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She’s An Escort (chapter two)

We both walked about the forest like lost animals until finally we saw ourselves on the main land…then saw a hotel.
” thank your Gods”I said to her
“I thank the goddess”she replied
We both rushed in and at the end of the day only one room was available.We walked in and i closed the door.
I threw the pink t- shirt at her cos her white sarri was already ruined.
“I am not allowed to wear colours”she said
“Fine” I repiled as I uncovered the white bed cover and used it to cover her from hair to toe then I started laughing.
She uncovered her face and took my hand into her teeth
” hey!!”I shouted
“You are always looking for my trouble”she shouted hitting me.
I carried her up and locked her in the bathroom.
Finally good riddance to bad wroshipper.
“The water God will bring you bad luck”she shouted while knocking on the glass door
“Bull shit”I repiled.
I fell on the bed and heard her cry so I opened the door only for water to land on me
“Hey!!” I took the hand shower and bathed her..she took the other one and showered water on me soon both of us plus the entire house was dripping wet
“You are the worst thing that happened to me ” she shouted while drying her extra long hair
“You too”I replied.
We both sat on the floor,we where too wet to stay on the bed now.
” better don’t come near me”I said
“Am cold”she repiled
“Well you don’t wear colours..all the towel jackets are colourful”I replied
” it’s ok..am Fine I don’t even need your help”she shouted and also slapped my chest.
God when will this girl die!!!
I stood up and changed in the shower…
Shreya’s pov
Cold will kill me, staying with the monster indeed hmm.
I sat there and watched him walk out with the phone on his ear minutes later He walked back in and handed me a packet white gown.I took it from him
” should i tell you thank you?”I asked
“No your thank you is bad luck”He said..hmm
I stood up and changed in the shower,it was just too long it covered every single part of my being.I rushed out
“Hey”I said
“I was looking for something decent and i found it”He said
“Whatever”I replied.
Sam’s pov
She is too beautiful to be human.
“Lets go out so the hotel can clean their room”I said
She hurried out and we both walked out.
We sat down at the bar
Being with this crazy woman made me feel less pain from nachari.I met her immediately after the heart break and ever since then I have not had time to miss nachari.
I looked at her and she ALREADY fell asleep with her head on the table I carefully poured water on her hair she stood up and first thing she did was to grab my hand and bite into her teeth again!!
“Hey”I shouted and she ran away..
She’s free to run I Will just leave her and–
Shit!! She’s with the room key
I ran after her and soon we arrived at our room.
It looked dry and better.
I carefully separated the bed with all the pillows there and we both fell in.
Before I could dreame well her leg was on top of me
“Ahhh it was a mistake”she said and dropped the pillow on her face then i placed my head there.
She pushed me down and we started dragging the pillow
Finally she collected 3 and i took 4
We faced the wall and fell asleep
until she made a very fearful gasp and woke up.
“Are you ok”i asked
She started crying and i pulled her Into my arms
“Are you okay?”I said
“I had a bad dream”she said
“What happened in the dream”I asked
” it’s very scary,my future Will be very painful”she said and used the bed cover to cover her thigh.
I hugged her tight and I ran my fingers through her long thick black hair…I was also checking out the amazing length.
“You will be okay” I said.
And finally she slept again..but why won’t your future be Painful when you are so troublesome.
Shreya’s pov.
I woke earlier than samrhat,i can’t believe he stayed awake to comfort me..I won’t look for his trouble again.
I tried looking into his heart spiritually but there are too many thorns and stabs. samrhat has vowed never to love again.
I think love treated him bad before, he’s laughing outside but he’s dying softly.
This love,whenever I finally experience you,please be good to me.
You know I suddenly pity samrhat..I suddenly like him as a person.he hates me, so me staying in their house is really slimming him down.
I need to leave.i sat on the bed and folded my legs together.
“Uhmm samrhat, I want to say something”I said
He woke quickly
“Say it quickly”he said.
“Uhmm Do you hate me?”I asked
“Yes of course,200 percent.”he said.
“So uhmmm should i go?”i asked” Should I leave so you won’t be forced to learn your traditions anymore?”
“Yes please ..can you leave right away?”he said.
“Ok..I will, I just wanted to clarify that.”I said.
He smiled happily ..he really hates Indian traditions.
” will you drop me off at the temple later?”I asked
“Ok why not”he said.
These few days felt different for me,I feel blessed I don’t know how.hours later
samrhat dropped me at the temple
“I will register your mothers prayer and also I will pray for you too, sorry for looking for your trouble all the time. my Grandmother will come for my stuffs.I Wont come to you again,this is where I live”i shouted waving at him.
“Bye…miss crazy”he said
I started laughing sweetly and he drove off.
I walked in humming the ritual song. I carefully did the morning rituals and walked back into my room..I looked around and suddenly started missing samrhats home.dear goddess, i want a home…i lay on my pillow and tears streamed.
Shane’s P.O.v
Yes my name is Shane,i work for Isabel.Isabel is a woman who trains high class prostitutes. I am the man who has been looking at shreya for few months now..I am on investigation and am almost done.this shreya is very pretty and if this contract works I will surely take her first night cos that’s the bargain.
India has the most beautiful girls but it is the poorest country.Isabel knows this that’s why she comes to hunt for beautiful girls in India; beautiful girls from poor homes.
She takes them to Vietnam after lying to them and deceiving them with job opportunities.when she finally takes them to her house she would introduce them to the work and most of them actually give in quickly because of the money involved. once Isabel gets you there is no turning back.
She would deflower those who are virgins herself.
We dont even know what we can use to get shreya because money is not her problem and she is immortal so this temple is her life…plus she has spiritual gifts which Will get stronger after her 20th birthday rituals.
I sent some rich and handsome boys to deceive her with gifts and love confessions so maybe she will defile herself and get sent out of the temple but all the boys failed.
We tried rapping her so she can get sent out of the temple when that was our last option but a snake came out of nowhere. Shes under a strong convenant with the water beings…she can only loose their protection if she deliberately defiles herself.
All the boys isabel sent to confess love to her, she told them that no man can make her leave the temple…and even if a man would; her own man has not come.
In few days her rutual will be completed and she would become a full servant meaning she would die a virgin… she Will became a full worshipper and stay in the temple till she dies.
We need to take shreya away before her 20th birthday but how do we get this girl to leave the temple.
2days later
Shreya’s pov.
I have a big ritual today..I can’t concentrate, all I think about is samrhat..my heart is falling in love with samrhat.I am making a mistake how do i stop this,i can’t live in the temple with such unclean desires and thoughts
I hastily rushed over and knelt down close to the goddess
” Dear goddess,help me stop this desires,my heart is falling in love with a man..my heart might become unclean to stay in the same house with you.
All think about is samrhat,I want to know how he is doing, I want to tell him to take me away, I want him to take me away from this eternal service.
I want samrhat so badly,i never felt this way before.it would have been better if samrhat loved me too right.but he doesn’t his heart is blank…he doesn’t want to love again and i don’t know why.I belong in this temple I just want you to help me,help me stop loving samrhat Singh malhotra.
I was getting dressed for my ritual when a woman walked in with my grandmother and my auntie. Nuni is not my grandma,she’s the one who trained me in the temple as well ma’am priya but she’s mean…this is my aunt..I was told she’s my mother’s sister but she always travelled.
“Shreya this your mother”my aunt said
I looked at the pretty woman
“What”I said
” am your mother shreya,its me danvi”she said..she was shedding tears.
She looked like me,exactly like me..it’s my mum.
I wiped my tears
“So what,why are you here?
I don’t need you.”I said
“Shreya I came to take you away, we have a home.. you don’t need to be a worshipper again my love.tommorow is your 20th birthday ritual shreya do you really want this?”she said.
“No, but i prefer this life to staying with you. look how pretty you are, but you left me here to die..u left me on the streets..why”I said crying
She knelt down
“Am sorry..I was a teenager,I didn’t know what I was doing but am here now and I really want to take u away baby”She said.
Why is my spirit saying she’s lying.
She Still looks like a kid..she looks so young and expensive
“Am a teenager too mum and i know what I want;it’s not you.”I said
“Who? samrhat?”she asked
“What!” I said.
“Are u waiting for him to take you away as a bride? But u only have today baby and samrhat is not here, samrhat doesn’t have feelings for u, samrhat doesn’t know about your rutual tommorrow, u didn’t even beg him to marry u so he can’t do it..not even out of pity.”she said.
“I Wil rather die in service than go with you”I said.
I rushed into the temple.
Samrhats p.o.v
Shreya left and the pain all nachari did came back; hitting on my heart.
Nachari ruined my heart with what she did..I will never forgive her.
I miss shreya now …she was a crazy friend but I rather be alone. nachari is all my heart keeps videoing.
My phone rang
“Hello sir”my secretary said
“Tell me”I said.
“I told you we had a mole,they stole our proposal sir”she said
“Yes,the stole the proposal we wanted to use for the land contract and now they already got a meeting with the dealers,its over sir cos once the dealers see that proposal they will surely give them the contract not knowing the proposal was stolen.”she said.
“What can we do..what’s next?’I asked almost ruining mad.
“They ALREADY scheduled their meeting in few minutes,its in stars garden”she said
“But that’s an open area call our boys I am coming over”i said
“We tried sir but Mack planned this well..he has too much security and no one is allowed to enter the place”she said
“I just wish it will rain sir,but that’s impossible cos there won’t be rain for 4 weeks..thats more reason why he is having such a meeting roofless”she said
“What if it rains?”i asked
“Oh jeez,the rain will destroy the proposal and when he can’t rewrite or say it with his mouth the dealers will know he is a thief.
If it rains his security will get confused and we cam unsuccessfully penetrate the environment.
If it rains it will give police more time to catch him in the act but the wheather forecast says it Wont rain today,” she said
I dropped the call and grabbed my jacket,I ran into tbe compond.
It took me 5 months to write that proposal I wish wait shreya…she’s the bride to the–
I ran off to the temple on foot leaving even my car behind.
I arrived and the temple was crowded,is there a ritual today.
Everybody stood by the river and watched I decided to watch too.
that was when I saw her shreya..I really have little time but I can’t distract her.
She wore white,is it the only colour she wears.
She was holding a tray wish hand a little fire in it as well as other stuffs.some girl’s stood behind her.i watched quietly as she knelt down on the floor in the water. It wasnt that deep anyways but the water got to her Tommy.
All the other girls in white lifted their trays up and I watched her lift her own up too.that was when She sang out , am I in another world?
I had to look around. She was blessed with the real voice
I recognize her voice my grandmother said only few girls had the voice which can be used to invoke the goddess. she had that voice..so perfect ,killing. .draining. her long hair sank deep in the water and As she sang.
I noticed a big python which rose up to her shoulders from behind I got scared.
Ever body in the temple bowed their face slightly.
All the other girls in white bowed Down.
Shreya increased the sweetness of her voice making me smile.
The snake danced round her body runing from her tummy to her neck in circular motion and finally it balanced on her shoulders.
That was when the music played..and a crowd of people bowed and danced around.
She stood up and the snake found its way she walked out she is indeed beautiful.she didnt even smile or talk, she walked into the temple and the door was closed.
After a while it was opened she had this stuff like blood all over her.. where she sat with her legs folded.
People touched her feet and blessed themselves… omg.
Soon the crowd cleared so I rushed in and touched her feet
“Why is your heart crying?”she said,without even Looking at me. she saw my face and tears came down her eyes
” Sam”she said
“Shreya I need your help,can you make it–
“Rain?”she asked me
“Yes can u make it rain?”I said
She nodded
“Go..it will rain before u get there.”she said.
I smiled and rushed off before I could get to work a heavy rain started I smiled..thank you Miss crazy.
I ran off and soon I arrived at work my Secretary came
” sir the rain shortened their meeting so the dealer’s didn’t give them the contract”..
“We moved in with the police and claimed ownership of the proposal”…
“The dealer’s apologized and signed us the deal.”…
She said and i smiled.
” good work “I shouted to my team.
Evening came after some work.my guys and i went off to drink..we need to celebrate the success anyway.It was fun drinking ..it helped me clear my mind on nachari.
We drank quite a lot.
Shreya’s pov.
I stood outside the temple.tomorrow is the final day,who will take me away?
samrhat doesnt love me so he can’t marry me…only a husband or family can claim me.
It’s ok,I will serve. samrhat should at least come and tell me how His day went, at least he should say thank you right?
I looked into the ritual water when I saw samrhat coming.
“Sam!”I said.
“Shreya..thank you ” he said.
I nodded
“I want to give you something,” he said
“We can’t stay here..thi is the temple I shouldn’t be with a man”I said.
“I Really want to see you,” He said
Is he drunk he is actting drunk but I follow him because I love him.
I agreed and dragged his hand we walked out of the temple down the garden…to the wild ocean.
We stood facing the water and the moon was bright.
I carefully spread my veil and samrhat sat down with me.
” What did you–
He brought out a necklace it was pretty.
“Is this–
“For you…as appreciation”he said…I smiled.
“But Am not allowed to wear material things “I said
“But I want to give you a gift”he said and smiled ok he’s really drunk.
“I don’t actually–
“I gave her lot of gifts too,i gave nachari so many things but she still cheated on me.
I loved nachari so much and it pains that she did that to me.”he said and His tears streamed down.
my guess was right,a woman broke his heart.
“Samrhat I said
He lifted the necklace again
“Take it ..please”he said.
I took it from him even if I don’t wear it I will keep it.
He suddenly moved closer to me and started looking at me in a different manner.he traced his fingers on mine then lifted my chin up into his hand.
“You are beautiful”he said and my tears fell.
“Samrhat dont–” he gently brushed my hair with his fingers lightly Then ran the finger down to my lips..which he touched softly…oh my.he looked at my lips for a while then he kissed me.
And also removed the veil from my shoulders,the veil which covered my inner wear.
” samrhat please control yourself because I can’t”I said.
” shreya please, am choking to death. I really just …I want you so badly right now..I can’t comtrol it …I don’t know what to do.”he said as his lips met mine again.
Samrhat you are drunk,you don’t love me.
you will ruin my life if you defile me .. why can’t I say no to you
The next place I felt samrhats fingers was on my top which he untied and dropped.
And then finally,right there on the white veil samrhat defiled me..I watched the moon close its eye I defiled my vows.it was all for a man who can never love me.my tears streamed down I held the necklace tight at least now I can wear material things..I can wear colours. I am glad it was my first love..samrhat in your next life don’t forget to love me.
Soon he came out of me and lay quietly by the side I came into him and placed my head on his chest..he slept off i guess because he was drunk.
I cried my heart out right there on his chest. I was too weak and pained to stand up.
I need to wake up early so I can clean myself up..i am too embarrassed to face Sam.
someone please wake me up early I will be grateful.
I looked into his face but he Wont open his eye.his fingers only brushed into my hair then down into my body to hold me tight.
I almost over slept until I felt something move into my body then my hand my leg and my tummy I opened my eye and it was one of the biggest pythons I ever saw In a ritual.
I stood up and it crawld up to my shoulders… I didn’t want to wake sam.
I walked down and it left me..my guardian finally left me..I felt it.I defiled myself they can’t stay with me anymore, I guess she just wanted to wake me up.What’s next for shreya now.I took my bath in the river and washed off.I dressed up and collected my veil. Sam rolled over but didnt wake him. That was how I left.I don’t want him to marry me out of pity..I don’t want him to love me out of pity..he has to come to me.
I headed off to the temple i carefully covered my face but as soon as I walked in all the bells started ringing..oh no.
I got embarrassed so I ran past the alter and the bell stopped.
I rushed into my room but ma’am priya blocked by way.
She looked at me from hair to toe
“Shreya why did you do it?”she asked me and my nuni came out she too perceived everything from a distance
“Shreya what happened to you?”she asked.
“Shreya gave herself to a man,now if you leave this temple where will you go?”ma’am priya said
“Shreya..my child–priya am sure samrhat Will come for her.”nuni said
“He won’t, little child you do not know what the walls of this temple protected you from…your future is not a beautiful one. you defiled yourself now you are free to wear colours but always remember this shreya,u will never wear the red color”priya said
Tears came down my eye and i held my granny tight
“Nuni…tell her not to say that”I said crying.
“Priya!!” My grandmother shouted at her
“She will never wear the red colour nuni, u will never where the red colour shreya;you Wont be a bride” ma’am priya said
I shed tears as I looked at my nuni
” priya why did you curse shreya?”my granny asked.
“I love her too much to curse her,i told her what I see in her future” ma’am priya said.
” shreya where will u go to now..you can’t stay on the street’s”nuni said.
“I will wait for samrhat and if he doesn’t come I will move on with my life”I said.
“U need to leave shreya..your presence is insulting the temple.”priya said.
I took my bag and walked out I looked back at the gate and tears streamed down my eye.
All I kept remembering was priya’s words
I ALREADY lost my sekf respect and if samrhat doesn’t marry me no other man from a good home will because everybody knows me as a worshipper who shouldn’t leave the temple.
But now I left the temple without marriage vows so anybody who sees me will know I lost my self respect what is more embarrassing than that.
I can’t stay in Hindi anymore, I don’t want to be laughed at.
Unless samrhat Will marry me..I am sure he will come for me I better wait for him.
I covered my face well and
headed back to the place where I had my first experience with a man..the place where samrhat defiled me but samrhat was not there anymore.
I waited for samrhat ..I got rained on..the sun dried the rain..I slept in the wild but samrhat didn’t come…I can’t die like this, Where do I go.
If I go to the streets people will ask me why I left the temple..what do I do?
I turned and saw my mom coming
“Mom”I said
“Shreya I wanted to stop you last night but I decided to let u do it.
if sam didn’t come to you last night the gate of the temple would have been closed with you trapped there and any man who you sleep with will die. you wont experience this, you wont feel what you felt yesterday.you will suppress your desires everyday and you will serve as a worshipper till you die.you would never fall in love again,you will be more of a water being than a human being. don’t feel bad if samrhat doesn’t come to take you away,take it that samrhat did you a favour shreya…let’s belive that the universe used samrhat to set you free from bandage. maybe he is your saviour but not your soulmate. shreya..you can’t force him to love you”she said and i hugged her tightly.
“Shreya am leaving today for Vietnam, plesse come with me. where will u go to, do u want to go to samrhats house…but that family is too traditional and law abiding and shreya u already lost your self respect. the whole streets will gossip with your name. people will ask samrhats family why u left the temple without marriages vows.
the truth that u defiled yourxelf will come out and your fellow youths will insult…after all this do u think samrhat father will let you into his house?”she said.
“Ok,i will follow you mum..I will”I said.
I followed her home and everything was unusual.
She was smoking too much and too much calls.
She didn’t have time to get to know me or ask personal questions.but I will still follow her to Vietnam.
Sam’s pov.
I don’t know what happened last night my memory is really blank.I only remember begging shreya to follow me out of the temple and i don’t know WHAT happened next.
I can’t even concentrate at work where is she and what happened last night.
My secretary rushed in she was wearing a white sarri.
her veil fell down because of her speed and memories came.
I remembered shreya spreading her veil on the floor…….then……then
What did I do, I slept with shreya.
they would send her out of the temple i really need too–
I rushed away and soon I arrived at temple she wasn’t there.
I was directed to her aunt.
” Namaste please where can I find shreya?”i asked.
“Shes with her mum”the woman said.
” ok,i headed out.. and with the directions she gave me I finally found the house.
I saw shreya’s slipper outside and i was glad,i knew she would be at home…thank God.
I knocked for a while and she didn’t open up..a particular woman came out.
” Where Is shreya?”I asked
“She left with her mother..she was sent out of temple was what we heard”she said
“Are u sure it was her mother?”i asked
“Yes”she said
“Did she leave any message?”i asked?
“Are u samrhat”she questioned
“Yes”I said
“She said I should give you this.”she added
I took the letter from her and entered my car.
I opened it
Samrhat why didn’t you come back to me..do you hate me that much?..
I never told you this but I love you very much,you were drunk and i was sober but I still let you defile me because I love you…I love you even if you don’t love me,but I decided to live with this love.
Don’t look for me my love I dont want you to accept me out of pity.it’s okay I left with my mummy and i will surely leave my past behind.it was nice meeting you,i love you.
I wiped my tears and drove off..if she’s with her mum then its Ok..am sorry shreya for hurting you. I have some business issues to handle.
One month later
I sat facing the pool at home,am running mad because of shreya,all I think about is shreya.
I can’t breath,i can’t read,i can’t work, i can’t dream shreya has occupied me.
I used last 2 weeks to look for shreya.I looked for shreya so much that I almost ran Mad.
I want to find shreya..am going crazy..Shreya!!!!
Shreya’s pov
4 months later.
I was deceived,it wasn’t my mother..it was isabel.I have been here for roughly 4 months. the first month was full of struggle and fights against becoming an escort but finally she got me.. I can’t return to the streets..I don’t have another choice..she even threatened to kill me..so many threats.My love for samrhat ruined me life.I enjoyed this because it helps helped me forget samrhat. being with different men has helped me move on from samrhat.I don’t want to love him anymore,i don’t want love any more.
That was all then,that was the old shreya.I enjoy this now,i enjoy the money,the sex,the wealth. What is love am done with that Shit. All I need is money,good money,good sex. I embraced my destiny, ma’am priya was right I can never wear red as a bride.
no man will ever marry me.
I will be an escort till death.
I will use my money to help poor kids so they Wont end up like me.
Yes am an escort and so WHAT?.it’s what I do,what am used to..and I what I enjoy.I am rich..sleeping with me can cost a man his fortune.
I was waiting for someone in bed (Michael) .. he is one man i just enjoy he knows how to hit it right. I cant run from him not even when he is broke. He is a good friend.finally he walked in,He is actually good looking too.I stood and brushed my fingers to his chest..he held my hand and chuckled.
“Why do you like being in control?”he asked me
I smiled
He sat with me
“Shreya I want a future with you”he said
“You must be joking am an–
“I don’t care …. I just want to see you every morning.”he said
“This is why I don’t sleep with a single man more than twice..I broke that rule for you not because I have feelings for you but because I love the way you hold me…that’s all I want from you sex.” I said into his lips.
He tried resisting me so he could talk but I brushed my fingers deep down his short then I kissed him
“Dont fall for me..love is not for me”I whispered as he turned me over making me smile
“I can’t possibly resist you..so how do u want it, hard, slow, gentle–
I smiled
“U know how I want it “I whispered.
Samrhats pov
If I tell you am not tired of looking for shreya am a liar.
I have gone to all countries of the world..now Where could shreya be
My grandmother is sick and she wants Mr to bring a bride home, she wants an Indian girl and i MUST fulfil her wish. shreya is the only traditional Indian girl I want.so innocent so beautiful.I love shreya and i want to marry her now. I just pray its not to late to love her now.I pray its not too late to love shreya now.
I have a trip to Vietnam tommorow,…I am tired of all this and i just need a break.
I already arrived and settled in Vietnam.
I was In my living room when nachari walked in..was she keeping tabs on me..how did she know I came.
She is still beautiful,as ever.
“Samrhat you didn’t let me explain”she said
“I ALREADY moved on nachari, that’s in the past”I said
“I couldn’t move on because u didn’t forgive me”she said
I gently tapped the couch and she sat down
“I have only one question nachari..only one.why did you do it?”i asked
“AM an escort”she said
“Wait whaaaat!!!!”I said
“I tried telling you but I couldn’t. I fell in love with you so I stopped but after you traveled I just had so much desires and i couldn’t control it,i couldn’t stop myself..I called you all through the week and you where so busy so I had no choice..am sorry I still love you I swear”she said.
“Nachari why didnt you tell me ,was that why none of my friends liked you? They all–
” Yes they all slept with me..they are regular visitors at the club”she said and i stood up.
” nachari i forgive you for everything but I ALREADY moved on from us,i love someone else now”i said and she smiled.
“Its ok..I know..am glad you are happy” she said and left.
I felt so bad…I just couldn’t imagine it.I was dating a prostitute.. and i thought she was mine.I wanted to Marry her on top of all the lies…I couldn’t even drink anymore
SHREYA are you okay?
I hope I won’t be too late when I find you
I hope u are still in love with me

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She's An Escort (chapter one)
She's An Escort (semi final)
Updated: May 29, 2019 — 9:26 am

  2. Really enjoying your stories please more update thanks

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      Nice please can you complete Celine and Hoffman thanks

  3. Great great Story keep it up

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