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Isabella (in love with a mermaid) episode 5

¤Episode 5
Mumuring words could be heard in different corner of the class and all eyes were fixed on me, I stood wondering why they were staring at me with a disgusting look on there face thinking maybe it was because I was bare footed when a boy who sat at the Front role said some coherent words that I was unable to procure the actual meaning.
“did she just agree “.
He asked a boy seating close to him.
“Yes of course or can’t you see it?”.the boy bluntly reply.
“after months of pleading with her she finally agree to seat with a bare footed boy”.A girl retorted and hissed.
I stood at the spot trying to read meanings to their words and their awkward stares when the teacher brought me back to reality with her words.
“go and seat down with her wealth”she commanded addressing me with my surname and I gently move my legs toward the seat with different thoughts overing on my mind. I enter the seat and sat down comfortably but was scared to look at her face.prestigious kings academy seat are designed with a kinded lock that prevents other people from seeing the laps and legs of another seat when it’s locked, yeah your thought is absolutely right,i was locked on the same seat with an Angry bird that I despise so much, though the lock really help me cos no one can see my bare footed legs except her but I was still scared of what she can do to me.i was still thinking so hard when the teacher brought me to reality again with her voice.
“we will dwell on African mystery”
She said and then I realised she is a history teacher as the topic was boldly written on the board boldly.
“centuries ago”.she started and paused to look at the attentiveness of the class then she continue when she was satisfied with the calmness of the class.
“history had it that mermaids were overing in isiama river here in ezenite,granting wishes to those in needs,curing of ailments which seems incurable to the traditionalist,people and marmaids work freely on ezenite in peace and harmony for years until a duel occurred between the humans and the mermaids at the River who became wicked beyond measures killing and massacring of people unlawfully and the leaders of ezenite were left with no choice than to make a decree that no mermaids should visit the village ever again”.
She concluded and the whole class look dumbfounded Just Like me cos I have stayed in ezenite all my life play and Hawk at isiama river Bank but have never heard of this tale.
“Aunty do you mean there are marmaids deep down the isiama river here in ezenite”.a boy asked from the role at the front.
“yes there are marmaids but they are wicked marmaids”the teacher elucidated and silent returned to the class as the teaching was too strong to believe.
“there is no meaningful explanation in your teaching ma”isabella spoke for the first time close to me as students stare at her with surprise written all over their faces.
“what do you mean Isabella “.the teacher asked.
“first you said the people were living in peace and harmony with marmaids then you said the marmaids become wicked,if they were granting the wishes of the people,curing them from their diseases why then Will you say they became wicked without telling us the reasons?,can good turn bad without a reason?,you even make it look like the mermaids were at faults when you cannot explain the actual reason for their actions”
She said and the whole class concur to her words including me.yeah she is right Good cannot turn bad without a reason,something must have trigger it and that thing is suppose to be known to us if the teacher really want us to understand the topic.the teacher stood transfixed at a spot with sweat fuming on his face not knowing the right explanation to give in other to save herself from the embarrassment overing on her.
“Isabella okenwa “she called slowly drifting attention to her.
“yes Aunty “she replied facing her gaze directly to the teacher.
“you have never for once answer or ask a question in class before why are you so interested in this topic?,she asked in a cool voice.
To be continue…….

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