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Clumsy Nurse chapter five

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 51✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

but if I am not able to meet Anna I should write this down
yes I should write this down, where do I write this down.I looked through the room until I saw my old journal of last four years. I better not use my recent journal for safety purposes..
I picked my journal and looked through it …I searched carefully for an empty space.

Anna’s p.o.v

I was awoken by coffee which my mother’s favourite maid served.

I woke up and wrapped my blanket over me I feel cold.

” thank you, exactly what I needed.
” you are welcome
” madam I need to tell you something about your mother
” what is it
” your mom didn’t leave you just like that…Mrs issabella didn’t leave In sane mind she was actually acting very weird.
“yes,she was halfway Insane… your dad had to lock her up.
” how come dad didn’t tell me
” I dont know and I don’t also know how she left…I am surprised because she was heavily guarded.
“how did her sickness start
” it’s shocking because it just started out of the blue.
” thanks.
” I will be leaving

she walked out ..

I can’t really believe all this…why didn’t father tell me.this means we need to further our search to psychiatric houses who knows someone might have found her.

I rushed into my shower.

Mrs tonias p.o.v

Anna keeps making things tough I can’t believe she fired Ella… Anyways she will soon cry out blood.no need exchanging words with her,I know exactly what to do.
I placed a call to my agent

” hello are you done .
“no am still meeting major lawyer’s…soon all the files and info concerning all documents will be mergered into one .then all issabella has to do is to sign it.
” ok you are taking too much time,I am tired of seeing issabella alive.
” it’s all good,everything Is under full control but what about Anna
” why
” Anastasia is a true Grande by birth..you are not even a legal wife and we both know that daniella is not Mr Grandes child .even if Isabella signs away all her rights and all annas right to you ..the court and the board even citizens won’t fall easily to you…they will start investigating and asking questions…and they may find out the truth but if Anna is dead or seriously ill,….

” they will have no choice but to plead in my favour ,I can easily disguise that am helping Anna out.

” true, now you understand
” I don’t know how the future will be but I know for sure that there is no possibility of hurting Anastasia now…her security Is mind blowing.

” untill the files are ready . I hope you also have plans on how to shut Alexandra up.
” I did but one stupid nurse ruined everything …now I have to finds another way to kill him.

” better do…so by then , after Isabella assigns her shares to you…the death of your husband will also push his own shares to you too….in the disposition of Anna ,making you the only heir of Alexandra Grandes wealth worldwide.

I smiled this is what I like to hear.

” so have you found the boy.
” no not yet but Anna wants to hold a big board meeting ,do well to not miss it.
” I won’t .
” good,tell Ella to cool down..everything will fall to place…very soon she is going to have it all.even everything that Anna has
” ok
” good bye
” ok.

I dropped the call.yes, even everything Anna has.

Ryan’s p.o.v

am tired of watching Clara from my window.she’s so pretty and she’s braiding her hair…… clara feels so guity nowadays its sliming her down but when i offered we break up and take things slow she was still crying. she really loves me very much . i wonder if she doesn’t miss me, she should be up here by now

” hey girlfriend.
she waved her little hands at me
” why are you making me miss you
” wait , am coming…. I will just

she tied the red ribbon on the two braids and rushed up ,she looks like a toy.

she came up and I took a step closer and hugged her. she smiled and looked down
I sat on the bed and helped her sit

” sir ryan , do you think Anna will forgive me
” for what.
” for you… for loving you
” Clara
” don’t worry I already know the answer.I just wish you were someone else not someone who belongs to Anna cos I really love you very much…
” Clara its ok.everything will fall into place with time.
she nodded and smiled out tears…is all this paining her.

claras pov

I only have one wish.that Anna will forgive me.I am selfish when it comes to ryan maybe because I loved him alone for a while.I know i don’t deserve happiness but I really want this one.I looked at him and more tears streamed down
” Clara
I wiped my tears and smiled.I raised my hands to his face and kissed his cheek.I really want to kiss his lips but I feel so guilty now… thinking about Anna’s call.I kissed him there for a while till my tears dropped on him I wiped them

” bia`ne ” (am sorry) I said wiping his shirt i stained.. he looked into my eyes
” Clara I hate it when u shed tears
I hastily wiped my tears I don’t want him to hate me yet.he raised his hands to my eye and dried them out..
” Clara Its ok.we will do it your way.. ” he moved closer and hugged

” clara why are you quiet suddenly.
” I just want to hear your heart beat.
he chuckled

” sir Ryan are you hungry
” Mrs Ryan do you want to cook
” yes I want to…let’s go cook
” yes madam.

he carried me into the kitchen.

” sir ryan drop me on the floor
” no my princess doesn’t step on the floor.
he placed me on the counter
I smiled and wiped my tears before he sees it.why do I keep tearing up… maybe I should try being a friend to sir ryan now.. kisses ,no romance …just hugs like normal friends do.can I do that?. i cant break up with ryan it will kill me rather i will try my best to avoid these stuffs i can do it,fighting!!.I looked in his face and he mixed everything for the sauce and turned on the fire he moved over to me and placed both hands on the side of the counter trapping me and just looked at my face as I kicked my legs about.
” sir Ryan can you cook
” yes … do you want to taste… he deeped the spoon and fed me . tastes good I smiled . he presses his hands on both my hands on the counter and looked into my eyes again…
” what do you think..was it good?” he asked me. I nodded and he smiled at me I stupidly moved over and tried kissing him again .. arrrgh why can’t I control myself I gently tucked my hair behind my ear and tried withdrawing my lips he kissed my cheek.

” Clara Its ok…. I am willing to wait for all those conflicting thoughts in your mind to settle…I am still here and I love you and we are still a couple but it will be on your terms… I will be anything you want me to be.a friend,a lover,brother as long as you are happy.
its done lets go.he carried me down from the counter and we both walked down to the dinner with the food.

” I am so glad I gave you my first kiss sir Ryan..It was really valuable to me others saw it as nothing.
” am glad I was your first love too Clara.
” so Who was your first love sir Ryan
” well her name was kareena, Indian model.
” really Indian
” was she pretty
” not as pretty as you.
” after her
” it was kang hye
” kang hye unnie
” yes ,the actress
” wow amazing
” is it?
“yes so why did you two break up.
” well she got obssessive
” Me too, I don’t want to see you with any other girl Ryan … I feel like I will die
” u wont, it has to be u Clara
” promise
” yes I promise
” so after unnie was daniella
” yes Ella
” how did you meet
” well open street…she was a reckless driver she almost spoilt my car.I was so mad I came down to shout at her but it turned out she already collapsed she was unwell..that was how we met.

” what about Anna

” I told you she was sent to my house..by force .

” sir ryan do you live alone
” yes..I do…… uhm no I live with… Anna.
” can i live with you ..one day.. maybe?
” my house is already yours and when we return you will surely live with me
” just like Anna did?
” yes Just like Anna
I got happy in my heart.one day I might live with sir ryan

” am happy sir ryan…I will dish the meal sir
” no this cute boyfriend will do that” he said
” so tell me about you …uhmmm who was your first crush ” Ryan asked
” Ryan dervantes,25 years old world best surgeon, braniac and handsome.

” hahahahaha really
” I fell for you for a long time , the press pushed me to love you more.each time you came back..I really tried to see you but I never got the chance

” sorry
” I can’t believe you are mine
” I swear I am.
” sir ryan I will go out tomorrow, I will visit Louisa..she’s ill

” oh really.
” yes
“ok but do come back early I might die from missing you
” ahh I will
” ok

we ate fully and i retired to my room , watching time slip through shadows.I didn’t kiss him I think I can control desires for now until he calls Anna but I really miss kissing him and falling into his chest and having him romance me.”Jesus Clara what are you thinking of” I shouted and used my pillow to cover my face i saw him looking at me from his window.I smiled and waved at him.. I won’t sleep with you tonight sir ryan you will surely break my defense…omg I miss him.I held my pillow tighter.he laughed as though he can hear me shout” desires stop!! inside my head.



oh finally Anna shows up and I thought she would never come.. I really want to know what this meeting is all about

Anna walked in, she looks quite expensive , her guards and assistant strolled down with her but the guards stopped at the main door leaving her with her assistant.the crowd is really much ,Mr and Mrs dervantes as well as all important persons are available .my husband had to come too I can’t remember the last time he attended such after he handed over to Anna this means there must be some important issues to address.Anna arrived at her sit she sat down with so much pride then she said

” please procede.

the director of a.g.h.c stood up.

” since Anna has arrived we will move into the main reason why such a big meeting is held again over the years. .also ma’am Anastasia Grande gives a special welcome to all of you.

he sat down and Anna spoke into her Mic

” hello ladies and gentle-men .as well as representatives to active heads who couldn’t make it.my name is Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first.”she smiled ,her name really fills her head with joy.

” and I am the only heir of to one of the biggest hospital owned by grande group. ie) ANNASTASIA GRANDE’S HEALTH CENTER.( A.G.H.C.) this position balanced me with me 70 percent of shares in Grande group.this means that in this gathering I am God.

every one looked at each other and her father smiled gently.

” I Annastasis Alexandra Grande held this share holders meeting strictly involving dervantes groups share holders too . I wish to resolve an issue which has been a big blow to this great partnership between Grande and dervantes group.

” the file sitting in front of you is a list of un -accessible income and resources from within and outside both groups for a long period of time , aging from my coma arrest. as you can see its a long list. pls m.d read out some parts .

” March 34 procurement for drug from dervantes (access denied)
” April 4th ,procurement for Labour from a.g.h.c ( r.d denied access)
” procurement for capital from dervantes ( access denied)
” and so on…. madam.

he sat down

” thank you , so we all see clearly why this merger is not working.after my accident both groups stopped giving acces 2 works,Labour,capital,resources resultant to this ,dervantes group had to get an external investor ie) Liam king to invest in the new hospitals without reaching out to a.g.h.c for financial aid. mr dervantes can you tell me why..

Liam looked at Anna and smiled softly.he must be surprised at her strict nature

” well Anna , you stayed in coma for longer than usual and mind you this partnership was binded with marriage, so we had to reduce our transfer of resources so should in case you do not wake up ,the merger will easily be severed”, Ryan’s mother said.

” well Mrs dervantes you spoke well but after I awoke and started treatment monetary access was still denied especially in huge amounts.

” Anna your relationship with Ryan has not been legalized.we are just being carefull cos if one day both of you break up both groups will incure too much cost and the merger will cause a huge blood battle so I advice you to do this after your wedding my jewel “, Anna’s dad said

” Anna my dear I already told your Dad that his fear is useless, Ryan loves you and he told me he would get married to you once he is back so what is our fear,let’s stop this access denial..Mr dervantes said and his wife looked at him.

” honey be careful ,Ryan is a human being not a toy ..he has the possibility of falling in love again or getting fed up with Anna “, she said in low tunes to her husband
” Ryan can’t be stupid enough to do that”,Ryans dad replied.

Anna closed her file

” my relationship with ryan is secure , i also live with ryan as a fiancee.even through my years In coma Ryan waited for me and he was never caught or seen anywhere with a woman so this proves that we both love each other very much and our relationship is very much secure. .. so as the foremost heir of Grande group I hearby declare that from now hence fourth , both companies will have open access to both resources and capital with no hindrances.this merger will bloom into a strong partnership and we will all be one.

her assistant gave her the declaration file and she signed it.

” Anna if this will push through , we need a formalized documentation of your marriage to Ryan which can be looked at during proceedings..we are all investors , we don’t want to watch both companies go down or result to a blood battle”, liam said.

” nice speech Liam, so today before you all and with full permission from Ryan I hereby formalize my union with Ryan we are now a couple before society and law the rest will follow when he returns.

the judge brought out the marriage certificate and signed it .

” since the fiancee is not here May his both parents sign in his stead”, the lawyer said

Annas assistant passed her the file and she signed it.

now her marriage to ryan has become a bond that can never be broken .I watched Ella wipe her tears..she finally lost Ryan.

” father in -law and mother .please sign…. anna said
the file was moved around and Ryan’s Dad signed as well as his mom.

” daddy please sign
” sure Anna , I hope Ryan is in line with this”,…. my husband signed.. the lawyer took the certificate and signed it then he sealed it.

” from today Annastasia has become a legal wife to ryan dervantes.part of this agreement already took place before her coma arrest and Ryan signed it then so now that she is out.it has been completed and legalized . they are now a couple before society and the law the remaining rites will follow when Ryan returns.

I know my husbands fear,even if Ryan is not in support it won’t make any difference,nothing can change this union and he doesn’t want Anna to get married to a man who doesn’t really love her but was forced into it.after the signing Anna stood up

” and today , I here forth formalize my marriage to ryan dervantes. now this merger has been strengthened once more ,there is a full documentation so if I or Ryan go contrary to what I did today by breaking off this marriage and leading to war, each share holder or investor has the right and privilege to sue us to court . and sue the company as well for repair of damages.I believe I was clear and understood….

“you were understood clearly Mrs Ryan dervantes., the crowd chanted and Anna smiled Mr dervantes smiled too.


am gong on a two days break oh……fucking stressed out recently rewriting all this is making my days hard to cope with… I need to think before I start writting another story join together…
[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 52 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

* Ryan’s p.o.v*

what exactly is holding Clara , did she get dear and fall sick too,I feel bored without her.just then my phone rang it was a video call so I connected it to the screen .it was my dad,I can’t believe he is smiling so happily, when was the last time he smiled at me

” Ryan I am so proud of you son, I didnt know you were smart enough to convince Anna into this. once you return you will take your main position in dervantes group your Dad is finally placing his hard work in your hands cos he trusts you.

I smiled happily, my long dream.I looked at my mom she smiled at me…its time I forgave mum.her early morning texts made my days better.

” dad I am happy but what about Anna
” Anna strengthened the merger
” no don’t tell me she formalised
” yes, she formalized your marriage. you are now a man my boy you are a husband and you will soon be a dad
” but why ,how could she… why did she do that
” what’s wrong ryan, are you trying to say something
” no dad ..of course not.. it’s all right
” I thought so too.I am proud of you son.

he dropped the call and my heart beat sank.tears streamed down my eye how could Anna do this. ARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!”, I screamed out I wanted to marry Clara what’s going on what did Anna do ,what about Clara how do I cope , what do I tell clara . I tried throwing away my phone when mum called.

” Ryan what’s wrong ,u didn’t seem happy
” mum I love someone else, i am dating Clara, I don’t love Anna anymore mum please mummy help me.

“ok, i will see what I can do,hold this call.. she called her secretary who came to her
” dicta has any transfer been done yet
” no not yet madam
” good schedule a meeting between I an Grande
” no madam a transfer has been made.
” what
” Mr dervantes already collected 70percent of the capital needed to finalise the new hospital from from a.g.h.c
” what
” yes and the m.d of a.g.h.c already made a transfer of 20 nurses and 6 methrons their pay is under r.d and the already played in advance
” when
” also Mr dervantes procured a large quantity of drugs right now from a.g.h.c ….
” stop , stop I heard.
” ok madam

its already hopeless , my dad succeeded in ruining my life.

” ryan did you hear all i heard,its already hopeless … what are you going to do. you see why I warn couples not to cheat?,once the feeling is lost inform your partner. Anna did this because she trusts you Ryan i don’t blame her

” mum I don’t love Anna anymore… you know Anna is too emotional if I break up with her over the phone Anna might not eat for two days and no one is there too look after her not even her mother and you know she is sick…I have lived with Anna and I understand how she is wired mom… She is very weak inside..she just acts strong but she is very helpless that’s why I didn’t want to dump her over the phone like that.

” Ryan i understand and i know you love Clara but you have to sacrifice that love,a lot of things are at stake now.you need to burry Clara and resurrect Anna.
” mom I don’t love Anna anymore.
” can you watch Anna get hurt ryan?
” no never, am I crazy? .. we’ve been through a lot together.
” so this means you dont hate Anna too.you still love her very much but as a friend right
” yes mother
” now Ryan you are married to Anna so you have to find a way to make this work I need you to break up with Clara and try finding your rhythm again with Anna … try to love Anna again you have not been dating Clara for long this means you are still trying to bury Anna but I know from experience you can’t Bury what you shared that fast cos you shared something grand. ryan start now to dig out your feelings for Anna so you both can live together peacefully you will surely live together my love there is no going back.

” mom I don’t want to love Anna I love Clara and I will call Anna right now and tell her that I don’t love her mum

” Ryan are you drunk?,Anna must never find out about Clara if she does she might get angry and break off the marriage when that happens a great chaos will fall upon the company and your dad will never forgive you.he won’t only kill you he will kill me too and even Clara… don’t try your father ryan.

” so what am I supposed to do , sit back and live Like a robot. I love clara and i just want to be happy why did Anna ruin my life like this
” ryan I know it’s not too late to rekindle your love for Anna you have to break up with clara ryan you are now a married man let that innocent girl go.. she needs a man that can take her to the alter too,don’t thigh Clara down that’s selfishness ,Ryan tell her the truth and let her go don’t make her a mistress .

” But I don’t want her to go mum

” Ryan if you don’t let Clara go far away she will get hurt…. your dad mostly will hurt her… Anna will hurt her … daniella will hurt her…Ryan she is not safe in your world.
” then maybe I should just leave my world and join her world
” Ryan please think before you act.do not hurt Anna do the right thing Ryan
don’t let Anna find out about Clara…she must not notice a difference , break up with clara now and get things normal if not the problem and blood shed will keep getting hotter remember this is the only way to protect clara

arrrghh !!! I angrily smashed my phone. what is going on, I dont want to hurt Clara no please… what do I do with Clara and Anna. breaking up with Anna means ruining my fathers hard work ..he Will disown me but holding on to clara means ruining her life cos Anna and my dad will kill her .. and what will she say she is fighting for , a married man?… just then Clara rushed in she held a bag with her

Clara p.o.v

sir Ryan looks different ,he looks worried this is not the way I left him. I walked closer and he just looked at me.
he stood up and hugged me tightly.
I held him tight too.I wonder what’s wrong

” Ryan ,what happened
” Clara something happened I don’t want to think about all this, all I want is you.
he hugged me tight again.I handed him the bag of sweets I bought for him in the market.he smiled and hugged me again.I wonder why sir Ryan is hurting.
we walked to the couch

” ummm how is Louisa
“she’s fine

just then his phone rang it was Anna ..he didn’t pick up ..he dropped the phone on the table and hugged me tighter.he kissed my fore head and hugged me again…he is acting as though I want to leave but am not going anywhere.or could he be the one who wants to leave me.this thought forced tears out of my eye… what is going on. he kissed my lips deeply… oh gosh just what I was avoiding…I missed him so much so I deepened the kiss he disengaged and just hugged me again he’s pretty eyes are so teary even the sweets won’t he take again.

” Ryan I love you …I will never leave you and I won’t let you leave me.I will fight for both sides…i hugged him he brushed my hair with his fingers and just froze in my arms. I tapped his back and he chuckled sweetly…..finally I missed that.

Anna’s p.o.v

why won’t Ryan take my calls , what’s going on .should I call Clara?
I need to update Ryan of the board meeting …I know he won’t be mad that’s y I did this as I surprise for him…now that I want to tell him he won’t pick up.just then DANIELLA walked into my room

” congrats setting dads investments on fire
” what do you mean
” there will be war very soon Anna , watch out …all the investors will soon sue both companies to court for playing with their investment.

” what do you mean, why will that happen
“cos Ryan is going to break off that marriage Anna ,ryan doesn’t love you anymore he is in love with that handnurse.I caught them both red handed when I left for Africa and what’s more they even sleep together.

“daniella leave my room
” Anna its the truth so better withdraw your declaration before its too late

” you want me to break off the marriage so you can keep trying your luck with Ryan right,

“Anna believe what you want or you can go and see for yourself.

daniella walked out… could she be right could Clara have failed my trust.is that why Ryan never picks up his calls I walked down and a maid was walking up.

” madam you have a visitor

I walked down and there he sat .Liam king.he waved at me I walked down to him

” to what do I owe this useless visit
” yes Anna can never change …not even after coma
” what are you doing here
” Anna since you strengthened the bond,I am now a full member of a.g.h.c

” does that make you a member of my life.
” let’s walk…pls
” fine

I wore my slipper and we strolled down. he looked at me and smiled

” you are beautiful Anna
” I own a mirror Liam
” yes I forgot she is full of herself
I smiled
” Anna don’t make a mistake.
” do you know what it feels like to forcefully marry a man who doesn’t love you anymore
” no
” do you know what it feels like to marry a man and realize you no longer love him
” no, where are you streaming to.
” withdraw your statement before transfers get hot ….. it’s a plain advice cos you don’t know if Ryan is still in love with you and from the look on your face you didn’t inform ryan

” what do you know about Ryan and who he loves
” I know quite a lot , alot … be careful Anna the decision you made can ruin your dad’s company for life
” that’s if Ryan breaks up the marriage but he won’t cos he loves me.

” are you sure you still love him too or are you confusing desire for love.

what is this stupid Liam saying .

” I love Ryan
” Anna I just gave you an important advice…. withdraw your statement… when ryan returns and you both get married you can easily strengthen it again….. once serious transfer starts it wouldn’t matter whether you love each other or not the marriage will be by force and you don’t know how that feels.. this is a man you have not been with for close to 3 years.love is beautiful but love without attention gets weak…he walked down to his car …I don’t understand why is Liam covering Ryan’s interest…he is sounding as though he doesn’t want me for ryan..he spoke as though Ryan is in love with someone else and he supports the other girl .what’s all this….its enough I need to visit Ryan i am going to Africa tomorrow.

claras p.o.v

sir ryan really won’t tell me what the problem is and its getting me worried.I bathed and hurried out …. I fell on my bed.sir Ryan seems lost in thought I think he deserves some alone time so I will sleep here.I closed my eye and fell asleep and after few minutes someone held me tight I awoke it was Ryan i smiled he kissed my neck then my cleavage through my night gown . he is acting so weakly.. as if he wants to eat me up and just keep me in his tummy having me all to himself .he fell into me and burried his face in my chest I moved his hair.I wish he can tell me the truth

” why did you sleep here..I was dreaming of you.he said

” I am trying to learn how to stay without you,I can’t get addicted.

he kissed my fore head for long minutes and just gathered me in his arms.I have a feeling Ryan might leave me very soon.

I am really getting used to waking up in sir Ryan’s arms…. i looked at him while he slept I smiled and brushed my fingers into his chest.. he is really handsome.
I moved my hand to his face then his lips I removed my hands and kissed him I rembered my decision not to kiss him again this made me smile against his lips ok just this once.I felt him brush his hands behind me and pull me down deepening the kiss.

” morning kiss sir ryan
he smiled
” Clara I want to tell you something
” tell me
” uhmm
” let’s talk in the kitchen ” we both walked down into the kitchen , we were busy with the plates. he wanted to talk when someone walked in we are not expecting anyone ,we both turned and it was Anna .

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 53 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

annastssia Alexandra Grande , she looked calm when she was in coma but she looks fierce,strict and scary in real life, I must say she’s pretty ..she moved her hair with her hands and walked in fully.she wore a short skirt which flattered her figure. her skin proves she’s really rich… is this the woman I want to drag a man with….I am happy and jealous at the same time, I am happy that Anna is strong but am jealous and scared.can ryan really choose me…I organised my night gown and looked at Ryan who held the plate in shock…. Anna dropped her bag on the couch and walked down to us smiling..even her smile is packaged.did she go to a school for carriage and poise?, She has so much aura and presence I bowed and she chuckled gently

” hy Clara , I always wanted to see you my dream came true”, she said.I lifted my face and smiled
” come here, thank you for everything.
she hugged me and I held her tight , am jealous but I can’t hate her she is still my friend,my Angel, my sleeping beauty.

” Anna you didn’t call”, ryan said.
she ran towards him in a heavy heat almost crying then she hugged him tightly.I just remembered her days in coma am sure Ryan rememberred that too cos he wrapped both arms around her and bent himself more comfortably into her arms with a plain face and his mouth pouted sweetly I can’t even read his thoughts. after a while she desingaged from the hug and kissed his lips that was when he looked at me I looked away he let her kiss him for long minutes.she unlocked and pecked his lips play fully.all this is hurting me.
” Anna you didn’t tell me
” i wanted to surprise you ,did I try ?
she took the plate from ryan
” who gave my boyfriend work to do “, she said as she took his hands and they both walked out …I thought she would walk past me but she took my hands too.we all walked into the living room and sat down….I sat quietly apart from Ryan who still looked confused.

she sat with him on the couch

” I really missed you both so much,when is the trip ending” she asked looking into Ryan’s face
” oh it will soon”, Ryan said
” so Clara tell me about your boyfriend”, she said and fell into Ryan’s arms

what do I say ..I looked at Ryan and bowed gently

” arrrgh she must be shy, so how are you guys enjoying the place” she spoke into Ryan’s lips again… daniella is right she is possessive .

Ryan balanced his leg so she would stay comfortably in his arms without falling down. he lifted his hands to his face

” Anna it’s fine the place is fun”, Ryan said

” Clara must really be the quiet type
sir Ryan looked at me again and I forced my tears back …I can’t cry here.

” unnie I will check something In my room
” oh ok.

I rushed into my room where all my tears streamed out.I sat on the floor with my legs folded together.now I realize what I did…what If Ryan can’t break up with Anna , what will I do… I saw them both walk into his room from my door.I wiped my tears but more streamed

Ryan’s p.o.v

I am so confused ,breaking up with Anna is no longer an option I am tied to her even if I don’t love her anymore.I and Anna walked into my room and she sat down.

” Anna about the merger
” Ryan what’s wrong
” Anna why didn’t you tell me
” Ryan, she held my face softly,.it was a surprise , she said and kissed me .. what’s going on ,maybe I should follow mothers advice I should force myself to start loving Anna now that I still see her as a woman…She can’t find out about Clara ..Anna hugged me tightly I looked down into claras room. I need to sacrifice the woman I love so much..I need to break up with clara , i have no choice i am married i cant keep her as a mistress but how do i break up with clara without hurting her,how do i tell her i am married … i think clara dezerves better than me ,she deserves to go to the alter too and its obvuous i cant take her there .. i am being greedy loving her like this but how do i brk up it hurts…. Anna rose up and moved her fingers behind her, I know she wants to remove her gown so I helped her zip it down ..she pulled it off and fell on me pulling me to the bed … she placed her head on my chest..

” Anna bath you might catch a cold
” I want to but am too lazy , will you bath me please
I tapped her back
” bath
” arrrgh no

she hugged me tighter. this forced me to smile… I really missed her. minutes later she stood up and cat walked into the shower.I instantly rushed out.I ran into claras room and locked the door. its time to end this ,she turned and her eye was so red ,was she crying?

” Clara
” Ryan tell me now , will you break up with Anna
” Clara wait I need to tell you something I pulled her into my arms
” tell me about Anna ,will you break up or not ” she fought away my touch…why is she so pained she’s making it harder

” Clara i love you so much but
” but you can’t leave Anna why?
” Clara wait , there is more

” ryan it was painful,it hurts me when she’s touching you just do it ryan, tell her !” Clara fell weakly into my arms crying like kid. you don’t understand but it’s worse than this…. I can’t break up with clara to her face oh God I love her so much I held her tight.

” Clara i want to break up with Anna too but not right now,Anna did something serious Clara and what she did just made everything hard

she didnt talk she ran off.

Clara is too innocent for all this, what am I doing to her she doesn’t deserve this I ran upstairs back to Anna she was already dressed up she wore a black long transparent jacket.her black pant and bra where obviously visible.her waist and leg chain brightened her figure.she packed her hair and walked to me.

“Ryan your favourite t.v show is about to start lets go.she tried running out and I dragged her back

” what
I took both sides of the jacket and tied it together
” ok Let’s go.
” Anna can you watch it here
” no I want to watch with Clara
” uhmmm why don’t you dress up.
” I feel hot and there is no man here.

she tired rushing out again I moved her back and dragged her to my cupboard

” Anna am a doctor , we can have a visitor anytime.

I pulled off the jacket and handed her my shirt.she shakes her head in disagreement so pulled her over and slipped both her hands in .I button her up and folded the hands.

” can i go now…she rushed out even with my own remote…. I remember her days in coma am Glad she is strong now…I can’t believe I fell deeply for Clara … I can’t believe am going to hurt Anna we really shared something beautiful but clara gave more meaning to my life I walked down behind her and she knocked on Claras door.

oh no …Anna Clara is hurting..

claras p.o.v

is Ryan knocking again.I opened the door and it was Anna..she wore Ryan’s shirt.it was thick white and kind off short..it flattered her wide hip. she smiled and dragged me out of my room.

” uhhmm is everything ok.
” Clara have you watched this show before
” no.
” you should, its hot…Ryan introduced me to it ever since then I don’t miss it.

I looked at Ryan and nodded.I am so comfused I might run mad.Anna sat down woth a bowl corns which she placed on her lap…now she seems more like a girl when she first came she looked like she doesn’t smile or play.I looked at Ryan and he picked a health record. Anna forcing a huge amount of pop corn into my mouth brought me back to present.

she laughed , so cute

” eat alot Clara
I nodded . I don’t even know how to be angry with Anna .I just wish I never fell for ryan.
” look out thats the mystery Prince…he works with the guards too but no one knows its him…he is looking for a good maiden to marry so he is hiding his identity

” oh ok.

” Ryan I think something entered my nails ,it pains…since midnight.. “, she looked at him and formed a baby face..Ryan looked at me and I looked away he dropped the file.

” what where you doing Anna
” I dont know
” must you always be careless..you know you just came out of coma..here let me see the finger .she handed him her hand and he lifted her fingers into his eye..

” I think I see it..it’s black.
” really
” yes wait.. he used his teeth and she smiled happily .. so mucH care ..I dried up my tears in a speed could Ryan still have something left for Anna..soon he was done

” there, be careful from now on
” yes sir .. Anna smiled and turned to me I instantly faced the t.v
” Clara …
I gently bowed ..
“Clara stop being so formal…I am trying my best to be less formal although I am used to being formal.so if you keep being formal it would get difficult
” oh sorry
” what do you think of the story line
” it’s awesome

she smiled and her phone rang she stood up and rose up to sir ryan on the couch..
does his body store network … she slipped herself into his arms and picked her call while kissing his neck

” honey its Dad
” my dad
” yes
” speaker
” sure.

she kissed him deeply and he looked at me then withdrew .

” did you just withdraw from my kiss
” uhmmm so you can pick the call Anna .
she smiled and picked the call.

” Dad ,good afternoon.

what am I still doing here ,I get hurt every minute.did she drag me out to hurt me.

“Anna my dear.. am just leaving your house.I went to meet your Dad
” ok
” we just made a huge transfer for the new hospital in India… now this partnership is sweet all thanks to you.
” Dad!!, surprise surprise
” are you in my bedroom again
“arrrgh dad you never forget that day…I really had business to discuss that night.

Ryan’s Dad chuckled..they must be so close.
” so what’s the surprise
” am in Africa
” with your husband
” yes
” tell Ryan to make a baby
she laughed
” give my son the phone..
” no I won’t
Ryan took the phone from her

” Dad
” are you ok
” yes
” things are moving fast our hospital in India has kicked off.all thanks to Anna
” yes Dad
“ok have fun
” ok.

Ryan dropped the call and Anna took her phone. she kissed him again … did Mr dervan just say husband he must be kidding … i looked at anna who lay comfortably on ryan .. Diana warned me..I wrapped my fingers round my leg innocently and breathed hardly while gulping and fumming courage

” umm Anna I will bath ,I said
” ok bye but do you like the movie
I nodded
” ok

I rushed up into my room from where I still watched them from my window…. as she brushed her fingers behind his hair and Ryan kept looking up and down and sighing
what do I do , what can i do… I wonder when Anna will leave.I rushed into my shower from where I fell into a deep sleep out of pain…. I feel pain too much.

hours later Anna came into my room
” come eat
i nodded and we both walked into the dinner.

” Ryan what do you think,you always said I can’t cook.Anna said
” it’s …uhmmm. great
” oh ok
she added more to my plate
” eat a lot my love ” Anna said to me I nodded.

Anna’s pov
i and Ryan walked into the room he locked the door.
” I missed you so much Ryan .
he nodded and dropped his book..why is he avoiding my stare he fell on the bed and I rose on him… seductively runing my legs from his thigh up.I kissed him deeply and after a while he withdrew
I feathered my lips down his neck

” Anna wait,…. infact I feel weak.
” ryan its been years, if you resist me In any way I will be forced to believe that you have been cheating.

he heaved a sigh and I unbuttoned his shirt.while kissing his lip deeply .he withdrew again and placed his hands on his face

” Anna one minute,I will use the shower,I feel hot
” ok ” I lay back and he walked out.

Ryan’s pov

I walked into the shower , mom is right Anna shouldn’t suspect a thing and denying her sex will just blow the cover. I can’t hold Anna without breaking up with Clara first , maybe I should just try mums idea first…..there’s no Point hurting clara.I can’t repeat the same thing Anna did with Tony if I will hold Anna I should break off all ties with Clara I can’t insult Clara. i called her on phone

” uhm hello..ryan”, she said
” Clara lets break up..
” what
” Clara i really have no other choice.. there a lot of things going on and
” no,you want to make love to her, and you can’t do it while dating me too right
” Clara that’s not …
” you couldn’t break up with Anna over the phone but you can break up with me she sobbed again
” Clara wait, please.
” Ryan why are you hurting me… I don’t know how to manage pain ..please don’t leave me…
” Clara wait” my phone dropped into the hand wash , i placed both hands on the hand wash… this hurts..this really hurts. I don’t have a choice maybe after this night with Anna i might rekindle what we had and maybe let clara go for good cos am married ,she doesn’t even know . I don’t deserve her love its pointless giving her false hope and holding her greedily I walked out

” what a fast bath “, Anna said as she rose up to me she kissed me again all over till I fell into her charms.. I am just emotionally weak right now. I unbuttoned the shirt she wore and I pulled it out… then I cuddled her deeply into my arms kissing her …I unhooked her bra and lifted her inches high. I brushed my fingers through her back and and kissed her neck down to her cleavage she moaned out .i slipped out the p*nt and turned her over to the bed…. She kissed me deeply and deeped my fingers down below her herself then she whispered to my ears “tease”..I cant believe i forgot that’s her favourite..I played my fingers down and she gasped as I did what she liked most…

claras p.o.v

I can’t believe Ryan , diana was right.Ryan just broke up with me who knows if Ryan still loves Anna, does Ryan want to make love to Anna ,no ryan please don’t…I rushed out of my room like I was psychotic and before I could get to his door I heard moans..I wiped my tears..and started walking like a drunkard..my feet Is too weak to carry me…my eyes are blinded with tears, my heart is pained. i fell to the floor ,i want to leave but I don’t know why I can’t leave..I wiped my tears which kept streaming down.was this why Ryan dumped me…. but he didnt agree to make love to me why Anna,does he really love me . i cried my heart out
they both kept moaning into each other’s lips…. and I kept sobbing slowly .

Anna’s p.o.v

awwww , oh God … I kept moaning out carelessly with my fingers brushing through Ryan. i really missed him I can’t seem to get enough.and the way he held me just the same way he is used to holding me in bed with so much care.I carressed his back oooh God I need to feel him deeper…. Ryan was just perfect in bed he made love to me like no other man ever did and when we lived together we made love almost every day mid night or early morning… we never got tired I really wonder why I got carried away by Tony that very day.
I unwrapped my legs around him and he brought his fingers to my br**st and fondled them hotly i almost bit my lower lips out .. i moaned out as his thrust grew harder and faster. he already gave me the perfect climax when he massaged his fingers on my clit so perfectly ,my favourite.Ryan knows how to get me weak and helpless but I think I am hearing sobs outside. awwww I can’t think about that right now I missed Ryan .
he fell to the bed i wrapped my hands around him
” missed you
he switched off the lights completely to blind dark… I brushed my fingers down his tummy and just hovered around his lower tummy touching him playfully. he didn’t talk.I brushed my fingers to his chest and balanced my face there is Ryan sweating or did he shed a tear.he stood up and rushed into the shower .

claras p.o.v

I rushed out and ran into my room,ryan easily resisted me but he can’t resist Anna.I walked with my eyes half blind crying with thoughts. I hit my self against my wall I still stood up and walked into the shower where I sat quietly on the floor and turned the water on. I sat like that till morning.Diana was right , this pains
I cought a very heavy cold early the next morning.I wore my towel jacket and rushed out.Ryan was dressed to go out.I forgot he has early surgery.

Anna walked out too.she wore a red jacket exposing her red bra.I bowed to them both.sir Ryan looked at me from hair to toe,I hastily wiped my tears

” Clara are you not ready
“sorry sir , I will get ready.

I tried walking out when Anna spoke up

” Ryan let her be, she is really very tired can’t you see her face.
” ok.. am leaving.

ryan rushed out and I bowed to Anna. Anna locked the door I tried walking out but she dragged me back with one hand and locked my room door

” Anna what is….
she slapped me😠
I held my face and tears streamed down ” Anna please let me…
She slapped me again 😠 this time with her left hand…. then she gasped for air and wiped her own tears.

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 54 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

I couldn’t get angry cos she slapped me more out of pain than anger. and I know I wronged her I shed tears like a kid

” Anna please ,i can explain.
” when did this affair start huh, how long have you been seeing ryan!, she shouted at me.
“Anna am sorry, am really sorry
“Clara is this the price I should pay for my life you saved… is Ryan the price!!.
” no Anna, I didn’t know when I fell in love with sir ryan
” Clara i loved you , I accepted you..
I trusted you..and what?, you where sleeping with my boyfriend.
“Anna wait … Anna please
” Clara if you wanted Ryan you shouldn’t have saved me…cos you will only have Ryan when I die.
I wiped my tears and started crying out loud.
” Anna please …. don’t punish me forgive me I never liked someone before I let my emotions control me..
I am really sorry .she wiped her tears and rushed into their room, I wiped my tears,her ring wounded my face .now I realize the gravity of what I did.i cried more and more I love Ryan so much how will I survive i cried more

Anna’s p.o.v

why did I slap Clara.I pressed my hands together and sat on the bed.Annastasia when will you learn to control your temper… Clara why you , it should have beem someone else I don’t want to cause you pain clara I beg of you don’t let me hate you …you can’t become my enemy.why did it have to be ryan..how many women will hurt me because of Ryan . . I just pray it was a passing affair,I pray Ryan didn’t see her as anything if not I don’t know what I will do to Clara.I might not control my self. I looked down into her room and she sat on the floor crying.I shed tears too.


Clara won’t come out of her room, she won’t even eat.just then Ryan walked in.the first place he looked at was her room door .yes I understand now. he walked in I couldn’t talk to ryan I just shed tears while looking at him.he dropped the bag and wiped my tears I kept crying more

” Anna what’s wrong ,did you get hurt , do you feel sick.
” Ryan you are my pain…why !,I said

he let go of me and looked around for a while .

” Ryan why … why did you do it… did you want to pay me back for Tony
” Anna its over, let it go,its not what you think.
” ryan tell me it was just a passing affair , tell me you were just attracted to her as a woman ,tell me she’s nothing to you.
” Anna that’s not important anymore
” ryan what is Clara to you?
” Anna stop ,its over , I already broke up with clara I chose you all right
” but that doesn’t answer my question do you love Clara or was it just desire .

he tried walking out and I dragged him back.

” Ryan talk to me
” fine!!! , I love Clara.
my heart beat sank
” do you get it now,it was not a passing affair. i wanted to break up with you but you strengthened the merger .. you ruined it all.

” no Ryan, you love me and I love you too… I still love you…

” and you will have me Anna .do i have a choice ?,I am tied to you ,I am yours ok… we are married .
” ryan why are you hurting me , why are you Making me feel guilty… I strengthened the merger for us I didn’t know Clara was….

” Anna wait , Clara did not do anything wrong .I didn’t mean to love her..I tried stopping this feelings but it didn’t work.

” i am glad you were smart enough to dump Clara….I can’t ruin my fathers company and my fathers investment and reputation because of you… you have to accept that we are tied together , we will rekindle our love after the wedding

” there is nothing to rekindle Anna,
i don’t love you anymore.. this marriage will ruin us both we are going to leave as one yes but I really wonder what it will be like… ” he rushed out.

Ryan’s pov

Anna found out , I hope she didn’t hurt Clara. two people i want to protect her from ( Anna and my dad) daniella is a small issue compared to what Anna can do when she is raged i opened her door she just dropped her cup which she used to take a drug. I took her into my arms

” Clara are you ok,did Anna hurt you ,DiD she abuse you ,talk to me huh .. please say something…I moved her body while questioning her but she didn’t talk she just shed tears, she just kept crying. that was when I saw the blood on her face
” Anna slapped you
“no she didn’t
“Annastasia slapped you ,is she drunk..
I stormed out of the room and ran up to my room.

Anna’s pov

Ryan stormed in looking very upset.I dropped the glass of water I wanted to drink on the table .

” Anna how dare you
” what
“how dare you slap Clara
” because she is slu…
he picked the glass of water and threw it to my face ,yes am used to that , that’s his habit when he doesn’t want me to say something.he broke the glass on the floor

” what did you say Anna , who is a slut? Anna what did Clara do wrong tell me what did she do. this is a fucking free world, lovers meet and break up ,people fall in love again. i love clara and she loves me too ,i loved you but I no longer do.same way u loved Tony before moving into my house. but when u arrived you fell deeply for me too … it’s a normal occurrence Anna ,it happened to you with me and now it’s happening to me with Clara . I love her and Its not a crime, you said so yourself when I told you to break up with Tony first to avoid issues u said you have the right to love and love again.it was a mistake you committed too in the past ,loving me and not caring who u were hurting. its not my fault I repeated the same thing by falling for Clara but I tried my best not to hurt you. so what did you say Clara did
” Ryan she ….
“Ryan she what? ,you are acting as though you are so right but you are worse ,how dare you take judgement into your hands Anna are you chaste should i refresh your memory
” Ryan.
” Anna what did Clara do that you hadn’t done ,you were dating tony when you came to my house ,just like I was dating you when clara came.

Anna you fell in love with me then even when U had Tony and I loved you too you said you couldn’t break up with Tony over the phone , but Tony was just few miles away.u said you needed time I agreed and i waited for you… but Anna you couldn’t control your own desires you wanted sex so badly I told you to break up with Tony first and wait for me to meet Ella but you couldn’t you kept luring and seducing me into your arms until we finally consummated you didn’t care if there was a tony or even a daniella cos you were in love or am i lying.

” Ryan
” wait , how dare you judge Clara , isn’t she a girl too ,doesn’t blood run through her veins ,doesn’t she have desires too. Anna I am living in the same house with her just like I lived with you , and you couldn’t control yourself,you didn’t care about the other party.. u just wanted me to yourself so why blame Clara if she is doing exactly what you did, Anna if you couldnt control your desires what makes you think she can?

” Ryan

” but should I shock you , Clara has self respect , u didn’t even hear her part of the story you resulted to slapping her.Anna I never had sex with Clara we were waiting for you… she didnt do what you did to Tony ,she didn’t try seducing me into her arms rather she tried her best to control her desires even when she is so naive and its her first time in love she still tried controlling her self in the little way she could Anna . I had desires too is she not a woman ,is she not pretty ,we are home alone for God’s sake fun should be ours making love from the kitchen to the pool, I had desires to hold the woman that I love but I held them in because I respect you Anna ,i did something you know you can never do. (controlling your desires)

I broke up with clara to make you happy,i made love to you to make you happy ,i just hurt her badly for you ,for the company ,for our family’s so why did you have to hit her ,why add to her pain.
its not her fault that I love her okay .
Anna u cheated on both me and tony but nobody hit you . I know daniella didn’t tell you she was dating me but after the merger you found out.when we lived together you knew.but Anna the first day you made advances for sex, come on you didn’t care about daniella, i was the one who told you to wait so I can break up with Ella first and you promised to break up with Tony which you never did so who are you to even judge Clara Anna she has more control over her self than you ever did

” Ryan why are saying all this,it hurts

‘ Anna i just want you to remember what Clara is going through cos you went through it too. hers is worse cos she is too naive she is new to all this. you were exposed Anna you met and dated guys still you couldn’t control yourself but Clara even with the way she is ,she still tried ,she really tried for you … I can’t Believe you didn’t see that .I was the one that asked her out Anna she kept her feelings to herself for a long time,she didn’t make advances,she knows she is hot but she didn’t try seducing me , she kept keeping everything in her heart and that is pain , I was the one who lured her into all this Its all my fault why didnt u slap me instead

” ryan

” it’s not our fault that we fell in love Anna just like it wasn’t your fault you fell for me. the same way you decided to leave Tony is the Same way I decided to leave you Anna . but you formalized our union and drew me back to yourself . but today because of what you did i will not marry you, buy a pen and write it down… we are done ,I will find a way to end this marriage for good ..I just need time.

” Ryan please ,i was foolish in the past but …

” don’t you see, everything is repeating the universe is against our union.you are not meant for me . just when you woke from coma and we where supposed to get married Clara came into the picture and everything is repeating itself the Same way it happened in the past, Anna i am not made for you. now that I even think about it I wonder if you loved me or you loved the sex cos all you thought about was sex. every minute , every time. that was practically all you wanted . if you really loved me why didnt you break up with Tony he was not far he was just few drives away but u kept postponing it why?,u love tony ,he deflowered you right he was the only man u had been with and after we made love I think you fell for the sex and not for me Anna we just lived in lust,tolerance,and care.
I know this because Clara made me experience love and it is very different from what we had Anna , I love clara so much that i see her as my God.I could have broken up with you instantly if you were in Africa I SWEAR ,i wouldn’t have delayed it one minute like u delayed tony’s. that’s how you act when you love someone. i can’t marry you Anna because we don’t love each other for real we just desired each other.i and Clara we are more real. withdraw your statement and think carefully of what you want ,maybe you really do love tony…

he walked out I stood up and started packing my stuff. Ryan just stabbed my heart with his words…. I didn’t know what I was doing.but why is everything repeating again.what is fate doing ,are we not meant to be together.I want to marry a man who is meant for me and I know that its Ryan. just then my phone rang it was Tony.i got shocked . why will Tony call now of all times .i switched off my phone. I am going home ,Ryan and Clara just broke my heart.I carried my bag and ran into the living room .. my driver took my stuffs I entered my car and my driver took off.

claras pov

Anna really left I hope Ryan didn’t fight with her , just then I heard Ryan knock.

” clara please open the door,let’s talk about it please.
“no sir Ryan leave me alone
” clara I am so sorry ,i am sorry Clara please

I forced myself to sleep…,early the next Morning I opened my door and sir Ryan sat there.did he stay here all night

” Clara Please,clara don’t do this
I tried walking past him he dragged me back.
” what do you want from me Ryan,what are you doing to me ,.
“Clara I still love you..am sorry
” so what ,what do you take me for,Anna comes and you dump me Anna leaves and you expect me to crawl back into your arms
” Clara i love you
” so what should I do ryan .. you are married to Anna , am I not too young to be someone’s mistress
“Clara Please ,I don’t love Anna anymore, getting married to Anna is not happening
” Ryan I regret loving you ,its too painful just let me go now ,I am going to try living without you stop causing me more pain…
” clara what about me,I still love you very much…. i can’t do without you

” Ryan let me be please,its already hopeless just let me pick up my pieces
” Clara we made promises
I walked past him hastily and he fell to the floor. I wiped my tears and rushed out I cried deeply as I leaned on the balcony

Diana’s p.o.v (2days )

Anna has not come down from the fifth building for two days… the hospital is going crazy..she has not entered her room either.she won’t open the door for anyone her dad already sent for maybel.
maybel just arrived she rushed upstairs in a heavy heat

maybels pov

I knocked for a while without taking,am late for a couple’s counseling session right now…yes am a marriage counselor but Anna’s love life I have never been able to understand
” go away may”. she said..is she Crying
“Anna its me,let’s talk about it.
” fine.
she opened the door and she still wore the same cloth… she didn’t bath,she didn’t eat.she emptied 3 bottles of wine and smashed them all over the office… who ever made Anna do this will experience her wrath very soon

” Anna why
” I was fasting may, I was asking God for forgiveness because of the sin I am going to commit
” Anna!
” a girl saved my life ” she smiled and sighed ” but I am going to ruin her life.
i am asking for forgiveness now before my wrath starts.
“Anna what happened
” ryan cheated on me with Clara it’s not just a passing affair ,now i understand the pain i put tony through back then.fate must be giving me a taste of my own medicine
” Anna calm down its just attraction

” he loves her May he said getting married to me is hell… he said he doesn’t love me anymore and its all because of Clara.she smashed the other bottle.

” Anna calm down

” Am calm may…I am just hurting I feel pain … Ryan failed me but I can’t fail my dad I need to secure Ryan before his love for Clara controls him

” what do you mean

“I stupidly strengthened the merger,
if Ryan breaks up the marriage u know what will happen ..may everything my dad owns is under my care I must protect them and the only way to do that is to ensure that Ryan doesn’t break off this marriage and that he weds me peacefully cos all investors are watching
” Anna how will you achieve that,why don’t u withdraw your statement

“I want to ,i really do,do you think I don’t want to .she flinged the file on her table to me
” look at that,that’s the cost of activities which took place within these days…I have beem going through those files all morning there is no way out.it’s too late to withdraw my statement. so now I have to fulfil my duty as the heir of Grande that is protecting my Dads investments ,I need to take Clara away from him love intoxicates … if you leave him with Clara their love will over power his reasoning and he might make a decision that will ruin my dad forever but if Clara goes far away Ryan will have no reason to make such a decision.

” one question Anna ,what are you really fighting for ,your heart or your father’s company.

” don’t ask me that may

” Anna remember you never loved Ryan even when you were sent to his house you still loved Tony… when we gisted all you talked about was the sex like it was the only thing u loved about him.at first said you were not sure of love but you were sure of the sweet orgasms

” may i was just a kid ,i was 21 for crying out loud and you know i wasnt the guy type i was the” follow daddy to work type ” I never took my past dates serious until i met tony.he was just the sweetness i let him deflower me but u can’t blame me for not controlling my desires , no body should blame me cos I just lost my virginity and I was sent to Ryan almost instantly the desires were coming you know how it is at first.and when I started loving Ryan i desired him every day but he was just too hard to convince he wanted me to leave Tony first … seducing him was difficult for me
” why didnt u leave Tony
“I dont know
” I know Anna , Ryan finally made love to you right ,he became the second man u had been with so you experienced something different… and maybe better. something you didn’t want to loose… but U couldn’t break up with Tony because something in you still needed him and that was your heart but when it comes to Ryan some thing in you needed him and that was your body not your heart Anna … even when we gisted as friends I remember your words vividly when it comes to Tony.,i love his goals , he sings stupidly but I like it , he loves red,he loves braiding,here is what tony drew . so real but when it came to ryan u were more like,oh God may ryan makes me psychotic in bed , ryan makes me dream of sex even at work,you need to see the way ryan holds me ,i swear Ryan is diffrent in bed .. sex in the shower was fun.. all this didnt start when u cared for ryan as a friend so much that he fell for you.all this began after u cheated on tony…this possesivness started after u both consummated.. that’s not how love works

” it’s true but that’s in the past.I know I love Ryan now
” I won’t sat much but Anna I know you are too busy to think about yourself but I wish you will take a day out ,bring both men into ur mind ,erase the sex and the romance then check to see the person who’s picture will still appear.I am sure that won’t be Ryan.

” i have a meeting may.
just then her assistant walked in.

” madam they are ready
” ok.

Anna stood up and drank her last cup.

” I will shower in my room
” ok.
she rushed out.

Anna I wish u would just realize that ryan is not meant for you.and let him be happy…he tried for you quenching your unending desires and still teaching you self control he moulded u into this beautiful graced woman you are ..you are the cause of most problems he had with his dad cos he didn’t go on any long vacations or long trips with him so u won’t feel lonely and cheat or go to Tony but after all that the little opportunity u got u still cheated cos u love Tony and that day when u saw him after long u just wanted him cos u missed him I wish u can realize this truth Anna so finally u and Ryan can come together and find away to separate the marriage without breaking off the merger .. but am really scared cos transfers are getting much but I know you can face the storm as friends with understanding u and ryan might save your love and your inveztments too but it’s all in your hands Anna.

Anna’s p.o.v hours later

no one has the right to make Anna feel like trash, i will not be made a laughing stock and my dad won’t be laughed at I won’t let ryan break off this marriage its my duty to protect everything I under me .it doesn’t matter who I love now my Dads name can’t go down. I tried walking out when Tony called again

” hey
” did this patient forget the doctor
I smiled
” the doctor forgot the patient
” how are you Anna ,i called Samuel but he was sounding drunk
” I am fine what about you
” am good,uhmm is Ryan back so he can take you home
” I dont think I belong in that home any more Tony.
” Anna what’s wrong
” Tony am sorry for everything I did in the past.
he laughed
” come on Anna forget that.. u sound dull did u eat .
” yes
” you are fine Anna right
“yes I am
” i wil be in a meeting
” ok.

I arrived at the meeting and Every one sat down

” good morning madam “, director said
” thanks
” good morning madam”, methron Linda said
” thanks .
” why is the meeting held ma”, md asked

” NURSE Clara David .from now henceforth will be stripped of her duty as nurse in a.g.h.c which means Clara David can no longer stay with Ryan as a hand nurse. she has to come home within 36 hours latest of not her both parents will be locked up.

” but madam if u fire her she has every right to stay anywhere she wants.

” what happens when a.g.h.c summons a worker and he or she doesn’t show up
” well members of the family is locked up but that is if the worker commited a crime..

” the crime she commited is in my heart so summon Clara and when she returns I will do the rest.make sure she returns
“yes madam I will use the seal and the mandate

” once she returns she muzt be fired ,Clara should not be found or seen in a.g.h.c ever again….

” yes madam.
” ensure that no other hospital in this area will employ Clara
” ok madam

” claras mother
“yes madam
“fire her and also mark her so no other hospital can ever employ her in this area
” yes madam
” no renumeration
” yes madam
” now the Lane where her fathers supermarket is,it belongs to me right

” yes its part of a.g.h.c property

” good, it should be demolished. I said demolish no one should give him space to pack and no one should warn him.i don’t care if he dies in there
” Anna
” was I understood
” yes madam.
” where do they live, infact I dont care Chase them out
“yes madam. we will meet the house owner….. we will start working on all this
” that’s all for now.

I stood up and rushed out I passed by some nurses who bowed to me then I rushed into my room.. I kept remembering Ryan’s words

“I don’t love you anymore Anna,getting married to you i wonder what it will be like , angrily smashed my mirror.I already lost Ryan i can’t loose anything else because of him and clara.

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 55 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

I ran back into my office and my assistant came to me.

” tell me … what was their report.
” failed
” what,they failed again
“yes it’s all malcoms doing
“why would malcom come back now,does he think a.g.h.c is weak
“it’s shocking, we incurred a huge loss
“how come!!! … I pushed down all the files on my table .
” it all happened when u went to visit Ryan he used that opportunity u were carried away to penetrate
” must I never have a break.,what’s all this .. Anna read ,Anna sit,Anna meeting,Anna shares,Anna this ,Anna that .just few hours break and we incurred such a huge loss what where you guys doing ,what do I tell my dad
” sorry
“get out !!
she left ,Malcolm is back,he has started again all this too much for me God.I need help . there’s too much on my head ,mom where are you?.

God my biggest fear is Ryan breaking off the merger. please not now that malcom is back.and ryan really said a lot of things to me and he hadn’t apologized yet that’s unlike him.he has always been good at talking carelessly when he is mad but he always apologized but now I guess he didn’t only break up he stopped respecting me as a woman too. I can’t even concentrate at work.just then I received a text.it was from him since 2 days ago exactly 10 minutes after the house in Africa.i opened it
“tasia am sorry if i hurt u with my words ,don’t get mad ,I just hope u see this text fast enough. i didnt mean any of that I swear.I just wish u understood Clara too.

I understand I swear but I have no choice… u dont understand ,no body understands. I threw away my phone

malcoms pov

I sat quietly looking at a particular picture.a young girl, quite hot ,my daughter walked in

” dad u saw her already
” is she the…
“yes Clara David.
I smiled and dropped the picture
” get more info
“we are still investigating
” good.

she walked out and my phone rang it was my very mole in a.g.h.c ,the person who will help me pull anna down.

” tell me
“I saw what you did ,very good … Anna will soon get weak
” Anna is already getting weak,for her not to know when I purchased the land she payed half for .. she is loosing concentration and that’s good.
“I told you my information was correct ,the merger between r.d and a.g.h.c will soon break off… Anna will no longer hide under Mr dervantes protection .we will penetrate and take a.g.h.c from her.
I smiled ,i like the sound of that.
” how are u so sure of this ..
” Ryan doesn’t seem to love Anna again he will break off the marriage

“good and once investors start panicking I will use that opportunity to hit Grande hard ,so hard he won’t see it coming
” nice so what’s your next step
“while Anna is still recovering from the land she lost in Chicago I am going to wipe grande out of India
“u want to close down their branch in India
“want to,am on it … it will be Anna’s biggest shock and my biggest come back
I love it that she is loosing focus.
” good ,everything is working our way.

Ryan’s p.o.v

why is Clara so hard headed doesn’t she miss me .I decided to give her few days without talking to her but she is still ignoring me… she won’t even look my way..I walked down and there she sat on the couch reading a book.I have not seen her eat…who thought Clara how to be so mean to me.I knelt down facing her and my tears streamed down

” clara ” she stood up and I held her tight
” why do you choose to hurt me Clara .
” please let me go.
I stood up and walked to her face

” it’s ok if you won’t forgive me but stop hurting yourself… you are loosing weight..stop crying every night your sight will get bad… stop crying in the shower and staying there till morning you will catch a cold. stop sleeping without wearing your sweater the weather is really cold and stop prescribing drugs to yourself if you feel sick tell me and I will treat you

” and why are you bothered about all this what am I to you .I am nothing so sir ryan don’t bother about me I loved you alone for a long time I can still continue , i am used to that pain.

she ran away into her room. I walked upstairs , am done with anna for good ,its remaining only the merger that’s the only tie we have why won’t Clara let me explain

claras pov

i ran into my room more tears gushed out i miss ryan so much but I am still hurting him,my heart is burning with pain I feel so needy of him and it pains cos he slept with Anna and broke up with me..it pains cos he is married ..it pains cos we can never be together ,we can’t be one… Diana called on phone

” dia
“Clara you have been mandated to come home tomorrow u know what will happen if u don’t.
“but why,which crime did I commit ,is money missing
“Clara I don’t know but u need to come back i think this is just a cover … Anna wants to fire you Clara that’s what my mind is telling me.
I wiped my tears
“fire me but why
“I know Anna very well,she wants to separate you from Ryan Clara and she will do anything to make that happen , she might result to hurting your loved ones ,clara if u have anything to say to Ryan just say it all now cos if you come home I don’t think u will be able to meet Ryan again cos the more you try the more Anna hurts you.come home Clara Anna is waiting none of your parents deserve prison.
” dia I love Ryan so much how do I leave him
” u know Ryan can’t be yours Clara I thought u decided to move on why don’t u do it well …let him go Clara let him go back to Anna.save yourself and your family first
I started crying out loud like a baby Diana dropped her call.
Anna please don’t fire me ,you will shatter my dreams don’t worry I will leave Ryan i am coming home I know he belongs to you I know i can never have him so u won but please don’t hurt my family I beg you….
if i leave i might not see Ryan again till I die ,how do I survive I miss him so much but he can’t be mine ,how do I fight for something that can’t be mine.I guess peace will only reign when ryan moves back to Anna.I cried more and ran into my shower.Ryan is not mine I have to go.I am leaving him for Anna now, I will go before she ruins my life .

Ryan’s p.o.v

how do I break of this marriage without any issues,think Ryan so you can stop hurting clara💡💡💡💡💡 .

it’s almost Impossible but I know God can solve this issue ,i know it will work out i just need Clara by my side . I know i won’t marry Anna I swear I can’t .
I looked down and watched her run into the shower again how do I stop this habit ,Clara will kill herself .I ran down and opened her room I rushed into the shower.she was crying and shivering at the same time God why did this innocent girl fall for me She can’t even handle pain.

” Clara come out …pls
” no I feel hot
” Clara you are crying
” am not its just the water sir
” Clara you will catch a cold
” it’s not your business
I slipped the other hand into her waist and dragged her up.. she continued crying she’s so wet and beautiful.I removed her hair from her face.

” I love you so much ryan..so much that it kills me .she said streaming tears .
” Clara I swear I love you more ,i really do.
she hugged me and I held her tight
” God ,i love you so much.I kissed her neck and she cried deeply on my shoulders I wonder why she is crying like this..

claras pov

I dont have the right to stay with you Ryan,how do I tell you that am leaving Ryan brushed his fingers behind me and gently unzipped my white skirt.I got clouded with desire.is he doing this to help me change or does he want to make love to me.I gently looked in his face his face was just plain.he unzipped the skirt and held it for a while then he dropped it.I looked into his eye and he brushed his fingers behind my back and slipped it into the top I closed my eye cos I was melting with his touch .he lifted the top out of my head and my hair fell freely… I looked at him innocently he raised his fingers to my face and moved my hair then he ran his hand down to my waist and pulled me into him he kissed me deeply and I fought my hands against his chest untill I finally gave up and wrapped my hands over him. he pressed my back with intense pleasure like he wanted to place himself there he kissed my neck sweetly then I felt his fingers play on my bra hook. I flinched and wrapped my fingers around my chest..
my lips where half open I couldn’t even talk I was bursting with desire… I forced myself to close my lips .then I looked down for a while he just looked at me.
i know I want this but I really want it to be a man that will love me and only me.
I want it to be the man that will take me to the alter and take me for a honeymoon.but Ryan can’t ,he really can’t…..but am leaving I need to be connected to him every way possible,i need something to remember each time I miss him I really want this but..

” I will change myself sir Ryan”.I moved my hair and tried walking past him but he held my hands I turned he was not even looking at me he just held my hands so tight and then gently he pulled me over and just held my hand he looked into my hands then he looked at my face… my tears streamed down. he acted so seductive I have never seen this part of him.he raised his hands to my face and moved my hair then my eye then to my lips .. I melted as he ran his thumb on my half open lips he sent his hands to my chin .”let’s stop now Clara,let’s stop fighting it” my tears streamed down i rolled my eyes into his as he touched hair beautifully I got Drunk with love he kissed my lips and i closed my eye and removed my hands from my chest I wrapped it over him . he brushed his fingers to my waist I gently pulled up his top from under then I wrapped my fingers around him again . he kissed me deeply again and this time I let him unhook my bra.i just love the way he feathers his lip on my neck and shouders. hes beautiful body frame was all over me . he lifted me up into his arms and ran his lips down my cleavage I moaned out…
am leaving Ryan maybe for good .
I really want to be connected to him in any way possible ,i hope we meet again…..i didnt even feel him place me into the bed he came into me like he was made for me.he deemed the room light then rose unto me his fingers brushed all over me… He pressed his lips to mine firmly and I opened for him so he could slide his tongue inside. We kissed slowly and deeply, i melted under Ryan …i gently brushed my fingers behind him then I moved it to his tummy I brushed down and unzipped his jeans.he looked in my face then rolled over to pull it . he came over me again and cuddled me into his arms just where i want to be..he brought his hands to my br**sts /my ni**les .I gasped out.. that was very tingly.. I shivered in sweetness when he brought his thumbs to my ni**ple and circled tenderly I felt heavenly … I enjoyed what he did he carresed them softly and beautifully drugging me with passion .. I pulled him deeply into me and Our bodies met Ryan moved his mouth to mine again i felt his hands deeping down my tummy into my thighs..just the spot where I needed him to touch me,
the spot bursting with desire ryan dipped his hand inside me and my hormones ran wild i moaned out moving my face backwards . he unlocked from the kiss and carefully slipped out my favourite pant. then he deeped his hands into me again i moaned gently as he used his thumb to massage me deeply he pressed his lips into mine again.. i enjoyed what he did with his fingers it felt sweet . he moved his hand, then he leaned in and kissed me deeply for long minutes, our bodies heated His chest was rubbing against my ni**les it was sweet,. I felt his hands down my thighs again he stated perfectly on me and widened my leg.

dianas p.o.v

I can’t believe Anna fired Claras mum.
I watched her park up her stuffs .I heard the company marked her too and gave a false report against her now no other hospital can employ her. I warned Clara but she didn’t listen now every body is going to feel Anna’s wrath.
Anna stormed out of her office she walked in such a hast and anger that I almost fell to the floor while trying to bow . most workers ran after her she rushed up into the research departments meeting complex.
omg I hope its not for Clara.

general sov.
Annastasia walked in and every one sat properly she couldn’t even sit down she walked about for a while and placed her phone on the table then her fingers across her face.

” has my dad heard what happened.
” not yet madam
she bent to the table with both hands
” how did malcom do this ,how did malcom find out about that only free land we got in Chicago
” actually madam
” actually madam talk!!.
” the truth is I think malcom has eyes in a.g.h.c
Anna hit her hands on the table.we lost Chicago
” madam
” all eyes must be on m.h.c. malcom can’t hit us again
“yes madam
” we are in for this dirty game … we will come back twice on malcom… he had better expect my home coming
” yes madam
” we are on it madam our eyes and ears are fully out.
“I dont want to tell my dad about our loss I want to tell him about how we dealt with malcom after the loss.am I clear
” yes madam.

Anna ran out of the office looking like she wants to eat a human being.

” guys lets get to work
“yes sir
we ran into our department.

claras pov

it was so painful and difficult but am glad Ryan defiled me…after a while
ryan began to move very slowly. he came in and out of me stroking me gently for a while untill he lay by my side. was it pleasurable ?, i think it was more painful,am glad it was ryan…. he wrapped his fingers round me…i pity my bed sheet i already bleeded so much.
do I have the right to smiled .Ryan rolled to his side and just looked at me.
I can’t believe I had sex .I closed my eye he kissed my lips deeply and I opened my eye

” sorry Clara
” can i still say I love you even….. when you are married. I shed tears
” Clara don’t you trust me ,i won’t marry anyone Clara listen you were made for me.
” but the world is not meant for us Ryan
” I will make us work I promise just hold on to me don’t leave ever.he hugged me tightly “please I beg of you ” …I held him tight too I almost cried out i am about to do what he is begging me not to do. finally he stood up and carried me into the shower he deeped me into the soapy bath thub I saw my blood surface. I sinked myself deeper and my hair got a bit wet. he turned that was when I saw blood on his back.

” Ryan how did you get hurt
” no its nothing
” is that my nails .
” arrrgh no its mine.

I wiped my tears and rushed out of the tub . I hugged him deeply I didn’t even care if my thigh pained he held my wet unclad body tight

” sorry
” hey its nothing.
” I love you…. I love you so much.
” I love you too but you need to bath.

he moved me back into the tub and I Lay in smiling.finally i smiled . . do I have the right to smile at least I deserve to be happy just today COS I know the rest of my years without Ryan will be painful.Anna’s Ryan.he says he can Make us work but we both know that’s not possible so I will surely leave him I can’t fight without hope of victory… I hope he won’t be to hurt with what I am going to do.

he walked into the room and came back with the bed cover he deepened it into the bowl and started washing it.

” sir ryan … am a little happy
” why
” well am no longer a virgin ..I won’t die a virgin… I smiled and my tears streamed down ” you will always be the man I deserve Ryan

soon he was done washing the bed cover he deeped it in clean water. he moved over to me and used the soap on my hair. after which he scratched my hair with his hands then he used the hand shower I laughed

” Clara did you wash yourself
” not yet… it still pains a bit
he dropped the hand shower and wrapped his fingers around me from behind.

” i wanted us to strengthen our bond Clara,i want to have u written in my soul, I love you Clara… I wish the universe will give me a chance to prove it to you…even if it’s just a year and have me die after that I won’t complain all I need is you.he kissed my neck.
I touched his hand and smiled. I felt his tears drop on me I smiled and looked at him…why does he feel so guilty.. after a while I washed myself and he poured clean water all over me with the hand shower. he carried me up and dropped me on the bed.he picked my towel and dried my hair then my body. he took my yellow sleeping gown and helped me wear it he still picked a black sweater .I sat down and he plugged in the drier and dried my hair I smiled, this is just what I want everyday of my life ..a man like Ryan I don’t know why this is a crime to the world.. soon he was done drying my hair he picked my hair warmer and covered my hair with it .

” do you need anything
” no
” ok.

he walked out and returned with some drugs.
” what’s this for
” Ahhhh
I opened my mouth and he slipped it in .
I took water and swallowed. he walked out to the shower. i lay facing heaven and thought about my future ,do i have a future without ryan,what is my future, can i ever become like Anna rich and powerful and wear expensive cloths and have people bow to me .can i ever fufil my dream of becoming a reknown doctor . Ryan walked out and lay beside me on the bed …topless in this cold weather

” ryan you will get cold
” no I won’t.
” get a top
” no .
I dragged his black trouser up and buttoned it well the white short was still visible . then I carressed his tummy playfully
” since you won’t wear a cloth I will keep you warm.i deeped myself into his arms he held me tight

” dont ever leave me clara
I smiled
“I won’t.
he pressed my back play fully and ran his fingers up and down my back playing his thumb on me that’s so romantic and funny I laughed .
” hey what’s funny
” the way u touch me
” each time I see you I feel eating you up like this ” he opened his mouth and beat my ear I laughed and he moved my hair when last did i laugh.
” Clara I will never leave you again
I will make you happy I will make this work just give me time and wait for me.he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.
l love the way u love me but we are truly hopeless , what about Anna she is mean but she deserves love if she wants Ryan so bad who am I to drag him with her… why hold on to him when it’s possible that he can never take me to the alter .I know he is making all this promises to make me happy

” Clara as long as you are by my side I will do it ,i will do more , ” he kissed my neck and kissed around my face then my fore head even my hand ,” i will do anything it takes to make you happy I don’t care anymore but just never leave me please I love you so much I never felt like this before u are my breath clara.
I smiled and started crying after a while he slept off I know he is fast asleep he really sleeps alot. I ran away
I Got to my room and locked my door I fell to my bed . i picked my diary and tore a sheet then I left a note for Ryan.

💓 dear ryan,
I really love you very much and I know u love me too.I am glad I consummated my love for you. actually oppa you are the most beautiful thing that life ever gave me , I forgive u for all the wrong u ever did….I wiped my tears.
but Ryan i am leaving you now ,i can’t tell u to your face cos I know u won’t let me go.you were my fantasy ,my dream that came through like a movie but it’s still a dream I know and I understand everything .you can’t ruin your carrier and have your parents hate you because of me.
u can’t annoy Anna and keep hurting her because of me
who am I ,i am just Clara that clumsy nurse
I wiped my tears again.

don’t get mad at me ,its not that I can’t fight by your side but ryan I am a nobody and I have alot of things to loose.
secondly we can’t win this war ryan,we can’t win THIS war without bloodshed.
and I don’t want to watch r.d and a.g.h.c go down .my love learn to live without me.accept Anna ,love her,take care of her, give her all the rights of a wife ,i will be in your heart that’s enough for me but let her be in your arms… do the only right thing so your dad can be proud of you.I love you so much that i am letting you go. I love you Ryan i dont know if I will ever love another man.I love you so much God bear me witness . but i really have no choice Ryan i wish I could tell you more I really believe that this is the right thing to do.

Clara .


my tears already filled the book I folded it and placed on my counter.I don’t have time to change.I covered the cap well and arranged my stuff.I wore my school bag and covered my body well.i dreamed of living in his house,this is too painfull .i wioed my tears.I wore my glasses and walked out.I looked at the house one last time then I slipped both hands into the sweaters pocket I look just like a toy but I don’t care.I walked out shedding tears. I can’t believe I must leave Ryan…. i need to secure my family .my future .my heart no longer beats but no problem I will live without heart beats ,i wiped my tears with the back of my palm , my heart will only beat again when the goddess sends Ryan back to me in a way he will love me without fear or pain.God I miss ryan so much. i wish there was never a merger.
I halted a bus and ran inside.

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 56 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

I headed for the beach. soon I arrived I walked deep into the ocean and threw away my first SIM card.. now Ryan won’t reach me.I knelt down deep in the water …it seems the water goddess is awake. I waved at the part of the water which roared

” hy … I have committed a sin. I slept with a married man… goddess why didnt you answer my prayer.I told you to help me get Ryan but you failed me I guess it was my sin sorry… right now I have decided to stop sinning.I won’t hurt Anna again… I have accepted the fact that Ryan is not mine.it’s really painful.. just then I saw a face deep inside the ocean.Jesus I shivered but I didn’t run .she swimmed down closer to me that was when I realized she was a mermaid.I looked around no one was in the beach.

she came close enough and stopped

” won’t you let me sleep
” who are you
” I live here… you left your world to disturb mine
” sorry.I wiped my tears and stood up
” that man you brought here loves you very much and he is destined to be with you… let humans do what they can and after them fate will do its part..

she dived back into the water… Ryan is my destiny but I already lost him.she doesn’t know what he is married..I promised Ryan that I won’t ever run from him.he is going to be heart broken.I headed for louisas house ,i will leave from there..

Diana’s p.o.v

claras mum is getting stronger she drank her tea and walked down to me on the couch. I am glad I didn’t tell Clara about her mum she might encounter an accident while thinking.

” mum are you ok?
” yes good Diana..thank U for coming
” that’s beautiful
” Diana is Clara having an affair with Ryan?
” haha who is Clara
” diana!
” I warned clara so much but she didn’t listen ..she’s in love with ryan
” too painful…her first love had to be a crown of thorns ,my daughter might die of pain…
” but u watched Anna grow up right,why is she so wicked,she’s too wicked for her age ? claras mum smiled

“if you were trained like her you will do worse
” what
” she’s not wicked she is just hot tempered and I don’t blame her there’s too much on her head ,her life is monitored and read like a book. she is not allowed to make a mistake and all her life she never made a mistake in protecting her fathers wealth.

she was trained from 12, how to be a leader,have presence,get people to fear u,all about shares she had alot to learn so she started early. she has Been in charge ever since she was 19 and even from that little age she never made a single mistake ,she didn’t enjoy life ,she didn’t live like other teenagers I really loved and admired her so much back then she didn’t let her age control her decisions at work even older people respected Annastasia. that was how she became mean and ruthless cos she was young if she acted lightly people would have looked down on her and Grande group won’t have been what it is now.

I watched her sneak out of work to meet her best friends to just play and live a little, nurse del always lied to her dad that she was meditating inside . crisella was her very best friend before maybel. I studied her life carefully and I wondered how she coped..how can human being have a life time table she didn’t enjoy the fun of being a teenager.each time her dad went to work she was behind him.as he always asked his guards
“is my jewel behind me?,he trained her to be fierce and strict cos he knew she was born into a rough world. even her high school was funny ,she studied at home and was only allowed to visit high school once in a week… she was being thought the duties of an active heir everyday every hour, even in her dream she talks about shares and money . she prefers to die than to make a mistake..grande group became her breath and a.g.h.c her life .u and clara enjoyed your early days , rain Chase ,games ,fun,friends,birthdays but Anna was reading files ,holding share holders meetings, going on business trips ,etc she missed out on the real life so Anna’s mean nature is because of her up bringing but she has a kind heart.
I heard the merger was strengthened and the truth is if Anna is doing all this because she loves ryan and is jealous she will do more and ruin more lives I am giving u 60/100 .she will do 60 out of hundred to secure Ryan for her heart.

but if Anna is fighting for the company and if her marriage to Ryan is the only key to protecting that company Annastasia will do 500 out of 100 she Will do anything she might bomb a whole nation cos Grande group is her life ,it was her own birthdays ,night parties, outing with friends. fun games etc…her father entrusted everything to her so much that he doesn’t come to work.. there is too much on her head so if the reason behind Anna’s action is protecting her father’s reputation and company then Anna won’t stop until Ryan weds her. i just wish everything can work out . all of them need each other Clara might be the real sister she never had if only she can let her fear of loosing the company go and think… maybe there is a way out .I pity and miss my child if only she had power and class to fight to for her love.

just then claras dad rushed in panting like a half dead lion

” honey, what’s wrong.
” it’s finished our super market was demolished everything is lost even my money and people’s cash
” what but how did u survive ,why didn’t u move things out.
” I got a text but I wasn’t told that my shop will be demolished I was just asked to leave the shop and pick something . that was how I survived
“what will we do now
“I am owing a whole lot of people now this is just too much.
” it will be fine ” claras mum said

claras dad held his hands to his heart and I gave him his drugs I carefully added sleeping tablets so he won’t think much..

Annastasia I already forgave your actions before u took them it takes maturity to understand you, i just hope u stop before u start living in regret and depression. claras mum said

claras p.o.v

I arrived Louisas house ,Louisa hugged me tightly after opening the door.

” Clara come in
I nodded and walked in. the house is quite pretty I sat on her bed
” Clara why did you run from ryan
” the hospital told me to come back.if I stay I might get my family into trouble.
” but Clara why all this?
” ryan is betrothed to Anna you know right
” yes
” Anna found out about me and Ryan
” Annastasia Alexandra Grande the first
” yes
” after she just powered the merger
” Clara you need to go home… Anna will hurt every one who is close to you
” I know … after meeting her I understood the kind of person she is.kind if she likes you heart less if she hates you and now she hates me but I really like her
” am sorry clara
” no its ok… I already left her man after all they just Got married… I and Ryan we are both hopeless.I wish she will forgive me and stop now.
” what will you do now
” am going home..I will leave so I can pick my life pieces together.
Louisa hugged me… I miss ryan so much.

Ryan’s p.o.v

omg did I fall asleep.I touched the bed but I didn’t feel Clara.I ran down to her room but she left. her bags are missing oh no what is going on.I called Clara on phone but it was unavailable.I called iren
” iren did a.g.h.c call Clara back
” call back?,
” what do you mean Call back
” Clara is no longer your nurse another is on her way.
” why
“I dunno too
“where is she
“I dont know
aaaarrrghhhh!!!. what’s going on I switched of the call I called Anna.

” Anastasia
” is that how you address me now ,Annastasia?
this girl won’t ever be calm
” anna where is Clara
” I don’t know ,why asking
” Anna what are you doing
” Ryan maybe Clara decided to do what’s right … it’s not my fault if she left ryan I just hope u do what’s right too cos a lot is at stake here and it just keeps getting worse u don’t understand anything arrrgh!!.she threw her phone to the wall.yes I know that sound.

Anna please stop .there might be another way out stop hurting yourself.you are so pained. even if i marry you Anna u wont be happy u wont be fufilled cos we don’t love each other I am not only doing this for me I am doing this for us … we will die inside if we get married .this is so complicated where did Clara go to.Anna doesn’t know where she is.why didnt Clara tell me anything. how could she just up and leave.what about me….. I looked around and saw the letter I read it fully now I understand ,clara thinks everything will just be solved if she leaves like this …I told her to wait I might find a way to end this peacefully why didn’t she listen arrrgh.where is she ,how do I see Clara…I don’t even know her house.is that why she begged me to concentrate on Anna. Clara come back I can’t live without you I beg you please.I picked my drug and swallowed then I sat on the floor backing her bed.she was leaving tears streamed down my eye and I wiped them.

Rachel’s pov .
I am Anna’s assistant here at the hospital.Jake is her assistant outside work and nurse del is her main nurse but she traveled .we have been with Anna for a very very long time and I know she trusts us.Anna didn’t go home today she went to her suite that’s where she stays when there is too much on her head and there is really too much on her head Anna is too small for everything she is carrying… right from time she fought alone her dad wanted her to be fearless in this life …her mum who fought by her side is now missing ,tonia looks for ways to bring down Anna everyday ,daniella who should help as a sister tried to kill her ,Mr Grande left work totally cos he is always sick the whole Grande in on the head of a 24 years old girl no wonder so many things went rough when she was in coma .but now she is back and she is busy placing every thing right until this merger issue. it just added to her list of problems Anna needs a sister from another mother ,someone as smart as her, someone who loves her and she trust someone who will take away half the burden on her head before she breaks down.. heaven knows I can’t be Anna even for 30 minutes .I watched her rush into the living room of the suite she wore a white pant and bra with a jacket.her pen was behind her ear she packed her hair up.and held a file in her hands.I bowed she took her water from the table and i rushed into the room with her thousands of files where on the floor what on earth is she looking for she wore her glasses and picked another file which she opened.

” madam what are u searching for.
” tell me , what did the court say
” we can’t get the land back
she chuckled
” malcom can never bring me down , he fought with my dad he didn’t succeed if he thinks he will pull me down because I am still a kid he must be joking .m.h. will always be under A.g.h.c… malcom really wants to play a dirty game I hope he knows that’s my favourite.

yes malcom is really one of Anna’s biggest competition he runied a.g.h.c before it was the merger that strengthened us again and is still covering us up . r.d didn’t even know why a.h.g.c agreed to that merger quickly. it gave Anna stand to defeat him then now he is back with another dimension thank God Anna was smart enough to strengthen the merger but what is really backing him up did he forget about the merger or ,oh no, could he have inside information that Ryan might break up the marriage, cox i know malcom fears mr devantes so if he is up against Anna again that means he believes that Anna might not be under mr devantes for long ,i think he knows that the marriage is having issues, who is behind malcom,who is his informant.
Anna started coughing she took water Anna u must never let that merger break off u have to protect it with your last breath no one knows how malcom will strike he is waiting for the company to get weak but I trust Anna she never gets weak.

” what’s your report on clara
” we destroyed her fathers shop.
” did u text him
“did he get hurt
” we fired her mum and we already sent the mandate….I was informed that she left ryan some hours ago she is with her friend now.
” what friend , what kind of friend is that ,male or female?
“is the area safe
“are u sure
” yes ,one of our security guard is around her
” good…. make sure she returns to new York safely … he has to watch her till she enters the plane ,a single strand of her hair shouldn’t get hurt you should know I might be angry at her but I don’t play with clara,.. I just want her far away from ryan .
“ok and about chasing them out of their house ..
” hold that for now
“but I thought u wanted to do everything it takes to chase her out of this city . we are very close ,her mum is jobless,her dad jobless, they don’t have any means in this city so once we chase them from their house clara and her parents will have no choice but to leave the city just like u want ,she will go far away from ryan and the merger will be secured
“I know but just leave the house for now let them rest,Clara is still on her way and Ryan is not yet back and I am still thinking about some stuffs … I will tell u the next step
” get me info on our next step for Chicago
“ok madam but all this files,u need to rest
” I am looking for somethings… I will just.
she opened another file and wore her glasses. she coughed again with her towel and folded it quickly,wait did I just see blood …is Anna ok.
I watched her open like 10 files at once even a lawyer doesn’t read like this.
I wish crisella or ryan would just came back Anna needs someone to talk too ,she is thinking too much her heart is piled up she needs a helper for God’s sake, what kind of lonely life is this now maybel is always busy with her therapy /counseling work anna looks strong and fearless outside but inside she is just pitiable, she is so scared right now ,she’s scared of Ryan breaking off the merger she is obviously shaken up …. this girl is really suffering so much
i wish I was closer to her I will just kneel down and pull her into a deep hug then I will brush her hair and tell her everything will be fine ,your mom will come back,malcom won’t take a.g.h.c from you ,ryan Wont break off the merger,your dad will regain his full health , everything will be fine, u won’t lose anything my child.yes ,just like a mother would…. I looked at her again and she wrapped her towel around her body.from hospital coma to life coma seems u were born to suffer. but I can’t touch you ,you are too mean and strict you will just slap my destiny out of me.
I bowed and walked out.

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 57 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

Anna’s pov

in my next life I will come with a sister who will love me and take care of me I won’t be alone and maybe in that life I will try being a normal person .I remembered what maybel said and chuckled . close my eye and choose my lover.does it matter whom I love what matters is a.g.h.c especially now that malcom is back.let me try it anyway. cos I really need an answer to why I didn’t break up with Tony and why I cheated Ryan

I folded my legs and my hands together and closed my eye. forget the pleasure ,the sex ,the romance who is in your heart Anna ,who do you really love ,who makes you whole. omg what am I seeing

my phone rang and I stood up,i don’t have time for games
“tell me
“Anna something happened
” till u arrive at work
I dropped the call now my heart is beating fast ,what did malcom do again…I have not been able to talk to my dad I hope malcom didn’t add more salt.

next day
Ryan’s p.o.v

I walked down to my door and there the new nurse stood. she looks good .she wore black flats and I white Gown.

” hy… am your new assistant sir
I opened the door wide and she walked in. she bowed to me.I ignored her and closed the door.I opened the door to claras room and she walked in.

” don’t ruin the way she organised things
” yes sir
” we have only 6 patients left… we leave early in the morning
” yes sir
” please… if it doesn’t concern business,don’t talk to me and don’t ever come up those stairs.
” yes sir
” we need to leave early so we should complete everything fast … within like 2 to 3 days so please read the health records you can am not in the right state of mind to read
” yes sir
” welcome Clara…. sorry what’s your name .
” its mira sir .
I dried my tears and rushed out

Anna’s pov

I am so anxious right now ,why did Jake call so late ..but my dad said i should meet him first before work so I headed home.
I walked in and he sat facing his system
he had a bottle water on his side.I looked in his face he looked worried.

” my jewel.
” dad
” Anna what is distracting you my love ,is something bothering you.
” no dad everything is fine
“have you seen this
he turned his system to me i looked at the first paragraph its about the land.
” dad am sorry I don’t know how malcom bought that land
” Anna I am not talking about the first paragraph,i knew when he did that I was just waiting for u to strike back but look at the second paragraph

I looked down Jesus our hospital in India got closed down by government and our workers sent out our sick patients stranded. what happened ,government might sue us for this ,its all malcom.
i placed my hands on my mouth
” dad am sorry … I lost focus and made a mistake
” Anna malcom has done enough u can’t handle him alone schedule a meeting with me and Grande and also schedule a meeting at work . active board members and departmental heads
” ok Dad , but you are not strong
” i will be fine ,but Anna if u weren’t distracted all this wouldn’t have happened behind your back… what’s going on tell me.. why are u so scared recently u hardly come home.
” nothing dad
” how was your trip to Africa
“it was fine.
” what did Ryan think of the marriage.
” well dad ,he didn’t see anything wrong
“I hope you are not lying to me Anna cos for malcom to strike fearlessly like this it means he has information that the merger is shaking .
” it’s not shaking dad ,its fine,Ryan is still with me he is not going anywhere .
” Annastasia!!! ” he hit his hand on the table ,he knows am lying.
I wiped my tears
” dad you were right Ryan , Ryan threatened to break off the merger.
am so scared that i will ruin everything you worked hard for, dad if this merger gets weak malcom will use it against us ,he might take a.g.h.c away cos he has govt power … Ryan is my fear dad, he doesn’t love me anymore he wants to break off the marriage he really wants to ,am scared that I might fail you .
i placed both hands on my face sobbing like a kid… not now that he is sick I can’t fail him now that he needs me to be stronger than ever.
” Anna u know ryan can’t …he shouldn’t. this is not child’s play.. Infact i need to inform his dad
” no don’t dad ,for Claras sake .Mr dervantes will hurt her ,u know he doesn’t have time he will kill her.. Clara has to go far away before Ryan’s Dad finds out about this. dad please dont tell him , it’s under control my marriage to Ryan is my duty to secure.
” Anna better do cos a lot are at stake now . infact , this is not what I wanted for you my jewel , i need you to marry a man that loves you and will give you all the care u missed in your life … u know what?, i will handle malcom and after that I will find a way to separate Ryan from you without causing a war … let’s remove malcom from the picture first so he wont ever come back at you.
” dad
“but,do u still love ryan,do you want him or not.
” dad i
he’s phone rang
” go to work ,we will talk

I rushed out.. oh God everything was getting worse thank God dad is taking charge .. malcom is really out for this how dare he remove a.g.h.c from India and all because I got weak and carried away with Ryan’s threat. i moved my hair and wiped my tears for the first time I failed Dad twice
if dad can separate the merger without issues ,if he can solve the problem easily I have a feeling I might let Ryan go.
I might leave him for clara.she saved my life I will never forget that.
I already forgave her for helping Ryan cheat thanks to Ryan’s words I got to understand Clara’s part of the story. and I won’t drag Ryan with her.I don’t know if I love him or not but I won’t mind that anymore.I just pray dad and Mr dervantes can teach malcom a lesson and remove him from the picture
at least if my dad is the one to separate the marriage Mr dervantes won’t be mad at Ryan .. my dad might even do it in a way the merger won’t shake.I trust him I will finally take a break while he takes the driver’s seat from me.
maybe I will use that time to do what normal people do , what do normal people do , go to the spa,go swimming ,visit the club, go ice skating ,take dance classes , learn how to cook well, and just have fun and live like a human being not as a robot programmed to do office work . I think maybe I am happy. but i will be happier if dad gets strong and mum comes back. for slapping Clara I wonder If she is still mad at me.
i moved my hair and sat in my car.


the end👍
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[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 58 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

marimars pov
I had been waiting here for a while,yash said he wants to meet me but he is delaying.it’s my turn to serve Anna today and I am almost late.

finally I saw him walking down

” tell me what is it..Anna is waiting.
he looked around for a while
” can i meet Anna.it’s very important.can you help me meet Anna.
” no you can’t just meet her .you are tonias driver
” no this is important.he looked around again
” tell me what it is I will inform Anna
” ok. give this paper to Anna as soon as possible … tell her to come to this location if she doubts me
” ok I will inform Anna
“go right now and please be careful.
” sure .
” don’t open the paper
” ok I won’t.

I rushed away and he covered his face cap well and walked out..

Anna’s pov

finally I arrived at work , i have so many meetings hangings I Will know where to start once my dad is done handling malcom and working on the merger. I feel like going home but going there without Ryan is not worth it.

just then my phone rang it was my dad.I am so glad ,is he done solving the issues

” hello
” Anna your dad is dying
“your dad just fainted not only that
” tell me
“marimar is dead
“yash is dead too
“I dont know madam ,i dont understand too
“Jesus what’s going on… I ran down and entered my car ..I headed home. why did that innocent girl get shot. what is going on. My driver took me home and I rushed into the house just to find my Dad on the floor with his hands on his heart I rushed him.
” father,father … what’s wrong. are you okay… daniella !!,tonia .

both of them rushed .

” Tonia what did you do to my dad.
” no Anna I swear I dont know what’s wrong
daniella knelt down beside me and touched my Dad .
” dad what’s wrong” she said crying.

I hugged him and called Samuel ,he’s the doctor Tony assigned to me ,he is so smart. i am scared I can’t loose dad too…God all these are making me weak…

I left my dad in the care of Samuel and walked out shedding tears,just when he wanted to help me the most.malcom can’t find out that my dad is weak.infact enough is enough its time malcom understood that I was in this business right from when I was ten.I Wont take chances … whenever dad wakes up I swear he won’t look at me with a dissapinted face

Rachel met me near my car

” madam the meeting your dad scheduled is almost set or should I cancel.
I Dried my tears
” actually all top investors are there to see your dad solve the hospital issue

I rushed into my car soon i arrived at the suite. I rushed in almost crying I was shocked to see crisella

” crisella
” tasia I mised you.
she hugged me tightly and I just felt heaven in her arms.
” Anna what’s with all the files scattered around your study.
” nothing
” what’s with all the merger stuff… why are u researching it ,don’t tell me you want to break off the merger did you and Ryan fight
” Ryan fell for someone else ,but he can’t be with her because of our contract marriage.he threatened to break off the merger
” but that will cause a problem
“I know so I have been looking for a way to break off this merger without causing any issues.. I dont want to be the devil . Clara deserved that much from me I read this files till my brain pained there is no way to go about this merger without causing problems

” what will u do

” malcom is back,he just closed our hospital in India ,he also wiped us out of Chicago
” what
” malcom knows that Ryan loves someone else ,he knows the merger is shaking crisella.he knows I might not hide under Ryan’s Dad again… but I don’t know who is giving him info.. I need Ryan’s Dads security and he needs my resources. that was the main bargain of the merger so men like malcom can’t penetrate a.g.h.c. like u can see am still a kid and I don’t involve in the dirty under cover games and now daddy is always sick that’s why I need Ryan’s Dad to be part of this company he has to pick when I call him..so breaking off the merger is something i can no longer do. I am going to protect it with my all. even if I find a way to break it off peacefully and settle the scores , r.d might go free after some challenges but malcom will destroy a.g.h.c., i dont know what he wants and who is behind him he has so much info on a.g.h.c than he has on r.d. trust mr grande he cant get a mole in his company he will just shoot you in your office… but my father’s sickness and my coma arrest made a.g.h.c’s defense weak. he can’t challenge Mr Grande but he will face a.g.h.c and i feel he has a score to settle with my dad. I won’t let him win that merger can never be broken I Will secure it with my last breath..

” what about ryan,what if he doesn’t agree.. what if he tells the world that he doesn’t love you.
” I won’t let Ryan do that ,i am playing this game the cleanest way I can but if ryan pushes me I will tell his dad about Clara
” Anna he will kill her
“yes that’s why I don’t want him to find out.securing Ryan is not an issue I know exactly how to get Ryan ,he was once mine and he is a jealous lover as well as a proud lover but his biggest weakness is that he is too kind… once Clara is far enough Ryan coming around won’t be a big issue.I will get him either the easy way or the hard way.u know I am ruthless when it comes to my dad’s company
” am sorry Anna .

” am in so much pain ,mom is missing ,dad just fell sick after he promised to help me with the merger issue,Daniela and her mum are my enemies ,malcom wants to take a.g.h.c, he wants to bring me down and I don’t have anybody to fight by my side , no one , the burden is much ,the pain is much…Ryan, the only one I ever had just left me too.
“come here Anna am sorry .she hugged me. I smiled out of tears. she dragged me into my room.

maybels pov.

she removed her jacket and picked her system.. after a while she dropped it.
mmm Anna is hiding something.the same thing she didn’t talk about.she didn’t talk about how she feels for Ryan in her heart .
I sat closer to her and organised her singlet well.I looked in her face
” it’s me Anna ,tell me the truth ,we never kept secrets from each other .
I took her hand
” do u love Ryan ?
she tried taking her hand back I held it tight
she looked around then she looked at me
“no crisella I dont.I know I don’t love Ryan i was just trying to force my heart to love him cos I already accept him as a person …
” I love tony crisella , i still love him.
I realized it earlier but I just fought it off.I don’t have the right to love tony this is what I told myself when I was sent to Ryan’s house.. and i am still saying it again… my dad didn’t train me the way he trained me for me to grow up and ruin everything he worked for in the name of love.I was still little but after my dad told me about the merger.I called myself and advised myself. I knew I loved Tony but i needed Ryan to survive , Ryan grants a.g.h.c more protection , malcom was about striking me again he almost took a.g.h.c away .. I accepted quickly and we merged.my dad and Ryan’s Dad came as one and thought malcom a lesson… I was sent to ryans house to get to know him better.investors where watching.
I don’t know how ryans dad managed to convince him but I convinced myself.
U know how I was trained I was not trained like a kid I was trained like a robot.so I programmed myself to get Ryan to love Me.I programmed myself to love him.I programmed myself to love him so much that he Wont realize that I don’t love him… that’s what I did for a.g.h.c. i sacrificed my love, I hope u now understand what a.g.h.c means to Anna
” Anna bit how did u get Ryan to love u ,he loved daniella.

” that’s one thing with planning.
I planned to make him love me..even before I met him I was ready.but when i met him he was so cold and mean but hot. he didnt talk to me but i was trapped with him… God he is so handsome and his mean nature made him sexy.everything about him is seductive.
i watched him walk out of the pool top less and still walk past me without a word.. I watched him walk into the room with a towel around his waist and his wet hair falling freely. I watched him work out/excercise and the sweat streamed all over his perfect frame…
I saw all this hotness every day but he didn’t talk to me making me have desires I couldn’t control.God I had so much desires for him and I was still little I wasn’t good at the self control game cos I just lost my virginity few days ago. I dreamt of him making love to me everyday.I just wanted him so badly that I got myself wet with desires.I had so much desires that I stopped thinking about Tony.my need and lust for him made me take my goal of making him love me serious and finally he fell in love with me… but getting him to make love to me was another task. he wanted me to leave Tony but i couldn’t ,i didn’t have the courage.. but he broke up with Ella and after I successfully got him to make love to me everything changed.. I knew I could live with him forever at least he was caring , hand some and the way he held me in bed it was just so different.
I thougt these qualities where enough. cos I know that even if my dad got me married to a blind man I would stay for a.g.h.c so I was blessed to be with Ryan.I had no reason to hate him I accepted and desired him so much that i confused it with love. I thought I loved him.so I decided to break up with Tony but that day only a drop of tear from tonys eye and just 3 words I love you.made me understand that u can’t tell your heart who to love. I told my heart to love ryan because I needed him but my stupid heart was still beating for Tony. that day I and Tony insulted each other ,cried for each other ,fought away each others touch,smashed everything around the house but just one kiss got me helpless again.one kiss dragged me back into his bed where I belonged.God I missed him so much and being with him in bed made me forget that I was Annastasia I felt free.I was happy.but after the sex I got my acts straight.I need ryan not Tony. and i was convinced that I loved Ryan.so i regarded the sex as a mistake and broke up with Tony..

I was so bothered about Tony ,what he would do,would he kill himself,would he drink,would he smoke,would he find a girl and sleep with her ..I was so worried I was worried about Ryan finding out about the affair and breaking off the merger.I was in so much thoughts i didnt see my accident coming. I can’t lie to you crisella I loved Tony and I still love him.even when he treated me as a nurse I still loved him when he kissed me I didn’t want to withdraw.but I belong to Ryan.. he waited for two years for me.my respect for him helped me control what I felt for Tony. I already gave so much for me and Ryan to be together. when I found out about the affair I was so mad and scared.I was more annoyed than jealous but after Ryan shouted at me I realised all the wrongs I ever did. and when he Apologized that was when I decided to let them be.I decided to let Clara have him.that was when I started researching on how to break off the merger.I read and researched morning and night. I didn’t find a way out but i kept searching . but crisella i never expected malcom to come back.he is the main reason why this merger happened at first .malcoms return is going to change everything Ella.malcom knows that a.g.h.c is getting weak but i will disappoint him. because of malcom I won’t let Ryan leave me.I Wont let him go to Clara…he can’t ruin my life and hardwork because he is in love I am in love too but i kept it aside to do the right thing.and Ryan has to do the same.he’s going nowhere not now ,not now Ella.dad is sick ,mum is out,we lost two hospitals.this merger can’t fall not now that I need it the most..I might love tony but i need Ryan… I need him more right now. I need him to not break off that merger. he has to Mary me .I don’t care about love crisella

” and love never ruled you Anna ,u just saw it as a factor … what rules you is Grande group
” cos that’s my life. that’s all I have.

I hugged her tightly again.

” dad please don’t die.Ryan please don’t let me down i really don’t want to involve your dad in this,for clara’s sake but if u push me I will.

Rachel called her line and I picked up. her cloth was dripping tears.

” tell me
” madam its time
i kissed her cheek.

” never show them your weakness Anna now I understand why your dad trained you to be so ruthless he knew there will be a time when you will have no one …. no one to fight by you.. Anna pull malcom down .do anything it takes secure a.g.h.c for ur mum and dad… don’t let them bring you down.go to the meeting your dad scheduled.prove to them that you are indeed your fathers daughter .
solve this problem and pull malcom down.
enough of this tears and weakness Anna ,you are Annastasia Alexandra Grande The first .you do not take shit from anyone. u already sacrificed so much for Grande you can’t get weak now.the investors are waiting.

Anna smiled she rushed into her shower.
God how can someone talk business when your dad is dying .

[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 59 ✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

Diana’s pov

omg the news of Mr grande’s sudden sickness is all over the place .I wonder how it broke out and who ever did this wants investors to panic.Mr Grande called a meeting now who will handle the meeting , who will solve the problem he wanted to solve.just then Anna rushed into work she folded her hair in a clean bun . whenever Anna folds her hair she means business and when she means business she doesn’t give a damn!!. 5 guardS followed her we all bowed.I wonder what is keeping Clara.

general sov

the guard opened the door and Annastasia walked in ,everybody was surprised they where expecting Mr grande.
Mr dervantes smiled at Anna who walked in without Smiling she took her fathers chair…everybody bowed gently. she looked at tonia and smiled

” please proceed ” Anna said
” before we proceed Anna, i thought Mr grande held this meeting why are you here ” one of the major share holders ,Mr Jonathan said
” Jonathan I am a true Grande ,when u see me you see my dad.
” but we heard Mr grande is sick , shouldn’t you be …
“I am here to address the same issue my dad called for
” but Anna i think we deserve to know..
” Rachel
” madam
“get me the list of share holders ..I will start this meeting by removing those who don’t think I am not capable of….
” no am sorry Anna,don’t take it too far,i was just being curious
Anna closed her file
” does anyone else have any of such questions.
no one spoke so Anna returned the file to Rachel who took it from her .
the m.d used his remote to switch on the projector the first preview was the hospital which was closed down in India .

” Anna this is big ,very soon the press will fight us” one investors said
” secondly this is a loss of investment and we can’t make a good come back because there is no empty land big enough Right now ” chief accountant said
” even if there was an empty land, we don’t have time, when will we finish building it and start moving over.it’s not possible our loss will increase..” Liam said
” this is the issue we came to resolve Anna , what do u have to say..” m.d asked

Anna closed her file

” send him in ” she said and Rachel opened the door a small boy walked in , around 19. he worked as a hacker in the research department. Anna’s favourite computer guru Chris.

he walked in

” isn’t he below the legal standard to be in this meeting ” jonathan said
” silence!, we are not in the market square
” Anna mind your..
” Rachel can u hand me the investors list again I ..
” I was just kidding Anna ,he is free to stay.
the boy sat facing a computer system
” do it, what I told you about , do it.” anna said to Chris.
” Ok madam , give me 10 minutes

” Anna nodded. and watched him with expectation.he slipped his ear piece in and played a music then he switched on his system. his hands and eye was working very fast he didn’t talk he just chewed gum all the investors watched him quietly for a while.. he was very fast in typing .. finally he was done. Anna looked in his face with a question in her eye.
” did you succeed
“he nodded
Anna smiled

” tell the board your report” Anna said
” uhmmm good day ,so” he connected his system to the projective screeen everybody watched .
” I was looking for a hospital building in the whole Hindi . which has the exact frame and complex of the formal a.g.h.c.
” Ok ?, Liam said
” and I succeeded.he screened the hospital.it was new , empty and clean.exactly like the formal a.g.h.c

” u did all this in 10 minutes ” another share holder asked in shock.
” yes I did
” so how are we sure this hospital is not owned cos.” he screened another file on the projector ” we have less than 24 hours to remove everything from the formal a.g.h.c before government withdraws our license. md said

Anna looked at Chris and he smiled giving her assurance.

” the hospital is for sale and I know that because of this merger we can afford it.the secret bidding is tommorow and no body knows about this new hospital yet not m.h.c not d.c.e non of our competition so I believe and I can bloldly say the hospital is ours and a.g.h.c will continue from where it stopped in India.. he bowed and closed the system all the investors clapped for him and Anna. Anna smiled thank God she trusted him.

Anna looked into her Mic

” I believe the major issue for this meeting has been resolved ” Anna said
” what about Chicago ,are we out for good. another investor asked
” at the right time , we will penetrate Chicago again. Mr dervantes added.
Anna smiled
” that being settled anything else?” anna asked
” Anna we won’t have peace until the new hospital is secured ” one investor said.
” also about the merger , why isn’t Ryan home yet , we are all waiting for your wedding.and most shockingly why are u still in your fathers house” Jonathan asked
Anna got short of words
” well
” well my little daughter in law is the fearful type , she can’t just go to his house and stay alone he has to come first , right Anna ?.
” yes that’s right but if that is what is needed to give members of the board security I will move to his house as soon as I can.
“Ok.we believe the wedding will kick off immediately Ryan returns cos am already panicking ” Jonathan Said
” everything is in place , no need to fear the meeting is adjourned.

all of them stood up and bowed to Anna. she stood up nd rushed out.Rachel ran behind her.Jake was already in her office she sat facing him

” tell me
” Ryan will be home soon he is rushing his surgery he just completed it.
” what
” Clara will soon arrive new York remember investors are watching, they can’t meet in New York .people might see them together remember u have enemies everywhere and your investors are always complaining ..if the history of Ryan and Clara gets out there will be panics and u know what that means

” Ok.. till she arrives first Jake

” no madam , claras family has to leave the city cos Mr dervantes can’t find out about her too

” Jake until she arrives first.

Anna’s pov
who Is informing malcom I really suspect that investor who brought up this issue he might be Woking for malcom.i suspect Jonathan.i called Ryan’s Dad
“what is it
” I hope my dad talked to u about all malcom has been doing
” we were on phone when he fell sick,how is he
” fine ,i really think that Mr Jonathan is the mole in a.g.h.c.he kept bringing up questions ,he is scaring me I don’t feel safe with him
” I will look into him but I hope you know malcom has more than one mole
” am fishing them out
ok.Mr dervantes dropped the call.

Mr devans pov
Anna is such a smart girl ,just the same person I suspected.I guess malcom forgot that I am still behind Anna or is it because I kept quiet .I already sent my boy to investigate that idiot.he called me

” tell me
” it’s true ,your suspicion is true.Jonathan works for malcom
” good.
” what do we do
“nothing .just secure his address.
ok sir.

minutes later my boy walked in

” did you secure his address
“yes Jonathan is home now
“good kill him
“yes sir
he walked out my secretary walked in.

” sir I successfully collected the amount you requested from a.g.h.c.
” good ,now procure the drugs
“yes sir.
she walked out…. I am enjoying this merger now more than ever.just then one of my boys walked in with a young girls picture.my very mole in m.h.c he dropped it on my table.

” sir I think u should reduce your transfers
“malcom thinks your son will break of The merger soon.he said the merger is shaking
” what , what is this…. I pointed to the pics
” sir I had been hearing malcom talk about your son for a while now
“my son Ryan
“yes for some weeks now
“you heard malcom talk about my only son for some weeks now and you are just telling me now.
” actually sir i….
I picked my gun and shot at his leg.he limped and fell
” cont
” ahhh ,sir i wanted to confirm first.
” what did u confirm.
he pointed to the picture I picked it up
” who is this toy.
” ahhh , thats .. thats clara david malcoms boys had been monitoring your son Ryan for few weeks now.
” what is she… who is this girl.
” sir check out the next pics
I picked the second picture and what her and Ryan in a club , Ryan is carrying her on his back,they went to a suite ,he took her to such an expensive restaurant.I angrily threw all the pictures to the floor.

” what the hell is this ,is Ryan dating this girl.
” yes sir malcom thinks so.and he said Ryan will surely break off the merger because he loves this common girl…. ouch forgive me sir.

” guys take him away for treatment before his legs bleed him to death
” yes sir.
some boys carried him out. how can ryan be so stupid ,whats he thinking,this little boy keeps disappointing me , does he think he has a future with a commoner ,over my dead body . my phone rang

” tell me
” done ,Jonathan is dead.
” good.
I dropped the call , my other boy Victor walked in , he is my most trusted boy.

” Victor how do I tell this Clara girl to leave my son alone.do I kill her mom or her dad.
” sir lets not act fast ,ryan is a man maybe it was just for fun…. I mean we all do it , I think he is just using the girl to pass time as we both can see sir she’s very very hot. I think he is just using her to dump her later.
” that’s the problem ,my son is not like that…Ryan is principled .if he is sleeping with her it means he is in love with her.
” sir why don’t we call Anna ,she went to visit him right ..well if he didn’t want her anymore I am sure he must have told her.
” good idea cos I don’t have time to take chances .in the meantime get me info on that girl
” ok sir.
I called Anna on phone.
” hello
” Jonathan will not bother you again
” thanks dad
” is anyone else bothering you
” no its all good
” what about ryan.how did he take the marriage
” well….
” this girl clara David who is she , what is she to Ryan.
” u say?
[5/6, 6:42 AM] Ritababe: ✏🎀CLUMSY NURSE 🎀✏
Season 2( ✏✏Chapter 60✏✏)
By chidinma jerry m

” who is Clara
“I dont know
“evan didn’t say anything about her?
“no ,i and Ryan we are fine …he didn’t talk about her and I don’t care about any other girl he is using for fun all I know that he loves me very much
” good my dear
“ok dad
“good luck on the new hospital
“thanks dad.

I dropped the call

” Victor you were right , she is just for fun
“ok ,should i continue investigating clara
” pend it for now … I am going in a trip so I need you to check the road for me
” ok sir.
” you all can leave , send in the girl
” ok .

Anna’s pov
I returned home immediately after I was done with office work .Sam was attending to my dad I sat quietly waiting he was done with my dad so he walked out to me

“Anna lets talk in private
” ok.

we walked into my study and I sat facing him while wiping my tears

” Anna your father’s imune system is failing…do you think he might ‘ve taking poison from home.
” no I made sure he doesn’t.he’s food is ordered privately and its from a sure source.
” then I don’t understand why he’s tissues are getting damaged if this is not poisoning I don’t know what it is..it’s not visible in my tests
” what are you saying
” Anna I gave him some drugs…let’s watch but be careful about your Dad Anna watch everything he eats if he takes the poison again serious breakdown will start he might cripple
” ok but am sure it’s not poisoning.
” if so he will be okay.
I smiled
he looked at me for a while then he stood up and walked to me.
he took my face into his hands and looked into my eye then my nose my lips he looked at me for a while
” Sam stop,what are u doing
” Anna wait…. shut up
he moved my hair and looked at my shoulders he gently shifted my cloth does he want to see my bra too..
” do u want to see my bra
” do u want Ryan to kill me ?.
he raised his hands to my hair and gently touched it then he moved from me
” Anna we need to meet at the hospital
” Anna we need to meet am serious
” what’s wrong you are scaring me
” no don’t be … but we really need to meet Anna don’t forget ok
” sure but dad is all right now right
” yes
he rushed out while dialing his phone to make a call I looked myself in the mirror.what was that.

Mrs tonias pov
malcoms agent won’t pick so I called malcom .
” tell Me Tonia
” he is sick again,i carefully added the poison just when he wanted to shatter your plans
” good I hope he dies this time
“yes he will,it will cripple him first
” good I hope Anna Wont find out its poisoning
” no she can’t suspect that cos all his food is being monitored by her .
” haha she doesn’t know that the poison is all around him
” yes
” how is Anna taking this,is she weak and crying.
” she is crying in her room but when she comes out you can’t see a tear in her eye. malcom Anna is not someone who will fall easily or get weak easily it will take a little time
” time or no time.her father’s death will be my domination against her
” good
” she thinks she will buy that hospital tommorow well she had better come prove to me if she is smart enough to buy that hospital from me.
” I know u will buy it before her malcom
“I will.
” how is Isabella
” Isabella is getting useless .. just when I needed her to sign off some powers to you so u can help me fight Anna from within she started acting more psychotic
” malcom she will sign it.
” when tonia
” I think I gave her too much of that drug… we won’t drug her again until she comes back to her senses and sign a it.
” And after that
” after that we kill her.
” nice thinking tonia
” yes just don’t forget your promise
” I wont,don’t forget how much I helped u in the past , remember I know the secret behind daniella tonia I can’t fail me.
” don’t try to blackmail me malcom
” I wont ,i placed u here and I can expose and remove you.. I told you before once Grande group succumbs a.g.h.c is yours tonia .It will be called.T.g.h.c. I smiled .

I drop call.

claras pov
finally I arrived new York ,I sat quietly on a pavement having thoughts to myself.it’s time to go back to living my life.

I took a cab and headed home the first sight I met was a crowd of men and women harassing my family.I rushed in.
my mom stood with my dad

” mom,dad. what’s all this
“actually Clara your dad is owing them
“but how
” clara we will talk later for now we are trying to make them leave
i took the file from my mom.it’s the file where the men wrote their total cost.
i turned to the oldest
” I dont need greeting I need my money.
” actually we don’t have this money now but i will pay you in 3 days time.
” then its a deal
” yes
” if we don’t get our money a member of your family will be arrested.
” till then yongam

they turned and walked away.i turned to my mom.my dad already stormed inside he was never a man of many words.

“mum how did we get into this
” actually Clara Annastasia demolished..
” dad’s shop.
“yes she did.he is owing those men from there
i placed both hands across my face and sat on the bench outside my mom walked inside. tears tried streaming I wiped it off.Clara must you cry about everything…. Anna I thought leaving Ryan was enough,why do u want us to leave this city too..why are you so cold I already said i was wrong.i stood up and walked slowly into my room.

liams POV

my boy just walked in
” tell me
“clara left new York
” where is she now.
” actually we don’t know
” what ,is that how to keep an eye on someone
” we lost track off her when she left Africa.my guys who were suppose to trace her from new York had not seen her yet
” does this mean she had not entered new York
” no it means they missed her
“get out

omg I miss that girl so much that i just can’t concentrate on anything.i wish I knew her house such a lively angel… i fell deeply for Clara after just 2 days with her.. she didn’t only occupy my being she occupied my thinking.i discouraged myself because I knew she was in love with Ryan but Anna strengthening the merger might mean Ryan doesn’t love her too.and if she came back before ryan it means they broke up.right now I want to be the next lucky man.if Clara should chose someone else even if it’s just for rebound,even if she will use me to move on I dont care I just want to be around her.i wish to be the only man in her life right now.and if Anna weds Ryan.i want to be that man who will hold Clara.i want to make her dreams come true even If she doesnt love me I want to love her. i am looking for Clara ,where is she?

Anna’s pov.
i was going through important files in my office ,am happy because I know my research team must have bought that hoslital by now.just then Rachel rushed in

” tell me
” madam their is chaos in the research department
” did they already purchase the hospital
” no we don’t know how malcom found out but he logged in Anna he is about buying the hospital.
” what ,but he doesn’t need that hospital
” we both know he wants to stop you from purchasing it.
I started coughing again .why is fear trying to over take me
” madam what’s worse is all investors are in the hall
” what
“I think tonia called a meeting Anna ,they are all waiting for the announcement of the new hospital ,tonia wants to embarrass you publicly.

” what!!!!!!

Diana’s pov

omg the chaos is much.investors where busy shouting” where is the new hospital.
in two hours we will loose our license to remove any property from the old hospital. our money and resources buried all this is on Anna.

just then she walked out wearing a white suit.she looks good.I know you can do this Anna fighting !!! . just now the press rushed her Jesus Christ where are her guards the heat was heavy.I hope she doesn’t get hurt.and she no longer has time..security rushed out and the press threw questions.
” Anna what are you doing about the hospital in india too much is at stake.

” Anna how could u be so careless to watch government close down a patient filled hospital. now u have less than two hours before u loose license to move anything…how will u get a hospital so fast .

” m.h.c seems more trustworthy than a.g.h.c!!!

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