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Hell’s Nest By Goddy (chapter one)

Hell’s Nest

[ Part One ]

Chapter 1

By Goddy ( Bae Wondha )




Ten years ago.

” Mom I wanna be a nurse.”

” Oh my darling Jordan , you’ll be a nurse okay.” Mom said.

My life’s is a definition of wedlock. My mom has been going through a series of trauma. She’s been battling with different issues, it turned out she’s possessed.

Just one night , I saw my mom , that wasn’t my mom. She was different including her voice. Something was speaking through her.

” I’m the Lord , your soul Is mine.” She said walking towards my father.

” Daddy.” I cried out.

” Jordan run.” Dad said.

Mom turned to me and proceed to stab me with the knife she was holding when dad stop her. Mom turned over and stabbed my father to death.

I couldn’t withhold the incidence. I cried and watched my mom stab my father continually. She turned to look at me , I saw her eyes. There was something inside of her. She cried my name and killed herself.

” Mom don’t live me too.” I cried.

Tears don’t bring back the dead , if it does I’m willing to a cry a river. My mom was buried close to my dad after few days in the church cemetery. My aunt who lives in joannesburg visited and took me with her.

The priest suggested I should be close to God. I tried but the worse happened. Most times I see things , things human eyes are not supposed to see , things human eyes can not see and things human eyes will never see.

I became severely ill to the extent I couldn’t talk. The only words that can barely come out of my mouth were.

” Mom I want to be a nurse.”

I always say that to no one in particular.

One evening I was sleeping in my room. My door slammed open slowly, I opened my eyes and switch my bedside lamp on.

” Mom.” I called out.

” Mom.” I called again standing up and walking to my door direction.

I walked out of my room and looked outside there was no one.

” Mom is that you ?” I asked running down the stairs.

” Jordan.” I heard my name.

A strong wind blew and it opened the living room door.

” Jordan.” The voice Called again.

I became hypnotized as I walked through the door . I felt my eyes color change. I picked a knife and went back to the house. I went straight to my aunt’s room , she was lying on her bed fast asleep

I watched myself stabbed her to death. Her blood splash on my face and I became normal. My aunt was lying helplessly on her bed dead.

” No.” I cried and ran outside. I saw a car light coming to my direction. I ran towards it and I got hit my the car.


” Jordan.” A voice whispered in my ears.

I opened my eyes to see our parish priest. He was a nice man who has been helping me out since mother died.

I cried and weeped.

” It’s okay my child.” He cooed.

” I killed her.” I cried.

” You didn’t. God has forgiven all your sins my child. You’ll be fine.” He said.

I smiled and nodded like a child. I stayed with him for years and he look after me. But that didn’t stop the tormenting, it became worse. I was seeing things. Most times I hear whispers and laughing and at times I see images of my mom.

The father said I was suffering from a disease that surfaced when I was little. He said it was because I watched my parents die in cold blood. I wasn’t a kid, I know i wasn’t sick neither I’m I willing to accept I’m possessed.

Present Day

The worst happened when I turned twenty. I was in my room that day when I heard my door open.

” Jordan.” Her voice Called in a ghostly whisper.

” Mom.” I called out.

” Jordan.” It called out again but it came out like a wind.

” Dad.” I called standing up.

I heard my mom’s laughter as it went through the stairs. I run after this Strange voice but I couldn’t see anything.

I was alone that day , the priest wasn’t around including the maid that always look after me.

” Mom , I know you’re here. Please I want to see your face. Why are you tormenting me ? Why are you making me look like a psycho ?” I asked and weeped slowly.

I heard her laughter behind me.

” Mom.” I called and turned around.

A strong wind hit me and I blacked out. I opened my eyes afterwards and I was surprised to see myself in a psychiatrist hospital. I was chained to my bed with several psychiatrist were around me.

I couldn’t speak a word. I was weak and different. I only find myself mutter to one in particular. Most times I talk to myself and laugh. Someone was talking to me but no one could see it or hear it. It was the voice of a man.

I remained in there for weeks without saying a word to anyone. The priest was always visiting telling me it was okay. One day something happened. Something weird and Strange , I felt a strong force grew loud in my eyes , my temper was high.

” Get me out of here.” I said in a voice that’s unlikely mine.

” Calm down” a nurse said.

” Please call the parish priest.” The nurse said to the other nurse who rushed out.

I screamed like a beast and cut the chains. The doctors were amazed by the strength and it cause a bizzare. I screamed and tied the chain to a nurse and strangled him.

The nurses became scared and they went wild with everyone running for their dear lives. I picked a scissors and stabbed the doctor in charge in his eyes. Blood was all over. I didn’t hesitate to stop.

I ran after a nurse and pounce on her , I stabbed her on her heart continually till she was gone. I knew that wasn’t me , something was doing the killing.

I screamed and touched my head, it was my panthing. My heart was failing. I saw the priest running to my direction , it seems he was shocked and disappointed. He ran after me and hugged.

I don’t know how it happened but I stabbed my parish priest on his neck as he bleed profusely and cried for mercy.


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