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Cassandra 2 (chapter 25-27)

David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David
I left Nora’s apartment that fateful
evening with great happiness. My
respect and admiration for the
noble lady increased a thousand
times over. She just was amazing.
I never expected her to be so
understanding and submissive. I
swore never to let her down ever
‘’I know she didn’t accept right?’’
Cassandra asked as I joined her in
my car. I smiled at her and shook
my head.
‘’Nora is a very noble woman. Of
course she gave her consent’’ I
answered with a smile.
‘’thank God’’ she breathed with
great relief while I switched on my
car engine.
‘’I don’t think there is anything to
eat in my house. I guess we
should first find somewhere to eat
before heading to the house’’ I
suggested. She shrugged in
minutes later, @ a small eatery
‘’you know there are many things
about your relationship with Edwin
that I’m yet to fully understand’’ I
softly said to Cassandra as we
settled in a food joint to eat. She
breathed deeply and shrugged.
‘’what do you want to know?’’ she
‘’the day I rescued you from his
house, you really weren’t like
someone under captivity. Yes I
noticed you weren’t comfortable
but then you were free. Why didn’t
you make a move to escape all
the while you were with him?’’ I
asked seriously.
‘’escape how?. The house was
always locked up. I didn’t even
know the name of the village nor
the terrain. I had no money with
me. He locked my phones inside
his locker which you saw for
yourself. Escaping was practically
impossible’’ she explained feebly.
‘’so what made him so obsessed
with you?. Don’t tell me that bull
crap story you once told me
sometime back. I feel there is
something that made him very
obsessed with you’’ I asked
curiously. Her eyes instantly
‘’I don’t know. Maybe that’s his
own way of loving’’ she breathed
softly. I shook my head, saying
nothing further even though I felt
like asking a lot more.
We returned to my apartment
minutes later where Cassandra
freshened up before joining me in
the sitting room.
‘’I want to ask you something’’
she said with a smile, sitting
beside me. I nodded and stared at
‘’are you getting back with Nora
simply because of what I did to
you the previous year or because
of how much she helped you
through the crises?’’ she asked
softly. I breathed deeply, a bit
surprised by the question.
‘’Cassandra, you are no longer in
a position to ask me that kind of
question. Just go in and sleep.
You have your life to think about’’
I answered a bit coldly. She rolled
her eyes, drew closer and held my
‘’that very day you walked into
Edwin’s house to save me. My
eyes opened. I began seeing
things with a different perspective.
We all make mistakes but what
makes a difference is learning
from your mistakes. I have learnt
my lesson and it’s very difficult to
say this, but I’m very much
indebted and in love with you. I
just wish we can continue from
where we stopped’’ she breathed,
searching me with her eyes.
Supposing it was months back,
my head would have swollen by
those sweet words but
unfortunately, loving her almost
sent me to the grave and the last
thing I would ever do was daring
to even consider having her back
in my life.
I quickly stood up, to avoid getting
aroused by her soft hands.
‘’I have to go check on Nora
again. I promised her earlier that I
would return to spend the evening
with her. Take care of the house’’
I said to an astonished
Cassandra, went to my room,
changed and headed out.
But Instead of going directly to
Nora’s house, I first stopped at a
hair salon to barb my hair. I really
spent close to an hour there
before heading to Nora’s house
that fateful evening.
meanwhile @nora ’s house, the
story continues;
As Narrated by Nora
Edwin and his gang walked into
my apartment looking very mean
and cold. I felt like screaming but
couldn’t. My sister was in the
kitchen cooking while my little son
was in my room sleeping.
‘’we came for your baby and
please madam this isn’t about
you nor your child. You guys are
just victims of circumstance. You
see, David took something that
belongs to me. I begged him in
the past; I approached him like a
gentleman. I did everything to
make him leave my property but
he refused and here I’m to take
his own blood. Please for the
sake of your life and that of your
son. You got to comply. I already
have nothing to lose. I can easily
kill anyone that stands in my way,
so please relax, you will have your
son back. That I promise you’’
Edwin said with a softly cold tone
as his men went into the rooms.
I just didn’t know how to react as
his men reappeared, with the first
guy dragging my sister and the
second one carrying little David. I
lost it that moment. I instantly
screamed while Edwin quickly
pulled out a gun, cocked it and
aimed it at my mouth.
‘’I swear to Gawd, I will kill you.
Nothing would have given me
more pleasure than to kill you.
But no, I don’t kill women’’ he said
as my voice seized in my throat.
‘’what if we take your sister along
huh?. Someone needs to care for
the little baby. Your sister is
equally very pretty’’ he said with a
dirty smile while his men laughed.
‘’I hate kids and if David doesn’t
comply within 48hrs to get his son
back. The kid will be killed or
sold’’ he threatened, nodding to
his men who quickly headed
towards the door. I instantly
plunged at the guy carrying my
baby but it earned me a super
punch from him while Edwin
grabbed me from behind and
threw me with great strength
across the room.
My sister was just too scared to
react; luckily they didn’t take her
along as they left. And Before I
could recover from the shock, they
were gone.
They were gone with my son.
I screamed like a mad woman as
I ran out to the street only to see
David pull up with his car that very
moment. The first thing I did was
to slap him.
‘’my son is gone. Edwin took my
son’’ I cried.
Episode 26
David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
I couldn’t believe my ears as I
pulled up at Nora’s apartment that
fateful evening to see her ranting
like a mad woman. I jumped out
of my car with disbelief, rushed
up and held her. She instantly
slapped me with great fury,
throwing me aback with her
‘’my son is gone. Edwin took my
son’’ she cried, sending a
sickening sensation all over me
with the words. Sweat instantly
drenched me as I stood like a
confused bull.
Of course I was totally confused,
who wouldn’t be?, when faced
with such situation, faced with
confronting a hothead like Edwin.
‘’you see what you have caused.
You see what your obsession with
Cassandra has caused?’’ she
cried, hitting my chest over and
over as some on lookers and
neighbors approached us to know
what was happening.
‘’my son was just kidnapped. My
son is missing’’ she cried out
once again, while the crowd that
just gathered screamed with
disbelief. Her sister dutifully
showed emerged from the house
that moment and dragged her
back to the apartment while I
used the opportunity to call
Chinedu who promised to come
over instantly. I equally reported
the situation to the senior police
officer who addressed us before
the ill fated trip to Cassandra’s
school. The officer, begged me to
calm down.
‘’Just relax; I believe he took your
son for a reason. Please report at
my office at the state
headquarters early tomorrow
morning, we can come up with a
plan to rescue your son’’ he
assured me.
I also had to call Cassandra to
give her the bad news.
‘’I will be spending the night with
Nora. See you tomorrow’’ were the
last words I said to her that fateful
Chinedu arrived at Nora’s house
minutes later with Cassandra’s
friend (Jessica), leaving me
stunned with her presence.
‘’she came in this afternoon,
anyway that’s the story for
another day’’ my friend said to me
with a smile, before heading to
Nora’s room to console her.
Just like I was expecting, Edwin
soon called me to rub the news
on my face.
‘’Mr. David, how are you?’’ he
greeted with a dry laugh as I
picked up his call.
‘’you see what you brought to your
son?. I hate being
underestimated. You
underestimated me. Remember I
once told you that your son will
get to know me and that is now
happening. But you can have him
back if only you will provide
Cassandra under 24hrs, plus the
sum of one million naira which is
the total cost of expenses I have
incurred since you started
messing my life. Lastly you will be
the one to bring Cassandra and
the money. And please don’t
involve the police, I don’t want to
kill any more cops, you already
know they are useless. But if you
still want to risk the life of your
child, you can bring the cops
along. I will call you tomorrow
with details on how to make the
exchange’’ he said and hung up,
giving me no chance to say to a
word. I tried calling back the
number but it was already
switched off.
I rushed over to Nora’s room, to
break the news to her.
‘’Edwin just called. He wants
Cassandra and one million naira
in exchange for our son. He wants
me to make the exchange myself.
He wants us to keep the police
out of this’’ I breathed quickly.
‘’of course you must get the police
involved this time. We just got
lucky the time we rescued
Cassandra without their help’’
Chinedu quickly interrupted.
‘’yes I know, I have already
spoken to the police officer from
the state headquarters we met the
previous day. He wants us to
show up at his office tomorrow’’ I
said to Chinedu who nodded.
‘’tomorrow then, I will be here to
pick you guys up’’ he said with a
smile, got up and left with his new
Nora couldn’t sleep that night.
She simply sat up all night crying
and wondering what our son was
passing through in Edwin’s hands.
I equally had to stay up to keep
her company. I had to make
promises. I had to use every word
I can come up with to calm her
‘’my love, when this is over, we
will go for a little holiday in
Calabar; where we can be alone
with our son and at least have a
little quiet time. I just wish all
these could go away before
morning. I really would gladly
sacrifice my life just for little David
to live’’ I said with all my heart.
Nora wiped her tears and stared
at me for all while.
‘’I love you David. I equally wish
all these could just go away right
now. I’m so terrified. Please just
make love to me. Just make me
forget all these’’ she begged
solemnly, leaving me staring at
her with great disbelief.
‘’just make love to me’’ she
demanded once again as tears
dropped from her eyes. I slowly
wiped the tears, reached for her
lips and kissed her. All we needed
was a night of passion to live
through the next day.
How will it all end?.
Hmmmmmm Only time will tell.
Episode 27
David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David
My ringing phone woke me very
early the next day, sending a
sickening sensation all over my
body as I saw Edwin’s number on
the phone’s screen.
‘’David, David, David. How was
your night?’’ he asked with a short
‘’how is my son?. I will kill you
bastrd’’ I cursed vehemently. Nora
sprang up and listened with great
‘’your son is alright even though
he cried all through the night. He
is a strong dude and yes he is
slowly growing fond of me. Maybe
I should keep him and leave
Cassandra for you’’ he replied,
getting me angrier with his choice
of words.
‘’I hope my one million naira is
ready?’’ he slowly asked.
‘’I don’t have that kind of money. I
have to be honest with you’’ I
breathed desperately.
‘’Honesty; Hmmmm, that’s a nice
virtue. Listen now. I want you to
be at Irete junction at exactly
12noon with Cassandra and five
hundred thousand naira. Not a
minute early, not a minute late.
Else you forget about your son.
Lastly don’t try to play smart by
involving the police. Just don’t do
it unless you enjoy regretting
things, because you have no idea
what will happen if you try
involving the police.’’ He said and
hung up, leaving me totally ruffled
‘’what now?’’ Nora asked
‘’I have to speak with the police
first’’ I replied her as I called the
officer we planned meeting earlier
in the day.
I really was very nervous as I
made the phone call because it
was a huge risk, something I was
warned not to do.
‘’Edwin called again and he is very
serious about me not involving
you guys in this. I believe he is
watching us closely. Can we meet
somewhere else please? I can’t
risk coming to your office’’ I
begged the officer.
‘’fine just pick a place you feel
that is safe. I will be there in
mufti’’ he quickly agreed, leaving
me relieved as I gave him
Chinedu’s house address. It was
the only place I could think of that
moment and we agreed meeting
by 8am.
After speaking with him, I called
Chinedu to inform him of the
change of plans.
By 8am, Nora and I were already
well settled at Chinedu’s
apartment as we waited for the
police officer to show up. Nora
and I were so preoccupied with
our thoughts that we simply
ignored all the jokes and
discussions, Chindeu tried to
come up with to cheer us up as
we waited for the police officer
who finally showed up around
He however didn’t come alone; he
came with a very young lady who
he introduced as A.S.P Doris
‘’I had to bring her along because I
think she should be familiarized
with the case, since it’s her
specialty. She was the best
graduating female shooter from
the academy in 2013. She also
was the best graduating in anti
terrorism and homicide’’ he
introduced the young lady who
smiled innocently.
We soon got down to business as
I slowly told them the phone calls
and Edwin’s demands.
‘’Edwin really wants to box you in
a corner. I feel he is more
interested in having you and
Cassandra than the money. I’m
afraid he is planning on killing you
Mr. David’’ The officer said to me
when I was done with my story.
‘’I’m more interested in getting my
son alive. I will gladly offer my life
in exchange for his release’’ I said
‘’well we just need two important
things in this situation. One is the
money he is requesting for.
Secondly is Cassandra’s
approval, you know we can’t
proceed without her and we can’t
force her if she refuses to help’’
the female officer quickly cut in.
‘’but if we can get the money and
equally have Cassandra on our
side, getting Edwin will be an easy
thing since his obsession is on
Cassandra and on Mr. Edwin.
This is very obvious with the way
he wants the exchange which will
be his undoing. I will go with
Cassandra and Mr. David to the
exchange as Nora’s sister or
cousin. I can easily blend in and
no one will suspect anything since
I’m a woman. Once the exchange
is made and the baby is safe, i
can easily take out Edwin,
depending on the environment
while our back up team closes in.
I know it sounds hard but that’s
all we got for now. However the
main priority still remains getting
the child safe. I think all we need
at the moment is Cassandra’s
cooperation and money.
Everything must be ready before
11AM’’ the female officer slowly
‘’we can easily raise the money
but my fear is Cassandra. I don’t
trust her’’ Nora suddenly breathed,
facing me with great curiosity.
‘’How much do you trust
Cassandra?, Are you sure she is
still at your apartment where you
left her the previous day?. Can
she help us save my son?’’ she
asked me with all seriousness as
everyone’s eyes fell on me.
I swallowed hard.

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