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Hells Nest 2 final chapter

Hell’s Nest 2

Chapter 8

© Author Goddy



I was always looking at Christian where he was , he hasn’t make a move since I was held captive. He look like someone who’s sleeping , his head was facing down and every single minute his blood drop on the floor.

I look at my feet and saw the blood I lost from being electrocuted. Someone else already own the bracelet , she’s been possessed , reasons Alaster barely come to torment me. I struggled to break free but I can’t. I cried and pleaded in my mind, I was giving up.



I can’t believe Brandi’s gone. The news of her death sent cold to everyone. Dannielle has been behaving strangely and i can barely tell what’s wrong with her.

School held a ceremonial gathering in other to mourn her death. She was buried by her mom and sister that same week.



Danielle barely attend class and she don’t care anymore. It was like a dream and she has changed. Who cares , I just wanted her bracelet and nothing more.

One evening I was at the dinning room table eating including Danielle. She was always acting strange but who cares , she is one horrible human and I just dislike her.

” It would be nice if you stop gossiping about me.” She said to me.

Someone else spoke out of her and it was a man’s voice.

” Excuse me ?”

” Watch your steps , your days are numbered..” The voice said and again and she smiled fiercely and left.

I was baffled , what on Earth is that ? Maybe she’s learning to talk like a man. But there was something about her eyes , it wasn’t Normal. She’s just crazy.

I ignored her and take the plates to the kitchen. I was planning to steal her bracelet. I was really sure her stupid boyfriend Rayne stole it.




Danielle visited and she was acting really abnormal. She smiled and kissed me on the lips. I hold her and she smiled looking into my eyes.

” Let’s make love..” she whispered.

” You’re sure ? You always hate it when I ask for sex.”

She chuckle and aggressively kissed me. Something is not right about her.

” Please stop.” I said.

” Why ?” She asked and frowned.

” I can’t.”

” Ray why ? You don’t love me ?”

” I do , something in me is refusing it.”

” You hate me..” she cried.

” Babe I don’t hate you alright.”

” Cool.” She said and angrily punch me on the face.

” For real ?”

” Your soul is mine.” She said in a man’s voice.

” What ?”

” Nothing just kidding..” she said and chuckle.

” I was scared.”

” Why ? You’re Rayne , you don’t get scared.” She said and kissed me.

I reluctantly kissed her back and caress her waist. I removed her blouse and of course we made love.



My eyes was on my sister. I needed blood and hers will be nice for a start. I was at the basketball court waiting for Harmony.

I don’t like her and I wondered what made me call her my bestie. Damn she’s horrible.

” Elle..”

” Hey..” I said and forced a smile.

” You’re okay ?”

” Sure..” I said and Chuckle.

” Hugo said he wants to speak to you.”

” Crazy dude. ” I said out loud.

” What ? Thought you like him ?”

” Yeah. Where’s he ?”

” Classroom..”

” Be right back.” I said and got up walking out.

Hugo was my big target. He’s only dirty Casanova. His smile is irritating just like Danni. I walk to the school’s library and saw vane .

My worst nightmare.

” Hey bitch.” She said.

And who’s she calling a bitch ? I am sure it’s this girl’s soul that is fast asleep.

” What do you want ?”

” What will I want from a snob like you ? You stink.” She said and scoff.

” You’ll die by accident.”

” What ?” Vane questioned.

” Tonight , your soul will be mine.”



I wasn’t feeling any hurt again. I cried and thought about Giselle, Christian and every single person I love. I wish God can give me a second chance , I need to help the one I love.

” Jordan..” some called.

I raised my head and saw a bright light shining above me.

” What are you ?”

” It doesn’t matter. I feel your pain and I would like to help.”

” I want to save my family and the one i love.”

” Poor thing. The one you love ? What should I do then ?”

” Please let me go , I want to be set loosed.”

” So shall it be then.”

The light disappeared and I gasped. I look down at my feet and it was set free including my hands. I turned to look at Christian and he was still lying unconcious with his blood dripping every single minute. I proceed to get up and I saw myself transformed into stardust and disappeared.




” Dinners serve girls .” Mom called.

I sighed and went downstairs to eat. Danielle was already present eating like an animal she is. I sat opposite her and resume eating including mom.

” I want you girls to stop fighting, I hate it. I want my twin girls back.” Mom said and Danielle seems not to pay attention.

” I’m not the enemy but Elle. She’s too bossy and mean.” I said and Elle raised her head to look at me.

” What ? You wanna fight me ?” I asked.

Danielle kept quiet and continued to eat.

” It’s time to make peace.”

” I don’t want to make peace with her. She has everything and let her continue to live a barren life.” I said and scoff.

Danielle quietly ate her food and walk out.

” That was unusual.” Mom said and i Chuckle.

” Let her be. She has this crazy attitude. Always want people to fall on her feet. Most times I doubt if she’s my twin.”

” Danni , Elle is your twin.”

” I hope so.” I said and grin.


* VANE *


After class i went home and slurp on a juice humming to the music popping out of my Bluetooth device.

Danielle’s threat ran into my mind.

” What does she think she is ?”

My phone rang and it was Ayanda calling. I totally forgot I was clubbing with them that night.

” Hey girl.”

” Vane you’re not coming ?”

” Of course I will . I’m eating I’ll be there soon.”

” Cool. There are a lot of boys.” Ayanda said and Chuckle on the phone.

” Yeah and I need a body massage..”

” Crazy black bitch. I’ll be waiting.” Ayanda end the call and I chuckled to God knows what.

I quickly eat up and hurried to my bathroom to shower. I put on my favourite throngs and a mini top with a denim jacket and my black stilettos. I was looking wow , I will definitely get the crowds to talk about me.

I took a cab and and glance at my phone endlessly I was running late. Few minutes later the cab stopped and I came down , I paid the cab and walk majestically into the pub.



Danielle slide on her bed and smiled to her thoughts , she was getting what she wanted. The demon speaks through her and she Chuckled. When the time stroke 10 , she eventually falls asleep. Danni who was waiting impatiently for her sister to fall asleep sneak Into Danielle’s room.

She was fast asleep and snoring gently.

” Dirty pig.” Danni said and gently closed her door.

She lean towards the edge of Danielle’s bed and hold her wrist. She quietly pull it out but it refused to fall off.

” Weird.” She thought.

She hold the bracelet tight and aggressively pull it , it refused to pull out. Danielle opened her eyes and grabbed her sister’s neck. She stood up from her bed and continued to strangle her sister.

Her eyes were red and Danni could feel the fright in her eyes. She tried to scream and Danni Chuckled.

” She won’t hear you , your mom will be next.” Danielle said in his voice.

” What are you ?”

” I’m the Lord , your soul is mine.” She said and opened her mouth.

Danni’s soul gradually left her body In the form of dust.

” Please don’t kill me.” She pleaded but it all fell on daft ears.

Her soul gradually left her and she was left with nothing , she gasp and fell to the ground disappearing into the ground.

” See you in hell.”


Vane was partying her ass out. She laughed to nothing in particular and it was obvious she was drunk.

She came out of the club with a boy holding her waist including her friend Ayanda. The boy hold her against a car and kissed her deeply.

” You’re a naughty fellow.” She teased and smiled.

Her drunk friend laugh insanely including her partner.

” Lemme dance for you.” Vane said and laughs.

She moved her body and staggered to the road side. It was empty and quiet except the loud music coming out from the club.
She laughs and twist her waist to the music.

” Vane..” Her friends shouted.

” Wha…”

A Jeep from an unknown sources hit her and she fell to the ground with her brain smashed open.

She was dead !


Hell’s Nest 2

Chapter 9

© Author Goddy




” Lucifer you need to talk to your son alaster.” God said to Lucifer.

” I cast him out of hell..”

” I know you did and then trap him inside a bracelet. So many have suffered different fates Lucifer.” God yelled.

” Yes God , and you freed his victim.”

” I didn’t , her guardian angel did.”

” Take your son back Lucifer.” God said and disappeared into the clouds.




I look around and I was standing on the road , wow was I really back ?

” Hello..” I called a girl but she refused to answer.

” That was rude.” I muttered and sighed.

I saw a man coming and waved and still he ignored me.

” God I’m a ghost..” I said looking at my hand.

I felt so sad , I look around and no one can see me. I exhale and race to Giselle’s house. I stood at the door and look inside the apartment. She was talking to Melissa and a strange boy.

” I had a dream.” Giselle said.

” What dream ?” They asked.

” That someone returned the bracelet but Jordan didn’t survive.” Giselle said and sat down.

” Really ?” I asked.

” I think there’s hope ..”

” But I want Jordan alive.” Giselle said and pace around.

I kept quiet and went behind the house where my body lies. I tried to disappear through the door but I can’t.

” What’s happening ? Why can’t I get in ?”

I sighed and tried to pass through the door it seems the door is rejecting my soul. I hold the knob of the door and it seems I was just holding my own hand.

I look at the door and saw a cross , it was shining a bit.

” The cross.” I said and scoff.

I returned back to the house and Giselle was out remaining Melissa and the strange boy.

” So who’s that dude ?” I ask myself.

I stood there for a while as this strange guy kissed Melissa.

” Gross.” I said and rolled my eyes.

He must be Jason I guess. I sigh and rushed out , I need a vessel. Someone I can possess. I walk down the road and saw a girl sitting all alone. She looks depressed and abandoned.

I sighed and entered her body. I tried to adjust to fit in. She was really a depressed vessel. I got up and looked around , everywhere was a bit quiet. I sighed and walk down this lonely road.


Danni was found in her bed dead. She slept and didn’t wake up. I was shocked including Danielle’s mom. She threatened to commit suicide but it seems Danielle care less.

She didn’t even cry , seriously I might despise Danni but her death was so painful.

” I’m truly sorry.” I said to Danielle.

” Why ?”

” Your twin is gone , I know that feeling.” I said and sighed.

” Oh yeah..” Danielle said and rolled her eyes.

” Elle you’re not concerned.”

” Why should I ?”

” Danielle.” Her mom called walking into the conversation.

” What do you want ?” Danielle asked.

” You killed your sister , and I’m sure you did that out of jealousy. You know she was better than you , you’re just one useless child of mine.”

” Really ?” Danielle asked her.

” Of course you’re useless. I’m going out to find the solution of your sister’s death and if I found it you’re responsible, I’ll make sure I kill you myself..” her mom yelled.

Suddenly her mother’s eyes turned red and and she gasped at once.

” Are you okay ?” I asked trying to hold her.

” Of course I am.” She said softly looking around.

” I’m really sorry Danielle , your sister’s death was really painful. I just need to take a nap.” Danielle’s mom said and walk out.

That was outrageous , what happened to her ? I turned to look at Danielle who was quiet. Something isn’t right about her and I’m definitely gonna find out.



I saw her standing outside alone. She was filled with darkness.

” Poor soul.”

I walked over to where she was standing , she turned to look at me and the demon smiled through her.

” Jordan..” He said through her.

” Who’s this poor vessel you’re using ?”

” You’re going back to hell where you belong..” I said and she laughs.

” So who’s sending me back to hell ? You ?” He asked and laughs loudly.

” Oh poor Elle.”

” Why are you doing this ? ”

” I owe you no explanations.” He said and grabbed my neck.

” Angel Gabriel was so stupid to have freed your soul.”

” You can’t kill me ,my body is weak but my soul isn’t. You can only destroy this poor girl I’m hiding with but you can’t kill me anymore.” I said and look at her eyes..

He threw me away and I fell on the floor.

” Her end is near..” He said through her and proceed to leave.

” One more thing , your spouse won’t survive except you give your life for his. A life for a life. If you want him to live then you have to die for his sake.” And with that she was gone.

No way , Christian can’t just die. I knelt down on the floor and weep. Good people don’t deserve bad things , she needs to be stopped or he will stop her.

I went over to Giselle’s and knock. She opened the door and grin , I know she is not expecting a strange visitor.

( Please note , Jordan posses a girl in other to communicate with the living , so don’t be confused.)

” Who are you ?” Giselle asked.

” My name’s Jane and I just wanna drop a message.”

” What type of message ?” She asked and crossed her arms. Her hand was a bit better now , I see.

” I found your bracelet. A girl is wearing it.”

” What ! Where did you find it ? And how how did you know I was looking for a bracelet ?”

” Does that even matter , the most important news is that I saw it and I can take you to her, that’s if you don’t mind.”

” Of course I mind. Hold on lemme get dressed.” She said and rushed out.

I went behind her house and opened the door of the loop. I walk in and switch off the light , there I was lying so cold. I stood there and cried inside. What did I do to deserve this type of torture.

I walk out and closed the door gently. I remembered Christian and what that demon said , I can’t believe him.

” Hey..” Giselle called and jammed her door.

” You can take me there now.”

” Alright..” I said and led the way.

” But I will have to stop a bit far from her compound, I don’t want look like an informer.”

” Alright , but it’s a bit weird.”

” Then how can I recognize her ? The new owner.”

” She’s brown and has a low hair cut. Easy as that , you can also look at her wrist , that’s easier.”

Giselle smiled and nodded.



” When are you resuming lectures ? You’ve been lagging behind lately.”

” Soon.”

” Okay.” I said and turned to look at my best friend.

She wasn’t my best friend anymore. Something is living inside of her and I don’t know what. Her smile is gone and her voice has disappeared too. We were in her balcony when a car drove inside the compound.

A girl came down from the car and waved at us.

” You mind giving me a minute ?”

” Sure.” I replied.

Danielle turned to look at me and Frowned. She lead the way and we went downstairs to meet her.

” Hi.” She greeted.

” What do you want ?” Danielle asked.

” Your bracelet is pretty.” The girl said and smiled at her wrist.

” Thanks.” Danielle replied.

” Where did you get it from ?”

Danielle kept quiet and stare at her wrist , she smiled mischievously at turned to this girl.

” My boyfriend bought it. You want it ?” Danielle asked and grin.

” Not exactly. Look I don’t mean to intrude but that bracelet belongs to my sister and it has cost her her life. You might likely fall victim if we don’t find a way to get if off.” The girl said and Danielle laugh.

” You’re crazy..” Danielle said.

” I’m not crazy I’m telling you the truth. Your boyfriend stole it from the girl who died in September 12.” The girl said and I gasped.

” That can’t be true.” I said turning to look at her.

” I’m telling the truth.”

” I’m out. This black thief wants it.” Danielle said and stormed out.

” Look I’m sorry I don’t mean to trespass , but are you sure of what you just said ?”

” That bracelet is evil. She’s possessed and she will cause more damage to anyone who tried to stop the demon inside of her.”

” I will try to help , her sister slept and didn’t wake up. Her sister was one of her worst enemy and we were surprised at her sudden death…”

” Harmony….” Danielle called at once.

” You’ve been talking to much , and I think you no longer deserve your voice..” she said staring at me fiercely.

She turned to look at Giselle as she exhale deeply.

” You , whatever thing that happened to you in first edition will happen to you again , and I pray you survive.”



Hell’s Nest 2
( Murder )
Chapter 10
© Author Goddy
She smiled wickedly and walk out.
” Is she going to kill you ?” Her friend ask.
” And maybe you too , I’m leaving be careful.” I said
and walk out.
I entered my car and started the engine. I
remembered her threat , of course that’s not a
threat. I prayed in mind and drove off.
I was still driving on the road when a reckless
driver hit my car. I stumbled on my steering and
my head was bruised.
I packed the car and stare at my head , it was
really bleeding. Someone hit my car behind me and
I hit my head against the windshield.
” Holy Christ.” I said touching my already injured
It was bleeding and my eyes were almost covered
with blood. I quickly pick up my face towel and
clean the injury. I got up and came out of my car ,
the guy who hit me was found dead on his steering.
” Jesus.” I said looking around.
” Madam are you okay ?” A police officer asked.
I kept quiet and cried in my thoughts. I shake my
head and entered my car . I was really frightened ,
this dude has definitely reinforced. I quickly drove
to Melissa’s house and she was flirting with Jason.
” G.” Melissa called rushing at my bleeding face.
” What happened to you ?” Jason asked as they help
me sit down.
” It’s a fuckin long story.” I said sitting down .
” What do you mean ? Accident ?” Melissa asked.
” I guess.”
” Jordan is not back , how did it happened ?”
” I found the bracelet..” I said as Melissa wiped my
” You found the bracelet ? Like I don’t understand.”
” I found the bracelet , a girl owns it now. I talked
to her about it and she’s already possessed. Her
best friend says her sister slept and didn’t wake up.
She said her twin wasn’t likely a twin , they always
fight and she didn’t wake up . She died in her
sleep.” I said and took a deep breath.
” Oh my God. So what are we gonna do about it ?”
” I’m calling the priest right away. She can’t harm
more people. She’s behind my accident. She said it
to my face that whatever thing that happened to me
in the reign of Jordan will definitely happen to me
again. I was involved in a fatal accident , thank God
I survived.”
” Thank God you’re safe. You should call the priest
right away. I’m giving you treatments.” Melissa said
rushing upstairs.
” I’m truly sorry.” Jason said and I smiled.
” Thanks.”
” At least I’m happy I survived.” I said and he
This dude’s really crazy ,I hope his feelings is
genuine this time. Melissa has suffered a lot.
” Hello father..” I called the priest.
” Giselle are you okay ?” He asked on the phone.
” I’m , at least I’m breathing. I found the bracelet.”
” You what ? Where ?”
” Around , a girl is wearing it . She killed her sister.”
” I’m coming right away.” The father said and I
I sighed and climb upstairs to meet Melissa who
was gathering her tools.
” Mel.” I called jamming her door.
” You should be downstairs , you’re sick.” She said
and I chuckled.
” I’m not sick dear.”
I sat down and sighed deeply.
” You’re okay ?” She asked sitting close to me.
” I should be asking you that . Are you okay ?”
” I’m fine. You’re funny , I’m only happy my best
friend is safe.” Melissa said and I nodded.
” Are you sure about Jason ?”
She exhale and got up looking around.
” I don’t even know. I still love him, he’s my first
everything and I can’t control myself.”
” Look the Smith’s might be cool but any single
person can break your heart including your doctor’s
son. You said he has a girlfriend abroad, a white
chic Mel. What if he’s just trying to have fun and
when all this demon stuff ends and he travels back
what are you gonna do about that ?” I ask and she
” Chill I know you like him , but we should love with
our brains not heart. It’s gonna hurt if you wet your
pillows till dawn.” I said and picked a towel to wipe
my injury.
” Lemme help.” Melissa said and collected the
towel and clean the injury.
She applied treatments and dab the injury with the
I rushed over to rayne , he was smoking with toni.
Danielle and boyfriend issues.
” Look we need to talk.” I said.
” Harmony not now. Your friend’s been acting weird
and I’m really fucked up.”
” She’s the reason I’m here.”
” What ?”
I smirked and nodded.
” You need to come with me , I wanna tell you
He sighed and got up , we went inside and he sat
down burning the ash of his cigarettes on his ash
” So what’s up ?”
” Where did you get that bracelet ?”
” Beverly’s Jewelry palace.”
” And how sure are you ?”
” Harmony what’s up with you ? I said I bought it.”
” Are you aware vane and danni died same night ?”
He was quiet for a while before he answered.
” Good , have you ever imagined the cause of their
death ?”
” Of course vane was involved in a reckless
accident because she was drunk. Danni had to die
a natural death. She slept and died in her sleep.”
” Can you even hear yourself ? Bitch those girls are
not even up to 23 years old and you call that natural
death.” I yelled.
” Bitch don’t even dare raise your voice at me.” He
said with a serious look.
” Rayne you stole it , the girl who died in September
12 was the owner , she died because she was
possessed by a demon. A demon who destroyed
every good thing around her , and now you gave
that evil bracelet to elle , she’s going to kill you just
as she killed her sister. If you’re wise , we’d find a
way to stop her. The girl who died in September
12 , her sister visited and she told me everything .
We need take that shit off , you pussy.”
” So should I believe you ?”
” You don’t have to , wait till your natural death
visits you.” I said and stormed out.
Seriously , I barely can believe Danielle is
possessed, it was hard to believe. I went outside
and threw my cigarette away. I was so annoyed ,
recently Danielle has been acting really strange and
I don’t understand her.
” You’re okay ?” Toni ask.
” I’m not sure. Harmony told me something.”
” Like what ?”
” I’m not in the mood to share.” I said and sighed.
” Alright. I feel like partying tonight , you care to tag
along ?”
” No , I’m fine. I just wanna ground myself for
” Alright .. suit yourself.” Toni said and exhale on
his stupid cigarette.
This dude’s fucked up !
Later that day Toni left and I was alone thinking
about what harmony said. I’m still finding it funny. I
was lost in thoughts , I raised my head and saw
Danielle standing beside my door smiling at me
I flinched and sat up.
” For real ?”
” What’s up ? You’re scared ?” She asked.
” Not really, i was surprised.” I said and she grin.
” You’re okay ?”
” No. ”
” You need something ?” I asked and she nodded.
” I’m thirsty.”
” Okay.. maybe I should get you water or maybe a
She kept quiet and walk to where I was sitting.
” I need you blood.” She said in a man’s voice.
Her eyes turned red and they stare at me blankly.
” Elle what’s wrong with you ?” I asked scared .
” Let’s make your death natural.” She said and got
up from where she held me tight.
” You can’t do this to me.” I pleaded.
” I hate love.” She said and scream.
She pierced her hand through my heart as blood
ooze from my mouth.
” I love blood.” She said at once and pulled her
hand out , my heart followed and I fell to the
( Oops bye Rayne.)
* HUGO.”
” Why did you brought me here ?” I asked Danielle
who brought me to a lake.
” Nothing , just felt like having fun.” She said and
” Okay , you’ve been skipping classes lately , what
happened ?”
” Nothing. Tell me your worst secret.” She said and
” My worst secret ?”
” Yeah , the one you hate to share , the one you’re
afraid of.” She said and winked.
” I can’t swim.”
” What ?” She asked and I nodded.
” You can’t swim.” I said and I shyly shrugged it off.
She smiled and grabbed my neck.
” Elle what are you doing ?” I asked struggling for
” I want to teach you how to swim.” She said and
threw me into the lake .
” Oh no.” I said drowning.
” Elle please save me.” I cried trying to swim.
She stood and there and laugh wildly.
” She’s possessed..”
Please don’t forget to share , finale is dropping
soon. Much love
Happy Sunday everyone
Hell’s s Nest 2
( New Era )
Chapter 11
© Author Goddy
We went over to her house and it was empty. We
walked into this detached house and we found her
mom lying on the couch.
” A sleeping disease.” The exorcist said touching
her heart.
Her breath isn’t stable.
” Check upstairs for the girl.”
We went upstairs and she was no where to be
” She’s gone.” I shouted climbing downstairs.
” How ? What do you mean ?”
” She’s no where the be found. It seems she ran
away.” Jason said and we all sigh.
” She must be around. He knew we were coming.”
The exorcist said and we walk out.
We stood outside and look around aimlessly.
Rayne was found dead in his room with a bleeding
heart. And it looks as if his heart is missing.
” Oh Elle..” I pondered.
An ambulance drove into his compound and took
his body away. His mother was really down , she
fell and collapse.
” Oh God.” Toni and I carried her into the
ambulance and they rushed her to the hospital.
” I can’t believe Ray is gone.” Toni lamented.
” Fuck he’s gone.” I sob gently.
” I need to look for Elle.” I said and rushed out.
I walk on this lonely road and took a turn around an
alley. I saw Danielle standing there , she turned to
look at me and smiled mischievously.
” You’re going somewhere bestie ?” She asked.
” Elle , you can’t do this , you can fight this out.”
” I’m killing myself right away once I’m done with
you. You’re going to hell with me.” She said and
chase after me.
I scream and ran away. She stopped and cried. Her
eyes were blood including her hands , they were
dripping blood.
” Poor Elle .” I stop and look at her , I was forced
to cry.
She stood there and cried blood. I heard a car horn
, I turn around and got hit by a car. My nose gush
out blood and I turned to look at Danielle she was
no longer there.
I hold my bleeding stomach and passed out .
* Author’s View *
Giselle and the others waited and eventually got
” I’m giving up.” Giselle sob gently.
” You shouldn’t. Jordan might not survive including
Christian , she would show up.”
” How sure are you ?” Melissa asked.
” What if she has committed suicide ?” Jason
” No , I’m not sure. She can’t just die like that.”
” I hope so.”
” Have hope my children , she must come home.”
The priest said and Giselle sighed resting herself on
the car.
She walked into her compound like an hypnotized
victim. Her eyes were dim and it seems she can
barely see. She was covered with blood.
” The end is here.” She said and stopped.
” Quick get a sedative..” the exorcist whispered.
Melissa opened her bag and brought out the
sedative injection , Giselle and Jason held her tight
as she was Injected.
She grunt and collapse.
” Quick, open the door…” The exorcist shouted as
she was rushed into the car.
They drove straight to the exorcist’s church. She
was still fast asleep.
” Please tie her to the pillars.”
” So how can we remove it ?” Giselle asked.
” It can’t , except Alaster is been cast out .”
” What about Jordan and Christian ?”
” They will be free once he leaves.” James said and
” He’s eating her up.” James added.
” Poor thing..”
” I guess she has no family left.” Giselle said.
” Yes I think so too.” Melissa said.
Few hours later Danielle opened her eyes. Her eye
were pure red , she struggled to break free from the
chains as the exorcist try to stop her.
” Leave her alone..” James said.
The demon smiled through her and laugh.
” Her end is near.” He said through her and laughs.
James prayed and touched her forehead with the
cross he was holding. The cross turned red and
went ablaze.
The girls gasped and tried to catch their breath.
” You’re going back to where you belong..”
” I belong no where , they are my vessel.” He said
and tried to break free.
The roof started trembling , a strong wind blew and
the glory of God came down as a light. Of course
no one saw it , the exorcist prayed hard and Lucifer
showed up.
” Son.” Lucifer called.
” I’m not coming with you.” Alaster shouted through
” Who is she talking to ?” Giselle whispered.
” I don’t know..”
” His father is here.” James said and stood still
taking a deep breath.
” That’s enough tormenting you’ve done , we are
going home.” Lucifer said and pulled out his soul
out of Danielle.
The lights disappeared as the wind cease. Danielle
exhale and fainted.
” She is free , remove the chains.”
They released her as she fell to the ground , the
bracelet fell off her wrist as she inhale deeply.
” What about the others ?”
” Jordan and Christian ?”
” Yeah..” Jason replied.
” They should be better now.” The priest said pacing
Jason’s phone rang and he quickly pick it up.
” Hey Mom..”
” Christian is awake.” She shouted on the phone.
” Really ?”
” Yeah , I barely can express my happiness..”
” Thank God.”
” Where are you ?”
” A long story but I’ll give you the details once I
return.” Jason replied.
” Alright be careful..” his mom said and ended the
” Say it .” Melissa snapped and the others turned to
look at him.
” I guess Jordan’s awake too since her boyfriend is
” Thank God.”
” What are we gonna do about this ?” Giselle asked
picking the bracelet up.
” We should bury it.” James said.
” No exorcist , you’re a nice man I’m happy we are
all back together. I’m selling it to the London
museum right away.” Giselle said.
” Why ?”
” Because it’s worth is about a 300 million dollars,
convert that to Rands we are billionaires..” Melissa
said and smiled.
” Your choice..”
” Giselle you need to be careful with that.” The
priest said.
” Yeah of course I will.”
Danielle got up and stare at everyone around , she
was perplexed and nervous. With the look on her
face it shows she was weak as hell.
” Ready to go home ?” Giselle asked and she kept
” Lemme help you up.” Giselle said giving her a
” Thanks. ” She said standing up.
” Thanks James ,you saved us all ”
” I didn’t , God did.” He said and beam a smile.
” Father..” Giselle called and hug the priest.
” Becareful child.”
Giselle smiled and nodded. She kept the bracelet in
her bag and they left.
” You’re home.” Giselle said alighting from her car.
” Thanks..” she said turning to face them.
” All of you..”
” You’re welcome.”
She forced a smile and entered her house.
” I can’t imagine the look on Jordan’s face right
now. I almost thought it was over ” Giselle said
” Things are better now.”
” So what’s up with the two of you ?” Giselle asked.
” Mel and I ?” Jason asked and Giselle nodded.
” I think I want her back..” Jason said and smiled at
” You think ?”
” Sorry I truly love her.” Jason said and smiled at
Melissa who blushed.
” I’m waiting for the engagement ring..” Giselle said
and Chuckle.
Giselle stopped at Mrs Smith’s house and they
came down. They entered the house and saw
Christian sitting down on the couch , he sat up and
stare at his older brother baffled.
” Jason..” he called.
” Hey kid.” Jason said and smiled.
” Bitch I’m not a kid.” Christian said and chuckle
hugging his brother.
” I thought we’ve lost you.”
” I’m here now.” Christian said
” Where’s Jordan ?” Christian ask.
” Must be at home , i will take my leave.”
” Let me come with you.” Christian insisted.
” Alright.. we are all going.” Melissa said chuckling.
They laugh and rushed out into giselle’s car. She
drove straight to her house and opened the door , it
was quiet just as she left it.
” Jordan..” she called.
” Fuck i totally forgot , the loop.” Giselle said and
rushed out.
They open the door and saw Jordan’s body lying
extremely cold.
” I don’t get it.” Christian said walking straight towhere she was lying.
” It can’t happen.” Melissa said.
Giselle was already whimpering.
They touched her chest and her heart has stopped
” She can’t be dead.” Christian yelled and sob.
” Call the priest.” Jason said they Giselle.
She quickly took her phone and phoned the priest.
” Jordan is still not awake. She’s not even
breathing.” She said on the phone.
” I’m coming right away.”
She ended the call and cried .
” Calm down..”
” I don’t wanna believe Jordan is dead.” Giselle said
and cried.
Few minutes later the priest rushed in with the
exorcist. They stare at the body of Jordan. The
exorcist shake his head and sob quietly.
” She’s dead.”
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Hell’s Nest 2
Chapter 12
[ Finale / Epilogue ] © Goddy Francis
So we are here , the final of everything. My life’s
fucked up , I don’t have a boyfriend anymore and I
don’t have a family. My best friend Harmony is in
the hospital attending to treatments due to the fatal
accident she had.
My mom’s here and I so much dislike her . The
fact that I’m well doesn’t change anything at all , my
mom will always remain a pussy. I thought about
Hugo , poor thing. The boy I was supposed to
make my second boyfriend since Rayne is gone
too. He hates me now I guess , I tried to kill him
through drowning.
I sighed and sit down at my front yard , my life’s
fucked up.
” Hey..”
” What ? Hugo what are you doing here ?” I asked
standing up.
He smiled and hug me.
” You’re good ?”
I smiled a bit and nodded.
” I’m truly sorry..” I said.
” You don’t have to , I’m glad you’re okay.”
I smiled and sighed deeply.
” You wanna hang out tonight ? ”
” I don’t have a choice.” I said and he Chuckled.
” Let’s go for a walk.” He said and took my hand.
We walked out with our hands intertwined.
It was too hard to believe that Jordan’s gone . I
cried all through. I’ve always wanted her to be
happy, since her parents died a mysterious death.
I wished it was all a dream but it wasn’t. The priest
planned to bury her body the following day , which
was tomorrow. I just wish I didn’t have to wake up.
This was worse than a nightmare.
” You look forsaken.” A voice said.
I turn around and saw her , I kept quiet and stare at
her , she was smiling at me.
” Am I dreaming ?” I asked.
” No you’re not.” She said and giggles.
I smiled and embraced her. I thought she was truly
” What happened ?”
” Nothing happened. I’m here now.”
” Jordan I thought I’ve lost you. ” I said and she sob
a bit.
” Did you wake up ?”
” Maybe .. you just gotta ask God when you die.”
She said and giggles.
I stare at her for a while and kissed her. She held
me tight and kissed me too.
” I love you..”
” I love you more.” She replied and i smiled.
” You wanna take a walk ?”
” Sure.”
I held her hands and we walk out.
Jeez finally all this shit ended. My life’s back to
normal but not a bit not normal.
” Good morning Mel.”
” God , work again.” I said and sighed.
I forget to mention , Becky actually went back to
normal and it happens as if she never went dumb.
Like she didn’t remember a thing , God is good.
” Where’s Jordan ?” Becky asked.
” Break , she is resting.” I replied and signed.
” There’s an emergency, some one just had an
accident.” A nurse said and walk out of my office.
God I hate my job.
I stopped working as a sales rep because I sold
the bracelet , yeah and I planned a family trip for
me , Jordan , Melissa and her dream boyfriend
Jason including Christian.
I smiled at my new house I bought and thought
about Jordan. She is back to normal and everything
is great now. I stood outside watering the plants in
my front yard.
” Hey ..” a guy greeted.
” Hi.” I said and smiled a bit.
He walk over to where I was and smiled at me.
” Hi..”
I smiled and blushed.
” I’m good.” I replied.
” I was wondering if you can have dinner with me , I
will be honored ” he said and I smiled.
” Alright.. time ?”
” 8: pm sharp.” He said and I chuckled.
” See you there..” He said and walk out.
That is Romeo , the next door neighbor. Of course
he’s the hot bachelor and I’m so into him , maybe
because he’s hot. I chuckled and scream.
” Yess..”
I’ve been waiting like forever for him to say hi. Of
course he did. Am I not lucky ?
Life isn’t the why it is planned . It revolves and
most times it always turn around for our good.
Most times God has a plan for everyone of us , and
it takes time to see it.
My name’s Jordan and I’ve always thought I was
definitely gonna end like my mom. I missed her
alot , i wished she was here. Giselle bought a new
house and i moved in with her as usual.
Few months after jason traveled back abroad but he
eventually gave her a ring Melissa couldn’t help but
scream her ass out, and her wedding bells will be
ringing in few months time.
Giselle , well Giselle , she’s busy with her new hot
neighbor who is a hot bachelor. And I’m really glad
she moved on since Andrew fucked up.
Um Elle , I guess she’s still having fights with her
mom it was a pitty her mom still misses her little
princess Danni. I really feel pity for her mom , it
hurts to loose one of your twin.
And me I’m sitting next to Christian in a cinema and
we are watching a romance movie. They are his
favourite. He smiled at me and kissed me on my
forehead. It was pleasing to be back again , maybe
i guess.
” I will always love you..” he whispered.
I chuckled and smiled.
” You’re busy tonight ?” I asked and he Chuckled.
” Hope it’s not what I’m thinking ?” He asked not
staring at me.
I chuckled and pinched his hands.
” Maybe..”
He turned to look at me and smiled.
” Alright…”
I chuckled as he pulled me out of the cinema.
( I’m out..)

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