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“Dad, please how do you manage to survive? Because after your fake dismissal I have been living in hell, there is no more joy for me in this house, I was transformed to a slave or let say a maid, I run errands, do all the house chores and I will still be blame and beaten for not doing it well, my mother beat me brutally if I does any slight mistake. Dad, I doubt she is my biological mother.” Obinna summarized and he broke down in tears.

“She is not your biological mother Obinna…” Chief Nnamdi paused and all the listeners at the scene opened their eyes wide in disbelief.       





“Well, I know many of you are eager to know how I manage to survive (sigh), anyway God that has been doing his beautiful work haven’t stop and he can never stop. How I survive! {sigh}.” Chief Nnamdi took a deep breath, he looks into the eyes of all his listeners and it seems they are all eager to know, he adjusted himself; he drawled forward a little as he continued.



My dear readers, this was how I survived.






Chief Nnamdi started.


“It started on that fateful night; around 11:30pm; all the dwellers had went to bed, I slept beside my wife, she was fast asleep, I woke up to use the toilet, I opted for the toilet, I came back in no time, no sooner had I came back from the toilet than I had the beep of her phone; behold it was a message, I checked the message and it was sent from an unregistered number, the message state thus;


“Good day darling, hope everything is quite okay, I just want to inform you that I will be back in two days time and I also wanted to asked you how far about our plans, I hope Chief Nnamdi will be eliminated tomorrow latest next tomorrow, because I don’t want him to be burden to us anymore, I can’t wait to marry you legally. Reply this message if you had receive and read it.”  


I was so shocked when I am through with the reading, I read over and over again to confirm if I am not in the dream land or I was imaging; I was muted for some time, I was just confused, dumbstruck and disbelieve of what I read, I later forwarded the message to my own cell phone, I tried to save the number that sent the message but I was shocked when I found out that the sender of the message was this ingrate (pointing to Chief Mattew).” Chief Nnamdi narrated as he paused.

“Ah! Mummy!” Chinendu and Chiamaka screamed in chorus.

Chief Nnamdi continued.

“I was unable to sleep throughout that night, I was just imagining how a friend of mine could be so wicked to kill me and my beloved wife will even have the mind to execute the plan. “What a life of betrayal!” I exclaimed. I tried to think of a way out, many thoughts were just bombarding and jumping into my mind but I just don’t know the best and suitable solution to my problem. “My days are numbered” I said with a low tone, I thought of running away but I had to think of the mouth I’m feeding, I thought confronting her but who knows her reply or reaction, who knows if she will stab me, someone who have the gut to plan on how to execute a beloved husband what else can’t such person do; I know if I confront her maybe that will even make my death faster and nearer than I expected, I thought of informing the police but I was just imaging if they could believe that a beloved wife wanted to kill her beloved husband; “that sound nasty and improper.” I thought. I later thought of messaging my lawyer and doctor at least that would help, who know the type of death they wanted to use to eliminate me; who knows if it was from hired killer, assassins, stabbing, poisoned or spiritual force, I thought of fetching water in reserve because of dry season. I later messaged my lawyer and I forward the secret and unbelievable message to him, I also messaged my own personal doctor and I explained how it all happened.” He paused as he was fighting the tears from dropping.

“Hmmmmmm!” Nnena sighted as she looks into the eyes of Mrs. Chioma their eyes collided just then Chief Nnamdi continued his story line.

“Early the next morning, I greeted my nefarious wife earnestly to avoid suspicion and she also replied my greeting solemnly, I was anxious to receive the reply of my message from my doctor and lawyer respectively; but the doctor in needs. It’s already past 8am the next morning and I haven’t receive any reply from neither the doctor nor my lawyer; this made me to fear more, I was so hungry but I fear I may be poisoned, the worms in my stomach has started to protest, it was too hard to hold such hunger just then I request for a cup of coffee from Nnena; at least that may help to neutralize the protesting worms, within a twinkle of an eye, she came back with a kettle of coffee and a tea cup, she served me the coffee and she head back to the kitchen, I was about to dipped down the coffee when…….




🔹 Episode 2




I was about to dipped down the coffee just then I heard the beep of my phone; I check the screen of the phone and it was my doctor, I looked at my wife (Mrs. Chioma) but it seems she was totally carried away by the TV show she was watching, I dropped the coffee and I excused myself to pick the call.

“Hello Doctor.” I greeted as I was about to step out of the corridor.

“Hello Chief.” The Doctor replied as he paused.

“I received your message, but please if I may ask, are you sure of what you narrated in the text message?” The Doctor asked through phone.

“Yes doctor, I saw the message myself and to avoid any mistake that is why I forwarded the message to you.” I replied as I look around to confirm that no one was spying.

“Okay Chief, I advice you not to eat or take anything eatable in the house, who knows if they are going to attack with poison, if you want to eat, go to the eatery and fill your trunk (stomach) beside please visit me at my office for better conversation.” The doctor advised and concluded.

“Okay, I will stick to your advises as a medical practitioner, I will take my bath now I will meet you there.” I replied.

“Okay Chief, I will be expecting you.” The Doctor replied as he ended the call.

I went back into the sitting room, I was so afraid of my wife, I sat down on this sofa (pointing to the sofa he was sitting in), I took my newspaper and continued reading; I don’t even understand what the newspaper was even saying again, I was just reading without understanding, I was looking at the coffee that was placed in front of me but I was just afraid to devour it, I was using one eye to look at my wife but she doesn’t even for once look at my direction; she was smiling and laughing to the boring TV show she was watching, I was just confused when I saw that she was actually watching a fashion show. “What is funny in this?” I asked myself emblematically. I went back to my reading, I was uncomfortable, I was just looking at the newspaper I was holding; I was just looking at the pictures and graphic acts, I was totally lost in thought.

“Nnena!” I screamed.

“Nne…na!” I recalled.

“Oh, darling am sorry, I sent her on an errand.” Mrs. Chioma replied facing me; she turned back and continued watching her boring fashion show.


it was now 9:15am; the angry and irritated worms in my stomach are now protesting incessantly; I could hear my stomach grumbling and peevishing, I was so hungry but I was afraid to take the coffee that was served for me, I concluded that I will quickly take my bath and head for the doctor office, I will branch at an eatery so that I can meet the need of those angry worms. I stood up to head for the bathroom just then my despicable wife stood up from her sit, she walked up to me.

“Are you not taking your coffee?” She asked pointing to the coffee.

“Am not, I need to go somewhere urgent now.” I replied with a disappointed looks.

“It is still hot.” She replied as she bent down to pick up the Coffee, she sipped (drink) some quantity of the coffee and she dropped the coffee on the side stool.

“This is tasty! {she exclaimed}, it is hot and it s good for the health especially this harmattan season, I think I have to take some hot coffee.” She paused.

“Let me go and get a tea cup.” She concluded as she opted for the kitchen.


I just stood still at the spot I was standing, I was a little bit confused and more surprised, I was wondering if she just drank from the coffee, that gave me a last grinned of hope that the coffee wasn’t poisoned, just then I feel dizzy from inside, all the objects in the house turn to two or more; some objects changed to be shadowy, I was a bit unconscious, I thought for a while to clear my mind.

“She just took the coffee; no doubt, she didn’t poison it, even if she does; that means we are both going to die.” I thought, I was about to drink the coffee when….



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