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Just Like The Stars (chapter six)

6. The bad news

Justin paused by my locker, and eventually help me pry open it, as it refused to succumb to a person who had stuffed it so full, then finally it opened and i took my backpack, he close the locker, shrugged and walked me to class. It wasnt a comfortable accompaniment, i felt nervous on edge arround him definitely not like a boyfriend walking his girlfriend to class. Thats probably what it looked like, but i would never date someone like him, i scoffed at the thought.

    He gave me an amused look, as if trying to guess my thoughts but i just shook my head.

     “Let’s talk to wilson and alissa after school about the project,” i sneered as we got to the chemistry II door.

   He laughed. “Oh, you’re right, i’ll be seeing you after school,”

     He started walking away, leaving me with my eyebrows scrunched together.

   “Ok,” i said about to open the door.

   “Bye… His chuckle echoed off the hall.

    “Great,” i muttered, pushing into the class. The teacher gave a glance in my direction, before indicating for me to sit down.

    “You’re lucky its the second day of school this week, and if I’m still lenient, Alison brattle, dont be late again,” mr fred said, as i slumped in my seat.

  “You’re grumbling a lot more than usual,” Dawn commented as i walked up to her sixth hours, we were walking slower than normal not afriad that she would be marked late.

    “I’m not,” i countered, but i noticed the grumble in my tone and huffed, i wouldn’t be walking next to dawn right now i could just go home, but i knew that justin was probably waiting for me.

   Dawn gave me a pointed look, her eyebrow arched precariously, daring me to lie more to her.

    “I’m talking about justin…,” she said.

     “Nothing, we are just talking about the project thats all,” i reminded her.

   “Okay,  well i guess we will be seeing tomorrow,” she said, and i smiled giving her a wave before she trottled off to her classroom.even though i felt a start of love growing toward go ol’ justin, i felt determined to keep it a secret. I walked to the entrance of the school, feeling childish i pressed my face against the cool glass, to see the rain splattering hard against the side walk still, and the car only a short distance away. I was once again grateful that had sophine thought of getting a close parking spot today. I didnt see anybody outside, maybe justin had forgot about me? Smiling wryly, my phone started ringing, even though,  we where not allow to take our phone  to class my phone was always with me.

     I picked the call and then listen, it was diana voice i heard crying.

     “Miss, Diana, what’s wrong, why are you crying,” i asked feeling worried.

    “Alison, your grandpa slumped this morning on the dinning table and hit his head on the table, they have taken him to the hospital just now,” Diana said,  anxiously.

    “What!” I said almost in tears, “what hospital was he taken to?”

      “Saint… That was when the call ended. I pushed open the door and rushed out into the cold rain. I was soaked to the bone by the time i had reached the car i dug the keys out of my pocket crawing into the car,  i quickly fired the car to life with shaking hands. Turning the heat up all the way, i waited comfortably while the car’s heating system was warming the car up. I leaned back in my chair, closing my eyes lightly. Sighing as the heat warmed my skin, the fact that i wasn’t cold anymore.

  There was a rap on the door, and i jolted forward, my eyes snapping open, my head collided with the sun visor that had apparently fallen down again, but i quickly looked toward’s the passenger’s side. A figure stood in front of the window, the figure meshed together by the rain, but they were obviously indicating that i rolled down the window.

    I rolled it down, careful of the rain that was now blowing inside the car,  trying to see who it was, a face appeared clearer, and i gasped, starting to roll the window back again quickly. but justin’s hand shot forward stopping the window from closing,  he pressed the unlock button on the door and was climbing into the passenger’s seat.

      I looked at him, as he shut the door firmly behind him, the window finally rolling up, a mintue too late for it purpose. He shook some of the water droplets off his hair, a simle on his face as he firmly turned to look at me.

     “Alison, you thought i wasnt going to come out right, ive been watching you since.” He laughed, and i found myself captured by his tone.

      “What’s wrong, you seem like you’re not happy.” He asked his whole face looking worried as mine. His eyes held mine and i found myself starring into his eyes almost in a trance. i snorted in disgust at myself and lost contact as i looked away, toward the window.

     “My grandpa is in the hospital they said he slumped this morning, and went unconcious,” i said almost in tears.

     “Oh, sorry,” he said reaching over,  and unbluckling my seat buckle swiftl before i had the chance to drop my jaws.

     “Let me drive you home, your not in a shape to drive yourself home,” he said.

     “No, I’m okay,” i replied insisting.

We stay silent for a few minutes, it was very uncomfortable silence, but i cleared my throat and shook my head.

   “Let me drive you…” He growled reaching over to the keys. He snatched them jingling ring of keys from his other hand.

     “But it’s just so fun… And you are so gullible,” he snickered, and growled under my breath.

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