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Marriage Contract Gone Wrong (6-8)

Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Mr William blood immediately ran cold, he tried to speak buy no words came out, he knew his request will be big and bad but wasn’t expecting this.
“ you see, I am a business man and i believe time means money to me, so if am going to give you time to pay me back my money, I want Nadia, with her by my side as my wife, I will know that you will definitely pay me within a very short time, you knowing she is with me, will make you hurry up, don’t worry I won’t hurt her”
“my daughter is just a child, she isn’t ready for marriage yet”
Mr William try to sound reasonable ,
“ to me she is ready, well, let’s do it this way, I will give you three days to think about it, and on the fourth day your answer will be needed”
“ you want me to sell my daughter to you”
“I want you to save your company, three days Mr William is all you’ve got, Richard will send you my personal line through your Email on the third day , do have a nice day”
With that Ethan and Richard left his office, Mr William feet couldn’t hold on anymore as it felt weak, he collapsed on his seat, Mr Edwards who has been standing there silently to fear soke out “sir”, Mr William raised up his left hand, stopping him from saying anything, he really want to be left alone, he wave Mr Edward away and Mr Edward left without saying anything, he really felt bad seeing his boss this way and he so much wish he could help but he knows there is nothing he can really do to held, he wonders how Mr Donald could ask his boss to trade his daughter for his company, that young man is really heartless.
Mr William arrived home later that day and went straight to the bedroom, ever since Ethan left his office he hasn’t been himself, the condition Ethan has given him was too much and too difficult for him to choose, he loves his daughter just as much as he values his company, if only Ethan was a nice young man it would have been easy but marrying his precious daughter to someone like him was like sending his own daughter to her death with his hands, he knows she will never be happy there and he has just three days to decide what to do,
“ God, please, tell me what to do, I can’t sell my daughter to that animal, its impossible”
“what’s impossible”
Mr William turned his head and saw Elena standing at the door looking straight at him, she has been there for a while now and Mr William fail to notice her presence because he was lost in his own thought, Mr William shift his face to the floor, Elena walks to him and sat at his side resting her arm on his shoulder,
“ I know this is really disturbing you but we will get through this, we have gotten through a lot of things and they all passed, so this is going to pass with time, please stop worrying”
He immediately looks up to his wife without holding himself back he said it out
“ Mr Donald was in my office today”
surprise and shocked was written on her face,
“ he wasn’t pleased that the money wasn’t ready” he continues “ I managed to ask for more time”
“ did he agree “ she asked impatiently,
“ he did, he is going to give me time as much as I need but with a condition”
this time he was looking straight into her eyes, she knew this wasn’t going to be good,
“ what is it” she asked, he was silent for some time not knowing how to say it out, after a while, “ Nadia”
Elena looks confused “he want to marry Nadia”, Elena was speechless, she was trying to put the words she just heard together, “ he want Nadia to be his wife” Mr William said again not knowing if she heard the first time because she was silent, “ honey are…..”, he called out but was interrupted by Elena angry voice, “ NO WAY” she was furious now,
“ what, is he mad or something, Nadia is still young and immature to be a wife, even if she wants to get married, she will make the decision for herself, she hasn’t even gotten into a relationship before and now marriage, oh no, its not happening “
she said in one go without giving herself a break, Mr William immediately took hold of her arms,
“ listen to me, listen to me, he is not going to near our daughter, not in this life or the next”
he assured her but yet she isn’t convinced, “ she is our baby, she is too sweet to marry such person”
that was when she broke down in tear, Mr William quickly took her in his arms, resting her head on his chest as he continues to tell her comforting words, this wasn’t easy for him, he just wish there was another solution to find the money.
Written by joy Osamudiamen
The door to his office suddenly fling open and Mr Jonathan his father walked towards him in anger, he couldn’t remember when last his father came to his office and today that he decided to come he wasn’t looking happy not that it concerns him, Mr Jonathan hit his hand on the desk,
“ what is wrong with you Ethan, are you out of your mind”,
Ethan looked up to him for few seconds before going back to the document he was writing on,
It was the next day after the visit to Mr William office and he’s already getting a visit from his father,
“ what do you want dad”, he asked unconcernedly without him looking up,
“ how could you do this”
“ how could you ask a man to hand over his daughter’s hand in marriage because of a debt he is to pay, for real Ethan”,
Ethan closed the file, putting his focus on his father,
“ so he ran to you, interesting”
“ there is nothing interesting about this, Ethan this is improper and absurd, grandfather taught you better than this” he said more calmly this time.
“ how will you know what I was taught by grandfather when you wasn’t there, if I remember correctly, you were with your s–t” Ethan said irritatingly, he so not wish to get angry today,
“ stop calling her a s–t, she is my wife and your step mother”
“ your wife you said not mine and step mother not mother, at least there is something we both understand, and as regarding my decision to marry Mr William daughter, you should be happy am getting married, which means you will soon have a daughter in-law “ he snorted,
“ Ethan I know what you are trying to do, and I will say it’s wrong, why will she be the one to pay for it”
“ what are you thinking dad, that I am just doing this for fun, 0h come on, no dad, am getting married to her, and if you are here to talk me out of it, it good you should know that am not stepping down, of coruse if they are able to come up with my money then yes I will call it off, am simply a business man father, this is just business”
“ then let me pay back the money”
Ethan stared at his father, his blood boiled with anger in hearing those words from his father, he got up from his seat and took few steps towards his father, putting both hands in his pocket, he was trying to calm himself down, he wouldn’t want his anger to get the better part of him though he is bad at controlling his anger
“and with which money?, don’t you realize that paying me is equally the same thing I paying myself, its still with my money”.
Mr Jonathan was taken aback by his statement, “ you are my father which means that your company is legitimately mine, and don’t you forget that half of the company is already mine, how did the story go, my mother and you got married and she decided to join her company with yours, So when she died she willed her company to who, me.” He said pointing at himself, “ but I was young so I agreed that you run the company on my behalf, which means that both companies are mine, so don’t push your luck father, I wonder what will happen if that company is divided, and I heard mum’s stock is more higher than everyone’s there” he said with a threatening tone.
Mr Jonathan was speechless at to what Ethan, “ so are we done here” Ethan asked
“ Ethan this isn’t right, and you know it”
“ you are not in the position to advise me” he turned back to his seat, “ this conversation is over” he sat down resting both hands on the desk “ you can see yourself out”
with this he continued with his work on the file. Mr Jonathan wish he could reach out to his son, but he knew the connection between them has long been destroyed, he just thought coming to talk to him might make him to reconsider his decision, he felt for Nadia as she was a good and a nice young lady who can’t cope with his son, his thoughts is Ethan might stood her up on the wedding day to bring humiliation to Mr William, he just hope his thought is wrong, Ethan was going to marry her and he knew it’s going to be hell for her as his son Ethan knows nothing about love or feelings.
After standing there for some few minutes he turn to leave without saying anymore thing, just as he was about to walk out the door, the voice of Ethan stopped him, “ and thanks for passing by” Ethan said, Mr Jonathan ignores this and left the office.
“ sir” Mr Edwards walked into Mr William office holding an envelope on his right hand, Mr William looked up at him, “ what is it” he asked almost immediately he heard his calls, “ sir this arrived not long ago” he said extending it to Mr William who took it from him, “ its from the court “ Mr Edwards completed his statement that made Mr William stopped for a while as he stares at Mr Edwards, Mr William already knew who it was from.
Today makes it the fourth day since Ethan came to his office and the last day that was given to him, he has been trying to get the loan from different places but none was working out, when he called Mr Jonathan and asked for his help, he thought he could be able to talk his son out of it but it didn’t work as planned, his wife has been crying non stop since then and he doesn’t know what to do. He opened the envelope and began to read the content of the letter, it was indeed a court request, he has to come to the court tomorrow by noon, he sign heavily, “ call my lawyer, tell him to meet me now, it’s urgent”
“ yes sir” Mr Edward immediately left to carry out what he was told.
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Not up to two hours, barr John was seated in Mr William office going through all the documents containing the agreement between Mr William and late Donald, there was silence in the office as both were lost in what ever they were doing, Mr William was waiting patiently for his lawyer to tell him the next step to take as it has involved the court, after going through the documents for about ten minute Barr. John finally dropped the document on the table exhaling heavily,
“I won’t lie to you, this isn’t going to be easy my friend”,
Mr William has known barr. John since their university of days, they are more than friends so he understands when barr. John says something like that then he will never disagree to it.
“ so what can we do”
“ there is absolutely nothing we can do, one, the money is huge, two, you couldn’t meet up with the agreement of paying the sum of 2 million every month, you haven’t paid even for once and it has been ten years, what do you think the court will say” Barr. John Stared at Mr Williams waiting for an answer but yet no answer came as Mr William had nothing to say.
“Has he made any demands or given you any conditions or he just want you to pay back immediately” barr. John asked, he needed to know so he can find a way out but never expected what he heard,
“ he want to marry my daughter”
“ excuse me, come again”
“he want Nadia hands in marriage”
there was silent as Barr. John didn’t know what to say, Nadia was like a daughter to him, he was there when she was born so he understood the feeling of giving out such a wonderful girl to someone like Ethan, he knows Ethan and his behavior, he had come around cases that involves him and all didn’t end well, so he doubt if this will end well too, Mr Ethan Donald always gets what he wants.
“and you can’t do that”
“of course not, Nadia is my baby girl, I can’t give her out to that monster, he isn’t human, Nadia is too sweet to live with someone like that and you know it”
“I understand you, but do you have any idea who Mr Ethan Donald is” he pulse to observe Mr Williams “I have had cases with Mr Ethan Donald and believe me when I say he always wins, he has the best lawyers you can ever think of, he is a master planer, look am not trying to discourage you from fighting for what you believe is right for your daughter but you can’t win this”
“What chances do I have” Mr William asked not listening to what Barr. John was saying he just can’t accept defeat not when it involves his daughter.
Barr. John exhale loudly knowing his friend will not want to listen,
“ well, has he given you any warning letter?”
“yes he did and he gave me in person, we have seen and discussed too”
“let me have the letter” Mr William quickly got out and brought the letter from the shelf that is very close to him and handed it to Barr. John before sitting down, Barr. John opened it and went through it.
“ well, he did give you a warning letter”
he said droping the letter on the office desk,
“ the court sent you a claim form and a response pack, I have gone through the claim form which you have also, since you agree that you owe all the money shown in the claim form, you have to fill in the admission form in the response pack. The form asks for details of your financial situation” Barr. John stopped to see if he was following, Mr William signal him to continue by nodding his head.
“Send the form back to your Mr Ethan Donald , not to the court. You should also keep a copy and send a recorded delivery to prove you sent the form in case it gets lost, and you can use the admission form to ask to pay off the debt in instalment.
“ that is the problem, he doesn’t want that, he want me to pay in full and I can’t do that, I don’t have that amount of money” he answered frustratedly
“ you don’t have the money, trust me I know, so now since he doesn’t accept your payment offer a court official or a judge will decide what’s fair and believe me when I say it will be in his favor, my friend, think about it very wisely, you can go bankrupt, I am telling you as a friend and as your lawyer, I have come in contact with similar cases”
“ so you are telling me to hand over my daughter to him”
“ you will make that choice yourself”
Mr William was weak to the bone as he didn’t know what to do
“ we must go to the court tomorrow and make sure you come with the claim form tomorrow , because if you delay Mr Ethan Donald can ask the court for an order to be made against you. It means that you won’t have an opportunity to put your case to the court and mr Ethan Donald can start to take more serious action straightaway”
“You know you should change your personality” Jake said as soon as he entered Ethan office, Ethan stopped what he was doing to look at his friend who was about sitting down, “and why should I change my personality” he asked Jake,
“ come on men, you know the reason already, your personality sucks. God I wish I have the right word to describe it”
“ I will bless the day you find that word”
“shut up”
Ethan returned to what he was doing on his laptop before Jack came in, Jack was already seated crossing his leg together, “ so what are you doing today?, we can go out for lunch” Jack asked
“ I can’t, have a lot on my desk right now”
“ like seriously, you can give anyone to do it for you, that’s makes you the CEO right”
Ethan looked up at him, “ well I don’t have anyone that I trust that can leave anything that has to do with my work for”
“ just agree with me that you are a work worm”
“ I love the compliment”
“ I wonder how I am still friends with you”
Ethan snorted, Jack ignored him bringing out his phone to get himself busy, in as much as they both have different personalities they both seem to be compatible, they do fight and argue a lot but can never be separated from each other.

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