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hells nest chapter 14

Nest ( 1 )
Chapter 13
Written by Goddy
I stopped working because Giselle thinks it’s not
the right time to work. I was at home that day about
eating when someone knocked.
” Who could that be ?” I lamented.
Giselle’s at work and I’m alone. I opened the door
and a stranger was standing opposite me.
” Hi.” He greeted.
” Hi , who are you ?”
” My name’s Andrew and I’m here to see Giselle.”
” Giselle ? She didn’t tell me she’s expecting
anyone.” I said.
” Well I’m Giselle’s fiance and you must be Jordan.”
I nodded and looked down at his feet.
” You’re pretty.” He said and smiled seductively.
” Thank you , Giselle is not around , I will tell her
about you when she returns.”
” Alright ..” he said and stand for a while checking
me out.
” I must confess you’re beautiful , more attractive
than your sister. It’s nice meeting you. Extend my
greetings to Giselle.” He said and walk out.
” Asshole.” I said and closed the door.
” Giselle and boyfriend issues.” I mutter and sat
down to eat.
That evening Giselle came back from work , she
was really tired.
” Hi ” I greeted and she nodded leaving for her
She came back after some time , she was on her
” Did you cook ?”
” Yeah , you might like it..” I said and she chuckled.
She entered the kitchen and came back with her
” How are you ? Hope you were not bored ?”
” Not at all . Your fiance visited.”
” Andrew ? I thought I told him i won’t be around.
He can be really crazy at times.”
” Yeah , really crazy.” I said and got up .
” You’re going to bed ?”
” Yes , good night sis.” I said and walk out.
Why would Andrew think of visiting . I always
inform him each time I’m gone, God knows what
brought him here.
I picked up my phone and called him.
” Andrew.”
” Hey babe..” he said on the phone.
” Did you came to check on me ?”
” Yeah ”
” I thought I told you I won’t be around. Andrew you
know my work schedule , I work Monday to Friday
and today is just Wednesday.”
” Sorry babe , I saw your sister. She was pretty just
like you.”
” Did you check my sister out ? ”
” No Giselle I can’t , I mean you’re the one i want.”
” Does that even make any sense ?”
” Come on.” He said on the phone.
” Cool , good night. Just take care of yourself.” I
said and ended the call.
Andrew’s safety is one of my priority. Jordan and
Andrew was the last I’ve got. Before he travelled
abroad , then my mom was alive she hated Andrew
because she sees him as a Casanova.
I wasn’t ready to believe that till I saw him myself ,
I couldn’t hold the pain. He pleaded and vowed
never to cheat. Men are naturally polygamous. I
wasn’t ready to tell him about Jordan , he might
hate me and think my family is possessed too.
I sighed continually and ate in silence. I was taking
Jordan to the priest on Saturday and that will be a
strong battle , I planned to drug her in case she
changed her mind. That weekend I drugged her
water and she fell asleep , it could save me the
stress of evil manipulation.
We arrived our home town and the priest’s Dolan
assisted me and took her inside. She was chained
to a pillar close to the alter , Jordan was still fast
” Bless you child.” The priest said and I nodded
” Thank you father.”
” I am really worried about her , I hope it leaves
finally. She’s really a threat to everyone around her.”
” She’ll be fine , I’ll get the holy water and cross.”
The priest said and left.
” Hi.” The priest’s Dolan said.
” My name’s Zion , I’m the 26th Dolan.” He said.
” I’m Giselle , you’re serving ?”
” Yes. Your sister , is she possessed ?” He asked in
a whisper manner.
” I don’t know , maybe..”
” The priest is not even an exorcist, a priest could
barely deliver a possessed body except he studied
demonology or exorcism. She can’t be cured by a
” Thanks Zion , but you’re gossiping and it’s not
” Sorry I don’t mean to trespass.” He said and walk
I sighed and turned to look at Jordan who was still
asleep. Not quite long the priest returned with the
items and dropped them at the alter.
” We should excuse her , let’s walk outside.” The
priest said and I followed.
We went outside the church to talk.
” Did she kill anyone lately ?”
” No except me. She tried to kill me but God was
” You didn’t mention that .” The priest said.
” Sorry father , I mean not to disturb you. She’s
going worse every single day.” I said and sighed.
” I hear her mother’s voice almost every night ,
she’s still insecure because she died a painful
death. She’s pleading that I shouldn’t let her
daughter end like her. The devil has caged her
soul.” The priest said.
” That’s sad news. There’s a brace….” I was
interrupted by a loud scream from inside the
We rushed in with the priest calling Zion’s name. He
was lying on the pool of his own blood. He was
dead and Jordan’s awake , her eyes were red.
” Oh no.” The priest said.
” What did you do to him ?” The priest questioned
” He was so stupid to have tried to come closer..”
Jordan said in a man’s voice.
He laugh through her , and his evil laughter filled
the entire church.
” You foul spirit..” The priest said and i had to hide
behind him.
” You’re a weak soul Adam , my father made you a
promise to worship him you chose his own father.
God will not accept your soul.” Jordan said and
tried to break free from the chains.
” I come against every demon from hell. ..” the
priest said pointing a cross at her.
She screamed and struggled to break free. God I
almost fainted , I stood behind the priest and
watched the scene.
The priest continued to pray and sprinkled a holy
water on Jordan. She cried and scream in a man’s
” Giselle please save me..” her real voice cried.
” Who are you ?” The father asked.
” I’m the Lord..” She said in the man’s voice and
break free , throwing the chains away.
Alright I don’t know how it happened but I find
myself outside the church running endlessly. I
stopped and hide behind a bush. I was breathing
endlessly , I was truly worried, I just hope the priest
is fine.
Few minutes after I went back to the church , there
was blood stains everywhere and the priest was
missing including Jordan.
” Oh no , where has he taken him to ?” I asked
I ran out of the church and drove home. I was
lamenting and sweating on my way home.
” Where’s Jordan and where’s the priest ?” I was
just thinking.
I know I might be crazy to have returned home
without Jordan but I had to , my leg was also
bruised. I parked at the garage and came down. I
was still tired , I opened my door and saw Jordan
watching TV with her throngs and crop top.
” What I’m I seeing ?”
” Hey sis..” She greeted.
I was already scared and worried.
” You don’t need to be scared , just forget about it.”
Jordan said and turned to watch TV.
I swallowed my saliva and rushed to my room. I
picked the few things I’ll be needing tomorrow and
my uniform because I’ll be going to work after
spending the night at Andrew’s. I can’t think of
spending the night with her not after what
I tiptoed and went downstairs , she was not there
anymore. I rushed out and drove away. I slept at
Andrew’s and I barely could sleep , that night I was
having endless nightmare.
The following morning I went to work and I could
barely concentrate. That afternoon at work I saw
Christian, he walk to my counter and smile.
” Not now Chris , I’m really sick.” I said to him.
” I know , just a minute. I need to talk to you about
something and it’s really important.”
” Jordan ?” I asked.
” Yeah.”
” Fuck Christian. Wait outside I’m coming.” I said
and he left.
” What do you want ?” I asked taking him to the
” Jordan needs help.”
” Christian I know , why can’t you stay away from
her. She tried to kill you why are you not smart
enough. You’ll end loosing every single thing you
cared about at a twinkle of an eye. Leave her alone,
she won’t hate you. When she’s normal you can
have your love life back with her , just go.” I said.
” Why haven’t you ran away from her ?
” What ?”
” You might have forgotten the answer but i will
remind you , it’s because you fuckin care. You loved
her and you can’t abandoned her because you care
a lot about her. Now think, if everyone should
abandon her who will stand by her , who will assist
her no one will. I care about her and i love her I
can’t just leave her.” He said and I sighed.
” I can’t contact the priest since we came back from
our home town. That was yesterday , she ran away
with blood stain everywhere, the priest went missing
and I ran away , I was shocked to see Jordan inside
the house that I locked. I didn’t even bother to
spend the night yesterday, I ran away .” I explained.
” So what are you planning to do ?” I asked.
” We should get an exorcist, they help real better
than priests. I’ll find one.” Christian said.
” Cool , she’s there whenever you bring in an
exorcist.” I said and proceed to leave.
” Be careful , one little advise don’t come over to
the house till you bring an exorcist. Stay away..” I
said and walk away..
One word for Christian

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