Brouhaha 8 chapter 23-24

Chapter twenty three

“Mabel what’s up have you caught him?”. 

“No, he’s running on foot now, we will soon catch up with him, the police are disturbing us” she said. 

“I said kill anybody that stand on your way” I said and cut the call,. 

I entered the jeep and told the girls to take me to the Utako (king) of auchi, 

We saw so many people there reporting about the gunshots and killings on the town, police men where there taking instructions from the chief, we walk through the crowd and enter the palace, the moment the king saw us he excuse everybody, telling them to leave the palace even the police men,. 

“I guess you are the notorious cultist releasing hell on my town” the king said

“And I guess we don’t need any introduction” I replied. 

“You have turned  my town into a war zone, I have contacted the governor, and he’s about to bring in the mllitary” he said. 

“I don’t care, I live here but the military wil come and go, and I will still remain, am looking for this man” I said showing him ozila’s picture. 

“He’s a cultist and he kidnap my daughter after killing the governor of Rivers state, I will soak this town with blood and I will close Auchi poly If I dont see him, because I know the school is the only thing keeping this town alive, this is a threat and I will make it happen, I will give you and your millitary 24 hours to get him for me, after that whatever you see you take it like that, and since you know me too well you should know am not joking because as we speak now your town is on lockdown already, people are running away, what if I bring 200 more cultist here because as it is now only 20 cultist are causing this little havoc” I said to him, he was scared. 

I can see it in his eyes how scared he is, I left him like that and then we walk out of the palace,. 

“Should I call them off” bitch my colleague said to me. 

“No leave them let them continue the havoc until I see him” I replied her. 

Inside our car I put a call to the inspector general of police. 

“Hello sir, am Tina I bet you know who I am” I said. 

“Yes I do how can I help you?” He ask. 

“The gang leader  that killed the governor of Rivers  state, he is in Auchi, Edo state now, I can help you catch him” I said. 

“What do you need to make it happen?  I need a fighter helicopter” I said. 

Chapter twenty four

Ozila POV

It is a good thing that the millitary is involve now, the bad thing is that I don’t know which side they are on, sure I know they are not on my side but I don’t know if Tina is controlling them, I don’t need to know am a lone wolf and I will act as one. 

After the helicopter pass I ran and cross the road, I burst the glass of the hummer bus and open the door, since there’s no key I start the bus by touching two wires together, I enter warrake road going straight to Afuze, it is time I use her daughter as my cover, because I cannot leave the town now the helicopter will just bomb me to pieces. 

I haven’t gone far when I saw a truck chasing me with two ladies on the back, they are started shooting at me from distance, they shattered the glass of the bus but didn’t stop me from driving, seconds later one helicopter is on my tail again, the truck shooting me from the ground and the copter shooting me from the air, the truck fire RPG I dogde it and move to the other lane, they fired twice but couldn’t get me, they speed up and caught up with me, we started ramming each others with full speed, seeing that I can’t match the weight of the truck I took my shotgun and shoot the driver, I miss her head but I shot her hand, she was in pain and then I push their truck and they went to hit one big tree, I reverse back and saw them scattered in different places, I kill all of them without pity and collect the RPG, I enter the shattered bus and as I start the bus a bomb came from above and blow the bus to pieces, I was thrown afar into the bush, I was hurt, the helicopter went to land on the road, I saw Tina and three girls come down from the helicopter, they started searching for me. 

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