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Celine and the hoffman chapter three

Chapter 21
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Celine walked into the room without answering her
and placed the cup on the table
” I brought you milk since you didn’t ask “….
” but who are you ?
” am a new Maid, I will set your bath
“what !!
” its obvious you haven’t bathed ..
Celine went into the bathroom and set the bath
when she came out Gretel was still surprised
looking at her
” won’t you take the milk ?
” oh I will
She finished the milk and handed the glass to
Celine as she was about taking of her cloth Celine
wanted to leave
“wait don’t go”.
” what
Gretel took the glass from her
“stay here ! .
‘ oh ok”.
Celine sat on the bed while Gretel walked into
bathroom she shouted
” hey can you hear me!!!!
” yes you don’t need to shout”…
“when did you come here?
” so what’s your name ?
” Its Celine
” I will call you lina
” oh ok
” so how old are you lina
” am older than you are
” how old
” 20
” and I thought you where 18
” do I look that little
” yea kinda and you are very beautiful you are the
most beautiful maid i have ever met
” yea yea
” so why did you bring me milk I never asked
“: I wanted to check if you were ok you looked sad
“am realy sad
“but why ?…
There was no response
Minutes later Gretel walked out of the bathroom
tying her towel she sat beside Celine
” my friend is in the hospital I realy feel bad , i feel
more bad ..just more bad than others…
” quick questions, friend or boyfriend.
” OK the guy I like….
They both laughed…
” have you visited him..
” omg I almost forgot KeilA would kill me…
Just as Gretel started dressing up Celine took the
cup and tried going out
” where are you going now
” I will return the cup
GREtel dialed the land line and minutes later Emily
” I need your presence beautiful Gretel “…
Celine started laughing
Gretel took the cup from Celines hand and gave it
to Emily outside she then locked the door
“why are you laughing..
” nothing ( smilling)…
Gretel changed into a beautiful gown
” how do I look
“you look nice ….
Gretel placed a call to KeilA
” hey gret where are you I and Susan are already
there …
” am coming out “…
” coming out?
” of …the car … Celine added.
” all right we are waiting.
She dropped the call
” good bye Lina
“all right ….
She rushed into the compound and drove off
Celine went back to the maids room where Emily
helped her insert the lenses.
Gretel arrived at the hospital
She ran in with her friends till they got to simeons
Most students where there already they greeted
each other after which Gretel walked towards
“simeon how do you feel “…
” I feel worse “…
“but why “..
“you won’t sit beside me”… (he laughed)
Gretel smilled as she sat beside him ..
“simeon get well soon “, keila said
” I got this for you “, Susan added as she droped
the flower in the vase and the students walked out
” simeon how long have you been sick ?…Gretel
simeon hugged her for few minutes then he said to
her ear
” am leaving !!
Gretels heart pounded , Gretel withdrew
“what !!!
” am going back to the state’s by tommorow thanks
for coming into my life this few days ….
” but why
” my dad is taking me back i will miss you ..
GREtel hugged simeon again.
“Just this few hours with you , my life suddenly
began to make sense and it was all because of you
, but now …am going to loose all that….
Gretel smiled.
” I will miss you…. he gently moved closer and
slowly kissed her lips keila walked in and Gretel
withdrew ..
” sorry I didn’t mean to barge in…
” oh its nothing”….
” I am leaving so I came to call you?…
” ok, I mean… me too..
” simeon get well”, keila said
They both walked out
” so when did you two start dating ?..
” what no we arent.
” so when did you start kissing every boy ,.. half
naked in his room…
” we will talk tommorow k.
They walked to their cars and drove off
Light opens hours later on Danny sitting with
Miranda in the bar drinking
” so after all our moving about, y did you bring me
to a hotel ?
” don’t listen to your mind it’s lying
Miranda laughs
” so how long have you been modelling ?
“lets say since I was 17
” wow am impressed …
Minutes later they finished their drinks
” come on I will drop you home”….
” without checking their rooms that’s bad come on”,
miranda Said
” you are realy a stubborn one “….
They made reservations and went upstairs they
walked into the room it was very beautiful
“wow I love it”, miranda Said
” its pretty, come on lets go he tried opening the
door Miranda held him back…
” come on we just came in your money would go to
” dats nothing come on”….
He tried heading for the door again This time
around Miranda ran towards the door and stood
Danny chuckled … ” come on you play alot”..
Miranda held his jacket with both hands and kissed
him but Danny withdrew from the kiss.
” oh am sorry
” we cant you are drunk
he tried walking out on her
Miranda drew him back
” i am not drunk are you really dumb I have been
giving you signals all these while, the kiss, going to
drink, even seeing the room you can’t tell me you
didn’t know I wanted you….
Danny (smilled) ” but….
She placed a finger on his lip
” come on, no strings attached I promise
Danny smilled
And walked behind her, Miranda thought he was
leaving till she felt Danny kiss her neck Miranda
smilled as she felt Danny zipping down her gown
from behind he pulled the gown to her waist then
kissed her back Miranda turned Danny kissed her
lips deliciously…
Then he feathered his lips all over her ..
Miranda gently unbuttoned his shirt as she walked
him to the bed .
Danny dropped the shirt and pulled down her gown
from her hip.
Miranda raised his black singlet up and kissed his
lips down to his chest , she unzipped his jeans..
he brushed his fingers over behind her back and
gently unhooked her bra….
He pressed his lips into hers as He lifted her up
into his arms and leaned her softly against the wall
as he feathered his lips down her neck.
Miranda moaned gently and wordlessly
The made love in all its worth…. ecstasy filled the
air as they where both crazy in bed ..they had full
fun with no strings attached….it was just a one
night stand or so Danny thought.
Miranda enjoyed being with Danny…he had the
perfect male frame …she wrapped her arms round
his body with her legs wrapped below his his waist.
She moaned out meaninglessly as he came in and
out of her in a sweet perfect Rythym ….
Chapter 22
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Hours later .
Maids room
Celine and the other maids sat chatting till Abigail
sang out
“I thought you Said I can’t live without you “…..
Emily and Mary chorused
” look how jolly am living “,….
” what kind of song is that ?”, celine asked
” its the jolly dance “…..
Abigail played the music in her phone and the two
maids joined her as they danced like limping frogs
Celine couldn’t stop laughing
” come on Celine “, Abigail shouted
” no Its a stupid dance “,..
Mary dragged Celine up and she joined them as
they danced and sang together they thought Celine
all the steps and Celine still found the dance crazy
Hours later
Danny was buttoning his shirt Miranda lay on the
bed she covered her body with the sheet
” Danny you took a sweet advantage of me while I
was drunk”….
“what !!!!!?..
” stop it am just kidding”….
” wow you realy won’t grow old this girl”…..
” I love the way you hold a woman Danny , so
manly , so perfect….we should do this again…
” a night stand only happens once , well I need to
leave now am going home
” so tell me about your girlfriend ?…
“seriously ?…
“ok I know I Said no strings attached but I just
wanna know as a friend”….
Danny : am single and am leaving
” not even a Kiss”,miranda asked
Danny kissed her fore head and walked out
Hoffman’s house
The family was complete so they had dinner and
the maids stood by them and offered each person
what they needed
“dad you came back late y?..
” sorry I had some things to tidy up “….
“you are really stressed up recently “….
“what can I do ?…
” least i forget the presidents family sent an
invitation for his daughters birthday “…
“we are realy strengthening our relationship with mr
president and I will make sure to seal this
relationship with marriage between Danny and
“hold it dad my brother will marry for love and not
for contractual relationship or wealth “,….
” that reminds me where is Danny ( she stretched
her cup and Celine poured juice into it )
“penthhouse I guess ….
” must I realy give birth to my self when I was
growing “,….
“am glad you know “,……
” ensure Danny attends that party and buy a good
present for mirabel”…..
” ok honey”,…
“stop talking people its bad manners “,….
Maids room
They family had slept Celine sat with her leg folded
Danny in a few minutes I am going to meet you life
, the goddess anwswred my payers, am going to
meet my crush…it’s really sweet…I also miss that
proud peacock , I also want to see him too after I
see you..I like u both so much the only men i ever
thought off.
What if I am asked to choose one of you .maybe i
will chose the proud peacock….seems he cares
about me a little…or will I chose you…..
Come back quickly …I really want to see you.Celine
” is Danny always this late ? Celine asked .
” yea he is”,…
“you want to see Danny so badly its so obvious “,…
” (smiles shyly ) is it?
“yes you where looking at the door all the while at
the dinner”,….
“that’s normal the first time you wanna meet your
celebrity crush “,….
“so Celine tell me y is your tummy so flat “,….
“nothing …
“its the waist chain
“no its not “…
“:so why do you use them ,chains..
” its not an ordinary chain, its the symbol of my
mums trust…so if I lift my cloth and she doesn’t
find her Chain it means i committed a sin…….unles
s of course i got married …then I will keep this
chain for my kid…undefiled .
Just then they heard sounds
” Danny is back !!!!”, emily shouted
” yea he is “, Abigail finished …
They slightly opened the door and peeped at Danny
as he walked down and stood with Gretel talking by
her door
” he kind of looks familiar but am not quite
sure”,celine said.
” wake up you never met him ..
” but wait is that how he walks ,cute!!.
” he’s a model what do you expect, catwalk has
mastered him.
“his step is so sexy “,emily said
“he is so dreamy “,Mary said
” he is more handsome in person “, celine said.
” you have not seen him up close Celine if you see
him up close you will just wanna die”, abigail said.
” I swear Danny Hoffman looks like a Greek God”,
emily said.
” he reminds me of this Korean guy Lee min ..
” its the stature , but I think Danny Is more
handsome than Him facially , height , hair , eye ,
skin , wow…..
” how can a human being be so beautiful “, celine
asked innocently
They all smiled at her.
” he is going to look this way lock the door”, emily
shouted .
They quickly locked the door
Celine fell on her bed …
” Celine you just saw Danny”…
“he still reminds me of someone “,….
“maybe it’s him you saw once “…
“describe the person “,….
” the thing is I saw the person when I wasn’t with
my glasses so my sight was blurr I didn’t see the
face correctly but their height is just exact “, celine
” I don’t think so come on cut it out “….
” you are right what am I thinking can Danny
Hoffman even talk to someone like me”, celine
” now you get it, good night celine …..
“good night
“good night
CEline sat back on her bed and raised her knee
upward as folded her hands around the leg
They are right what Am I thinking anywAy I really
want to see that proud peacock again” she Said to
Just then the land line rang the maids awoke
” its Danny “, emily said.
” lemme guess one glass of juice with chicken “,
mary said.
” lets pick first , come on Celine pick you never
picked before “, abigail said..
Celine picked up
” uuhhm hello sir
” one glass of juice..
” oh ok .
” was I right ?
“yes “…
” better meet philomena “, abigail said
” me ?..
” yea ,you…
Danny still held the phone
am kinda going crazy i even hear that commoners
voice everywhere i go …now I thought she spoke
on phone.
The only thing I think of is her…the only sound I
hear is her laughter..I am so deeply in need of
celine but I can’t even find her ….
I don’t know anything about her, how do I
search…where will I start the search..
Danny played the jolly music as he kept his phone
on the bed
Meanwhile Celine knocked on Danny’s door with the
tray in her hands
Purity stories
Chapter 24
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
“I would miss you simeon
” but are you ok Anna you look realy skinny
” am fine
” i hope you are not dieting for kimonis dance again
are you
” no am not am doing my mother’s dance this time
” good luck at the finals
” can I at least get a hug ( she opens her hands
” why not (he hugs her )”,…
Just then Gretel and keila walked in on seeing them
simeon let go of Anna slowly while gretel on her on
part tried walking out but keila held her hands
” what are you trying to do gret that’s childish “,…
With this Gretel turned and simeon walked towards
” hey guys am glad you came
” i will realy miss you but do have fun in the state’s,
I will catch up with the guys ( keila walked out
” am glad you came gret
” I just walked KeilA she wanted to come
” am still glad you came
” anyways safe journey I better leave
she walked out of the gate and simeon walked with
her and drew her back
” why are you always like this , stop denying this ,
we kissed ,we almost made out …you feel this
too.so just say it gret, make me complete
” I don’t want to distract you from your girlfriend “,…
“but Anna is just my friend”,…
” you guys never had a thing ?..
” well… we did it was in the past “,..
” whatever I don’t even care
She rushed back into the compound and simeon
walked behind her
” come on son lets go we dont have time anymore
Gretel walked to KeilA and simeon walked into the
car He waved at Gretel and they drove off
Gretel walked out of the compound with KeilA
” Gretel you are cute when you are jealous
” I wasn’t jealous
Just then Anna walked towards them
” oh its gret, the snatcher
“what !!!
” you snatched my awards now you want to snatch
my boyfriend so great or should i say so (gret)
” am not gonna talk to you dear i talk to living
” stay away from simeon I might leave the medals
for you but I won’t leave him
” anna if I heard the news right I think simeon
dumped you he doesn’t want you anymore so just
let him be you are too young for this anyway “, keila
” you are so dumb I mean that hug does it look like
someone who doesn’t want someone anymore.
” come on k we don’t have time for this waste ….
” KeilA do you still need to compete I mean you
should know you have no place in the finals even
your silly mothers dance won’t do you any good
KeilA tried slapping Anna but Gretel held her hand
” I always thought you were ok Anna but now i
agree with the press insanity runs in your family,
come on k she dragged keilas hand and they
walked forward
” Gretel I realy wish you would compete so I can
teach your sorry ass how to lose ..
” I wonder what simeon saw in you because I don’t
see anything
” let me promise you something Anna James I
would never let you win in the nationals ask around
I never break a promise
” till then baby girl
GREtel and keila enterred their car and drove off
Gretels room
Gretel walked about like an angry lion in her room
celine walked in
” hey wAts wrong you look you would swallow a
” anna can’t win I won’t let her
” then beat her
” I can’t am not competing
” ok what are we talking about here
“: the ballet challenge
” ok in the nationals
” yes now i can’t compete because i promised my
best friend that I won’t compete since she is scared
that I would win
” but now someone who is better than me wants to
win but I realy want KeilA to win.
” mmmm this is bad but if you compete can you
beat this girl
” I hope so I mean I have to practice a dance
higher than the one she wants to do I have been
practicing the dance before but I couldn’t finish it so
I left it
” well if you ask me I think you should make sure
the girl you hate doesn’t win even if you have to win
to do so
” hmmmm i know what to do thanks to you lina
” you are welcome “….
Celine returned to the maids room and before she
could settle down Gretel ran into the maids room
carrying her laptop.
” all the maids where surprised to see her but she
rushed to Celines bed
“lina check this out
” Jesus why is she using rocks
The other maids watched from behind
“: that’s karianas dance “, gretel said
” impossible “, emily said
” if the owner of the dance is in a wheel chair then
who can do it?…Abigail asked
“Gretel can”,…Celine said
“what ?
” you can do it its impossible for others doesn’t
mean its impossible for you”,…..
“no I can’t,”,….
” you can but first you need to meet kariana relate
to her and talk to her you will find new confidence
“she might think I came to mock her lina”,….
“no she won’t, try it after all whats the worst thing
that can happen”,…..
“thank you , all right I just wanted to show you the
dance”,..Gretel took her laptop and walked out of
the room
Minutes later
Celine ran down the street on the errand mrs
hoffman sent her.
She got to the store she bought everything and then
she saw the white cover-all that was hanged in front
of the store Celine flashed back to when her fellow
maids where telling her comb you hair, brush your
teeth etc before meeting Danny if not u will lose
your job so she instantly asked the man
“pls how much is the white cover all sir”,..
” do you like it then take it happy new month no
one wants it anyways “,..
“oh thank you “,…
She ran back to the mansion and gave everything
she bought to Mrs hoffman
She walked into her room with the cover all she
removed the water proof and tried it on all the
maids started laughing
” you really fit Danny Hoffman
” Celine can you breath I can only see your eye what
kind of cover all is this
” pls I need one too am tired of hearing your hair is
unkept, your hand is dirty etc
” since Danny Hoffman is so picky with this my
work here is secured”, celine said
Just then the land line rang
” its Danny
“when did he come back?
Emily picked up the phone
” hello
” cold juice pls
” ok
” ( laughing ) go on Celine go and practice with
your outfit he wants cold juice “,emily said .
” yes madam”, celine replied
She walked out and they girls kept laughing in one
word Celine looked like father Christmas
Minutes later Danny heard a knock on his door
” coming “…..
He opened the door and on seeing Celine Danny
laughed for close to 30 seconds non stop but
Celine still stood with the tray admiring the room it
was so big and beautiful the television had
occupied one part of the wall there was a big piano
table and his guitar sat beside celine had not
looked to the floor she only looked around the
room the bed was big and beautiful she noticed the
glass wall from which she could see the pool
outside celine wondered if this was just a room
….she saw the big long mirror she looked up she
saw the chandelier which made the room sparkle
until she came back to reality and Danny was still
” omg this is crazy father Christmas in my own
house its not even christmas “,…
” no sir its not father Christmas its a maid I brought
the juice “,…she lifted the tray up
“place it on the table :,.. danny said sitting on his
bed .
” so tell me why the outfit dear?.
“ah its nothing ?…
“tell me you might lose your job if you don’t tell
me ?…
” actually the thing Is I heard you are always like
telling the maids you look stuffy, your hair is bushy,
u look disgusting, you are fired that kind of thing
“,…she said and shyly tried covering her face with
her hand
” realy?, so that’s why you covered Every where “,….
” yes sir “,..
“it seems your new so what’s your name ”
“my name is….
“don’t worry I will call you cover girl “,…
“what ?.
” cover. Girl .
” ah ok thank you sir “,…
She turned with the empty tray and suddenly she
noticed the floor it was like she was in the middle
of the ocean celine was still trying to understand
weather the floor was made of glass and the room
was built in the ocean she didnt see when she got
to the door she hit her head and fell to the floor
Danny started laughing again
” are you all right c
” c for what
“: cover girl
” oh thank you sir “,..she tried standing up then she
noticed she was lying on top of a big dolphin celine
got so scared she shouted and instantly jumped on
top of danny
” omg jump down I will sack u
“no no no the big shark wants to eat me “,…
Danny suddenly felt a very strong passion for celine
as he looked at her eye he was lost in her sight he
felt like she was someone he knew for long Danny
couldn’t feel her weight anymore rather he knew he
felt something else to danny her eye was so real it
depicted fear and looked very teary
” its not a shark its a dolphin and this is not the
ocean its a wallpaper
Just then celine looked around the room and
noticed that it was realy not the ocean she jumped
down from Danny
” ouch I have to bath again jeez
‘am sorry sir I would be leaving
Danny stood still and watched celine as she
stepped to the door as Celine touched the door she
said to herself
Wait what did I do Jesus did I just jump on Danny
Hoffman, Danny Hoffman, Am finished I ave lost my
job oh my God
Just then celine turned and looked at Danny who
was still watching her she instantly knelt down and
placed the tray on her head with her hands for it
” oh now you realize your crime?….
Danny sat on his bed
” I am really sorry sir for jumping on you but I really
thought the dolphin was going to bite me sorry
sorry sorry pls forgive me remember the bible says
forgive and forget pls don’t fire me “,….
” ok I forgive you
” thank you”,.. ( she stood up and tried walking out
“but I have not forgotten”,…
” what
” you have to make me forget”,…
” how ?
“you are going to dance “,…
“no no I can’t dance ….
“played the music in his home video it was so loud
he shouted
” I thought you Said i cant leave without you look
how jolly am leaving ” come on cover girl
I am realy finished she said to her self as she kept
the tray and stood in front of the tv and started
dancing Danny couldn’t just stop laughing
” come on c !!!!, wooow”,…
Celine danced till she finished the song then she
gave a slight bow and walked torwards Danny
” am I forgiven sir
“:yes you may leave now totaly my forgiven
She bowed slightly to danny
” thank you sir She faked a smile .
She opened the door and ran out she then
remembered she forgot her tray she ran back inside
the room and took it
” sorry sir, thank you sir
She ran out again Danny switched off the television
and sat on the bed
What a girl she reminds of that commoner Celine
wow when last did I laugh like this
While Celine walked into her room omg this is like
a replay of meeting that proud peacock danny”, she
said to herself..
She opened the door and the other maids started
the laughing afresh
” stop laughing already
” what did Danny say
” he laughed at me and called me cover girl
” Danny Hoffman ?
” laughed ?
” is that possible
” omg I am sweating”,.. she instantly removed the
cover all and sat on the floor
” my life is weird I just made a fool of myself
” am glad you know
” way to go c girl
” don’t call me
Light fades
Light opens in the morning on Gretel as she walked
into the class room the students where all
surrounding someone she couldn’t see the person
she wondered who it was She walked down
“hey who is your father ?..one student asked
” what’s your father’s name “, another student asked.
” which company does your father own dear
“my father is a dry cleaner ..
” jeez how did you get into this school ?..Susan
” how did you get here anyway? Amanda asked
” well am a scholarship student ( she Said almost
in tears as the whole students bullied her )
” but Gretel made sure we don’t get scholarship
students in our class how can we breathe with
They didn’t know Gretel watched them from behind
” wow this place suddenly smells like poverty look
at her hair
” oh my Godz she is sitting on Gretels chair
“; wow I can’t wait for Gretel to come to school
Angela tried standing up but one of the girls pushed
her back to the sit
” you can’t spoil our show
” Just then Gretel walked towards them and they
gave way for her to see the commoner well
” imagine gret the filth is on your seat I mean jeez
its so disgusting “,….
” didn’t she see your name “,… Mandy asked
” am sorry Gretel I didn’t know you sit here “,…
” pls don’t call my name,commoners don’t call my
name , its bad luck….
” we have a tradition ryt? Amanda shouted
Chapter 25
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
” we have a tradition right
” yes we do ….
Just then the students shouted do it “do it” do it”
They handed Gretel a marker and she painted the
chair From behind
Gretel boldly wrote
Beware of the commoner
dirt lurks around senior high
All the students started laughing just then Angela
stood up and faced Gretel
Angela shouted
” stop , please stop !!!!
“;omg she wants to beat me “, gretel said covering
her mouth with style.
They students shouted finish it” finish it ” finish it ”
Just then Gretel tried painting her school shirt but
Angela held her hand
” my mum really suffered to buy me this cloth “,….
“;she doesn’t know I can withdraw her admission,
hey don’t you know my father owns this
school ?”….
Just then Angela withdrew her hand and Gretel
painted her school uniform while they other students
She writes.
She even had to paint the girls face then she
dropped the marker and Amanda sterilized Gretels
She walked away just then the male students
pushed both Angela and her chair to the extreme
end of the class where she sat alone crying
GREtel walked downstairs to the directors office
” come on in gret !!!
” good day madam
” you are the best dancer in my class but since you
won’t compete who do you recommend to be
” KeilA, KeilA Williams and Susan George I trust this
two girls
” Susan has never shown interest
“;she will trust me
” ok but in case you change your mind inform me
” ok madam
Gretel walked out of the office into the class room
she sat beside Susan
” hey
” where is KeilA
” practicing
“; ok
do me a favour suzy
” tell me
” compete in the nationals
” no I don’t feel like competing
“; you are the only one I know who can get to the
second half of the competition
“but i cant win gret
” you don’t have to you will drop when you get to
the second half then I will come in
” does KeilA know you are competing
” no she doesn’t she won’t understand that’s y its
50- 50 if the competition is in our favour I won’t
compete but if it gets hard I will join
” ok but please do join I rather walk out than loose
” don’t worry you won’t loose
Susan looked at the notice board where a student
just pested something
” it’s you and keila “, the nominees “, gretel said
Susan nodded
Just then keila walked into the class room she
checked the notice board and walked to Gretel
” my name is there gret
” congrats
“; am so happy
Just then keila noticed Angela as she tried wiping
her school uniform which was well painted
” hey who is that?…
“its the new commoner
” I thought Gretel made sure no commoner comes
to this class?…
” well i guess she is really smart ?”,.. Gretel said.
” but who did that to her?..
“gretel did…
” come here”, keila dragged Gretel to the locker
” what is wrong with you gret
” come on its our tradition..
” tradition you created, who do you even think you
are.. just because you have it all doesnt mean you
should treat others like trash even God treats
people equally not to talk of you gret.. i really
thought you have overgrown this but I guess I was
wrong again!!!!.
” ok fine am sorry…
” sorry, will sorry give her a new chair, will sorry
buy her uniform, sorry gret, but sorry is not enough
keila walked out of the room and instantly Gretel
remberred exactly when celine Said the same words
she sat on the floor
Why wasn’t I properly trained ” she said to herself”
Anna danced in a ballet room she did a dance then
she spinned around and stoped spinning as she
maintained an en pointe position on tip with one
leg she couldn’t believe she was doing it for like 30
seconds then she fell down just then she heard
someone clapping for her it was her tutor
” I can’t believe it, I did it
” that diet worked your body mass and weight is so
low you are now as light as air congratulations your
dream came true
” it did “,..she hugged her tutor then walked out and
she placed a call instantly to simeon
” hello!!!!
” someone sounds happy
“I did it
“you did what?..
” i did it, I did kimonis dance simeon
” wow am realy happy for you dear
” now we can start over I know you left me because
I never had time for you I was always too busy
trying to learn this dance but now i have learnt it
lets start over simeon I still like you
” am happy for you Anna but they both of us are
really done I have learnt to live without you Anna
being friends is just ok
” but I have not learnt to live without you
” anna lets talk later
He dropped the call
Anna picked up her bag and walked out Light fades
Light opens hours later on Gretel as she walked
sluggishly into the class room with a bag in her
hand she was surprised when she noticed that they
were having lectures and only Angela maintained a
huge space while other students sat away from her
Gretel walked into the class and the teacher turned
to her
” you are late and you are still clumsy
Gretel looked at her and didn’t say a word rather
she picked a chair and headed towards Angela she
sat down and turned to her teacher
” am sorry madam you may continue
The teacher continued and the students whispered
” what is Gretel doing
” whatever she wants”, keila said
” I can’t believe she sat with the commoner “,
Mandy said
Gretel looked Angela in the face and said
” hey
Angela didn’t talk she was still trying to wipe her
” I got you something “, gretel said
Angela took the bag from her it was a new uniform
Angela was surprised
” I am really sorry gelai pls forgive me ?..
” thank you
” if you like you can sit with me and my friends over
there next time ?…
“thank you “,…
” Here I Will help you.
Gretel took the towel from her and cleaned her face
Angela smiled.Gretel chuckled .they both smiled as
Gretel carefully cleaned her body.
Just then the whole class even the teacher
speechlessly looked at Gretel and Gretel brought
out her most expensive handkerchief and Wiped
Angela’s chair …
” am realy sorry”,…
“:its ok hey I heard you failed chemistry if you want
I can teach you”,… Angela said
” realy well thank you”…..
Purity stories
Chapter 26&27
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Midnight ,maids room
they maids where in their room and it was realy late
but they head slight noises from Danny’s room
” i have noticed that danny hoffman sleeps late, why
does Danny Hoffman sleep late?
” Danny has insomnia you know
” the old maids said it started after some accident
in the past
“yea we are not sure but we heard he couldn’t sleep
because of nightmares
” so to avoid the night mares poor Danny couldn’t
sleep again till like 4am thinking he could escape
the nightmare
” what kind of accident
” ehhmm I don’t know but Mildred knows the whole
story we can ask her tommorow
” but it all happened in the past right
” yea so I guess its either he Still gets the
nightmares or staying awake has mastered him
“:that’s realy pitiful I realy want to hear the full story
Prestigious 8,am.
Light opens on Gretel and keila as they walked into
the class room and to their greatest surprise the
whole class sat together with angela and she had a
new sit KeilA and gretel walked torwards her and
sat there soon Susan arrived and sat with them then
Amanda as well as Tasha and Tanya Angela
couldn’t believe her eyes
” wow gelai nice chair
” I brought it since you bought her uniform I did
they rest”, Susan said
“so cool”, keila said
” so how great is your Dads washing if you don’t
mind I would like to bring some cloths
” yea me too
” its realy cool here is our card
They took the card from her
” you hair is so full what’s the secret
” well nothing realy much
” so what can you do gelai
” I dance ballet I also sing and I can act
” cool can’t wait to see your skills
” welcome to prestigious high school honey “,
Amanda said
” thank you”,…
Just then few students passed and waved at them
” hey gret, hey gelai!!!!
” Mira I like your shoes”, gretel said
” hy “, Angela said.
Angela couldn’t believe it but Gretel sitting beside
her already made her popular
Soon a teacher walked in with some sheets
” the result for the last chemistry test is out
She shared the paper
” Gretel am not impressed again
She walked out
” Gretel why do you keep failing
” I hate chem, see ya laters she stood and grabbed
her bag Angela ran behind her
” hey classes are not over yet
” I realy don’t mind teaching you chemistry you
know am realy good at it
” that’s great but I want to practice right now
” can I go with you
” you want to skip maths
” yes
” ok come on
They both of them walked down Angela was quite
preety too but she was chocolate in colour and she
had grown her natural hair very well
Soon they got to the car the driver opened the door
and greeted both Gretel and Angela then they took
Soon arrived at Gretels dancing room Gretel quickly
” wow this is beautiful
“:thank you
“:nice but wait what are these Rocks for don’t tell
me you are practicing karianas dance
” I am
” but it’s very difficult secondly who is your Prince
” none yet am realy confused maybe I should call
simeon but the thing is he traveled
” Who’s simeon
” a friend who knows the choreography well
” y don’t you try calling first
” ok
She placed a call to simeon
” hey
” hy ave been trying to reach you
” well how is your health
” am fine i commenced treatment so am getting
“S o i was wondering if you will be my Prince
” ave you gotten the solo right
” no not yet but
” but Gretel I am still too far
‘ yea you are right I can’t expect you to travel all the
way back here because of a mere dance
” that’s not it
” its ok I understand
She dropped the call
‘ am sorry”, gelato saidv
” I better practice “,…
She stepped further
She started from the rock position
” why don’t you start afresh
” I already mastered the other parts secondly am
not competing for sure I would only compete if the
competition would favour Anna but if it’s in keilas
favour I won’t compete
” I want to watch from the top ” ok
Gretel stood up and ran forward then she did a very
high grand adage and landed on tip this realy
wowed Angela as she covered her hands with her
Gretel spinned around and maintained the position
of an en pointe which she later transformed into a
grand jete
Angela was surprised because Gretel just did 3
most difficult ballet steps with this Gretel spinned
around she did the fast solo then she spinned again
and landed on the first rock she raised her hands
and spinned again as she landed on the second
rock with her left feet first then she suddenly
stopped she lost confidence
” come on gret skip the last stone and that’s it you
completed the dance
With this Gretel tried skipping the stone but she
didn’t nail the landing rather her leg slipped off the
rock and she almost fell but Angela caught her
” its realy hard
“no its easy you have to believe it’s easy
” easy indeed
“but why did you keep looking at the stone gret
according to the story princess kariana did a tripple
back spin that means she didn’t look at the stone
she wanted to skip rather she looked backwards
” but she has magic in her
” its not about magic its about inspiration find out
what was behind her what was so important for her
to look even at the risk of breaking her leg maybe
that was her inspiration the question is Gretel
what’s your inspiration
“come on its late lets go
Celines compound.
Mr king walked into Celines compound he saw
Celines mother as she sat down on the bench
” good afternoon ma’am
‘:oh its Celines friend how are you
“: I am fine pls madam I will like to see Celine
” but Celine is not here she traveled since
” seriously but where did she go to
” I can’t remember but wait let me get you the paper
where the address and name of the family was
“: ok mama am waiting
Celines mother walks inside and after few minutes
she walked out with a book in her hand
Chapter 28
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Celines mother walks inside and after few minutes
she walked out with a book in her hand
” oh madam is that where they wrote the address
” its like Junior took the other book to school
” ok no problem take my Card pls call me and tell
me the address later.
” ok my son i will
” thank you .
Celine was rushing into the living room to anwser
mrs hoffman a man in suit sat down he had his
laptop on the table
” Celine finalize your account opening with him my
dear so you can get your card I already made sure
you receive 60, 000 ahead of time so you can see
to your comfortabilty here.
” oh thank you madam
” no problem this is all because of Brigitta
Minutes later celine walked back into the maids
room just to find them applying make up.
” realy you guys seem jobless, I thought this was
against the house rules.
” we wont go out with it , have you opened the
” yes I even got pAid in advance….
” hmmm that’s new
” come on lets make you up
” no no no
” come on
” what if someone needs us and all of us are
” no one will call us
” what about Danny
” ave not seen him all morning ” me too
” ok “, Celine agreed.
just then they successfully painted Celine the make
over was quite nice
” u look good
” I don’t think so
They all laughed
one of world’s biggest designers Victoria Cartore a
halfcast who based in paris , she was busy in her
” how is the shoot for the new magazine going ?…
” well it’s going fine what about the top models you
wanted to use as the cover ?
” james is in charge of that you know this is a
wedding fashion magazine its called boring so I
need models who will sale it I want it to go viral ….
Just then another person walked in
” Victoria you need to see this
” wow I love this wonderful where did Vera get good
models like this, this is amazing this is what i want
” madam this shoot is the the talk if the fashion
world Vera has gotten so many contracts out of this
” yes I saw the commercial I mean the short film
was amazing it was wonderful it was so real and
people loved it
” the video is played along the busy park everyday
by 6 pm and the bill board is all over the place ….
” then what’s going on why haven’t you guys
contacted Danny Hoffman and his partner since
” Miranda Milbert
” this is what i need write him an open check if
that’s what it takes I don’t know why it’s delaying “,
Victoria said
” I already contacted his manager and sheduled the
shoot for tommorow
” but where is the setting of the shoot madam
” anywhere he wants it wont be a problem either
here or there its been weeks since you guys started
this preparation sammy make this happen
” all right madam count it done
Maids room
The maids where busy trying to wash of their make
up while celine was busy staring at dannys
magazine this picture gives me goose bumps she
said to herself”
just then the landline rang it was Danny’s room
“Celine pick up !!, abigail shouted
Celine picked up the call
” a glass of juice please.
“better go”, abigail said
” no, you go ,i cant go with this make up on my
” ave you forgotten your cover all”, mary said
” oh ,ok.
She wore the cover all and rushed out she met
philomena in the kitchen then she came out with
the drink she ran to Danny’s room and knocked
Danny opened the door just as Celine walked in
Danny remembered that he wrote ” I love you c”.. on
the mirror ..
he didnt want celine to think he wrote it for her so
he instantly tried covering the mirror with his body
” sir I brought the juice
” thanks
” no need stressing your self sir I already saw what
you wrote
Danny walked out of the mirror
” oh u did
” yes
” hey don’t give that eye its not your own c
” realy ( she Said in a cunning way)
” I said its not you
” I think it’s me
” its not you why would i like you anyway , i dont
even know what u look like.
” I know it’s not me I don’t even want it to be me
there are a lot of people who love me anyway and
besides you can’t like me we are not from the same
word ..
” a lot of people who love you, realy, as clumsy as
you are.
I realy doubt that because any where you go trouble
follows “,..he grabs his juice
” what!!!, hey , do you know the kind of people who
are after me ?….
” really why don’t you tell me.
(danny dropped the cup and presented an
inquisitive face )
Just then celine got herself she wiped her eye and
looked atDanny again …..wait oh am I busy having
a conversation with Danny Hoffman, Danny Hoffman
,how come”,.. she said to herself..
I suddenly enjoy spending time with this cover girl
recently isn’t that weird Danny said to himself
” sir I will be going now sir
” go? ,you can’t keep me
hanging finish your statement
” me when did i talk
” hey!!, you where talking about the guy who loves
you .
” oh was i ?,well, something like that …he even
took me shoping, he bought me cloths and many
other things . I know it’s true love
” you should better beware of those kind of guys
they are womanizers I tell you that’s not love .
Just then celine slowly sat down on the chair
” really
” yes they want to sleep with you when they spend
on you like that
” no no that person is not like that he’s so good
and handsome too
” whatever he can’t be more handsome than me
” hey do you realy think you are handsome he is
more handsome than you .
” what!!!, no he can’t be .
” I just Said he is….
Danny looked at his mirror
” hey , are you sure …
” yes he really is “, celine Said laughing.
Celine enjoyed the look on Danny’s face and she
wanted to make Danny angrier
” no he can’t be
” he really is
” infact I don’t think you are seeing me well
” but I am
” take off that cover all so you can see me well
” no no I can see you well
” I don’t think you can
” i can
” take it off take it off already
” no
” just take it off what are you hidding anywAy I think
you have an ugly face
” I really don’t
” take it off ,how can you call me ugly this means
you can’t see
” I can see well
” hey take it off
Just then Danny tried touching celine but celine
stood up from the chair and ran and as he tried
chasing her she hid under his piano table
He can’t see my make up no no no no she said to
Danny’s pride was hurt he really didn’t like not being
called handsome
” sir Mrs hoffman is calling me outside
” hey cover girl if you won’t take of that cover all
you will sleep under there
” ok sir no problem I will gladly do so
” well better enjoy this “, danny said as He instantly
plugged the piano and started pressing it very hard,
the noise was very much for Celine so she rushed
” will you open it now so you can testify to how
handsome I am
” ok ok ok
After all whats wrong if he sees my make up “she
said within herself” and as Celine started unzipping
the cover all from behind Danny started smilling
Chapter 29
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Danny started smilling victouriously
Just then they heard a knock on the door Danny
opened the door
It was abigail
“May I help ?”, danny asked
” sir am looking for the Maid who brought you juice
she’s wanted “, Abigail said.
Just then celine ran out of the room and joined
” am here “,celine said
Danny locked his door and they both walked out
” why Is it that whenever you go to that room you
don’t come out dont tell me you are trying to
seduce danny “, Abigail asked
” no we where just talking.
“talking about what?..
” I think we are friends now (she smilled )”,…
“Celine you are realy lucky how can the whole family
just Iike you “,…..
” who did you say called me anyway?..
“well, uuhhm Gretel is back….
” ok .
Celine walked further and Abigail looked at her from
Celine rushed into Gretels room Gretel sat on the
” hey
“jesus christ what kind of cover all is that
“pretty isnt it
” wow i think dannys pickiness has really gotten to
” just being protective
“well danny is not really that bad you know
Celine zipped down and opened her face
” what !!!!1
” yea danny is a very playful, kind and caring person
you know and he is very emotional too the whole
rude and proud annoying personality is just exterior
if he lets you get closer to him you would
understand that Danny is so weak emotionally
maybe that’s why he built these strong walks to
keep people from taking advantage of his kind
” yes strong walls of rudeness, arrogance, pride, etc
“mmm cool so whats up nationals is pretty close
” called simeon I don’t think he can make it you
” what about the solo
‘ I still can’t finish it
” hmmmm
” Angela Said i should find what inspires me to
” so what inspires u
” I just love dancing its my inspiration
” then what inspires you to compete in the nationals
” I want Anna to lose
” why?
” because I want KeilA to win
” good then KeilA is the reason why you want to
compete that means keila is your inspiration
” oh my God yes you are so right
” I know right, you need to bath Celine stood up
and set her bath
” I brought you a gift you are always helping me out
” what is it
She handed her a pack Celine opened it and it was
a brand new phone
” wow this is expensive
” did you forget that am rich
“thank you
” your welcome and this way I won’t miss you
anymore if I miss you I will call you
“Thanks alot
” welcome
She stood up
” I can’t wait for the nationals to be over so I can
attend Mirabels party already
” mmmm wonder what it will be like
” you’ve not gone to a party before
” its not exactly what i….
” cool am taking you with me
” you are kidding
Gretel walked into the bathroom
Mr Hoffman came back around 7pm, the maids
where in their room when philomena came in and
took Celine with her to the kitchen
” did I do something wrong madam
” no I just want to teach you how to brew Mr
Hoffman’s tea
” oh
” other maids have learnt it so I think you should
learn it too
” oh ok
” once he comes back he asks for his tea he takes
it 3 times a week that’s a day in a day out is for
diabetes and blood pressure
” ok
” he counts the days himself so don’t be bothered
you just do it when he asks for it
” ok
” it takes 30 minutes to prepare so before he takes
his bath it should be ready and served thats if he
told you to make it when he came back if he didnt
then dont to avoid doing it on the wrong day you
might get fired
” ok madam
” this is just for teaching sake dear you might not
be opportuned to make the tea because am the
only one who does it and does it right as I was
tutored by the nurse
” ok madam
” ok lets start
Danny was busy walking around his room and
looking at his mirror on regular bases he didn’t see
his phone ringing …his phone kept ringing but he
didnt notice because the phone was on silent
I can’t believe that cover girl doesn’t think am
handsome I mean who doesn’t think am handsome
anyways maybe I should unpark my hair lets see
He faced his mirror as he poured his hair and tried
splitting it with a comb i wonder who is the guy
who is more handsome than me.
he noticed his phone sparkling from the reflection
on the mirror he instantly dropped the comb and
took his phone
‘ ave been trying to reach you sir
” what is it
” you have a shoot tomorow Victoria Catore saw
that shoot with Miranda and she said she is willing
to pay more if you guys can do it for her its a
wedding shoot
” that’s cool I always wanted to meet Victoria
” then it’s a deal
” wait wait wait did you just say Miranda
” yes
” Miranda milbert
” yes sir
” no no no am so out
” sir the thing is Mr king already agreed to
everything and its been arranged you only have the
right to choose your pay
” thanks Sandra
He drops the call and instantly placed a call to Mr
” ave been meaning to call you Celine has left the
house I will get the family name were she is staying
” cool thanks but you need to call Victoria I can’t
shoot toMorrow
” when did you start missing pleasure with work you
are an international super model and Victoria came
all the way from Paris to choose you Danny come
on don’t spoil this
” ok fine, i will do it you are alwAys good at
approving stuffs behind my back
” mee?.
Danny dropped the call and checked his time it was
He lay on the bed I wonder where that commoner
traveled to I hope she is treated right where ever
she is ….
He checked his inbox and there it was multiple
texts from Miranda again.Miranda said no strings
attached but she was already too possessive.
Danny ignored her last text….she was the reason
why he won’t do the shoot.
Just then the phone finally rang it was Miranda…
” hello.
” Danny are you ignoring me.
” Miranda u bug.
” am sorry , I really miss you…please.
” Miranda guy know that am busy ..am very busy I
don’t have time for this ..
” ok just one day …I just need a day Danny.
” I don’t have one day Mira.
” fine one night.
” Miranda what’s going on, you clearly said no
strings attached right.How come am feeling
something else.
” danny am in love with you
” why?.
” danny dont ask me that I love you and I really
need you right now….Danny come on lets try this I
know it will walk.
” Miranda I love someone else…I might not know
where she is now but I can’t stop loving her…I fall
for her everyday…am sorry ,I dont love you and if u
knew the whole one night was gonna push u into
me I wouldn’t have done it cos I don’t want you to
feel hurt.
” danny am already hurt …I can’t do anything any
more without you…danny please .
” Miranda am dropping the call.
“Danny wait.
Danny dropped the call.
Danny kept rolling on the bed but he hardly felt
Sleep please come come come I realy have a long
day tommorow .
Prestigious high
the next morning KeilA walked into the class room
she sat beside Gretel
” hi
“hy how are you
“am cool
Just then tanya and tasha ran in
” guess which celebrity was invited for national
” dunno but am thinking danny hoffman”, Susan said
” Miranda milbert”, Tanya said
” Liam adore
” I think it its Danny “, keila said
” I want Liam “,gretel said
” that’s because you live with Danny “,..
” guys its Danny.
” amazing this means I won’t sit down in the hall”,
Amanda said
” don’t tell me you want to stand with the fourth
grade children in their play ground “, tasha asked
“me too i would stand there “,susan sais
” its the easiest way to hug any celebrity because
they must pass those children before getting to the
stage “, keila said
” so that’s the plan ?”,Gretel asked
” yes and they can’t walk with their guards when
going to the stage since they can’t be scared of
kids doing anything to harm them , so u hug all u
want .
” the last celebrity who walked with her guards and
didn’t let anyone touch her was criticized by the
press for one month “, gretel said …
” am standing with the kids too so you guys should
include me in your amazing plan “,keila said
” totally “, tanya said
” am going costume shopping today gret , will you
walk me?”, keila asked
” sorry I have practice “,…
“practice, practice what ?..
” ehhm, practice chemistry I need to practice
chemistry Angela is teaching Me chemistry “,….
“oh right yea am glad, we have only one class
today so I have enough time to practice against
tommorow ….
” yea though I have a feeling maths teacher won’t
show”, gretel said
Maids room.
Mary rushed into the maids room and shouted
” Danny is leaving, I wonder where he is going too.
” maybe he’s going back to the penth house you
guys should ask Celine aren’t they friends”, abigail
” hey Abigail what’s wrong ?, emily asked
” nothing just kidding “, abigail said
” this means he might miss the nationals
tommorow ?, mary said
“yea I guess “,…. emily replied
Celine was feeling very bad because of the way
Abigail was acting recently ,minutes later all the
maids left the room Mrs hoffman called for Emily
and celine decided to get some fresh air .
Abigail made her feel like being close to danny was
a crime…but she knew she wasnt doing anything
wrong with danny and danny never tried anything
with her.
Minutes later Abigail was left alone in the room she
suddenly walked towards the mirror and stood in
front of the mirror as she looked at her fat self .
Am really pretty and i have been working here for
months before she got here it’s ok that Gretel likes
her but Danny too?.. am so annoyed why can’t
Danny like me too huh every time she goes in there
she never comes out ..who knows if she is already
letting him have her ,this Celine Is realy worse than
I thought even Mrs hoffman paid her in advance
soon Mr Hoffman might as well become fond of
her now she is planning on taking Danny away from
me but I will make sure I separate both of them
before this thing turns into something else . if I
can’t have Danny then no other maid here will have
him .
celine walked through the backyard and stood by
the pool she stood their quietly for minutes then
she opened her hands wide and closed her eye as
she felt the breez suddenly she heard someone
speak behind her
” hey you might fall in there you know
Celine instantly turned and she recognized his face
” oh sorry
” hey I never said you shouldn’t stand by the pool
am just the pool boy I don’t own the house
” ok
She returned back to her normal position this time
ethan joined her
” this Is awkward what does this yoga position do
” it relieves heart ache
” heart ache seriously I really need it then because
my heart has been broken so many times already
“: yea me too so lets do it right
” yeeeeesss ( he looked at Celine and smilled )
Just then celine shaked a bit and Ethan held her
” what ?!!
” I thought you where going to fall .
“no I can’t”, she sat in the floor and Ethan sat with
” yea I just shaked a bit secondly where I came
from I always maintained this position in front of
the big ocean whenever I felt bad and I never fell
” wow amazing
Both of them laughed and Ethan stretched his hand
forward to Celine
“nice meeting you dear
“celine , you are the most amazing person I have
met this year
“nice meeting you too Ethan
“hey so you know my name
She fakes Mrs hoffmans voice
” this is Ethan our pool boy he takes care of the
Both of them laugh
” I wish you lesser heart aches dear
” you too
Ethan walked out and just then Emily walked in
” hey
“are you guys friends already
“maybe why doesn’t he live here
“he comes when the pool needs him although he
has a room here
” ok that’s cool
“come on lets go to the market will you escort me
” well why not
They walked out
Life Story
Chapter 30
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Gretel and Angela walked about in her dance room
” are you ready gret remember the competition is
tommorow so it’s now or never
” its now
“all right skip
Gretel tried 3 times but she still slipped and fell
“Angela if I couldn’t do it while looking at the stone
how will I do it without looking
” Gretel think of your inspiration don’t look at the
stone let the stone be in your mind rather look at
your inspiration you will nail it did you know that
once two men wanted to build a bridge across a
big ocean one built a tent in front of the ocean and
looked at the ocean every day trying to imagine how
possible it will be to build the bridge while the
other one was busy working towards how to build
the bridge, instead of looking at the bridge he
looked at his reason for wanting to build the bridge.
one day the one who built the tenth was swallowed
up when the ocean overflew but his friend later
successfully bulit the bridge So Gretel you don’t
need to watch the stone to nail it rather think of why
you want to nail it paint that picture in your mind
and you will do it if you want to build a house
looking at the land all day won’t build that house
sometimes you have to carry the goal in your mind
and look at the purpose, the inspiration, and the
reason behind wanting to accomplish that goal
looking at the goal won’t make it accomplish itself
tou have to work, believe, and be determined you
can do it gret I know you can
With this Gretel stood up and to Angela’s biggest
surprise Gretel did the triple pack spin correctly and
landed on the last stone Angela ran towards her
and hugged her
” you did it
” did I omg I did
They both hugged each other and jumped up
” thanks gelai its all thanks to you thank you
” you are welcome
Celine and Emily as where about leaving the market
when Celine saw a man who sold tea she left Emily
and ran towards the shop
” hey
“sir I was wondering if you sell insomnia tea
“Of course I do with this tea you will sleep soundly
my dear but it’s very expensive but slowly it cleares
all annoying memories or nightmares you won’t
even believe yourself
“oh how much is it
“50 thousand
” oh I have to use up my all
” no its ok I want it sir I would just withdraw from
that machine over there
“dont worry just give me the card
“of course
She handed the man the card and he withdrew from
his machine and Celine received the debit alert she
thanked him and just as she turned with the tea she
saw emily standing right behind her
” celine but mrs hoffman just gave you that money
” well yes she paid me so I can buy everything I
need to be comfortable
” is this tea all you need to be comfortable, u Dont
even have cloths , what if Danny doesn’t accept it
you are just his Maid so was it really worth it, i am
warning you celine dont let this mere crush for
Danny develop into something else because if it’s
for someone like Danny Hoffman there is no hope
and you will just get hurt in the end so just
concentrate on liking the guy you Said you like
before don’t confuse yourself you can’t like two men
at a time
” yea you are right but I can’t return it anyway its
already too late and I believe am just helping
someone Danny is always struggling to sleep well
and it makes him look weak but if he doesn’t
accept it its till ok “,..lets go
Celine walked faster in front Emily’s words realy got
to her what’s wrong with me am I a flirt or what
how can be liking two men at the same time
anyways I feel the same way when i think of both of
them she said to herself as she wiped her tears
with the back of her hands and the contact lense
fell into on top of the hands emily noticed this from
behind and rushed towards celine
” celine am sorry for what i said
” no am not crying i just think my eyes are watering
” am realy sorry Celine but I Just dont want you to
get hurt loving Danny Hoffman will destroy you
Celine he’s too high and have you heard his list of
girlfriends in the past they are all rich ok see
She pointed to jennifers bill board across the street
” wow she is pretty
” she is Danny’s ex
” wow
” now you know Miranda milbert right
” yea the best body queen
” I think she is his current date
” oh
” so you see Celine you are way below Danny so
lets just crush on him like every other celebrity but
you can never let yourself fall in love with him
Celine even Mr Hoffman can never settle for a
Emily hugged celine and placed the lenses back
after she had rinsed her hands and both of them
headed home
danny and sandra where already set for the shoot
everything was ready but miranda and Victoria
where missing
” am really getting tired you know I mean where is
Miranda”? Danny asked .
” or even Victoria ?…Sandra Said
” Victoria must not come she is very busy her
people are already here”,…. danny corrected Sandra
Just then Victoria a white fair woman with short hair
in form of a skull cap walked down her car towards
Danny who also stood up with his hands open they
pecked each other on both cheek
” Victoria finally
” Danny Hoffman am so glad I could get you
” I always wanted to cover your magazine
” well i ave always wanted you to model for me
” its a pleasure
” but where is Miranda Milbert
” I guess she is on her way
Victoria walked towards her car she made a few
calls soon every thing was set
” Miranda has a habit of showing up late”, Sandra
” a bad one “, danny replied
Miranda ran out of her car and her assistant ran
behind her
” madam where are you going to the shoot will
soon start
” I need to meet my doctor come on
Elaine followed her
Soon they Got into the hospital and Miranda sat
” oh Miranda
” tell me is my test result out am I pregnant
” well miranda the results will take like 30 more
‘ ok I will wait.

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