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Category: TARASHA

Tarasha final

Episode 81 ‘All these cameras have been optimized to recognize the suspected faces and also send alarm signals to the main point,’ Tarasha was explaining to the Vice President and the three security men who were following him, they came out from one of the rooms in the house into the extension at the left […]

Tarasha 71-80

Episode 71 ‘Where do you bosses stay in this place?’ Ken asked the culprit as all the vehicles halted in front of a dark tanned coloured gate. ‘There are two buildings in the compound, the two are former ware houses. The one at the left is empty while the one at the right is not, […]

Tarasha 57-70

Episode 57 ~~~~~ Tarasha walked into the house without taking another look at Henry. No one was in the living room when she stepped in, she knew that they were all peeping before and had all run into their rooms when they saw her coming. She saw the widow curtain which was slightly opened. She […]

Tarasha (chapter 51-56)

Episode 51 The officers moved in one after the other carefully, welcomed into the cameras control room by three different dead bodies. Two half unclad ones and a fully clothed one. One of them bent to examine the bodies while the others spread around the room with their guns raised high in readiness for any […]

Tarasha (chapter 41-50)

‘How far Debo?’ Chief Jubril asked as his personal assistant stepped into the office. ‘Fine sir. The call was from Canada but we’ve not been able to verify the user’s details’ ‘When would that be done?’ ‘We should get the report by next tomorrow’ Debo answered. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes, very sure sir’ ‘Good…’ The […]

Tarasha (chapter 31-40)

Episode 31 Robin Kahn’s dead body was finally recovered from the house where he was killed the next day. It took seeing Greg’s dead body for James to remember that they were on a mission to a particular address before the wanted lady attacked them. James led a group back to the location on Gravl […]

Tarasha (chapter 21-30)

EPISODE 21 ** ‘What’s that?’ The Governor, Kelechi Edwin panicked as he looked at the other two guests seated with him on the the seater sofa. ‘Are you sure it’s not from the TV?’ the aviation minister joined in, he looked alarmed also but he was calmer as he thought the noise came from the […]

Tarasha (chapter 14-20)

Episode 14 **05.12.2030** ‘I don’t remember her name’ Dr. Hammed stated for the umpteenth time He was sweating in the air conditioned room though he was putting on very light clothes, the endless sessions of interrogation which started on Saturday had begun to wear him out. At first, it was the EFCC who started questioning […]

Tarasha (Chapter 12)

*Saturday; after several uneventful days ** ~~Abuja, Nigeria ~~ 11am The shock and grief that came with the news of Jubril Lawal’s assassination was still very fresh in the African atmosphere. The streets were flooded with people rushing the newspaper vendors to get their copies so as update themselves on the latest discoveries surrounding the […]

Tarasha (Chapter 11) by Oyin Young

~~~~~~ 3pm Afo continued to hit his revolver on his palm in a rhythmic manner as he revolved around the escaping captives. ‘So what were you trying to do?’ He shouted at them. Evelyn clung to Henry’s arm like a scared child. They were surrounded by four armed men who stared at them without pity. […]

Tarasha (Chapter 10) by Oyin Young

13/01/2031 Dare and Evelyn drove into Julal Ltd by exactly 7.30am on Monday morning. Dare was unusually silent throughout the journey, he kept stealing glances at Evelyn who seemed surprised by his behaviour. He kept avoiding discussions anytime she tried to start one. Several had been floating through his mind since he had the conversation […]

Tarasha (Chapter 9) by Oyin Young

++++++ Robin Kahn’s dead body was finally recovered from the house where he was killed the next day. It took seeing Greg’s dead body for James to remember that they were on a mission to a particular address before the wanted lady attacked them. James led a group back to the location on Gravl estate […]

Tarasha (Chapter 8) by Oyin Young

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 20/12/2030 *5am* The name Samantha Osman was spread all over the country as the name of a criminal. The police had no choice than to declare an unknown person wanted. It was not even known if Samantha Osman was the culprit’s real name, all that they knew was that it was the name she […]

Tarasha (Chapter 6) by Oyin Young

**29.11.2015** *7am The news of the minister’s death was greeted with great shock and grief throughout the country and the African continent as a whole. Unemployed youths and adults remained indoors that morning, fixing their gazes on the TV screen as circumstances surrounding the minister’s death were being unveiled. Workers who rushed to their offices […]

Tarasha (Chapter 4) by Oyin Young

Tarasha took a sip of juice after she pasted a copied text from the internet to a word document titled “Nnamdi Okafor”. The first page of the document served as the title page which had the name “Nnamdi Okafor” boldly typed in the middle of the page. “Minister of Health” was typed below the name […]

Tarasha (Chapter 3) by Oyin Young

‘You don’t know anything about the attack that morning?’ James questioned the elderly man. ‘No, I don’t’ ‘So why have you been trying to avoid talking to the police?’ ‘I didn’t deliberately hide from the police, I was scared that those that attacked the warehouse may also come for me’ the man replied. ‘You were […]

Tarasha (Chapter 2) by Oyin Young

‘Good morning Chief’ Tarasha greeted on phone. ‘Good morning Tarasha’ a harsh voice responded. ‘Chief, have you gotten the stuff you asked me to get? I dropped it in the car parked in front of your office according to our plan’ ‘Yes, I’ve seen it’ the voice answered ‘You’ve seen it? But why haven’t you […]

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