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Category: Heart Of A Lucifer

Heart Of A Lucifer (nine)

Chapter Nine “Love you too dear, becareful and I hope you have eaten?” I asked. “No, after the summission we will all go to Mr Biggs to eat something” she said. “And don’t forget to keep my own” “Of course, she assured me” she said and cut the call. I continue my observation on the […]

Heart Of A Lucifer (eight)

Eight “Good morning dear, how are you?” I asked her one morning. “Am fine hone, how you doing?” She replied. “Am good, what happened to you, I was texting you yesterday you didn’t reply?” I asked. “Am really sorry I left my data on and slept off, I didnt know honestly am really sorry” she […]

Heart Of A Lucifer (four)

Chapter four “I don’t know maybe because am too focus with writing now” I said. “That doesn’t mean you should ignore her Na, you know girls need attention” she said. “Yeah I know, she don’t understand me abeg, maybe am fed up because shes too far away that’s why I just shun her” I said. […]

Heart Of A Lucifer (three)

Chapter three “You are always online to welcome new comers, would you like to be admin?”  I send a private chat to her. “No, the wahala is too much, don’t have the time” she replied. “But you are even more regular in the group than our admin, so how come you don’t want it?” I […]

Heart Of A Lucifer (two)

Chapter two: I work at bitterleaf junction as a lab technician, I go to work every morning and return around four to sell drugs for my elder sister working at Okrika as a nurse, she do return every weekend and return back on Sunday evening. Am always alone selling drugs during the week and to […]

Heart Of A Lucifer (one)

Chapter One: I was chatting with my friends on WhatsApp when I received a message “Hi”  from an unknown number, I look at the dp but I can’t recognize the person, so I replied. “Hello” “Good evening ozila” the person replied. I know that only my story fans know me as Ozila so I concluded […]

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