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Just Like The Stars (chapter two)

2. The stranger in the night
January 2

The next morning after brushing my teeth i took my bath wore my blue jean and turtleneck sweater. I could percieve the aroma of fried turkey when i was half way down the stairs, on my way to the dinning room i bumped into sophine i tried talking to her but got no reply.

Everyone sat quietly that morning as diana served the breakfast,after praying we started eating. Not quite long sophine entered the dinning room,she walked passed grandma and grandpa without greeting went into the kitchen, later she came out with a glass of fruit juice as she was about to leave grandpa called her.

” sophine, are you not going to eat breakfast with us today,” he asked.

Sophine eyes narrowed. ” what did you say?

“You heard me,”

” you turn my mum against me and screw out my visit to see her, and then what? You think I’m just gonna tag along and sit arround this table with this ,” she hissed. ” And pretend we’re having a nice family breakfast? I’d rather drink gasoline,”

I’ve never seen grandpa so angry before as he was that morning , he stood up as if he want wanted to smacked her, but im sure he was scared.

I spend the rest of the day in my bedroom its hardly quiet with sophine always playing the music, though it was private.

I tried reading but could not concentrate with all that loud music playing, so i came down the stairs that evening i checked the time, it was almost time for night prayer, sophine had already turned off the television and everywhere was quiet now. Goodnews, my grand parents where already getting ready for the prayers and i was feeling even more bored like ever before.

After prayers that night i went to my room, put fluffy on the his bed. Fluffy thats the name of the dog i saw under my bed. Then i went to my bed and slept.

That night i had a nightmare, i woke up feeling scared, then i heard a sound from down the stairs, it was like someone was walking slowly and softly so no one would notice then the sound suddenly stopped, i gently came down from the bed and walked toward the door i opened it gently i huddle behind the door when i was halfway to the stairs, that was when i saw someone dressed completely in black that made him look almost invincible, i squeeze into the door way or crouch like a tight ball holding my breath until the person pass by. I saw the person passing through the window when it left the house, After some mintues i turned toward my room then bumped into something i screamed so loud that everybody sleeping woke up. Not knowning it was fluffy he had been there all this time and i didn’t know, grandpa saw the broken glass on the floor and the window was opened too.

I told them what i saw but sophine doubted it , for the first time since i came to my grandparents house she have talked to me, everyone was scared but i wasnt i was determined to know who it was that entered the house that night.i started by plotting out my plans, i thought that i would stay up every night after evening prayers and then when i see the person i would scream, but that would be lame, because before my grandparents would come out of their room the person would have escape.

So it took me three weeks plotting my perfect plan, grandpa already instructed everyone to lock their door before going to bed Every night, the police investigation was lame too, ” Hmm i mean everything.”

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