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Murica 2 (Chapter Nineteen)

When I opened my eyes I realize that I can’t breath because am still inside the river, I manage
to swim up and when I came out I look around I saw myself in the same place I came out from
the last, I have finally return to the town “evbiamen” I was happy that I swim out of the river and
started laughing, but something has change this area wasn’t fence before but now there are
fence everywhere or were they expecting me?
I stand up and walk around, I saw fences everywhere that I cannot escape because the fence is
too tall, and the fence is even old meaning that it has been long they put the fence here, metres
away I saw a tall tower with bright lights, I started walking to the tower with lights, almost getting
there now the the person on the tower point the light at me and then I heard a bell ring, people
started running and before I know it hundreds of men with swords and axe surround me with
their horses walking in circle, I was confuse because I don’t know what’s going on, they stop
walking and their leader came down from the horse to meet me, the leader wore full armor and
even cover his face.
“Welcome back to our kingdom” he said and took my hands, he put chains on my hand.
“Who are you guys?” I ask.
“We are the guardian of the river, we work for the queen and we have been guarding this river
for thirty years waiting for your return” he said.
So that means I have be gone for good thirty years, waoh I hope am not late sha.
They chain me and put me on a horse chariots, as the horse move I started thinking about
murica, what would have happen to her and what about my men? So many questions on my mind but for now I need a plan to escape, because if they take me to the queen my life will end
like last time.
I look outside the carriage and saw bushes on both sides, there are men following me from
behind and others on the front, but if I can escape I will just run to the bush.
I bend down and use my teeth to lose the rope on my leg but the one on my hand is a chain and
too strong for my teeth.
I look through the carriage and when they least expect I burst out of the carriage and dive inside
the thick bush, I started running like mad man with chains on my hand, they give me a heavy
chase and since I know I can’t outrun them because they are using horse and I can’t run more
thana horse I started looking for a cool place to hide, their horses were gaining on my so when I
saw a small hole inside the big bush I dive in. The hole is just what someone tried to dig but
didn’t go far, maybe to rest from sun after a heavy work.
I remain there as I hear their horsee galloping and whinning, I know if I come out they are going
to catch me of course so I remain there for like two hours when I know they would have left, but
I was wrong, the moment I brought my head from the hole to see if they are still around I come
in direct contact with of their men, he saddle his horse and run after me like a lion, soon enough
his horse gain on my and knock me down his shinny shield, I fell down and then he started
blowing wistle maybe to tell them he has caught me, he came down and raise his shield up
again to smash me but alas an arrow came out from the thick bush and hit him on his chest, he
fell down dead the person that shoot the arrow emerge from the bush with all his body covered
even his face.
He came to me and offer his hand, I took it and climb his horse, he hit the horse and started
running but the men has stop chasing us because I can’t see them again, the person ride inside
the forest where they can’t get us agan.
“Thank you” I said as he slow down even though I don’t know who he is.
“You are welcome, and welcome to evbiamen” the person replied but I recognize that voice
“Wait a minutes I recognize that” I said.
The person stop the horse and climb down including me, he face me and remove his scarf.
“Shalom” I said.
“You still look handsome as ever” she said.
“And you have grown older” I said.
“What do you expect after thirty years?” she said.

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