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Marriage Contract Gone Wrong (chapter 13 & 14)

Sequence 13
Written by Joy Osamudiamen

The day of the court hearing was drawing near, Nadia and her parents have been working endlessly to come up with at least half the money and it was going well for them, Nadia was able to contact some of her friends she made while on some business presentation and also on her blog and they all gladly helped, some giving her some amount of money as a appreciation for the good advice she gave that helped them in businesses, how ironic that she was helping others business to stand while her parents business has been suffering which she intend to work on once she is done with Ethan.
She was also able to convince Mr Jonathan, Ethan father for a loan too, at first Mr Jonathan refused for the fear that Ethan will be so mad and might do something stupid if he finds out but Nadia assured him that it will be a secret without both of them that even Mr William and Elena will not even be aware of it, Mr William and his wife was amazed at how their daughter was able to raise a large sum of money within days, they were so proud of their daughter and hope that her efforts will not go to waste.
At the end of the week that was given to them by Ethan, adding the money that Mr Williams was able to find many weeks ago and the one he found now, they were able to come up with twenty-five billion dollars which to them will be able to convince Ethan and the court that they will be able to pay the rest if given enough time.
Mr William went to Nadia’s room to see her, upon getting there he found her on her knees praying, Nadia has always been a good prayer warrior, her faith in God was so strong that she always pray before making any decision, to him he thinks that’s why many ways always open up for her, indeed God was at his daughter’s side, he walked in and sat at the edge of the bed gently trying not to make any sound as he wouldn’t want to disturb her prayer.
Nadia finished her prayer after about ten minutes, she was a little disturbed even after her prayers, she felt the presence of someone close to her, she turned and saw her father smiling warmly at her.
“ oh dad, you are here”
“ I can see you are done now, was waiting for you to get through, didn’t want to disturb you”
“ oh thanks dad”
She said getting up from her kneeing position, removing her scarf and placing her Bible on the bed she sat close to her father
“ dad is there anything you want to tell me?”
“ oh no, just wanted to know how you are doing, I was told by the maid that you haven’t had your dinner yet, are you not hungry now?” he asked with concern
“ I am not really hungry”
Mr William saw the worried look on her face, she was indeed bothered about something, she has been in her room for two hours now praying, he wondered if it was because of the court he is going to tomorrow.
“ my love, are you alright? ”
Nadia exhale lightly, “ to say the truth father, I am really bothered “
“why? , is it because of tomorrow “
“ no father, it’s because of the dreams I have been having for about one week now”
Mr William was surprised to hear that from her,
“ Who did you dream about, me?”
“ no father, and that is my worries, I dreamt about Mr Donald, Ethan Donald “
She clarified so her father will not think she is talking about the late Mr Donald, Ethan grandfather or his father, Mr William was surprised at this
“ do you want to talk about it?”
She nodded in agreement, she really wants to talk about it maybe her father can find meaning to the dreams, from the day she saw Ethan, her dream has been the same, and even since she has been praying to God to make her understand the meaning but yet got nothing, it was like the more she prays the more she keep dreaming about it, opening her mouth she began to tell her father the dreams.
Nadia opened her eyes but later shut it close because of the sun light that flashed on her eyes, she used her hand to shield her eyes from the sunlight as she sat up, the place was quiet, only the sound of birds were heard as they fly round the sea, she looked around and found out that she was in a beach but no one was around, how did she get here was what she didn’t know, determined to find her way out of this place she got up from the sand she has been laying on, that was when she discovered she was wearing a wedding dress, what was she doing on a wedding dress, she thought to herself, pulling up her dress she began to walk to no where in particular, she was already getting tired as the heat from the sun was really affecting her, she fell on the sand as there was no more strength left in her, she looked around again to see if there was any one that can help, that was when she saw a man’s figure, she was so happy that at last she wasn’t alone,
“hey Mr”
She called out but the man didn’t even flinch, he was just looking at the sea that was in front of him, she got up and started to get close to him maybe he didn’t hear her.
“Hello, excuse me, do you have any idea where I am”
She asked but just like before the man ignored her, getting frustrated she cried out again
“ can’t you hear me”
Just then the man began walking towards the sea without facing or answering her, she is yet to see the man’s face, “ where are you going?” she asked again but as before he didn’t reply but kept walking further into the sea, “ where are you going?, please stop” she said admit tear now, she was trying to process what the man was doing, did he want to swim or what, then it clinked to her, he was about to drown himself, “ hey stop, you are going to die” she called out but yet he didn’t listen but continue to walk further that the water was already reaching his waist, “ please stop”, with that the man stopped, she was happy that he listened this time, he stood there for few minute without moving, “ hello” she called again worrying why he wasn’t moving, that was when the man turned and the face of Ethan came to view, his clothes was dirty, he looks so unkept and he was crying, she gapes in shock of what she was seeing, “ Mr donald”, Ethan turned facing the sea again he continued walking towards the sea, with terror of what was about to happen she tried to run to get him but her legs refused to move, she fell on her knees now in tears calling out to Ethan for him to stop but he keep moving until he was swallowed by the sea, “ noooooooooo, Ethan”
“His name is always the last thing I say before waking up, and I always wake up scared like its real”
Mr William wouldn’t find any meaning to the dream, as he too was also confused.
“ this dream is very complicated, you in a wedding dress but no wedding and on a beach with no one, he is on dirty clothes and in tears and he drowned himself, Mr Donald will never wear something like that, and cry, I doubt if he even knows the meaning of the words tears”.
“ that’s the point father, and I continue seeing same dream every night”
“ don’t think too much about it, I really can’t help you with the meaning, just pray to God that it’s meaning is not something evil, in time he will explain it to you more clearly ok”
“ okey” she said not sure if she has the time to wait for it to become clearer, she has to know what the meaning of the dream that has been giving her sleepless nights means.
“ why don’t you try and eat something ok”
Nadia nodded in agreement, getting up with her father as both left her room.
Mr William entered the sitting room feeling devastated as he slowly walked to one of the couch and collapsed on it, he leaned his face on his palm as he sobbed quietly, he has just come back from the court and the outcome was didn’t go well, Barr. John walked into the sitting room standing just close to him friend, he was the one that drove Mr William home as he couldn’t drive after the bad news he got, Barr. John placed his hands on his waist as he exhale sadly.
Elena came into the sitting, “ what happened, how did it go?” she asked no one in particular, she was scared seeing the sad look on Barr. John’s face, in a rush she went to sit close to her husband,
“ love, what happened?” she said lifting his face up but she immediately felt cold seeing the tears falling from her husband’s eyes, she couldn’t remember when last he cried, that was seven years ago when Nadia was involved in a car accident and they all thought she could die,
“ tell what happened?” she asked wiping the tears from his eyes,
“ he took everything, everything Elena, everything” he said as more tear fell out, Elena was shock as tears took began to fall from her eyes.
Nadia came back two hours later, she was out when mr William came back from the court, she went to the church to pray, as soon as she entered the sitting room, she saw one of the maids with a tray in it was a jug and a glass cup on it about ascending the stair, the maid bow her kness in greeting on seeing her, “ Good afternoon ma’am” “ yes good afternoon to you too, where is my parents “ she asked smiling
“ they are in their room ma’am” “ okey thanks” she said ascending the stair, the maid gave way for her to pass then gently followed behind her, she knew her father was home as his car he normally use was parked outside, she knocked on the door, “ come in, its not locked, “ that was the voice of her mother, she opened the door with a smile that quickly faded away seeing her father laying on the bed as her mother sat closed to him holding a small towel that was soak with water on her hands,
“ get me the medicine that is on the dressing mirror”, Elena said not knowing it was Nadia that just came in because her back was faced towards Nadia.
“ mum, what happened” Nadia said rushing to her father side, Elena was relieved to see Nadia, she has been calling her but she wasn’t picking up, she looked at Nadia who was already on her knees holding her father by the hand,
“ the court didn’t go well”
“ what, how, what happened”
“ Mr Donald rejected the money we were able to come up with, and the court couldn’t grant us any more time to pay up as Mr Donald refused to accept the condition of the payment, the court couldn’t do any thing, so he took everything Nadia, everything your father built over the years”
she said this bursting into tears, Barr. John has told her everything that has happened, now they only have a week to release the documents of all the property belongings to her husband because they all worth the 45billion naira, Nadia was shocked at this.
“ what, but we were able to come up with half of the money, that was something right”
“ they didn’t care, Barr. John was right, Mr Donald is really powerful, dangerous and heartless, he said he was so confused to what happened, your father has been this way since he came back, Nadia, I don’t kown what to do, the doctor said he is in shock, Nadia if anything happens to your father, I don’t know how I can live with myself” she said as more tear left her eyes
“ mum, nothing will happen to father okey” she said assuring her, she was so angry inside, angry at Ethan and hurt as the same time to see her father this way, she has to find a way out of this,
“ mum, stay with dad, I will be back”
“ where are you going? ” she surprisely asked but didn’t get any response from Nadia as she was already out of the room.
Ethan was in his office, he just came back from the court, though the result was at his favor yet he just wasn’t content, he was slowly moving around the office and in his own thought, jack and Richard that was with him were looking wondering what was wrong with him, ever since he came back from the court he has been that way.
“ Ethan, are you okey?” he asked with concern
“ yes am good” he answered still walking around, he too don’t know what was wrong with him, he has got what he want or has he?
“ are you sure”
“ yea am cool”
“ you have been like this since you came back from the court, if you are stress, you can go home to rest” jack suggested
“ no, am good, okey, I don’t know why am like this” he snapped
Both Richard and jack was shocked at this, there was something really wrong with him.
“I think its because of miss Nadia” Richard whispered to jack whom seem surprised.
Nadia arrived at the building of Cloudworld technology worldwide, she wasn’t looking happy and everyone could see that in her face, she has cried her heart out as she drove to Ethan company, seeing her father that way has really broke her, first in a long time she was so angry with no other person but Ethan, she angrily walk to the girl she meant on the front desk the first time she came, she could still recall her name, Tracy face grow wide with shock in seeing Nadia, she still remember what happened between her and Nadia , after Richard has left Ethan and Nadia at the office the other day, he had come to her and her colleague telling them to always allow Nadia to see Mr Donald when ever she wants to, she quickly replaced her surprise look to a warm smile
“ good aftern…… “
“ don’t you dare tell me I can’t see that boss of yours” she angrily interrupted her as Tracy face grown wide in shock,
“ what”
“ where is your boss”
“ in the office “ she stammered
Nadia didn’t wait to listen to any other thing she has to say as she headed to the elevator, she still remember the way to Ethan’s office but was disappointed when she got to the elevator and found out that it was blocked and only open with a code, she sigh in frustration, just then she saw a lady passing by, she put on her best smile as he approached her, “
“ good day” “ good day” the lady smiled warmly to her
“ please where can I get the elevator”
“ oh am actually heading there, you can come with me”
“ thank you so much” both smiled at each other as they walked to the elevator, Nadia was surprised that no one tried to stop her even the Tracy of a girll didn’t stop her either, well it was better this way because she was so determined to see Ethan today.
“ you better stop, okey and tell us what your problem is, is it the girl?” Jack asked annoyed
Just then the door burst open as an angry looking Nadia came in view, Ethan stopped at his track, staring at Nadia, all were surprised to see her, Ethan was more surprised
“ miss Nadia” Richard said immediately he saw her
Nadia ignored him and walked forward angrily to Ethan
“ what the hell are you doing here” he asked still surprised on how she was in his office.
“ you devil” that was all she said before she released her hand on his face
Sequence 14
Written by Joy Osamudiamen

To Ethan everywhere moved in slow pace, he couldn’t remember when last he was hit by anyone, all his hurtful memories of the pain he has went through came pouring down on him, then the anger and then the rage, he was so going to kill Nadia for having the thought to slap him. Immediately Nadia slapped Ethan, jack spring up from his seat, he looked shocked but he quickly got himself as he rushed to create a blockage for Nadia so Ethan could not do anything stupid, he knew Nadia was done for, and he was just in time to prevent Ethan from hitting Nadia as him hand was already on the air few inches from Nadia’s face, Nadia was shocked relieving she was almost slapped by Ethan if not for the intervention of the young man that was now standing in between her and Ethan, she stepped back as Ethan was trying so to push through the young man to get to her, Ethan eyes was now blood as he stared at Nadia, how dare she slapped him, and how dare jack block his way preventing him from dealing with her.
“ how dare you, how f**king dare you” Ethan barked angrily as he pushed forward but was always pushed back by Jack,
“ man, you need to calm down, and you take her out of here” he shouted at Richard who has been standing there transfix, he quickly got himself and hurriedly dragged Nadia out of the office,
“ haaaaa, am f—–g going to kill her” Ethan shouted in rage heading for the door but jack was fast enough, he blocked the door preventing him from getting out, he knows his friend was on the edge now and nothing could stop him from exploding.
“ get out of my way” he shouted at jack
“ you need to cool this off, okey,” “ she slapped me”
“ I know but please calm down, you are not leaving here until you are calm”
“ okey am calm” he said trying to behave clam
” no you are not”
“ I said an f—–g calm” he snapped at jack
“ no you are not” jack barked at him
Ethan with annoyance went to his desk in one go throwed everything to the ground, he was so angry right, he can’t just get over the thought that he was just slapped by a woman.
“ what is wrong with you miss Nadia, do you know what you just did” Richard fired at her as soon as they got into the elevator, Nadia wasn’t pleased with what she did but at the same time didn’t regret it, Ethan deserves more than that for putting her father in his present situation, she ignored Richard not interested in what he was saying .
“ look I know you are angry but you went to far, you just put a lot of people in problem”
Nadia looked up at him not understanding what he meant
“ what do you mean?”
“ he will definitely ask how you were able to pass the front desk, the second and third desks then the security without being stopped or questioned, and it will all fall to me, I was the one that passed the order that no one should question you whenever you come around, am definitely going to get sack, he will sack somebody, if not everyone “
That was when it hits her, that’s why she was able to get through without no check up
“ oh my God”, she believed everything that Richard told her, someone like Ethan will definitely do as she was told.
Back at Ethan’s office he was still angry and wasn’t even close to calming down, jack was still standing at the door, he wanted to be rest assured that Ethan was relaxed before he could step out of the door
“ I will so make her pay, she will come rolling on her knees when am done with her, her and her family anyone close to her will hear from me”
“ just calm down a little will you”
“ calm, of course I will be calm after am done with all the plans I have for her, she will so see it coming”
Jack knew his friend meant every words he said, he just can’t believe Nadia could make such mistake, she really picked the wrong guy.
“ come on man, she just hurt and angry, you actually just bankrupted her father, who wouldn’t do more than what she just did”
“ do I look like I care, where is my phone and where is my f—–g PA”
Just then there was a knock on the door, Jack knowing it was Richard opened up for him to get through, Richard entered into the office slowly, he was so scared of what will happen to him if his boss gets to find out that he was the reason Nadia was able to get to his office, he shouldn’t have gave that order, now he knows it will cost him his job and that of some workers.
“ and bring Frank and Max to my office right now, they have to explain to me how that b—h was able to get into my office” he ordered, Frank was the head of security and Max was the head of staff, he already knows what was about to happen, he have to take responsibility for his actions, he wouldn’t want anyone to pay for it.
“ sir” he called not sure on how to say it.
“ why are you still standing there or are you deaf” he has been shouting non stop and he just couldn’t hold himself back
“ sir, I was the one that gave the order of free passage to Nadia” he said with his head bow, Jack eyes grown in shock, his friend was going to definitely sack him.
Ethan couldn’t contain his anger, he felt betrayed
“ you gave free passage to my enemy’s daughter into my company, my company” he just can’t get over this fate,
“ am really sorry sir, I will never make such mistake again, I beg of you”
“ there won’t be room for that, I want you to get out of my sight, out of my company and never to step your foot here ever again”
“ Ethan, don’t you think….”
“ stay out of this Jack “ he interrupted Jack
“ sir please, am sorry” he said admit tear now, he was the bread winner of his family, his mother and two sisters look up to him for everything, how was he going to get a good job as good as this and with good pay, it took him two years after he graduated to get this job, his mother and siblings are the only reason he has been tolerant towards Ethan, now he just lose his job all because of a good gesture.
“ one more word from you then you will see your a-s in jail, I don’t want to call the security on you”
“ Richard, come on, it’s better you leave, come” jack took Richard by the hand and took him out of the office, he wouldn’t want Richard to be dragged out like a criminal.
“ listen, he is still pissed off okey, once he is down he will call you, he will definitely miss his PA, and believe me there is no better PA than you”
“ what if he doesn’t call”
“ he will, you know your boss”
“ that’s the point, I know him, he has never called any one that he has sacked back”
“ he will make an exception in your case, so go home and don’t think too much about it okey”
“ thanks”
“ you are welcome “
Richard walked away while Jack returned to the office, he was now annoyed at his friend, he didn’t know if he will be able to convince his to call Richard back but he has to assure Richard for the boy’s sake
“ what is your problem, why will you have to sack him, that guy has Been working for you for so long now and he has never for once made a mistake which you and I know, this is his first error, why can’t you just let it go”
“ well his first mistake got me a slap on my face”
“ I have never interfere with any one you have ever sacked, I don’t care if you are piss off, if you are angry and if this is your company but you see that young man, you are going to call him back and give him back his job, am not telling you what to do but it’s the right thing to do”
with that he sat do no the seat, both ignoring each other as Ethan also sat down, all his thoughts right now was how to punish Nadia. in as much as Jack was angry with Ethan he just couldn’t leave him alone, he wouldn’t want Ethan to do anything stupid, even if Ethan won’t accept at, he seriously needs someone around him right now.
Nadia got home after hours of driving clearing her head and mind which she needed and walk straight to her parents bedroom, she quietly opened the door without entering, her mother was sleeping at the other end of the bed just close to her father still on the clothes she was wearing in the day, she must have cried herself to sleep, her father too was also sleeping. she closed the door quietly again and headed to her room, she took off her clothes leaving them just laying on the floor of her bedroom, she went to the bathroom to have her bath, she closed her eyes as the cold water touched her skin, this was what she needed, a cold bath. Maybe it will make her to forget what she has done few minutes ago, she drifted into her own thought, “ how am I going to do this, God please help me find a way, my parents can’t lose everything, what if it’s my fault, I should have just agreed to marry him when he asked, God please help your daughter”, she didn’t know when the tears starts pouring out from her eyes.
After about 15 minutes in the bathroom as she spent most of the minutes there crying and talking to God she came out, she put on her pyjama, it was just 7pm but she too decided to sleep, maybe a good sleep will give her a good idea that will help her and her family, she was about to climb onto her bed when she heard a knock at her door, she opened up to see one of the maid.
“ good evening ma’am” she greeted bowing her knees and head
“good evening, what is it?”
“there is someone on the landline that want to speak with you”
“okey am going, thank you” she said trying to think of anyone that will possible call her on the landline, she went immediately to the sitting room where the land line is and picked it up.
“ hello, Nadia William speaking, who is this please” she spoke into the phone
“ Good evening Miss Nadia, it’s me Richard”
She looked at the phone surprisingly then placed it back on her ear
“you said who are you again?” she asked again trying to be sure she heard the name correctly
“ it’s Richard, Mr Donald PA or rather ex PA”
Nadia was shocked with the relaxation, “ he sacked you”
“yeah he did”
“ am so sorry, this is all my fault”
She has been apologizing to Richard even before she left Ethan’s company, Richard should be angry with her but here he is calling her, he just doesn’t know but he have the urge to help her.
“ that’s not a problem, things happens, but that’s not why am calling you”
“ no, then what is it?”
“ I really don’t know why I want to help you but I just want to, if you want to help your family, there is only one person that can help you do that”
Nadia mood lighten up to hear that there might be a way to help her father
“ what is it?”
“ it’s not what, is who, there is only one person that Ethan does listen to and that is his godfather, senator Philip “
“ Senator Philip, I know him, I have met with him on one occasion, he is Ethan godfather?”
“ yes, if you are able to talk with him, he might be able to help, do you want to give it a try”
“ yes of course, but how do I meet him?”
“ he is hosting a party tomorrow evening in Lagos , if you are willing to go I can get an invitation for you”
Getting am invitation latter for Nadia won’t be a problem, that the benefits of being Ethan’s PA, Nadia contemplated on what Richard told her before finally made up her mind, she will do anything to help her parents.
“yes am in”
“ but mine you, Ethan will be there so try to avoid him, you target is Senator Philip “
“ that won’t be a problem” she said confidently
“ I will call you tomorrow so we will make preparation”
“alright, but why are you helping me?”
“ like I said, I really don’t know, talk tomorrow”
The line ended, she dropped the phone contemplating on all what Richard said, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy but she will do anything to get her family back on their feet, she prays in her heart Richard was right about what he said, maybe God is answering her prayer after all, she headed back to her room, she needed to catch some sleep for her, tomorrow is going to be a long day.
“Lagos, am going to you”.
To be continued

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