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Clumsy Nurse chapter seven

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 71
I woke up the next morning ….
Ryan was no longer by my side on the bed. I sat on the bed and looked in the mirror …. Lols what an authentic mask so original… just then Ryan served me he placed the food on the bed.I smiled if he will care for me as Anna then I will just be Anna.Clara told him to go maybe he really left.
” thank you
” Anna what are you doing today
“oh I will visit Dad
” ok
” what about you
” well I have surgery
” good luck.
he smiled i ate the food fully and he carefully moved my hair into my ear so it won’t disturb my food.the way Ryan takes care of Anna he doesn’t even talk about Clara… I smiled tearfully and finished the coffee.
” are you okay now
” mm
he moved the tray and faced me on the bed.
” can i tell you something
” tell me
” I want to love you now
” what!!
“this is beautiful and we can make this work…I want to have you as a wife I will surely Wed you.I want to give you all the rights u deserve lets make this work….I love you
should i smile or cry ,Ryan wants to accept Anna but what about me …it’s all right I will never let him find out who I am .its for the best,for the merger. for Annas happiness. will just continue acting like Anna and when Anna returns i will peacefully leave him alone .
I looked up to him and smiled in tears he kissed my lips and it pained my heart cos my Ryan just kissed Anna he brushed his fingers to my hair and deepened the kiss.ok I feel this kiss going somewhere…………. Ryan brushed his fingers into my thigh and widened my leg . I gently withdrew from the kiss he removed his hand from my hip.
” uhmmm your phone is ringing Ryan
” omg I am late for Surgery
” oh bath quickly
he moved out and I cried into my Palm.Ryan left me ,he moved on from Clara ,he doesn’t talk about me , he doesn’t even recognize my voice or my body,he wanted to make love to Anna just now.. I wiped my tears and walked into the room shower.Ryan must be in the guest room shower clara concentrate on your mission don’t get weak ryan is not the reason u came here i bathed and rushed out ,i pulled out the the towel i feel so much pain because of Ryan I can’t believe he forgot who I am. i wore a gown
Ryan walked in and helped me zip my gown ..I am looking casual today i just want to visit Anna’s dad.I packed my hair.
” Ryan i will leave now
” no good bye kiss
” oh ,I gently kissed his cheek.Ryan I don’t want you to be intimate with Anna am getting jealous..don’t request for kisses and romance its painful that u forgot Clara.I stormed out and met Rachel.
” madam Mr Grande is expecting you
” I scheduled your meeting with Mr dervantes.
Rachel bowed and opened the car i sat in quietly.can I do this ?
malcoms pov
yes my team b is the team I use to carry out my secret dirty works, made up of 5 members ,my daughter Lucinda,me, Nathan,Kinsley and arora .my humble servants.
” ok sir what is the aim of this meeting ” Nathan asked
” after Anna defeated us I told u all to go home and create a perfect means through which I can pull Anna out forever. what did u get
” sir i have a brilliant idea ” arora said
” tell me
” what if we frame a.g.h.c for doing drugs …narcotics(cocaine)
” how will we prove it ” Lucinda asked
” we Will push drugs into a.g.h.c secretly,inject patients with drugs, change some drug’s tablet into coke .then when we finally sue them to court there will be evidence. government will close down all branches of a.g.h.c .
” nice plan but which of a.g.h c hospital are we hitting.” I asked
” only A.G.H.C -L” she said
” that’s a.g.h.c in los Angeles” king asked
” yes ” she said
” this plan can’t work ” Lucinda said
” why” arora asked
” don’t forget that a.g.h.c has a computerized research department where they watch the everyday activities of each of their branches from morning to 11pm. through live video… and don’t forget that the same video previews in Anna’s office none stop . a big part of her office wall is made of a glass screen and she watches the same daily activities happening in all branches like she is present there so how will we push drugs,inject drugs and smart Anna won’t see it
” that’s true Lucinda ” I said
” Lucinda we can always hack in and blackout the live video from los Angeles,they will think it’s network and before they resolve it we are done pushing the drugs cos we will be fast.” arora said
” u don’t know how a .g.h.c works,if a suspicious blackout happens Anna will travel to los Angeles herself so she won’t miss any activity that’s how active she is ,that was why we could only penetrated India when she went to visit Ryan .but once Anna is on seat nothing will pass her by.”Lucinda said
” I have the best idea ” king said
” ok
” Anna might be smart but she is not a computer system . we will carefully corrupt the video” he said
” how ?
“I will hack in to a.g.h.c satellite connection .then I will stop them from getting the live video from los Angeles.
” if u pause it they…
” I won’t pause it.I will feed them past videos, even in Anna’s office.they will think they are watching the real live feed of the hospital they won’t know they are watching past activities.we will use that opportunity to move the drugs.” he said
” wow nice plan but someone as smart as Anna or chris will find out that the video is past ,u don’t know that girl” Lucinda said
” Anna is smart I know but figuring out the difference in the video is not an easy task.I will Make sure I send a past video that will match the present day .both in atmosphere,even if it’s snowing I will make it match. it will take high smartness and concentration to notice the fakeness” he said
” and Anna can’t concentrate now cos she is busy looking after her dad.she has not gone to work today. all we need is two days…. if Anna can be carried away for two days our plan will be a succes ” arora said.
” well we better start now that Anna missed work…. we will send the fake video today…king, start the hacking” I said
” yes sir .
” dad I pray Anna doesn’t notice this if she does it will backfire on us” Lucinda said
” fear not my dear.i have a feeling Anna would miss work for a some days.
claras pov
minutes later I arrived Anna’s house so pretty.I walked out and everybody bowed.
” where is my father
” he is having a health section with the doctor
” ok.
no work today , mr grandes health comes first. I walked up and a maid opened the door to Anna’s room… everything was beautiful.I looked around this is paradise in earth. I looked in the mirror and remembered Ryan’s advances i fought them off.minutes later someone knocked
” your dad is out
” where is tonia
” she’s with him at the diner
” good
I walked out and there Anna’s dad sat he looks weak,he is being poisoned for sure but how.I took a chair
“my jewel
“it seems the doctor doesn’t know what is wrong with me ..I am tired I want to get Better
” u will get better father I assure u… just then food was served.tonia picked her fork.
” tonia how are you?” i said
” am fine , won’t I be , after the public embarrassment u gave me just because I wanted to help you manage your shares.
” I am sorry Hon,we are family ,lets eat as one… why did the maid serve the white rice differently. I used one hand to carry Mr grandes food I kept it in the tray then I took tonias plate of food from her.
” Anna what are u doing ?” Tonia said
” dad the goddess said for peace to come in a family must eat as one.so we will all eat from your plate dad after that we will move to mine and tonias.I smiled at Tonia
” anything for you Anna.I carefully took my plate and collected a little food from dads plate tonia did too very comfortably and so did dad.I watched tonia eat her food smiling , i watched dad eat and I ate a little soon we where done.good if his food is being poisoned then we will all fall ill the Maids cleared the table and tonia rushed up.dad drank his water and I pushed his wheel chair
” Anna I hate being like this
” dad this is a promise ,u will get better ,trust me
he smiled and u pushed him into his room…I don’t feel anything I am sure the food was clean.dad lay on his bed.
I sat waiting on him , I want to know how this sickness works ..
after a while he held his heart
” dad
” I can’t …
” he can’t talk….. i can hear his heart beat,what’s wrong it can’t be poisoning I ate what he ate. …. what is wrong with him.Anna is a doctor right. I ran into her room and took a syringe, I took all I needed to collect a blood sample . I careful collected his blood sample and stormed out .I met Rachel
” Rachel
” madam
“go to a.g.h.c give this to Ethan tell him to carry out an electrocardiogram (ECG). test ..I want to find out if he was poisoned or not
” yes madam.
I rushed in he still held his heart
” dad why are u not moving ur legs
” I feel my bones melting .. I feel nothingness, I am dying
” no u can’t die ,not while I am alife.i Wil take care of you.
I called Ethan ,he should be done by now the machine is automatic.
” are u done
” yes it’s poisoning , the person was poisoned
“is it dangerous
” yes .
I dropped my phone and put it on speaker i turned him to lie well on his back.with his kneel on the floor at his side.i Extend his arm nearest to me at a right angle to his body with his palm facing up. i folded the order arm so the back of his hand rests on his cheek then I held him in that position,its called the recovery position. it dissolves poisoning’s fast power.
” Ethan tell me
” according to this test the poison is too much in his blood only grace kept him if he takes it again he will die .
” u dont know the poison
“how he took it
I pulled him up
” dad spit out anything that comes into your mouth
“but I
” do it , come on
he spat out and spat out again his heart relaxed.he took a deep breath.
I gently touched his leg he screamed in pain.
” dad HOW THOSE IT feel
” pain ..like …like it’s melting
” what kind of poison dissolves the bones and muscles ….. it is ………. Strychnine oh my God … no cure but i can flush it out
I stormed out and ran into Anna’s room I came back and sedated him to sleep…I can save him now but i am scared how do I make sure he doesn’t take it again . i wrote a list of the drugs i need and handed it to Rachel outside she rushed to the hospital minutes later she returned with the drugs.
I took a drip and filled it with drugs ,only tissue and system flushing\ washing drugs.I will wash out everything. after a while I injected the drip he is still sleeping soundly well he will sleep for a very very long time.
I timed the drip ok it will take a lot of time since its slow… I organised everything then I walked out and locked the door.until I find out how u took that poison today mr grande am sorry but u will be trapped here,I need to make sure u dont take it again .
I locked the door well and took the key tonia rushed out
” Anna are u drunk
” tonia I don’t exchange words with animals
” but ,how can u lock a sick man up , what if he dies in there.
” tonia that’s not your problem concentrate on your specialty which is stealing shares. I stormed out now I wanna watch them poison him again. I promise ,before I open that door I must have found out how he was poisoned God help me I don’t have time. soon the drip will dry out I checked my time.
I walked out Rachel was back
” madam where too
I arrived Ryan walked out.and hugged me
” are u tired
I nodded.
he carried me up into his arms and I smiled he took me into the shower ..
he went to the bath tub and set the water it became foamy.
” up Hon” he said
I raised both hands up and he pulled up my gown from under . I moved my hair.he held my waist lightly from behind.then his scratched his thumb and removed his hand.
” it’s warm bath
” ok
i waited for him to walk out but he leaned on the wall and picked his phone
” Anna have u spoken to Mr dervantes
” not yet …I will call him tomorrow.
” ok.
he walked out and I locked the door. I pulled off the mask. wow finally .I can only be myself behind closed doors. I poured water on my face.Anna being you is not really funny… I just watch the man i love take care of u… he doesn’t even mention my name… it’s all good. I washed my face again.
Ryan’s pov
omg I forgot to give her a towel.I hastily pulled open the bathroom door..
[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: LUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 72
she turned her face and the lights went off.
” Anna are ok
” yes just work on the lights
” ok… what did that stupid boy do this time. I turned and walked out ..
claras pov
omg that was close … Ryan almost saw me.I somehow wished he would see me..I really wished he saw me so I can blame it on coincidence.i miss and desire him so much.i pulled myself up and walked out I wrapped the towel round my body.the lights came I faced the mirror and wore my mask.just then Ryan opened the door I walked to him
” what went wrong
” it’s been resolved
I nodded and walked out.both of us strolled down into the room i pulled my gown in and removed the towel I hanged it.
” let’s eat
I nodded.
we walked into the dinner.I love Ryan’s house.I saw Anna’s picture on the wall the woman of this house I smiled and looked at her.Anna I already promised myself not to be jealous of u concerning ryan..we won’t fight over him.let fate lead.
I looked at Ryan as he used his fork
” Anna Is this woman really your best cooking choice, her food is not that great
” well I didn’t know ..sorry ” I said forcing the food into my mouth ryan pulled me closer and used his fingers to wipe my lips he licked his fingers.
” eat carefully
” although I think it tastes better from your lips
I smiled. so sweet soon we were done eating. the maid cleared I and ryan sat on the parlour couch. I sat a little distance from him
” uhmmm is something wrong?” he asked
” it’s just that you are unlike you ,why are u avoiding intimacy.
” I told u I wanted to make us work right so are u really going to stay with me like just a friend.
” no.. that’s my not plan… actually I was just carried away thinking about work
” well there Is no work now…he dropped the remote on the table and kissed me .oh gosh I don’t want Ryan to do this with me as Anna.I won’t forgive him for cheating.even if i left him hes still meant for Clara. just then my phone rang thank God.I picked up and it was diana.I hid the phone
” uuhmmmm can I …I will ‘be back.
I stood up and rushed in I carefully locked the door and sat on the bed with my legs tight.I was shivering with pain.I picked
” Clara
” oh dia..na
” did I distract something
” no its fine
” why ‘re u crying
” am not
” Ryan forgot about me Diana
“but you are with him right … I don’t get
” well I didn’t tell him am Clara .. I can’t cos Anna didn’t tell me to kick off my romance with Ryan again,he’s still hers I can’t hurt her.
“oh Clara
“but i had hope…I said this breathing and swallowing hard. I thought Ryan will recognise me Diana. I cried out and used my hand to cover my mouth
“he didn’t?
” he didn’t ..he completely stopped loving me.he didn’t even recognize my body..he couldn’t recognize my naked body but he made love to me.
“u guys?….
” yes i did ,i can’t go on Diana,i might fail Anna… I can’t handle the pain I feel when he is kissin , caressing ,caring,
,desiring,touching me. cos he is doing all this to Anna .. he even wanted to make love to me. the last time he slept with Anna really killed me if he does it again I won’t handle it
“but Clara its you
“he doesn’t know that….he is doing all this to Anna not me not me Diana.I cry every minute.I might develop heart pain.
“Clara its ok but if u can’t handle staying together U can go Anna’s suite
” seems I will Diana..I can’t concentrate.
“it’s ok.
I dropped the call.and hastily wiped my tears with both hands.. so paining.i opened the door and walked out to Ryan in the living room.he looked at me
“are u ok
“yes am fine.
I faced the screen.
lias pov
wait where is my wallet important files are in it. even my application later and tommorow is the interview day …ahhh does my enemies want this break to waste.I started looking around the house but no sign of it .am dead.
Anna’s pov
I hadn’t called Clara i really wonder how she is doing.I might call her tomorrow.I hope she is not missing work.am still waiting for that stupid lazy doctor… thoughts of him gives me head ache.
Clara pov.
I turned and ryan was looking at me with so much pleasure I can’t handle it anymore i need to go.
” uhmmm Ryan
“actually I need to stay in my suite
“well I have a big project coming so I need concentration
“how long will u stay away from me
” few weeks.
he smiled
“ok sure.
I rushed in and packed up a small bag I changed and wore my school bag accross my back . I wore a better slipper .i arranged my hair.I better go before I die of jealousy. soon I was good I walked down Ryan sat on the couch
” Ryan be safe and careful
he nodded.
I walked out soon I got to the car.I dropped my bag.. just then I heard Ryan’s voice shout
” hey CLUMSY!!!!!” he said laughing
I turned to look at him he smiled and waved at me
” hey clara…did u really think I won’t recognize you….
[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: clumsy nurse
by me and only me (haha).
Ryan !!!” I said crying he walked down to me.
” are u not indeed clumsy ,do u really believe I won’t recognize you ,even if I die my dead body will still love you..even if i was blind I will recognize u .Clara I recognized u immediately u stepped into the room.. you sleeping on your side was just an added information, your beautiful legs, wide hip, beautiful teeth, eating style e.t.c was just an added information ,your shyness?,”Ryan something Is at the door ?”.I knew u where too shy to wear your cloths in my presence cos you are Clara …my clumsy angel.you look more pretty now.so enough of this game he pulled off the mask my tears streamed down as he lifted me into his arms
” will you live with me now
I chuckled
“yes for sure
he smiled and we walked inside.I sat on the bed.
” u really think I wanted Anna that much,cared that much ,u think I said those beautiful things to Anna ?,I did and said all that because I knew it was you…it will always be you. ” I hugged him.he unlocked and smiled
“thank you for helping Anna
I smiled.
he gently turned my face and kissed me very slowly and beautifully oh God i missed him but Anna.I slowly withdrew.
thank God he didn’t understand what happened.he thought it was a simple kiss. Anna sent me here I don’t have the right to be intimate with her husband.what will I do now.I looked at Ryan and took my lower lips into my mouth looking down.God I need self control from heaven.
” uhmmm sir ryan I will be in the shower
“bath again
I stood up and walked out what’s with my tummy. I walked into the shower then I saw a cupboard on the wall.pink.prett
y.written Anna i smiled and opened it.her toiletries where there.her cream,soap.wait is this water? I lifted the sachet its very clear.name:instant flush,flush what.
I saw the bigger pack and turned the back to read. natural and hormone strengthening .hmmm my hormones are weak I always feel stomach pain. gosh no direction for use… too bad I took out one sachet and still went through her cupboard. ahhh I hate being curious what is it for.
Anna’s pov
what a lazy doctor am still waiting for injection , ahhh.just then he walked in
” hey listen ,don’t ever call me 22 again ,I don’t like that.” I said looking at my arms where he would inject.
” if u don’t like 22 maybe I will call you
p – left
” p ,p what” I said angrily lifting my face just to see Tony
” Tony ?
” Anna ?
“omg Tony
” hey 22 don’t shout.
I wiped my tears and he hugged me .
“Anna how Come you are
“I don’t know
” u will be fine trust me
he hugged me deeply again.God I didn’t know u answered prayers just the arm I wanted to be in..
finally he unlocked
” Anna I hope you are tough for injections now
” yes
“ok your hand.
I gave him my hand and he tried pressing in I hastily collected my hands crying he laughed out
” really ,Alexandra the first?
I hit him and he smiled.
” it’s not painful ,trust.. will u trust me
I smiled and nodded.
” close your eye
I closed my eye tight and he kissed my lips I deepened the kiss when I finally unlocked I saw the white cotton on my bleeding hand.he was done injecting.
” hey , how dare u trick me with a kiss
“even though u dont love me anymore I am honoured that my kiss still holds the power to trick you ” he said and i looked down
” I will be going ,I have surgery
he walked out just then Ryan called me
” Ryan
” Anna u broke my heart
” not telling me the truth ,I won’t forgive u for that
” sorry….
” are u really sorry
” yes
” ok I forgive you but send a message too u hear
” but am a sick patient
” hey
” ok I will , how Is Clara
” fine ,she’s good
‘ok good night ,I love you
” I love you too
” I love you 3
“I love you 4
” sir ryan !!!!!!!!!!” Clara shouted we both laughed . I dropped the call.hmmmm seems sickness made my life beautiful.I need to call Clara.
Clara pov
I closed the cupboard and opened the sachet if Anna takes it it must be healthy. her skin is good I tried drinking just then my phone rang Anna called I smiled.perfect timing
” hy clara” Anna said
“hy unnie
she chuckled
” are u ok
” no..am curious, this uhm instant flush how to use it..
” awwwn so u guys already had sex,how was it ?
” Jesus!!” I screamed .shes so open with the word . I threw away the sachet thank God i didn’t drink..Clara your mouth will kill u
” what’s Jesus here, u should take it not more than 5 minutes after sex..it’s effective and natural. totally safe. its better than adding salt to water or any of those drinks..its perfect I swear no side effects…trust me, try it huh
Jesus who am i taking too.what is anna saying
” Anna won’t u be angry if Ryan and I start… uhmm
she chuckled.
” omg I was expecting this.Clara do u think I will send u to Ryan’s house if I was jealous
” well
” I would have just sent you to my suite.but I want u two to be together, I didnt send u to his house to be looking at the wall I sent u to have your man…he is yours. have fun.enjoy the moment so u dont have regrets .when the future comes u know the future has come.
” really
” yes i give you u full license to be a lover to Ryan. Clara am not jealous I swear its even what I want.you are making a huge sacrifice for me.so when u are outside u have to be Anna , work,stress your brain.but when u come home , when u are with Ryan u must be clara have fun,live a little,have crazy sex,dance, go on dates,enjoy dating him..I didn’t let u enjoy dating him before so dont ruin this one…
I smiled
” that’s my angel but don’t let anything come between your work focus…
” ok madam
” woooooow so what are we waiting for,where are you
” shower I was …
” sweet , go out quickly and tell him to take action… what are you wearing
I started laughing.
” omg she’s shying for me!!” anna shouted ,gosh Anna is kind and fun.any man will be lucky to have her
” Anna i have not learnt how to tell him that i always wait for him go first, am shy
” ahhh who said the man should always go first .. sometimes u should try pleasuring him , knocking him off his feet
” what!!!” I said and chuckled shyly
” yes !” Anna said
” heish, I dont know how to do that ..I said looking up and scratching my hair
Anna laughed at me
” why?..
” well….., hey Annastasia did u forget everything about me..am not experienced in that field… am a very big novice.. I don’t know anything.
Anna chuckled sweetly
” so shall I teach you
” yes
” ok expect the pdf.
I smiled I know she’s kidding
” Anna thank…
“Clara thank….
we both said it together.I smiled.
” I am happy clara
” me too.
we both laughed simultaneously
” tell me something?” anna said
” what
“if u rejected someone’s ….
” love before how do u tell the person you want him back ?
” how did u know
” well Tony is in London so I expected this
she chuckled
” so
” just kiss him for a long time and unlock then say” I love you ,now and forever ,I never stopped loving you.repeat
” yes,I love u now and forever,I never stopped loving you .
” perfect he will come back
“and after that?
” hot sex follows
” Jesus Clara I thought u said u were innocent
“well…my mouth isn’t
we both laughed
” hahahaha I love you Anna
” I love you more.
I rushed into the room Ryan was not there I looked at my body..gosh this pajamas is not sexy. I smiled and wore my long gown.no that’s not sexy at all…. I need Ryan to to make love to me tonight I missed him and I have no regrets Anna is fully with me .I smiled to myself… but am too shy to tell him that.i used my hand to cover my mouth. awwwwwn I feel so sweet.i jumped up dancing and smiling. I laughed out with both hands on my chest i wore my white transparent singlet… I looked down and used my hand to cover my breast I instantly removed it.that was too seductive…I picked my handless gown.no, he will know I want to seduce him. ahhh what kind of girl am I.infact whatever.I better just Tie my white wrapper. I tied the wrapper well across my chest no no no. if he is touching my br**st from the wrapper It will be boring. or maybe he would remove it right?. like this , I tried untying the wrapper it was too tight.shit this wrapper is a mood killer I untied it..oh Diana I need your help just call me. my phone rang I checked the door Ryan was carried away with the news so I fell on the bed comfortably. it was diana
” hi Clara
” hey bes
” how are u now
“so great..Ryan was kidding
” enjoy
I smiled
” uhmmm diana I wanted to ask u something
” tell me
” well.. Ethan how do u tell Ethan that …I mean to… erhmmm well what I wanted to Say is uhmmm Ethan your boyfriend who is also my friend yes.
how do u uhmmm , infact I dont know forget it .. Diana laughed out
“Clara if you are too shy to say it to me how will you say it to Ryan
” i dunno
” well i had this stupid challenge too with Ethan at first after he deflowered me so I was always shy to tell him when I wanted him to …. so i called mum and she said just tell him, or let your cloth tell him.or try foreplay with him he will know what u want
” what…no I can’t do that…ahhh bad news.all of them fail…goodnight.
” ok just tell him the same way u tell him u love him , Ryan make love to me I miss you
” Jesus Christ!!!”I shouted Diana laughed
” infact don’t stress just wear that transparent singlet we bought with a free skirt.or lie clothless he Will fall , if u looze your ability to seduce your man that’s a very big problem … i know he will come around but hey !!!
” yes
” don’t let him abuse living together..
” yes mum
she laughed. Diana is a good friend .she always has an advice to drop.. I jumped down and picked my singlet no no …it’s too ….I dropped it and wore my normal sleeping wear.just then Ryan came in
he sat on the bed and I sat beside him
he removed his bracelet and his top
“I kinda felt hot.” he said I smiled and looked in his face
” uhmmm Ryan
” my love” he fell on his pillow and turned to look at me pushing himself to lie well.
i crawld and sat beside him with my legs folded.this is lia’s sitting position when she wants to ask for money.
” well I ..
“u what … do u need something
“yes i do.. uhmmm well…I looked around
“Clara when did you start stammering”he said smiling sweetly
” well I just wanted to say”..I moved my hair into my ear and shut my mouth up. ryan smiled
” say it
” I just felt like saying … well ryan I feel…. uhmmm I have
“u have?
I closed my eye tight
“I have head ache..gimme drugs ” i said.
he laughed.
[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 74
Ryan chuckled and handed me drugs I smiled and fell on my pillow ..nice fail Clara stupid you .
I arranged my pillow and forced sleep.
Ryan turned off the lights.so annoying….hah.
gosh I need to wake by 5 Anna’s dad is on drip.
early the next morning I arose and took a quick bath that way I can easily visit Anna’s dad … i wore my bra and pant then tied the towel again.i was about wearing my jean when Ryan shouted
” Clara its 2:30
“are u a ghost… u didn’t even check ur time…. u be winch abi u dey fly for night?( crazy mood)
” ahhh I was just hurrying. too bad.
Ryan stood up
“I have early surgery I think bathing and sleeping again is better
I smiled and ryan walked into the shower.I dropped the jean and removed the towel.I wore my white singlet and tied wrapper around my pant.holy ghost fire he might see my pant.I untied the wrapper and wore my short . I removed the bra..now i can feel comfortable…omg i feel cold early morning bath bad idea.I picked my laptop.I need to go through today’s report since I missed work. I logged in and seems all activities was normal. I used the bed cover to cover myself as I lay on the bed with the system on me. I felt ryan walk out. I looked up .he walked to the other side of the bed. yummy!!, that stature.I smiled and looked down he wore a white short.flatterin
g every thing sexy about him.mostly hes clean skin. he applied cream on his hair and moved it back then he fell on the bed.Ryan turned to me
” are you cold?
“me yes … no .. I mean not that cold.” i said . gosh what am I doing.I gently knocked my head he smiled .
he took the system from me and moved in by me .
he lay on his side looking at me with his head on his palm. then he softly brushed his fingers on my tummy I smiled relaxing myself.he traced his finger tip from my arm up to my ear Touching softly then he moved into my ear I felt his breath , beautiful. he kissed into my earlobe Biting softly then i felt his voice light into my ear like breath,
“that head ache you had earlier has it stopped?” he asked me .
” me headac…….. yes it stopped” I said remembering my stupid lie .
Ryan kissed my neck slowly grazing his lips
“do u feel any other sickness?
“no .. am fine.
“Oh really “he came off then he traced his fingers to my tummy then he Rubbed on my lower belly in a slow clockwise motion,…. he pressed deeper as he got lower right above my pubic bone.
“so what kind of head ache was it ” Ryan said as he pressed his fingers Into my short and brushed on the surface from pubic bone to my vaginal surface.he kept shifting my pant gently brushing his hand on the surface I started coughing. Ryan smiled and brushed out his fingers.
” tell me was it migraine,severe or just light ” he said this brushing his hands into my thigh he Rubbed my inner and outer thighs firmly in circular stroking motions.
” well it was severely light.” I said
” so tell me ,what do u think was caused it” he brushed his fingers to my br**st and gently squeezed softly… wow that’s sweet
“I asked u
he smiled and moved his finger To the other one
“what caused the head ache?
” mnmmm,well…”I started coughing
“I didnt have headache I wanted u to make love to me ” i said and shut my eye quickly .I heard Ryan chuckle
” thank u for confessing ” he said
and kissed into my neck , grazing on my neck sweetly and Breathing very gently over the sides of my neck to my ears then he circled his tongue around the edges . i smiled out moans . as he came into my lips ryan kissed me for a while Gently nibbling on my bottom lip i deepeened kiss.he unlocked and ran his finger on my lips then he kissed me again and sent his finger to my br**st he stroked softly from my singlet
he sent his hand to my other breast and pressed playfully . we kissed deeply our tongues Met meanwhile Ryan’s finger was already deeping into my singlet from the tummy side he got to my br**st again and gently circled his thumb on my ni**le I moaned gently into our kiss then I felt his both hands on my singlet.he unlocked and pulled my singlet out I helped him remove it from my head he smiled and kissed me again while arranging my hair which fell apart… Ryan unlocked from my kiss and grazed his lip on my neck sweetly to my shoulders I moaned wordlesly as he traced those sweet kisses into the hollow of my throat then down into my neck bone . Ryan gently licked around my cleavage he licked down into my tummy and kissed up again through my waist side. I moaned sweetly as he kissed the sides of my br**st… ignoring my ni**le he licked the space between my breast I finally he took my ni**le into his mouth and sucked me softly like I was going to disappear.
he unlocked and kissed my lips again I brushed my fingers on his shoulders from behind. Ryan looked down and sucked my other ni**le then he brushed his fingers into my thighs . he used his fingers to unzip the short… he stopped sucking me and I relaxed my back well as Ryan used his both hands to lift my hip up from the bed he carefully pulled out my shot.I relaxed my hip down and he kissed ny lips sweetly his chest rubbing against my nipple .he licked into my neck and used his finger to rub my crotch through my pants carefully pressing on my v*gina I kissed into his lips. Ryan unlocked and looked down into my thigh . he used one finger to softly remove my pant he dropped it.and still looked down I got shy was is he looking .I carefully used my hand to cover down there Ryan chuckled and removed my hands then I closed my legs tightly together. he kissed my lips and I felt his fingers touch the surface softly I gently arched my waist as he sent his hands deeper .. i finally opened my legs he widened it better .
he deeper his fingers into his lower cupboard for a while I don’t know why but when he fingered me his hands felt cold and lubricated so sweet. ryan fingered me perfectly. he rubbed on my clits, rubbing up and down, side to side perfectly until I began to shake gently arching my waist.. ryan carefully took my ni**le into his mouth then he separated my labia and gently stoked his dripping wet fingers softly.he swiped from my clit to my opening then up to my clit again …he did this for a sweet while and I felt some orgasms cooking up. Ryan licked me down to my navel then up to my lips and finally penetrated me with one finger. I moaned out as he rubbed the right spot . without stress he found my g spot (upper wall of the v*g*na)and used his Thumb to massage it deeply for a while , then he doubled his fingers penetrating me with two fingers i groaned arching my back.Ryan massaged my g-spot from inside and rubbed my clit from outside.I felt myself coming as I began to shake softly
” ryan i am about to….” he rubbed his fingers again i started shaking sweetly,I took a rough a breath and moaned out a sweet climax. I climaxed for a while I was happy . I took my breath back Ryan is so sweet.
he kissed me softly as he rose fully on me we kissed for long minutes then he widened my leg and came comfortably between.. he grabbed my hip and pressed in
i groaned out
“Jesus ryan” I was so wet, it didn’t take much for his erection to find its way into my opening . Deep inside of me. So deep, I screamed out
“Ooooohhhhh Ryan !” . I widened my leg then he straddled me like like no man’s business. he started very slowly I moaned sweetly as Ryan sank deeper stroking me softly. he increased his speed a little as he pounded me deeply and kept increasing his pace. i kept shrieking moans . suddenly Ryan started pounding me harder and faster than before , oh God sweeter until it got (sweetisticated) .
” oh ryan ” I moaned he kissed my lips deeply and i brushed my fingers from his hair to his back ..holding him like he was mine. he continued stroking me hard , he rode me like that making Me moan carelessly
” oh ryan…mmm… I love you… . We continued on like this for a while then magically we both climaxed simultaneously . i climaxed again .. I had a vaginal climax this time.i got too weak. he too climaxed hotly but i guess inside the condom cos i didn’t feel that sweetness… I didn’t even know he used a condom. I wanted him to wet me so i can try Annas drink well next time he must get me dripping. oh sweet Ryan moved his hip in a little circular motion making me smile… then he pulled out and lay beside me on the bed gasping sweetly I closed my eye cos I got weak.
I knew when Ryan walked into the shower.I smiled to myself it was all sweet I was sweating profusely… oh thank God for energy to wait until he came.. I lost my strength half way. what a sweet night. Ryan walked out and lay by Me with the towel on his waist.did he bath again. a man is even cleaner than me.he touched my hair sweetly pulling me to lie on his chest.
” did your severely light head ache disappear?.
I smiled and ate into his lips stealing a kiss.
“sir Ryan
“I love you
he smiled
“Mrs Ryan
“I love u more than u love me
” it’s a lie I love u more
” ahhh lie I know I love u more.
I smiled
” thank you oppa
“for choosing me for your health mission…I really dreamed of meeting you.
Ryan smiled
” thank u for being u Clara…I would have been meaningless if I didn’t meet a Clara David
“I smiled
” really
“Yes really
” so sweet
he smiled and I licked his nipple
” ahhh don’t spoil me ” he said
“but that’s what u did
he looked around
” me never
“no I really did
” show me I will like to see where I did that
I hastily used my my hands to cover my chest Ryan laughed Sweetly
” ah Clara if I didn’t meet u I wonder If I will still be alive.
I smiled. so sweet
” won’t u bath
“at least take this” he opened his drawer and forced drugs into my mouth then gave me water I swallowed forcefully
” sir ryan u removed my baby .. why?
he laughed and fell out of the bed. oh gosh I hope he didnt get hurt.
” Ryan what happened
“U,what are u?
I smiled
“Clara u made me forget everything I read for surgery
I laughed and dragged him up to the bed.
” sir ryan what is the drug for
” anti bacterial Sily
” ahhh but u don’t have infections u are the only man u ever slept with I didn’t even kiss anyone
Ryan started laughing again this time he fell on the bed
” Clara leave me house before u kill me
I smiled and fell on the bed with him.
” sir ryan its almost time to visit Anna’s dad
” no more 40 minute
” 40,40..” he kised me I smiled and rested my head on his shoulders.
“Ok so to save time how am I in bed
“how am I in bed ,boring,etc.u men say that.
” this is my best moment with a woman”… I smiled and turned
” really
he nodded.
” you are the sweetest and most beautiful woman I had ever been with every thing about you is just special. Clara,no other girl can make me happy like u do. I smiled and ate kiss from him he chuckled.
” tell me more ..
he nodded , your shyness and smile turn me on, your fragrance is perfect just how u love my woman to smell natural and intoxicating.
I smiled
” your grip is so tight it drives me crazy…every thing about you is beautiful. your smiles turn me on every minute and if u don’t chain me Clara I might be making love to you morning,afterno
on,night.”he said into my lips kissing me lightly I smiled.
” no need for chain i want that, and I like it
I smiled at him
he stood up and carried me up
” where to
“will u bath
“will u swim
“let’s go
“but u don’t have a pool
“I have a pool house.
we got out and he opened a door omg so beautiful I looked at the pool.
” sir ryan isn’t it cold
“I will make it warm.
he pressed some stuffs and the engine under water made some noise for a while
” when will it be done
“few minutes
“how dare we pass Time?
“kiss me
“Ok but no hand
“No hand challenge
I placed my hand on my waist and kissed him…before 2 minutes Ryan already grabbed my waist I laughed out… he unlocked and touched the water then he removed my robe and i walked in.
Ryan lay on the pavement quietly
I swam to him.
” sir ryan what are thinking about
“if u can spend the rest of my life with you
I smiled.
” come closer
he came closer and i kissed him he smiled
“What kind of kiss was that
“I was made for you kiss
Ryan smiled.
[5/6, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 75
minutes later our romance ended. I headed for Anna’s house as quickly as I had changed.
Ryan left for surgery.
I entered my car minutes later I arrived Anna’s house.Clara concentrate,con
centrate.stop thinking about Ryan u need to find out how he took the poison.pls pls pls…stop thinking about Ryan..I smiled and slapped myself lightly then I opened the car door.all the maids bowed. I rushed inside and instantly opened his room door with my key… he lay with his eye open.the drip was almost finishing.I instantly removed it
” dad sorry
” I was scared at first when I realized the drip was finishing but i remembered that Anna can never forget her dad so I calmed Down.
I smiled
” how do u feel
” stronger
” can u sit now
he moved up and sat down i smiled and sat beside.
” actually dad I found out that u were being poisened
” really
” yes and its a very dangerous poison ..if u take it again u might die.I need you to be careful about everything that goes into your mouth, every injection u get..just be careful
” ok
” ok lets try walking.
I pulled him to his feet but he flinched and sat back.was it painful,well I know it’s a gradual process.
I helped him sit in his wheel chair then I pulled him out to the dinner
” what will u eat
” I feel full
” yes too much supplements sorry
” its ok.
” well let’s go on a house tour
” Anna what about work
” am scared of leaving u alone until I find out how u got sick .I need to concentrate on you..I need to be available when you call.
he smiled and touched my face.he’s nurse took the wheel from me and I faced Rachel who tapped me
” tell me
” u have not been at work for two days
” Rachel mr Grande comes first
” u don’t understand this is the opportunity men like malcom use to strike
” don’t worry
‘ am just scared cos that period Anna lost concentration from work was when malcom chased us out of Chicago and India
” Rachel u know am not Anna ,anything I do i do it for real.while I am with dad I will concentrate on him ,spirit soul mind and body and whenever I return to work I will also concentrate fully…I will cover up for my lost times.don’t be scared
” ok…. am so happy , dad is getting better
” yes I need u to get me info on Isabella
” what kind
” everything about her
” ok
we both looked at Mr dervantes.
tonias POV.
God when did Anna get so smart…. how dare she take over like this.she even trapped him yesterday and he didn’t take the poison… gosh.all thanks to the way in which I poison him.he will still take it without knowing.he will surely take it today.but I need to call malcom.
” hello
” tonia
” malcom Anna is really getting difficult
” how
” she now locks her dad up and treats him secretly,she doesn’t give me space with him.
” listen Anna would never find out how we are poisoning Grande ,even if she has the brain of a goddess, she wont know we are poisoning his water , our work is too clean…and Grande will still keep taking that poison even in her presence,she Wont know
” mmmmm nice
” u know , I like it that Anna is carried away , she has not been to work. I am using this opportunity to penetrate A.G.H.C-L .(a.g.h.c in los Angeles)
” wow
” yes ,I already penetrated a.g.h.c here… no one is smart enough to notice my actions.and before Anna returns to work I will give her the biggest shock of her life…. she fooled me in the bidding I will teach her not to play with malcom..I am going to ruin a.g.h.c for good.
” nice … what’s your plan
” watch and see tonia, watch and see
” I hope Anna doesn’t figure it out
” we are almost done.before Anna returns to work we will be clear so it’s better if she doesn’t even show up at work for some time.
” wow I love what I am hearing
” now go make sure Grande takes his poison.
” sure ,I am on it.
I dropped the call.hahaha malcom just targeted Anna’s biggest and most active branch.she will cry.we already sent her out of Chicago now Angeles will join.hahahaha.I don’t regret doing business with malcom.I don’t regret kidnapping issabella for him.Anna is just waisting her time issabella is my biggest assurance.I can’t wait for her to get her brain back.malcom said she forgot her signature.
I walked down to Grande.Anna sat facing a table … something is different about this girl,something is off .I am sure if it .. Anna does not place anybody above work not even herself so who is this.
Anna’s pov
I Formed a bad habit of counting by drugs trying to predict how close my surgery is .. just then Tony walked in holding a teddy bear,I smiled widely
” hy 22
I chuckled
” Tony
” just kidding,here.he handed me the teddy and I smiled
” are u ok
” yes
” did u come to inject me again
” no actually I came to check up on you
” ok I am fine
“I know
we both smiled as he sat beside me
” Anna , I need to tell you something..I don’t know how many times I will say it before u pity me
” what
” I can’t stop loving you
I looked into his eye
” please…. forget it all ,shares,merger,
money.let’s just be happy,lets be happy for the moment .
I smiled and kissed his lips for long minutes gosh I forgot the sentence Clara thought me. I smiled and Tony kissed me more sweetly and slowly.
” Tony
” yes
” I never stopped loving you
he smiled and I hugged him
” Anna
” i want to live and die with u
I smiled
” truth fully am scared
” why
” what If I die
” no u can’t… u won’t
” I have a wish
” tell me
” now that I am still alive and strong can u take me to see the London bridge
Tony laughed
” Anna ur crazy
” just take me out.I am tired of perceiving the same smells I perceived for 2 years . I wanna go out .just only today.
” ok I Wil
” will u take me to your house too
” I won’t forget
we both laughed as he pulled me into a wheel chair.yes this drugs made Me weak to walk.I can’t even carry myself but I am so blessed because I am happy. .tony pushed me out
claras pov
tonia stepped out and sat beside Anna’s dad
” Anna has he eaten
” I dont think u should bother about that tonia
” Anna be nicer,Tonia am full” Mr grande said
” well are u taking enough water?” tonia asked
” yes…, Anna go to kitchen tell the maid I need water.
” ok dad
I stormed into the kitchen.I met the maid
” I need water
” for who
” dad
” ok
she opened the fridge and handed me water which I gave another maid to take out.I tried walking out then I paused .why did she ask me who needs water,does water have ownership.secondly why was she so careful about where to pick the water from
I turned to her
” can i get water.
“for who
” ok
she opened the fridge and gave me water from the” lower” section.
I handed it to my maid
” put it in my car
my maid walked out
” can u give water to drink here” I said looking at her
” ok
she gave me water again from the “lower” section I took it from her
” one more water for tonia” I said looking at the fridge
she handed me water from the” lower” section….I smiled and placed a fake .call
” oh Dad.,yes, ok dad.” I turned to her “can I get water for dad?…
she rAised her hand to the” upper” section and gave me water I smiled I found out what i want . the poison was never in his food but in his water.I wondered why only his water was in the upper section.so that was how they poisoned him.I looked into the water.
Omg just now I remembered i already gave a maid one can of water to give him…..God please hope he didn’t drink it
I stormed out.in a very heavy high speed.dad don’t drink that water.oh no.I ran faster
[5/6, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: I don’t like breaking promises. Thank u for the 5.5k oooh.
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 76
oh gosh I stormed in and he was about drinking the water i rushed over and took it from him
” Anna
” dad who told her to to give u water
” what
” u can’t drink water now …It will spoil my hardwork. those drugs Wont work again.
” oh
” yes
I threw the water away… Tonia pushed him further through his wheel chair
Clara think .if I tell him his water was poisened they will find another means to poison him…now I don’t know who is poisoning him …its not safe..if they find out that I am aware of the poison they May result to shooting him or finding another way so I need to be ahead of them… yes .I will carefully change that water into clean ones.they will think they are still poisoning him they won’t know he is getting better.that way I will have time to concentrate on my work and stop monitoring him good idea.
I stormed into the kitchen she was still by the fridge
” Tonia is calling you
” ok.
she walked out and I locked the door I carefully picked out all the poison water and threw it out the window into the woods.one by one.then I replaced it with clean water. good,so good.at least before the realise what I did Mr grande will be strong and I must have found out the culprit.
I opened the door and stormed out i called Jake on phone
” hello
” clara.
” I want u to look into Tonias favourite maid
” Elena
“ok.I will give you feedback.
” ok.

I wonder what Ryan is doing now,was his surgery successful I miss him..
I met dad outside.
” dad I will leave now.
” ok
” I already arranged your drip and told the nurse how to do it so once u are done resting go inside so she can inject it…remember I want your bones to grow strong so u can walk
“ok but what about water
” well …you are free to take water in 30 secs
“ok I love you.
I kissed his cheek
Anna’s pov
wow am I not the happiest person on earth.Tony took me to a lot of places then to his house.it’s really pretty.I sat quietly on his bed then he sat beside. just then I heard sounds around the living room like someone was moving.I have been ignoring this sound for long but when I came i didn’t see anyone.
” Tony , Seems someone is in the house With us . I heard a door move ” I said looking into his eye.
“don’t worry I Will check.” he walked out and minutes later he walked back to me.
“so what do u think of my house
” who was it
” did a ghost come
” Yes ….. no. it was a friend
” tony its not wrong if you have a serious date. does she live here ?.
“No its not really..
” tony I left you and i was dating Ryan so its ok of u are dating someone else i understand.
” yea ,you are right. its a girl
I looked Down for a while and raised my face forcing a smile.
“it’s ok… uhmm do u guys live together…how come I didn’t see her when we came
” well she was in the other living room.
“oh ..thats nice.. am happy for you
“me too.. am happy that she’s here .
” well my being here is a lot of discomfort so will u take me back” I tried standing up my leg pained he caught and helped me Sit.I removed his hand from my body.. frowning my face
” i really want to go..won’t u take me back?” I said turning and looking into his face with my tear filled eye…I don’t know why am tearing up.
” Anna are you okay ?
” just take me away already” I tried rushing out he caught he and i fought against him..i just need to go before I start crying here.
” Anna stop
” leave me alone !!!” I shouted pushing him away
” you really want to go?…. I thought u said u weren’t jealous and u understand
” well I do. i just want to go !” I said and Tony helped me Sit then he pushed me away we got into the living room and there the girl stood .
” tony am done ” she said
tony nodded. I watched her press a button and all of a sudden a bright light clouded me. I turned to look to at Tony .he smiled
” do u really think I will disrespect u that much……. surprise Anna. it’s our anniversary.
I wiped my tears and different lights rained on me.. it was so beaituful.my pictures displayed on the wall.the other side of the wall displayed old pictures of me and Tony…. I smiled. I turned to the other side and and saw the thick red writting.”I love you Anna!. it displayed on the screen with different colours soon every part of the house displayed
“I love you Anna ” in different designs. it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. even the floor wallpapers kept changing into different scenes
I smiled and Tony held me tight.I turned to him
” thank you.
” I love you Anna… I love you so much.
I smiled and my tears streamed.Tony knelt down facing me and gently touched my neck.
” Anna say something.
I looked up and my tears dried
” Tony the circumstances that made me break up with you had not changed. the merger is still there and once I return I am too marry Ryan.
“is that what you really want . what about u ,what about me , what about us.don’t we deserve a chance.
” Tony
” Anna I want us to get married it’s u that i want.so lets make this work please.
” Tony u don’t….
he kissed me shutting me up. I deepened the kiss and our kiss lasted so long I forgot what I wanted to say.
he unlocked and swiped his fingers against my lips then he kissed me again so deeply our tongues Met.
” don’t say hurtful words Anna .
“I love you too. is that okay” I said crying.
Tony hugged me tightly.
we both looked around the room
” its beautiful ” I said smiling.
” I know.” let’s go.
he pushed me into the room
” No carry me ” I said looking up like a kid.
“oh should I
I nodded
he lifted me up and carried me into his arms.
” shall I cook for you
” No , I need to be in the hospital.
we walked into the kitchen and he placed me on the counter.then called Shane
” Shane I need a favour
” tell me
” p 22
” Anna
” can I keep her in my house for today.
I will return her tomorrow
” fine.take care of her .
” Ok I will.
he dropped the call.
” tony what do u want to do with me
I smiled.
Elena pov
wonder what Anna was doing in the kitchen cos Tonia didn’t call me.I arrived home and walked into the living room just to find my Anna in my house.my mom and sisters sat on the floor .how did she locate my family
” madam
” Elena can we talk
I looked at my family and nodded
Anna stood up wow nice fashion.
we headed out
” I know what you are doing though I don’t know why
” what
” why are u poisoning my dad
” no am not, I don’t know anything about…..
” Elena am I smiling ?
” ok it was Tonia, it is all tonia.I swear.
” what
” she’s the one poisoning him,she has always been doing it
” good so I need u to ensure that my dad doesn’t take the poison again
” how
” I already changed it to clean water,that’s what u will keep doing each time tonia gives u a new set of poison
” ok I Will
” don’t forget I have enough proof to sue u for attempted murder
“I know
” ok.good night.
she walked out and her guards followers her Anna was mean before but she got more smarter and fearless..I rushed into my house.
clara pov
wow being Anna today was really stressful . I feel so sleepy and week.I didn’t have time for work. just then Jake called
” Clara are u home
” on my way.
“Ok…Chris called me he said he thinks something is wrong with our los Angeles live feed
” how
“I dunno but u know Chris is our hottest brain in a.g.h.c.if he says something is wrong then something must be wrong..but he said he can’t place it but his instinct tells him something is wrong.
“so I told him to send u the video. am sorry I know u don’t work at home but we are all scared cos Chris doesn’t raise alarm for nothing.as it stands now he is still at work trying to figure out what’s wrong so I am connecting you to the live feed right now . I wish u too can look into it.I believe that this night, out both of u one must find out the problem.sorry for the stress.
I scratched my hair..am so tired.is this What Anna goes through.
“ok Jake send it…
soon my car pulled into the compound.I walked in Ryan is not yet back.where is my sweetheart.I walked into the shower and took a bath . I wore my gown.he sent the link to the live feed.
I switched on my system and connected it to the big t.v in the room,.. i watched the video . but is there anything wrong?. I mean this should be exactly what is happening in los Angeles now. I logged into the weather forecast. okay okay.It rained in los Angeles today by 3. I paused the present preview and backwarded to the earlier ones… ok 3 o’clock feed. I paused the video close to the window.
but it’s raining… nothing is wrong ..chris must be kidding. I don’t see anything wrong. I called Chris
” Chris I don’t see anything wrong.check the weather.
” Anna I am still at work… something is wrong I feel it very strongly but i can’t place it…I checked the weather too.
” tell me exactly what your mind is saying
“I think that video is fake maybe they constructed it from past videos but an expert did it making it look alike.
” but this is a live feed … how can they corrupt it
” Anna I don’t know… I can’t see any proof in the video.all my team members said the video is ok that am drunk. but Anna I know for sure something is wrong I wish u would just concentrate on the video you are smarter than me .I know u will figure it out. just try looking at the video with full concentration. you where bone in a.g.h.c if anyone should notice a Change it should be you.
” ok…. I will try my best.
I dropped the call.
Clara concentrate and detect.I played the video again and stood up facing the t.v. I used the remote to control the speed. I started from early 1 o’clock. oh gosh its late where is Ryan.I can’t even concentrate.
malcoms pov
I sat drinking my wine when one of boys came
” sir we need to withdraw our activities right now. we need to cancel the plan.
I stood up ,
“Anna is about to find out
“how ,Anna is not at work. she didn’t go.
Lucinda stormed in
‘ dad we need to stop the operation my mole in the research department of a.g.h.c just told me that Chris is suspecting something and he connected the video to Anna.
“what !!!
” we all know Anna and Chris are two smart heads,Anna is watching the fake video and within less than 30 minutes that girl will figure out that the video is fake.she is a hot brain.
” yes sir and we are still pushing the drugs .if Anna finds out that the video is fake she would send in her team in Los Angeles to go to the hospital and once they arrive they will see all we have done.” king said
” Anna will sue you to court dad and we will loose all our branches,pulling her down will backfire times 10..let’s stop now.
” tell me ,how far have we gone” I said
” we are almost done sir before 4pm tomorrow or even 3 Anna will be crying .
” that’s if she doesn’t figure us out this night.” Nathan said
” continue ,we are too close to stop”I said
” Dad Anna will surely Catch us tonight..am scared.
“she won’t” a voice said I looked it was arrora.
” arora?
“let’s continue Anna Wont find out.she might be smart but our video work was smart too. it needs deep concentration to find out if it is fake and Anna can’t concentrate at home cos she lives with a man… this weather is very romantic I don’t think Anna will concentrate on watching that preview this night.we are so close so lets not ruin it.
“arora Anna and Ryan are fighting”Lucinda said
“no, after she fell sick they came back again..I already saw kissing and hugging pictures.
“ok….. let’s work with auroras Faith guys..Anna won’t find out.
“ok dad.
they all walked out.hahahaha Anna i am about to shock you.
clara pov
i paused the video.mmmm something is weird about this video.(smart ass )
I moved closer to the screen with my remote and zoomed in. is this a past video cos this woman is wearing Wednesdays uniform and…. Ryan walked in I smiled.he wrapped his hands around me from behind and kissed my neck sweetly then my cheek.he turned me over and kissed my lips deliciously. I smiled into his lips
” I missed u
” how was surgery
Ryan took the remote from me
” Ryan don’t………….
he already changed it to play music.I laughed
” I was working Ryan
” even Anna doesn’t work in my house working Is made for office and fun Is made for home….gosh this weather is yummy
I smiled as Ryan increased the volume of the music and pulled me into his arms he used his lip on my ear I smiled as he grabbed me by my waist and ate my neck.
” but I really
” shhhh.
he lifted me up into his arms and kissed me again each time I disengaged he locks the kiss again I smiled.finally he pulled me down
” gosh I Need to bath
I smiled he walked into the shower I ran to the t.v and played the preview again oh no clara what did u figure out before…Ryan just wiped my memory with a sweet kiss. hmmmm woman wearing what… oh jeez I scratched my hair just then it came back.yes woman on uniform.I forwarded the video searching to see her face Ryan walked in again. i tried concentrating I didn’t look at him I faced the screen he chuckled.
” clara..
“am concentrating…. don’t try distracting me
he smiled and and brushed his fingers on my butt I smiled
“ryan u wont succeed in distracting me,
i cant fall.” I said concentrating on the screen.
he chukled and kissed my lips i didnt deepen the kiss he smiled
” really ,can u play tough … u really think u can play the concentration game ?” he said .I nodded
” yes i can” I said with courage “i faced the screen.where was I …. ok woman with … ryan massaged my hair i held it in he smiled
” nothing?”he asked me
i forwarded the video .but why is this wom…….. ryan brushed into my legs with his hands then my thigh and hip ..
i held it in God… stubborn u
” jesus nothing yet” he asked
i smiled and concentrated.
” ok thats a challenge” he said
i backwarded the video … ryan carressed my br**st from my singlet oh jesus that was calling what a playful guy i still held it in. i must find out whats wrong in this video.. ryan kept pressing softly i still concentrated ryan looked at me with his mouth open
” hey!!, nothing too …
i smiled and concentrated if only Ryan will give up now and let me work….i know I felt that one… I logged into the weather forecast just then Ryan did the worst.he gently lifted my top to my shoulders and took my ni**le into his mouth he sucked me and brushed his hands into my pant .i didnt know when I dropped the remote… I can’t hold this one. I moaned out he smiled and raised his face
” i won!!
I smiled
” ryan u Dont want me to work?
” truthfully no
” just one minute
” no, i miss u am hungry… even Anna doesn’t work at home
“that’s because she doesn’t miss work but i missed work
” No
“Ok I Will cook so u can eat but will you let me concentrate if I cook for u?
“‘mmmmmmmmm till ur done.
I nodded and rushed into the kitchen.
I am so weak but i am scared of failing Anna.I need to look into that video.
I placed my pot on fire
[5/6, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 77
is Clara still cooking or what? its been long.I walked into the kitchen and she was sleeping I smiled. Clara please don’t stress yourself too much you will break down.
I walked closer to her and turned off the gas,no maybe she hadn’t eating.I turned on the gas and finished what she was mixing .I placed it on fire. I sat facing her and she slept soundly even the noise didn’t wake her she must be really tired. I moved her hair and kissed her cheek. Clara is an Angel who was sent to earth.
soon the food was done I switched of the fire and just looked at her sleeping face and pouted lips, i kissed her she smiled … omg is she smiling in her sleep.
just then she woke up in a haste.and scratched her hair she looked around and ran to the stove
” oppa am sorry,I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
” No, apology not accepted
” why
“I don’t like the way you are stressing yourself.
” actually,I have no choice and a lot of things are involved.” she said this dishing the meal then she sat facing me
” eat , u said you where hungry
“oh.. of course ” I took the fork she smiled and relaxed her face on the table.
I smiled soundfully Clara is asleep again.I ignored her.after few minutes I carried her up into my arms then into our room…I dropped her on the bed and she rolled to her side.
cute when she is sleeping.
few minutes she awoke again
” Clara
“omg why did I sleep… I didn’t watch the video
“Clara take a rest if you are weak.
” No ..seems something is wrong
” do u think you will be able to concentrate if you are drooling.
” I will try
she took the laptop again and i watched her
” what are you watching?
” Yes,
“u what are u watching.?
she realized she didn’t even play any video.I took the system from her
” Clara don’t break down for something you can break down
” Clara rest, look into it when you are strong.
” what if something goes wrong
” that’s impossible.no major incident can take place by this time…u are still Clara take you time and rest u need your brain. u still have a board meeting tommorow u can’t appear looking restless.
” Ok” she dropped the system.
” goodnight
” Ryan are u sure that no one would get hurt
” are u asking me that with your eye closed
she smiled and fell to her sleep.
i wrapped my arms around her
” No one will get hurt Clara ,not you ,not Anna ,no one you care about.
she turned and hugged Me tight
“not you Ryan
“Yes not me.
I kissed her fore head.
~Clara’s POV~
oh God.thank God I woke up early… I will go to work in the next 30 minutes for now I bettEr watch that preview.
Ryan turned on the .is he still sleeping?
lazy. I switched on the video just then my phone rang,Liam. I stood up and walked into the shower Ryan doesn’t know I am in contact with Liam and he is cutely possessive… I better avoid issues thank God he is asleep.i picked the call closing the shower door.
” Clara am around your home ,are u home?
” by this time ,where are u
” well…
” am with a friend
” male?
” well no.. let’s meet tomorrow
I dropped the call.I can’t tell liam I am with Ryan over the phone.he might get hurt.I already accepted his love meaning I accepted him as a friend and gave him permission to love me so I should have told him immediately I got back with Ryan so he Wont keep his hopes up.I walked back into the room and lay beside Ryan
” who was that? “,Ryan asked me.
” well…he opened his palm so I can give him my phone..I hastily deleted the number and gave him my phone.. I can’t start explaining how I stayed in a hotel with Liam.. he saw my last call just then Liam called again…Jesus.. I ignored the call
” won’t u pick…do u need to go to the toilet again cos ur free
” no Ryan its not ….
” pick your call!
” ok.
I picked up
” i forgot , tell lia am with her wallet
“ok..send me ur house address
he dropped .
” Ryan ,Liam is just my friend
” friend,and u couldn’t pick his call in my very presence.
” well
I don’t understand , it was through me you met him and in a very dirty circumstance. should u still have anything to do with him? i mean after I took u away from his house rightfully you shouldn’t meet him again.so how did u meet liam again, am confused.
” it was when we broke….
” wow so u dumped me and ran to Liam,ahhh no wonder
” ryan must u take it the wrong way
” then why couldn’t u pick his call in front of me… how did u meet him.
” Ryan stop.i didn’t want him to know am with u yet . and secondly I need to clear some air
” in his house,u just asked for his f**king house address so comfortably.. come on everyone knows Liam king is a play boy, u can’t tell me he’s just your friend and u are so comfortable going to his house where he lives alone after what almost happened last Time then it means something is going on between u two.
” Ryan did u just say that?
he fell to his pillow and used his blanket to cover himself. I tried touching him
” go to work ” he said.
I turned the video on but i couldn’t concentrate.I kept looking back at Ryan i never had a quarrel with him before I don’t know how to handle him..I closed my laptop and rose up to him on the bed i just hugged him tight he didn’t touch me . he tried moving me i didnt move
” ryan am sorry ,am really sorry.forgive me please I won’t do it again.I kissed him deeply and when he unlocked angrily I formed a baby face and took my lower lips into my mouth.
” Ryan please
finally he pulled my head down in a deep hug, i took a deep breath.that was war. I unlocked from the hug and checked me time…I Need to be at work.
” tell me how you met liam,I wanna know
” well how we met = I saw Danny in utica and he took me to a hotel where I met liam cos Liam asked him to bring me
” and
” well there was no skin touches .Liam just wanted to tell me that he was in love with me
Ryan nodded
” and
” well I told him I still want ryan but i accepted him as a friend. I scratched my hair.
” so why didn’t u tell him about us last night
” actually I wanted to tell him to his face so be Wont feel hurt.if I hurt him he might become my enemy.
” ok good so why did u take his house address
” well he has lia’s wallet so I want her to go and take it.I said looking into my gown
” truth
I nodded.
” ok.I believe you ” Ryan said . I don’t feel leaving him ,I don’t feel like going to work. i feel weird..I miss ryan so much i don’t know why…I feel like I am going to loose him.
” Ryan are you going out?
” yes but i will be back before you.
” ok.” I nodded and smiled as I slowly kissed him again till our tongues played on each other. he tried zipping down my gown I hit his hand he smiled i unlocked
” am late
he laughed
” bye.I wore the mask and fitted it. I ran down. i still miss ryan so much… what is happening to me.
I entered my car soon I arrived a.g.h.c every body bowed.I walked to my office. now I can concentrate on this preview.I removed my suite jacket and dropped it.
i stood facing the screen.
~Malcolm pov~
my boy walked in
” sir arora was right,she didn’t figure anything out last night. but she is at work and we are still in the process. we are so close…if only we can distract her for 4 hours.
” i thought she would be with her dad,
how do I distract Anna’s attention.
” sir i dunno…the girl has no weakness,even when her dad fainted she still attended a board meeting.
” what about her boyfriend
” Ryan… what do we do to Ryan
” shoot him
” what!!, Mr dervantes son
” this is my biggest chance to lock down all branches of A.G.H.C. in the world. this is big and it needs a big sacrifice.
I guess, Ryan devantes is the sacrificial Lamb.
” but
” this is the only way we can distract Anna from work for the 3 to 4 hours u need.once she hears he was shot she will leave work .that way she won’t realize our plan and before Anna is done mourning his death. a.g.h.c will be locked down everywhere.
” ok sir.
he called his boys
” new order,take Ryan out.
“ok sir ,he is just walking into his building.
my boy dropped the call and left.
~clara’s pov.~
I ran into the research department with Rachel everyone bowed.
” Chris you are right,something is off in the los Angeles preview
” what do we do madam
” black out all other videos, I want to only watch what is happening in los Angeles.
” ok madam.
soon all the screens where showing loss Angeles..
” good ,now display yesterdays video”
I said facing another screen.they displayed it and I paused the video on the woman wearing uniform.
” yesterday was tuesday but a nurse is wearing Thursday uniform.is our preview showing the future?”I asked
Chris looked up
” Anna someone hacked into our system” Chris said
” yes the person corrupted our satellite and the person is feeding us past video” Ethan said
” that means , for the past 2 days we have not been watching what is really going in los Angeles” Tristan said.
” madam what’s our next step.” Chris asked.I tied my hair up..I am really scared right now.. what is really happening in los Angeles now…God.
“Chris I need you to locate the hacker
” Ethan call the md of a.g.h.c-l for suspicios activity
” tristan I need you to…my phone rang I picked up
” hello
” Ryan was shot
” what!!!
[5/6, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 78
” seems he is dead.”I dropped my phone tears streamed down my eye.
” madam …..
“shut up!!.” I screamed out and ran away , oh God not my Ryan please.
if Ryan gets hurt am finished ,i will never forgive myself.
” madam he is in r.d” Rachel said runing out with me
I entered the car soon we arrived I rushed in people where bowing. I ran faster trying to control my tears. the lead doctor walked out , doctor Joe
” where Is ryan?” I asked him
” my lady, please take left.
I rushed up with my guards.soon I arrived I looked at ryan through the glass opening of the door.
” madam he will be fine “rachel said.
I opened the door slowly and walked in,the nurse and doctor bowed.
“how is my fiancee,how is Ryan? ” I asked in tears.
” actually my lady ,he was shot and …
” and?
“well we already did our best.
I ran to the bed and sat beside him
Ryan don’t get hurt please.I hugged him tightly.
Mr dervantes pov
its an awkward weather,I picked my phone just then my boy Victor stormed in.
” why the rush?
“Ryan was shot.
“what! who shot my son.
“well it seems it was an accident,he came in contact with criminals… that’s what we Got
“criminals! better be criminals,where is Ryan?
“he is in r.d Right now sir.
“good ,call doctor damon and also call his mum. hand Ryan over to him Damon’s care.
“ok sir
he walked out.
clara’s pov.
I dried my tears and wiped my face on Ryan’s body. Ryan’s mom walked in very young and classy. she dropped her bag she was streaming tears already.her guards stood outside.
“Anna what happened?” she asked me dropping her bag.
“mum I don’t know,I just got a call.
she hugged me and hugged Ryan
” ryan you are okay right? tell me my love” no response a doctor walked in
” Mrs dervantes,my lady. u both shouldn’t be disturbing him…let him rest now.I am doctor damon I will take care of Ryan
” but
“I beg of you
“I wiped my tears and walked out.Ryan’s mum touched my hair
“he will be fine
I stormed out and met liam coming in with his guard’s I paused and dried my tears . liam came closer
” Anna?
” Liam,am….in a haste.” I looked at Rachel and tried walking out Liam dragged me back. i Pushed my tears out with the BACK of my hand and folder my hands to my chest.
“are u ok
” Yes ,am fine.
i tried waliking out he blocked me.he signaled all the guards to wait then he dragged me into the elevator. soon we both stood on the roof top looking at each other and looking down at the world.
” did you tell lia what I said
” what are u saying, who is lia?.
” Clara cut it out … I know it’s you,it’s all you .
” Liam are u drunk, is this how to console a person.
” won’t u just accept the fact, i already know it’s you.
” I am going out ,i dont understand what you are saying. I tried walking out he dragged my hand
“Liam stop you are adding to my pain.
he opened the door of the room on the roof top and dragged me in then he locked the door.I looked around many lights sparkled.few chairs where there.very neat and spacious….from there you could look Into the sky cos the roof was glass. I looked at Liam
” liam open the door,what are u doing?
he pulled me to the wall gently and stood facing me
“Liam stop,let me go
he care fully pulled out the mask.and dropped it… I pushed him out of me and ran free
” why are you lying to me Clara,why lie to me too.I thought we where becoming something.
” liam just leave me alone,” I tried walking out he took my hands and held it tight.
” I called you last night and u said u were not with a man but u were with Ryan.
“Liam you are hurting me, I am helping anna so I should live where she lives.
” so with Ryan is it plainly business or are you mixing it with pleasure. are you staying with Ryan as a lover Clara.
“Liam let me go! I pulled him out and tried walking away he dragged me again and placed me on the wall.
” Liam stop!
he forcefully kissed my lips. I pulled out
” Liam what are you doing ,” he came in again and kissed me tightly . I pushed him out and slapped him. he looked around and licked his lips .
” so I mean nothing to you huh? u just slapped me cos i kissed you , dont you feel anything for me ? not even mere attraction?. what am I to you,nothing?
” Liam what you were doing was wrong,you are hurting me.
“so what should i do? I am in love with you. you are back together with Ryan, you even live together . it hurts, just when I thought we were getting somewhere.
“liam I never dated u,I have the right to date any man I want and I have the right to be with anyone. so just stop
” Clara! Clara please ,” he took my face into his hands. “Clara i love u very much, stop hurting me am jealous.u shouldn’t live with Ryan Clara, I thought u would finally give me chance.I never felt this way before not for anyone please.
“Liam I will never and i never meant to hurt you but am sorry.liam I am with Ryan now .let me go,let me be.
I rushed out.
liams pov
this is why I always avoided love,why I became a play boy.love makes me go crazy, It controls me. I love Clara and am jealous.I don’t want her to be with ryan even if I have to expose her real identity to the world I will, that way anna can go back to Ryan and Clara will come back to me.
I need to meet malcom. i will tell malcom the truth ,i will do anything to be with clara.I headed home and called Malcolm on phone
” liam king
” I have info for you
“is it important
” do I look like a kid
” what is it about
” Anna
” lets meet
“of course,I will text you the location
” anyhow you want it
I dropped my call.
Clara i love you and I want you.I need you to be with me.I will do worse and I will do more…. to get you I will do anything.
[5/6, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 79
I arrived my mansion and sat in the front yard
” welcome sir” a maid said
“get out ,all of you ,get out!” I said and the maid left.soon all the maids left.
better,I feel like being alone.I feel so much pain.
I finally sent a text to malcom
lets meet at silber stars,only by 6.
ok .
I dropped my phone.and sat quietly on my chair with my face up.I headed to my bar and picked few drink I couldn’t even drink them so I kept them all on the table.I am really tired of this lonelyness,I got tired of too many girls and finally I found one ,I found someone who meant something,she was different from the rest but now I lost her too.
Liam must have been drunk ,the doctor already allowed us in But Ryan’s mum left. Ryan is not waking up .i sat looking at Ryan quietly then I checked my time..it’s been 3 hours, i didn’t resolve the loz Angeles issue omg.
but why did Ryan get shot, my boyfriend is not someone who is troublesome or who has enemies.who could have shot ryan.I gently touched him just then it rang on me,
why today of all days,why now? oh no malcom wanted to distract me from me work. he knows ryan will make me leave work. oh gosh its all malcom, if he did this then what’s his plan. I kissed Ryan’s fore head and stormed out almost running.my guards followed me rachel came to me.
” where too?
“a.g.h.c., I need to go to a.g.h.c now. malcom will do something, malcom wants to do something big. if he could just shoot Ryan to distract me that means whatever he wants to do is something big.
“but madam are u sure malcom shot ryan
“he did, and that was his worst mistake. I need to get to work now..
” but what if Ryan wakes up
” I need to be in a.g.h.c ” I shouted in frustration as we stormed out the press rushed me security covered me.
what’s going on…why is the press talking like this.i started breathing hard.the crowd shouted
” A.G.H.C IS FRAUD!!!!!
what’s going on..oh God i don’t want any problems.I turned to Rachel
” what is it
” malcom, he did it
I took her phone from her as we walked through the press.what I saw made me stop waking.
I DROPPED her phone and it broke.I almost fainted. oh no..oh no. i turned to Rachel
“Clara u have to BE strong,don’t cry. they can’t see u cry, be strong.
don’t let malcom think he won, he might have won but be strong, Clara hold it in.
I took a deep breath and wiped my tears. malcom has done the worst.
I smiled and walked down into my car almost falling I held myself. I entered the car and placed my eye out the window my tears steamed…Anna I failed you… what will you do now.
~Anna’s pov~
finally I got to my critical level.I can’t move again. i thank God that if nothing else , tony was the last man who made love to me.
right now am finished, my skin white. my hair less.my face Dried. i cant move again I am halfly dead. the doctor said it is a positive response to my medication.
being with Tony made me believe I can push through. I am happy because a.G.h.c is safe…at least I secured it fast. Clara is protecting my most valuable commodity and I trust her.
if die I will die happily cos I know that Clara Will secure a.G.h.c and find my mom.she will secure a.g.h.c into my mom’s name and Chase tonia out.Clara won’t fail me she can do it cos her name is clara David.
someone already told me what malcom did, that was before this test began. do you know what I relied her?
i said ” don’t tell me the problem malcom caused, rather tell me how Clara hit hm back.” yes thats my watch word… everybody makes mistakes but i guess the universe wanted to show Clara how tough her new environment is so she will button up.
they gave my angel 72 hours before the final lockdown of all A.G.H.C’s hospitals. goodluck Clara I know you will make it,but i might not be alive to hear how you thought malcom a lesson cos after this test comes my surgery.but I know u will win ,even if I am not alive to hear it pls win for me clara….. don’t ever get weak.Anna got weaker now,Anna can’t even stand up,I Wont pick if you call. you are now alone Clara.
I felt something cover me as I closed my eye. I wonder what kind of test this is. I felt myself move into a bigger computerized system.it closed down on me and I heard voices
” Anna what’s the temperature in there If it’s hot raise a finger.
I raised a finger up .
Clara pov.
my name is clara David and I am not a failure.I will not let Ryan’s sickness pull me down.I promised Anna that I will fight for her and I am going to do that.
I will hit malcom back where it will hurt him hardest.I can never get weak.I won’t shed a tear.no one will make me shed a tears… Anna’s revenge just started its time to give all of them a piece of their pie.
” madam all share holders are in the hall,there has been an emergency board meeting.what will u tell them, how will u handle this Clara.
” let’s attend the meeting Rachel.
I packed my hair up… I need to send Liams address to lia if she doesn’t get her wallet today she will loose that job opportunity.. now its already late.I hastily texted her
liams POV
I couldn’t even drink all the drinks I brought out,I am experiencing a different kind of pain.
it’s almost time to meet malcom I better change.
I tried standing up when someone rushed in,she bowed I looked well and it was lia. she bowed again and scratched her hair strolling in.I paused to wait for her.I can’t even describe what she is wearing.
she wore a black jean but it was obvious she was sagging. She wore a black cap then wore a yellow shirt.she wore a black school bag to her front then wore male slippers.Jesus is this a girl.she waved at me and rushed up ..no matter what she is wearing her drop dead figure can’t be hidden.finally she reached up and hastily removed her cap her long hair fell free .
” oppa…..sir,I came to take my wallet. quickly,I am almost going to loose my job. u see this job I Got downtown, my letter is in that wallet. well I could have written another one but Clara wrote that one and clara is my good luck charm so that’s why I need that particular wallet.so can you give it to me? I will just sit down and wait for you….go get it hurry! ” she sat on the floor then finally lay flat. She turned to me and whispered” oppa quickly, my wallet .
I swear I didn’t even know when I smiled.
[5/6, 6:43 AM] Ritababe: CLUMSY NURSE ..
[being Anna] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] EPISODE 80
” Ok I will find your watch in my room where I kept it” I replied.
she nodded and I rushed into my room , I don’t even which one is her wallet.DiD the maid join all the wallets together as one.. well I will give her the bag so she can find her own.I rushed out and handed her the bag where 6 of my wallets where.she nodded and smiled I rushed in to change for my meeting with malcom
I came back but i couldn’t find lia again ,omg could lia have gone with all the wallets? oh jeez important cards are there where did she go too.
I entered my car and and rushed out after her seems she already went for her work…ahhh.I paused my car and sat on the road.wait she got a job downtown.. ok.
I drove down and there she sat with her legs crossed on a pavement. her hands in between her legs.her curly hair fell all over her face ..she is beautiful but she looked sad.I horned and she looked up then she shot a tear filled smile at me.. she bowed carefully and ran to me leaving her cap behind.as well as her school bag.
” am sorry ,I didnt know when I ran off with your wallets.” she handed it to me
“Ok ,so did you get the Job.
she scratched her hair
“well , they said am not proper so…
” who ever said that ,the person must be drunk
“heish its ok, I just needed the money I hate the Job anyway
” so uhmmm ,are you going somewhere
” No,am just waiting for my friend..Ahhh there he is.” she pointed at a particular boy who walked out and sat near her bag he opened it and took out a gum,the same boy that hugged her that very day .
” Ok, if you want I can drop you
” sure why not , hey Ray quickly!!
the boy stood up and bowed to me both of them entered my car and this was the worst decision of my life.they opened up all my Windows and forced their faces out.the noise was frustrating but i swear she is making my day… both of them sang in crazy voices till i turned off my radio. she looked out the window for a while and turned to me laughing
“oppa you won’t believe that mad man was dancing..ahh so sweet ” she smiled and sat back i smiled.
“lia I told you to dress better but you prefered to wear my cloth” Raymond said
I turned in shock ,are they living together?
” uhmm do u guys live together?
” most times ” Raymond replied
I nodded.
soon raymon dropped and shouted to her from the window
” don’t forget Saturday night!
” ok
he left. Saturday night,they must have a date
” uhmmm sir
” tell me
” why don’t u give me job
” what!
“I can be your gardener,cleaner,cook uhmmm sweeper ,maid anything that gives money
” uhhh can you really work as my maid
“Yes ..but how much will u pay me
“any amount you want
” anything you want lia.
she smiled happily and clapped her hands together. as long as she is clara’s sister I will give her anything she wants.
” I am ready
“oh that’s good.
“if you want I can start today
I remembered I sent all my maids away , I might need help
“Ok. you can start right away.
she smiled and nodded soon we arrived my house..I came down and she too came out
” I will look around sir
I walked in.
after close to 30 minutes I came out and watched her,she stood looking into the pool smiling .I remembered the day Clara’s mum warned her to stop swimming..she must really like water.she squatted and watched the water like she was scared to dip a finger.
Lia’s pov
Ahhh this cute sir has a cute house.
“its so pretry” I shouted .just then I heard his foot steps I turned he held a wrapped outfit.
” if you want to swim you are free” he said
” but , won’t the mermaids think I am one of them ?” I asked innocently shooting my blue eye into his and scratching my hair.he smiled
“No this is not the river ,there are no mermaids here.don’t worry
I smiled
” why do you like water so much?
” it’s just like me ,calm when I want to be and destructive when I want to be
he smiled and pushed the cloth closer to me.
” take left
I walked behind and removed my cloth then I opened the outfit he gave me ..it was a swim suit very pretty.I wore the short..it was short but covered my hip I guess long enough.then I wore the half cut.I looked at myself in the mirror…omg I look like a girl..I look to hot..what if he….no ,no. I rushed out and he looked at me for a while his eye searching from my leg to my hip.I moved my curly hair and smiled
“u look pretty” he said
“thank you
” there’s water …swim all you want.” he rushed into his house I smiled and dived into the pool.
Rachel’s pp oo vv
I and clara Got close to A.g.h.c.I looked at Clara , how will she convince her investors not to go?, this might be the end of all Annastasia’s hard work.
I watched Clara who looked out the window.it’s time to find out who is smarter between u two.Ryan is at the hospital i still can’t believe she left Ryan at the hospital, gradually she is becoming ready and ruthless,just like Anna.minutes later we arrived a.G.h.c… Clara walked out.as she walked the press rushed her she didn’t say a word. she wore a thick Red suit. her walking steps where fast and perfect just like Anna when she is angry.
Clara walked into the main hall. she wasn’t smiling at all , soon the door man opened the door she walked in.
all investors where panicking.some where standing,sitting,strolling,
shouting.oh jeez! Clara walked in fully and took Anna’s chair.they all turned to her.
tonia pov
finally Anna came I thougt she won’t.
hahaha all your investors are about to leave Anna , how will u convince them to stay with you in this fire.I can’t wait to watch a.G.h.c loose all investment and investors..even if Anna later succeeds in covering up the drug case she won’t have a single share holder again and no one in their right mind will invest again…soon they will leave u, just give them 20 minutes.
” is this hall now a secondary school assembly”Anna said calmly opening her file.
” Anna didn’t u see the news? something so big happened and we are scared” a share holder said.
” Anna what where you doing when something so big…..
” Anna we are sorry but we can’t continue with you. we are scared and you already lost. I personally I am withdrawing my shares.
“me too
“me too
“me too
“me too
” I too
“me too
” me too
“I can’t stay
” am scared me too.
hahahaha I love this they are all leaving how will Anna convince them to stay.
” I don’t back out from a battle field rather i embrace war, because I am a Grande . we are in the middle of war we should fight together and we still have 3 days to win this war ” Anna said
” Anna u have 3 days but we have 2. didn’t u see the verdicts? on the third day no investor can withdraw their investments anymore.
” Anna we just lost a.G.g.c -l, plus Chicago which we already lost .now in 3 days time all a.G.h.c branch in the world will be lost,we will losse our hard earned money so don’t blame us for picnicking.if we are to stay with you we need an assurance ” Mr Choi said.all investors started nodding.
” if there is no hope we Will all withdraw our shares so we won’t die when a.g.h.c is dying “Lee Jung woo said
” what kind of hope can she give us,we have only two days,let’s leave now. remember the verdict,act fast act now.” president gu said
” what is the assurance you are giving to us Anna… why should we stay with you even with the fear of loss of investment. mr kang said
Anna stood up
” I Will solve this problem and no investor who sticks with me will have regrets.i am a true grande and my word is law. i give you my word, In 1 day I will solve this issue. stick with us for only 1 days and if at the end of 1 days I didn’t solve this issue then all investors are free to withdraw their shares before the third day . this is my word. this is my law. this is my assurance to you, just a days.
” all right Anna ,we will watch u win this war. One day it is.
oh no ,well let me see what Anna can do in 1 day.
“the meeting is adjourned” .she walked out.
Rachel’s pov.
wow I love Clara …I love how she handled this.she walked out to me.
” I want to meet malcom
” what!!!!” I started shaking
she turned to look at me her eye pained and red
” malcom Manchester,founder of m.h.c. I want to meet that Bastard.
I started shaking in fear,who doesn’t fear that man ,malcom is dangerous oh God.
” take me ,take me to m.h.c
I looked into Clara eye and I swear those eyes are worse than of Anna.
we entered the car and took off I almost peed on myself.
lias pov
omg its already evening ,Icant believe am still in liams house he didn’t go out cos I told him I can’t stay alone.right now he is in his room and I am in his kitchen.he has not been out for a while i wonder whats wrong.but wait , I am home alone in a house with a man who is not related to me ..Jesus am a girl..oh gosh lia what where you thinking…where are the other maids then. that cute sir hadn’t eaten anything since… am cooking but i dont know of he will eat.
soon I was Done .I wore my cap well do he won’t see my disappointed face when he insults Me for cooking.
I rushed into his room and knocked
“it’s open
I opened the door he held a glass of wine.he dropped his glass of wine on the table then looked at me
” uhmm do you want something
“well ,have you ever heard of ulcer?
he chuckled so sweetly
” what happened to ulcer ” he asked looking up at me
” well its very deadly and if A person doesn’t eat it develops ,clara Told me that
” and
” well you had not Eating anything sir so I …. well I … the thing Is, I cooked for you but i don’t know of you will like it.
he didn’t talk so I leaned quietly on his door
” oppa should I come closer?
he smiled again and nodded I rushed over and knelt on the floor so i can easily set the food on the little table which was there.soon I was Done .I knelt properly sitting on my leg.don’t mind me this is my best sitting position he didn’t touch the food.I used the cap to cover my face well
” uhmmm don’t you like it?
he finally picked the fork and tasted my food.. just then I felt him remove my cap from my face
” it’s delicious” he said and I smiled happily clapping my hand together.
he ate my food but he didn’t touch fish I stupidly used my finger to cut out fish for him I tried placing it in his plate then I got myself..omg what did Clara teach me? I forgot he’s not my family member and I used my finger . I tried dropping it back on the plate when he spoke
“I thought that was for me
” the fish
” well
he shifted his plate and I placed it smiling.then I care fully cleared out the remaining bones.I like him , he is kind. but it seems he likes Clara,this cute sir.
I saw the news of Ryan on the t.v.omg really , Ryan was shot ,I need to call my clara.i picked my phone Liam didn’t talk.
” oh hy, Lia.
” what!oh hy , lia. who am i unto?
” lia its me , did you get the Job
Jesus what happened to my Clara her voice changed and she’s too serious
” No I couldn’t but Liam gave me a job
” where?
” well…. well… in his house ,as a maid.
” that’s good ,don’t worry Liam is a nice person. he found out about Anna he knows the truth .
“oh ok, so how are you Clara
” am not fine lia. Ryan, I should be with him right now but i dont know when next I will be able to see him. it’s time to get my revenge ,no one had the right to hurt the man that I love.
” Clara don’t act In anger
“you already know what my anger is like Lia.
” be careful,bye.
I dropped the call and looked at Liam.
” it’s good,thanks.
I smiled
“Clara thought me
he didn’t talk
” that Clara , uhmmm tell me about her?
” ahh I will write a book
he smiled
” Clara is kind ,innocent, sweet. but clara can be the most dangerous and wicked person on earth if you annoy her. i remember the man that beat her mum when she was just 18, clara poured fuel on him and lit him on.
” what?
” clara david is a tiger inside. calm on the outside but deadly inside. u will only see her other side if you annoy her but luckily she never gets annoyed
” what happened to the man
” thanks to the crowd of women the man had harrased someone else took claras blame , the wife of a lawyer and the case was covered as self defense.
” nice
” but shes gentle, she places others happiness over hers just like she is doing for Anna now cos Anna is dying
” wait, Anna Is dying?
“Yes ,Anna is dying. that’s why Clara will take her place only until she gets back. clara has to live in that cruel world,she must be in so much pain.
his phone rang he placed it on his ear and looked in my face for a while as I knelt down… then he looked down and finally spoke.
” am no longer interested malcom,I will make it up for disturbing you.
“Ok… rest well.
and those where the only two statements I heard . I Removed the plate and cleared out everything.then I walked out.
after all my firmness I have one big problem ,I can’t sleep alone. it started after my best friend was raped. that singular incident changed a lot of things in my life,a lot.it was in my room that
clara’s mum cleaned her up .. she was still a little she was rapped at 14, ever since then sleeping alone sacred me cos they came in through her room window and if only she slept with her sister she could have been safe. I guess that was why I prefer looking like a boy cos girls are soft and helpless.. we are helpless.that night as Clara’s mum cleaned her blood,Clara also vowed not to sleep with or date any boy. she said she would rather become a nun. I was surprised when she she gave it to Ryan,she must really love ryan. I like Liam ,I liked him ever since he came to our house but i just like him as a person I guess. I looked at the bed for a while, well lia! its time to be a big girl.
I jumped on the bed and closed my eye , I heard noises and I rushed up..oh jeez it was a hawk.
mmmmm maybe I will just sit by the door so I can easily run away.I sat their quietly until liam opened the door.i turned in shock.
” will you sleep with me?
” waaaaa….
Rachel’s POV
its really late , only dangerous people operate at night.Clara David what are you made of ?Clara is not scared of malcom,no single fear is written in her eye. soon we arrived m.h.c .malcom was walking out smiling with his guards around him.. the bright lights sparkled. Clara fearlessly walked to him Jesus I was shaking, malcom stopped in front
of her with his guard’s.
” hahaha Annastasia, did you come to……………
Clara raised her left hand and slapped him fearlessly. I almost peed in my pant. malcoms guards rushed out malcom told them to stop
” that was for hurting ryan” Clara said with a very anger and Pain filled face,malcom smiled.
“I don’t know what you mean, i am A very kind man and I didn’t hurt anybody.
“hahaha I always knew you were scared of me malcom Manchester.
” u can’t even accept the simple fact that u shot Ryan cos you are scared of me,u are sacred of what I will do to you.
“am not scared of anyone!!” malcom shouted
“yes you are ,you are scared of Me so scared you are shivering.
” i said i am not scared.
” if you are fearless why don’t u challenge me by confessing to your crime. you are not scared right? then why are u denying the fact that you shot Ryan. scared fool, u know what I will do to u and that’s why you are scared.
” I malcom, I fear no one Anastasia. no one, not even God.
” but you fear me ,your boys should laugh at you cos you are a coward.they all know u shot Ryan but you are denying it because of a woman.you are denying it because you fear what Anna can do!!”clara shouted
” Anna can do nothing,yes I shot Ryan. bring it on Annastasia! I shot him,i shot ryan.I shot him and I enjoyed it .I am challenging you Anna what will you do!.
” good ,”
” yes.
” listen now malcom, run for life cos I am coming back at you.remember the old saying, an eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth.but I promise you today malcom, I will not follow the old rules…..
” Anna!!
” shut up!! ” Clara shouted
” don’t dare me Anna
” malcom manchester , between me and you ,it is not an eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth. rather!!, an eye for two eyes and a tooth for two teeths.
” Annastasia!!
” a hospital for two hospitals, a loved one for two loved ones . I will hit u twice as hard. always remember this, an eye for two eyes .
Clara Turned and walked away. I froze what a threat.
malcom looked very shocked and scAred.
I swear Clara is worse than Anna. I am suddenly scared of her.

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