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Just Like The Stars (chapter three)

3. The place I’m not welcome

January 14

The fourteenth of january starts with about six inches of snow on the ground, by the time i was taking my morning breakfast, though the sun is starting to break through, and the icicles along our roofline are driping steadily.
    I was surpose to go back home now since the holiday was over but my mum and dad suggested i should stay with my grandparents while i attend a new school i didnt like the idea because i was going to miss ivy, Alice and all our plans for this term.

      Everything happened so fast i got enrolled in a new school a little bit far from the house, i was going to start today my mum already called me, to pray for me in the morning before breakfast. I wore my denin jacket, black jeans, over coat i already wore my glove and scarf and was ready to go.

     The school bus was now already outside by the time i finished my breakfast, my grandma followed me to the door she hug me and i kissed her on the cheeks. My new school was  a lot better than the old one, because all the equipment where available but it was almost obvious that the students dont like me.

   My first day at chilton high was way worst than the rest of the days, wonder why? I walked down from the school bus just like every other teenager but i didn’t know the class that was surpose to be mine,  i walked through the hallway almost five  times,  just like every other schools i did attend,  mum was always with me from the principal office i would have know my class, but this was different.

  As i was about to ask one of the student a teacher walked toward where i was,  she stared at me until i felt like i should speak

    “I’m… I’m Alison brattle, A new student, I’m looking for my class,” i stammered.

    “Hmm,” she muttered. ” ive been watching you ever since you walked into this hallway,”

I grabbed my bag handle tight,  i then walked a little closer to her, all the student passing by where just staring at me.

    ” so it appears,” she taps a sheet of paper.” Tell me something how long have you been walking to and fro in this hallway?”

      I pratically choke. “A few mintues,”

” Are we talking about time?” She promts.” Two? Five?ten?”

I finally shrug. ” yes ma,”

  ” okay, just because you’re new here I’m just going to pardon you, but i wont tolerate this from you again, if it  happens again,”  she repeat snapping her glasses back on and reading from a book she was holding. ” Alison thats you’re class.” She pointed a class at my front and then smile.

I turned in surprise, and then whisppeard to myself ” what a fool.”
” what did you say?” She asked.
   ” nothing, miss.” I replied.

She gave me a book and walked away. I walked into the class, and sat down according to the number wriiten on my welcome to school book which was nineteen my seat was at the middle of the class by my right was number twenty which was a girl with  blond hair sitting over there, by left number eighteen, a boy who have been starring at me ever since i walked in, he then looked up and shouted.

” Everyone we have a new student over here!” he shouted.

The whole class burst into laughter except the girl by my right who was just looking at me,  it was just like the class was full of weirdo.

    ” And thats nothing even though she is new here,  we havent even know how stupid she can be,” a girl from the back seat shouted.

” what do you mean?” A teacher said  walking into the class. ” you have been apprehended,  Alissa everytime you’ve-he picked his words carefully-” cross the line.”

The whole class was quiet now after i introduce myself to the class things change a lot, nobody was talking to me except Dawn the girl sitting at my right in the class.

After school that day i and Dawn walked home together but to our surprise Alissa and two other girls had been following us but i later realise that alissa live next door very close to my house, that sometimes i can even see what she’s doing in her room when i open the curtain in my room.

” you need new clothes,” she stressed. Picking up the sleeve of my denin jacket in her hand in a mock of disgust.

” this…this is a disgrace.” She shook my hand, and i jerked it back. Feigning like i was hurt.

” what’s wrong with my clothing?” I asked, stepping back from her.

    ” Everything,” she and the two other girl laughed.

And i rolled my eyes.
  ” i really dont think there is anything wrong with my clothes, okay.” I said turning to leave.

” I am comfortable, and i don’t look terrible thats all that matters,”

     ” Really.” She laughed out again. ” you call this clothes, more like rags,”

” Alissa, just stop okay, its enough Alison didnt talk to you and you started blabbing about clothes, have you looked at yourself at the mirror, oh my gosh, you look like a mop,” Dawn said as we walked pass her.

She kicked a stone on her way, about following us, watching it slowly stumble off.

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