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Secrets And Scandals (chapter five)

About six months later, during the dry
harmattan season of 1977, a year that would
go down in the annals as when FESTAC was
hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, the new curate
arrived. He was a dark young man called
Father Patrick. He had deep brown eyes that
seemed to bore people’s souls and unearth
their deepest secrets. He moved gracefully
around the village his soutane swishing gently
from side to side. He looked tall and angular
unlike Father John who was round and small.
When Father Patrick said Mass the shaft of
sunlight seemed to come and touch his swarthy
skin, making him appear more exotic than
ever. Like Father John, he was a stranger to
these parts as he had been born in Kenya
and had also had to leave his people to go on
missions. Everyone seemed to love and accept
him and in her heart Nena often felt a little
sorry for Father John, who had somehow been
It wasn’t his fault he looked burly and solid
unlike father John’s pudgy frame. He was
just as good and attentive to the old and the
feeble, just as understanding in the
Confession, just as involved in the building of
the school. And yet she had to admit that
Father Patrick brought with him a new sense
of exhilaration that the first priest didn’t
When she visited the parish residence, Father
Patrick often spoke to her about the missions
and places in the world that there were
thousands of lost souls. As she sat with him
in the veranda she was transported miles away
to another country. His deep melodious voice
adding soulful symphony to her fantasies of
those countries that were impoverished both
physically and spiritually. One of such places
he mentioned so often was the slum he’d
been born in, Mathare Kenya.
When he gave the Sunday sermon Father
Patrick often closed his eyes and spoke of
how fortunate his congregation were to live in
the green fertile land around Umuoma village.
The church might be full of people with badly
torn clothes as their Sunday’s best, who had
only had leftover foo-foo for dinner, their
village undergoing reconstruction after a
devastating war but Father Patrick made their
place look like paradise compared to Mathere.
Nena and Mrs Oluchi often talked about
Father Patrick and his saintliness. It was
something they both agreed on, which meant
they talked about him often. There were other
subjects that divided them like the second
suitor that came or more precisely, wrote for
her hand in marriage.
One afternoon, her uncle had summoned her
to his obi.
“Mazi Ifeanyi’s nephew has written for a
wife,” Ekenne Agu said looking up from a
sheet of paper.
The summons to see her uncle in his private
parlor almost immediately after she had served
him dinner had fallen on Nena like a blow;
such summoning usually meant a lecture for
transgression. Ever since she returned home,
he and his wife treated her with a certain
amount of frostiness although there had been
no open show of hostility. So she had been
waiting with bated breath for the other shoe
to drop.
Hands behind her back Nena stood in front of
the shabby armchair, her mouth dropped open
at her uncle’s news.
He waved the sheet of paper before him and
transferred his gaze to her. “You’re like any
other girl in this village so it will have to be
“Are you deaf, girl? Of course its you.
Who else am I talking to?”
“But I don’t know him and I’ve never met
him before.”
“But you know Mazi Ifeanyi don’t you? His
sister who married a man from the Ikwerre
tribe had a son, his name is Kelechi. He
wrote to his uncle asking for a wife from his
mother’s village.”
“But uncle, if he asks for any girl, he’ll not
want me.”
“Well, his uncle wants you because he feels
you’re the most educated of the lot we have
here. Besides, he’ll be satisfied with any
respectable, decently brought-up young lady
judging by the state of affairs in the place he
writes from.”
“Where does he write from?” she asked,
knowing that she wouldn’t be allowed to read
the letter.
“Port Harcourt.” Her uncle grunted a
satisfied sound. “It seems he has done well
for himself in business.”
Her first shock was dissipating to be replaced
by dismay. “Wouldn’t it be simpler for him
to find a wife there, uncle?”
“In Port Harcourt? Its nothing but harlots
and gold diggers when it comes to women, he
says. He remembered his mother’s people
and how homely their women could be so he
decided to ask his uncle get him a wife from
here. He’ll be coming to meet the woman his
uncle chooses for him so they can get married
and go back to his base immediately after.”
Ekenne Agu tossed the letter aside and
opened the dish she set before him a few
minutes earlier. “Be prepared, you’re the
one he’s coming to see.” He said and with
a wave, dismissed her.
That night, she tossed and turned in bed till
the break of dawn. I am going to a place
called Port Harcourt married to a man I
don’t know, she thought. A man who I may
or may not like and who, when he arrives
may not like me either. How would I feel
then, rejected, surely because he has got eyes
to see I’m not the most beautiful around. I
am caught in a web of my uncle’s making.
Mrs Oluchi didn’t seem to see anything
wrong with the marriage arrangement.
“Stop analyzing and over analyzing possible
dreadful outcomes Nne and just think of it as
an adventure. There’s no young woman in
Umuoma who doesn’t envy you, believe
“But its not about them envying me,” Nena
whined as they hung out linen to dry in Mrs
Oluchi’s backyard. “I wish it were any one
of them that were in my place because I
don’t love him.”
“Nonsense! Love gba bo oku, you hear me,
love catch fire! Look Nena, if you choose to
defy your uncle’s wishes this time around
you’re on your own because I won’t support
your misguided ideas of love and romance.”
This time, Mrs Oluchi was adamant and in
the days that went by, Nena found herself
getting increasingly restless, nervous and edgy.
Her uncle had formally been approached for
her hand in marriage because Kelechi had
given his uncle the go ahead for the iku aka
(literally knocking or introduction ceremony).
He said he trusted his uncle’s judgement so
Nena’s uncle was approached and her bride
price set at 8 naira. She wasn’t supposed to
know this but Ugochi informed her. Hers was
one of the most expensive dowry in Umuoma.
Nena thought she felt how Jesus had felt when
he was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.
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