Brouhaha 8 chapter 24-26

Chapter twenty five 

I manage to stand up, I saw one of the girls coming to my direction, I hide beside one big tree, as she get closer I hit her on her head with a big log of wood, she didn’t pass out so I rap my arms on her neck until she pass out, I took her Ak47 gun and hide in the bush, I saw the other girl searching the other lane, there’s no how I can go there without crossing the road with Tina sitting close to the helicopter like thanos waiting for the avengers, I took my gun and target Tina on the head, I release the trigger the bullet throw her off her seat but didn’t penetrate her, I came out from hiding and started shooting with full force, the bullet wasn’t penetration, she took her own and as she wanted to shoot me I quickly target the tank of the copter and then it explode, throwing Tina inside the bush, the other two girls fired at me and injured my left hand, I hide beside the burnt bus, they keep firing without stopping, I don’t know what to do, I look front and saw the RPG close to the bush, I shoot at them randomely to distract them, and then I ran to the RPG bomb, when they saw that I have collect the RPG inside the bush, they chased me with full force, as they where about to enter the bush I  fired the rpg at them, one of them bend down and dodge it and the bomb hit the other girl destroying her to pieces, the one they called the “bitch was angry, she ran back to the place the helicopter is to take something, even though the copter have been shattered to pieces, she was taking something from the ground, as I came out of the bush to blow her to pieces a bullet came out from nowhere and hit my leg, I was hurt and then the girl turn and shoot me on my stomach, she wanted to shoot me on the head before Tina stop her. 

“Don’t kill him” she said. 

“Am sorry Tina, he killed my sister I can’t let him live ” he said. 

As she wanted to pull the trigger Tina blow her head to pieces,. 

Tina came closer to me and ask. 

“Where’s my daughter?”

Chapter twenty six

She was standing in front of me, with a live gun on her right hand, I was on the ground spilling blood, I know she’s angry if not for her daughter I would have been dead already, 

“Where’s my Edna” I ask. 

“I told you she’s gone” she said. 

“I don’t believe you, you know I won’t tell you where your daughter is until I see Edna” I said. 

“And you should know you are playing with fire” she said and shoot me on my other leg, she missed my bone though. 

“You have ten seconds to tell me where she is or else I kill you now” she said and started counting down, the moment she got to four I manage to use my bloody leg to kick her leg, she fell on my body and then I quickly grab her neck and rap my arms around it, this time she will die for good, she was dying and when she saw that she has lost and about to die she said “Ed…… na is a……live” she stammered. 

I paused and lose focus, she elbow me on my dickson and then rolled on the floor to get her gun, I saw the RPG bomb on my left, I rolled on the floor too and target her, we target each other, who will pull the trigger first, we can’t because I have her destiny in my hands and she have my own too, I can’t kill her because of Edna and she can’t kill me because of her daughter. 

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