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Cassandra 2 (chapter 28/29)

David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David
‘’I think Cassandra will help us
out. She doesn’t have any reason
not to” I finally answered as if I
was very sure of myself. Deep
down, I was a bit scared and
skeptical but I couldn’t reveal my
feelings to anyone.
I just wasn’t sure how Cassandra
would take the whole plan but
then I had to answer the way I did
in order to calm Nora down.
‘’I believe everything is ready then.
Officer Doris will be available
whenever you guys are ready’’ the
male officer said as he stood up
with Doris who flashed Nora a
quick smile.
‘’don’t worry dear. I will make sure
I bring your son back to you’’ she
assured her.
After the meeting, I dropped Nora
at her apartment before heading
over to mine to check on
Cassandra. I really was nervous
and a bit scared. I had to pray all
through the way to my house for
God to at least open Cassandra’s
heart and soften her to help us.
The success of the whole plan
solely depended on her
‘’my God, I can’t believe your son
was taken. I can’t believe Edwin
could be so heartless’’ Cassandra
cried with great concern as I
walked into my apartment that
fateful morning. I shook my head
as I studied her keenly.
I desperately tried to read her
mind but couldn’t.
‘’I’m really sorry Dave. I perfectly
understand how you feel right
now’’ she breathed, shook her
head and surprisingly threw
herself on me, hugging me
‘’ I wish there is something I can
just do to help’’ she breathed.
‘’yes I need your help to get my
son back’’ I softly answered. She
quickly drew back and stared at
me curiously.
‘’how can I be of help? Please tell
me?’’ she begged quickly.
‘’Edwin wants you in exchange for
my son to come back home. He
also wants me to come with you
to the exchange for reasons best
known to him. We don’t have
much time. He gave us till 12noon
to make up our minds and wait
for him at Irete junction’’ I softly
explained, reading her reaction at
the same time. She breathed
deeply and shrugged.
‘’I’m not going to hand you over to
Edwin and walk away. Be rest
assured that the police are already
aware and will be backing us up
from a distance. I just need you to
draw out Edwin from his cover.
Once he shows up during the
exchange, he will be taken down’’
I added desperately, my heart
pounding furiously.
‘’Edwin is no fool. Are you sure
this will work?’’ she asked
seriously. I nodded.
‘’yes I know Edwin isn’t a fool but
his sense of reasoning is already
clouded by his obsession for you
which will lead to his downfall.
Everyone makes a mistake. And
yes Edwin just made a big
mistake by asking for you’’ I
breathed convincingly.
‘’I do hope so, because that guy
sometimes acts stupidly to
achieve a goal and always
succeeds in the end’’ she
muttered with resignation.
‘’anyway count me in. I will do
whatever it takes to bring him
down because I want my free life
back’’ she accepted, leaving a
great smile of relief all over my
‘’thank you Cassandra for doing
the right thing’’ I said happily,
hugging her with great happiness.
I headed to my room afterwards
to inform Nora and Chinedu of
Cassandra’s stand. I equally
begged Chinedu to help me get
the required sum of five hundred
thousand naira which Edwin was
demanding, even though we never
planned of actually giving the
dude the money.
Chinedu however couldn’t raise all
the money on his own which left
Nora and I with no option than to
dry up our accounts to raise the
required sum.
11:30AM Nora’s apartment
Nora was close to tears as we got
set to leave for the dangerous
rescue mission. Officer Doris,
Chinedu , Cassandra and I had to
make the final preparations in her
house and oh yes, she just
couldn’t control her emotions..
‘’my love, please I don’t want only
my son to return home but you as
well. Be safe. Don’t give up your
life for this’’ she begged me
(Edwin was forced to stay behind
to be with her.)
11:58AM; Irete junction
We barely had gotten to Irete
junction when my phone rang.
The caller was Edwin as I
expected and the quickness by
which he called clearly showed
that he was really monitoring the
whole show.
‘’who is the other woman with you
guys?. I told you to come only
with Cassandra?’’ he asked.
‘’oh she is my wife’s cousin. She
will be the one to handle my son
after the exchange, you can’t
expect me to handle my little boy
on my own’’ I answered quickly.
He kept quiet for a while.
‘’fine; I hope you have my
money?’’ he asked.
‘’yes”’ I breathed.
‘’Good, Keep the line on and follow
my directives’’ he said, directing
and leading us over the phone out
of the highway and through some
villages before we finally got to an
abandoned one storey building,
where the only living animals we
saw around were goats.
‘’look at the top of the building.
You will see me’’ he finally said
and hung up.
Following his command, we all
looked up at the top of the
uncompleted building to see him
waving at us with a dark smile on
his face.
‘’hope you are all ready with the
plan?’’ Officer Doris asked as she
repositioned her pistol.

Episode 29
David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
‘’remember; don’t act nervously
before the dude. We will
cooperate with him until we have
the baby with us. Back up is close
by, so we have nothing to fear’’
officer Doris advised as we
alighted from my car to see Edwin
heading towards us with two
men. One of them was carrying
my child. The other was holding a
small gun. Edwin wasn’t armed
with a gun but had a small knife
strapped to his waist.
They approached us cautiously,
scanning us with their eyes.
‘’finally we meet again Mr. David.
Mmmm your wife’s cousin is
cute. She is even prettier than her
sister we met last night.’’ He
smiled as he left his eyes on
Officer Doris’s b—–s for some
‘’so back to business; Here is your
son’’ he suddenly said, shifting his
attention back to me as he
nodded to the guy with my child,
who quickly drew forward and
handed me my son who was
probably too scared or tired to cry
or acknowledge me.
I carried my boy with great
happiness but the joy of having
him back never made me lose
focus for a moment. Of course I
was expecting the worst from
Edwin and had to be vigilant.
Ordinarily, I would have handed
over the child to Doris, since I
claimed she was there to help
take care of him but I couldn’t
because I knew she simply was
waiting for the right opportunity to
pull her gun on Edwin.
Luckily Edwin didn’t notice that I
held onto my son instead of
handing him over to Doris.
Perhaps he didn’t notice because
his attention quickly went to
‘’My dear Cassandra; I told you
that you can never escape from
me. Here we are together once
again. Come forward my dear,
bring the money along’’ he said to
Cassandra who nervously
grabbed the bag of money we
came with and walked towards
‘’give him the money to sort out’’
he ordered Cassandra as she got
closer to him, giving a sign to the
guy that brought my son, who
quickly grabbed the bag from
Cassandra, opened it and busied
himself counting the naira notes.
I breathed nervously as I watched
on, so scared of what could
happen next.
‘’give me a hug my dear. You
don’t know how much I missed
you’’ he softly said to Cassandra,
spreading his hands for an
embrace. Cassandra dutiful
embraced him, but then shocked
us by pulling the knife on his
waist with great swiftness,
pushed the knife through his ribs
and sending him backwards with
great shock.
‘’you witch’’ he cursed as he
staggered backwards, trying to
pull out the knife at the same
Unfortunately for him, Officer Doris
instantly cashed in on the
opening, pulled out her gun and
first sent down the armed guy
who was just so confused to react
with a well aimed shot that sent
him down, giving him no chance
to get up ever again.
Another quick shot from Doris
found Edwin’s chest, sending the
strong dude down. He fell like a
wounded elephant, gasping for
Only the third guy who was
counting the money was able to
escape because he instantly took
to his heels as soon as he heard
the first gunshot from Doris, and
perhaps God just felt like giving
him a second chance to life.
But as Officer Doris, closed in on
Edwin to probably secure him, a
gunshot rang out from the
abandoned building, sending
everyone down as we ducked a
rain of bullets that came after the
first shot.
‘’I hope the child is safe?’’ Doris
asked me from where she hid. I
nodded. She turned to Cassandra
who unfortunately was lying down
as if she was dead.
I gasped with disbelief. I never
knew she was hit.
‘’I can’t take out the dude firing
from the building. He is firing with
a long range riffle. I think he is
trying to cover Edwin but he is just
stupid because Edwin is totally
immobilized. Cassandra is hit. I
pray the backup team comes in
quick’’ Officer Doris said to me
over the sound of the raging
bullets which flew across our
heads without stopping for a
Luckily for us, about fifteen police
trucks soon closed in with their
sirens blazing, armed policemen
quickly surrounded the building in
a commando fashion, taking out
the sniper who was either under
the influence of drugs or simply
too stupid to know when to give
In no time, the whole place was
secured. I had my son back. I was
unhurt but Cassandra paid for it
with a bullet which went through
her left arm.
Edwin was cold before anyone
could even think of helping him.

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Cassandra 2 (chapter 28/29)
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