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Celebrity Favouritism (chapter three)

The next morning, Auggie and I got prepared for
school and after eating a bowl of cornflakes
together, we were on our way, as we walked down
the stairs Erick came out of the house and with a
smile on his face, he waved to us.
“bye” he yelled.
“let’s go Auggie” I said to Auggie preventing him
from waving back to Erick.
“hey I wasn’t talking to you, but Auggie okay?!!”
Erick yelled before walking back inside, I rolled my
eyes and Auggie and I hurried down the stairs.
We both trekked to school and after dropping
Auggie in his school I went to mine, but our school
isn’t that far from each other’s
I got to our overpopulated class and went to my
seat beside Annie who was seriously busy with her
phone that she didn’t hear the “hi” I said to her, i
ignored her and brought down my backpack. Half of
the class were busy with their phone mostly girls,
while the boys are at the back of the class playing
some stupid game that I can’t explain.
“ahhhh!!!!!!” Annie screamed.
“Annie are you okay?” I worridly asked. But she
ignored my question and stood up.
“guys, he’s here, he just landed and some paparazzi
had already taken pictures of him at the airport and
spreading it on the internet” Annie said and
everyone rushed towards her and she showed them
pictures of the person she was talking about.
“oh.. He’s so cute… “he’s adorable.. “look at his
cute smile”….”oh I wish I could skip school and go
to the airport… “yeah me too”..
I heard those kind of murmurs behind me and I
know they were talking about Daniel hangerson.
After looking at the photos of Daniel, the girls went
back to their seats and Annie sat down beside me
finally noticing me.
“hey you’re here” she smiled.
“I’ve been here ages ago but you were too busy with
your Daniel hangerson” I said and she gasped.
“don’t ruin his glamorous name, it’s Daniel Anderson
okay?!” she said and I rolled my eyes.
“so are you going to his concert on Friday?” she
“no” I said plainly and she moved closer to me.
“hey let me tell you a secret,” she said and moved
even closer to my ear and in a whisper she said.
“I have someone, well let’s just put that aside, I’ve
got tickets to his concert”.
“did you just say you have tickets to Daniel’s
concert” a girl behind us suddenly said and
everyone turned to Annie.
“what? No I was just joking, you know when you
joke about something it comes true” Annie said and
laughed nervously and everyone turned back to their
“phew! That was close” Annie said, stood up and
dragged me outside.
“okay I had to lie to everyone, I actually have tickets
to Daniel’s concert and I’d really like it if you go
with me please?” she said with her eyes
shimmering at me.
“I’m sorry Annie I can’t” I have things to do that
Friday” I said and she pouted.
Let me calculate, If I go to the concert, I’ll stay out
late and sleep late which means I’ll wake up late on
Saturday morning and miss the paper delivery.
“sorry, I can’t” I said again about walking in the
class but she held me.
“please June! I’ll do all your homework for a week
and I’ll never mock you about Maria Li ever again”
she said and I sighed.
“why do you want me to be go so bad?” I asked
folding my arms.
“so you’ll see the beauty he has inside” she said
with smile.
“so I’ll be fangirling over him like a lunatic, well
thanks but I can already see his so called beauty
from your wallpaper” I said and she sighed.
“fine! But I’ll surprise you on friday” she said and
grin slyly before walking behind the teacher who
walked in our class.
Annie and I had lunch in the classroom with three
other girls, Julia, Phoebe and joy since our cafeteria
was a bit small and the four of ‘them’ started
talking about
Daniel Anderson. And before I knew it they started
to sing his songs.
«««I’m tormented, I’m crushed, I don’t know
what to do. I’m confused, I’m lost, I totally got no
clue. I know I love you. Yeah, that’s true. But when
will you start loving me too?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
All I need is you, baby.
All I need is you
Cause you’re all I got
So when will you start loving me too»»
The song was great the way they sang it and I
wished I knew it, I’ve never listened to any of Daniel
Anderson’s song but this one will be my favorite if I
listen to all of them.
“what’s the title of the song?” I asked.
“why do you suddenly care about our Daniel’s
beautiful song” Annie said and I rolled my eyes.
“it’s called ‘just love me’ it’s his second song after
his debut song, “second chance” Phoebe said and I
“oh second chance is my favorite the way his voice
synchronized with the beat and the lyrics made it
feel like he was really in love and heartbroken” joy
“but what if he really dated and got his heart broken
before being a singer?” Annie suggested.
“but on the internet it was said he’s never dated
before” joy said.
“as much as I love Daniel, don’t believe anything
you see on the internet” Julia warned and they all
“but are any of you going to his concert?” joy
“yep” they all answered among themselves and
“but just imagine guys, he’ll be up there singing and
I’ll be down there screaming out his name and
slowly his glamorous eyes will look down at me
and then his hand will reach for mine and grabbed
it, he’ll pull me up the stage and then. He’ll.. He’ll
kiss me” Annie said with a smile and Julia rolled
her eyes.
“you dream too much” Julia snarled.
“I’m just saying, you don’t have to pretend you’re not
jealous, Daniel and I will make a perfect couple and
together we’ll be Da-Annie” Annie said smiling after
her day dreams..
“no together he and I will be Dabie” phoebe said.
And we all laughed. I laughed too cause it didn’t
make sense and joy’s was worst, she smiled before
saying “Daniel and I will be Doy” joy said and we all
burst out into hysterical laughters.
“that’s crazy, just leave it for the best Da-lia” Julia
smiled and Annie huffed cause it made a beautiful
name “Dalia”.
Well school was over and I went over to the
elementary school to pick Auggie and we both went
Auggie and I got home and we met Erick in the
living room with Ella, I almost forgot we have a new
family member.
“you guys are back” Erick smiled.
“Ella!” Auggie said happily and ran to meet his dog
which was happily wagging her tail as she saw us.
“Auggie go take off your uniform before playing with
that canine now!” I said strictly and Auggie pat
Ella’s head before walking inside our room.
“how was school?” Erick asked.
“it’s was pathetically not your business” I smiled
“June, learn to be polite” My grandma said coming
out of her room.
“but I am polite” I said with my head high.
“you know what I’m talking about” my grandma
added and glance back and forth between Erick and
And I sighed and turned to him
“school was great today, thanks for asking” I said
loudly with a small bow.
“satisfied?” I smiled at my grandma.
“not yet” she smiled back before walking away.
“I love your grandma, she has a sense of humour”
Erick smiled and I rolled my eyes at him before
walking into my room.
Auggie was taking his bathe when I walked in
cause I heard the shower running and as I dropped
down my bag, he came out of the bathroom and
with hastiness he wore his clothes and ran out of
the room, I heard him call Ella, Erick’s dog and I
smiled and shook my head negatively, so he
couldn’t wait to play with her.
I removed my uniform and before I knew it, I found
myself under the shower, I took my time before
walking out of the shower, and wearing my clothes,
I wore a loosed sweater and a Jean short and I got
on my bed, I placed my phone beside me and
started to play one of Maria Li’s song, ”it had to be
you” lip syncing the song quietly I fell asleep, I
must have been so tired, and my skin looks like its
getting tanned everyday because of the burning sun,
but it’s a good thing, summer is approaching.
I suddenly saw myself under a stage light and on a
stage, I looked forward and saw thousands of
people staring at me and chanting my name, they
were so many of them holding up light sticks and
waving it in the air.
And then I saw Maria Li in front of me and she gave
me her glorious smile and then she raised up a
glittering microphone to her mouth and then she
started to sing..

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