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Just Like The Stars (chapter four)

4. My mission begins

The next morning. My grandma sat with me on the dinning table long enough to make sure i ate my breakfast. I set my time according to the clock over the stove- 7:51. Very careful, i wind the watch, hold it to my ear, and when i heard it ticking my heart skips a beat. I straps it on, and even though the watch band hang loosely on my wrist, the watch looks awesome.

I’ve never felt so mysterious in my life.

At 8:20, i was already inside the school bus, pull on my new gloves and zips up my winter coat, when we arrive at school that morning i was feeling even more cold.

“Alison, are you okay?” Dawn asked as we both walked into the hallway.

“Nothing, just feeling a little cold,” i replied.

“Hmm ok,”

“Hey, what are you two doing?” A new voice perked in, and we both turned to kayla and josh.

“Hi,” i said.

“So i guess we should get to class?” Kayla suggested.

“Yeah,” said josh walking away toward the class.

“We all know- especially you, that you are going to have the highest classes,” kayla said with an eye roll.

“Well you didnt have to say it, you ruined all my fun,” dawned said, with a grin falling easily.

“Oh, sorry,” replied kayla.

Immediately we saw one of the teacher walking toward where we was standing we pretendly walked into the class- room.
Another thing about this class; was that i abd dawn where the only girls. you wouldn’t think would be hard, but i find myself blending more with my studies like Ever before. I thought they where going to judge me on how my hair was today. In some aspects the guys were a lot easier to get along with.

Class started like normal; the teacher mrs eleanor, droning on and on about part of speech, though it was boring. I know the school rules it was written on my welcome to school book, if we disobeyed any of the rules, the backs of ours hands might end up not being there anymore.

That feeling, when you notice that someone is starring at you the back of your head numbs. I sat frozen for a moment.

“Is everything alright, Alison brattle?” Mr eleanor broke my concentration on the guy’s eyes, and i reacted quickly, reaching to the ground.

“Yeah, just dropped my pencil,” i said picking and imaginary pencil up the ground, giving another glance at the guy. He was starring at the teacher with a blank expression again, i did the same.

After English class the bell rang for lunch time. I and dawn shuffled through the slowly moving line to get food at the snack bar.

“You know that guy that sit behind you in English class?” I asked dawn, pouring hot cheese into a styrofoam cup.

“Yeah,” she said, snatching up a soft pretezel.

“What’s his name?” i asked casually, not bothering to touch anything in the line.

She laughed. “You dont know his name.” I gave her a confused look.

“That’s justin blake, the most hand some and quiet boy in our class.” She said punching in her code into the check out.

“Hmm…” Was all i responded, and we sat down beside the group. Kayla, josh, dawn and me.

“Alison, tell us about your crush,” said josh snacking off some fries from the table.

“What…, What Crush.” I pratically choke.

“Dont try to hid it, everyone saw the way you guys were looking at each other in English class,” replied josh.

“He looked at me first,” i said resting my arm popped up, as i listened vaguely toward their conversation. Justin, who seemed to be Every where. Well except here, i didnt see him at lunch, i probably would’ve noticed. My stomach grumbled in complaint to the objection of the food, but i ignored it, i could eat better at home.

“Alison, aren’t you eating…?” Dawn asked.
I sighed, “I’m not hungry…” I said pushing her hand away from dangling in front of my face,
“And anyway you know i hate spagetti and meat ball.”

“So what classes do you have next?” Kayla asked, tearing her gaze away from josh long enough to acknowledge the two of us but the question was directed towards me.

“Nothing much, i have physis II and then chemistry, but i get sixth hour off,” i grinned as their mouth fell open.

“How did you manage to get your class cut out?” Josh exclaimed, almost about ready to throw the box of french fries at my face in jealousy.

I shrugged, “I guess that’s what you get when you happen to be super brillant like me,”

The bell rung again for the end of lunch and the three of them groaned as they walked toward the door with me. Off to physis II, and hopefully to see justin who seemed to shadow my every move.

After school that day i felt extremely tired to be walking straight out of school at the start, Dawn was with me, she’s now my bestfriend we do almost everything together, my back pack was slung over my shoulder, it was full of home work, that seem almost endless, but i still got my mission well planned, i didnt even bother to tell dawn, because i thought it was family stuffs.

That night after prayers i walked up the stairs to my bed room just like every other days by the time i heard a sound down the stairs i was already dressed. Black jeans, black long johns, black sweater, black coat, black socks and black sneakers. From head to toe in black i look like a black ninja!

I walked down the stairs quietly i could see the stranger in the kitchen packing some things into his bag i quickly hide at the back of the door and watched him leave through the same window he broke the last time, i followed him quietly everywhere was dark, i huddled behind the base of a burnt out street lamp and watch the stranger walked into the mist of soke guys with bags all dressed in black. I note where they park and which resturrant they entered. Despite the earlier snowfall, the day warmed up and now, even with puffs of wind coming off the bay the night is pretty mild. Dressed completely in black i feel pratically invisible, when i saw them coming, i squeeze into a doorway or crouch into a tight ball between parked car, holding my breath until they passed. Then i spring back in action. Slinking in the shadows, i work my way down the water front until i saw them stop, when they stopped i got an unpleasant surprise. That when i saw the stranger in full form, a tall, skinny guy. He walked closer. My impulse is to skip the place althogether. What if this guy sees me? Im sure dead meat. I’m not giving up so easily.

Squatting behind a mailbox across the street, i noticed that, he was holding a knife on his hand.

“Dont think i didnt see you!” He yelled into the night. “I saw you!” With two more steps, he’ll round the corner and find me on the ground, so i tuck in my arms, roll under the suv and watch, breathless, as he steps into the very spot i had occupied two seconds before.

Keep walking! I pleaded silently. Please keep walking! But the shoes stop. Back up a step. Then to my horror, a knee lowers to the pavement. Then another. In the next split second, he’ll look under the car, and my mission will be all over!

At that exact moment, one of the other man called him impatiently.” jason, come on let’s go do you want to get caught!” He spring to his feet and sprinting toward the parking lot entrance.

In a flash i roll out from my hiding place and scrambled up to a crouch. Like a black ninja duck. I waddle into the alley behind virro’s and dash a full city block before i stagger up against a dumpster. As i gasp for breath, from where i was i saw them entered a house, inside my chest my heart is still beating so hard it actually aches i walked a little bit closer and peep through i could see them clearly now they where three men and a girl.

“That’s it!” I muttered. “my mission is complete, once i reach home, the following morning I’m telling grandpa everything including their hideout.”

When i reached home i quickly change my clothes and wore my night clothing. I was dog-tired, i fall face first into my pillow.

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