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Murica 3: The Forbidden Kingdom (chapter 7-9)

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Chapter Seven
New Plan

We slept in the cave till everywhere was bright, I opened my eyes and walk out of the cave, I came out breathing fresh air, no sign of the wolves.

I returned inside the cave to tell Delilah that it’s time for us to continue our journey, we came out of the cave and started heading towards the south of the forest where the outcast live, I just hope I can remember the exact location.

We walk for hours gisting along the way, she was asking so many questions about what lead to the capture of Murica, I told her everything because if she’s gonna help me then she should probably know everything, she was very angry and after I told her everything she became more eager to join us and defeat the evil queen, I let her win last time because I wasn’t too ready, this time will be different, we gonna have a game plan, a game changer.

Me: but how come the wolves are eating you guys up?

Del: well that’s their way, from the beginning we were stronger, my father was the king and we were one, but when he died we quarreled and we go our separate ways.

Me: wait, you mean the wolves and deer lives together before?

Del: yes, our great grand father is the first wolve, we call him alpha, our great grand mother turn him to wolve when she couldn’t bear losing him.

Me: how did she manage to turn him?

Del: oh well, she was a witch, she mistakenly injured him while performing one of her spell, the only way she could save him is to turn him to wolve.

Me: waoh, do you know how to turn someone to wolve?

Del: I know the procedure but I don’t have the materials and they are hard to find, why are you asking?

Me: oh well since we can’t match the queen, I was thinking maybe me and the outcast can turn into wolve to fight the queen.

Del: it’s a good plan, but you do know the people of Evbiamen won’t follow a wolve as a king right?

Me: I know but they will follow Murica, she’s the right heir to the throne, we just need to help her get It back.

Del: yeah you are right, she might be able to bring sanity back to our kingdom.

Me: I will speak with the outcast to know if they will agree to the plan.

When we get to the southern forest, I saw some traces of traps everywhere, that’s how I know we are in the right place, everywhere is full of tall trees with canopies, the only sound you hear are the sound of birds and crickets, it’s like nobody is living in this area.

Me: we are here now so follow my step because there are traps everywhere.

Del: okay then.

As we move gently without even making much sound someone shoot an arrow at us, the arrow hit the tree opposite us, I took Delilah’s hand and hide at the back of a tree.

Shooter: I won’t miss the second one (the shooter said)

Chapter Eight

I believe him because Shalom is their teacher and she’s a good bow lady.

Me: it’s me ozila, (I said)

Shooter: ozila? (He ask) then come out gently.

Me: okay.

I came out with the lady, and then the shooter came out from the bush with other guys pointing arrow at Delilah.

Me: you can put the arrow down, she’s here with me.

They all emerge from the forest, I can count like eight of them wearing bush clothes, the leader came out and hug me,.

“My name is John, and we have been expecting you for a very long time” the leader said.

Me: am sorry it took long for me to return, it wasn’t my fault.

John: yeah, we are glad now that you are here, it means we still have hope, who is the lady with you (he said as he beckon me to follow him, we started walking to their creep)

Me: her name is Delilah, she’s part of my plan in rescuing Murica.

John: then I guess we will treat her special.

Me: thank you, where is shalom?

John: she’s waiting for you, just follow me.

We left the others there while me and Delilah followed John to the inside forest where they base, it was horrific and shallow, the Queen’s guard can never come this place they will be defeated within seconds of entry, there is only one place in and out, both side are merge with heavy rocks, and I believe there are men on top those rocks waiting for any sudden actions.

Me: so what have you been doing to rescue our queen all this while? (I ask the leader).

John: nothing much, they are very strong and there’s little we could do, though many people have been coming to join our course, we are almost getting to one thousand now, we just need a leader like you to strike, and now that you are here we will be ready to follow you anytime.

Me: a thousand? Waoh that’s great, I have a plan but I have to see everybody first.

John: no wahala.

Chapter Nine

One Spirit

We followed him to a very big cave containing so many people, some women and children, I guess the queen is not showing mercy at all, there are so many people outside the cave, some sitting under tree while others are training using arrow, while others are fighting with sticks, I guess they are all ready for the apocalypse coming.
When they saw us they stopped what they were doing and come together, I guess they know me well, they were all looking at me as we pass their center and walk to the front of the cave and then shalom came out. She usher us inside, inside the cave there are so many people inside too, but not as much as the people outside, she took me to one small room containing chair and table, we sat down.

Sha: you have seen the people waiting for you right?

Me: waoh, they are so many, I have a plan and I believe if we execute it well we will succeed.

Sha: okay let’s hear it,

Me: Delilah here know of way to turn people into wolves, if she can turn all of us to wolf we will have good chance of defeating her.

Sha: that’s a good plan but can we turn back to human back?

Del: yes we will be able to change at any time, the only time we cannot change is when it’s full moon, but after full moon we can change back.

Sha: waoh, but that will wait you need to address the people, they have been waiting for you and now that you are here it is time you address them.

Me: okay but what am I going to say?

Sha: anything, but first appreciate them for waiting for you.

Me: alright then, let’s do this.

We came out and to my surprise the crowd has doubled, we stand in front of the cave facing them, and then I started.

“Good day my people, first of all I am very sorry for coming back late, I wanted to be here earlier but I had so many difficulties and so many obstacles that don’t want me back here, but am glad am here now, also I want to appreciate all of you for coming and for waiting, and for you been here means that you all want change, the evil queen must go.”

They all shouted “yes”.

I continued
“It won’t be easy but we are coming up with a good plan and if it goes as exactly as we plan then we will surely take back the kingdom, it won’t be easy and we gonna lose love ones but for our grand children to be free we have to act now, their destiny is in our hands now, how we act now depends on how our children will live their lives, they must be free, or dont we want to be free?” I ask.

All: we want.

Me: do we want to remain slave?

All: no

Me: so what must we do?

All: we must act now.

Me: to gain what?

All: freedom.

Me: to gain what?

All: freedom.

Me: I can’t hear you.

All: freeeedommmmmmm


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Murica 3 (chapter Seven)
Murica 3: The Forbidden Kingdom (chapter 7-9)
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