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Cassandra 2(chapter 22-24)

David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David
As we approached the street
leading to the hostel where Edwin
was said to be hiding, we were
surprised to see a large crowd of
students gathered outside a blue
hotel adjacent to the one we were
about storming.
It really left the police inspector
and his team a bit confused of
what to make of the crowd,
considering the time of the day.
‘’what could be happening?. It’s
too early in the day for students
to gather outside in this manner.
Something isn’t right’’ he breathed
as the leading squad car slowly
stopped. After a little hesitation,
he alighted with his men.
‘’we planned taking this guy by
surprise but I guess he had luck
on his side. The element of
surprise has been lost’’ he said to
me with a frown.
A group of female students
instantly approached us with tears
in their eyes.
‘’you guys came late. You always
come after a crime has been
committed. It’s not fair’’ they
cried, almost physically attacking
the inspector and his team. We all
were totally confused and
shocked to even say a word.
Another squad car suddenly
showed up from nowhere,
distracting us for a moment as a
different group of policemen led
by a sergeant approached us
panting heavily.
‘’we just got a call that two guys
were stabbed in front one of these
hostels’’ the sergeant said to us
after saluting the inspector.
‘’what!’’ the inspector exclaimed,
facing the students who nodded
in agreement.
‘’yes the student leader for
students living within this vicinity
was just stabbed moments ago.
His friend was also stabbed. We
have taken them to the hospital.
You guys are just worthless. You
can’t protect us. You only protect
the criminals and always show up
after a crime must have been
committed.’’ They shouted and
booed at the policemen.
In no time sachets of water
started landing on us from
nowhere, leaving the inspector
and his colleagues clueless on
how to handle the enraged
students without things
‘’you should call for back up my
friend. I came here on another
mission. You guys should try to
put a patrol team within this
neighborhood. I really need to
have a long talk with your boss’’
he said to the sergeant who drew
back to speak with his men.
‘’so what do we do now?’’ I asked
the inspector as we headed back
to the squad car.
‘’we just lost the element of
surprise. We also can’t storm any
hostel without having to confront
the angry students which is totally
unacceptable’’ he said with
resignation but before I could say
another word, a gunshot rang out
from nowhere, sending the
inspector down as students
scampered with fright.
There was total chaos
everywhere. No one could even
say where the shot came from
and the armed officers couldn’t
risk firing back for fear of hitting
innocent students.
I simply froze with fear as the
inspector’s blood designed my
shirt. For the first time in my life, I
made up my mind to give up my
quest of getting Edwin. Of course I
felt it was either him or one of his
men who took the shot from a
hidden location. And for a guy like
him to have the nerves to shoot at
armed policemen, he surely was
nothing but a hardened criminal.
Someone I shouldn’t have any
business with.
The other policemen quickly
pulled the inspector to the car
which sped up, heading straight
to the teaching hospital as the
inspector struggled hard to
‘’I believe the bullet grazed your
neck sir. Just be calm’’ one of the
young officers said as he expertly
bandaged the inspector’s neck.
‘’that’s a high caliber gun’’ the
inspector managed to mutter with
a weak voice.
Six hours later. F.M.C Owerri
I sat at one of the chairs at the
reception hall, still shaken with
fright. i couldn’t help but wonder if
the bullet was actually meant for
the inspector or for me because
we stood beside each other when
the bullet came flying.
‘’thank God he survived’’ I
muttered to myself, picking up my
phone which vibrated that
moment. It was Cassandra calling
for the second time that day. She
first called when we were leaving
the teaching hospital after the
inspector’s wound had been
stabilized, begging to speak to me
urgently. I had no choice than to
ask her to wait for me at F.M.C
Owerri (where we were taking the
inspector to, for a more thorough
treatment because he wasn’t well
attended to at the teaching
hospital which surprisingly was on
a strike).
‘’I’m at the hospital gate. Where
are you?’’ Cassandra asked as
soon as I picked the call.
‘’I’m at the reception. Just stroll
down you will see me’’ I
Minutes later, she walked over to
me with a strange look on her
face, surprisingly drew close and
hugged me strongly as if her life
depended on it.
‘’oh David’’ she breathed, hugging
me tightly as her bosoms sent a
strong wave of electric current to
my head.
David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
‘’so what do you want to tell me?’’
I asked, breaking free from her.
She breathed deeply and stared at
me for some seconds without
saying a word.
‘’were you guys able to get
Edwin?. i got some calls from
friends who told me what
happened today’’ she muttered
slowly, I shook my head softly.
‘’unfortunately we couldn’t get
him. Instead the inspector got
shot. We left immediately and I’m
yet to know if anyone was later
arrested’’ I answered honestly.
‘’you now see how dangerous it
could be, trying to confront Edwin.
I know how much pain I passed
through just to withstand his
advances and everything. That
guy is just so ruthless. He is so
obsessed with me. I’m so scared.
He has been calling me since
morning. I can’t go home to my
parents because he could come
for me there and you know how
harsh my father is. He could end
up killing the old man. I equally
can’t go to any of my relatives
without first sharing my horrible
story with them which I can never
do. Just look at me. Just look at
how dry, thin and dirty I have
become. I’m now so worthless. I
don’t even have a place to stay’’
she suddenly blew up, almost
creating a scene with her
I was forced to hold her tightly,
just to calm her down because
she really was drawing great
attention with her drama.
‘’what do you want me to do
now?. You know you are not
welcomed any longer in my home.
Supposing I have money, I would
have lodged you in a hotel until
Edwin is caught but I lost all my
money over your case and
seriously there is nothing I can do
to help. I wish I can’’ I explained
‘’Dave. Dave. Dave’’ she called my
name thrice, staring deep into my
eyes. I swallowed hard and
looked away, very much surprised
that my feelings towards her were
still somehow alive.
‘’Just allow me to stay with you
for few days. I really need like a
week to regroup and fix myself. I
will leave your house at the end of
one week and will never come
back nor disturb you again’’ she
suddenly begged, grabbing my
hand in the process.
I shook my head as I quickly
remembered Nora.
‘’this is going to be difficult. Nora
won’t like it. You already know
I’m moving on with her’’ I
‘’oh! Nora. I see. She now dictates
to you what to do. She now tells
you how to run your life. You can’t
help a friend without first
consulting her’’ she slowly
murmured, turned and backed me.
‘’please David, don’t let me sleep
out in the street again. All I need
is just one week. Please, there is
nothing I can possible do to you
in a week or is there?’’ she
begged, turned and faced me with
tears dropping from her eyes.
‘’I can call Chinedu to
accommodate you. He is single’’ I
reluctantly stammered.
‘’just listen to yourself acting like a
child. You will call your friend to
accommodate me because he is
single. Are you married?. Are you
not single like him?. Please don’t
spoil all the good things you have
done for me by allowing me fall
back in Edwin’s hands. Please
just accommodate me. I beg of
you’’ she begged desperately.
‘’I will have to talk to Nora first’’ I
said seriously. She had no choice
than to shrug with resignation.
fifteen minutes later
I arrived at Nora’s apartment with
Cassandra in my car. Yes I knew
what I was about doing was
totally crazy but I just couldn’t let
the girl go, after the way she
begged me minutes earlier. I had
to leave the hospital with her to
Nora’s apartment.
When we got to the house she
waited for me in the car while I
went in to speak with Nora. My
plan was simply to convince Nora
to allow Cassandra either stay
with her for some days or stay
with me, something I knew she
wasn’t going to buy but then I still
felt like giving it a try.
I knew my plan wasn’t cool
judging from any point of view.
Anyone could easily suspect that I
was just looking for an excuse to
get back with Cassandra, but
seriously that wasn’t the case.
Yes I loved Cassandra in the past.
Yes I still had some feelings for
her. But come on; which man
would take back a woman so
openly and thoroughly abused for
a month or more by a loud
mouthed rascal like Edwin?.
To be sincere my decision to help
Cassandra was more out of
sympathy than love. But I guess
no one would believe me including
As I walked into Nora’s apartment
that evening, I felt a strong weight
in my chest. I was scared of how
she could react. I just was tired of
all these. All I wanted was just a
quiet and peaceful life.
A happy ending
David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
Nora instantly noticed my nervous
composure the moment I walked
into her apartment. She quickly
hugged me, feeling that it was the
tension of what happened earlier
at Cassandra’s school that made
me so nervous.
‘’I couldn’t go out today because I
was so scared and when you
called to say that the inspector
was shot, I almost fainted. Thank
God you are back’’ she breathed
happily, hugging me tightly with
great happiness.
I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the
warmth of her embrace.
‘’she’s surely the right woman for
me’’ I breathed inwardly.
‘’Cassandra is with me’’ I slowly
muttered. She instantly froze as
the news went through her head.
‘’she met me at the hospital,
begging me to accommodate her
for some days. The girl has
nowhere else to go. She can’t go
to her house out of fear that
Edwin could easily get to her there
and harm her family in the
process’’ I explained softly.
‘’yes and you are the lone ranger
with nothing to lose, with no
family?. Jeez’’ she quickly
interrupted me, drawing back with
‘’hear me out my dear’’. I begged
desperately, very much uncertain
on how to get her to understand.
She folded her hands and nodded.
‘’I’m all ears’’ she breathed.
‘’Cassandra only begged for me to
accommodate her for few days.
The girl really went down on her
knees to beg me at the hospital.
She almost created a big scene
and i couldn’t say no to her’’ I
explained truthfully.
‘’The girl has lost everything. She
has lost her life, her freedom and
all she used to be in the past. She
is just a depressed girl looking to
start all over with life. I didn’t say
no to her neither did I promise her
anything. I told her I had to get
your consent first and I know you
won’t give in easily. I really can’t
stand allowing her fall back in
Edwin’s hands again’’ I
stammered nervously.
Nora simply couldn’t believe her
ears. Her color changed as she
listened to me.
‘’you are still in love with her
right?’’ she suddenly asked. A
question I was undeniably
expecting. I drew close and held
her with a smile.
‘’I’m not in love with Cassandra.
All I feel for her right now is pity.
You have to trust me on this. I
earlier wanted to ask you to
accommodate her in your
apartment but it’s risky. Allow me
to accommodate her for few
days. She already promised never
to return once she leaves. My
dear all I need is your trust. Our
relationship needs trust to be
strong. I think you should use this
to test my fidelity and loyalty. If by
any means something happens
between Cassandra and I again,
then just know that I’m nothing
but a very stupid man who never
deserved you in the first place. I
know this is hard to accept but
you have successfully lived
through many difficult moments. I
beg of you Nora. Just have a little
sympathy on the girl and allow me
to take her in for few more days’’ I
begged breathlessly.
‘’Dave this is crazy’’ she breathed.
‘’yes I know. But you are a noble
woman with a noble heart. You
sacrificed your happiness in the
past for my sake. Just please
allow me take her in’’ I pushed on.
‘’okay. I trust you on this. Just be
careful with her. I still feel she is
nothing but a snake. Nevertheless
if she needs anything, do let me
know’’ she finally accepted,
leaving me close to tears with her
humanitarian gesture.
‘’Thank you. Thank you’’ I
breathed with great happiness,
held her face and kissed her
‘’I love you Nora’’ I breathed with
all sincerity.
‘’I will return later in the evening to
be with you after she has settled
down in my apartment. We still
have a lot to talk about’’ I said
happily to her.
‘’fine, I will be expecting you’’ she
Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora
Yes I really was very
uncomfortable with David’s
request but the way by which he
presented the whole thing was
totally convincing. I had no choice
than to let him have his way in a
bid to test his fidelity just like he
My young sister walked into the
sitting room as soon as he left,
breaking my thoughts with her
‘’I witnessed all that just
happened. I just don’t know what
to say to you big sister. You know
men are like chameleon’’ she said
to me. I smiled at her.
‘’yes I’m scared but hopeful.
Whatever will be, will be’’ I
breathed with resignation.
7;15pm, Nora’s apartment
I heard soft knocks on my door,
which made me feel that David
was back just like he promised. I
hurriedly opened the door to see
three young men grinning at me.
‘’hi my name is Edwin, David’s
friend’’ one of them introduced
himself as they brushed past me,
entering my apartment
I almost fainted with shock.

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