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Celine And The Hoffman Chapter Two

It seems like you haven’t seen the news sir your daughter is all over the place and this is a filth to your image”.
He showed Mr Hoffman the pictures and Mr Hoffman was so angry
“I can’t believe Gretel “,he shouted
” the idiot who did this I want him arrested and if the law is too sluggish you know what to do”.
” I do sir.
“am going home I need to meet that little devil and ask her what I have done to her”.
Sims house
simeon was in his sitting room as he watched television suddenly his phone rang it was his father
“simeon ?
“I sent you back home and told you to live like you don’t exist you know how much I hate scandals”.
” at least the scandal made you call me .
” am a busy man son am building all these empire’s for you”
“for me or for yourself I already lost mom but i feel like you are dead too “.
He drops the call and switched off the television
Mr standford dropped the call too and continued his work in his office
Meanwhile simeon was about going to his room when
A maid walked in with his drugs simeon took it from her and drank it he then went upstairs
Hoffman’s house.
Gretel was busy listening to some blues in her room she didn’t know when her father came back
Chapter 💕9❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s
Mr Hoffman walked angrily into the parlour where his wife sat
” welcome honey, would have called you but my phone has been hanging all day just sent for a new one, how was your day did you secure the contract
” i lost this contract worth millions, millions
” no problem your construction industry is still in charge of so many federal constructions loosing one is not a big deal, but I thought you already had this covered .
” Mr Isaac has been doing everything possible to be awarded the contract now Gretel has helped him push me Down haven’t you seen the news Mr president called me and told me to leave the contract to Isaac since I would be too busy training my child and managing my home imagine that
” I don’t understand our home is under control
” but your daughter is not
He handed over his phone to her with the pictures
” I can’t believe this what if this picture was photoshopped or anything
” I hope so for your daughters sake
He called one of the maids who went upstairs to Gretels room and knocked
” who is it
She opens the door
” good evening
” you knocked wrongly you should only knock once and wait do you know how much It took me to redesign this door to my taste?!!, infact you shouldnt touch my door with your bare hands anymore and inform other maids too am the only one allowed to touch my door you guys might get me infected.
” how do we call you ma, should we Use the bell
” you would infect that too listen carefully when you get to the door you say” I need your presence beautiful Gretel”, repeat
“I need your presence Gretel “.
‘ am I ugly ?
“whatever y are you here
” your dad is calling you
“why are you so daft why didn’t you tell me since
She rushed downstairs she saw her father’s face and knew it would be a scary night
“yes dad
“gretel, can you explain this
“finally you saw it
” its nothing dad
“so it is photoshopped
” well ,not fully
” where you in this guys house at this time?
“well yes, but…
” are you the one tying the towel?
” well ,yes but?
“but what you just cost me a federal appointment”
“let me explain dad its not what you think.
“you are grounded for a week”.
“you can’t do that I have classes tomorow”.
“I forgot you now tell me what to do”.
” whatever .
she tries walking up to her room
” you want me to ground you in your room so you can start playing music for me.
” what!!!!!.
” come with me
He drags Gretel into the compound and went down to the
6th building in the big estate Mrs hoffman followed him
he unlocked the door and pushed Gretel inside
” but no one is here dad
” good so u have enough time to think about your life the maids would bring your food
“honey you can’t lock Gretel here this place is too lonely
“its time we started training this girl
Gretel dragged her mothers hand
” mum please I can’t stay here”, she starts crying
Mr Hoffman pushed her inside and locked the door Gretel still called out to her mother from the window when the couple got inside Mrs hoffman was so furious but she knew her husband had a dangerous temper
“I know you are angry but you can’t make rash decisions in anger
“I need a shower
“how can you shower when you locked Gretel into a big duplex where no one has been in for years and she is not even with her phone or laptop
” I am trying to train that girl
” what did she do even if the picture was real and so what? isn’t she a teenager can’t she have a boyfriend didn’t I have a boyfriend didn’t you have a girlfriend you didn’t even let her explain herself what kind of a father are you
” ciara you will mind how you talk to me i am still in charge and my word is law
” I know the man I married you are not mad about Gretels immorality you are just angry that you lost the contract to someone your pride has realy gotten the best of you
” I am here trying to train that little child of yours how can a 17 year old girl create a sex scandal
” its not a sex scandal its a picture of her and her friend and I find nothing wrong
” gretel will sleep there and that’s final
” I respect all your policies I avoid the press because you think i might say the wrong stuff, I still stay home and maintain the position of a house wife with all my certificates you don’t involve me in your financial decisions you always place you business first I don’t complain but if you think I will keep quiet and watch my daughter sufer you must be kidding
” ok you are free to open the door
He walked into the compound and dropped the key into the swimming pool
” I have a spare key when I realize that Gretel has learnt her lesson I will open the door. I will still ensure that she is fed very well and that’s final
He walked upstairs into his room Mrs hoffman ran over to the house where she called Gretel from the window and Gretel oppened the lowest window where she saw her mom standing her mother took her hands
” mum you don’t understand am scared I can’t stay here the lights are shaking
” am sorry Gretel maybe your mom can’t do anything anymore she starts crying
” mum I didn’t do anything wrong I promise
” I know, and i trust you becsuse i love you
” thanks mum
” so What’s his NAme ?
” (smilling ) simeon?.
” he’s realy cute isn’t he.
” no he’s not I don’t think so .
They both laugh
Hours later
” mum you have to go its getting late you might get hurt
‘I want to stay with you till morning.
” no mum pls go I don’t want you to stay here.
“ok dear I love you I promise to let you out tommorow even If its the last thing I do “.
“I love you “.
Mrs hoffman walked a few miles till she got to their main house
Just then the lights shaked again Gretel got more scared she tried pushing the door but it didn’t work she sat back on the floor her body was shaking
Mrs hoffman couldn’t sleep She lay in the couch
Gretel was still awake when suddenly the lights went off she became more scared the building looked bigger and darker
Gretels mind couldn’t handle the terror Gretel instantly fainted
Early in the morning Mr hoffman had already gone to work without even eating
Mrs hoffman was just waking up she went to his room but he wasn’t there she ran to the 6th building and called Gretel but no one answerred she believed gretel was sleeping she came to the house and called one of the maids to send breakfast to gretel
The Maid placed the food on the table close to the window she believed Gretel would wake up and eat
She returned to the main mansion
Mrs hoffman placed a call to her husband
” I am very busy right now
” where is the key
” I would release Gretel when I get home she has learnt her lesson
he cuts the call
Light opens in keilas house as she rushed into the living room wearing a blue Jean white top and a white canvas her mum was sitting there watching t. V
” keila where are you going to
” mum , ave not heard from gretel so l want to visit her
” I don’t want you around that girl anymore evil communication corrupts good manners
” gretel is not corrupt what are you saying mom
” she’s not corrupt yet she creates a sex scandal
” you are realy getting old mum its not a sex scandal
” you need to concentrate on your ballet practice finals Is coming up I don’t know why you are still close with Gretel she is your biggest competition
” gretel is not competing mom soooo am going to visit my best friend have fun
” greet Mrs hoffman for me
“I will mom.
She ran into the compound where she took her car and drove directly to Gretels house when she got into the parlour she saw Mrs hoffman who sat uncomfortably on the the chair
” hy mrs hoffman
She tries running upstairs
” she’s not there k
” did she go out cos we don’t have classes today but we have practice
“gretel was grounded yesterday night
” if she was not locked up in her room where is she
” In the other building the 6th one
” no you didn’t
She rushes out of the parlour Mrs hoffman rushes after her
” why do you look so scared
” gretel hates being alone in the dark not to talk of being alone in such a big house, the last time we locked her up in the locker room she had a break down
” what !!!!!”, mrs hoffman shouted
[5/15, 10:05 PM] Ritababe: Chapter 💕10❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Mrs hoffman ran faster
When the got to the sixth building keila saw the food which was placed through the window she called on Gretel but no one answered her Mrs hoffman called Gretel again but it had no avail
” where is the key to this fucking door!!!!!! “, KeilA shouted almost in tears
Mrs hoffman called one of the maids who got her water she poured the water in through the window hopping Gretel would wake up but it was to no avail
Mrs hoffman instantly ran into her car and drove off keila was still calling Gretel but Gretel didn’t move a hair
She moved to where they maids stood
” am realy scared is there anyway we can break through this door
” no that’s impossible the iron is realy strong
Keila walked back to the window
” gretel its me keila your best friend you need to wake up so we can go to the mall I saw this new shoe in the internet and I know you will like it pls just stand up now “,Kiela starts sobbing…
Meanwhile Mrs hoffman was very close to Hoffman’s group she walked into the company people took pictures of her some wondered why she looked so pathetic she walked straight into Mr Hoffman’s office but he wasn’t there she met his assistant .
” Mrs hoffman what an unpleasant surprise you look so unkept and the press won’t ignore this..
” where is that idiot?
” who?
” where is my husband ?
” he is in a board meeting
” he is in a board meeting While my daughter is dying…
She rushed out
she tried runing into the conference room but the security won’t let her
She succeeded in pushing the guy as she walked into the room
Mr Hoffman was so surprised
Cameras where shooting reporters where Writting Mrs hoffman walked toward where her husband stood
” give me the key
” what is the meaning of this
She carried an empty chair and threw it on the glass table all the board members stood up
” what are you doing
” give me the key!!!! She shouted
She carried another chair and hit it directly on the projector which broke into pieces
Mr Hoffman borought out the key and handed over to her
” pray nothing happens to gretel “,She rushed out.
The press rushed Mr Hoffman
Mr Hoffman didn’t reply anybody with the help if his guards he success fully passed through the crowd of reporters
Leaving them with few words
” I am so sorry for this, the meeting will be rescheduled for next week
Thank you
He ran out into the compound he took his car and drove home
Mrs hoffman went directly to the 6th house when she got home she unlocked the door and with keilas help the rushed Gretel to the hospital both keila and Mrs hoffman couldn’t stop their tears
When they got to the hospital the press rushed them the nurses took Gretel, keila followed them in while MrS Hoffman tried to get past the press with the help of some security guards
Mrs hoffman ignored all the questions as she ran into the hospital where she met saw keila who was sitted waiting for the doctor she sat beside keila
Just then Mr Hoffman ran into the hospital
” what happened to my gretel ” you, you happened
Just then the doctor came out
” doctor what’s wrong
” gretel fainted as a result of fear and shock which was immense I have given her enough medication to help her wake in few hours time if she doesn’t then we should all be afraid
” but Gretel will be okay right
” she has to
Just then keilas parents arrived keilas mother moved over to Mrs hoffman while the father went to Mr Hoffman
After their discussion they left with keila
Mr Hoffman walked towards his wife
” am realy sorry, I didn’t plan for this.
” why didn’t you listen to me other men listen to their wives
Or even their daughters
” am realy sorry I don’t know what came over me
She hugged her husband and they both sat down together
Simeon was listening to the news as he heard the reporter read out
SIMEON SWiTCHED of his television he was worried about Gretel but he was still confused about visiting her
Danny’s suite
back in the suite on Sandra and Mr king sat over juice.
” Danny’s family is realy on fire
” if Danny sees this he would go home and compromise this shoot we can’t just waste this trip here
” I guess he doesn’t have too that’s why I successfully stole his phone
” you are so smart now i would give him a small one to manage for just this few days
Just then Danny knocked on the door
” guys you can’t Believe this am looking for my phone
” is this your SIM card I found it on the floor
” wow thank God the thief can keep the phone i need to place an order
” I have a spare phone with me when we are done with the shoot you can now get another phone all this online shoping its not safe
” yes you are right he collects the phone and successfully put his SIM card
” I like this phone better at least am free from the internet gossips
Sandra : yes dats right .
the Hoffman’s still sat quietly in te reception untill a nurse directed them to the room where Gretel lay
So both of them went in and sat beside her 👫
” gretel will never forgive me
” she might sue you again
Both of them laughed
” I just hope she would wake up I already miss her
The doctor walked in
” you don’t have anything to worry about she will wake up soon
” thank you doctor
[5/16, 12:27 AM] Ritababe: Chapter 11
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Danny walked out of the setting where he was
shooting he saw Sandra and king sitting in front of
his car Sandra handed him a bottle water
” lets go home
” thought you wanted to thank celine
” am tired you guys can meet the girl just relay my
” why?
‘ I just Said am tired secondly I don’t think that kind
of environment will suite my health
” you are not just tired Danny I think it’s your pride
stepping in
” call it whatever i am going home with my car you
both might as well trek since u left ur car at the
Danny entered the car and drove off
” someone would have thought Danny has changed
” lets go I realy want to see this girl
They took a cab and drove away soon they got to
Celines house
Both of them walked into the compound
Celine was already inside the room her mum sat
” good afternoon ma
” oo Celines friend you are welcome
” thanks ma this is my friend
” good afternoon ma
‘ you are welcome lemme call Celine
She walked into the house and called Celine, she
rushed out with no glasses
” good afternoon
” Celine how are you”, Sandra said
” am fine .
” I have heard so much about you dear”, mr king
Celine ( smiles ) she looked out the gate as though
she expected for someone
” Danny didnt come
” ooh
” he sent us to come and thank you he is realy busy
with work
” you didnt have to, i just did what’s right
” but he is realy very grateful to you Celine for what
you did
” no problem am realy good at finding stuffs from
that water anywAy she smilled
” we just came to show our gratitude my dear
” you are welcome
” we would be leaving
Celine walked them out she suddenly felt bad while
returning home, she wondered why She wanted to
see Danny
Mr king and Sandra trekked forward
” that girl is very beautiful oooh my God
” yes She is
” I mean her skin is so radiant her figure is killing
and her natural hair is just very perfect I think I just
found Salvador a perfect model for his new creams
” I thought jeniffer or miranda was gonna do it
” you don’t understand this girl is perfect I mean she
is poor still her skin is this great so if she now
applies the cream for like two months before the
showcase can you imagine what she would look
” a mermaid
” a goddess
” I don’t think Celine would agree
” yea that’s the problem
Gretel just oppened her eyes Mr and Mrs hoffman
where so glad they both hugged her
” gretel how do you feel
” I feel weak what happened
” it doesn’t matter you are all right now
” am sorry dear for locking you in
” am sorry too dad
” you will be fine
simeon drove to the hospital to see Gretel when he
got to the hospital the press rushed over to him
SIMEON embraced the microphone as he spoke
I will gladly like to clear the air Gretel Hoffman is
not my girlfriend or lover she is just my classmate
there was a situation in which Gretel was soiled on
a rainy day her driver went to take care of his dying
son so i saved Gretel from the rain she changed in
my house to avoid catching a cold and she went
home I will still provide visible proves to back up
what I just stated
” gretel hoffman is not girl friend rather Anna James
is my girlfriend thank you”.
” thank you.
He walked into the hospital just then Gretel was
coming out with her parents
” good day sir, ma
” how are you ?”, mrs Hoffman asked
” isn’t that the boy from the scandal”, mr Hoffman
” honey lets wait in the car”, mrs Hoffman said
And they both walked out
“hey”, simeon said
” hy ,how are you.
” am sorry I didn’t take the news serious at first I
would have cleared the air before it resulted to this.
” its ok am realy glad you came.
Both of them walked out of the hospital Gretel
joined her parents while simeon drove home
Celine sat beside her mother
” mummy what did you say aunty Brigitta said”,
Celine asked
” Celine you realy want to better your life right?
” yes ma but I won’t kill you and dad if you can’t
afford it.
” I don’t see us affording it my dear that’s why I
think we should follow Brigittas idea”.
” ma, what did she say?.
“she can get you work as a house help with good
accommodation and in a very rich family she
already said she has been in charge of providing
them with good house helps and the pay is high
she Blvd that with her connection and your good
behaviour you might be sent to school because the
family owns a private university…
” wow this is good and even if they don’t send me I
can save up after a year and start something
” you are right dear I already spoke to your father
so the decision is left for you Brigitta will be
traveling soon so decide fast so you can follow her.
” ma, I don’t want to leave you
” do you want to suffer like me and end up like
me ?,you need to work hard so we can raise our
standard of living
” I will think about it.
” ok my dear.
Celine stood up and walked out she walked into the
bed room
Danny’s suite
In the front yard of Danny’s suite Danny sat
separately from Sandra and king who gisted
” so you guys won’t tell me how the visit was
” you didn’t ask, anyways we need to give some
material present to that girl i would have given her
money but she might see it as an insult
” all right , you are right
” secondly she helped you clear your name now
people believe you are as humble as anything
” Danny Celine is a God sent to you in a way
” ok I have heard, you guys would take a present
there tomorow
” I have a date tommorrow
” I need to make my hair am occupied
” you guys are doing this on purpose you just want
to stress me
” we would love to help you but we are busy
secondly what’s too hard for Danny Hoffman to do
” fine I will do it myself, my shoot is ending
tommorow so I will be traveling back soon I don’t
know for you guys.
” you don’t know for us, do we live here?
” whatever,
” that reminds me I forgot to tell you that I am one
of perfect whites consultant for the beauty hunt
” great so pick Jennifer
” Jennifer didn’t apply but I want Celine if Celine
gives me her hands I will take her to the moon
” that’s what you told me but am still here , but….
which celine are you talking about the commoner
and troublesome girl
” exactly
” without a doubt she Is beautiful but judging from
her dress sense she won’t do it
” their advert is just to open I mean the model is
totally naked
” what did you see the water covers her body
” what about the camera man, make up artist and
editor even the manager they see everything
” you are so encouraging Sandra
” am saying the truth someone like Celine can’t do it
she is too decent for it
” someone like Celine, someone like Celine is she
virgin Mary or doesn’t anyone see her nakedness
am sure some guy out there is already tired of
seeing her nakedness, or is she a virgin again ..”,
mr king added.
” its not true pls..
” this village girls who are beautiful are the worst
oooh you can use pure water to sleep with them
” stop prying into somebody’s private life you guys
are really getting jobless nowadays am out of here
“, danny said
He stood up and walked into his room
Gretel was with her parents in the sitting room
when keila called
” turn on your tv gret.
” ok
She picked the remote
And dropped the call she clicked on the live show
going on at simeons house
The speaker turned to the audience
simeon here promised us some evidence to back
up his claims about the scandal
That’s what this life show is all about as all the
parties involved in this scandal are present so sit
tight and don’t touch that dial
First lets have a word with the head Maid
Mr Hoffman was realy impressed with what simeon
” Gretel your friend is doing everything he can to
clear your name he is a good one “.
Gretel smilled.
[5/16, 12:28 AM] Ritababe: Chapter 12
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Gretel smilled
The interviewer continued.
” good day madam”.
“good day “.
“what can you tell us about Gretel Hoffman “.
” I don’t know who that is.
She showed her a picture of Gretel
“ooh the pretty girl who came on the rainy day”.
S” how long has she been visiting”.
” I ave never seen her it was only on that day in fact
I was the one who gave her the towel she tied while
the maids washed her uniform”.
“thank you”.
The speaker turns to the audience
so now someone should join me to wonder what
kind of lover or sex partner or girlfriend never visits
Some of us may ask y didn’t Gretel go home
The driver is here to clear that
“good day sir
” good day
” pls tell us why you didn’t you take Gretel home
” I called Gretel on phone when I heard of my sons
accident she told me to go that she would call me
after class
“in my haste I forgot my phone in the car and ran
into the hospital and that should be when Gretel
called .
” so by what time did you enter the hospital
“12 pm
” by what time did you realize her call
” 3:50 but the call started from 2 pm
” thank you
I will like to talk to a staff from prestigious
” Good day ma
” good day
” pls by what time is the gate closed on Thursdays
” by 2
” thank you
Lastly I will talk to simeon
” simeon by what time did you pick up gretel and
” the rain was heavy Gretel was realy soiled and
there was no sign of her driver coming so I had to
help her it was by 2:30
” thank you
The speaker turns to the audience
Now the story is easily narrated
Gretels driver left to visit his sick son in the
hospital and he forgot his phone in the car though
he took permission from gretel and she promised to
call him when she needed his services, when Gretel
called her driver He didn’t pick up she waited for
him outside till the heavy rain started when she tried
runing back into the school compound the gate was
locked few minutes later SIMEon arrived and took
Gretel to his house his maid handed her a towel as
they washed her cloths simeon being a nice guy
lended his “girlfriends” cloth to gretel which she
wore and waited for her driver who came and
picked her immiediately after he saw the call
pls what is so wrong in this scene I believe that
next time before we nail someone we should be
sure of what we are saying
lastly I will refer to the blogger who started this
whole thing
” what do you have to say
” am sorry Gretel am sorry to the Hoffman’s family I
wasn’t sure of what I saw and I spoilt an innocent
girls reputation please forgive me
” with this the live show comes to an end
Gretel switched of the television and hieved a sigh
of relieve
” I cant believe i didnt even let you explain dear am
” its all right dad
” come here
She hugged her father and her mother joined them
SIMEON was sitting down in the living room few
minute after the show was over and to his greatest
surprise his father walked into the living room
” hy dad what a surprise
” how are you
“I am good
” I came to confirm whether my house had finally
become a media house
” I thought as much you can never realy come to
visit me
Mr standford sat down on the chair
” I dont know what you love about this place why
did you leave the state’s
” what’s the point I lived with you but I still felt like I
lived alone so I thought maybe i should just live
Just then Mr standford saw the drug on the table
” what’s this drug for
” nothing it’s just supplements
” well then eat better
” ok
” I am leaving son , got a meeting with Carl.
” good bye..
he stood up and took one of the drugs which
simeon didn’t notice him slip into his pocket
He then walked out of the house
SIMEON lay back on the couch
Celine was sweeping the compound when her
mother walked in all dressed up
” are you going out?.
” I want to go to the market”.
“ok, mama I have thought about what we talked
about and I am willing to do the job so please
inform aunty b”.
“no problem, I will call Brigitta When I get out.
“ok .
Mr and Mrs hoffman walked into the living room
where gretel sat
” why are you both dressed up I thought you where
baby sitting me
” the maids will take care of you but for now i will
like to go on a date with my wife
” wow happy honeymoon
” don’t forget to eat well when you are hungry and
do not go out
” wow am stuck home alone
” have fun
The couple walked out Gretel was looking for a
good channel in the tv to watch when a the head
Maid walked in
” Gretel someone is looking for you
” who is it?
” you better check yourselve dear
” thank you
She walked into the compound where she saw
SIMEON all though she didn’t see his face because
he faced his car she still recognized him
” simeon?
SIMEON turned
” hey !!
Gretel drags him into the house
” someone might see you
” you are realy funny am not hiding you are still my
” why are you here
” won’t I sit
” sorry
He sat down
” what are you doing here
” I was worried about you secondly I heard you
didn’t come to school too
” ooo well as you can see am totally fine… and I
saw the news thank you”.
” you are welcome gorgeous, get well soon school
is boring without you
” what did miss about me
” everything
” nice ( she smilled )
” you are missing the best channel, here “, he
stretched his hands and picked the remote by
Gretels side …. Gretel swallowed at how close he
came….just then she traced his eye from the
remote to her face ….then down her lips… She
gently moved her lips without saying any words…
She looked at him .
“Uhhmmm well the channel…”, she tried moving to
take the remote but he held her hands and kissed
her lips….Gretel opened her eye wide , what was
going on….She still kissed him back…after a whike
the both unlocked from the kiss… She looked up
and down innocently as her link lips brightened the
Gretel scratched her hair gently
” well , uhmmm….
” Gretel I like you , I can’t control it anymore , I
really like you very much.
” but you just Met me.
Simeon smiled.
” no I didn’t gret , I always loved you…
” but you are dating Anna right , I mean you said
” that’s a lie, I had to confuse the press.
” Gretel just try me , give me a chance , I promise
to be better than the later..
” actually simeon I like you too and all ….you are
really gorgeous and popular and amazing but..
” it’s ok , don’t worry, don’t rush or force it just take
your time I will respect your decisions.
” oh ok …
Simeon smiled
” am sorry for stealing that kiss .
” oh its ok…. I understand.
They both smiled and looked up to the television.
Celine house.
Celine was sweeping the compound when chimezie
walked in.
” what happened ?.
” they sent me home and we have test
” wear your shoe lets go to your school I hope that
black short woman is not aroundz”.
” no she is not around its the fair one.
” lets go.
she and chimezie walked out of the compound and
headed for the school.
Celine arrived and met with the woman in charge
whom she discussed with.
” ma’am as I was saying our mother traveled and
she promised to pay as soon as she comes back
next tomorow
” why didn’t chimezie tell me this all right don’t
worry, chimezie go back inside the class room
” thank you ma
She walked out of the woman’s office.
Danny just finished shooting he walked towArds his
car and called Sandra on phone
” Sandra
‘ good day sir
” the shoot is over am heading over to the suite
” I thought you had plans today I already sent you
her location
” you are realy something.
New York .
Mr Staffords mansion
the doctor walked in and met Mr Stafford at the
living room
” thanks for coming doc.
” you sounded urgent
” it is”, mr Stafford said as he brings out the drug
from his bag
” doctor what is this drug for?”, he asked
The doctor took the drug from him
” who ever takes this is should be experiencing liver
” you can’t be serious take this to your hospital and
give me certain information.
” all right sir
The doctor walked away Mr Stafford headed for his
bar where he drank very strong alcoholic drink.
Simeon arrived home where he met his Head maid
who handed him his drug.
” simeon I think you should tell your father about
your condition my dear”.
” I don’t want to, actually when I found out I was
sick I was happy at least its a deadly disease which
can kill me and reunite me with mum
I knew dad will find out about the illness if I lived
with him that’s why I came back here I never took
any of the drugs prescribed to me I just waited for
death to come, am still waiting
” simeon !!!!?.
” but I met someone, gretel Hoffman , She makes
me want to live so that’s why I started taking those
drugs if I don’t die I would like to live so I can be
with that person….
” then you have to call your father so your treatment
can be taken serious”.
” ahhhhh its pointless, what’s the point, gretel might
not love me back right, so who Will I live for.
” you can never realy tell simeon.
” you promised not to inform dad right I hope you
keep your word I don’t want to involve him in this,
he has an empire to take care of.
“as you wish”, the maid said ….
Lillian walks out
Danny was driving down the street when he saw
celine trying to cross the streets he couldn’t believe
his eyes
He drove over to where she stood and stopped in
front of her
Celine wasnt with her glasses so she couldn’t see
the person in the car very clearly but she believed
the person should be accorded some respect
” good evening sir “.
” hey c ,don’t you recognize me?.
Danny came down from the the car and stood in
front of her
” oh its the proud peacock”, she said gently.
” why didn’t you recognize me
” i recall you more with your height you know my
sight isnt that great anyway…
” then y are you so clumsy to forget your glasses ?.
” Ave been surviving without it even before I got it,
She tried walking down Danny chased after her
” hey c ,stop waking down I stoped to talk to you.
” but what’s c for?.
” oh nothing just your name I am sure it starts with
” its Celine”.
” well am Danny”.
” proud peacock.
“commoner”, danny replied.
” whatever “, celine said.
” yea Windows “, danny replied as he leaned in his
Celine sticked out her tongue and smirked at him
Danny chuckled.
[5/16, 12:30 AM] Ritababe: Chapter 13
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
” ummm, are you busy ?”,danny asked .
” no am not , why…
” actually , I want you to escort me some where “,…
“no way , why Will u follow a proud peacock like
” ok no problem, do your wish…
Celine tried to walk out when Danny placed a fake
call , she stopped to listen to his call
” is this the commissioner of police, yes I was
wondering how many years imprisonment someone
gets for fraud”,….
” hey , what are you doing ?…
” are you coming?”,…
” sir a girl duped me of 30, 000 i believe the police
force wont ignore this, yes her name is Celine and
” ok, ok am coming with you…
” I didn’t hear you clearly ,you say whaaaat!!!!!!!?.
” i said am going with you “,celine said, .. almost
hitting him to drop the phone.
Danny dropped the phone and they entered the car
Celine couldn’t help staring at Danny while he drove
“I wish I could see his face clearly “, she said to
” wow!, we are here…
” the mall!! ?”, celine asked
” no the parking lot , of courze the mall ….
He took his face cap from the car and covered his
face and they walked out
Celine still stood outside the mall looking at the big
door and the security standing there
” come on lets go”, danny said
Celine ran behind him as Danny walked too fast .
they walked into the mail and soon Danny headed
for the health area
“are you sick?”, celine asked him.
“no am not, do I look sick?.
Soon the got there a man came forward to attend
to them
” I need something that can clear skin infections
and bacteria ?.
” but you don’t look infected?”, celine said.
” I can give you cynameda…
” ok how much?.
” 50, 000
” its too cheap it won’t work …
” all right, this one is power full , try this
” how much?.
” 100. 000″.
“thank you”, danny said
He took it from the man and they walked away then
he handed it over to Celine
” what , why are you giving me this…
” I bought it for you”, danny said
” stop screaming , that dirty water you put your hand
into can get you infected so apply this on your
hands and this on your leg while you drink this..
” what !!!!!!!!!!!
” are you listening?…
” Jesus Christ of nazareth 100, 000 ?”,..
” I thought it was too cheap too who knows if it
would work”,.
“What !!!!!, am returning this “,
She dragged the bag from Danny and tried rushing
back to health center but Danny drew her back
“Hey , stop ..you are troublesome”.
” this is too expensive ,blood of God….
” no its not, am the one paying right?.
” ok ok let go of me I won’t return it “, Celine said
“ok lets go “, danny replied
Just as Danny left Celine, Celine tried running into
the health center again Danny rushed after her and
took her hand
” omg stop, you are embarrassing me( he looked
around ) people will recognize me here.
“you say what ?”…
“nothing “…
” just let go off me ,let me return this drug, this
money will buy my family house don’t you know!!!!
” don’t bother I already paid..
” all right lets go , I won’t run
Just as Danny let go off Celine she tried running off
again this time Danny caught her and carried her up
he covered Celines gown well and walked further
” hey ,let go !!!!!’, celine shouted “I won’t let you
embarrass me”, danny said.
Celine kicked her leg up and down she even
resulted to pinching Danny
” if i drop you will you run?…
“no no , i swear.
” ok
He dropped Celine and this time celine didn’t run
she was still embarrassed at how Danny carried her
” ok p , I accept the gift now , so let us go …
She tries rushing out Danny drew her back again.
“go?, when we just started shoping
” where to now?
“to buy cloths …
” for who ?.
“you soiled your cloths when you searched for my
watch I am so sure you threw it out so it’s only
write to replace it…….
” hahahahaha was i mad ?
” what !!
” nothing but , you don’t have to.. Am totally ok
..She gave him a thumb up and tried running out
This time Danny dragged her like a little child till
the got to the boutique
” pick what you like…
“ok .
She walked about but she didn’t pick anything she
was busy checking the price tags
Soon a particular gown caught Danny’s eye it was
red and pretty
He picked the gown and headed over to where
celine stood
“what do you think?, pretty right ???….
Celine took the cloth from him and instantly
checked the price 70, 000
Celine shouted “what!!!! “…
“try it out”…
” well its too bright , no thank you..
She hastily hanged the gown..
“try it first ,please ???
Celine took the cloth and headed for the dressing
Later she came out wearing the gown she looked
beautiful, danny was wowed he carefully checked
her out ….she was indeed an angel. …. a
troublesome Angel.
“you look beAutiful “….
” thank you, let’s go now “, she drags Danny’s hands
” I didn’t come all the way here to buy one cloth
lets get more”…..
” can’t you see the price tags, don’t finish your
money and get trapped in this village “, celine said
with her hands on her ear.
Danny laughed
“what’s funny?
” nothing you are realy fun to be with, but my
money can’t possibly finish , even if I buy this
village..so don’t be scared , shall we go.
Danny picked every single female cloth that cought
his eye and Celine chose the ones she liked
Till they were done
Danny and Celine went to make payments
“how much ?….
Just then he remembered that the price might
cause Celine to faint
” uhmmm no dnt worry just collect the cost “, danny
said and handed over his credit card which the girl
returned to him
” you look realy familiar sir
” no I don’t”, danny replied
” if not for one thing I would have Said you are
Danny Hoffman…..
“realy, so what’s the one thing…
“am not with my glasses”,… she said
” smiles ) all right “, danny said .
They walked out
“so i heard you like danny , what do you like about
Danny Hoffman is it his movies or what ?
” who told you I like Danny Hoffman ?..
” sandra….
” Ave not actually seen his movies, but he is my
dream come true …. he is the only dream I keep
having….I don’t even dream about my future….. I
don’t like him for what he has …..I just like who he
is….I will be really glad if I could meet that guy
even once..u know i even fasted for that , I told the
goddess to let me meet my heart throb even if it’s
once….watch out proud peacock am going to meet
him one day..
You already met him ,sily girl …. Danny thought to
himself .
” which celebrity do you like?.. she asked Danny.
” I like myself … and Danny Hoffman too.
Celine smiled happily.
” celine , danny hoffman … do you want to meet
him ?…
” ohh my God yes, so muuuchh!!
Danny smiled and They got into the car
He drove Celine home when they got to the gate
they both walked out.
” thank you am realy grateful”…Celine said .
” thanks too , and about meeting Danny Hoffman I
can help you with that …
“yes he is my friend in a way so I can call him to
meet you as appreciation for finding my watch”,
danny said
” stop kidding with me …
” am not kidding “…
” so how do I meet him and why would he want to
meet me am a nobody, and secondly how do I act ,
uhmmm what do i say , i never met a star before …
” just be you , being you is enough to attract any
Prince charming….
Celine smiles
” so tomorow by 3 you have to come to that spot
where the watch got lost and don’t forget your
glasses !!!!!!…
” I won’t, i hope this is not a prank i would beat you
up if It is… she walked into the compound…
Can i realy meet Danny Hoffman, would he want to
see me, what would I do ,omg am already nervous
“…..she said to herself
Danny’s suite.
Danny got to the suite he walked into Mr king and
Sandra eating
“hey fam!
” i dont understand, why are you glowing?..
” am calling Jennifer this is not normal for a distant
partner “..
“cool down you guys ,it’s nothing, I would freshen
He walked into his room where he smilled at every
thought of his day with Celine, Danny was so happy
he didn’t even know why
Wow that girl is realy something else she totally
made my day I wish I wasnt leaving yet
He took his bath and walked out then he sat a
distance away from from Mr king and Sandra he
had a glass of wine in his hand Mr king and Sandra
couldn’t help but notice Danny smilling to himself at
regular intervals
“I have everything set for our depature tommorow
“ok that’s cool
” soo did you later meet Celine
” yes I met her and showed my appreciation too
” did you tell her about the modelling stuff
” it skipped my mind I will tell her later …
” that means you are meeting again…
” yea….
What Is Danny’s plan
Can he realy show himself to Celine
[5/16, 12:31 AM] Ritababe: Author chidinma Jerry.
Chapter 14
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
********** 9am.
Prestigious high school
The students gisted with one another when
someone ringed the bell, They all stood up..
Susan shouted to the class
“Come on lets go down the sport mistress is
calling for the class!!!
Soon the whole class got downstairs where they
stood in front of the woman
“good day students!!!
“morning Mrs mira!!!!!
” I already got the memo ,and the chosen leads are
……Gretel Hoffman and simeon Stanford
They whole class clapped
Wow I didn’t know they were serious gretel said to
” all the girls will be on white shorts with their blue
singlets and the guys will be on their blue shots
and white singlets…
” any questions!!!!!
SIMEON raised his hands
” yes Mr Stafford!!!!
‘I was wondering if you could change the male
lead ?….
” its too late Mr Stafford it has already been signed
and stamped
” All students should be early on saturday this is our
last fun trip before the finals its a two day trip both
group a and group b should be made of 20
students each 10 male and ten female the students
should join their favourite group I only got a list of
50 interested students out of 60 in senior high
class A … everything has been set for this trip and
we are being awaited I wish you all a fun trip.
” thank you Mrs mira!!!!
” least I forget no student should arrive with a body
guard, a personal car or even a persorsonal Maid
everyone leaves together in one bus am I
” yes Mrs mira
The students walked in and Susan walked with
” are you coming out for the ballet challange…
” no I don’t think so…
“too bad I was ready to scream your name …
“you wont compete”, gretel asked ”
” i cant compete i mean I am not ready…..
” keila is doing it anyway ,I am sure she’s
” Anna is competing ,keila is far behind her, keila
cant win you are the only one who can compete
Anna …..
” am not sure Anna would compete but if she does
then I have to make sure she doesn’t win……
Just then keila walked to them
“Gretel I told you ….
” told me what?..
“you are the lead…..
“yea you did….
” so why does simeon want out anyway…..
“simeon is an athlete I mean he gat this so I dont
“maybe he is sick or something…
” he is too cute to be sick…
” I have math right now…
” me too…..
” this trip is gonna be fun …..
” its just two days…
Staffords mansion
Mr Stafford sat in his house as his door man
opened the door for the doctor
” ave been waiting for your response for days…
” am sorry ave just been busy..
” so what did you find out…
” if am correct that drug is a preventive measure to
control the symptoms of liver failure who ever takes
that drug is still at the beginning stage of this
sickness because that’s only when the drug works
as the sickness progresses that person would die
as a resultant effect of the drug……
“what do you mean?…
” you shouldnt bother about this person because
who ever takes
that drug doesn’t want to get cured he is just
delaying his death…..
” this is impossible ….
” i pray so, pls relay my warnings to this person
those drugs will kill him in a surprising manner and
the death would be painful…
” what can be done…
” they person should drop those drugs and
commence treatment I think he can still be cured …
“I believe you can handle this …
“of course unless you refer to my competition in
this field that person is doctor Jude of hoffman
” thank you doctor
” don’t forget to warn that person to avoid hard
athletic activities
The doctor left
Mr Stafford was in so much pain he couldn’t hold
his tears he wonderred why simeon hated him so
much to choose death over him
Keilas house .
keila walked into the living room
“hey mom
” you are back star time relayed an invitation to you
they want to interview all the competitors for the
” that would be later mum i have a school game
trip I would be back on Monday ….
She turned to one of the maids “pls pack up my
things …
“yes ma.
” keila you have a compettion In a few days a big
one and you are going for a school trip?
” mum I would be back…
” no, you won’t go anywhere..
” realy mum, all you think about is yourself just
because you were one of the world best ballerinas
doesn’t mean I have to be one ……you never
looked at me you never asked me what I want rather
you pushed me into this right from when I was 5..
but I never complained I don’t want this I love
singing but i guess you don’t realy care”,…..
” you need to make me proud in this competition
my friends can’t laugh at me all your life you only
won a single medal listen keila if you can win this
competition i would let you do music ,I promise..
” cross your heart?..
“I cross my heart “….
” all right but am not missing this trip ….
She ran into the room
Sims house .
simeon lay on the bed when his phone rang it was
his father
” hello dad..
” I don’t know how long you planned to hide this
sickness from me …
” ooo you found out don’t worry am fine am getting
“Its not enough I am coming down tomorow
morning to pick you pack up we are leaving for the
SIMEON angrily dropped the call and threw away his
A Maid rushed in
” get out!!!
The Maid ran out simeon packed up his school bag
and walked into the compound where the head
Maid ran towards him
” where are you going too
” I would stay in the hotel Mr Stafford would come
here In the morning I can’t go with him at least not
” are you going to your suite
” maybe
He drove off…
Anna’s house
Mrs James sat in the living room with her daughter
” ave you picked your interview date?..
“yes mum..
“I believe you will not fail me in this final
competition u won’t sit back and watch Gretel win
” no never mum”….
” I hope you have gotten over the idea that you can
do kimonis dance this time around I want you to
learn my dance and do it”….
” I will mum”….
” good now go into the room and start
” I thought I would go to the mall”….
” no mall today”.
Celines house…
Celines ran out of the compound fully dressed and
she looked very good she realized she wasn’t with
her glasses so she ran back to take it
Meanwhile Danny just finished dressing up he
checked his watch it was 3 o clock he ran into the
living room
” where to?…
” no where just around “…
He ran out and and drove of he got to the spot and
waited for celine
Celine grabbed her glasses and rushed into the
compound ” I am so excited,” she said to herself
[5/16, 12:33 AM] Ritababe: Chapter 16
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Danny knocked once and opened the door….
He looked around the room
, her bra ,her pant , her hair net ,condom packs , his
belt, his shirt, his Jean ,his singlet ..the living room
was so littered ..Danny felt disgusted He wanted to
leave but he also wanted to confirm if it was really
Jennifer or her friend.
Before he could take one step forward.
Jennifer walked out..she wrapped a white bedsheet
round her chest…the sight of Danny of killed
her..her worst fear came to pass..she got caught.
Tears streamed down her eye..just then Kelvin
walked out too…
Danny looked at him from hair to toe…. he dropped
the flower for Jennifer on the couch and walked
away..Jennifer chased after him and dragged him
” no danny stop , danny don’t turn your back on me
..you promised me..
” why , wasn’t I good enough , did I do something
wrong…jennifer tell me why ?.
” Danny am sorry , its my fault , I can explain.
” just answer me , ..was …was this the first
time ?..
Jennifer couldn’t talk tears just kept streaming
down ..
” then maybe the second….”, danny asked wiping
his tears ..
Jennifer still couldn’t talk.
Danny placed his hands on his fore head for a
” it’s over , we are done.
” no danny please
” stay away .. from me …forever.
He rushed out Jennifer rushed after him.
Crying and begging.it didn’t make a difference.
Danny stormed into his car and his driver took him
He looked up and dried his tears.
Minutes later Danny arrived at his house he walked
into the living room where his mother sat
He hugged his mother
“I missed you how are you you look weak
“am fine
“and you even slimmed down
“no no I didn’t mum
” welcome my love
“where is Mr Hoffman
“he’s not yet back but he should be
“what about gretel
” she’s inside
“all right
Danny walked upstairs to Gretels room he knocked
” who is it
” why don’t you find out
” Danny
She rushed out and hugged him
“how have you been
” great
” all right
Danny walked upstairs to his room and Gretel ran
behind him
“so how was your trip
” annoying
” why
“some annoying girl stood me up
“why are you so bothered do you like her
“no never she’s below my standard i just wanted to
appreciate her
“wow isn’t that a first I would like to meet this girl
who made you wait
” no you don’t want to she is troublesome and
everything she does is troublesome
” so did you meet Jennifer yet
“your girlfriend Jennifer
” my ex
” why
” ask me no question and I will tell you no lies
” sily
She ran down back to her room
Danny went upstairs ….he dropped his stuffs and
walked into the shower.
Pictures of Jennifer’s room just filled his mind..he
lighted a stick of cigarette and sat on the floor.
” must all women be sluts…I can’t believe
Jennifer…. she hurt me badly….just when I decided
to finally give this love another chance….it dropped
me again….I know i was busy but I still tried my
best to be with her…I wonder when the affair
started …. this love was really never meant for
me…it’s an exam I keep failing …
Soon Danny’s room was filled with enough smoke it
could burn down the room..Gretel knew her brother
was sad.
Next morning.
Gretel was in the compound she wore a pink gown
with a pink scarf on her hair and she carried a pink
school bag she ordered the maids around on what
to bring from inside as she didn’t pack yesterday
and it was almost past time Danny walked down to
where she stood
” is it just a school trip or are you leaving forever
” call it what you want I need to be comfortable
” wow you gat me, come in and eat
” I already did
” be careful there
” I will
Just then Jennifer walked into the compound she
rushed over to Danny and took his hands
” Danny pls can we talk
” I don’t feel like talking”, he turned to Gretel ” don’t
forget a thing”..
He tried walking into the building but Jennifer ran
after him
” what’s wrong with you why won’t you let me
” explain fucking what, how good he was in bed or
what …you have been seeing This guy for more
than 3 weeks now, am I lying?..
” you guys are spoiling me “, Gretel shouted
” get inside !!”, danny said .
Gretel walked closer to her car
” am sorry danny I won’t do it again”…
” I loved you ,I gave you everything I had ,i made
your life sweet , your career stainless…I made sure
u didn’t lose a single contest even if u didn’t
contest…jennifer I gave you everything you could
ask for i gave you all of me , i almost gave you the
world…but why me , why did you do this !!!!!!…
” danny you never gave me your time you are
always busy, sometimes I hardly even hear your
voice you pushed me to Kelvin,but am sorry ..i will
stop now , danny u cheated on me too..let’s just
call it even..
” stay away Jenny….
Danny walked out…
Light opens on the staffords resident as Mr stafford
walked in with a set of guards and instructed them
‘” go in there and call my son if he doesn’t come
out then drag him out we dont have time do you
“yes sir “…
They guards walked in and came out with the
” sir SIMEON left yesterday”…
” that kid, ..
he picked up his phone and called his suites but
they Said simeon never checked in
” call the radio station, media houses, police, news
headlines, anything you can do to find simeon do it
now let the world talk about simeon “,….
Just as the assistant tried walking out Mr Staffords
phone rang it was simeon
” hello simeon where on earth are you
” am ok dad and I know what you are about to do
now but just know if I hear or see any headline,
blog, news story or anything about me being
missing I won’t come back anymore i might as well
kill myself so just wait for me at home i would see
you on Monday
” but….
Simeon dropped the call
” suspend every search activity until further notice
He then walked into his mansion
All the students were present at the school gate
only simeon was missing
” I think he won’t come”, keila said
” I heard so”, Susan replied
” oh why did I come”, gretel said
” what”, they both asked her
” I am talking to myself ,come on..”; she replied
” all senior students should enter the school bus”,
Mrs Mira said
” simeon is not yet here”, Stanley said
” who ever Said that”, simeon replied.
All the students turned it was simeon all the girls
ran towards him, at that moment Gretel felt like
hugging him
While they where entering the bus some girls ran
over to simeon
“will you sit with me..
” am kinda sorry “..
He passed her and walked further
“I reserved a sit for you”..
“next time maybe when we are coming back….
He walked further
” pls will you sit with me”…
” sorry…
“but I reserved this seat…
” maybe next time…
KeilA sat with gretel
“what is simeon feeling like anyway”, keila said
” most handsome guy in the bus”, gretel said
” yea he kinda is
” where is the driver?…
” he is coming “… Susan replied
Just then simeon walked over to where they sat
” gretel can I sit with you I mean that’s if you don’t
” no she doesnt mind “…
“KeilA stood up and let simeon sit next to Gretel
then she sat next to him”…
” hy”, gretel said
“hi”, SIM relied
” simeon lets take a picture i want to send this to
” but why , danvi is your childhood friend right
” she sent me her boyfriend’s picture and he is so
“now i know your plan”… gretel replied
” come on simeon please ..
” all right all right lets snap..
KeilA instantly forwarded the picture to her friend
and the girl replied with crying smilie
They all laughed
Mrs Mira : all issues being resolved lets depart
The driver took off it wasn’t a short journey
[5/16, 12:35 AM] Ritababe: Chapter 17
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Celine and her mother as well as her father got
home from hospital .. her and her mother helped
the father to go into his room just then Stephanie
danas sister came in with junior
” mama good morning”…. she said
” good morning my dear”..
” Stephanie how are you?”,..Celine asked
” am fine I say lemme bring junior and come and
check if you people are back”….
” thank you my dear we are back”….
” ok ma, my mother is waiting for me in her shop
” greet your mother for me .
” ok ma….
” ma good morning “, chimezie said
” my son how are you”, his mom asked ..
” am fine, aunty Celine good morning”,…
” how are you I hope Stephanie gave you food “…
“yes She cook indomie for me in the night”…
“what of this morning “….
” tea”…..
“high 5″……
Both siblings did a high five
” lemme go and greet papa”…
” nooo, papa is sleeping don’t disturb him .
“ok oo”…..
“Celine go and boil hot water in the kitchen for your
father “…
Celine stood up..
Mrs Mira and the children were still on the way but
this Time they were close to the place they headed
The students chatted from behind and their noise
kept getting louder
( Dialogue )
Gretel : can this journey get any longer
KeilA : we are almost there
Susan : KeilA were you already nominated as one of
the finalists for the nationals
KeilA : not yet Mrs wills has not chosen yet
Gretel : don’t worry you will be one of them its 3
students from each school
KeilA : yea i hope so this means more to me now
Laura : I think Anna is competing in the nationals
Kira : that’s not new I mean Anna always represents
her school in the competition she is their main
hope sometimes her school only nominates her
without any back up but Gretel has beat her like 5
times if am counting well
Tania : this competition is gonna be hot kimoni will
be there as well as kariana
SIMEON : yea and the dancers have their own stage
its built with glass you can’t leave till you are out of
the challenge
Gretel : thats nice but kariana is in a wheel chair
how is she coming
Susan : guess who queens high nominated as their
number one
Tina : Matilda Jones I mean she beat Gretel twice
she has 12 gold medals and she got a contract
with a dance company in france if it’s not her who
else she, did Tatianas dance in the open ballet
Gretel : yea we know her
KeilA : but Tatianas dance is hard I mean its
impossible for me
Susan : yea it kinda is
KeilA : I think am dropping out
Tina : but why
KeilA : I can’t win can’t you see Anna James,
Matilda Jones, who knows who universal high would
nominate or even Julianas ballet school only five
schools are competing but they have they best
dancers and I don’t think prestigious high can
depend on me
Gretel : you are a great dancer KeilA I don’t know
why you see yourself lesser some dancers can’t
even do any one of the five award winning dances
created by the best dancers in history but you can,
you learnt your mother’s dance didn’t you
Laura : the five mystical dances ave head of them
but I don’t know about them
Gretel : back in the days the five best ballerinas
where asked to make their own music and dance
from any short story of the past
Kira: yes and kariana being the the number one
picked up a historical dance which was created by
Amanda linory she took the story and learnt the
dance She made it more beautiful it was known as
kariana dance
Laura : wow
KeilA : but the dance has been banned and rated
Laura : why
Keila: it has 3 most difficult steps people only
learnt the choreography “when Kariana met the
Prince” because it is easier but the solo is hard
because of 3 dangerous ballet steps a grand jete, a
grand adage, and a triple back spin ending with an
en pointe
Laura : scary
Susan : simeon knows the choreography well he did
it in his junior high with Anna James the video went
SIMEON : that was then
Laura : teach me teach Me pls
SIMEON : you have to be a professional dancer to
learn it
Laura : realy then everyyhing about karianas dance
is impossible
Gretel : yea the first student who did it landed in
coma as she hit her head on a rock the next died
while Mrs kariana is in a wheel chair
Laura : what about kimonis dance
KeilA : that dance has an impossible en pointe its
been said that kimonis dance can be done only by
kimoni herself
Gretel : Anna James has been learning that dance
since she was 14 if she finally nails it and does it
in the nationals she would win the competition
because the only dance higher than that is karianas
dance which no one can do
Tina: the third is titianas dance its hard but not
Impossible it takes practice, that’s what Mathilda
used to win the open ballet challenge
Susan : gretel can do it she did it in first grade
Laura : you are realy amazing gret
KeilA : the fourth is Anna’s mother’s Dance miliana
It’s called millianas dance its very difficult too but
amazing Anna learnt it when she was 9 she nailed it
Laura : what about the last
KeilA : my mum’s dance
Laura : wow your mum is one of the mystical
queens too
Keila: they are not mystical its just the internet and
Nick names
Laura : since your mum’s name is Angelina
Williams am guessing linas dance
KeilA : no its her traditional name Marisols dance
Laura : can you do it
KeilA : yea just perfected it started learning it when
i was 5
Laura : I wish I did ballet I would be recorded in
Gretel : we are here people lets go down come on
The students ran down they went with Mrs Mira to
where they camped
Soon Gretel was settled with KeilA and Susan they
shared a room
SIMEON on his own stayed with Sam and Stanley
And it was 3 person for each room
They chatted and fell fast as sleep resulting from
their stressful journey …….
Presidents house..
Light opens in the presidents parlour
A highly furnished building in which a woman sat
with a girl in her mid 20s
” honey how is the preparation for your party
coming up”..
“great its wonderful the party planner is realy
“but y must it be a mask party honey I don’t find it
” mum that’s the fun come on…
” so what do you want for a birthday present the
last time your dad and I bought you a present you
said we should have asked you what you wanted”….
” you still remember that”….
” so what do you want”…
” I don’t want a thing I want a person ……
” who is it a comedian, muscisian what’s the
“Danny Hoffman”….
” Danny hoffman ,you are still not over this childish
crush thing fine, invite him yourself then..
” no we are not friends i mean we are not that close
I want you and dad to invite him pls..
“what if he is busy that day or he has a shoot or
anything you know how busy he is being a celebrity

” that’s y we need to tell him now so he would be
ready by then after all it’s still far….
“ok no problem we will relay an invitation to the
hoffman family”….
” thanks mum “,..she hugs her mother
Danny’s penthouse
Danny was swimming when he received a call
“Mr king ?..
” Danny Hoffman you have a shoot I’m 30
” all right “…
He drops the call and placed a call to Sandra
“hello sir”…
“cancel all my plans for today thank you”…
“ok sir “…
Danny dropped the call and walked out of the pool
as he walked all he thought of was Celine he kept
on smiling he recalled mostly when the oranges fell
to the floor and how Celine dragged him back to
pick them Danny smilled then he recalled just when
she knocks on his car window after duping him and
said “see you next time”.. Danny smilled again as
he walked further he recalled how celine walked into
the water and the first time he hugged celine danny
smilled again.. then he recalled chasing after Celine
he smilled again …then he recalled carrying her up
at the mall he smilled as he recalled when celine
tried dragging him out of the mall Danny laughed
again he suddenly recalled waiting for Celine this
made him feel bad he siped his wine
“Am realy going insane I can’t believe I miss that
commoner even after she stood me up”, he said to
Just then his phone rang it was Mr king
“what else?
” what else ,what else ,you just canceled your
schedule wAts wrong with you man
“nothing I just need a break”…
” all right have fun am glad we just lost 40 million
” soooo I was wondering when are we doing the
continuation of that movie anyway?…
” am talking About the shoot you just missed”…..
” to hell with that just answer me”…
” I dunno ,soon I guess ,but why do you ask did you
leave something in that city”…
” who? me? Nothing just wondering….
“all right”….
Celine ran into the compound to pick her broom
wen she saw her aunty Brigitta coming into the
building she dropped the broom and ran torwards
” aunty b!!, welcome..
“how are you?.
“am fine ….
” Where is mum?..
Just then celines mum ran down
” am here oh my dear how are you “….
” am fine oo how is every one “….
” God is faithful”…
” ok , am traveling back i came to carry Celine “….
“ehhn!!!!!”,celine shouted
” Celine you Said you will follow her “,
” but mum…
” go and bring your bag”….
” but what of papa”…
“don’t worry your father is getting better, after all
junior is here….
“ok mum..
She went inside
” pls what is the family name so I will be relaxed
my dear”…
‘ it is the Hoffman’s family I will write it down for
you including the address”..Brigitta said.
“ok my dear”…
Brigitta wrote it down
[5/16, 12:36 AM] Ritababe: Chapter 18
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Just then celine came out with her bag
” ave finished packing aunt..
“put it in the car”…
Celine left
” pls take care of my daughter”…
“that one is sure “….
Celine came back inside and hugged her mother
she went into her father’s room
“papa how are you ?
“am fine
” papa aunty b has come am going with her.
” ok my dear safe journey pls don’t look for trouble
‘” I won’t papa”..
She hugged her father and she ran out
She followed Brigitta out and they drove off
Mrs Mira and they 2 coaches sat in the field as the
students lined up in their uniform and the leads
stood out
” the first game is mountain climbing this will be
carried out by all members of each group lets see
which group gets to the top first”… Mrs Mira said
The two groups ran out each following a different
route Gretels group was very fast but simeons
group was faster
” we can do this we just have to do it together
come on persistence is the key “, gretel said
Gretel helped each member of her group by giving
them a hand
Simeons group was also doing well.
” come on Amanda now’s not the time to get weak”,
simeon said
“just leave me behind”..
” I wasn’t thought to do that come on “, simeon said
as He came down and helped Amanda up soon all
of simeons group members where up and the same
with gretel
Mrs Mira came over to them
“this is awesome group a (simeons ) group was
able to get to the top of the mountain within 30
minutes while group b did it within 33 minutes
group a won 20 points “….
All the students in simeons group jumped up and
hugged simeon
” come on guys we will do better next time “, gretel
Gretel was realy annoyed as she hated losing
simeon felt bad for Gretel but what could he do
” the next excercise is swimming ,each group would
chose only one representative for this “…..
They moved over to the pool which was situated on
the other side
” KeilA lets do this ,come on you are a great
swimmer”, gretel said
” thank God I came with my favourite swim suit “,
keila replied
KeilA walked out with her swimsuit in her hands
” simeon this is your favourite game swimming
” no stanely will do it
” cool man am game “…
” ok now where are the champions of each group…
Just then keila and Stanley walked out and their
group members cheered on them
Stanley turned to KeilA
” you just failed you know right ?…
” Lets see , boyfriend…
” all right ,get set and go !!!!!!
Just then keila jumped in with Stanley into the water
KeilA was realy realy very fast but so was stanely
” come on k you can do this”, gretel shouted
” come on man “, simeon Said
Soon keila got to the end point and raised her
hands up Gretel dragged her out stanely was still in
the water
” its obvious group b won 20 points just then Gretel
jumped up hugging all her group members “…
SIMEON couldn’t help smilling as he watched her
” are you happy I lost ?”, Stanley asked simeon…
” no I mean yes I mean you don’t have to kill
yourself you tried your best right”, simeon said
” the next excercise will be….
Just then her phone rang
She walked out on the students and came back
For some reasons we won’t be able to finish all the
activities like we did in the last game trip
Let’s move to the last excercise this is reserved for
only the group leaders while the students watch its
called wild racing lets see who gets to the end
point first remember to jump over every hole in
front of you be watch full of yourself do not get hurt
” come on gret you gat this”, keila said
” I hope so too….
” you can do it simeon.
” yea thank you Mandy ..
” all right may all other students move backward ….
leads get set and go
Gretel ran out with simeon
SIMEON ran very fast and slipped through every
hole like water Gretel ran fast too but jumping over
stuffs made her weak but KeilA kept on cheering on
her as well as all her group members soon the
where close to the end and simeon was almost
there Gretel new it was already a lost race so as
she jumped over the last hole she fell down in
pretence as though she hurt her leg simeon who
had almost finished the race ran back to Gretel
where she sat on the floor
” are you ok ?..
Just then gretel stood up and ran as fast as she
could and that was how she won the race
SIMEOn felt realy bad but he was happy that Gretel
had won he watched her jump up and down she
was so happy
Simeons group members ran towards him
” are you ok man
“yea I am fine
” come on lets go
Soon they all gathered
” group b has done realy well and this gold medal
goes to their leader Gretel Hoffman pls step
GREtel stepped forward and recieved the medal
” thank you ma and thank you to all my group
members I love you all
She ran back to her group members and members
of group A later joined them
” keila I forgot you swim realy well….
” well you forgot alot of things .. “, keila said
they all laughed
Mrs Mira stepped out and students went into their
rooms where they freshened up and changed
simeon was not happy and his friends noticed it
” come on man it’s ok
” yea I mean everyone is ok
” am not angry that we lost
” then y are you angry then
” nothing am gonna bath
Gretel came out of the shower in her room leaving
keila there since she bathed for hour’s and she
won’t even talk to her..
” why do you use waist beads gret?”, Susan asked
” nothing it’s just there , for fun, and it trims my
waist …helps me avoid belly fat…danny got it..
she smilled
” so are u fighting with k.
” i dont know why keila is not talkning to me !!!!! “,
gretel shouted so keila would hear it in the shower.
” Gretel what you did was wrong you need to go
and apologize to simeon it was so silly !”, keila
shouted in reply.
” is that y you are mad at me ,you know simeon is
an athlete I could never beat him
“winning is not everything gret..
” forget keila and gist me about your amazing
” no nothing I mean they are totally natural nothing
to gist
Just then keila came out
” keila is out go and bath
we will continue when I come out”….
Susan ran inside
” am sorry k
” am not mad at you am just…. mad … come here
“, She hugged her friend .
hours later the students celebrated their success
both groups celebrated together but only one person
was missing
” where is simeon Sam
” he Is in the room he doesn’t feel like celebrating
‘oh “, gretel said
” oh? Seriously “, keila added.
” I just pulled a prank I didn’t know he will feel bad
“then go and apologize gret”..
“why do you keep sending me to apologize”…
” ok fine….
She ran into simeons room without knocking
simeon Turned he tied his towel around his waist
and used the electric drier to dry his hair he
dropped the drier when he saw Gretel he stood up
and faced her
” hey am sorry for barging in
” its ok do u want something
” i came to appollogixe I am realy sorry for what I
did today pls forgive me
“no problem am glad you won
” ok “,She turned her back to move out
” I just hope you won’t do it next time I know you
don’t like me but I pls don’t play with my feelings it
realy hurts and I can’t handle this pain “,… he said
Gretel turned to look at him …before she knew what
she was doing she already walked towards simeon
and kissed him deeply
SIMEON smilled against her lips as he deepened
the kiss.
He ran his fingers to her back and slowly zipped
down her gown …
He kissed her neck passionately as he parted the
sides of the cloth …
Gretel looked in his face and shouted
” simeon you are bleeding!!!!
[5/16, 12:39 AM] Ritababe: Purity stories
Chapter 20
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Emily dragged Celine into the room
Gretel walked sluggishly into the living room the
Maids had already dropped her bag in her room
and left
Mrs hoffman was reading a magazine
” hy mum
“hy honey how was your trip?
” it was fine I will freshen up
She walked into her room and locked the door
Gretel was so so so sad she sat In her bed
Maids room
Emily, Abigail and Mary stood nervously by the
landline waiting for it to ring
“why are you guys panicking
” whenever Gretel is in a bad mood someone loses
their job
” so why are you guys standing by the land line its
not ringing
” in case it rings we have to fast to anwser
“what if it doesnt
” she always asks for milk whenever she comes
” Mr Hoffman asks for his tea
” Danny asks for juice, milk, chicken
” wow!!!!
Danny sat quietly at the beach facing the ocean he
wore a very transpsrent shirt with nothing inside
then he wore shorts Sandra stood beside him she
held a towel and his water
The photographers where set and ready everything
was prepared for the shoot
Just then Mr king walked towards Danny
” am tired man where is the model and who is the
model y is she delaying
” just have patients you should be glad they
rescheduled this shot I mean you cancelled it
“: whatever 30 minutes am out
” don’t worry you will be glad to see your partner in
this commercial its a surprise
” yea i should be
” sir Jennifer is still calling should I keep busying
the call
” no pls give me the phone
” of course
She handed the phone to Danny and Danny threw
the phone into the river
Just then a car drove in the director shouted
” she is here guys come on lets do this “…
” I wonder who it is “, danny said
Just then a guard opened the door and a slim
nicely statured light skinned tall girl walked out she
wore a bikini with a long transparent jacket then she
wore her glasses her natural hair was full curly and
long she was very attractive
When she walked out her assistant walked behind
her as well as her guard
Sandra shouted
” Miranda Milbert oh my God she is my crush “…
” come on it can’t be her , Miranda should be in
India now.
” Miranda millbet best body world wide 2016 its
her … Mr king said
” I don’t believe you” , danny added
Just then Miranda took off her glasses and handed
over to her assistant
” ok you guys won its her ; Danny said..
Miranda walked towards Danny
” oh its the international super model Danny
Hoffman its a pleasure, I always wanted to do a
shoot with you ..
” well the pleasure is shared equally”…
” lets do a good job “.. Miranda said .
” Miranda I love you pls sign my shirt “, Sandra said
” realy, i thought i was your crush”, danny said to
his assistant
Miranda signed Sandras shirt after which she
walked out Danny walked behind her
” sandra you are fired”, danny Said playfully
they stood in front of the beach
” ok guys I want something real”, the director Said

Miranda you have just 5 outfits to model and the
shoot is over Danny is just an asset to make this
shoot superb remember these swim suits are hand
maid designs by the best designer of the year that’s
why we didn’t settle for average models do
something real so this suits will be the talk of the
town as soon as possible it has to go viral
” ok “, Miranda said
” handle me with care “, danny Said
” ok honey ( they both laughed)
Miranda changed into the first out fit and she was
made up
Danny was also made up after which his shirt was
taken off
” won’t I catch a cold”, danny asked
” no you won’t ….
Miranda walked up to Danny and wrapped her arms
round him.
” I won’t let you catch a cold ..Miranda said
She held his hand and as they walked further into
the ocean the photographer snapped
Then they ran out and played around the
photographer did his job
They did the shoot perfectly well it was so real.
Maids room
the 3 maids where already tired of waiting they sat
on the bed
” I don’t think Gretel wants anything
Just then the line rang Abigail rushed to the phone
” is it Gretel ?”, celine asked
“Mrs hoffman …
Abigail left
Celine stood up she walked to the kitchen
Light opens on Danny as the shoot was almost over
Miranda wore the last outfit
” now let’s end it with a short film “, director said
” ok then film this “, miranda said as She walked
towards Danny and kissed him
” now this is real”, director added
Danny was surprised but he still kissed her back
They where both a distance away so Danny was
sure no one heard him
” why did you kiss me “, danny asked
” lets say I wanted to steal your necklace “…
Miranda showed Danny the necklace and just as
Danny wanted to take it back she ran away this
made Danny Chase her he finally caught her and
they both fell to the floor
” let me place it back where I got it “, miranda said
Miranda placed the necklace back she stood up
and tried dragging Danny up but Danny dragged her
” cut cut cut I love this, this short film is excellent..
I never new models played this much this is so real
and beautiful”…
Miranda and danny stood up and walked towards
the director
” thank you
” thank you
“the shoot is over “.
Miranda walked towards her car while Danny walked
towards Mr king, Sandra who ran to him imiediately
after the shot had already placed a towel on his
shoulders and handed him his water as she dusted
his back
” do you feel cold sir ?
” am fine”…
Mirandas assistant handed her water to her then
she followed Miranda into the dressing room
where’s she changed to her normal outfit
Danny came out after changing
” Miranda is realy a play girl”, Mr king said
” I swear I have never seen a model like this”,
danny Said
” that’s y I love her she is so real “, Sandra said
“Sandra your still fired “….
Just then Mr king sang out a song he had been
humming for long
” I thought you Said I can’t live without you…..
Sandra chorused with him ” look how jolly am living
They both sang ” I thought you Said I can’t leave
without you look how jolly am living “..
“what kind of song is that ?”, danny asked
” you have not heard of the jolly dance “, mr king
asked Danny..
” come on its the reigning song it was done by
micky mouse cartoon “…
“really ?..
Sandra played the video in her phone and danny
laughed at how stupid the dance steps where
“this is crazy “, danny said .
Just then Mr king started dancing it and Sandra
joined him and the both sang out loud as they
stepped forward, backward, bent down, stood up,
and the funniest part was when the put their hands
under their arm pit and flapped it like wings Danny
couldn’t stop laughing
” come on join us Daniel.
” never this song is so stupid
” oh am tired shouldn’t we get going “, Sandra Said
” yea send the song to my phone first …
Sandra transferred the song to Danny’s phone
Just then they noticed Mirandas car driving off but
only Miranda was left she walked towards Danny
“:Danny I better be on my way”, mr king Said
” see you later sir “, Sandra Said
Sandra and Mr king left
Miranda walked to Danny
” are you not leaving yet ?”, danny asked her
” you should buy me a drink after kissing me like
that you know?..
” whaaaat , you where the kisser I was just the
kissee …
They both laughed
Miranda and danny entered Danny’s car and drove
off soon they arrived at a hotel
Hoffman’s house .
Celine knocked on Gretels door , Celine knocked
once and withdrew just then Gretel opened the door
she looked at celne from hair to toe.
” who the hell are you?

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