Brouhaha 8 chapter 27

Chapter twenty seven

As we face each others, a helicopter started hovering around, millitary vans gather around us and usher us to drop our weapons, the helicopter landed on the main road and a white man and two white ladies came down with full armour,. 

“This is the international police (interpol)  both of you are under arrest for the crime you commited in London leading to the death of many people,  drop your gun now or we will open fire” he said

Me and Tina look at each other, and then I target the biggest van and then she hit the fuel tank of the helicopter, everywhere go up in flame, I started running and then they start chasing me, Tina run to a different location, they were chasing me with heavy guns, they hit me on my stomach and then I fell on the ground, I got up again and continue running, I saw a helicopter above me, the helicopter release a heavy bomb at me, as the bomb explode it throw me off the bush and into the river close to Auchi, I didn’t know what happened next. 

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