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Marriage Contact Gone Wrong (9-10)

episode 9
Continue from last sequence..
“so, how is it between you and Mr William, have you both resolve your problems” jack asked nonchalantly, the last time they talked about it was when they had met the other day after Ethan came back from Mr William office, they did lunch together to catch up on the times they were apart, Ethan told him everything excluding the part he requested for Nadia to be his wife.
“ the old man is playing hard to crack” Ethan said closing the file that he has been working on.
“ you always have your way to do that don’t you?”
“there is something I didn’t tell you the other day”
“ am listening” when ever Ethan said something like this he knows there is indeed a big fish he didn’t let out of the net.
“ I requested for his daughter hand in marriage”
Jack eyes grew wide in shock, he wasn’t expecting this, “ WHAT”
“ I mean what can be a good guarantee that he will pay the money if not his daughter”
“ what the hell”, Jack retorted, he can’t seem you get over the shock news he just heard
“ what, I needed my money and obviously he don’t have it” Ethan defended himself.
“ are you out of your mind, how do you expect him to give out his only daughter to you because of 45 billion dollars he is owning you”
“I can marry as many wives as I want with 45 billion dollars” Ethan fired back, he knew jack was going to react this way but he just can’t keep things from him.
“ are you still going for that lunch” he asked getting up, he wasn’t ready to have a fight his friend over the issue, so that was the only way to distract Jack.
Jack exhale heavily, knowing Ethan was trying to divert the topic, “ I can’t talk you out of this, can I?”
“ nope”
Jack don’t like the idea but he knew Ethan has already made up his mind for this and he will not go back until he gets what he wants.
“ than lunch it is” he got up and both of them left the office.
“Mum am home” that was Nadia rushing towards her parents bedroom, the maid that has helped her with her luggage told her that her mother was in the bedroom so she hurried there, the door to the bedroom wasn’t locked, she turned the knob of the door and the door opened immediately the knob was turned and she went in, “mum”, Elena came out from the bathroom, she was fully dress so she couldn’t have been having a shower, Nadia thought, Elena was surprised at the same time also happy to see her daughter, they both hugged themselves as a mother and daughter could seeing eachother after a long time.
“O my beautiful daughter, I missed you so much” Elena said still on the embrace, “ I missed you more and you know it” they both release from the embrace. “ it been like 3 months right”
“precisely 2 months and two weeks”
“ you could have told us you were coming”
“ I know but it wouldn’t be a surprise if I did, I know dad is not at home”
“ no he is not, you must be hungry, come let me make something for you to eat while you tell me all about your trip” they both left the bedroom happily.
Nadia has taken a nap after eating a delicious delicacy prepared by her mother, she has missed her mother meal so much.
Nadia is a student in the university of Abuja studying marketing and management and she is one of the best student in both her class and school, She has managed to form a little organization in school that helps students and also those that need some business ideas through her blog that has gone worldwide, she is always invited to many presentations and press conferences as well, because of this she is always out of town but that does not affect her studies.
She has just came back from a press conference she attended in Dubai and she is so happy to be home, she barely comes home for weekends because of her busy schedule and her studies but she always finds time to visit when she could.
She picked up her phone that was just at the side of the bed as she sat up on the bed, she chatted with some of her friends for about fifteen minutes before deciding to go down stair, judging from the time her father might be home already, she headed to the sitting room but found no body there then she headed to her parents room, she was so excited to see her father and to tell him all the achievements she had achieved this passed months but her excitement died down when she got closer to her parents bedroom door, she heard two recognized voice talking more like arguing over something, the door was fully lock so it wasn’t difficult for her to hear their conversation, she stood close to the door, she hates enveloping on someone conversation but she just couldn’t stop herself from doing so.
“ I could suggest we tell her, she is no kid, since the situation has gotten to this” that was her father Mr William voice, “ so what are you going to say, that you can’t protect her, you are her father, we are her parents and we have a parental responsibility to preform and that is what we will do”
Nadia was trying to put the words she was hearing in together, she was sure about one thingthat whatever they are discussing is definitely about her and she could love to know, she then decided to show herself, she opened the door widely and entered, Mr William and Elena immediately stopped talking when she entered which she expected from them since they really don’t want her to know whatever that was going on.
“ dad, mom, is everything alright”
What do you think, is it right that she is told or is Elena right.
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 10
Written by Joy Osamudiamen

I know you reader have be complaining of my layers posting but please bare with me, I work and school every day except for Saturdays and Sunday that I have free time to write up, so try and be patient with me, I will try my best to make up.
Thanks for your understanding.
He opened his eyes to the sound of his ringing phone, his eyes caught the alarm clock that was just placed on the nightstand, the time says 4:26am, “what the hall” he cursed under his breath, he rolled to the other side of the bed where the phone was ringing, picking it up from the night stand he gaze at the number that was showing on his phone screen, it was an unknown number, he wonder who would be calling his line at this hour, the caller wasn’t a business associate because his business line was a different one.
Ethan has three different phones for different purposes, one is for his business associates, the second was for close friends and family that has quite a few numbers since he doesn’t keep friends and family close, the other one was for numbers that isn’t in the group of neither his friends, family or business, let just say unimportant numbers and that was the particular phone that was ringing which anger him because now he just have two hours to sleep before getting ready for work.
He didn’t sleep early as he had some office work he brought home, no wonder his friend (Jack) calls him a work worm, he angrily pick the call placing it on him ear “ who is this” he asked rudely, Ethan doesn’t believe in staying silence to an unknown number until the person in the other ends speaks, Jack has cautioned him about it but he care less about it.
“hello handsome” a lady voice was heard on the other end of the phone.
The voice sounded familiar but he just doesn’t have that time to think of any similarity,
“ who ever you are, you have one second to introduce yourself and the reason for you calling at this hour, and it better be important”
“ you never change do you, always this rude, and that’s one thing that I like about you, so in control “ she said ignoring his angry tone.
There was only one person that has always told his that, immediately he knew who was speaking with him,
“ Nina” he asked nonchalantly
“ oh my, you remembered my voice” she excitedly scream on her end.
“Why call me this late and with a new line”
“ well I misplaced my phone, no, it was stolen from me so I bought a new one, now guess what, I am back in Nigeria, so I decided to give you a call, I have missed you so much, I got you lots of wonderful presents and I know you will love them, I will come by your office later by noon, I know you miss me too, did you miss me” she said in one go
“ are you expecting me to answer that” he said tiredly
“no, because I know you miss me, so see you later”
“ I won’t be at the office, i have somewhere to go to and don’t know when I will be coming”
He really will be busy all day and doesn’t want any drama from the drama queen herself,
“really don’t worry then, we will see when you are free, now sleep well, love you” she blew him a kiss before ending the call, Ethan took the phone from his ear starring at it, “ I hate this girl” he murmured angrily dropping the phone back on the night stand, all that while Nina was screaming her lungs out, out of excitement, he has be snorting silently, he just can’t believe she was back into his peaceful life again, he leaned his face on his two palms and exhale heavily before laying back on the bed, the day was going to be a long day.
Nadia woke up with a smile on her face, she has missed her bed and home so much, she looked at the time that says 7:23, “ wow, can’t believe I slept that long”, Nadia was an early raiser, right from when she was little she was praised by her friends and teachers for her punctuality to school, she quickly got up from her bed and dressed the bed up, she washed her teeth the decided to take breakfast before taking her morning bath, she headed to the sitting room knowing that her father will be in the dinning having his breakfast since he also is an early raiser that’s why e never goes to work late, guess that’s where she go that from, her smile died down as she started hearing her parents arguing again with a low voice and it was going from the dinning, “who has breakfast and fight” she thought to herself, yesterday they made her believe that it was their personal issue, an issue that has to do with wife and husband, even when she knew they were lying she choose to believe them, now they are repeating the same thing again, this wasn’t just some wife and husband issue as they have claimed and she was determined to find out what it was.
Mr William has tried almost everything to persuade his wife in telling their daughter, Nadia what was happening but Elena was still adamant on her decision, he knew his daughter was a clever girl and she didn’t bought what she was told yesterday, he had hope Nadia could persist a little more so his wife could have no choice but to open up, he was disappointed when Nadia didn’t, this morning in the dinner he brought the issue up again hoping this time his wife could listen but just as before she refused which started another argument,
They were trying so hard to keep their voice down because they knew Nadia could still be sleeping but their guess was wrong as the voice of Nadia made both to turn to the same direction.
“Mum, dad, you both better tell me what is going on right now, and please don’t tell me it between the both of you because I never bought the lies you both came up with yesterday” she said calmly
Elena and Mr William gazed at each other, they both were confused, they didn’t know what to say, Elena looked at her daughter trying to think of something but she knew her daughter will still see through another lies, the whole place was silent, they were all staring at each other, Elena exhale loudly knowing there was nothing to do but to tell her the truth “ Nadia, come sit, I and your father will tell you everything” Nadia looked at his father who nod in agreement to what his wife just said, with this Nadia move to a couch just close to her, Elena and Mr William joined her, each sitting on her opposite sides ( her left and right), she prepared herself to hear what they have to say, she just hope it’s nothing she couldn’t handle.
“this can not be happening” Nadia said springing up from the couch, Elena and Mr William has just finished telling her everything leaving no stone unturned, they both took turns in explaining everything to her, she was silent throughout, listening to every words they were saying, she was indeed shock to learn all the things they told her, but she has always being a person that is always compose no matter what she face, she should be angry but she just can’t bring herself to feel that way because she really don’t know how to get angry, guess God wanted her to be that way, but upset yes she is, hurt, yes she is, she is hurt that her parents would keep all this from her, she understands that they were trying to protect her in some way but she is old enough to make her own decision, she was upset that someone was doing this to her father though she doesn’t blame whoever he is, her father was at fault in all this.
“I have tried to reason with him but he won’t want to hear any of it “Mr William said seriously,
“ it will be difficult to reason with him dad, who wouldn’t be unreasonable in this situation, dad, you took this loan ten years ago and an agreement was made but you broke that agreement by not paying a single payment to them”
“ Nadia, you have no idea how it has been for the company this pasted years” Elena defended her husband calmly
“ mum I understand but it was better we had manage then to be in this mass now and the irony of it is that I am the one that will have to pay the debt”
“ I won’t allow that to happen, I know i was wrong but you have no business with what ever I did years ago, I will take care of this”
“ but dad…….”
Mr Williams stopped her from saying any more word by raising his hand,
“I will be going to court today, they sent a letter requesting for my presence, don’t worry, things will fall in place” he caressed her cheek softly, he hope and prays he was right, Nadia knew this was not something that will be easily solved, she understands everything that was going on but she just hope her father pull thing off, she was going to allow her father do his part because she has her own plans, she was going to meet that man that feels he can use the situation at hand to have her as his wife.

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Marriage Contract Gone Wrong (6-8)
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