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My mind (chapter 1-4)

[10/16, 9:12 PM] Writer Preez: Title My Mind
Episode 1 – The girls

Feranmi, Peter, and Dare are the closest friends I have. I chose not to have a best friend because I trust no one. And when it comes to asking a girl out I’m rated 0/10 because of my shyness. Only Damilare has the courage to ask girls out but we others are the shy type.
Back to the main story
I decided to attend a vigil in my church a night with my friends. I sat outside with my friends gisting as two girls pass us also gisting. I said to my friends, all these shikini girls we suppose dey do them ooo. Peter and Feranmi didn’t utter a word but Damilare said no that they are to small for people like us. I insisted I must talk to one of them this night in which Damilare said I shouldn’t go but I refused his words and left to meet one of the girls named Debby.
Debby is younger than I am. She stays with the G.O of the church I’m attending for that week.
I moved closer to her
Me: Hi, how are you
Deb: I’m good
Me: You look nice today oo, e be like say your boyfriend don shower you with money
Deb: (laughs) boyfriend keh, me I don’t have any boyfriend oo, anyways thanks for the compliment.
Me: You’re welcome, I don’t know if…. (Interrupted by damilare’s call)

I didn’t finish the sentence before I left the scene. I got to my friends’ place and asked damilare why he interrupted what I was saying with his call
To my surprise, the next thing I’ll hear all of them saying is abuses… They started abusing me like I offended them before
Me: I’m here
Damilare: You have no sense at all, is that girl your mate? Like seriously you want to do her for real if yes then you are a big fool
Peter: I support damilare
Feranmi: The girl that your younger bro suppose to dey chase na you con dey chase am shameless adult no common sense
Me: Did I offend you guys before nii… Why all this insults
Peter: Common get away you shameless fool..

The three of them stood up to go as they left me alone in the scenario..

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To be continued
[10/16, 9:46 PM] Writer Preez: Episode 2 – The girls II

The next was Saturday I woke up late because of the dance stress of the vigil the previous day. After taking my breakfast I decided to meet my friends so that we can hangout. We were on our way when we saw these beautiful girls (not the previous ones but these ones are like matured) talking to each other and laughing at some tense. I asked my friends
Me: I hope you are seeing what I’m seeing
Damilare: Holy Mary Mother of Jesus, give your son one of these girls this morning
Peter: I’m up for the slim one
Feranmi: You guys are blinded by what you see, do you know their hearts?
We all directed our gaze to Feranmi as we left him on that spot while we went to meet those girls
Damilare: Hi girls
Girls: Hello
Damilare: How are you doing, Damilare by name but they call me Dami
Girl one: Whao same nicks, Damilola by name but she calls me Dammy
Girl two: Bose by name best known as Lady B
Damilare: Nice names you got there, anyways meet my friend Praise best known as Perez
Preez: Hi girls
Girls: Hi preez
Damilare: Shall I have your contacts please..
(They exchanged contacts while I and Peter stood there and look)

We left them and Feranmi quickly joined us.

* * *
Guy I dribbled Ola today like mad and he’s always saying and forming that he is the best in which I broke his record today, I said
Damilare : I broke the record of best free kicks today too
Peter: You guys thought you hugged up all the glory abi, you’ve forgotten that I’m still your best stopper, if not for me Falcons would have won us 5-4 but I kept it well to be at the 4-0.
Damilare & Me: Sha well done beh beh, Feranmi why you not talking
Feranmi: (deep in thinking)
Trio shouted
Feranmi !! !
Feranmi: Ehn! (Came back from thoughts) I held the midfield well also
Me: Feranmi something’s wrong with you
Peter : I support you
Damilare: Kindly tell us what happened maybe we might be of help
Feranmi: The girls you talked to yesterday, one is my ex
All: What!!!!!

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To be continued
[10/18, 7:07 PM] Writer Preez: Episode 3 – Had I know

Damilare: You don’t mean what you just said right
Feranmi: I mean every single word
Peter: There is still solution to this problem only if you explain every bit to us
Feranmi: Me and Bose met during our high school days. We’re known as a couple due to the closeness rating within us. We were on our way home one day when she just told me she has another person in her heart. I was like if you’re joking just tell me right away coz we’ve been for the past 2 years together. She said she was joking but the next genre of words she will say is a serious thing. I want a break like I don’t want a man in my life again and i’m very serious about what i’m saying. I said to her why the serious and new development you just developed?. She didn’t utter a single word and she left me on that spot. Since that time we’ve not be able to talk to each other and even see each other.
Me: (sighs) sorry bro. We didn’t know she was your ex. Damilare you know how to solve issues like this, try and find out first from the girl in your own way.
Feranmi: So as close as we are you think I could lie to you?
Me: I ain’t saying that you’re lying I just needed confirmation and the girl’s part of the story.
Feranmi: (sad) And I was told she was going to hurt my feelings but I said its a lie that we are closer to each other than we are closer to our parents. Had I know I’d listen to Godson’s advice.
Damilare: it’s okay bro the matter go soon get solution.

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[10/22, 9:24 PM] Writer Preez: Episode 4 – I don’t care

Damilare: (on a call ) Hey how you dey babe
Bose: I’m not fine
Damilare: Why what’s wrong, wetin happen
Bose: Since all these days you couldn’t call I was just started saying you saved my contact for saving sake.
Damilare: its not like that babe, time has been so scarce for me that’s why.
Bose: Apology accepted so what’s up
Damilare: Nothing that much only that we need to see urgently
Bose: why urgently?
Damilare: When we see you’ll understand
Bose: OK let’s see at the petroleum station near adebola street.
Damilare: I’ll be there in 10 mins
Bose: I’ll also be expecting you
Damilare: bye (ended the call)
Damilare stood up to move out as I and feranmi entered and we didn’t even bother where he’s going we just went straight into the house.
Damilare : what’s up
Bose: I dey
Damilare: this thing I want to ask you is a serious thing and I want you to tell me the truth
Bose: OK
Damilare: have you ever had a boyfriend?
Bose: yes
Damilare: what’s his name
Bose: Nvm
Damilare: why can’t I mind
Bose: I dont want to talk about him mare
Damilare: this is the reason why I’m here and I need you to respond positively.
Bose:(sighs) his name is Feranmi. He is the first love of my life and we both loved each other until i….
Damilare: you what
Bose:(angry face) I broke up with him
Damilare: why did you break up wit him
Bose: because men ain’t a being who suppose to be trusted
Damilare: what do you mean
Bose: see I don’t care about whatever you are questioning me all I know is that I don’t love him anymore
Damilare:(sighs) you don’t care about him?
Bose: I don’t know maybe he’s dead or alive, left the city or still around all is that I don’t care about him anymore its now past tense between me and feranmi. (Stands and leave).
Damilare: Bose! Bose!!
Bose:(ignored the call and hasten up)

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To be continued.

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