phone, she was chatting and laughing,.

She’s lovely, I pray I get admitted because am starting to like her.

“If you are tired and wanna sleep please come to bed oh” she said.

“Nah, am not tired and also you should sleep, I will sleep in the floor” I said.

“No, I insist, beside the bed is big enough for both of us or are you afraid” she ask.

“Not really” I replied.

I didn’t want to sleep in bed because I don’t want something to happen, she has done enough for me I don’t want to spoil show by thinking with my Dickson, there’s no how I will sleep in bed with her without my Dickson saying Hi, I just want to be a good guy, so help me lord”.

I didn’t want to sleep again because I know my Dickson and what he can do, so for me to respect myself I continue reading in the table, I read till twelve in the night till sleep carry me go, I relax my head on the table.

“Ozila, ozila, are you sleeping?”

“No oh, am still reading” I said raising my head up.

“Come to bed if you wanna sleep okay?”

“I will, thanks” I said and continue reading.

I took my book and continue reading oh, few minutes later I slept off again oh.

I woke up later around three and there I was, sleeping in bed with her, I was shocked because I didn’t even know when I enter bed, I open my eyes and saw her sleeping gently like a gentle girl with her succulent lips, I look down and saw the two twins staring me from her transparent night gown, I started fantasizing.

This is what I wanted to avoid, how can I sleep now when my mind is beating fast, I cannot even close my eyes again because even if I close them I will still be seeing the booby, oh boy see temptation. God punsih Satan.

I turn to the other side and back her, but my dick is still thinking about the boobson, I stood up from the bed and return to the chair, as I sat on the chair, the creeky noise woke her up.

“Ozila, what are you doing there?” She ask sitting up and rubbing her eyes,

“Nothing, just wanted to check something from my book” I lied.

“Come on, rest your brain, come back to bed now” she commanded.

Without a choice I return to the bed, she lay down facing the wall with her ass facing me, I just can’t control this.

I keep looking at her back, I was beating fast and also sweating even though fan they highest, my Dickson is really hard now, I summoned courage and put my left hand on her shoulder, I started rubbing it up and down, she didn’t say anything or maybe she’s already asleep,  I shift close to her with my hard dick touching her nice ass, I moved my hand forward and use it to wrap her, my hand remain there for some seconds before I used my thumb to touch her soft boob, she still didn’t say anything so I used all my hand to grab the boon and start massaging it, as I was massaging it I started using my Dickson to touch her ass so that she will know am hard as rock.

The motion continued for some minutes before I summoned courage again, I remove my hand from her booh and place it on her waist, I was rubbing it towards her ass, and then she moved and I stop.

She turned and face me,

“Is this why you ran away from bed” she ask.

“Am sorry, with your beauty only a man who is impotent will sleep with you without touching you.” I said, removing my hand from her body.

As I wanted to remove my hand she hold it, she place it on her boobs and said, “come on”

I smiled on my mind, she took my hand and made me to lay ontop her, she remove the handle of her night gown, I placed my mouth on her boobs and started sucking it like a baby, she remove my mouth and then place my mouth on hers, I massage her boobs also as we lock horn kissing, I wanted to go down there and suck her pussay but she refuse, so I just keep on kissing her, she opened her legs wide and then use her right hand to stroke my Dickson, I balance ontop her as she insert my hard rock inside her wet pussay, “awww” she’s damn wet.

I pushed in and she let out a loud moan, I started fvcking her using missionary style, as I fvck her I kissed her soft boobs too, she’s tight and juicy, I fvck her same style for three minutes or more before I turn her over, I insert it inside her pussay from the back and continue the fvcking, she was moaning very loud and also licking her tongue, I know we are in the girls hostel so I used my hand to cover her mouth while I fvck her from the back continuously.

As I wanted to release I remove my Dickson and pour it on her ass,.

I got up and fell on the other side of the bed, she took tissue and clean herself up, she slept on my body stroking my hairy chest,

“Are you tired” she ask.

“No am not” I replied.

She climbed me and started fvcking me since my Dickson is still very charge, she’s a good fvcker, she was moving her waist very fast, I sit up and suck her soft breast as she continue her fvcking, we fvck for a whole one hour with me releasing five times, I was so weak that I couldn’t even stand up the next morning,.

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