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my I.T sexcapade (chapter twelve)

As she entered the room room, I motioned
her to sit on the bed as I had no chair in
my room. She felt comfortable enough
“So you no get chair sef” she asked
mockingly, though playfully
I just giggled. I was praying that T.J will
not come back with a babe today, this one
his babe is willing to wait till he shows.
I just lay by the side of the babe and decided
to make her company worthwhile.
“Babe no mind me o, I get water, garri and
even sugar, wetin make I offer you? I asked
sarcastically. She just eyed me and laughed
“So fine babe like me na garri you dey offer
“but na that one I get naw.”
“You no dey shame, so if na your babe you
go give am garri”
“You be our babe naw, so which other babe
you dey talk about?”
“yeye, lie gimme say you no get babe”
we kept chatting and she was laughing easily,
she is quiet easy going. I started to admire
her jovial nature. Seems she was also enjoying
my company too as she was no longer looking
worried. I myself have completely forgotten
about Ada, Miss Lisa and the threat to
locate Ada’s House by 10pm. I checked time
and it was already 7pm, everywhere have
gotten dark and T.J is not yet back. I
picked up my phone and dialed still switched
“Im number still no dey go o.” I told her
hoping she will start going but I was shocked
when she said.
“I hope say nothing don do my bobo o,
Make I still wait small if im no show after
8pm I go dey go back house.”
choi! I was sure T.J was coming back home
with babe, something just kept assuring me
that he will. I was so afraid for my guy so I
prayed that 8 reaches fast but it seems the
time becane slower. I muat have shown
worriedness because She suddenly asked me
“Afa naw, wetyn dey worry you?”
“Na slight headache,” I lied.
what she did next surprised me.
“Oya come make I kill the head ache” She
said as she reached for my shoulder and
pulled me onto her laps and stated rubbing my
forehead as she stares directly into my face.
“Why headache go dey worry fine boy like
you?” she said aa she continued rubbing
Immediately I felt my head on her soft laps I
felt a twitch down there but quickly averted my
mind from there. Her palms were so soft and
I couldn’t think well again. Seems she wants
to tease me, she brought her palms lower and
started rubbing my cheeks and dragging the
light tuffs that I call beards. I was putting on
a loose boxer and I was sure my Ladle wyaa
now acting on it’s own. She must have
probably seen the effect she is causing but
she pretended nothing was wrong.
“Hope the headache is calming” She spoke
in English for the first time.
I just nodded on her laps. Chai this palms!
Like she knew what was going on in my mind
her palms strolled down to my Chest and she
started rubbing me through my singlet,
dragging a Tip suddenly then I knew I can’t
take it anymore.
“I wan piss” I said and made sit up but
ahe dragges me back down.
“Piss ke, chill make thia headache go
I don die today. At this moment my Ladle
was quiet erect. The stupid boy cannot just be
ashamed for itself. Am sure she was seeing it
“Wetin you wan use piss” She asked with a
different sultry voice and my ladle kicked
harder. I just kept quiet, I knew my
breathing pattern have changed. Her next
action made me stood up fast.
“Na this your small boy you wan use…”
and her hand got hold of my erect laddle and
immediately I sprang up and left the room
while she laffed after me.

As I ran outside, I went back of the
compound to ease myself, my Ladle was really
hard like rock as I tried to ease myself. The
cold breeze that blew on it helped it to shrink
down a bit and I got a bit relieved. I thought
about her actions and how she was laughing
and I knew she was having good time teasing
me, but I was not so comfortable because my
body was just responding to her touches any
how! Finally I decided to go back inside and
be a man!
Just as I was about to open the door I heard
T.J’s laughter. I was awestricken! He has
his hand hung on a smallish girl’s shoulder as
they both laughed in. They were obviously
tipsy. I don’t know if I should go and warn
him that his babe was around or to go and
distract his babe the more so she will not
realise he is back.
I was not done contemplating when he
suddenly saw me and screamed my name with
his husky tipsy voice. I made to hush him
with my finger over my lips but it seems the
yellow bulb did little to show him what I was
doing or he was probably too drunk to
understand my signs. That voice should have
brought out his babe out from my room but I
was shocked when I did not see her come
out. I just hailed him in a low tone and went
back into my room and what I saw surprised
me. She was fast asleep. What the heck!
How could she sleep so fast? Like a baby!
What is that? Someone that was teasing me
now. Abi T.J use Jazz?

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  1. e be like say him use jazz or maybe she is pretending

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