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Hells Nest Chapter 14-17

Hell’s Nest ( 1 )

Chapter 14

Written by Goddy




I’ve changed totally and i don’t need someone to tell me he has taken over. The end is finally near and only the one who lives above us can tell what my end will look like.

It’s a bit obvious Giselle is scared of me more. I hated her and I wished to end her life, something is preventing me. Her boyfriend is an asshole , a female whore. I was alone that day eating when someone knocked. I wasn’t expecting anyone and Giselle isn’t around.

I got up to open and saw Andrew standing in front of me flashing his irritating smile.

” Hey Jordan..”

” What do you want ?”

” That’s a bit mean.” He said.

” Giselle is not around you should come back later.” I said and proceed to close the door when he stopped me.

” Calm down.” He said paving his way through.

He smiled and closed the door behind him.

” What do you want ?” I ask.

” You’re beautiful Jordan.” He said touching my hair slowly.

I look down at it and gently pushed his hands aside.

” Are you here to fuck me ?” I asked looking at his eyes.

He Chuckled and cleaned his lower lip with his finger.

” Andrew get out.” I said politely.

” Come on Jordan, I’m not here to hurt you I just wanna hang out.” He said touching my hands.

” On my bed.” I said and nodded smiling.

He smiled and move his hands down to my throngs , he wanted to slide his hands further and i grabbed his hands.

” You’re a motherfucka.” I said and hold his throat.

” You need to leave, rot in hell ” I said and penetrated my hands through his chest and pulled out his heart.

He spat out blood and fell to the ground dead. I exhale gently and looked at his heart in my hands and ate it.

” Bastard.” I watched his body as it disappeared.




I came home rather early that day. I have this bad omen. Jordan was lying on the couch she was fast asleep I guess. Her attitude changed after the deliverance , her smile disappeared and she barely greet me.

She don’t talk to me as usual and I dare not bother her because I know he has taken over. I called Andrew and he’s not picking up , I had this bad dream that he fell inside a pit. I sighed and pace around dialing his number endlessly.

‘ this is Andrew please leave a message…’

” Oh my God , hope you’re okay ” I lamented.

” Hey love , this is Giselle. I have this bad feelings hope you’re okay ? Please call me as soon as you get this.” I said on the phone and threw it on my bed.

” Why are you worried about your lover ? Men are scumbags.” Jordan said walking into my room.

” Andrew is an asshole.” She said and picked up the mug on my table.

” Scumbags..” she added and slam my door.

I pick up my bag and ran out to my garage. I drove straight to Andrew’s and his door was locked. I saw his neighbor outside washing his car.

” Hey good evening..” I greeted

” Hi , I remember you, G…”

” Giselle..” I said at once.

” Yeah Giselle , how are you ?”

” I’m fine thanks. I’m here to see Andrew.”

” His house is locked. He left few hours ago he has not returned.” He said.

” Oh my God. Where could he be ?” I asked myself.

” You’re okay ?”

” Yes thanks, I’ll take my leave.” I said and went back to my car sad and worried.

Melissa called immediately and I picked up.

” Hey Lissa.”

” Giselle where are you ?”

” What’s happening ?”

” You haven’t heard ?”

” Heard what ?”

” Andrew is dead.” Melissa burst out.

” What are you saying ?”

” It’s in the news , we need to talk immediately.”

” Where are you ?” I asked.

” My house , I’ll be waiting.” Melissa said and ended the call.

I held my self together, I wasn’t ready to believe the news. Andrew can’t be dead, it’s too heavy to believe. I entered my car and drive straight to Melissa’s.

She was standing outside waiting for me. I tried to console myself but I couldn’t , tears ran down my cheek.

” It’s okay.”

” You’ll be fine.” She said leading me inside.

” Is it true ?” I ask and Melissa gently clean my tears.

” It’s true, it’s in the news.” He said switching on her TV.

It was a live news , I saw a body lying on the road with blood all over it.

” That can’t be Andrew, I need to see for myself.” I said and ran outside.

” Giselle wait up.”

I ran outside and entered my car.

” Giselle calm down alright .” Melissa said and entered the car.

” Giselle calm down.” She said repeatedly and i started driving.

I drove to the spot and cops crowded everywhere. I saw the body I saw on TV lying on the floor lifeless.

” Andrew..”

I cried really hard. His heart was missing and the cops said it must be a criminal case , but something was telling me Jordan have a hand on it.

Andrew can’t die with a heart missing. Melissa took me home and I cried my eyes out. We where getting married soon , we where supposed to fix the date for our wedding that weekend. I hated myself and everything else.

Two days later I still haven’t regain myself back. Melissa was always visiting but it still doesn’t change anything.

” Sorry about your loss.” Jordan said that day standing beside my door with arms crossed.

” It hurts to loose the ones you love , I know that feeling. You should wipe your tears and move on. He’s an asshole.” Jordan said and walked out.

She killed him and i knew it.
But how sure am I ? My phone rang and I look at it, it was the priest.

” Father..” I cried on the phone.

” Giselle , how are you ?”

” I’m not fine father, I lost Andrew.”

” Holy Christ , take heart my child.”

” I can’t, we where getting married.” I cried and sniff endlessly.

” It’s okay daughter , someone better is coming, some one who is ordained to be with you.” He said and I shake my head crying.

I totally forgot the father went missing after Jordan’s last deliverance.

” I thought you were dead, I thought she killed you ”

” She tried to but God was merciful. Everything will be fine soon. I have hope.” The father said and I sighed.

” Forget about everything and watch her closely even if you think she killed him . Be nice to her and take care of her. She will still be your blood.”

” Thanks father…” I said and clean my eyes.

” You’re welcome child be careful.” The priest said and ended the call.

I threw my phone on my bed and cried more. It took me a week before I recovered. I resumed work the following week and everything went back to normal but most times I wish Andrew was here.




That morning I got ready and prepared for work. I changed my uniform to something seductive and ran downstairs. Giselle was also getting prepared too, she turned to look at me it was obvious she was surprised.

” You’re going to work ?” She asked.

” Yes , you got any problems with that ?” I asked throwing few necessary items inside my bag.

” No, I mean you’re not fit to resume work.”

” Thanks I don’t have to do everything you say as if I’m a teenager. I’m going to work you need to deal with that.” I said and walk out.

The hospital look a bit different , I walk down the hall and flash a pretty smile to any one who care. I saw Melissa talking to becky , I smiled and walk in.

” Hi guys.” I greeted.

” Jordan.” Becky called.

” I wasn’t expecting you.” Melissa said and I smiled.

” Exactly, I was missing my job.” I said and look around.

” Alright , I’m only surprised to see you. We missed you.” She said and hug me.

” You’re tagging along as soon as possible.” Melissa said and handed me a file.

I took it and signed my attendance. I followed Melissa and we left to attend to patients. I needed a blood festival that day, that’s one of the reasons I went to work.

It was reacess and Melissa was out for lunch. I walked to a ward filled with different sick patients , they were all asleep. I smiled and approach a sick little girl who was smiling at me. I smiled at her and laugh wickedly.

” Hi.” She greeted.

I smiled and refused to reply.

” Are you here to save me ?”

” Maybe , you need a fast rest.” I said and made her sleep.

My hands transformed to his sharp evil claws and I pierced the little girls heart and zip it down to her abdomen. She was asleep but I heard her scream in my head.

” Blood.” I said to myself and lick it off my hands.

” I love blood.” I said and begin to remove her parts from inside her open body.

” What are you doing ?” A patient asked.

He was two bed far from hers. I angrily threw a scissors at him and it landed on his eyes. He died instantly.

” Jordan.” A voice called from behind me.

I turned around and it was Becky , I’ve always hated that nurse. I pointed my finger at her mouth and she turned dumb , I made sure she was deaf too.


Hells Nest ( 1 )

Chapter 15

Written by Goddy




” Becky can’t be dumb and deaf just like that , who saw her last ?” Mrs Smith asked.

I was scared as hell. I turned to look at the other nurse and no one is willing to talk.

” I don’t understand , two patients went missing and suddenly Becky has turned deaf and dumb.” Mrs Smith yelled.

” We are sorry ma , we are as surprised as you’re. It’s strange and not usual.”

” Matron where were you when this happened ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” I was with Jordan before I went for reaces. I’m still in shock.” I said and turned to look at Jordan who was just quiet.

” Jordan you’ve been skipping work your sister said you were ill, are you okay now ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” Yeah I’m fine.” Jordan replied.

” Everyone dismiss , I need to investigate on this issue later. Patients can’t just disappear from all saints and suddenly a nurse can’t talk and hear. What on Earth are we going to explain to her family. Please leave, everyone of you.” Mrs Smith said and I walk out holding Jordan’s hands.

I was really shock, this shit break history , it has never been heard of. I sighed and lamented in my office. Jordan was there too, she sat opposite me and frowned too. My phone rang and it was Giselle calling.

” Hey G.” I said on the phone softly.

” Hi Mel , how’s Jordan ?” She asked on the phone.

” She’s fine. Is everything okay ?”

” Yeah , I just wanted to be sure she was okay.”

” She’s fine. She’s not a child, you should worry less about her.”

” Yeah I guess. Hope all is fine out there ?” Giselle asked on the phone.

” Erm.. it’s not what i can talk on phone. Don’t worry I will tell you everything when I get home.” I said and Giselle sighed on the phone.

” Alright, bye.” Giselle said and ended the call.

” It’s Giselle.” I said keeping my phone on the table.

” Yeah I know, she worry too much.” Jordan said.

” You might think so , but I’ll say she’s being the best sister she can . You know after loosing her fiance she wish nothing happens to you. She loves you a lot.”

” Yeah I know. I should return to my duty.” Jordan said standing up.

” Be careful.” I said and she left.

The hospital was cold and silent , it wasn’t all saints. Becky’s mysterious misfortune got everyone talking including the missing patients still got me worried. Who is behind this evil in just one day.

Who knew if Becky saw who so ever that stole the body and threatened to talk and she was made deaf and dumb. This world is large and wicked, full of mysteries unvailed . I yawned continuously and fell on my desk to sleep, that’s one of my dreadful day at all saints.




I closed from work and went home. I was really tired. Becky’s issues ruined my day , she brought it upon herself. Who knows if she was watching me, she was worsed than a gossip. I removed my clothes and entered my bathroom to shower.

Giselle called , it was really irritating each time she call to ask after me. I put on just bikinis and went downstairs to eat. Giselle called the house telephone and I angrily threw it away.

” What does she want from me ?”

” She can’t just die and leave me alone. There’s nothing to miss in this horrible world. It’s wicked.” I said and look at my hands that was changing shape from my hand to his.



I’ve tried to get an exorcist but I haven’t find one. I searched the net and the distance was hell. I decided to check on Jordan, she blocked my number and I can’t reach her. Giselle was always calling just to inform me to steer clear from Jordan.

I wish I could listen , she needed help and not isolation. I knocked on her door one evening and she open up, she was on her bikinis , her skin was something else. It was fair and it shine so bright.

” What do you want ?” She asked.

” Jordan I just wanted to talk to you.” I said.

She smiled at me seductively and pulled me in.

” You look different.” I said to her.

” Shh..” she said and touched my lips. She kept her hands on my shoulders and proceed to kiss me.

” Please stop.” I said trying to stop her.

” Just dance to my tune.” She said releasing me.

She remove her bra and threw it away.

” Jordan please don’t.” I said and proceed to leave.

She held my hand and made me look into her eyes. I felt different ,my mood change and I became aroused.

” Do you love me ?” She asked.

” Yes I do. I replied.

” Do you want me ?” She asked again and i nodded.

” Then have me.” She said and removed her undies.

That wasn’t me , I felt used and controlled. She didn’t even bother to take me to her room , we made love in the living room and I felt a smoke or something like dust leaving her body and finally settled in mine.

After cumming I fell on the floor and fainted. I opened my eyes and it was late , Giselle was already at home and I was dressed but I was lying on the floor.

” Christian what are you doing here ?”

” Where’s Jordan ?” I asked sitting up with Giselle assisting me.

” She’s in her room sleeping. What are you doing here ?” She ask.

” I don’t know. I was here to see her and then I..” I said.

My head was trying to play tricks with me , I felt dizzy and cold.

” I wanna go home.” I said standing up .

My balance wasn’t strong cause I staggered. Giselle threw her bag on the floor and held me outside. She opened my car door and kept me at the back.

She drove me home and knocked on my door , Jones came out and he took me inside. He has finally turned himself to my house mate. I fell on my bed but I couldn’t sleep, I was cold and hot at the same time.

” What happened to him ?” I heard Jones asked Giselle.

” I don’t know , I advise you call his mom first thing tomorrow Morning.” Giselle said and left.

” Christian are you okay ?” Jones asked.

” No ,I think I have fever. Help me buy drugs.” I said and roll side to side on my bed.

I was restless , cold and hot at the same.

” Alright , I’ll go get it as soon as possible.” Jones said and I nodded reluctantly.

I was going insane , my head was hurting and my eyes were cold and weak. What have I gotten myself into , it was just a sexual intercose with Jordan.

Deep down in me I don’t want it but I felt like someone who was used by a force. Tears run down from my eyes, I was loosing it.




After dropping Christian off , I rushed to check on Jordan. I was suspecting something , something was wrong with Christian but I can’t figure it out.

I knocked on her room door and no response came. I opened the door and she was fast asleep.

” God protect her.” I said in my thoughts and I closed her door.

I went back to my room and I quickly shower before coming downstairs to eat. I can’t wait for all this drama to end. Melissa called and told me Becky went deaf and dumb and two patients disappeared from the hospital. I knew it was Jordan but i wasn’t ready to tell Melissa the truth.



The following day nothing changed after Jones bought me drugs. It went worse to the extent that my skin start to fall off like someone who suffered a fire explosion.

Jones called my mother cause I was dieing. I was cold and hot at the same time too and my skin was also aging. I was scared as hell , why should I suffer for falling in love with some Strange girl. Jones wrapped me up with a duvet when my mom entered.

” Christian.. not again.” My mom said rushing to hold me.

” Jones what happened ?” Mom asked.

She was already shedding tears.

” I don’t know. Last night was a little fever , Giselle drove him home, I barely can tell what happened.” Jones explained.

” Christian did you visit Giselle ? She did this to you ?” Mom cried.

” No mom , Giselle did nothing. I can’t explain.” I said shivering.

” What do you mean you can’t explain ? Christian talk to me I don’t wanna loose you , I don’t even have a husband. You and Jason are the only joy I have in this world. What happened to you ?” Mom asked.

Her dress was already filled with tears.

” I had sexual intercose with someone.” I said.

” You had sex with a girl and she gave you an infection ? A disease ?”

” Oh my God. Who’s she ?” Mom fired.

I kept quiet and cried , my shivering was going from bad to worse and my skin was fast aging. I felt I was going to die. What on earth am i gonna call this type of death ?

Stupid death or foolish ?

” Christian who did you sleep with ? Who did this to you ?” Mom asked again.

” Jordan !”


Tbc …
Hell’s Nest ( 1 )

Chapter 16

Written by Goddy



” What do you mean ? Jordan did this to you ?” Mom asked.

I sniffed and shiver more.

” Christian open your mouth and talk.” Mom yelled.

” Jones what’s up with your friend and Jordan ?” Mom asked turning to look at him.

” Nothing, I mean they are just friends I never knew they’ve been digging on each other.” Jones said.

” Christian you need to explain things to me. What happened between you and Jordan ?” Mom asked

” We only had sex and nothing more. That’s our first and I don’t even know what I was doing. It look as if I was charmed.” I said.

” Charmed ? Like a spell ?” Mom asked and I nodded.

” Oh God don’t tell me Jordan’s a witch.”

” She’s not a witch , she’s just…” I ended and sighed. I can’t talk further because of some self reasons.

” Call Giselle now , tell her to come to my house with her sister.” Mom ordered picking up my phone.

” I can’t call her.” I protested.

” Alright I will.” Mom said and dialed giselle’s number.

Not too long Giselle picked up the call and my mom put it on loud speaker.

” Christian !” She said on the phone.

” This isn’t Christian , it’s his mom.”

” Oh Mrs Smith , good morning.” Giselle greeted.

” Where’s Jordan, you need to bring her to my house. She has inflicted something on my son, my son is dying. You need to come with your sister.”

” What , I don’t get it.” Giselle said on the phone.

Her voice sounded like who knew something will definitely come up.

” Giselle !”

” Alright ma, I’m coming with her.” Giselle said and mom ended the call.

” Why didn’t you tell me you’re having a silly relationship with Jordan ?” Mom fired.

” It’s not what you think. I truly like her but she care less about me . We are not dating.”

” But you made love to her..”

God she won’t understand. I sighed and refused to say a word. I was feeling a severe cold. And a terrible heat. Few minutes later Giselle walk in with Melissa.

” So where’s Jordan ?” Mom asked.

” She’s not here. Mrs Smith you need to calm down it’s not what you think.” Giselle said and sighed.

” Alright, so explain what ever thing your sister did to my son.”

” Christian you slept with her ?” Giselle asked and i nodded like a child , I was getting pissed with the question.

” Oh God.” Giselle said and sat down.

” Melissa you should be at the hospital.” Mom said.

” Yeah , I had to accompany Giselle because of what she told me about Jordan and Christian.”

” Will i even survive ?” I asked.

” I don’t know.” Giselle replied.

” What do you mean you don’t know, it’s an infection right ?”

” No doc I’m not sure , this is not an infection. It looks…. I don’t know.” Melissa cut in.

” It’s not an infection. This is something spiritual. Why would you think of sleeping with her even after all my warning. You know what’s wrong with Jordan and you insist to have your way with her.” Giselle said.

” I didn’t , she used a spell , I couldn’t stop her.” I said and cried.

” What are you guys talking about ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” Yeah I’m confused too.” Melissa added.

” Can Jones excuse us ?” Giselle asked.

” Sure , lemme retire to my room.” Jones said and walk out.

Giselle sighed deeply and finally cleared her throat.

” Jordan is possessed but we are yet to find out what’s behind this possession stuff. Her mother also suffered the same fate before she died a very painful death along with Jordan’s father and now it has passed unto Jordan.” Giselle said.

” What are you talking about ?” Melissa ask.

” Yeah, cause I’m about to get frightened.” Mrs Smith said.

” Yeah mom it’s true. She’s possessed by a demon.”

” Demon ? This shit is crazy.”

” I’m sorry, I warned your son but he didn’t care , I was not willing to tell anyone because she might end up hurting you. I’m sorry. I can’t tell Christian’s fate , her blood is in him. Christian possess half of her and he might end up loosing his life.” Giselle said and I gasped.

Yeah i wasn’t surprised cause I was expecting that.

” What are talking about ?” Melissa ask baffled.

” She’s a virgin , Jordan hasn’t lay with a man before. The priest said it, he told me that she should avoid any sexual relationship with anyone because a demon lives inside of her. I can’t explain further.”

Mom cried and placed her hand on her forehead with her ankle resting on her laps. I just pray she doesn’t faint or something worse.

” The day she visited the hospital , patients went missing and Becky went dumb and deaf. So is she responsible ?” Melissa ask.

The last thing I could do is making Jordan look like a killer in the presence of others.

” No , she don’t kill. She would never kill anyone even if she’s held captive by the devil.” I defended.

” Yeah Christian is right.” Giselle said and turned to look at me.

I’m completely going insane.

” Where’s Jordan ?” Mom asked.

” I don’t know. You can’t come closer to her.” Giselle said.

” What do you mean ? You want my son to die ? If anything happens to my son I will lay on a curse on your generation.” Mom said, she was bitter.

” Mom.”

” Shut up.” She yelled and walk out.

” Alright , what’s the plan ?”

” I don’t know. We conducted a deliverance and nothing happened. She turned worse.” Giselle said.

” But Giselle why did you lie to me ? You told me she was fine , you lied to me.”

” I have my reasons , I don’t want you to get hurt because of Jordan.”

” We should get an exorcist , she’s going to kill everyone. Look at Christian he’s dying.” Melissa said and she was right.

My breath was fast fading.
My mom walk in really sober , she was making a phone call.

” You need to come my son’s dying please hurry.” Mom said and the call.

” We should take our leave , I need to look for Jordan.” Giselle said standing up with Melissa.

” I’ll come back doc .” Melissa said and left with Giselle.




” You contributed to Jordan’s recent behavior.” Melissa yelled on our way driving.

” What do you mean ? I was trying to help.” I defended.

” Fuck help, now take a look at her she has turned into a murderer. I know she’s behind that mysterious misfortune upon Becky. Becky is about to run mad.” Melissa yelled.

” That stuff is powerful.”

” Have you thought about the bracelet on her wrist ? It’s not ordinary.”

” Her mom gave it to her. She used to wear it before she pass it unto Jordan.”

” And all that stuff started when Jordan put it on.” Melissa said and I sighed.

” I don’t know. The mysterious part is you can’t take it off , that’s so weird.”

” How did you know ?”

” I’ve tried , I suspected the bracelet too ” I said.

” You need to stop calling that priest for help , she’s not improving.”

” I guess , but he’s a nice man maybe not strong enough. He said he’s going to recommend an exorcist for Jordan this weekend.” I said.

” Poor Christian , I never knew true love exist like this , I just wished nothing happens to him. His brother is an asshole.” Melissa said and sighed.

Oh yeah the Smith. Her voice still sound like she missed Jason, Christian’s older brother. Old times fly.

” Sorry hunny , I think you still love him. It’s so bad he has to leave.”

” Most times I wet my pillow at night. Each time I see his uploads on social media I just cry my eyes out. It’s so painful, hanging out with a white bitch.”

” You should stop this crazy attitude , stop hanging around his social media handle. I have this feeling he is going to return , his brother his ill , his mom will definitely call him to come Immediately. You guys can still tackle issues.” I said.

” No I’m not sure. He doesn’t love me anymore , I sent him a message, he said he has found a new one. He sent me a picture of her in my dm, the white cock.” Melissa said and consoled herself.

” Sorry , you need to let go then.”

” Yeah , sorry about yours too . Andrew, it was painful.” Melissa said and tears ran out of my eyes.

” You don’t have to remind me.” I said trying to concentrate on my steering.

” I understand , I think Jordan killed him…”

” Mel chill out.” I growled.

” Alright , wait look out…” Melissa yelled pointing to a car at our direction.

I loose balance and brake , I tried to stop my fast moving car but I lost it.

” Giselle please stop this car , don’t kill us.” Melissa shouted and fasten her seatbelt.

” I’m trying..” I yelled and tried to stop my car.

The car at my front hit ours and the next thing I saw was my car flying and it landed upside down , I hit my head on my windshield and blacked out.


Hells Nest ( 1 )

Chapter 17


Written by Goddy



” Leave the way, this is an emergency. They need treatment as soon as possible.” An eye witness who saw the accident shouted.

Three nurses ran outside and took the girls to an emergency hall, they where both unconscious. It was later discovered that the other party who was involved in the accident died after the crash.

They where given treatments immediately , few minutes later Jordan walk in and stood behind the door of giselle’s ward .

” Reckless soul.” She said in her thoughts.

” Who could believe you will die this way.” Jordan said and closed the door of her ward.

She smiled and sit close to Giselle who was still unconscious. She sprained her ankle, and her head was bleeding. Jordan got up and removed the drip from Giselle’s wrist ,she disconnected everything and walk out.

She entered Melissa’s ward and she was also lying unconcious. Jordan look around and removed her oxygen mask in which she was breathing with. She pull off the drip and walk out.

” See you in hell.” Jordan said and left.


” Holy Christ , who did this ?” A doctor asked.

Melissa was jerking and was about falling off her hospital bed.

” Hold her still. Quicky put on the oxygen mask , she’s dying.” The doctor shouted.

The nurses hold still as few other nurse put back the oxygen mask. She exhale loudly and fell unconscious.

” The other patient also suffered the same fate , they removed the drip.” A nurse said to the doctor on their way out of Melissa’s ward.

” Who is this wicked soul ?”

” We have no idea.”

” Lord have mercy.” The doctor said and they parted ways.


Jordan was all alone at home , she cried and stabbed her wrist endlessly. She bleed and fell on the floor unconscious. She hated her life more and the people around her.

Later that evening , Melissa wasn’t improving but Giselle was already awake. Jordan entered the hospital and stand a bit far from giselle’s ward.

” Thank God you’re awake . Someone tried to kill you. He or she must really hate you and your friend. She removed your drip and your friend’s oxygen mask.” A nurse said.

” How’s she ? My friend ?”

” She’s still unconscious. The doctors said they can’t tell her fate.” The nurse said and walk out.

” Jordan.” Giselle said and sighed.

She closed her eyes and sob gently. Jordan walk in and smiled at Giselle who was already frightened.

” Good to have you back.” Jordan said and closed the door.

” Jordan you don’t have to listen to him. You can fight him out , please don’t listen to him.” Giselle pleaded.

” Listen to who ?” She asked in a man’s voice and smacked giselle’s face really hard.

” Please don’t do this.” Giselle pleaded.

” I want to watch you die , make sure you don’t scream.” Jordan said and brought out a little knife.

” You don’t have to.”

” Really , I will take it slow and gentle.” Jordan said drawing a line with the knife in giselle’s arm.

She scream and Jordan pierced the knife really hard on her skin.

” I told you not to scream.” She said.

Giselle cried and tried to console herself , she was already bleeding. A doctor rushed in , it seems he heard Giselle’s scream.

” What are you doing ?” He asked.

Jordan turned around and stabbed his heart. He fell to the ground and died.

” Oh my God.” A female nurse cried. She was standing shock with mouth agape.

” What do you seek ?” Jordan ask walking to her direction.

” Please don’t kill me.”

” I won’t.” She said and buried knife on the nurse’s neck.

The hospital blew an alarm, she quickly walk out of the ward and ran away .

” Who did this ?” A troop of doctors asked.

” I don’t know.” Giselle cried.

” Get the police involve , go.” The doctor in charge ordered.

Jordan staggered to the beach and stand facing the riff.

” The end is here.” She said and removed the jacket she was wearing.

She turned around and face the express way after the beach to take her life.



Christian became worse , he was no longer talking. His whole body was paralyzed and his eyes has finally turned white.

His mother hurriedly walk in with an exorcist.

” Christian please don’t leave your mother.” His mother cried.

” He’s possessed by the blood of a demon possessed girl.” The exorcist said looking into his eyes.

” What are we going to do ?” Mrs Smith cried.

” I need to see the girl.”

Just then Mrs Smith’s smartphone popped up , it was a strange number.

” Hello..” she said on the phone.

” Hi, am i speaking with Mrs Smith ?”

” Yeah.” She said pacing around hopelessly.

” Just wanted to inform you , a girl named Melissa who works in your hospital was involved in a fatal car accident and they are in emergency ward. She and a friend name is Giselle.” The caller said and ended the call.

” Why is all this happening ? What on Earth is wrong with Jordan ?” Mrs Smith cried and threw her phone away.


She took a turn and face the busy express way. Her tears were blood and her heart was heavy. She saw a moving van coming with speed , she proceed to run Into it , but something hold her and threw her away smashing a block of flats.

The driver of the car hurriedly came down, everywhere become crowded. The driver stare at bleeding Jordan who was bleeding on her nose.

” What did you do to her ?” The crowd asked.

A siren was heard afar and the cops troop in. She was seriously bleeding and unconscious. A cops knelt down close to Jordan and felt her heartbeat. He stopped and looked at the others.

” She’s not breathing.” He burst out.


” Where can I find her ? She’s evil.” Mrs Smith lamented.

” Calm down ma , I’ll go look for her.” Jones insisted.

” No please she will hurt you.” Mrs Smith said.

Suddenly Christian gasped and exhale loudly. He moved his body in a rather uncontrollable manner.

” Christian.” His mom called rushing at her son who was almost giving up.

” Hold him.” The exorcist said to Mrs Smith.

” Please get me a holy water.” The exorcist said to Jones who rushed to get it.

” He has stop breathing.”


The end .

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