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She’s An Escort (chapter one)

By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).
“Samrhat!! Samrhat!! Sam!!” My grandmother and my mom shouted simultaneously.my dad Is a top business man and so am I, I really wanted to make my own wealth very separately from his.my brother is in u.s.A,that’s where he works as a photographer while am over here in Asia,Indian to be precise,traditi
onal indian extended family,its not easy.
I walked out and sat down.
I knew they where calling me to eat… and maybe fill my head with today’s set of boring stories.
“”Mum,grandma,what’s wrong?”I asked.
” we called you to eat secondly we finally found a traditional Indian girl for you and she’s from a humble and respectful family” my grandma said and kissed my cheek
” Mum why Wont you understand that I love Nichari,I want to get married to her and i would,Not some dumb I Indian girl” I said.
” what do u hate about Indian girls anyway,they have the longest hair and best body curves with the most pretty faces” my mom said.
” not the ones in this neighborhood,I said making her laugh.” But seriously grandmother even the most beautiful woman on earth can’t stop me from loving Nichari and I am going to Vietnam in few minutes to visit her” I said.
” better eat some sweets for goodluck, May the goddess be with you” she said
” bullshit” I repiled standing up because I was already done eating. gosh I hate all these Indian nonsense,I can’t wait to get away ..I miss Nichari.
I took a quick bath and headed off to work and after work it was over to the airport and down to Vietnam to see my Asian beauty like I call her.
I don’t like India and their old believes and traditions it Makes me sick,this isn’t the first century for crying out loud.
I boarded a plane and soon I arrived at Vietnam , oh Nichari ,I sang in my heart,I love her so much she just makes me whole.
This is the first surprise visit I am giving to Nichari ever since our date,its going to be a blast
I arrived and headed off directly to he house with a flower for her.
The door was open,that’s unusual.
I walked in and there she was in bed with another man.I had the shock of my life.after everything we have been through together, after the distance in India we traveled just to place our pictures on the love tree in the stupid temple which I hate walking into.
I watched her and my tears steamed down I hastily dried them . Both she and her partner where so shocked.
I hastily walked out and she ran after me. I can never forgive..I will never forgive you for this Nichari.
I headed off to India, I was so mad.
As soon as i arrived I headed off to the temple to remove our pictures on the love tree then I saw this girl.
she looked so pretty so extraordinary.her hair was on her hip.she was in the middle of the ocean she wore white.she must be a virgin servant of the goddess,Indian and nonsense.she tied her sarri well her figure was killing.
So innocent so beautiful,but women are all the same.I angrily storned into the temple and tore down the picture
my anger increased and I tore down others own too.
that was when she rushed in. She was dripping wet , that calm girl was looking girl was now looking like a tiger.
” Mr you must be very crazy,if love didn’t work out for you it doesn’t mean it wont work for others” she said.
“What?”I asked
“You see..you ruined our true love” she said as she knelt down and picked the red colour from the basket.
” you ruined my love too, oh why stranger ” she said and poured the red substance on me , is she mad.
” hey what kind of worshipper are you?”I asked.
” mr , if I beat….” the women carried her away and she carried her slipper on both hands and ran off like a kid.
I was now filed with red colours, if I see her again, I will kill her
How was the first episode?
This page was not encouraging in my last story but I never complained or asked for likes because I saw it as a page that is going down..I saw it as a page I would remove after Celine.
The only time you ever gave me reasonable likes was when I begged you.
Even the last epilogue you couldn’t appreciate.
But I kept calm because I had plans of removing the page that was more reason I hadn’t posted for long
But a page is a page,I need to forge ahead even if it’s difficult so I decided to continue.
I don’t need your money, subscription or airtime.
I don’t need to sell the story even though it is good enough to sell and I know how much I would make.
All i ask for is your like comment and share.
In all episodes.
Writting is a stress to the brain I can’t add another stress which is begging you people to like it,no!!!
I am saying this because I have alot of plans, though I don’t want to do it but lets not push each other.
I know the highest range of like this page ever gave me and i know what I am expecting on each episode of this story..
If I feel less appreciated i am sorry but I will remove this page without warning or complaint ,Then I will sale the story to interested readers. Using this second page to sell hot stories was my initial plan, but I changed my mind because I love you all.
no body should push me back to my initial plan I beg of you.even if I don’t feel like selling the story I can as well delete the page
do your part while I do my part, let’s not provoke each other.
It is my duty to make your Facebook fun and I really care…it would be better if you also cared.
She can run but she sure won’t hide.I wiped the red Colours and walked out of the temple… i met a man outside, i better ask him who that girl is,crazy girl.
” excuse me,who is that girl,” i asked
” shreya?”he said
“Yes”i replied
“She’s the bride to the water God”he said.
**What nonsense**
” what?”i said
” she is the lead worshiper and servant to the water Gods and goddess, shes very special in the temple ” he Said
” ok,thanks” I said.
Fake nonsense, water God couldn’t find a better wife.
I feel so much agony inside,nachari u stabbed my soul,you wounded me deeply within.
who is calling,oh its my secretary.
“Tell me eve?”I said
” sir I was right,we have a mole”she said
” what?”I asked
“I don’t know how our competition found out about the land we wanted to secure,the are planning on getting it”She said
” don’t worry,they will try and fail, they wont get a meeting date. they can’t possibly come up with the same proposal we wrote,it took me 5 months to write it,once I place it the deal is mine”I said
“Ok sir..
I dropped the call and headed home,heaven knows I can’t loose this contract.
What happened between I and nachari, its been buried for good.
I walked in and my mom hugged me and forced a sweet into my mouth(bull shit) she lifted the lamp and did a little prayer(second bull shit)
” I thank the goddess for bringing you home safely dear samrhat” my grandmother said, she applied a little coloured sindoor on my fore head (bull shit)
” samrhat the holy fast has started and the domestic lights are on no one shall eat until we visit the temple in 3 days time” grandmother said.waaaaaaaat gosh I hate those stupid fasts. I nodded and walked into the house..oh gosh no food….I hate these stupid rituals,bull shit!!! Arhh!!
I don’t think feel hungry anyway,it seems pain already fed me up.
I walked in and greeted my dad then into my room. My dad is a very strict,mean and traditional law abiding man.
I headed into my room where I thought about all nachari meant to me. Why did she do that? why do women always do this? what did I do wrong?
My phone rang and it was her, I didn’t pick but she kept calling,from then on my phone kept ringing.
Oh jeez am starving , I snuck up into the kitchen very early and tasted every good food I saw there,fasting my foot… I can’t wait to travel out of India.
Early the next morning I woke with this banging headache I guess punishment for breaking the fast.I walked into the living room thank God I already bathed early in the morning now am going to work.
” samrhat wear are going to?”grandmother asked
” Am going to work I have a very important issue to resolve”I said.
” but today is the first festivals,street dancers won’t let you pass” she said.
“Wait till evening” Mom said
I decided to wait a little.
I waited a long while,its already 3. I pray I don’t miss this meeting I rushed out again
” samrhat wait till 4,the festival has not ended”my mom said.
“No mom,am late”I said
“What if they don’t let u pass”grandmothe
r said.
” oh grandma,that’s not an issue” I said
” be safe.” She replied and I headed out .
I got to the middle of the streets and a crowd of people where dancing both boys and girls…oh my God,how do I pass.I saw an older man and walked to him
” sir,I have a very important business meeting,is there no way I can help me pass? The future of my company is at stake,” I said and handed him some money
“Ok..i will warn the dancers”he said and I smiled.
I looked at the dancers that was when I saw that shreya girl, i felt like beating her up ..she has luck that am a gentle man.
She was indeed the most beautiful girl in the crowd.
The rain came down heavily and she kept dancing and singing ..till she suddenly shouted loudly
” the goddess has blessed us aboundantly.” Every one jumped up dancing in the rain,I walked in deeper into the store. The man hit his gong and everybody stopped dancing,it was quiet.
” a gentle man wants to pass, we have to let him pass”the man said.The crazy girl walked further with her hands on her waist.
” who wants to Defile the holy festival,no car should pass by.”she said
The man signaled Me to come out and I did.The girl looked at me like she wanted to kill me
” you, love destroyer..no way” she said
” hey crazy woman,I can’t be–
” what crazy? Me crazy”she formed a very strong fist and I got scared.
” infact I don’t need your permission to pass,” i said,as I suddenly remembered my meeting.
I rushed over to my car but she was faster,she collected the key and ran away.omg!! she laughed as she ran further into the streets,she signaled the dancers to continue…. The rain got wild ahhh!! How do i get this girl.
” hey crazy!!!” I shouted
” catch me if you can!!”she shouted and ran deeper making me Chase her.We ran a very long distance and we finally stopped in the middle of a lonely road where I caught her.I looked at my wet cloths and sighed as I took my key from her.
she wrapped her hands around her body like she was cold. Do I care…cold please kill her for me.
” Am going,I don’t want to ever see you again,if I see you I will kill you crazy woman” i said and walked away.
she ran after me singing and smiling..what a girl
” sir who are you?”She asked me
” don’t talk to me!!I hate you!!”I said.
” I feel cold can I borrow your jacket”she said smiling.
“Only when i die,hmmm” i said and walked faster.
Evening fell fast owing to the rain.Soon we got to dance square and everybody already left.she looked so scared as it was darker now.I opened my car and she pouted like a baby.
” are you really going to leave me here, but am scared”she said
“I really hate you,people I hate don’t use my car.”I said.
“I hate you too, u ruined my love anyway”she said.
“Good, since we hate each other let’s stay away from each other.” I said
” but can u drop me at the junction,am really scared mr!!”she screamed, did she shout at me? on top of my own car..ok ,come and enter car lemme see.
“Your husband,the water;he .will protect u. crazy girl!!” I said.
She removed her slipper and stonned on me, i seized them both. she threw leaves at me,i entered my car.she threw rocks and broke my screen
” hey!!!!!!” I shouted
She ran away dancing in the rain bare footed, I watched her from my car window jumping up and down till she finally fell on the main road and started crying.
I returned home and I kept her shoes in my room then i just went to bed.
Early the next morning my grandmothers noise woke me up.
” samrhat samrhat ..the girl i told you about is here.” My mom shouted
” samrhat come out “my grandmother said.
” my son.” My dad said.
I rushed out, which traditional Indian girl did she find today.
I arrived and met my parents
“Mom?”I said
” samrhat, the girl i found for u is here. she will help you learn our Indian traditions and she will stay a few days so u can get to like her. come on in shreya!” she said
Only that name gave me heart attack.
I turned and it was her, it was indeed that crazy girl.
” waaat!!!” I screamed in shock
” you!!!”she screamed and stonned her slipper at me again.
” hey!! give!! me!! my!! shoe!!” she shouted.
” you broke my car u crazy woman” I yanked back.
“Grandma I won’t marry that crazy man”she shouted
” mum I will never stay with this mad woman “I said.
You are reading she’s an escort by chidinma Jerry
“What do you both mean? shreya, please drop your bag inside”my grandma said
“No grandmother, am leaving” she shouted and tried runing away but her grandmother dragged her back
” samrhat even if you Wont stay as friends,you can always stay as enemies.”my Grand mother said
” No never” I said and rushed into the house my grandmother rushed in after me and sat with me on my bed
“It’s ok that you won’t marry her , but please I really want you to learn and embrace our Indian traditions.this is my death wish” she said
“Death what? death what?” I asked
“Your sick grandmother is begging you samrhat” she said and kissed my cheek then hugged me.She walked out,well there is nothing I can’t do for grandma..but I will never marry that killer.I walked out and it turns out my grandmother was discussing with her grandma so I eaves- dropped.
” you told me to bring shreya over so she can teach your son some of our Indian traditions,you didn’t tell me about marriage”her own grandmother said.
“I just thought about it, is it wrong?”my grandmother asked.
“Shreya Is a god servant,she belongs in the temple her body is not meant for mortals to enjoy neither is her beauty” her grandmother said.
***beautiful trouble*****
“How old is shreya nuni? am sure she has not been fully given out to service, she can still change her mind”My grandma said
“You are right, the reason why she is serving in the temple is because the temple is her only home. her mother ran away and her father died so I raised her in the temple and the only criteria of being there is serving as a worshipper.
I don’t know what’s going through her mind, but she is serving because she has no other means of survival if not the temple. I dont know but maybe if her mother came back she would drop all this and follow her mother..maybe she wont be immortal anymore” her grandmother said..
” whether her mother comes back or not, she Wont be a worshipper because my son will surely marry her” my grandmother said
**which son? Me? NoO never**
” samrhat should then take her away from the temple in marriage before the 3full moon which is her 20th birthday. If shreya is still in the temple by then, the rituals will be completed and she would never leave the temple till she dies. She will surpress all her desires as a young girl and stay undefiled till her death.” Her grandmother said
” I really like shreya for samrhat nuni”my grandma said
” I already spoke to shreya she would stay and teach your son some traditions” nuni said.
I waited a while then I walked into the living room,shreya smiled like she was a nice person.the white she was wearing was glowing perfectly
“Namaste”she said
” welcome good friend”I replied
My grandmother smiled happily.
” grandmother am late for work,” I said.
“What about the morning rituals?”
“Bullll shiit”I said and walked into my room.
Someone knocked on my door I opened and it was her(shreya)
“It’s time for the morning for the rituals” she said
“Bull —
She already dragged me out of my room and forced me to kneel down at the alter..i used my teeth to bite her hand where she was holding me.
my parents smiled happily as shreya knelt down beside me.
” close your eye”she said
“Is it by for–
She used her hand to Close my eye.
Oh God..done
I tired standing up then I realised she was holding my shirt tight…I Will kill this girl after this.
“You must stay till this prayer ends”she said.
I knelt back and the prayer was completed.We both stood up.. and she smile as she forced the sweet into my mouth
“May the goddess bless you” she said
“Bull–“she already brought out her fist to hit me”Ahhhh amen already..i hastily rushed out
” Thathaastu!!!!”she shouted.
Shreys pov
What a guy, why won’t he learn our beautiful traditions. no problem, shreya won’t leave this house until he has learnt.
I heard grandmother talking earlier,the truth is I don’t want to die a virgin,I don’t want to die a worshipper..you see I have desires too…I just tammed them…I tammed them because I have to accept my faith.I have past the age where I can stay in the temple for shelter, the stage where I have to decide what I want has come.but I have no other home apart from the temple so I can’t decide to leave I need to become a worshipper so that i can stay there and have a life, grandmother would soon die.
But if I get a good husband ,not this crazy man.I will be happy to leave the temple.
But If my mum returns I Wont follow her,I won’t leave the temple because of her, I rather die in service than follow her…she failed me by dumping me on the streets.
I forgot to tell granny, I noticed a man who was looking weirdly at me. He looked at me with lustfull desire and he would always come to the temple everyday.he would park his car and keep looking at me,I really wonder who he is.
I rushed in and helped sams grandmother prepare some stuffs for the fast. they whole falimy must visit the temple whenever the fast ends.
” grandmother I will do the rest you ” I said
“Thank you shreya.
We worked together.
today no body should eat meat or cooked food in the house if they do that would defile the fast.I have never been in a home before,I feel happy.
Finally samrhat returned at night..I walked towards him but I couldn’t get too close because he was dirty
” welcom my son” grandma said
“Samrhat welcome” his mum said and hugged him
“Welcome Son”his dad said.everybody welcomes him.
his mum did the welcome prayer and i stood beside his grandmother because I couldn’t stand beside samrhat he wasn’t pleasing to my spirit…and the goddess didn’t visit too
” hey samrhat, the goddess is not visiting because of–
He used his handkey to cover my mouth
“Grandmother your son defiled him–“…He carefully tied my mouth wholefully and the whole house looked at us in wonder.
“Samrhart what are you doing?” His mum asked.
“No mom we are just playing,” he said and dragged me away into his room then Locked door.
” hey crazy, must you always talk?” He asked.
“You had sex…hey you?” I said.
” I thought you where a holy virgin,so you know about sex? You even know when a man had sex? Tell me should we have sex?” He said
Holy goddess, he wants to defile me.
” grandmother samrhat said he wants to have– “.. samrhat tied my mouth again..I carefully pulled it out.
“Hey I never said that ..you are not my type.secondly I didnt have sex!!” He said.
” then why is your aura defiled” I asked.
“Because I ate the — how did you know that i defiled the fast?” He asked.
“You weren’t clean when you came in” i said.
” I was very-
“Spiritually” I said.
“Nonsense” he said.
“am telling your grandmother that you ate wrong stuff, bet me!!
I tried runing away and samrhat caught Me.he tied me to bed holder in with a rope.
“hey!!” I shouted
“Shhhhhh gossiper” he said.
He wrapped the rope around my waist and trapped me there.
“Hey let me go its time for my ritual
“No going baby..you are going to stay there with your mouth shut”he said.
“Why do you hate me so much”I said
“Because you are troublesome” He said then fell on his bed and slept off.I stood there until an idea came and i shouted
” grandmother!!!
“Grand mother!!!
His grandmother knocked and he opened the door
” samrhat what happened,why is she tied over there”his mom asked.
” mom she was dancing and rolled herself on the bed holder” he said
His mum untied me and freed my mouth
” granny it was samrhat that —
I jumped on top of him on the bed and started beating the hell out of him
” shreya sorry..sorry” he said and turbed me over on the bed…with hands across my waist.
I hit him again and be carried me up into his arms..he took me outside and dropped me in the dust bin.
Samrhats pov
Please when will this girl go..am so tired
I opened my door early the next morning and shreya was the first person I saw
” you!! Dropped me in the dust bin!!!” She shouted and i ran into my granny’s room.
“Thank God u are here, please take shreya to the temple so she can register by prayer” my granny said.
“Ok grandmother
I looked At shreya and she stickers out her tongue at me
” miss crazy lets go ..
We both walked into the compound silently.
” better stay in the back sit”I said
” crazy man”she said.
” wife of the water god…bull
shit”I said.
We both dragged the car door open like mad people
I started driving and she suddenly hit me from Behind
” thats for putting me in your bin!!
I tried dragging her hair hair we encounter an accident as we hit into a very big rock
” grandmother am dead..she shouted
” you are dead and you are taking”I said.
We both rushed out and my car couldn’t move again I am finished.
She sat on the main road
” Hey!!! You !!! Are !! The!! Cause !! Of !! All!! This!!”I shouted and chased after her.
she ran away and minutes later we both got lost in the Forrest.
She suddenly held me tight
“Am scared”she said
“better call the water God

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