Brouhaha 8 Redemption

Brouhaha 8 chapter 28

Chapter twenty eight

Tina POV

This is beyond me, I do know if they are the Nigeria Army I can buy my way out but this is the international police, this is worse than I thought. 

I continue running inside the bush as they chase me with helicopter and military bike,  they keep shooting at me from different angles, am immmune to bullet but not to bomb, one of the bikers got closer to me, I hide beside one bush and as he got closer I jump up and kick him out of the bike, I took his gun and shoot the other two bikers following him, I took the bike and started running, the helicopter launch a rocket at me, I dodge the first one but the second got me, I fall heavily on the ground, I started rolling on the ground and then I hit my head on a big stone and pass out, 

When I woke up it was dark, I saw some people using touch to search for me, I manage to stand up and hide, I sneak up on one and hit the person with a stick, I took the person gun and as I wanted to shoot I saw that the person is one of my girl. 

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