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‘’so why did you travel to Lagos without telling me?’’ I couldn’t help but ask Cassandra immediately we settled down in my sitting room. She breathed and frowned. ‘’I traveled to Lagos because of money issues. I went to see my cousin who promised to help me with money for my practicals. You already know […]


I quickly dialed Cassandra’s number once again, not giving her the chance to drop or switch off her phone. I really can’t describe how I felt that moment and seriously I equally was scared over everything. Cassandra answered after some seconds, giving me the chance to speak with her. I quickly cleared my throat while […]


As I drove back to my apartment with a clouded mind, Chinedu tried to his best to calm my nerves. ‘’don’t get worked up brother. Just forget what I said earlier. I made the statement with anger. I wasn’t thinking properly back then. You know what I think now?’’ he breathed, throwing a quick look […]


The months leading to November were very difficult ones for me. One of my shops in Onitsha got burnt and I had no choice than to temporarily relocate back to the city to get my business up and running. However the difficult period didn’t stop me from caring for Cassandra nor did it stop me […]


‘’it’s not as if I don’t want Edwin arrested and dealt it but the problem is about my safety. Arresting Edwin means signing my own death warrant. His friends will come for my head and the police wont be there to protect me. I’m a young girl and I don’t want to lose my life […]


‘’what’s going on?, what does he want?’’ my mother asked, grabbing my wrist as she eyed Edwin. ‘’mum please get back into the car. Go back to the car, I beg of you’’ I quickly pleaded to her. She gave me a very long look before obliging to my request. ‘’listen, we shouldn’t be fighting […]


‘’so what do you think about the two ladies?’’ I suddenly asked mum as we headed to my house minutes after the touching scene with Nora. She shrugged and breathed deeply. ‘’I like Nora very much and you are going to do the right thing with her. As for Cassandra, I really don’t know but […]


‘’Cassandra please say something’’ I pleaded miserably as my dear Cassandra stood, facing me with a deeply coloured look. I just didn’t know what to make of her silence or what else to say to her. I equally couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her mind that exact moment. ‘’what do you want […]


‘’ my dear little sister, Meet Dave’s mum. Can you believe she knows our mother’’ Nora quickly introduced my mum to her sister who gasped with astonishment. ‘’you can’t be serious. You mean she knows our late mother?’’ the little girl asked breathlessly, rushing forward to sit between her sister and my mother who nodded […]


‘’good morning mother. What a surprise to see you here’’ I greeted as I hugged my dear mother. Cassandra stood a distance away and watched us with a faint smile. There wasn’t any doubt she was very uncomfortable with my mother’s presence. I equally felt the same but there was nothing we could do about […]


‘’I really can’t believe you are here. What a surprise. You know, I couldn’t believe my ears when you told me you were on your way to my house’’ I breathed as we held each other. ‘’aren’t you happy to see me?’’ she asked softly. ‘’of course I’m very delighted. I will do anything to […]


‘’you are not going anywhere tomorrow. We will stick with the original plan and on Tuesday I will accompany you to your hostel’’ I said seriously, leaving her a bit shocked with my decision. ‘’is it really necessary accompanying me to my hostel?. What if you run into Edwin there?’’ she asked breathlessly. I smiled […]


‘’anyway relax bro, I’m not here to fight you, rather I’m here to discuss things with you’’ the young lawyer suddenly added, forcing out a smile that made me relax a bit. Nevertheless I still stared at him suspiciously, wondering the type of game he was trying to play with me. ‘’before I continue , […]


‘’my dear let’s just sleep. There is nothing in my head right now than to sleep’’ Cassandra breathed deeply. I smiled and kissed her with satisfaction. ‘’very well then. Lets sleep’’ I said softly, closing my eyes with great happiness and satisfaction. I slept with a very happy and relaxed mind. ———————————————- I woke up […]


‘’no nothing my dear. It’s just that i’m very surprised to see her. She packed out of her apartment yesterday and I thought she left town’’ I answered while Cassandra shrugged, saying nothing else. The rest of the dinner really was uneventful with me thinking only of Nora. I desperately tried to get her out […]


‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed with great surprise, staring at the girl before me with disbelief. Of course she was the last person i was expecting to see that day. I couldn’t imagine what made her come back. ‘’Yes I changed my mind. I’m back’’ she said with a smile while studying me with her eyes as […]


‘’come on Cassandra dear. This isn’t the right way to display your anger?’’ I stammered, trying my best to make her have a rethink. She sighed and continued with what she was doing, leaving me with no choice than to reach forward and grab her from behind. ‘’I’m so sorry about last night. I’m really […]


‘’what?’’ I stammered as I faced her , not knowing what to make of her words. ‘’you heard me right. Let’s do it’’ she said once again, pulling off her night wear. I stared at her suspiciously, a bit indecisive and confused. I badly wanted the s-x but the way by which she was offering […]


‘’come on what’s up with you?. What’s up with the face?’’ I asked curiously while Chinedu sat up and offered her his chair. My sister stared at me for some seconds before shaking her head softly. ‘’it’s really a pity that you are about losing a noble woman for a worthless girl. I can’t help […]


******************************************************** The next day my little sister paid me an unexpected visit. It really was the first time she was paying me a visit as a married woman. Of course I was very happy she made out time for me even though it wasn’t a planned visit.. ‘’you are really doing fine bro’’ she said […]


‘’come on Nora, you shouldn’t be worked up over my question’’ I pleaded as she pushed me out of her apartment. On a very good day I would have stood me ground and stopped her from pushing me violently but I knew better than to act In such way. ‘’don’t ever disturb my peace again. […]


‘’this is unbelievable. D–n’’ I breathed, standing up with great frustration. Chinedu silently watched me for some seconds, breathed deeply and shrugged. ‘’by the look of things, it seems all of Nora’s friends are already aware of this. I heard she isn’t hiding her condition nor ashamed of it. I just had to let you […]


‘’hmmm fine but I don’t know if you will believe this’’ my sister finally muttered after a brief hesitation. I curiously stared at her with a fast pounding heart. ‘’you see there was this rumour years back that Cassandra got pregnant for an older man who denied her pregnancy, leaving the poor girl demoralized and […]


‘’yes my dear, if there is anything you know about the young lady, better spit it out’’ my mother urged my sister who shrugged and shook her head, saying nothing. It was as if she was battling with herself to say something or not. I just couldn’t understand her behavior. ‘’it’s not as if I’m […]


The look on everyone’s face as I led Cassandra into our old sitting room was quite revealing . The smile on my parents face made me proud and happy, my brothers equally nodded in admiration but my little sister simply stared at us as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, leaving me a […]


‘’one more thing my dear’’ Cassandra prayed, drawing closer to me. I stared at her curiously, wondering what else she wanted to say. ‘’we wont be seeing each other again till after my exams. I will be very busy with school stuff once I get back to school in two days time, moreover our exams […]


Minutes after the phone call, Chinedu showed up at my apartment to check up on me. He really was worried by the cold manner I answered his call the previous day and quite knew that something wasn’t alright. ‘’I knew it. I knew something was wrong yesterday. Your voice was so strange and different. i […]


I just cant describe how I felt that early Valentine’s day when I dialed Cassandra’s number and found it was switched off. At first I had hope that she would soon switch on the phone since it was still early and probably was switched off as she slept the previous night. But as 12noon approached […]


‘’what can’t be my dear?’’i asked , holding her with concern. She shook her head and stared into my eyes. ‘’such strong love. So powerful and pure. I cant believe you feel so much for me’’ she poured out, melting my heart with her words. I smiled with satisfaction. ‘’but please let’s just sleep. I […]


I Laid low for the rest of the week, keeping to myself and attending to my businesses. I traveled to Onitsha during the weekend to check up on my brother and my shops which were doing very well like i expected. I returned to Owerri, the next Monday with my mind focused on taking my […]


It just started with a simple kiss, which quickly turned into a huge exchange of kisses. Our bodies instantly lit up with fire as we caressed each other, throwing away every caution as we devoured each other, kissing, caressing and fondling. The passion I felt that moment was simply crazy . It was just as […]


As I headed to work the next day, I ran into Nora’s younger sister outside my apartment. Surprisingly she walked past me without greeting nor even throwing a friendly smile which was very unusual of her. At first i felt like ignoring her and going my way but her behavior was something I couldn’t just […]


After Cassandra left my house that fateful Sunday, I began having double mindset over the huge amount of money I gave her. A small part of me felt that I had been conned while a greater part of me felt that I did the right thing. I kind of became uneasy and had no choice […]


I took Cassandra out for a wonderful dinner in one of the new expensive restaurants in town before we returned to my apartment for a good night rest. My hormones raged on fire as we settled on my bed that fateful evening. My heart throbbed loudly as a thousand and one thoughts raced through my […]


‘’so what actually do you want from me?’’ Cassandra suddenly asked, leaving her beautiful eyes on me. I tried to relax as I met her gaze, breathing heavily as I quickly formed an answer in my mind. ‘’I know you probably must be hearing what I’m about telling you everyday but I beg of you […]


‘’I spotted you from afar and your beauty instantly attracted me’’ I said softly, drawing out another smile from Cassandra. Oh you should have seen how my entire body shook with joy and satisfaction as I chatted with the beautiful damsel. In my mind she was already mine. All that was left was to propose […]


Story written by coolval Walking into my office in the early hours of Monday 5th January 2015 was this young man. Dark, tall, strongly built and handsome. But one quick look at him, I noticed he was very troubled. He looked very shaken and nervous. I smiled politely, offering him a chair. ‘’good morning sir’’ […]

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