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Life of a Celebrity (Episode 6&7)

This was just too funny..he burst out laughing.. She waited till he was done laughing his eyes out
“Are you done? Now show me my way in”
She attempted to walk in but Simon held her back
“Whoa whoa whoa, hold it there.. Are you for real? Like you just pop out from the blues and you are my wife..like are you serious?”
She laughed..
“You don’t get it do you? Our marriage has been arranged even before both of us were born..lucky for you I find you my type so be ready to get used to me dumbass”
Ahn ahn, what’s going on here?
He thought.. Is this one all those marine witches that appears for the river to hunt successful men? It was like she was speaking Latin
“You can ask your father, or your grandfather.. I can’t believe they didn’t tell you”
He was still starring at her with his mouth wide open
“Well? Say something”
Say what? What exactly should he say?
She grew angry and left, he didn’t let her in, for what?. This was more than he could handle..he called his grandfather but Mr Nkoli line was busy..he was on a call with Simon’s father, Peter
“Peter your son has gone rogue..you know the only way we can get this company is to make him marry Doris..”
Eve could hear him clearly, she stopped at his last statement.. What was this man talking about?
“It’s not going to work Peter..have you forgotten we killed his real parents so we could adopt him, we have not been able to get the original documents for this company, his parents made sure it was well hidden..so the only way is make him marry Doris so we could…
He stopped when Eve phone rang. It was Simon.. Oh God not now
“who is there?”
There way no way she could hide anymore, she gently pushed the door and entered
“It’s me s-sir..I emm c-came to see you” she stammered so hard she could barely control herself, she couldnt believe what she just heard. Simon has to hear this, but the thing now is she knew fully well that Mr Nkoli knew she heard it all
“What did you hear?”
He questioned as he pressed a button under his table to signal Bruno
“No-nothing s-sir..I didn’t hear anything”
He smiled
“Oh quit the pretense young lady, I know you must think I am a very evil person”
She remained quiet.
“I didn’t hear anything sir”
He stood up when Bruno entered..
“Well I dont believe you, this plan has long been structured even before you were born, so it wouldn’t take me a minute to crush you”
He whispered to Bruno
“Take her someplace quiet, and kill her”
“You can go now, Bruno would take you home” Nkoli instructed
Eve was now suspecting something was not right when she noticed Bruno didn’t even speak to her as he drove..
She confirmed it now when he was driving to a place she didn’t recognize
“Bruno where are we going?”
She questioned..he auto winged up all the windscreen..The glasses were dark so no one could hear nor see her as she screamed for help on top of her voice..he hit her with the back of his gun when she was becoming to noisy..she fainted and woke up in an uncompleted building hours later..she noticed a paper stuck with an arrow on her left thigh..
She winced in pain, she tried moving her right thigh but a sharp pain ran from her ankle up to her waist, she noticed a deep hole in her thigh..she had been shot..
She cried and shouted for help..it was like the place was deserted, no one could hear her..she held the arrow on her right thigh..she had to pull it out so she could read what was written on the paper..she breathe down and shut her eyes as she pulled with all her strength
“Ahhh, God!”
She pulled it out..blood gushed out..
“My instructions were to kill you, but I can’t..leave the city immediately”
She read it and passed out
She remained there for two whole days..she was giving up already when some group of stray boys found her there when they came to smoke weed..
“Let’s rape her”
The first one immediately suggested..
The leader knocked his head
“Don’t you see she is dying, you want to commit murder abi”
He got close to her and heard her whisper
“H-help m-me”
He recognized her face
“Wait oh, is this not Evelyn that actress?”
The rest rushed at him to confirm, it was really true, they quickly rushed her to the nearest maternity..of course they wanted to be known as the heroes who saved the life of a Celebrity
She was in comma for two days, and after a week she could now use crutches.. The doctor insisted she forget about the bills..but her mind couldnt get off Simon..she had to tell him what she heard..even if her life would be in danger if she does..she knew quite well she was putting her life on the line here, but she didn’t care..after two weeks she could manage with one crutch..so late in the evening she was careful and went straight to Simon’s mansion..she met him in the bar, drinking himself to stupor..he chuckled in disgust when he saw her
“Simon I..”
He didn’t let her drop the word
“Get out!”
She couldn’t believe what she heard..ok Maybe he was just drunk
“Simon i have something important to tell you”
She protested and attempted to go towards him..he got up in rage and started towards her
“I said get out you gold-digger..what are you hear to prove? Huh?!”
Her mind was beginning to tell her that Simon has been told everything..
“Simon please let me explain..”
“Explain what?! Huh?! You got me vulnerable, you made me believe in love again! You made me look like a fool..I trusted you..I even wanted to protect you like my own..”
Hot tears poured from her eyes..
“Simon I have suffered much just to get here, just to see you..”
He was a bit moved by her tears but just as he was about to give in he remembered his grandfather’s words
“She was just in for the money son..so once again you have been left behind”
He backed away from her..and pointed towards the door
“Get out”
She was devastated, he couldn’t even mind the fact that she was using crutches, he didn’t even ask what she had been for the past 2weeks, he didn’t even ask how she got injured
“Simon they want you to marry…”
She still tried to tell him the needful
“Yes I would marry her”
Her heart sank..Maybe he was joking..he was out to prove to her that he wasn’t
He brought his phone and played the record his grandfather sent to him
“Think about it Eve, you would March in a red carpet event, you would become a star”
“Ok ok when do I start”
The record stopped..
Her mouth opened, no word came out..she started out of the house
He backed her, he didn’t even want to see her face..and when she had left he turned and ran out to see if she was still around
She was gone..what was he thinking? She was even with crutches and he didn’t even ask what she had been thru..he didn’t even listen to her..the thoughts began to go wild in his mind now that he felt he would go crazy..
He entered his car..
“Open the gate!”
He drove metres away..to and fro..yet he couldn’t find her
Nkoli and peter was greatly relieved that Eve was out of the picture
“Make sure the media knows she is dead..it should everywhere”
Bruno wanted to protest but it would raise suspicions
“What about Sonia”
Peter asked
“They would be married next week”
He turned to Bruno
“One more thing, wipe out her family, every trace of Eve shouldn’t exist”
To be continued..
Episode 7
Madalene was shocked to see Eve with crutches..Eve cousin ran to her
“Aunty where have you been? What happened to you?”
He asked and helped her in
“Where have you been this useless child?”
Eve was not ready to hear any of her foster mother’s bicker this time
“Mom if you just start now you would seize to be my mother..what did I ever do to you? I suffered to make sure you have food on your table..yet you don’t see me as your daughter”
Madalene was touched..later that night she went to Eve
“Am sorry my child”
Eve was more than glad..finally she has a mother..she still had lots of money in her account so she planned to move them out of the country now that her life was on the line..it was indeed more than shock to her when she saw her obituary posters all over the media..and posters of Simon’s wedding to another woman..her phone rang..it was her biological mother
“Eve where are you?”
Her voice sounded urgent
“Am alive mom..am at home”
Oh what a relief..but that was not the issue at hand
“Eve come out now..now”
What was going on? Eve hurried out, maybe her mother wanted to see her or something, she was extremely scared..metres away from the house, before her eyes..the whole house lit fire
She dropped her crutches and hurried with the pains shouting for help..but then, she received a hit at the back of her head and fainted..she woke up in a well furnished bedroom..
She remembered the fire and jumped up forgetting that there was no strength in her legs..she fell with a thud..her mother quickly rushed in
“Relax Eve”
“Where are they..my..”
Yvonne interrupted her with the most devastating news
“All dead..burnt beyond recognition”
Tears poured from her eyes
Yvonne scoffed at her tears
“Those tears who do you no good my dear..I told you before, love is for the weak, Look where it has gotten you now..you didn’t even ask why I divorced my husband..why I never had anything to do with them..you rushed into your own funeral because of what? Money?”
Eve was quiet..the hurt she felt was gradually turning into severe anger..her face turned red..hot tears she couldn’t control
“You are dead to the world..but I can change all of that..that’s if you are ready”
Without hesitation she replied
“Am ready”
A week later Nkoli received a letter that made his heart sink, he read aloud
“When your castle has been built to the brim..I’ll be back..Eve”
It’s been 3years now..things seemed to die down..Eve had been written off..of course Yvonne flew her out of the country to train her emotionally and into the world of the top societal rulers..
Nkoli had tore the letter and promised himself things was alright..he told Peter about it and made sure Bruno was tortured beyond human recognition for his incompetence..But then, Yvonne never failed to be a constant reminder
“You tried to murder my child..just a little while now..She’ll be back..you all just wait” no matter how hard himself and all that had a hand in her pains tried to wave the thought of..it still remained a constant fear..
“What’s this Simon.. You didn’t touch the food I cooked again”
Sonia barked at him, they’ve been married for 3years now..he had not even touched her..he ignored her and picked his car keys to go out
“Don’t you walk out on me dumbass!..are we married?”
He removed her hands from his suit
“Good question.. We are not..my grandfather married you, go to him”
She still held him, she was ready for him today, she would make sure he doesn’t go anywhere..he pushed her with force, his eyes turned red
“Don’t you ever!..”
He didn’t finish his statement, he walked out..in his car he went thru Eve’s pictures on his phone again..
“I’m still waiting for you..we have scores to settle”
He kissed it and held it close to his chest
Peter was perplexed
“Father we still can’t access this company..the plan was during the court wedding, part of the shares of this company goes to Sonia..which automatically comes to us..but the judge says we can’t access it..for 3yrs now or is the marriage fake?”
Nkoli wasn’t listening, he had received another letter again from Eve, despite all he had tore he kept receiving..he had sacked all his secretaries yet the letter kept coming with the same words
“When your castle has been built to the brim..I’ll be back..Eve”
This was torment
Peter woke him out of his reverie
“The event awaits”
He quickly got dressed and hurried out..this was a one in a life time opportunity to actually peer with “Celtic film production company” it was the biggest film production company in the whole Africa..he wouldn’t waste another minute..it was a red carpet event and a chance to meet with the CEO..as they both attended to shutters and cameras the CEO came in her limousine and her gold gown, dark sparkling purse and a Fold shoe..cameras and shutters turned, As she came closer it became suddenly realisable.. suddenly true.., the media took it live, it was on air, the crowd was divided.. whisperers called
“Is that not Eve?”
Nkoli fainted
To be Continued..

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Life of a Celebrity (Episode 4&5)
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