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Murica 3 (chapter 10&11)

Chapter Ten

The environment was very friendly and warmth, they are very happy that am back and it seems like they have been waiting for me to come all this while, the spark is all they need, am glad I can ginger them, Shalom has thought them how to shoot arrow and how to make them, some are skilled with sword while others with arrow, so after the talk,me, John, Shalom and Delilah returned inside the small office in the cave, John assistant join us too his name is wolfe, he is very tall with yellow long beards like that of Danny O’Brian.

John: so how are we gonna do it, I mean the changing of us to wolves.

Sha: not all of us, some will remain human because we need the bows and arrows.

Me: yeah you are right, we need them.

John: but you said if we change to wolf we can be able to revert to our form at any time.

Del: yes.

John: then we all should change to wolf, we shoot them arrow before attacking them.

Shalom: yes you are right, so Delilah how do we go about it?

Del: first of all we will need the eye of the sea, and the teeth of evil forest.

Sha: what are those?

Del: they are just leaves that I need to mix together to form the mixture.

Me: do you know where to get them?

Del: yes but I cannot go alone because there are dangerous things to pass on the way.

John: that’s no problem, me and Wolfe will follow you while shalom will follow ozila to go see the kingdom, he needs to be conversant with the new development, I bet you won’t even recognize your way there again now.

Me: oh well no problem, I guess it’s a good plan.

Del: okay then, let us start going now then we don’t want to be trapped by darkness.

John, wolfe and Delilah left to look for the materials she needed to form the mixture while me and shalom left the forest to go spy on the kingdom, but before I left I changed my clothes and put on dark clothes.

Chapter Eleven


The kingdom has change just like John said, they even have a wall gate now, I guess they are fed up with the outcast trying to break in so they build the wall, this is bad though we can still win.

Sha: just bend down your face.

Me: okay then.

In front of the gate there are so many men, like two hundred men waiting with bows and arrows, some are on top the wall while others in front with spear as if they are waiting for war.

We enter inside the kingdom with our face down, even though I don’t think they can remember me anyway, the kingdom has change, there are buildings everywhere now just like the Roman empire, development is sure here, at least one of the good thing the evil queen has done, though she still controls everything, the palace is bigger now with a large space containing sculptures and arts, there are many guards in front of the palace, the lady is sure taking her security very seriously, so many men with weapons I bet they will be more than ten thousands in total, talking about the Queen’s men, some mountain men has joined them too which will make it a little bit difficult, but we have a surprise for them and I hope they too don’t have any surprise for us.

We move around the kingdom till it’s dark, I asked one passerby about where they are keeping Murica, she said she don’t know, the next person I asked ran away, it seems they are afraid to talk about her, nobody has the courage to face us and tell us where murica is, the only people that can answer the question are inside the palace guarding the Queen.

Me: we need to know where they are holding her. ( I said to Shalom as we settle in one bar taking rums)

Sha: they are afraid to talk, they believe they might get killed.

Me: then we have to ask the guard.

Sha: they will capture us and probably kill us, that’s a bad idea.

Me: not if we capture one and ask him.

Sha: he won’t talk.

Me: we won’t ask him nicely.

Sha: then we will wait till night.

Me: alright then.

We remain in the bar waiting for night, we keep on drinking and forcing drinkers to tell us more about the kingdom, our moment arrive when two guards entered the bar, Shalom move over to their table and then before I know it they started drinking and laughing, Shalom keep on buying drink for them and when one of them got up to go ease himself, shalom signalled me to follow him, I followed the guard while she keep on entertaining the other one in the bar.

Inside the toilet I saw him easing himself, I behave as if I wanted to ease myself too, but I grab his back and hit his head on the wall, he fainted, I dragged him to the back of the bar that is secreted from people, I tied his leg and hands and place him on the wall, I wake him up using good sound slap.

Guard: where am I? (he ask)

Me: still in bar, your life is in my hands, answer me well you live, answer me wrongly you are dead.

Guard: do you know who I uh?

Me: yes, you are guard and you work for the Queen.

Guard: good you know, so know that you are dead already.

Me: I know, so anwer me, where are you guys keeping murica?

Guard: are you insane, who the fvck are you?

Me: you want to know me? No problem.

I took out his dagger and punch it on his leg, before he screamed I covered his mouth with my hands and with anger I ask again, turning the dagger on his leg

Me: where is murica?

Guard: nobody knows where she’s been held up, only the Queen can tell you the answer.

He shouted, I hit him on his head and left him there, I return to the bar and as soon as shalom saw me she stood up and follow me out of the bar.

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Murica 3: The Forbidden Kingdom (chapter 7-9)
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