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Clumsy Nurse Chapter Three

[5/4, 7:40 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 13📚 )
By chidinma jerry m


Daniellas p. O. V conts 💜💜

The door opened
There stood a Nurse wearing a surgeons mask
I looked at her I. D
It is Nurse delvaliers
She has her I. D
But why is she wearing a surgeons mask
Maybe she has surgery to attend to.

She bowed and tried moving out that’s when I noticed her fingers

No ring.

Nurse. D. Always wears her rings I looked at Anna

Her drip had been removed
It was on her side

Omg its not nurse delvaliers its the drip changer

Before I could turn to Tim she was fast enough to walk past him

” Tim stop her, call the guards its the drip changer “, I shouted.

Doctor Tim ran after her but she was too fast to run

He called the guards and all them ran after her.
I hope they get her so we can blame her for Anna’s condition

Claras p. O. V 💜💜💜

I ran as fast as I could with tears in my eyes
Am so scared
Who will save me
If the catch me
I might get killed
My mom might get killed too
What was I doing

I ran faster more guards chased me
The hospital alarms where high and shouting

More guards came out of nowhere
I covered my face well
I still kept runing

Am tired already
My legs are paining

I was Already close to the entrance when someone who was passing buy caught me

He held my hands tight
The guards already sorrounded the door

I turned to look at him
He wore a black suite
He must be a guard

I looked in his face with tears rushing down my eyes

Wait what is this
It’s the guy I insulted
It’s the guy I fought with
Thank God my face is covered
This would have double punishment

No need its finished
I know he will hand me over to them.

I looked in his eye and my tears kept gushing out
He looked at me for a while with his hands holding me tight

I know am about to die but Damn
Why is this guy so sexy.

The guards faced him

“Sir, she committed a criminal act hand her over to us “, they said

“What did she do and who ordered you to chase her around like this “, he asked calmly

” sir she was tampering with miss Anastasia health and Mrs Daniela asked us to catch her, She is even wearing a fake identity. The said

Just then nurse delvaliers ran out

“The criminal must be punished, she even stole my i. D card, She is the reason why Anna is not waking up”, nurse D added.

The cute guy looked me in the face for while

This is actually the first time I am seeing him differently
He looks so calm and reserved but
” sad”

He removed the I. D from my neck and threw it to nurse delvaliers.

The I. D he removed made my messy hair fall into my eye

I would have moved it but he is holding my hands tight.

Before I could shake my face to move the hair

He removed it from my eye with his hands

I looked at him with my mouth open
My eyes rolling at his face

I suddenly felt butterflies in my tummy

***What is that?? ***

He then looked at me and said

” with Anna or with anybody else, did you do something wrong “?, he asked me

I shaked my head in disagreement
The remaining tears gushed out

Next thing he let go off my hands and said

“Go ”

Omg am free I can’t believe this, this guy saved me,

I instantly lifted myself to tip because he was taller than me

I pecked his cheek softly then I ran away.

the guards tried chasing me but his guards blocked them

I ran away as fast as I could, I ran into the Bush and removed the mask then I used leafs to cover my face my face

I got out and took a bike I showed him Tonys card he said he knew the address

I can’t wait to meet him ( Tony )
I have two questions for him

First why did he schedule surgery and ignore it
Secondly why didn’t he bother looking for me so he can get his card back.

Dianas p. O. V 💜💜

I was still moving about in confusion and fear when Ryan walked in.

All the nurses hieved a sigh of relieve

His dress sense “wow ”

I walked to him

Sir you are late, I think she lost a lot of blood.

“who scheduled this surgery”, he asked me

” doctor Tony “, I replied

He looked at the door for a while then he looked at Alison.

He flipped his hair backward then he dropped his phone on the chair

“I need her file”, he said

I handed him her file and he sat down with his legs crossed

⏰⏰⏰ minutes later

I looked at our time

We have only 35 minutes left

And Ryan is still reading … comfortably

“Sir, our time is runing out should we Bring blood “, I asked desperately

” I need her health record, starting from her first sugery “, he said

I ran into the the hospital store

I searched in a haste
How will he read all this
There is no time

I took her file and ran back thinking Ryan had started the surgery but he still sat with his legs crossed.

I gave him the record he dropped the file on the floor

He looked at the health records from start to end, every word, every note

I must say he is a fast reader

After few minutes he was done he dropped the file on the floor

I checked our time only 20 minute left

He instantly wore the cover all and switched on the surgery lights

He wore his gloves with style and speed

I must say everything this guy does is charming.

He turned to us

“I don’t want to stay here or more than 10minutes “, he said

We all nodded in agreement.

He looked at her

He opened her tummy, just left side to her abdomen

Then he said

” scalpel “.

I handed him the scalpel

He instantly cut the area open like a slice of bread

” scissors ”

The other nurse handed him a scissors


I handed him a saw I must say Ryan is very fast.

” forceps ”

I handed him the tool


I handed that to him

He turned to the other nurse

“Check heart beat ”

He turned to me

” Diana blood”
I went for the blood bag

” needle holder”

A male nurse handed it to him

” towel clamp”

I returned and handed it to him in a Haste

Omg he is almost done

” clips ”

I handed him

” vascular clamps”

I handed him

” stapler ”

I handed him

” thank you.

Wait he’s done

He was done

Hes work was so clean but something is weird about ryan today

he was smiling to himself carelessly all through the surgery

I noticed him holding in some kind of laughter

He smile regularly a he thought of something

I wonder what happened.

He removed the gloves and washed his hands

Then he removed the cover all and wore his jacket.

” move her, her sugery was a success, the patient should be awake by 8:00 tomorow. “, he said this and rushed out

I checked the time, wow we still have 11 minutes left

no wonder he is a star surgeon.

I instantly moved Alison out of the room

what a long day am so tired.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜💜.

What a surgery

But i can’t stop thinking about that sily kiss.

It’s just so funny thoughts of it makes me want to laugh.

Why did that ugly looking girl kiss me anyways

It was so funny when she stepped on My shoes while tying to Raise herself to my height

I laughed again

I wonder why this is so funny.

I chuckled to myself and with my hands on my lips

This makes me laugh, I don’t know why.

Clara p.O. v. 💜💜

I arrived at Tonys house

Omg it is so big

And so white

But does he live alone

Aaagh is this safe

Why didn’t I think of this Before coming here.

Anyways am already here

I ran into the compound where I saw him swimimg in his pool which was beautiful and was demarcated with a big white stair case

He walked out and sat on his chair

He lighted a stick of cigarette and sat facing his bottle of wine

His hair dripping wet
His skin dreamy
Hes so cute

He hadn’t seen me yet
Ok now he saw me.

I just remembered am looking ugly
I instantly started arranging my hair

He waved at me

” hey “, He shouted

I looked around then I bowed from the distance

This made him laugh to himself.

I wonder what’s funny
[5/4, 7:44 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 14📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Clara p. O. V conts 💓💓

I finally decided to walk down to him
I got to where he sat

I bowed again
He stood up

He was really surprised to see me
I looked round the house
Wow amazing
The pool was unending
I mean it was so round
I think it sorrounded the house
I wonder where it ended
He just looked at me quietly

Tony s p. O. V 💜💜💜

Now that I look closely this girl resembles nuella Quite a lot

She is still amazed at the pool
She looked around smiling

Just then she dragged my hand

“I want to see where it ended “, She said

“Where what ended “, I asked in confusion

“The water come on”, she shouted almost jumping up

She dragged my hands and I followed her

She walked down and I walked behind her watching her as she smiled carelessly
While looking into the water
We walked about the buiding and came back to the front

She clapped her hands together in satisfaction

” Oh really, the water has no ending “,
She said smilling.

“Yes it doesn’t “, I replied her while looking at her

“But sir, you scheduled surgery, did you forget “, she asked

“Arrrrgh how did i forget, anyways am sure they called Ryan “, I replied

” oh ok, but I came to give you your card,

She opened her bag with a very sorry face

” am really sorry, I totally forgot… pls forgive me it was all Abigails fault.
” she dragged me into that free bus, I know I didn’t have transport fare but I could have trekked.

” you wont believe i didnt even sit down in the bus, I stood all the while till I got home.

” it was when I arrived home that I realized I was with your card ”

” i wanted to call you but my phone was in the kids section.

” i went in there and searched all the kids one by one untill one Korean…………… She just kept blabbing , non stop without even breathing

Holy heavens what a lady

I enjoyed it though, she talked for a long time while searching her bag.

Seconds later she looked at me with her mouth open wide

Her eye were now teary
I walked close to her
I swear I forced myself not to laugh.

” what’s wrong “, I asked her

“Actually, I can’t find my purse “, she said almost crying

” but, i that were the card Is “, i asked

She nodded

“Arrrgghh what is this “, She said and she sat on the floor with both hands on her head.

I covered my mouth to hold my laughter.

” no problem, you can bring it later “I

She started blabbing again

” why have suffered this week
” i really, really, suffered to find my phone
” searching for something in that kids section is not funny
” now I forgot my purse there
” i tell you my life is going out of hands ” what is This

She scattered her already messy hair and lay flat on the floor with her eyes closed.

” Clara are you okay “, I asked her

“Shhhhhhhh moment of silence “, she replied

I chucked as I dragged her up

She must have really stressed herself for this card.

” Clara don’t worry, we Will search for the card together “, I said

She smiled

” uuhhmmm I will just change “, I said

” oh ok “, She replied

I tried walking into the house but she still stood there

I turned and dragged her hands into the house.

she looked around the house, I guess she just realized no one is here….

She suddenly started coughing but I swear I know that cough, nuella does it very well., it’s a fake cough

I turned to look at her

She scratched her hair

” but sir “, am not ready yet , let’s take it slowly “, She said

***omg what is this girl thinking***
*** so funny what a crazy girl ***

I hastily left her hands

“Hey, what are you thinking, I just wanted to change so we can look for the purse “, I said sharply

She knocked herself

” oh arrrgh, don’t mind me, just….. let’s go “, She said

We walked into my room she looked around

She sat on the bed , i watched her carefully as she folded her hands into her legs.

I walked into my dressing room and after a while

I came out wearing my shorts, i picked my polo on the bed

This Clara girl covered her eye

” hey , what’s wrong “, I asked

” get dressed already “, she said sharply

“Oh sorry ” I wore my top and removed her hands from her eye

She looked at me with her mouth open then she slowly closed it.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜💜

I feel like coughing again
Why Is he looking in my face
I looked at his dressing
Wow so nice

I hastily stood up

” let’s go “, I replied

He took my hands and we walked out

Why does he keep taking my hands
It’s so funny
Treating me like a baby

We got to the car and he opened the door for me.

He opened the drivers seat and sat

He locked his door
I tried locking my door but it was a little hard
But I still pushed it

“Did you lock the door well?”, He asked me.
Before I spoke
He moved over to my side and Locked the door well.

I smiled

“Use your seat belt “, he said

Before I could do it he leaned over to me

He fixed the sit belt well
He just covered me with his sexy body while doing that
His face was directly in front me
But I didn’t Care less
Just then
He rolled those sexy eyes to look in my face
I turned to ice

Hes not moving out

He just stayed like that looking at me
Why is he still so close to me
I might cough again

he looked at my lips
What’s wrong
I licked my lips, is there anything there

He looked in my eye and started moving closer.

What is he doing
Does he want kiss me
What to I do

My eyes opened wide

Just when he came close enough

He looked down and slowly withdrew

“am sorry,

” its ok, maybe you just slipped “, I added.

He chuckled and started the car

Tonys p. O. V 💜💜💜

I can’t believe I almost kissed her

What came over me

What’s attracting me to clara

Shes clumsy
Poor dress sense

But amazing smiles
Fun to be with
No pretences
No fake Ness

I guess that’s enough

Soon we got to the hospital

She was fast to run into the kids play

Omg What a Crowd

We started looking for the purse

I searched almost all the kids with bags

Clara chased them around one by one
They had fun with her

I can’t stop laughing

Clara is so skinny
the crowd of children Keep pulling her to the floor

anytime she fell she won’t stand up
She would ask a kid to help her
once they give her a hand
she will push them down too
What a playful girl

She stood up and we continued the search

We both scratched our hair
No sign of her purse

Claras p. O. V 💜💜💜

Tony is really stressing himself
Searching this kids is not funny

But who is that fat kid
She is carrying a toy bag

I shouted to Tony

“Hey, catch that fat kid, Hurry hurry!!!!!

He ran after the child
I too ran after the child

The kid kept runing non stop until Tony finally caught her

They kid started laughing

I laughed too because the kids laugh is so contagious

Tony instantly took a picture of me

I took her bag from her

We seached it together

So many toys
Then I saw My purse

My micky mouse purse
I smilled and raised it up

Tony looked at the purse awkwardly

“Uhhm is that yours or the kids “, he asked

I sat back on the floor and opened the purse
i brought out his credit card and handed to him

He smiled

“Thank you ‘, He said

” you are welcome “, I replied

“Come on, lets go, I will take you home “, he said

We got to his car

We both entered and I directed him to my house

We arrived

I came down and waved at him

He tried leaving when my dad walked out

” won’t you Bring him inside “, He said

I remembered my mother

” no no dad, He is going ” i said

My dad turned to Tony

” not even tea “, He asked

” it will be my pleasure ” Tony replied

We walked into the house

He sat down

Just then my dad shouted

” honey, come Clara came with her boyfriend “, he shouted

” oh am glad, finally, my child won’t die a virgin”, She shouted.

I instantly covered her ears with both hands

” mom!!!!! , I shouted

I looked at Tony who chuckled quietly

My mother ran down

” omg doc Tony, what are you doing, are you Clara, how are you….

I know mother is confused so I shouted

” he’s not my boyfriend mother, he’s not, he’s really not “, I said

” oh , No wonder, I almost choked “, She said.

“Good day madam”, Tony said

” you are welcome, what can I offer you “, She asked.

” ouch am already full, He said

” all right dear “, sHe replied.

” clara you have such a wonderful family “, he said.

I smiled

” clara go and change so you can walk him out ” she Said

I know my mother
She wants to send me out
I wonder what she wants to tell him

I stood up

” all right mum “, I rushed out

I was rushing up the stairs when my mother shouted

” clara be care full on the stairrrsssssss…….

I was already rolling down the stair again.

I pushed myself up and turned to them

” mom, dad, Tony “, am alright.

I ran into my room.

Mrs David’s p. O. V 💜💜

I can’t believe someone like Tony is in my house

Could he really be dating Clara

I looked in His face and he looked worried

I guess he is worried about Claras fall.
” uhhm why don’t you check on her I mean it’s obvious you are worried ” I said to him.

” oh that’s ok, I can’t pry into her privacy “, He replied

” don’t worry, Clara doesn’t have privacy all her friends are welcome in her room “, i said

He smiled then he stood up

He Carefully walked up the stairs

Claras p. O. V

I walked into my room and found Tyler on my bed

Always sneaking up

I sat beside him and removed my shoes

” Welcome, i have been waiting you “, He said

” i know, someone must always be in my room “, i replied him

Just then Tony walked in

Tyler stupidly covered his face with the pillow
I stood up and walked to him

” sorry to badge in I just wanted to check on you, since you fell “, He said

” oh am fine “, i replied

He looked at the bed I instantly dragged out the pillow so he could see Tyler well.

Tyler waved at him and lay back comfortably in the bed

” it’s getting late, I have to leave “, He said
” oh of course, I will walk you “, I added.

We both walked down, we got to the car.
I bowed

” goodbye “, i said

” bye, i had fun “, he added.

he entered his car and drove away.

I ran back into my room and lay beside Tyler

” mm so what next, did he ask you to date him?, he asked

” not yet, I just came from his house today “, i replied

“Omg Clara, rule no 1” no sex till it’s defined “, He said

” what’s he saying ” I asked

” just saying “, He added

” where is Cinderella “, I asked

” she’s in my room”, He replied

” and you are here “? I asked him

” been with her all morning missed you”, He said

I smiled

Just then another person sneaked in through my window.

I turned

Omg its Lia

I hugged her

” lia you have changed “, Tyler added

” am I fat or fit “, She asked

” perfect “, Tyler added

Tyler snuck out of the window he thinks I do not see him take my chocolate pack.

Lia touched my hair

” sis, why is your hair so messy “, She asked me

“Well, I don’t wash it anymore “, i said

“What, clara you are spoiling your amazing hair “, She shouted

” i just want to rush out of the shower, washing my hair makes me late to work “, i said

” and your boyfriend is not saying anything? “, She asked

” arrrgh don’t go there “, I added

” i heard you are going to African with Ryan ? “, She asked

“Yes I am “, i replied

” omg, can i go in your stead “, She asked

I pushed her

” silly ” I said

” ok as someone more experienced with men I will give you some tips “, She said

” ok tell me “, I added

” first always lock your door.

” Make sure to pack all you need
Pads, cloth, cream etc.

” oh thats easy ” i added

” and, whenever the weather is cold, don’t lurk around that cute guy if not hmmmm…………. she licked her lips

I got interested

” what will happen “, I asked.

” he will say to you, the night Is cold, take off your cloths and lie with me “, She said

I instantly covered my chest in surprise

” really “, I asked

She nodded

” another tip “, She said

She tried talking when her phone caught her interest

She picked her phone then shouted

” clara the girl who looks like you is on t. V ”

I smiled widely and looked into her phone

It was my role model
The girl who looks like Me

Nuella maravella

She looks a little like me

Once i used her old picture as my d. P and my friends thought it was me.

She looks just like me

But i am shorter and she is prettier

I am also slimmer and her nose is more aligned, also her face is well built
She always looks so expensive
she is a model and also an intelligent doc.

During her last interview she said modelling was her real dream and medical school is her dad’s dream.

Nuellas p. O. V 💜💜💜

I am in New York

My assistant just informed me about the change in my schedule

I just arrived new York today for my modelling contract with nivea as their brand ambassador
And I just got informed that I need to go on a health visit at( A. G. H. C)

Just the same day

I am in so much pain
Why does dad do this to me
I am mad at him
I called him on phone

” why did you change my schedule for Thursday dad ”

” Nuella I have future plans for our health center And being in good terms with A. G. H. C is perfect. “, He said

” dad I can’t, what about my dreams “, I asked him.

” stupid dreams, you have no future as a model concentrate on being a doctor just like your brother, enough if this modelling game “, he shouted at me

” come on dad, I am an international super model

” and a professional doctor too, you will visit that hospital next tomorow and you can’t change that, and after that you can continue your modelling parade ”

” dad please, Thursday is a big day for my career as a model “, i said

” It is also a big day for my duty as a father and your future planner, I already spoke to Mr grande, they are expecting you. “, he said

I dropped the call.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜💜

Next day

Is funny lia actually washed my hair today and dressed it
Then she packed it well
She even ironed my nurse uniform for me
She said she wants me to look pretty today
Imagine that

Right now I am running through the street
I ran out of the hospital to buy food for one of the patients
Next thing I ran into a big white car
It almost hit me
Thank God it stopped

I fell to the floor out of shock and fear
I fell so they can rush me to the hospital at least Diana will get a little Money out of them.

I lay there with my eye closed
thinking about my future

Then a guard walked out
Another guard walked out
A girl walked out holding a black book
All of the looked at me in surprise

Just then the girl shouted

Madam come and check this out
This girl looks like you

Just then I opened my eye
And she stepped out if her car

Omg kill me
Its nuella maravella
My one and only role model

She bent down to me and smiled

“She really looks like me “, She said

“Hey are you okay “, she asked me

I closed my eye tight

**pls just take me to the hospital i need money **

[5/4, 8:30 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 15📚 )
By chidinma jerry m


Claras p. O. V conts 💜💜

I was waiting for her to carry me into the car so we can go to the hospital when she slapped my cheek gently

I opened my eye she smiled

” hey I am a doctor, it’s obvious you are All right “, She said with a very cute playful face

I started coughing

” oh am I, I didn’t realize”, I said

She smiled and dragged me up

” hy my name is nuella, nuella….

“Maraverlla “, i added

She smiled in surprise

” how do you know me “, She asked

” actually everybody knows you, infact you are my role model ” i said

” so whats your name “, she asked

” oh its Clara, I said smiling, Clara David “.

” nice meeting you Clara I know you must have hurt your leg so I will transport you, if you don’t mind “, she said

**Arrrgh no I need money **

” well where I am going is very different from where you are going “, i added

” oh really? “, She asked

” yes I am going straight then you will go left, you go right them you bend, you stand then you cross the road, you run then you walk, you go left and straight then right. “, I said

” that’s quite a distance, ok no problem. ”

She opened her purse and brought out money she didnt even count it she just placed it in my hand I smiled widely

“Thank you but you didn’t have to do this its totally normal to get hit by a car its not a big deal anyways thank you, bye “, i bowed and ran away.

I headed back into the hospital since I didn’t buy food i decided to avoid the room where the woman lay she always like sending somebody around

Am so happy

I can’t believe I am rich.
I slipped my money into my purse.

I walked into alisons room

She already opened her eye
Her surgery was indeed a success she lay there quietly smiling
I wish Anna can wake up and smile like this
I really miss Anna I miss her so much that I am willing to do anything for her just anything.

But everywhere is so tight I can’t visit Anna anymore am so scared I know Anna is being poisoned but am not yet sure if I know who is doing it so I can’t tell anyone before I tell the wrong person and get killed.

But am still suspecting doctor Tim.

I touched alisons hands

Hey, are you ok “, I asked her
She just smiled

” don’t worry you will Soon go back to school and lead your cheerleading squad i always watch you on t. V “, I said and she smiled.

Anastasia p. O. V 💜💜

I have reached that Point in my life where I feel meaningless.

My mother Is missing I don’t know if she is happy or she is sad.

My dad i have not heard from him

My sister and her mother are bent on taking all my shares from me

But they can’t because I am the only heir to everything my dad owns

It’s all in my name it will only move to his other child of I am gone but as long as i am alife
Everything my father owns still resolves around me

Danielas mother got jealous when she saw the will for the first time

After she confronted my dad about the will

I had my accident

And my mother disappeared

But I will never let them take anything away

Everything that belongs to me I will place under my mother and my unborn child

Not daniella and Mrs tonia
I will fight them with my last breath and they wont win

It seems like this drug is getting too much in my system
My stomach pains so badly

Doc Tims p. O. V 💜💜

I am still bothered about the fact that the drip changer might know who I am

I was lost in thoughts when Daniela called

” any good news”, I asked

” i should be asking you, I mean isn’t Anna suppose to die by now, I am just tired of her sleeping that’s the reason why Ryan is still waiting for her assuming she is dead everybody will move on, She said

“I am not a junior doctor Daniela I know what I am doing, Anna has taken a lot of that drug and it is damaging her liver slowly just a little more if it and Anna will be out of your way, Anna will die very Soon trust me on That, just make sure her drips are not changed anymore. “, I said

“Ok”, she added and dropped the call.

Nuellas p.o.v 💜💜

It’s useless my dad has decided.

I need to cancel my schedule with nivea…

This is really going to break me down. But i have no choice

I better call my manager so that he can cancel.

I placed the call when my assistant walked in

My manager picked the call

“Nuella, I hope you are getting ready for nivea, i don’t need any stories “, he said

“Just cancel it I have a more important meeting “, i added

” this had been your dream for 5 years girl, what could be more important “, he said

” please just cancel don’t make it more difficult for me “, I added

Just then my assistant spoke up

“Madam don’t cancel I have an idea “, she said

I dropped the call

“Tell me queen “, i said

‘This might sound a little crazy but what if we use that girl who looks like you “, she said

“Really “, i asked her

“Remember she is a doctor so what to say and which terms to use won’t be hard for her “, she added

“She will be in a. G. H. C while you will be in nivea since the contract signing is indoors

“And after the contract signing I will Come out for the main shoot won’t people ask how Come I am also in (A. G. H. C)

“No no no clara will be very fast.
once the contract signing is complete she must have left
A. G. H. C. then you will come out for the shoot.
People will think you just left
A. G. H. C and rushed to nivea they wont know that it wasnt you. “, she said

“Wow so wonderful but how do i find this clara girl now “, i replied

“She is a nurse so she’s either a nurse in A. H. H. C or a nurse in r. D. “, she said

We will look for her and kidnap her

Omg I hope she agrees

Claras p. O. V💜⏰⏰ hours later

I am so tired I guess I am more tired because I am sad

I ran out of the hospital while checking my time

Anyways I am looking good I better walk

I stopped runing and started walking

Just then a black jeep stopped in front of me

I tried runny away but 4 men in suite chased after me.

No no

I started runing fast but the kept chasing after me

What to do I better run left

I tried runing left when the other one of them finally caught me

He carried me up

This is kidnap
I kept kicking my leg up and down and shouting

They placed me in the car I tried shouting but they covered my mouth with a handkerchief

Now I don’t know anything any more.

⏰⏰⏰⏰ 1 hour later

I don’t know where I am
Seems I am naked
Someone is romancing me
Jesus’s Christ

” aaaarrrrgghh” I screamed
[5/4, 8:37 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 16📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Claras p. O. V conts 💜💜💜

The romance is not ending
I opened my eye And I saw 5 women in white
What’s going on why are women romancing me

They started applying all weird stuffs on my skin

Annoying, this is gettng out of hand

Minutes later they were done, the covered my body with the white towel jacket

And I sat on the bed

Omg I almost forgot I didn’t finish parking all the expired drugs out of the store yesterday

Someone died resultant to those drugs so methron ordered me to check for all expired drugs in the store and throw them out

I ran out without finishing that work how did i forget

Methron Linda will kill me, am dead.

I wish Diana helped me

Just then one of the women in white gave me my phone

I picked up
It was Diana

” hey bes”, i said

“Hey Clara how could you leave without finishing your work “, she yanked

” i am sorry I forgot, what will we do now “, i asked

“Look at the time I am still in the hospital clearing your mess “, she said

**Omg thank God**

“Sorry, really, really, Sorry”, I said

“Just pray the methron doesn’t catch me, am almost done”, She said

She dropped the call I know she is bothered and angry
She is always covering up for me

Back to reality, where am I

I sat looking around when someone walked in

It was nuella she stood facing me

” i must say you have an amazing skin Clara “, She said

” oh thank you but why did you kidnap me “, I asked.

” actually sorry I didn’t plan to kidnap you but I need your help “, She said And sat down

“What kind of help….. omg what is the time, my mother is going to get worried about me, what to do “, I shouted

“Why dont you call her”, nuella added.

Nuella was looking at me when I called my mother but she didn’t pick up

Omg this is bad i need to call Tyler
I called Tyler he picked

“Hello “, i said

“Hey clumsy ”

“Where are you , i asked

“Am home your mom has been crying all night “,

“Night, what do you mean night”, I asked confused.

I checked my time and it was 8pm
Omg how come

“pls tell mom that am fine infact am at Diana’s house “, i said

“Ok I will go upstairs right now”,

“Hey don’t sneak up through my window you will spoil things”, I said

“You know that’s my best passage way “,

“Tyler “, I shouted.

He dropped the call. And I turned back to nuella

“I want you to go to( A. G. H. C) in disguise as me. remember visiting Anna is one of the main aims of my visit and the main the goal is to prove to the world that the maravellas are still in good terms with
( A. G. H. C and R. D ) ”

“But why me, why can’t you go? “, I asked

“My dream is at stake thats all I can say, but if I am really your role model and you really follow me up you will understand “.

**Omg maybe her modeling dream is at stake, its ok since I can also visit Anna ****

“So tell me will you help me “,.

I nodded

“Good so whats your name? ”

“Clara dav……….

“Nuella maraverlla. “, she added

” nuella maraverlla “, I said smiling.

Just then another woman walked out

“Nuella your boyfriend just called, I think he is in town ”
Nuella jumped up and rushed out

She turned to me

“Clara you will not sleep tonight, you need to learn how to act like nuella “, She said

“What?!!!! I shouted

She dragged me up

“Your skin and hair has been worked on so your personality is our next problem “, she said.

” ok “, I replied

“First do not talk to much always, just smile with pride ”

“Ok “, i replied

“Second walk with aura, and wave, you are a model you don’t know who is taking a picture of you and a lot of people will wave at you so wave back with style.

“Ok ”

“So let’s practise ” she said

I stood beside her and we started cat walking. almost like my mom thought me it was pretty easy after so many trials I fell flat to the floor

Nuella came out

“She is good but she is not perfect “, nuella said

“We have to work on only two things

“Her speech
“And her walking step.

“Because she won’t eat there so no need for table class. “, nuella said

“Yes madam “, the woman replied

Nuella walked out and the woman turned to me

We have to practice for 8 hours so let’s start.

Daniela p. O. V 💜

Dad is stronger now we all going to welcome nuella maraverlla tomorow.
My dad is still making calls he just called the Dervantes family which means Ryan will also welcome nuella.

Am so scared nuella is a doctor even though she’s a model I am sure she’s a good doctor.
what if she finds out what’s wrong with Anna when she comes to visit her
What will happen, all my plans will crash.
Am so scared I pray she doesn’t come or she doesn’t visit Anna

My mom walked in I already told her my problems before

“Daniella I told you nuella is not that intelligent she is too busy being a model she will not find out what’s wrong with Anna “, she said sitting down

” But how sure are you mother, Ryan will be there, Mr Dervantes will be there and Dad will be there. if nuella exposes the secret behind Anna’s health it is finished Anna will start treatment. “, I said

“You fear too much Daniela”, She added

“Mother just kidnap nuella, pls am scared I have a feeling nuella will find out the truth, remember she was the one that did issabellas surgery and it was successful, nuella is smart lets not take this chance we know Anna is her friend mom am scared. “, i said

“Daniella our work is clean, the drips are pure it takes a microscope to notice the difference in colour.

“But mom ” i said

“Even If she finds out, anna had digested a lot of poison you think waking her will be easy? I am sure that drug has started damaging her livers “, mom said

“I hope so because I want Anna to be dead once Ryan comes home from hes health mission.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

Nuella is coming here I can’t wait to see how she is after high school

I have seen a lot of her pictures lately she is really changing

Crazy girl, what’s the Nick name she calls me again

Anna will be so glad to hear nuella voice

I feel a little pain in my heart and my heart beat had been seizing recently I wonder what’s wrong.

Then this cough keeps worsening and I am recently coughing out a little blood

I sent my head maid to get my drug I wonder what she is doing

Ok she just walked out

I coughed again

” where is it, I asked her

” sir your drugs are out so i called your doctor she said she will send new ones tomorow”.

I coughed again

” what do I do, I don’t feel fine “, I said

” i called the hospital it turns out they have your drugs so i already sent another maid for it , so don’t sleep off, ” she Said

” ok thank you “, I said

She walked out, right now i miss anna so much
Anna fell for me first before I started falling for her

She caught my heart with only her caring heart, care is one the things missing in my life. With dad its always work, business, money

Mom Is always busy with her tight schedule she has been missing me but ever since I came back she hasn’t visited.

I started living alone right from 15yrs
There was no Need staying with them when all they did was talk about money.
Even if i fell sick they rarely visited that’s just how they are

i lived like that no care no love from anyone.
Untill I fell for Daniela and then I later got to live with Anna as a fiance

I never loved Anna untill She stole my heart
Even when I didn’t talk to her because I am not someone who is used to human beings I love being on my own.

Still Anna cared for me if I was sick she wouldn’t sleep , if I had a little head ache she would follow me every where I go with drugs.
She showed me The true care I never experienced before she was indeed my guardian Angel.

I fell for Anna and she made my life a fantasy.
now she is gone am back to my dark world no body cares If I am sick or strong no one knows if I took my drugs or not.
I hate human beigns so much and am already used to existing without them

Humans irritate me recently.

I coughed again and it was more blood but the drug hasn’t arrived so i fell to the bed I will force myself to sleep.

That was when the maid brought the drug I was already tired so she dropped it on the bed.

Tyler p. O. V 💜💜

I snuck into Claras room she already packed up for her travel omg how many toys did this girl pack.

Her mom is still crying this family is just so funny I ran down to her

” oh Tyler, have you seen Clara “.

“Mom I came to tell you how Clara is” I Said

She wiped her tesrs

“Mom Clara is not missing she is at dia…..

She cuts in

“But I called Diana “, she said

“Who said Diana, I said her dear boyfriends house “, i added

“Boyfriend who is that, could it be tony “, She said

“I laughed out, ” of course who else, they are spending the night together. “, I said

She smiled

“Oh finally my child is in love “, She said

I tried talking but pushed me out of their house I looked through the window and she started dancing.
Next things she picked her phone
Omg I hope she is not planing to call Tony.

I am finished

Tonys p. O. V 💜

“Why is Mrs David calling me, I hope there is no emergency surgery”, I picked up

“Hello “, i said

“Tony my dear, she laughed.

** this is getting weird ***

“How are you “, i asked her

“Am fine, tell Clara that I got her message she’s free to sleep out she can even stay one week “, She said

“Ok, but where is Clara “, I asked

“What, she is in your house right “, she added

“Oh yes, why not…. wait who is this…. oh Mrs David I didn’t know it was you “, I said

“Haha its me, take good care of Clara bye. “, she said

She dropped the call

Why is Clara using my name to lie I wonder where she went to.

I need to call her
oh I forgot she has my card she hasn’t called Me yet so i don’t have her number.

I wonder where she is
I better not think negative
Maybe she went to visit her boyfriend
Could she be with Tyler
Oh my, oh my Tony control yourself.
But where is Clara I stood up and started walking about my room

I started looking for her number on my phone

I fell to my bed and started kicking myself about

Arrrgh i feel so jealous.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜9 hours later

Am done for, my legs are paining at least nuella later confirmed that I am perfect.

Right now we are doing yoga she asked me to keep my mind blank but my mind can’t be blank I have a lot of things to think about

Oh finally we are done she sat back down

“So clara I will teach you how to greet people
When it comes to older people you hug them eg, like Mr dervabtes and Mr Grande and their wives ”

“Ok “, i replied

“When it comes to younger ones eg daniella, doctor Tim, ryan that’s If he shows up. You peck both sides of their cheek. ”

“then you wave at the nurses.

“Ok “, I replied

she stood up
“Now greet me like daniella “, she said
I stood up and gently kissed her cheek on both sides

She smiled

” perfect but what if i am Ryan ” she said

I didn’t know when I hugged her tight without letting go she knocked me and I got myself

“Hey don’t do that “, She said
We both laughed.

“Remember your words should be counted ” she said

“Ok” i replied

“Ok you are ready now lets jog for 30 minutes. ”

I nodded

We ran out we kept runing round the suite while she checked her time

50 minutez later

We stopped
Wow nuellas 30 minute Is one hour I am tired I just fell to the bed and slept off

But nuella she is busy checking her skin in the mirror and applying different creams, does she even sleep.

⏰⏰⏰ next morning
Nuellas p. O. V

Its morning we are almost late and Clara over slept

Am done and ready my make up artist is still working on Clara so i entered the room
Her make up was classy

“Wow Kyle, She looks just like me”
“I know but the difference is still clear someone who knows you well will know she is fake”

” what do we do “, I asked

” her body stature, height, hair and colour Is a match but her face, unless she will wear a glass.

Just then my assistant spoke up

” what if she wears nuellas mask, her face mask which she wears when she doesn’t have strength for make up ”

” did you come with it “, Kyle asked

” yes sure” she replied and handed it to Kyle

Wow i remember the day my assistant wore that mask and met with my dad
At first he thought it was me then he said to her

” call me my darling, nuella doesn’t have a pot belly ”

Everyone laughed that day.

They dressed Clara in the same cloths i wore.

I must say she is more beautiful than i Am

Her body make up is just awesome
One problem she laughs a lot
Her waking steps were just like mine.
She waved at me and she did it perfectly
The mask worked I feel like I am m looking at myself.

“Hey Clara “, i said

“Shhhhh, call me nuella, nuella maraverlla. “, She said smiling

I heard horns outside seems the car arrived

We both ran out

I entered a different car and she used the other.

Omg I forgot to tell Clara the name I call Ryan
Oh no, Ryan will know it’s not me. And she already drove off.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜
Omg am really late and my family already arrived at the hospital
I ran out of the shower fast
I dressed up
This cough started again I planned to take my drugs before going but I forgot
I was already running into the car when a maid gave it to me.

I was about taking it when dad called.

Diana’s p. O. V 💜

I just came out to the hospital front yard

I have not seen Clara all morning
I wonder who Mr Grandes family is waiting for.

a big black car just arrived many guards walked out

Omg its nuella
She walked with so much style and She waved at people around
She walked very fast just like a model her guards walked behind her, she is so pretty and has A very powerful aura

She held her glasses in her hands

Wait she just waved at me and passed by I can’t beleive she waved at me
I tried seeing he well but her guards covered her

I just watched her from a distance

Just then the rich families walked down

Ryan’s car just arrived he rushed out he’s guards covered him he is holding a white small bottle I guess its a drug tablet.

He also waved at people and walked in through the other side.

Soon he caught up with his family they are all standing in front of nuella

Claras p. O. V💜💜💜

Omg how do i hug all these mean men and women

[5/4, 8:39 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 17📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Claras p. O. V conts 💜💜

Ok am ready, just then Mr Grande came close to me smiling

” nuella my child “, he said

” dad, how are you “, I said and hugged him.

Mrs derventes hugged me and her husband touched my shoulders

I left the wife and hugged him too

Mrs Tonia came closer

” mom you look pretty “, I said and hugged her

“Welcome angel “, she replied

Daniella walked out I wonder why she looks scared I gently hugged her and kissed both sides of her cheek

Wait its now that I am seeing this guy
It’s the cute guy I insulted the same guy that saved me
Could he be Ryan dervantes but if he is why did he let me go when they said I poisoned Anna, no no he can’t be Ryan.

Who Is he, what do I do. Before I could talk he stepped closer to me
” nuella, Welcome “, he said
Omg this guy is so cute I pray I don’t mistakenly kiss him.

Thank God I am in heels no need to lift myself

I gently smiled and kissed both sides of his cheek

“It’s been long “, he said
“Oh has it “, I replied

Omg what am I doing his cuteness is causing confusion.

They parents walked In front my guards stopped at the gate we headed for the conference hall.

Someone just came to the cute guy right now and showed him some papers so he left with her

I kept walking fast the parents already closed the door of the conference hall

I got to the stairs and I looked at my high heel shoes

God pls I can’t fall I have not climbed this particular stair before.

I was about walking up when I saw Diana walking past I was lost looking at her I didn’t know when I mistook a step which made me slip

Omg I am falling what to do

I closed my eye I think I have reached the ground.

I opened my eye again And what

I am in someone’s arms, Someone caught me omg its the cute guy again I will name him my angel from now on Ryan is my crush and he is my angel he is always protecting me.

His voice jolted me out of my reveries

” if you keep falling like this people will find out that you are not nuella “, he said

” what “, I asked

He slipped his warm hands into my hands and helped me walk up the stairs.
I leaned on a balcony and faced him I need to prove to him that I am nuella

” hey what do you mean I am not nuella “, i said

” i will call you right now Ella “he said
” well my phone it’s at home “, I said
” well i guess no one would pick “, he said

Before I could talk he placed the call and put it on speaker he brought it closer to me

” sugaar “, he said

” hey cutie “, she replied

” were are you? He asked

” i am kind of busy, pls don’t tell me she blew it “, she said

He looked at me
” no love, she is perfect “, he said
” thank God, thank God, I was so scared, have fun i need to shoot.
He dropped the call and looked at me.

” so won’t you tell me who you a really are, are you a hired model “, he asked me

“Well, who are you, i really want to know who you are “, i said

He looked around

” you seriously don’t know me “, he asked

I bowed my face down a little and shaked it in disagreement

” ok tell me who you are and give me enough information that can be used to locate you and after that I Will do the same. “, he said

I can’t tell you my name or were I work I insulted you before I am scared you might fire me, aarrgh I don’t want you to ever find out that I am the gurl who fought with you.

” i started coughing he smiled, ”

“well i am totally identity less I am nobody, don’t worry, sir “, I bowed down and looked around I stood up instantly

What am I doing

My angel just coughed right now he used his hankerchief but I think I saw blood.
I think he coughed blood, what is this I am so scared, why did he cough blood, is he dying? does he have heart issue?.

He hid the white hankerchief

” don’t mind me, I also hate cough, actually I forgot to take my drugs since yesterday. Let’s go he said

” but take the drug” I said just like my mother shouts at me when I am sick.

He brought out the drug from his jacket pocket it was a small white bottle filled with tablets

He showed it to my face

“Here madam “, he said
I smiled

He tried opening it but it cut his fingers and it bled

My angel is so soft and careless

Ryan’s p. O. V 😐😐

I dunno who this girl is but I love her presence I don’t know why

I tried opening the cover with thoughts in my mind and I cut my hand

Before I could talk she already took my hands

‘ oh its ok “, I said and tried taking my hands back but she wont let go.

I hate the feeling of care I forcefully withdrew my hands but she took it again

“Its really okay, I. Said its fine, I am used scars already “, I Said and forcefully took my hands but she took it again and made a statement that melted my being

” shhhhh, am sorry, does it hurt “, she said with a teary eye

I suddenly smiled with relaxation.
” wait, she said

she opened her bag and brought out a wiper although the Mickey mouse purse in the hand bag made me smile.

She carefully wiped my hands even though I looked away in anger she still did it Carefully and with her mouth she aired it

I turned to look at her

I felt something different, apart from Anna someone else just made my heart beat

I looked in her eye I swear I feel like I have seen them before

I looked in her face how I wish I can see whats inside That mask.

She left me hands and smiled

” better “, she said

” oh thanks “, I replied

I tried opening the drug again but she took it from me

” i…. will help “, she said

Just then she opened it and smelled it she turned the back and looked around it

” sir.. I think this drug has expired “, she said

” oh really “, I asked

” but where and when did you get it “, she asked

” actually it was yesterday at
( A. G. H. C ), is the date past?

” actually its wiped but I think it smells spoilt or just wait “….

Before I could talk she took one of the drugs and put it inside her mouth

hey, what are you doing “, I asked

**What is she doing **

“Its really spoilt don’t take it anymore “, she took he cover from me I just looked at her in awe.

” But, why did taste a spoilt drug, you endangered your health for someone you don’t know “, I asked

“You May not know me, and I must not know you sir But after the few times i met you, i want to risk my health for you because you are my angel. “, she said.

I have not met such a sincere person before

‘Come lets go, I said.

We walked out

Clara p. O. V 💜💜

I don’t know what this feeling is
I don’t know who this person is
But he is always there fro me when I feel lost, I feel much happiness when I see him

I may have insulted him before But now I want him to always be by my side protecting me.

Seeing blood from his lips broke my heart
I looked at him
*Angel, pls don’t ever get hurt*

Soon he opened the door and we walked into the hall to my surprise different dishes filled the long table and every tray was arranged with multiple spoons, knifes and forks

Everybody sat down

I sat down and my angel sat down facing me

“We decided to let you guys spend more time outside since the food was not ready yet “, mr Grande said

” Clara my dear, eat well “, mr dervantes said.

” thank you I sure will “, I replied.

Everyone picked their fork and started eating

They knew exactly which fork and which spoon to pick

What to do I might embarrass nuella and Daniela had been looking at Me for a while

Mrs Tonia just changed her spoon
Is there a different spoon for a different food

I looked at all the spoons on my tray with different shapes
Like four cups for me
3 knifes
What am I eating

Why all this load, first I wiped my face and decided to face the soup at least there are meats in it

I picked the first spoon daniella looked at me in shock
I got scared but then I felt someone raising a leg up to my leg under table I traced it, it was my angel

He shaked his head in disagreement and lifted the deeper spoon up with style.

In other to confuse nuella I acted as though I was looking at the spoon then I took the right one

My angel smiled gently and looked down

I watched him carefully

And each time he wanted to drop the spoon I felt his leg coming up my leg under the table so I dropped mine too.

Mrs Tonia just took chicken she asked me to take one too I wonder how she passed it close to her because it was quite far and I didn’t see her.

” nuella darling take more chicken ” she said.

” oh ok “, I said

I was still confused when Ryan raised his hands to the second upper section of the table where extras were placed he slowly spinned it and the chicken stopped in my face.

I tried using my left hand to take it but I felt him kick me so I used my right

I dropped one on my plate and returned it to te table

” pass it to me darling i dont have strength “, mr dervantes said

” i spinned the table just like Ryan did but mine was faster it was about to cross Mr dervantes but ryan a gently held it and it stopped in front Mr dervantes

He is really my angel I said to myself.

I grasped the jug with my right hand and tried pouring water into the first cup in my roll but I felt his leg coming up again I chuckled gently

This was getting romantic

I looked at him and he lifted the second cup.
I dropped the first and took the right one so I poured water into it.

Soon the tables were cleared

EVery one lifted their cup for wine and I watched him and lifted the 3rd glass in my table he smiled
Wine was shared

I stupidly swallowed everything without a toast the whole family looked at me with their glass up.

I got embarrassed but my angel just swallowed his own too and daniella joined us

Everyone laughed

This act really touched my heart I looked at him and he looked down at his plate

” lazy, inpatients youths, mr Grande said

“I swear nuella just scared me, mr dervantes said

And everybody laughed.

Daniella s p. O. V ♥♥

Pls nuella just go, do not visit Anna pls

” mom, dad, thanks “? Nuella said
” welcome “, they replied her

She checked her time and covered her mouth with her hand,i wonder what’s wrong

” am glad I came dad but I really need to start leaving, i will visit soon “, she said

” ok darling
” good by dear
” do visit before you go home
They all replied her.

Just then Ryan spoke up

“Nuella you won’t even visit your friend, that’ so unlike you, Anna will be so mad “, he said

” how can I forget, I will visits her right now

She walked out and I followed. my dad’s assistant followed with the camera since everybody can’t size the room.

Ryan, his dad , my mom, his mom stayed up and watched from the projector
They saw us starting from when we entered Anna’s room.

‘ Anna, it’s been such a long time “, she said

But Anna didn’t respond, I smiled

Nuella turned to doctor Tim

” give me her health record ”

My dad turned in interest.

Doc Tim gave it to her.

” mmmm Anna has been like this for a while its not usual, it was only an accident.

She handed her bag to her assistant. And turned to Tim

“Tell me doc Tim what treatments are you using ”

“Well she has passed the stage of treatments, all we give her now are energy drugs that would give her strength to wake up “, tim said

“Which energy drip, one oral, master,misclux, privlime, there are so Many “.

“Just normal energy drips we use in the hospital “, he said

“Oh ok like this one here, she said pointing to the store.

She walked to the store and picked a bag of drip

“Ok, this is good “.

Doc Tim smiled

“So do you mix anything to these drips “, she asked

“Well, no, we just give it her like that “, Tim said

“Oh, you just hang it like this “, She said while removing the old one and hanging the other

Doctor Tom nodded
she picked he microscope

” don’t mind me am just being a doctor, so how come the color is different you just said you dindt mix anything “, She said.

“What are you saying, are you planing to place something on me, Scientifically and medically drips can change colour, if you want you can look at other ones”, he yanked

I wonder if Ryan is looking at this right now as well as his mom.

Mr grande took the microscope and Looked at other drips and then comfirmed that they were all different.

” it might be the weather nuella “, he said

Doc tim was fast today to infect them all.

Nuella smiled

” oh is it, I am sorry, so I hope you don’t mind me borrowing this “, nuella said as she ran out with the drip.

The camera holder still followed her so those upstairs won’t miss a detail.

Nuella ran into the hospital store and took another drip exactly the same.

She held it and ran into the lab
Where Ethan the lab technician sat.

” hey lab boy, I want to see the difference in the reaction of these two drips on the the animal samples”she said

” rats or squirrels? He asked

” they are all the same right? She asked him

” yes sure they can all be compared to humans “, he replied
” ok do it, She said.

Ethan carefully injected little quantity of the drips into the animals in the glass and before few minutes

One rat died and the other was still jumping around

He turned to nuella

” it died due to weakness and the only drug with this pure colour that can cause this reaction madam is “.


They both spoke together.

Mr Grande was wowed
I am dead nuella spilled the beans.

” Sir we don’t know how it happened, maybe it was the drip changers who sneaked into the room. Doc Tim said

” From now on, you will no longer take care of Anna, doctor Tony is now in charge , Mr Grande said

“But, Tony has not completed his training in r. D”, Tim said

” it will be cut short “, he said.

” all the drips in the room must be removed
“New drips will arrive from India, and she will only use that.

“Security will be tightened and I will start my investigation, the offender Must face my wrath. “, my dad said.

My dad hugged nuella

“Thanks my child “, he said

Nuella checked her watch and waved at us.
she walked out in haste
Her Guards joined her

Ryans p. O V 💜💜

I was crazy, it’s the same girl the same girl I saved, the same girl who kissed my cheek, the same girl who stepped on me, the same girl just saved my life from expired drugs, the same girl just saved Anna, but I never saw her face.

I wants to see her face I want to know who she is
I ran out after her. I got to the hospital gate but she was gone no sign of her.
I really want to see her face the same gurl who made my heart beat again.

who is she, she has been protecting me and my loved one’s, she is my angel

T. B. C
[5/4, 8:45 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 18📚 )
By chidinma jerry m


Claras💜 point of view💜

I can’t believe I was the one that did all that, I just hope the person poisoning Clara doesn’t go after nuella.

I got into The car and sat down
Nuellas assistant already texted her that she was free to step out in like five minutes, I relaxed on the car but first I removed my shoes.
Touching these shoes just reminded me of my angel, Someone who is always there when I am in trouble. I wonder if I deserve that kind of person.

Anyways am still clumsy Clara, I
better not start liking any cute guy that can never be mine.

I almost forgot I have to travel tomorrow but it’s weird because sir Ryan or his secretary hasn’t called me.

I smiled to myself as I pictured my meeting with Ryan at the airport, “Sily”.

Soon i arrived at nuellas house.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

I guess I missed her again, she’s gone.Now I am sure that we won’t meet again.
Just then my assistant called me on phone
I wonder what happened, I guess the drug transporter wants to meet.

” tell me “.

“Sir, the drug transporter wants to meet.
” ok cool, where does he wanna meet.
” well he said he will be at tassys tasty today”.
“Why such a childish place, anyways no problem.

“Ok sir”.
Tassys tasty my foot, didn’t he see places like” unique ”

I slipped my phone into my pocket and looked around for fake nuella one last time but there was no sight of . F.

Claras🔹 p. O. V 🔹

Nuellas guards already left to join her as well as her assistant. They told me to wait but I have a lot to to today so too bad nuella won’t see me when she wakes up.

I ran into the compound, my leg still burns because of those hills even my flats are paining me so I removed them and walked down with only my “Barbie sucks”

I must say this suite is really pretty, nuella must be so rich to rent a suite in such a big hotel.

My aunty tassy Just called me I wonder why she called, seems like she wants to treat me.

Arrrgh I feel so uncomfy.
I instantly scattered my hair all round as I walked out holding my shoes in my hands.

I checked my purse. It’s obvious i am broke, I slipped my hands into the pocket of my nurse jacket, turns out its empty.
No problem I am going to trek home.

I was about walking out when Tony walked out of the hotel and walked into the suite.

He just opened the gate and saw me he then looked down the white big suite
And 3 others suites in the estate. I Wonder what he Is doing here but I must say he is looking good, Just like he always does my fake boyfriend.

Now I remember I am looking silly, why didn’t he come before I removed my shoes and scattered my hair.
Oh my, oh my. This is wierd.
I instantly bowed and turned back.

” hey, Clara, where are you going to “, he shouted

I turned and waved at him

” oh, I will just look for my brain, I think it fell off, where is it?

I started acting as though I lost something he instantly chuckled.

As he walked closer to me.

Tonys p. O. V 💜

Her hair is unexpectedly nice today even if she just scattered it.
Someone also made her up, Shes so pretty
But why is she Bare Footed and holding her shoes
Secondly why is she in a hotel suite
Is this where she slept all night? I wonder, I really wonder.

” oh its Clara, I never expected to see you here “.
” sir, In the same way your enemies will be surprised to see your blessing.

She tried sneaking past me but I stopped her with both hands

“Uhm but, what are you doing here

“Oh me “she laughed ” dont mind me, lets go “.

She dragged my hand for while then she left my hand and turned to me with an inquisitive face.

“But, what are you doing here sir.

“Oh me, I came to see my sister, but it seems she left.

” Argh that’s nice, so lets go.
She bowed again.

Clara🔹 p. O. V 🔹

I always forget who Tony is, I can’t believe I have been dragging his hands since, but I just keep bowing Anytime I remember his class

I really wonder why he still comes around me, I am total my below his standard, isn’t he the richest friend I ever made.

I was still lost In thought when
He bent down and collected my shoes .

” sir, what are you doing “.
I looked around.

” sshhhh hold still “.

he helped me where them
“You shouldn’t be bare footed “. He said.

I am not replying because I melted I just melted like ice and just kept looking at him.

It’s a first time a guy ever did that, aarrgh I wish I was a proper girl everything about me is not embarrassing. who can ever love me with the way I am , I wish I was more like Diana.

He looked in my face and I slowly bowed again.
” sir, uhhm.. lets go now “.
“Lets go “, he said as he dragged me by the hand.

Soon we got to his white car he leaned on it and looked at Me.

I Just kept looking down, I wonder why I am so shy.

” uhhmm, maybe we should exchange contacts now”.

” oh, ok sir “,. I said and handed him my phone.

” Tony, pls call Me Tony, I like spending time with you because you see and treat me as your fellow citizen in the same class.

” if you are going to start with the formalities you might send me away. ”

” Ok I totally understand”. I replied.

“So, after our date we didn’t have time to talk again.

” yes that’s true. I replied

“So I wondering if we can have another date, I mean just as friends .

” but I am traveling “, I replied.
” oh really, where to.
“Actually, i am traveling with Ryan “, I replied
” oh were you chosen to accompany him “.
“Yea, I was “.
” i guess u will still be here when you return “.
I smiled
“Lets go, I will drop you.
“Oh, ok.

We entered his car after a while I told him to stop at my aunt’s tasty pizza house.

He looked out.

“Are… you meeting someone ”
“No, no its my aunts shop
” oh ok, so bye.
I bowed and rushed into the shop

It seems like she has been waiting for me, She dragged my hands into the kitchen

She placed a tray in my hands
A cup of ice cream and chicken pizza

” aunty!!! I am still wearing my nurse jacket.
” it’s better, people like to be served by nurses.
” what!!!

She pushed me out of the kitchen
Now which table am I suppose to serve.
I looked into my tray and saw the paper She placed there

“Table 12 “, ok.

I walked out and kept looking at the tags in the table till I got to table 12.

Turns out the person burried his face into the magazine he was reading.

I stopped in front of him

” sir, or madam, anyways here is your order. You should pay me direct. I said.

He removed the magazine and oh my, Oh my. its my angel.
Oh no, Oh no, I am the girl who insulted him.
I am wearing my nurse uniform
A. G. H. C is written here.
What do I do

He looked at me and shouted
” you “.
” no no its not me “.

I instantly hid under the table. After placing the tray on it .

He peeped under the table

” hey, come out, you are really a nurse, come out.

” who nurse, me nurse, arrgh thats not possible.

I instantly removed my nurse jacket and in the process of doing that I shifted the table and the ice cream as well as the pizza poured on him.

I snuck out, he’s face is looking so deadly
I instantly hid my jacket under my top

” he looked around in embarrassment every body looked at him.

” hey, I will kill you, you are dead.
” but I can’t be dead, I am sorry sir, really sorry.

I tried touching him. But he shifted, he turned to his guards

” what are you doing, arrest that crazy girl “!!! He shouted.

” but you cant arrest me Sir prison is not good for my health. am really sorry, I already told you I was insane.

He tried cleaning his body he felt more disgusted.

He lifted his face again to look at me, i instanly ran away with my hands on my tummy so my nurse uniform won’t fall out.

Soon I got outside

Oh my angel, I can’t believe you hate me so much.
Maybe I will always need another face for you to smile at me since we are already destined enemies.

I already ran half way when I remembered that I left my bag at the shop.

Oh no, Oh no.

I started fighting a tree and jumping up and down in frustration.
I can’t believe I need to run back there.
I ran back, just close to The door I ran into a tall body which made me all flat to the floor.

I lifted my face again it was still my angel.
On seeing me he flipped his hair backward in frustration.

” you, you again “. He said
Arrgh What to do.

I instantly knelt down

” But sir, I am really sorry. Let’s start on a clean page “.

” clean what, i hate you so much, anywhere I see you trouble follows infact I feel like strangling you, argh”.

Ouch why did this statement pain me differently.
I stood up and bowed

” but, I am really sorry sir. “I said,
I can’t believe I am almost in tears, maybe it’s because the person I just called my angel Hates me so much.

“Never show yourself to me again. I don’t want to see you again, always stay away from me , never come close to me again. I really hate you.

“just know if I meet you again, I will really, really kill you.

I bowed again and ran into the shop I carried my bag and ran out. He was entering his car.

I bowed again, it’s now I noticed that he changed his shirt.

I walked home

Oh Clara what unrequited love is this, my angel Hates me. I better place all my heart on my crush Ryan dervantes, i No longer have an angel, to bad.

Anna’s p. O. V 💜💜

I have a strong feeling that wasn’t nuella, it was Clara.
Clara saved me and right now I feel better, I feel stronger and
I wake up anytime soon.

I tried moving my hands but it was difficult, i am glad that at least I could try.

I really want to see Clara, I want to see her so badly.
My guardian Angel.

Clara p. O. V 💜💜

I was already fast asleep at home, Ryan’s secretary hadn’t called Me so this means the travel might not hold.
my phone rang it was a private number.

I picked

“Hello “.

“Good day nurse Clara , this is Ryan dervantes.

Omg my breath just seized.
I can’t breath again, what do do.

” uhm how are you, sir “.
” am good, I am sorry for informing you this late but
we will leave tomorrow so I will meet you at the airport back In African.
” oh that means, I will travel alone.

” yes and when u arrive I will pick you at the airport and we will go to the area together.

“Pls leave early so you don’t keep me waiting

“Ok sir, goodnight.

He dropped the call.

Ryans 🔹 p. O. V 🔹 nx day.
⏰⏰⏰ early morning 🌠

I woke up really early, it’s even barely morning . I rushed out of the house all though my driver already left for the airport.

I headed for A. G. H. C.

I didn’t have time to see Anna after fake nuella left so I rushed to the hospital.

I got to the room, it’s true that security has been tightened, she’s much more safer now.

I opened the door and walked to her bed, i sat down and held her warm hands.

” Anna, I really wanted to see you smile before I leave but duty calls, I no longer have time.

I will only see you when I get back.
She didn’t reply, not even one word.
I touched her hair and bent.
” i missed you”, I said
I kissed her fore head and just then she smiled.
Omg I cant believe this, she is awake.
I instantly hugged her and just then she spoke
Her voice was slow, not steady and her intonation was quite flailing.
” won’t you kiss me. She said as she smiled exposing her attractive set of teeths
I smiled as I touched her hair
“I can’t believe your first words will be something so naughty”, I replied.
” kiss me “, She said
I kissed her lips and she smiled through the kiss even when I wanted to withdraw she tightened her grip so I kissed her again with no plans of letting go.
After a while I unlocked my lips from hers and pecked her lips, she smiled.
” but, can you move? “, I asked her
” only a finger, opening my eye was really hard but I didn’t want you to leave without my seeing you.
I smiled

” thanks”, I said
” you still love me right? “.

” actually I was born to do that”. I replied

She kissed me again

” Ryan, there Is no one else right.
” no there isn’t “, i said
” i will wait for you, hurry, come back to me. “, She said.
I smiled as I kissed her for head for a long while.
” i am coming.
I walked out on her.
I left for the plane.

Claras 🔹 p. O. V 🔹

Am already I just ran into our living room but my mother just blocked the door I wonder what’s wrong.

” Clara you won’t my house dressed like a mad woman.
” but mom, what’s wrong.
” how many bags are you wearing. ” mom, I have load, and I can’t carry my box I don’t want people to know I am traveling.
” how many winter jackets are you wearing Clara.
” mom its just 3, I am trying to cover the bags.
” but why did you cover your body with the bed cloth again.
” mom am feeling cold and this bed cloth covered everything perfectly no one will know I am traveling, I am owing so many people in the streets already.

” Clara you are not going out like this.

“But mom

She chased me and I ran away through the back door.

What’s wrong with my dressing? well i better run Diana is waiting for me at the junction.

Soon I arrived at the junction Diana laughed at me till she fell flat to the floor.
I dragged her up while still holding my bed cloths.

” Clara, are you going to meet your crush like this? “.
” Argh what’s wrong with my fashion.
” Clara, everything is wrong, you look like a monkey.

” no matter what you say, I am already going like this.

” i know, good bye I will miss you.
She hugged me tight and while letting me go she dragged my my bed cover out exposing my multiple jacket and multiple bags.
We both started dragging the bed cover until the fruit seller I am owing saw me

‘Hey clumsy, are you traveling, give me my money.

I and Diana ran away in high speed. She still kept shouting.

Minutes later diana got to the hospital junction she waved at me and ran away.

Soon I arrived at the airport and after so many procedures the plane took off. I kept my bags but I still had my bed cover which kept me warm.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

This has already been called a short journey.
I hope it is so.
Two women keep appearing in my mind.
What is wrong, I hope its not what am not thinking
But I just really want to see that fake nuella in the same way I really wanna stay with Anna.

Am in a crazy dilemma before only one woman occupied my being. but now
” i see two.

Claras p. O. V 🔥🔥
⏰⏰⏰ many hours later.

I arrived, I am still waiting at the airpot. It’s been a while since I arrived here I am still waiting for his call.

Just then he called me on phone wow thank God, I already got so scared, everywhere is getting dark.
This is my first time being out in the wild without anybody I know, and my mom is not here.

I placed the phone on my ear.

” i have been here for 30 mins, have you not arrived.

” I tried calling you before But I guess you were still in the plane,
Where are you “. He said

” actually I am standing by the statue. I said.

“Oh, the statue of the man with the guitar?. He asked

” yes sir.

“But there are so Many people standing by the statue “, he said.

I instantly climbed on top of it and waved my hands up.

” oh are you the one dressed like a mad woman “. He said

” well.

” i am coming.

He dropped the call.
What, mad woman, me, wow.

Just then I heard a voice from behind

“Pls come down “.
I turned and he looked at me in surprise but I am more shocked I instantly fainted.

I can’t believe this, the guy I insulted is Ryan dev what the fuck.
This means my angel is Ryan dervantes and the person who hates me is Ryan dev.
And I am going to live in the same house with Ryan who hates me so much.
Omg I am finished
I spread my hands wide.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

What the fuck, this stupid, crazy, trouble some girl I hate is the Clara David?
And am suppose to live with this she devil.
No no over my dead body.
I instantly called the methron on phone

” sir, tell me.
” Clara David, I can never work with her, send someone else.
” but sir
” send someone else!! I shouted and dropped the call.

I kicked her and she stood up from the floor where she fainted

Her dressing is always awful omg am runing mad
No no I can never live with this girl.
No never.

” you , i thought you weren’t a nurse,.
” oh wasn’t I. She replied

” i told you to stay away from me. I said
” well sir, I didn’t mean to Come either, and I didn’t know it was you. She replied

Claraz🔹 p. O. V🔹

He scattered his hair in confusion then he turned to me and said

” go “.

Before I could say Jack,
He entered his car and drove away in high speed.

I can’t believe this, I got scared
I lay on he floor with my bed cover and I watched others as they left with their loved one’s

tears ran down my eye
this is so painfull, I don’t know why but this is too painful. It’s getting dark and am so scared.
I wiped my tears
It pains more because for the first time my angel didn’t protect me.
This means the real me is a monster who no one really wants and I already started liking that guy.
Am in pain, what to do.
[5/4, 8:49 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 19📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Clara🔹 p. O. V 🔹conts

I was just about closing my eye to sleep away my sorrow when a car drove back and Stopped in my front.

The person didn’t step out for a while

I looked well and it was Ryan.
He finally stepped out and walked towards to me.

He looked me in the eye and said
” come on, let’s go “.
I smiled in tears.

He dragged me up from the floor and before i could bend to pick the the bed cover he picked it up himself.

I just kept looking him in the face.
He placed the bed cover on my chest and looked at me

” let’s go “, he said again.

We walked into the car he just concentrated on driving. He didn’t say a single word to me, I just kept watching him like a horror movie.
I wonder why he came back.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

I really wonder why I came back anyways she might be devilish but I still have a heart.

Now that I think about it she is the same girl who was on a blind date with Tony and that book she was reading
” how to make sex fun “, she must be a call girl.

Looking at her face makes me wanna laugh she keeps moving her lips without saying any actual words.

It’s better she doesn’t talk. her voice annoys me I don’t want to hear them.

She looked out the window and she fell as sleep, just like that.

My stay with this girl is in the hands of the Lord.

I have been trying to call nuella I want to trace the identify of that fake nuella from her but she’s not picking i guess she is busy.

I know the weather is cold but must this girl really come out with such a big bed cover.

Daniella p. O. V💜💜

No I am so bothered, Anna can’t win like this. Mother and father already went to visit her, I told them I am sick.

If care is not taken then Anna might attend the share holders meeting she will take her rightfull position as c. E. O of
(A. G. H. C ) and all its branches.

She already knows am an enemy no need to pretend anymore.
Unless she didnt hear everything I said in her coma room.

Anna’s health is my nightmare she will take Ryan again but not only that she will find her mother and my mother won’t have A single share in (A. G. H. C)

Her waking up is going to ruin so many things. What do i do right now, security has been tightened to the grip and i have a strong feeling Tony might still love Anna but even if he doesn’t he is not someone that can be bought with money so how will I woo him to my side

Anna just die, thinking about all this is making me stressed.

Anna’s p. O. V 💜💜

They people sorroundng me now are giving me so much joy

Apart from miss tonia who thinks I don’t know her plans

But i will surely find my mother and my mom will put tonia in her place while I put daniella in her own place.

I made a lot of progress today at least now I can raise my hand my dad was so impressed

Mr dervantes visited earlier my lovely father in law.

” Anna my love, tell me, do you have any idea who was poisoning you. My dad asked

Yea I do dad, but I don’t want to put you in a dilemma I will tell you the truth when I have enough evidence to back it up

” no dad, I have no idea “, i replied and Mrs tonia smiled

” ok darling.

He kissed me and walked out just then Tony moved in with a file

” Tony, I said.

” doc Tony Anna, let’s try focusing on patient and doctor, he said.

Omg Tony has changed

” so you haven’t forgiven me yet, ever since I was here you never visited, why, what did i do that’s so wrong? I asked

Tony p. O. V 💜

I visited you but I just didn’t talk Anna.
I didn’t reply her I just looked at her.
Annas recoververy process is too slow but all in good times anyway.

I checked her heart beat and normalised the drip.

Then I sat facing her

” the patient should anwser these questions “.

” Tony, please, I don’t need a doctor i still need a friend. She said
” Anna, this was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to accept this work I knew you will make it difficult.

I tried walking out but she held my hands She was really weak she couldn’t even drag me back but she held me tighter.

I came back and sat facing her

” being half dead for two years really thought me a lot of things? I don’t know what my future is but i want to savour my present.

Let’s try being friends. I know I hurt you and I didn’t have time to say sorry because I had my accident almost immediately after that. but two years is it not enough for you forgive me.

Anna its not about forgiving you, you moved on like a cup of tea but I am still in the process of forgetting what we had and I don’t want to create a relationship which will bring everything I already burried back to surface.
So I prefer we maintain the patient and doctor relationship. I am not ready to be anything else yet.

” it’s obvious the patient doesn’t have anything to say. so I will be in my office and i will check up on you later “, i said

” even when am dying, you still couldn’t forgive me, sorry I guess I really hurt you more than I thought. She said and let go off my hands as she turned To her side

I stood up and tried walking out when she said

” i am really crazy, i cant believe you were one of the persons I wanted to meet when i wake up.

I looked at her back for a while and walked out on her I have more important issues to worry about.
Anna’s recorvery process is very slow I pray and hope its not what am thinking.

Claras 🔹p. O. V 🔹

What a long journey my butt feels all flat.
We arrived at a suite, it was pretty with a swimimg pool it looked just like a private house.

I looked around its so attractive.

I am really scared to talk to my angel right now.
I was free when he was my angel and I was nuella.
But now he is Ryan and I am the girl he hates, the girl who keeps embarrassing him.

He brought my bed cover out of the car and placed it on my chest.

He picked up his phone which seems to be his only property in the car.

He looked at his phone while waking into the suite.
I covered my bed sheet the same way I covered it before and walked before him.

I saw a pretty fat lady I guess she is the cook.

Ryan just turned to look at me and I fell down out of fear. He presented a frustrated look and turned to me

” really?
” oh, sorry sir.

I dragged myself up, He Walked faster and I walked behind him he pointed to the door before stair.

” that’s your room but don’t ever climb these stairs, please

” but why, do they lead to heaven “, I yanked

He looked around in frustration

” don’t talk until you are asked to, infact don’t talk to me ever.

” what “, I shouted

” good night, remember 5 : 30 in the morning

” oh I Wil….
” shhhhhh don’t talk.

I bowed down

He ran upstairs , arrgh even God is merciful. I feel like beating him up.
I opened my room and rushed in

Wow amazing.

I jumped on the bed it suddenly bounced me up

Amazing I started jumping up and down just then the land line rang I rushed it and picked.

” hello”.
” if you keep jumping on the bed like that, this house might fall.
” oh really, sorry, sorry don’t mind..

“Shhhhhhhhhh “.

He dropped the call I covered my mouth with my hands.

And walked into the shower.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

That she devil doesn’t look for a word to say. My life will be so much better if she doesn’t ever talk to me.

I removed my cloths and lay on the bed.

The fans are having issues but I already called the electrician
I feel. Tired but I am in the mood for a little melody.

I sat down facing my piano table and played my favourite song as i sang the lyrics out

Clara p. O. V 💜

Omg who is playing my favourites song by John Hart.

Our love, our love will never grow old.
I sang out the lyrics I liked most.

Could it be that John harts is here the rumour says He can disappear .

I better look for him.

I opened my door it turns out the sound came from upstairs so I ran up the stairs in a haste.

Wait is John Hart in Ryan’s room, seems like that’s were the music is from.
Oh my, oh my I opened my ears well and stood by his door while enjoying the melody and trying to look into the room.

Arrgh the melody is not stopping.so sweet. .

Oh my, the melody just stopped I tried sneaking out when the door opened

Ryan stood looking at me with both hands on his waist.

” you, you again.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

What will I do to this girl. I just warned her and she is already here.

She instantly closed her eye and started giving me signals as tbough she was deaf and dumb. And before I could talk

” sir don’t mind me its not me here, its my spirit, actually I was spirit walking.

“So, good night, goodnight.

She closed her eye and started walking out again while moving her hand like a spirit

Claras p. O. V 💜

I just entered the lions den
I closed my eye And walked out as though I was sleep walking i also waved mu hands like a spirit but before I could take two steps I felt someone drag me by my pajamas.

I turned and it was Ryan dervantes

😠 “there is punishments for breaking the rules “😈, he said.

The thought of his punishment made me faint flat.

I spread both my legs and hands wide.
Clara is dead
[5/4, 8:53 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 20📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Clara p. O. V conts

I lay there when he dragged me up by my shirt and dragged me into his room

He dropped me on the floor and sat in his bed.

“But sir…


He opened his cupboard and handed me two papers one was white and one was red

He gave it to me in a bundle

“What is this , hey!!

“Shhhhhh., If you have an important information to share, very important and it is official write it in the white book.

What is he saying

” If you have very important information to share but it’s not official write it in the red book.

This guy is really silly.

“So miss Clara , don’t ever open your mouth and talk to me always write it down”.

I nodded.

“Now back to your punishment.

He handed me a hand fan

” The fans are out and I am not a fan of hot weather.

” what, hey Ryan…

“Shhhhh fan me till I fall asleep. He said

” oh ok sir. I replied

I will fan you happily after all I really want you to be comfortable.

He lay back and covered his body with the bed cover

He lifted his face up and said
Hes face, so cute!!

Argh I started fanning him.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

Ahhh I can’t believe this girl is really good at this fanning job

Even clowns are blessed with talents

Suddenly she stopped, what is this, I opened my eye And before I could say Jack she fell.

What did she sleep, I instantly rushed up and caught her before she fell on me

I wrapped my arms from behind her waist

“Hey, Hey, she devil!! .

She didn’t talk rather her head fell back and her hair warmer fell off exposing her hair.

Mm I must say she has amazing hair, pretty pink lips, long lashes, nicely set nose,….. wait am I checking her out. I can’t believe am checking her out.

So annoying, I instantly dropped her on the bed in an irritating manner.

She turned and folded her legs together sleeping

What, this girl is sleeping comfortably on my bed.

Aarrgh this is so annoying she even moves her lip when she is sleeping, I am not surprised she must really be talking in her sleep.

Who is gonna carry this load out of here.

I looked around for a while, omg I have no choice.

I lifted her up and carried her into my arms
She looks so innocent when she’s quiet but when she wakes she turns into a she devil.

I need to get sleeping drugs she she will sleep until this mission is completed.

I carried her into her room, this girl is as light as feather I even forgot I was carrying a person.

I dropped her on her bed and looked around the room…

Does she sell toys ? , how many toys are here.

Wait wait is that my name on a toy, this girl wrote my name on a bear toy

That means she sees me as a bear aarrgh, what did i do to meet this kind of person, we are really sworn enemies.

I tried walking out but she wrapped her hands round her body out of cold.

I came back and tried covering her body

Wait why am I covering this girl
She named me after a bear

I carried the bear and placed it on her face.

She even embarrased me at the conference

I placed the next toy on her face.
She poured ice cream on me, what!!

I placed all the toys on her body

I chuckled she looks so funny, oh I enjoy troubling her. Het face makes me laugh.

How can she name me after a bear, Bear Ryan, really!! bear Ryan, arrgh crazy.

I carried the bed cover and covered both her and her toys together including her face

Haha I can’t stop laughing. She likes a looking for my trouble

She devil.

I ran out of the room,
this she devil just made me laugh, when was the last time I laughed like this.
Ok it was when fake nuella kissed my cheek.

becaUse of some people my life is no longer dark and lonely as it used to be . I suddenly few a little bit of happiness.

Maybe Anna waking up is the source, but before Anna someone else already opened that door.
I fell to my sleep smiling, serves that she devil right.

I better sleep we are visiting the hospital tomorow.

Just then my phone rang it was the manager of the district

“Good day”. sir
” Ryan something urgent happened am traveling tomorow I already called your dad
” oh really.

“I would have traveled today bit its very important I meet you so pls you need to come early Tommorrow as early as 6 o clock ”

“Ok its under control”

“Pls don’t be late “.

“Thank you..
He dropped the call.

I slept off.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

My sleep is getting worse why do I feel I like the whole word is on top of me.

I opened my eye And omg all my toys are on my head when did i do this

When did i even come in here

Could it be Ryan, no no he is too serious for that

I instantly pushed all of them down to the floor and continued my sleep.

Next morning 🌠
Mr Grande p. O. V 💜💜

I sat looking at my wife’s picture.
My jewel our daughter is getting up now but you are still missing, where are you.
Anna is missing you and I am missing you too.
Pls come back to us once and for all.

I kept her pics on my bed.


🏡🏡maid room of Mr Grande mansion. 🔥🔥
Kylies p. O. V 💜💜

I am the head maid actually Annas mother employed me and she has been treating me well.

I sat with my fellow maids In the room but thoughts filled my head, it is right time Anna found out the truth about her mother.

I really suspect Mrs tonia, I really suspect her

I wonder why Mr Grande won’t tell Anna the truth about her mother

I guess he is waiting for her to wake up

In Anna’s mind her mother just left.
She just woke up one morning and left her only child whom she loves so much.

It’s true that Mrs Issabella left

But what about the back story, did she leave in sane mind, what about her health condition, why is she not coming back?

I wish there was a way I could meet Anastasia Grande and tell her the truth. Once and for all maybe that way she will start searching for her mother and stop waiting for her to come home because she might never come.

Ryans p. O. V 💜💜

Am glad I woke up early enough the distance we are going to right now is a very long one. It’s not funny and the roads are annoying.

Secondly that grumpy man can’t call my dad on phone

I hastened my dressing since I already took my bath I called the room of that trouble maker but she didn’t pick I guess she is too busy getting ready.

I was done with my dresing I grabbed my bag and rushed out I knocked on her door but no awnser.

Oh heavens help me could this girl still be bathing

I opened the door and there she is still sleeping

I checked my time omg we are out of time

She lay on the floor with her legs in the bed what kind of sleeping style is this.

am out of time what kind of thing is this

I walked into the shower and came out with water which i dropped on her face.

She finally opened her stupid eye.
” hey, what’s the time “, i shouted out of frustration

She scratched her hair out of confusion .

She wanted to talk then she held her lips with her hand. she picked the paper on the floor the red one.

she wrote boldly

” i am sorry “.

Arrrgh what is this, this girl doesn’t know my dad.

She wanted to talk again but she covered her mouth with her hand and slipped out another paper

She tried writting again

Claras p. O. V

I am even confused I don’t know what to write how can i not be talking.

He looks really frustrated

I scratched my hair and before I could write another word he dragged me up

” please let’s go, my dad can’t call me.

Just then he’s phone rang it was his dad.

He sighed and picked the call then stormed out.

Oh no, he’s dad must be strict.

I have not even bathed, we will be late

I packed my hair up I didn’t even comb it.

I can’t make him late he looks really scared of his dad.

I wore my jeans with a top then I wore my school bag In front and wore my shirt.

Am really in a haste.

I wore my slippers hastily and rushed out

He stood by the car with his phone in his hands, he’s eye were now dark and red.

Is it still me.

He walked into the car and I sat in too.

He just kept sighing as he kept Deleting multiple calls and rejecting multiple messages

He must really be late this is all my fault. I looked down to my leg and omg I wore that stupid sleeping slippers out.

how could i forget I looked in his car mirror and jeez I look like a crazy person.

I looked him in the face I really want to talk you even its just to ask you how do you do but you already hate me so much, what to do.

This journey is long.

Ryans p. O. V 💜💜

I can’t believe my dad spoke to me like that.
I try my bezt to make him happy And proud of me, and what
Must I beg for love

I lifted my face up sending back my tears.

its all because of her.

I looked at her but she is already sleeping she kept scratching her body.

Didn’t she bath , she always looks crazy, why wear a school bag to the front.

Mrs tonias p.o. v 🚘🚘🚘

I drove out of the house.
I am going to a place where I love being.
Looking at her in pain makes me glad.

Soon I arrived in the house.
dark unkempt like it should be.

I rushed in and there she sat facing a plate of food the same plate i saw last week.

She finally came out, she is looking weight I love the sight of her suffering.

“Anna, my anna “, she came closer to me.

Crazy bitch you dont even know your own kid again, this drugs worked perfectly well.

I pushed her to the floor and bent down.

“Yes I am your Anna, in will keep coming to you always, stay here always, don’t go away.

“My Anna, my pretty Anna”. that’s all she kept saying.

I looked around I love what I am seeing, yes Issabella suffer.

Taste it because I tasted it. I will still surely take everything away from you, all your shares will be mine

And when you are done signing all those documents

I will kill you.

I brought out bread from my purse and littered it on the floor she picked them there and ate.

Oh the smell of victory.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

We arrived, this hospital is as big as an estate.
Mr dervantes has really made an investment.

ryan walked faster with so much style, I think he forget that I am with him or he chose to ignore me.

All the nurses kept waving at him as though he was king some even tried touching him

But me they looked at me like a mad woman.
Ryan caught up with a man who was about leaving and they both entered an office.
I was left there in their middle of the hospital.

I got really embarrassed I started arranging my hair.

They nursez started Ponting at me and i heard their voices

Is she a mad woman

I dont think Ryan came with her
I mean my Ryan can’t possibly touch such a dirty mad person

What is she wearing, did she even bath. Look at her leg

I got so embarrassed and before I could move they all started laughing.

Even the male nurses laughed at me as they passed by.

I tried sitting down but no body could shift.

I stood in the middle like that when Ryan walked out with his hands on his phone he stood by the door signing a file

A girl walked to me, the same girl who was talking just now.

She looks pretty.

“Hey are you lost, I mean the psychiatric section is at the other side”. She said

Tears ran down my eye

” actually I came with ryan.

” liar, you must be kidding, my Ryan can never possibly move with someone like you “she said.

All the nurses stared laughing, ryan doesn’t even care he is not looking.

Why are the nurses so mean to me I couldnt control my tears again.

I ran away in tears . I got Half way when my phone rang it was Ryan.
I turned and wiped my tears as I picked the call and turned to him.

“Will you leave me here “, he asked me.

All the nurses turned in shock

I dropped my phone and he dropped his too.

He waved at me

“We came together right, are you leaving me “. He said

I looked around, is he really taking to me.

The nurse walked to him, the same girl that insulted me.

” sir, are you referring to me, who are you referring to am sure it’s that mad woman.

Just then Ryan pointed at me

” am refering to That cutie, not you, I don’t talk to ugly girls.

“What!! “, the girl replied him.

All the nurse watched as he walked towards me, I almost fell out of shock.

He got close enough then he slipped his hands into my hand and dragged me out.

” let’s go “, He said.

I just kept looking at his face, my angel.

I pray this lasts forever.
Or maybe
Is he drunk? 💜
[5/4, 9:07 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 21📚 )
By chidinma jerry m


Samanthas p. O. V 💜💜

Yes my name is Samantha, I don’t know who that girl is but how dare Ryan talk to Me like that because of her.

I already looked her up “Clara David, clumsiest nurse in
A. G. H. C.

Does this mean Ryan doesn’t realky know me, I mean I am pretty.
This is the second health mission where I am meeting him, and he always, always just ignores me.

I like Ryan dervantes infact i want him for myself.

Am the daughter of the manager and am not suppose to be here, I should be in the state’s for my training. But no, when I heard Ryan was coming I decided to do my intern here .

What does it take for a man to notice you anyways. He didn’t even give me the little respect I deserve because of my class. And its all because of that mad looking girl.

The General meeting will start Soon I pray it ends in my favour.

Maybe if I am close to Ryan maybe he will see me.

I can’t believe these girls are making fun of me, I hurriedly ran away.

Claras p. O. V. Conts 🚘🚘

we got to his car and he drove off.

He didn’t say a word to me, Omg I even thought our love had began.

Just then he looked at me

” you shouldn’t cry for your fellow woman, you are just as good as she thinks she is., he said
Wait did he just talk to me, I mean did he just say something nice to me.

Just then his phone rang, I really wonder whom it is , he connected the call to the car since he was driving.

” mine”, he said.

Oh it must be my sleeping beauty, is there a way to block my ears, I want to hear her voice but my heart is already beating fast, my breath is seizing, I feel jealousy, why do I feel jealousy.

” actually, I sat up today “, she said to him.

He smiled

” oh really, that means you will walk very Soon “, he asked.

” yes sure, and when I do, I will visit you first, you will be the first person to see me “. She said
” don’t forget your promise, it’s written in my heart. He said

” oh I won’t, so where are you, did the meeting already start..

” by twelve, I still have time “, he said

” ahh, it’s ok, bye, I really love you”, she said

” i love you more “, he said
“I love you morer “, she said.

He chuckled

“You won, he said.

” yes no one can beat me to loving you”, she said.

” drop the call, stop stressing your pretty voice, I will call you., he said.

” good bye “, she said and dropped out of the call.

I regret hearing this call, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I better call Diana or mom.

I looked at his face but when he turned, I looked away. Pls don’t see the pain in my eye, I too don’t know what’s behind it.

“You, do you go shoping at night”. He asked me
” what!!! ..
I instantly covered my lips with my hands

I opened the bag and brought out the book where I wrote.

” No sir, actually, I don’t have style.
He looked at it and faced forward.

” before coming out, did you bath? “, He asked as he turned the car steer.

I scratched my hair.

” well…

” you didn’t, he Said with assurance.

He looked back and and continued his driving.

” use your sit belt, the car seems to be having minor issues “. He said.

Oh but am not good at doing that, I still collected it and tried fixing it but no avail.

” if you won’t do it right, u might as well get hurt, you are always looking for my trouble “, he said.

His face when he said this just made me smile.

Finally he stopped the car. Wait, wait,. is this a hotel.

Omg Ryan i trusted you, how could you bring me to a hotel room. I know I like you but, let’s take it slow.

I still followed him from Behind

I just followed Him quietly and he made reservations.

We walked upstairs, he opened the door and sat on the bed. wow the room is pretty.

I don’t know what to do, I can’t sit in the bed with Ryan he might kill me.
I slowly used my butt to push the door close then I flipped my hair back and stood there with both hands on my lap.

Ryan dropped his phone on the bed. Why?

He removed His jacket. Why?

He walked towards to me in a haste, why??.

I opened my eyes wide He came close enough, first I noticed the height difference, omg mom why am I short.

Next I noticed his sexy chest which I stole from the first 3 open buttons of his shirt.

A silver necklace rested there. I rolled my eye up to his face and his lips suddenly got into my sight.

Did I just imagine kissing him, what’s wrong with me.

what am I thinking, what’s happening to Clara. I closed my eye tight, , argh my first night.
I instantly wrapped both hands round my chest

I can feel his breath, he’s fragrance, omg am not ready yet.

Why is he so close anyways, I opened my eye and turns out He was fixing the door lock above my head after which he locked the door.

Then he walked back to the bed where he sat down

What to do, I slowly removed my hands from my chest and bowed to him.

“Don’t stand there, i brought you here so you can take off your cloths and

i instantly wrapped my hands round my chest again.

” what!! I shouted.

**Omg lia was right, What is he going to say, He wants to say take off your cloths and lie with me. **

” Hey, dont say the bad word ” I Shouted.

” what bad word, take off your cloths and bath so we can go for the meeting, but what were you thinking.

” arhg its nothing “, I replied

i ran into the bathroom.

Ryan’s p. O. V

And she didn’t even take a towel but this hotel setting is wrong the towel should be in there.

What ever, I checked my time. ok we still have a little time before the meeting starts and after that I need to service my car.

How long will this girl spend in there anyways. Argh why am i being kind to this she devil, my kind nature is really getting to me.
i still dont like her.

Clara p. O. V 💜💜

Oh I feel refreshed, I removed the shower cap.

Wait, Wait . wait… what!!!, there is no towel in here.

What to do, am I to wear this cloth, What is this.

how do I tell this guy to give me the towel I am not suppose to talk him.

I knocked on the door then I brought out my hand.

Hey, sir, uhmmmm master, can u please, please, pass me that red paper, I have something to say.

Next thing I felt the towel in my hand.

“Oh, thanks.

I used the towel, Just then i realized the towel is short, Argh its too short, can I even bend or better, jump.

Aarrgh I better go, am delaying him.

I walked out
I stood quietly with both hands to my front, slightly btw my thigh.

He looked at me in a very different manner, I got shy so I just moved my hair.

Am sure I felt his eye steal my pretty legs as well as my neck and chest.

Until he controlled his eye. What is this, a man never looked at Me like that. Omg Clara someone looked at you with desire , what an achievement.

He picked up his phone

” wash your hair”, he said
” what!!.
” go back, wash your hair. He Said again.

I bowed and rushed back in , I carefully washed my hair and rushed out.

In my haste I slipped and fell to the floor. Ouch what’s wrong with me.

I got a big cut, it bled out, What to do.

Now how do i stand up, if i move my towel will slip. Ouch what’s this.

He looked at me for a while , he flipped his back word then he stood up and walked out.

I rushed up and tied my towel well then I sat on the bed and picked the hair drier on the table plugged it and dried my hair.

Soon it was dried, what’s keeping Ryan, I instantly wiped my blood from my legs.

Just then he walked in with a bag on one hand and a first aid kit in the other

He bent down and opened the kit he brought out some treatments and applied it on my leg.

I placed both hands on the bed, soon he was Done.

he looked up to my face.
His eye went up my neck again I instantly covered the area with both hands.
He chuckled. First time he ever smiled at me.

He stood up and handed me the bag I opened it and what!!!, a white gown, white bra and white pant.

I smiled, I tried talking but I held my lips. I picked the book and wrote.

“Thank you and sorry, sir. ”

He picked his kit and dropped it on the bed

” change, we are almost late “, he said.
I rushed into the dressing room with that bag.

I dressed up, how can he know my size so well.

I kept forcing the gown to zip up but no way, i have been trying to this for hours and we are almost late.

I used my long hair to cover my back, I don’t want him to see my bra, when I get home i will zip it.

Yes, fighting!!.

I walked out then I bowed to him, i was fast to run to the door so he won’t notice anything.

He picked his phone and walked behind me. I got to the door, what!! This lock is really tight. I couldnt open it.

Just then he lifted his hands up and opened the door.

I tried rushing out bit he dragged me back, i stopped. he moved my hair to one part of my shoulders then he zipped the gown.

He still returned the hair, then he walked past me. I almost melted, now I feel 1000 butterflies In my tummy, what does this mean.

Arrgh mom, I don’t want to stay here anymore.

I rushed after him and there he stood kicking his car and making some calls.

I tried talking to him but I held my lips.

Seems like the car spoilt and we are runing out of time.

Just then the mechanic arrived and started work. Ryan checked his time and scattered his hair as he walked up and down.

Hes face is so troubled, this is all my fault.

Samantha p. O. V 💜💜

This is 11:40, my dad is already here he hates being late.

All the departmental heads and all important people for this meeting are seated.

But where Is ryan and he’s stupid hand nurse.

I can’t believe he wants to be late, they will soon call his dad.

What’s the way forward

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

Omg I can’t believe it, this mechanic is taking time.

Just then this Clara girl dragged my hand, How dare she touch me

” sir, there’s the free bus”, she said.
“You, how dare you expect me…

I didn’t finish my statement she ran away dragging my hands with her.

I only turned to look at her face. What is she doing.

I stopped runing. She shouted at me
‘Hey!!! !!, you are going to miss it.

“She devil, listen…

She cut in

‘ shhhhhhhhhhh”.

What!! Did she just tell me to shut up.

” hey!!, I shouted

She dragged my hands and ran away again.

I checked my time 11:50.

Where is this girl taking Me too my legs are paining.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

Am dead, I told him to shut up. And now i am dragging his hand.
He can kill me later but he can’t miss this meeting.

I don’t want his dad to call him again.

[5/4, 9:30 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 22📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Claras p. O. V conts.

We ran till we finally stopped.
Omg he is going to kill me, we missed the free bus

What do I do.
I turned to look at him and I slowly let go of his hands.
Then I bowed.

“Sorry sir, actually we missed the bus.

Before I could talk again he dragged my hand and ran away, I ran behind him.

We kept runing non stop and i just looked is his face until we stopped.

There the bus was

I smiled widely.

” let’s go “, he Said.

We both ran into the bus, its surprising the bus is not crowded. I sat beside him but I made sure my body didn’t touch him.

Ryan’s p. O. V

Am doing all sort of crazy things today

At least we won’t miss this meeting, that’s live saving.

Why is such a pretty girl so crazy. she has a killing figure and a very radiant skin but, she is crazy, troublesome and evil.

I looked at her and she is already sleeping. What kind of girl sleeps anytime she is in motion.

She’s still moving her lip I wonder what she’s saying in her dream.

Just as I looked away she tried falling of the chair.

What is this. I caught her and she finally fell to my side.
I can’t believe my enemy is leaning on me.

Right now I have more important things to talk about. I didn’t research on the divissions for medical attention for this health mission.

I have not even chosen my area to concentrate on yet, but how can i do that I have not seen the division and I didn’t research.

I was carried away by my desire to find that fake nuella. I have always had one problem I hate being curious.

She said i am her Angel but she was the one who keeps saving me. I really need to find out who she is so I can help her in any way I can and protect her like a real angel should.

Doctor Stevens p. O. V 💜

My name is Steve and I am also on this health mission
I was suppose to be the best doctors but no the position was given to Ryan dervantes, why.

Just because his dad sent him To the best schools he thinks he can be better than anyone.

Well it’s time to ruin his reputation, this health mission will be his worst.

I know he will go for the surgery division and his doom is waiting for him.

I left him 20 patients awaiting surgery but 15 was wrote in the file.

Out of this 20 most of them are already dying, most of them will die once their body is cut open, I already played with the their systems am just waiting for them to die in Ryan’s hands.

I already brought myself down by reporting that their cases is too strong for me. That embarrassment is gone, now Ryan will face double of that once he enters the surgery division..

I just hope he won’t do any proir research before accepting that division.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

Argh why is my sleep so sound
Wait am I resting on someone’s shoulders?
what’s going on.
What did i do.
Omg am resting on Ryan’s shoulders.
Am finished.

I lnstantly raised myself up and backed him.
I scratched my hair in confusion.

Just then the car stopped I rushed out and he walked out.

He just kept walking behind, I can’t believe I was drooling on his shoulders, am so shy and embarrassed.

Soon we arrived at the meeting place.

Everybody was already sitted even that devilish nurse who insulted me.

Ryan sat down and I sat quietly beside him.
This girl keeps looking at me. 4 other doctors are here with their nurses, not bad.

” am really sorry for my delay, I mean we are both sorry. Ryan said.

“we totally understand, the distance is an ocean. The district manager said.

” and the roads are bad, the wicked nurse added.

I don’t like this girl.

” So Ryan i believe you already carried out a research on the divisions before coming., the director asked him.

It seems Ryan didn’t research, the look on his face just changed.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

Omg I forgot, moment of truth, but thats the work of a smart assistant mine Is just a she devil.
” actually, I didn’t have enough..

Clara cut in

” actually we didn’t have enough time to complete the research because of our haste. But we collected that there are 15 patients awaiting immediate surgery. (Surgery division )
17 who’s cases has not been Defined yet.

As for the malaria break out, that’s under the drug administration division.

Then those with mental disorders deserve special attention.

The kids division is lacking behind greatly and blood pressure issues as well as sugar and other old age issues fall into the last division.

Under that district.

” wow well collected, so sir Ryan where do u think we should place u for consultation and which side will you place your concentration on.

” he’s already a Surgeon, maybe he should concentrate on his specialty, more expert nurses will be assigned to his team. Samantha you can take care of that right. The personnel manager asked Samantha.

” yes sure, sir Ryan what do you think. Samantha said

I have no choice, surgery is already my specialty but I wish I can carry out my own research before signing the papers.

But anyways I don’t want to enter an argument with them, they will only call mr dervantes, so I just have to agree.

” yes very well then, I will concentrate on the surgery div for now, hand me the file so I can sign”, I said.

Samantha passed me the file but Clara seized it from reaching my hand.
What is this girl doing.

” nurse hand him the file, we no longer have time, the director said.

” mr director, sir Ryan will only chose his area of concentration after he goes through the divisions himself. Clara said.

” what, are you trying to call us liars, the manager asked her.

” 15 persons awaiting surgery y? What has other doctors Been doing, the case got difficult and the left it for the best surgeon to arrive. Y?.

“Sir Ryan is a great doctor but nobody is God. Most of those patients have been tampered with countless times before they were left for Him, . Clara said

” no patient was tampered with, Samantha added

” shhh, let me talk, clara replied Samantha.

Go on Clara, Am proud of you. I just said my mind.

” A surgery division owned by such a big hospital with more than 40 doctors stil has 15 patients awaiting surgery., Clara said

“Isn’t that suicidal, do you guys want to spoil his name after the patients die in his hands.

“Miss Clara David, you are wrong. The district manager said.
Clara slipped the file into her bag. Omg what a girl.

” Mr district manager, I won’t stand corrected by you.
Sir Ryan dervabtes will chose his division of concentration after he has carried out his personal research and that Is final. This file will be with me and when my boss is ready to sign I will give it to him, no rush “, clara said.

” how can a nurse be so rude, I need to call mr dervantes, the manager said.

” oh thank you sir, I have been trying to reach him so I can ask him why, there are 15 or more patients awaiting surgery over a hospital of 40 doctors. “, clara said.

” the girl is right, Ryan deserves his research, the deputy director said.

” shes right, the branch director said.

” the nurse is right dad “, Samantha said.

” then let it be like she said it, the manager said and walked out.

Soon Everywhere cleared but am still looking at this Clara girl with disbelief.

” uhm sir,.. sorry. she instantly covered her lips.

She collected the red book. And wrote

“Before they steal your car, let’s go sir ”

Clara p. O. V 💜💜💜.

15 patients not even 4 over such a big hospital. Even if one doctor flopped what about the others.

This seems like a trap and I won’t let Ryan fall into it.

Finally both of us walked out, it’s getting really late.

They have not sent the car and my tummy is paining, is it hunger.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

Y is she wrapping her hands round her tummy, oh she must be crazy.
Clara spoke up for Me today, like a mother, like someone who cares the same care that never came to me.

Finally today I accept this
she -devil as a person. I won’t call her she- devil anymore she might crazy but she is kind hearted.
Miss Clumsy is her new name.

I looked at her and she bowed to me, she’s always bowing, what a person.

Right now pride is my problem, i want to tell you thank you but I already told you I will never accept you.

I want to tell you to talk to me but i already told you not to.

Today u reminded me of two women who only ever showed me true care, Anna and fake nuella.

Someone will expect me to say mom, but mom was never a mom to me she was more like my future manager, she helped me become what I am today.

Just then the mechanic brought the car.

We sat in and we drove home, I forgot to call Anna , she must be bothered, she is always bothered when I promise to call and I don’t.
Clara is looking at the window, I guess she finally got used to the coldness I presented to her. She got used to not talking to me.

We both arrived home and walked into the house.

She bowed to me and ran into her room.
Arrgh am I now scared to talk to this girl.

I just want to tell her thank you, thank you, but aarrgh, forget it, forget it, such a she devil.

I ran into my room.

Just then iren called, I really hope to hear good news.

” tell me.

” sir the only footage available is the one of the girl leaving the hospital with the mask.

” what about when she entered.

” it’s not available although I will meet someone who might help me recover it.

” ok, I hope to hear good news “.

” ok sir.

Am getting tired of this, fake nuella, just who are you, who are you, cracking my brain is giving me sleepless nights.

Just then the cook called my room.

” tell me”.

” food is ready sir “.

” am not hungry, call that clumsy nurse.
” ok sir, she replied.

I picked my drugs and took it, don’t know why but I already lost my appetite..

I wonder what’s wrong with her Tummy, I looked out my widows and I looked down the stairs. I can only see her room door, its open and she’s sitting there with both hands folded round her kneel, her face is dull, I wonder what’s wrong.

Clara p. O. V 💜💜

All the things that happened today are bothering me. I picked my phone and called Diana on phone.

” CLara your voice is very low, are you ok.
” am fine but, I want to ask you something. I wiped my tears, y am i getting teary.

” ask away bes, I might not be there but am right here.

” what’s wrong when you think about someone all the time, you don’t want that person to get hurt.

You feel like dying if you see that person with another woman, you can’t breath when that person comes close to you. You get butterflies in your Tummy when that person touches you.

I wiped my tears.

You dream of the day that person smiles at you, hugs you, kisses you , you keep imagining wrong things with that person.

What’s wrong bes?

Whats wromg when someone brings u happiness and pain at the same time.

Pls tell me, I never felt like this before.

Diana’s p. O. V 💜💜

I can’t believe am crying, this is too painful. Finally Clara is in love but why ryan.

He loves her sleeping beauty so much, what kind of love triangle is this.
Clara you saved Anna but now she is going to cause you tears, Ryan belongs to her.

Why Ryan, you are middle class he is above you, even his parents won’t accept you and he can never actually love you too.

Am so sorry bes, but this love is going to cause you too much pain, how do I tell you all this….

” bes, I wiped my tears.

” those signs mean, you are in love, you love that someone, you are falling hard clara.

“but that someone is not urs.

” actually I have been waiting for this kind of call, I have been waiting…

” For you to tell me, “bes I like a guy and he likes me too. ”

“I had my first kiss, am in love, am happy, Am happy with my love.

” but Clara, not Ryan pls, don’t fall for a man that belongs to someone else my love.

“He belongs to Anna!!,Ryan belongs to Anna. stop now Clara , before it gets difficult. you will just hurt yourself.

” stop loving Ryan, don’t fall for Ryan . You can’t fall for Ryan bes.


Clara…. just dropped the call. She’s am emotional person, I wonder how she is doing now.

Clara p. O. V 💜

My angel can never be mine, what was I thinking he doesn’t even like me as a human being.

I am in so much pain suddenly, Anna!! I saved you so u can cause me pain. But, am still glad I saved you.

I wiped my tears.

I am your bestie but am falling for ur man, it’s my fault that am falling for that angel.
I just want your ryan to be mine, is that so wrong. Why is that so wrong.
I need to stop now
I need to control this
It’s enough now
God pls, stop me..
It’s enough.

I wiped my tears and smiled but tears still ran out.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

What’s wrong with miss clumsy, did someone die?

Why was she crying so much on phone, she wiped so many tears and kept forcing a smile which turned to tears.

Miss clumsy, what is wrong with you. 💜💜💜
[5/4, 9:46 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 23📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Claras p. O . V 💜💜

Cheer up Clara, i consoled myself.
just then the cook brought my food up to my room. I wonder why.

” actually, its better you eat here, you can’t eat alone “,

” but sir Ryan, is he not eating.

” no, it seems he lost his appetite.

” aarrgh, ok.

She walked out and I ate only the meat, I suddenly lost my own appetite too.

Sir Ryan is on drugs, I wonder why he isn’t eating. I covered my food and looked out my little window but it seems he’s room is locked.

Hes playing the piano again, that sound makes me happy.

I ran out of my room and got to to stairs.

I hope he doesn’t catch me.
I Snuck up the stairs and sat on his door, listening to him sing makes me glad.
I hope he’s not seeing my shadow, I might as well sleep here. Listening to this song makes me remember the first day I met him.
I can’t believe I insulted him that much.

Just then he opened the door and looked at me.
What to do, I just looked up to him with a teary face.

He looked around for a while then he opened the door wide.

” won’t you, come in”, he said.

I looked at him then I bowed and walked into the room slowly, my sweater is to long it covered my hands fully, I sat on his bed and he sat facing his piano table.

” why where you crying, he asked me.

I picked my pen and tried writing but he said

” talk, you are free to talk to me, he said.

I flipped my hair backward, actually I prefer not talking to you, that way, maybe, I will stop liking you.

” actually sir, i was crying because of the matters of the heart “. I said

” oh, did your boyfriend dump you”, he asked.

“Well, the thing is

” you shouldn’t cry about that, you are pretty you are just dirty.

What dirty, hey did he just call me dirty.

” actually sir.

” if a man played with your heart, maybe the fault is from you, its time you gave that person reasons to regret leaving you, be a woman, be lady like, dress well, act proper, that way, you will get any mans attention and even the one who left, he will be begging to come back. He said.

If I do all this, will you be one of the men that will love me, will you see me, i Want to do all that but its a little hard. I dont know how to.

” sir, you are right. I said

” so I will cheer u up, only because you helped me today at the meeting, so listen carefully Clara.

I smiled and looked at him as he pressed the key

” this song is dedicated to you miss clumsy “, he said and smiled at little, my cute angel.

Ryan congrats, you are just making it hard for me to stop loving you, maybe you being cold to me will be better.

Just then he started singing, he played a steady and wonderful tune, his voice Is amazing.

” don’t cry, my angel , you are my smile, don’t cry.

If you cry, my sunshine, my day will start with rain.

If you cry, my heart beat, my life will start in pain.

So don’t cry, my angel, you are my breath, don’t cry

Don’t cry, miss clumsy, get up and make them cry.

So don’t cry… He smiled at me and played the last key.

” you see, don’t cry, miss clumsy “, he said.

” yes sir, I won’t cry anymore.

He stood up from the table and picked his phone.

He started coughing again, did he take drugs without eating.

” uhm sir, are you hungry.
” no, I have no appetite.
” oh, but what’s your best dish.
” oh chicken soup, why?
” oh nothing, am just asking, I replied.

I stood up and bowed then I rushed out of the room.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

Miss clumsy just reminded me of my mom, back when I still lived with her, back when she loved me more than she loved money.

Any time I didn’t want to eat she will just go inside and cook my favourite.

I miss her sometimes, did Tony break up with Clara, did he find out about her care free life style.

Oh no Ryan stop, just because she was reading a book doesn’t mean she leading that kind of life.
Stop, stop. Already.

I wonder what happened, was it her style.

Claras p. O. V 💜

Thanks to this fast heat am almost done cooking, I cant believe am sweating heavily.

Sir Ryan i am making your favourite because i want you to eat.

Soon I was done, rushed into his room with the tray in my hands then I dropped it on the bed.

He sat up and looked at me for a while. He formed sleeping.

What, I can’t believe he throw tantrums like a child.

” sir, eat “, i said

” aarrgh, I have no appetite he said and fell to his white pillow “.

What how can this guy be so childish.

I tried touching him but I controlled my hands

” actually sir, u need to eat because you took drugs.

He looked at me and fell to his pillow again.

” no, no way, I don’t have appetite , infact go, go already.

He said with a very childish face.

This guy deserves some spanking I didn’t even know when i hit him

” hey, eat this quickly, hurry, do you know what it took me to cook this food, argh, eat already. “, I yanked at him.

He kept looking at me in shock with his face on his pillow.

Omg am dead did I just hit Ryan, then I shouted at him.

He looked at me for a while and sat up.
” fine but only 4 spoons “, he said and I nodded.

Sir Ryan totally changed towards me, am happy.

He took the plate and selected out all the chicken leaving the water for me.

But I added some health leaves to the water.

I instantly picked the little cup and took the soup water which I poured into his plate.

He changed his face

” hey!!!.

Shhhhhhh, eat sir, it’s not good to take drugs without food.

Finally he was Done, i gave him water. i feel happy, i can sleep now.

He lay on his bed, not even thank you, what a proud guy.

I stood up and walked out.

I was walking with the plate when I got a text in my phone from him

” thank you “.

What!!, was he too proud to say thank you to my face.

I turned and he already covered his body and closed his eye, Anna’s Ryan, what if I could just sleep Beside you, will… I die.

I looked at him for a while then I walked out.

I returned the plate and ran into my room.

Am so happy, today, I spoke to Ryan, I touched Ryan, I cooked for Ryan, Ryan sang for me, he doesn’t hate me anymore, he grew to accept me. Even if he doesn’t see me as an ordinary friend, he sees me as human. he knows my name, he talks to me, that’s enough for me.

I don’t want more, I just don’t want to loose these ones, if i do I might not survive it.

I fell to my sleep, I need to wake up early Tommorrow.

I can’t get sir Ryan angry, I wonder what to wear?.

💜💜 next morning
Tonys p. O. V

Its indeed early, I will forget to make this call of I don’t make it now.

I met a girl who made me laugh everyday, that Clara david, i like being near her.

But she is gone and I forgot to call her, what kind of friend am I.

I really hopped to start something with Clara, I wanted my natural likeness for her to bloom into something romantic because after Many blind dates she was the only one that made meaning.

That clumsy girl, clumsy or dirty I like her that way, my days have been boring without encountering her and crazy family.

They are really fun. I kept calling till she picked, I hope I didn’t wake her from sleep.

” hey, are you asleep.
” I don’t know who you are, But, thank you for waking me up I forgot to set my alarm, thank you. She dropped the call.

Omg this is the funniest call I ever made, I can’t stop laughing.
I called her back again.

” uhm, miss Clara, it’s Tony.
” oh really, sorry sorry, I was sleep taking.
” omg, missed you, how are you

” oh am fine, how is work.

” it gets harder, I don’t know where they sell good food.

” aigooo, why don’t you go to the fat woman, if she’s smiling her food will be nice.
But if she is frowning her food will be peppering .

” really, what about the slim woman”.
I can’t believe I am asking useless questions just to make her talk, this girl always makes my day.

” the slim woman, who’s money bag is inside her bra?

This made me laugh, I can’t even stop laughing.

” really, I asked her.
“yea But don’t go there when her husband is around if you do, they will start fighting and pour your food away.

” really, I won’t eat anymore.

” no you can go to my auntys shop, Infact if you tell her that you are my boyfriend she will always treat you for free

” really, I must go there tomorow, thanks.

” no problem but, every money you didn’t pay you will send it to my account “, she said.

” sure madam “, I replied her

” I better go sir, we are leaving early and sir Ryan is always grumpy.
” really, is he mean to you.

” yes, alot, hes mean.

” sorry, that’s his nature.

” yes, I still like him that way, I can surely manage.

Oh, bye. But just buy him sweets, he likes sweets, but he hates buying them.

” yeeeeee, sabunim. (Yes sir ). She replied in Korea.

I can’t believe she replied in Korea, her Korea is not that bad anyway.

I dropped the call and rushed into my shower.

Claras p.o. v 💜

Omg thank God Tony called.
First i split my hair into four and rushed into the shower.

I rushed out and started round sacking my bag until I found a gown.
I wore it, it’s really short I instantly picked my skin tight jean and wore It under the gown, better now.

I carried my bag on my head and rushed out, am so glad am early.

It’s 4:00 seems sir Ryan is not awake yet so I lay on the chair resting.

Anna’s p. O. V 💜

I promised Tony that being with Ryan was just for formalities, it’s not my fault that i fell in love with him

Ryan was just different, I planned to just stay with him for the few days and then leave and tell my dad that I loved Tony.

But he stole my hearts, he Cares so much that he even made his assistant think he was in love with her. Sometimes he acts just like a kid but u can only see that side of him if he gets used to you if he accepts you.

His coldness is what he presents first, though he doesn’t talk unless it’s important, he still cared for me. I fell hard first and I dragged him into falling for me.

I realized the reason for his coldness, lack of love, attention, care, he’s parents never gave him that.

So I showered him with my all, with all I had, i showered with love and care.

When he got used to accepting me, i enjoyed him more, our love got strong, our nights filled with ecstasy. I forgot that Tony was still waiting for me.

Ryan forgot that daniella was still waiting, later he opened up to daniella but I could not face Tony cos I committed a crime, i slept Ryan without breaking up with tony first, that was my mistake.

I later met Tony, I told to let me go now, he cried, we cried, we shouted at each other, we still made love to each other.

What a confused state I was in, placed in a dilemma of two amazing guys.

I left, i was in thought, in pain, i just cheated on Ryan the same way I cheated on Tony.

I didn’t see myself getting into an accident.

But I still wanted to see both of them so much.

Actually the name that kept me going was Ryan because I knew he will surely wait for me.

That’s just who is. Now every thing is ok, i have my Ryan back, I wish I can Tony back as a friend too. And also that Clara I want to meet her too.

I don’t know why Tony is still so cold towards me, if he moved on then he should forgive me by now, or could Tony still be in love with me.

I don’t think so, But I know hurt Tony and daniella too.

My falling for ryan was Tonys biggest nightmare.

I sat quietly when Tony came into the room with a wheel chair .
He slowly lifted me up and placed me in the chair with no words.

He pushed me of the room and he carried me into his car.

Am so happy today, finally I can see the world outside.

I kept looking at his face in the car.

“Where is the doctor taking the patient “, I asked him

“The patient needs a break and its good for her health “, he replied.

He drove until he arrived at the park, my best place to be

Everywhere was so colourful
So many fun games. so many many kids, I smiled widely and kept clapping my hands together.

One of the kids me put a pretty flower in my hair .

Am so happy, Tony got me a cup of icecream. I shared it with the kids.

They filled my chair with colourful balloons and all the kids kept pushing me slowly, am so happy I looked at Tony he can’t even smile at me.

It’s so much fun i don’t feel like ever leaving.

Soon Tony took the wheel from the kids and pushed me himself.

CLaras p. O. V 💜

Finally Ryan came down all dressed up, he was surprised to see me there.

I stood up and bowed he looked at me for a while.

” a proper girl doesn’t dress like that, if you want to wear a gown wear it alone, But if you want to wear the Jean, wear it with a top or shirt, then you wear your jacket , wearing a gown and a jean its wrong.

” oh really, sorry. I said

Ouch I never knew that, am glad.
” secondly packing your hair in four buns is messy, its either you pack it behind you or let it fall freely, you are not crown.

” I touched my hair and bowed

” sorry sir .

” always apply a little make up, it’s make a you look mature.

Yes sir.

“So go back, am waiting.

He sat down and I rushed inside.

[5/4, 11:29 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 24📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Anna’s p. O. V 💜💜

We already spent Some time here, I looked at the clouds.

I really want more from tony right now, if only he can just let go of his pride for once

“It’s bad, the doctir doesn’t know what kills the patient the most”,i said .

“Whats wrong, Anna are okay, are you feeling any pain, anywhere, is your stomach still hurting, or are you tired of sitting, should i take you back into the car, huh, talk?..

“missing a friend can be killing, infact am slowly the leaving I might die.

” Anna “. He said

” I fell for ryan, I am sorry, its my mistake, but two years in coma, didn’t I pay enough.

“Why can’t u just, pls, pls, let go of the past, you are all I have now, the only person I can trust, mom Is gone, Ryan left, its you and dad, do u want to leave to. “.

He touched my hair, then he bent Down and hugged me.

Tonys p. O. V 💜💜

U love Ryan so much, if I don’t play my cards well, i will fall for you again and get hurt the second time.

But I guess I can’t avoid you forever, you are still my friend. Sorry for being so cold.

” Anna, sorry, from now on, let’s be friends “. I said

She smiled

” finally, the patient feels stronger now. She said.

I kissed her fire head.

” the doctor is happy “. I said.

Finally i took her back to the hospital and i brought her up to her room, it turns out daniella is waiting for her.

I left her on the bed and walked out.

Daniella p.O. v 💜💜

I wonder if she knows what I did, well she better but know because she can’t spill it for dad or Ryan.

If she knows I will search for new ways to kill her.

” daniella, I thought you won’t come, i hsve been missing you, you never visited me “, She said.

Omg this means every thing I did and Saud to her all the whike she was in com’s she never heard anyone. Amazing.

Well keep pretending
” am sorry did I have beem so busy, but I came right.

“Am glad you did “. Anna said
“I have to get going, i him will check up on you later. I said.

” am glad, she replied and I walked out , Anna is really a fool she doesn’t know who is killing her.

CLara p. O. V

I packed my hair and removed the gown, i wire my jacket and my top. I applied powder on my face and wore my ear ring.

I wore my shoes, oh I hate wearing shoes, well i have no choice.

I rushed out to the leaving room while trying to tie the shoe I fell to the floor.

He looked at and I stood up.

” you keep falling, i am watching, each time you fall in a day, will be deducted by ten from your salary “, he said

” what!!, i screamed

” learn to not fall Clara, its not lady like. Let’s go “, he walked out and I rushed behind him

I looked at myself in the car window, i can’t even believe myself, I can’t believe that this is me.

I look pretty, I rushed into the car and sat by his side, he drove with no words again.

Does he find it difficult to talk to people casually.

I tried talking, he turned to look, i instantly covered my lip with my mouth.

He smiled and continued driving.

” if you have something to say, say it, he said.

I shaked my head in disagreement and started sleeping.

He chuckled.

Soon we arrived at the place, wow it’d more than a expects.

All the nurses where so busy. I and sir Ryan walked futher into the building, it was not built completely like a house.

But it had a roof and it was very wide then carefully divided into sections by walls although you can clearly see if you look above the walls.

I passed the section filled with kids. I still walked behind Ryan.

I like this setting its very clean an there is easy passage for everyone.

Soon sir Ryan got to the surgery division I wanted to go inside with him.

” go, wait for me outside, I need to concentrate.

I bowed

” yes sir.

I have him the paper to sign.

He walked in and I rushed out I passed the kid section and saw a nurse strugling with a kid to Give him injections

Shes so funny just like Diana, I ran after her

“That a not how its done. “, i shouted.

She smiled

Ryan’s p o. V

I don’t need anyone right now, I need to concentrate so I won’t blame any one for the errors in the choice I will make

a lot of people lay hopelessly

Only my eye can see that they are more than 15.

So many nurses walked about I carefully passed them bye just then a kid tapped me.

He lay beside a sick woman

” sir, pls, wake my mother up, if she dies no one will Care for me”, He said

This just melted my heart. I know this is a trap but I didn’t become a doctor for fame.

I neee to forget my name and try saving these people, if i go to another division they will all die.

Even if 10 did in my hands and spoil my name I will be able to save 10 , starting from his mom.

fine I will surely choose this surgery district I know I can revive them all. I just need their health records to schedule surgery.

Doc Steve p. O. V 💜💜

Ryan thinks he is smart but I am still smarter.

He wants to research ok.

I know he can revive them but no doctor can work on a patient without their health records, and all those patients hahaha their health records are missing, yes its missing.

So when he is done signing the file, he won’t be able to perform surgery and they will all die.

No one will save Ryan from this trap.

And it will be out in the news. Ryan dervantes , consultants doctor of surgery division in African health mission looses 20 patient’s .who where waiting for surgery.

I laughed again, Oh sound of victory.

Hahahahah this will kill Ryan

Hahahhha go on Ryan sign the papers but you will never find their health recodrds.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

This kids section is quite fun
I helped this girl with all the kids soon we were done.

Just then a lady came to carry the last girl I injected.

“Hy, my name is lady b.
“Oh, am Clara

“I need a home nurse for my daughter, a live in one because actually am very busy
“Ah no need am already living comfortably
” ok, but here is my card in case you change you mind.
” ok, thanks.

I took the card from her and she left sir Ryan is not yet out I just wish he will go for drug administration and leave surgery but who will save all those 15 people

Me and the nurse strolled outside she is really friendly

” hi, my name is louisa
” am Clara.
” thanks for the kids”.
” I love kids
” am glad i got a friend I don’t have anyone to celebrate my birthday with
” really , happy birthday

” so will you follow me later today
” I must, nice meeting you
” wait Clara David, the nurse with sir Ryan right
” yes

” I have been looking for you, please tell sir Ryan not to sign to the surgery division

” why, he is good at surgery

” no doctor can operate without knowledge , all those patients their health records are missing it is a trap.

I instantly ran off in high speed.

No no sir Ryan don’t sign those papers
You are going to ruin your reputation.

lets go to the drug administrations side instead

Do not sign them, those patients don’t have a health record, if you sign those papers you are done for.

Your dad will kill you for spoiling his hospital name too

You will loose your reputation.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me,

I kept calling his name hoping he will hear me.

” no, sir ryan, dont sign please “!!!!!.

I shouted and I ran faster.
[5/5, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 25📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Claras point of view. 💜💜

I know I ran as fast as I could, but when I finally arrived, sir Ryan had already signed those papers.

What’s the point crying over spilt milk, i can’t even tell him anymore, What is done is done.

I just looked at him with pain in my eye.

” sir Ryan, you made a mistake, this division is a trap “, I said.

” I will try my best to revive them all, no don’t worry “, he said.

you don’t understand sir , it’s more worse than just doing surgery.

” yes sir Ryan, we will revive them together, no one can you make you sad, i am here, I will surely fight for your interest, am really going to be your angel. I said.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

I am your angel, she said, now that I think of it its the same voice, hair, body build up and caring spirit.

Miss clumsy could you be fake nuella, I need to call real nuella on phone.

Clara I don’t know why you look bothered, its nothing, it’s just surgery.

Clara p. O. V 💄

Sir Ryan I don’t want you to worry am the Angel here I am the one to worry.

No point telling you about the health records all I have to do is to find it for you, all of them.

“pls schedule surgery tomorrow Clara for that woman with the kid, she might not survive the week, tomorow by 11 am “, he said.

Omg that’s too close.

” yes sir, I will do that.

” we have a long day tomorrow lets go so we can rest”, he said.

” actually I need to meet a friend, go I will meet you at home “, I said.

” you have a date? He asked.

I started laughing.

” yes I do with my new friend I just met today at the hospital. “, i replied.

” really ” he asked

” yes, actually today is…

” it’s ok, have fun, don’t get lost.
” sure sir.

I bowed and he rushed out.

Staying home all day with you that would have been fun but I need to find that health record and I need to follow Louisa out, I will see when I get back.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

People should start believing me I always said that that miss clumsy had a care free life style. Annoying.

That book she was reading already proves it.
How can she be going out with someone she just met today.
What if he ends up taking her home and then she doesn’t come back.

I opened my car door and closed it back.

Ryan why are you bothered, arrrgh What ever she can do whatever she wants, even if she sleeps over I won’t Care.

This nurse and I supposed to be in the house, preparing for surgery, so annoying.

I wonder who took her out, she just broke up with Tony, what’s her plan.

Ryan Ryan drive drive drive go home. Forget that she devil.

I concentrated on my driving when daniella called.

” hello “, i said
” Anna is awake and you can’t even call on phone anymore, really.

” it’s not that, I have been busy, I have not even called the Anna yet. “, i said.
” so how are you, are you stressed.
” not yet, real stress starts soon.
” ok, i just wanted to hear your voice “, she said.
” so how’s Anna “, I asked.
” she’s fine, seems to be having fun with Tony recently, carrying her up and down like love birds, she said.

I didn’t even know when I stopped driving.

” hey, are you okay “, she asked.
” am fine, let’s talk later “, I said.
” oh sure, bye.

She dropped the call.

Anna don’t repeat the mistakes you made, it makes it hard for me to trust you, you get carried away easily, that’s always been your problem.

I hope its just doctor and patient relationship , I placed a call to nuella

” hey hottie “.
” Ryan am so caught up right now can’t talk “.
” do you want to hang the call on me?.
” you know I can’t do that, tell me
” that fake nuella, what’s her identity, who is she.
” her name is uhmmmmmmm, I forgot I can’t think right now, my assistant will text you her info later, I will call her now.

” oh thanks, that’s better.

I dropped the call, am glad finally I will know who my secret angel is because I need more of her protection now.

I drpped the call.

Louisa p. O. V 💜

I and Clara have searched the store room countless times.

No sign of the records. We Sneaked in and searched almost all the offices one by one but no sign of it

We ran out and she looked in through a particular window

” who’s office is this?.
” oh doctor Steven, it’s totally different from others as it is on its own in the middle of the filed.
” we need to search it “.
“No Clara, its hopeless, we already searched it before its empty.

” really?, she asked, her face was now teary.
” come on, let’s check the general store room.

She sat on the floor.

” sir Ryan scheduled surgery “. She said.
” what, didn’t you tell him about the records.
” I didn’t want him to worry and secondly I thought I could I find it, she said.
” come on, let’s go, we might see it in the general store.
I replied and we both ran out..

Mrs Tonias p. O. V 💅💅

Finally its working well, This share holders meeting is going to be my ticket to wealth.

All the investors I will bring them down and they must succumb to my side.

That way I will have enough power to drag everything from. Anastasia .

Truthfully Alexandra is useless to me, you already gave all your shares to Anna, all your love to Issabella, all your attention to Anna.

Me and my child are just useless to you, you are alreAdy our enemy, you have a lot of share holders who are loyal to you.

That’s why am. Scared, you might spoil my plan, you might ruin my future.

I know you won’t change the will even if I tear you apart so I will just kill you.

Am glad you placed issabella under everything that means she has the power to sign over all Anna’s property to me, she has the power to make me the only heir.

Love blinded you, now your act of love Is your downfall because Issabella is now under my leg she is my dog.

I picked my phone and placed the call.

” how many investors are complying, I asked
” well, quite the number, and soon they will be ready to meet.

Ok I dropped the call.

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen Anastasia Grande the third is a living dead, withdraw your investments In her name and combine your shares with Mrs Tonia Grande the 3rd.

Claras p. O. V 💧💧

What a hopeless search, what will sir Ryan do, will he blame me for not telling him.

” CLARA lets go, my birthday might slip away. She said smiling with dirts all over her body but dirts filled my own body too.

We both smiled at each other as we joined our hands like a couple and walked away.

” where will we go “, I asked
” let’s get drunk she shouted
” yes, i really need that.

I checked my time, 5 :30 I wonder what sir Ryan is doing now.

Is he missing me oh right he can never actually miss me.

Soon we arrived at the bar we sat down facing each other.

Louisa ordered fresh meet which we grilled ourselves. I always love this kind of setting.

Achoholic drinks filled the table and we had two small cups.

Ok now it’s obvious louisa wants to get drunk on her birthday.

I mixed up the meet and started grilling the little smoke made my day.

” so, why arent you happy on your birthday “, i asked her
” well, my boyfriend cheated on me, yesterday, am sad “, she said and drank one cup

” well I put sir Ryan in double trouble I watched him schedule surgery without telling him the truth, am dead “, I took my own drink.

Wow hot.

” he hasn’t called me, seems he doesn’t want me anymore “, she took another drink.

” sorry, let’s just move on. We both hit our glasses and drank.

” I already moved out of his house, soon enough I will forget him “, she said.

I wonder If that works, if I leave Ryan will I stop loving him.

” does that work, moving out “, i asked

” sure, I tried it before, many times, she said.

I smiled

” so sir Ryan, why don’t you tell him that you have feelings for him. She said.

How did she know.

” no I don’t have feelings..

” no need to hide it, its obvious you like him, I wonder why he hasn’t seen it, ur pretty possessive of him’, she said.

I smiled

” what’s the need, I picked my drink, I took like four cups in a roll. That was when I felt tipsy.

” sir Ryan has a girlfriend and she is really really pretty and rich, I can’t possibly steal him, can I, can I, can I.

We both laughed out soon we cleared out the whole table, I don’t even know where I am anymore.

But I feel so happy, just like that.

” hey 3 more bottles, Louisa shouted.

We both laughed as we kept singing. And clapping.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

It’s getting really late, restaurants should close by now.

I walked to the front yard.
Where is miss clumsy, aaarrrrgh what to do.

Just then my cool came to me

” sir I have an emergency at home, I will be back
” ok, no problem.

She walked out just then my phone ran.
No known number. I picked

” hello.
Hy, two pretty girl’s are drunk in my bar and am about closing but I can’t leave them like that so I used their phone to call people close to them. My angel, why is your girlfriend drinking out by this time.

” aarrgh that trouble maker is not….. wait she saved my number with my angel.

” yes that’s why I called you.

I smiled a bit

” what’s your bars name Madam and where is it.

” I already texted you.

Ok keep that angel safe, am coming.

I instantly dressed up and rushed out, soon i arrived at the place.

There she is, miss clumsy. I looked at her and her friend from the window.

Soon a girl lifted her friend up and her friend waved at her. The girl placed her friend in the car and came to Carry CLARa when I walked in.

” no its ok, I will take her home.
The girl left.

I sat quietly looking at her face she was really drunk she couldn’t even open her eye well.

” miss clumsy.
” oh its my angel, my lovely angel, my lovely angel. She started singing with it.

Before I could laugh she moved closer and tried kissing me with her eyes closed , I can’t beleive this.

I looked at her closed eye and pouted lip for a while.

Then I lifted her up from the chair and carried her into my car.

She kept singing and counting her fingers, I swear she’s fun when she’s drunk.

We both arrived home I carried her out and use kept spinning around both hands wide smiling. And singing.
Cute. What a funny voice.

Oh no she is moving close to the pool.

” clara stop, don’t move baaaaaaaaack….
She fell into the water. I rushed after her I can’t believe I dived into the water with my out fit.

I carried her out. The maid is not back yet what to do.

I carried her into her room. And placed her on her bed.

I scratched my hair in confusion.

” uhm just change and sleep. I said and ran out.

I changed In my room, i looked out for the maid she’s not yet back.

I wonder If clara is better now, I rushed into her room and there she lay on the floor she was already catching cold. Her wet hair fell all over her face.

What to do, I can’t undress a girl just like that And she’s not even mine, but I can’t leave her like this.

I looked out the window no sign of the woman.

I dragged her up from the floor. She smiled

” I feel very cold, very cold, just like a fish, I think am in water.

I picked her white singlet hand night gown.

” well fish, u need to wear this right now am going out.

She nodded.

I kept the gown on the bed and walked out before I coukd take two steps she fell and almost hit her head, I ran back and caught her.

It’s hopeless, anyways what’s there. Am a surgeon what have I not seen before, but this Clara girl she might kill me if she finds out I changed her.

I raised her up she stood erect shaking her hair ,

” hey, dont get me wet “. I said
” yes sir, my angel.

I smiled.

I removed the wet jacket and dropped it on the floor.

I wrapped the towel round her long wet hair and tied it. she smiled
cute when she’s drunk just like a wet toy

I tried removing her top. Omg I can’t I looked out the window for the cook. She’s not coming.

Clara looked cold we so I had no choice.

Slowly but steadily I raised her top up and removed it from her head. She tried falling down but i cought her, The towel on her hair also fell off.

She wore a black bra, Her skin spotless, her waist well shaped. Her hair fell freely I can’t believe I got carried away.

I smiled and tapped her face, she just smiled and kept counting her fingers again

” my only angel, . She said smiling
“Clara get yourself now please “. she touched her wet jeans

” I feel cold here, seems like a fish is here, she tried pulling off the Jean but she did it very weakly because she was still tipsy.

” please help me, a fish is swimming here.

I smiled at her and moved closer then i slipped down the blue Jean trouser she wore.

I dropped it on the bed , she wore black pant, her tummy is so behind her, what a figure, she should be a model.

I tried picking her towel but she fell on the bed and dragged me down with her.

I fell slightly on her and just looked at her face on the pillow.

I am trapped, I can’t even stand up . My hands lay on her waist I couldn’t lift it again.

Finally I tried moving up but she dragged me down and kissed me.
Whats more surprising is the fact that I deepened the kiss.

I am making a mistske, she’s drunk. I need to control myself.

I said the right things in my heart bit my hands were already doing the wrong things. as I already unhooked her bra from behind . I ate her neck passionstely while moving her hair.

It’s not making sense but it seems we want each other so badly.

[5/5, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 26📚 )
By chidinma jerry m


Ryan’s p. O. V cont.

Looking at her face suddenly jolted me out of this craziness.

I instantly left the bra I wanted to unhook.

How could I get trapped by this miss clumsy. I guess her nakedNess was my attraction. I guess a man will hardly stop being a man

I can’t believe this after so many women who tried to seduce me I can’t believe miss clumsy could get my attention like this.
But that’s enough, this can’t happen again. I tried standing up but she dragged me down to herself again.

Okay this is out of being drunk, could this girl be attracted to me for real.

” but why did you stop, I liked it, she smiled and touchd her hair ” I felt warm ” she said.

” hey, clumsy, the real you will beat you up if you continue this. “, i Said.

She wrapped her hands round her body.
“. Cold, I feel really cold, why?

I stood up from the bed and picked my phone Anna was calling. I wanted to walk out with the phone but Clara was still acting cold.
I dropped my phone

She lay on the bed and started rolling about untill the bedsheet wrapped her over.

I jacked Her up from the bed a I picked her night gown.

I packed her hair up and slipped it in it was white Long and prety, the singlet hand made it more attractive.
Okay moment of truth, i cant belive am gonna do this, But wearing a wet bra for long can lead to cancer and she won’t really be comfortable.

So I slipped my hands under the gown and unhooked her bra from behind. I slipped out easily.

She touched her chest.

“I fell better now, I thought a fish was there

She laughed and clapped her hands together.

And Slowly from under the gown I removed the already dripping wet black pantie she wore. I dropped both of them in her shower now she looked more
comfortable she lay back and folded her arms together.
I covered her well.
That’s over time to face my girlfriend.
I got close to the door when I heard a fall.
I turned and it turns out she rolled out of the bed. Omg that sound was much. I actually got emotional by this fall. I felt really bad.

I lifted her and her leg was already bleeding.
” ouch, my head is paining me, why is my head paining me? She said.
I dragged her up and she spread her hands wide and just hugged me. I smiled as I pushed her away and carried her into my room.

Why drink of you can’t handle it Clara. You are really a crazy woman I wonder how old you are.

I dropped her on my white bed she lay upward, and wrapped her hands round her body. She’s already showing symptoms of cold. Oh God pls she can’t fall sick on me.

I picked the white warmer and covered her She threw it out.

” hey!!! ”

” don’t cover me, am not dead “, She yanked and used her hands to cover her body again.

” clumsy this is not a hospital, your cold, this is a warmer.

” please I don’t want to die. “, She said and wrapped her hands round her body again.

I covered her and she removed it.
I covered her again she still dropped it.

I lay beside her and covered her again, she tried removing it so I wrapped my hands around her and held the bed cover tight. She turned to back me and stopped trying to pull it off.

” I wont die if you are with me, my angel. She smiled.

soon she fell asleep I unwrapped my hands from her it turns out Anna has called like ten times.

Oh no Anna Is easily bothered am sure she won’t sleep.

I sat up and called her back.

” Ryan,.. What happened, i called you for a while…. it’s been. It’s been quite a while, you didn’t pick.. you didn’t…. y didn’t you pick huh… I have been worried, i was so worried that my heart beat stopped,… you have not done this before, are you okay… did your heart start again, What happened..Huh.. talk already.

I can’t believe her voice is already breaking, I feel teary already, Anna is a very emotional person.

” Anna am sorry, am so sorry infact all I can say right now is that am really sorry . Sorry huh, i dont know, am just sorry. It wont happen again. I said.

” its ok, apology accepted, are you ok, did something Happen.

” no nothing am just tired from work that’s all.

” am really missing you I called to tell you that I love you.

” but aren’t you tried, let’s talk tomorrow.
“No please, don’t hang up already, even if you don’t talk, I just want to know that you are ok..

I smiled.

Just then this clumsy girl removed her cover again. Is she asleep.

I covered her back but she held my hands tight to her chest. Arrrgh what’s this, if I drag my hand out she might shout so I left it for her.

” so how was today, are you getting better “, I asked

” today was fine, I am getting stronger, everything is fine.

Claras grip weakened so I took my hands back. Just then she started coughing.

I instantly covered her mouth woth my hands.

” Ryan are you okay, are you cold.
” me no, why will you ask that. I said
” are you with someone? She asked

” me, that’s crazy, I was the one.
I started coughing , I was the one coughing.

” I wonder how you are doing, I wanna see you.

” video call? I asked
” yes”.

I instantly ran out of my room to the living room I sat facing the books in the study thank God I was fast. She finally called.

” Ryan you are reading by this time.
” well life of a doctor.

” but uhhmmm your nurse where is she.
” which nurse oh the nurse, the nurse, well she is sleeping.

” can i see her “.

” I can’t just go to her room. She might be sleeping naked just like you do.

” oh nice, let’s go to your room then.
” I don’t have a room, i mean my room is being furnished I sleep in the parlour for now.

” oh is it, that’s nice. You seem tired, I will just let you sleep, good night”, She said and dropped the call.

I know Anna won’t sleep, its obvious I lied, What do do.

Anna’s p. O. V 💜💜

Ryan is a weak liar, he never lied to me before. Is there a woman in his room.

He knows I trust him, why didn’t he just tell the truth. What’s going on anyway. I feel really bad, I am trapped here, I can’t be with him right now. It’s all my fault.
Just then he called me back.
” hey, did you forget something “, i asked.
” yes, i forgot that I promised not to lie to you. He said.
” oh.
” I will show you my room, actually a woman is there.

He walked into his room and there she lay sleeping , she’s pretty I wonder who she is but am sure she’s nothing to him if something was going on he won’t tell me the truth.

” she’s my nurse, She got drunk and kept rolling off her bed, She got hurt. ”

He showed me her leg.

“So I brought her in here, sorry.

I smiled, I feel much better now.

” what’s her name “, I asked
” oh its Clara, Clara David. He said

Just then I remembered claras words.

My name is Clara and you are my sleeping beauty, my friend who doesn’t talk.

Dont worry I will always protect you. I won’t let anybody hurt you.
I smiled so widely that tears streamed out my eye, i couldn’t believe it. It’s my Clara, I have been looking for her.

” Anna do you know her “, He asked.
” yes, I wiped my tears. I have been dreaming of meeting her, that Clara.

Pls show me her face more, I really want to see her well I wish I could touch her, she’s really pretty just like she said.

Ryan smiled at me

“Anna you are getting me jealous do you like her more than me. “, he asked.

” you don’t understand but I will do anything for that Angel over there, I really love her so much, take care of her huh , She can’t fall again, don’t let her fall.

” ok I won’t “.

” hey cover her well, she’s looking cold. I said.

” I will Anna, good night, I love you.
” love you too.

He dropped the call. Am suddenly so happy two important persons in my life are together, finally I found clara.

My savior, She made me live again, she’s really my heart beat. What will I do for Clara, how do i pay her back.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

Mrs clumsy you are really mysterious. Anna who is suppose to get jealous ended up caring for you.
You are so unpredictable, I wonder if you are the girl under Anna’s hospital bed, no that should be fake nuella. So how did Anna meet you.
Ok you must have been one of her nurses.
Goodnight, pls don’t kill me tomorrow.
I lay facing upward and forced myself to sleep Off.

Next morning
Clara p. O. V 🙆🙆.

I feel so sweet and this bed Is so comfy
My bed is more awesome today. I opened my eye and a white bedsheet is wrapped round my chest my hair his packed behind me.
When did i start taking good care of my body like this.
I know i always kick off my bed sheets at night what’s going on
I look around and omg I am in Ryan’s room. Omg what’s going.
I remember getting drunk yesterday But what happened to my cloth
I opened the bed cover, What!!! who dressed me up?
I wrapped my hands round my. I can’t believe am bra less.

omg what did I do with Ryan, could I have done what I was imagining all this while. Did I kiss him, hug him. No no no I wrapped my hands round my eye.

I finally did it, we finally did it, What did Ryan do to me, even my black pant is missing.

But where is the blood stain. I was suppose to be a virgin. If I slept with sir Ryan that’s not bad. I smiled, but where is my blood stain.

stood up and looked round my white gown, then I started looking round his bed.

i lifted the bedsheet and tried lifting the bed when ryan walked out of the shower.

He wrapped a white towel round his waist, his body dripped wet, his hair looked more attractive his flat Tommy got me. What am I doing I can’t even speak again. Why is he so handsome. He looked at me with shock.

” what.. are you doing to my bed, are you trying to lift my bed, he asked.

“Oh Me.

I instantly left the bed. I started arranging it well.

I am really sorry sir. I said

” but what are you searching for”, He asked while applying his face cream, facing his mirror.

” uhhmm yesterday, What happened.

” you were drunk and you fell into the pool, So I changed you and dropped you on your bed but you kept rolling out so I brought you here “, He said.

I instantly wrapped my hands around my chest.
Did he really really change me that means he saw my pant and my bra. Arrrgh did I also confess my love for him.

” oh but sir, did i say anything, anything unusual “, I asked.

He moved from the mirror and walked over to me.

” you said a lot of crazy things and did a lot of crazy things too, ouch I can’t think of them “, He said.

Omg am really crazy, i must have tried seducing him, Did I tell him I loved him, how will he look at me now.

I instantly bowed.

” sir, I will be going to my room, see you there, no no no not in my room see you at work no that’s not what I meant, see you in the car. “, i ran away. .

Ryan’s p. O. V 💕💕

I wonder what she was searching for I am sure I removed her ear rings.
I dressed up, am already late.
And the incident of last night i hope she doesn’t remember it.
I took all my files, its time to face today.

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

I am bathing right now I can’t delay sir Ryan he is gonna be mad at me for the h. R so I cant add lateness to it.

I saw my undies In the shower it was inside the hand wash with soapy water, I instantly washed them. I ran out and instantly started changing. I feel
somehow, am getting a flash of dirty memories like I was in a deep romance some here, somehow. i thought I over grew my habit of creating that imagination or was I dreaming.

I walked to my drawers I better look nice today. Dress lady like, I scratched my hair .

Finally I picked my top and black jeans then I wore my sweater I picked my purse.

I carefully packed my hair behind and applied a little powder and lipstick.

I cleaned my sandals and wore it then I rushed into the living room where I met Ryan who was already waiting

“You look pretty “, he said.

I smiled.
We got to the car, the truth is I don’t want to remember last night, am getting nervous over it.
But those imaginations, could they be true, did i kiss him, did he touch my bra, aarrgh!!!!
I looked in his face, He drove quietly. I hope I didn’t throw out all the emotions I have been hiding inside at you.
“sir whatever I said last night or did, I didn’t mean it “, I said.
” that’s nice, . He said.
” But did I say something “I asked
“Something like what? “,he asked.
Something like i love you, something like i think about you everyday and every night, simething like you are driving me crazy, making me imagine crazy things. Something like that.

” oh, don’t worry sir “, I said and bowed my face down.
” ok he replied.
” But anything I did also forgive me sir. I said
He looked at me and chuckled. Soon we arrived at the hospital that’s when I remembered the health record.
Samantha that she devil rushed after Ryan
” sir I shifted your surgery, that woman I don’t think she has up to 3 hours to live, 11 is still far so better start surgery now so we can have enough time to think and work “, She said.
” oh that’s smart “, Ryan replied.
Ryan turned to me
” clara pls get me the health record of that woman, please right now, I need her entire health history, What she’s suffering from and when she had her last surgery, good?.
” oh sure sir, I will, just give me time “, I said.

He walked out with Samantha and I scratched my hair, i instantly fell on the car.

Why can’t I ever tell sir Ryan about this myself, what will I do now.
I have a strong feeling that something is inside that sir Stevens office.
I ran over to his office and pushed

The door open suddenly steve tapped me from behind, I turned and looked at him.

Stevens p. O. V 💜💜

She looks so fearless who is she, I hid all those records in my office, is that what she is looking for.
” who are you, how dare you.
” I am looking for those health records, I have searched everywhere So let me search this place too. “, She said.
” are you not the girl who came with Ryan, this place has Been searched nothing is here.
I pushed her and locked the door I slipped my key into my pocket while walking out but she dragged me back instantly.
” you, I suspect you and I am going to meet the m. D trust me. He will open this place and search it himself.

She ran off.

I walked further, no they can’t search my office, what do i do. If the find those files am died for life.
I have no other option, thank God my office is separated from the clinic, I better set this office on fire before the m. D arrives.
I ran to my car and placed a call.
” let’s follow your first idea, I said , set the office on fire.
” ok sir, count it as done.
I dropped the call.

Louisa p. O. V 💜

Sir Ryan looks really worried and the patient is running out of estimated time.

” where on earth is Clara, where is the health records. He said

” but sir, those records have been missing for months, no one knows where it is, I thought Clara told you.

He instantly dropped his phone on the floor out of shock and looked at the woman.

He hit his hands on the wall.
” Why didn’t Clara tell me, She watched me schedule surgery, What is this!!! “, He shouted.

” sir, What do we do. I asked
” what’s the need, she’s dying, she’s dying on me, where the fuck is Clara.

Claras p. O. V 💜

I ran back and picked the key I made Steven drop when I pushed him back.
I ran into his office, am so sorry sir Ryan am really frustrating you right now. I just didn’t want you to worry, don’t worry, I will surely find it.
Just them I saw a black cupboard, I instantly opened it and there it is. Like 50 files. Why is Steven so heartless, it was all his plan.
I need to separate the health records from the files.
I dunno y but I feel hot in here, I started coughing , I feel smoke.
I sorted the file’s quickly and carried them to my lap. I feel so hot, I pushed the door open and omg fire, am surrounded by fire. What’s going on. Just then the cupboards fell on eachother and cought fire, the Windows cought fire, where do I run too, where do I keep this file. I am loosing consciousness. Am so scared. Sir Ryan!!!! I shouted. Then I fell on the floor, I felt the burning cupboard fall on me.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

I felt my heart beat, did someone just call me, is someone in need of me.
Louisa came to me shouting

” sir Ryan, Sir Stevens office is on fire, the fire is just too much, every one Is outside.

” is anyone in there, i asked.

“No they called him, he said he locked his door well and all his important files are in his house.

” oh thats a relief, call the fire extinguishers , i said

She ran out, and I still looked at the patient.
I wonder what’s keeping Clara, where is she, we have just 2 hours left before this woman dies.
[5/5, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 27📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

💞Claras p. O.V💞

Is this how am going to die, who will protect my angel. What will happen to mom.

Sir Ryan I know you can’t hear me but pls save Me, i Can only think but I can’t move. Am getting unconscious.

Sir Ryan I Am in the fire, i Feel hot, something is on me, and maybe am on fire, please. come.

💓Ryan’s p. O. V 💓

Why do I feel so hot and why do I keep thinking about Clara.

Wait, Wait could Clara be in that office.

No no no

I ran out, Omg pls God help me, it can’t be through

I ran into the compound.

💜Louisas p. O. V 💜

Sir Ryan ran out of nowhere he tried runing into the fire.

We called the fire extinguishers but it seems they are busy.

The security men caught sir Ryan and held him tight. The m. D rushed out.

” Ryan do you want your Dad to bomb us all, Why run into the fire. “, he shouted

” are you crazy, someone Is in there!!! “, Ryan shouted.

As he pushed the security men away and ran into the fire. He kicked the door open and jumped in omg sir Ryan.

That was when the m. D called the fire station.

” where the fuck are you guys “, He said.

” we are coming, we already told you, we are very busy. “, they said

“Do you know who is in that fire, are you crazy!! , Mr dervantes only child is in the fire, are you drunk, you rotten eggs, Do you to want die.

” we are flying over right away, right away sir.

He dropped the call.

💛Ryan’s p. O. V 💛

Oh no Clara was really here, the fire was getting much, even the entrance was covered. How do we leave.

I ran to clara on the floor turns out the burning couch fell on her.

I lifted it thank God the part that touched her hadn’t caught fire yet.

I lifted her up the fire kept getting closer but she Is unconscious.

“Clara, Clara wake up I shouted “, but to no avail. I slipped the health records into the water proof and threw it out the window.

What am I going to do with Clara. I carried her up to my arms, the smoke is getting much, I risked my life and I have a heart condition, Am getting weak.

Just then someone texted Me, who is texting me now.

I opened the text

” she Ryan, that fake nuella is a nurse and her name Is Clara, Clara David.

I dropped my phone, no s, he can’t die just like this.

I dropped her on the floor.

“Hey Clara, wake up already, do you know how much I have been looking for you, do you know what you mean to me, Clara you said you are my angel, don’t go now., clara!!!!

I Hugged her so tight but she was still hopeless. Clara I can’t believe you jumped into the fire for me.
Why did you jump into the fire for me.
I need to carry her out of here, I better get burnt while trying to cross rather than get burnt while waiting.

I carried her up and just as I got to close to the fire I heard sounds

” sir Ryan stay still, don’t move, the fire will dissapear soon.

” sir Ryan move away from fire if you are still conscious.

I stepped back and just like that the fire disappeared.

People rushed in, the helped out, but letting go of this angel is something I don’t think I want to do.

I carried her out and the nurses took her from me.

Just then my heart started paining, i am not suppose to inhale smoke, but that girl is really important to me. Finally my life is completed. Fake nuella was right beside me.

I wiped my tears as they pushed her in. She didn’t know I searched for her. And now that I found her she can’t leave again.

Samantha rushed me with the woman’s health record which I took from her.

” we have roughly one hour. She said

the woman’s case is really minor but I don’t think I can concentrate right now. I forced myself to read through the health records. Then I handed it to samantha.

I rushed into the operating room. I wore my gloves amd my mask as well as my garment.

Louisa p. O. V 💜

I rushed back to sir Ryan since am one of his team’s for this surgery.

He stood facing the dying woman for a while then he scratched his hair.

” uhm louisa, bring me clara , being her here “, he said.

” yes sir. I said.

I rushed after Clara, the methron had already applied some treatments and changed her cloth.

She lay there looking unconscious. I pushed her into the operating room and dropped her beside the table just a little far from sir Ryan. Then I hanged her drip and returned to Ryan.

It’s obvious he can’t concentrate he even forgot to switch on the surgery light I was the one that switched it on.

He opened the woman’s abdomen.

” scissors no sorry I mean scalpels.

” Samantha handed to him, lucky enough Samantha is very smart she knew exactly want he wants to say.

He carefully opened the area and slipped his hands in.

” toothed forceps sorry I meant, he scratched his hair ” smooth forceps.

Samantha gave it to him

” Scalp…. no sorry towel clamps “, he said with his eyes on Clara.

I gave it to him.

“Louisa check claras blood pressure for me “, he said.

I ran to clara and did what he aksed. I wrote figures on the glass protector.

He nodded and I rushed back to him.

” s. s.. sorry…

“D. c’s needle ‘, samantha added and gave it to him.

” yea.

He is almost done with the difficult parts, if he’s attention and eyes was not on Clara he should be done by now.

” vascular towel. Sorry, I mean clamps, vascular clamps.

Samantha handed it to him.

“A. H’s forceps “.

Samantha gave it to him, She already held it in her hand.

” sharp toothed hook”.

Samantha gave him

“Tamp forceps “.

I gave him.

Finally the difficult part is completed. Stage one is out.

” laminar hook”.

I gave him

” towel, sorry grooved probe ‘.
Samantha gave it to him.

“Uhmmmm needle holders “, he said.

Samantha gave it to him, he looked around for a while and pushed the needle back to Samanthas hands.

” Samantha unify her tissues and complete this surgery for me, don’t add blood and make no mistakes. Ummmm dont sew use staplers and adhesive tapes.

He removed his blood stained Gloves and rushed over to clara. He removed the mask and moved her hair from her face.

He removed his garment and instantly changed her drip. He checked her heat beat and covered her well.

He injected some drugs to clear smoke from her heart but it seems like he himself isn’t even feeling fine.

He lay beside her with his head on her chest.

Clara just wake up now, everything has been done.

Just then his phone rang he walked out with it.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

Dad just like I awaited

” Ryan are you crazy, how dare you walk into fire, fire. because of a non existing nobody. What is wrong with you, you have a heart condition, are you mad. He shouted.

” am sorry Dad but “.

“Sorry for your crazy self, am so annoyed right now, is that nurse worth it, is there something else going on.

” no dad, you know that’s not possible, she’s Just a nurse.

” I hope so because you left your girlfriend worried, did you even think about Anna “.

“Dad am sorry, Just let it pass, am here doing what you want, all my life I do what you want, I already made the mistake so let me be already.

” whatever , listen boy, take your drugs seriously if you die I wonder who all this empires are built for.

” yes man.. sorry, yes dad.

” .call you later, idiot. Jumping into fire, I can’t believe this.

HE dropped the call, am sure he is still shouting now. I rushed back inside Samantha had completed the surgery.

” surgery was a success, check patient again by 9am. She said and they wrote down.

She smiled at me. And I tapped her shoulders.

” congrats, I said.

Samanthas p. O. V 💜

I hated this girl so much before but how can she be so brave and fearless.

She just gave hope to 20 souls.

What an Angel.

Ryan won’t stop touching her, its not like she can wake up magically.

He finally moved her into the ambulance and sent her home.

Louisa p. O. V 💜

Sir Ryan already left with Clara i guess he has to look after her.

I love what I am seeing now doc Steve has been arrested.

Mr dervantes will surely teach him a lesson.

I must visit Clara tomorow for sure. I hope she’s awake by then.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

I drove behind the ambulance til we arrived home. I lay Clara on my bed, the truth is I can’t concentrate or think right now.

I just need this angel to wake up. I lifted the drip and hanged it above her head.
I picked my drugs on the cupboards. I drank it then I fell to the bed just then I remembered Claras warning.

It’s not good to drink drugs without eating.

Instantly ran down to the dinner. After which I. Bathed and lay beside Clara watching her.

I packed her hair so it won’t disturb her any more.

I. Hate it when she is quiet. Her noise made my life make sense.

I ran my hand through her hair and memories of ur first meeting came to my mind.

That generation bag, I wonder where it is.

Instanity runs in your family indeed.

What a girl, “she’s not nurse lols.

You were the Same person that saved my life, you saved Anna, only you, saved me twice

I was a fool? U were right here and I was searching for you but right now, you won’t go anywhere. Just wake up so I can protect you from now.

If you could risk your life for me like that then you must really be my angel sent from heaven

I kissed her fore head and lay beside her. I covered her well. And just ran my hands through her hair.

Clara wake up before I can’t handle it anymore

I slept hoping that Clara will wake up tomorow

💓 claras p. O. V 💓

Argh I feel dizzy i Can barely open my eye. Actually I was conscious from midnight but I didn’t want sir Ryan to stop touching my hair and kissing my fore head.

Sweet, I almost smiled thank God I didn’t get caught. Argh being sick Is sweet. Omg he’s coming I stayed quiet again..

He sat beside me.

Awwwn so sweet he touched my hair again.

” clara since you don’t have plans of improving, it’s ok. For now I will just bath you. “. He said

What bath who, hey!! Don’t try it , Omg wait wait wait I felt him Slip down the first hand of my singlet gown.

No no What. I instantly opened my eye And looked at his face In shock.

He smiled.

” patient clara David, regained consciousness by 12:30 midnight. Ever since then she had been faking. Real report from doctor Ryan dervantes. What’s the best punishment for this crazy patient “, he said.

I can’t believe he knew, what will i do.

I instantly smiled cunningly.

” actually sir, the thing is, my soul was awake but my body was sleeping. I said and he smiled.

” at least am glad, right now both your body and soul are awake “, he said.

I smiled

” thanks, for taking care of me”, I said.
” you are welcome “, he replied.

Just then someone knocked Ryan walked out and I closed my eye again.

Just then Louisa walked In to me on the bed.

I opened my eye partly and smiled.

” hy, are you okay now.? “, she asked me

” well, am fine, i said and closed my eye again.

” but Clara something is bothering me, while you where in there am sure you felt smoke when the fire was still little, why didn’t you run out. “, she said

” well I had to sort the files out “, I replied

” what, sort what out, Clara why didn’t you leave those files and run away, is Ryan’s reputation more important than your life “, she asked me.

” actually, he’s happiness is more important than my health, if those records got burnt sir Ryan will get bothered and I can’t let him get bothered, i can’t live if he is bothered. that’s just how much I love….. I opened my eye and omg sir Ryan is standing behind Louisa, I closed my eye again and changed my statement.

That’s just how much I love health records in a burning fire. I said instead and closed my eye tight.

Sir Ryan chuckled. 💜💜
[5/5, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 28📚 )
By chidinma jerry m


💜Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

I walked in just to hear Clara say she loves health records in a burning fire. I wonder what she meant.
” Louisa help her bath And make her walk a bit “, I said

” ok, sure thing sir “, she replied.

I walked into the study to look at those health records I took home Ok Mrs Genevieve’s surgery will be tomorow, i hope Clara is strong by then.

Mrs Tonias p. O. V 💜💜

Oh the smell of victory Opening my eye to a crowd of investors who are looking at my face just made my day. In the next few minutes annastasia will be under me. Yes Mr Grande can not do anything he is feeling too weak to stand up.
Oh money, shares, houses,i feel gooooood.
The investors whispering to themselves dragged me back to reality.
” but Anna is the biggest share holder in Anastasia grandes health centers. I mean the group is obviously hers.” One investor said.

” the hospital has been built from your shares and investment.
( A. G. H. C. ) Group should no longer be placed in the hands of a leaving dead. Anna has not been seen outside for years. What kind of c. E. O is she. “, i said
” so what do you advise ” the next investor asked.

” you board members need to join your shares with mine and lift me to Anna’s position, i deserve to be c. E. O., that’s why I called for this meeting, annastasia will die soon so let the voting begin.

” but I thought there was hope in Anna’s condition recently “, one of them mentioned.

These crazy mehn should just vote me in before things spoil.

” my husband sir Alexandra Grande the only. Is in full support of this decision. Anna must be stripped from her position, she is as good as dead. Withdraw your shares and join Tonia.
” but the second biggest share holder is Isabella Grande the first.
Fools, issabella is an insane fool.

” i ssabella has been missing for years and sir Alexandra grande is obviously getting weak now,
it is our duty to do the best we can “, I added.

” Anna is still the biggest share holder, You can’t just push her aside. This stupid man added.

‘” Anna is dead, Anna is a living dead, Anna will soon……

Before I could say another word I heard Anna’s voice.

“tonia, shut up!!. You talk rubbish “, She said as doctor Tony pushed her wheel chair into the hall

Oh no, what is this.

He pushed Anna closer to her position. It’s obvious she is still in pain, she can’t walk well haha that hyemaclux did a clean job.

” who called for a board meeting without my consent as the owner and only heir of (A. G. H. C) ” she said with her fearless and rude face, she hasn’t changed, still the same mean little brat. Well thank God some investors already signed to join me earlier.

” well, my lady, it was Mrs Tonia who asked me to bring the board members together. Mr Desmond said

” excellent, Mr Desmond your right as a board member has been withdrawn and your shares dismissed “, she said.

” but, Anna

” don’t call my name casually , Annastasia Alexandra Grande the first. Is not your mate. , You failed the first rule which is loyalty., send him out. “, she said and he walked out.

Tonys p. O. V 💜💜

I almost forgot the real Anna, when she means business everbody fears her even her dad.
She is the reason why( A. G. H. C) is still strong and unshaken. Even at her little age of 24. When she means business she becomes a stranger woman

I guess growing up closer to her dad caused this. I can feel her aura from this distance. Very powerful.

When it comes to business Anna doesn’t smile, she doesn’t cry, she is always very strong. Even Ryan gets scared of her.

” Mrs tonia Grande, you called me a living dead, not only that, you held a meeting without my consent, who are you!! . Anyways. because of what you did, You will be stripped from your position as m. D of
(A. G. H. C), if you challenge my decision under Labour law I will strip you of your shares in
(A. G. H. C)”, she said.

Mrs tonia stood up and tried walking out.

” stop, You don’t walk out on me, and you won’t walk out until I leave, if you walk out you will be stripped of your right as a board member. “, she said.

Mrs tonia took two more steps.

” Mrs tonia Grande has here by been stripped of her position as a board….. before Anna could finish talking Mrs tonia sat down.

All the board members looked at anna with fear.

She turned to her assistant.

” give me the list “, She said.

“Yes madam”, trishti replied and handed the list to her.

” July 28, yesterday to be precise, in a secret meeting some shareholders and bored members joined their shares with tonia . The following names I shall mention must be stripped of their positions and their sha…..
before she could finish all the men knelt down.

Anna closed her book.

” a second chance has been given by Anastasia Alexandra Grande. Further secret activities will not be taken lightly. She said.

” yes, yes sure we promise. The said”, all of them shivered.

” since we are all here the marketing team have a presentation to make. Let’s here them out “, Mr Charles said.

” this means you approved of a presentation to be made without my presence. “, she said.

” but you are here my lady.

” what if I didn’t come, I obviously wasn’t invited. , Anna said.

” no actually. He tried talking.

Anna hit her file on the table

” silence!! . Mr Charles must be stripped of his position as a board member. She Said.

Her assistant took her file. She pushed her chair back and I pushed her out.

The projector was switched off the meeting ended.

All the share holders ran out in fear while whispering to each other.

Anna didn’t talk anymore until I pushed her into her room and locked the door. I helped her sit on her bed. I tried walking out but she dragged me back .

” Tony”, she said and tears streamed down her eye.

I sat beside her and kissed her fore head with both hands on her face then I hugged her.

” Anna its all right.

” Tony when will I walk, my leg still pains, am lonely, mom is gone and dad he couldn’t have watched Mrs tonia do this, that means something is wrong with dad. Please can you take me away, I don’t feel safe here anymore and I don’t think dad is safe at home. Please.

” will you stay in my house, I mean If you want, security is tight, I will help you exercise and you will walk. You will come to work with me every morning and you will take your treatments.

Anna wiped her tears, why is she getting emotional.

” it’s not a big deal we will also check on your Dad too. Actually I don’t want to leave you here either, Mrs tonia is very angry. So you might stay with me until ryAn comes back then you move over to his house.

“Or if you want you can stay in Ryan’s mansion or with Mr dervantes . If you don’t want to stay at home. “, i said

” I don’t want to go home until am strong and I can walk, if not Mrs tonia will make me suffe, I know her and now I don’t know how dad is faring, no one will defend me at home, if I go home I am walking into a trap. “, she said.

” it’s ok Anna, no one can hurt you, am still here.

” I wish ryan didn’t leave, i need him so much right now. I dont know if he will let me stay with you. She Said and I wiped her tears.

Why did this statement hurt me right now. What’s going on. I can’t fall for Anna again .
I hugged her.
I am really trying to avoid you but everyday I keep coming closer.
That fearless girl out there is this cry baby in my arms..

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

But where is clara, Louisa already left. Is she sleeping again.

I rushed into my room and there she was smiling to herself and laughing. I traced her eye and she was laughing at my picture when I was a kid.

I instantly stood in front of my picture.

” hey, don’t laugh at me, I shouted.
She just laughed the more.
” cute “, she said..
What a girl. I guess she feels better now but her hair looks greasy.

Claras p. O. V 💜

Sir Ryan covering this picture made me laugh. He just looked at my hair. I guess its too dirty, Louisa was in a hurry the called her in the hospital so she didn’t help me.

I hate washing my hair on a normal day so now that I feel lazy , how will I do it, Sir Ryan don’t touch my hairrrrr.

He touched it.

” why is your hair all greasy? He asked.
“well, I applied some treatments I said
” that’s a lie”, he replied.
” well”, i scartched my hair.
He dragged me up. From the chair and picked his hair kit.

does he want to use this expensive p. W hair set on me, wow its so expensive.

He dragged me into the shower. And I sat Down on the chair there. He wrapped the towel around my shoulders.

I wonder why he is caring for me. Maybe because am sick.

” bend “, He said.

I bent forward and he poured water on my hair.

I feel like I am dreaming, i can’t believe he is actually touching me Omg fire pls burn me again if thats what it takes… I was In dream land I didn’t know when he was done….
He dried my hair and I sat facing his big mirror…
He took his comb and combed my hair, He applied so many cares. Omg my hair looks awesome.

I kept smiling, I feel so happy sir Ryan washed my hair, who did i save in my other life to deserve this…….
Soon he was done applying the treament.
He closed the kit and combed the hair together.
I love the feeling , this is awesome. I hope he’s not doing this because I am sick.

” sir thank you “, i said.
” you jumped into fire for me is this too little “, he replied

He was done, he combed my hair and packed it up together, it looked pretty.

I want to ask him how he learnt this, I wonder If he will reply me, am so scared of him, i have not spoken to him casually before.

How do I start.

” uhhmmmm sir ryan”, I said
” Ryan, call me ryan”, he said.

I placed my hands on my heart

” whaaaat!!!! “, I shouted.

” Clara from today you are my friend, thank you for finding the health records, Thank you for saving Anna, thank you for stopping me from taking expired drugs am, am very grateful. “, he said.
Omg I can’t believe this, he said am his friend.

” uhmm sir, sorry Ryan, Ryan, hy my name is Clara and am your new friend “, I said smiling.

He smiled so seductive, he finally smiled at me
” miss clumsy, nice meeting you. He said.
This made me laugh.

” actually I don’t have a friend and I don’t really know how its done, I don’t know how to talk or act. I will be glad if you teach me how to be a friend”, he said.

Really did the almight Ryan just say that.

” yes sir and you will help me to become a proper girl too “, I said.

” deal “, he said laughing.

We both hit our hands together and he laughed he’s laugh made me laugh too. its so contagious, just like a baby. I never saw him laugh before. I better savour this moment. Actually sir i want to be your girlfriend but that’s not possible so I will enjoy this moment.. oh friendship is good.

I stretched my hands to his fridge and collected his cup of ice cream.

” hey!!! “, he shouted.
“cool down sir, friends share. I said.
He scratched his hair in frustration. And I opened the ice cream.
” hey, Ryan pass me that pizza over there. “, i said

” what!! ,hey!!, do i look like…….. uhhmm of course, what are friends for. “, he said and passed me the pizza..

Omg this is gonna be a fun ride.

” so Clara, you need to do some walking exercises and This house is too boring to walk about so where do you want to go “, he asked me.

Omg where do I want to go, i have been waiting for that question all my life. Oh fire I love you so much, my life has changed.

I instantly dragged sir Ryan into my room I opened the door and picked my diary.

I opened the page where I wrote the places I want to go and gave it to him.

He smiled.

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜💜

I have not been to most of this places too. I had been too busy trying to impress my dad, I rarely had Time for myself.

Having a friend is good, i never had a real friend all my life, i can’t believe I will start with this crazy one.

I always wondered the meaning of that word friend, i wonder what friends do..

I read out claras list.

1) I must go to the movies 💃
2) I must go to the club 🌆

Crazy girl.

3) I must go To a karaoke club🌋
4) I must go snow skating. 🌊

Hahaha where will we go snow skating.

6) I will go to a very big hotel and relax. 🏤

” hey clumsy, do you really want to go to all this places, I asked.

” yes, really “, she said.

” well what are you waiting for, let’s go, if we can’t visit them all today we will try again when we have a break. “, I said.

She smiled widely and clapped her her hands together.

” so change, don’t look official, this is an evening outing, don’t look serious either, look great “, I said and she nodded.

I ran into my room. Where I changed, Omg I can’t believe I ran out with her diary… i tore the the page out and slipped it into my pocket .
I dropped the book in my cupboard.
I changed and rushed out to meet Clara, she looked wow, finally Clara is changing

She looks great and simple.
I waved at her. She smiled.
” how do i look”, she asked.
” you look pretty “, i repleid

Claras p. O. V 💜💜

Aaaahh I can’t believe I am going on a date with ryan. I am so gald.
” lets go!!”, he said and i walked out faster. I ran after him.

” but Ryan, a friend doesnt walk like that “, i said.
” really, how? “, He asked.
” LIKE this “, I said and wrapped his hands round my shoulders.

He laughed. As he looked in my face.
I felt my butterfiles in my Tommy again, so I slowly shifted away from him.

Being friends what If it spins me out of control, i really need to stop loving you.

Both of us entered the car . He started his awkward silence again while ge drives.

What kind of friend is This

” hey, talk to me. I said
” oh hy,” he said, “are you okay.

I smiled I can’t beleive he really doesn’t know what to say to a human being.

I laughed widely and he chuckled.

Soon we arrived at the cinema. I walked out with sir ryan, i am so happy.

He payed and bought tickets Both of us walked inside. He sat and I sat beside him

We both faced the screen then movie started. Hahahahaha this movie is so funny.

I suddenly hit sir Ryan so hard. Hahahahaha this is do funny.

” ouch!! “, he shouted. He’s face looks so funny.

I laughed more and more. Just then that funny boy jumped into the water again, hahaha I hit Ryan again. Do funny. I kept hitting him.

” hey, so do you want to kill me “, he shouted.

” sorry sir.. just then I suddenly hit him again. Omg this movie is so funny.

Sir Ryan shifted to the next sit, a little far from me, my hands can still get him.

💜😩Ryan’s p. O. V 😭💜

Argh why does Clara keep laughing so much. this movie is not really that funny.

She keeps beating Me am so dead. It’s just our first place to be . That means I will be dead before this outing ends.

Just then she hit my shoulders so hard again. Omg even after I shifted.

” hey!!! That’s not funny”, I shouted.

She laughed so hard, what a crazy girl.

I was still trying to recover from the last one she hit me.


Just then she suddenly hit me again.

” hey, you will kill me “, I said.
” am sorry sir, Its just so…… hahahahaha she started laughing again.

And before I could talk again she hit me again,.

Ouch her hand Is so painful.

I have never been to a movie before but the way I am looking at this girl, this one might be my last.
[5/5, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 29📚 )
By chidinma jerry m

Ryan’s p. O. V 💜

Why don’t this movie just end already.

She started laughing again and her painful hand Landed on my head.

” Clara!! “, i shouted.
” hahahahahaha sorry sorry “, She replied.

I faced the screen and next thing she hit me again. I think this girl is doing this in purpose.

She just keeps laughing.

Claras p. O. V 💜

Hahaha if only sir Ryan knows how hard it is to love him alone he will accept this beating with love.

I have not touched you before so i will touch you now.

Hahaha how can this movie be so funny. I laughed and hit him again.

He stood up and ran away. I ran after him we got outside.

He leaned by his car.

” hey my friendship “, I said and tried moving closer to him he ran away leaving me behind with his car. I chased after him.

“Hey sir Ryan, stop. “, I shouted
” arrrgh you want to kill me “, he said
” the movie Is over “, i shouted

Where is this guy runing too arrrgh.

I kept running after him but he won’t stop runing is he trying to stress me .

I started shouting

“Sir Ryan , forgive and forget , you left your car here .

” no , run along clumsy

” hey my friendship , a friend doesn’t do this .

” does a friend hit someone to death ?, he shouted.

I laughed.

I kept chasing after him , you won’t believe the distance we have run I can’t even find our car again.

Just then I shouted

” ouch my leg pains ‘, i shouted

He finally stopped I caught up with him and angrily hit him.omg that wasn’t intentional.

” ouch , why do you keep beating me “, he said.

” no sorry , it wasn’t intentional. I said and started caressing his arm where I hit.wait what am i doing .I looked in his face he just looked at me.

Awww I was carried away.

” Sir I was uhhmm cleaning the dirt on your arm “, i lied .

” is my arm dirty , he asked .

” no , not anymore.

Just then he looked around.

” hey where is my car”, he asked .
We both looked around .

” sir the truth is , we are lost , i said .

” we aren’t I know this place as the back of my hands “, he said with pride

Oh do you

” oh really sir, so how did we get here?

” well we went left no no right , let’s go “.

He walked and I ran behind him we trekked down the right . No sign of the a car sir Ryan followed another route and connererd left.

It’s getting darker does he really really know the way.

I am tired of walking about.

” but Ryan , do you know where you going “, i asked

” hey I am surgeon , my brain is very sharp in remembering roads.let’s go “, he said

Okay today I and sir Ryan are going to sleep in the police station I am sure of that.

We turned left again.

Daniellas p.o.v 💜💜

Mom walked into the house like a hungry lion , i really wonder what’s wrong.

” mom , what’s wrong.I asked .

” Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first really wants to challenge me.”, she said.

” mom don’t tell me Anna ruined the share holders meeting.

” she did , she’s in a wheel chair and they are fearing her like this what happens when she finally walks.”, she said.

” mom Anna is really a threat , we need a plan b, I said .

” how is your Dad , she asked

” hes stronger now he was really weak in the morning , he already called Anna, he said he would visit her in the morning .secondly he started a search for Isabella .

” what ?, how , why.”, she shouted.

” I don’t understand mom, do you know where issabella is? ,.
” no but at least your father should have informed me , but he dint .

” mom maybe he was waiting for you to return.

“Ok , have fun. She said and walked out.

Oh I am so bored and i keep missing Ryan .is there a way I can ever give up Ryan, i mean its been so many years , i still want him so badly.

Anna’s p.o.v 💜

Finally talking to dad made me feel better , its really late , my maid left seems her mother is sick.

Whenever the door opens I expect only two people Tony or miss delvaliers.they are the only ones who know the main lock password as well as Rita my hand maid .

But now it seems all of them are gone.I suddenly feel lonely and scared . I looked around my room.It’s big enough and comfortable . The bright lights made me happy .at least I am content.

I tried calling Ryan today but i better call him tomorow.Tony is still my best friend .I want to say with him .I feel scared in this house
I feel helpless always looking at the door not knowing who is coming.

Oh I miss that clumsy nurse too.

Just then the door opened , who am I expecting now.

Wow it was Tony I almost thought it was Ryan.

He walked closer .

” hy, i need to inject you with this directly , it will help you walk, i know you hate injectioms so….”, he said

” arrrgh really ok.I gave him my hand and he smiled .

He tried injecting me but I kept shaking and shivering .he chuckled.

” I wish those board member can watch you now ,he said .

I smiled .

Soon he was done ouch painful.

He placed the cotton there and sat beside me as he kept wiping it gently. Memories of our days together tried streaming in but I blocked them out.

He dropped the cotton in the bin .

” lie you need to rest “, he said .
” are you going already “, i asked him
” yes , he replied.
” I am scared can you stay just until Rita returns ?, i asked him.

He looked around for a while

” Anna you know you are still dating Ryan right and Ryan hates me , if he heard about this he would get mad”, He replied .

I know bit am really scared Rita is not coming back tonight am trying to trap you.

” but you are still my best friend right , even before we became intimate we were close.secondly a doctor should not leave a scared patient like that “, I said and he chuckled gently.

” fine Anna you win . He said .
” I knew i would i replied and he walked up the stairs into the other room .

Another presence makes me feel better.I need to call dad lets cut Ryan’s health trip short .I really miss him I want him here being my doctor and my boyfriend.

Claras p.o.v 💜

You won’t believe it but I and sir Ryan are sitting flat on the road right now. What a crazy date. We didnt find our car, we are lost.

” hey clumsy , its all your fault .he said
” hey you caused it , you said you knew the road so well , i replied.

” let’s go , there is a hotel down the road , lets sleep over .He said

” what , me and you .well sir. I touched my hair smiling

” hey what are you thinking, stop it ,you are not really my taste , i like taller girls “, he said.

” better because I like uuhhmm shorter boys ,I said .

He chuckled.

” better “, he said
” whatever “,i replied .
” clumsy “, he said.

I can’t believe he wants to exchange words I Will just leave him here and stand up first.Oh no it seems he wants to stand up too.

I tried standing he tried standing too I dragged him down.

” what , hey !!. He said.

I tried standing up he dragged Me down too then he tried standing I dragged him down again .

Both of us started laughing people looked at us like mad people .

” Clara stop dragging me down “,he said
” but you won’t stand before me”, I replied.

I tried standing and he dragged me down .

Hahahahhha so funny .

Finally both us dragged ourselves up.

We walked down the street

” thank you “, he said
” why?.
” for being my friend .he replied .

Omg I feel like hugging him now.

We both walked further .

Ryan’s p.o.v 💜

Craziest day of my life, finally I am even car less.

We walked down just then Clara jumped up and shouted .

” omg its a club , its a karaoke club. She said .

I looked forward and she was right.I turned to her.

” shall we go .I said .
” yes !! She shouted .

We both rushed in.

We sat down a group of crazy drunk girls sang on stage this is so funny Clara started laughing again I quietly shifted from her.

Just then Clara stood up.I dragged her shirt

” hey , where to .?
” am going to sing , better watch “, she said .

Hahaha this is gonna be fun.Clara ran up to the stage and took the Mic .she sang crazily her voice was so funny everyone laughed . This girl is making my night . This is the funniest song I ever heard.

Claras p.o.v 💜

Why did i come on stage am suddenly so shy.everybody is laughing so loudly even sir Ryan .well if my singing Is making him happy I don’t Care if they laugh.

I continued singing loudly I tried dancing like Nicky minaj just then I fell on my tummy .everyone started laughing.

Sir ryan is forcing himself not to laugh.

I feel shy how will I stand up just then I saw Somene stand in front of me I looked up it was sir Ryan .He gave me a hand and I stood up .

” you were awesome “, he said .
I smiled everybody clapped .

Just then they chanted at sir Ryan to sing for them . He smiled.
He switched off the pop music I was singing to .every where was quiet.

People clapped .

He sat down and picked the guitar .
” This song is dedicated to a very special someone “, he said .

I tried rushing down to my seat .

” Clara of you go then who am I singing for , he said .

What me .I turned and he smiled at me as he pressed the guitar.

” thank you for everything ,my secret angel, he Said.

Every body clapped I stood in front of him smiling.

He started singing .He sang so perfectly well that all the couple’s in the club started dancing.

I don’t want him to stop singing .He has an amazing voice.

Just then he stopped .he walked down.
Everybody clapped and chanted kiss her .
What kiss who.no no he’s not mine
What to do.He walked down to me and looked in my eye.the chanting continued .everybody kept shouting kiss her !! Kiss her !! Kiss her !!.

Sir Ryan smiled

” what do we do .He asked me.

I want you to kiss me but I am being selfish.maybe lets just run away
[5/5, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: ♡❤ CLUMSY NURSE ❤♡
Season 1( 📚Chapter 30📚 )
By chidinma jerry m




Claras p.o.v conts 💏

” let’s run away “, i said.
He smiled and whispered
” what about your bag, we can’t take it. He said.
” arrrgh what to do.”, i said.
” hold still , let’s confuse them.he said

I wonder what confusion is .

He gently placed his hands under my jaw and moved closer I expected a kiss on my lip but instead he kissed my cheek .

Actually very close to my lips. The crowd clapped as they thought we where kissing since he backed them.and the stage was kinda dim.

I couldn’t control my self anymore I didn’t know when or how but I shifted my face and kissed him…

Omg what am i doing anyways it feels good …I am so dead. Although supprisenly he didnt withdraw from the kiss he let me have it. Until I opened my eye wide and realised the crime I committed I slowly withdrew my lips back.he smiled seductively and looked down. I wonder what that kind of smile means . I just kept looking down how do i explain this one.I might get caught.before I knew it he dragged me by the hand and we walked out of the club.

It was really getting late.am suddenly dumb.I can’t even talk anymore.soon we walked into the hotel.he made reservations for two rooms but only one room remained.

We both entered the room and he locked the door.
I am going crazy .

” what happened to your tongue “, he asked me.
” well actually , about the kiss.the thing Is.
” I understand ,everybody makes mistakes .we are both guilty of that mistake .”,he said.

” oh ok .I replied.

He opened the bathroom door.

” shower “, he said.
I nodded.
” do you feel fine , you have been stressed today.
” I feel fine just a little headache.
” it was the runing , sorry.

I Bowed and rushed into the shower. I am in the second place i wanted to be . relax In a hotel.feels good. I enjoyed the water falling on me . The kiss was a mistake why do I feel bad what do I want to hear..

Anna is my sleeping beauty but am jealous of her .I need her boyfriend to love me am so selfish.I wish my fairy godmother will show up and ask me Clara what can i do for you.I will gladly say ‘ make Ryan mine in a way Anna will be happy too”. That kind of wish is it possible . I know it isn’t.

soon I was done bathing . I picked the towel jacket and wore it .why is it exposing my cleavage a little . It’s sexy. I drew it up to cover well.then I tied the rope.I flipped my wet hair back as I remembered that kiss. Clara cut it out .its ok. I consoled myself and stepped out. Sir Ryan looked at me from my toe to my face.I instantly used my hands to cover my chest . He can’t see anything. He chuckled…

” you tied it wrongly “, he said
” what ?” I asked
” the jacket you tied it wrongly, Tie it rightly you can’t place your hands there all night.he said .

” ok sir “, i said and rushed into the shower.

I untied it and tied it well. Wonderful .

I ran out and he smiled at me.

He stood up and removed his jacket. I looked at him I can stand the sight of that just then he started unbuttoning his shirt.
Ok I can’t stand that.I started remembering the kiss I used my hands to cover my eye.

I heard him chuckle.

” are you going to pretend like you have not seen a man’s body before “, he asked .

I shaked my head in disagreement.

He smiled and walked into the shower. I opened my eye omg what temptation. I almost went crazy.just then I felt headache again I took water from the fridge.I feel better now.what an outing.I looked at myself in the mirror . I am really pretty .but I can’t be compared to Anna she’s a goddess .arrrgh what’s going on with me .I need to stop . Am suddenly Soo hungry.
I lay on the couch quietly. Minutes later he walked out I opened my eye.he wore the white jacket.he moved his wet hair back.sexy. I closed my eye tight again he sat on the bed..

” are you hungry “, he asked

I instantly sat up .

” yes very much.”, i said
He smiled and ordered food .

Just then his phone rang.I hope Its not Anna am tired of getting jealous.

He picked the phone and dropped it back on the bed .it was his mother .why wont he pick her call..

She called back again he dropped the phone in the cupboard.

Sir Ryan are you ok.I wonder what his mother did.

Just then the food arrived both of us sat facing the table . He ate a little seems he’s not hungry .

He hasnt taken his drugs for long lately .

” sir are you ok?.
“Yes thank you “,he replied .
“Ahh ok. I replied .

I too got filled up. He lay back on the bed and I lay on the chair .


I closed my eye for a while but this chair is uncomfortable . Just then he spoke.

” if you sleep there how will I check on your health “, he said

” what ? .

He tapped the bed

” come over here “,he said.

I looked at the bed and looked at myself . I started coughing.

” well..
” arrrgh you keep acting like s virgin.we are both adults for crying out loud and the bed Is wide . Miss clumsy control your thoughts.

I smiled and gently bowed.

I bed is wide enough so I sat quietly.

He finally closed his eye . I lay quietly looking at him. Minutes later I think he slept off. That was the perfect opportunity too look at him.

I quietly sat up and just looked at his face smiling .so cute. I can’t believe kissed those lips.I smiled shyly. I tried touching his hair just then he spoke up .

” if you keep looking at me how will you sleep, i thought you had headache .”, he said .

I instantly withdrew my hands . he gently opened his eye .

Aarrgh what do I say now.

” miss clumsy , you scare me
nowadays “, he said

” argh sir I wasn’t looking at you , i woke up to do my midnight prayer “, i replied .

Ryan’s p.o.v 💜

This girl is a heavy character . I wonder what she’s doing up .I felt she was looking at me.

” what’s the topic of your prayer?.
” uhmmm love , gods love , i just finished praying .hahaha powerful Christian like me”.

” do put me in your prayer next time “, i said
” oh I will , what’s your problem.?

” death , i don’t want to bury any patient untill the health mission ends .”

” oh , i will pray. She said.

I smiled .

She quietly lay down. I chuckled.

she’s slowly slipping herself into my thoughts .what a friend…

Clara p.o.v 💜

Arrrgh can’t he just sleep.I quietly lay beside him and he wrapped the white bed cover around me.

I smiled I hope he didn’t see my face.

” are you stromg to resume work “,he asked .

Work ,who did work help .Ave not gone to all the places I want to visit .no no work .

” no I still feel sick “, i said.
He chuckled
” was waiting for that, good night.
” oh goodnight sir.
” Ryan “.
” oh good night bestie”, i said.
He chuckled so cute .

Awesome I can’t belive I am lying by his side. Though the distance is much. just then I felt him move my hair and touch my neck with the back of his hands.

Someone please hold me am melting .

” if you feel sick , tell me “, he said .

I started coughing again.
He laughed.

After a while I turned to face him he was already sleeping.

I rather die of sickness than wake you .you look tired .

I looked at him for a while and closed my eye

Louisas p.o.v 💜 11:10

Why didn’t sir Ryan come to work today .now we can’t even sleep well .
Why did i do this night shift.
Miss Genevieve is dying.everybody is running helter skelter and I have been texting sir Ryan cos he hates being called out of pressure.

Now Samantha has arrived but she is sacred to do anything sir Ryan’s left with the health record .

The doctors sedated her. to her to keep her asleep. The effect will wear off in 6 hours and if surgery does not follow instantly she will die .

This is the only way to make sure she doesn’t die now . We have less than 7 hours what is this .

.I texted him again before sleep over powered me I hope they don’t catch me sleeping I also texted Clara too to tell sir ryan to check his phone I wonder who will read the text first. We have untill 4 am.

Early .m.✨ 3am.
Claras p.o.v 💜💜

Argh what a sweet sleep.no work today we might sleep all day.I picked my mum’s call.

She likes calling early in the morning.

” mom , are you okay.
” yes what about you .
” am fine .i replied
” How is work she asked .
” good hows dad ?.
” very good, remember dont take sugary stuff your period should come out this week.

” mom.how did you know.
” your calendar is in your room don’t take sugary things you know you have bad cramps no one will take care of you.she said .

” mom its fine I won’t .I will only take the bitter tea you bought. I said deceptively

” that’s better.okay bye
” bye mom.

I dropped the call then I saw Louisas text .✉✉📱📨

” tell sir Ryan to check his phone” 📱📱

Argh its too early how can you tell sir Ryan to check his phone this early.

I looked at him and he’s still asleep in fact he wrapped the pillow round his face.

So childish.
I wonder why ok Louisa texted is it important.

Well if it is she should have called me .

I dropped My phone and gently lay back I hit my hand on sir ryans pillow which he used to cover his face and laughed at him .

So funny.

Samantha p.o.v 💜

Ok we are running out of time what’s going on.

” Louisa did you text Ryan ?.
” yes maybe he is on his way.
“Ryan beter arrive he can’t afford to loose a patient just like this in less then one hour the effect of this drug will wear off and if there is no surgery Mrs Genevieve will surely die.

Ryan’s p.o.v 💜💜

Arrrgh what a bad dream I had .in my dream I lost a patient and dad was really mad at Me. I opened my and this miss clumsy is stil sleeping she looks pretty even when she sleeps.I have not even called Anna what’s going on with me recently ..

Infact why am i waking up early no work today I better sleep off
I lay well in the pillow and closed my eye tight ..

📢📢3 :30 .📣📣
Claras😪😪😪😪 p.o.v 💜

Ok I can’t even sleep now I keep remembering Louisa text.what’s going on..

Maybe it’s important i decided to wake sir ryan .

I touched him and he opened his eye.

” sir it seems an important text got into your phone “, i said.

“Later “, he said and covered his face with the bed cover …..

I opened his face .

” hey !!!!!!”, he Yanked

” shhhhhh phone “, i said .

HE OPENED HIS cupboard and collected his phone .


Wait His countenance changed

” we have less than 30 minutes to arrive at the hospital or else we would lose patient”, he said .

” no sir you cannot lose a patient my praying and fasting will never be in vain. “I added

” Clara we are dead “, he added .

I grabbed his hands and held it tight.

” hold a sister tight in prayer “, i said with my eye close .

“Hey !!! ,

” cool down sir prayer conquers all”, i added .

He forcefully collected his hands back and scratched his hair.

Aaarrrrgghhhh!!!! I am going crazy “, he shouted.

” Ryan if you go crazy who will treat the patient “, i added.

He used the bed cover to cover my face.

” let’s go , we no longer have time. He said

Wait oh and we have no car .omg we are really dead. .

Both of us rushed out of the bed..I picked my shoes and slipped it into my leg .

He started laughing . You won’t believe am wearing a white towel jacket with a black canvass.

I look like micky mouse no problem he is my cousin.

I hanged my bag across my chest like super man.

Sir Ryan almost fell to the floor while laughing.

He finally slipped his slipper into his legs .

Both of us ran out of the hotel wearing towel jackets .

We look like a crazy couple.I tied my towel jacket tight..

Sir Ryan tied his towel jacket tight. we ran for our lives.

We ran through the streets .people kept laughing at us thank God no one recognized him
No sign of our car.no sign of public transport .we are dead.

” my life is getting out of hands . Ever since I met you my life became a comedy “, he said.

” there’s the free bus !!!”,I shouted

” no no not again”, he said .

He placed his hands on his waist he looks really funny but I look funniest.

I can’t beleive a 7 year old kid is rolling on the floor while laughing at me .



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