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Marriage Contract Gone Wrong (chapter 11 &12)

Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 11
Written by Joy Osamudiamen

Richard is seen walking hurriedly to Ethan office with his note pad on his hand, he gently opened the door and went inside, Ethan is seen at his office desk working on his laptop at usual, he shifted his eyes away from the laptop to Richard as soon as Richard entered the office.
“ sir the investors from Germany just called that they are in Nigeria and would love to hold a meeting with you today”
“what………, I thought they are to arrive tomorrow” he asked in bewilderment
“ yes sir the appointment was for tomorrow, but they changed their mind”
“and you are just telling me this now” he barked at him
Richard flinched at the sound of his voice “sir, they just called now to inform me of the change”
Ethan snorted angrily, he hates not being prepared for something, he so wish to refuse them but he was a business man after all.
“ what appointment do I have today” he asked a bit calm
“ you have an appointment with the court by 2pm”
“ what time are they coming”
“ by 1:30pm”
Ethan looked at his wrist watch, the time says 12:43pm, he signed heavily
“call my lawyer, tell him to cancel the court hearing today, I will let him know when I will be free for that”
“ okey sir. But what excuse should I give sir”
Ethan looked up at Richard with a death stare
“ I know what to tell him, I will take my leave me, sir”
Ethan ignored him and returned to his work, Richard quickly left the office, he has grow fond of Ethan some how, he likes his personality though it a bit scary, at the early stage when he started working for Ethan he would get depressed but as time went by he started to get use to it, he knew deep down Ethan was not as dark as people think he is, but he just can’t places the reason for the darkness in his boss heart.
Mr Williams was in his office when a knock came to his door.
“ come in”
Mr Edward walked into the office
“Sir an email just came in from the court sir”
Mr William dropped what he was doing and put all his attention on Mr Edward, he will be going to the court soon to meet with Ethan, his lawyer barr. John will meet him there, he has prepared all what he was asked to do and bring by barr. John, time was the only thing he was waiting for.
“What is it”
“ the meeting as been cancel due to the fact that Ethan is not feeling too well to attend any meeting today, they will let you know when a new day is fixed”
Mr William was surprised at the same time glad to hear this new development, seem God is on his side.
“ quickly call barr. John and inform him of the new development”
“okey sir” with his he left the office, Mr William hoped that the meeting will not be rescheduled soon.
Nadia drove into the building of Cloudworld technology worldwide and in no time she parked her car in the parking lot, stepping down from the car she made her way to the reception hall, she was amazed of the well designed hall, the building alone was seven times bigger than her father building, the reception hall was just like her sitting room, wide and beautifully decorated, she made her way to the reception desk, there were three female receptionists attending to guest, she made her way to the one that was free as the rest were attending to people, the female receptionist smiled at her as she approached, Nadia returned the smile.
“ good day ma’am, welcome to Cloudworld technology, how may we be of help” said the receptionist with a smile still on her face.
“ good day to you too, please am here to see Mr Ethan Donald, is he in” She politely asked
“ yes he is in, do you have an appointment”
“no, I don’t have an appointment “
“ than an afraid ma’am, you can’t see the CEO”
Nadia exhale lightly, she knew it will be difficult to see Ethan without an appointment, such a big company will definitely have strong system of security, she has read through the procedure that you have to take if you want an appointment to meet with Ethan and time wasn’t something she has.
“ look, I know you are doing your job and believe me you are good at it but I really have to see him, if you can just put a call through him for me, I will highly appreciate it” Nadia requested politely
The reception stared at her, she thought Nadia was one of those street girls that comes here often in search of Mr Donald only to be thrown out by the security, so she decided to treat her like one.
“ can I give you a piss of advice, go get a life, if you think Mr Donald will even for one bit agreed to see someone like you then you are In for a shock, you better leave here before I call security, cheap s–t “
Nadia eyes grown in shock
“ excuse me, did you just call me a s–t”
“ you heard, now leave”
Nadia was so hurt by what the receptionist told her and she so wanted to react but thought against it, a lady in a front desk words can not get to her, she was better than that, but she was not going to leave without giving her a piss of her own advice, just as she was about to opened her mouth, a voice interrupted her,
“ Tracy”
“ yes sir” she replied standing up right.
Nadia turned to see a handsome young man standing just a few inches away on her side, their eyes both locked in each other.
“ do I know you from somewhere” Richard asked trying to remember where he has met her, the beautiful face that was staring at him was so familiar, he quickly assess her with his eyes, she was indeed beautiful with everything in place, he was brought back from his thought by the fake cough of Tracy the receptionist.
“ sir”
“ yeah, can I get the file that I gave you yesterday please”
“ sure” she replied, quickly searching for the file but not without stealing gales at Nadia with a bad stare.
Nadia decided to forget what she so wanted to say and head out from the company, as she turned to leave Richard voice stopped her, she turned back to face him.
“ you really look familiar”
She smiled at him, she was sure he must have come across her blog or some social media, this often happens to her whenever she is at a public place, but she wasn’t ready for any celebrity greetings right now.
“ I don’t think so, you might be mistaken”
“ oh, forgive me than”
“ on problem “ with this she turned and started to walk away, Richard watched as she walked away still admiring her beauty, Tracy gave him the file, thanking her he turned to go back to his office, just as he got to the elevator he stopped with a half as something click in his brain
“yes” he said to himself, he just remembered where he has seen the beautiful face, he hurriedly walked back to the reception desk.
“ the lady of now, what was she doing here”
Tracy was surprised that Richard was asking about her, maybe he has grow interest in her, she thought.
“ tell me” he sounded so inpatient
“ she came to look for Mr Donald, but she was without an appointment “
“ what”
“ I think that’s Mr Donald…..” He stopped himself immediately, he wouldn’t want to be the one to gossip about what he knows,
“ Mr Donald who”
She asked anxiously
“nothing” with that he ran out of the hall in search for her, he went into the parking lot as she must have come with a car, just as fate has it, he saw her just about opening her car.
Nadia was disappointed that she couldn’t meet Ethan, she just didn’t want to take the word of Tracy seriously, she was just about to opened her car when a voice stopped her by calling her name.
“ miss Nadia William” Richard called out wanting to be sure he got the right person.
Nadia turned round she saw the same guy she saw not quite long, he knew her after all.
“ you are Miss Nadia William, right” he asked as soon as he got close to her
There was no point lying she smiled nodding in agreement
“ I was told you want to see Mr Donald”
“ yes, but I am not with any appointment, I have to take one before I will be allowed to see him”
“ and the appointment has to be approved, if disapprove sorry”
“ yeah “ she wrapped her arms together, she doesn’t know but it was really awkward at that moment, why was this guy talking with her, she thought, maybe he is hitting on her but she was one that don’t jump into conclusion.
“ forgive my manners, I am Richard “ he said this extending his hand for an handshake, Nadia took his hands smiling
“ am the personal assistant to Mr Donald”
Nadia looked at him with surprise, God is really great, just when she has given up hope, God did his wonderful work.
“ I can take you to him, that’s if you want”
She was taking aback by what she heard
“ you said”
“ I said I can take you to Mr Donald, he will be pleased to see you”
“ really”
“ I think”
Nadia can now understand why Richard was nice to her, of course, he is the personal assistant to Mr Donald, he always knows what happens around Mr Donald
“ shall we”
“ sure, thank you”
Richard responded with a nod.
Sequence 12
Written by Joy Osamudiamen

Richard leaded the way, both walked back to the hall, there was a surprise look on Tracy face as both walked pass, in no time they were at the elevator, it wasn’t a problem to find the elevator free because it was a private elevator use by Mr Donald and of course Richard when running an errand and his business associates, the lift from the down floor to the top floor where Ethan office is located was a silent one as none said a word to each other, Nadia was a little nervous, she was trying to be brave but it wasn’t really working, in no time the elevator stopped, the door opened to reveal another hall, there were people busy with one thing or the other, they walked passed them with some saluting Richard, while some girls was throwing dead stare at her, she wondered why girls are always insecure when female visitors come to visit their boss.
“ please wait here let me go in to inform him”
“ okey thanks”
Richard left her and walked to a door just few meters away, they are away from the hall now and there was no one around, she sat down on the chairs that are meant for visitors, she prayed things goes the way she planned.
“ God help your daughter”
Richard rang the little bottom just at the side of the door, this was what he normally does when Ethan isn’t expecting him, he was happy that he was able to find Nadia, he doesn’t know but he really want his boss to get married to Nadia, with what he had heard about her maybe she will be the savior to his boss, after the day he went with Ethan to Mr William office and he made the request to marry Nadia, he went and dig deep into the details of Nadia and he was impressed with what he saw, so he just has that faith that Nadia might just be that woman for his boss.
“ come in” Ethan voice ushered him in, he opened the door and went in, Ethan has been on his laptop since he finished the meeting with the Germany investors, he didn’t even went for lunch as there was lot of work to be done, he just can’t leave some important things for anyone because he was use to doing things himself.
“sir, there is someone here to see you, I told her to wait while I inform you”
“I thought I don’t have any other appointment again for today”
“you don’t sir, but she came unannounced and she really wants to see you”
He immediately stopped what he was doing, “she” he thought, immediately his mind went to Nina,
“ I thought I told her not to come today” he said this more to himself, Richard was confused at this remark, was his boss communicating with Nadia.
“ tell her am busy, I will call her when an free”
“ yes sir” he responded disappointedly
“ and one more thing, tell her I will have lunch with her tomorrow by 2pm, so remain me tomorrow to have lunch with Nina”
“Nina” he was totally confused now
“ yes”
“ I thought her name is Nadia”
It was Ethan turn to be confused
“ who ss the she you were talking about “
“ Nadia William sir”
How could she come to see him, a quick smile was seen on his face.
“ let her come in”
“ okey sir “ he said with a big smile on his face, he quickly went out to get Nadia,
“ he wants you to come in”
“ thanks”
Nadia walked with Richard to Ethan office, it was time to meet the one that want to be her husband.
Ethan closed his laptop as he wouldn’t want to be distracted, he so much want to see how Nadia looks like and her type of person, he knows he was getting married for a wrong reason but at the same time he wants to be pleased with himself for the choice he made, the door was open and a female figure walked in with Richard, he just couldn’t believe his eyes when Nadia’s face came to view, even without any makeover, she was the most beautiful woman he has seen, he has come across so many women but she was different, she was indeed a natural beauty, this will be one thing he will love about her for she to come so natural to see him, most girls could have worn their best and do their makeup in a God I see you way, as he normally puts it, her outfit was causal too and it fits her perfectly, her shape wasn’t bad either, she was indeed made by God.
“ please sit” Richard offered her a seat
“ thank you”
Nadia took her seat quietly, she too has been lost in the eyes of Ethan, she never knew he could been this handsome, if not for the circumstances in which they met she would have love to marry him as many times as she would, “ Nadia, get hold of yourself, you shouldn’t be lusting after him, you know why you are here” that was her mind talking to her, immediately she dismissed every thoughts she had about him out of her head,
“ should I bring you both anything”
Ethan gave Richard a death stare
“ I will just leave” the last thing he will want to do is to offend his boss at this moment, he really want his boss to enjoy the moment.
“ so why do I hold this wonderful visit” Ethan said as soon as Richard left, he leaned on his seat entangling his fingers together.
“ you already know who I am so there is no need for any introduction, and I suppose you know why an here”
Ethan like this, she was a straight forward woman, he likes straight forward women.
“ you are here because of your father”
“ yes, I came for us to talk”
“ talk, about what exactly “
Nadia exhale heavily, she has to be tough to pull this off,
“ I know that what my father did was wrong, he made an agreement with your grandfather and fail in the agreement and for this i am sorry, I don’t blame you for the action you are taking because I would have done the same”
Ethan sat comfortably, he was surprised at what Nadia was saying, there was sincerely in all her words, this was the first time that someone was understanding from his point of view and on the same page with him.
“ my father have the right the pay every single money back to you in one day, and you have the right to do anything as you please to get your money because truth be told the money is not something anyone can just turn blind eyes to, and I know I am not in any position to come here today to see you but I had to since it now involves me, please I know you want to marry me just to be assured that your money will be paid, but do you think it’s the right thing to do”
They were silent now as both were staring at each other
“ don’t you know I have a say in who I will marry and when I will marry” Nadia said again breaking the silent,
“ well, you are right”
“ I came here to beg you, don’t take that choice away from me please” she was trying so hard to fight back her tears and Ethan could see this,
“ please give my father more time and I promise, he will pay back every single money, just a little time”
he was moved by her words but he tried not to show this, he so wanted to give in to her request but then if he gives in to what she said then he will lose such a beautiful being, he got up and made his way to where Nadia is, he sat on he desk just closed to Nadia, Nadia now was nervous, she has never been comfortable with men staying too close to her apart from his relatives and best friend Lucas, she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, Ethan observe her discomfort but choose to ignore it.
“ I would love to really give your father time to pay me back, anytime he wants, but you see if I do that and at the end of the day your father is able to pay me back then won’t that be sad, we both will miss the opportunity to become man and wife”
Nadia swallowed hard, she wasn’t liking where this was going, Ethan leaned more closer to her making her to shift into her seat, Ethan knew he was making her nervous and he loves this, at least she reacts to his presence.
“ I don’t… want… to….. marry you” she stammered
Ethan was hurt by her word, he has never been regretted by any woman before, women beg stand close to him and here is a lady refusing to marry him, he snorted angrily
“ I will pretend you didn’t said that” he leaned even more closer to her, she tried to shift back but her back was already blocked by the chair she is sitting on. Now their face was only few inches away from each other, they were this close that they could feel each other breathe.
“ do you know what I can so to your father, your family, if you refuse to marry me”
“ I won’t be your wife”
“ are you sure about that”
“ I know what I want and you are not part of the things I want”
He was getting angry now but he is trying to control it, Nadia tried to stand up from the seat but Ethan quickly placed his hand on the chair handle, preventing her to move.
“ do you know I can get any woman I want, do you know the women I have taken to bed”
“ I don’t care, I am not going to marry you, you can’t force a woman to be your wife, it just don’t happen”
“I can see you are as stubborn as your father, well we are going to do it this way, I will give you a week to reflect on your word, just one week, like you said I can’t force you to marry me but I can definitely make you to marry me” with that said he sat up giving room for Nadia to flinched up from her seat, she was breathing heavily now, she quickly composed herself as she was scared out of her skin that Ethan could do something to her, the way his office was she knew it has to be soundproof which is good on a normal circumstances but bad for her at that moment
“ you can play any game you think you can play, but I will not be your wife”
She is daring him now, an evil smirk appeared on his lip, this was going to be fun he thought
“we will see about that”
Nadia couldn’t get any words out of her mouth as she stared angrily at Ethan and Ethan staring back,
“ it could be nice to call you, wifey” Nadia rolled her eyes to this and angrily left the office, she just can’t believe she wasted her time to come here, her father was right after all, Ethan can not be reason with but that doesn’t mean she will give up, this was now her fight and she pray for strength to fight it.
As soon as Nadia left his office a frown appeared on his face, he has never been dared by a woman before, he hate being dared, he took his phone that was just close to him and dialed a number the person picked on first ring
“ reschedule the court hearing one week from now” with that he brought the phone down from his ear, ending the call,
“Nadia, let’s see how well you can play a game”
It was later that evening, Nadia came down stairs and found her father sited on one of the couch in the sitting room, he was watching the 9,o clock news showing on the Tv ,Mr Williams has arrived few minutes ago, after taking his bath he had to come to the sitting room to watch the news as he wait for dinner, Elena was already in the kitchen preparing the meal, though they are maids in the house, Elena always sees to it that she makes the meals, she only allows the maids to prepare the meal only when she is sick.
“dad you are back” Nadia said descending down the stairs, Mr Williams looked at Nadia with a warm smile on his face, he asked after her when he arrived but he was told she was in her room resting,
“yes am back, how was your nap” he asked as Nadia went over to where he was and sat just close to him, he placed his arms around her shoulder drawing her closer to himself.
“ it was fine, I really needed it”
“oh you are up” that was Elena coming out from the kitchen
“ yea mom, and am very hungry”
“ don’t worry the meal is ready, let the table be set okey”
“ okey no problem”
Elena sat just opposite them ( Mr Williams and Nadia)
“ so dad how did the court hearing went” she asked, she had no idea that the hearing was cancelled, she thought Ethan was already back from the court hearing before she met him.
“ oh it was cancelled”
“ it was cancelled” she asked in disbelief
“ yes, got a letter from the court that Mr Donald was ill so he can’t make it”
“ill, seriously” she wondered how an ill person will be in his office and he didn’t look ill to her.
“ yea, I was already celebrating about it but got another letter just when I was about to leave the office that its rescheduled in a week time”
Nadia snorted, “ so he really was serious about the one week thing” she said to herself but was loud enough for her parents to hear,
“ who was serious about a one week thing” Mr Williams asked confusedly
Nadia stared at her father with a surprise look
“ you said something honey, what is it”
“ ohh its nothing” she averted her eyes always from her father, Mr Williams knows her so well, he knows when she is trying to hide something,
“ Nadia, say it”
Nadia knew she can’t hide a thing when it comes to her father, and she can’t lie either as she hate lying to her parent,
“ well, I went to see Mr Donald today, at his office”
Elena raised her eyebrows in surprise, Mr William on his part was emotionless, he just couldn’t know how to react to this, he knows what ever reason that made her to comfort him was good but still if she did the right thing by going was what can’t tell.
Nadia looked at her parents, none were saying anything or scolding her,
“I wanted to help, I mean this involves me”
“ are you out of your mind, I mean why will you do that, and you didn’t inform anyone before doing such, what if something bad has happened to you”
“ what will possibly happen to me in an office”
“ Mr Donald is a casanova, everyone knows that” Elena snapped at her
“ what happen when you went there” Mr Williams asked calmly
“ he refuse to oblige to my request when I ask for him to give you more time, instead he gave me a week to make a decision to marry him or not”
Mr Williams sighed heavily while Elena snorted angrily
“ Nadia I know you want to help in every way but you have to understand that Mr Donald isn’t just any business man, you of all people should know how we business men don’t joke with our incomes, he won’t sept down, not for anything”
“ then what do we do, I just can’t marry that hypocrite”
“ I know and am not saying you will, just leave it to us and face your education , I and your mother will find a way out”
“ no dad, I am involved in this same way you both are, this is about my life and I won’t just relax as if nothing is happening”
“ why don’t you just listen to your father” Elena spoke calmly this time,
“dad please let me help, I want to be able to do something, anything, please don’t ask me pretend all is well, please”
Mr William just don’t know what to say anymore, Nadia was right, this was about her and he knows she will have her way anyway.
“ can you imaging that little brat, how dare she”
Ethan was in his house with Jack, it was a weekend and Jack decided to come pay him a visit, he has filled Jack in on everything that happen between him and Nadia at his office,
“ relax men, I don’t see any reason why you should be angry”
“ she refused me, who refuse me”
“ there is always a first, and beside she will be your wife soon so……”
“ oh my God” Ethan interrupted him, “ aren’t you listing to all I have been saying, she refused to marry me”
“ I know, but she refused now, she might accept tomorrow”
“ like seriously, are you really telling me that”
“ what, yea she refused you, get over it, do you have any idea how many ladies have turned me down”
“ why shouldn’t they, you are an a—–e for a start”
“ that was harsh, men are this angry” jack said putting his two hands on his chest pretending to be hurt, Ethan exhale lightly Leaning into the couch
“ how can my planned work if she refuse me” he said nonchalantly
“ they won’t be able to pay that deft, no matter how hard they try, so relax” Jack assured him, Jack knew his friend was worried, whatever his plans are were really important to him,
Just then Ethan phone started ringing, he picked it up from the glass table at the center of the sitting room but was disappointed to see the caller, he ignored the call placing the phone just beside him
“ who”
“ Nina”
Jack smiled, “ your lovely Nani” he said sarcasm
“ get out”
The call ended but started ringing again
“ just pick the call, you have been ignoring her since she came back, she called me you know”
“and a sensible person will know I and ignoring her but she is too stupid to know”
“ or she is just pretending not to see it” Jack concluded
“ I wonder why she can’t just f—–g leave me alone”
Jack burst into laughter, Ethan wondered why he was laughing as nothing was funny about what he said.
“ come one men, you screw her perfectly in bed, now tell me why she will f—–g let you alone” he said sarcastically
This cause Ethan to snorted angrily that brought another round laughter from jack,
“ lets be realistic here, you are dame good in bed, even a lesbian will come back asking for more you know”
“ you are indeed an a—–e”
Jackjust can’t stop laughing and this was annoying Ethan and he knew Jack was doing that to piss him off
“ okey men, why can’t you just tell her off”
“I have”
“ no, I mean tell her off”
He understood what Jack meant by that, it was his way when ever he was done with any lady but they keep coming, he always send them off by either sending his men to treat then roughly, or he just pay some street boys to raped them with warming to stay off him, call him evil but it always work.
“ are you out of your mind, you know who her father is, do you need me to remain you that she his the apple of his eyes, Senator Philip was my grandfather best friend, my grandfather will be so disappointed in me if I even think of creating a war with Senator Philip, her father will come for my head”
“ so you are afraid to die, the almighty Ethan is afraid”
Jack is right, Senator Philip was the only man on earth that Ethan fears, Senator Philip was the best friend to his grandfather, and he was the one that helped him to stand on his feet when his grandfather died, so he owns him so much, that’s why he won’t think of doing something bad to any of his family members because they are family to him
“God it was only once, and I was drunk, if her father gets to know about that, am dead”
“ come on men, that was six years ago, and we both know she drugged you, so it’s not your fault, you just have to tolerate her till you get yourself a wife, maybe she will stop her advances towards you then”
“you think so”
“ maybe”
He just hope Jack is right, this was the more reason he has to get marriage and Nadia was a good mate.
To be continued.

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