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Celine And The Hoffman By Chidinma Chapter One

By chidinma Jerry .m.
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“Celine and the Hoffman’s”
chapter 1

Celine is a very beautiful girl aged 20. Though her family can be regarded as the poorest of the poor she still lives her life to the fullest. She has a very nice height and beautiful body stature with an amazing face.but her trouble surpasses her looks as she is very troublesome and care less.
Her father is a carpenter and her mom is jobless their family is the poorest in the village . That was more reason why she moved about with her poor sight since there was no money for treatment or medicated glasses.
After a long time she got used to her poor sight. After all she saw well it’s just that sometimes her sight got more blurry..
She had a little brother junior.who was still in 4th grade.he was 11 years old.
Celine has no time for boys or even girls .she had only one friend Clara who was in college.
The only boy who appeared to her mind was her dream boyfriend .Danny hoffman, though he wasn’t from her city .she loved everything about him.she was happy whenever people talked about him.her crush she could never meet, he’s handsome looks melted her heart .he’s long hair seduced her every day. Hes killer smiles ,hes killer stature. He was Gods in his own way.
Pictures of him filled her room.even torn out magazines.she’s crazy in love with him.she already consoled herself.she knows they can’t meet ever.
She sat quietly on her bed that morning as her mum already left for her grand mothers house.she looked at his picture quietly smiling to herself.
“Danny Hoffman there is a commoner who wants to meet you so badly “, she always said to herself.
If wishes were horses Danny Hoffman will Be in her bed every night, even her diary was filled with him….
A knock on the door jolted Celine out of her fantasy .she ran to to the door.wearing her gown she had only 4 cloths that’s just how poor they were.
She opened the door to her best friend Clara .Clara sat comfortably on the outdated chair and celine hugged her.
“miss Clara,i really missed you , welcome “, Celine said
” i kept missing you i couldnt even stay in school”, clara said grining.
” how is college ?.
” it’s great , i wish you can finally get into college too celine , its been long we left Senior high”,
Clara said with a teary face
” you know there is no money Clara , i can’t kill my parents “,Celine said .
” it’s ok Celine , one day you will surely smile , for now I completed your payment for that medicated glasses , your sight is pitiable “, clara said and handed Celine an eyeglass case . Celine smiled .
Celine got teary she wiped her tears .
” thank you , am really glad “, Celine said and hugged Clara.
Clara tried closing her bag when Celine slipped out a particular magazine.
It was her Danny Hoffman , Celine smimed widely as she read out the cover.
” new York’s sweeth heart , and city’s toppest male model ,” Danny Hoffman , covers high school magazine.
Celine smiled as she looked through his pictures .
” he likes earrings , he’s so cute “,celine said .
” I heard only his ear ring is enough to buy this entire village “, clara added.
” he is really rich “, Celine said.
” and handsome too , he’s eye pure blue, he’s hair is as long as it is thick and black , attractive pink lips , flat tummy , he’s very tall and sexy I see him every night in my dream .he has to many fans and he’s dress sense awesome.
” so who is he’s girlfriend ?” Celine asked .
” I dunno but I heard its Jennifer Williams , ex miss world , she’s so pretty “, clara said.
” am jealous of her “, Celine said and Clara smiled .
” Celine when will you stop this crazy crush on Danny Hoffman ?.
” I dunno bestie but I wish to meet him “, Celine Said.
” that’s impossible , clara added.
” I know “, celine said.
I.e) hoffman family mansion .🏩🏩🏡🏠
The Hoffman’s family had been recorded as the second richest in the whole country. Sir Carl hoffman being the founder of hoffman groups .which is a group of companies joined together with the main motive of providing the city’s necessity.allmost all wealthy individual are part of hoffman groups.
They group has like 80 universities a cross the globe.
100 malls.
They’re construction company has built like 300 major roads and bridges
80 high schools only for the rich , one of which is prestigious high where Danny’s little sister gretel attends .
like 80 streets belonged to the Hoffman’s .
300 hotels and suites
The group had done many more but the sole heir of every investment was Danny Hoffman.
The Hoffman’s lived in a street owned by them ” Hoffman’s street.
They live in an estate which had 18 empty mansions in it. A pool surrounded the whole estate.and another pool came through the back.
The 1st building was where the Hoffman’s family stayed. The 5th building was where they maids lived.They had like 50 maids and counting in the 5th building. But only 4 maids stayed inside the main mansion.
Danny’s room was above gretel room , next door to his room was he’s dressing room where all his cloths sat. Some maids stayed around there to help him dress up.
Hes room backed the pool , he’s wall was very transparent giving him an amazing sight.
They house was worth writting about .
Danny rushed into the compound from the living room door.as he walked he packed his hair up. He wore a white track suite with a diamond stonned slippers and a diamond earing. He held his white phone in his hands where he wore a silver ring..he had a tatoo on his wrist and another tatoo by his neck . More like a signature..
He was really attractive. A maid rushed out after him with his bag.she looked very clean. Once he got into the compound all the maids outside bowed.
The guard opened his door and he walked in , he’s catwalk proves he was really a model.
He sat in the car and the driver took off.
4 guards entered the next car and rushed out after him.
All the maids who where bowing lifted their face up and went out.
The driver took off.
Danny placed call to Jennifer
” my love “,.
” Danny its been a week “,.
” I am sorry and I love you “.
” I love you too “,.
” am going to spend the night at my suite , come before 8.
” ok I will be there “.
” are you home ?.
“No I mean yes ,yes “.
” ok love , bye .
” bye my love “. Jenny ended .
Dan my dropped the call.
Just minutes after Danny left Gretel rushed into the compound with her car key.She headed for her pink car.
She wore school.uniform with a gold stonned canvass.her hair fell below her back.She was 18 and in senior high.She had an attractive body stature ..her school skirt was very short.
The maids bowed to her while one of them took her bag.
She walked into her car and increased the music volume then she drove off. She looked amazing.
Jennifer lay naked on her bed with a white bed sheet which covered her body .her thick black hair fell freely .
A man lay beside her .he rose up and feathered his lips on her neck but her facial expression was not exciting.
He gently kissed her lips .
” what wrong “.
” Kelvin you need to go , i need to go see Danny “. She said and stood from the bed .
” I thought u were gonna break up with danny ?.
” I love him so much , i won’t break up with danny instead we need to stop this “.she said and rushed into the shower.Kelvin fell back to the pillow.
Kelvin was suppose to be her friend untill their affair started She was cheating on Danny with Kelvin each day she says she would stop but it gets more difficult..
She walked out of the shower and wrapped the towel jacket round her body.her figure amazing.her hair was indeed very long and her skin colour was just as great.
She sat down and applied her face cream Kelvin slowly kissed her neck from behind.
” I really want to be alone now , pls .She said .
” ok , i will check on you.”, he said and picked his shirt.
Jennifer dropped the cream , this one night game had spinned into something else, it spinned out of her control it’s now a continuous affair.her biggest fear was Danny finding out.
Kelvin on his part was quite rich and handsome too.and he realy desired jennifer but jennifer hadn’t defined her feelings yet.
Celine sat quietly in the living room with her mother who just came home with a bag of oranges.She took a single orange which she ate happily .her dad had not returned yet.
” Celine these oranges are not for licking “, she said .
” mom I know , its for selling “.
” then stop finishing it “, she said ” yes mum .Celine replied.
Just then her dad walked in.Celine hugged him tight.he wore a long face which his wife noticed .
” what’s wrong my husband “, his wife asked.
” Mr Samuel locked down my shop because of the money we owed him”,he replied.
” Jesus , just 15 thousand Naira !”, Celine shouted .
” it’s all right , everything will be fine .her father said .
He stood up and walked out.
Celine hugged her mother tight .
” mom its ok “, she said .
Hoffman hotels 🏢
Danny walked into the room his manager was waiting for him.
He sat Down and dropped his phone on the table.
“Tell me “, danny said .
” nothing to.tell , star times wants to interview you “, he said .
” pass , danny replied.
” you have a shoot tomorow for Vera “, he said
“Pass pass pass “, danny replied
” you will be shooting a movie in few days “.
” around town?.
” no Danny , we are traveling , i sent you the location .
” ok cool , till then , anything else?.
” Sandra will fill you up “, he said .
Danny stood up and picked his phone .
He rushed out and ran into a lady caring a plate of soup which she dropped on his legs.
Danny moved his hair back.he’s guards rushed out .
Danny turned to her.
People took pictures of him.
“am realy sorry sir”.
” arrrgh, must today be this bad? “am realy sorry sir I can clean it right away if you may”, she said .
she tried to take the shoes
“so am expected to step on the floor, why are commoners so stupid , what makes you think that its okay if u clean it, dont you get, your hands makes it even dirtier”, he said
The waiter felt so bad she started tearing up.
” am sorry sir .
Danny picked up his phone and made a call, few seconds later his assistant ( sandra )brought him a new pair of slipper.
she removed the old one and he wore the later
Danny turned to the waiter.
” do you know how much this slipper cost, no need, you might die just hearing the price.
He placed it on her chest. The soup stained her cloth.
“sell it and Maybe buy some value or do a face surgery ur face just ruined my mood.”
Danny walked out he got to the car he entered and they drove away. He headed for his penthouse .
Few minutes later it was over the news and making the head lines
Prestigious high school 🏢🏢
Gretel walks sluggishly into the class room, the class murmured
As Gretel walked over to her best friend keila.
“wow Gretel always looks her best”
” I heard Mr Hoffman is planning on buying the national museum ”
“wow that’s huge ”
“check out that sneaker gretel is wearing I totally saw it online guess the cost”
“18 million I saw it too”
“Danny her brother is realy making the headline”
Another student walks in
“guys check it out, great world is dropping Danny”.
” why?”
” maybe it’s because of the whole waiter stuff”
Gretel sat quietly discussing with her friend.
A lot of students waved at her, Gretel is realy popular.
“hey bestie, your in early”,Gretel said
“you are late as usual, u missed biology”.
Gretel : I wanted too
(she smiles )
“I love your shoes “.
“we are totally twinning ”
“no you didn’t ”
” oh my God ,I did !!”.
Gretel brings out the same exact pair from a bag she carried and gave it to keila
“shut up”. Keila shouted
“am not talking “.
“this is amazing”.
They hugged each other
” hey I heard Danny is being dropped”
“the manager of great world Is not happy with what the press is saying about danny, but he can’t drop Danny”.
“so its just rumours”.
“yea, I have chem in 10”.
“well let’s go to the cafeteria at least we have 10 minutes to spare “.
the girls stood up in their twin pair of shoes and walked out of the scene into the cafeteria where they sat down students passed by and commented them
Student one : hey gret
Gretel : hey hi
Student : I love your sneakers it is sooo awesome
Gretel : thanks Tania
To rolls after Gretel, sat 3 guys conversing. One of them was Richard staffords only son.the next richest family to Gretel. Hrs name was simeon.an ex athlete .
“hey who is that dark haired cutie”, sim asked.
” your new so I am sure you don’t know Gretel”, Sam said
” omg ,Gretel hoffman “.
” the little devil as the press calls her”.Sammy added
” Gretel is realy the most beautiful girl in prestigious high”, Stanley added.
“so who is her boyfriend “, sim asked
“that’s mysterious “, Oscar added.
” I like her”, simeon Said.
” well you haven’t met her”, oscsr finished
Gretel was busy eating her plate of ice cream when she noticed simeon and the way he kept staring
“hey who is that “, she asked k
” u meant who is that cutie”.
” I never said he wasn’t cute”.
“that’s the guy the whole girls in prestigious high school including me dreams of having”.
” how come I don’t know him:.
Keila : he’s new, just a week before and u don’t come to school.
” what’s his name”.
“wait simeon that simeon”. Gretel asked
“yea 40 gold medals 30 silver medals in athlete ,simeon “.
” ohhh my God !!!!.
” yea am shouting “,. Keila said.
” why did he leave kings high? .
” I think he’s dad Is part of Hoffman’s group now”.
“wow he is cuter than in pictures, omg am late for chem”.
“am going home”.
” your skipping math class:.
“yea, laters “.
Gretel grabs her bag and walked out of the scene.

Should i continue
[5/15, 10:04 PM] Ritababe: Chapter♡ 2 ♡
Celine and Hoffman’s
by chidinma jerry(star queen)
9:50 pm
CELINEs house 🏡
Celine sat quietly in the living room that night carefully arranging her oranges .She remembered her dad’s demise.She wondered how they would get such money.
She had to go to the market tomorow.she carefully counted the oranges .only one remained.so she walked into her parents room and handed it to junior who was drawing all night.she wondered whether he was designing his destiny.
He took the orange from her and hugged her.she knelt down and held him tight. She looked around ..sometimes she even forgot how poor they where.
She let him free and rushed into her room where she looked at Danny’s picture smiling.
Gently my crush for you is turning into something else.looking at your picture makes me feel happy. I know I can’t meet you but if u do I will sake you for money.just a little.I know you will give me.but don’t be rude to me Daniel if you are we will fight.
She drew a love diagram on his picture and smiled with satisfaction.
Danny’s penthouse 🗻
Danny And Jennifer lay on the bed they had already changed.Jennifer wire a white white short this time and wrapped the the bed cover round her chest.
Her Tummy to the white short was obvious.
Danny wrapped his arms round her.
” don’t you feel cold ?.
” a little “.
” won’t you were your singlet “, he said .
” I don’t know where I kept it ,its ok am ok , you are the one who has cold.
She freed the white blanket and covered from her legs up to her chest.she covered him well too. She made sure no part of his body was out
Danny wrapped his arms tight around her bare body… She felt cold to him so he stood up and picked his shirt.he dragged her up and slipped both her hands in.the shirt was pretty it fell to her hip .it was free on her.he folded the hands.and buttoned it up carefully .after which both of them fell back into the bed .Jennifer placed herself on his chest and raised her legs too.
” am traveling tomorrow “.
” what , for what ?
” the movie, Dont worry I will soon come back.
She hugged him tight.
*******🌟 6pm next day.
celines house 🏡
Celines mother sent her to fetch water,
Celine grabed her bucket and as she was about stepping out she barged into Clara.
” you are just in time, come and escort me.
” how are you”.
” fine” .
“why are u not wearing your glass? “.
“after how much you
spent ,I will wear it on important occasions”.
“don’t fall inside gutter oh”.
“I have mastered this area like the back of my hands”.
They both laugh as they walked down the street
(They got to the tap)
“we are here, lemme drop this bucket first”.
“ok am behind that car “.
Celine walked to the tap and dropped her bucket then She tapped a boy in the corner.
” hey am behind that car when my turn reach call me. ”
Celine followed her friend and they watched the video of Danny and the waiter on Clara’s phone
“wow this guy is realy proud oo”.
“yea am reducing my like for him”.
” he has luck, if it was me. heeeeey!! “.
” are u telling me, I know you nah”.
They both laugh as Clara came across a particular headline she jumped up
“what “.
‘guess what”.
“what “.
” Danny is coming here”.
” which Danny”.
“Danny hoffman ,He is shooting a movie here “.
“wow that’s huge”.
” but they didn’t write when, omg i can’t wait”.
“see this girl acting as though the guy knows you”.
They both laugh
Just then Celine remembers her water
She rushed back to the tap and found her bucket on the floor
” excuse me where is my water”
“it was your turn u didn’t come so she removed your bucket and put her own”.
” rita, just fetch your water and leave that girl ever since her father was recognized I don’t know what she is feeling like”.
” ok no problem”.
she carried her bucket and turned to clara
“Clara bye bye Lemme go home”.
“are u sure”.
” watch me nah am going home, I have changed oh am very cool now”.
Celine walked slowly as Clara watched her she walked towards her house instantly as Clara looked away she ran into rita compound
” this girl will never Change”.she chased after her
Celine got into the well furnished compound she sighted rita as she poured her bucket of water into a half filled drum as Rita turned she saw Celine
“where is my water”
” I don’t know, are you asking me”.
“ok no problem you won’t know what happened to your own water too”.
Celine rushed over to the big drum which was almost filled up and tried pushing it down but it was too heavy for her just then Clara ran into the scene
“Clara warn Celine ooo if she pour my water”.
“celine!! do u need help”.
Clara rushed towards Celine and both of them pushed the drum down successfully and the whole compound was litered
” Celine I will tell my father”.
“your father locked down my father’s shop because of odinary 15000 I didnt talk, but u see u ugly thing if you cross my path again I will kill you”.
She and Clara ran out of the house
Rita lifted the drum successfully and sat on the floor
Clara went her path and Celine ran home empty
Hoffman’s house ⛲🏩🏢
Gretel came down stairs from her room after changing she sat down close to her father
“dad “.
” yes dear”.
“mom “.
“yes darling”.
“who amongs you both blocked my credit card”.
“well “.
“mum!!!!!! “.
“we both did, what did you use 12 million for Gretel you are just 17”.
“am fucking 18″.
” whatever”.
“i bought shoes”.
“you bought shoes i thought i warned you gretel to spend reasonably”.
“am sorry mum, dad pls unblock my card I won’t spend unreasonably anymore i promise”.
(She fakes a teary face)
“honey lets unblock her card I think she has taken corrections”. Mrs hoffman said .
“no never Gretel will retrieve her rights to that card when I say so”.
” what!!”.
“that’s final”.
“Mr Hoffman you are realy getting on my nerves:.
“Mrs Gretel I won’t release your card untill I see signs that you are mature “.
“you know what dad am done with this I am going to the US am tired of staying in this hell hole anyways “.
She barges out of the parlour and almost ran into Danny while he walked in
“hey gret”.
“hey honey welcome, am going to my room I disowned mom and dad today”.
she runs out
Danny smiles sheepishly as he wakked towards his parents
“gudevening dad, mom”.
“welcome honey”.
“finally “.
” am realy sorry dad ave been busy”.
“no problem I saw your interview I hope you are ready to get involved in the family business like u Said earlier or were you just bluffing “.
“honey he just came back come on welcome him”.
” didn’t I say welcome”.
“mum, dad I will be going upstairs first”.
“freshen up son i will call one of the maids to get you a glass of milk”.
“thAnks mum”.
Danny walked out.
“I don’t like the way you are being on Gretel you are too harsh you know Gretel is always alone and bored that’s why she likes shoping please unblock her card”, Mrs hoffman said
Mr Hoffman : ok fine you won I would unblock her card are you happy now
Mrs Hoffman : yes I am
Danny dropped his bag as he said to himself no place like home
After taking a bath someone knocked
“Who is it”.
” I brought cold milk sir”.
” yeah I need that”.
He opened the door
The dark skinned unkept looking maid presented the drink which she placed In a glass tray
Danny moved his hair in frustration .
“holy shit”.
” good evening sir”.
” what are you”.
” a maid”.
“what poor luck I have, out of all the maids in this house you brought me milk? “.
“what’s wrong with me sir”.
” everything is wrong with you, why is your hair so unkept “.
” am sorry sir forgot to wear my cap”.
“why didn’t you wear any gloves on your hands ?”.
” because I placed it carefully on this tray sir”.
“then why are you still touching the cup with your bare hands”.
“am sorry sir”.
” get out “.
“ok sir”.
” you are fired “.
He locked the door and sat on his bed.
Just then his phone rang Danny picked up it was his manager Mr king.
” tell me”.
” I hope you are getting ready for your travel Tommorow “.
” yes sure “.
” ok just wanted to clear that”.
Danny dropped the phone and slept off
prestigious high school. 🏩
Gretel just arrived at school she barged into the class room and almost ran into simeon who was walking out
” hey watch it, why are you so clumsy “.
“seriously, are you that rude”.
“rude, you ran into me dumb head”.
“what “.
” I’m not having a great day so just stay out of my way”.
“jeez I can’t believe this is the girl ave been trying to get close to, who do you think you are Gretel just because you have everything you want you think you can step on everyone, if this is your personality then am realy disappointed in you “.
He walked away and Gretel walked to her best friend keila
Before Gretel could sit down she
received a text message saying that her credit card was unblocked
“what’s up Gret what was that all about”.
“I was just having a bad day daddy blocked my card but he just unblocked it”.
“you need to control your mouth Gret you where too rude to simeon you need to apologize”.
” I never apologize to people and you know that anyways I called Katie we are going to the mall after class right “.
“no I can’t I have ballet what about SATURADAY “.
” ok cool”.
Keila looked out the window where Gretels car parked
“nice ride but I liked the pink one better”.
” I use this car only when am in a bad mood “.
“how about now how is your mood”.
“wonderful “.
They both laugh
Just then Gretels phone rang it was her driver
” hello”.
“what’s up “.
“my son got into an accident I have to go so just call me when you are done with classes”.
“seriously how bad is it”.
” am trying to confirm”.
“all right no problem I hope he’s ok”.
She droped the call and KeilA tapped her
” hey look that’s simeon”.
“why are you telling me that”.
“because you are going to apologize to him”.
” no you are not serious “.
“come on you can’t start on a bad foot with a guy you like”.
“whoever said I like him”.
” come on gret”.
” ok ok fine”.
Gretel walked over to where simeon sat
Simeon pretends not to notice her
” hey.
“I have math in 5 so just say what you want to say.
“well the thing is .
“the thing is, well”.
“I came to apologize because of the way I sounded I was just having a bad day and that’s it
She turned back and rushed over her seat”.
Simeon chuckled softly.
Wow she can’t even apologize properly this girl was realy spoilt, he thought.
******* 🌟
Danny just arrived celines village for his shoot .he had left very early with his assistant.he called Jennifer before leaving.
Him and Sandra lodged in a couple suite.
the suite was rented for him in a five star hotel.
the suite was realy big it was more like a couple suite.
it was comfortable with a nicely situated pool with two rooms.
“wow its not bad”.
” its totally your style sir “.
” have you seen the setting of the movie”.
“yes the building is nice Mr king sent me the picture “.
“all right”.
prestigious high.
school was over and keila had already gone for ballet practice
Gretel stood in front of the school gate as she kept calling her driver who couldn’t pick up because he left his phone in the car while he rushed into the hospital
Gretel stood there for a few minutes she didn’t want to call home because she knew Mr John would loose his job.
she tried dialing the number again it started raining heavily the rain was so heavy Gretel tried running into the school but the school gate was already closed
As Gretel tried moving away a big white jeep stopped in front of her the Door swung open and simeon sat down comfortably inside
” come on in “.
“must you be stubborn about every thing “.
“no don’t worry my driver is coming
“Gretel Hoffman you are going to catch a cold
” ok fine
She sat in the car and simeon took his jacket from the car and covered her
“apology accepted “.
“( smiles ) took you this long “.
They drove away 🚘🚘
[5/15, 10:04 PM] Ritababe: Celine and the hoffmans. 🌟18🌟
Chapter 🌟3 🌟
Chidinma jerry m.
“home right “.
” no not realy my parents would totally fire Mr Johnny”.
” so it’s my house then”.
” I guess”.
Minutes later they arrived at simeons house🏩
It was just as big as Gretels house
Immediately the car dropped. few maids ran over to them one of them took simeons bag from his
He grabbed Gretels hand and they walked into the main building Gretel sat down in the parlour
“where are your parents”.
“I stay alone”.
(He smiles )
“Your going to catch a cold”.
He called one of the maids
“sir “.
“my friend here would like a hot bath thank you”.
Simeon stood up and walked towards his room
The maid turned to Gretel
“pls follow me “,( she Said to gretel)
” oh ok”.
She followed the Maid and just as she left her phone started ringing Mr John the driver was calling her
Simeon on his path quickly took his bath he wore his slipper with a pair of shorts he was looking for something to where on top when Gretel barged into the room tying a white towel
” omg sowie, she tried walking out”.
Simeon drew her back
“hey its ok “. Simeon said dragging gretel back .
“did you take my uniform I can’t find it”.
“I think the maids are washing it “.
She tried rushing out again
He drew her back again
“why are you so nervous “.
“who, me? nervous, nooo “.
“are going to tie that towel home?”.
“I was hoping to wear my uniform didn’t know it was being washed so”.
Simeon : lucky you i think I have female cloths here
he moved over to the cupboard and handed over a pretty short gown to her
” thanks,
SIMEON stood looking at her
“won’t you leave”.
“ok am leaving”.
He leaves the room
she quickly dressed up and rushed to the parlour where simeon sat she picked up her phone and saw the missed call
” my driver called”.
” call him back then”.
She dialed the number
“Gretel where are you”.
” am at a friends house how is your son”.
“its realy bad he is in coma”.
” I realy liked that little boy I hope he will be fine”.
“me too pls text me the address”.
“ok She dropped the call “.
“hey text me the address so I can send it to my driver”.
“ok “.
He texted her the address which Gretel forwarded to her driver
She sat back down facing the tv
“I am realy curious about something”.
“what “.
” who Is your boyfriend “.
“I don’t have a boyfriend”.
” that’s unbelievable “.
“my turn”.
“ok “.
” who owns this gown”?.
” my ex girlfriend”.
” wow that’s nice”.
” yea,so do u need anything water, food?
“no don’t worry am ok:.
” if u say so”.
Minutes later they heard a car Horn outside
“my driver is here ”
” good bye I will bring your uniform to school”
” yes I would return your girlfriends gown too”
” ex”.
“just kidding “.
She rushed out and simeon returned to his movie
Next morning 🌅🌄🌅
Danny’s suite
Danny walked into the dinner where Sandra already sat eating
“good morning
” pls how’s my schedule
” the shoot starts by 10 and would end by 2 or 3 after that you are totally free
Just then Danny’s phone rang it was Jennifer
” hey honey
” hey.
I know you are mad but I am so sorry I was just so tired I forgot to call
” its ok so how are you .
“fine how are you”.
” am great hope you are comfortable “.
” yes I am and even if I feel discomfort i just have to think of you right “.
” of course”.
“so where are you:.
” just walking out of the mall”.
: ok I better go and get ready
“Jennifer : ok I love you :,
Danny : I will call you
He drops the call
Danny was done with his shoot for the day it was around 2:30
He returned to the suite where he took a quick shower and dressed up again
‘ are you leaving”.
“am bored soo I would just look around town”.
” ok lemme call the driver “.
“no don’t worry I feel like trekking”.
Sandra : what if something happens to you aggressive fans or even kidnappers secondly you are not allowed to step on the floor , you can’t mix wit commoners , what if someone infects you.
“nothing would happen no one knows me dat well here secondly I have my cap on and I look casual who would recognize me “.
“am not liking this “.
” I need fresh air be right back”.
He walks out of the suite.
I don’t feel safe about this Sandra says to herself
Celine had just finished selling two trays she just took the third tray from the house and rushed out forgetting her eyeglasses she had already come halfway into the the street when she remembered it and she couldn’t go back so she moved forward .
Danny was stroling directly towards the direction of Celine when his phone rang it was his manager
” what’s up dude
” how is the shoot going
” its cool I just finished
Danny was so engrossed in the call he didn’t see himself running into Celine and at the same moment the tray fell down and her oranges fell all through the floor while some rolled into the dirty water nearby
“Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!,can’t you see”.
” I should be asking you you walked so carelessly, gosh why are commoners so clumsy “.
“what commonner, me commoner who do you think you are !!! , anyways I don’t blame you .
Celine bent down and started picking her oranges just then she noticed Danny was just standing
“what are you doing pick my oranges oo”.
“what you cant be serious “.he tries moving backward.
” what are you doing”.
” the thing is I am not allowed touch anything that falls to the ground “.
“what, listen if you don’t start picking this orange am going to call the masquerades “.
” fine, i will call the commissioner of police “.
” that Will take time the masquerade riders are right behind me “.
Danny looked and saw them he got scared
“so what, are you not picking. hmmm its like you have not heard about this place we kill strangers and eat them alive “.
” what ?.
“start picking “.
” ok ok am picking “.
Danny uncomfortably bent down and picked one of the oranges then he quickly droped it back
“you know what tell me your account number let me transfer the stupid money to your account”.
” are you kidding “.
“am serious “.
” you are so sluggish now the rest has rolled into the dirty water”.
“it seems like you don’t know who i am , how dare you talk to me”.
“what, Who are you, are you the presidents son.
“I think am richer than him”.
“what !!!!”.
Danny removes his cap
“so are u still talking commoner “.
Celine strained her eye to see Danny’s face but she couldn’t she even moved closer to him but her sight was just too blury
“I know who you are”.
“took you long enough, I mean assuming you recognized me earlier you would be happy I ran into you “.
” i know who you are, you are a lazy, stupid , proud peacock”.
” what you realy don’t know me”.
” no !!!!”.
Danny was so annoyed at the fact that Celine didn’t know him he’s pride was hurt he wished she new him
” do you need glasses or something you mean you dont realy know me, me, me”
Celine drags his shirt
” don’t think you can fool me give me my money”.
” no no no don’t touch me pls don’t touch me you will infect me, commoners don’t touch me”.
“money “,celine shouted.
“don’t you have an account”.
“how old are you”.
“dats not your business “.
Danny leave me alone first I know what to do
I can’t believe this girl doesn’t know me he says to himself
“what “.
‘ leave me alone I will call my assistant to bring money for you “.
“what if I leave you and you run”.
“no I won’t, you irritate me I can’t do anything right with you holding me “.
” give me something of yours “.
” I don’t have anything on me or should i give you the phone I want to use to make the call “.
” didn’t u wear a watch , give me the watch”.
” no I never take off this watch”.
“fine give me your shirt
Danny covers his body with his hand “.
“my sexy body is made for photo shoots not for stupid commoners eye”.
“what this guy you are realy proud who are you sef tell me your name”.
“ok hold this phone let me take of the shirt “.
As Celine took the phone from Danny’s hand, Danny pretended as though he wanted to unbutton his shirt and he ran off forgetting that celine was with his phone
“hey peacock you can run but you can’t hide “.
” I can “.
Celine ran after Danny untill she realized the phone in her hands she stopped and shouted
“ok bye bye I will sell your phone and replace my orange”.
“no you are not with my phone “.
Celine lifted the phone just then she ran off and Danny ran after her
“commoner stop there “.
” no !!!!
Danny ran fast till he caught celine and with one hand he drew her back
” you should know I wanted to stop “.
” ok wait lemme call my assistant
” ok .
She handed over the phone to danny and took his shirt
as he placed a call to Sandra and he put it on speaker
“Sandra where are u
” am still at the hotel
” go to my room and bring the cash I left on the bed pls do before I die
“omg where are you sir
” just keep strolling down before that hotel
“ok sir
Danny dropped the call and Celine left his shirt
Danny looked at his hands he just couldn’t stand the sight of the dirt just then Celine walked out
” where to
” coming
She returned with a sachet water
“won’t you wash your hands
“I bought water don’t worry I won’t charge you
“but that water is not clean, I don’t want
” if you won’t wash forget”.Celine yanked and opens the water she finished it
“commoner is that water safe for drinking”.
” peacock do you know how much I bought this water , well u don’t look poor”.
” duuuurrh
Just then a black car arrived and Sandra came down
” are you ok sir
“just pay her for her oranges
“am sorry dear pls how much is your oranges
” ehe , now someone is talking, the thing is there are two types of oranges I sell here
” realy
“yes nah, I have VIP oranges for only celebrities you know people like Danny Hoffman, musicians like star boy
“yes nah
“realy, but you are actually standing with Dan….
(Danny cuts in)
” what makes you think Danny Hoffman will like your oranges
” (smilling ) well he has bought it before infact we are realy tight friends “.
“Jesus Christ “.
” omg yes nah”.
“and I also have normal oranges for average people like my father he’s a carpenter “.
“that’s nice”.
“this proud peacock here threw all of them into that water so the total cost is 30, 000 no leave no transfer “.
“who me, peacock ,what!!”.
” aunty what are you saying”.
” pls just pay that girl i don’t want to see her anymore”.
Danny walks into his car
Sandra gave Celine the exact money she mentioned and went into the car
Celine walked over to where Danny sat
“bye , see you next time”.
“never “.
“you never can tell “.
The driver took off
Celine laughs as hard to herself
Some people are realy stupid she said to herself as she ran home with her tray
T. B. C
Plz take note:; their is no chapter 4👑👸👑

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[5/15, 10:04 PM] Ritababe: Chapter 💕5
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Celines parents where sitted in the compound when she walked in with an empty tray.
“Celine you are back you need to go one last time”.
” mum , dad , good evening .
She runs into the house and carried the last oranges into the compound with a knife she sat on the bare floor and started peeling it
“Celine what are you doing”.
” ma’am not selling again ooo how many should I peel for you ?.
” what, how much have you sold today, honey talk to this girl “.
” if she is tired leave her alone she has tried today my daughter peel 3 for me”. Her dad said
“Celine give me the money you sold today”.
Celine hands over her purse to her mum
“Jesus Celine 32, 000 how come “.
” hmm ma God has answered our prayer ooo”.
“Celine who gave you this money”.
“ma,its one stupid rich boy like that he poured my orange into the water and paid me 30, 000”.
“Celine go out with this one who knows if another person will pour it into dirty water “.
” my wife you are realy a funny woman”.
“my daughter I am proud of you ooooo pls I will lick 4″.
” my husband you need to go and pay Mr chigozie this money as soon as possible you know money is not safe with humans”.
” don’t worry I will go as early as tomorow morning”.
Just then chimezie rushed into the compound …
Danny was about sitting on his bed when he remembered what happened with celine he took of his cloth and ran into the bathroom.
Ahhhhh so disgusting !!!! He kept saying to himself….. while bathing Danny noticed that his watch was not on his wrist he hastened his bath and rushed out of the bathroom he searched the entire room but he didn’t see it he dressed up and came outside where he met Sandra his assistant
” Sandra did you see my watch”.
” no you never take of that watch”.
” its missing I think that troublesome girl stole it omg I can’t loose that particular watch”.
“don’t worry we would look for her tommorow “.
“no no no tommorow is still far”.
He rushed out
‘where are you going”.
Danny walked out of the house he want back to that spot but he couldn’t find his watch he looked around for minutes it wasn’t there he stood there for hours untill Sandra got there.he was lost in thought.memories flashed back.he moved his hair with one hand and rested the other on his waist.
” Danny come on lets go “.
“ok lets go”.
Both of them walked back to the suite
Danny walked into his room where he sat down and just then he rembered a car accident which happened in the past he lay down quietly on the bed with his head down .
Memories came flashing back.voices came ringing.
He heard her voice again.
👤”Danny stop,
Danny stop the car…”
Danny couldn’t sleep.the nightmares which was just ending started again …ever since that accident he had not been able to sleep at night.
He lay quietly on his bed….
What was he going to do..he lost it ….he felt he lost her all over again.
Next day
Gretel and keila walked out of ballet practice
” I don’t understand why you dropped ballet now “, Gretel asked
” I just felt like it”, keila said
“you felt like what? come on you know you can’t lie to me”.
“ok, finals is in two weeks gret”.
“and you are ready”.
” and so are you”.
” I don’t understand”.
“you are the best gret even if you don’t concentrate Mrs wills still calls you the best”.
” and”.
“and u always win, u won last time too and I thought you where gonna drop at least this once but I guess I was just thinking , you know how much my parents look forward to this so ave decided if you are not dropping then I have to drop because i still can’t compete with my best friend “.
” but I am not competing k,
” u have too your dad is the biggest sponsor secondly why have you been coming to practice then”.
” I was gonna tell you that I won’t compete I just started coming to practice because I wanted to spend more time with you after all I have a lot of medals and awards already my mum doesn’t realy care about that anymore”.
“what about u don’t you care”.
“I care about my best friends happiness”.
Keila hugs her
Just then something caught keila’s attention in her phone
Keila : this stupid blogger is at it again
Gretel : read it out
Keila: 17 year old award winning ballerina and multi millionaires daughter Gretel Hoffman has done it again, it’s a sex scandal , what a blast!!!
Keila starts laughing
” I can’t believe this he even posted matching pictures including you tying a towel”.
“me when?.
” in simeons house “.
” I was looking for my uniform den”.
“what are you gonna do your dad can’t see this .
“neither can Danny or even mum”.
” i guess we have to pay that blogger off to wipe this before it goes viral”.
“we would see him tomorow
Both of them walked torwards their different cars”.
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[5/15, 10:04 PM] Ritababe: Chapter 💕7❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Without saying a word he Danny didnt let go of Celine for a long time out of surprise Celine already dropped both the water and the watch on the floor , it was the first time a guy hugged her……but she felt familiarity in his arms.
Danny was also surprised that he hugged Celine , her kind gesture really melted his heart….. unexpectedly Danny felt comfortable in her arms..like it was where he belonged.
That was when Sandra arrived she instantly took a picture of them which she did this without Danny’s knowledge She then came closer and picked up the watch just then Celine let go of Danny and ran away as fast as she could she arrived home and soaked her gown in clean water.
She then walked into her room and grabbed her towel.
She looked at dannys picture smiling
” hey cutie , someone just hugged me , I wanted you to be my first hug.better arrive quickly before someone takes our first kiss too hmmmm….
She smiled to herself and rushed into the shower.
she couldn’t stop thinking about the whole incident
Why did that proud peacock hug Me, could he start liking me no that’s not possible am too common .
Next morning.
Danny’s suite.
Sandra was busy placing a call to a reknown blogger who was her friend
Sandra : hello vin
Vincent : what’s good
Sandra : I want to send you a picture now you have to share it make sure it goes viral
Vincent : sure what’s the headline
Sandra : Danny Hoffman caught on camera hugging a commoner now who said Danny Hoffman was proud
Vincent : isnt this a movie I mean the Danny I know can’t do this
Sandra : Just do it
She drops the call and walked out of the room where she saw Danny sitting at the dinner having tea tea she sat beside him and she was surprised when Danny served her
” good morning sir.
” hope u slept well”.
“how’s my shcedule
” free your still getting better
“that’s great
“how do you feel
“am good did Jennifer call
“no she didn’t
” ok, that girl ehhm the commoner the troublesome one
“you mean Celine
“yes, can you invite her over I want to thank her
“I don’t think that’s right I mean she already calls you a proud peacock if you want to appreciate someone you have to get down from your throne first so I think you need to go to her house
” you are right but am still surprised that she doesn’t know am Danny Hoffman
“her crush.
” you are not serious, how come she didn’t recognise me in the past
“she has eye issues
“wow this is the first time someone who doesn’t know me did something for me without trying to impress Danny Hoffman or gain any other favour
” celine is a great girl
“yes I guess she is
Just then Mr king walked in and sat beside Sandra
“hey you came on time (oppsite)”. Danny said
” am sorry man been busy, how are you doing “.
” am fine
” so where is the watch now.
Just then Danny realized he wasn’t with the watch because he hadn’t collected it back from Sandra
” I would go get it “, Sandra said.
she stood up and left
Mr king 🙁 surprised ) danny if it wasn’t the watch that brought you back maybe it was the person that found the watch
“you crazy man”.
” am serious danny , you hadnt removed that watch for 3 years now……. you cant even stay one hour without it , but here you are, so comfortable, happy and you forgot your watch its the first time.. don’t you understand that Celine girl might be the key for you to finally let go .
Just then danny realized that what Mr king said made sense but he didnt understand the situation sandra came out with the watch and returned it back to Danny
Mr king served himself but Danny was still lost in thought about what Mr king Said
Hoffman’s house
Gretel ran into the dinner and joined her parents
” mum, dad, good morning”.
“morning dear”.
“good morning sweet pie”.
” how was your night “.
“fine , fine”.
“are you going out?”, Mrs Hoffman asked
“yes .
“for practice ?.
“no I want to visit keila “.
“finals is in two weeks you need to start taking practice serious”.
” mum, am not competing “.
” this competition is world wide gret you have to”.
” since when did you start carring mum you never attended any of them”.
“I will come this time and all of my friends are coming they need to see my daughter”.
” mum am not doing it”.
“you have to, the stakes are higher now the winner gets a diamond medal the board and other sponsors are working towards it because this time around its world wide I agreed to such expense because I believed my daughter would win again “, Mr Hoffman said.
” dad, I don’t want to and am not doing it”.
” you are competing and that’s final”.
Gretel angrily stands up and walked out of the house she enters the compound where she ran into her car and drove away keila was already waiting for her in their parking lot
“what kept you .
” nothing
“good thing I already called the blogger I told him to delete every note that we were both coming
“thank you
“my car or yours
” your driving my car
“all right lets go
They drove away soon they got to the place where they agreed to meet the guy
The guy was sitting comfortably in a chair when they both entered Gretel stood facing him with her keys on the table.
” lets make it fast how much do you want ?”, gretel asked
“Blam not a begger accord me some respect”.
” I don’t have respect I have money which do you want Mr blogger?”.
“I already know how rude you are little girl so am not surprised”.
” I believe 5 million will be enough for you”.
“I can’t spend more than 5 In a day “.
“finally your parents are training you”.
“don’t worry I will complete the cost sir so are we good “, keila said
“yes I will clear every trace and piece”.
“good because I won’t hesitated to sue you for defamation”.
” that’s if you can prove beyond all reasonable doubts that the information is falsified”.
” just better your life with the money sir you can’t depend on gossip to rise out of your misery”. Gretel said
She stood up and walked out with keila when they got to the car
“what’s up gret I don’t understand you are realy acting up.
” am okay
” no you are not why are you mad
“nothing my parents got me upset
“is it about the competition?.
“no no I swear .
‘ then what?.
” nothing .
“alll right I will be here when you are ready to talk”.
“all right they drove off”.
Dannys suite 🗻
Danny who was going browsing through his phone in his room when he saw the picture of him and Celine he was surprised how come,
He was caught by the interesting headline
Danny went down only to find comments like
Danny couldn’t understand what was happening he shouted
” king King come here right now .
Mr king rushes into the room
” what’s all this ?”, Danny asked
“( smilling ) this is good for us finally this is going to clear that scandal for good whoever posted this deserves some accolade “,.
” the source is unknown for now “, Danny said
” wait what’s the next headline the one with Gretel?”, Mr king asked as he scrolled up the picture of Gretel tying a towel in simoens house.
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[5/15, 10:05 PM] Ritababe: Chapter 💕6❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Dannys penthouse.
Sandra woke up ,she looked at her time it was 8 she then realized that she woke up very late she took her bath at once dressed up.
She ran out hopping to see Danny eating in the dinner but unfortunately he wasn’t there she opened the door to his room he wasn’t there too
She came outside but his car was missing she She ran out she believed that Danny could be strolling around
While sandra walked she looked for the watch until she saw Danny leaning on his car she recognized it was the same sport where the incident took place
Danny stood without saying a word he just looked at the water conduit like a person who dropped something into the water Danny felt within him that the watch was inside the water , but the water was just too dirty think off
” Danny we need to go home you have a busy schedule today pls”.
Danny stared at her but didn’t reply
Sandra became scared she didn’t understand what was happening she was in shock she knew the story but she thought Danny would be over it by now
“Danny pls we have to go before people recognize you here”.
Danny still didn’t reply just then she walked miles away from where Danny was and called Mr king on phone
” good morning
“hey Sandy
“how come you have not gotten here
“having a little holiday
“Danny is not himself u need to get here he is not talking or even going to his shoot”.
” why what happened was there a car accident or did it almost happen”.
” no
” did he lose his watch”.
“cancel all his shcedules “.
“what do I do now.
“” how did it get lost.
Sandra narrates the story to Mr king
“” am on my way But for now you need to find the girl.
Sandra dropped the call and walked sluggishly back to the car where she sat watching Danny till a woman walked towards the car and stopped there
Brigitta was celines distant aunt who worked in the city. She had forgotten the road to celines house she didn’t want to get lost so she stopped by the car to call Celines mother to send Celine over to come and pick her .she ended her call and looked at Danny then she greeted Sandra who greeted her too.
Celines mum informed her about her aunty so she rushed out. Her mum instructed her she ran as fast as she could this time she took her glasses in case she saw the proud peacock again.she wanted to know who he was cos he bragged much.
She ran faster into the streets as she got closer she saw her aunt Brigitta standing with a slim lady although Celine was still a little distance away from where they stood she Shouted waving her hands
” aunty b!!!! “.
Just then Brigitta turned and Sandra turned too
” I have to go, She said .
Just then Sandra took a closer look at Celine and recognized her
” isn’t that girl who stole the watch”.
” you are mistaken Celine is not a thief “.
Just then Celine recognized Sandra , the car ,and Danny who backed her comfirmed her suspiscion she instantly turned to hide her face
Omg its like this people found out that I duped them of 30, 000 am dead, she said to herself
Before brigita and Sandra could get to where Celine stood Celine picked a wild race without turning back she ran until she was out of sight
“if she is not a thief why is she running?.
” I don’t understand too”.
” u realy don’t remember the road to her house”.
” I don’t think so”.
Meanwhile Celine ran straight home panting like forest lion
“where is Brigitta”.
” mama she said she will come tomorrow “.
Celine ran into the house and her mother wondered who was pursuing her
Brigitta and Sandra strolled down the road leaving Danny behind since he wasn’t even looking their way
After walking for a while brigita halted as she was now confused on which part to follow
” you don’t recognize this part”.
” no I don’t”.
Just then a girl ran out of a nearby store
Brigitta and Sandra ran torwards her
“may I help you?.
“we are looking for someone”.
” her name is celine:.
“Celine juniors sisterz”.
” yes “.
“which trouble did she cause again”.
” something is missing we need to find her”.
” ok don’t worry I will take you to her house but where are the police men “.
” it looks like Celine is a trouble maker “.
“yes She is better arrest her, lets be going “.
And they strolled down
After few minutes they stopped in front of a gate which looked like it was going to fall
The girl walked away while Sandra entered the compound with brigitta
Mrs eze sat down on a bench when the walked in
” ah b b you are welcome Celine Said you are not coming what happened”
‘we will talk Later for now where is Celine”.
Just then Mrs eze saw Sandra
“you are welcome my dear
“thank you”.
” Brigitta is she your friend”.
“no am a friend of Celines pls call her for me “.
Sandra sat comfortably on the bench
While Mrs eze and Brigitta went into the house
Mrs eze sent Celine out to meet her friend while she and brigitta sat inside
Celine wondered who her friend was she rushed out leavin her glasses on the bed when she came outside and saw Sandra she tried runing
“pls Celine sit down don’t run again”.
“aunty wait lemme confess I don’t have any VIP oranges I was just playing its not my fault that two of you fell for the trap .
“I know you duped us but that’s not why am here Celine 30, 000 is not worth the stress it took me to come here”.
“so why did you come:.
“we are looking for Danny’s watch”.
“who is danny?.
” the proud peacock:.
“why does he share my crushes name, anyways i thought the boy was rich he should buy another one what’s there even my father that is poor when he lost his watch he bought another one .
“Celine I don’t believe you stole that watch you are too innocent for that but you need to check well too i have searched through the street I can’t see it”.
“its not with me I went home with an empty tray that day and I didn’t carry any bag “.
” you are taking this lightly because u don’t know how important that watch Is.
” is it the presidents.
” celine have you ever lost a loved one.
” no God of Elijah won’t let that happen.
” well Danny has , his truest love died in a car accident …..
” really painfull .
” yea and because he loved her so much he mourned her so much that fell into a critical condition , he didn’t move anymore , he didn’t talk , all he did was breath for two years.
” he looks fine to me.
” that’s because he finally came back to normal , after something was returned to him.
” was it the watch.
” it was the watch Celine , its not about the price , its much more.
” am really sorry.
” so Celine if you have that watch please return it…..before we loose Daniel again…I really trust you to do what’s right.
Sandra stood up.
Celine was still speechless she ran out of the house and ran past Sandra who was taking a bike
Celine ran as fast as she could untill she got to the spot where the incident took place she was still a bit far when she noticed that Danny was standing there she bought a sachet of water and walked torwards him
Danny turned and looked at her but he didn’t say a word
Celine dropped the water on the car
If you lost something then you should look for it “she said to him
As Danny turned to look at her Celine comfortably walked into the dirty water and started searching for the watch
Danny still didn’t say a word
Celine kept on bringing out lost things from the water and she laughed at herself each time she brought out somethng but danny just kept staring at celine she even borought out some phones, minutes later she smiled as she felt the watch she brought out the watch and came out of the water her gown was fully soaked her hands where filthy
She carefully picked up the sachet water as she tried washing the watch but.
Danny hugged her
Without saying a word he Danny didnt let go of Celine for a long time
Hehehehey I aff die 🙆
Shift lemme faint 🙉
Is this what🙊
Why is Danny hugging the commoner🙈
He will get infected .

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[5/15, 10:05 PM] Ritababe: Chapter 💕8 & 9❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Danny was surprised with what he saw
“what the fuck when did Gretel start dating not to talk of being naked in a man’s house.
” shes not naked thats a towel but your right thats easy penetration “.
“I can’t believe this”.
” calm down danny , its not just any boy the boy is filthy rich isn’t that simeon, Richard Stanford’s son ?.
” I still can’t believe this what is Gretel doing”.
” Danny calm down she’s a teenager “.
” do you know my father,
” he won’t see it
“he can’t see this you have locate that blogger and pay him off I dont want to see this again.

“Let’s check the comment.
” I see you are enjoying this”.
Danny scrolled down.
Danny I can’t read this anymore i need to call gretel
Danny placed a call to Gretel who just removing her cloths She picked up the call and lay on the bed
” oh finally I thought someone forgot me”.
” Gretel what did I tell you about dating”.
” nothing untill 19 why”.
” so what am i seeing why do you want to tarnish dads image you know the press has been looking for something to pin on you”.
” am realy lost”.
” who the fuck is simeon? “.
” oooo wow that stupid blogger I paid him off but he won’t stop right, no problem”.
“I Said who is simeon”.
“simeon is my class mate not my boyfriend I was soiled so I changed in his house that’s all that stupid blogger Is lying”.
” how much did you pay that guy “10 million”.
” I can’t believe he did this you need to sue him”.
” that’s the easiest way for dad to find out”.
” dad will surely find out you just have to explain it to him you need to sue that idiot for defamation of character”.
“mum is always on the net so if you saw this I guess mum saw it too”.
“what kind of idiot is that guy, Sue him first when dad finds out we will cross that bridge “.
” I love you
“love you too
He drops the call
” I love you?, you were here acting like you wanted to slap the girl from the air now the call comes to I love you “, mr king said
” I believe Gretel she is my sister
“yes so since I don’t have a sister I can as well go and kill myself”.
They both laugh …..
Jenifers mansion
Jennifer was in bed with her friend Paula Jason.also an award winning model.
“Hey Jennifer you look weak”.
“am fine Just missing Danny”.
” danny or Kelvin?.
“stop it am ending everything with Kelvin once he comes back i will tell him I want to be faithful to Danny “.
” I need one night stand with Danny or else”.
“are u trying to black mail me .
” I forgot to show you this Jennifer.
She opened her camera
“who is that dirty girl and why is Danny hugging her?.
” I don’t know but she is realy beautiful “.
” am sure that’s a movie am the only woman Danny looks at more over she looks dirty Danny hates dirt”.
“I hope so too”.
“so Danny’s birthday is coming up I don’t know what to buy”.
” maybe a wrist watch”.
” last one I bought he didn’t wear it he can’t remove the one Claria gave him”.
“since then ,he’s not over her yet?.
“I dunno, I know I own Danny but I still don’t own him fully “.
“maybe a t shirt will do, I am realy sorry Janie am your friend but I never new this part of your relationship but I know Danny loves you”.
“I hope so too but I thought my love would be enough for Danny to let go off his past and throw away that filthy watch “.
She hugs her friend
Hoffman’s house
Grets room.
keila rushed upstairs into Gretels room
” are u just coming”.
“wAts up u sounded urgent.
” that idiot still posted those pictures now Danny saw it.
” this is bad what did Danny say
“we need to sue him.
“but your lawyer tells your dad everything
“dad will still find out anyway
“cool so have you called him
“yes he’s on his way to crunches lets go meet him there
“okay cool am starving anyway
“my mum tied me to a diet plan
” sounds like my aunt
And they two girls walked out they waited patiently for the lawyer at crunches minutes later he arrived and sat down
“Gretel the last time you called me on a date you slapped your teacher what did you do this time
“nothing I just want to sue someone
” who? your father
” no some blogger she showed him the pictures
“wow this is huge but can you prove this wrong
” you are my lawyer just do your job pls
“no problem, just stay out of trouble
he walked out of the room just then Gretel noticed how busy keila was eating
” Kiela did you come with me
“yes I did, isn’t that simeon she said pointing to where simeon sat with a girl
” his girlfriend is realy pretty
“I know her that’s Anna
” wait Anna James .
“the anna who beat you in the first final u competed”.
“whatever lets go “.
As they stood up simeon noticed Gretel he excused his friend and walked toward’s Gretel
” hey girlfriend
“you saw the news
” yes i did
“wow am so invincible”, keila said
” hy k
” please ignore me.
” u saw the news and you find it funny?.
” i do
” whatever, am going
” I thought you where with your girlfriend shes waiting bye
Simeon draws her back
” but you just got here
“that’s non of your business
” Gretel are you jealous?
“why would I be jealous
“so why are you acting up we are supposed to be friends
“am leaving have fun.
She dragged keilas hand and they left
Simeon returned to where he sat
“I think your girlfriend is mad
” pls don’t start right now
Gretel and keila walked into the car and keila drove off
“do you like simeon
“no I don’t
” greteeeel ?
” nooo.
” then why was jealousy written all over you Gret
“I was just annoyed because of the blogger that’s all nothing much .
“if you say so”.
They both drove home
********** 🌟
Hoffman groups 🏢🏢
Mr Hoffman was in his office when his assistant walked in
“how’s the preparation?.
“to avoid insults sir maybe you should let Mr Isaac control the construction”.
” the president personaly put me in charge of everything including the funds”.
“Mr Isaac now has strong grounds to take control from you base on social norms he persists that a man who can’t control his family can’t handle social property”.
“I have 80 private universities

It seems like you haven’t seen the news sir your daughter is all over the place and this is a filth to your image”.
He showed Mr Hoffman the pictures and Mr Hoffman was so angry
“I can’t believe Gretel “,he shouted
” the idiot who did this I want him arrested and if the law is too sluggish you know what to do”.
” I do sir.
“am going home I need to meet that little devil and ask her what I have done to her”.
Sims house
simeon was in his sitting room as he watched television suddenly his phone rang it was his father
“simeon ?
“I sent you back home and told you to live like you don’t exist you know how much I hate scandals”.
” at least the scandal made you call me .
” am a busy man son am building all these empire’s for you”
“for me or for yourself I already lost mom but i feel like you are dead too “.
He drops the call and switched off the television
Mr standford dropped the call too and continued his work in his office
Meanwhile simeon was about going to his room when
A maid walked in with his drugs simeon took it from her and drank it he then went upstairs
Hoffman’s house.
Gretel was busy listening to some blues in her room she didn’t know when her father came back
Chapter 💕9❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s
Mr Hoffman walked angrily into the parlour where his wife sat
” welcome honey, would have called you but my phone has been hanging all day just sent for a new one, how was your day did you secure the contract
” i lost this contract worth millions, millions
” no problem your construction industry is still in charge of so many federal constructions loosing one is not a big deal, but I thought you already had this covered .
” Mr Isaac has been doing everything possible to be awarded the contract now Gretel has helped him push me Down haven’t you seen the news Mr president called me and told me to leave the contract to Isaac since I would be too busy training my child and managing my home imagine that
” I don’t understand our home is under control
” but your daughter is not
He handed over his phone to her with the pictures
” I can’t believe this what if this picture was photoshopped or anything
” I hope so for your daughters sake
He called one of the maids who went upstairs to Gretels room and knocked
” who is it
She opens the door
” good evening
” you knocked wrongly you should only knock once and wait do you know how much It took me to redesign this door to my taste?!!, infact you shouldnt touch my door with your bare hands anymore and inform other maids too am the only one allowed to touch my door you guys might get me infected.
” how do we call you ma, should we Use the bell
” you would infect that too listen carefully when you get to the door you say” I need your presence beautiful Gretel”, repeat
“I need your presence Gretel “.
‘ am I ugly ?
“whatever y are you here
” your dad is calling you
“why are you so daft why didn’t you tell me since
She rushed downstairs she saw her father’s face and knew it would be a scary night
“yes dad
“gretel, can you explain this
“finally you saw it
” its nothing dad
“so it is photoshopped
” well ,not fully
” where you in this guys house at this time?
“well yes, but…
” are you the one tying the towel?
” well ,yes but?
“but what you just cost me a federal appointment”
“let me explain dad its not what you think.
“you are grounded for a week”.
“you can’t do that I have classes tomorow”.
“I forgot you now tell me what to do”.
” whatever .
she tries walking up to her room
” you want me to ground you in your room so you can start playing music for me.
” what!!!!!.
” come with me
He drags Gretel into the compound and went down to the
6th building in the big estate Mrs hoffman followed him
he unlocked the door and pushed Gretel inside
” but no one is here dad
” good so u have enough time to think about your life the maids would bring your food
“honey you can’t lock Gretel here this place is too lonely
“its time we started training this girl
Gretel dragged her mothers hand
” mum please I can’t stay here”, she starts crying
Mr Hoffman pushed her inside and locked the door Gretel still called out to her mother from the window when the couple got inside Mrs hoffman was so furious but she knew her husband had a dangerous temper
“I know you are angry but you can’t make rash decisions in anger
“I need a shower
“how can you shower when you locked Gretel into a big duplex where no one has been in for years and she is not even with her phone or laptop
” I am trying to train that girl
” what did she do even if the picture was real and so what? isn’t she a teenager can’t she have a boyfriend didn’t I have a boyfriend didn’t you have a girlfriend you didn’t even let her explain herself what kind of a father are you
” ciara you will mind how you talk to me i am still in charge and my word is law
” I know the man I married you are not mad about Gretels immorality you are just angry that you lost the contract to someone your pride has realy gotten the best of you
” I am here trying to train that little child of yours how can a 17 year old girl create a sex scandal
” its not a sex scandal its a picture of her and her friend and I find nothing wrong
” gretel will sleep there and that’s final
” I respect all your policies I avoid the press because you think i might say the wrong stuff, I still stay home and maintain the position of a house wife with all my certificates you don’t involve me in your financial decisions you always place you business first I don’t complain but if you think I will keep quiet and watch my daughter sufer you must be kidding
” ok you are free to open the door
He walked into the compound and dropped the key into the swimming pool
” I have a spare key when I realize that Gretel has learnt her lesson I will open the door. I will still ensure that she is fed very well and that’s final
He walked upstairs into his room Mrs hoffman ran over to the house where she called Gretel from the window and Gretel oppened the lowest window where she saw her mom standing her mother took her hands
” mum you don’t understand am scared I can’t stay here the lights are shaking
” am sorry Gretel maybe your mom can’t do anything anymore she starts crying
” mum I didn’t do anything wrong I promise
” I know, and i trust you becsuse i love you
” thanks mum
” so What’s his NAme ?
” (smilling ) simeon?.
” he’s realy cute isn’t he.
” no he’s not I don’t think so .
They both laugh
Hours later
” mum you have to go its getting late you might get hurt
‘I want to stay with you till morning.
” no mum pls go I don’t want you to stay here.
“ok dear I love you I promise to let you out tommorow even If its the last thing I do “.
“I love you “.
Mrs hoffman walked a few miles till she got to their main house
Just then the lights shaked again Gretel got more scared she tried pushing the door but it didn’t work she sat back on the floor her body was shaking
Mrs hoffman couldn’t sleep She lay in the couch
Gretel was still awake when suddenly the lights went off she became more scared the building looked bigger and darker
Gretels mind couldn’t handle the terror Gretel instantly fainted
Early in the morning Mr hoffman had already gone to work without even eating
Mrs hoffman was just waking up she went to his room but he wasn’t there she ran to the 6th building and called Gretel but no one answerred she believed gretel was sleeping she came to the house and called one of the maids to send breakfast to gretel
The Maid placed the food on the table close to the window she believed Gretel would wake up and eat
She returned to the main mansion
Mrs hoffman placed a call to her husband
” I am very busy right now
” where is the key
” I would release Gretel when I get home she has learnt her lesson
he cuts the call
Light opens in keilas house as she rushed into the living room wearing a blue Jean white top and a white canvas her mum was sitting there watching t. V
” keila where are you going to
” mum , ave not heard from gretel so l want to visit her
” I don’t want you around that girl anymore evil communication corrupts good manners
” gretel is not corrupt what are you saying mom
” she’s not corrupt yet she creates a sex scandal
” you are realy getting old mum its not a sex scandal
” you need to concentrate on your ballet practice finals Is coming up I don’t know why you are still close with Gretel she is your biggest competition
” gretel is not competing mom soooo am going to visit my best friend have fun
” greet Mrs hoffman for me
“I will mom.
She ran into the compound where she took her car and drove directly to Gretels house when she got into the parlour she saw Mrs hoffman who sat uncomfortably on the the chair
” hy mrs hoffman
She tries running upstairs
” she’s not there k
” did she go out cos we don’t have classes today but we have practice
“gretel was grounded yesterday night
” if she was not locked up in her room where is she
” In the other building the 6th one
” no you didn’t
She rushes out of the parlour Mrs hoffman rushes after her
” why do you look so scared
” gretel hates being alone in the dark not to talk of being alone in such a big house, the last time we locked her up in the locker room she had a break down
” what !!!!!”, mrs hoffman shouted
[5/15, 10:05 PM] Ritababe: Chapter 💕10❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Mrs hoffman ran faster
When the got to the sixth building keila saw the food which was placed through the window she called on Gretel but no one answered her Mrs hoffman called Gretel again but it had no avail
” where is the key to this fucking door!!!!!! “, KeilA shouted almost in tears
Mrs hoffman called one of the maids who got her water she poured the water in through the window hopping Gretel would wake up but it was to no avail
Mrs hoffman instantly ran into her car and drove off keila was still calling Gretel but Gretel didn’t move a hair
She moved to where they maids stood
” am realy scared is there anyway we can break through this door
” no that’s impossible the iron is realy strong
Keila walked back to the window
” gretel its me keila your best friend you need to wake up so we can go to the mall I saw this new shoe in the internet and I know you will like it pls just stand up now “,Kiela starts sobbing…
Meanwhile Mrs hoffman was very close to Hoffman’s group she walked into the company people took pictures of her some wondered why she looked so pathetic she walked straight into Mr Hoffman’s office but he wasn’t there she met his assistant .
” Mrs hoffman what an unpleasant surprise you look so unkept and the press won’t ignore this..
” where is that idiot?
” who?
” where is my husband ?
” he is in a board meeting
” he is in a board meeting While my daughter is dying…
She rushed out
she tried runing into the conference room but the security won’t let her
She succeeded in pushing the guy as she walked into the room
Mr Hoffman was so surprised
Cameras where shooting reporters where Writting Mrs hoffman walked toward where her husband stood
” give me the key
” what is the meaning of this
She carried an empty chair and threw it on the glass table all the board members stood up
” what are you doing
” give me the key!!!! She shouted
She carried another chair and hit it directly on the projector which broke into pieces
Mr Hoffman borought out the key and handed over to her
” pray nothing happens to gretel “,She rushed out.
The press rushed Mr Hoffman
Mr Hoffman didn’t reply anybody with the help if his guards he success fully passed through the crowd of reporters
Leaving them with few words
” I am so sorry for this, the meeting will be rescheduled for next week
Thank you
He ran out into the compound he took his car and drove home
Mrs hoffman went directly to the 6th house when she got home she unlocked the door and with keilas help the rushed Gretel to the hospital both keila and Mrs hoffman couldn’t stop their tears
When they got to the hospital the press rushed them the nurses took Gretel, keila followed them in while MrS Hoffman tried to get past the press with the help of some security guards
Mrs hoffman ignored all the questions as she ran into the hospital where she met saw keila who was sitted waiting for the doctor she sat beside keila
Just then Mr Hoffman ran into the hospital
” what happened to my gretel ” you, you happened
Just then the doctor came out
” doctor what’s wrong
” gretel fainted as a result of fear and shock which was immense I have given her enough medication to help her wake in few hours time if she doesn’t then we should all be afraid
” but Gretel will be okay right
” she has to
Just then keilas parents arrived keilas mother moved over to Mrs hoffman while the father went to Mr Hoffman
After their discussion they left with keila
Mr Hoffman walked towards his wife
” am realy sorry, I didn’t plan for this.
” why didn’t you listen to me other men listen to their wives
Or even their daughters
” am realy sorry I don’t know what came over me
She hugged her husband and they both sat down together
Simeon was listening to the news as he heard the reporter read out
SIMEON SWiTCHED of his television he was worried about Gretel but he was still confused about visiting her
Danny’s suite
back in the suite on Sandra and Mr king sat over juice.
” Danny’s family is realy on fire
” if Danny sees this he would go home and compromise this shoot we can’t just waste this trip here
” I guess he doesn’t have too that’s why I successfully stole his phone
” you are so smart now i would give him a small one to manage for just this few days
Just then Danny knocked on the door
” guys you can’t Believe this am looking for my phone
” is this your SIM card I found it on the floor
” wow thank God the thief can keep the phone i need to place an order
” I have a spare phone with me when we are done with the shoot you can now get another phone all this online shoping its not safe
” yes you are right he collects the phone and successfully put his SIM card
” I like this phone better at least am free from the internet gossips
Sandra : yes dats right .
the Hoffman’s still sat quietly in te reception untill a nurse directed them to the room where Gretel lay
So both of them went in and sat beside her 👫
” gretel will never forgive me
” she might sue you again
Both of them laughed
” I just hope she would wake up I already miss her
The doctor walked in
” you don’t have anything to worry about she will wake up soon
” thank you doctor

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